Daily News - October 2013

Thursday 31 October

Take the mickey out of Stephen Lawrence? Jailed for 7 years!
Take the p*** out of the Jews? Ballet teacher in court
Take the mickey with "Hong Kong Phooey" remark? End up in court!
Children born in SLOVENIA more likely to make it to 5th birthday than British kids!
Record number of teachers cheat to boost exam grades
Ex-Lib Dem council leader Derek Osbourne led twisted double life hunting for child porn
Estimated 200,000 Gypsy migrants are now living in Britain!
Afghanistan has a culture of paedophilia (How many Afghans live here?)
Current Mutanga raped teenage girl - jailed for nine years
Human rights law allowed Idreez Papoola to rape!
'Honour killing' father, Mohammed Inayat, jailed for blaze murder
Jamel Green, Curtis Quashie and Bosun Sode charged with murder
Younis Tayyib, Alex Henry and Janhelle Grant-Murray deny murdering accountant
Arriving from Pakistan, Muhammad Khalid had 52lb of heroine worth £3.9m with him
Financial adviser Richmond Ekwenye charged with laundering proceeds of massive fraud
JAILED! Cashier Derek Annan tried to steal £3m from RBS customers
Daud and Sharif Ali face retrial for smuggling khat
JAILED! Santander bank clerk Franklin Rotimi siphoned off more than £50,000
Dr Muhammad Irfan Khan helped himself to drugs
Zehour Chelfat hit pregnant solicitor, attacked photographer and ranted in dock - NO JAIL!
Lazy nurse Omolara Oduneye insulted dementia sufferer and shook resident by hair
BUPA nurse Musa Abolade unzipped colleague's tunic and told her he liked 'squeezing boobs'
'Deplorably dirty' Kamran Ajaib used underpants to clean his makeshift butchery
Eastern European beggars spoiling London's smartest addresses (SHAME!)
Oslo police: "We have lost the city"... to immigrants (and traitors)
KENYA: Gang rapists broke victim's spine - Their punishment? Mowing the lawn!
Italian social worker and “anti-racist” activist raped by illegal immigrant
Durham Police Commissioner Ron Hogg backs drug consumption rooms
Rebekah Brooks was 'at the helm of six-year campaign of phone hacking
NHS targets make the A&E crisis far worse
Tories lose one in eight rural votes to UKIP
The phoney 'ordinary folk' in Labour's TV broadcast
The Talmud: Why has a Jewish law book become so popular?
Bankers accused of rigging currency rates. So why aren't THEY in the dock?

Wednesday 30 October

President Putin defends Christian culture, Western values, condemns political correctness
American student beaten up, slashed in London by 'Muslim Patrol' (for drinking beer!)
Education league table: UK ranked just 30th out of 142 countries
Management company Digs bans Bibles from University halls!
148,000 criminals caught this year had at least FIFTEEN previous convictions
Javed Robinson filmed his sex attack on a teenager
ETHNIC JEALOUSY: Levi Mason tried to fill Jamie Gorman's eyes and ears with Polyfilla
Car dealer Adil Hussain, who clocked SIX MILLION miles off used cars, ordered to repay £390,000
DIVERSITY! Parkside House nurses Mary Bisieri-Ombui and Anastacia Maduli admit charges
SHOESMITH: Disgraced hog demanded £1.5million compo over baby P sacking!
The Swedish civil war: 217 shootings in 10 months
1,000 Muslim rapes reported in Stockholm in just 7 months, 300 of them girls younger than 15!
Muslims earn Sweden the title of “Rape Capital of the World”
1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped as sexual assaults increase 500%
Girl, 13, digs herself out of shallow grave after Pakistan rape (buried alive by two men)
The deification of a degenerate Jew Junkie - by BBC, celebs and clerics
Degenerate junkie icon kept his feelings about Judaism private
Cameron hints at ‘tougher measures’ if media continues publishing Snowden leaks
80 freemasons in influential positions in Portugal
Billionaire Nat Rothschild loses bid to overturn Mail's libel victory
Is making a speech a fate worse than death?
The dock looked more like an executive box at a race meeting
Kuwait: 10 Years for Twitter Comments

Tuesday 29 October

Reverend Patricia Jackson refuses to wear a red poppy at remembrance service
Tony Blair: How I became Prime Minister of the world
Citigroup forecasts Greek devastation, unstoppable debt spirals in Italy and Portugal
Black mobs and the coming race war
SCUM! '£600,000' reward for social services chief who failed Baby P!
Cameron to make London one of world's "great capitals of Islamic finance!"
CAMERON: "We must say no to giving work to immigrants!" (Yeah right)
Cameron hints at ‘tougher measures’ if media continues publishing Snowden leaks
Cameron's favourite curry house targeted by border officials!
Shamin and Giash Uddin and Robert Jackson get 19, 6 and 12 years for sex offences
Furqaan Mohmed v Mohammed Patel: 80mph street-race left innocent pedestrians fighting for life
Nightclub bouncer, Idreez Popoola, who TWICE dodged deportation jailed for rape
Model pupil targeted by Asian sex gang under the noses of social workers
15-year-old boy dressed in school uniform stabbed Derek Boateng to death on a packed bus
Did Kutner and Bhayani murder Carole to fund gambling/taste for high life?
Danyal Buckharee and Giovanni Recchia set up fake call centre
Nurse refused to clean up sick... because she went to university!
Energy firms ‘not telling truth about costs’ to justify big bills
NHS hires more foreign nurses
Is Yasmin Alibhai-Brown the stupidest woman in Britain? (NOPE! But she's one of the nastiest)
Munich: Muslim beheads wife
Savile's BBC driver found dead
Kids should spend no more than TWO HOURS online per day
Miliband's education spokesman Tristram Hunt admits he may send his children to private school
'Taking ketamine meant I needed a new bladder at SEVENTEEN'
No more excuses for power firms' greed
Eurobond tax avoidance figure is just 'the tip of the iceberg’
80 freemasons in influential positions in Portugal
Destruction of Peru’s rainforest by illegal gold mining twice as bad as thought

