Daily News - March 2011

Thursday 31 March

Schoolboys, 8, caught showing off 'bags of cannabis' to classmates
Worse than Calcutta: Heathrow rated 99th in airports world table
Why I fear the West can't influence the powder keg that is the Arab world
Salt banned in chip shops
Victory for cafe whose whiff of bacon ‘offended Muslims
Benefits clampdown on ‘harem’ Muslims
Our adventure in Libya is simply helping Al Qaeda
£300 a year: the cost to each taxpayer of funding EU
Baby Peter: Sharon Shoesmith 'sacked for failings
Sir Gerald Kaufman apologises for 'Jews' remark
Police release image of Barrow sex attack suspect
Britain praises ties with the despot
Gaddafi's envoy of death defects to UK in further blow to regime

Wednesday 30 March

William Hague: Israel's right to exist not up for discussion or compromise
Romaine Blackwood jailed for rape
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian
Karim Ismaili jailed for sexual assault
"Dark-skinned" man wanted in connection with a sexual assault
Woman sexually assaulted by dark European
Dark-skinned train pervert sought
Asian with gold teeth sexually assaults 17-year-old
Mohammad Islam charged with sexual assault and indecent exposure
Teenage girl ‘assaulted’ by black driver
Herman Cain refuses to appoint a Muslim in his administration
Murdered 15-year-old chased, stabbed and "kicked in the head" by Obi Nwokeh, Junior Bayode etc.
Japan's nuclear fallout hits Oxfordshire
Police officers with more than 30 years' service forced out to save cash
Labour’s Human Rights Act made Euro human rights rules British law
Woman gang-raped by Gaddafi's troops is CHARGED with slander
Foreign doctors work in Britain without speaking English
Cloned meat! Unlabelled dairy/beef products to go on sale after OUR minister sabotages EU call for a ban
The invisible police: In worst forces, fewer than 10 per cent are actually fighting crime
Five-year-old girl shot in South London
Libya is a murky distraction from the real battle
Nuclear fallout hits UK
Truancy hits new high
£10,000 for ‘lifer’ who was kept in jail too long
Brown 'created 10p tax band to woo Murdoch'
No rise in 'Big Society activity'
Shisha pipe smoking among young 'rising

Tuesday 29 March

Careless driver Azuki Eneli killed Steven Pitcher
Wikipedia "has to be balanced AND ZIONIST IN NATURE"!!! Israeli courses for internet censors
Hit-and-run driver Jacob Davis jailed for killing Andrew Ellis
Teenager sexually assaulted by Asian in Brighton
Heroin dealers to escape jail!
Is the countryside racist? Villages 'that want to remain white and middle class'
Convicted sex attacker freed to attack brothers aged 7 and 4 in McDonald's toilet
Fears move to poll reform 'will give BNP voters more say at ballot box'
Tycoon used shotgun to silence neighbour's burglar alarm - Judge calls him 'exceptional man' and Peter Shalson is freed
Mohammed Riaz caught after victim's thumb was dropped from sky by a bird jailed for life
MEPs ‘the most hated’ in Britain
Radioactive particles from earthquake-hit Japanese nuclear plant are detected in OXFORDSHIRE
Primary school truancy rate hits record high
Children as young as four to be educated in atheism
Naked burglar Kumar Suleman fails to get jail sentence overturned
Budget cuts hit police with more than 2,000 officers forced to retire

Monday 28 March

Middle-class youngsters barred from applying for jobs at Whitehall and in police! Because they are white!!!
More than two-thirds of African countries have laws against homosexual acts
Footballer Lucas Leiva says: "There is no more space for racism in the world
Even Tony Blair's priest, Father Michael Seed, is a crook!!!
Equality watchdog calls for teachers to ask 11-year-olds if they are gay!!!
Former BNP man, Steven Thomson, performs citizen's arrest - gets fined himself!
The disability benefit that's handed out to addicts and alcoholics
Cops called and CCTV footage scanned after ‘union men’ walk off with half a bottle of Labour MP’s £14 wine
French Jews call for voters to shun extreme parties
Census will show nearly a fifth of families have single parents
Contaminated seawater spreads north
UK workers are £1,000 worse off than in 2009
Labour hypocrites are to blame for public sector cuts
Labour doesn’t know what fairness means
As one immigration loophole closes, another opens
£5m scheme to divert mentally ill offenders from prison

