Chronological Quotations

On 25 January 2013, Treasury minister, Sajid Javid, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:
"The damage that was done to the party’s image in the 1970s, particularly by Enoch Powell, is something we still haven’t been able to shake off... This will require the Prime Minister, someone of that standing to say he doesn’t represent what the Conservative Party is today in any way and to set out what the Conservative Party actually is when it comes to race relations, multiculturalism and so forth."
On 25 January 2013, a young girl who was 15 at the time of the offences, gave the following testimony against certain of the defendants in the Oxford child exploitation trial:

"They kept saying horrible things to me, really degrading, that make me feel like a piece of dirt. In the end I thought it would be easier to just do it to shut them up...

I just hated myself, I just felt disgusted at myself, and thought why am I doing it? Why is he doing it? He knows how old I am...

They constantly take advantage and treat me like a piece of meat they can just tread all over... I know they are doing it to other girls as well. I see them doing it. Little girls in school uniforms."
The BBC added:

"She is one of six alleged victims of nine men accused of grooming and exploiting children in Oxford...

The court heard the girl, who was living in a children's home at the time, went to South Park with a group of Asian men and after a while was left with two of them.

She described how she was given alcohol and made to give the men oral sex...

Jurors were told the next day the alleged victim was made to have sex with a man in another park. She said when she tried to refuse he told her he was getting angry, adding: 'You are not going to like it when I get angry so just make sure you make me happy.

The court heard he bent her fingers back to the point she thought they were going to break before she agreed to have sex with him."
Kamar Jamil, Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, Assad Hussain, Mohammed and Bassam Karrar, Mohammed Hussain and Zeeshan and Bilal Ahmed deny 51 counts relating to crimes committed against girls aged 11 to 15 from 2004 to 2012.

On 25 January 2013, Lib Dem MP, David Ward, was quoted thus by The Independent:

"I am saddened that the Jews... could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza."
A Liberal Democrat spokesman said:

"This is a matter we take extremely seriously. The Liberal Democrats deeply regret and condemn the statement issued by David Ward and his use of language which is unacceptable."
The upper echelons of the establshment do not, under any circumstances, wish to see one of their own telling the off-limits truth.

Scratch those leadership ambitions, Dave. There's no way you'll ever get to slither to the top of the greasy pole now.

On 28 June 2012, the BBC reported thus:

"The former chief executive of Barclays Martin Taylor has told the BBC that the bank has engaged in 'systematic dishonesty.' It comes after Barclays was fined £290m ($450m) for trying to manipulate interest rates.

Mr Taylor said that Barclays' deception looks like a deliberate strategy as it had been going on for years...

Other big names believed to be under investigation include Citigroup, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr Taylor, who was chief executive of Barclays from 1994 to 1998, said:

'It's hard to believe that a policy which seems to be so systematic was not known by people at or very near the top of the bank'...

In response, chief executive Bob Diamond and three other top executives at the bank are to give up their bonuses this year...

Former City minister Lord Myners told the BBC that the people at the top should take responsibility for 'a complete cultural failure.' He said the behaviour of Barclays staff was the worst he had seen.

'This is the most corrosive failure of moral behaviour I have seen in a major UK financial institution in my career,' he said. I think fines and public criticism will not stop these behaviours. These behaviours will not stop until the people perpetrating it or responsible for overseeing them face the prospect of criminal charges and the prospect of going to jail.'

The former Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, Lord Oakeshott said:

'If Bob Diamond had a scintilla of shame he would resign. If Barclays' board had an inch of backbone between them they would sack him,' he said."

The BBC's Business editor, Robert peston, added:

"It's quite hard to think of behaviour by a bank as shocking as this."

On 26 June 2012, The Evening Standard quoted Labour MP and Chairman of the London Gangs Forum, Chukka Ummuna, thus:

"At the heart of these gangs' activities are criminality and very serious violence. But... they put a lot of effort into building up their gang's brand. You can find music videos they produce to promote their activities on YouTube... This brand building is shocking because it glamorises what they do...

What frustrates me is many of these young people are using skills that if channelled in the right way, would provide them with an alternative route to success. In Lambeth, too much of this entrepreneurial instinct is being channelled into totally the wrong thing. Their entrepreneurial zeal, used in a legitimate business setting, could provide them with a ladder up.

We must make legitimate business a more feasible avenue through which our young people can realise their dreams even when all else may have failed them."

More PC b***ox from the PC Crowd!

Who the f***, apart from the usual PC suspects, is the least bit interested in giving those involved in 'criminality and very serious violence', whose 'brand... glamorises what they do' 'a ladder up?'

Flog 'em, brand 'em, imprison 'em, feed 'em on bread and water, stick 'em in the stocks and/or in a chain gang, then send 'em down the mines to slog on behalf of a righteously vengeful majority for the next ten years!

Oh, and, where appropriate, hang 'em high!

Job done in a week.

The last thing the PC Crowd want, of course, when they are at war with the indigenous peoples of the West, is for that war to be over in a week with common sense, decency and their victims the victors.

On 25 June 2012, The Daily Mail told us this:

"Social workers 'considered sending African boy to Congo for disturbing and traumatising exorcism because his parents claimed he was possessed by evil spirits.' Islington Council considered agreeing to parents' request for boy to undergo 'disturbing and violent' ritual...

The local authority paid an expert over £4,000 to travel to Africa to investigate the possibility of an exorcism as they were worried the family's 'sensibilities might be affected'...

Officials do not challenge the mistreatment of children when it is committed under the guise of 'religious or cultural practices'."

On 24 June, the 'expert', Dr Richard Hoskins, said this:

"We fear to trend where sensibilities might apparently be affected. This problem is about the underlying failure to tackle abuse when it is masked behind multiculturalism."

This is where we are now. Beyond all sense. At the point of madness. The PC Crowd dragged the British Nationalist kicking and screaming to this place. But the rest, the sheeple, what were they doing? They grumbled when no one was around to hear. When no one was around to accuse them of 'racism.'

Any and all Africans who imagine that a child needs to be exorcised should be living in Africa. The family in question and any others who have come to the attention of the authorities should be deported immediately.

Those who pretend African savagery isn't happening because Africans commit it, should be sacked, flogged and, where appropriate, sent back to their country of origin. Those who pay an expert £4,000 of taxpayers' money to check out whether a child should be exorcised, should be dealt with similarly.

The traitors who have, entirely against the will of the British people, been encouraging such uncivilised creatures to come to our country in their many millions, should be put up against a wall and shot.

On 21 June 2012, Jeremy Warner said this in The Telegraph:

"By imposing the euro on the disfranchised masses, Europe’s leaders have created a doomsday machine from whose clutches they seem ever more powerless to escape."

That's globalism for you. That's World Government run by the bad guys forever for you. That's Marxism for you.

That's what the sheeple voted for.

That's what they got.

On 21 June 2012, Fraser Nelson said this in The Telegraph:

"Britain’s tax system is the real villain of the Jimmy Carr case."

Britain's p***-taking tax system 'is the real villain', as are the elite trough-gobblers who make use of it. Jimmy Carr is an elite trough gobbler, a p***-taker and a t*at.

One of us, he ain't.

On 20 June 2012, the softly-spoken top table thug, Peter Sutherland, opined thus in Committee Room three of the House of Lords:

“If the European example is much poorer in terms of the integration of (immigrant) workers into the society in terms of their getting jobs, it is related to the fact that the United States or Australia and New Zealand are migrant societies. And that therefore they accomodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others. WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT THE EUROPEAN UNION SHOULD BE DOING ITS BEST TO UNDERMINE.”

Not one of the Lordly characters on view in committee room three was the least bit critical of Sutherland's muticultural ethos. They were all happy to wag their upper-crust tails in anti-National harmonony. It really is as though these leafy-suburban, be-moated types exist on a completely different planet to the rest of us.

Here are one or two more June 2012, New World Order pearls from the immigration supremo:

“I think that the EU’s role is to bring together the best thinking… on this issue.”


“IMMIGRATION IS A MORAL PLUS. I think it's also an economic plus and not something to be rejected.”


“I don't see that there is an argument in favour of limiting migrants to areas of high-skilled contributions to the economy.”

“The Commission... has the massive advantage of not being swayed by populism... which inevitably becomes AN IRRELEVANT FACTOR IN THE ENUNCIATION OF MIGRATION POLICY.”

So, according to Sutherland, the indigenous, Nordic folk of Europe don't count. 'Populist' opinion (that of the majority) is of no consequence. Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, we're there already, he and his ilk are in charge, 'homogeneity and difference' are their enemies so we'd better start getting used to the fact that, a few years down the line we're all going to be coffee-coloured, have no roots and deeply obeisant to the Globalist few.

Simple question, ladies and gents. Who the f*** do these creeps think they are? World government run by Sutherlands, Blairs, Bushes, Obamas, Camerons, Cleggs, Milibands and international financiers (greedy bankers) that own them all FOREVER? Is this what you really want?

Do you really want your own great race gone? That IS what it's all about, you know. Sutherland won't be advocating the extinction of the Chinese any time soon. Mother Earth will disappear into a black hole before he ever advises Pakistan, India, Africa, Japan, South America or, God forbid, Israel to dispense with their own 'homogeneity,' that's for sure.

The uncomfortable 'difference' of the white world appears to be the only problem that irritates the top table. Oh yes, ladies and gents, there'll be plenty of black, brown and yellow people left on planet earth in a hundred years time but, if the Sutherlands get their way, there won't be one blonde, blue-eyed beauty left for the rest to gawp at.

On 22 May 2003, The Asia Times told us that Sutherland was intimately connected to Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush's ultra-hawkish, Iraq-bashing Defence Secretary.

"Rumsfeld is an active Bilderberger. So is General Peter Sutherland from Ireland, a former European Union commissioner and Chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP. Rumsfeld and Sutherland served together in 2000 on the board of Swiss energy company ABB. And ABB happened to have sold two light-water nuclear reactors to North Korea."

Nice company he keeps, eh? Nice businesses he's involved with.

From Sutherland's Wikipedia entry:

"Peter Denis Sutherland, KCMG, SC... Irish international businessman and former Attorney General of Ireland... barrister by profession... Senior Counsel at the Irish Bar... UCD's law school is to be named the Sutherland School of Law...

Married to the Spanish-born Maruja... He was educated at Gonzaga College, a JESUIT day school in Dublin...

Youngest ever European Commissioner and served in the first Delors Commission, where he played a crucial role in opening up competition across Europe, particularly the airline, telecoms, and energy sectors.

Director General of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (now the World Trade Organisation). Later Mickey Kantor, (Jewish) the US Trade Minister, credited him with being THE FATHER OF GLOBALISATION...

The Uruguay round of global trade talks, concluded in 1994 with Sutherland as Chair of GATT, produced the biggest trade agreement in history and ESTABLISHE DTHE WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION...

He is non-executive CHAIRMAIN OF GOLDMAN SACHS... Until June 2009 he was non-executive CHAIRMAN OF BP...

Sutherland was a DIRECTOR OF THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND Group until he was asked to leave the board when it had to be taken over by the UK government to avoid bankruptcy...

ON THE STEERING COMMITTEE OF THE BEILDERBERG GROUP, he is an homourary CHAIRMAN OF THE TRILATERAL COMMISSION... and was vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (2006–2009).

He was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastrict) from 1991 to 1996. He is Honorary President of the European Movement Ireland...

He was appointed as a member of the Hong Kong Chief Executive's Council of International Advisers in the years of 1998–2005. He produced the Sutherland Report for the Portuguese Government on the handover of Macao to China in January 2000.

He is President of the Federal Trust for Education and Research, a British think tank. He was Chairman of The Ireland Fund of Great Britain from 2001 to 2009... In 2005, he was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

In Spring 2006 he was appointed CHAIR OF LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS COUNCIL...

In January 2006, he was appointed by United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan as his Special Representative for Migration. In this position, he was responsible for promoting the establishment of a Global Forum on Migration and Development, a state-led effort open to all UN members that is meant to help governments better understand how migration can benefit their development goals...

On 5 December 2006, he was appointed as Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (a financial adviser to the Vatican)...

He was twice offered the job of UN High Commissioner for Refugees by Kofi Annan...

