Daily News - May 2012

Thursday 31 May

PC ALERT!!! Boris looks to open top cop "positions to people of diverse backgrounds even when they haven't worked as constables!!!"
Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite: (End days of the New World Order? Circling the wagons?)
Contrary to PC spin, third World immigration hugely detrimental to Western economies
Children who witness violence at home are more likely to seriously harm someone else
Sabir Yaqbi due in court over Southampton sex attack
65 per cent of London rioters were non-white
Coroner attacks failure to identify culprit who set great-grandma's bed alight
Shafilea Ahmed's sister lied to police to 'cover up for her parents'
Doctor Markandu Ragupathy sexually assaulted patients as young as 8 over a 10-year period
Temidire Owolabi found guilty of attempted murder
Solicitor Srinath Aredla and Santosh Koletti made £800,000 in immigration scam
Black detective guilty of rape
Luke Harwood murder: Kahalid Hassan, James Danby, Tony O'Toole, Emma Hall charged
Teenager raped by black man in Regent's Park
Murdered mum, 17, linked to Muslim sex exploitation gang
Six jailed for summer riots which saw police station firebombed
Thousands of illegal immigrants freed 'to safeguard their human rights'
Illiterate school-leavers/workless households destabilising UK economy, says EU Commission
We need more Gays in business! Says Ex-BP boss and gay Jew, Lord Browne
Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson arrested on suspicion of perjury
Rise in sexually transmitted diseases blamed on reckless men under 25 (Ethnicity?)
France's 6th biggest city: more French folk live in London than Bordeaux or Strasbourg!
Too grand to be taxed. Too arrogant for democracy. No wonder EU elite sneer at referendums
How Labour ‘fixed the figures’ to hide true jobless misery
Soon it will be a hate crime to call a fat person ‘fat’
Vince Cable: Murdoch papers threatened to ‘do us over’

Wednesday 30 May

World dominated by "financial criminals" - USA = "Thugs under international control"
Olympic chiefs bill taxpayers £221,000 to pay for 7/7 survivors/families to attend Games!
More goodie-two-shoes, PC propaganda. Paid for by us. As usual.
BALOTELLI: I’ll kill these Nazi thugs (White, off-message types)
The murder map of London's boroughs - Lambeth (Brixton) comes top
Boy died after drinking plant food mum used to grow pot: NO JAIL for Lauren Booth
Polish women ran Belfast brothel - NO JAIL TIME!
Muhammad Shafi charged with murder of woman
David Nyamupfukudza second man found guilty of murdering teenage athlete
Woman critically injured as she fled gang of black, female robbers
E-fit of man wanted after woman stabbed twice during attempted mugging
Police hunt dangerous man who fled from hospital after arson charge
'Scared' sex assault victim repeatedly told Premier League's Titus Bramble to leave her alone
Sikhs protest after 'sex attack'
Five-year-olds treated for depression and anxiety
England squad to visit Auschwitz now!
Calling someone fat could be made a hate crime
New special relationship? Cameron holds 8 conversations with Blair on how to run country!
Immigration policies will damage higher education, say education experts
IMF boss who attacked 'tax-dodging Greeks' pays NO TAX on her £300,000 salary
Ignorant officials sidelining religion, warns Archbishop of Canterbury
Government 'dishonest' on disabled
Benefits spending blows out by £9bn
MPs want curbs on 'unacceptable' religious slaughter

Tuesday 29 May

One in three Brits ADMITS to being "racist"
Golden Dawn enters Greek parliament - PC wagtails complain
Jacqueline Woodhouse gets 21 weeks for "racist" abuse of fellow passengers
Zionism and bigotry (by Zionist Jewess Melanie Phillips
How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists
The whiplash capital of Britain (= The Multicult map of Britain?)
Detective Trevor Gray broke in and raped date after she turned him away
Care home resident, 70, sexually assaulted by black carer
Pregnant woman stabbed four times: Shahid Mahmood charged
Dr Rejendra Kokkarne aquitted of morphine deaths
Student 'savagely raped' after she was thrown off night bus (20p short on correct fare)
Hamza Boutouil strangled to death blind Imam
Black man stabbed woman in both arms during mugging
Railway cable theft: Eleven Romanians charged
Burglar Genevieve McCarthy jailed after leaving vulnerable pensioner starving
Violent robbers Shelton Chandra, Thusanthan Thureiratnam and Sanjeevan Rokkesan jailed
Sunderland's Titus Bramble 'assaulted woman in taxi'
BBC propaganda!
European Taekwondo champ Aaron Cook falls victim to Olympic PC Crowd
Bowing to Murdoch turned politics rotten, says St never-bowed-myself Clegg
10,000 Keystone Cops climb on Olympic gravy train
Trainee barrister son of top divorce lawyer caught with cocaine/ecstasy (let off with caution)
Cameron’s top media adviser Craig Oliver caught berating BBC reporter over Jeremy Hunt
WAR CRIMINAL! Blair named and shamed by David Lawley-Wakelin
Why don't you want our children to have as good an education as you, Nick?
Dentists forcing 500,000 NHS patients to pay privately: report
Tony Blair: godfather of realpolitik and Murdoch's daughter
Nights Shifts raise risks of breast cancer 40%
Climbdown on secret justice: Clarke says inquests WON'T be held behind closed doors
A missed chance to call Blair to account
Race abuse Heathcliff actor James Howson gets conditional discharge

