Daily News: August 2013

Saturday 31 August

"The Jews are all over the government!" This why Nixon was disposed of?
Christian sentenced to death in Pakistan for drinking water reserved for Muslims!
Rebels got chemical weapons from Saudi Prince, Bandar bin Sultan! They carried out gas attack!
Rebels admit responsibility for chemical weapons attack
Syrians in Ghouta claim Saudis supplied rebels behind chemical attack
Iran, not Syria, is the West's real target
UK approved £12bn military sales to states condemned for human rights abuse, Syria included
9 times US and partners used chemical weapons and WMDs
US and Turkey on Al Qaeda's side! US was on Al Qaeda's side in Afghanistan in the 80s
Six Muslims who sexually exploited and abused a 16-year-old schoolgirl jailed
Attack on four policeman: Aaron Barrett sought
Police hunt for Sikh after sexual assault in Thornbury shop
Polish businessman, Mariusz Florowski, charged with murder of garage owner
Romanian immigrant, Daniel Curea, used dodgy credit cards after less than a fortnight here
Pervert GP, Davinder Bains, who filmed intimate examinations of dozens of women, struck off
Tyrone Carr pleads huilty to East Grinstead rape Mohammed Najib paid underage girls for sex Ex-CPS staff lisa Burrows and lover Tahir Mahmood, jailed for £1million fraud Cops seek "tanned" foreign-accent men who indecently assaulted woman
Man assaulted by 10 to fifteen men outside Mosque in Blackburn
Diana and SAS murder claim
US snubs Britain and gets cosy with the French (Frogs are welcome to them)
'Cheese-eating surrender monkeys' now America's 'oldest ally'
Disaster? No, it's high time Britain stopped being Uncle Sam's poodle
Cannibal cult leader who drank girls' blood is hacked to death by villagers
German lorry driver ploughed into stationary traffic and killed pensioner
Independent journalist sneers at David Irving

Friday 30 August

Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria! No slaughter in our name!
Immigrants could decide next election!
Snowden reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs
Romanian immigrant, George-Josif Blaj, convicted of second rape
Morgan-Leigh Webb, 21, attacked by Asian queue jumper
Dr Davinder Jeet Bains used hidden camera to record himself abusing female patients Jerome McDonald accidentally murdered ex in fight over child support
Drugs counsellor Daryl Johnson jailed for smuggling drugs
Illegal immigrant, Dr Shafquat Mohammed Rafiq, supplied forged residency document
Bungling doctor Alem Kahsay reduced a lung cancer patient’s chances of survival by 70%
Rioter Clint Nyame says we can't jail him, he's studying for a degree!
Did Det. Insp. Mohammed Afiz Khan leak plans to arrest hate preacher Anjem Choudary?
Five Muslim protesters charged with attacking members of a rival Islamic sect
Shop worker Rui Prieto stole £8,000
17-year-old accused of stabbing rival Lamarni Hylton-Reid to death over a fiver
Restaurant mananger Laurent Najar stole £26,000
Jail for Dagenham's "first family of fraud" (Iqbal, Mehdi, Kanwal)
6 years for crooked financial advisor Adeel Mirza (made £2m from sham mortgages)
US ready to decide on military action in Syria 'on our own'
EU tells Britain: Make it easier for jobless migrants to find work
57% of London babies born to foreign mothers (and second-generation mothers?)
Net migration to UK increases! (What was it Cameron said before the election?)
The humbling of David Cameron
You're a disgrace: Warmonger Gove rages at the Tory rebels
The euro refugees flocking to Britain
BBC's head of HR quits after scandal over severance pay
BBC spends £2m of licence fee on food and drink
Tony Blair 'poisoned the well' of public trust! (Him & a thousand other traitors)
£1,000 reward for murderer who has escaped for second time
Did Kim Jong Un execute his ex-girlfriend for making a sex tape?
Centuries-old Cambridge graduation dress code rewritten for transgender students

Thursday 29 August

BENEFITS BONANZA! 406,900 immigrants get benefit billions! (41% up in 5 years)
Benefits Britain: 3.5 million homes where NOBODY works
Christians should 'repent' over treatment of gays say half-Jewish oilman Archbishop
52 deaths from legal highs in 2012! (80 per cent increase)
Drugs and mental ill health now kill more people than HIV, diabetes and TB
Israel grants oil exploration rights inside Syria (occupied Golan Heights)
SYRIA: The real story
SYRIA: Stephen Lendman says US planned war ‘many years ago’!
SYRIA: Stephen Lendman says Assad use of chemical weapons 'a big lie'
SYRIA: We don't survive if we go in - This is WWIII in the making!
Officials Warn Syria Chemical Weapons Intel Is ‘No Slam Dunk’
SYRIA: Israel has supplied most of the incriminating evidence
SYRIA: Israeli intelligence first to say Assad behind chemical attack
SYRIA: Nigel Farage on why we MUST resist attack
SYRIA: Missile strikes may lead to terror attacks on UK
SYRIA asks UN to investigate 3 new ‘chemical attacks’ by rebels
SYRIA: Cameron risks a war with his own party
SYRIA: U.S. strike could set off an unpredictable escalation in violence
Teenager raped after birthday party in Milton Keynes: black man sought
Student raped by Roman Smentek and Krzysztof Drozdz demands they be deported
Kankamol Albon defrauded investors of £7.5million
Oldham: Mohammed Abul Hassan charged with sex assault Shanmugam Satiyaraja jailed for sexual assaulting 17-year-old on a bus
Our basket case economy will take years to fix
Law makes cracking down on legal highs ‘extremely difficult’ says Council
FRAUD? Private security giant faces inquiry into possible £285m prison contract
Cancer link to pre-baby drinking
BBC accused of being a 'secret state'
Bash the Brit with Jamie Oliver! (EU immigrants are much stronger/tougher)
Michael Douglas is now a mean old man

Wednesday 28 August

Thousands dying of thirst in NHS hospitals
A million Commonwealth immigrants can vote in UK despite not being British!
The real threat to our way of life? Our own politicians and securocrats
USA was offering `enormous` sums of money for chemical weapon attack!!!
Not in my name, Dave!
Growing Evidence Supports Syrian Rebels Launched Chemical Attacks
Vatican blasts West for Syria war plan
SYRIA: Russia says military strike would be “grave violation of international law”
SYRIA: Israel's best pal, Tony Blair, calls for major intervention
SYRIA: From billionaire's yacht Blair urges attack: warmonger last man we should listen to
SYRIA: Heir to Blair: Cameron makes ‘moral case’ for attack
SYRIA: Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side? (Daft question)
SYRIA: If Western warlords attack Syria they'll be fighting alongside 9/11 murderers
SYRIA: Should we follow blood-soaked warmonger's warmongering advice?
SYRIA: Britain must not get dragged into this bloodbath
18 Signs that Global Financial Markets are Entering a Horrifying Death Spiral
REDDICH: E-fit of Asian police looking for in connection with sexual assault
East Europeans with yellowy skin mug woman in her 60s in Bradford
Gynaecologist Muhammad Ghani Imran made 'sexually motivated' calls to patients
Serious sexual assault in Stroud by man of Pakistani appearance
Are these the iphone thieves?
London banker Javier Martin-Artajo Rueda wanted in U.S. over £4bn fraud
Double Essex farmland shooting: Francis O'Donaghue on the run
Concerns over nursery worker who raped child 'were not investigated'
TV is making children unhappy
White toddler, 3, 'racially bullied' by black neighbours
IMF told to vacate Hungary! Now issuing debt-free money
Champions League: Khazakhstan team may slaughter sheep before Celtic match
Interior Minister Manuel Valls: ‘Islam destroys democracy in France’
Chinese boy has his eyes GOUGED OUT after being 'kidnapped by organ trafficker
Tens of millions of letters delivered late every year by Royal Mail

