Daily News: May 2014

Saturday 31 May

NATO false flags in Ukraine - US murderers for hire
Muslim charged with sexual assault in Bristol
Black Muslim who defaced Bomber Command and Animals at War memorials sent to nuthouse
Swan-killer, Hasan Fidan, caught
Anthony Furniss gets 8 years for throwing chemicals at a man in an unprovoked attack
NATO false flags in Ukraine - US murderers for hire
9 illegal immigrants employed by Newcastle Council on £200m project
Ban the bikini! Kuwait in ‘nudity’ crackdown
‘Violence of Jewish power’ in Jerusalem has ‘poisoned the Jewish community’ — ‘Forward’ reports
Former Australian Prime Minister confirms Israel attacked America
David Blunkett warns of clashes between Roma and locals in Sheffield
Police issue images of men they would like to speak to after shop con
Bradford is facing a unique set of population demands
Mother-of-four, 33, died after doctors missed her cancer THIRTY TIMES
Junk food firms push sugary treats to children through Facebook
NHS is under 'huge strain'
THE MASTERMIND: Plot by Islamic extremists to take over schools
Who hates who in the Lib Dems?
Father of an Indian girl gang-raped and hanged ridiculed by cops because of his caste
What boy bands should learn from the raddled Wham star

Friday 30 May

Kiro Halliburton and three others charged with Pal Thrower's knife and axe murder
Drunk hit-and-run merchant, Fahid Saber, killed 22-year-old Joseph O’Reilly
Sebastian Bendou and Dominik Kocher murdered housemate Christophe Borgye
Why was the illegal immigrant who killed my brother in car-jacking still in the UK?
Oliver Connor, 72, gets 12.5 years for the sexual abuse of two children
Ex-college principal/care home owner, Kamil Hossenbux, has child rape sentence increased
DOCKLANDS: Pensioner, 76, stabbed 3 times in unprovoked attack by black man
Dr Ram Manohar was charged with two counts of sexually assaulting a woman
Burton sexploitation case: six Asians in court
CCTV: Pensioner with dementia attacked by burglar
Guilty: The witch doctor of Hampstead, Juliette D'Souza
West London snatch and grab moped gang jailed
Sexual assault on bus: black man sought
Burton sexploitation case: six Asians in court
Why was the illegal immigrant who killed my brother in car-jacking still in the UK?
Tesco funds Gay Pride but drops support for Cancer Research
Iraq war whitewash: families' fury as Cabinet Secretary keeps Blair/Bush letters and calls secret
Blair should ask Chilcot to publish full Iraq letters to Bush, says John Major
Ex-CIA Agent: America creates its own enemies
12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World
Islamic hate preacher praises terrorist group which kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
BNP Poll wipeout marked By 'Funeral for Fascism' in Cable Street
Black MP gets sneered at after sneering at Farage? THAT'S RACIST!
Britain's most ideal family? The slack-jawed will fall for it - no one else
Brussels ignores anger at EU and demands Britain pays ANOTHER £500million
PM comes back from Brussels empty-handed
Inside the Ring: Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens
Just right for a Russian Oligarch, a Saudi Prince or a Chinese billionaire
Hundreds of refugees make last minute bid for soft-touch Britain
Alex Cunningham, MP - "She was a bigoted woman and that’s all there is to it"
Prostitution and drug dealing add £10billion to the economy?
Guilty: The witch doctor of Hampstead, Juliette D'Souza

Thursday 29 May

She had to 'crawl on her hands and knees to beg for painkillers.' 3 days later she was dead
Social workers 'knew children in their care were being sexually exploited!'
Are we all racist now?
Let's not pretend that people aren't worried about immigration
Romania launches ad campaign AGAINST UKIP!
UKIP branch chairman: 'London is being ethnically cleansed of white people'
Apprentice Jew Luisa Zissman says Nigel Farage is "racist," a "total b***end!"
Luisa Zissman's lesbian romp with Jasmine Waltz
Labour and Tory coalition to keep UKIP out!
David Cameron is trying to sabotage UKIP’s influence at the European Parliament
UKIP aren’t going away – and David Cameron has no idea what to do
Cyril Smith molested boy, 11, at National Liberal Club and introduced him to David Steel
Lib Dems in meltdown
Squalid insight into Lib Dem treachery
Brussels ignores anger at EU and demands Britain pays ANOTHER £500million!
Michael Green murdered in Peterborough underpass - teenagers held
Lorenzo Joshua Simon and Michelle Bird charged with murder of Michael Bird
Woman stabbed at station: ethnicity of attacker not mentioned - Jai Khakhar arrested
Brutal rapist, Jaspal Singh, jailed for seven years
Drug addict Vladimir Vysockis attacked and robbed pensioner Raymond Womesley
Three stabbed in Bradford brawl
Woman smashed on head with bottle in Dudley in black man
There'll be street violence if people stop complaining about Tower Hamlets election!
Russia accuses the West of pushing Ukraine into 'fratricidal war'
Kama Sutra : The Wahhabi Approach
Five million British children 'sentenced to life of poverty
UK women are fattest in western Europe: 1 in 12 are clinically obese
Apprentice Jew says Nigel Farage is "racist," a "buffoon" a "total b***end!"

