Daily News: January 2013

Thursday 31 January

In 23 years as a parliamentary reporter, I've never felt such disgust for our political class
Pavel Arklowskus charged with murder
What the PC Crowd have done to us! Meet bloodsucking race advisor, Natasha Sivanandan
Samantha Ege dumps Barach Bandavad: black dad runs off, white stepmum gets throat cut
Bulent Sessacar stabbed partner Rebecca to death
No border checks + Polish crim with violent history + noisy TV = Dead flatmate
£90m of cocaine found hidden on yacht: Piotr Pachnia and Thomas Dylik jailed for 40 years
Post office worker Nadeem Amjid stole £33,000 from 89-year-old lady
Craig Anderson, mastermind of £1m scam, has a week to repay £60,000
Doctor Samir Asa’Ad struck off: guilty of sex attacks on female patients
Woman punched by mugger with dark European complexion
Health workers Sharmilla Gunda, Akousa Sakyiwaa, Annette Jackson deny patient abuse
British scientist and wife stabbed by Barbados burglar
String him up! Gemma McCluskie murder: Brother guilty
Why does Britian's national interest always come last?
BBC cut honour-killing references from drama for fear of offending Muslims
For Tony Blair to be feted for letting Poles flood into Britain is a sick joke
Polish is now Britain's second language!
Horseburgers made in Poland!
Immigrants shun the English language
Top Right wing Tories ‘to back gay marriage’ despite anger among party's grassroots
Is Timbuktu really any of our business?
Olly Neville, UKIP's youth leader until recently, defends sexual intercourse with dead bodies!
SAS units threatened by new defence cuts
Misery of Pakistan's abandoned wives

Wednesday 30 January

Jailed again, Amrik Gill, a serial fraudster who boasted he was a ‘changed’ man
Giovanni di Stefano: the 'Devil’s advocate £1m conman’
Maths teacher, Abdul Mossobir, caught having secret affair with a 13-year-old
Christopher Cruz' gang stripped copper wiring worth £700,000 from rail network
'I'm still full of hate' says Jew who wanted 'working men's club racists' destroyed
79% say we must ban EU immigrants! (But only 21% (PC Crowd/migrants) count!)
Poles hail Traitor Blair a national hero!
Tony Blair given award for helping unwanted Poles migrate to the UK
Top Rabbi tells alleged child abuse victim not to go to the police!
Shock Horror: 'Holocaust was a myth invented by US' says Egyptian bloke
Chancellor Osborne accused of diverting HS2 rail route from his backyard!
Thieves no longer barred from care home, hospital and school jobs!
Rapist awarded compensation because HIS human rights breached
£55m benefits sent to immigrants’ abroad
Cameron tells Cabinet to create policies appealing to ethnics
Coalition at loggerheads over 'greatest black' Brit's PC place in school curriculum
Africa now! Global b***ocks sees 400 soldiers putting their lives on the line in Mali!
Bonuses are needed: taxpayers must accept it! (Says anonymous trough-gobbler)
Afghan farmer beheaded after refusing to let drug lords sell daughter as sex slave
Shameless Barclays hand new boss £2million
Clegg's revenge damages PM's hopes of re-election
Troops accused of mass abuse in Iraq (encouraged by politicians back home?)
More of us than ever before describe ourselves as lonely
PCSO Jayne Kemp converts to Islam after helping ‘honour’ violence victim
Top Cop: We must recruit more ethnic minority officers! (And less of our own!)

Tuesday 29 January

Israel admits Ethiopian women given birth control shots
Rapist Gennaro Dalfonso strangled and took naked photographs of his victim
Pimlico stabbing: Teenage boy dies
High Wycombe raids: Four arrests in child abuse probe (Ethnicity?)
Minister vows to fight notorious killer's right to anonymity
Begging in Bulgaria or benefits in Belgravia?
Jamaican grandmother fraudulently tried to claim £740,000 after tripping in the street
5 in court (3 Asians) accused of fleecing University for Industry
Dawid Siwak found guilty of trafficking and enslavemnent
Violent robbery in Canterbury: man's jaw broken by Asians
Andy Ho stabbed older brother and tried to kill two others allegedly
Bank worker Michael Pryce plundered more than £650,000 from wealthy customers
Nurse Godwin Njoku claimed sick leave whilst working for London Underground
Nurse Eric Duodu left patient looking like a werewolf
Hospital worker Shangara Madar groped midwife
A-level tutor Atta Ullah's internet cafe was a drugs den
Criminals could avoid court under new 'proportionality' test
Immigrant report was suppressed says Labour
Youth unemployment rising at fastest rate of any G8 country
More than eight million families admit spiralling personal debts
Most homeowners blighted by HS2 will not see a penny in compensation
PRIVILEGE! I'll do what's best for my son insists Clegg
Chancellor has raised 299 taxes since the Coalition came to power!
Begging in Bulgaria or benefits in Belgravia?
U.K. cartoon of Netanyahu isn't anti-Semitic in any way
Asian ice cream man who assaulted Blackburn rival spared jail
France 'totally bankrupt', says Labour Minister Michel Sapin
Lesbian is the 'most fascinating person in Britain' accoring to posh magazine
Gloucestershire hospital nurses 'too busy' to feed patient
Defence secretary accused of likening gay marriage to incest
Who will protect the human rights of the law abiding?

