Daily News: November 2013

Saturday 30 November

BBC Chairman says political correctness stops politicians telling the truth about immigration and Europe's weak borders have led to rampant crime! (The confessional rats are leaving the sinking ship at a rate of knots now, aren't they?)
'A crucifix is now just a fashion statement!' says half-Jewish oilman Archbishop
W BANKERS! 5 years after crash, 2,700 trough-gobbling hogs pocket average of £1.6m!
Fury as high-rolling bankers’ pay rockets by 35%
Airhead who died in Mao 'slave' commune went to University with Cherie Blair
Lieutenant Edward Drummond-Baxter shot dead moments after giving gun back to Afghan 'ally'
BLAIR WARS: Black Friday in Iraq - 50+ dead in attacks and kidnappings
Jamar Graham and Onique Nembhard stabbed teenager to death
Head of Italian state broadcasting admits using fiction to push Multicult propaganda!
Dr Ravi Sondhi abused his position (by £100,000) at Croydon Doctors on Call
Former heavyweight champ, Herbie Hide, jailed for selling cocaine
Human tragedy unfolds as Gaza runs on empty
“Knockout game” victim turns the tables!
Big Jew celebration on White House lawn
Britain will pay 'severe price' if it quits EU warns John Major (Global elitist)
Jerusalem: Benedictine monks harassed and spat on by extremists
Des extrémistes juifs à Jérusalem
75 per cent of schoolgirls say they are sexually harassed
Savile sex abuse - number of hospitals under investigation doubles to 32
Paedo who sexually abused girl, 5, given permission to adopt a child in Sweden!
Nigella: death of dream for drugged-up elite Domestic?
Lesbian forklift truck driver Coleen Rowntree wins £7,500 discrimination payment
Beckingham Palace: Himbo and Bimbo heaven

Friday 29 November

Judge condemns Carole's 'breathtakingly wicked' conman murderer, Rakesh Bhayani
More foreigners charged (Chann Sankaran/Krishna Sanjey Ganeshanin) in match-fixing scandal
Top referee, Dean Mohareb, charged in FA hacking inquiry
59-year-old woman injured by Asian in "frightening" Bradford street robbery
Botwag Cameron: “An enemy of Israel’s is an enemy of mine!"
Non-Syrian Al Qaeda Jihadis (Cameron/Obama best pals) executing Syrian rebels now
Syria: Christian MP accuses rebels (Cameron/Obama pals) of targeting children/schools
DAVE C's LIBYAN ADVENTURE! Army depot blast kills dozens
503,000 people came to Britain last year!
Net immigration rises year after year
Human Rights Court is dictating law like East Germany, warns leading judge
Next 3 months will see coldest Christmas on record (Grandmas will die, Big Six will profit)
French prisoner told: "If you don't convert to Islam, you're a dead man"
Energy's big six: the more we learn, the worse they look
Gloucestershire coroner jailed for eight years for stealing £2m
Met pays out £666,000 for 56 racism claims (£11,893 freebie each for hurt-feeling ethnics)
Is your TV spying on YOU?
Foreign gangs, rabies and appalling cruelty
Half of dementia sufferers 'not being formally diagnosed'
Children learn sexism at school
Girlguiding report: Sexual harassment is commonplace
China the top source of immigrants coming to Britain
25% of 98,000 with HIV in UK unaware they have it! Africans/gay men (and lovers) most at risk
Mahathir, 10 years ago: Jews rule the world
White woman sexually assaulted by Blacks in Manchester city centre
NHS wards that 80 per cent wouldn't recommend
Nigella and Saatchi aides blew £1million a year on credit cards
Did banks 'con' Cable over Royal Mail sale?
Will Clegg ever join the real world?
Legal highs death drugs Benzo Fury and NBOMe to be banned

Thursday 28 November

The racial rape war against Swedish women
Jewish Chronicle's 'duty to speak out against racism?' (But not immigrant-on-Brit crime?)
Do British Jews have a duty to welcome new immigrants?
Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger says Jews must speak out more on behalf of immigrants
Jews 'should mourn' snarling, ultra-PC, expense-fiddling, Brit-loathing Blairite's 'fall from grace'
Politicians fiddled expenses because they were bored? Thus spake Bercow (Jew)
How Britain became ashamed of being Great! Liberal self-loathing (LibLabCon traitors) blamed
Npower (owned by German company = Privatisation?)moving 1,400 jobs to India!
12-year-old girl subjected to bleach attack by man of 'Mediterranean appearance'
Six arrested in match-rigging fraud - Ex-Premiership striker Delroy Facey named
Royal Mail: taxpayers robbed by Wall Street piranhas (and their bought politicians?)
Gay village rape - black man sought (CCTV)
Pervert caught masturbating on Sutton bus
Poppy tin thief attacked by public
Drunken pervert, Tobiasz Piasecki, groped women in Sutton town centre
£5bn owed by 370,000 'disappeared' students! (Can UK students disappear? Foreigners can)
BORIS: "Inequality is essential... Envy... is, like greed, a valuable spur to economic activity"
Blair 'plotted to topple Mugabe by invading Zimbabwe'
Did banks 'con' Cable over Royal Mail sale?
Nigella, 'the habitual criminal?'
Dead at 19, anorexic student let down by doctors
Berlusconi expelled from Italian parliament
How can it be nasty to stand up for Britain?
All slippery Salmond cares about are limousines and red carpets?
Hungarian eurocrat calls UK 'nasty'
Christians told to pay gay men damages over B&B ban
UK hands out passports once every 3 minutes making us the most open country in Europe
Saudi Arabia, Israel capitalize on chaos in Middle East
Can virtual reality be used to tackle racism? ('Racism' = PC code for 'let's get Whitey')
Nowadays even comfy councillors are telling it like it is causing uproar in PC World
The immigration backlash
Top schools forced to consider passport checks
French Jews emigrating to Israel White people shouldn’t be forced to live among non-whites

