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On 22 August 2003, Channel 4 informed us that Asian men and youths were picking up English girls as young as eleven in Keighley, taking them home and introducing them to alcohol, drugs and sex.

C4 suggested that the girls who were subjected to this treatment often found themselves addicted and were likely to become involved in prostitution. We were also told that the mothers of the girls were threatened when they complained and that the police felt powerless to intervene.

On 26 August 2003, the This is Bradford website reported thus:

"The disturbing documentary, Edge Of The City, which depicts the sexual grooming of girls as young as 11 in Keighley, has shocked not only veteran police and social workers but also the programme-makers.

Two years ago police and social services launched an in-depth probe into the sexual exploitation and abuse of young girls in the town by groups of overwhelmingly-Asian men.

Many of those involved were astonished by the extent of the practice. One social services office was dealing with 70 separate complaints. One 13-year-old girl had had more than 100 sexual partners...

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph & Argus, Bradford's director of social services Alison O'Sullivan... said what was happening in Keighley was typical of what was happening elsewhere in the country.

'It's not unique to Keighley,' she said. 'It's not unique to Bradford. And it's not unique nationally. All parts of the country are coping with child-protection concerns involving young people being groomed for sexual exploitation'...

Ms O'Sullivan said there were about 250 children on the child-protection register in the Bradford area, which she said was 'about average for a city of this size'. She said the figure varied between 220 and 300.

Another key figure in unmasking the predatory groups of men in Keighley is the town's MP Ann Cryer who began examining the issue of abuse more than two years ago.

'It wasn't an easy subject to approach,' she said. 'It could give a way of attacking the Asian community. But I was horrified. People said this had been going on for years'."
And she didn't know? That's incompetence. Or did she not want to know? That would be treason.

On 26 August 2003, the This is Bradford website reported thus:

"Keighley MP Ann Cryer has called on members of the town's Asian community to work together against alleged criminal activity involving some young men in the area.

Police and social services have launched an inquiry after parents reported concerns about the welfare of their daughters in the town. It is claimed more than 30 white girls, some said to be as young as 11 or 12, have been raped, abused and prostituted by Asian men in their late teens and twenties over the last 18 months.

Mrs Cryer, who has appeared on TV and in newspapers detailing the alleged problems, today said she stood by her claims. 'My hope is that this adverse publicity will embarrass these young men into more appropriate behaviour,' she said.

Mrs Cryer said police action against the suspects might stop the problem long-term, but would not help in the short-term. 'The Asian community, particularly the women, could get involved and persuade the young men of the error of their ways,' she said. 'I'm not suggesting they should set up a lynch mob or take the law into their own hands, but it is a very close-knit community and they will know the people involved.'

Khadim Hussain, chief executive of Keighley's Sangat Community Centre... said that Mrs Cryer's comments had brought disrepute on the whole of Bradford's Mirpuri population."
So, Anne Cryer's hope was that 'adverse publicity' would 'embarrass these young men into more appropriate behaviour.'

Wow! I bet that put the fear of God into those Asian gang-bangers! I bet that made the hide under the beds! Such a dire threat from the Keighley MP was bound to make the Asian paedophiles get down on their knees and beg Allah for forgiveness before Annie came round and made mmbarrassed all the naughty Asians into behaving themselves!

On 22 August 2003, C4 reported thus:

"Channel 4 News has uncovered details of an 18 month police and social services investigation into allegations that young men are targeting under-age girls for sex, drugs and prostitution in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley. But what's explosive about the allegations is that all the young men are Asian, and all the girls are white.

The local MP, Anne Cryer, says the men's cultural background of arranged marriages is the key to understanding the problem...

'I believe there is a very strong cultural reason, it's nothing to do with the religion lets make it quite clear, its to do with the Asian culture, which wants these young men to marry these very young girls from their village, usually in Mayapore, and as with any other young men, they are seeking relationships elsewhere, and the sophisticated white woman wouldn't have anything to do with them because they understand that at the end of the day, they are just seeking sex not genuine relationships and therefore the only outlet left to them is to look for very young girls through this organised sex ring that we are seeing in Keighley'."
Supt Mark Whyman of the West Yorkshire Police said:

"Early last year we received a variety of reports that young Asian men... were targeting young vulnerable school girls for sex and were actually leading to prostitution in some cases... The police investigation - which lasted a year and a half, has lead to just one prosecution for a serious sexual offence, a rape...

According to the two mothers we've spoken to sometimes this goes far beyond consensual sex within relationships. Both say their daughters have been gang raped, one at the age of 13...

