Daily News: June 2013

Sunday 30 June

FBI files say Michael Jackson 'spent $35 million to silence at least two dozen boys he abused'
40 Members of Congress Protest ‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill
Race War against Whites! Systematic bid to drive white people out of South Africa!
Ishan Khan charged with causing death by dangerous driving after killing Richard Taylor
Wesley Brooks took part in London riots atfer his gang stabbed Andrew Jaipaul to death
Mateen Ali stole stereo systems from the Dorchester - NO JAIL!
Eddy Shah, 69, accused of repeatedly raping a girl, 14
Troy Mangal stabbed shopkeeper repeatedly. Ibrahim Jama and Yousef Musa took part in robbery
Lying GP, Dr Fazal Hussain, struck off Jerome Green allegedly murdered Thomas Cudjoe after Cudjoe was found not guilty of murder
Top General: West should have talked to Taliban after toppling them a DECADE ago!
Jailed following London riots, Mo Farah’s brother is back in prison!
Paedo priest exposes Vatican rent boy scandal! ('Starving' picked up for sex with clergy)
Mandelson: Falkirk risks "damaging Labour's reputation... undermining our electoral appeal"
Black savages attack lone girl in Leicester Square
Black gang attack!
Mandelson: Falkirk risks "damaging Labour's reputation... undermining our electoral appeal"
The health tourist 'hit and runners' who rip you off
Meat From Diseased Cattle Sold By Defra
Tory MP, Daniel Kawczynski, applauded for his bisexuality!

Saturday 29 June

Tory MP, Nadhim Zahawi, says amnesty for 570,000 illegal immigrants makes sense! Ex-policeman ‘found rent boys for Rome priests!’
Black Pope-to-be blames gay priests for abuse scandals!
OAP throttled in hospital bed by illegal immigrant 20 hours before he died
Teen accuses schoolmate of stealing phone: Victor Unczur and pals attack/burn him
Motorist stabbed by Black and 'Asian appearance' man in random attack
Black man rapes woman in her 50s
Slovakian immigrant Ernest Radic repeatedly raped woman, filming attacks on mobile phone
Jet Black British Barbie beat up a man in a racist attack
Outrage at plan to show 'explicit' film to primary pupils
Cameron/Hague's best pals murder Christian priest in Syria!
Syrian rebels behead Christians (US/UK leaders are backing these!)
As our bills soar - £1billion tax dodge by water profiteers!
Time-wasting 999 callers could face action
Men will be 'wives', women will be 'husbands!' Gay marriage laws rewrite dictionary
CNN Caught Red-Handed Lying In Zimmerman Trial!
Heart risk warning over painkiller diclofenac
Barbados rapes: Police chief removed
Guinea massacre: Government minister Col Claude Pivi charged with murder, rape and destruction of property

Friday 28 June

Charity boss, Bettina Bungay-Balwah, refuses EDL cash for dying girl!
Foster mum who took in 'vulnerable' boy of 16 finds he's a drunken asylum-seeking thug of 26
Surgeons whose patients are up to 30 times likelier to die
The poor hit by 25% rise in living cost
Oxford paedophiles: Muslims jailed for life
Muslims 'did what they wanted with me: no matter how disgusting'
69-year-old British grandma murdered in Egypt by young hubbie's pals
17-year-old Dwaine Ward stabbed 20 times in Turkey
Portuguese Mafia gang (black) invade party - stabbed man nearly dies
Over a period of 6 years, Orthodox Jew, Menachem Levy, repeatedly assaulted a little girl
Police worker, Mohammad Shabbir, and Muhammed Shabbir charged with sex assault of girl, 13
Hayley Aldridge, 19, attacked and hospitalised by racist females (Asian)
HUMAN RIGHTS! Illegal migrant Antonio Bazomba jailed for beating up his kids! Can't deport!
"Deep tan" man sexually assaults 47-year-old in Hastings
'Racist' GP, Ravi Sondhi, took £100,000 from the NHS
"Asians Only!" Don't you dare speak to my family!
Every family faces £320 tax hike (yet they give foreigners £12bn annually)
Number of shelf stackers with a degree DOUBLES in just six years
Transsexual who admitted robbery and attacking cops sent to women's jail despite being a man!
This armed robber is white?
Human Rights Commission welcomes ruling paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to adopt
Yet more 'holocaust survivors' trotted out by The Daily Nazi
Electricity to be rationed
Martin Joy, the softest Judge in Britain?

Thursday 27 June

Muslim paedophiles: traitorous Oxford 'authorities' showed 'wilful blindness!'
Oxford paedos 'threatened to cut off the face one of their victims and decapitate her baby'
Oxford paedos: Who thinks Joanna Simons should be tried for treason?
Who is this thug? Black savage launched racist attack on two-year-old
Yusaf Fazzani charged with GBH
Polish crime gang tortured and murdered victim who owned them money
18 street robberies by machete/knife wielding gangs in Oldham since 15 June
Edinburgh Man beaten up by Asian gang
What's wrong with the NHS? Check out Dr Ravi Sondhi
String them up!
Osborne 'proud' to give away OUR billions to foreigners as he fleeces us!
Israeli director dismantles Nazi Jewish soap myth
Terrorist? Communist? Kill white folks? Brent Council gives him "freedom of the borough"
Thousands of jailbirds in line for £5,000 payouts thanks to a EU courts!
Pensioners' incomes could fall by 'billions!'
Sunbathing and alcohol cause cancer rates to soar
Third of diabetes patients 'given the wrong medication while in hospital'
Just 30% describe the BBC (B*ggers and Bagels Carve-up) as reliable
Auditors get wage cut as Brussels refuses to sign off budget for 18 consecutive years
Pope Francis launches inquiry into the Vatican bank
NFL's Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