Tuesday 27 August

Sex diseases among young rise by 50% in ten years
CIA 'helped Saddam Hussein carry out chemical weapons attack on Iran'
SYRIA: Remember the UN official who said Jihadis had used Sarin nerve gas not Assad?
UK set for showdown with Russians over plan to bomb Syria
Proof Washington sending chemical weapons to terrorists?
SYRIA: Don't start what you can't finish, warn the top brass
As West debates air strikes on Syria, where's peace envoy Blair? On a yacht in the Med!
Assad rejects chemical weapons allegations
Israel's 'finger on the pulse' of Syria developments, if necessary also 'on the trigger'
Bashar al-Assad denies use of chemical weapons
Israeli soldiers kill three protesters in West Bank: peace talks called off
Rotherham councillor Jahangir Akhtar steps down over sex abuse claims
READING: Woman threatened with knife by masked black man
At least 60 White South Africans murdered in two months - World Media Silent
Oxford 'risking its reputation' by taking in wealthy foreigners
Notting Hill Carnival 2013: 168 arrests made on day two
LA child abuse: Orthodox Jew, Mendel Tevel, in court
Jews, MLK and his ‘March on Washington’ fifty years later
Celtic fans out Michael Morton who posted: “Lee Rigby rest in pieces”
2012: Sex gangs report 'will play down threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls'
To separate or die? Genocide by Stealth
The Macpherson Report: “Anti-Racist” Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom
2010: The Lies of Political Correctness
The religion of Peace
2012: The Price of European immigration
2012: A triumph indeed, but not as they claim

Monday 26 August

On the way to World War III
Drive a lorry in Syria and best pals of Obama/Cameron/Hague will execute you!
SYRIA: Warmongers poised for attack?
ASSAD: Chemical weapons claims 'insult to common sense' and 'completely political'
How will Syria’s main allies, Russia and Iran, respond?
Death is now everyday among Arabs (culprits and facts are rare)
TREASON! Straight-A students must study abroad as NHS recruits record number of foreign docs!
700 care homes risk collapse under debt mountain (privatisation = bloodsucker free to suck)
NHS spends £1.4BILLION on staff redundancy in 3 years! (6-figure payouts for fatcats)
NIXON: "They put the Jewish interest above America's interest!"
"Jews... can raise hell but American people aren't going to let them destroy our foreign policy"
Escaped murderer Paul Flint may be on the run in north London say cops
Illegal immigrant jailed for stabbing Small Heath house mate in jealous rage
93 arrested on first day of Notting Hill Carnival
Gheorghe Anitoaie charged with firearms offences
Pregnant teen set upon by gang in Charlton's Asda (ethnicty not mentioned)
"Tanned man" strikes at Cartmel races! (3 women sexually assaulted)
Lieutenant Colonel David Parkinson butchered by machete gang in Kenya
Repeat offenders are escaping jail
Tulisa put on ‘suicide watch’ after drug arrest
Police commissioners investigated over electoral fraud claims
Lonliness more deadly than obesity
Muslim soldiers to visit schools to try to counter Islamophobia
Lack of faith means Britain losing the plot says Chief Rabbi without a trace of irony
Unholy war in the Guides - we must ALL fight the secular bigots
Scots to flock south if granted independence?
Grandmother of Eastenders star, Nitin Ganatra, was married at the age of six!
Middle-aged, middle-class women: Britain's sex tourists
Turds in Textiles!
College files suit over ‘anti-Semitic’ elevator!

Sunday 25 August

Was Kennedy murdered by his own vice president?
Working class voters and the 'progressive' left: a widening chasm
Syrian "rebels" use toxic chemicals against government troops?
SYRIA: FALSE FLAG! (Check it here!) U.S. warships move closer to Syria
15 blue-chip firms linked to rogue private eyes kept secret by police!
Why won't police reveal SOCA files?
Top-level police probe into Mirror revelations into paedophile ring "cover-up" linked to MP
MAURITANIA: 10% to 20% of the population lives in slavery!
Buchanan: 'Whites are the only group you can discriminate against legally in America now'
100 top brass booted out in new defence cuts (Yet £12bn aid to countries with A-bomb?)
Serial rapist posed as Vogue photographer in upmarket bars then Fabio Moniz 'spiked their drinks'
Kilburn shooting: Man arrested as woman celebrating birthday dies
Birmingham cop, Osman Iqbal, charged with running a brothel
Southwark Rape: black men jailed
Nathan Dixon convicted of stabbing childhood friend
Junior Desmond McFarlane punched his victim unconscious before stealing mobile
'No excuses' for Reon Weekes (the burglar used bottle as weapon)
Zimbabwean immigrant William Shoriwa gets 2.25 years for sexually assaulting sleeping teen
Married taxi driver, Shaukat Khan, groped 21-year-old passenger - NO JAIL
Sheffield's Munu Salwa restaurant closed due to infestation of cockroaches
Sexual predators lurk in holiday paradise
GERMANY: Ali and Mehmet didn't like the young woman's clothing
FRANCE: Black men violently attack Léa and David for a cigarette
Princess Diana death: The two mystery cars
Nigerian Muslims accused of cutting throats of 44 villagers
Former cop gets 5 months for 1,000 images of children being abused
Lap-dancing club boss supplied cocaine to undercover police officers
Pakistani Minister, Shah Farman, says every child should know about purpose and spirit of Jihad!
Godfrey Bloom: only men who like feminists are "chaps who get sand kicked in their face on the beach"
37 years a paedophile priest? (Bet he votes LibLabCon)
Back in jail, the burglar hailed as ‘model of reform’
So why HAS Liam Fox been on holiday with male friend who cost him his job?
Vietnam children suffer effects of toxic herbicide sprayed by USA 40 years ago
You made me a Lord but even I think it's time you grew up! (Says one Jew to another)
US: Soldier convicted of murder rampage
Child poverty in Britain is causing 'social apartheid'?
Hash made Dame Sally hallucinate - and she still can't see straight
MPs and peers reject halal meat at Westminster
BBC in crisis talks with MasterChef host after hotel brawl leaves 6-figure job in doubt
BOOBIES! I bet these vote LibLabCon!
Dear Guardian: should I choose my mother or my lesbian partner?