Monday 28 October

Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace?
Music mogul, Simon Cowell, gives £150,000 to Israeli Army!
24,000 will die from cold this winter and 6m fear they cannot heat their home
Long, cold winter for 3 million who can’t pay their energy bills
Nicky Jacobs in court for murder of PC Keith Blakelock in 1985
Christian Barabutu pleaded not guilty to sales assistant's murder
Ahmed Ahmed in court over murder of teenagers
Kabir Idris tried to blackmail own family?
Gay perv will lose virginity in front of an audience for ‘performance art!’
'Filthy' Croydon curry house owner Mangala Kumar fined £2,120
Bus robbery suspect (black) caught on camera
Heriberto Viramontes convicted of attempted murder of Natasha McShane in Chicago
American Jewish Committee praises Greek Parliament for stopping Golden Dawn cash
Record number of immigrants without visas, documents, money, storming Poland’s borders
Jimmy Savile given key position at Broadmoor (even selected hospital's bosses)
Let jailbirds use the internet say governors!
Rape cases sent to prosecutors falls to five-year low (Cops cutting corners?)
Charity brands Hunt 'hypocrite' after day care for 33,000 lonely elderly axed
Jewish tiff! Saatchi threatens to sue Nigella for £500k
Lou Reed "did more than any other rock star" to glamorise drugs
BLAIR WARS: Bombings across Iraq kill at least 62
Cops tasering children almost every day Clarkson v Morgan (I'm on the side of the "racist pot-bellied pig") Sub-prime lender Swift Group used loophole to avoid paying £74m in tax

Sunday 27 October

Alastair Campbell's job with dictator was 'set up by Tony Blair'
Today's children have much more to fear than a belt from Dad, Cilla
There was a conspiracy behind immigration – our do-gooding silence
They were making a film this criminal 'fixing the future,' now they're not (NO JAIL!)
"Violent and controlling" rapist, Javed Robinson, filmed his sex attack on teenager
TORQUAY: Masudur Rahman and Mohammed Islam charged with assaulting two girls
‘Sexual deviant’ who raped woman in Newham jailed for 20 years
Vinod Kumar Dahiya, a Telford cop, charged with rape
EU: Top Jew and former Commies want "national surveillance units" to monitor "intolerance”
Women attacked by black man on London underground
Hit-and-run merchant, Aqab Hussain, convicted of 4 counts of attempted murder
CCTV images of man who assaulted women in Watford
Assaulted by a "dark-skinned" stranger who got into her cab in Bournemouth
Somerset County Council's racial equality chief, David Onamade, charged with identity theft
Pupils to face punishment if they use the word "gay" in a derogatory sense?
Professional offense-taker, John Mann, MP, thinks these soldiers should be sent to Auschwitz!
Prayers now axed in most town halls
"Our civilisation is disappearing"
MPs could put Plebgate row officer 'on trial'
'We got away with murder': £2.2m avoidance boast of Gordon Ramsay's tax expert
The desecration of rural England

Saturday 26 October

Disabled pensioner banned by Sainsbury's home delivery for calling driver 'a coloured gentleman'
Traitor Boris (great-granddad Turkish) wants even more immigration!
Would-be knife-point rapist, Khalid Abdullah, had too much to drink
Woman raped on a night out by black man
Serial burglar, Romanian immigrant Ion-Liviu Radita, urinated on homeowners' beds
Muslim dad started killer blaze after daughter planned to wed lover he didn't approve of
The rape case that shocked even South Africa?
Young women having noses reset rose almost nine-fold in seven years
Tablet computers from Tesco and Argos ‘put children at risk of porn’
Why we can't trust the French with Britain's nuclear future (And the Chinese Commies?)
Ask.fm - Being anonymously cruel online is the ultimate act of the coward
Memos reveal GCHQ efforts to keep mass surveillance secret
Foul anti-Brit to step down as an MP at the next general election
British anarchists 'turning Calais lawless?'
Grammar school U-turn that could win Dave the election
Privy Council must not be above the law
US defends drone strikes as 'necessary and just' in face of UN criticism
The dark side of Mumsnet
1-in-4 European Jews afraid to be indentified as Jews?
Increasing number of young Jews leaving Turkey due to ‘atmosphere of enmity’
Suspended Milwaukee Brewers star said urine sample collector was anti-Semitic

Friday 25 October

Lib Dem politician, John Larsen, was mystery bomber! (Jailed for 18 years)
Fewer than a third of Birmingham schoolchildren are white
Somerset Council's racial equality chief, David Onamade, charged with identity theft
Police station clerk, Ebenezer Awotwi, faces jail for secrets leak
Moni Badiuzzaman to admit murdering wife
Ange Desie Akapea one of four men who stabbed drug dealer, Darryl McClymont
Tennesh Massaquoi sprayed bathroom cleaner in boy's face and doused him in boiling coffee
Sohail Qureshi plotted to defraud NatWest out of more than £20million
Shy Dahan masqueraded as millionaire to gamble away huge amounts of cash
Conman Ahmed Jabateh swindled £36,000 from company director
Olukayode Eniola threatened to slash traffic warden's throat
Leroy Broomfield, a junkie with more than 100 previous convictions, let off again!
CRAWLEY: 24-year-old woman robbed by black man
Surgeon Salah Shalaby left women with withered hand
Zehour Chelfat, due for sentencing, storms from dock screaming
Woolwich heroine threatened with arrest after reprimanding boys who threw eggs at her home
Nurses in tears as 'horrendous' understaffing hits patients
Jail social workers who take children without telling parents why says Britain's top family judge! US accused of listening in on phone calls of 35 world leaders
George can be Buddhist if he wants, says half-Jew oilman Archbishop
Tory fury at Jewish Speaker's bias
Congressman says Israel has manifested total power over Congress
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Israel's nuclear weapons
BLAIR WARS: Inquiry into Britain’s culpability for deadly Camp Bastion attack?
BLAIR: 'I am good at absorbing pain' (Can I test this assertion, Tony?)
Italian social worker raped by Illegal immigrant

Thursday 24 October

GLOBALISM! Italian lad murdered by Lithuanian 'you steal our jobs' gang IN MAIDSTONE!
Leonard Flower, 67, murdered in his garage: neighbour Sameer Babar arrested
Short-sighted driver, Mohammed Rashid, kills dog-walking journalist in Hampstead Heath
Mental health worker Dean Ablakwa charged with assisting murderer Lerone Boye to escape
OXFORD: Fiaz Munshi charged with double murder
Roma couple charged with abduction
Attempted robbery and stabbing in Nottingham (CCTV of ethnic suspects)
Saleem Tahir charged with kidnapping two children
Stanislaw Rogalski jailed for extreme pornography and grooming
DIVERSITY! TB vans return to streets of London as cases of disease soar (Enriching unto death)
Birmingham's crime gangs fund terrorists
Worst quality of like in UK? BRADFORD!
Foreign women flying to Britain to have "two or three" babies on the NHS!
One in 10 foreign criminals back on the streets! Officials fail to kick them out
Thilo Sarrazin: Europe needs a Chinese wall to ensure its survival
Living in remote countryside (Away from all the DIVERSITY?) makes you more contented
Strokes in under 64s soar by 25% in 20 years
Global stroke epidemic kills millions of young people
Experts worried by rickets: vitamin D in 40% of kids below recommended amount
Air pollution now leading cause of lung cancer
It's the politicians who are to blame for soaring bills
Eating too many sweets could make you FORGETFUL
USA spied on Merkel! Bugged German Chancellor's mobile phone
Brown/Blair 'fantastic?' £400m-debt Glazers 'very good?' No wonder THEY made Fergie a "god!"
Today overweight kids are the norm
Yemeni 'burns daughter to death for contacting fiance'
Quarter of hospitals 'at raised risk of poor care'
Kick It Out chairman Ouseley after Danny Mills now?
A generation of children damaged by Labour dogma
Britain has no obligation to help Syrian refugees
It would be folly to give the vote to 16-year-olds
Brown/Blair 'fantastic?' £400m-debt Glazers 'very good?' No wonder THEY made Fergie a 'god!'
And this is keeping us safe?
And still no apology! Plebgate trio defiant
US must root out Israel’s dominance over Washington
USA: Jew appointed as Director of American-Islamic relations!
NORWAY: Mohammed most popular boys' name in Oslo in 2010
INDIA: girl, 13, gang-raped by villagers and then burned alive
IRELAND: Polish divorcee guilty in sham marriage case
GREECE: Three Gypsies arrested after ANOTHER unidentified child found
We're Fascists (patriots), apparently

