Daily News: March 2014

Monday 31 March

Sham marriage gang in court

Sunday 30 March

Nick Griffin 'prevented a war in Syria' (The mainstream is catching up)
Why won't church leaders fight for Christian values?
Breeding ground for terrorists': 42% of jailbirds at a high-security prison are Muslim
Ed Miliband shows he doesn’t trust the British public
Theresa May faces revolt after Lib Dem minister defies order to ban drug khat
Top gay MP's PPS paid Brazilian rent boy for sex and drugs? MP Mark Menzies resigns
Gay activists hurl faeces at German parents protesting pro-gay school curriculum
DAVEWARS: 3 years after Gaddafi, Libya is imploding into chaos, violence
Judge Anthony Halpin: 'Muslims feel they can beat their wives'
1,892 US veterans thought to have committed suicide since 1 January 2014
UN hammers US human rights record on spying, torture, drones
Ofsted raps nursery for lack of cultural diversity
Flowers' brazen TV lies, simpering Paxman and shameful new low for 'impartial' BBC
Britain's secret bid to 'fix' UN climate report
How a Mafia don exposed the abysmal failure of our courts
The Labour party is not even fit to run a whelk stall
Gulum Chowdhury and Nargis Riaz charged with murder
Li Hao jailed for raping two students
£18million fraudster Anthony Ekwueme caught after 10 years on the run
BOLTON: Hardi Hijrani charged with rape
Black men threaten man at knifepoint during robbery attempt in Luton
Russia slams ‘one-sided’ UNHRC resolution on Syria
Sweden: Roma Gypsies spread terror NSA spied on 122 world leaders, Snowden docs reveal

Saturday 30 March

‘Scapegoat’ detective sues over investigation into Charlene Downes' murder
Tory civil war? 100 rebels prepare to defy Cameron on EU
400,000 migrants on taxpayer-funded benefits? No wonder they flock to Britain
Restorative justice? BULLSH*T! 30,000 teens escape jail by saying sorry - even to girls they raped
Ethiopian gets legal aid from UK - to sue us for giving aid to Ethiopia!
Fanatic who trained 7/7 bomber sets up Islamic primary school in Essex!
Key Miliband aide says 'bloody impossible' Douglas Alexander has to go!
Ed, the weirdest link, will NEVER be Prime Minister
A biased BBC isn't worth its licence fee
How a cuddly interview with a pompous fraud shows a BBC that's not worth saving
Baroness Warsi: UKIP is full of 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists'
Black men threaten man at knifepoint during roobery attempt in Luton
Judge Anthony Halpin: 'Muslims feel they can beat their wives'
Romanian gangs selling fake IDs use their new EU-legal status to run operation here
Top-security UK prison is 'al-Qaeda recruiting centre'
Turkey blocks YouTube after audio recording leaked
By 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim nation
?Obama ignores Saudi human rights record in meeting with King Abdullah
2010: Nick Clegg's sneering rant against Britain is a disgrace

Saturday 29 March

Hepatitis E in pork could be making tens of thousands ill! (65,000 contract the virus annually!)
Teenager Victoria Harrison bled to death in hospital bed! (43 errors made before she died)
What the Public thinks of Party leaders
Nurse Victorino Chua charged with 3 murders (Aided/abetted by LibLabCon who imported him)
Sex gang passed young white girls around THOUSANDS of men
Ali, Ashraf, Yashin and Daly to stand trial for rape, child sex and trafficking
Gang of seven Blacks attack teenager and steal his mobile
Asians hunted after attempt to bundle woman into a car
Iranian Hossein Mehjoo was granted asylum then tried to avoid £850,000 tax bill
Dr Majeed Ridha faces charges over alleged illegal supply of abortion drugs Muslim prison population doubles in a decade to 27%! Muslim MP blames it on Islamophobia
On-message top cop says Met should employ one ethnic for every Brit!
'US desperate to isolate Russia on all fronts'
Government threatened Guardian with closure over Edward Snowden revelations!
Time was when we felt local pride
How paedo scandal was hushed up at George Osborne's old school
The real gay marriage bigots are its intolerant supporters
Homosexual marriage now legal in Britain! What next?
22% would spurn invitation to a homosexual wedding
DIVERSITY! Mujahid Asari Dokuboh says “underage marriage is our right as Muslims”
Culture Secretary must repay thousands in expenses and apologise
DIVERSITY! Kenya's parliaments passed a bill allowing polygamy without a wife's consent
Now EU's Ashton (who loves Ukrainian coup) denounces those responsible! They're too Nationalist!
Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan
FBI asked Tsarnaev to work as informant before Boston bombing!
€2.5billon EU aid to boost "governance" in Latin America

Friday 28 March

Malaysia says there's sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public!
12 ex-Cops identified as suspects in Hillsborough inquiry!
Becks and co front Qataris (Jihadis to Syria) as they buy Man Utd from US Jews?
Media buries Turkey on Syria False Flag attack
Francois Duprat – Co-founder of the Front National
Paul Thrower 'killed with an axe' after row with teenagers outside London flats
Armani Mitchell found guilty of murdering Joshua Ribera
Innocent man stabbed in the neck by Ayden Dixon in case of mistaken identity
Young mum, 17, knocked unconscious and robbed by black man
Violent bus stop robber, Aaron Johnson, jailed
Innocent man stabbed in the neck by Ayden Dixon in case of mistaken identity
17-year-old loses finger in axe attack during rush hour on north London street
Britain's bogus foreign students work illegally, claim benefits, one 'college' had no teachers
Hospitals fiddling death rates: 10-fold rise in patients deemed terminally ill
Cops used Tasers 28 times EVERY DAY last year
Clegg accuses Farage of siding with Putin (as opposed to coup-funding West?)
94-year-old gagged by secret court over row with council social workers
Our idiotic Multiculturalist ideology created a monster
It’s very liberating when you realize that you have spent your entire life being LIED TO
Homosexual Activists
The Need for Sacrifice
Nick Griffin tells truth in re-election bid
In memory of the victims of Communism
Ex-IRA commander Martin McGuinness to attend state dinner at Windsor Castle hosted by Queen'

