Daily News: July 2012

Tuesday 31 July

Police hunt Asians after teenager raped
Asian sex attack on 11-year-old girl
Former MP Shahid Malik got a hospital trust’s debts ‘written off’
Immigrant murderer Peter Foster found hanged in jail
Immigrants with more than one wife could claim higher benefit payments
Police refuse to save drowning man due to lack of training
Romanian kicked out for false ID jailed after returning to steal from cash machines
Ivans Karanovs in court over injured MP
Lee and Vernon Fevrier charged with burglary and blackmail
London Olympics security firm G4S helps Israel abuse Palestinian children
Care home nurse Anita Tayeh found sleeping on duty
Dissent grows among the voters of Europe
Nigerians sham married Dutch to stay in the country
Mitt Romney 'providence' comments in Israel outrage Palestinians
"British" tourists charged with drug smuggling in Grenada
Radical cleric Qatada's fresh bid to be freed as he awaits ruling on deportation
Cameron raps Tory Aiden Burley's 'idiotic' jibe over opening ceremony
'Shaggy' who 'likes betting on horse races' caught with crack cocaine hidden in hat
Welcome to the Equality Hotline
Married immigrants benefits scandal
Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand charged by FA over Twitter comments
Polygamous marriage not legal in UK
Jail for the PC who said her daughter had cancer

Monday 30 July

Jewish Converts Who Changed the Catholic Church
Israel allocates 70x more water to settlers than Palestinians in the West Bank
Yes, you may attack Iran! Grovelling for Jewish vote, Romney risks war
USA sees Israel as a spy threat
Equality quango farce! Staff can't be sacked because they might be black!!!
''How we Islamists laughed at (Liberal Left) naivety.’’
G4S security guard spat at soldier and called him "baby killer"
Naila Afsar's family jailed for drugging and kidnapping her
Brett Czernozeokow has appalling record: Judge still gives him "chance to change his life"
Row upon row of empty seats as VIP's Olympic tickets end up on black market
BBC's rubbish coverage of cycling road race all Twitter's fault!
Leonard Neamu, 13, sought over riots burglaries in east London
Trident (black-on-black) cops appeal for witnesses after shooting and stabbing
Biker beaten and robbed by black and white crims
Wembley keys lost: First the G4S fiasco now cops admit to shocking stadium breach
Rioters back on the streets: figures show half have been freed
CofE pension fund takes a £60m risk despite concerns of senior clergy over bonuses
New war on sick benefits: 900,000 have claimed it for more than a decade
Ban migrants who can't pay their way says MP
British Islamic fanatics blamed for Syria kidnap
Britain must adopt powers to control mass immigration
MP injured after challenging alleged bus stop vandal
Academies given power to hire unqualified teachers

Sunday 29 July

Brent Police's top 10 most wanted - 6 non natives featured
Mother-of-8, Shamim Akhtar, jailed for kidnap and drugging of own daughter
Muslim preacher who tried to strangle his daughter SPARED JAIL!
Alexander Monson died just hours after arrest by Kenyan police
English law is fair to women not 'unfair’ to Muslims
Vulnerable children 'at risk' in new protection system
Boy, 16, dies after Smethwick knife attack
Weren't the Olympics meant to be sold out? Day 1 sees banks of empty seats
Scorn for DJ Trevor Nelson's Olympic chat
'We reject Cameron and Coe's corporate Games'
BBC pays headhunters £350,000 to fill two top jobs then gives both to its own man
Businessman Rashid Jamil did not see Sahar Daftary plunge to her death
Labour MP's businessman dad killed after refusing to pay bribes in Nigerian election
How Thatcher adored 'useless, pretty faces' despite reservations of her colleagues

Saturday 28 July

Despicable prosititute Mitt Romney will threaten war on Iran if he's elected president!
$16 TRILLION Fed Res bailout! "A clear case of socialism for the rich"
Tory MP: Olympic ceremony Adrian Burley: "leftie multi-cultural crap!"
Children as young as SEVEN are experimenting with ecstasy and cannabis
G4S Olympic security guard Temitope Ajomale in bomb hoax
Notorious Harlesden gang-member shot dead in Bournemouth
UK shamed into blocking £16m AID to Rwandan 'warmonger'
John Terry charged by FA, despite being guilty of nothing
Widow tricked out of £400,000 life savings by fraudsters
Man shot dead in 'gangland execution' seen in music vid with X Factor's Tulisa
Jerelle Wilson-Moonie, Jeffery Lartey and Virally Okokono guilty of murder
Insider trading: Ali and Ersin Mustafa and 7 other ethnics jailed
Karolis Bartkus and Kristaps Robeznieks get 14 months for card scams
Killers' 'right to go free'
Yobs who can't speak English let off with fine
Austerity? Cuts haven't been tough enough
Legionnaires' disease: Four more cases
Billionaire oligarch Viktor Vekelsberg (Jewish) gets his £1.7m back
Hacker Junaid Hussain gets six months for publicising Blair's address book