Wednesday 28 May

30% of people in Britain are "very" or "a little" race prejudiced
Muslim drivers forcing blind people and their guide dogs off buses! They consider them ‘unclean’
Actually they voted to leave the EU and stop mass immigration
UKIP’S TREMOR: Here's hoping it turns into an earthquake.
UKIP wins European elections with ease to set off political earthquake
BBC bias and the rise of protest votes
There's no reason to listen to public opinion on immigration!!! (By Medhi Hassan)
£30billion: the cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Interventions branded 'strategic failures'
Too old, too middle class and too TIDY to adopt (The stink of British social worker)
Nirmal Gill murdered wife Rosemary, hitting her with a dumbell 12 times
Rail worker knocked down by black man
Black men who carried out terrifying robbery may be working in Barnet
Chelmsford: Armed black yobs rob teenager in park
Attempted robbery by Asians of boys playing football
Badly behaved EastEnders star Khali Best suspended for 3 months
Manchester students beaten unconscious by Asian thieves in separate attacks
Woman walking home abducted and robbed by Asians
Man arrested after death of British teacher in Bali
Babysitter from hell let paedo Aaron Hughes drug and rape three-year-old boy
British jihadists are the most bloodthirsty in Syria says rebel commander
DIVERSITY! Pregnant Pakistani woman murdered by 20 members of her own family
Syrian rebels describe US-backed training in Qatar
£30million child benefit paid by us to families across EU! Cameron says impossible to stop
Proof that tougher sentences DO work
'Put health warnings on sugary drinks'
Twice as many Britons die from overdoses compared as the rest of Europe
Et tu, Vince? Cable's best friend revealed to be behind putsch to topple Clegg
We understand people's fears on immigration says Red Ed (So he should, his lot created them)
I am not delaying the Iraq inquiry, says Blair (Why do they call him Tony B Liar?
Elitist Ed is heading for disaster
One Direction: squeaky clean boy band?

Tuesday 27 May

Rebellion that swept Europe: EU sceptics and anti-migration parties make historic gains
Brussels elite stunned by a flurry of right (and left) hooks from disgruntled Europeans
Britain should be 'worried' by UKIP victory says top traitor
'We should not be bothered about migration' says traitor Blair
Tony Blair is 'worried' by rise of UKIP fuelling 'anti-immigrant feeling' Poll shows Clegg will lose his seat in a General Election
Germany: undertakers selling passports of the dead to illegal immigrants
France: Endless immigrant influx: immigration at insane levels
Hunt for pervert after schoolgirl assaulted on Birmingham bus
Unite Against Fascism Fascists scream and shout during minutes silence in honour of Lee Rigby
Lee Rigby's murderer gave speech at Unite Against Fascism event
BURTON: Once again the mainstream media have chose to ignore a Muslim grooming gang trial
Eurosceptic 'earthquake' rocks EU elections Jailed: night bus sex attacker Mohammed Dakwar
Black top cop pinned to floor by woman he was attempting to arrest
Official: Bradford has the worst drivers in the country
Unreasonable force is being used to restrain vulnerable patients on NHS wards
BBC mauled for ruling 'girl' is offensive word
Hundreds of police fail fitness test
£23,000 compensation for teacher who slipped in puddle and suffered ankle damage
What the Dickens is wrong with teaching children to love ENGLISH novels?

Monday 26 May

There's no reason to listen to public opinion on immigration says Medhi Hassan!
Pope takes the p*** out of Zion! He prays at Israeli separation wall in Bethlehem
Ultra-stupid Christian Darko enriches Rose Doughty, 72, to death!
UKIP top poll as Europe takes swing to the right
UKIP wins European elections with ease to set off political earthquake
Labour and the Tories humiliated - Lib Dems left with just one MEP!
Labour MPs round on 'weird' Miliband
Labour is losing England says Labour peer who was Miliband's closest mentor
Far-right National Front triumph in France 1,000 Days of Syria – turning war journalism into a game
NATO Europe Commander: Fighters from all member states operating in Syria
The Ghouta Massacre's Sarin Myth

Britain’s Double Standards
Woman suffers broken nose in brutal attack by black man
Unmasked, 13 convicts on the run who officials had refused to name
Moving NHS beds apart 'beats superbugs' (Overcrowding kills)
Brand new £430m hospital forced to cancel 180 operations: 'Hi-tech' system doesn't work BANK FRAUD: Iranian billionaire executed (How to deal with bankers?)
If racism means 'threatened by difference', then we are all guilty
Man arrested after death of British teacher in Bali
Britain's Got Talent? Where are the Brits?

Sunday 25 May

Boko Haram 'created and funded by CIA!'
Did MI5 help Michael Adebolajo escape Kenyan jail before he murdered Lee Rigby?
Alastair Campbell meets Egyptian regime blamed for 1,000 deaths (Blair backs its leader)
The people feel ignored and they are angry
Did MI5 help Michael Adebolajo escape Kenyan jail before he murdered Lee Rigby?
Alastair Campbell meets Egyptian regime blamed for 1,000 deaths (Blair backs its leader)
Lutfur Rahman: 30 things you need to know about the mayor of Tower Hamlets
Kreshnik and Avdi Didi charged with keeping '10 Romanian slaves
Daniel Asubo charged with the murder of Antonio Tommaso
Aid worker, Christi Kelly, 21, dies in Kenya from malaria
Eli Isaacs charged with robbery and GBH after leaving Paul Trebble blind in one eye
E.coli outbreak linked to Khushi’s Indian Restaurant in Dunfermline
Ethnic females (CCTV) sought over cashpoint scam at Tesco in Chelmsford
Bungling consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Benjamin Ononeze, faces 20 law cases
Luton school promotes fundamentalist Islam and has library books on stoning women
Foreign students who claim loans but never attend class
Police failing brutalised FGM victims
Don't be fooled by a tiny drop in EU migration figures
What Skull Cracker and his pals reveal about our pathetic jails
We've got to stop treating UKIP like swivel-eyed lepers, says Labour MP
The political death of my disastrous leader, Nick Clegg

Saturday 24 May

In local council elections yesterday, England’s long-suffering grass-roots voters finally rose up
Seven reasons why success breeds success for UKIP
Lib Dem members launch online petition for ‘toxic’ Nick Clegg to resign
Iranian actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging for being formally kissed on the cheek
For Essex man, the only way is UKIP
Nick Clegg led his party towards electoral Armageddon
Gang member jailed for brutal baseball bat attack that left Natasha McShane
USA: Pakistani immigrant beat wife to death because she made him the wrong dinner - lawyer claims it's just his culture
Mona Haj Youssef punched 64-year-old Maureen Greaves in the face
Drug smuggler Syed Naveed Shabir imported £550,000 of heroin from Pakistan
Christian Darko guilty of Rose Doughty Middlesbrough murder
Harjit Singh Toor attacked Sri Satguru Uday Singh Ji with axe at Leicester temple
Knife-robber 'with very dark skin' sought
Japan begins dumping 100s Of tons Of radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific

Friday 23 May

March of Europe's Far Right - contempt for politicians fuels support for nationalist parties
Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, May 2014 (No mention of these in MSM media)
Mainstream media choose to ignore a Muslim grooming gang trial - AGAIN
46,890 Romanians and 17,750 Bulgarians applied for Nat Ins numbers in first 3 months of 2014
Mistakes by NHS staff are killing 12,500 every year
Former Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning charged with sex attacks on 22 boys
Build a memorial where my soldier son was murdered, says Lee Rigby's mother
Foreign students who claim loans but never attend
The march of UKIP's People's Army
Newsnight's ex-Guardian editor signs another Leftie, June Sarpong
Two more burka-clad robbers are convicted over smash-and-grab raid on Selfridges
Black "German" doctor can't be extradited to UK over pensioner's death
Former miner suffered heart attack and died after after five hour wait in ambulance
How dare Clegg say Euro cynics like me are unpatriotic?
Former soldier questions Clegg's 'anti-patriotic if you don't want to be in EU' remark
Former chief prosecutor admits they made a mistake not prosecuting Abu Hamza
The managed decline of our country is no longer acceptable to patriots
The managed decline of our country is no longer acceptable to patriots
If they need to smear and lie to maintain power then you know their time is coming to an end
The big BBC bully has had his day

Thursday 22 May

UKIP closing in on victory
BIASED BBC! Top BBC editor brands UKIP racist/sexist on Twitter
Anti-UKIP BBC News editor taken off BBC election coverage
BBC News Channel Editor broadcasts anti-UKIP rant
Last minute surge for UKIP ahead of local and EU elections
Trust me, no need to vote UKIP, says David Cameron
The most shocking thing about young UKIP supporters: they’re normal
Labour Party donor, Ian Wallace, joins UKIP
Ex-soldier blasts Clegg for 'unpatriotic' jibe "/>
Student fees triple for 10 MINUTES more tuition
OUTRAGE! Clegg defends taxpayer-funded £1.25million house lived in by Abu Hamza family!
18 on-the-run criminals cannot be named... it infringes their personal privacy
Capitalists and Other Psychopaths

Wednesday 21 May

Was Bulic Forsythe killed to protect paedophile ring 'linked to Minister in Tony Blair’s government?'
Blair Paedophile Minister? Can Lord Mandelson help?
UKRAINE: Lies, damn lies and Big Ones infest New York Times pages
Red lines in Ukraine and elsewhere
Odessa fire victims died from chloroform vapors — senior Ukrainian investigator
Russian journalists arrested for breaking ‘Kiev’s UN-marked helicopters’ news
'Putin is behaving just like Hitler', says our stupid future king
The EU resembles a criminal organisation
The Arab Spring three years on Tube driver suspended after angering colleague by putting up a picture of the QUEEN in office
Pope's planned visit to grave of Zionism’s founder branded ‘nauseating’ by Palestinians 62 Labour MPs employ workers on zero hours contract despite party campaign against
Sino/Russian unity: what Washington fears most
PC makes race and genetics taboo in the West (why China is winning)
Gary Barlow, Amazon, Starbucks: government should stop making excuses for tax avoiders
Use all-women shortlists for top jobs says Lib Dem Business Secretary
GLOBALISM: Brit-hating Spanish mob kill Stephen Mallon (and we only hear about it now)
68.4 per cent of Scots 'back UKIP policy on immigration'
Nigel Farage explains why UKIP is here to stay
Muslims Ashraf and Ali guilty of grooming/raping 8 Peterborough girls
Mohammad Islam, Murshed Miah, Abdul Hannan and Rasad Miah jailed for grandma murder
"Shield" actor, Michael Jace, arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife
Uriah Gardner guilty of Fico Dougan stab murder
"Sallow" complexion men with "very dar hair" wanted for rape
Natham Bradder raped/sexually abused 4 teenage girls in just over an hour
Man had his cheekbone broken in unprovoked attack by East European
Joss Stone's death plotters get sentences reduced!
LEEDS: CCTV of Asian sex attacker
Luton woman groped and struck by Asian
Yet another pervert flasher described as Asian
Violence flares in Sheffield as groups clash
Polish nurse says sex assault allegations are untrue
Lordship Lane a no-go zone for women due to sexual harassment
Abu Hamza's family continue to live off state and we can't deport his sidekick
Leon Stent drowned in lake after being pepper-sprayed by cops

Tuesday 20 May

The Jews' EU Manifesto and a man who would implement it
Demands of the Jewish Board of Deputies - EU elections 2014
The most pathetic character in the history of British politics!
CLEGG: Anyone who wants out of the EU is "unpatriotic.. deeply unpatriotic!"
The BBC's cultural and political bias is long-noted
CAMERON: "The whole country has heard enough to know what sort of party it (UKIP) is!"
100 lifers are let out of jail every DAY!
HIV nurse tried to pass on disease to patient? (How many HIV nurses has LibLabCon imported?)
Britain's richest families own almost HALF the country's household wealth
Wealthiest Jews on the Sunday Times Rich List
Wealthiest Jews in Britain were born abroad
Give my Tunisian toyboy a visa, pleads Deborah Chniti
Luke Stewart knocked man down and stamped on his head repeatedly in unprovoked attack
Syria: First Briton convicted of terrorist offences
‘Men throw acid at us for refusing harassment, for refusing marriage, for laughing too loud, for refusing the veil’
Girls have been through horrific ordeals (at the hands of Muslims) - Police

Monday 19 May

Black villains get 16 years for kidnap of St Albans man
Twain Robinson - Brent's most wanted man
WOLVERHAMPTON: Hit-and-run driver targeted English Defence League
Why can't Blair simply admit he got it wrong? (Because he thinks he's the Messiah?)
Tony Blair’s EU renegotiation deal that cost Britain £10billion
Now EU will fine UK £250,000 each day?
Plastic pellets in toiletries could enter the food chain
Curing the NHS of Socialist dogma
Raped by a top Tory?
It isn’t Dave Cameron’s mates who lose their jobs because of foreign labour
UK could be plunged into another crisis if it left EU? (More bull from MSM)
The smears against Nigel Farage – and the freedoms of Magna Carta
Hamza's plot for Taliban HQ in the UK
As the NHS told us to stick to 21 units a week, its boss was going on 8-pint beer binges
I will never see the press the same way again
It isn’t Dave Cameron’s mates who lose their jobs because of foreign labour
Firms blast Labour's vow to force an ethnic quota in the workplace
UKIP threaten to rewrite the electoral map!