Wednesday 23 October

Evil, old Pakistani guilty of multiple rape, wife done for benefit fraud/trafficking "The 60-year effort to bind (nation states) together has fundamentally failed!"
GERMANY: "In 20 years immigrants will make up 75% of the population" boasts Turkish leader
Those who warned about cost of health tourism were called racists. Now truth is out
Axing grammar schools led to collapse of school standards (Dumbing-down always the plan)
Cameron announces new measures to help Muslim students and entrepreneurs
EU says diversity is mandatory!
Top NHS Doc, Clare Gerada, (Nigerian-born Malteser) attacks 'xenophobic' curb on health tourism
Ben Igbinedion battered his 3-year-old nephew to death for wetting the bed
Violent gang leader, Joland Giwa, free soon and can't be kicked out
Man raped by "dark-skinned" man in Bolton park
Man punched in vicious attack in Manchester pub
Pensioner slashed in the face, woman kicked to floor by black men
Bottle attack on American tourist by five Asians in Whitechapel
International freight firm boss, Himanshu Patel, stole £28,000 - NO JAIL!
RBS cashier, Derek Annan, tried to steal nearly £3m from customer accounts
Sleeping woman found Timi Adegboye's hand in her knickers
Consultant James Hughes 'not alarmed' by excruciating pain of patient who died
Jaz Singh still selling legal highs after they nearly kill one customer
Netanyahu captain of sinking ship
Geneva conference appears to stop Israel’s war campaign against Iran
Fall of Assad on hold now US false flag gas attack exposed
Only Israel Benefits From Syria War
How Syria unlocked America’s dark closet
US: Israel lobby bribs politicians and runs ‘organized crime’
Another blonde haired blue-eyed little girl found with Gypsies!
Picture of Gypsy couple accused of snatching 'blonde angel'
Army heroes in new battle to raise money for killed or wounded soldiers
Cops 'partly to blame' for murder of pregnant mother and toddler
'British Gas sacked me while I was lying in a hospital bed'
Presenter is seen making cutting gesture whilst talking about beheading videos
Blair/Brown's topmost civil servant loves immigrants but not the old
Fergie puts the boot into Posh & Becks
Beheading videos: Why we should boycott Facebook
Anger as Muslims pray at West Ham match

Tuesday 22 December

Colourings used in medicines like Calpol linked to hyperactive children
Robert 'Rascal' Bernard executed drug rival Duane 'Fatboy' Tomlin over unpaid debt
DIVERSITY! Ukrainian immigrant, Pavlo Lapshyn, stabbed Mohammed Saleem to death
Postmen Ajaz Budi and Arif Patel deny stealing hundreds of letters and parcels
Cops cop out on paperwork! Beat up by Lithuanian? Have £100 and forget it, mum!
Nurse Nkosazana Sifumba knocked a cigarette from a patient's mouth with a broom
French Gypsies take over and block Welsh hospital car park
Eleven illegals arrested in second raid on Chinese restaurant in Brighton
Foreigners using NHS cost Britain up to £2BILLION a year
Britain can't afford to treat the world
BBC shelves Panorama exposé of Commic Relief
USA: Darnell H. Cheatham charged in rape, murder of girl, 5
Modern Cops?
Tory vans telling illegals to go persuaded just one person to leave!
Alan Greenspan (banker responsible for worldwide recession) praises Osborne's austerity!
Network Rail covered up investigation into my daughter's death
Horrific cost of legal highs
People take offence at anything and everything these days
Camelot avoided £10m in tax - thanks to legal loophole and Canadian teachers
Newcastle MP attacks Government over asylum seeker's £50k lawsuit

Monday 21 December

Guess what Doreen's won now? A MOBO!
Roosevelt administration 'hushed up' Soviet murder of 22,000 elite Poles
100 EU diktats that cost Britain £27bn a year
Greece: State persecution of Golden Dawn fails - still in third place!
Newcastle MP attacks Government over asylum seeker's £50k lawsuit
Bailed criminals committed 93,600 crimes (5,800 violent) between July 2012 and March 2013
Mohamnud Yassin Yusuf charged with murder of pensioner
Marcos Antunes gets 11.5 years for rape of 12-year-old
Gangsters get 32 years for stabbing a rival 16-year-old
Roree Cox charged with murder of 14-year-old
Jamie Marsh-Smith charged with murder
Pensioner Morgens Hauschildt conned a blind widow out of her £2.2million estate
Bangladeshi student, Ferdoush Hasan, gets 7.5 years for raping schoolgirl
Zimbabwean "carer", Sikhonzile Sibanda, jailed for rape
Jailed Birmingham dentist Joyce Trail struck off after £1.4m fraud
Youssef Abouelabbes charged with intimidation of witness in Kahrim Bahaji sex trial
Body builder Brian Bakare stripped naked and ogled young women in changing room - NO JAIL
Dr Samina Tahseen mistook a benign tumour for an ectopic pregnancy
Increasing numbers of jailbirds bullied into converting to Islam
Gunmen kill 3 in shooting spree at Christian church in Egypt
I can't get a job and could lose my house says care home whistleblower
British pensioner left bloodied and battered in South Africa
Firms running NHS care services avoiding millions in tax
Boom in imports as dealers cash in before Khat is made illegal
Child marriage in India
BLAIR WARS: Iraq suicide bombing hits Baghdad cafe
Florida murderers recaptured
NSPCC reports 15% rise in the calls from members of public regarding children's welfare