Thursday 27 March

All the Presidents’ Bankers: how they transformed economy/government, dictated policy and shaped world history
​‘US foreign policy based purely on bullying smaller nations’
Cops fail domestic abuse victims says official report
Election chiefs call for even more election fraud? (Via online voting)
Lib Dems face near wipeout in 2015
Clegg and Farage clash over immigration
The killer poll that the political establishment don't want to talk about
A vote for Farage is a vote for Putin? MSM spin backs EU/Clegg
Steven Seagal says Vladimir Putin's Crimea action is "reasonable"
Murder detectives join hunt for missing Gospel Oak mother Lana Purcell
Savages Dean Winston, Kyle Sober-Froud and Calvin Jerelle Collins murdered 20-year-old
Lundrim Gjikokaj’s life sentence for murdering former pal OK says appeal judge
Paul Floyd Marshall murdered his flatmate over nothing
Random stabber Mark Ricketts absconds from nuthouse for second time
Acid House King (son of lecturer/solicitor) Tony Colston-Hayter, masterminded £1.5m fraud
67-year-old attacked at a bus stop in Tottenham
Junkie Massimo Martinez gets 3 years for multiple burglaries
Burglary rate triples in Rosslyn Hill after Hampstead Cop shop closes
Woman took her own life after ‘flawed’ Atos assessment slashed her benefits
What IS going wrong with our midwives? (Immigration anything to do with it?)
Rent boys, the Crystal Methodist and twisted values at the BBC
UK consumers in '£5bn black hole' of hidden debt, survey finds

Wednesday 26 March

"Israel has a powerful stranglehold on the American government"
Flight 370 was US demo for Putin + payback for Mayalysia tribunal vs Israel/US/UK?
In 2011, TB in immigrants was more than 20 times higher than in native Britons!
DIVERSITY! Outrage as Mozambique keeps law allowing rapists to wed victims!
Defrocked priest Kevin Annett says Benedict XVI took part in "rape, torture and killing of children?"
Schoolboy died of allergic reaction to curry after staff assured family it was nut-free
Umbar Ali left his seriously injured children in wreckage of car crash and fled!
Dariusz Miakienko accused of stabbing healthcare worker to death in broad daylight
Jeanne Marie Ryan sends defiant message to her savage "olive-skinned" attacker
Credit card scammers Liu, Daniels, Ssali, Antwi, Smith and Tofowomo blew £500,000
Andrei Telts broke homeless man's skull in Christian charity soup kitchen
Ibrahim Abdullah-Hassan and Shah Jalal Hussain face jail for trying to incite holy war
Romanians jailed after starting crime spree just hours after arriving
NO JAIL for £200,000 fraudsters Ranjit Uppelle and Kavita Jnagal met the Queen!
Asians threaten youngsters with knife and rob them
Farhiya Mohamed charged with falsely claiming £87,500 in benefits
Ex-Whitehawk FC players in court over alleged match-fixing
Brother of one of Lee Rigby's killers condemns judge for length of sentence
The top cop in the land doesn't have a clue
Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation
How the British justice system lost out to Islamic extremism
Ukrainian right-wing leader Aleksandr Muzychko shot dead by cops
Sharia law for wills and then what?
Jewish "philosopher" says the Front National is "the worst there is!"
Heavy drinking/unhealthy eating will see number of deaths from liver disease continue to rise
Voters say Miliband isn't fit to lead Britain - support slumps to 19%
Government pressured drugged up gay cleric to take over 600 Lloyds branches
Warren Buffet: mega-rich and still honest!
Prince George and his Spanish nanny

Tuesday 25 March

Cameron's gay Planning Minister says the countryside must be sacrificed for immigrant homes!
DIVERSITY! Bound in chains with corpses, the black magic sacrifices of organ traffickers
Time to grab guns and kill damn Russians: Tymoshenko tape leak
Study: Monsanto GMO food claims probably false
Anthony Micah Pyke sought for Leeds murder
Traveller scum conned 84-year-old dementia sufferer out of £73,500 life savings
Romanian immigrant charged with rape of woman in East Acton
Convicted rapist and fraudster, Mohammed Bhatty, kept changing his name
CCTV appeal after attempted Heckmondwike bank fraud
Somerset's racial equality chief David Onamade charged with identity theft
"This b*****d is killing swans in the Tonbridge area!"
Drunken care home nurse, Violet Ruto, thought a teddy bear was a baby!
The Met drops 70% all robbery investigations because of 'insufficient evidence!'
Met chief under fire as corruption probe is branded whitewash
What foreign criminal crackdown? 30 dodge deportation each week!
Paedophile priest Francis Paul Cullen jailed for 15 years
White genocide in South Africa - why is this hushed up and Mandela sanctified?
34% of Hungarians blame “Jewish conspiracy” for economic woes
Has Marine Le Pen won the battle for the soul of France?
Newsnight's Jewish boss defends top job for Leftie who has never worked as a journalist
Steroid bodybuilder stabbed ex to death so 'no-one else' could have her
Christ at the Checkpoint
Austrian Jews demand politician recants EU/Third Reich comparison
Britain's right to limit migrant benefits: EU takes UK to court

Monday 24 March

Islamic law to be enshrined within the British legal system!!!
Sharia law is well and truly operating in the UK – thanks to the Law Society
Remember the Muslim paedos in Rochdale? Council raises Pakistan flag outside the Town Hall!
LibLabCon UK: How many stop to help little lost girls? 1 does - 616 don't!
Labour MP: 'My party doesn't trust voters over EU referendum'
'Gerry Adams, you're next!'
Poll: EU comes 24th in table of 27 “liked” countries/institutions
Shredded files had details of crimes by Met police officers
Customs officials intercept shipment of cocaine bound for the VATICAN
Unnamed teen accused of Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh murder in Hackney
Drug dealer Leon Pacquette murdered Rio Ferdinand's pal, allegedly
Robbers Deibidas Sumskas and Edgaras Balezantis deny killing shopkeeper
Teenager fights for life after stabbing - black male, white female seen running away
Sex pest pervert, Satpal Singh Jabbal, found guilty of 28 charges
Ex-Cop Valerijs Trifonovs seen cage-fighting after claim for life-changing whiplash injury
Cops incompetent says acid victim
Nile Ranger arrested over Liverpool taxi damage
School paid £70,000 for playground loudspeakers to summon pupils to Islamic prayers
Nineteen London councillors defect to UKIP in one year
The world the global elite made - The one the sheeple vote for
Douglas Murray: Immigration Is Bad For Britain
Arab Spring? Egypt court sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death
Dave's Etonians? Labour's ruling dynasties are just as privileged
African pop singer creates skin-whitening cream "white means pure"