Sunday 27 March

Pawel Rodak charged with murder of lecturer, Roger Gray
Malachi Halstead and Adrian Thomas charged with conspiracy to murder
Gary Vigors' throat slashed in Magaluf
Labour left taxpayer £60billion bill for new hospitals!!!
Homosexual Propaganda Taught to Schoolchildren as Young as Five
Fury at Portugal bailout grows as Tories blame Darling's EU deal for £6bn bill
Another wrong war - Another PM who treats Parliament like a neutered chihuahua
Public servant on 'child sex' charges but we're barred from telling you anything about him
Disgraced town hall chief, Julie Alderson, gets new £200,000 job!
Police force hit by fresh sex scandal
7 months pregnant woman told to give up her British Airways seat for Gordon Brown
Now the Minister they call Henley VIII is caught up in EU farm subsidies row
Britain warned of Qaddafi retaliation

Saturday 26 March

Anti-Gaddafi plot conceived in Paris!!!
Hundreds of dead starfish wash up on Welsh beach
Hit-and-run merchant, Afzaal Mohammed Khan, killed David Bennett
If you don't care what immigrants do to us check out how a Romanian trates an elephant!
Naive schoolgirls text naked pictures of themselves to boys
Humiliation beyond belief: Widow, 77, forced to undergo an incontinence test to get her NHS prescription
'Strawberry paedophile' snared by parents: Sex beast lured children as young as 4 to his padded cell
BLAIR WARS: Two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan are named as Matthew Collins and Mark Burgan
Is Michele Bachmann the new Sarah Palin?
Night stalker gets 27 years... but is told he may die in jail

Friday 25 March

Catalogue of appalling police blunders let the Night Stalker claim 500 victims
Night Stalker killed my mum
Night Stalker: Britain’s worst sex attacker
Terrance Carlos, Shafee Shabbaz and Joshua Goffe guilty of fatal stabbing
Kenneth Branagh cast a black man to play "the whitest" of the Norse Gods
White model stabbed to death by black boyfriend
Paedophile Jermaine Clarke spared jail sentence
Village war memorial defaced by Islamist extremist graffiti
Kerry Campbell injects her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox!!!
George Soros (Jewish) Planing To Reinvent The Entire Global Economy
US soldier admits killing unarmed Afghans for sport
'And The Sea Shall Turn To Blood'
Face to face with the 'killer' of WPC Yvonne Fletcher
350 British special forces already deep inside Libya
'Hated' council boss oversaw £500,000 payments to gag departing staff
Not disabled enough: The 10-year-old who can no longer receive benefits despite losing her leg!
Tory MEP Den Dover told to repay £345,000!!!
Millions more for MPs’ expenses
Former Manchester city footballer Kelvin Etuhu jailed for street brawl

Thursday 24 March

Sex assault in park by Asian
Leroy James sexually abused many female victims, some as young as 8
The British Government is Corrupt!
Two more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Footballer Exodus Geohaghon attacks his fans
Paris Hilton 'described black men as gross'
Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein says former board member Rajat Gupta disclosed insider info to billionaire hedge fund manager, Raj Rajaratnam
The Tories are squandering our billions on foreign aid
Human rights laws result in a tripling of sham marriages
Crackdown as suspected sham marriages rise by 66%
Britain faces a £3bn bill to save Portugal in another EU bailout
Murderer trapped after victim’s severed thumb was dropped from the sky by a bird
Libyan 'killer' of PC Yvonne Fletcher seized by rebels
Yard officer John Yates to face hacking quiz
The death penalty should be used at home and abroad
£450 per suggestion on 'gimmick' education website
Students, refugees and the immigration card
'Wild West style catfight' after footballer Gerald Asamoah comes home with two women thinking wife was on holiday
Children under 10 issued shotguns, BBC learns
'Slaves' rescued in police raids across England
The rapist trapped by his DNA 25 years on... after calling 999 over a burglary
Prisoner ran £500,000 criminal empire from cell with help from officer and police staff