Wednesday 27 November

Sex in gang areas 'like that in war zones' with 11-year-olds groomed and raped
Soluble versions of paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen put patients at 22% more risk of strokes!
A state-owned bank that kills small firms to feed off their corpses
RBS faces criminal probe by SFO over claims it killed off small firms for its own gain
How much lower can greedy City stoop?
Cops had 4 years warning Lostprophets' Ian Watkins was a paedo so why didn't they act?
Cleric from world's top murder/rape zone says we must recognise 'opportunity' of immigration?
13-year-old raped in Wendy house in children's play area by 10 members of Peterborough sex ring
Mustafa Ahmed charged with Oxford rape
Boy, 12, raped his little sister acting out scenes from porn films watched in school
Imran Douglas, murderer of 88-year-old Madge Gilbey, found dead in prison cell
Roree Cox stabbed 14 year-old schoolboy to death on a double decker bus
Banaz Mahmod helped dispose of honour killing victim's body family murdered her
Amran and Misba Chowdhury charged with manslaughter
High-flying solicitor, Alexandra Verzariu, charged with killing motorcyclist by careless driving
Kamrul and Shadhat Hussain and Shelim Uddin charged with savage attack on American student
Boy, 15, shot and stabbed in his own home
Customer service advisor Hans Paterson-Mensah facing prison sentence for £1m bank fraud
Kayode Oshin set out to assassinate Yassin Zouaiou with a Mac 10 machine gun
Art heist Romanian jailed for seven years
Anastacia Madulu, Girlie Franklin, Mary Ombui et al charged with failing to provide basic care
Cherry Ruga and Kofi Oduro-Agyeman tied dementia patient to bed with cable ties
Somali immigrant thrust his hand up woman's skirt saying: 'I can do you all night' - NO JAIL!
Mohammad Azhar Aslam carried out 'inappropriate' breast operation
Dr Ali Janjua, who racked up 100+ parking tickets and didn't pay his rent, returns to work!
Black man inappropriately touched woman beneath a newspaper on commuter train
Terror link group met in parliament
Rich Indian couple slit 14-year-old daughter's throat and murdered servant
Nigella 'trashed daughter's life', court hears
Jews at war! Nigella off her head on drugs and poisoned her daughter, says Saatchi
Gravedigger sacked after local paper prints picture of him 'saluting'
Fury as lawyers’ fees top £850 an hour
Polish minister was incredulous as I told him Blair was opening our borders to a million Poles
Foreign Office to pay just £1,000 compo to British woman raped by Egyptian military officer
Rebekah Brooks told me how to hack a phone at PM's birthday party says Cameron's pal!
UK has foreign debt equal to 436% of GDP!
68% of Americans think country is on the wrong track
Obama in a turban image purged from FBI counter-terror training

Tuesday 26 November

Big rise in "excess winter deaths" (England and Wales - 31,100) in 2012!

There are 9.2 million old age pensioners in England and Wales. If these were to spend an extra £500 a year heating their homes in the winter months, it is likely that there would be very few excess deaths. Thus, at a cost of no more that £4.6billion, (probably considerably less) the government could provide £500 of extra heating to our old folk every year.

In other words, if such an amount was forthcoming, every elderly Briton could receive their heating for free all year long.

In 2012, £8.8 billion was spent on overseas aid.

Conclusion: The British establishment would rather see more than 30,000 of the poorest, most vulnerable, Britons die every year than reduce their handouts, bribes and sweeteners to mega-rich foreign dictators by half.

Child-on-child abuse shocking! ('Child-on-child' = non-native-teens-on-our-little-girls?)
Shafique Aarij bludgeoned betting shop manager to death with claw hammer
Emmanuel Labram said he'd removed woman's brain tumour when he hadn't
Abdulaziz Sharif Osman accused of murder and attempted murder
Murderer Nawzad Kamal jailed for life
£10,000 reward for capture of escaped psycho murderer, Lerone Boye
Romanian immigrant, Marius Glad Trimbitas, jailed for 'evil' rape
Drug dealers Darryl Tawiah and Fanzisai Zvirawa jailed for 33 years
Teenagers attacked and stabbed by mob in Wembley
Drug dealer, Carlton Jones, jailed
£51,000 fraudster, James Edoh, jailed
Beaten up, raped, made to hide drugs, middle-class girl was 'lowest of the low' to gang European knifeman threatens Wembley shop assistant
LORD NEUBERGER: (Jewish) Don't jail petty criminals, it's bad for them!
'Deep malaise' (elite war on us) in society blamed for degradation of children
Gang sex abuse: children being 'failed!' (Failed deliberately?)
‘Dickensian levels of poverty’ in Camden!
‘Israel more isolated than ever before’
Israeli nuke stockpile must be disarmed (Fat chnce of that)
Yet another savage beating of an Ethiopian domestic worker by her Saudi slavemaster
Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia face robbery, abuse, torture, rape and death
European Commission says immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania 'will help economy'
Top student vanished into Commie slave sect (Mao is greatest mass murderer in history)
Saudis rebels against US over Iran
British women having lesbian encounters quadruples in 4 years? (It's "cool", you see)
Auschwitz death camp trips aims to make students educators (Passing the brainwash on)
Secret terror trial of Algerian and Turkish "Brits" adjourned
Muslim gang ran extortion racket targeting school children
Sports Minister, Helen Grant, can't even name FA Cup winners or Wimbledon champion!
European Parliament approves plan for benefit payments police!

Monday 25 November

Ex-multicult promoter, Trevor Phillips: UK 'becoming colour-coded' - races don't mix!
After 12 years of useless war Afghanistan to reintroduce stoning for adulterers?
After an hour of PC bulls**t from the BBC, 89% still say NO MORE IMMIGRATION!
POLL: 150,000 say no to EU migrants!
Anjem Choudary 'sent hundreds to join al-Qa’ida in Syria'
RBS and Lloyds Banks 'destroying small firms' (Government owns RBS)
RBS deliberately killed off 'good and viable' small firms so it could make more profit?
Ben Igbinedion gets 17 years for murder of nephew, Daniel Evbuomwa, 3
Mahad Ahmed allegedly battered his own son, 3, to death
Devil’s Advocate lawyer, Giovanni Di Stefano, made £3.4m from scam
Mohammed Sher gets just 16 months for £600,000 fraud!
£900m student loans sold to debt collectors!
Just tick the right diversity boxes and, hey presto, you can run a major bank!
Quarter of council tax goes on funding town hall pensions!
Attorney General forced to apologise after telling the truth?
Judges more likely to jail black/Asian crims for same offences! (More PC b***ocks?)
There's no peace for the repugnant
Israel warns against Iran nuclear deal (Course it does)
Britain to be hit with flood of fake goods as migrants swarm in
Netanyahu is on his own now as nuclear agreement isolates Israel
MoD pays out £100,000 to female WAFs injured from marching in step with men
Angola bans Islam! (Wow! The NWO won't like that!)
Modern day slavery on our own doorstep
Black Brits uncomfortable with immigration! (Racists?)
US intelligence service infected 50,000+ computer networks with malicious software
Jews call for action against Slovakian Nationalists
Children trafficked as slaves to help illegals gain entry to Europe
Large majority of Jews favor abortion—for non-Jews
Muslim, Syed Kamall, now leader of the Tory MEPs!
Frog security forces planned to kill hate cleric before blaming Combat 18!
Sarrazin's house attacked by far-left group
Saudi Arabia, Israel destabilizing Middle East (Situation normal then)
Saudi Arabia seeking to obtain atomic bomb