Wednesday 26 June

Surgeon Sudip Sarker had double the death rate of other doctors and triple the patient readmissions Jolanta and Erika Lubiene murdered; east European suspected
Man and woman stabbed: Jiri Mizer charged with attempted murder
Careless driver, Sureshkumar Sivanathan, kills Edward Upton: disqualification only
Cabbie Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch faces jail for rape
Wendell Baker on trial for second time accused of raping Stratford pensioner Imran Rashid and Kieran Reilly jailed for running man down with car in racial attack
Sameer Mahmood and Shane Niyazi slashed youth worker
Out celebrating, Stephen Denman was branded 'white f***ing queer' and bottled by Asian thugs
Jamal and Jarveer Walters, Tachane Roach-Johnson, Dean Gabay and Mark Reid deny murder
Newsagents Anjum Mehboob and Mehboob Ellaih fleeced customers out of thousands
Ahmed Bourkiss convicted of false imprisonment and oral rape
‘Professional career criminal’ Mohammed Khatana must pay back ill-gotten gains of £1.3m
Estate agent, Naeem Ahmed, raped and pimped care home girls (allegedly)
Black men attack cops in nightclub
Teacher Zahid Akram accused of blackmailing underage schoolgirls for sex photos
Pervert gynaecologist, Dr Ali Nakash, sexually assaulted expectant mother
Mohammed Benares convicted of downloading terror manuals
Sex assault doctor, Benjamin Obukofe, banned for another year
Black man exposes himself to 15-year-old
Dr Jaffar Shah accepts 'significant shortcomings' whilst treating child with leukaemia
Black man threatens others with a large knife
Cockroach kebab anyone?
National Domestic Extremism Unit monitors 8,931 extremists
Birmingham hospital treats 640 females for genital mutilation
Mid-Staffs whistleblower's reward? Death threats; mum's grave desecrated; business destroyed; driven from her home
In Blaenau Gwent, the NHS issues almost 10,000 prescriptions for anti-depressantseach month!
Teachers in England are some of the best paid in the world (but spend less time in classroom)
USA: Mother savagely beaten up by black burglar
Education Secretary Michael Gove bans BNP teacher for life
GCHQ surveillance: Germany blasts UK over mass monitoring
Israeli authors campaign against eviction of West Bank Palestinians
Saatchi claims he was getting snot out of Nigella Lawson's nose!
Posh thinks Becks would make a perfect 007! (What planet is the divvy diva on?)

Tuesday 25 June

4,115 corrupt cops disciplined for criminal behaviour in 5 years!
Devendra Singh beat Charlotte Smith to death when she asked for divorce
13 years for illegal immigrant mugger who broke ballet star's neck
Brother of Alps massacre victim, Zaid Al-Hilli, arrested over £1million murder plot
Man arrested in connection with London murder of Imran Farooq
Oxfordshire's most wanted!
Black savage breaks toddler's collarbone in racist attack
Cocaine worth £20m found on Dutchman's yacht
Slough attempted murder: black man sought
John Baboony charged with sexual assault of 13-year-old
Christopher Johnson jailed for attempted rape
Unlicensed cabbie Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch jailed for sex attack on young woman
Man attacked by Asians and car stolen
Man robbed at knifepoint in Clacton
Off-licence owners, Salman Isbir and Elif Gunduz, sold illegal alcohol
Scrap immigration laws so Africans can see their kids! (Or f*** off home and see them)
Care home nurse Clarence Masara cleared to work after beating up his wife
Peter Francis: Special Branch - Saint or slag? (I know what I think)
African sect keeping Barnsley awake!
Who wants a black foreigner on the £5 note! THE PC CROWD!
'Digital dementia' on the rise!
Magistrate forced to quit for telling drug dealer how cannabis killed her brother!
150 GP appointments failed to diagnose Carl Holt's throat syndrome
'Bingo-for-biscuits' Brits fined in Portugal (That's globalism for you!)
Banning burkas and reintroducing death penalty is 'right-wing lunacy'? (Like mass migration and PC is left-wing lunacy?)
The countryside’s children are being betrayed
Scotland Yard spied on critics of police corruption
How can we invest our trust in a government that spies on us?
More tolerance required! Charlie wouldn't say that if he was out here in the zoo with us!
£200m blitz on 'problem families'
Scandal of fines being passed on to customers
REVEALED: Liam Byrne's 'sorry there is no money' treasury note!
The drones are on their way to Wembley!
How did British bobbies slip so low in political esteem?
Berlusconi igets 7 years for bunga bunga scandal (but will never be locked up)

Monday 24 June

Deborah Tavares and the July 2001 NASA "Future is Now" document
Ethiopian asylum seeker, Ybrah Haylemaryam, gets 20 years for rape
So will M'lud Leveson now investigate phone-hacking lawyers? Don't hold your breath
Legal and insurance firms 'behind 80%' of snooping, police report told Leveson
Israeli planes pound Gaza targets
Cops arrest armed Asian in bank
Domingos Goncalves admits stealing money from council parking meters
Royal Mail boss set for £1.5m pay bonanza
Whitney Houston’s daughter evicted over drunken parties
Killer floods bring tide of destruction in Canada and India
Nick Clegg: Lib Dems risk decline
Half-Jewish oilman Archbishop of Canterbury in Mid-east (Is Welby Zion-friendly?)
Less industrial pollution means more deadly storms? (THEY'll tell us anything)
Saatchi caution ‘sends domestic violence back to dark ages’ says MP
Hillary Clinton wants to see a woman in the White House (and we know which one)
U.S. gives Syrian rebels missile training in secret camps
White men speak out about their attraction to African American women?

Sunday 23 June

Cops warn 10-year-old hopscotch lines are 'illegal' and constitute 'criminal damage
Why do Muslims keep having to explain themselves?
Egyptian husbands can have sex with wife up to six hours after death
The sinister reason they're robbing the Guides of God
God help us when Girl Guides ditch religion for the shallow cult of the individual
Today’s young women have betrayed feminism says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Pakistan gunmen kill foreign tourists
Fashion is notable now only for moral bankruptcy
Rereading Einstein's collected papers
Kent cabbie, Baljinder Singh, jailed for smuggling 3.6m cigarettes
NHS chief 'offered bribe to hush up death of my baby'
I was bullied and branded mentally ill for exposing lies of the 'care' inspectors
We revered the NHS - and it betrayed us
London gets 520 times more transport cash than the North
Facebook admits releasing phone numbers/email addresses of 6m users
Orphans of the EU meltdown: middle class Greek parents put children in orphanages
Miliband caught in 'blackmail' storm

