Daily News: May 2013

Friday 31 May

Anti-Israel protests risk rise of anti-Semitism say Israelis! (Shh! Criticism of the Jew is verboten!)
Peter Mandelson joins board of Russian firm 'with organised crime links!'
Cameron, Blair and their 'grubby deal to censor Iraq inquiry!'
NHS director sacked after colleague discovered he had been jailed for armed robbery!
Huge rise in numbers treated for alcoholism
More than 500,000 people forced to use food banks (£12bn a year on international aid?)
British security services 'arranged Woolwich suspect Adebolajo's release from jail in Kenya'
Michael Easy punched, kicked and 'cut the neck' of a girl, 19 (Allegedly)
Convicted rapist, Arshad Arif, guilty of another rape
Ugandan rapist, John Ssewagudde, claimed he was gay to avoid deportation
Postman Peter Stafford-Simpson on trial for string of sex crimes against young girls!'
Have fan with your family on the dodgems? Get attacked by an Asian!
Man attacked by black youths in Leicester
Ilkeston sex abuse: black man sought
Police rush to home of hate preacher Anjem Choudary to protect him and his family
April Jones' murderer the latest child killer to use the internet to fuel perversion
What WILL it take for Google to block child porn?
Strange lack of birds and bees (They murder our world in more ways than one)
Pests, disease and development threaten more than 4,200 of Wales' most historic trees
Prudent Chancellor's raid on pensions costs Britain £100 billion! (Red theft!)
Bishop says British Church has 'capitulated to secularism' and PC whitewashing of Islam
Anonymous 'Nerdo' jailed for cyber attacks (EDL must be quaking in their boots
Manchester Keystones fly flag for 'International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia'
Swansea MP Geraint Davies condemns National Front rally
Polish professor sacked for blaming 'Holocaust' on Jews
Officials: FBI agent knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot
Swedish riots ‘should serve as a wake-up call’ for Ireland
Police use PEPPER SPRAY to break up playground fight between PARENTS
72-year-old Esther Rantzen is single again? This is news? In The Telegraph?
Political pygmy? Isn't that anti-Semitic?

Thursday 30 May

Left-wing policies have promoted the rise of barbarism!
BLAIR WARS: Afghan war has cost us more than £37bn!!!
Common painkillers 'pose heart risk'
The Netherlands to abandon multiculturalism?
USA: Elementary School holds 'Gender Bender Day!'
'These filthy unbelievers are pigs': Michael Adebolajo incites youngsters at Muslim rally
Adebolajo was so significant Special Forces were sent to grab him in Kenya
Somali immigrant, Emad Mohamed, joined in gang rape of 21-year-old journalist
Moment gangsters on bicycles opened fire on police officers in unmarked car
Cekic family jailed after daughter's ex-partner, Joe Bath, beaten up
Mohammed Saeed made 17 whiplash claims in just eight years!
CCTV: Vandal who daubed Islam on Bomber Command war memorial
More than 152 sexual abuse allegations made at biased BBC in last seven months!
1 country, 2 religions, 3 telling pictures: Empty pews at churches yards from crowded mosque
UK faces European Court over immigrants' benefits
Goldman Sachs banker hand-picked by Osborne for top job gave £400,000 to Tory party
Carney (Canadian) to devalue pound by as much as 15% after take over at Bank of England?
10% of trains late? Network Rail boss gets £100,000 bonus as 'reward for failure!'
'My baby wasn't lazy - he was dying'
Opponents of gay marriage like supporters of apartheid says PC bishop
Justice Secretary announces soft justice crackdown (Politicians love meaningless announcement)
Radical Muslim clerics like Anjem Choudary 'should not be banned from TV'
Disgraced MP Eric Joyce arrested AGAIN! This time for 'pushing police officer'
Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock faces disciplinary action

Wednesday 29 May

SPEECH: Any British person who disagrees with what Paul Weston says here is a TRAITOR!
BBC bias towards pro-immigration lobby! Left-wing Corporation downplays violence by Islamists
Diversity in 'Middle East, Africa and Asia'! 100,000 Christians killed every year for their faith!
2008: Tamely to the slaughterhouse
Surgery at the weekend increases chance of death by 82 per cent!
Revealed: a rogues gallery of 145 crime bosses
Morrisons sent home Adam Austin for wearing poppy in memory of Lee Rigby!
LEE RIGBY: Michael Adebowale, the smiling schoolboy
'This has brought our family profound shame and distress' (So you'll f*** off back? No? Right)
'Stab a man up and then ask who's next!' Rap 'lyrics' of gangsters jailed for murdering 15-year-old
Gypsy murdered brother-in-law at Gypsy wedding
Billal Lariba, Brandon Hamilton, Tershan Edwards and Travis Bowman murdered 15-year-old
Murder victim arrested for drug crime before he was murdered: cops looking for black men
German nutcase gets life for murder of blind 'Professor Whitestick'
Hernany Ernesto De-Brito strangled a woman with Christmas tree fairy lights before raping her
Antroy Ford gets five years for raping girl, 16, in park
Colin Blake: a ‘dangerous and predatory’ rapist
Sudanese refugee, Aymen Essa, targeted drunken students separated from friends
Ricardo Miles shot at unarmed officers
Probe after Muslim inmates 'take prison warder hostage'
Machete attack at Accrington barber's shop
Shoplifters and burglars get the right to work in schools and care homes!
Bungling nurse Carmelita Aguas didn't call ambulance after wheelchair-bound patient collapsed
Nurse Kenneth Ngobele accused of having sex with a patient
Girl, 16, came to police in pyjamas on her wedding night after being forced to marry stranger
2008: In France. About 60 to 70 percent of all jailbirds are Muslim
March of the little Hitlers: the power-crazed jobsworths who are blighting our lives
Endangered whales slaughtered and made into dog treats
Exposure to weedkillers, solvents et al show Parkison's risk increased by 33 to 80%!
Coronavirus is 'a threat to the entire world,' says DG of WHO
Hackers crack 16-character passwords in less than an HOUR!
Migration driving up house prices says minister who thinks houses are better than green fields
Max Clifford 'a sexual predator for 20 years'

Tuesday 28 May

Muslim jailbirds stabbed/battered warder after Imam asked them to pray for Lee Rigby!
Tebbit blames migration/multiculturalism for Lee's murder! (Stone me an honest politician!)
Stella Rimmington: "THE ENEMY IS EVERYWHERE!" (Stone me an honest ex-MI5 boss!)
Politicians not only allowed but encouraged extremism to flourish! (Stone me an honest journalist)
'He should have cancelled his holiday and been here supporting that poor family'
Why did MI5 let soldier killer go to Kenya a SECOND time?
War memorials defaced! Do the cops really want to blame it on "right-wing extremists?"
Cops investigate UKIP racism! (Racism = off-limits honesty re immigrants)
Death of the High Street! 60,000 stores to close in 5 years! (Murder by supermarket and politician)
Will our warmongering politicians "go their own way" and arm Syrian rebels (80% foreign)
We've got enough problems at home without charging into yet another foreign bloodbath
British doctor killed in Syria after hospital shelled
Minister Boles says houses (for migrants/fast-breeders?) 'better than green fields!'
Portuguese paedophile groomed and raped girl, 12 (Cops bailed him and let him keep passport
Paedo attacks sleeping girl, 5 (His treatment was delayed - staff were off sick)
E-Fit appeal after man robbed in Bournemouth
Tony Blair in charge of £3billion plan to revitalise Palestine's economy! (Oh, the savage irony)
DIVERSITY! Chinese baby rescued ALIVE from toilet pipe after being flushed away by parents
Now is the time for Middle East peace says Shimon Peres (Yeah right)
Half of whiplash claims bogus: Faked injuries driving £1billion-a-year racket

