Daily News: June 2014

Monday 30 June

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: "I have never, ever, in words, been violent towards anybody. I have not!" (In 2006, she said: "I don't like them (white guys). I want them to be the lost species in 100 years!" Genocide isn't violent?)
The dark side of mass immigration into the U.K
NICK CLEGG: Teaching 'British values' in schools could upset moderate Muslims
Prof Yakoub Khalaf: "We are now more reliant on external (foreign) sperm!" (Breeding us out now!)
Killer hit-and-run driver Majid Bashir has sentence slashed! Judge: DRIVING NOT DANGEROUS!
Mosque paid for my son’s terror flight
'Hip-hop jihadist' who left to fight in Syria whines after cops raid his £1m home
Sex assault on Walsall bus: black man sought
Damien Walters gets 30 months for four counts of indecent assault
Arturas Krasauskas targeted charity containers and sold on stolen clothing
White working class children have been sold down the river
Who are suffering most? Poor white children
Multiculturalism in reverse! It has failed to integrate people
Savile 'performed sex acts with dead'
Pakistani girl burned alive for rejecting marriage proposal
ISIS crucifies fellow rebels for being too moderate
One in four A&E patients are there because they couldn't get a GP appointment
Red Ed 'won't unveil any policies in case they scare off voters'
NHS facing collapse within five years
Deserting Tory faithful could cost Cameron the election
Children forced to watch as Pakistani couple who wed for love were 'killed as an example'
Elton John: 'If Jesus was alive today he'd support gay marriage' (He has a direct line to Christ?)
How on earth can Israel tolerate this filth
'I'm drinking and smoking because my unborn baby is a BOY'

Sunday 29 June

DIVERSITY! Cops hunting Asians who took 17-year-old into woods and gang-raped her
Police hunt for three men after woman is gang-raped as she walked home
CCTV appeal to identify man following rape of woman by Turk/Algerian
UK capital voted the second least-friendly city in the world
Murder hunt launched after cyclist stabbed to death in frenzied knife attack
Xhonatan Lisi and Erjon Sejdo jailed for savage assault
Vicious assault: police appeal for public's help to trace man in CCTV images
Temitayo Akinola and Teni Ladega, charged over attack on footballer
Armed burglar (black) sparks manhunt
Police launch new investigations into election fraud at Tower Hamlets Council
Boy, 14, arrested for stabbing another in south east London
Swindon murder: cyclist stabbed to death in 'extremely vicious attack'
Exeter City Council invites ONLY ethnic minorities to apply for a job!
Ex-Cameron aide Patrick Rock charged over abuse images
US Vice President says gay rights take precedence over culture
4,000 march in Glasgow after surge in rapes by Muslim immigrants
47% want to leave EU, 39% in favour of staying
Juncker the Drunker dribbles in meetings, says former Foreign Office man
'Infidels must wear red collars and shave heads'
Briton in Isis video prepared for jihad by taking up cage fighting in Welsh gym
Acting BBC chief Diane Coyle accused of colluding in Savile cover-up
Romanians sleeping rough in London triple after border opened (2,000 arrested in 12 weeks)
Young Pakistanis throats slit by girl's father for marrying without permission
BBC spends £500k to ask 33,000 Asians 5,000 miles from UK what they think of climate change!
Teenagers shun multiculturalism
'No evidence' that being in EU brought foreign investment to UK
Can you spot the difference between these two men? No, me neither
70% of graduates set to move abroad (as the 2nd and 3rd world pile in)
Lily Allen: I won't judge them if my kids take drugs (Slack-jawed airheads favoured by NWO)
Cop sacked for snorting cocaine
Special Branch infiltrated Establishment paedophile group as a 'blackmail plot'
"Roman Empire bent, buckled and finally collapsed completely" (because of mass migration)

Saturday 28 June

This human tide will be the crisis of the century
An unsustainable population boom
MBEs for sale! Contact Awards Intelligence or Labour peer, Lord Mackenzie OBE
Establishment accused of 'cynical bribery' after showering Scots with knighthoods and CBEs
People are afraid to tell the truth
US Vice President says gay rights take precedence over culture
Muslim murders pregnant prostitute because she was working near a mosque
Asylum seeker, Ghodratollah Barani, strangled Mark Morrison to death
Brent's 12 most wanted suspects
Black and mixed race men attack wrong man with hammer
Man shot in suspected gang clash in Walthamstow
Cops hunt suspected drug dealer, Edmundas Kuodys, and £4.5m drug stash
East European drugs gang sentenced to a total of 38 years
48,000 immigrants have cheated in English tests in order to obtain British visas
Dark-skinned foreigners stole from elderly woman in Salford
Women sexually assaulted by oriental and tanned man in south east London
Poland's Honorary Consul in Monaco admits role in murder
MOSUL: ISIS demands cash from Assyrian family & gang rape mum/daughter when can't pay
"Clever" sons grew up to be terrorists (DM Headline writers get more twa**ish by the day)
Loser Cameron branded 'the Rooney of Europe'
Church says it won't stop investing in Wonga
Now BBC dumbs down WW1 with foul-mouthed rap!
Jeremy Paxman: Newsnight is made by 13-year-olds trying to change the world!