Saturday 22 June

Pravda admits Bolshevism's first murderous government was 80/85 percent Jewish!
Ben Fellows (abuse victim) writes direct to ex-Justice Minister, Ken Clarke
Twisted fantasists! More and more making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimes!
80% of hacking was by lawyers and major firms and Leveson (Jewish) knew all about it
Cynthia Bower: Care Quality Commission skunk?
Has Cameron learned nothing from the disastrous warmongering of Tony Blair?
In Britain contempt for the political class is growing. Is democracy dying?
Former top cop, Mustaq Patala, charged with rape, indecent assault, perverting course of justice
DIVERSITY! 34 Leicester drug dealers jailed (just 4 are white Britons)
Police hunt black savage who robbed 86-year-old lady at Hackney cashpoint CCTV
Asylum-seeking rapist, Ybrah Haylemaryam, jailed for 20 years
Ricardo Blake, 16, chased after and stabbed Huy Pham to death Anas Iqbal accused of repeated rape of 16-year-old and sexually assault of her friend Religious teacher, Suleman Maknojioa, charged with indecent assault of girl under 13
Ahmed Bourkiss convicted of false imprisonment and oral rape
Gang member, Ali Lamnouoir, gets 11 years for arsenal of guns/ammunition
Pakistani immigrant attacked daughter for wanting to marry man he didn't approve of: NO JAIL!
Nurse Eddie Presquito who performed sex act on terrified patient as he lay helpless struck off
Ban for horror hospital nurse, Sipho Makhaye
Terror suspect, Abdullah-Hassan, refused bail
Efit of man who made inappropriate remarks to woman in wheelchair and "touched her clothing"
Pervert doctor (Chinese) filmed boy and men taking showers on his iPhone
Repeat sex offender, Justin WIllis, avoids jail for third time!
I would feed my family GM food says Cameron (but only in front of the cameras)
Western hypocrisy: double standards, propaganda, cynicism
Police paid overtime to watch Big Brother!
Hong Kong silent on Snowden's fate after U.S. files charges
Obama planning to deploy US troops to help crush freedom seekers in Egypt?
Multiculturalism comes to Ireland and the country is better for it
Theresa May considers banning US bloggers from UK
British Museum launches gay history guide

Friday 21 June

My name is Paul Weston and I am a racist!
Israeli Chief Rabbi questioned over alleged involvement in bribery and money-laundering
NatWest cashier Hissan Dar defrauded vulnerable couple of £110,000 and gambled half of it away
Richhario Ramie charged with rape
Asylum-seeking attempted rapist Mohammadullah Khan says jail has made him mentally ill
Woman in her 50s dragged off street and seriously sexually assaulted by Blacks
Abusive care nurses Akosua Sakyiwaa, Annette Jackson and Sharmila Gunda face jail
‘Cardboard gun’ robber hid cash up his behind!
Jaymin Abdulrahman gets 2.5 years for throwing her newborn daughter down a rubbish chute
Genocide of 70,000 white people?
Is WikiLeaks implying Michael Hastings was murdered?
Environment Secretary Owen Paterson suggests GM foods safer than non-GM?
1,000 pay-offs to silence staff cost is £28m with highest costing £266,000
If the NHS is the envy of the world the world is bonkers
NHS blunders cause eight deaths a day
Joshua Oppenheimer befriending mass murderers (in The Guardian)
Threat of tribunals over maternity laws are 'suffocating bosses?'
Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White branded a 'wealthy idiot'
Shares rout wipes £50bn off top UK companies
Just 8 homes saved last year by Boris Johnson's £15m housing crisis initiative
Jail is like a holiday camp for drugs lord ‘Butlin’

Thursday 20 June

Imams promote grooming rings! (Muslim leaders say so)
Charlotte told Devendra Singh she wanted a divorce - he murdered her
Ahamad Otak murdered Kimberly Frank and Samantha Sykes: his girlfriend blames herself
After 3 years of rape/abuse (alleged) at care home by Anwar Ismail, Aaron Leafe, 15, kills himself
After 3 years of rape/abuse (alleged) at care home by Anwar Ismail, Aaron Leafe, 15, kills himself
Woman sexually assaulted by black man
Former Dartford Cricket Club captain, Jay Dassrath, jailed for rape
30-year-old attacked by black man in High Wycombe in serious condition
Drug addict, Muhammed Ali, who stabbed Jurgen McDonald, sent to nuthouse
Gangster Mohammed Rahim-Bah deported over 'murder links'
Kamran Nazir and Shamas Ali to stand trial after 'racial assault'
Black burglars assault teenager
Former GP, Navin Naran Zala, convicted of 10 counts of indecent assault
Canning Town sexual assaults: Asian sought (CCTV)
CCTV: Police trace shoplifters after Sainsbury’s staff assaulted
Asian bus perv: CCTV images
British Muslim leader, Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, accused of 16 Bangladesh murders
Four women are raped EVERY DAY in Scotland
We stay out of Syria at our own peril says warmonger Blair
Blair Wars: Militants claim 3 Britons dead after attack on UN compound in Somalia
'Men look like they want to hit Muslim women' says Blair's Muslim sister-in-law
Labour politician says he fathered child with alien and extra terrestrial sex ruining his marriage
New Yorkers in court accused of 'X-ray terror plot' to kill enemies of Israel/USA
Truth behind Jewish hedge-fund donor's knighthood
Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans denies more sex crime allegations
Empire with no shame: baby death cover-up proves institutional secrecy infects entire NHS
Fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana (gay couple) get 20 months for £850million tax evasion
Environment Minister says we should promote GM crops!
Now they're forcing a black Dr Who on us? New banker bonus boom: Payouts leapt 64% to new record when Osborne cut top-rate tax
Jobless youth of Europe may be ‘scarred for life
'Invisible' poor children let down by schools says Ofsted head
2009: Joseph Haigh, 14, attacked by large gang of Muslims
Joseph Haigh trial: Asians not guilty
"Learning the lessons of the Holocaust?" (No questions! 6,000,000 or else!)

Wednesday 19 June

Aras Hussein charged with decapitation of Reema Ramzan, 18
Nurse Sipho Makhaye shoved tablets down a pensioner's throat
Anton Howell and Hider Eshpari defrauded their clients out of more than £170,000?
Raza Kanval and Karim Rashid charged with major fraud
Dr Ravi Sondhi faces hearing over £100,000 cash grab
Danial Shaw, Champaneri, Amin, Imran, Shah, Brahmbatt and Parmar deny £600,000 fraud
Sencer Sevket tricked a finance company into paying him £1.5m after promising to invest £30m
Big Brother contestant Sezer Yurtseven dodged £80,000 tax after being falsely accused of rape?
Nurse Farhad Allybokus invited daughter of stroke victim into shower room for a cuddle
Miles Mohammed stole £180,000 from Greg Fitzgerald
Four women are raped EVERY DAY in Scotland
Women who regularly use talcum powder increase risk of ovarian cancer by 24%!
Army hands redundancy notices to 4,480 soldiers!
COVER-UP by Health bosses over 16 baby deaths
Food workers treated for TB! "65% of cases are imported from abroad!"
"Carers" Titilayo Ajala and Henretta Offae asleep in £580 a week home for elderly
Girl Guides no longer have to swear allegiance to God and the Queen
Abuse campaigner told Esther Rantzen about Jimmy Savile 18 years ago!
Kent Police under fire in damning official report
Shop assistant Qazi Ali denies groping 11-year-old as she buys sweets
6 teen footballers (Yassine El-Hasan named) and father (Hasan D) jailed for killing linesman
Mert Karaoglan, 18, and Charleigh Disbrey, 15, commit suicide? 18/15? Non-native/native? Go figure Wilfried Zaha's brother evicted from flat for antisocial and threatening behaviour
Reckless bankers should face jail says enquiry!
G8? G-hate more like!
Asylum seekers are valuable members of community says GUARDIANISTA!
Sarkozy conspiracy to enrich friend Bernard Tapie at the state’s expense?