Wednesday 23 March

Alexsander Nadowdny murdered Kieran Cunningham
Jury finds John Noghayin guilty of rape and sexual assault
Somali immigrant Shanya Bharuchi chanted verses of Koran over her murdered daughter's corpse
Black rapist, Valentine Barnett, caught after 25 years: Secret uncovered when attacker was burgled
minicab driver Qamar Zaman assaulted pregnant woman - no jail
Armando Dsouza indecently assaulted 13-year-old on bus - no jail
Pharmacist Roshan Lal sexually assaulted two women - no jail
Gaza: Children die in Israeli attack, say doctors
Palestine upgrade strains Israeli relations
Blunkett Bobby, Natheer George, downloaded 2,000+ indecent images of children - no jail
Mixed-race sex attackers sought
Emmanuel Saint M'Leux had child porn on his computer
Why our maths teachers are among the worst in the world!!!
Japan radiation 'heads to Britain'!!!
Tomasz Sobczak denies murder
Sean Iran accused of murdering Stefan Welch - Babak and Navid Iran deny perverting course of justice
Mandelson: Africa aid wasted - Army of beggars created
All they were doing was trying to help allied pilots - And the Yanks shot them!!!
'ADHD' an interesting development
What kind of nation sells its soul to the highest foreign bidder? Our politicians must be charged with treason
Rihanna's pop porn is polluting young minds
Men killed in double shooting outside Sugar Lounge club
Doubling of UK HIV rate prompts routine testing call
Tighter rules for UK student visas
Europe ticks 'established' in UK
Payouts for prisoners who are too hot or COLD

Tuesday 22 March

Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon says: 'I hate democracy! You have to hate it! We call for Shari'a in Australia'!
Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav gets seven years for rape!!!
Video: Channel 4 - Rape in the City
Fijian Soldier, James Pickering, glass young barmaid, Jodie Byrne
Appeal Court frees Krystian Rafal Kepinski jailed for Northampton rape
Army chief says we have no legal right to kill Gaddafi
NHS spending just £1 on each meal it serves up - Less than half that spent on PRISONERS!!!
London bus used for poster in India selling bogus student visas to the UK
Schoolboys aged ten and 11 suspended from junior school for possession of cannabis
Libya: An unedifying muddle for a country at war
NHS uproar over the foreign doctors with ‘awful’ English
Britain: Invasion lies

Monday 21 March

Eleven years for evil pastor Lucy Adeniji who tortured child slaves
Islamic law used to dodge stamp duty
970,000 Scots are living in poverty
Royal Mail sends 25million items a year to the shredder
Why Mr Speaker makes David Cameron spit blood
Apple under fire from gay rights groups
George Osborne has a chance to end the great lie at the heart of our tax system
PCSO jailed after laundering cash from brothel
War on drugs has failed, say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC
Millions of Britons are unwittingly eating food made using genetically modified soya!!!
Dr Harish Chandran pierced a vein using wrong instrument and 16-year-old Ryan Senior died
Security guards given police powers by Government!
Sentences served in 'the community’ could cost us dear
Complaints about nurses double in just two years
Helen Thomas Tells Playboy Jews Control The White House
Priest falls foul of congregation after 'tarts and vicars' party
Majority 'oppose Murdoch merger'
Ali Dizaei witness Waad al-Baghdadi arrested on suspicion of fraud
UK to deport Zimbabwean asylum seekers

Sunday 20 March

Pastor Lucy Adeniji jailed for trafficking African child 'slaves'
Now MEPs can use our cash for propaganda to keep us in the EU
Israel threatens ‘military action’ if Iran refuses to stop nuclear programme
Ten EU Truths
Founder of Childline Sarah Caplin loses her job at ITV amid claims of BULLYING
Salvation Army major Janet Gilson murdered in Hong Kong
David Cameron's health reforms risk destroying the NHS
Sentences served in 'the community’ could cost us dear
Why did Prince Andrew visit Gaddafi in Libya with ‘shady’ Tory?
Former minister Jack Straw to take driving lessons - because after 13 years with a chauffeur, he's forgotten how to drive
MI6 gave Gaddafi’s son London minder: Questions over Labour ties with Libya after playboy Saif given 'point man'
Miss Ireland: 'We're so in love, we don't care what racists say about us'
There is a black man in Midsomer
Behaviour drugs given to four-year-olds prompt calls for inquiry
British woman murdered in Hong Kong
Immigration detainees 'denied life-saving drugs'
BLAIR WARS: MoD names UK soldier killed by Afghanistan bomb blast as Daniel Steven Prior
Britain's hypocrisy in Middle East

Saturday 19 March

Predatory Paedophile Imam, Mohammed Hanif Khan, jailed for 16 years
Anti-immigration parties performing strongly across northern Europe
Eight years in jail for ex-Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov
Pathologist Freddy Patel guilty of professional misconduct
Britain's message to the world: we only want you if you're rich - Make a change from all of the asylum seekers
Justice call for tragic Charlene Downes
Asian men groomed teenage white girls for sex
Ex-Essex cricketer Mervyn Westfield faces fraud trial
Young girl speaks of sex abuse by 100 men over 2 years
Black drug dealer, Garri Burrell jailed for 6 years
How our own Government covered up Windscale reactor blaze that's caused dozens of deaths
Why do we glamorise serial killers yet forget their victims?
Col Tim Collins blames SDSR cuts on 'jealous' civil servants in MoD
Eight years in jail for ex-Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov
Pathologist Freddy Patel guilty of professional misconduct
Britain's message to the world: we only want you if you're rich - Make a change from Blair's council house gobbling asylum seekers, wouldn't it?
Just eight months in prison for this Bloater!!!

