Daily News - April 2012

Monday 30 April

Maria Morrison, 75, stabbed repeatedly by David Walters after Facebook tiff
Islington Council gives 13 thugs details of 51 residents who complained about them
Footballer Jermaine Pennant charged with drink driving after a crash
Ex-detective (South African immigrant) denies murder of partner Heather Cooper
NO JAIL! Court clerk Debasish Majumber routinely watched porn during trials
Cops considering investigation into voter fraud in Tower Hamlets
Donovan Calder attacked Eric Mills in Ladbrokes. Eric died of his injuries
Nigerian immigrant Uzezi Samuels jailed for letting other immigrants use ID
Lack of appeal to minorities costing Tories seats (Immigrants LOVE Labour)
Britain’s most wanted: Where Whites are the ethnic minority
Britain's economy sinks into longest depression for 100 years
Former BBC chief attacks Jeremy Hunt over ties to Murdochs
How easy it was for Murdoch to ensnare Prime Ministers
Rich List reveals record fortunes for Britain's wealthiest
Fresh controversy for Prince Andrew as he jets off to endorse ‘shady' banker pal
British Red Cross doctor beheaded in Pakistan
Drug cheats CAN compete in Olympics! Dwain Chambers here we come
'Cheat genital mutilation ban by going abroad': British Muslim leader caught on camera
Hallelujah! Family court judge tells the truth about the damage divorce wreaks on children
Gay Marriage backing will cost you seats Prime Minister!
Heathrow at 'breaking' point as Border Force struggles to cope memos warn

Sunday 29 April

"We must "rapidly... move to population shrinkage" says Jewish Professor
Shrink your own tribe first, Prof, and the rest of us will think about it
Sunday Times Rich List 2012: The rich (aliens mostly) get richer
'Greedy' UDM boss Neil Greatrex gets 4 years for theft
Dozens of Lehman employees got extraordinary payouts in years leading up to bank's demise
Fugitive killer stabbed me four times in burglary... 'Why was he let out on bail?'
Row on Heathrow delay figures as immigration bosses are accused of massaging queue times
BLAIR WARS: Twins shot dead on patrol in Afghanistan
Lack of appeal to minorities costing Tories seats
Fraudster Michael Brown faces questions about his £2.4 million donation to the Lib Dems
The council that kept its prayers – by dropping God
Inside the shady world of lobbyists
BLAIR WARS: Michael Roland killed in Afghanistan

Saturday 28 April

Scots cops instructed not to accept free Bibles as they condemn homosexuality!!!
Want to know why internet providers refuse to block porn? Just follow the money
Hospitals 'run out of drugs as stocks are sold abroad' by at least 19 NHS trusts!!!
20-year-old fled taxi driver Masoud Rahimi after sexual assault: NO JAIL!
Restaurant owner, Kaddus Miah, admits sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl
Church Deacon Ezekiel Foster claims he evil spirit ordered to kill young mother
Daniel Famakinwa murder: Ezekiel Charles-Stirling, Rohmelle Bogle, Josh Chieke, Demmar Dawkins etc in court
Man beaten with metal bar and bitten after black burglars broke in
Nigerian solicitor Waheed Salau sham marriages - £3,500 a time
£700million bribery scandal: Billionaire Labour donor Victor Dahdaleh to stand trial
Senior official at EBRD Andrey Ryjenko accused of corruption
7-year-old boy left in agony after dentist Ioannis Valilas failed to spot his rotting teeth
Heartless gang of female Romanian pickpockets preyed on pensioners
Horace Campbell murdered Devon Scarlett for showing disrespect in MacDonalds
Petre Beiu chatting on 'hands free' mobile phone when he knocked down Mary Bowers
Drug dealer Mohammed Miah stabbed man
Drug dealer, Shaun Bryan, (bullet meant for him paralysed 5-year-old girl) jailed
Simon Earl and Sorient Sigba accused of running cocaine and champagne fuelled brothel
Fraudster Bhupinder Dhesi tried to have his mother-in-law murdered
'Prolific' female pickpocket Marcella Iosif jailed
Andrei Osipau jailed for online gambling fraud
Benefit fraudster Jacek Sadurski moans about sentence, offers to repay
15 charged (14 Asians: Ali, Hanif, Ditta, Sidat, Iqbal, Patel etc) in driving test scam
Mum falsely claimed £37,000 benefits ('unsupportive' husband Fawad Rahimi 'orchestrated' fraud)
Sex tape shame Tulisa Contostavlos insists: ‘I’m no slapper’
Amy Winehouse's boyfriend arrested on suspicion of rape
BLAIR WARS: Grenadier Guards soldier shot dead on patrol in Afghanistan
Never have politicians been so shamefully detached from the real lives of voters
Only tough sentences can protect the law-abiding
Quangos 'spent money on foreign travel and chocolate'
Working-class children do worse at school in Britain than in Estonia, Hungary or Greece
Jeremy Hunt avoided £100,000 tax bill in deal just days before rate rise