Saturday 24 August

SYRIA: George Galloway, MP, says Al Qaeda used chemical weapons provided by Israel!
Bought Warmonger, William Hague, thirsting for war with Syria
DOUGLAS CARSWELL, MP: Buddying up to Egyptian generals is a disgrace!
On sale in Tesco, GM cereal that makes children hyperactive
Fabio Moniz guilty of Mayfair rapes
Cruel ethnic "carers" jailed for abuse
DIVERSITY! Hospital carers who physically and verbally abused patients jailed
Dr Magdy Boutros Fahmy Eskander charged with sexual assaults against girls under 13
Crooked financial advisor, Adeel Mirza, brokered £2million worth of sham mortgages
Jailbirds Feroz Khan, Fuad Awale and David Watson took prison guard hostage
82-year-old woman targeted by black robber in Walsall
HUMAN RIGHTS: Violent Bosnian with string of convictions can't be deported
Violent criminal, 24, Arshid Hussain, had regular sex with girl in care, 14, (got her pregnant twice)
Security guard needed hospital treatment after attack by shopper at Aldi supermarket
Judge orders Muslim woman to remove burkha during court appearance then bans her from entering plea after she refuses
British Men Stoned by Muslims in Birmingham
£6,000 bill to clean Abu Qatada's filthy house! USA: 89-year-old beaten to death by black teens
USA: Grandmother, 93, pushed down flight of stairs and robbed by Richard Davidson
14 British private school pupils robbed during Africa aid trip
Scandal of cheaper foreign workers who snatch British jobs
Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens
The death of the middle classes
Speaker Bercow (Jewish) racks up £96,000 travel bill at string of top hotels
Jehovah's Witness jailed for 13 years over child sex abuse covered up by elders
£70bn HS2 vanity project could destroy rail network
MoD spends £40,000 on talking clock despite imposing a 'ban' on the service
Why our leaders always lie about Europe

Friday 23 August

DIVERSITY! Hospital 'carers' who brutally abused elderly patients jailed
Judge orders Muslim woman to remove burkha during court appearance then bans her from entering plea after she refuses
73 per cent of over 50s want referendum on Europe
Privatising the railways was a disaster. It's time to renationalise says Green MP
Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens
Jewish groups seek overturn of White Nationalist’s will!
Stabbed to death 'over a fiver'
Blackburn's TB figures highest in Lancashire (Jack Straw's constituency)
Swansea pool paedo sex attacks ("Tanned" man strikes again!)
Two men playing football stabbed by black man in Northampton
festival-goer was stabbed by black male in a “vicious and unprovoked” attack
Jim Davidson and a deranged witch hunt that's turned British justice on its head
ONE MILLION five-year-olds with mobiles!
Keystone Cops shot dead Jordan Begley when they mistook him for prisoner on the run!
Porn star brings red-light industry to a standstill after contracting HIV
Goldman Sachs banker arrested for 'raping 20-year-old
As a Democrat, I am disgusted with President Obama
Gang rape of photo-journalist in Mumbai sparks outcry

Thursday 22 August

SYRIA MASSACRE: Assad, rebels or False Flag? West Warmongers all scream Assad
Syria: The predictable and false "chemical" attack
SYRIA: False Flag?
SYRIA: "False Flag attack carried out by NATO"?
Cocaine-fuelled, racing another driver in rush hour, Ihsan Khan killed Richard on crossing
Farhad Safi charged with murdering his 21 year-old wife, Orina Morawiec, at their London home
Aminur Nazir Khan charged with murder of 'star pupil'
Don-Sebastian Hoo-Lawson accused of killing man with a single punch
Mahad Hersi, who fired randomly into a crowd, jailed for twelve years
Ernesto De-Brito gets 10 years for rape
'Most dangerous' paedophile, Raibearch Ogasawara, jailed for five years
15-year-old girl hit in face with a brick by black man
Teenager sexually assaulted after having drink spiked by black men
Dole-fiddling Zimbabwean nurse, Sheila Chikware, may be free to claim again upon release
Bilal Sajjad charged with £100,000 fraud
Muhammad Khan gets just 3.5 years (in his absence) for £800,000 VAT fraud
Among the most prolific dealers jailed was Hemlock Seyoum, who got 5.67 years
Cyber-stalker, Anita Debnath, facing another jail term for £50,000 insurance scam
Royal Opera House worker Samson Ijanboh faces jail for illegal immigrant scam
Nilanka De Silva, 34, hatched 'evil' plot
ONly 10% of Somalis in this country are in full-time employment!
Germany: Government demands shop owners stop using Christian symbols in Christmas lights
Islamic TV channel fined £85,000 for inciting violence
Outcry as Labour’s Diane Abbott demands MORE migrants
DOCTORS: the globalists refuse to train up our own to make us dependent on others!
The GCSE pupils who take the same exam SEVEN times in a year
Young soldiers 'more likely to die'
The Girl Guide leaders who won't break their promise to God
7million customers duped by banks to scoop £1.2 billion in compensation
Why should we demonise schools that don't want to promote gay lifestyles?

Wednesday 21 August

THE TRAITORS YOU VOTE FOR! Cameron says ‘Let’s extend the EU towards Asia!’
New Labour was a day from giving Gibraltar to Spain (Is this why Spain is acting up?)
FARAGE: The gathering storm
Russian medalists ‘insulted’ at ‘gay claims’ over podium kiss!
Gagandeep Kakkad gets driving ban only for killing Neil Bird
Hitendru Limbu attacked Charlie Knight and Ashley Curtis wit a Naepalese kukri
DNA tests cannot distinguish identical twins (Mohammed/Aftab Asghar) on rape charge
Isle of Man rape: British solider, Che Awembeng Collins, still sought
Filmed rape sees Mohammed Nur Isse and Yahye Mohammed Mohamud jailed
Wiltshire: Mediterranean-skin thieves sought
Black youths sought for sex attack on girl, 14
Blackburn charity (£170,000 from Comic Relief) under investigation
Terrorist's wife gets suspended sentence for withholding information
Maggie Young died after hot cup of tea was dropped on her lap at a care home
London: European capital of fugitive criminals Amanda Lindhout: a year of being starved, beaten and sexually brutalized in Somalia
The Guardian: Downing St. involved in 'Snowden materials' destruction order
‘Israel behind Egypt coup!’ – Turkish PM
Hijab Day for All in Sweden Based on Made-Up "Hate Crime"?
Germany: Christians attacked during church service, Muslims barge in and preach from Koran
The new con that tricks pensioners into handing over their life savings
BBC to pay out £4million to 120 Savile victims
'Churchill's wartime speeches did NOT inspire and many thought he was drunk'
The BBC’s groupthink on immigration stinks
Lord Tebbit: 'No Evidence' EDL Are Far-Right
Gender swap couple to marry!