Monday 28 January

Clare Sly killed him after he bombarded her with 160 'sinister' texts in one day
Hamza Noor and Samir and Tariq Bostan charged with the murder of Joseph Kent
Drug dealers Blackford, Abdi, Thomas, Barrington Scott, Mckay-Odimah and West charged
£20,000 payout to black killer's dad! (Cops injured his ankle in raid)
Teenage boy dies after being stabbed in Pimlico
WHITE FLIGHT: Britain is 'self-segregating' as white families flee urban areas
37 jailed killers walk out and flee
Ash dieback unstoppable (Do the sheeple care?)
Romanians/Bulgarians to be told UK's too cold for you! (That'll keep 'em out)
One in four violent criminals escapes with just a CAUTION
Cancer patients who avoid mastectomy 'more likely to survive'! (Contradicting prior advice)
Master Clegg and the principle of privilege

Sunday 27 January

Black Tory Adam Afriyie behind secret bid to oust Cameron and become leader
Indian dad chews off baby daughter's nose and upper lip! She wouldn't stop crying
Tony Blair want to mobilise us? F*** off you traitorous slag!
Red Ed (parents Jewish immigrants) totally out of touch with British people
Daniel Kosowski, Kamil Dreszer and Artur Janik deny murder
Jailed: rapist Hesam Khosravi who filmed rape on iPad
Khalid Mahmood convicted of park rape and trying to snatch girl, 10
Drug Baron Imtiaz Ali told to pay cops £2.3m or face another 8 years in jail
Black man attacks bus driver
Muslim abuser who 'didn't know' sex with a girl of 13 was illegal spared jail
Trio held over Whitehall Muslim vigilante attacks released on bail
1984: Home Office phone used as link for members of Paedophile Information Exchange
Fast food increases asthma, eczema risk in children
Thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians 'plan to flood UK in 2014'
Meet this week's biggest fake - and it's not Beyoncé Back door' will let in 20,000 migrants

Saturday 26 January

Black soldiers jailed for 50 years after smuggling drugs and guns into the UK
Muslim paedophile says he 'didn't know' sex with 13-year-olds was illegal - NO JAIL!
Guilty of sex with underage girl, Oscar Abernethy-Cortez was bailed. What happened then?
"Respectable" Rwandan robber, Nelson Mubiru, gets four years
Child-sex attacker can't be deported because his African tribe is 'persecuted'
Registrar forged birth certificates for African gang in £4m benefits fraud
Algerian with links to gas plant massacre gang can't be deported! (The poor lamb's suicidal)
Judge blasted as ‘victim of recession’ mugger, Diallo Allen, spared jail
Sexual assault by Asian in Gorton, Manchester (CCTV)
community nurse Angella Pinto put children in danger
Immigrant brothel pimp, Sorient Sigba, faces jail
Murder accused, Marvin Samuels, charged with raping and trying to kill stranger same day
No ban for nurse Ofelina Alano! She failed to check stroke victim who died
Soldiers payoffs cut by 75%! Army accused of 'betrayal'
Rise of violent primary pupils: 40 teachers attacked every day
Revealed: who can fly drones in UK airspace
Lib Dem MP could be kicked out after suggesting Jews hadn't learned lessons of Holocaust
Lib Dem MP David Ward defends remarks about Israel
US military in sexual assault crisis
Registrars, teachers and hospital chaplains could be sued if they defy gay marriage law
USA: Mosque youth group leader faces child porn charges
No horse in lamb kebabs - just poultry, beef and veal!
Beware the ghost of slippery Harold

Friday 25 January

French court orders Twitter to name racist/anti-Semitic users!
Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger arrested on suspicion of rape
Paedophile Leigh Arendse had sex with girl, 12, for 2 DAYS while parents sat downstairs!
Sameer Tasib charged with rape and sexual assault of children
Man City's Courtney Meppen-Walter charged over road deaths
HUMAN RIGHTS? Family's outrage as killer granted anonymity
Scandal of criminals the UK can’t deport
Overall level of crime falls to record low? (400,000 offences not logged by cops)
Enoch's legacy still tainting our party says Tory minister, Sajid Javid
Fukushima fish are 2,500 times over radiation limit!
"To Blair... to actually consult the British Public is a form of suicide"
ISRAEL: Samir Awad murdered by IDF
Lib Dem MP David Ward faces disciplinary action over Israel comments
"To Blair... to actually consult the British Public is a form of suicide"
Another honour for Doreen Lawrence! (Any mums who lost kids to black killers thus honoured?)
Mosque condemns homophobia yet advertised 4 anti-gay speakers last month alone
An unholy matrimony between finance and politics has undermined democracy
Prevailing Orthodoxies and Double Standards
EU threatens UK with fines of £250,000 a day!
Common pesticides 'can kill frogs within an hour'
An unholy matrimony between finance and politics has undermined democracy
LIBYA: Foreign Office warns Brits to get out immediately
'A whole generation could be priced out of home ownership'
Antibiotic resistance could trigger 'apocalyptic scenario' warns UK's top doc
Daily Mail + Prince Charles + 'boisterous kids'? CRINGEWORTHY!