Monday 28 May

Turkish Double murderer, Ensar Gol, caught on video holding knife
Ali Kazeer smashed Christian Denwood's jaw for objecting to comments directed at girlfriend
Sunderland defender Titus Bramble on trial accused with double sex assault
Corrupt court clerk, Munir Patel, has sentence reduced by 2 years
N-Dubz rapper Dappy was in court over fight at petrol station
One in three young women victims of sex harassment on London transport
BLAIR WARS: Former Swansea City player Captain Stephen Healey killed in Afghanistan
NHS removes word 'Dad' from pregnancy handbook in case it offends same sex couples!
Google spies: Street View cars stole info from British homes and execs 'covered it up'
Where's the full-blown inquiry into your snooping chums at Google, Mr Cameron?
Conservative Party's closeness to the internet giant
We won't shut the door on migrants fleeing eurozone, says St. Clegg
The hypocrisy of St. Clegg: He may send son to £30,000-a-year public school
EXPENSES: Baroness Warsi 'claimed £165 a night while staying with a friend for free!'
Working-class Muslim female hand-picked for Cameron's A-list: Was Warsi ever up to the job?
Brits paying up to £25k to buy children from Indian 'baby factories!'
Corruption probes launched into Duke of York's £15m home deal
Terror suspect Qatada bail bid due
Immigration rules 'need radical shake-up'

Sunday 27 May

Multicult everywhere in White World: Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui wins Eurovision for Sweden
Second and third generation migrants struggle to understand basic instructions in English
Barbara Spectre admits Jews are transforming Europe into a Multicult!
Immigrant rapists, Salar Abokar and Omar Aden, jailed (Abokar just released from prison)
Paedo teacher, Keith Ogunsola, facing jail for schoolgirl rapes
Murder accused Kai Shannon and Abubakar Alawi in court
Polish immigrant Daniel Janik accused of strangling man to death
Nathaniel Darius Palmer gets 8 years for petrol bombing neighbour's house
Sheikh Shahidul Islam charged with wife's murder
Eight arrested in dawn swoop to smash gangs’ violent drug war
They attacked "like a pack" raining fists on defenceless legal secretary. NO JAIL TIME!
Jewellery gang (Perrie Williams, Christopher Byom, Anton Lord) attacked mothers
Stupid drug dealer, Auyub Hagos, pictured himself with cannabis and cash
Big increase in criminals who commit 15 or more offences
Five teens knifed in 24 hours
Immigration boss ran off with illegal migrant. Heather Kearon let 300 in without checks
Clegg doesn't want MPs (or us) to have free vote on gay marriage!
A young girl writes to her MEPs about the Amazon rainforests' Yanomami people
Lord Taylor banned from legal profession following expenses scandal
Tory co-chairman Baroness Warsi facing calls for investigation into her expenses
Lloyds banker accused over £2.5m fraud
Oligarch sues ‘King of Diamonds’ for $1bn (Gaydamak and Leviev are Jewish)
More and more Britons are paying Indian women to become surrogate mothers!!!
Why don't you want our children to have as good an education as you, Nick?
Hundreds of protesters target Clegg’s home accusing him of being ‘architect of austerity’
Online words to avoid if you don't want government spying on you (Why no Israel/Jew?)
Murdoch company recruited staff for Hunt's firm on eve of BSkyB bid
Olympics under threat from anarchists who shot Italian nuclear chief
May pledges to stop Greek migrants flooding into Britain (believe it when I see it)
Tony Blair to face Leveson Inquiry on Monday
Classical music presenter held in Zimbabwe prison after arrest for 'not having a visa'
EastEnders star Joshua Pascoe arrested in connection with alleged sexual assault
London 2012 Olympics: Race to stop human rights abusers attending games

Saturday 26 May

East European gang charged as James Burke fights for life
Israeli, Moshe Harel, arrested in Kosovo organ trafficking scandal
Peter Ramsey punched and raped young woman who refused him a goodnight kiss
Justice for Charlene Downes - June 9 Blackpool
Slavery trial: Man was scared of Gypsies
Peter Hooper, a Roman Catholic priest, admits sexual activity with a boy
At the heart of Europe’s crisis is the abolition of the nation state
Jew tells England players to condemn intolerance! Has he ever told Israel to tolerate Palestinians?
Lloyds employee charged with £2.5m scam! Jessica Harper was head of fraud and security!
Spanish high street bank wants ar €15BILLION EU bailout!
Teens who have 8 abortions!
Cameron ignored warning over Hunt

Friday 25 May

GCSE question: 'Why do people hate Jews?' The things Jews do to others? 0/100! SEE ME!
Keith Needell, 84, was beaten to death by immigrant Turk, Ali Koc
"Aggressive" drunk, Eduard Mereohra, ploughed the Metcalfs' car at into 100mph killing them both
Drug dealer Stephen Ojerinola killed by addict he set out to rob
Lithuanian immigrant charged with murder
Michael Osumi and two others on trial for attempted murder
Sentences doubled for Roshane Channer and Ruben Monteiro who raped 11-year-old
Girl gang savagely attacked young women: Kalee Powell and Precious Gordon: NO JAIL TIME!
30+ Romanian beggars arrested in Edgware Road area sent home before Olympics
Aristocrat's son murdered by Kenyan cops? Alexander Monson suffered massive head injuries
Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith refused to jail woman who glassed another in the neck!
Fear of gang reprisals after five stabbings in Hackney in 24 hours
Recorded rape up 53% in London
Four in 10 young women sexually harassed in London's public spaces
Ken Clarke says 60,000 career criminals have been spared jail
US admits it has military plan to attack Iran
Cameron knew Culture Secretary backed Murdoch bid before he gave him control
191 calls, 158 emails, 1,056 texts: Scale of contact between News Corp and Jeremy Hunt
Coalition promised to cut net migration to under 100,000. Yesterday, it hit 252,000

