Daily News - March, April & May 2009

Black Savages Murder "Utterly Blameless" Man
Slovakian, Marek Harcar, Raped and Murdered Moira Jones

Jason Spencer was Murdered by Reuben Valentine
Jake Fahri Murdered Jimmy Mizzen
How Jake Fahri Graduated From Schoolboy Bully To Wannabe Gangster

17-Year-Old Murdered by Immigrants in Hereford
Merrick Brown Charged with 2001 Murder
Lithuanians Charged With Murder of 17-Year-Old Darren Loader
Unprovoked Knife Attack by Asians Left Oliver Paralysed for Life
Knife Murderer Jailed For 20 Years
Knife Thug Karl Bishop Murdered Rob Knox
Juvinal Ferreira Gets Life Sentence for Murder

Man Dies After Stabbing - A "Mixed-Race" Man was Seen Running Away

"Yeah Sweet" Said the Half-Caste Killer!
Nigerian Nut "Felt Good" about Stabbing PC Jon Henry to Death

NHS Chiefs Withheld a Damning Report into Black Cannibal Killer
Jonathan’s Black Nut Killer 'to go free'
Murdered Brit's Body Found in Thailand
Swansea Couple Beaten to Death by Their Spanish Tenant

Pakistani Nut Murderer, Rafi Ullah, Put Away
Foreign Gangsters Boast They Killed Jill Dando
Lord Ahmed Killed Martyn and Served Just 16 days in Jail!

Dr C. Nagendra Prasad's Ineptness Responsible for Joanne Lockhart's Death

Ali Walleed Jailed for Rape

Ardit Isufi, Wanted for Rape of Teenager

Illegal immigrant Raped 16-Year-Old Just Hours after Arriving in Kenilworth
Nightstalker Rape Cases: Why STILL No Charges?

Blundercops Believe Kirk Reid Committed at least 71 Sex Attacks
Rapist Facing Deportation Awarded Legal Aid to Fight For Estranged Son
Black Rapist, Paul Caesar, on Run from Nuthouse
Girl Raped on Indian Mystic's Advice!
Black Man Convicted of Rape and Acid Attack

African Immigrant, Mauro Patrice Lopes, Charged with Rape of 89-Year-Old
Irish Media Fails to Report on Lithuanian Rapists
Ramazan Mukalazi Jailed for Hounslow Rape
Eastern European Savages Attack Irishmen and Rape Woman
Police Hunt Rape Suspect Chidozie Nwamara
Dilal Uddin Jailed for Raping 11-Year-Old

Cops Seek Man of Mediterranean Appearance for Rape
Teenage Virgin Raped by Kurdish Immigrant
Abdul Rahman Charged with Sexual Assault of Oldham 12-Year-Old

Muslim Cab Driver, Nawab Khan, Guilty of Rape

Black Cult Healer, Michael Lyons, Raped Pretty Followers
Jahid Miah Wanted for Newcastle Rape
Afghan Asylum Seeker "Brought Terror to the Streets of Sneinton"

Blacks Rape 17-Year-old on her Birthday
4 Asian Brothers Accused of Years of Sexual Abuse
Young Woman 'Stabbed And Left for Dead' in Children's Playground

Black 'Hammer Horror' Thug Loses Jail Appeal
What the Doc said to X Factor Singer before he Died of Cancer

Younis Abdulahi Said Was Not Jailed! 

Muslim Sexually Assaults Boy, 9 - No Jail Time
7-Year-Old Viciously Assaulted by Asian Girls in Bradford Park
Algerian Nut, Sahnoun Daifallah, Sprayed his Bodily Waste in Supermarket
Rochdale Men Attacked by 10 Machete-Wielding Asians
Asian Punches and Gropes Woman in Colindale
Asian PCSO, Asad Saeed, Dismissed for Beating up Homeless Man
Girl Sexually Assaulted by Black Asian
Sex Attack Knifeman in Peterborough

Teenagers Racially Abused and Threatened by Asians
Asian Brothers of Kriss Donald Murderers Face Jail Themselves!
Black Mama Left her Baby Daughter Alone and She Died in a House Fire
CPS Apologise Over Woman's Murder

African Arrested After Armed Siege

English Teacher, Saeed Ghafoor, Jailed for Threatening to Blow Up Hospital

Arkadiusz Slowinski on Southsea Sex Charge
8-Year-Old Shot by Gypsy, 10!
Muslim Steals £42,298 and DOES NOT GO TO JAIL!
Muslim Terror Gang on Benefits Bought Supplies for Afghans