Friday 27 April

'Depressed and suicidal' thief MP Margaret Moran "not fit to stand trial"
Nutcase Farrukh Malik stabbed wife 120 times - Less than a year later HE WALKS!!!
Arsema Dawit, 15, was stabbed 32 times by ex-boyfriend Thomas Nugusse
Sex assault doctor Benjamin Obukofe may be struck off
CCTV images issued after sexual assault on Bognor Regis to Barnham train
Jealous Elliot Turner strangled Emily Longley and his parents covered it up
Nurse Phillip Abayomi Adewale Aderinola accused of catalogue of blunders
Mohammed Hashi and 3 other gang members murdered rival Millad Golmakani
Adrian Vasile Bledea, Vasile David and Iulian Anisiu robbed and brutalised shopkeeper, 74
5 men jailed for total of 31 years after cops recovered 2 kilos of cocaine worth £1m
Aymen Korbi, who stabbed his wife Aida as she ran with her baby son, jailed for a year only!
Tyrone Tassell dumped shotgun in children's playground
Colliston Edwards and Andre Johnson murdered dealer, Leroy Burnett
Hunt for convicted sex offender Colin Franklin who failed to tell police where he is living
Convicted robber Rodrigo Dean Santana escapes from courts
Wahida Begum fined for benfit fraud
Former finance director of Enfield Council John Jossa conned authority out of nearly £500,000
Immigration mastermind Jayesh Patel jailed for 7 years
Lying doctor, Halenahalli Vijayakumar, 'failed to spot meningitis' that wrecked a girl's life
Social worker Baldwin Netshiavha failed to properly monitor 16 vulnerable children
Arvydas Misiuskas was ordered not to contact woman he repeatedly battered and assaulted
Mariam Qureshi walked free after swindling more than £63,000 in benefits
Cashier Kamoru James who raided bank accounts to pay debts and treat girlfriend spared jail!
Male nurse (and ex-cop) Ramkaranlall Bhatoolall charged with "sexually touching" 4 patients
Mohammed Khan's vermin-infested Halal butchery put customers at grave risk of food poisoning
'Most aid given to richer nations'
Murderers, paedophiles and rapists on the loose
Silenced after a century: Somerset church bells peal no more after NIMBY complains
Ultra-Orthodox Jews To Hold Rally Against The Internet!
Our history lessons are 'worst in West' (Courtesy of the PC Crowd)
EU migrants to get free healthcare here
'It's a shameful lie': News of the World lawyer hits back at Rupert Murdoch
Is George Galloway Muslim? Socialite Jemima Khan claims he secretly converted
Galloway denies claims he converted to Islam
Osman Bangura and Isaac Walters face jail over Bexleyheath stabbing
Male nurse, Ben Motsumim who told a 17-year-old patient he liked her, struck off
Italy policeman murder suspect arrested in London
Ron Belgrave criticises Boris Johnson's violent youth scheme
Milad Golmakani murder: Four jailed for Kilburn attack
Victoria Osoteku jailed for 12 years over Victoria station stabbing of teenager

Thursday 26 April

UK's most senior Buddhist monk Pahalagama Somaratana accused of raping girls under 10
Adam Khan Ahmadzai led hijacking, burglary, looting and mugging orgy
Abattoir workers Piotr Wasiuta and Kelly Smith jailed for attacks on pigs
Roger Aiken jailed for point-blank shooting of rival
Juliean Ballantyne jailed for stabbing man with sword
MURDER: Sean Ferdinand, Mohammed Hashi, Sean Hutton and 17-year-old boy convicted
Terrified burglary victim raped in her Camden Town home
West Hampstead stroke victim waits 3 hours for an ambulance
Qinmei Wang gets 3 years for stabbing boyfriend
No jail for housing benefit con artist, Akpoesiri Makelemi
Gypsy Ion Stoica's family stole more than £800,000 benefits: Must pay back just £30,000
Bungling nurse Regina Koennecke left young disabled girl disconnected from life support
Care-in-the-community nut, Marvin Bailey, murdered kind friend
Osman Bangura and Isaac Walters face life for student murder
Victoria Osoteku gets 12 years for mob murder
Mohammed Hasnath admits terror charges
Joaquim Diogo punched Natalie Barry, stamped on her ribs and threatened to kill her
Gurmeal Mount Everest Singh accused of party attack
Albanian serial killer Ndrieim Sadushi could apply to be freed
Mum murdered by Mohammed Arshad illegal immigrant brother, Abdul Jabbar
Lilu Miah battered Sumon Miah to death on the orders of Gedu Bibi
Max Feliciano was there when Anthony Dickson was shot dead by Anthony 'Chocolate' Small
Marius Simkus was one of 6 men who kicked and punched another man when he was down
Efe Idiahoke gets 2.5 years for campaign of iPhone thefts
'Despicable' students raped woman, 20, on night bus
Jermaine Joseph denies setting man on fire
Michelin-starred chef, Patrice Yango, gets just 3 years for stabbing prostitute in stomach
Brother of Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha accused of robbing a wheelchair bound amputee
Marcios Dos Santos and Jordean Thomas stabbed security guard to death
Mohammed Shabir Ali and Mohammed Shafiq Ali in court on terror charges
Shabir Ahmed, Bharat Odedra, Mohammed Raza and Gurjit Singh get just 11 years for 17m fraud!
Melvyn Edwards guilty of raping and killing wife
Cops say Amilton Bento "probably" murdered girlfriend - He sues
Kalee Powell convicted of Royal Wedding day attack
Four-year-old girl witnessed father repeatedly stab her mother
Revenge of the jealous Sicilian
Stupid thieves caught after posing for pictures with loot
Regulator criticised after elderly lady assaulted by immigrant carer
Raoul Moat threat not acted upon by police or prison
Cop cover up? Hilda Murrell's killer said others involved
Manchester town hall's Howard Bernstein paid 16 times more than staff at bottom
David Cameron's five secret meetings with Rupert Murdoch
Tories in crisis as Minister faces 3 inquiries and adviser quits over damning Murdoch emails
Gordon and Rupert's war of words
Pensioner who broke hip because phone wasn’t working offered just 96p compensation by BT
Over-counter pill 'for girls of 13'
Coalition was too weak to stop slide back to recession
That will help: Immigration officers to get new uniform
Two-fifths of UK trafficking victims are male, survey reveals
Boris Johnson accused of neglecting knife crime