Friday 18 March

Terror plot BA man Rajib Karim gets 30 years
BLAIR WARS: British soldier dies after bomb blast in Afghanistan
Gheorghe Badea denies Batchmere stab murder
Shamari Hanchard-Kerr stabbed three men nine times, one of whom died
OLD NEWS: Gang rape: Is it a race issue?
Houssam Djemaa accused of strangling his girlfriend, mother-of-3, Jacqueline Barrett
She doesn't want to be bothered so the black stranger slaps her
Courtney Amos, Jahson Downes, Jahvon Edwards, Ashley Charles, De Sousa, Farrugia gang raped 12-year-olds
41 rapes in Oslo - All were committed by foreigners!!!
Lone white man suffers unprovoked attack by 10-strong gang of Asians
The social difference between the earthquakes in Japan and Haiti
Revealed: Afghan chief accused of campaign of terror is on US payroll!!!
Grooming of white girls by Paki gangs caused by unhappy marriages to cousins says Lord Ahmed of Rotherham
100 RBS bankers on more than £1m: Fury over giant payday at bank YOU own
Tory donor is dragged into City fraud probe of Tchenguiz brothers
Tax rise looms for poor already paying higher rates than millionaires
Murdoch sued for nepotism over £400m deal for daughter's firm
Cameron's latest cuts will hurt the hoodies he promised to hug - HOORAY!!!

Thursday 17 March

Man seriously sexually assaulted by Asian in Bradford park
Woman raped by black man
Night Stalker accused denies 'fantasist' claims
Ryan Bailey posted jokes on Facebook about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami
Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society
Scout leaders, school teachers and cops among 120 UK 'paedophiles' arrested
Kostas Sampson, due to stand trial alongside stand trial alongside Charalambos Pittordis, skips bail
PM Exclusive: 'We've been too tolerant of extremism (anti-Semitism) in the past'
BBC Poll: Israel almost as unpopular as Iran!
Labour enricher says Tories want “black women, ethnic minority women and Muslim women” out of London
Welfare State Fuels Immigration
One in three Coventry people 'don't know what a failed asylum seeker is'
Eight in ten new jobs have gone to foreign workers during past year
'Norwegian of the Year', Madina Salamova, deported
Super-rich immigrants offered quicker UK settlement
Immigrants paid £2,000 to go home but can ask to come back in two years!!!
Thousands of violent criminals to be spared jail under new rules
Labour let one council boss a day join £100,000-plus club
Lord Kinnock owns shares in vote counting firm that 'could make millions from AV'
We wouldn't want family treated at OUR hospital say a third of NHS staff
Hundreds 'sue local authorities over child abuse'
Western aid now does more harm than good

Wednesday 16 March

23 of the 29 member of the new cabinet are worth more than £1m!!!
'World's largest paedophile ring' uncovered
Saeeda Khan kept Tanzanian immigrant Mwanahamisi Mruke as slave
Boy, 15, 'hired to kill woman by ex-partner' - Serdar Ozbek hired a 15-year-old to kill his ex-partner Gulistan Subasi
A third of hospital patients 'at risk of malnutrition'
1.4 million people were stalked or harassed in 2009-10!!!
"These two black guys attacking my girlfriend"
17-year-old came from Poland with his dad - Dad abandoned him - He was left homeless and committed suicide
Sarah Harding glassed and blinded Charlotte Davies - Judge says she has race conviction - Jury finds Harding not guilty
Boss who keeps out ethnic faces says he is being victimised
Midsomer madness - political correctness - Risible or sinister?
Afghan asylum seeker who lived in £1.2million house committed £30,000 benefit fraud
Locked up and sedated: Dementia patients are denied basic rights, says damning report
Influx of EU nurses raises language fears
'Contempt' of Kraft bosses enrages MPs
Two shot dead on Gypsy site