Honorary Fellow of OXONIA,The Oxford Institute For Economic Policy; Honorary Doctorate of Law, St Louis University (1985)
The Gold Medal of the European Parliament (1988)
Robert Schuman Medal (1988)
The First European Law Prize (Paris 1988)
European Person of the Year Award (1988)
The David Rockefeller International Leadership Award (1998),
Grand Cross of Order of Civil Merit (Spain 1989)
The Irish People of the Year Award (1989)
Grand Cross of Order of Leopold II (Belgium 1989)
New Zealand 1990 Commemoration Medal (1990)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, National University of Ireland (1990) [28]
Knight of the Legion of Honour (France 1993)
The Consumer for World Trade Annual Award (1994)
Commandeur of the Order of Ouissam Alaouite (Morocco 1994)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, Bath University (1995)
Order of Rio Branco (Brazil 1996)
The Dean’s Medal, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, (1996)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, University of Reading (1997)
Grand Cross of the Order of Infante Dom Henrique (Portugal 1998)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, Nottingham University (1999)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, Exeter University (2000)
Foundation Day Medal, University College Dublin (2004)
Honorary Knighthood of the Order of St Michael and St George (UK 2004)
Honorary Doctorate of Law, Queens University, Belfast (2004)
Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of Sussex, 2008
Lifetime Achievement Award, Ireland Chamber of Commerce USA (2009)
Honorary Fellowship of London School of Business
Honorary Vice President of the University College Dublin Law Society (2011)."

The New World Order does like to parcel out the gongs, rosettes (and complimentary dosh?) to its favourite sons, doesn't it?

Behold a world-government-run-by-the likes-of-me-forever monster of the first water. A Satanic, 33rd degree Illuminati if ever there was one.

In a world where common sense, common decency, patriotism, good fellowship and REAL democracy held sway, the great traitor, Peter Denis Sutherland, KCMG, SC, would be one the first dispatched when the treason trials began.

In the artificial dystopia created by the PC Crowd and the global elite, without a civil war or two in the near future, we won't be around to give evidence.

On 11 June 2012, Charles Moore, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, said this in The Telegraph:

"ENOCH WAS RIGHT, taxi drivers always used to say… They meant, right about the dangers of mass immigration… They had a pride in the identity of their nation and a fear when they felt it threatened…

Tom Bower… points out that Powell’s prediction of the scale of the problem turned out to be more accurate than that of his critics…

If you read his speeches of the Seventies… you will concede that his account of what ‘going into Europe’ meant has turned out to be factually correct… Nowadays, people often say, in reference to the EU or the euro, that ‘no one ever told us this.’ Powell did: it was just that not enough people were in the mood to listen.

If you read this book, you will get in the mood."

44 years too late, it appears the mainstream is coming aboard.

On 2 June 2012, the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, said this in a Bible Society pamphlet:

"Material progress has been at the expense of our relationships with one another, our communal life. Within families, within communities, within society as a whole, our relationships are more strained, more fragile, more broken than we care to recognise…

Promiscuity, separation and divorce have reached epidemic proportions in our society… We shouldn’t be surprised that depression and the prescription of anti-depressants has reached a similarly epidemic level. Literally millions of children grow up without knowing a stable, loving, secure family life and that is not to count the hundreds of thousands more who don’t even make it out of the womb each year…

The extent of youth unemployment is appalling. The waste of human talent is unsustainable morally and economically… It is also necessary to rein in the market which has ruled supreme over the last 30 years…

Contemporary society lacks any credible narrative.”

On 23 May 2012, Ahmed Moor said this on the Mondoweiss web site:

"It was only three-and-a-half years ago that the Israeli army killed 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza - almost a third of whom were children. At the time the Israeli public barely reacted. The country's media covered the massacre in a way that either reflected or enabled a 94% approval rating for what was happening - within sight - in the name of the whole nation.

It wasn't until Judge Richard Goldstone recommended that Israel and Hamas both investigate potential war crimes (14 Israelis were killed; four of them by friendly fire) that some people began to worry. But just a little. And not enough to prevent the killing of 9 unarmed Turkish human rights activists in international waters.

The "elite" Israeli commandos commandeered the flotilla and returned home. They were saluted and lionized in the press - but only in Israel. Elsewhere, Zionists struggled to explain the Israeli line to skeptical publics. Justifying an invasion in international waters proved impossible. The til-then-unnoticed, unrecognized, or unacknowledged deterioration in Israel's legitimacy suddenly accelerated. And not just in Europe.

Today, the conversation about Zionism in America is dramatically different from what it was only a few years ago. Few credible people are willing to insist that the Palestinians and Israelis engage in "negotiations." The fiction that underpinned the call for a "peace process" - that the two parties are mutual antagonists to a symmetrical dispute - has been unraveled."

On 21 May 2012, The Daily Mail quoted several eye-witnesses to the murder of Luke Fitzpatrick thus:

"Luke was one of the nicest guys around, always looking after people, he actually cared about people, a really nice, funny guy. The amount of flowers that are here just shows how loved he was, this has ruined this community. I was there on Saturday and it was like something out of a horror film.

There were about 20 young black guys all with their hoods up armed with sticks and bats and knives. They just ran in the pub and started trying to attack people. It was really frightening...

He was just watching the football... It was such a good atmosphere in the pub then within a minute it was changed by a minority just looking for trouble. A couple of them had tried to start an argument with someone in the shop about two hours before this happened, but it was nothing to do with Luke. Then they rounded all their mates up and stormed the pub."

"There was an argument in the shop opposite the pub at half-time. Luke wasn’t anything to do with it, but we all heard that something had gone on. A group of black guys arrived at the door of the pub with bats and knives and they were looking for someone who had been outside the shop earlier...

They got Luke and dragged him outside. They were pulling him up the road. His dad was running after them. But by the time he got to Luke he was already on the floor. Bernie threw himself on top of Luke. He was trying to protect him, but it was too late.[/QUOTE]

"The men who came for Luke were like a pack of wolves. My brother ran after them as they were dragging Luke up the street. He covered him with his body, but they had already stabbed Luke all over."

"There is not one person who would say one bad word about him, he was one of the most loved people here. He had never done a bad thing in his life but he can’t even go to the pub with his dad and have a pint without getting murdered. Luke was just the nicest guy you could imagine, an absolute gent.

Bad things happen to good people. None of the scum bags who did this could ever live up to our friend."

The Mail added:

"A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death...

Luke Fitzpatrick was killed and his father Bernard, who threw himself on top of his son in a desperate attempt to shield him, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed four times.

The pair were attacked when a gang armed with bats and knives stormed the north London pub after father and son had watched Chelsea win the cup together at on Saturday."

Every killing, every rape, every gang rape, act of terrorism, drug offence, mugging, burglary, assault and theft perpetrated by the non-native is aided-and-abetted by the malign social engineers who encouraged the perpetrators of these crimes to come here in the first place.

And, for so long, did their utmost to keep such alien criminality out of the public eye.

I hate the PC Crowd even more than the black savages who murdered Luke. Savages do what they do. Keep them out of the neighbourhood and you know they won't be able to do you and yours any harm. Those who DELIBERATELY IMPOSE such dreadful creatures upon a law-abiding society, and then create law after law to prevent the lawful from protecting themselves, are far more dangerous to that society than the anti-societal plague they introduce.

Left to our own devices, we could rid ourselves of the street gangs in a week. How long will it take us to do away with their patrons?

On 21 May 2012, The Guardian reported on the protests taking place outside the Nato summit in Chicago.

The protestors said:

"No amount of medals, ribbons, or flags can cover the amount of human suffering caused by this war."

"I have only one word, and it is shame."

"This is for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Mostly, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all of you. I am sorry."

"I am returning my medal today because I want to live by my conscience, rather than be a prisoner of it."

"I apologise to the Iraqi and Afghani people for destroying your countries."

"I don't want these anymore."

The Guardian explained:

"Under the watchful eyes of a phalanx of full-black-clad riot police, dozens of former servicemen and women in uniform, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, threw away their medals, with apologies...

Most of the reporting of the demonstrations that met the summit will focus on the minor violence, on the few clashes between protesters and police, on the blood, on everything that happened after the peaceful march was over...

What was truly remarkable today was the American servicewomen and men tossing their medals back at NATO... Tragically, our leaders were busy posing for photo ops...

These courageous women and men, these veterans brought to a close a remarkably peaceful anti-NATO march with more than 10,000 protesters – supported by so many more who chanted with them along the route."

As regards the "human suffering caused by this war", in an April 2003, edition of the Israeli daily, Ha’aretz, Ari Shavit told us who caused it:

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, MOST OF THEM JEWISH, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."

Following a Der Spiegel interview with Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, on 21 May 2012, The Telegraph quoted him thus:

“You have one emergency summit after another; you have one election after the other; you have one bail out after the other… I, as a passionate Liberal and pro-European, think it would be a disaster if a lack of grip and a lack of a comprehensive solution were to lead to a push towards the extreme Right or the extreme Left.


Frankly, questions about the British debate about the European Union will be like a small side show compared to the rise of the political extremism. That is what’s at stake.”

For once, an ultra-PC bigwig tells the unvarnished truth, albeit he’s trying to frighten, as opposed to illuminate, by doing so.

Fingers crossed the would-be frightener is better at predicting the future of Europe than he is at governing it.

P.S. Despite Clegg’s seemingly even-handed warnings of an “extreme Right or extreme Left” future, we are left in no doubt as to which of these extremes he fears the most. The “nationalist, xenophobic and populist movements” he cites occurring at the rightward edge of the political spectrum.

On 20 May 2012, the philosopher and political commentator, James Fetzer, said this on Press TV:

"Hypocrisy is rampant in the United States. Its position and attitude toward the world, we espouse freedom and democracy but in fact we have overthrown democratic governments in Iran, democratic governments in Chile. We have supported movements involving brutality in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua…

The use of NATO to depose regimes in Libya, and now with the massing of forces in Jordan threatening Syria, is a complete disgrace…

I believe the idea of a Saudi merge with Bahrain is to provide a pseudo justification for the use of Saudi forces against the Bahraini people as part and parcel of this brutal crackdown, just as the invocation of Article 5 of the NATO charter was invoked by Bush and Cheney to justify the invasion of Afghanistan.

This appears to have been motivated by the desire to loot Afghanistan of its… iron, copper, gold and, most importantly, lithium, discovered, at least in part, by Russian mining experts during their occupation of Afghanistan…

The United States now knows where the major mineral and gas and oil deposits are located in the world and seeks to exploit that for the benefit of American corporations and their profit margins.”

On 20 May 2012, music producer Mike Stock, of Stock Aitken and Waterman fame, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

"If you haven’t got much of a sell, stick some sex in the video and the job’s done. It’s both easy and lazy. And probably shows a lack of ability to do something else.

It’s largely the Americans, to be honest – the new breed of rap and Lady Gaga types. They’re all just sluttish. AND YOUNG GIRLS THINK THEY ARE SOMEONE WORTH EMULATING...

There’s nothing wrong with being sexy. It’s just if IT’S THE ONLY THING ON OFFER FOR KIDS… What this stuff is doing is taking us back to primitive times.”

Andrew Harrison, editor of Q magazine, added:

“The entire point of the post rock 'n' roll era is that it's not wholesome and it's not innocent. It's always been about sex and sexuality... The music business is built on selling sexual attraction.”

So that’s all right then.

Wholesome icons for kiddiewinks v making money, a name for yourself and getting little girls used as early as possible to an idea of themselves as successful sluts? In an era where decency is sneered at, “selling sexual atraction” to seven years olds wins every time.

In the 19 May 2012 edition of The Telegraph, Christopher Brooker tells us of the great “success… achieved by the upholders of politically correct orthodoxies in taking over the institutions that represent the commanding heights of our society.”

He then says that the power thus gained has been used “ruthlessly to ensure that no dissenting voices are heard Any view contrary to their dogmas becomes what Orwell called, in Nineteen Eighty-Four, a ‘thought crime’.”

Brooker adds:

"We saw this for years in the way that those daring to question the euro, or the onward march of the EU to political integration, were dismissed with contempt – by politicians, the BBC and every variety of the great and the good – as ‘fruitcakes,’ ‘xenophobes’ and ‘Little Englanders’…

As we watch the euro undergoing its catastrophe, for precisely the reasons that the dissenters foretold, it is fascinating to see the disarray in which this leaves the cheerleaders for the cause. We recall the days when the BBC obsessively promoted calls for Britain to join the euro; when Evan Davis, in 2002, was telling us how the euro had made Greece financially ‘stable,’ or when Stephanie Flanders, in 2008, derided those who thought the euro would ‘crash and burn’ and proclaimed that its role as a global currency was now ‘secure.’