Wednesday 25 April

Ayodele Odukoya and Abayomi Olowo jailed for Olympic fraud
Care worker Jonathan Aquino jailed for abusing elderly Alzheimer’s sufferer
Azad Miah told 14-year-old the younger his partners were the better
Romanian crims bussing pickpockets, beggars, prostitutes into London for the Olympics
Romanian captors of 7-year-old “Cinderella” slave jailed for more than 40 years
Marble Arch, the new crime ghetto home for Romanians
Gintaras Viktus and Alvynas Lazauskas jailed after being caught stripping railway cable
Israel military chief: Iran not pursuing nuclear weapon
Black people cannot be racist, says Livingstone man, Lee Jasper (again)
Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels
SUICIDE: Paige Goldup was fitted with faulty silicon implants
The 'offensive’ children’s books withdrawn by PC Crowd
India’s continued demonization of rape victims
BLAIR WARS: Iraq's "government... is unashamedly sectarian and corrupt"
Glowing fish illuminates environmental health hazards
Exposed: hundreds of City millionaires in tax loophole
National Front aims to revive 70s 'glory days'
James Murdoch DID discuss BSkyB takeover with David Cameron
News Corp releases devastating emails revealing Culture Sec's help for BSkyB bid
Jeremy Hunt faces calls to resign over 'absolutely illegal' News Corp advice
Youngsters 'more at risk from binge drinking, drug taking and STDs than ever before'
Bankers are receiving 'Himalayan pay packages' despite poor performance
Bo Xilai's wife 'was in the room when Neil Heywood was poisoned'
One in three on sickness benefit is ‘fit enough to go to work’
Half of the over-50s will be forced to work until 77
‘Social cleansing’ row over bid to move Newham council tenants

Tuesday 24 April

Andrej Novakov, Bragdas Kilic and Vjaceslavs Solovjos kicked Jonathan's head like a rugby ball
Takeaway boss, Azad Miah, tried to recruit girls as young as 12 to work as prostitutes
Romanian Migrants bussed in to beg, steal and sell sex
Ruairi Bicknell, Akeem Salako, Ben Wiles and Stefan Morgan killed chef for just £12
Naked arsonists Aftab Mughal and Terence Williams started fires as part of 'pagan ritual'
Brussels bureaucrats demand UK let in millions more Romanians/Bulgarians
LUTON: Breivik's "war zone"
Cameron studies plans for Muslim imams in House of Lords
How UK taxpayers are paying for secret life of Al Qaeda supergrass
PM claims European Court 'told' Home Office when Qatada appeal deadline was up
Warsi targets minority voters as Cameron is warned he can't win the next election without them
Tory MP Nadine Dorries launches astonishing attack on David Cameron and George Osborne
It's up to parents to protect children online says Google
LIVINGSTONE: "I will not share a platform with the BNP"

Monday 23 April

Computer porn: Tough proposals to protect children would 'be a breach of civil liberties'
Only a third of illegal migrants caught are deported
Hollande 'Beats Sarkozy' As Far-Right Surges
Ken Livingstone's supporters accused of 'harvesting' postal ballot papers
Afghan immigrant in his 20s enrolled in school to claim child refugee status
Taxpayer could be left with £300k bill for ex-cabinet minister's contempt of court case
Spy camera catches care home thug beating up old lady
Blair's 'wrong judgment' on Gaddafi, by former law chief
EU: Crims should have right to see their police files and could have info deleted
Robbers who raided garage caught after saving pictures of loot on mobile phone
Cameron doesn't look like the man to save our nation
France election 2012: one in five vote for Marine Le Pen

Sunday 22 April

Florence Colgate: 'Britain's most beautiful face'
Lap it up lads. If the PC Crowd gets its way the Florences won't be around much longer
Rashid, Hussain, Rafiq, Saleem and Choudhrey raped teenagers for 2 days
"Dark skinned Eastern Europeans" snatch £100,000 watch Mayfair
Paranoid schizophrenic, Serif Aslan, murdered schoolboy
George Fergusson, the Queen's rep in Bermuda, gets culturally enriched!
C-of-E has "nothing to fear" from gay marriage say on-message senior bishops
Bishop says: "Sentamu... is quite tribal and the African chief thing comes through"
A Food Bank Opens in UK Every 4 Days!
European court tipped off Abu Qatada over appeal deadline
Eric Joyce gives the most astonishing interview with an MP you'll ever read
Taser diplomacy for Kuwaiti official caught short on Blair's doorstep
Second hate cleric so dangerous he was banned from AS-level chemistry
Suicide riddle of weapons expert who worked with David Kelly
Medics 'offered genital mutilation'
Careless BBC chiefs need a crimewatch of their own
How Tony Blair could benefit from gifts to his own charities
Ricky Gervais accused of anti-semitism