Monday 14 March

Khalid Bashier and accomplice attacked and tried to rob 70-Year-old and 47 Year old female
Black sex fiend Simeon Kellman let out of jail for his birthday
Jews did not kill Jesus, says the Pope
Rochdale vicar held in sham marriage inquiry - Reverend Patrick John Magumba is a Ugandan immigrant
Gang of nine left a 17-year-old with serious injuries - Black man sought
Britain’s youngest ever alcoholic, aged 3!!!
69% Brits do not approve of inter-EU migration
80% Brits do not approve of migration from outside EU
Intelligence officers infiltrated BNP
Europeans are liberal, anxious and don't trust politicians, poll reveals
Fagin Gangs from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia
Gold-diggers Blair and Andrew have a mutual interest
'Jihad Cosmo' combines beauty tips with suicide bombing advice
Polish women in UK breeding faster than Brits and Poles in Poland
At least 16 Blacks gang raped an 11-year-old Girl
This country's public authorities are going dotty
London 2012 Olympics: Britons will not get ticket priority

Mohammed Ali calls black camern a slave
Banks have £1.6 trillion exposure to ailing quartet of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain
Europeans are liberal, anxious and don't trust politicians, poll reveals
Scotland Yard admits Daniel Morgan's killers shielded by corruption
18% of Americans say Obama is a Muslim
Gypsies threaten war
24-hour police guard outside home of Stockholm bombing suspect
Five-figure payout for manager sacked over back to back pregnancies

Sunday 13 March

Government-funded advice pack for schools recommends lessons in wearing dresses for boys aged five!!!
Shaheed Saeed cleared of a hammer attack - Cop said they were looking for a white man - Victim said it was Shaheed
Michael Ramnel Williams raped senile pensioner
"Muslim community provides a huge vibrancy and richness to British life" - Says Ed Miliband, Labour's Jewish leader
Anti-BNP Brainwashing in Schools
Burger King boss Bernardo Hees insults British
Now Ireland get a Jewish Justice Minister
Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s weekend at the Queen’s most cherished hideaway
£27,000 pay rise for top cop who told officers to ‘share the pain’ of cuts
BLAIR WARS: Labour 'cut corners' says widow of most senior officer killed by Taliban
Prince Andrew used ‘shady’ ex-Tory Treasurer to pay Fergie debt in secret deal
The new public service Fat Cats and why they're immune from the cuts
Poppy-burning Muslim’s father served 14 ‘proud’ years in the Navy
History 'marginalised' in schools - schoolchildren can stop studying history at the age of 13
Poppy nut cries 'help'
Children with nowhere to go
Gypsies fight for 'human right' to live on illegal site
Religious education has direct relevance to British society

Saturday 12 March

very soon we will have to find a way of obliterating and blotting out such unacceptable material
Modou Ndow jailed for 21 years
Squabbling gay lovers 'sparked Heathrow terror alert with hoax bomb call'
Shyan Myrie slashed his ex-girlfriend's face like a "butcher cutting open a carcass"
Meat from chimpanzees 'is on sale in Britain'
Babashola Ogunnaike punched 19-year-old repeatedly, throttled her then he raped her
The number one excuse: Right to a family life lets foreign convicts stay in UK
Bogus physio Charles Ahme jailed for sex assaults
Jail for would-be MP who beat family cat to death
Tony Blair changes his tune over immigration saying it produced a 'challenge'
Heathrow boss gets pay-rise of £151,000 just months after snow caused airport chaos
Cheryl Cole’s brother gets 6 years for post office robbery plot
Duke of York to face fresh questions as Epstein case takes new twist
Murder trial collapse exposes News of the World links to police corruption
TV psychic who raped girl at age of 7 is jailed for 16 years
Labour should be ashamed of hoarding reserves while cutting services
Britain's most traditional church 'at war' over hymns
Our own EU chief shoots down Cameron's no-fly zone as PM warns Europe 'must do more'

Friday 11 March

Another woman says she was Nkosinathi Mabanda’s lover - The Zimbabwean immigrant is HIV-positive
Colchester: Woman seriously sexually assaulted by Black
Prisoners must get the vote (says Lord Lester (Jewish) who's supposed to be neutral)
Sir Fred Goodwin, RBS chief, takes out gagging orderHey, Sir Fred, gag this! You're Jewish!
BBC planning 'death of local radio'
Top names in biggest ever fraud probe: Stars of High Street, City and property world face investigation
Gay pair who won cash from Christian B&B couple launch fight for more - and you are funding them
PC Ron Frater (black) refused to attend murder scene saying he was too busyWas he house-hunting at the time?
Massive surge in iPhone muggings on London's trains
Upul Dezoysa sentenced over deposit linked to Ponzi scheme
Black gang faces life for murder of boy they chased across London park
How Labour blew £250million on private surgery that never took place
Town hall chiefs jet off for riviera junket
Liberal Democrats’ secret plot is revealed
BLAIR WARS: MoD names soldier killed in blast as Stephen McKee
Electric meter crime hits Kent, London and Midlands
UK move to upgrade Palestinians sparks fury among Israelis