Monday 27 May

IBIZA HERE I COME! Britain's on terror alert but Cameron's off on holiday!
Kenya warned Britain about the 'dangerous radical' in 2010 and the government took no notice!
Google could be forced to block "extremist" websites! (Extreme being anything THEY don't like?) Spitting hatred on YouTube! (Thousands of videos urging British Muslims to maim and kill)
Time to lock up hate preachers! (Should never have been allowed in in the first place!)
Politicians are in denial about the menace facing us
By standing united, we can isolate the virus of Islamism (Isolate it best by booting them out!)
Woolwich: "These poor idiots have nothing to do with Islam" says Muslim (In the Guardian)
Pensioner, 85, arrested after allegedly abusing Muslims outside Gillingham mosque
Woman arrested in Oldham for carrying the Union Jack!
Abslan Nadli gets 3.5 years for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity
Pakistani lesbians (first Muslim gay couple to wed in UK) claim political asylum
Woman injured by black mugger in knifepoint robbery
Police Release Efit Of Southampton Sex Attacker
‘All Jewish children must die!’ shrieked immigrant Kurd, Taha Osman, outside the Jewish School
Another stabbing in Woolwich!
Morden betting shop murder: CCTV of suspect
District nursing ‘in crisis’
Gay marriage opponents stage mass protest in Paris
'Indonesia is seeing a new corporate colonialism'
We've moved on from the Iraq war: Iraqis don't have that choice
Statins that millions take can increase diabetes risk

Sunday 26 May

DIVERSITY! 15 children, 3 fathers and YOU MUST PAY!
Journalists know senior political figures in all parties despise their own supporters!
Doctor Who branded 'thunderingly racist' by foreign academics
Refugee sues for £1.3billion! Wherever you look, politicians wallow snout deep in sh*t
Woolwich killer was held on terror charges in Kenya and deported here!
OMAR BAKRI: "I think the racism of British society turned him (Woolwich killer) towards Islam"
THE SH*T NEVER STOPS! Damilola Taylor's father was Woolwich knifeman's mentor!!!
'I watched a man stabbed in a London street and felt nothing' says Maajid Nawaz
LEE RIGBY: Eleven arrested for making racist/anti-religious comments on Facebook/Twitter
Newcastle protest: EDL = "1,500" - Cops = "1,000" - "NazI scum, off our streets" = "hundreds"
Military families want more guards after Lee Rigby murder
Anjem Choudary peddles hatred from a sweet shop
Time to deport the preachers of hate
Hate cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed hails Woolwich butcher a hero
French soldier has throat slashed by north African man in copycat attack!
CAMERON: I'll gag the hate clerics! (You'll gag us before them, Dave)
IBIZA HERE I COME! Britain's on terror alert but Cameron's off on holiday!
Brussels lands taxpayers with £12billion bank bill
Boris Johnson, mayor of the eighth emirate
Oxford grooming gang: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls
If you hate Britain then let me show you the exit door! (Says PC Champion)
Schools boot out 26 bullies each day!
Search engines must do more to shut down hate-filled sites say MPs
Top Jewish Lord uses death of Lee Rigby to press for snoopers' charter
US reiterates support for Israeli regime
US Vice President says Jewish leaders drove gay marriage changes
SYRIA: Terrorist eats soldiers' heart!
GOLDEN DAWN: Kill the bankers, not yourselves!
Will the West Wake Up?
I think we're wasting billions on global warming says top British climate scientist
Fizzy drink addiction as bad for your teeth as meth or crack
Peers plot gay marriage revolt
EU threatens France over economic failings
Brussels lands taxpayers with £12billion bank bill
Farage refuses to kick out UKIP members who say gay sex is disgusting (And?)
Remove children from criminal families at birth says Judge Alan Goldsack!
Tories look to limit the number of times you can see your GP each year!
Lord and Lady Bath will not be attending their only son's wedding to Nigerian
Magistrates court in Liverpool was centre of scam to help motorists avoid bans
Confirmed: Canada 2011 polls fraudulent
MUGABE: "We call him BLiar!"
New crime tsar spends £17,000 taxpayer cash decorating his office!
Cameron vetoed my peerage because I opposed foxhunting, claims Ann Widdecombe

Saturday 25 May

£100m debacle! After years of waste and chaos, IT scheme axed by BBC
Immigrants run riot in Stockholm
One Woolwich murderer offered job by MI5, other ex-gang member and son of probabtion officer
Mosque leaders accuse BNP and EDL of attempt to fuel racial hatred (Our fault then!)
Why is Anjem Choudary free to draw benefits and spout murderous hate against us?
Did MI5 blunder over Woolwich 'killers'? We will never know
Ex-MI5 chief Baroness Manningham-Buller wants judges to hear intelligence evidence in secret
"They weren’t wrong-uns, they were OK, and he used to do a bit of MC-ing, rapping"
Benjamin Flatters arrested for inciting racial hatred following Woolwich murder
"British" men ‘tried to get into the cockpit’ of flight from Pakistan!
Drug dealers guilty of murder/manslaughter of Roger Millar
MURDER: Sylwester Kawalec and Piotr Zygner jailed for 22 years and 28 years
Minta Adiddo admits stabbing wife repeatedly
Black man tries to snatch 10-year-old in Coventry
Sex predator Roberto Gouveia raped one woman and tried to rape another within 15 minutes!
9 years for unlicensed taxi driver, Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch, who raped passenger
Boxer 'Kevin Heartbreak', aka Majib Sediqy, jailed for 18 months over cash-for-crash scam
63-year-old, Josephine Eze, gets 12 months for breaching (nasty tw*t) ASBO
Nurse Bilquees Akhtar struck off for punishing stroke victim
PC Rohan Scarlett accused of Islington police station assault
DIVERSITY! Swedish riots spread beyond Stockholm
BLAIR WARS: Taliban battle police in central Kabul
BLAIR WARS: Samuel Flint-Broughton's funeral Ecstasy kills Ellie Jones, 16
Sandra Parsons lambasted doctors who won't visit out of hours
City firms switching from Tories to UKIP, says Nigel Farage

Friday 24 May

12 years for GP! Davinder Jeet Bains secretly filmed himself abusing up to 300 patients!
Rochdale Council did not do enough to stop the grooming and sexual abuse of children!
Imran Hussain regrets murdering 'blameless' student, Kieran Crump-Raiswell (Yeah right)
Jahangir Nazar charged with the murder of his wife
Leon Baptiste charged with the murder of Slough driver dragged from his car
"Roadside Gangsters" murdered Nana Darko-Frempong
PM praises British Muslims amid fears of anti-Islam violence!
Far right group, English Defence League, vows: ‘It’s war!’
Enemy within that hates our tolerance! A menace more chilling than any foreign threat
Radical cleric Anjem Chaudhry claims most Muslims would agree with Woolwich attacker
Woolwich attack 'incredibly hard' to stop? (Just stop importing those who hate us!)
Never let a tragedy go to waste! Government pushes for snoopers' charter
His voice was ‘heard in blood’
MI5 was monitoring two fanatics who slaughtered young soldier for 8 years!
Descent in to Evil! From black Christian to Black Muslim
Two arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder following Woolwich terror attack
Our aggressive and utterly selfish foreign policy will always leave us open to attack
Put extremists on first plane back to wherever they've come from says MP!
Easy access to web porn 'is making teen boys see girls as sex objects'
Brussels gravy train is like 'last days of Rome!'
3 Cops sent to tell grandma her cheese is banned!