Tuesday 18 June

French ex-Minister Roland Dumas says we were preparing to make war on Syria 2 years ago!!!
Edward Snowden: Dick Cheney traitor charge is 'the highest honor'
FOX reporters fired for reporting the truth about Monsanto milk
MURDER! Colin Greenaway, who was disabled, has throat cut! Daha Mohammed charged
Illegal immigrant, Hakim Abdillahi, butchered a pensioner!
Massive blast at military airport near Damascus result of Israeli airstrike?
Ynet, internet arm of Israel's top selling daily, says: "Assad must not win!"
Britain MUST protect Syrian rebels (Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood/9/11 types)says Traitor Hague!
Scots police smash two large Muslim paedophile rape gangs
‘I thought I was safe - then they (Nabeel, Iqbal and Raza) raped me’
Assault by Black left a man with a bleed to the brain
Can you identify these women?
Players and father (El-Hasan D) convicted in death of Dutch linesman
Mass Murderer? Egypt's Arab Spring sees one sworn in to govern region her terrorised!
Eurosceptic 'doom-mongers' are WRONG, says top Bilderberger, Ken Clarke!
Gay marriage Bill will make the law 'an ass', says Archbishop Sentamu
Care home deaths more than double in a decade: fears raised over neglect and poor treatment
'In my country, if they have died, then they have died!' Immigrant nurse re: unresponsive patient
Foreign aid madness! Cuts at home but we STILL hand out more than every other G8 country!
1,000 child porn paedos (2/3) caught with obscene material get community/suspended sentences
This foreign aid bonanza is an insult to taxpayers
Online porn: animals have more rights than women
Massive blast at military airport near Damascus result of Israeli airstrike?
Ynet, internet arm of Israel's top selling daily, says: "Assad must not win!"
Who is behind 3rd world immigration to Sweden
Kyle Rogers exposes Barbara Spectre's Multicult vision

Monday 17 June

DIVERSITY! Medical practitioners calendar of fitness to practice cases: June 2013
BBC's factual television is an insult to the nation!
Traitor Hague: "It would be wrong to rule out arming Syrian rebels!"
Don't turn Syria into a 'Tesco for terrorists' like Libya, generals tell Cameron
It is madness to get caught in the bloodshed in Syria
Britain must NOT arm Syrian rebels warns Boris Johnson
'Blood on your hands!' Putin berates Britain over Syria carnage
SYRIA: Sarah Palin says: "let Allah sort it out!"
More than 4,000 patients a year die from poor NHS care at weekends
A celebrity-obsessed honours system that insults our genuine heroes
Why do 'serious' TV shows treat us like idiots
'Allah will punish you all!' Worshipers and cops slashed with machete by 'Taser-proof' madman
Pakistani immigrant suspected of dragging special needs girl off street and raping her
Takeaway owner Bakir Ahmed Ali followed customer outside and stabbed him: NO JAIL!
Police hunt Asian attacker after vicious assault at Bradford scrapyard
'Asylum seekers sparked terror alert on flight'
16-year-old girl threatened with knife by "man of Indian appearance"
Top Jew, Charles Saatchi, 'attacks' Nigella in favourite Mayfair restaurant
IBM powered the German holocaust, the NSA will power the American holocaust
ADL Spies: The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League
More third-worlders seize the chance to claim asylum
Headmaster might invite a porn star to help teach sex education? (Sack the tw*t!)
Obesity crisis sends diabetes rate soaring among under-40s
Is there no end to fat cat lawyers' hypocrisy?
Pope takes first step towards reforming Vatican Bank (You won't last long at this rate, Frankie! Street lights may be turned off to help fund elderly care, councils warn
Shut half of Whitehall and save billions says Jewish MP, Dominic Raab
Lib Dem Lord quizzed by police over claims of sexual harassment
YUK! Does it get any more f***ing obvious? Mo Farah wins Celebrity Dad of the Year award!
UK 'spied on foreign politicians at G20 London summits'
Standard of foreign doctors in Irish hospitals would not have been accepted previously
One in every two junior doctors employed in Irish hospitals is a foreigner
Helen Croydon: Confessions of a prostitute?

Sunday 16 June

MURDER: Disabled man had throat slit in 'brutal attack' in Thamesmead
Christine Haye-Levy murder: Errol Anglin jailed
When can we expect change in Delhi's rape statistics?
Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts
Edward Snowden: when Truth Becomes Treason
2006: We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish
Somali immigrant stabs cop and 3 others in mosque
HITCHENS: Do you still need proof our rulers are lying to us?
Attacks on Shia Muslims leave dozens dead in Iraq
Nigella Lawson 'attacked by husband' Charles Saatchi at restaurant (Titter ye not)
EDL leader Tommy Robinson in vicious war of words with Tony Blair
Edward Snowden When Truth Becomes Treason
Lee Rigby’s battalion is scrapped in Army cuts
Drug gang that lived millionaire lifestyle jailed
Tony Blair urges Britain to help USA arm Syrian rebels! (You know, Al Qaeda and the Jihadis?)
Maternity wards shut 1,000 times a year!
Charges dropped! Mohammed Mazar made offensive online comments after Lee Rigby's murder
Thief sues police for refusing to make her a WPC! (Says amnesia made her forget her conviction)
Poor white children are the worst achievers at school, says Ofsted chief
MURDER: Disabled man had throat slit in 'brutal attack' in Thamesmead
Christine Haye-Levy murder: Errol Anglin jailed
When can we expect change in Delhi's rape statistics?
Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts
Foreign Mercedes tailgated lady driver and forced her to stop - driver then punched windsceen
Edward Snowden: when Truth Becomes Treason
Yahoo fought against NSA's spying program but was forced by secret court to join PRISM
£49billion! The devastating financial and human cost of our fatherless society
Taxing the rich even more 'won't change society' says Blair, defending rise of the super-wealthy
Asylum seekers cost £1.5m a day
Goldman Sachs banker (picked by Osborne for top job) gave £400,000 to Tory party