Thursday 24 January

Top politicians, royal aides and pop star on list seized by cops investigating paedophile ring
Imran Akhtar Hussain charged with murder of Keiran Crump Raiswell
Judges tell sex beast Shofik Ali ‘You deserve every day of your sentence’
Former postmistress Shafquat Saleem jailed for killing brother
Albanian gangster behind 3 murders STILL in UK despite 19 court battles to extradite him
HUMAN RIGHTS: Notorious killer moving to open prison granted anonymity
Ismail Francis did celebratory jig after knifing soldier
Teenager mugged at knifepoint by two black males
Border officials find £8m of liquid cocaine hidden in carrot juice
Blundernurse Seema Faulkner posted threats on Facebook
Sex trafficker Mehmed Mahmudov admitted smuggling a woman into UK
Nurse Reni Biju allowed to continue working 2 years after patient she neglected died
Priory nurse Trevor Madziwa had sex with former patient and kept her captive in his flat for 3 hours
Immigrants with no job or money settling here (failure to check background)
Attenborough: Humans are plague on Earth! (Bankers? Politicians? PC Crowd?)
Women smokers more likely to be killed by their habit TODAY than in the 60s
Patients admitted to hospital on public holidays '48% more likely to die within a week'
The landscape of British politics has been transformed
Gay Tory vies for seat hit by same-sex marriage row
Hague warns Israel is losing international support over Palestine
Audrey Hepburn's parents were supporters of Sir Oswald Moseley
'Production line' hospitals fail elderly
16,000 migrants in backlog 'chaos'

Wednesday 23 January

9/11 conspiracy finally solved! (Names, connections, motives)
Israel sold Argentina arms during Falklands War!
MPs and cops have worst ethical standards of those who work in public life!
£12.6billion a year wasted on foregn aid in 2014! (More than we spend on cops)
Black soldiers smuggled guns and £70,000 of cocaine into UK
Even now they're ramming the "6 million" lie down our throats! Truth here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgZPAsu3xZ0
Anwar Rosser charged with the murder of 4-year-old Keighley boy Riley Turner
Ausras Maslovas charged over Rainham warehouse murder
Ichhapel Bhamra drove without due care and killed Tom Ridgway! NO JAIL!
Hit-and-run 'youth worker' Mohammed Bakkor, killed Mary Devine
Scunthorpe: teenagers threatened and robbed by Asian (photofit)
Court told Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain raped young girls they plied with drink
Muslim gang savagely beats Dutch man. Video banned by traitor cops
Jewish Communists Faces of Communism
Consultant surgeon David Sellu charged with killing James Hughes
Black thugs violently attack Simon Leigh
17-year-old violently attacked by black gang at station
Asians attack elderly woman during violent burglary
Man stabbed and robbed by black gang
Oxford paedos (Asian): 14-year-old 'told she would be shot' if she didn't have sex
Unnamed 'boy' previously noted as 'black... in his 20s' admits raping tourist
(Black-on-black crime) Mum, 48, and daughter, 11, shot as they watched TV
Reverend Nathan Ntege in court over 492 'sham marriages'!
Anas Nfaou attacked others whilst on bail
Cameron promises we WILL get EU referendum by 2017 (See what he said in 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1JReyGsdOA)
2 million quit Britain in 'talent drain' (Alien scrubbers in - Best of Britain out!)
Prostate cancer rate will TREBLE in a generation
5 youngsters die after taking super-strength 'Dr Death ecstasy'
Ritual killings in Cameroon: 18 young women abducted, murdered and cut up
War Without End, Forever and Ever, Amen
Abraham Lincoln was a racist, war-mongering, anti-liberty, blood-soaked imperialist liar
Town hall snoopers have more than 1,400 powers to enter homes
Soldier numbers to be slashed to lowest level since Napoleon
African crusade lunacy! Cuts leave us barely enough soldiers to troop colour!
Tattoed RE teacher told pupils not to get married, to sleep around instead!
BBC presenter Stuart Hall charged with molesting 10 young girls
MPs claim 'staggering' £4million a year for travel!
CORRUPT COPS: Sex exploitation and steroids
Problem families costing taxpayer as much as £345,000 a year
Gay marriage: ex-minister plans sets out to change law
Now the PC Crowd at the BBC are censoring Fawlty Towers!
TAKE THAT TOUR: 800 medical emergencies, 100 in casualty, 30 arrests

Tuesday 22 January

Al Qaeda bomb plot gangs get £30m legal aid!
Burglar admits 113 offences in 3-year crime spree - NO JAIL!
Uncovered, the 'toxic' gene hiding in GM crops!
Labour to increase welfare handouts by £2bn a year?
Samurai sword, crossbow and a gold-plated axe
Vicar 'carried out a fake marriage every day for 16 months!'
New police inquiry into Denis MacShane's MP expenses
Mother and 11-year-old shot as gunmen open fire on Cricklewood home
Elderly woman attacked during violent burglary

Monday 21 January

Gangs helping foreign criminals flee the country?
Migrant baby boom triggers midwife crisis!
Fight against Islamist terrorism in North Africa to last for decades
BBC Cowboy Trap presenter Clive Holland sacked for 'inappropriate' sexual behaviour
Plebgate report attacks Sir Jeremy Heywood for failing to conduct proper investigation
Thanks for great life on your easy benefits says migrant mother
Ethnic minority students 'forced into medicine and law'

Sunday 20 January

Executed: 5 Britons feared dead after hostage crisis ends in bloodbath Minister wants to hire US crimebusters to take over British police
Learner drivers must use English! Tests in foreign languages to be banned
British paedo jailed for paying Bulgarians £60,000 to sexually abuse sons
Our nation is on its knees to the Church of Human Rights!
Quarter of immigrants jobless (That's where the welfare goes!)
Raped at 13 by Jimmy Savile in Satanic ritual!
Man hurt in knifepoint carjacking
As we open our doors to 50,000 more immigrants prepare for crime wave