Thursday 10 March

Five jailed after £4m drugs seized in Northamptonshire
Teenager forced into selling heroin and cocaine after being groomed by Asian gang
Britain 85 million pounds aid to Afghanistan delayed - banking scandal
20 million Britons now on benefits!!!
Over £3billion overpaid in benefits because of fraud and error
Judge's fury at alcoholic who claims incapacity benefit for his addiction
Tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz arrested: Collapse of Iceland bank probed
The hunt saboteur, a loving couple and judges who dismiss Christianity
How 3,000 officials will have luxury retirement
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Helmand
Squatters move into Gaddafi son's £11million mansion
School puts up warning sign telling THIEVES they could be injured if they steal copper from the roof
Former Treasury axeman David Laws - who quit over expenses paid to his gay lover - may return as Nick Clegg's 'Mr Fixit'
BLAIR WARS: More innocents killed by NATO in Afghanistan
£2million ring of steel to protect Clegg after 'kidnap threat'
Manchester City Council slashes £109m but fails to collect its taxes
Payout for thief burnt in burglary
Baby P council offers £140,000 for 'place and sustainability' director
Republican accused of McCarthyism over radical Islam 'show trial'
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Helmand
Gang boy Zac Olumegbon 'hounded and stabbed' by gang
Britain learns no lessons from mistakes

Wednesday 9 March

Amit and Ravi Kotecha, Freshkumar Kakkad, Rohit Suvania Viktor Maksimov jailed after £4m drugs seized
Tchenguiz brothers arrested in Kaupthing raids The brothers are Jewish immigrants
Israel to ask U.S. for $20billion extra in military aid
Obama advisor reveals Jewish roots
Three charged in alleged Nottingham marriage scam
Foreigners blamed for TB cases rise
Hit-and-run Salim Chand killed Blackburn grandmother Freda Holt
Drug Dealer Imran Hussain jailed for 5 Years
Police release CCTV images of Asian wanted over Bolton sex attack
'Lucky' drug dealer Dean Calixte gets just 6 months
George Iaponas 'had sex with woman while friends hid under the bed and filmed it'
Foreigner arrested in Glasgow for 'aiding terrorists' over botched Stockholm suicide bombing
Pakistani Nurse Shabana Tabassam clamped hand over patient's mouth and told him to shut up
Ruling was right on Christian couple banned from fostering because of beliefs on homosexuality says PM
Should five-year-olds be taught about sex in such an explicit way?
EU Court: non-EU parents can stay with EU national child
UK families 'have worst tax burden'
Nationalist leader more popular than President Sarkozy, says French poll
Protesters storm Brent Town Hall as council votes through £42m in cuts
The Duke and the despot: Prince Andrew's 'close friendship' with brutal billionaire dictator
Crime does pay if you want to take OU course: Taxpayers funding 1,600 prisoners this year
Now the watchdog set up to monitor MPs' expenses lavishes £300,000 on office furniture
Blameless victims of education's class war
Pupils, 10, gaming till 4am
Linford Christie on driving charge
Invasion by Turks ruled out
Judge rugby-tackles fleeing sex offender
Killer gas puts 200,000 homes at risk of lung cancer
Arrests over London bus pram row mother attack
NHS changes 'risk making child health care worse'

Tuesday 8 March

Barclays bosses hand themselves up to £47m a head in pay and bonuses and then say it's in best interests of Britain
BBC's face of religion, Francesca Stavrakopoulou, is an atheist who says God had a wife and Eve uffered from sexism
Peter Mandelson stays silent over his contact with Prince Andrew's disgraced financier friend
Haydor Khan cleared by rape jury said he thought I was his BRUNETTE girlfriend
Murder, rape, kidnap: Offences teens are charged with whilst out on probation
Dr Saeeda Khan 'trafficked African to UK to keep as slave and fed her just 2 slices of bread a day'
Policeman 'raped secret mistress and made her pregnant after she ended their affair'
Vet's fury as poppy burning benefit scrounger gets paltry fine
Court fine is badge of pride says jeering poppy burner
Council boss on accepts trips to America paid for by BT - It has multi million contract with her council
Bill for evicting just 90 traveller families from UK's biggest illegal site could hit £18m
Lord Mandelson's defence of the Gaddafi regime may have a monetary motive
Two more UK universities linked to Libya regime
Ajit Arora jailed for money laundering
British mission to Libya ends in fiasco