Saturday 21 April

'Whites suffer more racism than blacks'
Bartolomej Makula injured pensioner Keith Alder so badly he had to have his legs amputated
Muslim gang jailed for kidnapping and raping two girls as part of their Eid celebrations
Jamaican immigrant, Ezekiel Foster, (ex church deacon) murdered girlfriend who dumped him
Iranian immigrant Hossein Hajivand attacked and robbed women in massage parlour
Life terms for murderers Jordean Thomas and Marcio Dos Santos
Gang who punched, kicked and stabbed boy to death jailed
Daniel Smith murder: Kervine Kavuala, Shane Lewis, Zeleke Forde and Jonathan Yeboah charged
Prison officer Dane Dacas, helped crooked dock officer, Leanne Bakarr, smuggle drugs into jail
Cops hunt Romanian ‘Fagin’ in pickpocket gang
Mohammed Shabir Ali and Mohammed Shafiq Ali to face terror charges
Stanley Okpara tried to smuggle peppers stuffed with £13k of cocaine into England
Soft justice lets yob who knifed hero dad go free
Team-mate of rapist footballer Ched Evans brands teen victim a 'money-grabbing little tramp'
A whole year of hell, thanks to a foreign doctor
Christian radio ad banned by order of Minister: So much for the 'Christian fightback'
The only way is easy street: How Essex town of Brentwood is skiving capital of Britain
British businessman Neil Heywood was held down and forced to drink poison
Cameron family fortune made in tax havens
The euro crisis is now deadly serious. Where are the leaders to save us?

Friday 20 April

‘Serial killer’, Ali Koc, bludgeoned 7 strangers in Haringey parks leaving pensioners dead
'Pakis, Pakis, we're coming for you:' Words of black killers before they ran down Asians
As he surfed internet, Dr Rajendra Kokkarne killed with 10 times normal dose of morphine
Attack on society itself: Judge's verdict on Thusha shooting
Nathan Deacon charged with murder
Afrin Lleshi charged with disposal of body
Romanian immigrants trafficked girl, 7, enslaved her and 'beat her like a carpet'
Muggers and pickpockets thrive as street theft increases by 10% in biggest leap for decade
Human rights humiliation 1: Judges defy UK bid to overhaul European Court
Human rights humiliation 2: Hate cleric could be back on UK streets in weeks
POISON PEN: Ex-lover brought Nigerian boyfriend to live in village
Inside the new $1.3m Museum of Racist Memorabilia with 9,000 exhibits
Police fear for safety of al-Qaeda turncoat
Tomb with a view: neighbours fight Islamic mausoleum

Thursday 19 April

Used-car salesman, Danai Muhammadi, murdered his wife, Melissa, their son and her father
Three arrests over family murders: main suspect, Anxiang Du, still at large
Gedu Bibi ordered the killing of her daughter’s boyfriend
Karino Lekisolish, who is HIV-positive, attempted to rape a 15-year-old girl
Kerol Farquharson, in court on gun charges, escapes
Police hunt for sex attacker, Colin Franklin
Random attack by black man in Tottenham park
Thusha Kamaleswaran's gun gang left five-year-old girl paralysed
Serif Aslan guilty of murder
More Israeli False Flag Terrorism?
BLAIR WARS: Iraq: Explosions In Baghdad, Kirkuk Claim Dozen Of Lives
Gulf Seafood Deformities Raise Questions Among Scientists And Fisherman
Tara Fairall's dog attacked 5-year-old
TREACHERY! Immigration boom under Labour changed face of Britain
Children grow up addicted to online porn: a third of 10-year-olds have seen explicit images
166,000 Migrants get jobs as 166,000 Britons put on dole
Cops appeal for witnesses to driver’s homophobic comments (A fine use of police resources)
Traffic warden: I was sacked for blowing the whistle on illegal workers
Care home boss stole £330,000 to buy fur coats and champagne as self-styled 'Lady'
Rebekah Brooks and Guardian journalist 'could be among the first to face hacking charges'
How ironic! Ministers accused of backing torture now want even more secrecy in public life
Now Blair could be sued over Libya torture claims
Jack Straw at risk of compensation bill over alleged Libyan 'torture victim'
May's bid to deport Qatada descends into farce
Abu Qatada: Ignore ECHR and put him on a plane
Council spends £10,000 making DVD showing tenants how to change a light bulb
Minister calls on firms to give work to local youths instead of Eastern Europeans

Wednesday 18 April

Owen Bygraves, Lewis Hicks and Samuel Kofi Ackah broke into house and attacked woman
Liam and Niall Price and Owain Turner jailed for attacks
Jordean Franklin Thomas and Marcio Manuel Fernandes Dos Santos guilty of murder
U.S. Soldiers Pose With remains of suicide bombers
RBS to slash benefits to pensioners after paying staff millions of pounds in bonuses
Abu Qatada appeal halts deportation yet again
Jack Straw faces legal action over Libya renditions
Israeli soldier whacks a Danish protestor (cos he felt like it)
Colonial Office files detail 'eliminations' to choke Malayan insurgency
Sweden: the country where racism is a joke (by Jallow Momodou - Guardianista)
US Supreme Court says anyone can be strip-searched upon arrest for any offense
Councillors Aftab Hussain and Zulfiqar Ali speak up for padeophile accused, Abdul Qayyum
Darrell Desuze gets just 8 years (out in 4) for murder of pensioner Richard Bowes
Stanislaw Pakula gets 5 years after dicovery of cannabis factory and guns
Victim stabbed/coshed: Nathan Franklin, Ricardo Brome-Anderson, Kumar Edghill-Auld jailed
TOTTENHAM: Attempted robbery left 3-year-old with broken leg
Circle Club keeps licence after El Hadji Diouf arrest following brawl
Baby farming in Nigeria
Foreign doctors who can't speak proper English to be struck off
As bomber openly walks the streets, what WAS the point of doing freedom deal in secret?
Official fears: Obama's 'anti-American' and 'anti-white' father
Jack Straw calls for Freedom of Information Act rewrite to protect Big Brother's behind
British diplomats 'failed to press case of Neil Heywood's death with China for a month'