Sunday 23 March

Chief Coroner Peter Thornton faces probe after links with paedophile group exposed
BBC probe into Savile 'won't find truth' says child abuse expert
Kinnock's son is the latest Labour heir to stand for Parliament
Anwar Rosser, who murdered 4-year-old Riley Turner, launches appeal against life sentence
15 year-old girl shot dead in Hackney
Islamic teacher who sexually abused schoolgirl to have NO JAIL sentence reviewed
Rizwan Qayum pleads not guilty to 13 charges of fraud
Woman with epilepsy robbed during seizure
British holidaymaker raped by hotel security guard in Egypt
Magaluf tourists robbed by Nigerian prostitutes
We're being dragged into a new Cold War by a puffed-up bullfrog Newsnight reporter denies being a 'dangerous leftie'
Illuminati: the cult that hijacked the world
We're being dragged into a new Cold War by a puffed-up bullfrog
Absolute power is sought by the ABSOLUTELY corrupt
Extremism belongs in past? Tell that to 3000+ white farmers massacred in last 15 years
Who's have thought we'd look to Russia to uphold democracy in Europe?
Douglas Murray: Immigration Is Bad For Britain
2013: Jack Straw and Labour's "spectacular mistake" on immigration
Gay TV comedian ‘groomed’ Ben Cowburn for sex just months before the teenager killed himself
Oxford University betrays alleged victims of sex attacks
Catholic priest secretly 'married' a Muslim to help him stay in the UK!
BLAIR WARS: British snipers killed Afghans in pointless 'turkey shoot'

Saturday 22 March

US is plutocracy ruled by Wall Street bankers who seek war
Scott Stone stabbed to death after complaining about loud reggae music
Nurse stabbed to death in street by Dariusz Miakienko
Jahangir Nazar murdered his wife in a frenzied attack after she became "Westernised"
Drunken Bulgarian lorry driver Stoyan Stoyanov jailed for killing Callum Wark, 19
Mary Konye, 22, who threw acid into the face of friend, gets 12 years
Drug dealer, Ali Mellal, gets 12 years for GBH
Armed robber Derek Rossi gets 3rd life sentence after twice being freed to strike again
Crooked lawyer, Shahrokh Mireskandari, struck off and ordered to pay £1.63m in legal costs
Cherie, you hypocrite - what it's like working for a 'champion' of mothers' rights
Qatar Sheikhs who grabbed cheap flats in Olympic Village set to make £1billion profit
Immigrants who commit crime must be deported (and politicians who refuse tried for treason?)
Jihadis in Syria slaughter 400 and impregnate 3000 via sex jihad
Enslaving White Women: The Phenomenon of the Alien ‘Loverboy’ in Holland
Eight buyers chasing every home. Property market reaches new levels of insanity
The Met corruption files
NHS Trust £7million in debt blows £50,000 on promotional video
Labour MP, Eric Joyce, called a cop a "f****** fat and black"
Lib Dem Councillor Stephen Fenwick admits racially aggravated assault

Friday 21 March

Barrister Michael Shrimpton exposes Eadward Heath and others as paedo murderers!
British aid intended to help poorest spent by EU on puppet shows in dictatorship
Marx and Freud’s Faustian Pacts and the Cosmic War Against the West
Warning over number of war crime suspects living in UK
Prosecutor General: snipers involved in Maidan killings are Ukrainian!
Ukraine – Next up on the Dismemberment List
El Al's ex-security chief says disappearance of flight 370 "points directly to Iran!"
The Shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370
Joseph Doherty and Rueben Ingleton attacked Tony Sharman - He died a month later
Lewis Gill's 4-year sentence for killing Andrew Young to be reviewed
Council worker, Ibrahim Bundu, fiddled housing list to get homes for illegal immigrants
Illegal immigrant who fathered 5 children jailed
Dr Dhanoun Dharmasena and Hasan Mohamed charged in first UK prosecution for FMG
Dr June Shazeela Allim drowned herself in bath after fraud arrest
Bradford restaurant boss, Barber Rashid, fined over hygiene standards
Fastfood boss, Swami Sharma, showed “flagrant disregard” for food hygiene
One in four student homes infested with insects or vermin
Despite strong intolerance of gays, Pakistan leads in world for gay porn searches
The untold story of White slavery
US State Department spokeswoman claims Russia ‘shot first’ but then refuses to provide proof
Northern Irish politician (Asian immigrant) favours united Ireland
Wildcat strikes over Polish labour - Contractors agree to employ skilled UK workers
UKRAINE: On the edges of failure
New carpets at BBC's £1bn HQ just 18 months after it opened
Widow who tackled bag thief blames 'benefits UK'
UKRAINE: G8 is over says Angela Merkel
‘UKIP poses a challenge to all parties. I take it very seriously’
Majority of aid not reaching countries that need it the most
Christians deserve more respect, says top judge
Newsnight's Guardian-trained editor, Ian Katz, (Jew) is keen on diversity