Thursday 23 May

Cub Scout leader confronts knife-wielding killer and tells him he's going to lose1
Black Muslim fanatics wielding meat cleavers butcher a British soldier in London!
BLAIR WARS: Michael Adebolajo murders soldier and blames British Government
Muslim fanatics who slaughtered serving soldier were KNOWN to MI5!!!
Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, confronts blood-soaked killer
English Defence League supporters clash with police in Woolwich
Michael Adebolajo: 'You and your children will be next'!
CAMERON: "People who did this were trying to divide us" (LibLabCon beat them to it)
London attack: interview with Ingrid Loyau-Kennett
Woolwich attack's chilling echo of Birmingham kidnap plot
Suffering years of sexual abuse at hands of Muslim paedos, victims treated badly in courtbr /> Sexual deviant Richard Ford found with indecent images of children
Cops seek Albanian brothers for Brighton murder
Unlicensed cab driver Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch faces jail for raping a passenger
Appeal after teen ‘touched inappropriately’ at Tooting station
Rothschild heiress gets enriched
British guilty of disguised anti-Semitism, says Israeli minister
18 people held in Britain/France on suspicion of smuggling illegal immigrants DIVERSITY DILEMMA! 505 imams in landmark gay marriage protest!
Another British lady loses it on public transport! (War is coming soon) br /> £170,000-a-year superhead squanders £30,000 of public money on herself!br /> More Red? Churchill and Stalin were "merry as a marriage bell!”
Boris's sexual shenanigans and a landmark victory over our creeping culture of Stalinist secrecy
The foreign freeloaders who abuse the NHS
Muslims throw stones at French churchgoers!

Wednesday 22 May

UGLY TRUTH: A smug Tory elite has sneered at the party faithful for decades
Words associated with Christianity/British history taken out of children's dictionary!
Carlisle cops check takeaway staff for racial abuse! (And sexual abuse of our girls?)
Emma Way: the pretty face of ugly modern Britain!
How America and the West went gay!
TEBBIT! "When we have a queen who's a lesbian... maybe I'd be allowed to marry my son"
Cameron 'f****d things up' on gay marriage, blasts Norman Tebbit
54 British child-sex gangs probed in police crackdown!
A quarter of people charged with burglary in London walk free from court
Black mugger, Richard Christie, beat up old soldier for just £40
Javeed Patel guilty of two counts of rape
Police hunting Turk who indecently assaulted woman near Plymouth park
Schoolgirl, 17, raped twice by stranger in park
Darren Ramsey accused of raping party guest ('sleepwalking during sex attack')
Pair fleeced Student Loans Company out of £370,000 by submitting false applications
Albanian immigrant shot dead on trip to seaside
US Government spraying poison on citizens for many decades! (Same here)
The NHS is killing disabled people!!!
Gay marriage campaigners have completely destroyed the meaning of social progress
Does giving the elite one percent greater rewards benefit everyone?
Bigotry against Jews/Muslims on rise, says US (Bigotry against bigots? What's the problem?)
Up to 600 Afghan interpreters granted right to live here! 'Beautiful' teenager, 14, found hanged at family home - R.I.P. Georgia Hedges
Broadmoor wing which 'holds dangerous killers is run like a social club!!!
£2m pension pot: NHS chief Sir David Nicholson’s reward for failure
Nick Clegg: Tories 'playing games' over Europe and gay marriage
More than half of plant and animal species in UK dying out
BLAIR WARS: Boys of 17 sent to war in Afghanistan and Iraq
CAMERON: We could go it alone on Europe (Rhetoric)
Historian shoots himself 'in protest at gay marriage'

Tuesday 21 May

Immigrant problem? We should be flattered they choose UK! (Says Jewish Chronicle)
Imran Akhtar Hussain charged with the murder of Kieran Crump Raiswell, 18
Piotr Zygner and Pauline Mucha deny murder
Gintas Burinkas' 11-year rape sentence "unduly lenient"
Damien Fogo denies murder and attempted robbery of Germaine Edwards
Daniel Bidace-Anthony executed Dothan Gordon and tried to kill his invalid lover
Mustafa Ali, 'architect' of the scam, fleeced Student Loans Company out of £370,000
Immigrant pimp, Vaidas Vanagas, charged £100 an hour for sex with Lithuanian sex slave
Immigrant nurse, Winnie Buthelezi, called pensioner lying on floor a "f*cking bitch!"
Dr Akinyemi Onigbinde smoked pot, received stolen goods and took a driving test for a pal < Romanian doc, Ileana Bartha, 3 times over legal limit 30 minutes after surgery closed!
Kenyan machete killer who butchered 400 people can stay in UK on benefits
Why have white Londoners left London?
Sick and tired of being ignored and patronised? Who are the real swivel-eyed loons?
Ex-soldier told to repaint his St George's flag front door after it was deemed offensive
Cameron does last-minute deal with Labour to head off gay marriage rebellion
The young under increasing pressure to ‘be perfect and look perfect’
Broken homes 'are now the norm'
Radio 1 fails to get rid of the 'wrong' type of listeners! (Still attracting over-55s)
Cops search Commons office of Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans over gay rape claims
Traitor council admits mistakes over UKIP foster parents storm
The gap between rulers and ruled has never been so wide
Sex abuse priest Gordon Rideout jailed for 10 years
'It's not snouts in the trough - if you pay peanuts you get monkeys' say MPS
Clegg officials ordered to hand over key emails (got funding for charity linked to wife Miriam)
Met Police 'gagged' Leveson Inquiry
Being against gay marriage does not make you a bigot
Syria crisis: Israel returns fire? (Poor little Israelis or False Flag?)
Do white people have a future in South Africa?
My rent-free house is too small says Abu Qatada

Monday 20 May

Muslim mother of Oxford paedophiles blames their VICTIMS
Pakistani immigrant, Omar Mughal, beats up and robs 13-year-old
No such thing as 'race' any more say French lawmakers!
Charities 'too white, too male, too middle class' says Common Purpose Dame
Tories expect UKIP to win first place in EU elections! PM running scared says Howe
'Swivel eye' showdown: Furious Tory grandees will quiz PM's friend, Lord Feldman (Jew)
Tories begin defecting to UKIP over 'loons' slur
Feldman denies making the 'swivel-eyed loons' comment - This suggests he's a liar
Better to be UKIP clowns than Tory loons say defectors
Backlash on gay marriage
Gay marriage: traitor Cameron pleads with LABOUR to save bill!!!
Falklands is not British says MEP
Cops take DNA of 27 primary children a week! 54,000 under 18s swabbed in 2012
Nine in ten parents want online porn automatically blocked by Government
Britain's benefits ghettos
Blair cashes in again with a job in Albania
Abu Qatada makes Siac freedom bid
We are all now paying for Labour’s welfare ghettos
MPs in line for £20,000 pay rise! (Austerity's not for THEM!)
Speaker Bercow (Jewish) warns wealthy Cameron not to curb pay rises for 'ordinary' MPs
Even the geese are racist now!