Sunday 24 November

Slave women allegedly held captive by "cult-like Left-wing commune!"
Slave women lived with Indian/Tanzanian captors in political collective
Sex, drugs, blasphemy, depravity, arrogance: The Crystal Methodist 'who didn't believe in God'
Gay Labour druggie Coop boss cleric with druggie gay immigrant, Reverend Hu, before arrest
Reverend Flowers and the stench of Labour hypocrisy
How ‘drugs’ Methodist Paul Flowers planned to set up union for clergy
Truth about Shadow Chancellor and his intimate relationship with scandal hit bank
HITCHENS: Yippee, crime's falling if you don't count one almighty fraud
No trust in police figures
Judge warns that justice system is being destroyed
Couple left for dead after they asked Mohammed Tabib Shafiq to repair damage to fence
Disabled grandmother kicked, beaten and urinated on by teenage thugs
Up to 600 Afghan interpreters to get council homes
Murdoch's feud with Blair over wife Wendi
Fury as Ministers refuse to curb cosmetic cowboys
'Policing on the cheap'
Did the Yorkshire Ripper kill SEVENTEEN more women?

Saturday 23 November

Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption, says Attorney General, Dominic Grieve!
Hollywood producer proud of double life as arms dealer and Israeli spy!
Children will be labelled 'racist' throughout their schooldays for missing Islam trip!!!
Labour's trough-gobbling Co-op bank perv's rent boy was jailed for armed raid on a Co-op!
Solicitor Ranbir Dhaliwal jailed for defrauding severely disabled people
NHS bed-blockers at record level (78,000 beds a month)
Lesbian teacher, Rachel Speed, who kissed schoolgirl, 14, jailed
Roma gangs targeting cashpoint customers
Britain's population is fastest growing in Europe!
Brighton takeaway owner Asif Javid denies food hygiene charges
Daniel Yeung's dirty Swansea takeaway fined £4k for food hygiene breaches
Paedo who evaded justice for 30 years caught carrying the Olympic torch! Fury as failing secondary school advertises for 'unqualified' teachers
Pakistani pilot, Irfan Faiz, was 4 times over the drink-fly limit
Sugary drinks linked to womb cancer
Wonga offers £400 to a 13-year-old boy!

Friday 22 November

DIVERSITY! Irish and British women slaves of "non-British" couple for 30 years!
More than 500,000 elderly sent to A&E every year because of failures in care
Career criminals with at least 15 convictions up 30,000 in a decade
Million young Brits jobless, dictated to by Brussels, mass migration and still THEY ignore us!
Scots get £1,600 more per head than English
If the diversity squad don't get you, then elf'n'safety will
Jewish Professor Yoram Dinstein says EU must not tolerate intolerance!
"If a group is opposed to tolerance, it does not deserve tolerance!" Prof Dinstein
Up to 20 "Britons" (Jihadis) killed in Syria
The British Muslims waging 'five-star jihad' for Al Qaeda
Paedo who raped boy in Debenhams toilet has jail sentence reduced!
Murderers Jermaine Reid, Ange Desie Akapea and Richard Reis-Relvas jailed for 29 years
NatWest clerk, Hans Paterson-Mensah, scammed bank for £1,089,000
Drug dealer Junior Antwi behind bars
Former judge Lincoln Crawford OBE charged with sending threatening texts to ex-wife
Mohammed Chowdhury and Johura Begum claimed income support despite running thriving business
Senior nurse Josephine Uchenyi, who slapped a dying woman's face, worked on for 5 months before suspension
Dr Srinivas Yenugula charged with 'sexually motivated conduct' towards 11 patients
Nine-month sexual assault investigation into Rabbi Chaim Halpern dropped
The establishment is tired of us moaning about them so they are replacing us!
The French have reached the tipping point, the number of takers, outnumbers the makers
'Deep concern over wave of new migrants' (We were concerned in the 50s)
Ed Balls squirms over Co-op chief as more Labour ties to tainted banker emerge
Jessica Price tricked murderer into leaving DNA on a cigarette after he tried to strangle her

Thursday 21 November

Traitor Blair's government allowed USA to analyse internet and email details of British millions!
Probe into Colchester's cancer scandal hospital
NHS surgeon John Chen Lui Lu infected 5 patients with deadly bug! Now killer Doc is back at work!
Was Laura Britain's first white honour killing victim?
Killer driver Ibrahim Waseem jailed for less than two years
Police release E-fit of man wanted in connection with sexual assault in Bristol
Former most wanted man, Darren Levy, charged
Mohammad Qabri Anees charged with rape of a child under 13
Doctor Muhamad Siddiqui at centre of home circumcision investigation
Labour perv cleric bank boss druggie quit charity over £150,000 false expenses claims!
Why does the Left think Co-op boss's coke-sniffing, rent boy activities are irrelevant?
Co-op and the culture of the Labour Party
The Coop bank loaned Labour £18m!)
Bankers' £17m reward for 'bungled' Royal Mail sell-off
Traitor MPs + EU = Closing borders to Roma "isn’t legally possible"
It's Boles who is the alien! (Gay, left-wing, pro-EU? he's no Tory, that's for sure)
Trying to be all nice and liberal won't save the Tories - it will destroy them
McDonald's was playing 'pornographic' rap song about rape and under-age sex!
Paris gun attacks: Abdelhakim Dekhar sought
PROSTITUTES: In Kenya 1.5m are living with HIV - 100,000 new infections anually
Children 'slower runners than their parents'
More young people are self-harming say children's charities
'Alarming shortage' of foreign language skills! (With more than 10m foreigners here? B***OCKS!)
All British schoolchildren required to study Islamic history!
Leprosy reported in Ireland
Alice in Wonderland mural lovingly restored now deemed hateful after Mrs Rocha complained
Scumbag boss of company responsible for Army recruitment failure blames 'lack of a war!'
Thugs target Jews in ‘knockout’ game (Why wasn't it a 'hate crime' before?)
Little girl, 6, raped and murdered by Bengali Muslims in Burma
Four "Britons" 'killed fighting in Syria war with Al Qaeda rebels'
"Briton" Ifthekar Jaman 'doing his duty' by fighting for al-Qaeda in Syria
Lampedusa tragedy survivors flee Italy one day after getting free accommodation in Rome
‘Far right to conclude secret agreement’?