Saturday 15 June

Could Syria ignite World War 3? (This what the Warmongers are after?)
24% of British babies has foreign father! 65% London babies have at least one foreign parent
Dishonours! Gongs for the disgusting! (Trough-gobblers, crap cops and left-wing luvvies)
Baldrick (part-Jew) knighted for ‘public and political service’ as Labour party activist!
Cameron to give £1m to problem solver! (Migrant hordes, PC, Islam, Jews, banksters no problem!)
Afghanistan is our Vietnam says Defence Secretary (Traitors like him forced it on us!)
Kevin Rowe gets 24 years for the murder of Danny O'Shea
Jailed for 10 years after killing Darren, 'drink and drug fuelled' savage is now out!
Hotel where Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain drugged/raped schoolgirls stripped of licence
Behind the curtains of a suburban home: arranged marriage, adultery, murder
Bradford City's Lewis Emmanuel charged with armed robbery
Delroy Bryan charged with attempted rape and voyeurism
Mohammed Chowdhury groped teenage girls
Detectives link bus attacks after second assault (by Asian) in Walsall
16-year-old sexually assaulted in subway by Asian
Ethnic complains to cops about prostitute who 'misdescribed herself!' (Too ugly for the poor lad)
Asian leaves Derby woman with head injuries
Bradford subway assault on girl, 16 - Asian sought
Holocaust Centre receives £500,000 Lottery award! (Cash for propaganda!)
TREASON! Jeb Bush says future of US economy depends upon immigrants! They're "more fertile!"
SCUM! Britain's worst mother The beggar on £50,000 a year... not to mention living in a £300,000 flat Indian 'cancer specialist' had the expertise of a first year medical student
OFFICIAL warning to would-be immigrants! You could be conned, made homeless or set on fire!
We just can’t afford the welfare bill for eurozone immigrants
Think pictures of East Europeans camped out in slums will deter future migrants? Think again
Outrage at £1.5million a day cost of asylum seekers
Britons have less chance of working than immigrants
What idiot thought open-air GM trials were a good idea?
Putin defends US on spying programs, drones and Occupy Wall Street
Legal battle to kick Abu Qatada out of Britain has cost taxpayers £1.7million!
France's burkha ban sparks violence across Paris
UAF meeting: Jews Goldberg (Cllr) Hester (Chairman) and Featherstone (MP) speak

Friday 14 June

Chechen Muslims ("rebels") kidnapped/killed Christian leaders in Syria
72% of voters don't trust MPs (but keep voting for them) LEMMINGS!
(Chemical weapons in Syria? (Like WMD in Iraq?) US will aid "rebels" (Jihadi invasion)
Britain's top soldier warns more cuts means we'll suffer on the battlefield
Hunt for Asian after woman assaulted in Derby
Man injured by knife-wielding robber in Nottingham: black men flee the scene
Sexual Assault by Asian in Huddersfield
LUTON: Teen threatened with knife during attempted robbery - 3 black men sought
Khalid Muhammad - Call for White Genocide!
‘First time' in history: White deaths outnumber births in US
Blacks made up majority of US serial killers last decade!
Islamist Drug Dealers Shoot Man While Imposing Islamic Law in Trinidad
Dale Cregan arrested for murder and BAILED! (Subsequently killed 3 more people)
Crime DOES pay! Reoffending figures show average prisoner commits 41 crimes!
Who voted for a shanty town? Smug, self-regarding left-wing bigots shut down the immigration debate
Jail rogue bankers in future say MPs! (JAIL THEM NOW, say I)
Keystone Cops use bus full of children as roadblock to stop gypsy fair car chase
Prince William's DNA shows Indian ancestry! (And Jewish ancestry too?)
Northern women more likely to suffer skin cancer: use sunbeds 'to look like their favourite celebs!'
Labour ‘wasted £12bn on RBS’
EU Referendum vote? 2nd-generation immigrant Jew tells Labour MPs to abstain!
34% of Britain's bees wiped out by wash-out weather
(Chemical weapons in Syria? (Like WMD in Iraq?) USA will aid Jihadi invasion! ("Rebels")
Bradford subway assault on girl, 16 - Asian sought
What idiot thought open-air GM trials were a good idea?

Thursday 13 June

Brian Gerrish explains the planned destruction of British society
Nick Clegg failed dozens of women victims of Lib Dem sex predators
Hypocrisy and the shaming of Mr Clegg
Lib Dem sex scandal: why have no heads rolled?
Leader of Kingston Council Derek Osbourne resigns after child porn arrest
UK's most prominent black Judge charged with lying in Chris Huhne speeding points case
Genital mutilation victims ‘being failed by police and social workers’
'Diversity is being replaced by superdiversity!' Now 1-in-8 was born overseas!
TREASON! 225,000 of the 423,000 employed here in last year were not born in UK!
We can’t afford welfare bill for eurozone immigrants!
Europe destroying the foundations of our way of life
NHS staff silenced and handed £2m in secret severance payments! Chief exec lied!
GM diet 'can lead to disease in pigs!'
In 2008-9, 651 people hospitalised by cannabis psychosis. 1000+ hospitalised 2011-12!
Black gunman gets 42 years for killing man and shooting disabled woman
Jail for man who stabbed victim to death after scuffle in pub
'Vicious' and 'unprovoked' attack on 57-year-old by Asians
"The whole system, judging by recent revelations, is rotten to the core!"
Fears for UK grow as Romanian gangs lead to closure of Louvre
Sudanese immigrant, Ziko Sullimans, slashed friends when they sympathised with Lee Rigby
Man attacked by Asian with metal bar in horrific road rage incident
Drug gang (Mohammed Musa, Joshua Folorunso and Pritpal Singh) jailed for kidnapping
Man attacked by East-European gang in Derby
Erandi Silva charged with 11 counts of rape and two charges of sexual assault
Boy suffers sex attack by Asian in bus station toilets
Cyclist stabbed by black man on Deptford railway bridge
A third of crimes committed by hardcore of career offenders
Cameron not booking Qatada's plane ticket just yet
Migrants from Eastern Europe live in squalor underground
An aluminium fuel cell - Why is Government blocking it?
Pornography: Censorship of the Internet
Sleepwalking into a Technotronic Dictatorship
Childhood obesity cases up four-fold in a decade
RBS chief forced out by George Osborne
Wendy's employee eats ice cream direct from the Frosty machine
Tory MP and wife drove lesbian housekeeper to the brink of suicide
We're ripped off in so many ways
Head of NHS blames Treasury for use of secret gagging orders
NSA surveillance: The US is behaving like China
Betting shop machines 'spark street fights