Saturday 19 January

UK 'workless households' amongst highest in EU Convicts owe £1.8billion in fines as 'free pass' mocks justice system
Our town's like a foreign country! Locals can't cope with the immigrants
We'll need great courage to tackle this deadly new face of terror
Algeria raid: 10 Britons 'at risk'
Told to leave 4 times - but immigrant still gets a home
Jailed: gang who arranged bogus marriages

Friday 18 January

Britons among 30 hostages killed as Algerians botch raid on Al Qaeda terrorists
NHS too generous to immigrants
'Right to family life' keeps 200 foreign convicts in Britain
Miliband accused of 'total hypocrisy'
Hooded 'Muslim Patrol' vigilantes remove alcohol from drinkers, tell women to cover up
Achilleas Kallakis jailed for seven years
Czech national flew to Pakistan to marry 3 TIMES in UK immigration scam
And now we must expect millions more immigrants
BLAIR WARS: David Shaw named as Afghan death soldier
Pharmacists who sold drugs illegally suspended

Thursday 17 January

Julie Ege murdered by stepdaughter's former boyfriend, Barach Bandavad
Shahidul Ahmed denies murder of teenager Rachel Manning 12 years ago
Emily Phillips killed in road smash: 4 'Bradford men' arrested at scene
Hesam Khosravi, who kicked, beat and raped woman at knifepoint, jailed for just 6 years
Suffolk: another Asian child sex gang on trial!
Muslim paedophile locked up thanks to courage of little girls
Dwayne Fulgence shot pal, Marlon Campbell, in the head for interfering
jilted lover, Damion Douglas, gets just 7 years for stabbing love rival to death
Bradford arsonists Fuad Deen and Qasim Parvez caused blast in failed insurance scam
Adnan Nazir and Jamile Pertussati jailed for rent scam plot
Sexual assault: Jakir Hussain jailed for 14 months
Recognise this sexual assault suspect?
Labour Mayor, Graham Pearson, found with child rape photographs in his possession
Engineer Salem Al-Majali secretly filmed up the skirts of hundreds of women
Achilleas Kallakis, nephew of Greek shipping magnate, guilty of £750m property fraud
MUSLIM PATROL! Muslims harrassing Brits on British streets!
250000 Bulgarians and Romanians heading to UK!
Up to 70,000 Romanian/Bulgarian immigrants a year ‘will come to Britain’
Are ministers too scared to say what they know about the next wave of immigrants?
Warning on Romania and Bulgaria immigration
Primary pupils 'unable to run or jump'
90,000 serial criminals with ten or more convictions escape jail!
Lottery ticket price doubles to £2 in 'tax on the poor'
Sunbed skin cancer risk is double that of sunbathing
Pesticides widely used in Britain 'harming bees and shouldn't be used on flowering crops
Briton killed, others taken hostage by Muslims in Algeria
Horse burgers aren't the only nasty secret in the chill cabinets
One Briton dead, 5 held hostage by Islamic militants in Mali
BLAIR WARS: Soldier dies in UK hospital two days after being wounded in Afghanistan
Damilola killer back in jail for THIRD time accused of handling stolen goods

Wednesday 16 January

Israel: Indictrination of children ("I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy")
USA: Black cop killed girlfriend, left her child to die in overheated car
Asian paedos threatened to cut little girl's head off!
3 men assaulted: Joseph Kent dies. Hamza Noor, Samir & Tariq Bostan charged
Artur Wiktor, 52, denies grooming 13-year-old
Taxi driver punched unconscious by Asians in ‘vicious’ assault
Car dealer Mohammed Mazar ordered East European mechanics beaten up
Coach driver Jasminder Singh Dhesi parked on motorway in heavy fog and two die
Jamaican to stand trial for murder of Danny ‘Dannyman’ McCalla
Abuse Saint-Luce on pitch? GO TO JAIL! Knock out girl on dance floor? NO JAIL!
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Rochdale
DIVERSITY! African immigrant, Sillas Woldenkel, smeared her jail cell with faeces
Sexual assault (by black male) at Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre
Woman fights off Indian/Black muggers despite being threatened with gun
Asian thugs try to steal young woman's handbag: attack boyfriend trying to protect her
Lotfi Ali Belhadj denies two counts of sexual assault
Bottle containing hydrochloric acid left on train: Asian arrested
Beefburgers containing HORSE MEAT on sale in Tesco! (Value range 29%)
Crooked PCSO, Oguz Batmaz, sold confidential drug factory info to criminals
Mohammed Bakkor's careless driving killed pedestrian, Mary Devine, 75
Hotel porter, Soby John, denies raping celebrity guest
Mum left to resuscitate 'gey and lifless' baby as midwife Ernestina Hayford sat at end of bed
Nurse Zvichandiitei Chombo didn't care if alcoholic patient 'drank herself to death'
Nurse Titilola Orefuwa foul-mouthed rant on children's ward
1,500 foreign jailbirds can't be sent back! Held beyond the end of their sentence!
BLATTER: England will never win World Cup whilst Premier League is snidered with foreigners
Jews fail to dispel 'control of Hollywood' myth (Perhaps because it's not a myth)
Analyst agrees with David Duke’s analysis of Hollywood violence
Takeaway boss deep fried his equipment instead of cleaning it: E-coli outbreak followed
Christians' rights trampled on by 'obsessive political correctness' say European judges!
Police recruits starting salary cut by £4,000! (Less than trainee McDonald's manager)
Crackdown on foreign drivers hailed a life-saver
Labour overpaid massively for bank bail-out says Shapps
Migrants must learn English so they don't miss out on 'Only Way is Essex' says Pickles