Wednesday 20 November

FLOWERS! Know-nothing Chairman of the Co-op bank; cleric; junkie; gay porn addict; rent-boy b*gger; New Labour Councillor - What rules our world nowadays
‘Anti-fascist’ cleric exposed as pervert
The troubling rise of a remote political class
Gay MP, Nick Boles, (Israeli lover) says PM should promote liberal policies (gay marriage)
Violent crimes 'made to vanish like a puff of smoke': Top Cops admit stats routinely fiddled
NHS! 'Cruelty became the norm and no one noticed'
Schoolboy, 13, spent years raping little girl after watching internet porn DIVERSITY! Young family wiped out by Marek Wojiechowski (and the traitors that brought him here)
Taxi driver Safeen Ali jailed for sex assault on teenage passenger
Bogus bride Emilia Ginova jailed
Vandal Dalvydas Milvydas wants to be deported
Morris dancers banned after health and safety Nazis launch undercover op!
Block the Roma invasion!
You're dangerous and extreme if you oppose mass immigration. Really?
Learn from the Crimes of the Iraq War – and indict the guilty men
Trotskyist councillor caught up in far left turmoil: rape allegations against comrade
Labour leader sacks black shadow minister in immigration row
How many Labour MP’s from the ‘Rotten Government’ have ended up doing time?
How is it unpatriotic to want your country to be self-governing?
The Banks are carrying out the biggest theft of public money, in history
Nazi Gassings Never Happened?
Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy
UKIP donor Paul Sykes: 'I will do whatever it takes to get us out of the EU'
Beirut blast: Double bombing near Iran embassy kills at least 23, injures 146
Pentagon forged financial documents amid failure to manage budget
BBC has become too powerful for its own good, says Dimbleby
How much did Labour know about disgraced Co-op chief?
Number of gambling ads on TV has soared by 1,443% since 2005
Half of graduates work in jobs that do not need a degree
Suicide Colonel Robert Shaw overcome by stress and overwork
Cameron swore he'd treasure the Green Belt. What a hollow promise

Tuesday 19 November

Blair/Brown and New Labour 'saw 50,000 too many die in hospital!'
Calls to quit EU are unpatriotic, says Clegg (75% foreigner/married to migrant wife)
Children forced to eat own vomit and have sex with older residents at Church orphanage
Christian Church 'is on the brink of extinction' says Archbishop George Carey
All 41 rapes in In Oslo over last 3 years perpetrated by ethnics
Mark Czapla charged with the murder of Kirsty Humphrey
Kent family's anger as French death driver's sentence cut
Abdullah Ullah charged with murder
Jail sentence doubled for rapist who filmed 'sustained' and 'degrading' attack
Darlington Chapangara tricked BT out of £12,074 by changing his name 19 times
A multicultural hell hole, that we never voted for
Taxi driver Shakil Munir 'had sex with 14-year-old in layby
Vikash Patel and Nisha Uddin were convicted and jailed for their part in an £11 million conspiracy
Can you help trace this threatening individual?
Emma's killer (Mazhar Rashid) loses Court of Appeal bid to clear his name
She screamed for help during sex attack at bus stop - Asian sought
Asian perv exposes himself to 18-year-old girl in Bedford
Mumtaz Khan, 44, convicted of sexually assaulting girl, 13
Nadeem Shabir and Mohammed Wasim charged with indecent assault of young girls
Health tourists now cost NHS £2million per month
Race war breaks out between the feuding doctors at crisis hospital
Another cycling fatality in London!
UKIP donor Paul Sykes: 'I will do whatever it takes to get us out of the EU'
'Disastrous' failure by bank regulators
Pensions 'betrayal' of Britain's widows
Miliband held a private meeting with drug shame bank chairman
Blundering bosses will be barred from the NHS
Elderly are discarded like rubbish says Esther Rantzen (She cares?)
Scrooge Headmaster, Steve Rayner, cancels Christmas
Labour and its 'ethical' bank are as morally bankrupt as each other

Monday 18 November

OPRAH: Old racists ‘have to die!’
Imran Douglas, who murdered Margery Gilbey, 88, hangs himself (Scratch one enricher)
Child-sex offender Jumaa Kater Saleh wins right to pay-out
Illegal immigrant paedo cost us £350,000. Now he's getting compensation! (Human rights for the bad guys, inhuman wrong for the good)
Mutya Buena! Sugarbabe's dad 'attacks' bailiff with Samurai sword!
Airport security guard Imtiaz Ahmed caught sleeping jailed for smuggling illegal immigrants
Roger Daltrey blames Labour for migration policy which left working class unemployed
How DID sleazy preacher Paul Flowers become chairman of the Co-op bank?
Cleric shocked by top cop's Hillsborough silence
Hitler didn't stop me. But elf 'n' safety has
Spy chiefs knew what questions were going to be asked
Tory blow as Paul Sykes gives UKIP millions
DIVERSITY! Cigarette-smoking toddler now addicted to food
BLAIR WARS: Casual lies that cost 446 lives
Secrets of life at Number 10
Signatures were faked during Falkirk selection process

Sunday 17 November

Tony Abrahams stabbed repeatedly by three black burglars in front of wife and daughter
Krishani Prasanna defrauded Commonwealth out of £67,500 meant for poor! NO JAIL!
Jail for black thug Valentino Batista after violent Haggerston robbery
Corner shop tycoon, Pervaiz Saleem, conned green scheme out of £228,000
Doctor Myo Minn banned for drunkenly brandishing knife
Children's Laureate used to hate ALL white men! (OK for us to hate SOME black men, Malorie?)
Seven East Europeans arrested after body found submerged in water in well
'Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances,' experts warn
Scientists want research into racial differences banned! (FACT has 'no redeeming qualities' now?)
SYRIA: Christian civilians massacred by 'rebels'
In praise of perversion War hero banned from veteran's parade for being 'too old'
Anti-racist Lily Allen hit by race row
'Jobs for the boys' police empire to be broken up
'Bully-boy' unions face inquiry
Police 'fiddle figures by accusing victims of making up crimes'
NHS chief's 'super A&E' centres can seriously damage your health
HITCHENS: Marine 'A' is going to jail - but the guilt is all Blair's
'Catastrophe' on A&E wards: Overcrowding so bad patients will die
Grooming gangs pimp Roma girls for European Union passports
"6,000, Jew Lies"?