Thursday 24 May

Murdering a Brit for saying "Poland's that way" = "taking the law into their own hands" now
"Papers will talk about me... the crazy wolf Turk who covered London in blood"
KIDNAPPED: Asian Gang threatened to decapitate boy
Ako Amin struck student Cheryl Tariah over the head and strangled her, allegedly
Sister tells jury how Shafilea Ahmed was suffocated by her parents
Arben Lleshi charged with murder
Delroy Clive Gordon jailed for rape and sexual assault of ex-partner
Nottingham murder suspects flee to Caribbean
Inject a 4-year-old with poison? No problem, Dr Rakoczy, 3 months suspended
Rizvan Rahman gets just 18 months for £180,000 art fraud
James Burke fights for life: Banys, Galinis, Matusevicius, Bartos and Baranauskas charged
Racially aggravated gang attack: "remarks were made in Urdu"
Israel will collapse unless Africans and Palestinians are expelled, fenced - Ha ha!
African asylum seekers injured in Tel Aviv race riots - Ha ha!
Israeli Kristallnacht: Africans attacked in Tel Aviv anti-migrant demo - Ha ha!
NETANYAHU: "Iran wants to destroy Israel... developing nuclear weapons to fulfill that goal... world powers need to display determination not weakness"
Senior ministers discuss how UK responds if Israel attacks Iran (Easy! They'll back the aggressor!)
Iran wants Israel destroyed, nukes will fulfill that goal! (More warmongering Jew bull)
Ministers discuss how UK responds if Israel attacks Iran (Easy! They'll back the aggressor!)
One in eight Britons admit to being bad people
Pupils as young as three branded "racist"
Anti-corruption cops arrested for 'pocketing bribes worth £20,000'
Piers Morgan told me how to hack phones says Jeremy Paxman
David Cameron’s former families tsar is involved in a “multi-billion-pound scandal”
Blair's spin doctor Alastair Campbell takes another job in PR
Transsexual let off community service: she can't push heavy lawnmower
Poisoned in the classroom: 125 Afghan girls hospitalised by Taliban
Judge Jeremy Richardson refuses to jail repeat paedophile
Cheats who avoided paying taxes last year created £35billion hole in the public purse
Rabies in London! The sufferer was "bitten by a dog in South Asia"
The problem of 'unemployable' school leavers is bigger than anyone could have imagined

Wednesday 23 May

Why ‘Brand Israel’ is failing

If this is England, where are the English?

The Global Elite, the Bankers, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Media Moghuls, the PC Crowd, the bought politicians and their immigrant footsoldiers are AT WAR WITH US!

You sheeple who so blithely vote for your own destruction, you are voting for the genocide of your own children and grandchildren! AND MINE!!!

Wake up, you lemmings! WAKE the f*** UP!!!

Islam says you can have 4 wives and as many concubines as you want
Cops 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London 'Islamic'
Fatemah Golmakani will 'hug', 'kiss', hold hands with and 'love' her son's killers!
7 Muslim taxi drivers attack 17-year-old - phoney reporting by media
'We blame killer's disgusting (Indonesian) mother'
Victim of train sex assault takes picture of sleeping suspect
"Foreign accent" man sexually assaults 9-year-old
Tomas Riauka charged with murder
USA: Black Mob attacked Matthew Owens on front porch
Eugene Terre'Blanche murder: Chris Mahlangu found guilty
Overruling our Parliament, unelected European judges insist prisoners MUST get the vote
BLAIR WARS: Military 'failures' which led to the death of Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard
Jack Straw could face legal action over rendition claims
Holocaust survivors will deliver talk to England squad!!!
Metropolitan police anti-corruption unit investigated over payments
EU elites try to scare Greeks and Irish into swallowing austerity but they ruined economy
Archbishop Sentamu lied about civil partnerships
The government discovers pauperising the already poor can be profitable
Social workers admit Megan is a fit mother after all
Israeli Court says Israeli citizenship based on Jewish descent not religion/birthplace
Same-Sex Couples To Get Free IVF On NHS!!!
Disgraced education firm A4e 'sent jobseeker to look for work at a lap-dancing club'
Bank complaints soar to record high of 1.2m
I won't let you derail law to allow gay marriage, Nick Clegg warns Tories
Diabetes timebomb: Only half of NHS patients receiving acceptable care
Tories stop whistleblowers giving evidence of widespread fraud in Government programme

Tuesday 22 May

Watching the match one minute: being stabbed to death by 20 black savages the next
Vjacaslavs Solovjovs murdered Jonathan Turner
Bagdas Kilic only manslaughtered him. Andrej Novakov just violently disordered him. Which will, I'm sure, be of great comfort to Jonathan
Mixed-race posh boy, Elliot Turner, strangled 17-year-old girlfriend in jealous rage
Parents 'murdered their Westernised daughter in front of her sister
10-year-old girl and police officers injured after bottles hurled by RED thugs
OH, THE MONUMENTAL IRONY! Top Jew whines about immigrants "flooding the country"!
OH, THE MONUMENTAL IRONY! Top Jew whines about immigrants "flooding the country"!
Why do THEY tolerate this killer trade? Simple. THEY are at war with us!
Immigrants to be screened for TB a visa is granted (60 years too late)
How one HRT scare has 'caused thousands of women 10 years of needless suffering'
A generation risks brain damage from addiction to TV
Clegg denies attempts at 'social engineering'
Bank of England orders triple probe into crunch as Mervyn King admitted it was 'late to the game'
Lord Blair's pal claims Mail stories wrongly allege he won big contracts through cronyism
Britain's maths shame: Bright kids lose interest at secondary level
BLAIR WARS: Suicide bomber kills more than 90 at military parade in Yemen
UK must increase cash to Global Fund despite "corruption and misappropriation"
Scotland Rallies to Side of Bisexual Malawian Facing Deportation

Monday 21 May 2012

Gang of black savages murder fan after Chelsea win Champions League
US war veterans tossing medals back at Nato a heroic act
Blair heckled ("war criminal") by protesters at a US college
NATO: "1984" Revisited - When "War is Peace"
Ministry Of Defence Next To Be Privatised
Attempted murder of woman in Bedford: Clifton Marshalleck sought
Care home manager Umma Raggoo who encouraged patients to fight struck off
Chinese immigrant "Brit", Chow Hok Kuen, held after 6 babies' bodies found in luggage
He faces just one year in prison and a £40 fine if found guilty
Mohammed Arshad freed after allegedly murdering his wife and setting her body on fire
'Sluttish pop stars are harming children' says Mike Stock, of Stock, Aitken and Waterman
"We will have... nationalistic, xenophobic and populist movements increasing across Europe!"
'We have to confront forced marriage among Travellers'
Nine out of ten of the poorest areas in England are in the north-west
Exams whistleblower: "thousands" of papers could have been marked incorrectly
Secret Courts - Already in Operation?
JP Morgan Executive Resigns: Replaced By $4.8 Billion Loser