Sunday 19 May

46 percent of voters wish to quit the EU, 30 percent don't
Next coronation to involve other faiths besides Christianity
Cyrus Hanley charged with the murder of Jordan Stapleton
Minheng He, a pupil at £24,300-a-year boarding school, jailed after stabbing student
Search for three men after Edgware robbery
Man charged with 13 offences across Camden, Barnet and Haringey
Race fears let down ‘white trash’ victims
Sex gang victim accuses council
Imam Taj Hargey says: ‘Sack liberal cowards!’
New evidence of child sex abuse at 18 care homes
Drug addict, Jerome Charles, spared jail over nightmare mugging
Natalia Cannon and Tatiana Shmyrova charged with sex trafficking
Spoilt son of a Kenyan businessman, Viraj Mashru, faked his own kidnapping to extort $1m from his father
Nurse Katarzyna Brzoza hit elderly woman in face
Dr Babak Shokouhi acted inappropriately towards female patient during treatment
Innocent in wrong place at wrong time when he was attacked by 'Busy Block' gang and stabbed 26 times
Owners of cockroach-infested Caribbean restaurant hit with a record £30,000 fine
Deborah Ann Burns 'stabbed boyfriend after he farted in her face during argument'
Stan Collymore got me pregnant with twins (wants nothing to do with the kids)
Lord Feldman (Jewish) denies labelling Tory grassroots supporters 'swivel-eyed loons'
Ellie Jones, 16, dies hours after 'taking an illegal drug': teenagers arrested
Third person claims he was sexually assaulted by gay Tory MP, Nigel Evans
Tories just about held it together in the past. This time it's different
Casualty in crisis: A&E - a service in meltdown
Shell and BP in secret meetings about oil
Baby boom and immigration behind increase in primaries with more than 1,000 pupils
King of Swaziland wants to make me his (14th) virgin bride! Plea for asylum

Saturday 18 May

"British" tourist, Mohammed Osman, murders off-duty soldier, David Collins, 19, in Cyprus
Ukrainian immigrant, Andrij Senechko, found guilty of murder
Afsana Kosser repeatedly stabbed by Sajid Mahmood, who thought she was having an affair
Loving parents, respectable home. How did Rachel, 11, fall prey to the Oxford sex gang?
High wycombe: 10 men charged with sexually exploiting a young girl for more than four years
Nine Black men charged with sexual offences against girl, 14
Hythe: Three sex assaults by Chinaman prompt police safety alert
Thomas Cook robbers Luis Cristo and Jamal Joseph jailed
CCTV images of suspect released after sexual assaults on buses
Asians threaten woman and girl in Huddersfield
Aymen Essa denies sexual assault and attempted rape in Cardiff city centre
Professional crook, Robert Mercati, strangled his wife before committing suicide
16-year-old girl sexually assaulted by Asian as she walked home from school
Slough: E-fit of black man released in connection with sexual assault
From January 2012 to March 2013, 57,643 crimes weren't detected by Notts cops!
Teammates of Stoke's Kenwyne Jones leave pig's head in his locker!
Truth at last! Peter Mandelson admits Labour 'sent out search parties' to bring migrants here!
Illegal immigrants set free by border officials and told how to claim asylum
Chris McManus: executed in a Nigerian toilet with British special forces just yards away
Councillor turns up to meetings dressed as woman (waited 50 years to reveal 'true gender')
BLAIR WARS: Bombs targeting Sunnis kill at least 76 in Iraq
Compo! Black/gay cop 'suffered multiple counts of degrading/humiliating treatment'
Christianity in crisis: number of believers falls by 4 MILLION!
Overseas aid is being wasted through Government mismanagement!
'Unhealthy' culture of drinking in Parliament, MPs say
Head teacher Jo Shuter spent £7,000 school money on her birthday party (New Labour voter?)
Daughter of 1/2 Jewish oilman Archbishop going to teach us all happiness!
"Initiation rites" kill 23 South African teens in nine days!
Scottish Nationalism DOES have an ugly face
Pakistani community must tackle grooming gangs Justice Minister insists
Foreign Office launches major marketing campaign in Bulgaria months before borders open!

Friday 17 May

"The institution of marriage should not exist!" Thus spake a Jewish gay marriage activist
"A political system that protects elites and provides a mere illusion of democratic choice relies on a population enthralled by the latest iPhone"
DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe's first advanced culture was from Africa
Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views
Pope calls on world leaders to end 'cult of money'
Pope speaks out! (Can't you lasting very long at this rate, Frankie!)
Black savages murdered Luke Fitzpatrick and seriously injured his father after storming pub
Bradford PCSOs attacked with a mallet by Allerton shop keeper/drug dealer, Arsam Ali
16-year-old girl lied about gang rape, claims Mohammed Sikander
Man attacked in Oxford by one member of a 5/6-strong Asian gang
Father-of-six, Tamur Yaqub, dragged 15-year-old into his cab and tried to rape her
Passenger attacked on bus by Asians (asked them to turn their music down)
Qatari immigrant, Meshal Alsawaidi, charged with arson and endangering life
Failed asylum seeker Mohammed Al Dehshari, raped one woman and assaulted another
Enkarta Balapovi jailed for raping 'enslaved' woman
Indian woman forced into slavery by women who made her work 16-hour days
Muhammed Khalil battered his wife then persuaded his mistress to say he was the victim
Black racist pastor Solomon Makhathoela walks free! (of course he does)
The legacy of Labour's immigrant search parties
How Labour’s open door to immigrants changed the UK
Immigrants now make up 13% of the OFFICIAL British population! (Add 2nd-generation immigrants and we'll soon be a minority in our own land) Tower Hamlets Council now talking in 'intimidating, violent and threatening... Bengali’
One in three rough sleepers in London is from East Europe
New subject for girls aged 11... choosing your bra!
“Brutal and irresponsible" RBS axes 1,400 jobs after £607m Fat Cat bonuses!
'Shady' fuel deals cost Britain's hard-pressed drivers £2,000 EACH!
Car burnings rise as France threatens to take euro crisis to 'higher plane'
US sergeant John Russel jailed for life over Iraq murders
10,000 infants school pupils act as carers!
Lib Dem councillor claims expenses whilst living in Manila!
This is who we'll be fighting for shortly if Cameron has his way
Nigel Farage condemns 'fascist scum' who forced him to take refuge in Edinburgh pub
Ed Miliband branded a ‘wishy-washy wally’ by Tory MP