Tuesday 20 August

CIA finally admits it was behind 1953 coup which deposed Iranian PM who stood up to the West
Scandal, a feuding cast and PC could kill off Coronation Street
Hillsborough cops wanted to spend victim cash on holiday flat/gym equipment/microwaves
Abdul Gafur Ahmed charged with sexual offences against a boy under 16
'Persistent, relentless pervert,' asylum seeker Adam Abdullah, gets just 3 years for sexual assault
Mubarek and Ahdel Ali get 32 years for pimping out young girls to curry house workers
Belgium: Syrian Jihadist's wife gets her "integration money" cut off
Will Chuka Umunna be UK's first black PM? (He thinks Tony Blair was '85% right')
Glamour model to cover up and convert to Islam after falling for Tunisian lifeguard
Determined pensioner did not live to see victory over Tesco fraudsters
Egypt strife may last decades, warns Hague (That'll suit Israel, Willie)
String the f***ers up!
EGYPT: When thugs at the top subvert democracy, thugs at the bottom kill innocents
Why do so many patients STILL suffer the agony of bed sores?
More than 3,000 patients may have been exposed to HIV after dentist contracts it
USA: Chaneya Kelly sent her father to prison for 40 years after false rape claim!

Monday 19 August

Tesco's Waqar Asgar gets 18 months for killing Raymond Wallis and Delia Robertson
Farhad Safi charged with murder after body of a woman found in Hither Green
Christopher Thomas gets life for murder of Carlton Ned
USA: De'Marquise Elkins charged with murder of 13-month-old baby in his stroller USA: DeShawn Threats charged with murder of his own little girl Mehroze Mohammed and Hameeda Tahseen charged with physically harming a child
Sex atttacker, Adil Sharif, jailed for two years
Shaheda Lorgat spent £21,000+ of the cash intended for students requiring special help
Cockroach in child's pizza at Matloob Hussain's takeaway
Brazil: Rio gang who raped American tourist jailed
Processed meat 'early death' link
Muhammad revealed as most popular boys' name in London
‘Don’t give our jobs to migrants when 1m young are on the dole’
Elderly will suffer as 6,000 bank branches are expected to shut
SCANDAL: Health Ministers told repeatedly of concerns at baby death hospital
Now the West Indies wants compo!
Cops snub Remembrance Day
Complaint launched against swim centre bosses who stopped woman breastfeeding in the pool!
Cameron 'plotting new Lib Dem pact'
Tories 'have failed married couples' says Chief Rabbi
Why Dave is really cosying up to Mr Fry

Sunday 18 August

SAS “behind Princess Diana’s death?”
Was Princess Diana MURDERED by British soldier?
Labour elite's secret problem: they can't stand the working class!
Stephen Fry/Cameron hold summit on gay hate Olympics? Gay Jew luvvie co-runs country now?
Stabbed teens critical - Black male sought
Britain's biggest child sex grooming gang busted? Cops arrest 45 men
Korrel Kennedy: Brighton and Hove's "worst teenager" jailed
Government reveals rogue's gallery of UK's top 10 benefits cheats
No 11-year-old should have to see his parent treated like a criminal for no reason
Four million patients on statins don't need them!
Miliband's own guru (Jewish like him) tells him to grow up
Your confidential medical records for sale for just £1
Most feared hijackers on high seas run by secret network of Somali spies in London
Olympic judo coach barred for sex abuse but Government say he can STILL work with kids!
MoD spends £40million rehiring civil servants months after making thousands redundant
The Mandatory Tweets of THE LEFT (Brit-loathing PC airheads with Polish-nannies)
P*ki comedian inciting racial hatred by using 'Paki' in his act! (PC gone bonkers)
"My big, fat Gypsy cesspit!" RACIST!

Saturday 17 August

DIVERSITY: Muslim kicks sh*t out of wife! (She dared to join in with his singing)
Damiel Perry, 17, jumped to his death after being trapped by gang in online plot
GPs say they are 'at breaking point'
Keith lost both legs after Bartolomej Makula and Ladislav Balaz attacked him. Now he's dead
Romell Martin, Jermaal Ferguson, Maliki Ferguson and Dean Harmes deny murder
Dean Gabay killed a homeless man. After release he murdered Arron Payne
Leon Pacquette deinies murder of friend of Rio Ferdinand
Clement Tunnee denies assault and attempted rape
TULSE HILL: 79-year-old assaulted by foreigners
Luqman Nazir jailed after maiming man, 20, in 100mph crash
Police worker Ebenezer Awotwi charged with leaking murder investigation report to prime suspect
Tube groper Gurbax Athwel molested two women
Black/Asian gang targets mobile phone shops in Cumbria
Boss of Sam's Chicken Shop, Balasundaran Suresan, is a tax cheat
Cannabis factory and crack cocaine uncovered during Harlesden drugs raid
Woman robbed of £15k Rolex in Kilburn by black men
Mirza Ali and 4 other Muslims at centre of mass brawl
Sexual Predator Adil Sharif jailed for two years
Accountant at a top London hotel, Naseer Ahmad, charged with £75,000 fraud
Dr Julius Fadipe insists breast-touching was accidental
Government to allow NHS workers with HIV to carry out surgical procedures
Lobbyists take up third of Tory conference seats
Keith Vaz hits out at Labour for 'war of words' over immigration
Atheists 'have higher IQs' says Mr Silberman!

Friday 16 August

World champ Yelena Isinbayeva condemns gay activism! "Boys with woman, woman with boys!"
WE NEED SHEEPLE! Internet, instant communication, make it harder to govern!
Half of Norway's armed robberies committed in a single Muslim ghetto
Manchester, where 200 languages are spoken!
Probation officer Victoria Idowu sent victim's name, address and date of birth to her 'attacker!'
Violent rapist Vaughn Powel jailed for 11 years
Another migrant doc struck off! Bala Kovvali got 2.5 years for manslaughter of Andrew Fellows
Naviet Anderson mowed down Stephen Brothwood and reversed back over him
WALES: Tradesman, Tounsley Kasongo, preyed on the sick and elderly
DERBY: Black man gropes dancer twice. She protests and gets hit over the head Nurse Kenneth Ngobele 'had sex with a patient... being treated for mental breakdown'
Edward Dolan and son Michael conned thousands from 84-year-old cancer sufferer
Now travellers are destroying our history! 50 yards of Offa's Dyke levelled!
STRATFORD: Mother and daughter jailed for purse theft at station
LAMBETH: Black man sought after sexual assault on bus
WALSALL: Teenager hugged and groped by black man
Senior Labour councillor (Haringey) charged with attempting to pervert course of justice!
Third of kids in line for school trip to mosque pulled out by parents! RACISM!
Globe-trotting charity watchdogs lap up 5-star luxury on taxpayer
Terrorist we've tried to kick out for 12 years!
Report author claims executives may have deliberately misled Savile inquiry
FRACKING! Church of England 'land grab' for rights to minerals under homes and farms?
National hero to be snubbed because he was born in India?
Irene Willets: Starved to death in a care home