Sunday 18 May

Labour MP says Lee Rigby memorial may attract unwanted interest from extremists
MADHOUSE BRITAIN! NHS to give sex change drugs to nine-year-olds
2013 Danau Drummond: punched woman unconscious without warning
1996 Danau drummond: black yobs attack Gareth Wilshaw like a pack of wild animals
15 Year sentence Andrew Stephenson - he shot bailiff in Brixton
Restaurateur, Kumar Lama, flouted safety warnings from the fire service
Hassan Akhtar convicted of a series of rapes
When will Jews grasp that hostility to them is caused by their own actions?
France: Front National Mayor Blocks Mosque Plan
Thousands across Europe rally against EU policies
US child tobacco farms: 60hrs a week in heat, nicotine exposure
European elections: UKIP set for landmark win
Sorry you can't contact the jobs helpline we've all been sacked! UK tries to block release of US torture files proving New Labour complicit in ill-treatment of suspects?
How the US-NATO war Destabilized north Africa and now threatens Europe
EU parliament's president says Britain must allow unrestricted movement for migrants into UK
DIVERSITY + Imam = Don't make friends with non-Muslims! 'They will never stop corrupting you!'
Ukraine: National Guard (Obama/Cameron best pals) kill 10 soldiers on side of Federalists
JAILED: Beauty salon boss used pregnancy lie to evade eviction
Obama's Syrian/Al-Qaeda rebels crucify infidels in Syria
Speaker John Bercow accused of 'global gallivanting' at taxpayers' expense

Saturday 17 May

Traitorous British politicians and the couple facing extradition to U.S. on fraud charges (levelled by the Jew, Eric Siegel). The Dunhams have been detained over suicide fears
How the Brussels elite gorge on your money!
The UK has one of worst child mortality rates in Western Europe
UK Parliament comes to an effective end
More than 64,000 NHS operations scrapped at the last minute in 2013
Even child protection services to be privatised by the Tories?
Overcrowded Britain
Our political masters are horrified by UKIP. Trouble is, the voters aren’t
Tory treachery up close, in your face and down your throat!
Anti-Fascists attack Greek wedding thinking it's a Golden Dawn rally
Nick Clegg welcomes the EU Jewish Manifesto (grovels for Jewish support)
Nick Clegg produces a shameless endorsement of Jewish politics
Whitewashing Donald Sterling
DIVERSITY! African "scrounger" charged with murdering gran for fags and lottery cards
Derby teenager sexually abused by Muslim 'tried to kill herself'
DIE - VERSITY!!! British-born Boko Haram 'ringleader' was 'radicalised at UK university!'
Mohamed Mechtak pleads not guilty to alleged sex attacks
Neurosurgeon in court accused of sexually abusing 10 female patients
Dr Ali Mao-Aweys caught arranging female genital mutilation operation
Ex-detective and Labour council candidate, Gurpal Virdi, charged with assaulting boy
Asylum seekers put up in four-star hotels
SUDAN: Islamic court permits pregnant woman to give birth before she is hanged
Tory candidate cheated London council in £30,000 benefits scam
Temple Bar brawler Olu wa femi Adetunji sexually assaulted women 9 months previously
Too many GPs care more about money than patients in LibLabCon world
Will tax dodger Gary Barlow's support for the Tories backfire on his chum Dave?
Top British universities secretly serve Halal meat to unknowing students
'Public schoolboys are some of the most immoral people I've met', says Labour's private schoolboy
Victimised for challenging climate-change zealots

Friday 16 May

Bilderberg's silent takeover of Britain’s $60bn defense budget
‘US against elections in Syria fearing Assad might win’
Iraq inquiry delay very serious, says senior Tory
27,000 serial crooks spared jailed in a year!
Latvian sex attacker gets £500-a-day treatment in private hospital, victim still in NHS queue!
This man is a danger to women. So why was he let into the UK?
Teen murdered Fico Dougan because rap music made him want to stab somebody
MANCHESTER! Ahmed Al-Khatib murdered wife in self-defence after she grew 4 heads!
55-year-old left with fractured eye socket after unprovoked assault in McDonald's
Man robbed at knifepoint by Asians at Frizinghall train station
Asian bookies fixed English county cricket matches!
Ex-footballer Marlon King jailed for 18 months after causing three-car pile-up
Takeaway owner Mohammed Ayaz Rashid's scant regard for food safety in filthy takeaway
Ron Paul: ‘US involvement into affairs of other states leads only to trouble’
Doctors' handwriting so bad it's putting patients at risk
LibDems 'tried to get Gove ally arrested!'
UKIP candidate claims Islam is 'against everything modern Britain stands for'
SCUM! Disrespectful Peers leave Lords as names of dead soldiers read out!
Horrific injuries thug, 17, inflicted on elderly woman - String the f***er up!
Top grammar school forced to apologise after headteacher posts picture of pupils 'blacked up'
£500,000 haul of Britain's worst benefit cheats
'Nigel Farage is a phoney BULL**** artist' says foul-mouthed Labour MP
Pregnant Muslim sentenced to hang for wedding Christian man
Chip shop shuts after threats over 'racist' sign - Cypriot owns it now
Most Britons want to quit EU - Official survey results from Brussels
Colin Jackson defends decision to invest in tax avoidance scheme
Sadiq Khan declares war on race inequality (Screw Whitey even more!)
Majid Khan elected new Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent
Israeli minister Tzipi Livni given diplomatic immunity for UK visit