Friday 27 June

Gary Oldman's Playboy interview
DIVERSITY: Toddler tries to defend mother from savage attack
Polish Gipsy family get 66 years for trafficking
Man assaulted with baseball bats by Asians
UK population rises by 5m over the past 12 years, growing faster than anywhere else in Europe
A population boom that is unsustainable
Michael Fabricant calls Yasmin Alibhai-Brown 'strange'
School with just 13 pupils - all white - accused by Ofsted of racist bullying!!!
Cops, prison wardens and celebs (scum) want drugs legalised
Now Sir Cover-up will help choose next BBC chief!!!
SAVILE: Monster on the wards
Did SAVILE kill an 'abused child' at care home?
She cycled off 15ft bridge to avoid SAVILE but he still turned up at her bedside
Householder who put up keep off the grass sign must pay compo to woman who stubbed her toe!
Ordeal of new mum suspected of harming her baby - hospital feed was poisoning him!
Schoolgirl died after taking anti-depressants and painkillers for 'fun'
Foreign founders of Ask.fm claim they are bullied despite website links to teen suicides
Iraq facing 'existential threat' (from those he wanted to back in Syria) says Hague
ISIS kidnaps 140 Kurdish schoolboys and brainwashes them into becoming suicide bombers
Energy sharks make £101 profit per family
Attacks on Blair ARE 'vomit-inducing' says vomit-inducing Labour Lord, Campbell-Savours

Thursday 26 June

SAVILE so far
Islamic fundamentalism is spreading fear and chaos around the world
Blame our Iraq invasion for civil war says General Richards
Iraq's PM says he welcomes Syrian raid on Sunni militants
The fields of old England are being lost
JUNCKER: 'When it becomes serious, you have to lie'
SAVILE: hospital abuse victims ranged from five-year-olds to pensioners
The NHS wastes billions... by a top consultant surgeon
Terrible cruelty to the elderly must NEVER be allowed
Unruly teenage pupils 'ruining four in ten lessons'
Now they're called 'ball kids': PC brigade invade Centre Court
Polish thug jailed for tasering robbery victim in her own home
Romanian bus pervert jailed for rubbing himself in front of teenage girls
Kyrone Joseph charged with attacking pensioners
Security guard needs metal plates following attack by black man
Man threatened with knife and sprayed by East European burgalrs
Bradford head teacher, Sajid Raza, arrested over more fraud allegations
Labour plotters want Ed Miliband out
Use of drones for killings risks a war without end
Why isn't Wonga in the dock? Bogus legal letters used to bully debtors
Hacking judge blasts Cameron for jumping the gun on verdict
Rebekah and the trial that cost £100million
Dave's a fool. But the way Blair and Miliband schmoozed Murdoch makes him seem amateur
Milly Dowler's sister blasts Tony Blair for offering support to Rebekah Brooks
Son of sex pest former Lib Dem MP avoids jail for attacking photographer
Rebekah Brooks: only the fools in charge would fall for her fake intimacy
Chuka Umunna says 'a lot' of UKIP supporters cannot send emails - the backlash
'We are the CHRISTIAN patrol!'
War vets march on radio station after Scum Collymore tweeted Britain 'thieved' Falklands
A new Labour leader on the cards? (Stick with Wallace - He's worth a million votes to the oppo)

Wednesday 25 June

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is "thick, bigoted and hysterical"
Saudi Arabia’s wealth should not buy our silence. Its funding of jihadists threatens our security
EU immigration now means the elderly cannot see a doctor
Cameron 'extremely sorry' he took Coulson into the heart of government
NHS to hold inquiry into whistleblowing - ‘culture of fear’ still stops staff exposing poor care
Tory MEPs accused of hypocrisy
'Budding psychopath' murdered student because rap music made him want to kill
Boko Haram abduct 60 MORE girls and women and 31 boys
Hacking, the law and the futility of Leveson
What about all the white Brits who "need a break", Lenny?
Sick 90-year-old Irene Howard turned away after midnight by hospital
Labour are 'disconnected' from the traditional heartlands
Diplomats call on Tony Blair to quit as Middle East peace envoy over Iraq legacy
Loneliness amongst UK's elderly declared 'state of emergency' as it reaches 50-year high
Gurkha killed elderly Brits in car smash - NO JAIL
There is nothing wrong with wanting to punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat?
Scotland Yard want to interview Rupert Murdoch about crime at his UK papers

Tuesday 24 June

One in four South African men admit to committing rape
Orwellian nightmare: scientists now able to create or erase memories at will
Kemo Porter and Tristan Richards murdered mother and 3 children
Leicester fire deaths: Eight thnics found guilty
Baby Kyle sent home by a doctor to meet his death at hands of black stepfather
Black guy says something to your girlfriend, you punch him, he stabs you 5 times
Gang of Muslims smashed American tourist's eye socket with bottle
Fears for Scots teen stabbed on holiday in Turkey
Gang of Muslims 'smashed American tourist's eye socket with bottle
Bulgarian bogus brides hired by Skype and paid £4,000 to 'marry' Pakistanis
George Galloway's ex-aide Aisha Ali-Khan got cop husband to hack into Scotland Yard emails
Doctor Mohamed Ismail Niaz Ahmed posed for photo with twerking schoolgirl
This is no country for old women either
The real reason why NHS is overwhelmed
From ferrets to fish...New EU laws that are ruining Britain
'We love you ISIS': EVERY continent shows support for jihadi savages
‘Post their heads on Twitter’
UK Muslims 'complacent' over threat of home-grown jihadists says top cop
Who is behind ISIS's terrifying online propaganda operation?
British forces 'not good enough' to tackle jihadists, former army chief warns
Miliband ‘is losing the working class’
"British" jihadis waging war for ISIS
Cops told to go easy on Somalis chewing Khat despite ban!
Families, elderly and disabled being told they must find new GPs
Britain is scorned and insulted across the EU. Why do we stay?
BBC Trust boss wants more ethnics in Eastenders
Blair must go! Ex-diplomats lead calls for PM who went to war on a lie to be axed
Top cop retires aged 50 - now Sharon Rowe's rolling in it
Bond's lost his Britishness, says John Cleese
MILIBAND: I'll stay on as Labour leader even if we lose the Election (Hooray!)
Polish MPs ridicule Cameron's 'stupid propaganda' aimed at Eurosceptics