Wednesday 12 June

Pope admits there is a ‘gay lobby’ at the highest levels of the Vatican!
What politicians/PC Crowd/yellow cops/sheeple have sentenced our children to!
Tensions high in Ashton-under-Lyne after "Muslim youths" attack "white girls"
Muslim pupils threaten to kill boy for backing troops!
Jordan Maguire murder: cops release CCTV footage of wanted black man
Ramy Maynard denies murder of Chrissie Azzopardi
Fitzroy Daley plunged a knife into the heart of 50 year-old Eric Paul
Wendell Baker begins second trial for pensioner rape
'Cowardly' thug Marvin Brown subjected ex-girlfriend to 'senseless' beating in front of children
Daniel Anthony Bidace murdered Dothan Gordon and attempted to murder his partner
Asians beat teenager with a crowbar attack in Middlesbrough
Bogus cabbie, Mashain Pitchei, gets four years for sexually assaulting girl
Polish cleaner groped 3 young women then blamed it on his Polish upbringing
19-year-old sexually assaulted by Asian taxi driver
Jaymin Abdulrahman 'threw her six-day-old baby down a tower block's 40ft rubbish chute
Gypsy family face jail for smuggling plot
Manawar Taus attacked lone female after luring her into his taxi
Isha Tejan-Rahman gets 9 years for possession of loaded assault rifle and pistol
Sadistic rapist Hernany Ernesto De-Brito faces years behind bars
Bungling doctor Camelia Jurcut failed to diagnose a patient's ectopic pregnancy
Dr Jahangir Taghipour, 63, slipped his hand between patient's legs!
Big Brother's Sezer Yurtseven dodged £80,000 in tax
Psychiatric nurse Alex Kanneh threatened vulnerable patient with voodoo if she revealed secret affair
Holloway station pickpocket jailed
84-year-old "Miss Marple" catches housemaid thief, Helen Kuplec, in the act
Claire was stabbed 10 times in throat yet Italian cops say it was suicide!
One in five rapists/burglars let off with a caution!
Non-Syrian 'rebels' kill boy, 14, in front of parents (Cameron wants to replace Assad with these?)
Judges attack cuts to legal aid for migrants!
Jewish MP's family company pays just 0.01pc tax on £2.1bn business generated in UK
2012: Syrian Christian beheaded by Cameron's rebel pets - body fed to dogs
Syrian rebels (Cameron/Hague pets) 'kill Shia residents of eastern village!'
Recession prompted 'unprecedented' fall in wages
UK's new immigration boss, Sarah Rapson, says immigration chaos 'won't ever be fixed!'
Durvey says fathers routinely misrepresented as useless and lazy in TV shows
BNP leader Nick Griffin visits Syria after receiving invite from President Assad
Traffic warden tickets funeral cortege!
Outrage as new European Union immigration guide helps migrants claim British benefits
The agricultural revolution: UK pushes Europe to embrace GM crops!

Tuesday 11 June

40 years wasted? Breast screening 'doesn't cut deaths!
Polish trio get life for murder of Catherine Wells-Burr
Moroccan immigrant, Achraf Jandara, guilty of fashion designer's murder
Islamic extremists who plotted to kill EDL members jailed for life
DNA links Mohamad Salim to Camden rape 12 years ago
Rapper Deeba to be extradited from Ghana to face rape charges
Young man stabbed in Croydon: black men sought
Dr Narendra Sharma in court on sex assault charges
Hunt on for Tooting sex attacker (Black)
Armed robber, Ahmed Ali, jailed
Sexual assault in Doncaster (CCTV)
He raped and killed his niece - Now he wants vote and gets legal aid to fight for it
Diversity comes to Israel! Illegal immigrant rapes 8-year-old in Tel Aviv
New York Jew harasses bike rider
European Jewish Parliament" Established In Secret, Feb 2012 - Mainstream Media Blackout!
Media Covers Up Muslim Mass Shooter in California
Taliban behead boy aged 10 for 'spying' (taking food from cops)
Welcome to Sweden NOW!
Britain paid an extra £10BILLION to bail out Irish banks
Booze/soft porn Anjem? Choudary slammed over fake pic claim
1-in-14 of 4,253 deaths in Staffordshire hospital may have been caused by neglect!
If we have nothing to hide, why should we have to prove it?
British couple jailed and fined £600 after refusing to pay for paella they didn't order
Mum and unborn baby die as Dr Babatunde Coker et al remove ovary instead of appendix
Is diabetes super drug a cancer risk for two million people?
Benefit cheat tycoons to have assets seized in tough crackdown? (Believe it when I see it)
Bilderbergers just a talking shop not a secret government says Biderberger Ken Clarke
Muslim cleric (former top terror suspect) sues MI5 for £50,000 compensation over house arrest
Britain is STILL the biggest migrant magnet in Europe
Worried about immigration and EU? You are not 'Little Englanders' says votecatcher Cameron

Monday 10 June

Luke Fitzpatrick murder: Black savages jailed for 56 years
16 sentenced as police tackle drug gang in Mitcham
Drug producer Abrar Abbasi absconds from OPEN prison
Asian gang attack teenager in Blackburn
Kids flee from man wielding machine gun in playground
Racism fear over sex abuse scandals
Muslim fanatic Anjem Choudary claims soldier Lee Rigby will “burn in hellfire”
“Anti-Muslim backlash” has been grotesquely exaggerated
Sheeple opposition to immigration falls when bulls*it about the benefits is spread liberally
One million children are growing up without a male role model
“Recent and rapid rise” in number of women selling sex in London
"A Palestinian state on 1967 lines is dangerous for Israel... I oppose that idea"
London MP in call to stop homes being sold overseas
Only one in 15 online child porn suspects is arrested
‘Before Mandela South Africa was safe economic powerhouse now crime ridden basket case’
Indian victim of an acid attack dies from her injuries
Benefit cheat tycoons to have assets seized
Councils 'to blame' for death of high street
Ed Balls: Labour would cap state pension if it returned to Government
38,000 cops taken off beat to do courses!
Hundreds of thousands of children set to lose free school meals

Sunday 9 June

ASSAD: "it's time to arm the Syrian rebels and bring him down" says Jewish MP
Cover-up protects a lying, guilty man
Ben Igbinedion charged with murder of his 3-year-old nephew Daniel
15-strong black gang stab teenager in Forest Hill
Web spying 'approved by Congress'
Oldham terrorist who blamed wife for bomb plot loses appeal
Kevin Seefah gets 11 years for role for violent robberies
HITCHENS: Tired of being ruled by thick, rich people? Bring back grammar schools
Number of EU students in Britain at a record high - we lend them £100m to pay fees!
Despite denials by bosses, Google and Facebook DID allow spooks access to data
Web spying 'approved by Congress'
Cameron and co. to give even more (£375m) to foreigners!
My beautiful cheerleader daughter died in agony because she took this acne drug!
Anti-gay marriage rebel in bid to oust Cameron
Top Labour MP under fire over free trip to China funded by Commie regime
The alarm bells ring as Ed Miliband vows to care for your cash
Richard Ramirez killed 13 people, now Death Row claims him
Should the black vandal who defiled two British war memorials face jail?
Are they investigating the Lagarde List or the "holocaust"?
Farage gets the BNP/NF treatment from the UAF
Teacher Andrew Hillary gets 21 months for 87,000 child porn images
Head to toe in Muslim dress, Cherie's home-wreck sister out with new husband
Giant US firm which makes Budweiser crushes tiny UK brewers