Friday 27 July

St. Mandelaland: THE REALITY! 12-year-old white boy drowned in scalding water
Somali drug gang murder in Boscombe! Diversity is everywhere now!
Bailed paedophile Samuel Omar sexually assaulted 12-year-old after spiking her drink
Drinker glassed in unprovoked pub attack by man of 'Middle-eastern' appearance
Jerelle Wilson-Moonie and two 17-year-olds guilty of murder
‘Dangerous’ former Olympic hopeful Julian Hughes-John gets 12 years for kidnap and torture
Polish scrap metal thief caught red-handed isn't prosecuted!
Class A drug users start as young as seven
Population boom caused migration and migrant high birth rate = 1m more school places by 2020
Pensioners handing over £42billion a year to the Government in taxes!
Population of Jewish settlements in West Bank up 15,000 in a year
Father of Ben Kinsella murderer sues Met Police
Scots to legalise gay marriage despite 64% opposing change
Husband raped to death by 5 wives! (Paying too much attention to no. 6)
Wife of disgraced Chinese politician charged with murdering Neil Heywood
Iran accuses Israel of plotting Bulgaria bus attack
Obama working with Israel to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capacity

Thursday 26 July

Sinclair Lewis found not guilty of chopping Julie Dorsett in half
Elisa Nzinga-Nsangu's £68,000 5-year benefit scam gets her ZERO JAIL TIME!
As war veteran lay dying thieves stole his wallet and drained his bank account
Bungling robber Neil Timmins tried to pretend hold-up was a joke when his toy gun fell apart
Teenager critical after knifing on London-bound train
Rising school violence: NINETY primary pupils sent home every day
Barclays boss who quit over interest rate rigging scandal exits with £9m payoff
Deadly virus forces closure of schools across South East Asia
FA charge Emmanuel Frimpong for anti-Semitic slur (Will he get the John Terry treatment? NO!)
Think your children are bird-brains? You're right!
Light-hearted 'racist' tweet gets Greek athlete booted out of the Olympics
'Farewell Bollywog': Former teacher sues school for £100,000 over 'racist' abuse from pupils
Students facing EVEN HIGHER fees for their tuition
I'll legalise gay marriage by 2015, vows Cameron
Divorce deal Muslim Doc says he owes wife nothing under Sharia law!
And they're off... first athlete (African) claims asylum
Athletes 'hand golden ticket to terrorists' by Twittering pictures of security passes
Boy of 11 makes mockery of security evading FIVE airport checks
HMRC tells school children: Tell your teacher if a neighbour is evading tax
Supreme Court blocks deportation of asylum seekers with no political views

Wednesday 25 July

Cab driver Mazhar Rashid murdered Emma Ewart, 27, and threw her body in a canal
Black knifemen bring terror with late-night raids
Rakesh Bhayani in court charged with stealing £280,000 from the bank account of Carole Waugh
CCTV: teen robbed at knifepoint for iPhone
CCTV: Wanted in connection with unprovoked assault
Mohammed and Shasta Khan plotted deadly attacks on Jews
Christopher Schuster jailed for internet grooming (got girls, 15, pregnant)
Riasaf Ahmed wouldn't take wife to hospital during pregnancy scare until she made his lunch
Blow for Cameron as Brooks and Coulson charges with hacking Milly Dowler's phone
Israel orders demolition of eight Palestinian villages for IDF training sites
Blair says Christians should speak out (after his government made it difficult to do so!)
G4S staff 'cheat' on tests to run x-ray scanners at Olympic Games
Teacher Bruce Roth guilty of sexually abusing five boys
Why a PC journalist sent her kid to private school
Britain could be dragged into Syria conflict
Another white woman dead, another black boyfriend arrested
Why are suspected murderers given bail?
Drug-resistant HIV 'on increase' in sub-Saharan Africa
Reducing salt 'would cut cancer'
Blair denies praying with Bush
Olympic torch carriers mentioned in this article: 6 ethnics, 2 white, one unknown

Tuesday 24 July

Racial Equality Asians were defrauding Greenwich council
Nurse Thaddee Nsengiyaremye failed to notice patient had had a stroke
Illegal immigrant Zemble Zamble gets 5 years for £250,000 fraud
Ersin and Ali Mustafa accused of £1,000,000 bank scam
Number of seventies ‘sun generation’ skin cancer cases triples! 25 diagnosed every day
BLAIR: We must not “hang bankers!" How about boiling, Tony? Can we boil your best pals?
Brussels won't let us control our borders - the politicians only pretend
Our living standards are the lowest since the 1920s!
Now Communist China's buying up North Sea Oil!
60-000 bogus students came to the UK last year!
Surge in domestic violence
Euro on the brink of collapse - shares battered
British families want capital punishment back
Newspapers made 50,000 payments to prison officers
Minister treats us with contempt as he refuses to answer money laundering questions
Anti-gay jibes at Labour do
One-in-eight soldiers commits violence when he gets back from tour of duty
Border agency criticised by MPs over 'Bermuda Triangle' backlog