Tuesday 15 January

Policies that made global monarchs so rich are squeezing everyone else
Former cop, Ivan Esack, gets 28 years for murder of wife
Four 'Bradford men' arrested after woman, 25, killed in road smash
Shafak Hussain conned blind passenger out of £270 after she asked him to help her use cashpoint
Care home owner Imran Ahmed stole more than £100,000 from 80-year-old resident
Mindaugas Budkus gets 9 years for raping 2 women at knifepoint
Jail for illegal immigrant who got job at crime agency
Immigration adviser admits organising sham marriages
Chichester hospital sex charge health worker in court
Killer Nadeem Yasin caught on CCTV dragging body down stairs - 3 YEARS ONLY!
Zafer Altinbas faces jail for 8-year sham marriage plot
African 'nurse' Martha Sekete kicked out of profession
9 Muslims charged with running child prostitution/sex trafficking ring in Oxford
Afrahul Fadilah's bogus pilgrimages to Mecca fleeced six - NO JAIL!
Global Elitist Clegg says EU referendum we all want will have 'chilling effect'
Dementia sufferers 'abandoned' says Health Secretary
British banks admit poor lending decisions
Churches 'could be sued for refusing to agree to gay marriages'
"The benefits from multiculturalism are huge" says Lib Dem, Faith Ponsonby
Mr Slippery Woos the Nitwits
How the ignorant BBC mocks eurosceptic citizens
Made in Britain: toxic lead used in fuel sold to world's poorest
INDIA: Confession reveals calculation behind attempt to kill gang-rape victim
Young, Muslim, female and now a Union Boss!
Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announces $100,000 scholarships for illegal immigrants!
In the West they impose diversity, the Multicult - in Israel however...

Monday 14 January

Hospital worker, Sajin Panikkassery, charged with raping patient
Pickles: Influx of migrants will 'cause problems' for housing market
Legal high deaths 'tip of iceberg', says doctor
Ministers call for heroin, ecstasy and crack cocaine to be decriminalised!
Goldman Sachs bankers to reward themselves a staggering £8.3billion in bonuses
Britain's biggest cereal brands contain 30% more sugar than same in US!
Hundreds of thousands take to streets of Paris in protest gay marriages
Scores of foreign women facing execution in Saudi Arabia
We need a bloodbath to tame these arrogant officials
'We don't know how many will come from Bulgaria/Romania'!

Sunday 13 January

The Road to World War III
1,000 Brits a day hit by Indian call centre scam! Cops think fraudsters made £10million
Taxi driver Shafak Hussain duped blind woman out of £270 - NO JAIL!
Attempted sexual assault in Milton Keynes: black man sought
After punching two students, knife found in Nico Bishop's bag
Anas Mir Iqbal charged with paying a child prostitute
Barnardo's concern over child sex trafficking rise
'Society is addicted to violence' senior cop tells conference
Girls as young as 10 addicted to violence
South London girl, 8, shot dead in Jamaica
Barnardo's concern over child sex trafficking rise
Savile and Devil worshippers beat and raped 12-year-old in Stoke Mandeville Savile victim's fury as detective who let DJ off the hook made key officer in inquiry
Moss/Campbell: It's so hard being a supermodel! (Down the mines with the poor dears!)
UKIP's "racist and homophobic" views (Mirror Group = PC, anti-Brit, traitorous)
84% rise in child trafficking in UK
Branson (playboy) and Sorrell (Jew) tell Cameron not to risk being cast out of EU
Thieves brandishing machetes and truncheons target Kenley home, Liban Ali arrested
Spielberg's “Lincoln” film Wins praise but ignores his true views on race
Britain can no long afford to pay the extortionate cost of the welfare state
17 hospitals with unsafe staffing
Taxmen face inquiry over offshore deal
UK sends troops and two planes to Mali to assist French op against Muslims

Saturday 12 January

TRAITOR BLAIR "turned amorality into an art form"
TRAITOR BLAIR: Friend of dictators, warlords and the super-rich
TRAITOR BLAIR'S DIVERSITY! Brent's 20 most wanted suspects
CCTV: Mixed-race ex-cop buys kitchen knife before stabbing estranged wife to death
Men stabbed to death in Birmingham city centre
Royal Military Police sergeant Adrian Rose raped 12-year-old
Shahid Ramzan jailed gets 9 years for a multi-million pound VAT fraud
Members of gun and machete gang jailed for 15 years
Care home manager Imran Ahmed stole £100,000 from elderly resident to fund gambling
Solicitor Tevfick Souleiman's sham marriage scam
Business manager at top university posed as a woman to steal cancer research funding
Drug dealer, Aftar Khan, used benefits to make 24,000 phone calls
Gloria Nzeadibe's £10,000 insurance con - NO JAIL!
Rapists have average of four convictions each
Socialist Workers Party split over handling of rape allegation
An allegation of rape against Martin Smith, Socialist Worker's Party bigwig
Commander Peter Spindler: Jimmy Savile "groomed a nation!"
SAVILE: How the BBC created a monster
BBC faces huge payout over Savile: victims 'hold bosses to blame'
A million pupils eat 'bad quality' food
Cameron reassures Jews of opposition to Israel boycotts/protection of religious slaughter
Labour isn't ready to run our country again (Labour/Lib Dem/Tory - what's the difference?