Tuesday 17 April

Arseng Rashid gets 5 years for killing Joshua Stevenson and Josh Hopkins
Curtis Dejean admits police station petrol bomb attack
Albanian immigrant, Admerin Beu, had over £175,000 of cocaine and cash with him
Imran Khan hired Jaspal Kajla and Amjed Mahmood Quadir Hussain for murder
Reggae star Finley Quaye charged with assault
Owen Bygraves, Lewis Hicks and Samuel Kofi Ackah broke into house and attacked woman
UK aid funded firms 'linked to Nigeria fraudster Ibori'
Sean Smith contracted HIV after he was repeatedly gang-raped in South African prison
Drugs gang war breaks out in Manchester
One in three prisoners testing positive in drug tests
Muslim cabbie refused to let family take bottle of wine into his car: it went against his religion
Italian ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi 'hosted nun strippers'
Prof Steven Rawlings death: No further action against Devinder Sivia
Bomber freed by secret justice: Terrorist released after supergrass deal
4-year-olds in truancy league tables amid fears youngsters are developing bad habits
No 10 retreating on charity tax shambles: Cameron says government will consult and listen
Muslim peer’s ‘£10m to capture Obama' actually legal fund to put Blair on trial
Wickes cashier now governor of Nigerian state part of scam that stole £157m from poor
Black trainee ‘forced out of City police’
Boris Johnson fights for the wealthy say a third of Londoners

Monday 16 April

Polish man attacks woman in an alleyway
Dorothy Griffiths, 87, left on floor for 10 minutes in care home: Muslim nurse was praying
Wrongly jailed Muslim cop, Sultan Alam, gets 800k pay out!
HALF of all social housing in parts of England goes to foreigners!!!
Human rights laws are a charter for criminals, say 75% of Britons
LIAR! Jack Straw now admits he approved decision to hand Abdel Belhadj to Gaddafi
Muslim woman let 'secret' baby die then dumped her body
Third mother dies at scandal-hit maternity unit where five babies died
Transsexual makes 19th rape claim in 10 years costing taxpayer £200,000 in police costs
Britain for sale: How long before a foreign power turns out Britain's lights?
Sajid Mahmood charged with murder of wife
ASBO only for immigrant thieves caught stealing from a 78-year-old woman
Anti-Semite slur on writer a smokescreen to hide truth
Thousands of wealthy Britons expected to leave over fears about high crime and taxes
Labour peer suspended after he 'offered £10m for capture of Barack Obama'
Taliban attacks British embassy
Charity tax row is sign that coalition is now floundering
Camden Eruv would open new frontiers for Orthodox Jews

Sunday 15 April

Passenger stabbed by black man on train to Canonbury
Juliean Ballantyne jailed for stabbing man with sword
Tafari Deacon and Christopher Gabriel charged with murder
Lying Salford doctor, Amit Pramanik, cashed in on grieving families
Raquel Reid deliberately drove into traffic warden Chelsea Cummings
Do you know the whereabouts of thief Darren Robinson?
Mixed-race teens mug 53-year-old woman
Aimee Jade Costello, 20, died after taking the so-called party drug meow meow
Neil Heywood died from cyanide poisoning after affair with Gu Kailai, wife of Bo Xilai
British millionaires 'using Romanian charities to dodge tax'
Any American politician who proposed our punitive tax system would be vaporised
'Human rights’ are undermining the whole concept of national security

Saturday 14 April

Nadeem Hussain used van as a weapon against Charlotte Watmough and her horse
Roger Aiken gets 15 years for point-blank shooting
Radhika Sharma tried to murder a five-year-old boy by dragging him into the path of a train
African immigrants Afonso Daniel and Ana Ferreira swindled £700,000+ in benefits
Jonathan Aquino hit dementia patient Maria Worroll, 80, in the face and abdomen
Asian steals cash and phone from 8-year-old in Glasgow park
Prison for gypsy thieves who built palaces with cash stolen from sleeping commuters
Fake Sheikh fraud gang jailed
Stockwell shooting: Gang member Anthony McCalla was 'high risk'
German immigrant Peter Fincken jailed jailed for child rape
Gerson Lopes gets 3 years after burglar’s description fitted him perfectly
Trial of Romanian immigrant collapses after interpreter error
Drugged-up serial pickpocket Adam Goral jailed for 9 weeks only
Romanian thief Marcu Kvec facing jail after jewel shop swipe
26 officers resigned from Greater Manchester Police in 2010 after investigations into conduct
Strip clubs, bookies, kebab shops killing High Street, blighting economic recovery
"Persecuted" Christians "fear arrest" as courts fail to protect religious values says Carey
Astronauts condemn NASA’s global warming endorsement
Brazilian cannibals on trial for eating women 'to purify their souls'
Deal with Jordan to kick out hate preacher Abu Qatada '95 per cent done'
Staff deporting foreigners out of UK 'loutish and aggressive' (says PC Crowd)

Friday 13 April

Cardinal George Pell: Jews are 'intellectually and morally inferior'
Afghan refugee, Esmatullah Sharifi, says rape down to 'cultural differences'
Francisco Pereira get seven years for rape
Heroin dealer Mohammed Miah stabbed David Humby
Child rapist Winston Britton jailed for 22 years
Taxi driver, Khalile Maqsood, raped 20-year-old at knifepoint
Melvyn Edwards denies rape and murder of his wife
Rostas family, who preyed on sleeping train passengers, jailed
178 police officers attacked on Camden streets in 2011
Gypsy Levi Bellfield's parents to stand trial for harrassing his ex-girlfriend
Ahmed Ali and Shakil Ahmed jailed for £1.5m fraud
Myles Williams denies Kirsty Treloar's and attempted murder of her siblings
'Cowardly' muggings gang jailed
Footballers Ched Evans and Clayton McDonald on trial for rape
Deon Caley charged over Misterton Methodist Church shooting
Great-grandmother, 94, suffers horrific injuries after falling out of hospital bed because 'elf and safety rules ban side-bars'
Four in ten Pakistani students could be bogus
Food poison bugs found in fifth of chickens from supermarkets
Let’s copy Swiss and boot out foreign crooks
University to have alcohol-free areas for Muslims
Someone isn't telling the truth on rendition. My money's on all of them
Elf 'n' safety bird brains!