Sexual assault: Victim Attacked by “Dark Complexion”Man
Woman Traumatised: Molested by Black African Knifeman
Asylum Seeker Admits Fraud
Teenager Attacked and Robbed by Asian Gang
Middle Eastern Punches And Sexually Assaults Girl
Muslim Drug Gang Murder

Black Gang Get Nothing Sentences for Murder of Freddy Moody

Government Advisor Arrested: Man Stabbed at his Home
Oliver Left Like Watering Can after the "Random Street Attack"
Black Man Kills Pensioner's Dog
Black Gunman Jailed for 9 Years
Hussein Hassani Hunted over £5M Car Crash Fraud


Shashi Bacheta and Jeffrey Cole Sailed World with Cash from Benefits Fraud 
Rita Acquah Jailed Over Sham Marriage
Man's Jaw Broken by Arab
Black-on-Black Murder
Asian Doctor Responsible for Baby's Death Struck Off
Man Shot in Back of Head by Black Man
Albanian Wanted for Torture and Kidnapping Living on Benefits Here!

Black tries to Kidnap Girl at Knifepoint
Damien Miller Shot and Stabbed by 5 Asians
Sexual Assault by Black in Blackheath

Knifepoint Sex Attack by Asian on Bury Girl

Black Man Attempts to Murder Policeman

Curtis Ojapah and Daniel MacGuire Jailed for Gun and Hammer Attack 
5 Black Savages - 2 White Victims

Sarah Anderson Murdered Dee Willis

Muslim Paedophile Candidate escapes Jail
Sex-Attack Romanians Plead Guilty

Manchester: Female Student stabbed by Black
Blacks Suspected of Bus Crash Attack
Sharmarke Madar Behind Bars After Train Station Heist

Hunt for Asian Assault Suspect

Vicious Attack on Men in Their own Home by Blacks
Romanian Gang Jailed For Ticket Machine Thefts
Rui Carvalho Accused of Shooting his own Daughter

Meraman Theba Stabs White Man with Screwdriver

Asian Paedophiles Arrested

Asians Subject Woman to Carjack Ordeal

Israeli White Slavery Gang Indicted
Asian Cancer Nurse Struck Off

Abortion Doc, Narendra Sharma, "Molested 3 Pregnant Women"
Lithuanian Rapist's Escape Attempt Fails

Huge Rise In Child Knife Victims!

Muslim kept her Sons' 3 Wives Locked up for 13 Years
Adrian Left with Fractured Skull after Asian Taxi Driver Clubs Him
Jack Dempsey Stabbed and Slashed by Razib Quraishi for No Reason
Prize-Winning Black Attacked Shopkeeper with a Mallet!
Respecting the Human Rights of Those Who Raped a 2-Year-Old
Social Workers Miss 200 Scars On Elodie Massacrier’s 3-Year-Old
Asian Muggers Leave Martin Buckley "too Scared to Go Out"!
Killer Tony Virasami Could Be Freed 'Within A Year'
Shefield Boy Murdered by Ethnics
Deno Brown Charged Over Stabbing Murder

Gangster Who Led Violent Gang Convicted Of Drive-By Murder

Four Convicted Of Orphan's Murder

Marek Harcar Guilty Of Park Rape And Murder

Black Drug Dealers Beat Jaimie to Death and it's Not Murder!

Serbian Man Murdered English Wife After Losing Custody Battle

Homosexual Immigrant Murdered English Boyfriend

Ikikibiya Manuel Charged with the Murder of Luke Brocklebank
Parents Want to Find 3 Negroes who Murdered Their Son

Black Thug Who Stabbed Mother to Death Freed After 3 Years in Custody

Danno Sonnex Admits Burglary but Denies Double Murder
Ex-EastEnder hears how 'Blameless' Brother was Stabbed 11 Times by Blacks

Ming Guo Chen Killed White Pensioner and Vanishes

The Black Gang stabbed a boy to death and slashed a girl
German Nut Stabbed Matthew Pyke 86 Times!
Liron Shnaider in Court over PC Crash Death

12-year-old Amy's Illegal Immigrant Killer is Freed!
Killer Jason D'Aguilar to have his tag removed... so he can go to a party!
Teenager Stabbed To Death In South London
Professor Avan Aihie Sayer's Carelessness Caused Doris James' Death