It has been instructive to see Robert Peston admitting that the euro’s problem was that it was ‘a political project in economic clothing.’ That was precisely why some of us, back in the 1990s, were trying to point out that it was doomed to fail.”

On another topic Mr Brooker adds:

“What an odd part Lord Howe has played in our national life these past 40 years. Apart from the feline dagger-thrust which set off the downfall of Mrs Thatcher, his proudest achievement was that device in the 1972 European Communities Act which allows EU law to be put into UK law by ministerial fiat, without any need for parliamentary debate – perhaps the greatest blow to parliamentary democracy in our history.”

Here’s another:

“There has been publicity from all the usual quarters, led inevitably by the BBC, that we are in the middle of something called National Fostering Fortnight. So many children are now being taken into care – 24,000 last year in England alone – that there is a critical shortage of foster carers to look after them. According to Fostering Network, a new foster home is needed ‘every 22 minutes.’

A point that is rarely heard, however – although it may help explain why the seizing of children is at a record level, care applications having doubled in just four years – is that FOSTERING HAS BECOME A VERY LUCRATIVE INDUSTRY. Foster carers themselves can be paid £400 a week or more for each child they take in, and the companies which employ many of them (almost invariably run by former social workers) are hugely profitable. Last year, ROTHSCHILDS ORGANISED THE SALE OF THE NATIONAL FOSTERING AGENCY, the second largest such company, private equity and pension funds bid up the initial bid price of £80 million to £135 million.

According to a recent Policy Exchange report, the average cost of keeping each of the 65,000 children now in care in England is £37,000, an annual bill of £2.4 billlion. This is quite apart from the other costs of our ‘child care’ system, such as the lavish fees paid to ‘experts’ and the legal profession.

SO ‘CHILD PROTECTION’ IS VERY BIG BUSINESS, one of its main beneficiaries being Barnardo’s, the fostering and adoption agency, with an annual turnover of nearly quarter of a billion pounds.

But whether this is likely to raise any questions in the mind of our children’s minister, Tim Loughton, is another matter. Last July he appointed, as his chief adviser on adoption, Martin Narey, who was CEO, from 2005 to 2011, of Barnardo’s.”

On 19 May 2012, The Daily Mail quoted 80-year-old Pamela Hughes thus:

“She rang me regularly to say what was happening and it worried us terribly. I don't know how much money she lost over the sale, but it was a lot. She tried to get the police involved, but they wouldn't let her press charges. Then several neighbours, who had been very pleasant when she first moved in… claimed to be descendants of the original owner of the land and said they were entitled to a payment.

She spent a fortune in local courts establishing she had the right to sell the house she had built…

Hilary told me there had been dead dogs and cats left in her garden as a warning. She said it was a form of voodoo designed to intimidate her and she was very frightened… We just want the St Lucia police to investigate it properly.

Hilary loved St Lucia – the climate, the countryside and the people – and I think she felt utterly let down. She was a friend to the whole world and had dedicated her life to going to poor places and making a difference to their health needs.

I really want to know why she died, and if anyone is responsible for it then I hope they are hunted down so they don't ever have the chance to do it again.”

After Hilary was assaulted by her husband, Barry, a retired professor of engineering and her step-father, added:

“She said she had been in hospital over a week. She had pictures taken of her injuries so she could prove how bad it was… Hilary was an attractive, outgoing woman. We wished she'd ditch him and find somebody normal…

The entire venture had been a nightmare. Hilary had always been very successful. She's always been a good provider and earned enough to send her son to boarding school, but in St Lucia she went from a position of being quite well-off to one where she was constantly having to ask for our help.

It seems that while they welcome foreigners over there as tourists, it is fatal for that tourist to be so attracted to the place that they acquire land.”

The Mail explained:

“When Hilary wed in June 2009, she kept it a secret from her family. The nuptials were witnessed by the groom's parents and her best friend… She had her hair dreadlocked Rasta-style and looked a picture of happiness as she pledged herself to her smiling suitor. But within a year, 5ft 1in Hilary was in hospital and filing charges of assault against her new husband.

Hilary initially pressed charges against Cleus for grievous bodily harm but these were withdrawn in January 2011 when the matter went before magistrates. In April last year, she filed for divorce on the grounds, acceptable in St Lucia, that the marriage had lasted less than five years and Cleus moved out…

Then, last month, Hilary was readmitted to the island's general hospital. A day later she suffered a stroke and a heart attack. Her son James, 18, and her sister Sarah, 49, flew out to be at her bedside but after two weeks in a coma she suffered respiratory failure and died on May 4...

Hilary's death comes less than five months after another Englishwoman, lawyer Sarah Thomas, 46, who also married an islander, fell 100ft from a cliff to her death. Her family accepted the police verdict that it was an accident.

Cleus could not be reached for comment.”

On 19 May 2012, The Daily Mail quoted Dr Peter Turnpenny, clinical geneticist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, thus:

“Epilim may affect about 560 babies every year, and 10,000 to 20,000 since being introduced to the UK… About ten per cent of foetuses exposed to sodium valproate will have a major congenital malformation such as cleft palate. Twelve per cent are likely to be diagnosed with a neuro-developmental disorder.”

The Mail added:

"In 2008, Emma Murphy phoned her partner Joe at work. ‘I know what’s wrong with the children,’ she said. For four years the couple had been perplexed by the health problems that affected their daughters Chloe and Lauren and their son Luke – and THEIR GP HAD CONSISTENTLY DISMISSED THEIR CONCERNS.

It was only after watching a television programme about Fetal Anticonvulsant Syndrome (FACS) that Emma realised the children, who all had special needs, had been irreversibly damaged in the womb by the anti-epileptic drugs she had taken since she was 12.

After the scandal of the devastating birth defects caused by the morning-sickness drug Thalidomide in the Fifties, it seems inconceivable that the same situation could occur again. But FOR THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES IN THE UK, THE WORD EPILIM HAS THE SAME SINISTER CONNOTATIONS.

It has been prescribed since 1978 and reports of the ingredient sodium valproate causing birth defects such as spina bifida go back almost as far. FACS IS BELIEVED TO HAVE AFFECTED UP TO 20,000 BABIES – TEN TIMES MORE THAN THALIDOMIDE…

IN 2010, EPILIM WAS TAKEN BY MORE THAN 21,500 WOMEN aged between 20 and 39 for epilepsy and other conditions. IT IS INDICATED IN 80 PER CENT OF CASES OF FACS…

Emma’s GP finally referred her to a geneticist who recognised immediately the characteristic facial features in the children… A year later, Emma’s youngest son Kian was conceived…

Although Emma immediately changed her Epilim for Keppra, a newer drug with no known links to FACS, it was too late. All five children have hypermobile joints, which means they are excessively bendy and painful at night. Lauren needs a walking frame and she and Luke have support workers at school…

‘As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I asked my GP whether my medication was safe. Because of the severity of my epilepsy, I was under a team of medics throughout all my pregnancies. I WAS NEVER WARNED.'

A spokesman for Sanofi, which makes Epilim, says: ‘We have always provided appropriate information and warnings in relation to the potential side effects and risks associated with use of this medicine, including risks to the unborn child, in line with developing scientific knowledge’.”

On 18 May 2012, Middle East consultant, Peter Eyre, said this on Press TV:

"I personally think the United Nations and the human rights organizations are nothing but lip service. They are non-effective… You must understand that the backdrop to all the unrest in the Middle East including Bahrain in particular is instrumental to and funded by the Zionist-backed New World Order…

This is a real situation, an organization in existence that's annihilating most of the countries in the world with particular focus on Islamic countries. ..

There is no human rights organization that really represents the people suffering. Palestine is typical,,, and Bahrain will just become another victim of the situation…

When we talk about the true axis of evil we must come back to London because the Zionist mechanism, the New World Order mechanism, is based in London.”

On 18 May 2012, Sky News reported thus:

"A British citizen has been arrested in Thailand after the bodies of six babies thought to have been used in a black magic ritual were found in luggage in a Bangkok hotel room.

Chow Hok Kuen, who was born in Hong Kong of Taiwanese parents, was detained in the city's Chinatown area and is being held for possession of human remains, police said.

He faces one year in prison and a 2,000 baht (£40) fine if he is found guilty."

On 18 May 2012, Marc Tracy said this in The Tablet, ‘a new read on Jewish life.’

“The 36-year-old political wunderkind was squeezing in a meeting with me… before his next appointment, a fundraiser for him hosted by Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Democrat from California—one in a long, long list of veteran Democratic pols eager to help this young man run to represent Arizona’s brand-new 9th Congressional District. That list stretches all the way up to former PRESIDENT CLINTON, CHERNY’S FORMER BOSS…

Cherny is the 21st-century version of all-American. ALL FOUR OF HIS GRANDPARENTS SURVIVED THE HOLOCAUST… He went to Harvard. He married Stephanie Fleischman, a lawyer with whom he has two kids… and moved to her hometown of Phoenix, Ariz…


A decade ago, Slate’s David Plotz called Cherny ‘Clinton’s truest heir,’ which he didn’t mean in an entirely positive way. For all Clinton’s successes—and IF YOU’RE A PROGRESSIVE, those were eight extremely good years—the president was a pure political animal… so WILLING TO COMPROMISE HIS OWN PRINCIPLES FOR THE SAKE OF GETTING A RESULT THAT CRITICS ACCUSED HIM OF LACKING PRINCIPLES ALTOGETHER. Since 2001, Cherny has been, in the Clinton tradition, an AVID POLICY WONK… Cherny no doubt intends to vote in support of the Jewish state if he is elected.”

On 18 May 2012, this was said in David Silverstein’s influential blog, Tikun Olam:

“Stand With Us and Tritons for Israel presented “Rescuing Human Rights” on Wednesday evening May 15th at the University of California San Diego…

The evening began with a harangue by the moderator about the many instances of human rights violations worldwide that are not reported or investigated by certain human rights agencies, including the UN…

He went on to distinguish between ‘real’ human rights abuses and the human rights issues in Israel, though the distinction was lost on me…

Ms. Goldstein offered a vivid description of the abuse of children by Islamists, teaching children the glory of martyrdom and stuffing them into suicide belts… She asked why the human rights agencies aren’t focused on these abuses.

The arguments made, the ideas broached, seem almost inconceivable to me given the sponsorship of the meeting by the State of Israel. And that is the point: Israel would love to change the nature of the human rights discourse, and the evening was indeed devoted to that purpose. Yet, how can a State so utterly deficient on the subject, suddenly come to sponsor human rights events? It is a brazen concept, even insulting...

Ms. Goldstein, however, was particularly smug and self-righteous in her condemnations of the Islamist abuse of children as suicide bombers, human shields, and warriors. Here, too, the bubble is easily popped: During Q & A, I asked, via notecard, that inasmuch as her specialty is the violations of children’s human rights, would she comment on the abuse of the 300 children killed in operation Cast Lead?

She backed away from the question, reiterating that we can agree that it is not right for Islamic children to be abused, which I took as a plea of nolo contendre. Bell, however, offered a heated response rooted in the fiction of human shields and the rules of ‘war’ etc. (Of course, Cast Lead was only war from the Israeli point of view as there was no actual other side, just a civilian population subjected to F-16’s and tanks! War? More like murder)

The mention of the 300 children, a fact that I cannot escape and I do not let others escape, did cast a pall, if only for the moment, over the proceedings and crashed whatever silly hope the organizers might have had that perhaps nobody would rub their collective noses in Israel’s abundantly terrible record. Given this moment, I stalked dramatically out of the auditorium unnoticed by anyone.”

On 18 May 2012, in an interview with The Evening Standard, Tory Party co-Chair, Baroness Warsi, said this:

“There is a small minority of Pakistani men who believe that white girls are fair game… This small minority who see women as second class citizens, AND WHITE WOMEN PROBABLY AS THIRD CLASS CITIZENS, are to be spoken out against…

These were grown men, SOME OF THEM RELIGIOUS TEACHERS or running businesses, with young families of their own. Whether or not these girls were easy prey, they knew it was wrong…

In mosque after mosque, this should be raised as an issue so that anybody remotely involved should start to feel that the community is turning on them. Communities have a responsibility to stand up and say, ‘This is wrong, this will not be tolerated’.”

And regarding political correctness, Warsi added:

“Cultural sensitivity should never be a bar to applying the law.”

Following the trial, Greater Manchester Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Heywood, had said this:

"It just happens that in this particular area and time, the demographics were that these were Asian men."

Thus spake a PC Wagtail.