Monday 23 July

World's wealthiest have 'deprived taxman of up to £20TRILLION hiding cash in tax havens!
Election 2015! Clegg to form coalition with Labour? PM + Deputy PM = 87.5% alien pedigree
Paul Beckles stabs fellow passenger twice for bumping into him: just 3.33 years jail!
2011: No court challenge from Govt. allows 250+ foreign killers/paedophiles/rapists to stay!
91,000 prosecutions for violence against women/girls in 2011/12! 67,000 convictions
Nine out of ten sex attacks goes unreported
Olympic child sex trafficking a threat, says Barnado's
Suspect hunted after Bulgarian bus bomb could be on his way to London 2012 say cops
Transsexual forces school to let him sit exam dressed as a girl
THE B LIARS! A POLITICAL DYNASTY! Former PM's son Euan 'wants to stand as an MP'
Blair admits he didn't understand implications of his own financial philosophy
Cherie Blair won Olympic Games for UK boasts former PM
Archbishop Sentamu lied about age? Too old for top job?
New Calais base for African illegal immigrants
Border chiefs struggle with 276,000 immigration backlog! Send ALL the f*ckers back!
Women risking fertility problems by using fake tan?
BBC tells stars to dodge tax! Workers face ultimatum, go off the books or face sack!
Olympic torch: Now it's Doreen Lawrence's turn! Anyone out there surprised?
Gay politicians and the tabloid press (Tatchell wants a gay PM)
Elma Sanli and Ndue Meli operating illegal ice cream vans
Speaker Bercow charged taxpayers £624 for limo ride to sex with wife
Treasury threatens to expose rich who avoid tax: expose their best pals? A likely story

Sunday 22 July

The foreign criminals we don't try to deport
Robert Dunson hacked wife to death with Samurai sword in front of her son
Mario Debarros raped woman as her friend looked on in horror
Would-be rapist Grzegorz Budach jailed
Elhadi Sahkri charged with the rape of two men
Cops hunt suspected rapist Abdul Bieeu
Double rapist Raymond Manners jailed 33 years after attacks
Suspected rapist Mohamed Sadiq Hussein Hassan bailed and disappears
Asians sought after 14-year-olds assaulted
Asian sought over sex assault of 11-year-old
Farid Ghorzanig and Amir Wallezadeh charged with rape
Adhanom Berhe subjected woman to knifepoint rape
17-year-old kidnapped and raped by black man
7/7 bomber's widow put on world's 'most wanted' list
Tax-dodging Tory donor forced to repay £2million
Six-month ordeal of schoolboy accused of assault for throwing snowball at girl
Fury as paedophile, 61, escapes jail
Minister's daughter exposes Olympic safety scandal
Labour shock over anti-gay jibes at Euro socialist camp
"Racist grandma" ordered to stop sending racist letters in the post
Silent scandal on wards for the elderly
Inside the African jail hell of innocent Briton charged with murder
'Invisible' minister Lord Green who ran HSBC dodges questions over scandal
Rupert Murdoch resigns as News International director

Saturday 21 July

Cameron 'should learn from Thatcher not Blair' says Lawson
The former Chancellor's 'Big Bang' freed the mega-greedy businessmen and financiers to gobble at the trough and led inevitably to the world-wide recession that plagues us now. Lawson is Jewish..
Ammaz Qureshi instructed Yasmin Chaudhry to torture baby as he watched on Skype
Mikel Cela accused of murdering Darren Leonard
Cowboy builder kills Donald and Rosetta O’Sullivan. Mohammed Jamil wasn't jailed!
Illegal immigrant Gertrude Chikware fleeced taxpayers out of almost £100,000
Horse-sex Muslim gets a face full of outraged hoof!
Algerian immigrant Nasserdine Menni guilty of conspiracy to murder Christmas shoppers
A quarter of those claiming sickness benefits have a criminal record
Typical rioter has a single mum and an absent (BLACK?) dad
Problem families (white woman featured) 'have too many children’ says government advisor
Pieman Prescott and 6 other Labour has-beens chase £4m gravy train as police supremos
Leveson Inquiry MUST investigate anti-Muslim BIGOTRY! Insists Dr Nafeez Ahmed
Catrina Baker snapped puppy's neck in rage
The profigacy of Speaker Bercow
Judge mugged!

Friday 20 July

Almost A FIFTH of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year were immigrants!

How many rapes and murders were committed by second and third-generation immigrants, I wonder? You know, those who back in the peaceable day were foist upon us by the know-better, see-further pity-the-poor-immigrant zealots who never gave a damn what WE wanted or WE thought?

Tell me, who aided and abetted the crimes of these utterly un-British types? Was it the BNP or the National Front? Was it the League of Empire Loyalists? Was it Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts? Was it the man on the Clapham Omnibus or disgusted from Tonbridge Wells? Was it the bloke down the pub who told the unfashionable truth and got laughed at, called nasty names and, once in a while, beaten up for doing so?

The PC Crowd in parliament and the press who encouraged the criminals to come in the first place aided and abetted the immigrant murderers and rapists AND THEY ARE STILL DOING SO! Despite Cameron's promises, the aliens are continuing to invade our land in their many hundreds of thousand every year!

For more than fifty years now, an elite, anti-indigenous clique has howled down anyone who dared speak out too strongly against the immigrant-partial propaganda and dictat. A thousand and one race laws were created and imposed to criminalise the decent Brit if he ever dared fight back against the rapidly burgeoning Multicult of establishment fantasy.