Thursday 15 May

British politics is broken - and only Nigel Farage is profiting
LibLabCon "would take extra-ordinary steps to prevent a Nationalist government from taking office!"
Now THEY are going to dig up our dead! (To make way for dead migrants?)
Adeel Ashraf got out of a car and punched innocent man, Paul Dutson, unconscious
Kemo Anthony Porter charged with murdering a mother and her three children
Huddersfield: Beware Roma pickpockets!
Public sector management parasites, immune from consequences of their appalling actions!
Its all been one big lie! LibLabCon conspires to keep us in this corrupt system
Only a Marxist can destroy an economy so spectacularly then blame everyone else for it
'Swap the killers of my son for kidnapped Nigerian girls' says mother
Patients kept in hospital over the weekend have a fatal risk
Islamist leader of campaign to build “mega mosque” standing as a Tory in council elections!
Hailey Terrell suffers 8 strokes and cardiac arrest after cosmetic injection horror
And Tory promises to get migrant numbers down to "tens of thousands?" THEY LIED!
State schools 'creating an amoral generation!' (Creating? They've already been created!)
How dying NHS patients are forgotten at weekends
Why did UKIP leadership trust Sanya-Jeet Thandi? (Pandering to PC?)

Wednesday 14 May

Scores more victims of Oxford sex gang (LibLabCon imports) identified
Former CIA Director says: "We kill people based on metadata!”
Son of US Vice Presedent Joe Biden appointed to board of major Ukrainian gas company!
UKIP should vet its Sanya-Jeet Thandis a bit more closely, methinks
Farage: Labour figures funding violent hate campaign against me
EU policy to blame for Ukraine crisis says ex-Chancellor Schroeder
Hassan Akhtar wanted an English girl to satisfy sexual desires his wife could not
Kent has no-go areas due to Eastern European gangs
'Call female teachers SIR', demand feminist academics in bid to end 'sexist' culture in classroom
ADL poll Of 102 countries finds 26% "infected" with anti-Semitic attitudes! (I wonder why?)
Two arrests over 'electoral fraud' in Tower Hamlets and Enfield
Why was internet predator not jailed? Oxford graduate's hubbie groomed hundreds
Britons miss out as NHS brings in 5,000 EU nurses
Blair-Bush letters ARE delaying Iraq report, says Chilcot
UK taxes are 'complex and absurd'
Labour panics over Ed's dismal ratings: 4 years on he's still less popular than Brown
10 families on benefits were paid more each week than someone with a salary of £85,000
Voters are not as stupid as Labour thinks
Is Adriana Ford-Thompson Britain's most deluded woman?
Ukraine gets €1.6bn in loans from European Commission
Miliband defiant as shock polls show Labour falling behind Tories
Pfizer chief admits job losses in AstraZeneca takeover plan
London 'superhead' banned from teaching after using expenses for her birthday
The rich are still having it far too easy in London
Professor blasts Booker over its American dream
UAF and "Hope not Hate" are left-wing bullies?

Tuesday 13 May

Guns used in self-defence
Muslims call for Jihad in London?
Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, gets six years for bribery!
Chemicals in sunscreen, toothpaste, soap and children’s plastic toys ‘can cause male infertility!’
Britain will not stop EU migrants coming here to work, says Cameron
Nurses suspended as hospital probes tampering with medication and false records
One in five students 'badly taught'
Church schools given 'gay is good' guidelines
Muriel Coleman, 50, helped landlord, Hassan Akhtar, find underage girl to rape
Woman dies in suspected Kentish Town arson attack
Postman, Ajaz Budi, gets 8.5 years for theft of cheques worth more than £2.3million
Bradford: disabled man punched by Asian during unprovoked assault
Woman forced into a car by Asians and seriously sexually assaulted in Toryglen, Glasgow
Hounslow: third stabbing in three weeks
Man stabbed in Alvaston by black gang
The current normality: Rajeshwar Bhinder stabs Mamadou Diallo in Boscombe
'I'm going to kill you before the community find out' Muslim beat daughter, 14, for dating white boy
Mexborough: man walking with daughter attacked by black men
Thieving GP, Nurpal Mittal, stole £130 from mother of sick baby
Imminent risk of injury to health: Chinese Takeaway shut down
Barclays former chief (Yank) to be quizzed by fraud office over bribes to Mid East investors

Monday 12 May

Liar who made up best-selling holocaust memoir forced to repay $22.5 million
8 East Europeans charged with child sexual exploitation in Kent, Midlands, Yorkshire
Germany's youth rebels against EU
13 EU nations where Eurosceptics are gaining ground
Ipswich: Police charge Ali Shaboot with rape
What does it mean to be a friend of Israel?
Fifty Christians burned alive by Boko Haram
Nigerian military knew Boko Haram was around at least 4 hours before 200 girl kidnap!
OFFICIAL: Eurovision's a fix! PC juries vote for bearded transsexuals - we don't!
The spread of British hypocrisy, from Gerry Adams to Syria
Cocaine use in Britain so widespread it can be found in our DRINKING WATER
Fans call for Barlow to be stripped of his OBE after tax dodge
Most over-70s are 'uncomfortable' about homosexuality
BLAIR WARS: Troops face 'growing mental health cost' of Afghan war
Epsom knife-point carjacking and robbery: Asian sought
Women attacked by six Asians in Walthamstow
Ethnic minority candidates 'tipped off' when rare police officer jobs became available
Referendum shows Donetsk wants independence from Ukraine
3 murders & massive countrywide election fraud in S. Africa