Thursday 15 August

Government lifts ban on HIV-infected surgeons and dentists operating on patients!
Hiring too many foreign doctors 'puts lives at risk' says top doc
Gwedon Jakoc, Tomasz Biernacki and Elias Cordero get 11.5 years for violent assault
Rapist Fabian Henry gets 12 years after targeting teenage girls
Hussain Asad Chohan behind £200m tax fraud
Asylum seeker jailed for £11m inheritance scam
CHORLEY: Dog-walker viciously attacked by Asians
Det Insp Mohammed Afiz Khan charged with leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary
Scarred for life: Cops hunt Shkar Farouk
Emmanuel Nwole threatened to crush female colleague
Student Mutaher Hussain charged with knifepoint muggings
Bradford solicitor faces fraud charge at Leeds Crown Court
BOURNEMOUTH: Cops hunt "dark-skinned" sex attacker
PLYMOUTH: Woman assaulted - "dark-skinned" man sought
Nurse Sarah Msika left pensioner lying on floor with broken leg two days before he died
Serial criminal knife thugs post pics of cushy number in prison
100 Romanians and Bulgarians take a job in Britain every day
EGYPT: 149 dead? British cameraman shot dead
CAIRO: After today, what Muslim will ever trust the ballot box again?
Radio 4 swaps politics for porn!
Immigration crisis looms
Ed Miliband pelted with eggs as he takes his non-message to the streets
John McCabe: "raped by Borstal officers every single day?"
Former SNP leader says attack the English 'southern cancer' to win referendum
Number of East European workers in Britain soars 36 per cent

Wednesday 14 August

Labour's ex crime adviser Prof Andrew Ashworth says thieves/fraudsters must NEVER be jailed!
Nigeria needs a space programme to check the weather says our Aid minister!
MILTON KEYNES: Rachel Manning murder: Shahidul Ahmed has sex assault conviction
POPLAR: Teenager stabbed to death by gang in unprovoked attack
Murderer Paul Flint flees open prison for second time in 13 months
SOUTH WALES: Jermaine Asare wanted for serious assault
Design graduate Rakeshkumar Tailor carried out a £12,000 bogus refund scam
Burglars Marian Cox and Hezie Renee accused of stabbing man to death at home
Trai Williamson charged with murder of 19 year-old Khadar Hussein
Death Doc, Bala Kovvali, who diagnosed Andrew Fellows' diabetes as depression, struck off
Jamel Green and Bosun Sode accused of Nathan Allen's murder
Newlywed found hanged after rowing with her African husband, Mohammed
Eleven arrested for manslaughter after pensioner, 86, dies after leaving 'care home'
LONDON: Premlal Merenchige Salgado admits masturbating before young women on 8 buses
LONDON: Somali gatecrashes party: teenagers attacked with machete and robbed
SWANSEA: Lotfi Belhadj accused of sexually assaulting female/male students
Asylum seeker, Christopher Anderson, who conned pensioner out of £70,000, jailed for 4 years
Nurse Sarah Msika left a pensioner lying on floor with broken leg
Nurse Tokunbo Adewusi groped colleague - 'both hands, both breasts'
Gang of Columbian thieves grabbed gems worth £1m: Ricardo Guerrero jailed for 5.5 years
Dishonest neurosurgeon Emanuel Labram remains free to work!
Asim Bashir fired a .357 Magnum through door of teen's home injuring him
Amit Hindocha and Charlie Hone hijacked lorry load of fags
Footballer, Alex Kazemi, bit nose of opposition player
Crooked vet Francisco Cruz flees country to avoid community service
Dr Joanna Ghigo lied about work to get job
Dr Julius Fadipe squeezed receptionist's breast by accident
Greater Manchester top cop pockets extra £52k a year despite cuts
Islamists gun down 44 in Nierian mosque
Egyptian schoolgirl, 10, gunned down as she walked home from bible study class
Grasping coalition politicians pocket spinster's £520,000 legacy
Michael Jackson's debts totalled half a billion dollars when he died!
Racist attacks up by 60% in France
Miliband's growing reliance on unions

Tuesday 13 August

Muslim groups get biggest share of Tower Hamlets Council’s faith building grants
Ana Ullah sexually assaulted 7-year-old after inviting her to play with his daughter
Missing girl, 13, found! 'Had got to know a... Pakistani... on Facebook before disappearing'
BRIGHTON: Young woman raped by black man
Royal Barnes charged with circulating terror videos 'glorifying' Lee Rigby's murder
'Family man', Jamil Abad, who groped a woman then assaulted her 3 days later escapes jail
Romanian thieves target Tesco
Asians could swing next UK general election!
£480,000 of foreign aid goes to Al-Qaeda! (Much more if you count what Syrian 'rebels' get)
EU threat to 'Made In Britain' labels
Metropolitan Police plans one ethnic recruit for each white!
Teens who drink heavily and take drugs 'more likely to get dementia early in life'
Pursuing firms for tax damaging economy says Deloitte boss (makes millions helping tax avoiders)
Babies whose births induced or sped up by drugs 'have higher risk of developing autism'
Labour gay EU Minister admits they let in too many immigrants
EU citizens ‘from cradle to grave!’ (British to be banned?)
FARAGE: traditional families being penalised by Government
Calls (from Keith Vaz) for positive discrimination in police recruitment!
Nominations open for a minority talent who has promoted multi-cultural Britain!
'Muhammad' is now second most popular boys’ name
Mob attacks gay couple's engagement ceremony in Haiti

Monday 12 August

Intelligent people just as likely to be racists! (Racist = A white chap who dares to put his own kinfolk first in the land they made)
BBC is biased toward the left, study finds
100,000 people in UK are HIV, a quarter 'do not know they are infected'
Nuclear Expert: Fukushima Is 'Emergency Without End'
WALSALL: Black man attacks OAP and young woman with metal bar
Pervert, Muhammed Waqas, groomed girl, 14,for sex
Rape charge footballer Nile Ranger told to stay out of Newcastle
Jailed drug dealer Karina Fitzgerald bit policeman
Wilfried Zaha's brother Serge avoids jail sentence for theft and criminal damage
Escaped murderer, Daniel Rosenthal, hacked his mother and father to death
Nigella accused by Saatchi of 'illegal acts' by Iraqi Jew hubbie
Labour accuses Tesco and Next of hiring foreign staff on the cheap
Ethnic minority voters could hold key to 2015 general election result
Gibraltar: Spain considers joint offensive with Argentina over Falklands
UK workers ‘experience one of the biggest wage drops in the EU’
UK aid supplies lost to Somali militants
4,000 jobless singletons raking in benefits worth £23k
Care worker Yadzia Ivelisse Morales 'poured boiling water on her 6-year-old daughter
British girls accused of smuggling cocaine haven't eaten for week (Oh dear!)
Council sends traveller clean-up bill to police commissioner