Saturday 16 November

Ken Livingstone turns on his own "coward" crew!
Now New Labour traitor Alan Johnson apologises for mass immigration! (3 in a week)
Blunkett's back yard: Reports of Roma trying to sell babies for £250!
Roma girl offered second baby for sale in public park
Slovakian Roma in Sheffield: 'This is a boiling pot ready to explode'
Roma immigrants boast: We get five times more benefits here!
Adam Loveridge, a Gypsy who conned blind pensioner out of £49,000, is jailed
“Beautiful big brother”, Devante Keane, killed by train fleeing police
GLOBAL REALITY: Killer driver Alexis Fleury freed BECAUSE HE'S FRENCH
Irfaq Naz was 'on his way to kill David Cameron' (Cops were concerned about his behaviour!)
CCTV: Series of attacks with hypodermic needles in Birmingham
Doctors call for end to state-funded 'designer vaginas... driven by online porn'
Pornography is not the only culprit behind the rise of labiaplasty
MoD snarls at MP for criticising US drone strikes!
Most people feel no benefit from economic recovery
Simon Cowell: "The secret is to be useless (like Simon) at school and then get lucky"
Pre-election pledges the Tories are trying to wipe from the internet
Customers warned not to eat chocolate and nut ice cream cones from Tesco
Frances Cappuccini died after hospital staff persuaded' her to have natural delivery
Cherie and her mummy's boys
"Mike Tyson's life and how his descent into depravity was inevitable" Bus driver refused to let grandfather, 79, use OAP pass
Four in 10 so disconnected from politics they might not vote
How you pay £4m to fund the Ethiopian Spice Girls
A pregnant feminist MP and the death of British courtesy
Margaret Thatcher and Tories let grammar schools go into ruin
Is it racist to call Mike Tyson a "disrespectful ignorant monster?"

Friday 15 November

New poll puts Golden Dawn in first place!
New poll finds Golden Dawn the number 1 political party in Greece!
Labour deliberately set out to transform the demographic make-up of England
We’re coming to Britain as it’s easier to steal and pickpocket!
GYPSIES! "I am part of this family that occupies itself with stealing!”
President Roosevelt and the origins of WWII
Was WWII as pointless and self-defeating as Iraq? (White-on-White genocide pointless?)
Ginger schoolboy found hanged (Media/NWO campaign to demonise ginger youth is working)
Eastern European pickpockets brazenly target victims in broad daylight on Paris streets
Teacher Zahid Akram jailed for child photo blackmail
Gumtree bank fraud: Ellis, Awosile, Akinlabi, Oduwole and Ademola jailed
Dr Gousul Islam, 71, got 11 years for assaulting patients: NO COMPO for victims!
CLEGG: Labour and union puppet masters like 'Monty Python parody' of USSR!
Genital mutilation of 5-week old baby girl
Guess who else is African? LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD!
Top French newspaper says loss of confidence in government is turning dangerous
Malta set to sell citizenships for €650,000 a pop? (Have the Maltese been asked?)
'Boys club' for top police chiefs may be abolished
Spanish bank bad debts hit record high
Italy public debt to hit 133% in 2014
Facebook and Twitter 'harm pupils literacy'?
Al Qaeda decapitate WRONG man then begs forgiveness

Thursday 14 November

Mass immigration was a 'mistake'? Jack Straw is a liar
Immigration, race riots - Ministers can't claim they haven't been warned
Do we need another Cromwell?
What the Left-wing human rights industry won't tell you about the Roma
PVV, Front National announce alliance to combat Brussels monster
Jewish groups concerned about Le Pen-Wilders alliance
How traditional families are punished with poverty: They'd be better off on benefits
Another cyclist dies on London's streets
Unite union gave Labour £770,000 this summer despite Falkirk row
David Cameron deletes broken promises!
5,000 offenders keep evading jail despite committing same crime more than twice
Jail for Jehovah’s Witness elder who molested girls
After Red Ed's social justice speech Balls and Umunna enjoy the finer things in life
Immigration centre detainee sues over broken spine after running into wall
Non-Jews must lead fight against antisemitism! (Censor all truth Jewish elite don't want told)
Newsreader refused to wear a poppy on air - Poor thing now suffering racist abuse
Book banned in France for insulting a religion and inciting racial hatred
Immigration: Britain’s doors are wide open, and we can’t even talk about it
Millions more told to take statins (Statins are DANGEROUS)
White-collar workers to become 'new poor'
"He transformed one of London's worst-rated councils into one of the best?" (Define 'best')

Wednesday 13 November

DIVERSITY! Apes at play ("It's a macho thing"
US-EU trade pact would make genocide a legitimate business model!
Tommy Robinson: Double standards, not fear of diversity, provoked the EDL?
Jack Straw's confession!
Vietnam shows how to clean up the banking system: ex-banker faces death penalty!
How do you make $142.4m from a load of crap? Get a gay atheist to paint a bisexual Jew
Hildebrand Gurlitt, who looted 'degenerate art' for Nazis, was a Jew!
Knighthood for a slightly amusing Jew! Why?
Jack Straw finally admits New Labour 'messed up' by letting in a million East Europeans Anxiang Du slaughtered family of four with a kitchen knife
David Gikawa charged with murder of beauty queen, Linah Keza
Farhad Safi denies murder of 21-year-old Orina Morawiec
Nadeem Shabir and Mohammed Wasim accused of indecent assault involving very young girls
Sudanese paedophile will get compensation! (Deportation was delayed)
Three members of 'Muslim Patrol' vigilante group face jail
Nurse Loveness Mangezi worked illegally at a care home
Met police blame gypsies for surge in begging, pick-pocketing, prostitution and shoplifting
In one year, 38,000 elephants were slaughtered by poachers, many by Al Shabab (Muslim)
Britons face 20 years of energy bill misery
Tory Euro-sceptics? Don’t make me laugh!
Legal aid lawyer, secret court and social workers ‘colluded’ to remove boys from mother
Farage tells Blunkett to sign Express petition on Romania/Bulgaria
Tory MP: Put feckless fathers in chains and make them pay for their abandoned children
Blair speech earns him £2,600 a minute:
British universities killed 1.3m animals in research last year
Blind great-grandmother ignored for 12 hours on ward
Roma couple charged with abduction over unrelated girl
Migration was Labour's spectacular mistake (Mistake? IT WAS WAR!)
My one-woman war on our 'what's in it for me?' society

Tuesday 12 November

DIVERSITY! Europe's most wanted (1 Turk & 15 former Commies/East Europeans)
DIVERSITY! Influx of Roma could spark city riots says A1 mass-immigration merchant!
DIVERSITY! Newborn baby left in care of midwives found face down in cupboard
DIVERSITY! Disorder on Sheffield's streets (Star doesn't mention disorderly = Asian)
DIVERSITY! At least 60 White South Africans murdered in two months! Media blackout
Torture murderer Imran Shahid gets sorted! (VIDEO)
MoD spends £28 million on lawyers to fight legal claims by injured troops and 'torture victims'
Calais Deputy Mayor Philippe Mignonet accurately depicts UK immigration policies as 'grotesque'
Kids brought up to feel as if they're failing
Egypt is the worst Arab country for women
AIPAC: Inside America's Israel lobby Netanyahu rails against ‘pampered’ Palestinians
RBS's multi-millionaire bankers 'outraged' they don't earn more than £4MILLION p.a.!
Sir Becks and Lady Posh? Final proof the honours system has lost all reason
My old class mates and why every town needs a grammar school
Yet another winter of crisis in our A&Es
French PM, Francoise Hollande as he's booed at Arc de Triomphe ceremony