Sunday 11 May

Cameron admits he won't honour an OUT Vote in a referendum
Roma gang's child burglars plunder British homes! (LibLabCon EU-sniffers couldn't give a f***)
Gunned down - by 'good' Ukrainians
Iraq and the US model for conquered territories
Cameron admits he won't honour an OUT Vote in a referendum
11,670 criminals freed with suspended sentences in 2013 despite having 10 or more convictions
Woman hit with a bottle by Asian in Derby
High-profile Muslim charity chief who sexually abused three girls aged under 14
Dance instructor asked schoolgirl, 14, to perform 'erotically' on stage
Labour's gay ex-bank boss caught on video doing drugs days before he claimed remorse
PC slime at BBC sacks DJ for accidentally playing original (n-word) 'Sun Has Got His Hat On'
Bring back British Rail! Privatisation was an act of political madness and a huge con
Muslims call for Jihad in London
Muslim street patrols terrorise & attack non Muslims in Birmingham
Muslims are supposed to humiliate Christians!
BIG BROTHER! EU to bug every car in UK with tracker chips
Pakistan's deadly descent into polio contagion
Eurovision: The Wurst winner ever?
UK Vice-Consul caught having secret ‘affair’ with British drugs baron
Lib Dems accused of 'smearing' David Cameron's marriage and spreading lies
'Rodent-infested' and "dirty", Aumkar Sweets and Savouries prosecuted for hygiene breaches
BATH: CCTV Images Released After City Centre Assault
Jailed gang arranged sham marriages between Nigerians and Hungarians
John Bercow 'turns Commons into Big Brother show'
Woman hit with a bottle by Asian
Cops did nothing to identify victim of child abuse ‘snuff film’
Sadistic Pakistani dad beat daughter for not reading Holy Book

Saturday 10 May

Danny Cohen, BBC's director of television, ("behind moves to try and make the BBC more diverse") wanted to sack Jeremy Clarkson
Trolley-rage Black, Melanie Buck. charged with manslaughter of 60-year-old Michael Buckley,
Jamie Marsh-Smith murdered Zafer Eren, then tried to kill getaway driver Samuel Zerei?
Polly Chowdhury denies murder of 8-year-old dauhgter
Michael Mensah and three others accused of stabbing Dean Mayley to death
Killer surgeon David Sellu (jailed for 2.5 years) can still work!
Jermain Ogunbiyi violently attacked pregnant woman in a Leeds nightclub
Elderly man gagged and injured during burglary - 'dark-skinned' men sought
Asian ringleaders of 44-strong crash-for-cash gang jailed
Dunstable: Appeal after teen attacked by Asian with Stanley knife
Violent muggers Jordan Kanon and Kadele Carew left victim needing plastic surgery
11-strong Romanian gang accused of stealing goods from moving lorries
Imran Miah, Hussain Abdirahman and Masum Uddin tricked pensioners out of life savings
Hunt for black jewel thief (photo)
Dr Lucy Mahinda gave 'enough (insulin) for an elephant' to 87-year-old woman
PC Juan Alarcon fractured teen's skul and left him deaf in one ear
Dr Mustapha Tahir forged prescriptions to sell abroad
David Gikawa put model through years of domestic abuse before he stabbed her to death
Convicted heroin dealer Mohammed Samantar lied to get on law course
Croydon is the housing benefit capital of the UK
Even more EU immigration
SLAGS! Court rules Take That stars poured £66million into tax avoidance scheme
How Pfizer handed an army of brilliant British minds their P45s

Friday 9 May

Our sh*thouse spies and cops courted hate cleric who inspired the 7/7 London bombers!
Traitor Cable says councils right to build on green belt where demand is high! (Immigrants?)
The facts about immigration LibLabCon don't want to talk about
Our shoppers don't care if meat is halal, claim arrogant supermarket bosses
Let women fight on the front line says Defence Secretary
Vatican disciplined 3,500 priests since 2004 for raping/molesting children! 848 - defrocked
Odel Munroe and youths (black?), 13 and 15, charged with Martin Thomas' murder
Ethnics get life for stabbing Ajmol Alom to death
Mark Harsley slashed by a Black in a Leeds nightclub
Mohammed Islam and Murshed Miah murdered grandmother
Model Gianna Registe's £2,500 loyalty card scam - NO JAIL
Missing teenagers, Chloe and Starlene, could be in Tower Hamlets
We Muslims should be appalled by the sale of halal meat by stealth
"British" millionaire Shoja Shojai fathered 7 with models he kept in Costa del Sol against their will
Cherie Blair’s former personal trainer racially abused by husband of his lover
Disgraced 'Crystal Methodist' still lives RENT FREE in church-owned house
You really can be nagged to death!
Grieving mother attacks Nick Clegg as he says: I WILL block knife crackdown
Head of Britain’s spy watchdog, Malcolm Rifkind (Jew), condemns whistleblower, Edward Snowden
Dog which mauled Clifford Clarke to death had not been fed 'for 24 hours'
Labour latest party political broadcast is THE worst
String 'em up!
Scum troll Robert Riley (nasty Ann Maguire remarks on Twitter) jailed

Thursday 8 May

Vatican disciplined 3,500 priests since 2004 for raping/molesting children! 848 - defrocked
100 IRA terrorists told they will not be arrested linked to 300 murders
Millions are eating halal food without knowing it!
British patients put at risk by care workers with poor grasp of English
Labour vultures who betrayed the Co-op
Health of Murray Wrobel, an anti-Apartheid founder, worsened after attack by black man
Judges uphold one-punch killer Lewis Gill's four-year sentence
Ali Choudhury, Mashadur Rahman and Aminur Khan convicted of murder
Student lodger Zdenek Junek is a convicted sex offender!
Slovak Roma child exploitation ring
Man attacked by East European gang in Corby
Stabbed in the back at May Day celebration: Oriental sought
‘I robbed him and he didn't give me what I want, so I stabbed him.' Thus spake diversity
Michael Douglas ran off laughing after attacking 67-year-old pensioner
Father-of-two violently attacked and robbed by black thugs
KEN LIVINGSTONE: Jews vote Tory because they are rich!
USA/EU/NATO/UK/BBC-backed "radicals" strangled those who escaped Odessa fire!
Anti-Ukipper: "I’m against.. politics based on tribalism.. I'll always want Scotland to beat England"
JOB OFFER: "Counter racist/xenophobic discourse in run-up to EU elections!
Head sacked after school sex tape posted on YouTube (Bet he votes LibLabCon)
Clarkson 'racism' row shows how out of touch liberal bullies are with the real world