On 18 May 2012, Frederick Forsyth said this in The Daily Express:

“When we joined the European Economic Community in 1972 we were told we were signing up to a purely economic market that would proceed to unify into one great, prosperous, single trading zone. The Single Market. And that was all, we were solemnly told. But Edward Heath and his cronies deliberately lied to us and the EU fanatics have been lying ever since…

We British have nothing against the single market. What we were not told, indeed what was specifically and repeatedly denied, was that there are two sides to the EU and the market is the smaller one. After 20 years, in 1992, came the Treaty of Maastricht…

Maastricht revealed that the whole project was in two parts, not just one. The second part was the more important. It would create not a single market BUT A SINGLE, CENTRALLY GOVERNED COUNTRY CALLED EUROPE. BUT THE GLARING CONCLUSION TO BE DRAWN WAS THAT ONE DAY THERE WOULD BE NO MORE NATION/STATE. Just devolved regional territories…

Back then and ever since, those of us who said these things were subjected to abuse of extraordinary virulence. Those who supported the dream of one-Europe Utopia were individuals, companies, political parties, banks and the supposedly impartial public-service broadcaster the BBC. They all scoured the dictionary for insults to hurl at those trying to expose the tissue of lies that clothed the EU reality.

But here is the poetic irony that will go down in history. SO FANATICAL WERE THE INNER CORE in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Frankfurt that they jumped the gun. Creating the single currency and drawing up rules that would make it work, they proceeded to break every rule on political grounds.

There were economic conditions laid down for membership of the eurozone. EVERY ONE WAS BROKEN. SEVEN GOVERNMENTS LIED. OTHERS COVERTLY COOKED THEIR BOOKS. THEY BRIBED AND CHEATED and the commanding regulator, the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, looked the other way. And the man who ordered it to do so? A Greek? A Spaniard? An Italian? No. HELMUT KOHL, THE CHANCELLOR OF GERMANY AND PATRON OF ANGELA MERKEL.

Now Germany preaches its own sainthood in contrast to the venality of the backsliders. But who is more guilty? The liars who thought they could get away with it or those who knew but stayed silent on political grounds? Fifty-fifty. But it is this arrogance that will destroy their dream. With the euro failing the lies cannot be covered up.

As for us WE HAVE POURED BILLIONS INTO THIS CAULDRON. Yes, there have been advantages but few we could not have negotiated from the constitutional safety of the Free Trade Area. Now the SS euro is sinking, ripped open by the foolishness of her own masters and we cannot avoid being damaged even though not in it.”

On 17 May 2012, Micah Stein told us this in The Tablet:

“This Sunday, there’ll be a sellout crowd at Citi Field, a rare sight at the home of the New York Mets…. It’s an ultra-Orthodox rally against the Internet that had sold out all 40,000 seats more than a week in advance.

An organization called… Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp raised $1.5 million for the massive asifa protesting the ‘evils of the Internet and the damages caused by advanced electronic devices.’ It is a watershed event, MARKING THE ARRIVAL OF ONLINE CENSORSHIP AS A PRIMARY—AND PUBLIC—FOCUS IN THE ULTRA-ORTHODOX COMMUNITY… Rabbi Moshe Drew… identified ‘Facebook and social networking sites’ as the most damaging material online, while others see the Internet as an issue of politics as much as piety. ‘BY HAVING A FOLLOWING THAT WILL MAKE NO DECISIONS ON THEIR OWN, THE RULER SETS THE TONE,’ wrote Michael J. Salamon in the Times of Israel, stressing that INTERNET ACCESS… THREATENS BASIC RABBINIC AUTHORITY….

In 2000, the Council of Torah Sages, a powerful legislative committee that represents several Haredi sects, weighed in on a number of new devices, sounding a ‘serious warning against the terrible dangers within computers, compact disc players, movies and the Internet,’ in an official edict. This amounted to A PROHIBITION AGAINST ACCESSING THE INTERNET OR OWNING A COMPUTER...

In 2011, Haredi leaders in Israel unveiled an ad campaign claiming that the Internet caused, among other things, cancer. Using gematria, which assigns a numeric value to Hebrew letters, RABBIS DEMONSTRATED THAT ‘INTERNET’ AND ‘CANCER’ WERE NUMERICALLY EQUIVALENT. The web was also implicated in causing droughts.

In January 2011, the council issued its latest ruling: ‘Internet usage should by all means be avoided in homes and, wherever possible, also in business offices… it is assur to have internet access without an effective filter’…

‘In a perfect world, the internet should be banned altogether,’ Together as One suggests, going on to note that ‘providing your children with an internet-accessible cell phone is giving them directly into the hands of the Satan’… Together as One advises readers: ‘Just do the simple act of ridding your home of the internet’!”

On 17 May 2012, The Telegraph's chief political commentator, Peter Oborne, said this at the Leveson inquiry:

"In the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan, many British newspapers remained silent on the issue of complicity in torture, British complicity in torture… Illegal killing, use of drones, human rights abuses… I haven't read a single thing about that in a number of our papers…


Very hard to be an independent observer, to keep your integrity in those circumstances...

(Robert) Maxwell was quite clearly a crook and only the Wall Street Journal hinted at it towards the end of his life. The rest of Fleet Street looked the other way...

The whole expenses scam went on for years and years and THE PRESS WAS NOT INTERESTED. Even when the DVD or whatever it was, was for sale it was turned down by quite a lot of papers until to its great credit the Telegraph picked it up and started to deal with it.

The parliamentary lobby became too close to MPs… There kept on being evidence of expenses scams bubbling to the surface for a long long time before the publication of all the details. And THE POLITICAL JOURNALISTS WITH ALMOST NO EXCEPTIONS JUST IGNORED THAT…

There was a very significant cultural change towards the end of the 20th century in the relationship between politicians and journalists… It was ceasing to be a conversation between activists and politicians but between the media and the politicians.

The News International annual party at the Tory and Labour conference was an extraordinary power event to which people were excluded. Unfortunately I never got in. But you got the entire cabinet and all the influence brokers and the senior members of the media class, it was a very important statement I felt about how Britain was being governed.

And then you got the astonishing business of the senior News International people sitting just behind the Cabinet. They were the VIPs in the chamber, I believe really important media types were there as well, they were brought into the inner sanctum. I felt THIS WAS A PERVERSION OF OUR DEMOCRACY, IT WAS STARTING TO BECOME A PRIVATE CONVERSATION BETWEEN ELITE GROUPS RATHER THAN A PROPER POPULAR ENGAGEMENT…

The Hutton inquiry failed to examine properly the way in which respectable newspapers became instruments of a political faction in a mission to tell falsehoods and mistruths to the British people…


Reporting of British politics has become TOO 'INSIDE', TOO MUCH OF A CONSPIRACY… When we look back at the astonishing events of the last few years, what we've discovered, much of it was done through failure to enforce existing laws… THERE WAS A GROSS FAILURE BY THE MET POLICE TO INVESTIGATE CLEAR EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR…


Later in the day, Sir Harold Evans, former editor of The Sunday Times described Rupert Murdoch as "evil incarnate".

He said his 1981 bid to take over the Sunday Times was favoured because "he was the man to take on the unions… The seminal event was 30 years ago. [Current problems] all flowed from the excessive concentration of power in a single media corporation… I was told by someone I knew that Mrs Thatcher had determined [the bid] must go to Mr Murdoch because she valued his support.”

Evans also said:

"The persecution of individuals for no public good whatsoever is such a significant decline in the standards of the press... He (Murdoch) had his heart removed long ago along with moral faculties and human sensibilities...

They (politicians) are terrified of him."

On 17 May 2012, Dr. Rafael Medoff, author of 'Herbert Hoover and the Jews: The Origins of the ‘Jewish Vote’ and Bipartisan Support for Israel', was interviewed by Matt Lewis for ftrradio.com

During the programme he said this:

“We know from the internal White House memos, correspondence and other documents that the primary reason Truman decided to recognise Israel over the objections of the State department was his fear that large number of Jews might vote republican in 1948...

Truman knew that the 1948 election was going to be close. He knew by the Spring of 1948 that his opponent was almost certainly going to be the governor of New York, Thomas Dewey. That meant that New York, a very important state, (which) in those days had the largest number of electoral votes, 47, New York could be in play and the Jewish vote in NY would be very significant. Even in those days the Jewish vote in NY was 10% or more of the electorate...

So pure election year politics were a major role is shaping America's early policy.”

Those that inhabit the uppermost layers of the jungle canopy are monsters.

They will change the world for a vote. They will do great evil just to gain and keep power. The nastily insignificant little man, Harry Truman, was one such monster.

On 16 May 2012, The Washington Post quoted Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, thus:

”Before calling on European leaders to act against hate on the street, they must clear their own house and that means BANNING AND OSTRACIZING ANY POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL PARTIES THAT PREACH HATE AND VIOLENCE. While we highly value freedom of speech, we all recognize that there must be restrictions and the visceral hatred propagated by the Golden Dawn is surely outside the boundaries of appropriate political discourse.

WE HAVE TO BE PROACTIVE… That’s why we’re here.”

The Post added:

“A major European Jewish organization is urging European governments to quickly adopt measures to tackle anti-Semitism and far-right extremism, including possibly BANNING A HARDLINE GREEK PARTY THAT DID UNUSUALLY WELL IN RECENT ELECTIONS.

Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, was meeting with Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas on Wednesday to seek his support for ‘emergency measures’ to protect the continent’s Jewish communities from violent hate crimes. Kantor would not give details of the measures that his organization plans to propose, but they could involve passing legislation, sharing intelligence, and a public awareness campaign about anti-Semitic threats.

In particular, Kantor expressed concern about Golden Dawn, a party that did well during Greece’s May 6 election and whose leader claimed that Nazi concentration camps did not use ovens and gas chambers to kill prisoners during the Holocaust.

Kantor plans to meet with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and the congress consulted with Francois Hollande a few weeks before he was elected president of France.

The Czech Republic is one of Israel’s strongest allies in the European Union. The Czech government pushed for closer ties between the EU and Israel when it held the 27-nation bloc’s rotating presidency last year…

A recent report on anti-Semitism said the number of attacks in Europe declined in 2011.”

Democracy, eh?

Democracy as long as it suit’s the Jew. Then it’s ban and ostracize.

I entered this comment under the article:

“Before calling on European leaders to act against hate on the street, they must clear their own house and that means banning and ostracizing any politicians and political parties that preach hate and violence.”

"Hate on the street"? What about the "hate on the street" directed at Whitey by the immigrant, Moshe?

What about the "hate" in the banker's boardrooms that created this latest world-wide recession? What about hateful anti-White propaganda in the mainsteam media? What about the evil that is political correctness? Chutzpah is one thing, Moshe. Genocide is another.

The powers-that-be thought they could subdue us in the lands that our fathers made and, for a while there, they were right. But, unless and until they get rid of us altogether, there will always be brave men and women willing to fight back against the malign creed and rule of the supremacists. Has the habitual dominance of these people rendered tham so stupid that they're not able to see what would happen if the Jew was seen to ban a democratically formed and elected, pro-indigenous party in Europe?

You've gotten way too big for your boots over the course of this last cosmetically Judaeophilic century, Moshe. You would be well advised to back off for a bit. Your media, financial and political power has tipped the balance until now but, if you try to "ban and ostracize" those democrats who oppose you for simply exerting their democratic will, you will, I'm sure, reap the whirlwind.

On 16 May 2012, the BBC told us this:

"Five men and a 15-year-old youth have been arrested in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow after anti-Semitic remarks were posted on social network site Facebook. Almost 50 police officers raided seven addresses after complaints from members of the Jewish community in Giffnock.

It followed a number of offensive posts on a page entitled: 'Welcome to Israel, only kidding you're in Giffnock.'

Ch Insp Alan Murray, of Strathclyde Police, said: 'This was a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal at Paisley. I hope it clearly demonstrates that Strathclyde Police will not tolerate hate crimes of any kind. It should cause anyone who believes they can get away with this sort of behaviour to think again.'

The Community Security Trust, which helps protect the Jewish community in the UK, said: 'CST welcomes the arrests of suspects regarding alleged anti-Semitic statements. Glaswegian Jews should be reassured that local police take anti-Semitism seriously, and that they are working with CST and the rest of the Jewish community in tackling it when it does arise.

The spread of all types of hatred on social networking sites and similar media is a growing problem, so, it is hoped that this innovative investigation will provide a helpful precedent for all of society'."

Orwell with a Fiddler On The Roof soundtrack. Tell me about it.