Well, it looks like the 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'bigot,' 'Nazi' (he who dared to tell the truth about the perils of mass immigration) was right all along, doesn't it?

I haven't mentioned the biggest sponsors of immigrant criminality yet, have I? Who are they, you ask? Do you really want to know? Are you sure? Guess! Come on! Use your loaf, this is an easy one!

And the asnwer is... THE BRITISH PEOPLE! The gormless, unblinking, follow-me-leader teletubbies who, even now, when the immigrant footsoldiers of New Labour, the Lib Dems and the Cameronian Tories are raping and killing their loved ones, still mindlessly insist on casting their votes for those who despise them and want them gone, are, by far, the most responsible for the way things are now.

You have a great deal to answer for, ladies and gents. In just two generations, your unconscionable stupidity has given away everything your ancestors sacrificed so much for, worked so very hard for and died the deaths in all the wars for.

Just because the animals at the top of the tree were dumbing everyone else down and drugging everyone else up didn't mean to say you had to fall in line for the brainwash and the dope!

But fall in line you did.

The ghosts of your ancestors may, one day, forgive you.

But I wouldn't bank on it.

"The cars were under serious attack from groups of men"

Why didn't the powers-that-be tell us this before? Do they want riots in the streets? Or were they just trying to paint the Asian community in as favourable a light as possible? Both probably.

1,700 fall victim EVERY DAY to Traitor Blair's imported Eastern European pickpockets!
Dental worker Ravinder Kaur charged with poisoning colleagues
Ravjinder Kaur found guilty of murdering her mother-in-law
Gay Hungarian murdered Alice Adams and Tibor Vass after they kissed
Cops charge Richard Dart and four others with terror offences
Streatham: 'Evil' pimp groomed a 12 year-old girl for sex
Robbers Juan Bustillos and Sergio Morales-Martinez captured
Bank cashier Chiomah Leslie passed on customer details to fraud gang
Would PC Simon Harwood have been found guilty if they'd known of his previous record?
Over 3,500 Westminster council flats now owned by private landlords
One in seven MPs have never had a real job in their lives!
UK border guards plan strike on eve of Olympics
Megaphone fairy Peter Tatchell wants 150 anti-gay nations banned from Olympics
Lie detector tests will prevent high-risk sex offenders committing crime?
36 Union Fat Cats
More soldiers stand by to sort out Olympic security farce
Criminals could avoid court in legal shake up
Child rapist threatens suicide
Ken Livingstone forced to apologise over Livingstone/Jasper 'lie' slur
Grant Schapps, MP, Twitter cyborg?

Thursday 19 July

Rapper shot dead in drive-by outside his home (no description of killer(s))
Man stabbed 5 times on own doorstep for mobile phone (no description of attackers)
Victims of guns and gangs in Manchester (no description of killers)
Jamaican immigrant Damien Douglas charged with murder
Jael Mullings murdered her babies: cops criticised
£600,000 Jamaica drug smuggler Beverley Hawthorne jailed
Male nurse Bongani Nyathi showed off pictures of his genitals and fondled nurse's breasts
Five charged with terrorism offences
NHS face £2m compensation bill after Manjit Bhamra botches more than 100 ops!
High immigration has isolated white, working-class communities
6,237 UK tourists died abroad last year, 3,739 treated in casualty, 127 girls raped
Teens 'can be corrupted' by Hollywood sex scenes (So do something about Hollywood pervs!)
Russian Embassy warns parents children sent to study here could be placed with homosexuals
Tart who sells sex to seven year olds is only NOW a tawdry embarrassment?
Austerity could last a decade, warns Cameron (but not for his banker mates who caused it)
Britain sells more goods to countries outside the EU than those inside
Clegg spends nearly £1m of our cash on 14 advisers just for his own use!
Trade minister and former HSBC boss 'was warned about money laundering in 2005'

Wednesday 18 July

2011 Census: testimony to the malign impact of New Labour’s reckless immigration policy
Millionaire John Saunderson-Smith was 'beaten to death by gang of Polish builders
Reece Ludlow to serve life for Louisa Brannan murder
Irfan Razzak ordered to pay back just £1 of £600,000 stolen. Jailed for just 2.7 years
Man raped by gang in Milton Keynes
Mohammed Naeem murdered Amjad Hussain eith a meat cleaver
Redbridge Councillor Ross Hatfull stabbed by muggers
Alexandru Pavaluca jailed for jeweller robbery
Met calls in Romanian police to clean up Roma beggars and pickpockets in West End
Crime surge blights London's Royal Parks with 2,373 offences last year
'Criminal culture at heart of feckless families': lid lifted on 120,000 problem households
Rogue Traders' presenter jailed for benefit fraud
Jailed: Mr Moonesamy offered child dancers chance to perform in the Olympics
No exercise as bad for you as smoking: Lack of fitness causes 90,000 deaths a year
Criminals! HSBC let drug gangs launder millions: First Barclays, now UK's biggest bank!
This humiliating shambles: MPs aghast as G4S chief insists on taking £57m management fee
Amy Winehouse ex Reg Traviss 'raped woman on new year's eve'
Welcome to Poland! Hereford residents alter signpost to show anger at influx of foreigners
Blair’s shameful war and a wall of silence
We still pay for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair
BBC admits 300 stars paid through private firms can avoid tax
Israel to deport 60,000 Africans and yet Jews ALWAYS side with 3rd World migrant in the West
US spies 'got so obsessed' with right answer they resorted to torture