Sunday 20 December

Appeal of "church-going" killer, Daniel Jones, rejected
"Black man, was being overly friendly and kept trying to put his arm around Lauren!
Rizwan Bashir denies rape and assault of teenager
Cops hunt "danger to public", Darren Levy
Cops hunt black man in connection with "violent assault" in Thornton Heath
12-year-old attacked by older youths in Crawley (Cops/media don't mention youths are mixed-race Dr James Hopkins: "We are the winners from immigration!" (Opinion polls say different)
Was BBC's immigration report fair and balanced? (BBC fair and balanced? That'll be the day)
Cops probe doping link to SAS deaths
Crime tsar savages 'feral' police force
Police corruption is now so rife that radical reform is the only answer
The EU, the consultants, the report on benefit tourists and £71m in fees
GPs are paid £50 bonus to put elderly on 'death lists?'
'Sad, shady' Tony Blair: (By Greg Dyke)
'I was told to keep quiet or they'd stone me to death'
British Gas chief plans to build a SECOND swimming pool at his mansion!
Peter Hitchens column
FARAGE: EU's green taxes killing our OAPs and be afraid of press regulation
Britain has become a nation of religious illiterates
Future of London: the capital 'risks losing its identity and soul'
Girl smuggled into UK to have organs harvested says Government report
EU passes British aid to Belarus dictator
GP exam 'unfair to minorities' says BBC/Aneez Esmail (Thick ethnics or racist/Fascist/Nazi us?)
At least 26,000 people have gone missing in Mexico's drugs war
Wealthy Jewish £40,000 Labour donor (Sally Bercow's Westminster drinking pal)
UK court blocks Wall Street Journal story on rate rigging
Jimmy Savile’s victims ‘left high and dry by the BBC’

Saturday 19 October

GENOCIDE! 'Unprotected sex... left me infertile!' (448,422 have Chlamydia in England)
Study shows popping too many vitamin supplements could give men cancer!
"Kick a Ginger Kid Day... Kick a Blonde Kid Day the day after!"
Care home covered up neglect that killed five elderly residents
Asian boy sought for Manchester campus sex attacks
Council bans cabbie from displaying St George's flag sticker after ONE complaint
Our soldiers are the ones who need foreign aid
A pregnant feminist MP and the death of British courtesy
Politics grovels before the cult of celebrity
772 patients have surgical instruments left inside them causing 16 deaths since 2005
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary being used in Al-Shabaab recruiting video
Romanian prostitute was stabbed to death by best friend boyfriend, Philippe Burger
British women paid up to £1,000 to pose for sham marriage pictures
EDL spokesman Guramit Singh Kalirai jailed for robbery bid
Muslim Patrol enforcer: Jordan Horner (needs his ar*e whacked)
"God Save the Queen was loudly booed" by Polish fans
4-year-old blonde girl found at Gypsy camp in Greece
Mohammed Ansar: My 18 months with Tommy Robinson
London will soon become home to only the very rich and the poor
Michael Gove: Governments must stop lying to children about life chances
South Africa: Cops arrest five over rape/murder of toddlers found dead in toilet
US security guards who killed 17 Iraqi civilians face new charges
US drone strikes supreme war crime
US debt spikes to $17Trillion after debt ceiling lifted
The march of the ugly Right? (Ugly Right = White patriotism)
Tony and Cherie Blair set for £1million profit on Euan's house

Friday 18 October

DIVERSITY + ENRICHMENT = Almost all world's 29.8m slaves enslaved in non-white lands
Anger at Albania's European Union plan
Britain should be ashamed of how it treats grandparents
Murder trial of property tycoon, Robert Ekaireb, delayed again
Marcos Antunes repeatedly raped a 12 year-old girl
Iman Hamza Dean Wyse to stand trial for baby killing
Drug dealer, Romy Maynard, denies stabbing transsexual to death
High flying solicitor Alexandra Verzariu accused of killing motorcyclist
Carole's alleged killer Rakesh Bhayani implicated innocent and owed cash to heavies
Darius and Dainus Svedskas and Sarkis Muradjan jailed for torture
Drug dealers Carlos Wilmot Roy Sawyer jailed for beating and torturing enslaved student
Harrods chef, Robert Perez, to be jailed for pervert calls?
Cash mules Harmeet Singh and Roland Ahmet-Sulaj caught with £75,000
Nurse Lalaine Mann got £20,000 off dying patient after seducing him in hospital car park
Jasbinder Boparan denies crime boss hubbie is financing her
High-living accountant Iyi Ozigbo-Esere gets just 15 months for clone scam
NHS boss Abiola Apara ‘made colleague act as her personal slave’
Transsexual cop sues force after she was forced to 'out herself over radio'
Cost of living is rising faster in the UK than anywhere in Europe
Drone strikes threaten global security: UN report
SWEDEN: Sweden: People of immigrant origin now around a third of under-44 age group
The Illuminati are perverting our social norms!
RUSSIA: Regions join anti-immigrants riots in Biryulyovo aftermath
British Gas announces huge price rises in a blow to nearly 8 million households
Savile and Mick Starkey, his police inspector 'minder'
Taxpayers pick up £6million bill as botched NHS ops by private firms DOUBLE
David Jason: “BBC is supposed to be the bastion of good taste, good humour, information”
Lucie Blackman murder: Coroner says sorry to family
Air pollution causes cancer warns World Health Organisation
Headteacher allowed children to smoke in playground!
Ex-BBC presenter Michael Souter GUILTY of abusing boys over two decades
Why you shouldn't srink bottled water
Hundreds Forced Into Slavery Every Day In London
GREECE: Suicides increase 40%?
English too nervous to celebrate St. George's Day?
Will the world end in 2032? (Ooh-er! Let's terrify the sheeple some more!)
Lib Dem minister cuts fuel duty by 5p in ten rural areas (8 in Lib Dem constituencies)
We now live in a litigious age - 'where there's blame, there's a claim!'
Women both miscarried after jealous 'friend' poisoned them
Military ops undermined by 'human rights, health and safety and red tape'
Gloria de Piero: Shadow Minister for teenage t*ts?
Should the UK ditch the Human Rights Act? (Silly question - Ditch act and traitors who imposed it)
Is Labour to blame for Britain's immigration chaos? (LibLabCon to blame - All have betrayed us)