Monday 11 November

The EU costs Britain £118 BILLION every year!!!
Half population of Romanian villages on way here for higher salaries and benefits!
Israeli Cabinet OKs demolishing Bedouin village, replacing with Jewish town
Marine Le Pen addresses the European people
Blair advises Kazakh dictator on liberty as repression gets WORSE
If the killer Marine is guilty, what about Blair?
COLONEL TIM COLLINS: Don't sacrifice this man on the altar of political correctness
David Beckham to get knighthood? (What? For being PC, thick and 25% Jewish?)
Muslim convert in knife rampage wanted to kill non-Muslims
Mohammed Dahir, Jusef Abdirizak and 6 others charged with child rape, prostitution
Abdulaziz Sharif Osman charged with murder
Mother of murdered 3-year-old left 'empty, heartbroken, lonely, lost, devastated'
DIVERSITY! Lewisham's four most wanted: all non-native
Dr Sarfaraz Malik pulled down her jeans/knickers, intimately examined: NO MISCONDUCT!
Will the country's biggest drugs baron pay £198m to go free?
Killer faking sex op issue to get easy life in jail claim murder victim's family
Acid attacks - gang violence
Investigation into human slavery: restaurants raided
Theft of medals in Worksop: one white, one 'tanned skin' sought
60% of criminals on short prison terms will re-offend
Fewer than one in 60 illegal immigrant tip-offs lead to deportation
State makes a killing out of premium phone lines
BBC spends £10m a year on consultants but refuses to reveal what they do!
Kidney risk of two fizzy drinks a day
Hundreds of companies face fine for failing to pay workers minimum wage
Iraq etc. George Galloway vs Israeli general
Benghazi: First, ’60 Minutes.’ Next, Fox News?
£144k grant to help homeless immigrants in Cambridge region triggers row
We won't stop march of betting shops say Ministers
'Multicultural London English' sweeps across the country
Indian typist with TWELVE fingers hopes for work in Britain
Go hunting for Tory votes? Forget it, Dave

Sunday 10 November

Chinese Commies buying up Britain! (Aided/abetted by our politicians!)
'We're a £100m waste of money' says top crime Tsar!
Dan Snow and Secular Society say Christian prayers have no place on Remembrance Day!
Christian preachers, buskers and peaceful protesters could be driven off streets by new ASBOs
3,500 patients died due to surgical errors/staff too busy to treat them in just one year!
In St. NelsonMandelaland: 'the entire fabric of society is coming apart!' (The most gormless members of the PC Crowd are actually surprised!)
In St. NelsonMandelaland: Corpses on sale at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital?
In St. NelsonMandelaland: Mlungisa Mtshali sentenced to life for 39 rapes
The ethnic activism of Richard Stone
Can Uganda cope with 3 times as many people? (They can if they ship them over here)
Feuding surgeons carried out operations without proper training - managers did nothing
The NHS has reached its crisis point
Foreign NHS cheats push aside cancer patients: Fury as life-saving ops are cancelled
Sex attackers and violent ex-inmates go back to crime after short jail stints
Toxic spider bites are up a quarter in one year
The Real McCarthy Record
Sorry... but I don't mean it, it isn't my fault and no, you can't sue me
Now there’s an A-Level in CHEERLEADING

Saturday 9 November

Saudi nuclear Weapons 'ready for delivery' in Pakistan (OK for paedos and Syria invaders/UK mosque builders but not for Iran)
Putin v NWO - Russia bans officials from owning Rothschild bank accounts & stock
The War on Whites is nothing new
Rabbi says days of 'anti-Semites... are numbered... special forces will take you out!'
Jewish actress, Scarlet Johansson, says 'porn can be productive!'
Anti-Semitism 'on the rise' in Europe?
Insider says BBC is too left-wing and ignored critics of immigration and Brussels
Imran Douglas strangled and stabbed 'defenceless' Margery Gilby, 88, in her Shadwell care home
Black man kills Andrew Young outside Bournemouth supermarket
Hit-and-run criminal, Safvan Patel, killed Jack Hindley, 61
Scarred for life by 'racist' thugs, Reece Johnson says he's unemployable
Black schoolboy who murdered rival on packed bus jailed for 12 years
Rewarded with British Citizenship for kidnap and gang-rape
Five non-natives sexually exploit 'damaged' 15-year-old in Rochdale
Bodybuilder, Akinwale Arobieke, charged with sexually assaulting teenage boy
Social services ignored danger (Imran Douglas was expelled from 6 schools) 88-year-old paid price
Gumtree fraudsters face jail over £1m fraud
Det Insp Mohammed Afiz Khan charged with leaking leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary
Terrorist Mohammed Gulzar had fake ID
Rape in Mureaux: 17-year-old Muslim lied
'YOU MUST OBEY,' barks Romanian MEP!
US blacklists are part of world-ruling scheme – Russian MP
The dangerous liberal myth that it's racist to want to curb immigration
Iraq Inquiry: Sir Jeremy Heywood should be stripped of his role immediately
Tory MP doesn't like Nigel's 'tone!' We don't like your foreigner-first policies, Anna!
Lottery fund snubs Royal British Legion but awards £95,000 to conscientious objectors!
Did Gerry Adams order this kindly mother's murder? Cameron damaged the Tories by rushing gay marriage says Philip Hammond
Disturbing new evidence in the Falkirk scandal Ed Miliband can't shake off
BLAIR WARS: The tragic toll of the squalid Afghan war
Burka should be banned in UK, says Ryanair boss
Nissan boss, Carlos Ghosn, threatens to quit Britain if Britain exits EU
European law created this tax racket that robs us of billions
BLAIR WARS: 'Taliban hung our mates’ body parts from trees'
300,000 heroes lie buried on home soil - Why do council jobsworths want this kept hidden?
Grasping MPs leave us cold
Now the taxman is spying on your home!