Martin Coffey Left Brain Damaged by Drunken Black Thug
Officer Dies After Chasing Immigrant Robbers
Magdalena Zajdel Arrested in Dublin Over UK Canal Death
Spurned Illegal Immigrant Cut Throat of Mum-of-3

Polish man Murdered by Black
Black Men Murder 'Peacemaker'

Muslim Savages Kidnapped and Raped a 12-Year-Old Girl
Black Facebook Rapists Jailed

Anthony Onyekewere Ozoemelan Accused of Raping a Newmarket Woman
Umar Aziz Guilty of 3 Counts of Rape and Jailed for 11 Years
Kamran Khan Jailed for Rape of 14-Year-Old

Romanian Criminal Raped Girl so he Could Live in Jail Luxury!
Black Man Tries to Rape 4 Girls in 2 Days!
Black Man Sought Over Attempted Rapes
Dawid Wysocki charged with two rapes

Rampaging Blacks were like "like a Herd of Stampeding Wildebeest"!
20-Year-Old Raped by "Mixed Race" Taxi Driver
Police Officer Fights For Life After Burglary

Sister of Raped and Murdered Jeshma Raithatha commits suicide
Asian Gang Jailed for Shooting and Stabbing White Man

Olympic Star, Andre Mason, Begs for Leniency for Killer
Justice Ngema Guilty Of Car Boot Abduction
16-Year-Old on Life Support After Attack by Huge Gang of Blacks
Tony Tunde Raji Sentenced for Rape
E-Fit Of Rape Suspect Released

Saajidah Mullan Stabbed 3 White Women!

Teen Stabbed In Back by Asian

Leroy Francis Jailed For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl

South American Rapes 13-year-old Girl
Teenager seriously hurt in Vicious Gang Attack

Asian Seen Outside Missing Claudia's Home

Muslim Savage, Nazrul Islam, Gets 10 Years

Andrew Ehighide Sought for Serious Sexual Assaults

Muslims Help Suspected Rapist Escape the Country

West Indian Savage Attacked 53-Year-Old with a Baseball Bat

Asians Sexually Assault 13-Year-Old
Cyclist hurt in attack by Asian Gang
Asian Gang Targeted White Men

Asylum Seeker Glasses man in Derby

Jail For Asian Drug Dealers
18-year-old Girl Sexually Assaulted by Asian
Mohammed Azwar Majeed Cheated Taxman out of Hundreds of Thousands
Illegal Imigration Ring Busted
Muslim Pervert placed job ads to lure women
Black jailed for trying to Rape passed-out woman
Black Woman Charged with Murder of Her Two Children
Man has Ear bitten off by Negro
Public Help Capture Violent Muggers

Murder and Suicide?
E-Fit Issued Of "Middle Eastern" Town Centre Robbers
Cameroon immigrant, Frannck Mengoum, Pocketed £18k Whilst Working

Premiership Star Djibril Cissé Attacked Woman Outside Lap Dance Bar
Algerian Bag Thief Deported Twice But he's Back Again Now

Young Girls left distressed by Asian Pervert

Did Middlesborough Striker sexually assault and punch a 20-year-old girl?
Abu Hamza's 3 Sons Stole £1million Worth of Luxury Cars

Black-on-White Happy Slapping

'Drunk' prisoner sparks £2m jail riot '
Manchester terror plot' suspects pictured for first time

Urine Spray Man, Sahnoun Daifallah, Gets Nine Years

Teachers Forced to Have Inoculations to Counter Pupils Biting Them!
Teenager Stabbed In Leg For Mobile Phone
Ade Orogbemi Jailed for Shares Scam
Black 'Argos' Robbery Gang member convicted
Asian Credit Card Gang Jailed – They Stole £3.5million in a Week!

Teenager Stabbed In Leg by Somali Gang

Black Man Who Planted Bomb was 'Bored'
Man Kicked In Unprovoked Attack by Asian

'Head Of UK Tamil Tigers' Guilty Of Bombs And Terror Charges

Father-of-6, Liaquat Khan, repeatedly molested a 17-year-old schoolgirl
Juswant Budhan Head-Butted, Punched, Kicked and Stamped on White Man
7-Year-Old Mugs 10-Year-Old at Knifepoint
Teenage Beauty 'Lured Smitten Shakilus Townsend To His Death'
Black Head Boy Bransishes Knife at Party
Muslims admit firebomb plot on 'Prophet Muhammad' Publisher