Thursday 17 October

Traitor Osborne agrees to Commie Chinese investing in UK nuclear plants!!!
PETITION: Black-on-white farm murders in South Africa
Det Supt Tim Bacon: "Slavery is happening in the West Midlands... it's on the increase."
“Dysfunctional” and “in chaos”, Muslim free school judged “inadequate” in all areas
60% of teens face 'sexting' pressure
EU funds organisations prepared to propagandise on its behalf
Marine Le Pen: EU will collapse like Soviet Union
Immigration is bordering on insanity!
Lefty rants on BBC Question Time are rehearsed says BBC producer!
Deaf 10-year-old girl trafficked, kept in cellar and raped by Muslim pensioner
DIVERSITY! Child rape/trafficking/benefit fraud? What THEY insist will enrich us all!
Syria conflict: Christians 'fleeing homes'
Allan Kalema, one of up to 20 'Busy Block' gang members who murdered Andrew Jaipaul
Algerian immigrant, Aziz Lamari, jailed for robbery gets £25,000 compensation!
BLAIR WARS: 461,000 Iraqis were killed between March 2003 and June 2011
BETRAYAL! 245 English primary schools have almost no English pupils!
Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane, then killed him
Savile's police crony 'fixed soft interview'
For years Left crushed debate on fatherless families. Sir Michael Wilshaw tells the truth
Boy, two, died of meningitis after 999 operator 'lost' parent's desperate call
Israel's Netanyahu talking up case for pre-emptive strike on Iran? (Again)
Cameron to pack 'bloated' House of Lords with even more cronies and failures
'Doctors dismissed me as a grumpy teenager - I had ovarian cancer!'
"60 million nuanced versions" of who's British? Only a Brit Bashing Corporation hack would say so
"Right-to-stay" Africans throw stones and bottles at German police
Oops! Roy Hodgson and the Space Monkey!
The police are in danger of losing the public's trust

Wednesday 16 October

One-in-five marriages in urban areas are bogus
One in 10 dole claimants is from outside the UK!
15,000 civil marriages every years are bogus:
Prosecuting all child porn offenders in Britain would take 20 years! 300m images seized in 2 years
Red Cross launches emergency food aid plan for UK's poor
Teacher, Zahid Akram, admits blackmailing girls
74-year-old pensioner, Alvin Richards, jailed for selling crack cocaine
Carer, Kumari Murphy, ripped off top auctioneer to the tune of £780,000
"Being white... is the problem" in school? "Problem?" Unfortunate use of term or intended?
Daily Nazi: "Amazon revealed to sell Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic & white supremacist books"
Child poverty figures show 300,000 more children in hardship
Jimmy Savile and the tapes that damn the police!
I deserve my £330,000 BBC salary says BBC's Jewish creative director, AlanYentob!
MPs to probe Royal Mail sell-off
61% of doctors under 30 are women! Fears for care standards as junior docs fall pregnant
House of Lords welcomes Doreen Lawrence (Pass the sick bag)
Elderly care plan will punish the prudent and favour the feckless
Finally a minister who tells it like it is on immigration
Cop stole £23,000 from widow, 94 MPs slam the royals over fatcat pay rises

Tuesday 15 October

Romanian envoy: We have been promised benefits!
33 years for Marvin Samuels who stabbed girlfriend to death hours after raping and beating stranger
Lauren Patterson raped and murdered in Qatar after leaving hotel with men
Pictured: Hungarian ex-policeman suspected in murder of British model
Hassan Hussain charged with murder of Sabrina Moss
Mohammed Badvie charged with murdering his mother
Father-of-8 Shofique Uddin stabbed aspiring lawyer to death in row over leaking drain
Body odour killer, Giedrius Zinkevicius, gets life Laszlo Gyarmati charged with murder of lover
Azerbaijani, Pakistani, Turk and Algerian Muslims arrested in terror operation
Nigerian immigrant, Stanley Ibe, bites off friend's nose
Duane Watson's gang flooded London with £5.5millon of heroin
Mahfouz and Sayyeduz Chowdhury ringleaders behind smuggling plot
Natasha and Stacy still in dark as Chicago attacker, Heriberto Viramontes, comes to trial
Indian restaurant owner and wife falsely claimed more than £100,000 in benefits
Nigerian illegal managed to claim £83,000 in benefits
Nigerian immigrant Oaiemude Aroriode let home be used as drug factory
£600,000 fraudster Mohammed Sher couldn't turn up to be sentenced, it was too 'chilly!'
Nigerian lawyer, Taofik Amao, who arranged sham marriages, jailed for 30 months
Gangland enforcer, Dialo Hall, gets 20 years for murder
Gynaecologist Dr Benjamin Ononeze made series of blunders on patients in Darlington hospital
23-month-old Yusuf Bora died choking on a piece of bread: his mother was just a few feet away Social worker Diane Onyango suspended: didn't report man who seduced lover's daughter, 12
Dr Kiran Patwardhan to keep job despite string of blunders with children's treatment
She can't be deported! She wouldn't be allowed to wear a Burka in France!
Broadcaster Rosie Millard scares off black mugger
Pop stars shouldn't act like submissive sex objects, says Charlotte Church
Panic that drove Britain to slaughter 750,000 family pets in one week
Polish town tears down statue marking rape of millions of German women by Russian soldiers
Immigration minister tells five-time failed asylum seeker to go home
China to ban HIV-people from spas, public baths (Global beast (UN) condemns sensible move)
'Maybe next time we'll paint our skin black so we can win'
How safe is ethnic street food?
Old game, new enemy: China (By John Pilger)

Monday 14 October

611,779 jobless EU immigrants living in Britain!
UK is bursting at the seams due to immigration
EU immigration is undermining our once proud British nation
3,600 new laws in three years as EU strangles UK firms
Chemicals in foods can 'double miscarriage risk'
MP Richard Burden calls for schools to celebrate white culture (That they haven't been doing so bespeaks treachery!)
Third-world Olympians still here - We knew they'd stick around, didn't we?
380 detained after anti-immigrant riot in southern Moscow
Cops raid flat of Natalie Rowe, ex-callgirl pal of Chancellor, George Osborne
Powerless to stop 'carousel of career beggars?’ (Not if we elect patriots, we're not)
'Filthy' conditions at Hussain and Ahmed's fish shop 'beyond belief'
Asian or mixed race robber attacks young man with iron bar in Shipley
BBC boss's £8,000 nights at the Proms
£40,000 rise for Jim Taylor, Labour boss of hard-up council
NHS boss says wards in some parts of country unsafe because of shortage of staff
Middle-class children who will be worse off than their parents
NHS hospital kitchens overrun by mice and cockroaches
Low morale in the British Army DOUBLES in three years
'Vulnerable' teenage girls go missing together
Ooh look! We didn't win the battle of Trafalgar after all, foreigners did!
'Yes, immigration was too fast!' Now red Ed was us to trust him?