The 16 May 2012 edition of The Jewish Chronicle tells us which 'sort of behaviour' Chief Inspector Alan Murray, the procurator fiscal and the Community Security Trust are not prepared to let the Giffnock untermenschen 'get away with.'

"Welcome to Israel, only kidding you're in Giffnock...

They have a Gaelic translation in the train station, Hebrew would have been more appropriate...

Jewish scum... F*** the Jewish Zionist...

Hebrew is not needed in the train station all the Jews are f***ing rich c**** they have gold plated Bentleys."

Oh yes, absolutely the kind of 'behaviour' that merited 'a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal.'

"The Community Security Trust welcomed the arrests... 'It is hoped that this innovative investigation... will provide a helpful precedent for all of society."

Just like the poll tax, you do the Scottish first, see how they take it, then it's onto the rest if they don't rear up.

Well, the poll tax did for Thatcher, fingers crossed this b***ocks may do for those who would have any criticism or dislike of Jewish behaviour excised.

In the 3 April 2003 edition of the Israeli daily, Ha'aretz, the honest Israeli journalist, Ari Shavit, had this to say:

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, MOST OF THEM JEWISH, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history."

Anyone out there notice any Scottish jobsworth-in-blue-we-were-only-following-orders types arresting any Jewish journalists/politicians/media darlings who 'pushed' for the war at this end?

Arrests, you know, for the killing of somewhere in the region of one million Iraqis and coalition soldiers?

Professor Norman Finkelstein, who is also Jewish, dared to tell us this in his year 2000 book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering:

"The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the greatest robbery in the history of mankind...

The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state'...

The most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood - in particular, IMMUNITY TO CRITICISM, HOWEVER JUSTIFIED."

Anyone out there notice any Scottish jobsworth-in-blue-we-were-only-following-orders types arresting any Jewish journalists, politicians and sundry other movers and shakers for perpetrating the most massive fraud in all human history? (Many Jews died during the course of WWII but nowhere near six million)

On no, when it comes to a toss up between 'welcome to Israel, only kidding you're in Giffnock,' a million dead in Iraq and the most massive fraud in all human history, 'immunity to criticism, however justified' trumps the Giffnock 'untermenschen' every time.

On 16 May 2012, Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said this to an audience of Catholics in Leicester:

‘In the name of tolerance it seems to me TOLERANCE IS BEING ABOLISHED…

Our danger in Britain today is that so-called Western reason claims that it alone has recognised what is right and thus claims totality that is inimical to freedom. No one is forced to be a Christian. But no one should be forced to live according to the new secular religion as if it alone were definitive and obligatory for all humankind…

THE PROPAGANDA OF SECULARISM AND ITS HIGH PRIESTS want us to believe that religion is dangerous for our health. It suits them to have no opposition to THEIR VISION OF A BRAVE NEW WORLD, THE WORLD WHICH THEY SEE AS SOMEHOW GOVERNED ONLY BY PEOPLE LIKE THEMSELVES. They conveniently forget that secularism itself does not guarantee freedom, rationality ... or violence. Indeed, IN THE LAST CENTURY, MOST VIOLENCE WAS PERPETRATED BY SECULAR STATES ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE…

On what grounds does a minority have the right to change the meaning of a fundamental institution for the majority?”

Political correctness, Cormac.

The love, or should it be hate-child of Cultural Marxism. The Marxist will do his damnedest to coax the herd into his anti-human pen. Or the slaughterhouse if it resists.

On 16 May 2012, in a speech at the Royal College of Nursing’s annual conference in Harrogate, Sir Keith Pearson, Chairman of the NHS Confederation, warned that examples of poor care 'crop up far too often.'

He added:

“We cannot simply dismiss them as isolated incidents. For they are not just unacceptable instances of care, they also eat away at the reputation of the NHS, social care and our caring professions…

As individuals and as a profession, we must not see patients – particularly older people in our care – as a condition or a task to be completed. Behind the mask of sickness and frailty is a mother, a father and grandparent. Behind that same mask of sickness and frailty also lies a former teacher, a former postmistress, a former soldier.’

On 16 May 2012, Police Federation Chairman, Paul McKeever, said this at the Federation's national conference:

"We have less resilience, fewer warranted officers, a weakened front line and a radically altered model of British policing. YOU (Theresa May) ARE ON THE PRECIPICE OF DESTROYING A POLICE SERVICE THAT IS ADMIRED AND REPLICATED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Home Secretary, we are seeing proposals, things being put in place without infrastructure, that will fundamentally change the dynamics of policing.

You cannot expect officers, those who understood the fiscal situation and accepted that some cuts were necessary, to take an unfair share of the cuts and just sit there and be content with their lot."

On 15 May 2012, former Home Secretary, David Davis, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

"There is a growing list of examples where the law against using ‘insulting’ language has led to heavy-handed action by police and prosecutors. It is not only distressing for the individuals concerned, it constitutes a threat to Britain’s tradition of free speech.

Of course nobody likes to be insulted, particularly in public, but nor does anyone have a right not to be insulted. Freedom of speech includes the right to criticise, to ridicule and to offend. It is not the job of the police and the courts to prevent us from having our feelings hurt.

The solution is simple: The law needs to change. The word ‘insulting’ should be removed from section 5 of the Public Order Act. This would provide proportionate protection to individuals’ right to free speech, while continuing to protect people from threatening or abusive speech.”

On 15 May 2012, a week after nine members of a paedophilic Pakistani gang were jailed for offences against vulnerable underage girls in Rochdale, Children's Minister Tim Loughton said this at the Safe & Sound national conference at the British Library in London:

“For far too long, child sexual exploitation was a taboo issue in this country. It was little spoken about, little appreciated, little acknowledged or dealt with. If you were to ask local councils two years ago how prevalent child sexual exploitation was in their communities, many would not have been able to hazard a guess.

As a result, there was a real and tragic failure to grasp the scale of the problem – with awful consequences for hundreds, if not thousands, of children and young people.

The high profile verdicts in the recent Rochdale case shows, I hope, that this is changing. The country is waking up to the fact that child sexual exploitation is a real problem…

Nothing can undo the wrong that has been done to the victims… For many years local agencies have failed to look for this issue, by default allowing abusers to continue offending even as their victims suffered appallingly…

Much of the coverage of the case in Rochdale has focused on the fact that the perpetrators were British Asian men and the victims white teenage girls. Clearly, it is important that we do not shy away from difficult issues around culture. This case raises very troubling questions about the attitude of the perpetrators, all but one of whom were from Pakistani backgrounds, towards white girls. Nothing is gained by shying away from that.

This case asks all of us to take a long, hard look at the society in which these crimes occurred, and kept occurring. Where were the support networks which should have protected these young girls from abuse? Where were the people and institutions – from parents to police, friends to core professionals – which should have provided them with stability and guidance…

There are several organisations and individuals to whom we owe a real debt of gratitude for putting this issue on the map.”

Loughton then listed these 'organisations.' No British Nationalist invidual or group was mentioned, of course.

Even though they were doing their best to get the issue publicised long before any other person or body.

On 14 May 2012, a joint statement by the Network of Sikh Organisations, Sikh Media Monitoring Group and Hindu Forum of Britain was issued.

This is it:

"We note with concern that the so-called 'Asian' sex gangs recently and all too often in the news are in fact almost always of PAKISTANI ORIGIN. The use of the term 'Asian' to describe the perpetrators of these crimes is wholly inaccurate and unfair to other communities of Asian Origin.

By law the British Government requires all authorities including the police, CPS and prisons, to collect ethnicity figures, which use the categories set out in the Census; Asian/Asian British: Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Any other Asian background. We believe that in this case THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF IS SANCTIONING THE USE OF TERM ASIAN AS A WAY OF CLOUDING RESPONSIBILITY.

It is also a cause for concern that the religion of each person is noted; when in custody in police stations; when on remand in prison and when a convicted felon. YET THE GOVERNMENT IN THE CEOP REPORT ABOUT CHILD EXPLOITATION AND IN ITS DEALING WITH THE MEDIA HAS ADVISED THAT THIS INFORMATION DOES NOT EXIST.

We believe the reluctance of the media and the government to discuss the issue that there IS A DISPROPORTIONATE REPRESENTATION OF MUSLIMS IN SUCH CASES and why THE VICTIMS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS NON-MUSLIM GIRLS is only adding to the vote bank of far-right groups such as the BNP and the EDL.

In addition we wish to bring to your attention the fact that the same sex gangs have also targeted Hindu and Sikh girls in the same manner and these cases are rarely reported on as they hardly ever reach the courts.

We believe that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS STIFLES DEBATE and will not facilitate a frank and mature discussion or solutions to get to the root of why the above pattern is emerging in these crimes and how to help find a solution to the problem. This can only be done by working with the responsible majority in the community involved. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO THAT IF WE MASK THE IDENTITY OF THOSE INVOLVED BASED ON MISGUIDED VIEWS OF ‘PROTECTING A VULNERABLE COMMUNITY’ OF THE PERPETRATORS AND NOT LOOKING AT THE VULNERABLE COMMUNITY OF VICTIMS."

Pity the above didn't speak up earlier but better late than never, as they say. Now that the evils of political correctness are begining to adversely effect some immigrant communities perhaps the powers-that-be will do something.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for speaking up. The truth-teller is always appreciated over here, no matter who it is that does the telling.

On 14 May 2012, Christina Odone said this in The Telegraph:

“Perhaps I should be grateful to the Law Society for banning the conference I was going to speak at… The event, sponsored by the World Congress of Families, was a discussion of marriage entitled ‘One man. One woman. Making the case for marriage for the good of society’…

Now the Law Society refuses to let the event take place on the society’s premises. IT IS ‘CONTRARY TO OUR DIVERSITY POLICY,’ it explained in an email to the organisers, ‘espousing as it does an ethos which is opposed to same-sex marriage.’ The heterosexual union may be the only legal form of marriage in this country BUT THE LAW SOCIETY REGARDS IT AS DISCRIMINATORY.

Never mind that the World Congress of Families event was clearly presented as a ‘colloquium,’ or discussion, rather than a platform for anti-gay marriage campaigners. Even to discuss marriage between ‘one man, one woman’ as the basis of a good society is intolerably contentious these days.

The Law Society was happy to host a debate on assisted dying — still illegal in this country — last month. But marriage? THAT INCENDIARY SUBJECT CANNOT BE BROACHED IN PUBLIC.”

On 14 May 2012, Only Fools and Horses star, Sir David Jason, was quoted thus by The Express:

“We seem to have lost our British sense of humour. It’s a great shame. We have to be so careful nowadays, we have lost a lot of humour because people are too frightened of getting too near touchy subjects…. We’re getting too politically correct.”

On 13 May 2012, referring to the case of the Rochdale paedophiles, Trevor Philips, Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said this on the Andrew Marr Show:

"Anybody who says that the fact that most of the men are Asian and most of the children are white is not relevant - that's just fatuous...

I worry that in these communities there are people who knew what was going on and didn't say anything, either because they're frightened or because they're so separated from the rest of the communities they think 'Oh, that's just how white people let their children carry on. We don't need to do anything...

If anybody in any of the agencies that are supposed to be caring for these children - schools, social services and so on - took the view that being aggressively interventionalist to save these children would lead to the demonisation of some group because of the ethnicity... then it is a national scandal and something that would need to be dealt with urgently."

On 12 May 2012, The Daily Telegraph’s Harriet Alexander reported thus:

"David Simpson… was working for an exclusive safari company in the Central African Republic… Now he is in a grim African prison.

David… is currently languishing in a cell in Bangui - the capital of one of Africa's wildest, most corrupt and least developed countries. He had stumbled across a massacre, finding 18 bodies in the lawless south east of the country, and reported it to the police. But to his horror, and that of his parents, it was David who was charged with their murder…

His sister Helen (said):

‘Here you're innocent until proven guilty. OUT THERE IT SEEMS TO BE THE EXACT OPPOSITE’…

Last week he was moved from Bangui’s police cells to the country’s main prison, where he shared a cell with around 60 other prisoners. They could not lie down without elbowing other inmates, and there is no food provided…

The family is angry that the British authorities have been so slow to act since David reported the murders on March 23 and was subsequently imprisoned on March 29.


With his African colleagues, David was looking for signs of wildlife. But instead they found the remains of 18 villagers who had been killed with boiling water and hacked to death with machetes…

The men went to get the local police to demand an investigation… But they were dismayed when the officials took one photo on their phone and then left. The situation took a far more dangerous turn when the military then told the local people that the safari company had killed their men…



On 11 May 2012, Leon Watson told us this in The Daily Mail:

"A father out celebrating his daughter's birthday was brutally knifed to death in front of his horrified family just because he asked if a crying child was alright, a court was told yesterday.