Sunday 11 August

The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast
Pope says 'Lobbying is the problem... political... masonic... all lobbies' Nick Cohen sneers
Britain's crime hotspots - Where the immigrants are?
The violent men cleared by police only to commit further crimes
Fall in wages puts Britain in Europe's bottom four
Army redundancies could be put on ice because so many soldiers are quitting
'Bogus brides cry rape or battery to get British visas'
71% of Britons want out of the EU: the eurocrats know it but the Brits don't
75 arrested over trafficking gang which charged Chinese £40,000 to smuggle them into Europe
UK aid supplies lost to Somali militants
"Madman" Charles Saatchi threatened to commit suicide in bid to win back Nigella
Stressed hospital boss lands £370,000 and £24,000 a year for life after he fainted at work
Ramsay's tax nightmare: Foul-mouthed chef faces fraud probe Gordon Brown: forgotten Macbeth of British politics? (Let's all feel sorry for a psychopath?)
Since when was saving your children a 'lifestyle choice'?
Anger at pay rise for Comic Relief bosses
£20m wasted by disgraced UK Border Agency
Shoplifters given food vouchers as ‘reward’
Would Britain be much better off if we quit the EU?
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad car bombs kill dozens
Families priced out of London homes
'My husband tried to force me to abort my twin girls': Doctor's charge inflames India fight
Zanzibar acid attack: Hate cleric Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa shot and captured by cops
I’d vote for DSK the pimp over Weiner the ‘sexter’ (I'd vote for neither Jew)
Comedy star Meera Syal hits out over lack of Asian faces on British TV

Saturday 10 August

Drugs pumped into supermarket chickens pose a terrifying threat to our health!
4 MORE African nations getting billions from us join the space race!
Cancer patient told: 'You'll probably die on the waiting list'
Richard Dawkins: 'Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?'
A&E at crisis point: 111 staff send ambulances to 250,000 more emergencies
LIVERPOOL: Footballer Raheem Sterling in court accused of beating up 20-year-old girlfriend
WOLVERHAMPTON: Riot ringleader, Dwaine Spence, spared jail after violent attack
BEDFORD: Young girl sexually assaulted by Asian
BOLTON: Uncle and nephew kerb crawlers Siraz Alli and Safik Patel caught out
MANCHESTER: Check out sentences of scammers (Afzal, Khan, Saleem etc.)
BLACKBURN: Racist attack (by Asians) on police officer
HENLOW: Care home worker Jackie Ndoro convicted of neglect
SMETHWICK: Female flasher exposed herself in front of young children
Racial abuse? Model and escort Lady Jet Black British Barbie spared jail
Pupils at risk of forced marriage in danger of being abducted by their own families
Lesbian mother-of-two jailed after falsely claiming taxi driver raped her
Irishman Eric Eoin Marques 'biggest facilitator of child pornography on the planet'
Biggest donors to USA's top Iran-bashing think tank, Marcus, Singer and Adelson, are Jewish
Jewish supremacists exposed as major proponents of Iran sanctions
Why have Police in America turned into such ruthless thugs?
More pupils 'rule out university'
Cold-hearted Nigella has simply abandoned me, says her 18-year-old stepdaughter

Friday 9 August

Of Britain's 20 "most Wanted" tax criminals in 2012 only 4 were British, only 1 was caught! (New batch: only 1/10 is British)
LEICESTER: Paedophile Anwar Ismail gets 18 years after boy who blew whistle committed suicide
ISLINGTON: Rodney Hickford objects to being called an 'Anglo-Saxon c***',' gets stabbed 29 times
WALSALL: Kamil Dreszer and Daniel Kosowski torture man to death
EALING: One dead, another stabbed in the back - Black man runs away
LEYTON: David Gikawa stabbed beauty queen to death in front of her daughter
AFRICA: volunteer teachers Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, 18, attacked with acid
AFRICA: Acid attack on girls working at Christian nursery inspired by radical Muslim preacher?
EAST LONDON: Anas Iqbal faces retrial for involvement in child sex ring
PIMLICO: Ahmed Elsemait 'euphoric' after blasting victim with sawn-off shotgun
LONDON: Cross-dressing bandit Vasile Bogdan gets 10 years for £300,000 robbery campaign
NEWCASTLE: Bakhtiyar Hama wanted in connection with stabbing
WALSALL: Zeeshan Ali accused of indecently assaulting 5 women on buses
BURNLEY: 3 arrested for child sexual exploitation
BLACKBURN: Boy has jaw fractured by Asian attackers
LEICESTER: Woman indecently assaulted by black man on canal towpath
OXFORD: Young man attacked outside pub: black couple sought
ABERDEEN: Men indecently assaulted by Asian
DOCKLANDS: Ibrahim Ali gets 2 years for 2000 sickening images of children
DEPTFORD: Housing officer Rudi Andre pocketed deposits from cash-strapped tenants ORPINGTON: Amit Hindocha and Charlie Hone attacked trucker and stole lorry full of fags WALTHAMSTOW: Nasim Suka's dog attacked girl who ran and was hit by car: NOT GUILTY!
Bullying nurse, Aldrona Christian, keeps her job
HOMERTON: Sex assault doctor, Rajinder Aggarwal, finally struck off
QUEEN'S PARK: Abdulwasim Osemi-Badru crashed into minicab whilst fleeing police
CROYDON: Woman slapped by black man
Hannah Smith's dad slams David Cameron for 'passing buck' on online bullying
Why doesn't Stephen Fry call for a ban on Russian music, theatre and all performing arts?
By what right does this smug luvvie speak for the civilised world?
How £1billion of your cash is being used to help Nigeria join the space race
Nigeria is so corrupt it would be better to burn our aid money
More UK births than any year since 1972 says ONS!
Jonathan Portes: "Medium to long-term benefits (of immigration/high birth rate) are substantial!"
Immigration and recession boost UK population by 420,000
Killer whose case was championed by the BBC finally admits that he DID murder pensioner
Machete-wielding raider floored by cage fighter and bouncer waiting in queue
Detroit (82.7% Black/7.8% White) runs out of fuel with debts of $20billion
BRAZIL: Family-killer Marcelo Pesseghini may have been framed by corrupt cops

Thursday 8 August

"Islam way more English than the EDL! British far Right? Much to loathe!"
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters smeared by Rabbi Abraham Cooper as 'open hater of Jews!'
Saudi Arabia offers Russia deal to scale back Assad support!
British women attacked with acid in Zanzibar
LIAR! Cancer surgeon Emmanuel Labram told patient he had removed her brain tumour
Muhammed Waqas jailed for sex with girl, 14
Cricketer Monty Panesar urinated on bouncers at Brighton nightclub
Named and shamed: 10 of Britain's biggest benefits cheats
UKIP's 'Bongo Bongo' man storms out of 'racist' TV interview
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has caused a storm but there's ample evidence to back up his claims
Jet fighter threat to the Falklands? (We give aid cash to Argentina!)
Muslim preacher threatens cops who arrested Jihadists about to go fight in Syria
Cécile Kyenge, 'Italian' Integration Minister, wants more Africans in Europe!
Amazon could shut down Ask.fm cyber bullying website... but refuses Sickening trawl through website where children are trolled to death
Barrister who called girl, 13, a 'predator' is barred from sex cases
Judge and prosecutor described paedo's 13-year-old victim as "predatory!"
BBC paid gay icon Graham Norton £2.61million last year
Swiss towns block illegals from Public assets. Opponents cry “racist”
EU source of all Britain’s problems?
Gay Jew, Stephen Fry, wants 'absolute ban on Russian Winter Olympics of 2014!'