Wednesday 7 May

Thomas Blazquez gets 18 years for the murder of 77-year-old Rosemary Shearman
Mohammed Badiuzzaman strangled his pregnant partner, Sabeen Thandi
Slag graduate Adriana Ford-Thompson still loves her multiple rapist husband
Mark Thompson attacked 3 women, kidnapping and raping one a 20-year-old
18-year-old raped by black man in Manchester
53-year-old Rahat Sheikh jailed for sexual offences against a child
Four Greeks attacked two police officers - guilty of GBH - NO JAIL!
Crack and heroin dealer Mahmoud Jaber got to stay for 8 years because of right to family life!
Minicab driver, Ilyas Sheikh, gets four years for sex assault on teenage passenger
Pankil Metha, the most wanted man in Brent, sought following burglary in Harlesden
Pickpocket, Hristova Marinova, who preyed on elderly bus passengers jailed for a year
Migration IS killing off jobs: 160,000 Brits lose employment - work was taken by foreigners
Pizza Express reveal ALL the chicken they use is halal
Couple who planted flowers on grass verge facing charges of 'criminal damage?'
Cuts in mental health services close more than 1,700 mental health beds
Miley Cyrus sleaze hits London
Blair Wars: Tears for the fallen as B Liar murders kills more
Philby & co were bloody traitors. For luvvie Bennett to defend them is grotesque
Newly “crowned” Mr. Northern Ireland is black

Tuesday 6 May

Ukraine! This will never be shown by mainstream media!
Washington responsible for Fascist massacre in Odessa!
Young woman executed by Ukrainian sniper? (Western elite backs Kiev coup)
Sole aim of so-called election is to legitimate the Kiev junta
Anonymous Ukraine releases Klitschko e-mails showing treason
CHOMSKY: World regards US as a 'pariah state' and 'greatest threat to world peace'
Labour Councillor, Jonny Morris, congratulates those who vandalise UKIP posters!
UKIP sent faeces though the post!
Secret emails reveal how ministers plotted with GM lobbyists!
Why is Cameron letting asset strippers loose on one of Britain's great companies?
Surgeons still working for NHS despite deaths of at least five patients!
Roehampton: 13-year-old burglar charged with murder of Martin Thomas
HUDDERSFIELD: Surjit Singh Sidhu charged with the murder of Martin Ackroyd
BRIXTON: Stabbed to death over a mountain bike? Police question 16-year-old
Care workers Santhosh Rajan and Marsha Tulloch charged with manslaughter of Iris Teale, 91
Brent Council sacks 11 workers following fraud investigation
Mum attacked in her Shefford home by three ethnics
23-year-old sprayed with acid by black man
Labour council candidate Yogalingam Dayanamby suspended after benefit fraud conviction
Thousands of foreign RAPISTS dodging deportation to roam British streets
Review as skull cracker absconds
Why was the Skull Cracker ever in an open prison?
SLAGS! Met cops leak data from force computer to criminals!
Doctors from India more likely to be struck off!
Dutch free the murderer of Pym Fortuyn (anti-immigration politician)
Growth of ethnic groups 'undermines English identity'
New data shows the local cost of a decade of EU-fuelled migration
Britain's ethnic population to boom to 1 in 3 people by 2051. (2051? We're there already!) Parts of Britain are now poorer than POLAND
Asthma deaths report warns complacency is costing lives
One in seven hospital patients is diabetic
'I was told my son had depression. In fact he had LIVER FAILURE'
Gulf War soldier takes on MoD over vaccines
Polio 'emergency' spreads through Asia, Africa and Middle East
Mental health patients forced to travel miles for care
Legalise cannabis says Clegg report (Drug Brits up even more? That'll suit globalists)
Yet more fantasy from shameless Lib Dem jailbird
Third World London - (Spot The White Man)
Fukushima: drone footage reveals the apocalyptic wasteland of Japan's abandoned east coast
Fukushima police said two senior officers committed suicide this week

Monday 5 May

Tony Blair forced to deny he has amassed a massive £100MILLION fortune
Young Britons beaten to jobs by 'new servant class' of immigrants
Trade benefits of EU are 'imaginary'
Syrian rebels abducting and executing Christians?
Schools in Bradford are fighting Islamic Trojan Horse-style plot
Cameron accused of cheerleading for US giant's drug firm bid!
Mother-of-two convinced she had pancreatic cancer was dismissed by doctors
Habits of modern life like shopping/TV 'make children selfish, mean and greedy'
Max Clifford's greatest PR coup was to get the Left to fall for his lies

Sunday 4 May

Selsdon stab victim, Andrew Else, 'knifed 100 times': Ephraim Norman charged
They've killed off marriage and our hopes of a happy life
Cruelty of care homes: Thousands still suffer appalling treatment
UK child mortality rate one of the highest in Western Europe!
Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev 'assisting Ukraine security'
Kiev says the're at war with pro-Russia rebels (we noticed. You just murdered 42 of them)
Western spin doctors work for Kiev to spread false information about Ukraine's events
David Murphy-Hinds jailed for a year for masturbating on a bus in Palmers Green
And Osezua Osolase, who pocketed £80,000 trading in child sex slaves, must repay just £8.38!
"I quit teaching in fear," says former pupil of Ann Maguire
Millions to suffer as NHS is ‘about to run out of cash’
Drug dealer Rameez Afzal guilty of raping 23-year-old
Madeleine McCann suspect was 'questioned about 18 sex attacks' linked to her disappearance
World Cup security chief: 'FA is freaking out over safety in Rio'
Blair besieged as Cameron says: End the excuses and print Iraq War report
Probe into secret emails written by disgraced Conservatives
Peaches Geldof's secret life to be probed by the police
Gerry Adams and the murdered mother
'Far Left egg-chucking protesters look like they need a good wash' says Farage
'Get out, fascists!' Angry Kramatorsk citizens drive Kiev forces away
Bradford fights new Trojan Horse Islamic schools plot
At least 800,000 immigrants about to arrive in Europe from Africa
Andrew Bolt discusses Paul Weston's arrest
Boy, 13, charged with murder of man in south west London
Why American Apples Just Got Banned in Europe
Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator
The 5 most prevalent toxins destroying your body
Want to know where your food is imported from?
'This is what you get for messing with me. I hope you die, m***********'
Four Americans Were Murdered In Libya By Muslims - Obama apologized to the Muslims