Thursday 20 March

Jealous lover, Jonathan Tebbs, stabbed Islington council chief, Kate Dixon, 29 times
Blackmailers Aysha Mullah and Javed Ali jailed after Graham Cooper kills himself
Disabled pensioner, Ray Mills, 73, beaten unconscious by Asian thugs
Bolton Teenager raped by Imran Khan and Zhaid Mohmmed
More than 2,000 child grooming tip-offs in 10 months
Black men sexually assault women in Yeovil
Brave widow, 90, rugby-tackles hooded burglar after catching him in her home
British children caught up in one of world's worst ever porn rings
Quotes from Putin’s Crimea address
Is Putin the irrational one?
Ukraine to hold joint military exercises with U.S. and Britain
UKRAINE: The secret agenda of Ashton and Nuland revealed
UKRAINE: Our leaders claim to be defending sovereignty. In fact, they’re overriding it
UKRAINE: Obama’s power grab, sanctions and the boomerang effect
UKRAINE: no way out unless West understands past mistakes says ex-Australian PM
UKRAINE: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many?
Washington's seemingly unlimited capacity for exceptional arrogance and double think
Clownwoman speaks: stop Putin with nukes! (Wonder what his response would be?)
Hilary Clinton says Putin like Hitler in the '30s
Why Russia should withdraw from all European organizations
Venezuela is also being overthrown by the criminal regime in Washington!
USA disables diplomacy to escalate Syrian war, degrade Assad
Ministers blow £230,000 on ‘cultural diversity’ music gigs
Minneapolis lesbian police chief dons hijab for “Hijab Day”
Cherie Blair sacked me for wanting more time to look after my children
Martin Amis says white skin is key attribute of being English
Muslim rapper simulates execution of Geert Wilders
The TUC's anti-White indigens Day!
Cambridge University college forced to drop ‘racist’ May Ball theme
Asylum seekers in court over release of their personal information
Our debt STILL keeps on soaring
Ukraine to hold joint military exercises with U.S. and Britain
Malcolm Rifkind (Jewish ex-Foreign Sec) stirs the Putin pot
Trial of gay MP Nigel Evans: 'I just froze. I felt in shock' says rape victim
Hacking trial: Cameron advisor Coulson pressed me to keep quiet, Goodman claims
One dad in 25 unwittingly raises a child that's not his
Judge accuses 'out of control' £500million divorce case of clogging up the courts

Wednesday 19 March

Areas of Harrow being turned into 'a dump' by immigrants
Migration and Disease
Immigrants cost Britain £3,000 a year each, says report
Skegness Labour Councillor defects to UKIP for ‘common sense policies’
David Aaronovich (Jew) says Englishman's homelessness is a 'perception?'
British head teachers bullied, smeared and driven from job by Islamic extremists!
New Bank boss, Nemat Shafik, has your financial fate in her hands!
Malani Kumwenda was charged with rape and trying to infect a woman with HIV. BUT...
Face of rapist who posed as Wolverhampton taxi driver
Asian drug dealers ('Britain's dumbest criminals') caught by their own CCTV cameras
Israel bombs Syrian military sites
Care home bosses earning up to £100,000
In 2012/2013, there were almost 12,000 lower limb amputations in England!
Killjoy council tries to ban childhood fun and adventure!
Israel has accused the United States of projecting weakness internationally
It's BBC's rightwing bias that threatens democracy and journalism, says Marxist homosexual
Ex-jailbird footballer Marlon King admits dangerous driving charge
USA: Shadreon Jefferson and Shamara Batiste charged with getting a one-year-old drunk

Tuesday 18 March

FIFA's Jack Warner and Trinidad family paid millions after Qatar won 2022 World Cup
Average British family is £54,000 in debt!
Is Saudi Arabia (jihadis’ greatest ally) regretting its support for terrorism?
Our TV shows are far too white, says unfunny 'comedian,' Lenny Henry
Islamic teacher sexually abused girl, 11, as he taught her the Koran: NO JAIL!
Nicolae Tatraucean charged with the murder of Rivka Holden
Dr Syed Ali Abbas denies having an orgasm whilst fondling a female patient
"Tanned man" strikes again! Cops warn Dunstable schools after girl, 13, assaulted
Politicians are good liars 'because they convince themselves they are telling the truth?'
Saturated fat 'ISN'T bad for your heart?' (Lying for 40 years or lying now?)
38% of Londoners consider leaving because of cost of living
Sudanese child rapist sues UK for breach of his 'human rights'
‘Bias, double standards’ of UN aide regarding Ukraine
HUMAN RIGHTS? Now we can't even deport a Mafia don to Italy!
"Slope?"Jeremy Clarkson accused of 'racism!'
Private who lied about age before being killed in action commemorated on stamp
Sophie Jones, 19, dies after doctors refuse her a smear test
UKIP set to triumph in Euro elections!
A town clerk on £250k!?
Clock chimed every 15 minutes for 140 years - one noise complaint from newbie - No more clock?
SYRIA: The battle for Yabroud is over,

Monday 17 March

96.77% of Crimeans vote to join Russia! (Democracy in action - our rulers hate it)
Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis
Brzezinski mapped out battle for Ukraine in 1997
Two blacks, one white stabbed businessman to death
Amala Anthonypillai murdered his dad with knife and axe
Benefit claimant Ali Ghesami made millions selling stolen BMWs/JCB gear to Mid East
Romanian Gypsies posed as cops to steal cash from tourists
Bagicha Singh repeatedly stabbed drunk, Pritpal Singh - NO JAIL
Sorhaindo, Rasheed and Joseph robbed bookies' and supermarkets
Asian masturbates on train in front of a 17-year-old girl
Left-wing blogs of BBC's 'impartial' economics expert
Teenager (male) robbed and raped in ethnic area of Bristol
Secret court gives control of pensioner's bank account to man who steals £200,000!
UN Human Rights Council calls for boycott of US companies that do business with Israel
Student Thought Police ban UKIP from speaking at Derby University!
Farage: The leader who doesn't talk like a PR man
Ed Miliband doesn’t trust the British public
Not all is well aboard the Good Ship Miliband
British politics and democracy broken by LibLabcon
MSM Media and its Pro-Immigration, Let’s Rubbish British Workers, Stance
Patients are not being told of statins risk
More propaganda from Guardian