Tuesday 17 July

Reece Ludlow made his ex listen on phone as he beat and stabbed stranger to death
David Scott murder: Prosecution drop case - Kwame Appiah freed
Black man abducts and rapes 17-year-old
Carlton McKay accused of murdering Chris Isted
Nutcase John Rao stabbed his sister and mother to death
Kenan Aydogdu charged with manslaughter of Samuel Harding
Patrick Ribbsaeter beat Thai girlfriend: he has a history of violence against women
The great Olympic tax swindle
BBC finance chief Zarin Patel admits 148 BBC stars paid off books avoiding tax!
Jam-packed England: we are now officially most crowded major country in Europe
Whitehall officials destroy secret documents and use private email to evade scrutiny
Block on Blair's letters to Bush delays publication of Iraq war report by another year
Pensioner boom: Census figures reveal one in six of us is now aged over 65
The folly of judges, vulture lawyers and a nation addicted to masochism
Immigrants flooding back to Britain
London 2012 preparations are a shambles says half the nation! Anyone surprised?
Staff cuts and computer failures undermine border checks
Mature immigration debate needed. So Red Left won't call us racist, Fascist, bigot, Nazi now?
Labour children's spokeswoman wants voting age lowered to 16

Monday 16 July

Are former PM Gordon Brown and other top politicians paedophiles?
Hit-and-run 'was racist attack'
Abdul Hammed, Surin Uddin and others charged with abduction/rape of 13-year-old
Benat Atorrasagasti Ordonez arrested following armed raid in Edinburgh
409 sex offenders freed to rape! Soft justice anger over predators who strike again
Theresa May was warned of potential Olympic fiasco 10 MONTHS AGO!
The Catholic primary school where 90 per cent of the pupils are Muslim!
A very sensible girl and the stupid balloons
Now C4 encourages our kids to take drugs! Lily Allen's dad takes ecstasy!
Husband and wife Olympians barred from sharing room (but gay couples can?)
UK Census Reveals 7% Surge in Population - largest since census began!
Return of the Perma-tan PM? £20m-a-year Tony dreams of a comeback! EXTERMINATE!!!
Home Office wasted nearly half a million pounds on 'unusable' rubber bullets
Third of foreign student visas 'lack credibility' survey finds
Tories fail to solve immigration crisis that blights Britain
Met Police internal racism allegations treble
Why Gordon Brown sold Britain's gold at a knock-down price
‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London

Sunday 15 July

Louisa Brannan begs black attacker for help. He phones ex who doesn't call cops/ambulance
Bunthawee Rimmer guilty of claw hammer murder of Paul Norfolk
Ten Bradford men arrested after sexual grooming raids
Judge who let Taliban soldier remain now allows refugee who raped girl, 12, to stay!
Woman attacked at bus stop after refusing to have sex with black stranger
Jade Rickett stabs Arry Baker 3 times
Yang Wang who hired imposters to sit English exams for Chinese people is jailed
Rioter Ashley Wallace jailed
Theresa May 'was told 10 months ago of G4S failings'
'Cannibal cult members' arrested for murder, eating raw brains, making penis soup
Twitter attack: Rio Ferdinand reignites race row by labelling Ashley Cole 'choc ice'
Why was John Terry brought to trial?
Up to half secondary school teachers lack degrees in their specialist subjects
Paedophiles targeted young, vulnerable girls by offering drugs, money and cuddly toys
Parents' fury as teen who raped girl, 4, allowed to return to school with victim's brother
Human rights is a charter for criminals and parasites our anger is no longer enough
Fight this sleaze with an oath of allegiance
'Secret No 10 computer' reopens cash-for-honours row for Blair
One in 10 prisoners is a former soldier!
Olympics security fiasco continues: G4S boss admits he doesn't know if guards speak English

Saturday 14 July

Matthew Quesada gets 26 years for killing man who asked if his crying daughter was OK
Polish driver Marek Wojiechowski, who killed children in head-on crash, dies
Nightclub boss Manochehr Bahmanzadeh bailed (He got 9 years for drugs offences in 2008)
Fraudster Kuldip Singh Sander must pay back £6.9m or face another 10 years in jail
Dagazau Ali jailed for 'cowardly' murder
Gang of fraudsters steal £176m from government in one of biggest tax swindles of all time
Bolton boy, 11, sentenced for raping girls
Pander to big, greedy business and f*** up the Olympics!
U.S. warned Mervyn King on Libor rate-rigging in 2008
More students must sit University tests as A-levels fail to select brightest
I'm not one of the super-rich says Blair (He's worth £20m and owns 6 homes)
67 per cent want an EU referendum
Ann Widdecombe only juts realises that "freedom of speech and thought are at risk"
Swearing lessons for 11-year-olds! Head teacher Bernadette O’Brien unavailable for comment
Merkel promises Jews and Muslims in Germany that circumcision WILL be allowed
Catholic Church loses child sex abuse liability appeal