Friday 11 January

Shimon Peres: Israel's government does not want to make peace with Muslim world!
Det. Ch. Insp. April Casburn tried to sell phone-hack info to News of the World!
Fuad Awale and Sharmake Abdulkadir guilty of double murder
Polish 'crash for cash' gang killed an innocent woman
Ashley Foster and Jonathan Bowling charged with murder of church organist
Asian gang laughed as one of them repeatedly punched Luke O’Neill
Drug dealing, black double murderers jailed
Father-of-4, Kirpal Singh, raped woman as she slept
Romanian thieves posed as cops to fleece unwitting tourists of cash and credit cards
council worker Khalid Baqa denies terror charges
Ashik Ali, Irfan Naseer and Irfan Khalid planned to detonate bombs across UK, allegedly
Mohammed Benares allowed to return to work as postman despite facing terror charges!
Argument on Tube ends with black youth punching woman
More than 1,000 women suffer sex attacks EVERY DAY
Temperatures to plunge to minus 10C as average heating bill for elderly soars to £1,350
Skunk MPs call for '32% salary increase'
CORRUPTION: Nicolas Sarkozy investigated over arms deals to Pakistan
Fox dismisses gay marriage plans as 'social engineering'
As victim's car was torched cops trawled her laptop for evidence of cybercrime!
Jimmy Savile 'abused children as young as 10'?
Lower age of consent to 14 say civil servants! Let's make nudity in street legal too
Immigrant mothers aborting unwanted girls?
Concern over grade inflation: 1-in-6 students now graduates with a first

Thursday 10 January

Say you hate the British and your safe. Say you hate Jews...
NO CHANGE! Obama replaces Jewish Teasury Chief with his Jewish Chief of Staff
Obama’s administration warns Cameron not to quit EU!
Andrew Marr stroke victim! http://traitor666.blogspot.co.uk/2006/06/andrew-marr.html
Polish sex attacker, Janusz Smoderek, a married father-of-3, stabbed to death as he molested girl
Nelson brothers murdered David Corridon
Adrian Locke stabbing: Micah Golding charged with murder
Social workers let 4-year-old live with pervert despite paedophile warning
Are paint and petrol real causes of crime? (Immigrant crims are 'real')
Morrissey supports Farage on EU
White Brits now minority in 3 more English towns and cities
We throw away HALF our food and waste £480 a year on groceries we never eat
Build on green sites (for immigrants?) says gay planning minister
BLAIR WARS: Richard Walker killed by Afghan soldier
What Chutzpah! AIG wants to sue Government after taking $25billion from them

Wednesday 9 January

Raped and stabbed, Cheryl sees waiter Mohamed Fadel El Anssari face justice
No insurance, no licence: hit-and-run merchant, Devon Newell, kills Wiktoria, 13
Anastasia Voykina murder: boyfriend Felipe Lopes arrested
Alice Hall falsely accused Luke Harwood of rape: he was murdered as a result
What 'dark-skinned' diversity did to the 65-year-old nurse
Bradford minicab driver Mohammed Shahin jailed for raping a 20-year-old passenger
CCTV appeal after woman’s body found in Streatham
Nigerian immigrant Patrick Emuh, who laundered £800,000 phishing scam cash, jailed for 6 years
Asian cyclist sexually assaults dog walker
Bogus asylum seeker Elidon Habilaj was working for the Serious Organised Crime Agency
Tony Graco stole £25,000 violin from a train
Barclays bank boss Shaikh Khan jailed for stealing £10,000 from customer
On-the-run terror suspect Ibrahim Magag got away 'by jumping into a cab'
N-Dubz star Dappy 'sparked mob attack on 3 men by spitting at girls who wouldn't get into his car'
77-year-old grandma's bravery nailed burglar Keith Williams
Murderer "cared for in the community and monitored by psychiatrists" decapitated grandma
Birmingham lad savagely beaten up by Welsh thugs
Lisa Harris: SLAG!!!
Back in 2007 "ALL new jobs created in the economy had gone to foreigners"
Over 20 SEALs Who 'killed' Osama Bin Laden now dead!
Sugary soft drinks may raise risk of depression: diet versions cause most harm
Couple forced to tear down £5,000 balcony after Bishop Nazir-Ali complains
'Crippling' cuts leave charities unable to provide services
Upcoming 'Fitness to practice' hearings (12 foreign; 1 Jew? 1 native Brit )
Pensioners and savers face ‘stealth attack’ on their income
OAPs get £3,400 less than in 2008
'Orwellian' EU/foreign cops demand access to UK drivers' details and DNA database!
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed by Afghan soldier
Birmingham prison: 'More sex offender space needed'