Sunday 16 March

Chief Coroner exposed as paedo apologist who wanted age of consent lowered to 14!
Bug-carrying surgeon, John Lu, kills 5 NHS patients and doesn't have to inform anyone!!!
Farhad Safi gets 17 years for the murder of his wife, Orina Morawiec
Seven black men sentenced to 71 years for string of robberies in Croydon
Stefan Melbourne gets 5 years for rape - Cops think there may be other victims
Woman claims rape by Oldham star Cristian Montano and pals Andres Hurtado/Camilo Valencia
Reza Khalilzada had USA guns delivered to his Middlesex home
Teacher, Jamshed Javeed, charged with assisting others to commit acts of terrorism
Ashraf Uzzaman thought it'd be funny to touch 8-year-old boy's privates
Nurse Nkosazana Sifumba used yard broom to swat lit cigarette from patient's mouth
Bungling Romanian doctor, Camelia Jurcut, struck off
Nurse Cyrilla Adunse hits a patient and gets banned for just one year
BLAIR WARS: "I misled public over the REAL reason why my soldiers were killed in action"
Mum who complained about school play with 400 swear words gets abused by teachers!
Our freeloading MPs claim 20p a mile on expenses for riding their bikes!
Is Britain about to get its first CANNABIS cafe?
Meat from cattle slaughtered in 'cruel' kosher ceremony in your burger
Doomed airliner pilot was political fanatic?
MURDER: Dean Mayley stabbed as he walked through Greenford, London - Black men sought
Muslim doctor rubbed patient's nipple and had an orgasm
Snarling Muslim threatens to kill EDL members
Cops release images of 3 ethnics wanted for armed raids on Birmingham bookies
Ikramul Hoque set fire to Christopher Bloomfield's sleeping bag as he was sleeping
What did Rupert say that wiped the smile from Wendi's face?
Farage is a bullying, hypocritical, preening show pony says SEX-CHANGE MEP

Saturday 15 March

Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery
The Attack On Our Children’s Gender!
79-year-old woman sexually assaulted at north London bus stop - black man sought
Ethnic gang convicted of torturing student
JAILED! Royal Barnes, Rebekah Dawson posted YouTube videos glorifying Lee Rigby's murder
26 arrested for sexual abuse of teenagers in Newcastle (ethnicity not mentioned)
Stupid nurse, Kadiatu Harris, denied switching Matthew Simmonds' ventilator off
Truth behind official report saying UK should press ahead with Frankenfoods
'This is not a threat, it's a promise' warns warmongering half-Jew, John (Kohn) Kerry
Briton mugged/robbed every 3 minutes as UK street crime soars
Malaysian plane's Muslim pilots under police investigation
Malaysian Prime Minister convinced plane was 'deliberately' flown off course
Suspicions of a Lib-Lab pact as both merge policies
Iraq considers allowing girls as young as EIGHT to marry
Terrorist freed early caught ‘trying to get to Syria'
BBC's Left-wing bias: Newsnight hires Harriet Harman advisor/TUC man
Campaign: To Make Lee Rigby’s Mother A Baroness
Products which fuelled a generation of binge drinkers in terminal decline
WW1: Dead British soldier found clutching picture of wife and child - and German who returned it
GOVE: Too many Old Etonians in Downing Street

Friday 14 March

Americans pay interest on $163 billion held by top tech firms overseas
Tony Benn (R.I.P.) hits out at EU
The EU caused the Biblical floods in Somerset
Britain's "chief scientist", Mark Walport, (Jew) sneers at opponents of GM crops
Lib Dem councillor rakes in taxpayers' money despite spending 3 months+ of year in US
Lib Dems aim to get Eastern European vote
Eastern Europeans working in Britain mobilise to make migrant vote count
Miliband's decision to reject EU referendum = Lib-Lab pact?
Britain ready for gay PM say 75% alien (Clegg) & 2nd-generation migrant Jew (Miliband)
Cameron defends hiring immigrant nanny
Blair ennobled Lord, Amir Bhatia, spent £600,000 charity money on himself?
Ruth Nabuguzi wants asylum! £4.1m Ugandan benefits cheat claimed for 100 children!
Black rapist says sharing a cell with smoker breaches his human rights
Blackburn Imam Suleman Maknojioa guilty Of child molestation
Relentless beggar Sukhvender Singh Deo banned from harassing anyone for money in Britain
Marry a Muslim, breed more Muslims! What did she expect?
We should be tougher with criminals, say under-30s
Injuries, fatality reported in east Ukraine
Russia transfers nine warplanes to Belarus to ‘counter massing of forces on the border’
Kissinger (Jew) gave go-ahead to Argentina to murder tens of thousands
How did immigrant Jew brothers make their billions? Russian privatisation
UCAS selling private details of students!
Australia: Imam who married 12-y-o girl to 26-y-o man charged by police
USA: Blind man beaten, pregnant wife gang raped by Blacks
USA: Black dad threw daughter, 2, in river strapped in car seat'

Thursday 13 March

Immigrants 'have cost Britain £140bn since 1995'
Teacher orders boy to remove Lee Rigby Help for Heroes wristband ('might cause offence')
Tens of thousands of elderly/vulnerable people locked up against their will
Alex Williams sold Martha Fernback, 15, 'exceptionally' pure MDMA and killed her - NO JAIL!
Hit-and-run pensioner, Nazir Ahmad, 79, found guilty of dangerous driving
Ali Mohammed Raza jailed for running people-smuggling ring
Black burglar, Andre Shoy-Stone, threatened baby with taser
Former cop, Sugra Bi Hanif, jailed for misconduct in a public office
Teenage passengers injured by Yusaf Mohammed and one other
Taxi driver Bolanje Banjo attacks passenger with meat cleaver after refusing change
Dr Bhajanehatti Lakshminarayana created false documents to help immigrants stay in UK
Four Asian cabbies unleashed violent attack on three men in pub
Traveller gang conned and threatened business owners out of thousands of pounds
Black mother banned from school grounds after fight
West Hull Continental takeaway owner Jaweed Jawadi prosecuted over hygiene training
Onslaught from all sides over Miliband's stand on Europe poll
Second-generation immigrant Jew leader of ‘people’s party’ shows his contempt for the people
Part-Jew David Cameron says he backs kosher animal slaughter
ITALY: Roma camp attacked following claims two raped a local girl
The European Dream is Crumbling says Farage
35 teaspoons of sugar in a box of cinema popcorn
QUESTION TIME: Dimbleby told to go easy on Labour?
Why does Open University chief on £400,000 need a speech writer?
MoD to build homes for soldiers? (Good!) These to block out Stonehenge sunrise? (Bad!)
Ministers get sweeping new powers to shut hospitals/wards