Alan Smith, 63, was stabbed at least five times as he sat with his partner, daughter and son-in-law in a cafe in east London.

His alleged killer, Matthew Quesada, became enraged when Mr Smith approached him in the BB Cafe to ask if his young daughter, who was crying, was okay, the jury heard.

Quesada responded 'What's it to you? What's it got to f****** do with you?' before storming out of the cafe...

Quesada, then aged 25, ran to his girlfriend's home to drop off the girl and grab a weapon. With a knife concealed up his sleeve, he then raced after the family as they entered a second diner... where they had gone to eat to avoid any further trouble.

It was there that Quesada allegedly launched a 'frenzied and wordless' attack, stabbing Mr Smith in the head and body.

A day later Quesada who had shaven off his distinct Afro style hair and changed his clothes was arrested along with his mother Victoria Passley-Quesada inside her car in south London.

He had on him his British passport, flight details for that day's flights to Sao Paulo in Brazil, along with a holdall.

His mother Passley-Quesada, 54, of Purley, Surrey, is accused of hiding him from the police, looking up flights, and helping him in his bid to escape."

Alan Smith asks if a crying baby is OK.

For which dreadful offence an enriching gent by the name of Matthew Quesada stabs him to death.

Everything normal in the PC nuthouse.

On 10 May 2012, a BBC World Service poll told us this:

“Evaluations of Israel’s influence in the world—already largely unfavourable in 2011—have worsened in 2012. On average, in the 22 tracking countries surveyed both in 2011 and 2012, 50 per cent of respondents have negative views of Israel’s influence in the world, an increase of three points from 2011...

Out of 22 countries polled in 2011, 17 lean negative, three lean positive, and two are divided.

In the Western countries surveyed, views of Israel show improvement only in the US.. . Apart from the US, the most favourable views of Israel are found in Nigeria and Kenya…

In the EU countries surveyed, views of Israeli influence have hardened in Spain (74% negative ratings, up 8 points) and in France (65%, up 9 points)—while positive ratings remain low and steady. Negative ratings from the Germans and the British remain very high and stable (69% and 68%, respectively).

In other Anglo-Saxon countries, views have worsened in Australia (65% negative ratings, up 7 points) and in Canada (59%, up 7 points)…

Negative attitudes have also increased among the Chinese, the Indians, and the Russians…

For those who held negative views of Israel influence in the world, the foreign policy of the Israeli State is by some distance the main reason explaining their negative rating (45%). The way Israel treats its own people stands out as the second most important reason (27%).”

On 9 May 2012, Mohammed Sajid, Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz, Kabeer Hassan, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyum, Mohammed Amin, and Hamid Safi were jailed for a total of 77 years.

They had been found guilty of, amongst other things, multiple rapes, sexual assault of children, conspiracy and trafficking.

The media had this to say about the crimes:

On 11 May 2012, The Mail Online quoted Ann Coffey, Chair of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Children Missing from Care, thus:

"These homes are paid thousands of pounds a week to care for these children, and some are manifestly failing to do this."

Enver Soloman, of the Children’s Society, added:

"Some of those running these homes are private companies who are ultimately about making profit. The question is whether the providers of these care homes have the best interest of the child at the heart of their operation."

On 10 May 2012, David Aaronovitch wrote this in The Times:

“Let’s be honest. There’s a clear link with Islam. Sex grooming is committed by misogynists who want to control women’s modesty. IT IS A COUSIN OF HONOUR KILLING.

Yesterday morning I woke up to the smell of smoke. It was coming from my radio. The Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz was being interviewed about the Rochdale grooming case. 'It’s not a problem confined to one community,' she told listeners. 'It is absolutely happening across all ethnic and religious groups.'

The problem was, she suggested, that people were now looking for this one pattern — street grooming by groups of men from the Pakistani community — AND WRONGLY FINDING IT. Ms Berelowitz then blew a little more fog over the subject by invoking 14-year-old boys who abuse 11-year-old girls, and then disappeared into her own mist.

I understand her desire for obfuscation. The crime is horrible — our reporter Andrew Norfolk described yesterday how underage girls were multiply raped on a bare mattress above a kebab shop…

But what does Ms Berelowitz know that Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation, whom I met in Rochdale seven years ago, doesn’t? Pointing out that of 68 recent convictions involving street grooming 59 were of British Pakistani men, Mr Shafiq concluded with characteristic straightforwardness that the community clearly had a problem. In his view, a minority of Pakistani men had got it into their heads that white girls were fair game.

What information did she have that Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for northwest England and the man leading the prosecution in this case, didn’t? He blamed 'imported cultural baggage'.

'[The men] think that women are some lesser being. The availability of vulnerable young white girls is what has drawn the men to them.'

What does she understand that Martin Narey, former head of Barnardo’s, who has been achingly careful on this subject, doesn’t quite get?

'For this particular type of crime ... there is very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in the prosecutions for such offences,' he said on Tuesday.

What is her experience of life in these northern towns that leads her to contradict Ann Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley, whose warnings on this subject went unheeded for years? The police and social services, Ms Cryer charges, 'were petrified of being called racist ... They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.'


So here are the bald facts about this specific kind of abuse. Men, many middle-aged and most of previous good character, AND LARGELY FROM ONE COMMUNITY, have been committing a particular series of sexual crimes almost entirely against young girls. Why? Almost certainly because of THEIR ATTITUDES TOWARDS WOMEN AND SEX…


It is an inferior culture that treats women and girls as men’s possessions and that regulates them according to their supposed effect on men. It is a deficient one that fails to care for and protect its children.”

On 10 May 2012, The Telegraph quoted historian, Dr David Starkey thus:

“The only way we are going to get to be able to survive as a multi-cultural society is if we re-address the story – the real story – of English history... If you want to look at what happens when you have no sense of common identity, look at Rochdale and events in Rochdale, where you have groups that are absolutely and mutually uncomprehending. Those men were acting within their own cultural norms.”

Yep. They were brought into this country at the behest of those who are at war with us. The immigrant paedophile is the pet footsoldier of the New World Order.

On 9 May 2012, Nigel Bunyan reported thus in The Sydney Morning Herald:

"Police and social workers in England have been accused of failing to investigate a South Asian paedophile gang for fear of being perceived as racist, leaving the men free to prey on up to 50 white girls...

One 13-year-old victim became pregnant and had the child aborted while another was raped by 20 men in one night...

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood acknowledged that officers could have dealt with the case 'better than we did.' But he denied that the girl's complaints had been 'brushed under the carpet' due to racism fears. 'At the time we did what we thought was best,' he said. 'We have learned a lot of lessons.'

Steve Garner, head of children's services at Rochdale council, denied that his department had let down the teenager.

'I think it's really important to remember that what we know now and what we knew in 2008 is very, very different and what we have done is put the lessons in place,' he said.

Rochdale's MP, Simon Danczuk, said: 'What's become clear is that if police had acted seriously on these concerns in 2008 many of the victims of this appalling case would not have had to go through such horrific trauma'."

In my humble opinion, great traitors like the Steves, Heywood and Garner, should be tried, not just for aiding and abetting child rape and prostitution, but treason also.

They should then be found guilty and executed. "Pour encourager les autres."

On 10 May 2012, former Labour Councillor and aide to Harriet Harman, Leo McKinstry, opined thus in The Express Online:

"The doctrine of POLITICAL CORRECTNEss represents a sick inversion of morality. It is a twisted ideology that creates a culture of fear, lies and indoctrination, where essential truths have to be denied if they conflict with official propaganda. In this climate even the most fundamental values of civilisation, like compassion for the vulnerable and protection of the innocent, are crushed.

That destructive pattern can be seen in the reluctance of the authorities to tackle the problem of Muslim gangs preying on white girls in the North and Midlands. Despite evidence of rape and exploitation by these men, mainly of Pakistani origin, the police, the justice system and social services have long been unwilling to take action because of their sensitivity about ethnic identity politics.

Desperate to parade their anti-racist credentials, terrified of accusations of prejudice, they have ended up in the bizarre position of protecting rather than punishing dangerous predatory criminals. Effectively, abused white youngsters have been sacrificed on the altar of a misguided notion of anti-discrimination."

On 10 May 2012, Muslim campaigner, Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, was quoted thus by The Sun:

“There can be no justification for these evil acts, but there are some community leaders who think they can bury their heads in the sand. They prefer to remain silent…

I am glad the judge noted that the white girls were treated as worthless by those Pakistani men. This needs to change. Their belief was that these white girls can be used and abused in this way.

There was no thought or regard for the welfare of these children… We should not be sensitive about race. Those evil men are responsible and we in the Pakistani community must not remain silent.”

MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, added:

“The young girls who stood up against evil predators have shown inspiring bravery. Now it’s time for politicians, police and social services to show similar courage and face uncomfortable truths.

For some time I’ve had concerns about sickening attitudes towards women shown by some in the Asian community. I’ve had to throw people out of my surgery because of their violent views towards women. Politicians have a duty to speak up for those who do not have a voice…

In Rochdale it is becoming a particular problem for the Asian community and this must be recognised. When even local Asian councillors were writing letters of support for people now found guilty of horrific sex crimes, then it’s clear WE HAVE A DEEP-ROOTED CULTURE OF DENIAL.

This extends to the police and social services. I’ve heard the view from the council that the young girls were from a chaotic background and it was a lifestyle choice that drove them into the arms of abusers. This is complacent thinking. Vulnerable young girls need help and support, not condescending remarks.”

Sun journalist, Anila Baig, added:

“Back in 2002 when I was a local news reporter… the police were adamant there was no racial element to the case…

Why did the police at first not investigate this? To suggest they didn’t want to tar the community seems ludicrous and makes no sense... These scumbags are adulterers and child rapists and in an Islamic country they would probably be hanged for their crimes…

The Asian community does not like to talk about sex or deal with the subject. We grow up hearing that talking to the opposite sex is a sin…

What these men have done is horrible and they have got their comeuppance. But the fact that it took so long to be investigated is a crime too.”

On 10 May 2012, Sky News quoted Mohammed Shafiq, leader of the Ramadhan Foundation thus:

"It is a race issue. Let's be clear about that. These are Asian gangs. These are Asian men, Asian criminals particularly of Pakistani origin and nine out of ten victims are white."

Sky added:

“He and others have expressed the view that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS may be blurring the true extent of street grooming and blunting the effectiveness of policing.”

On 10 May 2012, Paul Vallely said this in The Independent:

Various newspapers have quoted research by two academics at the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science at University College London (UCL). Their research, which examined the 18 trials mentioned earlier, showed that of the 56 people found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community. Most of the victims have been white...

So is this a particular problem in the British Asian community? The question touches on so many sensitivities about race in contemporary society that it is hard to find anyone prepared to tackle it clearly and sensibly. Perhaps that is not surprising. When the former Home Secretary Jack Straw raised the issue last year – claiming that ‘there is a specific problem which involves Pakistani heritage men... who target vulnerable young white girls’ seeing them as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse – he found himself in political trouble. He was criticised by one fellow MP for ‘stereotyping a whole community.;

Something similar has happened to a support group called Crop (the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping), for the parents of sexually exploited girls. Since 2002 the group, which is based in Leeds, has supported the families of 400 victims, including that of Emma Jackson. Last year it was saying that the families had suffered mainly at the hands of Pakistani men.

‘The vast majority are white families and the perpetrators are Pakistani Asians,’ the organisation's chair of trustees, Hilary Willmer, was quoted as saying. Sources inside Crop placed the percentage as high as 80 per cent, although Kurdish, Romanian and Albanian gangs were also involved. But today Crop has become nervous about making public statements on the racial dimension of the abuse. ‘We've been accused of being a cover for the BNP,’ Ms Willmer told The Independent.

The girls whose families Crop tries to help are typically targeted between the ages of 11 and 15. Accounts of their experiences still fill the organisation's website. Story after story shows how subtly and insidiously the grooming is done. Crop believes, based on limited reporting data, that as many as 10,000 children in the UK may be victims of sexual exploitation. But on the cultural background of the predators, Crop has gone suddenly silent. So too have the police.

Lancashire Police are so nervous about the subject that they would not even talk about a pilot project which is considered the national model for how to deal with the grooming of unsuspecting children. Called Engage, and based in Jack Straw's Blackburn constituency, it brings together a range of services – police, social workers, nurses, sexual health and drugs workers and Crop parents – to prevent, protect and prosecute.