Sunday 13 October

Imran Douglas strangled and stabbed Margery Gilbey, 88, in her "care home" room
Taxi driver rapist, Humza Mahmood, jailed for 7 years (second sexual offence in 3)
Taliban sexually abusing their child terrorists-in-training?
Syrian girls for sale, the younger the better!
If you're gay and PC, have you thought about this?
Tommy Robinson vows to help cops track down 'racists' within the EDL
WHSmith's vile trade in online rape porn
Red Andy, the Labour hopeful who says Stalin improved living standards
I don't know if crooks fear Britain's new FBI - but it should terrify the rest of us
Are the Tories lying to us again? Just ask Mandy!
6,200 state-sponsored drug addicts hooked on heroin substitute for more than TEN years
Bingo, karaoke night and cheese feasts: Truth about life in an open prison, by top slag
Vengeful MPs, Monty Python charter and a lethal threat to free speech? (And the Murdochs?)
Hash made Dame Sally hallucinate - and she still can't see straight

Saturday 12 October

Nick Griffin on Syria! Globalism v Nationalism! Good stuff! Interesting!
SYRIA! BNP's Nick Griffin gives himself a pat on the back! (Actually it was deserved)
John Jackson dies from caffeine overdose after eating energy mints!
Why is X Factor making idols of thugs, druggies, porn stars? (THEY want our kids to ape them)
E. European thieves pretend to help blind pensioner before stealing £100 from his bag
Health & safety farce! Retired soldier 'banned from standing during national anthem!'
PC Crowd want gay blood ban lifted in Northern Ireland
Jack Straw slams Guardian for leaking intelligence files (Don't expose establishment evil!)
Fined £1420 for "voicing opinions" and "waving St George flags" after Lee Rigby was murdered
High Court rules sisters must have MMR jab though they and mum don't want it!
Rakesh Bhayani and Nicholas Kutner, allegedly, murdered Carole Waugh for her money
Miliband was... committed to smashing the institutions that make Britain distinctively British"
Griffin cites EDL links to Jewry (His own veto of Jew criticism lost BNP many members)
DERBY: 6 men arrested for alleged sex offences against young girl Sol Campbell whines again!
Nice Mo Farah v nasty couple with baby in pram
What IS the taxman doing? Amount of uncollected tax rises to £35BILLION
Labour Health Secretary DID know about baby deaths at NHS trust!
Syrian rebels (Cam's best pals) executed 190 civilians and took 200 hostages during one offensive Millions face 'eat or heat' dilemma as energy bills soar
This dimwit of an MP (Jeremy Browne) needs French lessons
Homes and businesses have been left owing millions of pounds to water firms
Genetics outweighs teaching, Gove adviser tells his boss (Racism? Tut tut!)
Nobel peace prize awarded to chemical weapons watchdog (after sarin attack in Syria?
Nobel Peace Prize: Syrians ask ‘What peace?’ As deaths continue

Friday 11 October

2.5 years in jail for internet "statements that rejected immigration and multiculturalism"
Far-right's surge could paralyse Europe says Hollande! (Liars lie)
Daha Mohamed denies murder of wheelchair-bound Colin Greenway
Murderer Dialo Hall jailed for 20 years
Azam Khan "bought" Slovakian, 'married' her to halt deportation and raped her
Detectives want to question Aenish Shahi after robbery
Wanted by Lewisham police
Raminder Mehtab jailed for possession of 2,500 indecent images of children and animal porn
Stockbrokers Sullivan, Madden and Abouzaki jailed for ABH. Khan gets community service only
Serial burglar, Lola Williams, caught by DNA on biscuit
Former cop, Valerijs Trifonovs, claimed £4,500 for whiplash but had cage fight after crash
MP slams human rights court payouts to murderers, rapists, paedophiles and terrorists
Binge drinking among unemployed rises to 64% since 2004
Jewish Lord L should get out more
Miliband wants to live in a 'Marxist universe'
14 Caribbean nations sue Britain, Holland and France for slavery reparations
100,000 asylum-seekers land in EU
Cameron & Hague's Syrian pals 'executed civilians' says Human Rights Watch
Black rape in New Orleans
Cameraman's anti-Semitic rant recorded on Jewish couple's wedding video
The Victorians were dynamic, hugely inventive and deeply caring
The brainwashed youth of Europe: Emil André Erstad is a wagtail traitor
Post-war American propaganda 'belittled' Britain (Anyone out there surprised?)

Thursday 10 October

CPS chief says Muslims can carry on aborting female foetuses! Law 'does not prohibit!'
Muslim boss says he's been working with Tommy Robinson for last 18 MONTHS!
Democracy? Not if the Jews don't like it!
Look who gets the £1 house!
Britain will face at least one major terror attack every year for next few years says head of MI5
How many migrants on benefits? Sorry no idea
Gypsy immigrants stole £500,000 of taxpayers' money by flying in 'benefits tourists!'
Dr Kamal Abusin alleged to have groped teenager's breast and touched her between the legs
Algerian immigrant, Sed Noureddine, grabbed and kissed 11-year-old
Police issue photos of foreigners sought over sex assault on woman in Eastbourne
19th century law sees French journalist prosecuted for questioning Islam!
Brazil’s President say US and allies must stop spying ‘once and for all’ (Some hopes)
Apocalypse Now! Unstoppable man-made climate change a reality by end of decade?
Andrew Marr regrets going into journalism (his traitorous thoughts are on record)
Libyan Prime Minister kidnapped! (Remember Cameron foisting democracy on Libya?)
Gypsies to be deported to the Ukraine?
Brazil’s President say US and allies must stop spying ‘once and for all’ (Some hopes)
This whinging jailbird's worst crime is blaming men for EVERY female crook
Former model and friend of John Lennon 'beaten to death' by Hungarian cop
British Museum pays Jewish collector’s heir for Nazi-looted drawing

Wednesday 9 October

Jack Wilshere says foreigners shouldn't play for England! (He'll have Mo Farah after him!)
Faisal Latif, who murdered Marilyn and Nicky Cook in argument over rent, finally jailed 21 years later
2011 Morecambe rape: Hama-Amin Karim sought by police
DIVERSITY! Schoolgirl killer jailed for stamping on pregnant girlfriend's belly
Shofique Uddin stabbed 'peacemaker' Sultan Ahmed to death in row over a blocked drain
Illegal immigrant crim who married Brit after arrest allowed to stay for his step-daughter?
Bradford + Illegals = 2 tonnes contaminated meat into food chain every day from one factory?
Human right to make a killing!
TREASON! One in three hospital consultants was trained overseas!
70million a year arrive in UK unchecked! Migration chief slams £1.2billion electronic borders fiasco
Dumbed-down Britain: UK pupils among very worst in literacy and numeracy
The Roma invasion of Paris... next stop Britain
Black soldiers arrested for stabbing white comrade to death
Strictly judge Revel Horwood's past life as a rent boy! (Jobs for pervs at the Beeb)
Whitehall pays out £250,000 to staff accused of harassment, gross misconduct or lazyiness
Blubbery, spluttery traitor remarries at age of 81
Paedophilia caused by divorce? (Poland's top Catholic bishop)
Saudi Arabian preacher beat his five-year-old daughter to death