Wednesday 12 March

Iraq Cabinet approve law for men to marry 9-year-old girls!
Foreigners to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS!
SPAIN: Catholic service to commemorate victims of jihad attack - Muslims complain!
Britain's soft justice system put to shame; courts fail to jail 74% of crims
Child sex abuse, ‘Fernbridge’ and ‘Fairbank’
Boy George: Bad karma
Cameron to discuss Holocaust tribute on official visit to Israel
Romanian immigrants caught trying to steal from tourists
Stabbed black man staggers into store (video)
Thought Police wanted to take baby from EDL mother (but not from terrorists)
'Ghost' voters, the perils of postal ballots and organised ballot rigging
NHS doctors are billing for services that should be free!
Record levels of discontent with Big Six energy providers
One in 20 prisoners are gipsies/travellers: 4,276 behind bars
Miliband 'rules out' an EU referendum
Postal votes = fixed elections says judge (ballot-rigging now a 'probability' in parts of Britain)
Co-op boss Euan Sutherland walks out after £3.6million pay pot leaked

Tuesday 11 March

Blackmailers, Aysha Mullah and Javed Ali, jailed after Graham Cooper commits suicide
Pictures of men stabbed to death in "ferocious gang attack"
CCTV of Smethwick burglary suspects (black)
Chris Chidi Dinneya gets just 3.5 years for lottery scam
Khalid Farooq phones Buckingham Palace and says a bomb is hidden inside - NO JAIL!
Black lawyer at Amro bank loses discrimination case
Bradford area premises scoring zero for food hygiene
SYRIA: 'Hip hop jihadist' says he was kidnapped/tortured/robbed by fellow jihadis (shame)
C4 admits black reporter misled viewers over poll on trust in the police
TRAITOR! Soft-on-foreigners Judge, Richard McKee, living with illegal immigrant!
Britain sued by 14 Caribbean nations for the 'damage' done through slavery
Wolves complain to Walsall and FA over racist abuse of protected species
UKRAINE RABBI: "Occupied by Russians. Help us, save our country, save Ukraine!"
France's national Front says EU behaved badly in Ukraine, backs Putin
Did UK aid help train soldiers who shot Ukraine protesters?
Brighton council wants to ban annual "March for England!"
They bombed Libya and jailed innocent man but Iran was responsible for Lockerbie
Racism against white people! THE TRUTH
Britain's soft justice system put to shame; courts fail to jail 74% of crims
Stay-at-home mums in UK face the highest taxes in the Western world!
UKIP 'could hit 30%' if it can get its message across
British spies snoop at YouTube and Facebook
Top cop, Tanya Brookes, defrauded High Street shops
70 years on, more loot for the Holocaust coffers
Anti-Semitic graffiti seen at Stockholm school (Jew+aerosol = happened before)
Cruise ship Jews barred from Tunisia

Monday 10 March

Former MP, Patricia Hewitt, linked to - 'innocent adults are seduced by children'
Top judge 'should be suspended over links to paedophiles'
Child rapist Vinit Lala attempted to abuse a 13-year-old girl in his car
January 2014: Tensions high in Peterborough after Muslim rape
Klitchko email?
Taxpayers fund benefits for 400,000 immigrants
WIGAN: Yet another filthy takeaway
40,000 motorists claim for pothole damage in just one year
As cops claim £85m for insect bites/falling off chairs, 10,460 to lose job by 2015
Obese children 'slower thinkers'
'I'm not stupid, I've got 17 GCSEs' = President 'Barraco Barner' = Education, education, education'
SYRIA: 'Hip hop jihadist' says he was kidnapped/tortured/robbed by fellow jihadis (shame)
Muslim headmistress driven out - 'she was too moderate!'
PC Crowd bans UKIP teacher for life

Sunday 9 March

Paedo Shuhel Mahboob planned to get 13-y-o pregnant then abuse their baby
Lostprophets paedo Ian Watkins wanted to kidnap and KILL children
High Court judge Justice Fulford was a key backer of the Paedophile Information Exchange! Did corrupt Plymouth cop tip off Britain's worst paedophile William Goad?
Is Blackwater in Ukraine? Notorious U.S. mercenaries 'seen on the streets' of Kiev!
Jews and the EU
GCSE shame of 'flagship' academies
Cosmetic fillers can cause permanent blindness!
Dirty money, bent coppers and the taint of corruption
Merkel backs call for EU school lessons to counter 'growing Euro-scepticism'
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/lostprophets-singer-ian-watkins-wanted-2870635#ixzz2vSgA1yDY Lostprophets paedo Ian Watkins wanted to kidnap and KILL children http://traitor666.blogspot.co.uk/ Marek Kulas jailed for GBH
Mohammed Qabri Anis Younas raped a little boy
Mohammed Al Jaf Sarteb Sabir charged with rape
Jailed dentist Joyce Trail struck off after £1.4m fraud
Unnamed Bolton taxi driver banned - 'Concerns about contact with schoolgirls'
“Shocking and sickening” conditions at New Curry Queen takeaway, Leyton
GOTCHA! Black robber dropped his gun then took off his balaclava to pick it up
Pakistani immigration officer put wife on list of terrorists to stop her returning to England
Man and boy robbed in the street by Irfan Yusaf, Atif Mahmood and Ali Rafiq
Daily Telegraph has been forced into a humiliating apology over UKIP slurs
How Germany was crucified in the First World War
An NHS blunder beyond belief
Gove's latest lesson for parents: How to cheat the school system
New EU rules give inspectors ability to dig up banned plants!
Second World War documentary footage a Hollywood fake
Romanian families attacked in N. Ireland

Saturday 8 March

Democracy in Britain is dying thanks to our pathetic politicians
Ron Paul: US shouldn't meddle in Ukraine
Energy drinks 'increase the risk of mental health problems'
Pork sausages banned from school menu and replaced with halal meat!!!
Fewer than 58,000 husbands in England/Wales under the age of 25!!!
£1million payout for drunken sailor who hurt her back double award to hero Ben Parkinson
'Sorry, it’s against law to tell you who stole your buggy'
Lib Dems beaten by Bus-Pass-Elvis Party in council by-election
'Jihadist plot to take over Birmingham schools'
Let migrants' grandparents in UK too, say Lib Dems
Starved & evicted: Britain’s poor now treated worse than animals
Call a Welsh bloke, "Taff?" You're a racist!
Footballer calls ref a "poof"? Hate crime!!!
Police release CCTV images after man assaulted at Leeds station
Now racism can cause miscarriages
Ms Hiranandani-Vandrevala, who spent £500,000 on Charlie party, committed £350million fraud?
Sultan of Brunei to introduce Sharia law
Red faces in Cabinet after minister slams 'wealthy elite' for cheap labour
A week that exposed the perils of Leveson
Outrage over plan to create easy entry visas for new migrants