Thursday 12 April

PC lunacy! Convicted of ‘witch’ murder, Eric Bikubi once sat on Council's children’s panel!
Kwayle Appiah accused of killing David Scott 12 years ago
Passenger stabbed by black stranger at Dalton Kingsland station (CCTV)
Anwar Hussain, Khamran Uddin and Daniel Goff jailed for violent muggings
Robert Shorter gets 7 years for possession of loaded pistol
Fraudster Giorgio Arcaini jailed for 38 months
14-year-old Karama Mohammed Karama, who "made people fear for their safety", gets ASBO
"Deeply dishonest" African immigrant, Conrad Luis De Souza, exposed as bogus Doc
Knifeman, Muhammed Ali, claimed victim was a terrorist
Detectives deal major blow to Guns and Shanks gang
'I burned Reeves Corner': Facebook boasts of Gordon Thompson
MURDER: Albanian immigrant, Ndrieim Sadushi, remanded
Convicted robber Shanise Paris-Goff fell to her death from tower block
In 2012, thousands of children starve on the streets of London
Economic crisis, a failing political class and the spectre of 1930s-style extremism
Britain 2012: 10, 199 children taken into care in one year
Will Cameron government entrust our nuclear future to Russians who built Chernobyl?
Outrage after Barclays says it will pay Bob Diamond's U.S. tax for good
Dental X-rays given to millions of Britons every year could dramatically increase the risk of brain tumours
Sepsis kills around 30,000 people a year in the UK and kills nearly half
Cameron abandons pledge to deport thousands of foreign criminals
Priest who befriended Abu Hamza says he will miss their chats
Will no one take control of our borders? (Yes, when those who want us gone are defeated)
'Tortured' Libyan wants answers from Blair
Border Agency cannot ‘fulfil its basic function’
Publishing MPs' tax returns 'would not tell the whole story'

Wednesday 11 April

Dollkeith Jarrett threw his son’s ten-week-old kitten out of the window
Nasir Demir gets seven years for gunpoint robbery
Sheffield rape: CCTV immages of two black men
Riot firestarter, Gordon Thompson, gets 11.5 years
Bungling doctor, Arun Rauniar, back at work
Gypsy gang killed Julian Gardner with his own landrover
Sabina English and Amjad Hussain get off lightly for almost blinding Elisa Sampson
Black, gun-toting robber: "Give me all your money... I will kill you!"
Afghan immigrant nut, Rostam Ahmadi, murdered Umesh Chaudhari
Paranoid schizophrenic, Serif Aslan, murdered Kasey Gordon and stabbed two others
Nirvu Ravindra et al illegal immigrant trial collapses after 13 witnesses deported
Celebrity gypsy Paddy Doherty's cousin Johnny Joyce in Strangeways punch-up
Elitist think tank predicts half of humanity will be culled by 2030!
Duwayne Brooks for Lib-Dem-Gay-Cop Deputy Mayor!
Boris Johnson's “international health service paid for by the British taxpayer”
China suspends top politician, names wife as suspect in murder of Neil Heywood
Lindsay Hawker killer Tatsuya Ichihashi loses appeal
Hate preacher Hamza faces up to 50 years in jail in US - RESULT!
Hundreds of foreign criminals are still not being deported
Olympic fury as 84% of gifts made abroad!
French far-right leader blasts Goldman Sachs, euro
EuroBank cash gone to 'associates' of Belarus President's authoritarian ex-commie regime
UK's working families at "tipping point"
Met racism ‘worse’ since Stephen Lawrence report says Jewish co-author Richard Stone

Tuesday 10 April

Wanted for murder of 15-year-old: "7 young black men on bicycles"
Polish immigrant, Kazimierz Maciej Blaszowski, brought £350k cocaine into England
Ex-Chelsea footballer Jacob Mellis cautioned for assault
Con Air now flying weekly to Warsaw: £50m bill to send Polish criminals home
Israeli writers call on literary community to rebuke Gunter Grass (for telling the truth)
MI6 and a £1m 'bribe' to silence torture victim
BLAIR WARS: Jack Stanley killed in Afghanistan
Euro court ruling may see Hamza walk free and plunge coalition into chaos
Now we're lending China (world's second largest economy) millions of pounds to plant trees!
Councils are handed £6,000-a-caravan 'bribes' to provide sites for travellers
Chief Inspector Mark Brew sent dirty texts, downloaded porn on work phone
Neocon warmonger, John Bolton, to the rescue! (Yeah right)