Police Release E-fit of Asian Sexual Assault Suspect
Dr Hamanshu Ghadiali Accused of Misconduct with 4 Vulnerable Patients
Muslims Attack White Teenager - Judge Doesn't Jail Them!
Sex Traffickers: The Family Kalocsai Asian Jailed for Slicing Man with Sword
Black Dad-of-17, Donald Ewers, Jailed for 5 Years
CCTV clue in Search for Asian Pervert
Barton Shooting: Manhunt Under Way
Ice Cream Girl Shot

Civil servants, Ishrat Eshan and Sanjive Dutta Guilty of £60,000 Fraud
Foreigner Sexually Assaults Teenager
Black Savages Get Just 8 Months
Man Punched by 3 Asian Robbers
Student had to have Part of his Face Surgically Rebuilt
Iraqi Drug Dealer
Gang Of Children Stripped, Beat And Tortured Boy 
7 Years For Terror Duo
'Asylum’ Killer Wins Fight
Woman Suffers Cinema Sex Attack by Asian
Somalian Drugs Mule, Ilyaas Ibraham, had 60 Packages in his Stomach

Akinwale Arobieke 'Breached Muscle-Squeeze Ban'
Pupil aged 12 knifes teacher
'Allah Gave me the Twins and Allah killed them' said immigrant
Indian Weightlifter 'Likes English Girls'
Rabbi Convicted of Molesting Daughter
Black Sex Attacker Strikes Near Church
15-year-old girl sexually Assaulted by Asian
Black PC Accused of Inciting a Girl to watch a Sexual Act
Care Chief Put a Child Rapist in Family Home
Amir Khan Dumped by Girlfriend over Rape Claims

Untouchable East Lancs Drug Dealers Sent Down
Nurses Who Gave Diabetic Massive Dose Of Insulin Cautioned

Black Mugging Gang Jailed (56 known victims)

One Shot And Two Stabbed in East London Fight

Dr Chinh Nguyen: Surgeon Who Ran a £3.5m Cannabis Empire!

Black Mugger Throws Katie McCartney's Child into Path of Traffic!
Stab Victim 'Wrote Name In Blood'

Traffickers Used Kid's Home to Bring Chinese to England for Prostitution
Teenage Gang 'Terrorised' South London Neighbourhoods

Violent South London Gang Boasted of Attacks

Black Cricket Star Chris Lewis 'Smuggled Cocaine in Tins of Fruit'
Man on Tram Violently Attacked by 10 Blacks
Selwyn Carter threatened to shoot police

Somalians Attack 19-Year-Old Girl
Wigan Athletic's Marlon King Groped and Punched Young Woman
Immigrant Cop who Claimed £77,000 in Benefits Jailed for 8 Months

Rapists Demand Cash Over Lost Data Stick

Woman Tied Up by Black Robbers

Drug Dealers paid by Lambeth Council
Black X Factor Star Jailed for Violent KFC raid with Twin
Joama Permos Drove 5 Terrified Children over 125mph Rail Crossing

Hunt for Balash Ashtalos and Bogumil Kashmarchek

Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Jailed
Senior Met Officer, Ali Dizaei, Facing Charges

'Terror Zone' Gang Jailed For 40 Years
Two Arson Attacks by Blacks 'Racially Aggravated'
Chinese Gangs Fight with Machetes and Samurai Swords

Judge Spares Drug Dealer Prison... for a Friendly Chat
Immigrants Armed with "Knives and Crowbars" Heading for Britain!
Repatriation Flights ‘Used For Smuggling’

Zi-Mun Wu Flees In 'ID Swap' Case

Mandip Sharma and Brando Sibayan Biggest Ever Passport Fraudsters
Rafiqul Islam Will not Go to Jail!

Founder of Croydon's Biggest Criminal Gang to be Deported
Black Banker fleeced new White Wife of £82k
Muhammad Bashir Avoids Jail

Attif Hussain Wanted for Sex Attack on a Young Girl

Of 3,713 Knife-Carrying Yobs Sentenced Only One Got Maximum Sentence!