Monday 23 June

Anjem Choudary wants to leave UK for Iraq or Syria! Perhaps Nigel Farage could buy him a one way ticket?
Luton Muslims who chanted 'f**k the Queen' after battering innocent football fan face jail
Now Israel, the eternal psychopath, attacks Syria!
Widow aged 95 with failing eyesight kicked off GP's register to make way for migrants!
Labour's Chukka Umuna suggests 'disconnected' UKIP voters are all thick
'We love you ISIS': EVERY continent shows support for jihadi savages
Did this preacher groom the jihadi "Brits?"
Man gang-raped by three Asians in Huddersfield
Wimbledon is key target for Al Qaeda bombers
Exeter nightclub refused entry to military personnel
Thieving postman, Harnault Hospice Kassi, cannot be deported
Kent cops in hunt for Caribbean bagsnatcher after
Boy, seven, ticked off at school for short back and sides
21-year-old raped by black man
Bonehead Britain: here it scrounges!
NHS spends £280,000 to send 28 staff on US 'fact-finding mission'
Father of Isis volunteer: 'My son has betrayed Britain'
America is not the land it was when George W. Bush embarked on two wars
3 out of 4 hospitals have no senior doctors overnight!
Clegg is toxic to voters, says Lib Dem peer
Preventable deaths wipe 14 MILLION years off victims' lives
America is not the land it was when George W. Bush embarked on two wars
Unintended Consequences
Pakistani woman, 20, is gang-raped, killed and hanged from a tree
Red Ed's team and the ghost of David Kelly

Sunday 22 June

Child abuse detectives raid Jewish peer's office in House of Lords
Is Yasmin Alibhai-Brown the stupidest woman in Britain?
Record number of immigrant rapists/murderers use human rights to stay in UK
A lethal new class of "British" jihadi (LibLabCon imported these)
'We love you ISIS': EVERY continent shows support for jihadi savages
With the sycophantic compliance of service officers the road to hell was paved
The Christian town outside Mosul where 600 ragtag volunteers are holding out against ISIS
Eileen Brown bled to death after surgeon Amga Nakhla cut through vein during hip operation
Delroy Bryan tried to rape 22-year-old he befriended on a night bus
Footballer Michael Boateng and far east business men locked up for match fixing
Savage who murdered honeymoon couple killed during jailbreak
Black man breaks member of staff's jaw in Harlow assault
Black man kicks and punches 71-year-old in Upton Park
Doctor who doubles as a curry house waiter - moonlighting GPs too busy to see you
Bradford Muslims found guilty of £5.5m drugs conspiracy
Peterborough 'Facebook grooming' sex attackers jailed
Schoolboy, 16, is found in pool of blood outside his school
Arrest over car boot full of voting forms
For "attacking" a mosque with strips of bacon - A YEAR IN JAIL!
Why do we grovel to China's tyrants? Because bankrupts can't be choosers
550,000 EU passports given away to east Europeans by Hungary (Now they can live here!)
Lenny Henry to join BBC diversity panel (Jobs for the non-natives)
AWATE says: "This country owes the rest of the world anything it wants!" (8.40)
Biased BBC to spend £2.1million of our cash fast-tracking ethnic talent
'Nearly half of all British people' would vote to leave EU
Hillary Clinton took me through hell,’ claims rape victim
University students spend SIX HOURS a day on Facebook/YouTube and sending texts!
First cleric to flout Church of England gay marriage ban fired by Bishop

Saturday 21 June

Killer of British honeymoon couple escapes from prison in Antigua
Dr Nurpur Mittal stole £130 from Kelly's purse during appointment for sick baby: NO JAIL!
BBC boss pledges that one in seven BBC presenters will be black or ethnic minority!
Jewish MP wants to punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the throat - as opposed to a treason trial?
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown v Rod Liddle
Our political class is utterly out of touch with voters
Tony Blair is the real weapon of mass destruction
The Islamist terror is heading over here
Stepping into the bloodbath of Iraq would be madness
Iraqi troops are hopelessly out-gunned by ISIS (where are the Drones?)
Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist savages two months ago
'I disown my sons. If they come back alive, they should go to jail'
Tory MP's night in cells after attacking his girlfriend in row at his flat
Britain's borders and a passport to abuse
The fatal fantasies of looney tunes Ed
Latest attempt by David Cameron to undermine UKIP in Europe
US Presbyterian Church votes to divest from 3 companies supplying Israel

Friday 20 June

Senior MP calls for Tony Blair to be impeached over Iraq
How Britain was sold down the river
Modern Britain... no country for old men
Global refugee figures highest since WW2, UN says
How migrants exploit EU rules to get their families into Britain
ISIS militants threaten UK, says Cameron (You backed them to the hilt in Syria!)
Baby Kyle Keen killed by stepfather Tyrone Matthews
Rasta Michael Beckles charged with murder of former soldier, Brian Mulligan
Mohammed Mian mowed down and killed dad-of-two Steve Campbell and maimed his wife
Islam demonstrators attacked football fans and abused fellow Muslims
Knife attack by Blacks on teenager in Luton
Man beaten to a pulp by East European
22-year-old woman punched in club by black man
Former social worker Mudassar Khan struck off for distributing indecent images of children
Dappy (Dino Costas Contostavlos) found guilty of assault - NO JAIL!
Armed burglar (black) sparks manhunt
First case of Muslim sectarian violence in Britain
Police IT project's £15m failure a 'debacle'
Sharp rise in cancers caused by lifestyle
Fury as tourism minister says: If passport is held up, stay at home!
Cameron sworn at by top public schoolboys
Baroness Hale calls for a rethink on religious and gay rights
Pupils let down by headmasters who treat competitive sport with suspicion or as optional extra
just 19% of voters think Red Ed's up to the job
Is this what would happen if cannabis was legal in Britain?
Fluoride toxicity no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’
Watching TV 'has no benefits for toddlers'
Boko Haram snatching boys from Cameroon and forcing them to be child soldiers