Friday 13 July

Romanian and Algerian immigrants raped clubbers
Benefits cheat, Raj Bagga, falsely claimed more than £40,000
Hugger mugger, Ahmed Daq, jailed
Anwarul Helal raped 15-year-old's
Oluwole Oyenuga slept as Mental Health Patients ran amok
Whistleblower's Olympic Security Warning
Bogus doctor who sexually assaulted patients jailed for 5 years
Bungling Olympic firm trains 3,300 teens to guard Games... some snooze, listen to iPods
Afghan heroes drafted in to guard Games forced to sleep in derelict buildings?
Decades of austerity lie ahead warns Treasury watchdog
Ex-captain of England cricket team Adam Hollioake in court over £14m debts
Culture of neglect that forced patient dying of thirst to call the police
Forced to give dying mother CPR as lone paramedic stood by
Poor hospital care 'needlessly killing 1000 NHS patients a month'
BLAIR WARS: James Hill killed on 'insecure' range
Law enforcement chiefs strongly back new 'web snooping' powers
UK house fire figures could be double official statistics
'Worst Attack on Jews Since Holocaust?' Compare with Iraq/Palestine/recession/immigration/PC

Thursday 12 July

Five million non-EU immigrants living in UK
2.33m EU migrants are living in Britain
Traveller family guilty of forcing homeless men into 'slavery'
Junior Hall jailed for 11 years for raping girl too scared to report him
£176million VAT fraud: Roshan Hussain jailed for just one year!
This bitch should swing! 22 years for addict who murdered schoolgirl
Thousands of arsonists and thugs 'let off with fines and cautions'
Cameron doesn't like Conservatives says top Tory
Meet the new Labour adviser: Tony Blair
Ministers under fire as they confirm plans to axe 1,400 jobs for the disabled
Snouts in the Olympic trough: MPs get free tickets for biggest night of Games
3,500 Army officers drafted in to protect Olympics after G4S fails to hire enough staff
McDonald's force Olympics bosses to ban all other restaurants from selling chips
High blood pressure risk in later life for teenage girls on the Pill
We are set to lose vital community organisations
Why was black Yank, Michael Johnson, chosen to carry the Olympic torch at Stonehenge?

Wednesday 11 July

Ringleader of fraud gang, Dilawar Ravjani, gets 17 years for £176million scam
Faheem Zulqarnain repeatedly molested 5-year-old, slapping her when she refused him
Blackburn resident, Grzegorz Suliga, charged with having sex with horse
Louis King gets 4 years for savage attack on good Samaritan
Six-strong gang of Somali robbers jailed
Travis Odean Townsend and six others held over murder of Liam Woodards
Maiwand Dastageer charged with abducting a 15-year-old girl
Friends and family of Luke Fitzpatrick raise thousands of pounds in his memory
Explosive documents reveal the FSA was concerned about Barclays' behaviour for years
61 'plastic Brits' of the 542 Team GB members were born abroad
Secret plot to rob Britain's pensioners
One man crime wave responsible for half of all offences in home town spared jail!
Fears over rise in crime as Manchester Police axe 290 frontline officers
Darrel Roberts slapped with an Asbo
Shock of East Lancs drugs boy burglar aged just 13
'Despicable' cop, Mohammed Younas, raped 7-year-old repeatedly - gets 18 years
Bolton police inspector Mohammed Razaq charged with fraud
Olympic torch security team tough guys tackled little lad on bike
41 people arrested as part of Operation Elveden so far
Iran seeks to legalise marriage for girls under 10

Tuesday 10 July

Why did Tauseef Mumtaz and family murder his pregnant wife? She was possessed by evil spirits!
Free in 3 months! In 2008, Donovan Calder repeatedly stamped on Eric Mills' head. Eric died
Disgusting Asian mum changes story! Husband was the one who attacked Shafilea!
Imam Abdul Matin accused of sexually assaulting children
Brixton murder gang get 82 years
Immigrant double killer hid from cops inside Heathrow bed for two days
Nathaniel Okusanya denies murder
Black moped rider ploughs into pedestrian and then attacks him!
Elderly woman mugged by black teen
Prostitute Donna Asutaits jailed for tax evasion
Mandelson's oligarch pal, Oleg Deripaska, 'linked to assassination'
SHOP HORROR! Tesco black dolls £1 less than white!
SLAG! Britain's youngest mum says getting pregnant at 12 was 'smartest thing I ever did'
There's a cesspit in the City admits Bank of England deputy governor
Revolving door for quangocrats
No 10 man held key talks with the Bank about Libor rate at height of the scandal
Crisis in the eurozone 'worse than Lehman Brothers collapse' says top EU financial regulator
Europe a soft touch for rogue bankers says Miliband
Children need culture, not celebrity obsession
CLEGG! Posturing constitutional vandal has cheek to compare himself to Churchill