Did police corruption keep P.I.'s killer from being caught? Somali refuses flat because of fear of heights then wins High Court battle
£20bn black hole means Britons face SIX years more of austerity

Friday 7 March

Senior Tory MP, Robert Halfon, (Jew) claims UKIP members "akin to Nazis!"
Miliband: "I’ve never felt closer to the Jewish community!"
Jewish ADL doesn't want nu-Ukraine linking the Holodomor (7m killed in 1933) with Holocaust
Migrants DO cost UK jobs says 'buried' report: BBC attacked after claiming document suppressed
MP demands Cameron’s cabinet disclose how many foreign workers they employ
Wasted! £1.6bn of aid to Afghanistan: Opium production trebled in a decade
UKIP councillors have best attendance records
Warmonger McCain is the least popular Senator in the USA!
Tune out the war party!
‘Ukraine revolution a putsch supported by Western powers’
Russia hits back at US ‘barefaced cynicism and double standards’ over Ukraine
The USA invested over $5bn in the Ukrainian 'coup'
Keith Blakelock's overalls front and back - The tape represents a stab/cutting wound
Balbinder Dhillon was "suffering from stress" when he killed Donna Davies - NO JAIL!
Illegal immigrant Ouldkount Belabbas sexually assaults 8-year-old
Mum-of-two on the school run was violently flung into road by black woman
Victim 'found sobbing in street' - Mohammed Ansar denies attempted rape
21 years on - even more St. Stephen
Racism is making black women fat!
Social services learning lessons YET AGAIN after 4 children die in Southampton
Boris Johnson thinks the children of the BNP should be put into care!
Lib Dems: Give more benefits to asylum seekers
Millions to face chaos! HS2 'will cause a decade of disruption on West Coast mainline'
Max Clifford a 'repulsive paedophile'

Thursday 6 March

Ukraine: activists shot in the back by own side?
Was 'massacre' which started Ukraine revolution ordered by the new leaders?
Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked call on Kiev snipers

BBC suppressing the truth about mass migration? Former soldier, Carl Randell-Eyre, (26 driving licences) turned down for 790 jobs!
Children should not be given fizzy drinks says UN!(Dangerous amounts of sugar)
Working class hit hardest by influx of immigrants
Was No10 aide tipped off before child porn arrest?
Retired magistrate, Rahmat Ali Raja, swindled more than £23,000 in benefits - NO JAIL!
Rapist who attacked woman with brain injury jailed
Police arrest two black men after separate sex assaults on same woman
Opeoluwa David raped teenager in his bedsit
Cops hunt Black Country bus sex attacker
Cops link three Eastbourne street robberies
4 ethnics sought after woman kicked in face during attempted robbery
Sham bride Raquel De Andrade arrested trying to wed fourth 'husband'
Charity cash used to support terrorism in Syria - eight arrested
Genocidal Global Politics and Neoliberalism
UN report accuses Syrian rebels of committing crimes against humanity
Businesses should be allowed to reject women/gays/Blacks, says UKIP councillor/MEP candidate

Wednesday 5 March

EU facilitated Ukrainian conflict says former German Chancellor!
Ukraine: John Kerry and Nato must calm down and back off
West turned political life in Ukraine into farce - Putin
Putin suggests Western states criticizing Russia assess their own legitimacy
The west must not prevaricate over imposing sanctions on Russia says top Jew
Putin blames West for Ukraine 'coup'
Cameron/Miliband/Clegg = posh, out of touch, smug/weak idiot, slimy/weak, useless, untrustworthy, liar
Ungrateful, Brit-bashing second-generation immigrant v Nigel Farage
UKIP, democracy and a biased BBC
Why did No10 cover up aide's child porn arrest?
Do we really want to live in a country where No.10 aides can be arrested in secret?
Tory establishment man arrested for child abuse images wrote policy for online porn filters!

PC Keith Blakelock murder accused wrote 'we chop him all over' rap
Muslim raped women and girls as punishment for being out late!
Our girls are still being “tortured” by supporters of the Asians who abused them
Lithuanian immigrant, Gintas Burinskas, raped a woman within weeks of arriving in UK
Luther Francis repeated stabbed and slashed man with a screwdriver
Suspects wanted - London
Shuhel Mahboob Ali flew to Florida to have sex with underage girl and get her pregnant
Speeding and talking on her phone, Sharmila Mistry mounted pavement and killed toddlers
I wonder what the ethnicity of this "single mother" who "cannot be named" is?
Teacher Priscilla Davo Ortega taped children's mouths shut
"Compensation culture appears to be more common in school... than a grazed knee" Claims firms pocket up to £5bn from PPI mis-selling
Jews in punk

Tuesday 4 March

Patrick Rock, one of David Cameron's closest aides, arrested over child porn
A pillar of the Tory establishment, Cameron's aristocratic aide accused of child porn offences
Consequence of Labour’s ludicrous 2010 Equality Act
West-inspired Ukraine crisis causes gas and oil prices to soar (petrol next)
Families spend 55% more on energy than decade ago, despite cutting use by 17%
EU demands Britain gives even more rights to immigrants
Boy raped his 7-year-old sister after watching hardcore porn
PC Keith Blakelock stabbed 40+ times by 1985 version of enriching diversity
Look at this pretty girl: Boyfriend, arrested for her murder, is mixed-race
Black men stabbed to death in ferocious gang attack
Lecturer Rachel Kenehan jailed for helping black killers
Mistaken identitiy: Kyle Sober Froud murdered young Somali
Solicitor Ranbir Dhaliwal is accused of defrauding disabled brother and sister
Housing officer, Ibrahim Bundu, conned Southwark council out of 23 properties!
Teenager stabbed by black men in Milton Keynes
Disabled mum knocked to ground by aggressive stranger, Telicia Chantelle Henry
Drugs gangsters Pierre Lewis, Jemmikai Orlebar Forbes and Isaac Boateng get 90 years for murder
Emmanuel Jack duped love-struck women out of £186,000
Conwoman, Katherine Padania, fleeced £30,000 from customers
Deaf couple desperate for a baby scammed out of £12,000 by "friend" Gino DiCaprio
The children taught at home about murder and bombings
Prison officer slag jailed for sex with jailbird Arteef Hussain and supplying drugs
Teenager stabbed grandmother to death while high on M-Cat
Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement inquest: Bullying 'factor in suicide'
NHS boss says intensive care swamped by alcohol cases
Jet set Bercow spent another £48,000 in just 6 months despite outcry over jaunts
French Jew badly beaten by Arabs in Paris subway train
Greek doctor charged for 'no Jews' sign