Thursday 19 June

Muslim immigrant who wants "white guys" to be "the lost species in 100 years" says Asian values could prevent indigenous British children coming bottom of the class
Human rights of a genocidal warlord! UK taken to court by dictator who ate human hearts!
We'll rue the day our leaders recklessly gave control of economy to ruthless Chinese regime
Excoriating attack on NHS managers by a senior consultant
Home Secretary grovels as passport crisis threatens to ruin 55,000 family breaks
Jihadi Terror Group PLC
ISIS 'seizes Iraq's largest oil refinery' and kidnaps 100 foreigners
'Islamic militants in Iraq planning to attack us here in the United Kingdom'
Towards World War III: USA’s "Contingency Plan” to Attack Iran with Nukes
Media disinformation and the framing of the Syrian War
Western Military Alliance Supports Syria Terrorists
Ukraine – How foreign intervention is tearing the country apart
Humiliating apology of Lib Dem sex pest, Mike Hancock MP
NHS 'is facing a £2bn gap in its funding'
'Britain is an old and declining empire embarrassed by its weakness'
Muslim mayor accused of faking postal votes faces ban from office
French fishing boats used to smuggle 200 Albanians to Britain
Ministers’ fury over claim that poverty has doubled
Footage of Luton teenager being attacked by masked gang
British Army Afghan interpreter groomed girl, 13, and got her pregnant
Muslim preachers left Andrew White covered in blood
'Gaddafi couldn't kill more people than NATO did'
Mark Anthony Thompson will serve 11.5 years for kidnap and rape
Andrew Patterson committed 94 criminal damage and theft offences Westminster alone
Abdul Hamid has absconded from prison
£20,000 reward for Robert Hart's mixed-race killer
Violent, unprovoked assault on woman at Elephant & Castle Station - Black man sought
Ikem brothers £200,000 crisis loan con rumbled due to poor spelling
Violent robber, Jonathon Gondora, stabbed man in leg to steal his mobile
Robber Nigel Collins posed as cop before battering man
Qatar Osman Abdi and others charged with gang rape of a 16-year-old girl
Fraudster David Aninakwa claimed more than £6,000 in housing benefits
Jordan Raeburn caught with cocaine and pistol
Israel re-arrests Palestinians freed in 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner-swap deal
Muslims against Crusades burning Poppies on Remembrance day

Wednesday 18 June

LAMONT: The people have spoken on mass migration. Will the political class hear them?
Liberal political class 'fuelling voters' anger over migrants'
Labour candidates who've never had a real job
Iraq: Tony Blair faces damning criticism for lacking plan for life after Saddam
Blair bears 'total responsibility' for ISIS says academic who advised him on Iraq War industry stands to make billions off ISIS threat
How an arrest in Iraq revealed $2bn ISIS Jihad network
Middle East on verge of sectarian war - video shows ISIS executions of Syrian soldiers
UK and US turn to Iran to solve Iraq crisis
Primary school fete includes pole dancing display by kids as young as 4!
Damning papers written by Project for the New American Century Warmongers
Education and Race an Alternative View
'The guards don't run the prison, Islam does' - interview with Tommy Robinson
West has a long history of using jihadists/Islamists to further imperial ambitions
Cops could've prevented Kieran's murder if they’d investigated Imran Hussain’s trial run
Sanjay Kumar jailed for faking his own 'brain fever' death in India
Good Samaritan who stepped in when thug assaulted women seriously hurt
Nazmul Islam, Imanul Hussain and Mohammed Ali jailed for Oyster card fraud
Caribbean restaurant forced to close after mouse droppings found on filthy floors
19,000 complain to energy firms every DAY
Pope Francis calls out 'greedy' bankers: 'Stop getting rich on financial speculation!'
Britain's major challenges 'untouched' by Cameron, says former aide
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt orders an end to boob jobs on the taxpayer (About bl**dy time!)
Crackdown on health tourists: NHS spends £500m-a-year treating foreigners
District nurses may be 'extinct in a decade', putting thousands of frail/elderly at risk
Female genital mutilation and Islam-denial
Israeli Minister: "We will turn membership in Hamas into an entry ticket to hell"
Facebook page wants Palestinian execution every hour until kidnapped Jews returned!

Tuesday 17 June

white working class are ‘left behind’ because of immigration!
Was the 1980s Bradford headteacher who criticised multiculturalism right?
Critics round on 'unhinged' Tony Blair
Impeach Tony Blair: As Iraq burns, Parliament should put this deluded liar on trial
War that made the enemy our only hope? (Those who call for Iran's destruction are our enemies)
‘Black flag of jihad will fly over London’: Alarm over UK-born Iraq fighters' threat
IRAQ: Christians say they fear being wiped out in the Islamist onslaught 'My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head'
Hague opens talks with Iran to stem the bloodshed
Gun-toting children as young as eight watch ISIS prisoner being executed
Gordon Brown admits 2003 invasion failed to bring peace to Iraq
Islamic Trojan Horse inside Britain
Angola bans Islam and shuts down all mosques! (It clashes with Christianity)
Robert Hart killed by mixed-race attacker - Mother appeals
Whitstable woman repeatedly punched in face by "dark-skinned" man
YORK: Young woman, 21, punched in face 3 times by "olive-skinned" man
Fluoride toxicity no Longer a ‘conspiracy theory’ Knife attack by Blacks on teenager in Luton Charity worker Temitayo Akinola and student Teni Ladega charged with GBH on Richie Robbins
Catford: Man smashed over head with bottle - Black men sought
Men robbed at knife point by Blacks, one victim stabbed
Good Samaritan who stepped in when thug assaulted women seriously hurt
Nazmul Islam, Imanul Hussain and Mohammed Ali jailed for Oyster card fraud
Damning papers written by Project for the New American Century Warmongers
Detective Mohammed Afiz Khan, who accessed info about hate-preacher Anjem Choudary, dismissed
Non-whites armed with a butcher's knife rob Luton convenience store
'Polite and charming' Romanian scammers stole £300 from woman at a cashpoint
CCTV images: Man beaten with poles at station
Gennadij Raivich who fathered 58 kids via insemination sexually assaulted desperate would-be mums
'S**t happens, life goes on?' Wayne Payne should be executed
Immigrants must speak English and should have access to benefits restricted, say Britons
61% want three year welfare wait for EU immigrants
Gove's top ally blasts 'bumbling' Cameron
George Soros (nicked a British billion on Black Wednesday) blasts 'parasite' banks
Links between ISIS fighters and hate preacher Anjem Choudary>
Greek Jews criticize selection of ‘xenophobic’ politician as minister