Saturday 8 June

Cameron set for (top secret: THEY never tell us what gets said) Bilderberg meeting
Fellow Tory condemns Cameron's cosying up to "unaccountable" Bilderbergers
Out-of-hours GP Dr Eduoard Yaacoub forced 57-year-old disabled patient to have sex!
Rafal Nowak shopping with English lover hours before he murdered her for insurance
Parents of university graduate murdered by Poles call for tougher immigration controls
8 years minimum for paedophile Opemipo Jaji who raped 11-year-old whilst on probation
Student Reema Ramzan hacked to death: boyfriend arrested
Suleyman Tonbul, son Hasan and Mehmet Senel jailed for revenge murder
Nii-Azu Kojo-Smith said he never meant to murder Liam Woodards
Four black burglars guilty of 'manslaughter' of Reece James
‘Violent and manipulative’ Abdul Kadir jailed for abuse of deaf women
Schoolboy robbed by knife-wielding Asian
Young man hospitalised by Asians in Bradford
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Preston
Anees Asghar due pleads guilty killing pedestrian, Andrew Simpson
Osazee Eguagie brandished knife in fight outside pub
Romanian immigrant, Mihai Lacatusu, charged with attempting to abduct 9-year-old girl
Young man attacked by Black after refusing to buy drugs
African immigrant, Thomas Sissala, stole £50,000 in benefits after winning £48,000 in Lottery!
Sex-pest nurse, Michael Amukhobu, faces being struck off
Axe Gang wearing full-length burkas smash-and-grab at Selfridges
TWEET: Deyka Ayan Hassan said people wearing Help for Heroes shirt 'deserve to be beheaded!'
Romanian shanty town on a suburban London street
British Muslims laugh at Lee Rigby at the scene of his death
Israeli film director dismisses the Nazis-made-soap-from-Jewish-bodies propaganda lie
Baroness Ashton says Israeli "settlements are illegal... threaten to make 2-state solution impossible!"
NHS Director says patients are suffering “unsafe, undignified and inhuman” care!
Only a third of rich Britons are willing to provide financial support to elderly relatives!
Race riots, TV, shopping and gay rights transformed Britain in the late 1950s
Ireland records first known case of leprosy in decades
Glasgow Council fined for loss of 76 laptops containing data/bank accounts of 20,000 people!
Vodafone pays NO corporation tax for second year despite earning more than £5billion!
Cameron is a liberal! People who give their children 'soft' names are left-wing!
Supermodel Naomi Campbell to stand trial after 'attack on Italian photographer
Bolivian villagers punish rapist/murderer by burying him alive in victim's grave

Friday 7 June

Rebels (those Cameron, Hague and Blair want us to back) massacre Christian village in Syria
Teenager tells of random beating with crowbar by Asians
Scottish parents stick two fingers up at IslamoMarxist brainwashing
Unnamed Jamaican charged (BUT NEVER CONVICTED) with multiple rapes removed from UK
Teenager told she had IBS 5 times! Weeks later she died of bowel cancer
Former IRA terrorists flooding UK with potentially lethal fake cigarettes
Female cop steals a phone: NOT GUILTY! ('Too drunk to know what she was doing')
Gay parents have 'healthier and less argumentative children' says gay dad, Dr Simon Crouch
Teenager tells of random beating with crowbar by Asianss
Scottish parents stick two fingers up at IslamoMarxist brainwashing
Cultural differences no defence for sex crimes says Police Minister
Another 'racist" Brit vents her spleen! (How come our girls are braver than us?)
Chef Kamhung Lee charged with stabbing a man outside a Harlow pub
The truth about the 'wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder
EU put eurozone safety before Greece during bailout, IMF report claims
Cashpoint card snatches treble: Romanian crime gangs responsible
Beggars and thieves from across Europe flock to the streets of Britain!
Around 70,000 people every year", arrested in London are foreigners
Muslim gang wanted to start war with the EDL
Saddam Hussein's former henchman and legal worker raped teenage boy in Debenhams toilets
One hundred foreign crooks a week are kicked out
Czech criminal allowed into UK to rob elderly charity worker

Thursday 6 June

Can David Cameron explain why he has put us on al-Qaeda’s side?
CENSUS: How we went from making things to sitting at a desk (Dependent on others now)
first black children's laureate says "I bang the drum for more diversity!"
'I'm a British citizen!' (Courtesy of PC/globalism, Adebolajo is, indeed, a new 'Brit')
Lee Rigby will burn in hellfire but his killer is a nice man
‘British’ Government funds ‘Hope Not Hate’ left-wing smear merchants who target UKIP
Teenager stabbed in South London: all suspects Black
Wesley Williams (name, ethnicity not mentioned) arrested for murder of Yvonne Walsh and baby
Shah Jalal Hussain charged with terror offences in connection with Woolwich murderer
Muslims set fire to their own restaurant after leaving ‘racist’ graffiti implicating right wingers
Leaked report reveals NHS knew 111 was all going wrong
Great-grandmother, 100, died of dehydration in hospital
Gang preyed on young girls ‘starved of affection’
Cab driver, Shazad Hussain, fined for refusing to take blind woman and her dog
Blood donors heckled by anti-fascist protesters at Hove Town Hall
Now half of sham marriages involve foreign students!
Hospital patients pay 'unjustifiable' £42-a-week to watch TV! (Prisoners charged just £1)
We must stop the immigrant invasion! Voters demand effective border control
Legal aid is now a racket that only benefits lawyers
Child porn teacher Geoffrey Bettley cleared to work in schools!