The project carries out surveillance operations against men suspected of exploiting children sexually… Working in the Eastern Division, which had the highest figures for missing children – and where only one offender had previously been convicted – the project uncovered, in 2008-2009 alone, a total of 100 offences of child abduction, rape and sexual activity with minors involving 36 individuals.

Strangely, however, Lancashire Police refused several requests over the past two months to talk to The Independent about the success of the project. So too did Nick McPartlan, the team manager at Engage… All this hyper-sensitivity has led to accusations of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS from right-wing newspapers, whose anti-immigration agenda is neatly fed by suggestions that on-street grooming is a peculiarly Asian phenomenon.

‘Police and social services have been accused of fuelling a culture of silence which has allowed hundreds of young white girls to be exploited by Asian men for sex,’ the Daily Mail has said.

‘Experts claim the statistics represent a mere fraction of a 'tidal wave' of offending in counties across the Midlands and the north of England which has been going on for more than a decade’…

The response of the Government was for the Children's minister, Tim Loughton, to warn that that ‘denial’ over racial grooming did nothing to help victims.

‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and racial sensitivities have in the past been an issue,’ he said, and the authorities still ‘have to be aware of certain characteristics of various ethnic communities and be sensitive as to how we deal with them.’

What cannot be denied in all this is that… significant numbers of British Pakistani men are involved in such abuse. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre report hinted at that when it said that many offender groups ‘were related to each other in some way, either as friends, family members or work colleagues’ – noting that ‘where offenders worked together, the place of work was either a takeaway restaurant or a taxi firm.’

Martin Narey was the director-general of Britain's prisons for seven years, after which he became chief executive of Barnardo's, the charity which cares for vulnerable children and young people.

‘When I began at Barnardo's I was resistant to the idea that there was a racial or cultural dimension to child abuse,’ he says. "If anything, my experience in running the Prison Service taught me that sex offenders were generally white. But some time ago I decided that in not exploring that we were leaving children at risk. I found the picture not to be constant, but certainly in the North the repetitive evidence of Asian men as perpetrators could not be ignored’.”

On 9 May 2012, Alison Pearson said this in The Telegraph:

"By now, even the most trusting and generous-minded liberals must have woken up to the fact that our fear of being tarred as racist has allowed ugly practices and outmoded attitudes to flourish, hidden away behind a nervous respect for 'difference.'

Stymied by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, social workers, carers, police, lawyers and council staff all failed to protect those young Rochdale girls."

Diversity, cohesion, cultural enrichment.

Dirty words in my book.

Political correctness: even dirtier.

Who wants their little girl to cohere with the diverse, enriching 77-year types cited above? Pet footsoldiers of the Multicult, they forced at least one of our little girls to “have sex with 20 men in one night.”

Who agrees with Mel? Who thinks “those who shriek ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobe’ at all who point this out in order to stifle proper debate” are “complicit in these outrages?” Who thinks the PC Crowd have, for decades now, aided and abetted the crimes of such creatures?

In a just and fair society, those who protect and promote the immigrant criminal would stand trial with them. I look forward, in the not to distant future, to seeing such moral lepers charged with treason, found guilty and dealt with.

On 9 May 2012, The Mail Online quoted former Labour MP for Keighley, Ann Cryer, thus:

“This is an absolute scandal. They were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them…

Forces have been accused of being institutionally racist. That sort of thing sticks. If you do say things like that about any police force then they will be majorly careful to avoid being being put in line for criticism like that. It may well be that they then steer clear of the tragic events that we are talking about. All because they want to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.”

On 9 May 2012, Judge Gerald Clifton was quoted thus by The Manchester Evening News:

"In some cases those girls were raped, callously, viciously and violently. Some of you acted as you did to satiate your lust, some of you to make money, all of you treated them as though they were worthless and beyond respect. I believe that one of the factors that led to that was that they were not of your community or religion…

In some cases they were driven around Rochdale and Oldham to be made to have sex with paying customers. Most of you were many years older than they were."

Det. Chf. Supt. Mary Doyle added:

"It was pure evil. They were exploiting the vulnerable in our society for their own gratification. They groomed their victims who introduced them to other girls… They were raped and subjected to humiliation and degradation. You cannot think of a worse set of offences. In some instance it was several men at a time."

The Manchester Evening News added:

“Detectives also believe there could be up to 50 other men who took part in the grooming but remain at large.”

On 9 May 2012, Melanie Phillips said this in The Daily Mail:

“The gang lured an officially estimated 47 girls (the figure may well be higher) aged 12 to 16 with gifts, alcohol and drugs before passing them around to have sex ‘with several men a day, several times a week’ in flats, houses, cars, taxis and kebab shops. After phone calls inviting them to come and have sex with a girl, men would turn up to do so by the taxi-load. One 13 year-old was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night.

Terrible as all this is in itself, there is far worse. For this monstrous abuse could all have been stopped years ago. THE AUTHORITIES HAD EVIDENCE THIS WAS GOING ON AS LONG AGO AS 1991. The question immediately arises: how on earth could a blind eye have been turned to all this by the social services departments under whose care these girls were living, as well as by the police to whom they went for help?

The answer is as clear as it is devastating. For these men were all Muslims: eight of them of Pakistani origin and one from Afghanistan. Early last year, the Times reported that 50 of the 56 men convicted in 17 street-grooming prosecutions from 13 northern towns and cities were Muslim. Identifying this particular behaviour meant identifying the particular community in these northern towns where it was being committed. And what paralysed these authorities was that, in POLITICALLY CORRECT BRITAIN, NO CRITICISM IS ALLOWED TO BE MADE OF RELIGIOUS OR ETHNIC IDENTITIES.

The authorities could not allow themselves even to think there was a problem with any minority community. So they pretended the problem was not what it actually was. And so the child rape industry proceeded with repeated failures to prosecute…

The police maintain doggedly that this has nothing to do with race. What a red herring. Of course it doesn’t! This is about religion and culture - an unwesternised Islamic culture which holds that non-Muslims are trash and women are worthless. And so white girls are worthless trash. Which is itself of course a race issue…

A care professional close to the case said… ‘on such a large scale the only investigations I know about have involved Asians… We can’t say they haven’t got an issue within their community because we’ve now had so many cases. What no one is going to say publicly is that some of them may regard and treat white girls in a totally different way to their own girls.’

Another person, described only as ‘a professional of Pakistani heritage,’ said that ‘conduct unthinkable with Muslim girls became ‘acceptable’ with ‘corrupted’ white girls.‘

And Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, has said… ‘We need the entire Pakistani community to speak out against such crimes and to disown the actions of the men who believe that teenage white girls are worthless and can be abused.’

Now look at how the authorities reacted. As the Times reports:

‘In 1991, nine girls from three homes in Bradford fell victim to pimps who collected them from their home each evening, took them to be used for sex in houses, flats and guest houses, then returned them to the care of residential staff in the early hours of the morning. The local authority ordered an inquiry but did not reveal that the men were all of Pakistani heritage.

‘In 2006 a specialist child protection team was formed in Manchester because the city, according to its former children’s services director, had clear evidence of “targeted sexual exploitation of girls in children’s homes”. It was a stark admission, but again the shared ethnicity of most of the men was not identified.’

As for the police, they refused to take seriously the first girl who came forward in 2008 to say a gang of men had repeatedly raped her on successive days – with the result she was sent right back into the hands of her abusers.

The Telegraph reports that in the four months after she spoke to the police, she was driven to a succession of sordid flats and houses where she would be raped by up to five men each night, four or five days a week…

For their part, the police deny they were paralysed by fear of treading on ‘cultural sensibilities’. But one former Labour MP has no doubt at all that this was indeed the case. The Telegraph reports:

‘Complaints to social workers and the police were ignored because they were ‘petrified of being called racist,’ former Labour MP for Keighley Ann Cryer said. Mrs Cryer, who has campaigned to bring the issue of Asian sex gangs to light, said the girls had been ‘betrayed’ and condemned to ‘untold misery’ by the police and social services.

‘This is an absolute scandal. They were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS,’ she said…

The fact that Muslims are disproportionately represented among the perpetrators of this particular crime means inescapably that a cultural Muslim issue is involved. If this is not acknowledged, this terrible pattern of abuse will simply continue. And THOSE WHO SHRIEK ‘RACIST’ OR ‘ISLAMOPHOBE’ AT ALL WHO POINT THIS OUT IN ORDER TO STIFLE PROPER DEBATE THUS MAKE THEMSELVES ALSO COMPLICIT IN THESE OUTRAGES.”

On 9 May 2012, Sophie Borland told us this in The Mail Online:

"More than a quarter of arthritis sufferers have to visit their GP at least three times to get a diagnosis, a report reveals. Patients with osteoarthritis, the most common form, wait an average of nearly three years to be diagnosed and referred for treatment...

There are an estimated 8.5million people with osteoarthritis but by 2030 this will have reached 17million, according to the report by Arthritis Care...

A survey of 2,000 patients carried out on behalf of the charity found that 71 per cent are in constant pain...

On average the patients waited 2.8 years from noticing symptoms to being given a diagnosis by their family doctor."

On 8 May 2012, Sarah O‘Grady said this in The Daily Express:

“There are about six million unpaid carers in Britain looking after older parents or disabled children. They save the taxpayer as much as £119billion a year, but many find the physical and mental strain has a huge impact on their health… Almost six in 10 admitted that taking care of vulnerable family members had put them under so much stress and strain it caused depression, anxiety and nervous breakdowns.

The same number said their caring responsibilities had harmed their careers, research by the newly-formed Carers Trust found. About two-thirds have never had any official support or services such as respite breaks.”

On 7 May 2012, Dr Elizabeth Sidwell, a former headmistress who is now the Schools Commissioner, addressed a conference of head teachers thus:

“Even the outstanding primaries tell me that children at five are coming in with lower and lower ability to get on with their work…

When the parents are unemployed there is a high correlation between the children not doing well, largely because there’s a high correlation with the children not coming to school. If your parents are lying at home in bed and haven’t got to get up for work it’s really difficult to get the child up for school on time...

This is the primary problem - 700 under-performing primaries. How many children are in each of those schools? They are not secure in reading and writing when they go to secondary school, so many of the academies and other schools are dealing with that problem.”

On 7 May 2012, israelnationalnews.com told us this:

"In a letter to the Attorney General and to the State Attorney Sunday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak accused former Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi of receiving and giving bribes, reports news website News1...

According to News1, Barak listed no less than 10 criminal offenses that Ashkenazi had carried out, including acceptance of a bribe, giving a bribe and abetting bribery, while his confidante, Lt. Col. Boaz Harpaz, interfered in the appointments of senior officers."

Barak said:

"After reading the draft of the State Comptroller's report on the Harpaz documents case one reaches grave and serious conclusions about the former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and his former aide, Col. Erez Viener."

On 7 May 2012,The Daily Mail: quoted Jackie Green thus:

"I’m ecstatic to get through, I never expected it. It’s been lovely to see the support from everyone and I have had so many people contacting me saying they hope I win. I have come this far and now I am in it to win it."

The Mail explained:

"A teenager who was the youngest person in the world to have a sex change at the age of 16 is edging towards the title of Miss England. Jackie Green, now 18, was born Jack, but became the youngest person to undergo full gender reassignment surgery on her 16th birthday.

Jackie has now successfully clinched the public vote to secure her place in the semi-finals of the national beauty pageant."

They used to say, ironically, that the lunatics were running the asylum. It's no longer ironic, is it? They really are.

I don't see the fact that the loonies are in charge as our biggest problem. That the brainwashed teletubbies keep voting for them, that's the biggest problem.

On 7 May 2012, Richard Shears and Rob Cooper told us this in The Daily Mail:

"Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today. The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal 'cure-all'.

The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born.

The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.
Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.”

On 7 May 2012, Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

"It is extremely alarming that in the decade up to 2010, prescriptions for Ritalin quadrupled. Statistics show that 90 per cent of prescriptions for this powerful drug in 2004 were used to combat behavioural problems in school-age children. I am shocked that there has been such a huge explosion in use…

We hear teachers tell of their students’ lack of ability to concentrate, from police about increasingly disruptive and anti-social behaviour, and from parents unable to control the actions of young family members… Resorting to powerful drugs only stores up trouble for the future.[/QUOTE]

The Mail added:

"A report commissioned by the RSPB that found activities in a natural environment appear to improve ADHD symptoms compared with playing indoors and playing outdoors in an urban area. But Mrs Munt said too many youngsters were prevented from enjoying the outdoors due to a lack of school playing fields and the lure of video games and social networking."