Monday 16 June

The vermin Blair/Cameron/Hague and 49% of LibLabCon wanted us to fight for in Syria
Those Cameron/Hague/Blair backed in Syria butcher dozens of Iraqi soldiers in Iraq
The slaughter that shames Tony Blair: Outcry from all sides over ex-PM's 'Crusader' call
Nigel Farage calls Tony Blair an 'embarrassment'
Boris Johnson says Tony Blair 'has gone mad' over Iraq
General, Sir Michael Rose: Blair's bizarre claims - and the reality
Having Blair as peace envoy is an obscenity
CIA's Benghazi weapons used by ISIS in conquest of Iraq
'The seeds of 9/11s are being planted all over Iraq and Syria'>
Traitor Blair: 'Intervene in Iraq and Syria or Britain will face terror attacks'
11 years on and American revenge against Iraq’s Sunnis looking more disastrous by the day
Epic plundering of Iraq
Why THEY hate peace by Ron Paul
BBC Newsnight failed journalism
Hundreds of young children having teeth removed 'because of sugary drinks'
£45,000 bonus for boss of hospital where 800 cancer patients got false all-clear
Miliband's schoolboy errors are hurting Labour, warns one of his top MPs
"Party drug" GBL kills high-flyers Carl Fearon, 24, and friend Lynette Nock, 28
Angelina, Mr Hague and the women victims betrayed by our own courts
How ministers’ mates still cost us more than £7million a year
Luton woman punched, spat on, racially abused by Asian (She asked kids to stop swearing)
Clegg in 'cash for honours' row over his biggest donors
The Israeli regime favors the “partition” of Iraq with the help of the ISIL
US committing blunder after blunder in Iraq: Analyst
UK has 'a lot of people who want to be nurses' (LibLabCon prefer cheap migrants)
Theresa May: Forced marriage 'cruel and unacceptable' (Why wasn't she saying it decades ago?)
Can a £120,000 spin doctor rescue Nick Clegg or is it too little, too late?
Is a second American Revolution now inevitable?

Sunday 15 June

Traitor Blair: We did not cause bloody civil war in Iraq
Smiling assassin of Iraq, Shakir Wahiyib, has reputation for roadside executions
Traitor Blair: Don't blame me for meltdown in Iraq (Can we blame him for a million dead?)
Traitor Blair's naive war WAS a trigger for this savage violence
Your wars cause rape, Mr Hague
Hundreds of "British" fanatics off to Iraq to join ISIS amid fears 'they could bring terror to UK'
Andrejs Pozdnakovs gets 27 years for the murder of Trevor Middleton
Mohamud Mohamud, Cadil Huseen and Hussein Ali get 25 years for murder
Robert Marcinkiewicz-Szukowski charged with murder of fellow Pole
Dexter Landsberg charged with murdering wife
Paul Gerlach and Louis Borzoni deny murder
Prisons inspector accuses ministers of prisons 'failure'
Be more British Cameron tells Muslims (He told us to be more Asian in 2007)
EU ruling paves the way for GM farming in England
Government pushes for mass water fluoridation - Fluoride (in rat poison/nerve gas) causes cancer
'Beds in sheds' landlord, Michael Aslam, told: "Cough up £200,000 or go to jail"
NHS scan and test delays 'worrying'

Saturday 14 June

REAL reason your kids can't afford to buy their own home? Chinese are snapping them up!
REAL reason there's a massive passport backlog? 208,000 handed to immigrants in a year!
Worn out passport workers 'suicidal'
Families’ misery and the immigration minister who misjudged gravity of passport crisis
'Iraq invasion was a cock-up... we'll be living with for the next 50 years' says General
Obama FREED the warlord now leading the ISIS savages in Iraq
After posting beheading video, ISIS boast of slaughtering 1,700 soldiers
Beheadings, Sharia imposed as ISIS Encircles Baghdad; 1,700 Shia Troops Executed
A world in flames - yet STILL we cut out Forces!
Birmingham cop, Osman Iqbal, helped run brothels with the Hussains, the Alis, Hyseni, Disha etc.
Det. Insp. Afiz Khan pleaded guilty to misconduct and was dismissed
'Cheating teachers have lost morality': Dirty tricks on rise to boost exam grades
10,000 families paying massive unnecessary care home bills!
The mansions built by Romanian thieves who robbed passengers as they slept
Female Tube passenger, 54, slapped for asking black man to turn down his phone
Ali Rashedi jailed after stabbing a cafe worker in Rusholme, Manchester
Drugs supply gang ring leader, Wajod Ali, jailed for 8 years
Bogus bride and groom, Uzoma Onwuha paid Robert Horvath, jailed
90 prisoners including murderers and violent armed robbers on run from just one open prison!
Spanish thug who pushed Stephen Mallon to his death in racist attack jailed for just 3 years
In the last 3 weeks, Stoke, Milton Keynes, Oldham, Derby have appointed Muslim Mayors
Is this what our foreign policy has become?
If you want to fawn over celebs, Mr Hague, just buy a copy of 'Hello!'
Arise Dame Angelina! Starstruck William Hahgue hands Jolie a gong
Former MP Louise Mensch labels Greece 'racist' over ADL poll results (She's married to a US Jew)
Biden: We need a ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants
USA: Pentagon prepares for mass civil breakdown
Computers to replace teachers in the classroom by 2016?
Trojan Horse: Birmingham academy spent £50,000 on trip to Saudi Arabia using travel firm linked to school director
Billions spent, thousands of lives lost: US investment in training Iraqi forces?
DIVERSITY! Pakistani ate newborn baby?
The lawyer Sylvia Stolz was jailed for 3.5 years for defending her client too well!
Stunning HIV infection rates among African-Americans
NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 to do sweet FA
MP Mike Hancock's son found guilty of assault on Express photographer
What do you think Donald Sterling's investigation into the NBA's 29 other owners will find?
'Auschwitz' football chants are not anti-Semitic