Tuesday 8 October

Karzai says NATO has brought death and misery to Afghanistan but little security
Death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who said we were born to serve Jews!
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
Woman raped in alley by Mustafa Yussuf
Funeral of British victim Anne Bury - Family claim Veli Acar was defrauding her
Met Police sergeant, Sanjay Rai, jailed for downloading child abuse images
TV actress scarred for life after being glassed in the face by "tanned man"
Israel: European rights resolution on circumcision 'racist'
Chris Sinclair left wheelchair-bound and partially blind by Muslim racers
Taxpayers' bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors
Lesbian mum falsely claimed £60,000 in benefits (living with lorry driver girlfriend)
Mayor of Haarlem says long term imprisonment of Moroccan criminals is only answer
BBC Caught Staging Syria Chemical Weapons Propaganda?
Cancer drug free in Scotland banned in in England and Wales!
'The BBC is an executive-run place for idiots': Jennifer Saunders
Nigerian prince 'behind massive migration scam'
Taliban renews threat to kill schoolgirl Malala
Babies born to smokers 'have smaller brains and are more anxious/moody than other children'
Taxpayers' bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors
Lesbian mum falsely claimed £60,000 in benefits (living with lorry driver girlfriend)
The Muslim Community is very good a hiding and hushing things up!
Israeli students paid to propagandise
Little boy started sex change! He (and lesbian parents) knew he wanted to be a girl!

Monday 7 October

1,216 killed by psychiatric patients in 10 years (Murder by politician)
The impact of politically correct Britain! (Our awareness is now mainstream!)
Bristol magistrate, Ian Abrahams, a Jew, proposes scrapping of Bible oath in court
"Swedish bastard!" 23-year-old Erik Bjorkman dies following unprovoked attack
Killed for being a “Swedish bastard”
SYRIA: One "rebel" child sniper kills 32 people randomly for Cameron, Hague, Blair, Obama
Latvian burglars targeted Lincolnshire homes
WEST MIDLANDS: immigrant crime up by 53% in one year!
Amputee beaten with his own walking stick by E.European/Black/Asian gang
Taxi driver, Mohammed Yunis, gets 10 years for raping 12-year-old schoolgirl
Muslim heroin smugglers jailed after they were caught with drugs worth £306million
Mohammed Badvie accused of Barnet pensioner's murder
Tower Hamlets woman charged with causing the death of a four-month-old
Woman raped by East European as she waited for a bus in south London
Royal Mail under-valued by £1BILLION
Unqualified staff used to teach pupils on the cheap
One in four serious criminals is a foreigner, says May
Growing numbers of elderly let down by 15-minute carer visits
Scrap Bible oath that 'no one takes seriously' say traitor magistrates!
BBC Caught Staging Syria Chemical Weapons Propaganda?
cancer drug free in Scotland banned in in England and Wales!
'The BBC is an executive-run place for idiots': Jennifer Saunders
Nigerian prince 'behind massive migration scam'
Taliban renews threat to kill schoolgirl Malala
Babies born to smokers 'have smaller brains and are more anxious/moody than other children'
Taxpayers' bill for European court payouts to murderers, terrorists and traitors
Lesbian mum falsely claimed £60,000 in benefits (living with lorry driver girlfriend)
Swedish SDU member, Erik Bjorkman, beaten up for his po-Swedish views, dies
18 UK mosques say they'd perform marriage of 14-year-old girl and 20-year-old man
Roma gangs are targeting cashpoint customers
Clerics at 18 mosques are caught agreeing to marry off girls of 14

Sunday 6 October

Truth about dangerous mental patients let out to kill by NHS
The Holocaust Industry in the UK
34% of British 'uncomfortable' at prospect of ethnic minority PM (Only 34%? Poll was rigged!)
105,000 suspected cases of elder abuse in 2012 (mostly in care homes)
WEST MIDLANDS: immigrant crime up by 53% in one year!
SAS snipers aiming at cars from a bridge in the UK?
'Despicable' Asian cop who raped girl, seven, jailed for 18 years
Leeds private hire driver Mohammed Shahin caged for ‘sickening’ passenger rape
Pensioner fought off Abraham Nhliziyo who tried to rape her in her own home
Blundercops let 1,300 suspects walk free! ('Rapists, child molesters and at least one murderer')
Taxi driver, Mohammed Yunis, gets 10 years for raping 12-year-old schoolgirl
Giedrius Zinkevicius didn't like his pals body odour, so he killed him
Grace Adeleye allowed boy to bleed to death after she circumcised him with scissors
This savage got just 20 weeks for beating up his terminally ill girlfriend
Baby left close to death after a series of blunders by Dr Kiran Patwardhan
Amputee beaten with his own walking stick by E.European/Black/Asian gang
Policeman Leonard Fadahunasi gets 12 months for passport fraud
Restaurant boss, Mazen Abou-Dargham, accused of sex assault
Metropolitan Cop, Leonard Rotimi Fadahunsi, up on fraud charges
Latvian burglars targeted Lincolnshire homes
Dentist Hossein Hesami kissed a grandma instead of polishing her veneers
Akhmol Hussain and Robiul Miah beat up media; students
Senior Consultant David Sellu killed James Hughes delaying life-saving op until it was too late
Zehour Chelfat struck pregnant lawyer over the head in court waiting room
Muslim converts accused of harassing and attacking Londoners
warehouse worker, Hasmik Blaszcyk, swiped £760 bottle of perfume: NO JAIL!
Paul Floyd Marshall in court charged with stabbing neighbour to death
Benefits claimant, Phillip Tutte, found with 453,210 Euros in back of taxi
Sex attacker Mohammed Hoque dangled young woman over a tenth floor balcony
Nurse groper, Dr Hussein Bany Ismael, to have a secret hearing
Kwesi Van Dyck raped schoolgirl a dozen times
Munir Ahmed Farooqi plotted to recruit British Muslims to fight in Afghanistan
NHS manager Abiola Olukemi Apara ordered colleague to fix stuff and serve as chauffeur
The Curry Mile is the most anti-social street in Manchester
USA: Butt plugs, vibrators and bondage gadgets handed out at University orgasm workshop
Australia: Asylum-seekers want breast enlargements, IVF treatment and botox!
BLAIR WARS: 51 killed in Baghdad by suicide bomber
London cycle attacker (BLACK) 'could strike again, victim warns
The Left defends reactionary religion not the Right! (As long as reactionaries don't have white skin)
Heseltine’s £900,000 EU handout
'Local councils left to pick up tab for your inaction on immigration, Mr Cameron'
BBC accused of becoming Ed Miliband's mouthpiece
PM panics as Tories bid to quit EU next year? (Sounds like b***ocks)
Jobs for sex, rampant harassment and racism at BBC?
The mystery services you pay for and aren't allowed to know about
Judges bid to banish the Bible from court!
Member of medical staff at an NHS hospital arrested on suspicion of murder
EU ‘puts us at risk of rabies’