Thursday 16 May

Unbelievable! Telegraph journalist blames the BNP for being first to warn of Muslim rape gangs!
This is how racism takes root! (WRONG! First you invent the word 'racism.' Then you import millions of unwanted foreigners. Then, with the word you invented, you demonise anyone who won't 'celebrate' the unwanted. THAT is how 'racism' takes root!
Diversity, enrichment and the Multicult!
Labour Council vetoes flag of St George!
World's most racially intolerant countries mapped (Those PC Crowd never criticises come top)
The Oxford sex ring and the preachers who teach young Muslims white girls are cheap
Kyle Beckford gets life for killing pal after mounting pavement and driving at him
£75,000-a-week QPR striker Loic Remy arrested in gang rape investigation
Premier League footballer Loic Remy arrested with two other men on suspicion of rape
Muslim gang took girl of 12 as a sex slave... Will no one take the blame? (Silly question)
Mental health nurse Kenneth Ngobele accused of blackmailing patient into having sex
DIVERSITY! Man almost feel onto track in Tube Station after being pushed by Black
Man sustained brain haemorrhage and serious injuries after vicious gang attack by Blacks
Romanians/Bulgarians working here up 15% in a year to 103,000 (before restrictions lifted)
Modern Britain, rifle-toting police mix with children on estate plagued by gang shootings
If we arm the Syrian rebels, how do we stop British bombs and bullets getting to al-Qaeda? Cameron announces further £40m aid to foreign-backed terrorists in Syria
Horseback cops charge Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem
Guardian man, Ian Katz (Jewish) is new chief of Newsnight
LENNY HENRY: Baftas were a disgrace for not celebrating black talent!
Still the BBC's black hole of Salford swallows your cash!
Home Sec tells cops: 'Drop frivolous compensation claims or people will stop dialling 999!'
Drinking can of fizzy drink a day increases risk of kidney stones by a QUARTER
Half of all Conservative backbenchers demand EU referendum law
Anthony Breeze set himself on fire after being pursued by loan sharks
LENNY HENRY: Baftas were a disgrace for not celebrating black talent!
Inside San Pedro Sula – the most violent city in the world
Bid to censor Anne Frank's 'pornographic' diary in schools fails
Guardian journalist (black) plays down Muslim paedos (we're just as bad apparently)
Hispanic worker at US college sues! (She couldn't read a warning sign in English!)
Michael Gove aims to be the heir to Tony Blair

Wednesday 15 May

Trial of Albanian immigrant, Gezim Delijah, for murder of 64-year-old Edward Syrad begins
Cops/social workers apologise to girls tortured by 'medieval' Muslim predators
Oxford child sex abuse ring: social services failed me, says victim
Girl, 12, branded with hairpin, raped and sold for sex at £600 an hour by PC Crowd's pets
Asian/North African grooming gang convicted of appalling acts of depravity on our children
Violent rapist, Mohammed Butt, back in court over previous robberies
Waqas Ahmed charged with Neasden rape
Cops smash suspected Russian prostitution ring run from luxury flats in Chelsea
Sex attack in Glasgow: Asian sought
East European gang 'tried to con taxman of £2m'
Dr Amit Pramanik allowed bodies to be cremated even though he hadn’t examined them
Dr Affan Qazi denies conducting sexually motivated examination of a patient
Sol Campbell says it's wrong for white employers to employ people who look like themselves!
Eddy Izzard wants to be an MP AND Labour Mayor of London!
Lord Ahmed resigns from Labour Party! (Made anti-Semitic comments in a TV interview)
Outrage greets government plans to allow gay marriages in Armed Forces chapels
"Racism expert”, Prof Randy Blazak, says opposing White Genocide is “low grade terrorism”
If we arm the Syrian rebels, how do we stop British bombs and bullets getting to al-Qaeda?
Did Shell and BP manipulate oil prices for more than a decade? Offices raided
Austerity pushes Britain from 5th place to 12th of world's richest nations
Cops afraid to speak out about dubious practices being used to conceal true crime rates
Police, secrecy and the legacy of Leveson
Support for UKIP doubles in just a month
Accident and emergency units struggling to cope with an "unsustainable" increase in patients
Young and poor hit hardest as UK cuts widen inequality says OECD
FILM: The Jewish Council President who collaborated with the Nazis!
More money from EU for former IRA prisoners
Migrant exodus from fruit fields to 'send prices soaring': Romanians soon be free to do other jobs

Tuesday 14 May

DIVERSITY! Seven Muslim immigrants guilty of child rape and exploitation
Oxford rape and trafficking: Who were the abusers?
Bubacarr Suwaneh gets 8 years for raping teenager 3 times in a park
Mandelson admits Labour sent out 'search parties' for foreigners to come take our jobs!
Satanists control Britain with blackmail???
In 2012 wealthy foreigners brought 15,745 domestic servants to London alone
Met Police give out cautions for a quarter of ALL crimes! (Rape, robbery etc.)
Britain faces a shortfall of 395,000 jobs for young people
27% of Liverpool's 2011 rioters Black/Asian (Black/Asian population = 9%)
Muslim guide to ‘belting the wife’!
Afghanistan's opium crop hits record high (with US/UK in charge)
Was Shane Todd murdered because he knew too many Chinese secrets?
Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell found guilty of murder
Paedos Tom O’Carroll and Stephen King influenced legal panels on pervert sentencing!
Free without remorse; the killer of Damilola Taylor
15-year-old charged over acid attack (Sun doesn't mention attacker had foreign accent)
Child sex investigation police charge 11th man
Labour supporters reject benefits culture faster than Tories!
ISRAEL: Where racism meets the Rabbinate!
Many deaths attributed to 1918 Spanish Flu caused by over-use of aspirin?
30 Years of vaccine coverup?
Who do UK/USA leaders back? Syrian rebel 'cuts out soldier's heart and EATS it!'
When did an 8-month jail sentence become eight weeks? (When the elite are involved)
A charter for killing grannies and the malign meddling of Labour's Lord High Busybody
Stephen Hawking's boycott hits Israel where it hurts
Should Nick Clegg's banker dad give up his bus pass?
Over a dozen illegal workers arrested in Border Force raids
German tourist gets caught speeding - US cop threatens him with prison rape!
Jo is one of thousands risking her looks and health with fillers

Monday 13 May

UK Survey shows a fifth of murder and rape suspects in 2012 were foreigners!
Nationalism gone mad is threatening democracy in Britain! We need immigrants!
Crime figures kept artificially low because of pressure from chief constables!!!
Out-of-hours crisis: one nurse for 250,000 patients!
19 shot at Mothers' Day Parade in New Orleans (Not told shooters were black)
European laws cost us an extra £5billion!
TV presenters, bankers and government advisers among 1,000 Britons linked to tax havens
Disgraced ex-MP Chris Huhne is released just 62 days into his eight-month jail term
'Ed Miliband (Jewish) is average' says top Labour donor (Jewish) (Won't donate again)
Loophole lets EU nationals bring their families here (20,000 a year) without checks
Foreign students owe £50m in loans
Boy, 17, has life-saving op after attack in Manchester city centre
Operation Chalice: Child sex abuse case concludes Cheeseburger Gang' jailed for fleecing woman out of her £1million life savings
Convicted money launderer, Chui Ng, found hanged
DIVERSITY! Ahmed Gure lit a fire in hospital, abused staff, spat in a nurse's eyes and smeared excrement in a jail cell
Asian flasher plays with himself in public
Black girls threaten and rob 16-year-old
Musa Arslan charged with attempted rape and, in a separate incident, assault
Malcolm X grandson dies after fight in Mexico City bar
'Dark-skinned' man seen approaching schoolgirls
Ambulances prevented from answering emergency calls
Lazy Britain's problems won't be solved by leaving EU says Boris
Games addict children are sickened by lack of sleep
The PM should prepare to lead us out of the EU
Extremist Islamist leaders preaching to UK students says study
Games addict children are sickened by lack of sleep
Jamie Oliver praises UKIP