Monday 7 March

Carmen Barahona charged with murder: Her husband 'doused their adoptive twins in acid'
Ipswich woman raped in own home by immigrant
Prisoners wearing make-up, dresses and padded bras: MoJ issues 20-page guide on rights for sex-changers
Britain will damage its economy if it refuses to do business with 'less savoury' countries, Lord Mandelson claims
These judges want to destroy our core moral values. We simply can't let them succeed
Scandal of EU medical perks
£3.8bn police overtime in 10 years
Colonel Gaddafi’s Police still training in Britain
Cotswold district council blows £19k on a magician
The tide is turning and we see the EU for what it truly is
Britain beaten by Germany in popularity contest
Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper face probe after claiming more than £14,000 travel expenses for their children
UK offers the worst tax deal for traditional families
Imam who believes in evolution retracts statements
Miguel Zapata Matute denies peeping at woman over toilet cubicle wall
Britain plays double game on Libya
1,589 Brits lose job every day
War fatigue kills UK appetite for war

Sunday 6 March

Sex trafficker Anastassios Papas detained
Robert Maxwell's daughter hired girl's for Jeffrey Epstein's paedophile stable - GHislaine Maxwell and Epstein are Jewish
German arrested after missing Dorset girl found in Winchester
FBI to reopen case against sex offender friend of Prince Andrew: Forced to claim diplomatic immunity to avoid questioning?
Magistrates hit out at Clarke's 'bail not jail' cost-cutting that could keep thugs on streets
Ex-Met chief profits from £4million deal to train Libyan police in Huddersfield
Millionaire Tory Zac Goldsmith's £60,000 in farming payouts
No-fly zones? Oh, grow up Mr Cameron
How squatters evade the law
How anti-semitism entered the zeitgeist

Saturday 5 March

Rapist Michael Chukwudi Anigbugu sentence 'unduly lenient' rules judges
Baroness Warsi: I would die for my beliefs
Mervyn King accuses banks of putting profits before customers
NIGHT STALKER: Delroy Grant tried to frame his own son!!!
Chaplain to the Queen leaves wife for woman in congregationCanon Andrew Clitherow specialises in advising the clergy on marital problems
Jeffrey Epstein 'kept a diary of his under-aged victims'Epstein is the Duke of York’s Jewish billionaire paedophile pal
Tony Blair made a personal contribution to Saif Gaddafi's thesis!!!
The face of teenager beaten so badly by her 6ft 2in boxer boyfriend medics could not tell if she was a boy or girl
Lorry driver of chiller truck discovers 15 freezing stowaways aiming for Britain
Benefits cheat UK: Court sees a staggering 23 cases of welfare fraud in just ONE DAY
The children who start school 'without even knowing their own name'
The £220,000 council chief who has spent £14,000 of taxpayers' money on her own 'coach'
Prescription fees rise again (but only for the English)
How Ashton’s army of fat-cat Eurocrats wastes £400m a year
The EU unleashes another expensive invasion upon us
Ed Miliband is a puppet leader of Labour
Prince Andrew hosted Tunisian dictator's son-in-law at palace
Daily Star reporter quits in protest at tabloid's 'anti-Muslim' coverage
Fancy your chances against the SAS, Gaddafi? Elite troops and MI6 spies poised to help Libyan rebels
Father arrested after clipping his son, 13, round the ear while police quizzed boy over burglary