Sunday 20 May

Two more arrested over Rochdale child sex ring
Now ministers hire filing clerks to guard borders after doing 3 months' training in 3 days
Why are doctors not warning about the 'new Thalidomide'?
Atrocities are something that... never bothered American foreign policy in the past
All the unrest in the Middle East is... funded by the Zionist-backed New World Order
9,000 cops have second jobs (ski guides, Avon ladies etc.)
Voodoo, violence, death: parents of AIDS expert reveal how her new life turned into a nightmare
Euro? Global warming? It turns out the 'thought criminals' were right
Terror suspect Abu Qatada could be released on bail AGAIN within days
Tory council leader convicted of bigamy after second wife hired Private Eye to investigate
David Cameron "overheard" approving of last night's John Terry ban
Civil servants get extra 3 days holiday if they work over 36 hours a week
Ed Miliband: 'Tony Blair gives me good advice'
Public unease over police privatisation
BLAIR WARS: UK special forces 'to stay in Afghanistan after 2014'
Drug charges after Soho Met Police operation

Saturday 19 May

Sweden is gone! It's finished!
Council on Foreign Relations (elite NWO org) Calls for the Bombing of Iran
Ali Rehman: 11 years for teen rape. Faisar Younas: 4 years. Larasab Hussain: to be sentenced
£1billion education programme for Africa fails to teach basic skills
Anthony Small murdered Anthony Dickson: Max Felicino guilty of manslaughter
Jessica had loving, middle-class upbringing. How did she become victim of Rochdale sex gang?
Former Conservative leader of Slough Council, Pervez Choudhry, has two wives!
According to his agent, Obama was 'Kenyan born' 2 months AFTER bid for Presidency announced
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan will leave taxpayers with £20bn bill!
Thomas Bleming denigrates Jews and he's running for US Senate!
After a decade of denials, yet another exam chief says GCSEs are easier now
Plan to release Bin Laden death film ahead of US election will upset Republicans
Tories have held cosy meetings with Google every month since election
The Queen and Kate entertain brutal King of Bahrain
Yet mmore "justice" for Trayvon

Friday 18 May

Baroness Warsi: Minority of Pakistanis see white girls as 'fair game'
Former footballer (black) blames classic authors for bigotry
Black behaviour nothing to do with it then, John?
Ali Rehman gets 11 years for rape of 15-year-old
Further charges in Oxford sex ring
Widow’s anger over death crash immigrant, Iqbal Balla Singh
Gurim Pajova was drunk & driving without licence/insurance when he caused Sarah to abort
Believe it or not taxi driver rapist Abid Mehmood has been deported!
Woman 'sexually assaulted by McCartney's masseur' feared he was out to rape her
Sex offenders in Yorkshire given police cautions
Nathaniel Darius Palmer gets 8 years for arson with intent to endanger life
Euston rapist Ibidapo Doherty jailed
Six Asians charged over trafficking Indian woman
Home Office-approved adviser Vijay Sorthia made £1m helping immigrants stay in UK
Iqbal brothers, Hussain, Zoltan, Shazhad and Butt jailed for street fight
Disgraced chief constable Graham Maxwell given £250,000 golden goodbye
Why was Black Mob Assaulting Whites Covered Up by Local Paper
Minorities Now Surpass Whites in US Births!
Jews want succesful far-right party in Greece banned!!!
Murdoch is 'evil', former editor tells Leveson
Ron Paul Not Suspending Campaign: It is a Media Hoax!
David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg: We demand our EU referendum
The great euro lie has been exposed
Romney Marsh could be UK's nuclear dumping ground
UK taxpayer may lose £2 billion on Northern Rock rescue
The capital for rats and cockroaches
Olympics Games will cause one-day delay for parcels and cost £1 extra

Thursday 17 May

Jordan Quailey murdered mother in Bedford as children played
Councillor Kosru Uddin allegedly made threats to kill a supporter of the Mayor
African migrants viewed through prism of 'victims.' Their own racism not usually acknowledged
Seth Frantzman says so in the Jerusalem Post. Say that here and they'll scream "racism" at you!
He asked if he could sit down for which he was beaten by gang and stabbed by Yunus Chehalfi
Serif Aslan gets 20 years for schoolboy murder
Gunpoint mugger, Harkiran Singh, jailed for 9 years
Family of Gypsy burglars preyed on pensioners
Mian Hanif, Saeed Afridee and Ayaz Ghuree ran sham marriage scam
Jules Brown found guilty gets 26 years for murdering innocent man
Do you recognise this black thug?
Arrests over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook!!!
MPs and campaigners unite to oppose a law banning insults!
Ah, but would these worthies unite to oppose a law banning anti-Semitic insults?
All over 50s should be taking statins! (Code for "All over 50s should be medicated")
Sikhs and Hindus say 'Asian' sex gangs... are in fact almost always of Pakistani origin
Vulnerable youngsters in Brighton groomed in takeaways and fast food restaurants
Samand Safi incited girls aged 12 to engage in sex acts
Pervert posed as teenager to groom girls
Ommar Zafar gets just 18 weeks for grooming 13-year-old girl
6 month manhunt for sex offender Colin Franklin over
Tip-off every 6 minutes to Government's database of illegal immigrants
'Dangerous atheists want to wipe out Christianity'