Some of these men are criminals... they are engaging in other criminal activity."
Kath Tunstall of Bradford Social Services said:

"As far as the police and social services are concerned this is a child protection matter, they say race is not an issue. Yet... most schoolgirls in the town will tell you that cars full of Asian men waiting at the school gates have become just another fact of school life."
Mandy, the mother of one of the young girls featured in the programme said:

"At the age of 13 she was regularly taken to Bradford to a flat. At this flat she was introduced to Es to speed and GHB. On 5 occasions I had a phone call in the middle of the night. 'I'm on a street corner mum I don't know where I am. I don't feel too well tonight.'

We regard this as, they're paedophiles. It's a grooming. There's a grooming process. Paedophiles, a paedophile is a man that likes having sex with a child'...

On the fourth or fifth time of them going cruising and having a drink, her and a friend were taken to a flat, the flat door's locked, sat down drinking, the drink is spiced with GHB. All 4 men, my daughter is taken by all four men in turn. Her whole body was shaking and she couldn't stop shaking from the effects of the drugs that she were given.

My daughter said: 'You know what will happen mum, if we go to the police, you know what will happen'. And I do know because I've had Asian men on the phone to me saying that if I send police to their house one more time then they will petrol bomb my house'."
Khadim Hussain, an Asian Community Leader said:

"The statistics show at the moment that its the Asian men and white girls but the problem isn't just confined to that group... I don't think that culture has anything to do with it."
Channel 4's spokesperson within the programme said:

"Sixteen per cent of the Yorkshire town's 70,000 population is Asian. And the allegation is that what is happening here in Keighley is that Asian men are seducing young white girls... We've spoken to two mothers whose daughters became involved with these men. The mothers are afraid of what might happen to them if it's known they've spoken out... They believe the men are deliberately targeting impressionable girls some as young as 11 and 12...

The mothers have given police a list of 57 Asian men who their daughters say are involved...

In the police investigation all the men the girls were naming were Asian men... Is there some reason, a cultural reason maybe, why Asian men would seek out girls in this way?"
Of course there is. Within the various Asian communities, there are some who just love to take the p*** out of the English. Our customs, our laws, our sense of morality, our culture, our community. They can do with with impunity because MPs like Ann Cryer have, over the years, condemned, marginalised and then criminalised those within the indigenous population who would take the fight to such reprehensible creatures as the Keighley paedophile.

I think whoever is playing the paedophile with pre-pubescent British girls on a regular basis should be sorted out and sent back to culture they came from, along with their parents, their aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, best friends and everyone else who ever played a part in covering up the mass rape of little girls in this country.

Which means that every MP in Westminster would have to be deported too.

No great loss there, then.

On 27 August 2004, the BBC web site reported thus:

"A documentary which police feared could incite racial violence was broadcast by Channel 4 on Thursday. Edge of the City was originally due to be aired on on 20 May, but was withdrawn hours before transmission. It featured claims that Asian men in Bradford groomed white girls as young as 11 for sex and drug abuse...

The documentary was initially postponed on the advice of West Yorkshire Police, who said they were concerned it could lead to inter-racial violence in the city...

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said there was 'never an issue of censorship'. He added: 'West Yorkshire Police had concerns regarding the timing of the broadcast in relation to a number of factors, including the European and local elections. We never had any intention of preventing it from being shown at some stage'...

In a joint statement, West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council said they had spent the past two years investigating the allegations, but had found 'no evidence of systematic exploitation."
'Never an issue of censorship.' Right. "West Yorkshire Police had concerns regarding the timing of the broadcast in relation to... the European and local elections." Right. Some would call it vote-rigging. Some would call it fixing the result. I would call it TREASON.

On 25 August 2004, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus website reported thus:

"Since last August nine men and a woman have been charged with offences connected with exploitation of young girls stemming from Operation Parsonage, a major inquiry by police and Bradford Social Services...

Tomorrow, the exploitation features in Edge Of The City, the Channel 4 documentary postponed following pressure from West Yorkshire's Chief Constable, Colin Cramphorn. It was scheduled for May, before the local council elections, but Mr Cramphorn felt the timing could contribute to community unrest...

The film features a 13-year-old who has had more than 100 sexual partners. It explains how 11, 12 and 13-year-old girls are targeted by young men driving around past school gates...

The documentary shows how men home in on girls with low self-esteem and begin to groom them for sex... One girl, who received presents from a man, said...

'They introduce you to their friends, brothers, cousins... We'd have sex in the car or in fields.'

The film shows how Bradford Social Services ran an 18-month investigation into under-age sex and how one office was investigating 50 suspected cases as well as 20 established ones. A social worker says some girls claim to have been locked up and raped. Some were given a date rape drug.

Ginny Wilkinson, of children's charity Barnardos, which has been working for a decade in Bradford to curb sexual abuse, says that the organisation deals with 100 girls in the district every year. She warns that, if girls don't turn up to meet the men, they are targeted: 'We are talking about many, many scores of adult males feeling they can do this to 13 and 14-year-old girls'...