Monday 9 April

Santre Sanchez Gayle, who murdered young mum for £200, related to other Brent killers
New Black Panthers: Race War April 9th 'Day of Action'
"Polish gang had travelled all the way to Limerick to steal scrap metal"
Iuliana Costea's Romanian gang handed out fake donation forms for UNICEF
Apes at Play (Young man gets enriched by diversity)
Ashley Charles charged with attempted murder (after Philip Sherriff is murdered?)
Rudolph Hess believed the Jews had hypnotised Churchill
Israel accuses German novelist Günter Grass of anti-semitism
Immigrant scientist (Jew) 'fathered 600 children' in England by donating sperm at own fertility clinic
Wife of Speaker Bercow (Jewish) wants Parliamentary rules broken for niece christening
Christians 'more likely to be leftwing' and liberal on immigration (Why do I fight for them then?)
UAF icon, druggie Pete Doherty finally admits he's ashamed of leaving man to die at party
Palestinian activist ordered not to come here wins appeal against attempt to deport him
I was forced to marry at FIVE whilst living in UK!
Britain remains a slave to Euro judges
Fury as preacher wins fight to stay in UK
Judges ordered to end 'right to family life' farce
I'll stop foreigners abusing human rights says May (She can't stop them appealing to Strasbourg)

Sunday 8 April

UK fertility clinic founder, Berthold Weisner, fathered up to 600 children
There are many ways to change the nature and identity of a tribe. Weisner found one of the most effective. Stella, a child produced by Weisner's clinic, said this in a 30 January 2008 Daily Mail article: "Many of the small gene pool of donors consisted of Eastern European men and JEWISH MEN." Check out the essay below:
I'm the daughter of a sperm donor
CON ART and the talentless conman
Judges ordered to end 'right to family life' farce
GBH? Previous form? Never mind, we don't jail our Muslim heroes
The Real Face of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve
Fukushima Reactor 4: Life On Planet Earth in the Balance
PETER HITCHENS: I said I'd never stand as an MP. Well, I've changed my mind
Queen invites ruler of Bahrain's bloody regime to her Jubilee lunch at Windsor
This is a Government of chums say six out of ten in new poll
Foreigners with criminal convictions could become teachers or policemen in Britain!
BBC overcharging us by £25m a year selling 'annual' licences that last only 11 months
Border force's new blunders show May has lost her grip
Theresa May fights back over Abu Qatada, human rights and Nick Clegg
Galloway faces questions over tax affairs

Saturday 7 April

EU migrants with criminal convictions get jobs denied to British workers!
White Murders in South Africa - A few of the names
Carlton McKay charged with murder of Chris Isted in Croydon
Immigration advisor Jayesh Patel gets seven years for visa scam
Asylum seeker Rayden Simon Kullem sued for £750m over 'human right' to sex in jail
PC B***ocks! Baa Baa Little Sheep! school abandons nursery rhyme's lyrics for Easter show
65-year-old gets 10 years for aiding and abetting rape of her own children
Sentenced to death for being old: NHS denies life-saving treatment to the elderly
FRAUD? £1.6million bonuses paid to staff at Copland Community School
The over-prescription of antibiotics to humans and animals spells end of modern medicine
Israel’s dogs of war are straining at the leash to attack Iran
PC Juhasz told Pakistani: 'go back to your f****** country!’ (Juhasz?)
David Cameron and a cabinet of pals
Why is this government still funding total failure?
Animals in our zoos live in conditions 'as bad as those in the former Soviet Bloc'

Friday 6 April

Chris Isted murder: Black man sought
GBen gang members, Anton St Pau and Spencer Yiadom, get life for murder
Witness thought gunman Ezekiel Charles-Sterling was "showing off"
Teenager dies after being stabbed twice
Dr. Markandu Ragupathy, guilty of sexually abusing female patients aged 8 to 40
Immigration adviser Jayesh Patel jailed
'Dangerous' criminal Joslyn Seaton wanted by police
Hashim Elm convicted of holding up Neasden convenience store in his absence
Burkha robbers jailed over Burnley jewellery raid
Mohammed Shabir Ali accused of terror offences
Royal Wedding attack: Kalee Powell faces retrial
South Norwood mum, Ann Marie Onyeneke, died after inhaling lighter fluid
Disgraced tycoon and Leeds Utd director Simon Morris (Jewish) is out of jail, tagged and under curfew
Natalia Woolley charged with murder
Gordon Brown’s poisonous legacy lives on
BLAIR WARS: Soldier killed helping Afghans to pray
Günter Grass, 'What Must Be Said' and changing German attitudes towards Israel
Government Sets Up Sinister New Working Group on 'Islamophobia'
Tory Cabinet ministers ordered to attend Eid and Diwali festivals to appeal to Asian voters!
PM supports Christianity - Minister tells EU Brits don't have right to wear cross at work
Norman Finkelstein bids farewell to Israel bashing
South Norwood mum, Ann Marie Onyeneke, died after inhaling lighter fluid
How BBC's interview with terror suspect cost taxpayers £100,000
Easter or egg-fest, Christians must be free to celebrate
Twenty Met Officers referred to police watchdog over racism claims
Show us your money
Sky News gave reporters permission to hack computer of 'Canoe Man' John Darwin
Mario Balotelli slept with Wayne Rooney prostitute - crashes car