Monday 9 July

Jews DO control the media!
Polish driver 'deliberately drove into family car'. Baby killed, parents critical
Kai Shannon and Abubakar Alawi get life for stab murder
Jermaine Sawyers and Cori Lindsey jailed for murder
Manish Patel laundered £9.5million through Binita Karnavat’s Bureau de Change
Nigerian immigrants Damola Olatunji and Amos Mwangi charged over £1m student scam
Nooshin Nedjah gets 11 years for stabbing husband
Victor Cumberbatch jailed after being caught during burglaries
Oligarch Deripaska says Chernoy 'lifelong criminal!' (Jew pot calling Jew kettle black?)
More b***ocks from PC clergy! Rioting can be an ecstatic, spiritual! says Bishop Peter Price
Minorities 'feel more British' than us says Dr Alita Nandi predictably
UK on course for return to 3 million unemployed
Donors pledge $16bn in aid for Afghanistan (World's fourth-most corrupt country)
Afghan woman executed because Talibani men couldn't decide who should have her
Half of graduates will be paying off loans in their 50s
Egyptian parents try to smuggle baby into UAE in hand luggage
Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction
Democratic Unfreedom - Social Technique and the Manufacture of Control
30 black youths randomly assaulted Whites! Old, children, women

Sunday 8 July

Woman sexually assaulted in Rochdale
Mit Romney to Jewish donors: ‘I get Israeli briefings’
50 most influential Jews in the world
Marek Kowalczyk gets 3 years for armed robbery
Drug giant Roche probed for not disclosing 15,000 patient death reports
Elderly lose fortune in shakeup of care
My 17 hours of hell at hospital where a patient died of thirst
Photographer kicked by Muslim she tried to help tells of pain at being charged racist
Lewthwaite: 'My husband terrorised disbelievers... I will incite others'
Nick Clegg's treachery knows no bounds
Archbishop of Canterbury: Government has no right to introduce gay marriage
At Vasantha Gnanadoss' behest, C of E votes to ban clergy from membership of BNP
The Price of European Immigration
Why does US TV give comeback springboard for disgraced public figures? (Most are Jewish?)
Rape charity says Mike Tyson should not be welcome in Hampshire
Lib Dems homophobic? Half of them are fairies, FFS!

Saturday 7 July

Government flies gay pride flag at Nick Clegg's request!
The Price of European Immigration
Police chief under investigation for 'influencing inquiry into alleged sex attack'
'Free Leo Chindamo': N-Dubz rapper Dappy pays tribute to Philip Lawrence killer
I did Class A drugs and they messed with my brain, admits Tory MP Louise Mensch
9-year-old left free to terrorise neighbourhood because he is too young to be arrested
Ministers have no idea how many tagged criminals breach curfews
Church of England to vote on banning clergy from belonging to BNP
Teenager in horror rape attack dragged from street and abducted in broad daylight
Knife thug jailed for stabbing Good Samaritan who stood up for fellow bus passengers
Tenth man charged over Stratford Westfield stab death
Radical Muslim convert and former Met police support officer held in terror raids

Friday 6 July

Seven more terror arrests as police find 'weapons hidden in car'
Chantelle Burton and Ashley McGinn married Ghanaian illegals in sham weddings
Gareth Jones exposed the 1933 Ukrainian Holocaust. He was murdered 2 years later
Lazar Kaganovich, the man most responsible for the deaths of more than 7m Ukrainians, was Jewish
PFI projects ('expanded dramatically under Labour') will cost us 'over £300 billion!'
Rajvinder Kaur killed mother-in-law with a rolling pin
Anxiang Du wanted in connection with murder of lecturer, his wife and daughters
Bank manageress Rachael Shariar-Namini masterminded £370,000 robbery of her branch
Oxford sex trafficking case: Two more men charged
Asian gang behind bars for rape attack on Shropshire girls
Parents of murderer Elliot Turner jailed
Jerome Small charged with murder
Mother of four-year-old girl raped by boy, 14, blasts judge who freed him
Father of young girl raped by a porn-obsessed teen demand automatic block on adult websites
Teen relationship violence linked to online porn! Of course it f***ing is!
Find this scum!
White Muslim, Richard Dart, one of six arrested over ‘terror plot'
Pension system in meltdown: retirement payouts slashed 27% in just 4 years
Pension system in meltdown: retirement payouts slashed 27% in just 4 years
PFI projects ('expanded dramatically under Labour') set to cost tax payers 'over £300 billion'
PC World: Whitey in the wrong, immigrant in the right
Photographer to the stars cleared of race assault
Rapist who murdered 74-year-old gran slashes wrists to escape outraged cons
Frog boss gets £1m bonus for aid in slashing OUR disability benefits!
Cannibal killers delay Papua New Guinea poll
England's schools 'letting future maths stars down'
Police Chief Constable Martin Richards investigated
Nick Clegg backs gay marriage in churches
BBC gave headhunters £150,000 to find new DG before promoting from within
Adolf Hitler protected his Jewish former commanding officer

Thursday 5 July

Ghodratollah Barani charged with the murder of Mark Morrison
Young woman gang-raped by Blacks in Cambridge
Mubarek and Ahdel Ali pimped young girls out to curry house workers
Alex Warren-Lean threatened a man and two girls with a gun
Drink-drive hospital worker crashed with 3 children in car
Drug-resistant TB cases 'rising'
Care home played loud Bollywood music to residents and employed staff with poor English
Azhar Ahmed 'insulted six dead soldiers on Facebook'
Love liberty? US Dept of Homeland Security says you might be a terrorist
Border shambles lets 150,000 migrants overstay their visas as officials have no idea if they are still living here illegally
Rising numbers of children are going without food due to chaotic parenting
Prisoners win right to keep tea-making facilities in cells
Warning over illegal immigrants
Bob Diamond: Labour ministers were warned about Libor fixing
Al-Qaeda 'propaganda expert' arrested in London
Sacked police chief Ali Dizaei given permission to appeal conviction
DPP changing policy on murder and rape cases
Indian Mujahideen group banned in UK
Diane Abbott rap
Was Yasser Arafat poisoned with Polonium?