Ms Hall said the 18 months she spent researching and filming the programme had been emotional and sometimes horrendous...

'Personally, I was horrified at the level of abuse that was going on. I felt the desperation the mothers felt and that impacted hugely. Here were two mothers trying to bring up their kids the best they could and bringing up teenagers is hard. I thought this was a very difficult situation. It was very dramatic for all of us.

The stories that the mothers and girls told me shocked me. The abuse was very blatant and it shocked me that it could be so overt. It's a very, very difficult concept to try to describe to people'...

Ms Hall said she had requested permission from Keighley police to film the investigation but they declined... She believed the level of abuse was even higher than the figures showed, although Keighley was no worse than anywhere else. 'It's going on everywhere,' she said."
It's politically correct, Marxist genocide, Ms Hall. The destruction of the English by those elected to serve them. That'd just about cover it.

On 28 August 2003, The This is Bradford website reported thus:

"Keighley Police divisional commander Superintendent Mark Whyman said... the alleged offences included rape, unlawful sexual intercourse and enticing the girls into a life of prostitution...

He stressed he did not see the problem confined to the Asian community...

Leading members of Keighley's Asian community agreed the issue affected all parts of society...

Saireen Khanum, founder of The Asian Link UK and Our Voice organisations... said... 'I don't agree these men go only for white girls. They also target young Asian girls. I went to school in London and this used to happen there with all races. It's just a man thing. In my experience most Asian men who have relationships with white women end up settling down with these women. They may not marry them but they maintain very strong links with them'."
So that's alright then. By the way, Superintendent Mark Whyman and Saireen Khanum were lying. The under-age girls being targeted for sex in Keighley were (and still are) white and those targeting them were Asian.

On 28 May 2004, Lester Holloway wrote this at the website of Black Information Link:

"Last week Channel 4 axed their documentary 'Edge of the City' after a howl of protests from Muslim and Black community leaders, and the intervention of a top cop. West Yorkshire chief constable Colin Cramphorn warned C4's chief executive Mark Thompson that the screening could provoke 'a risk to community safety'...

The portrayal of Muslim Asian men as child abusers and paedophiles outraged community leaders, some who feared it would become a 'recruiting sergeant' for the BNP. After C4 axed the screening... Griffin attempted to hijack the documentary's content for his election campaign.

Unite Against Fascism are organising protests outside the BBC's West London Television Centre, and BBC offices in Cardiff and Manchester in protest at the Beeb's decision to show the BNP's propaganda. Weyman Bennett, joint secretary for Unite, said:

'The BNP are not a legitimate party, they are a Fascist party who stir up racial hatred. As far as the BBC is concerned, we are demonstrating because we don't see why we should be paying to see people who celebrated the murder of Stephen Lawrence'."
The Lawrence slur was an outright lie and I'm not sure why Griffin and co. didn't take him to court for having told it. Anyway, West Yorkshire chief constable Colin Cramphorn saw to it that Edge of the City was not shown as he thought it might provoke 'a risk to community safety.'

It was a bit late for that Cramphorn, old sport. The under-age white girls of the 'community' were being forced into sex and prostitution. Nothing safe about that. They and the white mothers of Keighley were being threatened with violence and death if they spoke out. Nothing safe about that either.

Thing is, when PC tw*ts like you allow such a dreadful situation to arise, the Asians who are responsible for the paedophilia and threats of violence should have been made to feel that they were at 'risk' of physical harm if they carried on doing what they did. That would have stopped the abuse. If the shit had been kicked out of them at an early stage, they, and others who wished to follow suit, would not have behaved as reprehensibly as they did.

But you thought it best to prevent such reasonable retribution. For the sake of the young Asian male. Not for the sake of the under-age white girls of Keighley or their parents.

Remember what they said at Nuremburg, Cramphorn? We were only following orders? Well, it didn't work then and it won't work when you're in the dock either.

On 6 February 2004, The Bradford Telegraph & Argus web site reported thus:

"A group of parents whose under-age daughters fell prey to a sex ring are to step up their fight for justice...

Keighley MP Ann Cryer claimed that a sex ring of Asian men were grooming girls, some as young as 11 and 12 to have sex with them. According to her office it has a list of 60 men, who are alleged to have lured young girls into the ring.