Sunday 12 May

The BBC is 'completely out of touch with the real world' say senior journalists!
'White backlash' at Scotland Yard! Officers are furious at the time “wasted” on diversity issues!
Shocking proof A&E closures cost lives: Death rate jumps more than a THIRD!
Suffering on statins? Stop taking them now! (They killed my mother)
Britain's marijuana mafia: Two million users, £6bn worth of trade and 30,000 deaths!
Now 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all
Illegal immigrant, Zahid Mahsood, get 4.75 years for killing Charlotte Smoker, 19
Eighth man charged with murder of Thierry Christian-Gnanakumar in Lewisham
Hersh Sadi accused of Bradford rape
Hunt for vicious Muslim who preys on the elderly in their homes
Alberto Dos Santos faces sexual assault charges
Black thief steals pensioner’s funeral fund
17-year-old attacked and robbed by three black males
‘Creepy’ restaurant boss Nadeem Aslam forced himself on a much younger woman
Look at what THEY have just released!
Taxpayers fund Somali leader's £50,000 trip to London and stay in the Dorchester
Council 'spends millions on four-star hotels for homeless families!'
WARSI: It's not racist to stop illegals conning their way into Britain
Crime is going up say police
Jimmy Savile abused four children aged five

Saturday 11 May

Black and Asian savages killed 85-year-old Gran for money to buy Pizza!
Seven Asians jailed for rape and prostitution of up to 100 underage white girls
Ahmed Ahmed gets 15 years for the murder of Thomas Overton, 18
One teenager shot dead and another fatally knifed in 24 hours of violence in London
Champion Ganda, 17, stabbed to death, another youth, 16, stabbed
Ricardo Pisano charged with the murder of Michael Polding
Knifepoint rapist Abdul Miah jailed for 12 years
15-year-old threatened with a knife and raped by 'dark skin' man
Dutch tourist killed grandmother whilst driving on wrong side of road (That's globalism for you)
Gang members, George O'Brien and Joel Henry, jailed over rush hour gun attack
Company wouldn'to send interpreter for suspect charged with killing family-of-4 (Wouldn't make enough money!)
Hamza Islam took a woman on a date so his friend could steal her TV and laptop
Schoolboy gang leaders, Ali Iqbal and Haider Farooq, left pensioners too scared to leave home
Compo cops: Officer gets £13,600 for hurting big toe at health and safety session
Saville victims slams report which says cops DIDN'T cover up his sex crimes
On sale at Amazon! Deadly 'legal highs' that can trigger psychotic episodes! on sale online
'I was the boyfriend of a monster' says victim of paedophile priest
Statue of Jewish drug and booze icon, Amy Whinehouse, to be erected in Camden
The Anne Frank Fund says the Anne Frank Foundation is acting like Nazis!
LITTLEJOHN: The Girl Guides have fallen to the Guardianistas!
Shaun Bailey, PM's only black aide 'frozen out by David Cameron's clique?'
Conservative immigration policy is 'illogical absurdity' says Vince Cable
Theresa May orders police to stop keeping arrests secret
Council left with no party in control amid racism row
Now Savile detectives probe claims that Jim Davidson assaulted woman in Falklands
Chris Huhne: From porridge to snout in the trough
Granny who won't be bulldozed by Tesco

Friday 10 May

VIDEO: Carl Bernstein says Iraq War brought about by Bush, Cheney and Jewish neo-cons 'Jewish NeoCons' responsible for Iraq War! (Did you really not know this?)
EDUCASHUN! Teens encouraged to imagine Adolf Hitler as Mr Men character in history lessons
DIVERSITY! Thug smirks moments before killing Paula Castle, 85, for her handbag!
4 Muslims on trial accused of gang raping 'vulnerable' 16-year-old girl
Sisay Beyene and Daniel Grmay subjected a woman to a violent sexual attack
Mother pushing her baby in pram attacked by black men
Fahad Javaid, who got 9 years for a knifepoint rape, back in jail after fake loan scam
Kamaron Behboubina sought in connection with a serious sex attack
Black Frenchman wanted for attempted rape
New fears over illegal migrants: Thousands will head here within months
Jimmy Savile’s Scarborough flat sold to child charity chief!!!
Jimmy Savile invited guests to royal party on Prince Charles's behalf
MNBC: Carl Bernstein says Iraq War brought about by Bush, Cheney and 'Jewish neo-cons'
Consequences of mass migration! You must drink recycled sewage water!
COMMUNISM! Mao Zedong's granddaughter 242 on Chinese rich list with £525million fortune
Forceps left inside Doinna Bowett's body for 3 months! 750 NHS blunders
Hundreds of Britons are 'hiding billions' in foreign tax havens
636 council officials who now earn more than the Prime Minister
Former Archbishop of York 'did not report' sexual abuse claims
Jimmy Savile fronted cop crime campaigns despite sex offence warnings
Edmund Burke warned us of the threat to society from rampant individualism (Thatcher/Blair promoted it!)
Aircraft carrier 'omnishambles' wastes £100 million
Chancellor celebrates pension pain forcing millions to work until they drop?
Clegg's 'treacherous' U-turn on childcare condemned
Rand Paul: Hillary Should Never Hold Any Office Again

Thursday 9 May

Latvian immigrant, Guntars Gansons, denies Christmas Day manslaughter
'Please catch the coward who scarred me': Acid attack victim
Anglican priest, Gordon Rideout, denies 37 sex attacks on children!
Third world Britain: 'One in ten' elderly suffer from malnutrition!
WARNING! BEHEADING! How come Cameron/Obama back Syrian rebels Jabhat al Nusra?
Benghazi stand down denials don't stand up to reason
Benghazi whistle-blower will claim Hillary Clinton tried to silence security experts after attacks
No referendum pledge but Queen's Speech does contain backing for EU 'propaganda'
Judge hits out at social workers' lies
GCSE grades conceal pupils' precise level of achievement!
Basic failings in NHS care makes 160,000 patients every year even more unwell
Age of consent should be lowered to 13 to stop persecution of old men? WTF!
Sean Lopes, one of America's most wanted, found hiding in KENT! (That's globalism for you)
'I cannot stand Jewish people!' Lawyer almost loses career for criticising the Chosen!
Axing grammar schools has reduced social mobility says Eton headmaster
Labour claims new rules in Queen's Speech = more racism! (I claim Labour has betrayed us!)
Thatcher 'wanted Britain to leave the EU'?
Anglican priest, Gordon Rideout, denies 37 sex attacks on children!
Third world Britain: 'One in ten' elderly suffer from malnutrition!
Sun's executive editor in court accused of making £7,000 in corrupt payments to public official
Furore deepens over Stephen Hawking's Israel boycott
2012: Trade minister Lord Green 'failed to halt flow of drugs cash' as HSBC boss
2012: Lord Green under pressure over HSBC money laundering