Wednesday 16 May

Children's Minister: We must answer 'troubling questions' about gangs targeting white girls
Karla Walker evicted after out-of-control sons brought misery to neighbours for 3 years
Fukushima to Blame For Mysterious Illness Striking Hundreds of Flight Attendants?
Asif Rehman and Adel Ishaq deny racially aggravated murder of 57-year-old William McKeaney
Man raped by Blacks in Brighton
Father Peter Hooper on child sex charge
Nek, Zahir, Zahoor and Janghir Alam jailed for cruelty
Free to roam OUR streets to protect THEIR 'human rights', 100 foreign criminals a month
817 foreign criminals avoid deportation five years after release
Asian woman 'kidnapped by family after refusing arranged marriage'
Corrupt Cop Ali Dizaei sacked for SECOND time
Romanian beggars set up camp in middle of Park Lane
4-year-old left fighting for life after Dr Gyorgy Rakoczy injected him with lethal dose of acid
Free speech 'strangled by law that bans insults', abused by over-zealous cops and prosecutors
How the wealthy stay healthy 15 years longer than poor
'Treat the elderly as humans, not tasks'
Is Rebekah Brooks a witch?
Why wasn't Andy Coulson given full Downing Street vetting?
Home secretary is "on the precipice of destroying" police service
Mossad spy’ is hanged by Iran over killing of nuclear scientist

Tuesday 15 May

BLAIR WARS: Blair took calls from Rupert Murdoch in Iraq build-up
Black conmen defrauded elderly victims out of £100,000 so they could live with celebrities
Takeaway boss Azad Miah branded 12-year old victims 'fresh meat'
She took 2 painkillers and died! Dr Salahuddin Malik prescribed 10 TIMES correct dose!
Summer riots were shocking because Brits are supposed to be sensible says Dalai Lama
Fatal house fire that killed six children 'started deliberately'
14-year-old escapes Asian abductor
Rebekah Brooks and husband Charlie charged with perverting the course of justice! HOORAY!
Father of accused killer destroyed son's 'confession' after girlfriend found dead
Heterosexual marriage? I’m sorry, you can’t discuss that!
Teacher, Vincent Orugboh, accused of causing actual bodily harm to a child
MI5 said Met Cop, Abdul Rahman, may have visited Pakistani terror camp: now he's suing!

Monday 14 May 2012

14-year-old reports attempted abduction by Asian
Rochdale-type abuse cases 'occur in Northern Ireland'
Jemimah Kanyemera gets 15 months for sham marriage scam
Kamar Jamil charged with more child prostitution offences in Oxford
Man left with broken ankle after robbery by Blacks
Nurse Peter Owusu-Mensah dismissed after Sgt Richard Bexhell’s suicide
Omar Aden and Salar Abokar raped woman in front of boyfriend
Antonio Gobbato posed as NHS gynaecologist to sexually abuse 6 female patients
Thug Blake Mehmet who punched and stabbed war hero walks free
Chinaman who raped student caught immediately
CARLISLE: Azad Miah guilty of inciting 4 girls into prostitution
David Simpson reports an African massacre - What happens next?
"They see white people and think we are the money tree"
David Cameron's Ex
Greece headed into 'out of control bankruptcy' govt salaries/pensions unpaid soon
If you care about the family, Dave, why not stick up for marriage?
Private Education v State - an essay in treachery
NHS spends £1m a week on repeat abortions
Online supermarket Ocado turns to Poland for staff
Glasgow neighbourhood where 9 out of 10 are on welfare
A fifth of soldiers have been verbally abused by strangers while wearing their uniform
Why did Russian oligarch give Queen's cousin Prince Michael £320,000?
500,000 to lose disability benefit
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers shot dead by Afghan police they were training
Race was factor in grooming case, insists equalities head
David Jason says political correctness is destroying great comedy
Greece headed into 'out of control bankruptcy' - govt. salaries and pensions soon to go unpaid

Sunday 13 May

Israel's military censor to monitor Facebook, Twitter, blogs
Cops uncover 'second child sex ring' in Rochdale - Girl says she was abused for 6 years
Trevor Philips: "Anybody who says the fact that most of the men are Asian and most of the children are white is not relevant - that's just fatuous (referring to the Rochdale paedophiles)
BLAIR WARS: Afghan cops open fire on coalition troops killing two
BLAIR WARS: Afghan soldier shoots dead Nato soldier
BLAIR WARS: Afghan peace negotiator shot dead
BLAIR WARS: Sapper Connor Ray's funeral
'15-year-old' asylum seeker slipped through net to nearly kill foster mother?
AIDS expert, Hilary Hughes-Augustin, wed Rastafarian in St Lucia - now she's dead
Patients 'treated in corridors' says Royal College of Nursing
Jury retires in takeaway boss Azad Miah's brothel trial
Jews Against Immigration!
Bimbo shows like Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex limit girls' ambitions
Stuart Colin jailed for fuelling police car blaze in Tottenham
Keeping the country short of water is now government – and EU – policy
Did Germany sow the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis?
Paedos targeting children on websites such as Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin
British safari man accused of mass murder 'framed by local poachers'
Armed Forces suffer abuse and discrimination on Britain’s streets when wearing uniform
Germany's openly gay Foreign Minister hails Obama's backing of same-sex marriage
DEVIL'S BREATH! Is this why there are so many sheeple about nowadays?

Saturday 12 May

Girl, 15, handed to rapists on a plate after care home staff let her run away 19 times
Guardian bull: 'Muslim leaders warn of far right exploitation of Rochdale child sex case'
The truth: "English folks warn of Muslim paedophilia with their children"
Did teen's saucy photos provoke Elliot Turner to murder her?
Shahid Mohammed still sought over Huddersfield fire deaths
McDonald's queue murder: Horace Campbell and Liam Douglas-O'Callaghan guilty
Curtis King jailed for attack on taxi driver
Ibraheem Giwa gets 5 years for "campaign of sexual assaults" on girl, 11
RBS boss: Life is not about money (he pockets £1.2m a year)
Jennifer Hudson's brother-in-law convicted of killing 3 members of her family
Shahid Mohammed still sought over Huddersfield fire deaths
Bruno Michel Iksil bragged he could walk on water before losing JP Morgan £2bn!
"Iksil’s family originally hails from Russia". Where did the money go? 'Cherchez le Juif'!