Thursday 5 April

APRIL 2012: Tariq Jahan kicked and punched motorist and broke his jaw
AUGUST 2011: "Tariq Jahan... the true face of Britain, the Britain of which we are all proud”
"Politicians within the EU must stand accused of leaving their citizens to starve to death"
Ibrahim Akyol, who drove car into a Hampstead cafe, charged with attempted murder
8 months for attempted murder. Dominic Ali deliberately drove into a crowd of clubbers
After Robert Palmer was bailed Kerry predicted he would kill her
Cedric Brown, 'one of UK's most wanted men' sped off with toddlers trapped inside car
'Child sex victims were prostitutes with enough business acumen to win The Apprentice'
Mohammed Shabir Ali and Mohammed Shafiq Ali 'were fundraising for Somali terrorists'
"UK go to Hell!" "The law of the land and those who make it can go to hell"!
Colliston Edwards and Andre Johnson guilty of Leroy Burnett murder
Jessica Elizabeth: 'They are apes and not fully developed'!
England 2012: Anti female genital mutilation sessions for men!
85% of Pakistani women say at least 1 forced marriage in family. 77% refuse help
US spy agencies refused to give our spooks full details of 'Mumbai-style' terrorist plot
Millions have no chance of getting a pension and face retirement in poverty
Pupil violence the main cause for school exclusions
As hosepipe ban begins, water bosses pocket huge bonuses, shareholders get massive payouts
Boris: I don’t regret swearing at liar Ken

Wednesday 4 April

"Controlling, violent" David Palmer stabbed Kerry Smith to death in a jealous rage.
Drunken yob, Ravi Sandhu, gets just 5 years for killing Kevin Harrison -
Ghulam Kibria jailed for school bomb hoax
"Most wanted" man, Cedric Brown, arrested after two-toddler carjacking
School meals 'made smaller to save money'
Sold to us as a 'hero', Tariq Jahan is a liar and a convicted fraudster, thief and ABH brute
Absconded murderer Lester Jackson recaptured
Pimps Ai Su and Manjit Sing jailed (brothels in Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Surrey)
One child sex attack takes place every 20 MINUTES (just 10% of cases end in conviction)
Britain's Multicultural Nightmare
Immigration: It isn't just here that the global elite fix things
Anna Yerrakalva: immigrant teacher took 6 years off on full pay after lying about injury
Pensioner thrown off allotment by council! He might hurt his hip and sue!
TRAITOR vicar jailed for 4.5 years! Brian Shipsides raked in £30,000 from 250 sham marriages
Brits come 18th in UN's first World Happiness ranking
‘Secret justice’ plans close to ruin
Cameron calls for a 'Christian fightback' (he's after our votes)

Tuesday 3 April

David Walters went on random stabbing rampage after 'losing face' on Facebook
DIVERSITY! Eight Estonian immigrants/armed robbers jailed!
Six years for Ali Aboalkassem who raped woman as she walked to work
Sexual exploitation of Stockport girls: Shahab and Giash Uddin charged
War hero, William Davis, 92, stabbed to death in West Midlands home
Moynul Haque pleads guilty to manslaughter
MURDER: Jordean Franklin Thomas and Marcio Manuel Fernandes Dos Santos guilty
Lithuanian immigrant Deivydas Jacikas murdered grandfather-of-nine
Innocent victims caught in 'gang turf war' in Brixton
Woman attacked in Maidenhead by 'dark skinned... Asian or black'
Sexual assault in Londonderry. 'The male is described as black'
Cash-For-Crash Suspects in England 'Killed In Drone Strike' in Pakistan!
Judge: 'Why is this terrorist living here?' Bomber deported by French lives here 11 years!
Black bus driver makes loo-turn down one-way street
Pernicious legacy: Triumph that left Britain's leaders hooked on war
'Government of Chums': Tebbit in withering attack on Cameron crew
Galloway's 4th bride, (3-out-of-4 Asian) Putri Gayatri Pertiwi, younger than daughter
Prayer ban “chipping away at the English way of life”
Laura Palmer left her children in squalor so she could go night clubbing
Asian shoots seven dead at California University

Monday 2 April

Latvian immigrants Gatis and Gundars Freimanis attack the hated English - NO JAIL!
Zambian immigrant Leanne Zaloumis broke into Simon Cowell’s mansion
10% of British children can't find UK on a map!(5% think we share a border with the US)
Disgusted voters give three main party leaders 'worst poll ratings in history'
Big Brother Britain and the destruction of privacy
Prescription fees in England rise to £7.65! The rest of UK doesn't have to pay for them!
'Europe must unite or be totally dwarfed' says global elitist Jean-Claude Trichet
Diversity targets 'are driving up bill for the Olympics'
Teachers fiddling test results to boost exam scores
Labour MP says rising unemployment and inflation is 'orgasmic wet dream' for the Left
Squatters who took over £3m mansion finally evicted after blighting area for months
A dangerous enemy of democracy? Melanie Philips (Jewish) thinks so
Tories must return to true blue values to survive
Cash for access: Peter Cruddas 'bankrolled Chequers event'
Minister stands by Big Society plans
Airport staff let passengers skip checks on passports after immigration system failed

Sunday 1 April

Nathaniel Okusanya charged with stab murder
Suspected murderer, Nurse Victorino Chua, has bail extended
Rise in number of rape victims aged under 13 in North Lincolnshire
5 residents die in 24 hours at a care home! Police investigate
Immigration contributing to rise in TB
300 people in 'sham weddings’ scandal - just two deported
'Man of the people' Ken enjoyed lifestyle of a jet-setting executive on the taxpayer
Asian beetle poses the biggest threat to woodlands since Dutch Elm Disease
Murdoch's Yard man 'involved in plot to destroy Sky rival' (alleged links to killer Noye)
A wide boy with a tax-haven tan and a big mouth tells us what’s really going on
Work for criminals but not the disabled
7,000 drivers' names sold to criminals! DVLA made £21m selling details of 4.85m motorists
George Osborne asked Charles's permission for law change that made Royal Family millions
Under armed guard, beautiful blonde who saw oligarch lover gunned down in street

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