The “school playing fields” and the “activities in a natural environment” issues were settled decades ago. The drugging-up, dumbing-down and robotification of our children continue apace.

Point a robot in particular direction and that’s where it will go. Those who construct such robots invariably send them to the Left.

Jean Gross, the Government’s former speech and language tsar, said a special needs diagnosis can be ‘used as an explanation for failure’ by schools.

"One-third of nine and 10-year-old boys have special educational needs. It’s at that age that schools start to think they are not going to get a level four… so they get labelled as having SEN… It’s a real incentive to do this when schools don’t hit their floor target."

Thus does an educational establishment, incentivised by a political establishment, place career and reputation before the health and welfare of the nation’s children.

The Mail added:

"The number of prescriptions for Ritalin leapt from 158,000 in 1999 to 661,463 in 2010, (the Blair/Brown years) NHS figures have revealed.

Psychologists said they were seeing a sharp rise in the number of children below the age of six, and some as young as three, being prescribed the drug. They also warned dosages were getting stronger…

Ritalin… can cause nausea, fatigue and mood swings and has also been linked to suicides…

Psychologists also warned that children with behavioural problem were increasingly prescribed Ritalin in conjunction with anti-depressants. This was despite ‘little to no evidence about the effect which these cocktails of drugs are having on the development of children’s brains’."

Almost 1.7million children aged 16 and below in England (21 per cent) were recorded with special educational needs in 2011.

This is what the well-programmed robot votes for.

On 6 May 2012, Ian Birrell said this The Daily Mail:

"So the French have got their wish: they have evicted the brash, egotistical and hyperactive President Bling-Bling from the Elysee Palace after just one term, along with his disliked Italian supermodel spouse. Few will mourn the departure of a man who promised so much but delivered so little with his strutting cockiness and super-rich friends.

Nicolas Sarkozy made the right moves politically on the road to the presidency. But then came so many wrong moves in office, starting on the night of his election triumph when he celebrated with rich supporters at one of Paris’s most expensive restaurants before jetting off to continue partying on the big yacht of a billionaire businessman...

He gave himself a 140 per cent pay rise, taking his annual salary above £300,000, then used state funds for late payment fines on his utility bills and £660 a day on fresh flowers. He reduced taxes on the rich, which backfired when financial meltdown struck a year into his term.

He spent £240million kitting out a new presidential plane, complete with £1million soundproofed doors on a luxurious double bedroom and £60,000 bread ovens to ensure fresh-baked baguettes. Then he became embroiled in a series of financial scandals, including claims he took illegal donations from the elderly heiress to the L’Oreal fortune.

Together with his third wife, model turned pop star Carla Bruni, the couple became fixtures in the celebrity magazines... Even Mr Sarkozy’s elderly father – a Hungarian aristocrat who fled the Nazis – got in on the act, publishing a memoir in which he described himself as a sex addict, starting at the age of 11 when he seduced his nanny.

Then there were pictures of the president checking his Blackberry during an audience with the Pope...

‘His behaviour is vulgar, I’m afraid,’ said former defence minister Alain Richard. ‘He has lost millions of older and conservative voters with his bad manners. They just do not think it is presidential behaviour.’

During the campaign Mr Sarkozy apologised for his actions. But there was derision when his wife, who earned nearly £5million a year at the height of her modelling career, insisted they were modest folk who just liked watching soap operas.

The campaign culminated with another controversial meal when Mr Sarkozy joined 50 guests at a fund-raising lunch of quails’ eggs and blue lobster in Paris’s most expensive hotel. Afterwards, he was caught on camera slipping off his £50,000 gold watch, a present from his wife...

His own house went to pay alimony on his two previous marriages, so the couple are expected to move to Carla’s mansion by the Bois de Boulogne (although there is also her huge summer house on the Riviera)...

Dazed by celebrity and dazzled by money, ended up alienating his people so much that yesterday he met his inevitable Waterloo."

Sarkozy is Jewish.

Nuff said.

On 6 May 2012, Boris Johnson was quoted thus by The Telegraph:

“London’s formidable job-creating powers do not always seem to involve the creation of jobs for native Londoners. Go into any coffee shop and talk to the staff, listen to the voices on the building sites — and you will see how the city is working as a magnet for talent and energy from outside the UK.”

On 6 May 2012, the Speaker, John Bercow, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

“I think it is important that the medical service in the House is as aware as it can be of Members with problems and there is some evidence now that more Members and staff who have got drink-related issues are seeking help and that’s a positive.

I think we are a reflection of society and just as there are people in every walk of life who have got issues to do with alcohol, and possibly other addiction issues, there can be problems in this place."

He also said this:

"To some extent, (people) are suspicious or even despairing of formal politics as a means to give expression and effect to what they want. I think there is a wider dissatisfaction that people feel partly that the parties are still quite similar and perhaps there isn't a huge choice, and partly they feel, well 'I said what I wanted, and I voted accordingly, but I haven't got what I wanted or what I voted for two years ago'."

Which is about as honest as a career politician is ever going to get.

The Mail also quoted Bercow's wife, Sally, who had previously told the world that she once drank a bottle of wine at lunch and another two in the evening.

“I'd lose my judgment and put myself in danger,” she said. “I'd fall asleep on the Tube and end up in Epping or Heathrow. And I'd get into unlicensed minicabs in the early hours: all the things we'd tell our daughters not to do.”

The folks that run our lives, eh?

We get what we vote for, I guess.

On 5 May 2012, Jenny McCartney said this The Telegraph:

"Cardinal Brady just doesn’t get it. By 'get it' I mean that he still seems to believe that he personally behaved appropriately in the circumstances by which the late Father Brendan Smyth, a rapacious paedophile of almost unimaginable moral corruption, was tacitly permitted by the Church to continue brutally abusing children for 40 years, long after the ecclesiastical authorities knew what he was up to...

The Church saw a choice between protecting its own reputation, and shielding young children from ferocious abuse, and it unhesitatingly chose to protect itself."


"The Roman Catholic Church has protected evil for too long."

Quite. It shows how deep the brainwash goes when the flock to whom the evil ones minister does so very little to protect its own young from the "ferocious abuse" of its shepherds.

I am immediately reminded of the British sheeple who continue to vote for those who have done next to nothing to protect our very young girls from the paedophilic attentions of the Pakistani paedophile. Blind faith in a religion, be it Catholicism or political correctness, has a lot to answer for.

On 4 May 2012, The Daily Mail quoted Peter Mandelson, as he called for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

"I believe a fresh referendum on this will be necessary because the political parties cannot reconcile their own differences and come to a final conclusion on their own, and nor should they...

A referendum would be a healthy means of re-establishing a consensus – among Britons, and among the nations of Britain for that matter - about Britain’s place in the world and the role Europe should play in that...

Britain will find itself a decade from now the only state in the EU, certainly the only large state, outside the Eurozone. Effectively the EU will have been rebooted, with the UK on the outside. We must not delude ourselves about this...

The case is growing for electing the personality who leads Europe’s governance, either directly across the EU or indirectly through the European Parliament."

On 3 May 2012, the US Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, tweeted this:

"Our policy of foreign interventionism is driven by powerful commercial interests and a desire to promote world government!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is about as honest as a politician is ever going to get.

On 2 May 2012, Sophie Borland told us this in The Daily Mail:

"Hundreds of thousands of elderly patients are being wrongly prescribed drugs by their GPs, a study warns today… Four in ten of those aged over 75 on medication had been affected by a medical blunder in the last year.

This included being given unnecessary drugs or the wrong dose…

University of Nottingham academics examined the records of 1,777 patients of all ages in 15 surgeries in England to look for errors. They found one in 20 of the prescriptions handed out to all patients in the last year contained a mistake ranging from the minor to more serious. But the elderly, classed as the over-75s, were twice as likely to be given incorrect medication.”

On 2 May 2012, Sefi Krupsky said this in the Israeli daily, Haaretz:

"Israel's military launched a new system this week to monitor information on the Internet, the chief military censor said on Tuesday. Col. Sima Vaknin-Gil said that the new system will monitor visual and textual information on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, on blogs and on traditional news sites...

Vaknin-Gil said that ‘the censor is perceived as a body trying to control the Internet, to no avail. This is mistake, we try to operate within the Internet only in terms of elements related to us’.”

On 2 May 2012, the Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, said this during the BBC Today Programme lecture:

“So why, you might ask, did the Bank of England not do more to prevent the disaster? WE SHOULD HAVE… We didn't imagine the scale of the disaster that would occur…


There was a failure of imagination to appreciate the scale of the fragilities and their potential consequences. No one could quite bring themselves to believe that in our modern financial system the biggest banks in the world could fall over. BUT THEY DID.”

On 2 May 2012, regarding Ugandan immigrant John Sentamu's fitness for the position of Archbishop of Canterbury, Avril Ormsby said this at Yahoo News:

"Some queried whether he should have agreed so enthusiastically to write a regular column in Rupert Murdoch's popular tabloid the 'Sun on Sunday' after a phone-hacking scandal engulfed his media empire...

Sentamu would also have to tame what critics refer to, off the record, as his autocratic style of leadership... The Telegraph newspaper quoted two anonymous bishops saying Sentamu is 'quite tribal and the African chief thing comes through', and talked about his 'African views and approach'."

Christina Rees, a long-term campaigner for women's issues, was quoted thus:

"Anglicans are often accused of being very tame and pale, and to have someone like John Sentamu leading the Church, I think, would reinvigorate a lot of Anglicans."

Ah, the PC wagtail casts her lovely, fluffy vote for the autocratic, immigrant tribalist.

It was ever thus.

On 1 May 2012, Tom Watson, MP, summed up the majority findings of the parliamentary committee investigating the phone hacking scandal thus:

"It’s been 10 years, 1 month and nine days since the News of the World hacked Milly Dowler’s phone. Five days ago Rupert Murdoch admitted there was a cover up at News Corporation.

We found that NEWS CORPORATION CARRIED OUT AN EXTENSIVE COVER-UP OF ITS RAMPANT LAWBREAKING. It’s most senior executives repeatedly misled Parliament and the two men at the top, Rupert and James Murdoch – who were in charge of the company – must now answer for that.

In the view of the majority of committee members RUPERT MURDOCH IS NOT FIT TO RUN AND INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIKE BSKYB…

Last week former Chief Reporter of the News of the World, Neville Thurlbeck said ‘it was News International, not the News of the World, which ordered us to dig into the private lives of the MPs on the committee’ which was investigating us.

He went on to say that ‘MANY NEWS INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVES WERE IN THE LOOP’ The committee did not have the time to act on these new allegations but I think they are so serious they warrant an inquiry by the Committee of Standards and Privileges for a potential contempt of Parliament…

POWERFUL PEOPLE WERE INVOLVED IN A COVER UP and they still haven’t accepted responsibility… The contacts between Rupert Murdoch and senior ministers crossed both sides of the House.

If we really want to see how News Corp in the UK operates, then the current PM and Chancellor, all former Prime Ministers – including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and former Chancellors might want to consider revealing their texts and emails to company executives. THESE PEOPLE CORRUPTED OUR COUNTRY. THEY BROUGHT SHAME ON OUR POLICE FORCE AND OUR PARLIAMENT. THEY LIED AND CHEATED, BLACKMAILED AND BULLIED. WE SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED WHEN WE THINK HOW WE COWERED BEFORE THEM FOR SO LONG…

The very cornerstone of justice is that those really responsible are held to account – THAT THE RICH AND THE POWERFUL ARE AS LOW IN THE FACE OF THE LAW AS THE MOST HUMBLE AND WEAK…

Everybody in the world knows who is responsible for the wrongdoing of News Corp: RUPERT MURDOCH. MORE THAN ANY INDIVIDUAL ALIVE, HE IS TO BLAME. MORALLY, THE DEEDS ARE HIS. HE PAID THE PIPER AND HE CALLED THE TUNE. It is his company, his culture, his people, his business, his failures, HIS LIES, HIS CRIMES.”

On 1 May 2012, Daniel Martin told us this in The Daily Mail:

"Social mobility in Britain is the worst in the Western world and the gap between rich and poor has become ingrained in children as young as three…

The prospects of half of all children born in the UK can be almost entirely linked to the circumstances of their parents – compared to only 15 per cent of those in Denmark. Differences are also noticeable at a very young age, with toddlers doing far better in vocabulary tests if they grow up in a more affluent household.”

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