Friday 4 March

White 'supremacist' David Lynch leader shot dead in his home
Antisemitism: the hatred that refuses to go away
Cameron pledges his ‘indestructible’ support for Israel
Nicole Cartmell, 18, 'found dead under floorboards of house'
Libya: LSE director resigns over university's Gaddafi links
Terrifying tactics of the Night Stalker
Foreign drivers 'will escape punishment for UK offences'!!!
Forces facing new wave of 'hideous cuts'
By-election blushes for Lib Dems in Barnsley
Food and fuel bills to rocket
'Tortured on the telephone' over credit card firm loan of £20,000
Milton Woolf's Bank for Gangsters Milton Woolf and Jacqueline Swan funded wealthy lifestyles by charging criminal gangs tens of thousands of pounds each to store more than £50million in cash
NIGHT STALKER: Delroy Grant preyed on the elderly for 17 years
100,000 Eastern European immigrants now free to claim full benefits in Britain
Taking a dip on benefits: The council house with a pool in the back garden
Terrorists could walk free under Government's new 'plea bargaining' system
Millions of surgery patients at risk in drug research fraud scandal
Rapists who attack in home face longer in jail
Fresh questions for Prince Andrew over friendship with Jewish paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Thursday 3 March
Michael Anigbugu, Hyung-Woo Pyo and Mark McGee get extra time for home rapes
Antisemitism: the hatred that refuses to go away
Cocaine dealers using Britain as an international hub says UN drugs body
63% of white Brits, 43% of Asians and 17% of Blacks consider immigration a bad thing for Britain
Nick Clegg: let’s give more cash to Arab countries
Scandal of 400,000 teenagers studying for ‘useless courses’
Criminals should be sentenced 'according to how MATURE they are'
The scandal of ageism in the NHS must end
New Eastern European 'benefit tourism' fears after safeguards scrapped
When will our deluded politicians stop trying to police the world?
Frankfurt airport employee (Kosovan Muslim) shot dead two U.S. airmen
Harvinder Singh Shoker and Mundill Mahil in court over car murder
David Cameron's secret talks with Tony Blair over Libya
Ex-asylum seeker given UK citizenship after passing 'Life In Britain' test jailed for taking exam for another immigrant
Al Qaeda release video praising 'Musa the British martyr' who died fighting for the Taliban
Migrant register scheme to end
Taxpayers fork out £17m for MPs’ golden goodbyes
Swedish Racemixing State Propaganda
Iran threatens Olympic boycott over logo
UK Universities Reluctant to Deal with Islamic Radicalisation
Cameron Defends Axing 11,000 Armed Forces Jobs

Wednesday 2 March

Barbara Zhanje 'torched ex-boyfriend's flat killing mother and toddler
UK billions for corrupt countries as aid budget targets 'fragile states'!!!
Pakistan could be top of UK foreign aid list!!!
Pakistan's only Christian minister Shahbaz Bhatti assassinated over blasphemy row
In 2004 alone 7.3 million tonnes of fish were dumped in the sea - That's the EU for you!!!
Cannabis use 'doubles risk of psychosis for teenagers
11,000 servicemen and women made redundant in 'shocking' betrayal of troops fighting Taliban
Tactics used in Afghanistan campaign aren't working say MPs - 10 years and thousands of lives too late!!!
Superhead, Sir Alan Davies, held in £1.6m fraud probe
Doctors misdiagnose 100,000 diabetes patients
Police pay cuts 'unavoidable' says home secretary
BLAIR WARS: Funeral of L/Cpl Kyle Marshall
Bishop apologises to sex abuse victims Roy Cotton (priest) and Colin Pritchard (vicar) abused boys
£500,000 survey to ask prisoners if they like their life behind bars
Treachery and a weak man called Calamity Clegg
London School of Useful Idiots
Lesbian redcap captain, Karen Tait, sues Army

Tuesday 1 March

Knifeman, Mohammed Hussain, planned to kill train passenger to commit 'suicide by cop'
Abdullah Zinga made a “terrifying” sexual assault on woman
John Galliano is no fan of the Jews!
sex attacker, Wazir Khan, jailed after years on run
Islamic teacher Bashir Suleman guilty of molesting students
'Night Stalker trial': London minicab driver Delroy Grant accused of sex attacks
Tomas Navickas jailed for drunken murder of housemate
British Airways computer expert Rajib Karim guilty of transatlantic plane bomb plot
Half men infected with virus that causes cancer
Reports kept secret by Labour show mass immigration cut wages, raised tensions and too many stayed too long
Immigration DID hurt wages and Labour 'under-estimated significantly' influx admits Miliband
Britain facing ‘economic meltdown’
Christian beliefs DO lose out to gay rights: Judges' ruling against devout foster couple
Teachers driven out by red tape and yob pupils
Hidden salt risk to children
NSPCC: Child worker vetting plan has 'disturbing gap'
Government health reform plans 'unethical' warns BMA
Carleto Salmons faces life sentence for stabbing
'Grime' artist Peter Okpohare jailed for giving rapper false alibi
Blair's 'dodgy deal' to arm Gaddafi: Leaked paper shows how ex-PM agreed to supply military kit
London School of Economics takes £1.5m from Gaddafi's son as chief admits relationship with regime
Labour peer, Blair's Middle East envoy, forced to quit Libya role
We ruined Christmas! Our worst festive season ever, admits Royal Mail
'Drunken' Saudi princess wins fight to hide her ID in court as she's accused of sexually harassing British bodyguard
Cameron and a gamble on Gaddafi

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