Monday 3 March

Home Office 'gave Paedophile Information Exchange £70,000' between 1977 and 1980?
1976 NCCL report: “Childhood sexual experiences... with an adult result in no identifiable damage!"
US Agency for International Development funded regime change in Ukraine!
1994 agreement says Britain must stop Russians entering Ukraine? (Poland 1939!!!)
Ed Balls' favourite think tank wants to give illegal immigrants full citizen rights!
BBC propaganda for schools - Islam the religion of peace!
Damin Walczyk battered another homeless man to death for no reason
Nkosiyapha Kunene and Virginia Kunene allowed son to die because of strict religious beliefs
Manchester drug dealers Delano M, Isaiah T, Jeng, Sidibeh, Njie, Cisse and Sachez charged
Parvez Ahmed screamed "die" as he plunged 10in blade into man's back
Mpolo Mayemba spared jail over £35,000 benefit scam
Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung guilty of money laundering
Afghanistan war was 'not in our interests!' Hamid Karzai's ‘extreme anger’ towards US government
Pensions blow for millions as 66% will be forced to work even longer
Monster who raped and strangled girl gets payout! Jail harmed HIS human rights!!!
Team Blair and the stench of amorality - They lacked the sense of right and wrong
Joining holy war in Syria 'trendy' for young British Muslims
Children of Islamist radicals should be in care, suggests Boris (Should be in Pakistan!)
Health and safety ban prevents 150-year-old historic clock from ticking!
14,000 anti-Semitic emails/letters and only 3% come from far-right?
Amazon deletes politically incorrect books from its online catalogue
Lisa Tunnicliffe fined for telling Turks Bulgars to ‘get back to your own country’.
Whining Sol at it again! He shudda been captain!
NHS whistleblowers - A new betrayal
UKIP will force candidates to sign charter saying they are not extremists

Sunday 2 March

How did the pro-paedophile group PIE exist openly for 10 years?
Sheriff Annella Cowan gives Derek Phin gets 12 months for Facebook mosque comment
Man attacks baby girl - Sheriff Annella Cowan says NO JAIL!
Jordan Doyle (black) murdered Seán Noctor
Mother's devastation after son left seriously hurt by Nizamuddin Patel
Drug dealers Pierre Lewis, Jemmikai Forbes and Isaac Boateng guilty of murder
Orthodox Jew paedo jailbird wants early release for son's Bar Mitzvah
Donjeta Gashi gets 9 months for perverting course of justice over boy murder
Brixton's Fridge Bar owner says black people face being barred from venues!
Hole-in-floor toilet installed because foreigners kept breaking loo by standing on it
THEY have been rubbing Russia up the wrong way for nearly 25 years!
Multiple sclerosis linked to contraceptive pill
St. Doreen wants change 'at the top' and more media diversity
The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide
Billionaire Britain
US, EU 'pyromaniacs' surprised at fire they started in Ukraine
Up to 143,000 Ukrainians requested asylum in Russia in two weeks
Many Ukrainian servicemen disagree with Kiev's policy
Obama pushes Israel to stop assassinations of Iran nuclear scientists
Dyslexia is NOT a disease. It is an excuse for bad teachers
Why should I face trial when Hyde Park bomb suspect goes free?
Theresa May hits out at Vince Cable for celebrating huge rise in immigration
Rising migration from Europe is NOT 'good news' and we must stop it
Bullying cops have given me cancer, says wife of MP

Saturday 1 March

The Left's web of shame: many held senior posts at paedo-hugging NCCL
Former health secretary Patricia Hewitt 'personally backed plan to lower the age of consent'
'Our country is unrecognisable' Farage’s rallying cry on immigration
Number of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in the UK trebled in 2013!
Immigrant criminals escape sentences because 'their English isn't good enough!'
Don't stop pupils watching porn... teach them about it!
Match of the Day is too White, more diversity needed, says BBC Jew, Danny Cohen
Israel vows to continue backing Syria militants
Yanukovych says West helped fascists create chaos in Ukraine
Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?
Burglar Aaron De Silva, who stabbed Joseph Griffiths, 73, 22 times, gets 22 years
Savage past of "Capone", the one-punch killer
Refugee, Najeeb Ahmedzai, raped 19-year-old in locked bedroom
Rapist taxi driver, Ibrahim Khan, snared by DNA more than 10 years on
Armed robber on run from jail caught by cop and have-a-go heroes
Shafik Abd El Hamed humiliated and raped pupil and sexually assaulted two others
Dr Buddhi Ranjan Yapa Abeywardena keeps job after filming up shoppers' skirts
Drug dealer, Adil Khan, jailed for 8 years
Romanian who stole 54 bottles of Tesco whisky had only been here for 9 days
Sham marriage in Winchester
3-week wait to see your doctor!
Black cop (Poster girl for Olympics) in sex/race discrimination case against Scotland Yard
The agony of the Hyde Park bomber's other victims
Humza Yousaf, Scotland's External Affairs Minister, vows to offer asylum to gay Ugandans
Klitschko, instructed and funded from abroad, was intentionally planning to destabilize Ukraine?
It would be a disaster to get involved in Ukraine’s turmoil
Tory MP Philip Hollobone urges ban of full-face Muslim veils
Syrian extremists cut off man's hand and show it on Twitter
PUTIN: There must be no escalation of Ukraine violence
Muslim boys’ school bans women from applying for job as science teacher
Gay MP dishes the tittle-tattle
Dave is utterly deluded if he thinks Iron Chancellor will end his Euro nightmare
Israel lobby group compiles secret dossiers on pro-Palestinian speakers

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