Tuesday 8 January

Junior Saleem Oakes stabbed Natasha Trevis 26 times in back of taxi
Jailed for life! Muslim mum who beat son, 7, to death
Devon Newell charged with fatal smash that killed schoolgirl
Wife killer cop, Ivan Esack 'intended to cut his own throat' (But didn't)
Ashley Jaisingh and Aaron Solieri stabbed Jan for his iphone
Alabanian burglars in housebreaking spree
Romanian pickpockets who targeted unsuspecting shoppers across the country jailed
Steve Bates goes to Tiny Tempah gig - Cleesh Adams burgles him
Nurse Edith Mbuthia suspended (Stole £2,100 from patient's bank card allegedly)
"Travellers" John and Billy Connors jailed for forcing men to work unpaid
Elderly are victims of an ‘abominable betrayal’ says Prof John Ashton
Indian guru says murdered student was 'as guilty as the rapists'
Asthma drug 'isn't working on children' and could be making their illness worse
BLAIR WARS: Another Brit shot dead by Afghan National Army soldier NO JAIL FOR LABOUR PATY ACTIVIST CHRIS DOSSETT! He kicked a friend in the head
Defence of UK has diminished 'to a perilous degree', warn former Armed Forces bosses
GREECE: Is financial crisis good for environment? Pollution falls by 40% since 2008
Family of Khyra Ishaq to sue Council for not protecting her (When they didn't?)
Patients treated in a hospital car park!
N-Dubz rapper Dappy faces trial over petrol station brawl
As families face ever-rising bills energy chief walks away with £13m?
10,000 parents a year convicted over their children's truancy
'There won't be a Palestinian state within Israel' says top right-wing Jew
Syrian rebels sidetracked by scramble for spoils of war
You're being poisoned by your own government!
Leader of English Defence League jailed for 10 months for using someone else's passport

Monday 7 January

Sara Ege beat her 7-year-old to death when he failed to learn passages from the Koran
Ali Reza Beigy-Hadad jailed after police found him hiding heroin
Stop White Genocide
Questions regarding known paedophiles in the House of Commons
Bombs, Body Scans and Israel
Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution
Mohamed Aradour charged over stabbing
Michael Rajinder Singh jailed for crash scam
Jerome McDonald charged with murder of Janelle Duncan-Bailey
Detectives launch appeal to trace terror suspect Ibrahim Magag
African and East European teamed up to sexually assault Belfast girl
Corruption probe urged into UK's £1.2 billion aid handout to Pakistan
Serial offenders escaping tough penalties at record rate
Home Office says 863,000 illegal immigrants now in UK
NHS being 'atomised' by expansion of private sector's role, say doctors
ChildLine founder Rantzen blasts Savile cops over star arrests
Profits triple to £3.6m at one of Tony Blair's firms

Sunday 6 January

Sentencing of savage (CCTV) delayed
Achraf Jandara charged with the murder of fashion designer
Ex-cop Ivan Esack admits killing wife
Half-caste who strangled her daughter could be freed on appeal?
Richard Almaraoui: Britain's most stupid criminal?
Sex fiend Britain!
Female genital mutilation - unreported, ignored and unpunished
How 'multiculture' fanatics took Mary Seacole hostage
More than half a million EU immigrants got UK driving licence without taking test here
NHS survey of 63,000 elderly residents reveals 1-in-3 live in fear of abuse
Tony Blair teaches Lord Mandelson how to profit from politics
Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith 'on benefits and unemployable' (Poor dear - NOT!)
Monster gets just 9 years for rape of boy, 7
BAD COPS England/Wales: 54,714 allegations of rudeness/corruption/assault etc in 2011
Soldiers, nurses and teachers hit by benefit curbs
Railway's minister’s £80,000 limo bill
Children's party: Thatcher's thank you letter to SAVILE!
Hardline lefties who dominate NUT want action to halt Government reforms

Saturday 5 January

Huge opposition mounts against gay ‘marriage’ in UK
Church of England ends ban on gay clergy in civil partnerships becoming bishops
Jaymin Abdulrahman pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of baby
Mohamed Aradour charged with murder
Sijil Miah charged with attempted murder
Teenager sexually assaulted by East Europeans
Rishi Gosain in court over teenage prostitution racket
Sex attack in Blackburn: Asian men sought
Kosovan thugs kicked, punched and stabbed compatriot for being from wrong part of London!
Dr Ping Zhu launched attack on nanny, Rebecca Forsyth (allegedly)
David Pinto and Robert Bleach murdered gangster's stepson, Genson Courtney
Bank workers, Sahail Akram and Mohamad Farah, tried to steal £375,000 from customers
Faraque Ahmed, brother of Ruby Hammer, duped investors out of £200,000
Armed forces charity chief Omar Binbasilar stealing £43,000 to fund gambling addiction
Asian wife of expenses scandal Labour MP got everything in his will
Prolific conman Amrik Gill behind bars AGAIN just weeks after walking free from court
Shola Adebiyi stabbed the mother of his child to death
Incompetent black nurse gave dialysis patient Lucozade instead of glucose drip!
Daughter of failed asylum seeker (vanished for 7 years) found wandering streets in pyjamas
Indian cops kept gang-rape victim waiting 2 HOURS before taking her to hospital!
Oldest Swiss bank to close: it helped 100 Americans avoid paying $1.2billion in tax!
When will they stop looting our pensions?
Labour councils still squandering cash
Israel's shift to the right will alienate those it needs most
Author of UK’s Abortion Act: 'I never envisaged there would be so many abortions'
Vienna Philharmonic attacked for past Nazi ties and BEING TOO WHITE!
Cameron admits having Christmas chat with Rebekah Brooks