Friday 11 May

Alan Smith asked if a crying baby was OK: For which offence Matthew Quesada murdered him
Serious sexual assault of 17-year-old girl: black men bailed
Care firms failed to protect girls: groomed children's home teen died after drug overdose
Asian sex gang 'were acting within cultural norms'
Racism fears 'left Asian gang free to rape girls'
Asians take the p***, James Duffy sorts them out and gets done for it
Riots were 'taste of Britain to come' warns Government adviser
Schools not correcting spelling mistakes to avoid damaging pupils' self esteem!!!
How to avoid airport security: Wear a burka
Callum Powell, Shaundre Robinson, Roxwell Yeboah etc deny riot, violent disorder and arson
Nana Oppong gave Michael Smith gun moments before he killed two men
Salon owner Daniel Pytlarz, allegedly sexually abused 18 women
Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel
Crackdown on the Kosher King! (Sholom Rubashkin)
JP Morgan's Bruno Iksil (the London Whale) loses $2bn!
Israel facing major West Bank uprising over Palestinian hunger strike
Facing death: "Brit" smuggler of heroin worth £3.2 million - HANG THE SLAG!
7/7 bomber widow Samantha Lewthwaite 'financed Kenya tourist terror plot'
Lying Albanian asylum-seeker, Xhevdet Allaraj, freed on appeal
'We've failed our poor': Michael Gove brands Britain's class divide as 'morally indefensible'
Coulson held £40,000 Murdoch shares while working at Number Ten
David Cameron asked Andy Coulson about phone hacking just once
Black nurse killed mother and snatched child: 'she wanted a baby of her own'
More than 8,500 retired NHS staff on pensions topping £50,000
Top Ireland adviser Thomas Lyons charged with running brothels

Thursday 10 May

Sarkozy (Jewish) faces questioning in raft of investigations as immunity ends
New rape claim in Strauss-Kahn (Jewish) inquiry
That dirty old man (Mohammed Sajid) took advantage of me - I was just a child
Asian sex grooming gang ringleader branded judge a 'racist b******'
Rochdale grooming trial: Cops knew about sex abuse in 2002!
Rochdale sex ring: Family of guilty preacher Abdul Rauf shamed
'You preyed on girls because they weren't part of your community or religion' says judge
Siraj Arif charged with murder of pregnant woman
Anthony Jordan gets 13.5 years for cold-case 1991 rape
Tanned-skin man sought for Cardiff rape
Killer Henryk Gorski loses appeal over sentence
Michael Spencer, aka Michael Osumi, charged with attempted murder
Bestial animals repeatedly taser terrified Alzheimer's sufferer in front of wife
Peter Russell didn't want to go into care. The Cops did the tasering!
British schools fail our children say Eastern European immigrants
Is 71-year-old Labour MP, Keith Davies, typical? Wouldn't surprise me
Girls of 11 'should be fitted with the coil' says expert

Wednesday 9 May

Discuss horrors openly or play into racists' hands says Alibhai-Brown
"Most men who groom and rape young girls in Britain are white," she says. BULLS**T, say I!
Murder suspect Danai Muhammadi pestered Melissa Crook for sex
Mateusz Makiewicz’s aggressive driving killed April George
Rochdale paedophiles: 631 incidents of minors being sold for sex - 2 died
Cops failed to investigate paedophile gang for fear of appearing racist!!!
Why did no one listen to teenage victim of Asian sex gang?
"Different men and more men... up to five men a day"
13-year-old schoolgirl sexually attacked by Muslim in Southampton
Police release picture of black suspect in Bath rape investigation
Kaldip Bansal accused of rape and making woman a prostitute
Taxi driver Okechukwu Utuke attacked and robbed passenger
Terry Balson gets two years for inciting riots
Joaquim Diogo punched and slapped Natalie Barry and stamped on her ribs
Brazilian 'conman posed as NHS gynaecologist doctor in white coat to sexually abuse 6 patients
Murdoch and the big lie
Obama Comes Out
Brazilian 'conman posed as NHS gynaecologist doctor to sexually abuse 6 patients
Just three out of 200 suspected war criminals have been kicked out of 'safe haven' Britain
Arthritis sufferers have to wait 3 YEARS to be diagnosed condemning them to 'unbearable pain'
Are American Jews fed up with Israel?
Councils warned: "Don't say 'obese'... you might upset fat people"
Poor parenting to blame for increase in number of 5-year-olds unable to learn
David Cameron sent supportive text to Rebekah Brooks
More than £25bn wiped off UK's biggest companies

Tuesday 8 May

9 Asians convicted of sexual exploitation of white children
On-message cops insist it wasn't "racially motivated"
Florian Baboi gets 23 years for robbery and murder of 63-year-old David McArthur
Drug dealers Colliston Edwards and Andre Johnson murdered Leroy Burnett
Agim Hoxha death: Police probe drugs link
Aarushi Talwar murder: Mother denied bail
Lelah Ali, Hersi Farah, Sharrif Ali, Warsame Nur charged with terrorism offences
Detectives hunt men who punched, kicked and bottled victim
Man beaten and held against his will - Ismail Hamza sought
Eastern European thieves steal £200 off old lady in Morrison's
Honduras: murder capital of the world
9-to-5 NHS: patients suffer because doctors refuse to give up their weekends
HUMAN RIGHTS! Illegal immigrant benefits fraudster Joy Chishimba can't be kicked out!
British immigrants not wanted! Family kicked out of Bermuda after 20 years
Black muggers attack schoolboy
'Respectable' Chinese tenants turned house into a cannabis farm
Rental warning after Downham house is turned into cannabis factory
Lelah Ali, Hersi Farah, Sharrif Ali, Warsame Nur charged with terrorism offences
Mental health risk to 6m unpaid carers in Britain
Sex change "woman" clinches semi-final spot in Miss England!!!
UK government only cares about the City says new French President
French and Greek political earthquakes point to rise of the anti-austerity movement
'Social cleansing' housing benefit cap row