Wednesday 7 August

Girl tried to kill herself after day testifying against 10 Muslims accused grooming her at 11
Five children from UK, Ireland and US killed themselves after suffering abuse on Ask.fm
Party-loving sons of Red Army officer making millions from misery with infamous Ask.fm
Online bullying doubles in a year: Twelve victims a day ring Childline!
Told to pay gay rights activist/government adviser £40,000 for calling her 'danger to children!'
Black foreigner offered to take injured girl to hospital before raping her
Andre Omar Smith charged with the attempted murder of a pregnant woman
Knife-wielding Afghan asylum seeker behind bars over late night attacks
Drug dealing gang jailed for more than 40 years
Jail for shopkeeper Talakdar Ataur Rahman who masterminded immigration scam
Afghan thug jailed for biting off man's ear lobe during politics row
Royal Mail employee, Mohammed Benares, jailed for downloading a stash of terrorist documents
Doctor Suhail Ahmed pleaded guilty to 11 charges of voyeurism on female patients
Keystone cops 'go to wrong town' as burglars steal £5,400 of stock
Elouise Keeling, 14, dies of asthma attack after operator sends ambulance to wrong address
EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweets link to anti-Semitic website! (The Traitor Within is mine)
'Bully' nurse Aldrona Christian faces being struck off over attacks on colleagues
'Don't send aid to bongo bongo land' says UKIP's Jewish MEP (speaking up for most)
Labour's Chuka Umunna pocketed gambling tycoon's £20,000 as he campaigned against bookies
Dewani wants Supreme Court to block extradition to to face trial for wife's murder
Children banned from playing cricket at the Ashes
Tories promise return to grammar schools but only in Wales
Muslim mob pelts sponsored walk brothers-in-law wearing mankinis with stones
Face of Birmingham: Four families shortlisted for £100,000 statue
Rip-off 0844 GP phone numbers can hit patients with unexpected charges of 41p per minute
Parents' anxieties keep children playing indoors
Scientists find eating big breakfast prevents diabetes/high blood pressure! (Now they tell us)

Tuesday 6 August

The Government’s shameful scapegoating of immigrants (Yasmin Alibhai-Brown)
Hannah Smith, 14, 'hangs herself' after horrific abuse from bullies on Latvian website Ask.fm
Manzar Juma gets 16 years for murder of girlfriend Ruby Love
Hertfordshire cop, PC Adesoji Afolabi, 'raped woman after arrest'
Maths teacher Yaser Amin charged with 5 counts of sexually assaulting 3 pupils
Walking home from work, young man stabbed by black attackers
Keighley: 14-year-old boy was punched to the head and stomach by a gang of Asian teenagers
"Dark-skinned" woman steals purse of wheelchair-bound girl
Victim of ex-Man Utd starlet Ravel Morrison let down by youth workers
West Ham abandon transfer for convicted rapist Ilombe Mboyo
Allyson Ng helped more than 100 Chinese drivers cheat driving theory exam
Immigrant bag thief Sami Mostafoui jailed for ninth time
Paedo spared jail because his victim, 13, was a 'sexual predator' egging him on!
Detective gets written warning only after setting immigrant rapist free to kill twice!
Generation porn: viewing web filth is routine at 13!
60 per cent don't get on with the neighbours next door
Crackdown after 16 fatal dog attacks in eight years
How the recession made mums more likely to scream at their children
Apology 4 years after cop thug kills Ian Tomlinson
Thirty charity bosses paid more than £100,000 a year
Rolf Harris arrested on suspicion of further sex offences
Private eyes spy for the State: public officials spend your millions on snoopers

Monday 5 August

Blair gets $1million for 3 hours work! Brokers deal between billionaire Jew and Qatari Royal
Don't blame immigrants they aren't the ones DELIBERATELY wrecking Britain
Jill Dando link to paedophile ring?
Britain is home to half a million porn websites: UK hosts third biggest volume of adult content
I despair of a Tory Party that bribes mothers to get others to take care of their children
Britain's biggest polluters are... Our privatised Water companies!
'Unprecedented' surge in online child abuse images
David Cameron’s election strategist in plot to discredit UKIP councillors
The burglars who smashed her skull were bailed and... fled the country!
Widow conned out of £820,000 by surgeon lover Dr Ashraf Elnazir
Third youth arrested over Walthamstow rape of 12-year-old girl
Woman sexually assaulted at Waltham Abbey by men of "Mediterranean appearance"
Men hurt after Broadwater Farm shooting Thugs who stabbed Liam Woodards to death jailed
Former Cabinet Secretary appointed head of firm advising Heathrow on bid for 3rd runway
Government slammed for 'insulting' victims of London riots
Cameron and Clegg accused of stuffing the House of Lords with cronies
Rising numbers of nurseries ban physical contact to stop paedophilia accusations
Zimbabwe: Shameful stain on Britain's conscience Piling pressure on traditional families
Daniel Pelka's evil mother ‘revelled in being cruel’
Black worker awarded £27,000 after hearing colleague referred to as golliwog

Sunday 4 August

Soldier who lost leg in Afghanistan bomb blast has died
Pensioner wearing his old RAF jacket headbutted by thugs shouting 'death to the soldiers'
Stop teaching kids how to spell! Smartphones can do it for them says Prof Sugata Mitra!
Lessons in spelling 'have no place in 21st century schools'
Children raped in South Shields: Ferdoush Hasan, Raabsan Khan and Abu Sufian charged
Former reggae star with Manchester band X-O-Dus locked up for child sex abuse
Trafficked by Imrich Bodor and sold to Azam Khan, 20-year-old kept as sex slave
Sex beast Babritundre Mustapha jailed after locking victim in bedroom and raping her
Carl, "of Asian appearance" sought for Gateshead rape
Ukrainian immigrant, Pavlo Lapshyn, charged with murder of Mohammed Saleem
Desmond Brooks murdered Keisha and stabbed Saffron and Joan repeatedly
Getaway driver, Samuel Zeria, denies murder
Bank Clerks Mandeep Sandhu and Balbir Singh Narwal stole £50,000 from account
Waithe, Kabashi, Saleh and Remy get 39 years for kidnap/torture/ranson demand
Yardie Gangster, Warren Leader, caged
Anthony Dempster sold handguns, pump action shotguns etc at discount prices
Jailed Bradford sub-postmaster Khayyam Ishaq too broke to pay back proceeds of crime
Mansfield shop owner Vijay Kumar Chadda faces three charges of sexual assault
Armed robber turned youth mentor denies assaulting woman
22-year-old sexually assaulted by "dark-skinned stranger
Hussein Hassan charged: 'They're only chocolate sprinkles' = wedding cake shop + mouse turds
Graham Norton's ex is heartbroken! (Shame that)
Dumbed-down Brits learn their history from sitcoms
Tory minister v Saint Doreen!
Honour the dead but don't celebrate a conflict that blights us to this day
Germans Revoke US permission to spy on them