Wednesday 8 May

Church of Scotland abandons support for biblical Jewish claim to Israel
Jewish defence group slams Church for 'stunningly offensive' paper on claim to Israel
Police forces across east of England issued cautions for arson, burglary, fraud and child abuse!
Delaney Barnett-Rohoman fatally stabbed an innocent man whilst attacking a love rival
Taxi driver Antonio Itshiari fined just €500 for killing James Dillon -
Eddy Shah accused of raping girl of 14
Imran Pervais tried to trick lottery winners out of £79,887 winnings - NO JAIL!!!
Amon Damo and Kouakou Rastouil cheated the benefits system out of more than £50,000
Search for man ('olive skin' 'looks Turkish') after attempted rape
Asylum seeker claimed he was 12 to avoid deportation
David Watson drugged woman for sex (not guilty of rape!)
Mohammed Ishaque charged with managing and controlling a brothel
Black/Asian sexually assaulted girl on bus
Pizza leafleteer Anjum Tahir sexually assaulted 22-year-old in her own home
Irish travellers get 13 years for keeping vulnerable men as 'slaves'
Reverend Andrew Folks jailed for sex attack on boy
Fugees' star Lauryn Hill gets three months for tax evasion
Kidnapped girls 'gave birth to at least FIVE babies' by the Castro brothers
We were proud to assimilate. Too many today expect Britain to adopt THEIR culture!
Federal Europe will be 'a reality in a few years' says Jose Manuel Barroso
I may be forced to stand again' says Sarkozy!!!
Immigration to Germany soars!
Euro MPs say Britain's sovereignty over Falkland Islands 'not accepted'

Tuesday 7 May

USA's debt totals $211 trillion dollars! That's the REAL figure as opposed to the bull
Abduction of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight: Castro brothers arrested
World Jewish Congress tells Greece to ban Golden Dawn!
The Man most responsible for the Euro now says it should be abandoned!
Thatcher's Jewish Chancellor changes mind about EU! (Now a 'bureaucratic monstrosity')
Voices from both Left and Right are calling for an end to the euro
'Ethnic majority' areas growing, says report
The 500,000 Eastern European migrants that officials didn't know were here!
Colleges report 106,000 'bogus' foreign students but we only deport 153!
Banks are 'financially raping' small firms with their failure to lend
Rapist uses 'human rights' to live where he wants! (Granted anonymity by judge)
Paedophile Nichola Mezzadri gets just 30 months for molesting six-year-old girl
Probation officer Samuel Kofi Sey and Wynette Cameron defrauded elderly man out of £223,000
FRAUD: Shopworker, Imran Pervais, told £79,000 lottery winner he had won just £10!
Sex attacker Anjum Tahir pounced on victim, 22, as she delivered leaflets
Alternative therapist Francesca Bevilaqua ran a dial-a-drug service from her home
Eva Bandova and Sona Horvathova stole jewellery worth £500 after armed robbery
Nurse Philisiwe Ngcobo was jailed for stealing more than £500 worth of clothes from ASDA
Bullying nurse Trevor Madziwa struck off
Police wish to speak to Sergejs Abele and Tadius Zariczny
2012: 95 per cent of police believe they do not have the support of the government!
Police State UK: The Rights You Didn’t Know You’d Lost
UKIP needs 24% support to have just one MP after 2015 general election!
Diabetes ‘time-bomb’ is a threat to millions
Brits waste millions on overpriced broadband packages Man dies of heart attack after 111 staff fail to spot emergency! (Ambulance took 3 hours)
Time to face up to the problem of sexual abuse in the white community says black man!
A British Pub’s Offense? Favoring the British
Is UKIP anything more than a ploy to extinguish the British National Party?

Monday 6 May

Gay rape-accused MP interviewed 4 years ago over 'inappropriate sexual behaviour'
Immigration: the British public is close to despair
Gypsies/transsexuals/eastern Europeans given more say in running council services!
WHITE FLIGHT! Britons retreating from areas dominated by ethnic minorities
White Britons abandon ethnic minority areas (it's called ethnic cleansing)
200 doctors who killed patients kept secret from GMC! (How many Docs were foreign?)
Pay no tax, live abroad and get a UK pension!!!
Syria accuses Israel of supporting 'terrorists' in wake of air strikes
Apologists for Israel take top posts at BBC!
The truth about the City of London
Syria pledges retaliation for Israeli 'declaration of war'
There’s a roaring heroin trade in Afghanistan and it's all thanks to us
MI6 handing bundles of cash to Hamid Karzai
Secrecy in the wake of Leveson is not in interest of justice
Lib Dem fury as hated Foreign Aid plan shelved
Portuguese immigrant, Felipe Silva Lopes, allegedly battered his Russian girlfriend to death
Maniac who murdered a blind man was wanted in Germany for another killing
Luton shooting hours after peace rally
Orthodox Rabbi arrested (sex assault) in February. Other Jews in court (harrassment) in April
Former Mayor of Barnet Cllr Brian Coleman pleads guilty to assault
HUMAN RIGHTS! foreign rioters foil attempts to deport them
Bangladeshi cops battle Islamists demanding death penalty for those who insult Allah
Mau Mau tortured to get compo? Other victims of colonial rule to profit similarly?

Sunday 5 May

New Israeli airstrike hits research center near Damascus
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson says chemical weapons use in Syria may be Israeli false flag op!
British government accused of deception for knowingly doctoring the crime figures
Cops/scientists say crims to escape justice! (Government wants to destroy 6m DNA samples)
BLAIR WARS: Seven US soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb blast
Tory MP, Nigel Evans, quizzed over gay rape
Farage: Sack Dave and I'll join the Tories!
Farage tells Tories looking for a pact get rid of Cameron and we’ll talk
Farage says he'll bring Nadine Dorries back in from the wilderness
Now sack your Eton advisors! David Davis, MP, says Cameron must boot ot the Hooray Henries
Why did voters turn to UKIP in parts of true blue Lincolnshire?
Twenty Tory MPs demand Europe referendum bill
Tories must convince voters there will be EU referendum warns Theresa May
Labour MPs turn on Ed Miliband after election damp squib
Andrejus Rulyevas stabbed victim 50 times before realising he had killed the wrong man
"Tanned" man smashes a bottle into the face of a woman in Bradford
One in five UK households borrow money/use savings to cover food costs a Which? survey says
Five million families struggle to pay for food
Families being herded into high rise, crime ridden tower blocks by Councils
One in five UK households borrow money/use savings to cover food costs a Which? survey says
Karzai calls on Taliban to fight Afghanistan's enemies!
USA: She dialed 911: the black cop Who came to help raped her
What the BBC can learn from scandal of Stuart Hall and the dark side of fame
Obama is the 'grand chief of devils' says Venezuelan President
Inside the far-Right stronghold where Hungarian Jews fear for the future