Monday 7 May

PC PLOD bans the word "blacklist"! IT'S RACIST!!!
USA: Reports emerging of dozens of brutal assaults on white victims by black mobs
The Roman Catholic Church has protected evil for too long
Chemical cosh 'given to children aged 3' as prescriptions to treat hyperactivity soar
Human Rights lets Serbian accused of killing hundreds live here in council flat
Shotgun, heroin and £10k recovered in Oldham organised crime raids
9 drug dealers taken off city streets (5 tinted types)
All immigrants to get a British pension!
Immigrant fraudster in 'human rights' farce
Religious symbols banned from Olympics faith badge
Vulgar, rude and egotistical, President Bling-Bling (Jewish) met his Waterloo
Cameron backed Sarkozy even as tide turned against him
Why do foreigners get all the jobs asks Boris Johnson
Parents won't adopt babies called Chrystal and Chardonnay
U.S. drone strike kills nine in Pakistan,
Cllr Sue Anderson says only the English Defence League “sticks up for the English”
Vice President Joe Biden thinks gay marriage is fab
Barak: Ashkenazi gave and took bribes
John Bercow admits some MPs have "drink-related issues"
Bercow says we feel disillusioned as parties 'similar' and there 'isn't a huge choice'!
More than 11,000 households on benefits are as well off as higher rate taxpayers
Race row hits the Archers! Womanising black character thought stereotypical
Facing the death penalty, pregnant Brit caught smuggling £3.2 million of heroin in Pakistan
Mandelson admits Britain can't go on without EU referendum
Stepping grandly from private jet you pay for, Airmiles Andy on way to visit India's slumdog poor
Middle-class kids 'hear 23MILLION more words than poorer children before they start school'
The internet has peeled back our culture and shown how cruel and selfish we really are
Nadine Dorries is right about what the public wants
Heathrow border drug checks 'dropped over queues crisis'
Senior backbenchers demand tax cuts and Euro referendums
Battered Tories to focus '100% on the economy': Lords reform/gay marriage kicked into long grass

Sunday 6 May

Greater Manchester’s 10 most wanted suspects (6 non-natives)
1,600 on hunger strike and the world doesn’t bat an eyelid
Akinwumiju, Aiyeola and Ekajeh jailed for fraudulently claiming over £1.7 million in benefits
Girdaware Singh Basra guilty of "meat cleaver" attack on ex's new hubbie
Mullings brothers and Nathan Walters jailed indefinitely for robbery and firearms offences
Jael Mullings killed her children: 999 operator said job was "rubbish"
Ijah Lavelle-Moore and Malcolm Vaughan Francis charged with murder
1,600 on hunger strike and the world doesn’t bat an eyelid
Jeremy Clarkson: delays at Heathrow could be 'solved with a bit of racism'
BLAIR WARS: Ratu Silibaravi and Andrew Roberts killed in Afghanistan
Selling England by The Pound
97 percent of of our wildflower meadows have been lost in the last 70 years!
All the pillars of the Cameron delusion have now collapsed
The Rape of the Afghan Boys
ANOTHER British tourist dies "falling from balcony" in Majorca!
Carlo Dawes sought over Brighton flat death
Conspiracy charges for three arrested after terror raids
Sally Bercow gets £2,000 Barbados freebie 6 months after Speaker party for travel bosses
Courts forced to close during Olympics as threat of transport chaos hits justice system
Muslims told ‘not to vote’
Spell out your vision for Britain, David Cameron
Ritalin use for ADHD soars fourfold as psychologists warn of untested drug cocktails

Saturday 5 May

The price of treating us with contempt
Former Church Deacon jailed for life over stabbing girlfriend to death
Ibraheem Giwa sentenced for attacking girl, 11
Ezekiel Foster guilty of Sashana Roberts bath murder
Eight teenagers sentenced over Barnet arson attacks
Birmingham arrests over female genital mutilation
That’s why the Lady is a crook
Muslim female beat girl, 10, with steel ladle for not reading enough Koran
Cannabis factory: Guotai Lin, Lin Lin and Cho Long charged
17-year-old Polish youth charged with the brutal assault of Eamon Horan, 75
Raheela Ahmed "OFFENDED" with RACIST"! school! She was sent a letter in Hindi!
BLAIR WARS: British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Religious butchering now commonplace in Britain
Young people unaware of sex infection risk
Teens accuse police officer of branding them 'scum' after secretly filming him on estate
Usain Bolt in race row as Jamaicans accuse him suffering from 'white woman complex'
Pensioner told to remove Union flags from his house ahead of Diamond Jubilee
Magistrates should use online crime maps ahead of sentencing
Existing hit squads doing little to tackle immigration delays
Early warnings for 90,000 people facing benefits cap

Friday 4 May

Wayne Stockdale murder: Black/Asian suspects still not found
Up to 8 members of Ibraheem Giwa's gang beat up and raped 11-year-old
Cab driver Asif Iqbal raped passengers. His wife tried to buy victim off with bribe
Buddhist monk Pahalagama Somaratana, convicted of four indecent assaults
Drug dealer George Qatramiz threw himself through courtroom window in bid for freedom
Illegal immigrant Bright Erhmwemma raped woman he shared taxi home with
Escaped nuts Courage Idemudia and Kanya Ntuli "may be a danger to the public"
Sexual assault on teenager: CCTV of black man
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Reading
Baby died of chickenpox after being sent home 3 times! He just needed antibiotics
Doctors Dhanitha Srivatsa, Ali Kouchouk, Sarah McCullough and Teresa Hamilton were responsible for the death of Lewis Mullins
Weetabix nationalised BY COMMUNIST CHINA!
Genetically modified crops' results raise concern (AGAIN)
Jeremy Hunt in new sleaze probe! He did not declare £7,000 donations from media
David Cameron was 'so close to Rebekah Brooks he texted her up to a dozen times a day'
Sir Mervyn was the bank watchdog that didn't bark and we're all paying for it
Holding the guilty to account for the crash
Ed Balls’ fat cat brother shares in £57m bonanza
Don’t come back, voters tell Tony Blair
Labour lost a million jobs says Bank chief
Sub standard schools: six in ten are falling short
Anglican preacher Peter Gowlland barred from pulpit over opposition to gay marriage
Heathrow Airport queues 'twice as long as ministers say'
Operation Elveden: Ex-officer held in police payments probe
Hospital handwashing campaign 'exceptionally successful'
QUESTION: Was it British doctors and nurses who needed to be told to wash their hands? Or was it those imported by our parliamentary betters?
Bad night for Tories in local elections
Tom Watson accuses Louise Mensch of tabling pro-Murdoch amendments