Friday 8 November

Cabinet Secretary blocks Chilcot request to declassify Blair/Bush/Brown talks
So, what is it that Mr Blair has to hide?
Human Rights Act is a gift to our enemies
The dangerous liberal myth that it's racist to want to curb immigration
NHS spends £700 on negligence cover for every birth in England - Claims rise by 80% in 5 years
Foreign aid to Uganda halted (But only after corrupt officials steal £1.3m)
Palestinian officials: Israel only suspect in Arafat death
Europe at 'polio risk' from Syria?
We don't have room for another London
Beautiful young girl murdered by immigrant footsoldier of the New World Order
Ben Igbinedion, 44, inflicted "catastrophic" injuries upon Daniel Evbuomwan, 3 (He wet the bed)
Mariana Popa stabbed to death in Ilford - "Dark skinned" man sought
Mohamnud Yassin Yusuf charged with murder of 67-year-old woman
Robert Ekaireb allegedly murdered former lapdancer wife Li Hua Cao
Abdulaziz Sharif Osman charged with murder
Black burglars behind 60 break-ins jailed for 16 years
Airport security staff (7 Asians) jailed after people smuggling operation uncovered
Southampton drugs gang jailed for 29 years
Former police doctor, Hassan Khan, struck off FOR 'sexually humiliating' 20-year-old patient
Mohammed Dahir and Jusef Abdirizak face child sex charges
M25 rapist Antoni Imiela denied leave to appeal
Foreigner robs elderly man at Greenwich cashpoint
Black thieves rob south London newsagents in hammer attack
Drug dealer Carlton Jones jailed
Burglar Shamail Nixon jailed
Foul-mouthed Fahaad Salaad banned from hurling abusive in public (Ban will stop him?)
Burka fugitive suing UK for £1m!
Just one in 67 suspect illegal immigrants is sent home!
Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War?
The open door policy has caused ghettoisation but in places you would not believe
Gay refugees must be granted asylum says European Court of Justice!
The death knell for widows' pensions?
100 families hit by benefit cap were receiving same as someone with a salary of £60,000!
Third of vulnerable patients get no help with hospital food
The £48,000 wind turbine that will take 400 years to pay for itself!
BBC lost £100m on travel guide flop
Tory minister: Nigel Farage talks prejudice and puts fear in people’s hearts
Savile sex crime Detectives referred to police watchdog
Clegg launches savage attack on Paxman
Nicholas Jacobs denies murder of PC Keith Blakelock
Remembrance service for Afghanistan war dead
Anger as cops close Catholic orphanage abuse inquiry
Edwin Poots in 'paedophile-protecting' taunt at Gerry Adams
UKIP criticises £144k grant to help immigrants in Cambridge
Now our women need anti-rape underwear?
Terrorist who ordered attack on schoolgirl Malala appointed leader of Pakistani Taliban

Thursday 7 November

USA: White great-grandma murdered by two Blacks (one her great-grandson)
LUCY WALSH: Kidnapped by Muslims, gang raped and betrayed by British "justice!"
Noor Omar and Darrell Giscombe charged with the murder of Kyle McDonald
DIVERSITY! Paramedic battered unconscious in back of an ambulance by Akinwunmi Akinyuwa
Rent boy Ricardo Pisano killed Michael Polding and left him to rot
£5.5m drug dealers who lived millionaire lifestyle in jailed
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Why give aid to a country sending rockets to Mars?
We never voted for a population of 73 million!
Migrants add 5.8million to bulging Britain
UK population to rise by 10m over next 25 years as more migrants head to Britain
Migration report that conceals a multitude of sins
Britain's European Union exit is looking more like a mirage
We don't have room for another London
Our treacherous politicians are best at obeying edicts from Strasbourg says top Eurocrat
Time to stand up for our national interest, and not be a slave to EU
Huntingdonshire district councillors join UKIP
FARAGE: EU 5 November 2013
English shipyard 'axed to appease Scottish voters ahead of independence referendum'
A naked bribe to the Scots and the sinking of our once-united kingdom
Teenager, 17, hanged herself from same tree as her brother 11 months after his suicide
Forensic tests on Arafat's corpse 'reveal he was fatally poisoned using radioactive polonium'
How the **** does one misspend £5.7bn?
Marine Le Pen announces plan to create pan-European front
Nightmare of Communism in Croydon
Political correctness out of control in America as well
Power cuts this winter warns fuel boss
Bercow urged to rein in 'murky' groups of globe-trotting MPs
Britons pay highest property taxes in the world (£60BILLION a year)
Cameron's energy bills come DOWN after tax break for rich
Senior Conservative MP uses political contacts to further business empire?
MEDIA SLAGS: Stuart Hall to face new charges of raping young girls

Wednesday 6 November

Billionaire Labour donor, Victor Dahdaleh, ('close friend of Tony Blair') 'paid £40million in bribes!'
Are painkillers bad for you?
ADHD diagnosis subjecting children to 'needless and harmful' treatment
The Europhile CBI continues to be wrong about almost everything
Mega-corporations generally love Brussels (system made for them)
FARAGE: 'Allowing this new flood of migrants is economic lunacy'
British taxpayers liable for £800m of misspent EU funds
White Afrikaner group fears genocide upon Mandela's death
DJ, Delroy Catwell, murdered 3-year-old daughter of girlfriend
Surgeon David Sellu faces jail after causing death of James Hughes
Victim of sex gang, 13, ‘plied with drugs until she felt dead before being passed around for sex'
Pakistani doc, Ali Ehsan, sexually assaulted woman on bus month after arriving in Britain
CCTV: Black man robs teen at knife-point on Central line train
Russell Brand: we deserve more from our democratic system
'Stop abuse of deportation laws': Lord Chief Justice
'JFK would want Britain to stay in the EU' asserts the other Miliband clown!
Provisional IRA boss accuses Gerry Adams of murder of mother of 10
Birmingham University bans sombreros as 'racist!'
Migrants leaving Bulgaria causing their own country's economy to suffer

Tuesday 5 November

Why did Cameron not reveal links to sinister Common Purpose group?
How migrants from outside Europe leave a £100billion hole in public purse!
When did you last see a poppy on a burka?
£5million compensation for being called names? Svetlana Lokhova rolling in clova?
Schoolgirl, 13, 'sold for sex at £20 a time' by Czech, Slovak and Kurdish gang
Mirga, Mirga Abdulla, Ziga and others guilty of Peterborough child abuse
Czech family ran 'benefit tourists' scam which raked in £750,000
Three murdered on Norway bus by Sudanese knifeman
Norwegian Rape-victim: "I Don't Feel Safe in My Own Country"
Executed as she talked to her mother on the phone
PC Crowd at work in Sweden
The truth is kept secret and the people are silenced
Still trousering our aid money, Indian space programme plans $1billion a year trip to Mars!
Taxpayers' £10,000 bill to teach failed asylum seeker to fly
SamCam in a Sari (Wonder whose votes hubbie's after?)
Recent immigrants to UK 'make net contribution' (Say globalising foreign Profs)
IRA boss accuses Gerry Adams of murder of mother of 10
Fury of stay-at-home mums as Culture Secratary says new parents must go back to work
Red Ed, union vote riggers and a stench that makes him unfit for No. 10
Slags in Slag C4 documentary
British Legion refusing donation from member of the BNP?