Saturday 4 May

Israel launches air strike on Syria!
Fake measles epidemic! Only 8 cases confirmed in March, 302 wrongly diagnosed!
Pakistani illegal, Zahid Masood, fled after he killed Charlotte Smoker, 19
Police Community Support Officer Oguz Batmaz gets seven years for helping criminals
"Foreign accent" man throws acid in Tara's face on her own doorstep
Victor Odesola and Olukayode Akinleye jailed in connection with theft of post
Shoukat Ali admits murdering Shaista Khatoon over divorce request
Serial benefits cheat, Gladys Popoola, ordered to repay £300,000
Polish brain surgeon suspended after patient's death scored record low of just 17.5% in exam
Shocking underclass of our school system 'creating the criminals of tomorrow'
I'm A Celebrity contestant Aggro Santos found not guilty of raping girls
30% of rape claims in Kent treated as ‘no crime’ by Kent cops
Celebs, politicians, VIPs had sex attack files hidden by police top brass
Jimmy Savile - MI5 asset
Charging headlong towards a secret state
'Secret arrests' undermine confidence in police, says former top officer
No more jailings in secret: Judges issue new ruling on contempt cases
Third of police forces won't name suspects after they are charged
The 'root causes' of Islamist Jihadism and the politics of Islamophobia
Former hospital inspector reveals anger over superbug C.diff 'cover-up'
Hungary court allows far-right rally protesting Jewish conference
64% of Egyptian and Pakistani Muslims support the death penalty for leaving Islam!
UKIP 'clowns' have last laugh!
Alan Johnson: Blair told me, 'Gosh, you really are working class, aren’t you?’
Rebekah Brooks's former bodyguard charged with conspiring to hide computers
No good deed ever goes unpunished
Judge's confession after burglar he refused to jail strikes again at pensioner's home
Kenyan president invited to Britain despite facing war crimes trial
Group caught on camera assaulting man

Friday 3 May

UKIP jubilant after winning 26 per cent of the vote!
Polish doctor struck off after patient death
UK can't kick out Somalian sex offender due to HIS human rights
Dr Aamir Majeed accused of inappropriate behaviour with a girl
Bullying nurse, Trevor Madziwa, (at exclusive Priory clinic) kept former patient, 18, captive
Dr. Giancarlo Esposito faces ban after downloading child porn
Nurse Philisiwe Ngcobo gave intensive care patient wrong medication (failed to check surname)
Immigrant MP Margaret Hodge knocked down cyclist whilst she was on her mobile
Should caring for a British war memorial be treated like a criminal offence?
Breast cancer cases up to 27 a day in under-50s! Pill, alcohol, no exercise to blame?
Half of us don't trust the people next door (Londoners are the least friendly)
£435m bill to mend shoddy roadworks (Utility companies to blame)
Goldman Sachs 'let off £20m tax bill
This police secrecy insults democracy!
Media perv, Stuart Hall, admits molesting 13 girls
BBC bosses 'knew all about Stuart Hall'
STUART HALL: “The evil that men do lives after them” "I have a cupboard of rattling skeletons”
BBC admits to 37 sexual harassment complaints in past six years
Councils spend £43m on translators and interpreteurs
MMR jab: Somali migrants have lingering fears on autism
Prince Charles slammed for using £3.3 million feudal cash to fund his own charities

Thursday 2 May

Just 3% of us trust politicans! (6% media 7% banks 8% lawyers 26% cops)
So the Left lied and lied again about immigration
Migrants change UK forever!
One in every three children have at least one foreign-born parent
Tories hint at drift to right to negate UKIP threat
BLAIR WARS: British soldiers killed in Afghanistan named
Police community support officer Oguz Batmaz helped criminals evade detection
Lukasz Kubik accused of rape
George Kibet gets 10 years for raping woman at knifepoint in his Huntingdon home
Student sexually assaulted by 'dark European' in Cliftonville
Somalian sex attacker, Ahmed Hersi, can't be booted out of the UK
Joseph Mwaura charged with sexual assault and burglary in Slough
Man of 'middle-Eastern appearance' assaulted 18-year-old in Nottingham city centre
Kyle Beckford denies murder of Delaney Brown
John Adams and Mohammed Ibraheem jailed for kidnap and assault
Sex offender who married vulnerable woman told he can live with her on release from jail!
Fraudsters Fahid Javaid, Imaad Kahn and Javaid Hussain jailed
Knifeman shopkeeper Erkan Uyar charged with wounding with intent
3 footballers needed hospital treatment after black player crocked them in pre-season friendly!
Yet another indictment of our human rights regime
Target big business, not poor pensioners
Boycotting Israel is the "way to go," says Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters
Israel lobby uses discredited anti-Semitism definition to muzzle debate
A1 t**rag James McCormick gets 10 years for selling fake bomb detectors
Jews say "Birthright" trips must end
What NATO does in our name
The Jewishness of Ed Miliband
PALESTINE 1940s: Father of Obama's first Chief of Staff bus-bombed British troops
False flag: Iran Contra cover up
Al-Qaeda in Tripoli, Lebanon wont accept anything but Sharia Law
Teenager who tended village war memorial for 12 years accused of criminal damage by council!
Bangladesh factory collapse: pope condemns 'slave labour' conditions
Jewish MP, Margaret Hodge, (Oppenheimer) hits cyclist with car door

Wednesday 1 May

BLAIR WARS: 444 British soldiers now killed in Afghanistan after latest roadside bomb
One in three babies in England now has a parent born abroad!!!
USA: Bahsid McLean poses in front of a mirror holding his mum's decapitated head!
Robin Page delivers devastating insight into what really goes on in Town Councils
Slap on wrist for 10,160 'serious violence' incidents last year (12 times more than 5 years ago)
How 34,000 criminals have been given a let-off by police (they said sorry)
Felix Connel 'gloated' after murdering 16-year-old
Panayis Nicola, 50, and Yianns Yianni, 54, allegedly 'raped girl under 14'
Emmanuel De Silva, 49, raped a woman in her own home within hours of being freed from prison
Fred Ojara raped Swedich au pair five times in one night, allegedly
Chilling arsenal of terrorists who targeted far-Right rally
CCTV appeal: Man left in coma after Liverpool Street ‘altercation’
'Middle-eastern' man assaults 18-year-old in Nottingham city centre
Nurse Aldrona Christian abused patients and bullied, punched and threatened to kill colleagues
N-Dubz rapper Dappy loses appeal against brawl conviction
800 headteachers now earn over £100,000 a year! (Dumbing-down and 'diversity' cramming pays!)
British travellers face high risk of kidnapping/murder in former French African countries
Breast implants make cancer harder to spot says report
Frail Muslim granddad "MAY" have been murdered by a 'brutal racist'? (Thus guess the cops and Express)
Another UKIP 'Nazi' suspended! Welcome to the LibLabCon sneer and smear club UKIP!
Israel joins US, UK AND al-Qaeda plot to depose Syrian President
Next EU influx won't be like the Poles says Cameron (And if you're wrong you'll resign?)
UK to end £19m aid to South Africa by 2015

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