Saturday 5 October 2013

Saudi black op team behind Damascus chemical weapons attack
Christina Edkins's killer badly let down by system says mum (Not the savage's fault then)
South African crime stats even higher! Rape & murder in rainbow nation increase
This pregnant woman almost got raped in broad daylight
The Curry Mile is the most anti-social street in Manchester
Traitor Blair will help 3 million Albanians get the right to work in the UK!
Trainee neurosurgeon Suhail Ahmed took intimate pictures of patients whilst examining them
'Take us to the UK!' Syrian refugees on hunger strike in Calais demanding asylum here
Whether he hated Britain or not, Ralph Miliband was one of the Cold War's bad guys
Stalin's gulags and his Left wing British apologists
Millions of pounds given to Syrian refugee charities is 'being used to fund terrorism'
Outrage over 'vile' Rihanna video
Driving tests in foreign languages to be banned to stop learners cheating
Oi! Miliband! "Don't use this row to attack press freedom," says Leveson advisor
Why must Miley and Rihanna act like whores? (Because elite wants our girls to emulate them!)
Triple jumper Phillips Idowu accused of driving 3 times over drink-drive limit
Black councillor (selected for marginal in next General Election) and £2,000 of unpaid parking fines
Dr June Shazeela Allim found dead at £1m home after being arrested over fraud allegations
Incompetence and mindless waste of our ruling class (It's only YOUR money they're squandering)
Time for an inquiry into the culture and practices of Labour
Medhi Hasan attacked Daily Mail on Question Time (3 years ago he wanted to write for it)
This Ralph Miliband nonsense has gone on long enough
Why the Blairites back the Tories against Red Ed
Bludgeoned to death by a Turkish beggar

Friday 4 October

Prayer leader tries to rape 3-year-old: Just another day in Pakistan
Danish police destroyed proof of Muslim crime wave
Copenhagen prisons filled to the roof: 63 % of prisoners do not have Danish citizenship
UKIP is a racist party says Heseltine
UKIP election candidate attacked
Muslims win discrimination case against Tesco
Asian tried to abduct 10-year-old boy in Glasgow
Gambia quits Commonwealth = No more free handouts? HALIFAX: attempted abductions by Asian
'Zaha sleeping with Lauren Moyes!? At least one united player is scoring'
Labour’s cover-up on failing hospitals: Ministers silenced watchdog on eve of election?
1.5% of Britons say they are gay or bisexual?
EU president rubbishes Cameron's plan to claw back power from Brussels
Asylum seeker rapist jailed after racking up £250,000 court fees
Afghan groper costs taxpayer £200,000
Europeans burned to death by mob of vigilantes in Madagascar
Entire NHS could be 'destabilised' by £1bn funding black hole

Thursday 3 October

Mother courage!
Recep Cetin murdered Marion Graham and Cathy Dinsmore
Grand Theft Auto? Aqab Hussain knocked them over 'like skittles'
Give axe murderers the vote, says judge Ian Mahoney
Mr Slippery now wishes he hadn't forced through gay marriage law? (Force it back then!)
Why was THEIR pet footsoldier not being treated! (THEY are at war with us, that's why)
Damilola Taylor's killer (can't spell) holds up sign calling for 'real justice'
Why not legalise drugs? (Decapitate the dealers and boil the Barons instead)
Muslim free school closes after inspection
Savile victims STILL coming forward a year after his reign of terror exposed
From porn to murder - String the f***er up!
How typically hypocritical of the Left
'Another insult' from the BBC's 'urban elite'

Wednesday 2 October

Ed Miliband! Your dad hated Britain! Do you?
Murderer of schoolgirl Christina Edkins, Phillip Simelane, pleads guilty to manslaughter
Stalin's gulags and his Left wing British (traitor) apologists
Former Lib Dem council leader, Derek Osbourne, admits child porn offences
Netanyahu's UN exhortations not to trust Iranian president receiv wary response
Gove defends newspapers' 'right to offend' in Miliband row
Israel PM calls Iran leader 'wolf in sheep's clothing'
"Horde of savages attacked passengers and stole everything they
Travellers leave horse dead on side of road after crashing it into back of car
Sharia law riding high in Britain
20% of boys in late teens ‘dependent on porn!’
Rotherham sex assaults: Attacker 'fled' after public intervened
Girl thrown out of cocktail bar by immigrant bouncer (she voted the wrong way)
Yemeni child bride: 'My husband... saw marriage as a means to act like a depraved animal!'
Devoted teacher quit Muslim school after being told THIS outfit was indecent

Tuesday 1 October

“The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives”
Senior UN official tells Al-Akhbar Syrian government had no involvement in Ghouta chemical attack
Ralph Miliband DID hate Britain!
Ed Miliband attacks Daily Mail for smearing his sneering, Commie dad
MILIGATE! An evil legacy and why we won't apologise
Miliband 'spent entire life attempting to convert impressionable young to his poisonous creed?'
Ed Miliband's dad DID hate Britain!
Ed Miliband and "the man who hated Britain!" (His Jewish father)
"The Englishman is a rabid nationalist!" (Ed Miliband's Jewish Commie dad)
"Ralph Miliband's Marxism was... fuelled by a giant-sized social chip on his shoulder!"
Miliband's Marxist father and the real reason he wants to drag us back to the nightmare 70s
So what did Miliband Snr really believe in? The answer should disturb everyone
Parents whose children are child sex victims speak (No mention of Muslims)
Arshad Arif: jailed for 5 Years for teen rape in 2006. jailed for 6.5 years for teen rape in 2013
Black thief, Yafet Askale, caught green-faced
BLAIR WARS: Sergeant Lee Davidson 'unlawfully killed' in Afghanistan
Race hate killer Imran Shahid has been left a "broken man" by prison beating: RESULT!
Jewish revolutionary paedophile demands Golden dawn be banned
GREECE: Democracy in court
Sikh wants £50,000 for interference with turban
Couple lose second baby to hospital infection after superbug outbreak!
Paedophile cop, Andrew Gouge, jailed for 21 months
Lesbian Poet Laureate and Black Children's Laureate say testing kids is bad

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