The group stresses it is non-political, but is determined to lobby Parliament, councillors, the police or whoever it takes to make sure any necessary changes in law are made to protect vulnerable young women... One of the organisers said: 'It makes us sick to think that so far only one of the men involved has been brought to court. We need to see the change in the law so that we as parents can take action. Young girls are being abused and passed around like pieces of meat'."
At the time this matter was being aired in public for the first time, Ann Cryer said this:

"I believe there is a very strong cultural reason, it's nothing to do with the religion, let's make it quite clear, it's to do with the Asian culture, which wants these young men to marry these very young girls from their village, usually in Mayapore, and as with any other young men, they are seeking relationships elsewhere, and the sophisticated white woman wouldn't have anything to do with them because they understand that, at the end of the day, they are just seeking sex not genuine relationships and therefore the only outlet left to them is to look for very young girls through this organised sex ring that we are seeing in Keighley".
Poor Mohammed and Sanjay, eh? 'The only outlet left to them' was 'to look for very young girls.' I mean, did Cryer really expect us to sympathise? She went on to say:

"I tried hard to get the local community to deal with the problem, but all I got was a slap in the face... I have been told that I have brought the Myrapore community into disrepute... In Keighley, the view is don't talk about things to do with Asians. I'm not after these young lads going to prison".
Why not, for goodness sake?

"Some of these men, they are born and raised in Britain, but expect to behave like they come from a rural village in Pakistan... some Imams I believe demonise white girls, and these are the repercussions".
Curiously truthful here, Ms. Cryer.

In respect of the Bradford riots, in the 29 August 2003, edition of The Tribune, Cryer is on record as having said:

"My view is that the riots were led by a criminal minority responding to Fascist taunts. Do they and many other young Asian males in Bradford feel that they have little, if any, stake in the United Kingdom's growing prosperity... Do those young men feel disaffected, disenfranchised and let down by their country of birth? Do they ask why all the qualifications, good jobs, nice houses and powerful cars seem to go to the whites?"
So, according to Cryer, the Bradford riots, and presumably all the other riots seen in Britain in 2001 and 2002, were actually the fault of 'Fascists,' who were white and British, I suppose.

Oh, and the riots were also the fault of the British establishment, which is, of course true, but hardly because they have been seeking to ensure that 'Asian males in Bradford' felt they had 'little, if any, stake in the United Kingdom's growing prosperity.'

Cryer obviously thought the authorities should be doing more for all those poor Asian youngsters who felt 'disaffected, disenfranchised and let down.' Perhaps the riots were actually a cry for help from a downtrodden minority who only wanted to know 'why all the qualifications, good jobs, nice houses and powerful cars' seemed 'to go to the whites.'

Two simple questions to the 'white' people of Keighley and Bradford. Do you all have a good job, a nice house and a powerful car?

Have those of you who don't ever rioted?

In the same article Cryer informs us that:

"The advantages of integration will be easier to achieve when... whites and Asians recognise that there can be gain only from all sides living together in peace and understanding. The alternative is a Belfast-like situation in which we will all be the losers".
The Keighley electorate elect someone to, hopefully, represent their interests in Parliament. The person they elect then tells them that they, who did not riot, 'will be the losers' if they don't make an effort to live together 'in peace and understanding' with those who did. She also tells us that, if the 'whites' do not accept this state of affairs, the only other alternative is 'a Belfast-like situation.' That would be Belfast at the height of the troubles, I suppose.

I don't know about you, but that sounded like a threat to me. A threat from an MP who didn't appear to be altogether supportive of those whose ancestors are all buried here.

On 24 January 2003, after the BNP's Adrian Marsden had won the council seat of Mixenden in Halifax, Cryer said this:

"These are ugly human beings dressed in nice new suits. They cause division and peddle hurtful policies. The Labour Party will fight them".
Four days after he was elected, Adrian Marsden was parking his car when he was viciously attacked by a gang of men. They were never apprehended.

On 24 January 2003, BBC News reported Cryer as saying:

"They [the BNP] like to prey on people's fears, they attempt to whip up division against other people. These people dress in nice smart suits but underneath them they are the same ugly human beings trying to bring division wherever they go".
Over the years, the deliberate governmental suppression of any information which might offend the Asian communities allowed the depraved behaviours of the worst within those communities to go unchallenged. The price has been paid by the youngest and most vulnerable within the indigenous, white community.

The various Nationaist groupings saw it as their duty to tell the British people about situations like that which occurred in Keighley when the media and the government would not. Ann Cryer and co. always castigated them for doing so.

In September 2004, Cryer was of the opinion that the three mainstream parties should work together against Angela Clarke, the BNP candidate, whom the voters of Keighley's Guardhouse ward seemed to be favouring. As a result, an all-party candidate was put up against her. The voters didn't care for these political shenanigans, however, and Mrs. Clarke won the seat.

Cryer, subsequently,denounced the Guardhouse voters thus:

"I'm ashamed of them. They are very thick and don't know what they are voting for."
If the lady who is now so vocal in her condemnation of the 'politically correct' establishment had had the courage to work WITH the BNP back then, it's entirely likely that the problem of Muslim-on-white paedophilia would have been dealt with long ago.

But she didn't and, consequently, it's still here and more of a problem than ever.

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