Friday 13 June

BLAIR WARS: ISIS butchers leave 'roads lined with decapitated police/soldiers'
'Iraq chaos is Tony Blair’s legacy’ says Home Office minister
BLAIR WARS: Oil hits 3-year high as violence in Iraq escalates (US/Big Business profit)
BLAIR WARS: Iraq on the brink of civil war: conflict explained in 60 seconds
Robert Hart died after attack at Parklife Weekender Festival- Police seek mixed-race man
Parents of Levi Blu Cassin charged with his murder
Twelve members of Romanian sex trafficking gang jailed
Lee Rigby memorial WILL be built in Woolwich
Lizzy Idahosa and Jackson Omoruyi charged with human trafficking, prostitution etc.
Mehretab Zemicael guilty of murdering Gary Brisco
Former Mayor Jawaid Ishaq denies 16 offences at Sheffield Crown Court
Black men sought after teen stabbed in stomach at bus stop
Dark-skinned burglar, who ransacked home of woman in her nineties, sought
Ahmed Momoh arrested and charged with burglary and possession of imitation firearm
As Iraq and Ukraine implode, PM seen at celeb hotspot and Hague hobnobs with Brangelina
Terror suspects, Erol Incedal and Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, can now be named
British soldiers are 'secretly' being fed HALAL food
At least 1.1m pupils speak English as a second language
£219,000 was paid to get rid of former council boss Nick Hodgson
Clerisy = Thought Police/PC Crowd = Elite Jews
Watch What You Say, (DO NOT) The New Liberal Power Elite Won’t Tolerate Dissent
Angry villagers warn of riots unless police act on Roma
GM crops in England next year: Outrage as ministers back commercial planting
PM says sorry for Passport chaos: after days of denials, emergency measures imposed
Price comparison sites 'collude with insurers and push prices UP'
I'd execute this scum
Trashed! West London park is turned into a rubbish dump by travellers
'Killer cement' in hip replacements has 'killed 41 patients in seven years'
£50,000 payout for couple whose dream Caribbean wedding turned into a nightmare
Racial harrassment charges against Paul Weston of LibertyGB dropped

Thursday 12 June

Trojan Horse: We were wrong, all cultures are not equal!
It's not just schools – Britain (LibLabCon) has let Islamists run riot
Labour MP claims the party is target of hundreds of Trojan Horse "fundamentalists"
Working class people just don't want to vote Labour any more!
New York Cardinal John O’Connor was the grandson of a Jewish rabbi!
BLAIR WARS: Now Tikrit falls to Islamist terrorists
ISIS! A terror group too extreme even for al-Qaida (Obama/Cameron/Hague back these in Syria)
IRAQ: Militants seize Turkish consulate, take 80 Turks hostage in Mosul
Al-Qaeda forces seize Mosul and Tikrit with Baghdad in sight
We're losing track of terrorists, warns Theresa May
Harsh army defence cuts 'puts Britain in danger'
BRADFORD: Teachers suspended for refusing to impose strict Islamic model
American scientists controversially recreate deadly Spanish Flu virus
US may soon train Kiev’s military, Obama tells Ukraine’s president-elect
Labour peer: 'Pragmatic' Britain should give MORE powers to Brussels
I really do believe there is a plot to flatten us .. to crush and bring us to our knees
UKIP voters will come back to us, says David Cameron
Cops treated pensioner, 83, like a hardened drug dealer!
WAKEFIELD: man left with broken jaw after attack by Asians Lewisham Police most wanted
Zimbabwe: Farms stolen from Whites given to Blacks as young as 10-years-old
Girl crawls out of grave after being raped, buried alive in Pakistan
Woman hanged in India; family say she was gang-raped
France is waking up to the fact it has imprisoned its own people
I’m not a racist, but sometimes I think like one, says Independent Jew
French police officers investigated over blackface 'negro party'

Wednesday 11 June

Paedophile MPs are mocking British law!
BLAIR WARS: Iraq's second city burning and overrun by Jihadis: government forces run away
Calls for inquiry as figures show 27% of London's prisoners are Muslim!
Why was Iraq War fought? To keep oil supply tight and send prices skyward!
‘US doesn’t care about its allies if there is a chance to hurt Russia’
Why should we trust them? USA kills/maims/tortures/lies/spies/cheats/treats citizens like crims
US arms flow into Syria could create Somali-style warlords
How the Israel Lobby works. Pressuring candidates even before they are nominated
Gagged, the heads forced out by Trojan Horse schools plot
Loving grandparents forced to fight to stop social services giving away their grandchild
New NHS statins guidance 'risks harming patients!'
'I started using sunbeds when I was 13... six years later I had skin cancer'
Labour peer: 'Pragmatic' Britain should give MORE powers to Brussels
Jageer Mirgind blinded by her father-in-law in violent assault
Ophelia Okai-Koi killed Christie McHugh in front of her family
"Devil" rapist, Tafadzwa Rungo, smirked as he was sentenced to 18 years
Charity boss, Zafar Iqbal, met The Queen. Now he's banged up for sexually abusing young girls
Zafar Chishti, Britain’s most-wanted tax fraudster (£176million) thought to be living in Dubai
Cops urge victims of Hassain Ahmed Chowdury to come forward as sex offender jailed
"Deep tan" man sexually assaults teenage girl in Doncaster
Cops seek Asian taxi driver for serious sexual assault In Leeds
Asians sought for gang rape in Glasgow
Free Parking! Southampton lecturer, Sucha Singh, used dead relative's disabled badge
Chingford: Black man wanted for bus driver attack
Threatened with knife, mugged and punched by black men
Woman fights off Asian attacker who tried to drag her into bushes
E-fit of black man wanted after driver bottled in Finchley
Two jailed for terrorism material urging Muslims to ‘die for Allah’
Dr Bijan Saha, 73, "avoid this GP like the plague!"
Who is mystery anarchist making fools of Avon and Somerset Cops?
Guardianistas see Britishness as 'inclusive,' covering many of backgrounds! (Quel surprise!)
FIFA chief Sepp Blatter runs for another term despite mounting corruption controversy
Threat to quit EU not part of 'European spirit', says Merkel
First time ever a House Majority Leader defeated for renomination (Eric Cantor is a Jew)
How our clown elite fought to fawn over silly-lips Hollywood celeb