Friday 4 January

Muslims burn 1,193 cars on New Year’s Eve in France
20-year-old sexually assaulted in Bath
Cops no longer looking for rapist of 'Middle Eastern' appearance! Has 'sallow skin' now
Andrij Senechko charged with murder of fellow Ukrainian
Black man sought over attempted sexual assaults
Black man stabbed and robbed pregnant woman in Bethnal Green
Khamal Akinjiola charged with possesion of £20,000 worth of heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis
Pizza chef Erlandas Baltaragis tried to rob off-duty cop
Romanian thief Lonel Mujedi walks free from court
Drug-dealing Somalian immigrant Abdi Yusuf caught red-handed
Greek property tycoon Achilleas Kallakis accused of running £750m fraud
Nurse Zvichandiitei Chombo didn't care if patient drank herself to death
Jo Brand: "You can't be prejudiced towards white people!"
Obama’s Ties To The Muslim Brotherhood
ASPARTAME: Putting the DIE in Diet Coke
Dogan Ismail murder: police release picture of wanted boy
Career crim, 12, (sexual assault, theft, criminal damage etc.) let off because he's stupid!
Terrorists charged after cops find suspect package near bus station
744 foreign crooks on the run here
5,500 violent offences prevented if bailed crims had been in custody?
In 2011 more than 45,000 crimes were committed by criminals on bail!
Why and How Social and Moral liberals -in All Parties - Cause Crime
Should We Trust Official Crime Figures?
India's bitter culture of rape and violence (What PC traitors have been importing for last 60 years)
40,000 fewer students apply for University since tuition fees raised to £9,000
MPs call for probe into 'profiteering' rail firms
Rail bosses in line to get big payouts as fares soar
Feminism to blame for breakdown of family says left-wing feminist Diane Abbott
Spend EU cash on old age care (And Foreign Aid on the same thing?)
Muslims sue school that banned their 9-year-old from wearing a hijab
If only politicians would stop being tedious windbags

Thursday 3 January

Jurijs Popovs charged with New Year's Day murder
Sijil Miah charged with attempted murder after two women stabbed in a park
Killer of Andrew Mackay, Warren Fernandez, dies in jail
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian on New Year's Day
Black female shot by black man in nightclub
Cops "tanned-skin" hunt Huntingdon sex attacker Cops hunt black man who tried to sexually assault 3 women Abdul Zalal Miah charged with repeated rape of 15-year-old girl at knifepoint Female passenger indecently assaulted by black man at Kensal Rise Station
Yousef Musa, Ibrahim Jama and Troy Mangal charged with robbery and stabbing of 60-year-old
Luis Christo charged with armed robberies
"Blind and disabled" Kelvin Kalloo caught DRIVING after being given £100,000 in handouts Immigrant pastor Samuel Amponsah plotted to cheat the public purse out of £145,000
Mark Avery turns detective! Mohammed Prince Islam doesn't turn up in court
Hing Hua stole £7,500 from William Hill's to pay own gambling debts: NO JAIL!
Richard Quitaleg stole £3,000+ worth of designer clothes with fake credit card
HUMAN RIGHTS! 4,000 foreign murderers and rapists we can't throw out!
Church of England en route to extinction
FARAGE: "The entire political class is held in contempt!"
White working-class boys so under-represented at uni they should be treated like minorities
£1 in every three raised in tax goes on welfare!
Councils refuse to reveal number of homes they give to foreigners
GPs offered £7,500 ‘bribes’ to slash number of patients sent to accident and emergency!
100,000 fell victim to norovirus over Christmas
UK "aid" 'pays for hangings in Iran'!
Sunderland FC paying David Miliband £125,000 for 15 days' work!
Archbishop Nichols stops Soho gay Catholic Mass (Good for you, Vince!)
UK "sinks into moral decline"
Sarkozy 'took £40m from Colonel Gaddafi to fund 2007 election campaign'
"Osborne’s arrogant view... politics belongs only to a gilded, professional elite!"
Who would you trust: a cop or Keith Vaz MP? (NEITHER!)

Wednesday 2 January

The World is Powerless Against Fukushima Fallout
Britain's "Islamic Emirates Project" (Britain betrayed)
The black Florence Nightingale and the making of a PC myth
Stephen Ashton, 22, shot dead at a New Year’s Eve party in Thailand
The murder of 63-year-old Michael Polding: African immigrant, Ricardo Pisano, sought
Mohamed Tahar Tabte seriously injured a man in an unprovoked attack in Bournemouth
African immigrant, David Onyebuchi, wanted in connection with smuggling cocaine worth millions
Serhat Aslan sought in relation to the murder of a man in Turkey
Benefits rising twice as fast as salaries!
Islamic militants massacre five women teachers
NHS 'bribing' hospitals to put more patients on controversial death pathway?
Oy Cameron! Stop blowing our billions on foreign aid!
Hunt for sex fiend who walked out of open jail
six female aid workers and a male doctor shot dead by Islamic militants
Israel's Jewish population passes 6 million mark
Stabbed twice by mixed-race burglar on Christmas Day
Parliamentary Expenses - Westminster Gravy Train's return journey

Tuesday 1 January

MURDER: Dawda Jallow (black) sought
Darryl McClymont murder: black men seen at the scene of his death
Our politicians lied and lied about the purpose of the European behemoth
"I don't like being black... I like white people. Black people are seen as dangerous."
29.9% of England's population consider themselves non-English
Plotting to rape baby? Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins remanded in custody
Manhunt for 'terror suspect' who went missing whilst under close surveillance
200 families claiming housing benefit have 10 or more children (Ethnicity?)
Neglectful Britons blamed for forcing elderly into care homes
USA: Black mobs attack Whites at Milwaukee State Fair
USA: James Pak shoots three kills two in Maine

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