Saturday 3 August

Britain: Muslim Prison Population Up 200%
African immigrant, Henry Assumang, charged with deliberately infecting women with AIDS virus
Elaine Perry, 57, complains about rowdy kids & gets threatened! Who do WPCs arrest?
How Roma invasion and an explosion of crime sparked rise of France's racist Right
In 1982, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl wanted half of Turks out of Germany
CSC workers in Britain asked to train their replacements in India and Czech Republic!
Bogus ID gang let 250 Bangladeshi immigrants exploit UK benefits 'gold mine'
Cops gave Leveson dossier on big firm/lawyer hackers - he dismissed it in 18 minutes!
US issued global travel warning of Al-Qaeda attacks! (US on Al-Qaeda's side in Syria)
Syrian Christians starving as Obama and western nations support rebels
In Syria, is the US helping Al Qaeda?
'Serial rapist' Colin Blake should never have been cleared of previous rapes
Lyndon ‘Sweet Pea’ Plummer, 67, gets 8 year for rape 30 years ago
Iblal and Khasim Fiaz and Mudassar Hussain will not face child rape retrial!
Comic Relief! £200,000 given by British public 'goes missing' from Ugandan charity!
Do you recognise this Liverpool Street Station savage?
Do you recognise this Forest Hill Station savage?
Samantha Burmis jailed for hiding her criminal record (tried to claim £1.2m for racial discrimination
Malmo Sweden: Muslim child rapist suspected of grooming 185 girls
Mohammad Arif Ali and brother stole corpse and use it to make curry!
WPC Rebecca Swanston gets 3 years for leaking info to criminals sh*gging her
Millionaire gay dads to sue Church of England for not allowing them to get married in church?
Fraud bosses 'should return £1million pay-offs!'
MPs to quiz GCHQ spies over what they did for £100m payment from US government
Rich and poor people's bodies 'contain different toxins'
Unite union's Len McCluskey says Home Office's 'go home' vans are 'vans of hate'
Teacher, football coach, blonde & pregnant wife: this black chap is Halifax's 'kind of person!'

Friday 2 August

Are we stupid? Are we suicidal? We must be. We vote for it!
‘Imams promote grooming rings’ claims Muslim leader!
The murder of St Stephen and the strange case of the missing Wikipedia entries Mariusz Krezolek arrested 6 times/jailed 3 before murdering his stepson! Why wasn't he deported?
Headmaster Darren Clews left the school soon after Daniel Pelka was murdered
The not-me-guv culture that failed poor Daniel
Nine Asians and Ricardo Hinkson charged with sexual exploitation of teenagers in Coventry
Black savages jailed for random stabbings
Miss Africa contestant found stabbed to death next to her crying daughter
Couple in cyanide death horror: Detectives probe Russian link
Serial gay groper, Akinwale Arobieke, at it again
Cowboy builder, Patrick Feeney, overcharged confused pensioners by up to 600%
'Money is polluting Parliament' New Lords = major business donors to LibLabCon
Polluting of the House of Lords: Cannabis Commander, hedge fund boss and rave club king
If Harman has a point, I'm a rubber chicken
'Hesitant and confused with a bunker mentality': Labour MP's verdict on Miliband
Failed firm's £53m from Labour NHS deal
Family who got dinner lady fired emigrating to Muslim country? (Result or boll***s?)
Firms linked to hacking to be named? Official who kept dossier secret forced to quit
Soca chief Sir Ian Andrews quits over undeclared interest in private company
GCHQ: inside the top secret world of Britain's biggest spy agency
Britain in debt: Half of UK adults 'living on financial edge'
Imagine a feudal country where 432 families own half the land. Welcome to Scotland
Bosses at Fraud Office used secret e-mails to cover up £1m pay-offs
CAMERON WARS! Rocket attack in Homs sparks massive explosion killing at least 40
Anthony Weiner sexting scandal: why are wives political assets and husbands political liabilities?
Council defends decision to stock extremist books in Woolwich library
Rude words, not honest opinions, are welcome at the BBC
University of Limerick racism case is thrown out

Thursday 1 August

DIVERSITY! West Yorks cop, Sergeant Salim Ismail, charged with rape
DIVERSITY! Constable Adesoji Afolabi raped a vulnerable young woman
DIVERSITY! Desmond Brooks 'murdered ex-wife for refusing to back his bid to stay in UK'
DIVERSITY! Polish immigrants (one his mother) murdered 4-year-old Daniel Pelka
DIVERSITY! Drug-addict prostitute mother and violent criminal lover murder son, 4
DIVERSITY! Pregnant woman critical after stabbing - Leon Harrison sought
DIVERSITY! Seek asylum, stab people, get fed and housed for 4.5 years!
DIVERSITY! Doctor Sadhanshu Garg made series of blunders and Lisa Quinn died
DIVERSITY! Calvin Lawrence tried to burn down ex-girlfriend’s home
DIVERSITY! Serious assault on theatre-goer in Woking (CCTV image)
DIVERSITY! Former doctor, Jagatdas Anthathi, committed 7 sexual assaults - NO JAIL!
DIVERSITY! Drug offences? Attack room-mate with a metal pole? NO JAIL for Hakim Daniels!
DIVERSITY! Andre Yankey tried to impress girl with video of him butchering a mouse!
DIVERSITY! Brothel Madam and prostitute, Christina Maxinianu, walks free DIVERSITY! Azeem Ahamed Faleela Gafoor accused of flashing/stalking
DIVERSITY! British doctor's throat slit at her Cameroon home! Ex-employee ordered murder
165mph driver, http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/418998/Catch-me-if-you-can-165mph-driver-going-as-fast-as-a-jet-laughs-off-road-ban "/>DIVERSITY! Shiad Mahmoon laughs off road ban
DIVERSITY! ‘I’m going to break every white bone in your white face’: Asian footballer jailed
Britain is bankrolling EU institutions at a record £20billion a year!
‘Another 1.4bn reasons for us to leave the EU’
Counter-terrorism unit to the rescue! Monster in court for lynching Golliwog!
Dinner lady, Alison Waldock, sacked for accidentally serving pork to a Muslim child
Parole rules 'put freed criminals ahead of victims'
Struggling pensioners are selling up and moving into rented accommodation to pay off debts
John Allen charged with 32 offences of child abuse in Welsh care homes
Six cops stripped young woman and left her naked in cell
Ban the fans!!! PC is alive and kicking the sh*t out of Liverpool!
Text from John Humphry's banned BBC documentary
Mexican doc who chopped up gay lover was inspiration for Hannibal Lecter
Lord Howell shows his rampant idiocy

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