Wednesday 4 July

Youth who raped 5-year-old freed! (Judge Gareth Hawkesworth has previous! See below)
Judge Hawkesworth frees Turon Ali! Says 'You're no paedo!'
Judge Hawkesworth frees Cambridge University paedo! Jail would ruin his studies!'
Dr Davinder Jeet Bains held on sex assault charges
French cops raid home of former president Nicolas Sarkozy
Don't let PC brigade bury ethnic links to sex gangs, warns children's minister
Vulnerable children housed in street with 15 sex offenders!
Most vulnerable in-care kids sent to live on same street as sex offenders and violent crims
Children in care deserve better
Our children are at risk!
Arpan Duggal sexually assaulted two underage girls in his taxi
‘World’s biggest fraudster’ Mukhtar Ablyazov was granted asylum here!
CCTV clue in hunt for killer of rapper/gang-member's dad
Barach Bandavad charged over Horfield murder
Don't let PC Crowd bury ethnic links to sex gangs warns Children's Minister!
Ousted Barclays boss claims Bank of England and Labour ministers rigged interest rates!
Home Office 'snoopers' charter': Now foreign cops can snoop on your emails and texts!
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers killed by Afghan wearing police uniform named
Patients dying in hospital in pain and lacking dignity
Now Lloyd-Webber gets in on the Eurovision is racist act! (A half-caste won it this year!)

Tuesday 3 July

Pensioner beaten to death by Thai lover after he changed will leaving her £340,000
Shola Kabir Adebiyi charged with murder after woman found stabbed to death
Police probe alleged rape of girl, 14, by Asian
Nigel Popo sexually abused child for nearly a decade, allegedly
Pavel Cyganok and Ilja Zakrevski jailed for £175,000 (at least) online bank fraud
Michael Williams used stolen account details to siphon off more than £54,000
Burka-wearing thief raids Manchester jewellers
Orientals jailed for cannabis farming
Student nurse, Umma Lewis, 40, cleared of assault charges
Sick killer Jay Soso was like grandson to Marie
Met ‘incapable’ of policing London within three years,
Brown's Asian Baroness at heart of bank rate scandal!
Barclays boss Bob Diamond resigns over rate-rigging scandal
Thousands of vulnerable children 'dumped' into care at risk from sex gangs
GlaxoSmithKline to pay $3bn in US drug fraud scandal
Inquest hears of mother's fury at nurses who neglected son
Expenses Bandits v Canary Wharf Mob
Slippery, Slippery, Slippery. After the non-veto comes the non-referendum
We Still Won’t Face the Ghastly Truth about Bombing Germany
Roger Hayes tried in secret and imprisoned!

Monday 2 July

Danai Muhammadi jailed for killing family in Chatham fire
10m drugs haul: Paula Snchez, Martha Santiago and Gilmar Gil Solano charged
England riots: Police feared for their lives
Aktar Miah gets life for attempted murder
Faycal Mokhtari kills two at French nightclub
Foreign workers take nearly half of Olympic Park jobs
Schools could be made to teach pupils about gay marriage
Nearly a million employees in the UK 'have drugs in their system at work'
If they are not culturally close it can't work!
Neighbour fury as council allows bungalow to be used as illegal mosque for 200 worshippers
Big Banks Have Criminally Conspired Since 2005 to Rig $800 Trillion Dollar Market
Meet Labour's City cronies: The roll call of bankers rewarded by Brown and Blair "/>Meet Labour's City cronies: The roll call of bankers rewarded by Brown and Blair
FBI to inestigate Barclays staff at heart of scandal
I smoked marijuana when I was a teenager, admits Labour's Chuka Umunna
Murder at Olympic Park shopping centre: nine charged
Gay peers' partners may get titles too

Sunday 1 July

Immigration crackdown? ‘Fahruddin’ alone smuggles 5,000 immigrants into Britain every year
Barach Bandavad arrested over murder of a woman
Rodrigo Dogado robbed pub of £11,000 at gunpoint
Daniel Bidace is accused of gunning down Dothan Gordon and partner
Mudasser Arani gets more than £1m a year from legal aid fund defending the Abu Hamzas
Tony Blair earned £20m in just one year advising business bosses and foreign governments
Who does Tony Blair think he is?
That bastard Osborne
Top Tories dragged into banking scandal
Man stabbed to death near the Olympic site
Alcohol ban for Commons staff but not for MPs
Bank crisis, economy in peril, millions jobless and our politicians want more time off!

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