Tuesday 10 June

So when will being "white British" become a crime?
IRELAND: Evidence emerges that infants in care homes used in medical experiments?
Nice wife beating honours the woman, according to modern Islamic cleric
This singing Muslim seems to have broken the nice-wife-beating rules
One rule for Muslims, another for everyone else? Not fair, not British, a recipe for disaster!
Secret court jails grandma who hugged her granddaughter
DRC soldiers speak of their own astonishing brutality
The Trojan Horse plotters unmasked
The damning verdict on Trojan Horse schools
Adison Bridet repeatedly raped young woman
Polish immigrants jailed for preventing lawful burial of a body
£1,000,000 cocaine smuggler Raufu Kazeem jailed for just six years
Pakistani girl, 18, survives after being shot twice and thrown in a canal by her own family
Cybercrime 'As Lucrative As Drugs Trade'
U.S. sends stealth bombers to Europe
Israel killing Palestinians a war crime now? Surely not!
Detroit police chief wants citizens to arm themselves!
FIFA chief, Sep Blatter, says media is racist for exposing Qatar bribery!
Collabro winning BGT was wrong in so many ways (All-white? Not gay?)
Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across USA?

Monday 9 June

Experts put the total of illegal immigrants here as high as two million!
Thousands of children disappeared from council care in the last two years!
TB so rife in some parts of country rates exceed those in 3rd World!
Four million in the UK have diabetes!
why wasn't Cyril Smith prosecuted? CPS told to reveal secret files!
48-year-old Jaspal Riat seduced a “vulnerable” 13-year-old. She committed suicide
Karate pervert caged
British backpacker 'had his throat cut in fight' claim Malaysian tour guides
“Westernised” ex-wife burned to death by Ahmad Yazdanparast
Armed robbers (Asian) threaten and rob man
£5.5m drug stash was found in Manningham flat - Mohammed Dawood Aslam sought
Search for star: no white folks required
Don't fall sick in the afternoon: 1-in-4 GP surgeries shut for half a day a week
Killer on run for 9 years because cops refused to look for him!
Now sponsors join backlash over Qatar World Cup 'bribery'
Cybercrime 'As Lucrative As Drugs Trade'
Obama Dumping Illegal Aliens with Contagious Diseases Across USA?
Bribes, hypocrisy and how Britain has lost more than just the World Cup
Legal fees of Gaddafi's son to be funded by British taxpayer!

Sunday 8 June

Democratic Republic of Congo soldiers talk with astonishing candour of their own brutality
Zionist Jew lectures Swedes - tells them what to do
BLAIR WARS: More than 100 people dead in Iraq in one day of violence
Netanyahu's driver accused of serially raping young girls under 12!
Israeli suspected of illegally trafficking in human organs detained in Cyprus
'Hellfire' Muslim teachers at 'Trojan Horse' school warn 6-year-olds about 'white prostitutes'
Michael Gove's views on Islamism
"I was born, will live and die proud to be a Zionist"
The desperate, brave faces of Europe's secret crisis
Teachers move to ban members of the BNP and National Front from the profession
Mixed-race ex-boyfriend who stabbed Hollie to death in front of colleagues shows his contempt
Vojtech Bady and Jan Gorol drugged and raped Leeds woman after she asked for lift
BURNLEY: Disabled man attacked in broad daylight by Asian
Doorman fights for life after stabbing: "black man with fair complexion" sought
£5.5m drug stash was found in Manningham flat - Mohammed Dawood Aslam sought
Pair linked to Lee Rigby killer jailed for terror lectures calling for jihad against Britain/America
Muslim masturbates in street, approaching females
facebook slime who wrote nasty remarks about murdered schoolteacher jailed for 6 weeks
Race council boss Uzo Iwobi calls for more ethnic minority role models in Welsh sport
EU asks Bulgaria to stop work on Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline
'I thought I'd seen it all. Then I found nuns' secret grave for 800 babies'
Labour's Rachel Reeves declares party being deserted by traditional supporters
Migrants face deportation from Russia for any premeditated crime
Democracy? Just business: Egyptian elections get US blessing
Farage 'mistress' took overdose following row with UKIP leader's wife? Here comes the bull!
Bid to end suffering of chickens blocked after Muslims complain
Chinese farmers torture these bears to line the pockets of quack doctors

Saturday 7 June

School deemed 'too white' by Ofsted visits London to mix with ethnics
'This isn't the Britain we fought for,' say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII
What must those D-Day vets think of modern Britain?
Giants of D-Day and the small men of today
Now IMF tells us to build more homes in countryside, impose VAT on food and raise interest rates
Trojan Horse files: In their own words, the disturbing views of teachers at the heart of the row
Rivka Holden, 55, suffered horrific wounds at the hands of Nicolae Patraucean, 20
Helen Dillon, 42, was stabbed to death by Justice Cruickshank, 54
Black man tries to carjack pregnant woman
Drug dealers Maslona, Yildirim, Tezgel, Karacoc and Ates found guilty - NO JAIL
Young girl sexually assaulted in Glasgow shop
Damien Platt's use of sunbeds sees him dying of skin cancer
Dave’s arrogance is handing No 10 to Red Ed
World Cup synonymous with corporate greed and institutional corruption
Universities should lower entry standards for state school pupils: they have more ‘potential’
The NHS dehumanises patients
Culture Secretary Sajid Javid says arts industry must do more for ethnic minorities
Mixed-race man dates great grandmother three times his age