Monday 4 November

An honest Israeli speaks
"Bring me Arab kneecaps!"
Swedish imam smuggles weapons to Syria
SWEDEN: African arrested for murder of woman and boy
Mashudur Rahman Choudhury accused of acts of terrorism
Terror suspect, Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 'escapes Mosque in Burka'
How this Polish chicken could be sold as British... after a month in the UK
Alan Chance is charged with making monkey noises
'Cover-up' over VIPs who abuse children in care
Anti-Semitic posters in Limerick now? (The whole world is catching on)
How do I claim benefits when I get to Britain? Romanians demand help
Struggling A&E wards face 'worst ever winter crisis'
Dementia care staff call police thousands of times each year
We must stay in Europe, says CBI (F*** what the British people want!)
Chuka Umunna employed unpaid staff while campaigning for fairer salaries
Natasha, 16, died after 13 doctors failed to diagnose a brain tumour
Cold nights are coming, but not for greedy MPs
Labour's squalid saga of fraud and coercion
The people who get everything wrong say we can't leave the EU
Muslim leader living in Britain sentenced to death for war crimes in Bangladesh
Female genital mutilation must be treated as human rights abuse say nurses and midwives
Prosecute professionals who stay silent on child abuse claims – Keir Starmer
Migration: At what point does a story cease simply to be absurd and begin to become sinister?

Sunday 3 November

UK’s devotion to racist Israeli regime
Iztullah Qudrat, Ghausel Tarakhail and Ismail Dilsoz charged with raping boy
EASTBOURNE: Men robbed and beaten by "dark-skinned gang" in separate incidents
Drug dealing torturers, Roy Sawyers and Carlos Wilmot, jailed for 33 years
Bedford man attacked with axe by Asians
Appeal after woman attacked by dark-skinned man in Bournemouth
Wanted! Seven Lewisham and Greenwich men (4 ethnics)
16-year-old sex pest will be deported to Afghanistan?
3 years for heroin/crack dealer Rizwan Attaullah
Riot by foreign inmates at Maidstone prison caused '£1million' damage
Crackdown on Britain's benefits fraudsters?
French journalists murdered in Mali
Bullies force 12,000 pupils a year to move to new schools
How NATO war games took the world to the brink of nuclear war
Tom Watson, MP, 'was behind union vote rigging scandal'
Cameron pays 'Wizard of Oz' £500k to win him 2015 general election!
DAVID DAVIS, MP: Don't trust me (or any creature of the State) with control of the press
60 years of white flight and brain drain have sucked population from Midwest USA
340 MPs get their energy bills paid on EXPENSES to heat second homes
Bishop fears Sharia bonds pave way for more Islamic law
Top doctors warn of 'worst winter' in hospitals as A&E crisis grows
"Portuguese" (dad Black) couple's baby found severely underfed in boot of car
Bill for sacking troops to hit £500m!
If judges ban religion from our courts, guess who gets to play God
Pakistan accuses US of 'murdering hopes of peace'
Labour calls for Grant Shapps (Jewish) suspension over fraud claim
Joan Collins: "How can you get into trouble for saying what is true?" (Tell truth about JC's kinfolk?)

Saturday 2 November

Wealth Inequality In America
Holocaust or Holohoax: twenty amazing facts
How to brainwash a nation
RAND PAUL: We cant ignore role the Fed Res has played in economy’s downward spiral
EU/Jew plan: "There is no need to be tolerant to the intolerant!"
The group that authored this latest EU "ban intolerance" was chaired by Israeli professor!
GREECE: Young Golden Dawn members murdered by left-wing killers
Two members of Greece's Golden Dawn shot dead, one badly injured
Nurse Ophelia Okai-Koi killed Christie McHugh after ‘dispute with another woman driver’
Mariuzu Jusza charged over hit-and-run death of pensioner
Thavisha Lakindu Peiris charged with murder of pizza delivery driver
Student kicked unconscious by 4 black men in robbery
Taxi driver 'beaten and bitten by gang of illegal immigrants as he drove'
CCTV: Appeal after teenager robbed on train in ‘vicious and unprovoked assault’
Belkacem Lakehal and Mohand Said Mouchache operated 'sophisticated' forgery factory
Rebecca Csazar cheated taxpayers out of more than £40,000 in benefits - NO JAIL!
CCTV: Appeal after Poppy Appeal tin stolen from garage
Adeyela sisters grabbed £17,000 from John Lewis
Dr Sarfaraz Malik carried out an intimate examination for his sexual gratification
Hunt for the £198m fortune of Britain's most notorious drug dealer
NEWMARKET: Blonde woman forced into a car by man of Asian appearance
Sham marriage: Pakistani v Czech
Number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads in 2012 up 8% to 3,018
Just one per cent of foreign crooks are kicked out of UK
142,300 foreign nationals claiming Jobseekers Allowance
Number of Muslims in Scotland doubles in a decade! (Could decide referendum result)
Once more the interests of the British are to be sacrificed on the altar of EU rules
Traitorous "British" companies actively recruiting Romanians to come and work here
Our £3.7bn a year bill for illegal immigrants' health and education
'Half of British businesses believe cost of EU outweighs benefits'
Gay DJ, Paul Gambaccini, arrested by Savile police on suspicion of sexual offences
'Polite,' 'swotty' schoolgirl Izzy Dix bullied to death
Taxpayers hit for another £200,000 over disgraced Shoesmith
Italian PM says rise of Eurosceptics is 'most dangerous phenomenon' facing EU
Miliband in No 10? It raises hairs on the back of CBI chief's neck!
Wonder what Britain will be like if Red Ed's PM?
Russell Brand's very unsocialist £15m business empire
Social deprivation blamed for 450 avoidable deaths from breast cancer each year
Michael Portillo: Cameron's EU referendum is an 'insincere ploy'
Spain: Thousands protest against immigration after girls raped by Romanians
Scandal that Labour can no longer ignore
Police drop inquiries into Grant Shapps' former firm
"Autistic" Israel doesn't listen. It just keeps on doing its own thing
BLAIR WARS: US envoy says mistakes ‘prolonged Afghan war’ and cost lives
‘I love my job’ says Egypt’s official executioner

Friday 1 November

World's no. 1 rogue state bombs Syria again! (3rd/4th time in 2013!)
Jemelle Rodney guilty of 19-year-old Nathan Somers' murder
Charlene Downes disappearance - Cops appeal 10 years on
Illegal immigrants cost taxpayer up to £4,250 a head each year!
Mother of 13, Barbara Fari, tried to squeeze £750,000 compo from housing association
Hungarian sex gang ran University of Sussex brothel?
"Gizza job" says Chuka Umunna (To be specific, give them OUR jobs!)
How TV & sports are being used to manipulate our minds
Winston Churchill feared French might declare war on Britain after he attacked their navy

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