Wednesday 5 June

448,422 'Britons' diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection in 2012!!! Those YOU, THE SHEEPLE, vote for are killing us off! (STI's often cause a loss of fertility)
East London Muslim gang ran child prostitution ring
After 2 years of constant pressure from a traitorous elite, Emma West pleads guilty to racial abuse
Killer Matthew Tvrdon admits 32 charges
Pawel Lysonik, Kamil Semrau, Lukas Kalkowski and Stanislaw Gliszczynski murdered husband-to-be on his stag do
Muswell Hill Islamic centre destroyed in fire
X-Factor's Tulisa charged with conspiracy to supply class-A drugs
Youngsters attacked with bottles after refusing drugs
Sunbeds, smoking and not eating enough fruit can age a woman's skin by 10 years
Malorie Blackman: the new (black) children's laureate
More than half of us want to quit the EU
In Romanian Parliament, UK's first Jewish Speaker says immigrants are better workers than us!
Oi! You 8-year-old bimbos! Pay attention! Posh Spice crowned ‘woman of the decade!’
The trough-gobbling hogs who will attend this year's Bilderberg meeting
The Islamic sources speak for themselves

Tuesday 4 June

PC Keystones want inequality made law! Plod wants ethnics favoured!
"Arrogant" restaurant boss Amirul Islam gets 4 years for killing Sarah Child
Trai Williamson wanted for the murder of Khadar Hussein Posing like Usain Bolt and kissing the Koran, Woolwich killer is now 'Abu Hamza!'
Romanian gang jailed for 22 years after stealing £120,000 of vital copper cabling
Terrified mum had meat cleaver held to her throat by black robbers in her own home
Black robbers try to rob schoolboy
Ethnic health workers 'beat dementia patients and mistreated others'
Woman sexually assaulted by taxi driver (black)
Bonehead drug addict who tried to a handgun from a US Deputy Sheriff
Sexual Assault: police want to speak to Asian with strong foreign accent
Nabil Ahmed, Naeem Ahmed, Anas Iqbal and Hassan Raza cherged with child sex crimes
Southend man stabbed: cops look for man of Turkish appearance
Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins denies sex offences including raping baby
Coronation Street star Andrew Lancel 'sexually abused starstruck teenage boy, 14'
Swedish politician caught telling the truth about immigration
Statins can weaken muscles and joints! (Some f***ing wonder drug!)
Casualty waiting times highest for nine years
Families with two children will be '£1,800 worse off by 2015'
The millionaire doctors' leader who destroyed out-of-hours care
Out-of-hours foreign doctor 'struggled to understand' phone call and cost boy’s life
Gay weddings will 'abolish' marriage as we know it, Archbishop of Canterbury
We didn't run up too much debt when we were in Government says (load of) Balls!
DIVERSITY: ‘Black virgin’ gang-raped at 13 ordered killed for wanting justice

Monday 3 June

Harley Davies, 17, subjected to brutal beating by Muslim gang (for having long hair)
Foreign nurses taking British jobs
The six-hour wait in A&E before Stewart was seen cost him his life
Torment of cancer mother turned away 15 times by GP
A&E? It's more like a war zone: Dying women shunted into corridors to make space
CHRIS SKIDMORE MP: How soaring immigration has piled on the pressure
Until our leaders admit the true nature of Islamic extremism, we will never defeat it
Israel reaches deal to deport immigrants "/>
Brazen Asian drug gang jailed for 47 years
Senior Bolton cop, Mohammed Razaq, guilty of string of frauds
Vietnamese immigrant, Tuan Anh Le, in court over murder of pensioner
Girl, 17, is robbed by Asian knifeman in broad daylight The truth about the 'wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder
Jimmy Savile ‘took his Passion Wagon to Scout camp’
The mental health hell of students on their own with a £40,000 debt
UKIP hammering the political elite in Westminster
The chicken rice with NO CHICKEN and bacon bits made with crushed INSECTS!
The feminists were right about the toxic power of porn
Migrants to wait six months before they can claim benefits?

Sunday 2 June

He brought huge numbers in, he encouraged them, he would't arrest the hate preachers - now traitor Blair says 'there is a problem within Islam!'
Dane Hamilton jailed for sumuggling in £160,000 worth of cocaine from Jamaica
Asian gang attack cyclist in Manchester
White Muslim threatened to kill Prince Harry just hours after murder of Lee Rigby
Woolwich murder and MI6: Brother of Michael Adebolajo 'paid thousands to spy in Middle East'
Home Office legal blunder allows violent criminal to stay in Britain under human rights law
HITCHENS: We set Syria ablaze - Now we're hurling in explosives
Creepy nerd, Nick Boles, says pupils should pledge allegiance to diverse Britain!
UK to bribe Taliban ahead of troops’ withdrawal
Most Britons oppose arming militants in Syria: Poll
Trough gobbling hogs at it again! 3 Lords (2 Labour) caught in 'cash for access' sting
Pensioner killed by rolling police van (Keystone cop left handbrake off)
Britain's Got Talent reject in 'suicide attempt'
Ice in six out of ten restaurants has more bacteria than water from toilets
Pensioners forced to ration as water companies make £600million profit in 2 years!
Cabinet Minister Oliver Letwin (Jew) is caught editing his own profile on Wikipedia
93-year old driven to her grave after getting false £50,000 repair bill
National Front's Marine Le Pen could face race hate charges
Three times as many Muslims are in prison than 15 years ago
Black, Guardian journalist: "Just discovered my mother and sister are UKIP supporters"

Saturday 1 June

US govt website for girls 10-16 explains anal sex/oral sex/mutual masturbation!
August trial for Bulent Sessacar (wife, Rebecca, murdered in front 6-year-old daughter)
Peter Hagan party murder: Romell Martin and Jermaal Ferguson on trial
Murdered rapper Amir Tufail's brother robbed bank customers
Iranian refugee, Ehsan Khozanie Shamali, jailed for road rage row stabbing
Marty Ward gets 24 years for murdering bride's brother at Gypsy wedding
Drug gang jailed for 167 years
Serial offender rapes teenager on way home to family mansion
Woolwich killer, Michael Adebolajo, spoke at UAF rally against EDL and BNP!
Al-Qaeda publishes guide for aspiring jihadists
Woolwich murderer's pal, Ibrahim Abdullah-Hassan, charged with inciting terrorism
Black man hits woman over head with bottle and drags her along by the hair
Dorchester worker, Mateen Ali, stole stereo equipment from posh rooms
Nurse Amara Fornah struck off for blunders that led to patients death
Nurse Winnie Buthelezi struck off for abusing pensioner
Revealed: The close links between Google, politicians and porn
Charity uses taxpayer cash to campaign for migrant benefits and protect a foreign rapist
Council says it can't kick Abu Hamza's wife out of £1m home we pay for!
General anaesthetic for over 65s 'raises risk of dementia by 35 per cent'
Risk-aversion: overprotective parents and teachers 'ruining children's play'
5 suicides. One common thread: They all fell foul of the RSPCA
Victoria died after doctors missed cancer 11 times! ("Mohammad Yuseff Main blamed himself"
Penny died after 8 out-of-hours doctors failed to save her
5,000 badgers to be slaughtered this weekend
Gay MP, Nigel Evans, accused of sexual assault by fourth man
Stabbing on bus in Croydon: CCTV image of black man cops wish to speak to
Secret court jails father for sending son 21st birthday greeting
Unemployment hits record high in the Eurozone Grammar schools now at one in 20 pupils as numbers rise to highest levels since 1978
Tower Hamlets’ ex-mayor received summons for not paying council tax
Tory MP Patrick Mercer quits party over alleged 'cash-for-questions' lobbying

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