Saturday 3 May

MASS DISTRACTION: THEY were "terrified" in 2010 (since when Arab Spring (Winter)/Libya/Syria/Ukraine)
Corrupt black Judge jailed over Chris Huhne's speeding fine
Sons of one of Britain's richest tycoons (Greek) launched vicious attack on policeman - NO JAIL!
Yasser and Waheed Khalil get 18.5 years for conspiracy to import £50m worth of heroin
Immigrant parents spat at and grabbed 16-year-old referee by the throat
Illegal immigrant claimed £26,000 in benefits AFTER being told to leave UK
Sergio Valdivieso-Haak savagely attacked a woman for offering his dog a biscuit!
Pascal Madjoudj fined more than £10,000 for failing to keep his restaurant clean
Labour election candidate, convicted benefit cheat Yogalingam Dayanamby, suspended
Property developer, Hargurdial Singh Rai, deliberately destroyed protected Bat Roosts
Brighton man repeatedly stabbed by Asian on his way to work
Aquib Moghul, Hameem Kamali and Jack Sutherland jailed for ABH
Unprovoked attack on 16-year-old by Adam Lotfi El-Sayed
Olive-skinned female mugger (with child) spat at victim
British jihadists accused of war crime - video of Syrian prisoner's 'execution'
String the f***er up!
Paxman quit after James Harding (JEW) reprimanded him for 'disloyal' attack on 'smug' BBC
UKIP releases list of scandal-hit councillors/candidates from other parties!
Liars, Buggers and Thieves Judgewatch UK
Taking a look inside the secret leftist billionaire’s club
Royal Mail sell-off: Vince Cable on the run as MPs attack carve-up
BBC admits one in eight staff are paid too much
The secret royal pardons for IRA terrorists - 365 given amnesties since 1979!
The real truth behind Ugly Rumours, Blair's university band

Friday 2 May 2014

Establishment in shock as Greek Generals announce they'll run as MEPs on Golden Dawn ticket!
Sumner Redstone (US Jew) shells out $750m to buy Channel 5 From Richard Desmond (UK Jew)
The Secret Behind Communism
Taking a look inside the secret leftist billionaire’s club
250 a day are killed or harmed by NHS errors!
Hampshire school at the centre of a tuberculosis alert
Killer of headteacher Philip Lawrence to be back on the streets in days
Ahmed Al-Khati murdered wife in self defence (he thought she was an 'evil apparition')
Yasser and Waheed Khalil get 18.5 years for conspiracy to import £50m worth of heroin
SOUTHAMPTON: Search on for Asian muggers
Black judge guilty of lying in Chris Huhne speeding points fiasco
Amir Rahnama charged with smuggling drugs
Former maths teacher, Fatimah Ahmed, avoids jail after drug dealing charges dropped
Amanda Spencer befriended young girls and forced them into prostitution/alcohol/drugs
Lydrunas Zdanevicius charged withknowingly holding others in slavery
Gypsy family 'tricked Poles into moving to London where one was made a slave
Muslim harassed neighbours, mocking them about Twin Towers and Lee Rigby
Teenager inappropriately touched (by ethnic) on London train
12-year-old girl assaulted by Asian in Grimesthorpe, Sheffield
Illegal immigrant, Hanifi Sahin, jailed for sex with 13-year-old
Mazhar Hussain Shah says God will punish him for raping girl, 14
Ex-cop Gurpal Virdi charge with indecently assaulting boy under 16 in police custody
David Murphy-Hinds caught masturbating in front of girl, 13
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Nick Mason: Why Rolling Stones shouldn’t play in Israel
Tapes that say Gerry Adams DID order Jean McConville's murder
Second teenager arrested in connection with the death of Ann Maguire
Cops aren't referring rape cases?
Clegg and other Lib Dems bid to block knife crackdown!
Female fans ripped up pages from the Koran at match - AND? (Now guilty of traitorous race law!)
UKIP White Cliffs poster raises stakes in Euro poll
How Fat Cat investors off-loaded cheap Royal Mail shares within weeks
Vince Cable handed city spivs millions of YOUR money
Serious fraud trial abandoned - Cameron's QC brother attacks legal aid cuts

Thursday 1 May 2014

Rape-murder! Somali savage wants to appeal deportation
Mohamed Tiet and two teenagers charged with double murder
Asian who rapes 16-year-old he plied with vodka now fighting deportation
Carjacker faces life for murdering driver who refused to hand over keys
11-year-old boy sexually assaulted in daylight by ‘Asian’ man
Accountant Shahzad Rubani, with Hussain, Akram, Khan and Leslie, done for £340,000 fraud
Alick Ute Kapikanya and 6 others sentenced for multi-million pound fraud
Drug dealer Oliver Riando jailed for 2 years 10 months
DIVERSITY! Girls abducted from Nigerian school 'sold to Islamic militants... for £8 each!'
Mohammed Rehman caught exposing himself
Woman attacked by Asian male in Coalville, Leics
UK cops ‘too busy’ to record one in five crimes!
EU tax raid on pensions: value of retirement pot to be slashed!
UKIP on course to deliver political earthquake
Did cop carelessness kill Stephen Hayes?
Britain has just witnessed a political arrest. Where is the liberal outrage?
BOLTON: New 'landmark' mosque plan for Farnworth
VAN ROMPUY: If the public doesn't want EU expansion: " We do it anyway!"
Tower Hamlets accused over spend on City lawyers to stop Panorama broadcast
Peaches Geldof 'died of a heroin overdose'
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrested over murder of widowed mother-of-ten
'Eeny, meeny, miny, mo ... catch a n***** by his toe!' PC Crowd is gunning for Jeremy

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