Gang 'Ran UK's Biggest Visa Scam'

Matthew and Daniel Mykoo Strangled and Robbed Women
Naseebah Bibi Jailed for Seven Years
Asian Nurse Accused Of Abandoning Dying Patient
African PCSO Suspended after Talking about ‘Juju’ Spell on Wife

Soft Justice For Thieving Drug Addicts
Breast Groping Asian GP Struck Off
Immigrant Nurse, Earlwin Huliganga, Stole from Elderly Patients
Joland Giwa Posts Prison Picture on Facebook
Gypsies Smash £5million Police Helicopter in Revenge for 'Spy' Flights

Six Slough Asians Jailed for Election Fraud
Stockwell Strangler Blasted by Judge for Dozing off During Appeal
"I haven't Done Anything", said Ben
'Shoot him'... then Adam Lay Dying after Black Gang Burst in
Zbigniew Madrzak Charged Over Stabbing Murder
Hajrudin Hasanovic Murdered his English wife, Cassandra
Black Teenage Killer Stabs White Man 9 Times - Claims it was 'self-defence'
Ian Jones Stabbed to Death at his Home by Derran Bailey

Waqas Arshad Let 17-year-old Emily Brady Burn
Ambrose Tukei killed Stephen Brady
Juan Carlos Suarez Crispin: a “Brutal and Savage” Murderer
Four Poles Arrested over Arson that Killed Four Firefighters

Sirfraz Nayair Mirza Jailed For 18 Weeks In Dean Dawson Hit-Run Case

Artist Killed "After Being Knocked in Front of Car" by Hoodies

Guang Hui Cao denies murder

Polish Driver Killed Popular Mum
Karnjit Kaur Tung Jailed over Pensioner Death

Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho Santos murdered 17-year-old Cara Burke
Laura Hill Murdered by Argentinian Drug Smugglers
Guang Hui Cao Guilty of Murdering Young Couple

Dano Sonnex Admits Tying up Murder Victim
German Murderer Gets Life Sentence
Mohammed Ali Murdered Sisters because one had Accused him of Rape
Schoolgirl, 15, 'Stabbed To Death By Obsessive Immigrant Boyfriend'

Hannah Saaf Charged Over Hit-And-Run Death Of 11-Year-Old

Natela Grinina Sentenced For Crash

Cops arrest John F Thomas, 72, over 30 Sex Slayings

Dr Daniel Ubani Killed Pensioner on First Shift in Britain!

Dead Schoolgirl was too Scared to Use Subway Full Of 'Abusive Youths
Black Beast Jailed for Life
Nicholas Zacharkiewicz Abused Step Daughter from 8-Years-Old
Amos Moobeng Raped Me Because I'm White
Abas Hassan in Court Charged with Raping and Biting Teenager
Alomgir Rouf sentenced for "horrendous" Rape

Ahmed Gelle and Saaid Shire Jailed for Gang Rape of 14-Year-Olds
Black Doorman Raped Woman After getting her Drunk in Pub
Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault

Ponnuthurai Sivathasan Jailed For Sex Attacks On Pupils

Sex Attacker, Krzysztof Swiderski, Jailed for Molesting Paramedic

Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault
Pregnant Teenager Assaulted in "Nasty Unprovoked Attack" by Black
Woman Fights Off Black Man Who Tried to Drag Her into Car

Muslim Boy,12, Sexually Assaulted Women
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Jail for Zbigniew Skopinski: Paedophile

Woman Bites Asian bus stop Sex Attacker
Foreign Sex Attacker Admits Crimes
Asylum Seeker, Victor Ibeyo, Subjects 15-Year-Old to Sex Attack
Asian Immigrant Subjects Wakefield Woman to Sexual Attack
Muhaamad Ansari Gets 3 Years for Schoolgirl's Sexual Assault

Police Hunt Iraqi/Iranian Sex Attacker

Michael Mitchell Jailed for 25 years for Trying to Shoot Policeman
Women Raped by "Very Tanned" White Men

"I Feared he would Rape me" says Barbara, 73
Rapist Father Gets Jail Term Cut

Police In Hunt For Serial Rapist
Algerian Sex Fiend Caged for Beating and Raping Blonde Woman
19-stone Black Rapist Jailed for Terrifying Attack
Russian Cage Fighter Jailed for Raping Teen

Police Hunt "Dark Complexion" Serial Rapist
Sharif Ayeva Jailed For Harrowing Sex Assault in City Centre
Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault
Foreign Rapist Sought
Omar Omar and Abdi Sheikh Charged with Raping Teenagers
Black/Asian Trio May Hold 'Vital' Rape Clues"
Black or Asian Man" Raped 21-Year-Old

14-Year-Old Raped by Black Man
Eastern European Rapist Targets Woman Near Station

"Adult" Afghan Asylum-Seeker Raped 13-Year-Old Girl
Khaled Ullah Charged with Rape of Teenager

DEAD Lithuanian rapist Granted £20,000 Legal Aid!

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