Thursday 3 May

Addict Jure Slivnick axed Rajkumar Thaurairajah as they ripped copper pipes out of flat
Ken Livingstone's biggest donor was a tax avoider
Darrell Karim stabbed victim in stomach so hard it caused knife to bend
Asians rob Burnley schoolboy at knifepoint
Foreign patients owe the NHS £40m
Mohammed Nawaz and Sheraz Mohammed Zaman in court over plot to burn down butcher's shop
SEXUAL ASSAULT: Have you seen Araz Latif Najmaden?
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian on towpath
The next Archbishop will be African, 'capricious, impulsive, vain... and quick to temper'
Joshua Burton accused of murdering Tafadzwa Khan at Herbie Hide party
Illegal immigrant plotted suicide bombing in Sweden, court hears
Five shootings in five weeks in one square mile of Nottingham
Mervyn King: I failed over banking collapse
'I'm ready for a comeback'! Millionaire Blair wants to 're-engage with UK politics'
You must treat illegal immigrants or face legal action, GPs are warned
2,000 top civil servants may be 'avoiding' millions in tax
Krystian Konieczny jailed for mocking blind man and pushing him to the ground
A revolutionary thought: why can’t MPs pay for their own iPads like the rest of us?
Illegal immigrants in voting scam
Legal aid racket is an insult to the decent majority
Tower Hamlets: Muslim voters in fraud row 'forgot how they signed registration forms'
Police Commander Ali Dizaei loses bid to pause hearing
Immigration Services Union orders walkout

Wednesday 2 May

Illegal immigrant, Abdikarim Abdisamad, raped young woman years after deportation ordered
Cops release e-fits of Asian rapists
Yaseen Ege, 7, beaten to death by his mother who burned his body 'to hide her crime'
Rapist, Fareed Tariq, sentenced to six years in prison
Scunthorpe sex assault inquiry: have you seen Araz Latif Najmaden?
Slough overtakes London as UK’s capital for identity fraud
Cardinal Brady rocked by pervert cleric cover-up claims
TEBBIT: War, debt, drunkenness, a broken nation: the real legacy of Tony Blair
What a waste of NHS cash! 78-year-old to have sex change operation!
Millions of GP prescriptions contain dangerous errors: 1-in-6 at risk from GP blunders
Jury out in Rochdale sex grooming gang trial
Greater Manchester’s 10 most wanted suspects (6 non-natives)
Moses Preddie pointed pistol at police
Bungling nurse, Phillip Aderinola, failed to call crash team when a patient stopped breathing
Abdul Saddiqi tried to burn down Walthamstow police station after cannabis binge
Asian robbers hack at man's hand with 12-inch blade
Man assaulted by black stranger on Balham and Crystal Palace train
Deion Kasim, Nasser Al-Khateeb and Mohammed Massalmeh attacked Jerome Boylan in street
Burglar Paul Frazer stole from neighbour: jailed for 6 years
Gang members held after police carry out dawn raids in South Kilburn and Queen’s Park
Krystian Konieczny sentenced to just 8 weeks for attack on blind man
Marine Le Pen to withhold vote in French presidential runoff
GP drug blunders hit 40% of the elderly
'The worst conditions I've ever seen': Minister blasts dilapidated primary school
Former cop, Ivan Esack, charged with stabbing murder of his wife
Rupert Murdoch deemed unfit to run international company
Lib Dem donor, Michael Brown, begins seven-year jail term
MI6 'undermined the inquiry into spy-in-bag death'

Tuesday 1 May

Brussels orders Whitehall to fly EU flag every day! Or else!!!
London Council considers sending tenants to Derby due to housing shortage
Qatada Deportation Fight Costs Near £1m
Jukebox falls silent as 'music police' raid Padiham pub
Police closing in on Burnley rape suspect, Fakhar Zaman
Tazviona Maluge Bhebe gets 3 years for armed robbery
Osman Bangura murdered schoolboy Yemurai Kanyangarara
Iran 'could do in 6 minutes what it took Hitler 6 years to do... kill 6 million Jews!'
(So let's nuke 'em now, eh, Joel?)
Russia and China warn America against Iran strike
Tarik Mohammed and Mohammed Al-Kulefi smuggled 9 illegal immigrants into Hull
BARAK: 'all options to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons should remain on the table'
How was 'Beast of Bulgaria' allowed into the UK?
Nurse Pearl Ramkissoon hurled abuse at pensioner when he said he hadn't been seen to
Race row after Afro washing up sponges go on sale
Call for security at Tower Hamlets ballot stations 'to stop fraud' in Mayor poll
Four Asians appear in court on terrorism charges
Court clerk watched hardcore porn as sex attack victim gave evidence
Derren Brown's cleaner Rocio Pavon-Navarrete 'stole thousands from magician'
Former England star Jermaine Pennant arrested after 'attacking girl and crashing car while drunk'
Premier League manager's son charged with sexual assault over attack on young woman
Jimshaed Sharif admits racist remarks
Britain 'has worst social mobility in the Western world'
Mckinnon extradition and US double standards: no American citizens extradited here
AL-QAEDA: Free Abu Qatada and we'll release British hostage seized in Mali
Half of Britons think Jeremy Hunt should resign
Cameron defiant after being forced to answer more questions over Jeremy Hunt affair
Bad weather claim for immigration delays triggers ridicule
Bad boy Boris swears on television during election event

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