Friday 6 June

Ethnic mob attacks brother and sister- White onlookers fight back - RACISM!
Manchester: racial mob attack goes bad, when pedestrians fight back
DIVERSITY: Muslims punch & kick young woman, stone her and her dog and throw them into lake
'Whites not welcome' in England! Graffiti outside primary school
Student facing 98 YEARS in jail for wearing a RED scarf
Immigrant cheats are free to return home whilst being paid £87.55 statutory sick pay
One immigrant - stupid crime/charge - £3,000 bill for translators
Britain is turning into a third world country
Man in his fifties pucnhed and kicked by East Europeans
Ales Vesely gets 13 months for causing crash that left 3 family members seriously ill
Naheed Mahmood charged with the possession of Class B drugs
Fraudster Juliette D’Souza deceived vulnerable people by claiming to be a faith healer
PIMLICO: Teenager slashed in the neck by Blacks/Hispanics
Failed asylum and robber wins right to sue Government
Shane Wyllie and Linvan Jaisingh jailed for raping teenage girls
FARAGE and the disabled lady - Gutter press at its worst
Dr Fazal Haque washed his feet at Princess Alexandra Hospital as patient looked on
Judge slams cops over failure to investigate abuse of schoolgirl, 14, by Omid Ali raped schoolgirl, 14, and forced her to have sex with his friends - Cops did not investigate!
Holding terror case behind closed doors 'dangerous precedent!'
Ferry captain, 62, pepper-sprayed, handcuffed and thrown in a cell for refusing to abandon ship!
PAKISTAN: Shot twice, stuffed in a sack and dumped in a canal by her own family
The thin end of a deeply sinister totalitarian wedge

Thursday 5 June

Hospital feed 'poisons 15 babies'
TRAITORS! Leftie C of E bans clergy from ‘un-Christian’ BNP and National Front
Parents outrage after 'Whites not welcome' graffiti daubed outside school
ENGLAND NOW! Innocent man shot dead in cold blood by 20-strong posse hunting rival group
DIVERSITY! Ahmed Al-Khatib murdered Rania Alayed then dressed up in her clothes
Tony Abrahams stabbing: teen gets 12 years (BBC doesn't mention burglars were black)
Nourredine Sed groped schoolgirl, 11 - NO JAIL!
Drug dealer Jur Mabil jailed after men beaten with baseball bat
‘Vulnerable’ man attacked in street by Asian
Paid hitman and crime lord jailed after failed assassination
Distraction burglars hit seven elderly victims in a week
Black knifemen attack and rob man in Luton
Luton woman robbed moments after using cash point
‘Vulnerable’ man attacked in street by Asian
Gerald Kennedy, 63, held in captivity, beaten up and robbed 5 months by Mohammed Ballal
Thousands for violent crim Salimur Rahman! Unlawfully detained awaiting deportation?
Al-Qaeda groups Up 50%, Jihadists double over past 3 years
Ofsted report accuses Luton school of having library books on stoning women
Newark by-election: 1,000 Tory activists in last-ditch push for votes
Farage vows to destroy EU 'monster?'
Immigration-friendly Labour MP says 'Nigel Farage is... deeply unpatriotic"
Pupils are 'not protected from extremism'
Voters 'duped over recall bill', says Zac Goldsmith
Why is Glasgow the UK’s sickest city?
Timeline: Credit crunch to downturn (BBC do not mention Brown, Blair, New Labour or greed once
Hundreds of pro-Russians killed by Ukraine forces: Obama tells NATO 'you'll never be alone!'
Phoney PR stunts and politicians who must think we're all idiots
South Africa: Corrupt cops supplying arms/ammunition to criminals!
Mugabes grab more land in Mazowe

Wednesday 4 June

UKIP's Newark candidate accuses senior Tories of trying to buy votes!
Democracy is a dirty word to this federalist zealot
Top 8 political scandals sparked by Snowden leaks
Jem Baklej escapes jail after claiming £49k child benefits from dead daughter - NO JAIL!
Muslim boss who racially abused Sikh employee told to pay him £18k
Muslim nut pregnant Mariana Popa to death minutes after knife-point robbery
Innocent pub goer shot SEVEN TIMES by mistake
Teenagers charged after Huddersfield town centre violence Flasher Adrian Dumitru gets fourteen weeks after following a woman into the toilets
Jihadi Ismail Jabbar calls for violence in UK on social media
Hambali arrested for murder of British teacher in Bali
Injured drug-dealer will get millions in compo! All thanks to EU laws!
Traitorous pro-immigration mole in Whitehall!
Blair 'is a man with a messiah complex who's obsessed with making money!'
Another own goal for Tories: The minister who says her constituents are racist
Allergic reactions + hospital = Fast food?
Israeli Foreign Minister warns EU right wing not to ally with 'racist' parties
Lord Mandy's 'modest' home - rented from Rothschild
Graduates fill 20% of low-skilled jobs
World Cup 2014: No Bristol public screens due to antisocial behaviour fears

Tuesday 3 June

12 members of Asian grooming gang to appear in Leeds court
Anger as Traitor Blair says migrants don't affect Britons' job prospects
African savage who killed her baby can't be deported because of right to family life!
Mohammud Yusuf murdered mother-in-law in horrific sex attack: his sons were in next room
African savage who killed her baby can't be deported because of right to family life!
Rap star's backing singer raped teenage fan
IPSWICH: Couple assaulted after woman had her bag stolen by black man
Sacked doctor Raj Mattu wants at least £6.5m damages from NHS
Declan McCuish gets a year for calling Hull City's Sone Aluko a "black monkey b******"
'BBC staff ignored up to 1,000 attacks on children by Jimmy Savile'
Gove 'knew about Muslim schools plot four years ago'
Derek Tonks killed himself when doctors told him there was 'nothing wrong with him'
this spoilt generation would lack the spirit for an epic endeavour like D-Day
Cameron warns Britain will quit the EU (just before Newark by-election)
Brussels tells UK to increase taxes
Tell us again, Dave, how we are "in Europe but not ruled by Europe?"
German cops are hamstrung by treacherous PC - just as ours are here

Monday 2 June

Traitor Blair accuses Farage! (Who would you trust with your grandma's life savings?)
89-year-old pensioner punched and robbed in her own home by Asian
16 MONTHS! Judge Simon Hammond says disgraceful "racist" views won't be tolerated!
Convicted killer and rapist Samuel Lee recaptured in Eastbourne
'We must close our borders to migrants who burden Britain' = Tory after votes = UKIP!
Traitor Blair accuses Farage! (Who would you trust with your grandma's life savings?)
Bride carted off by cops on wedding night - Crime Racism!
BIG TIME CRIME! Belinda charged with making ‘monkey gestures’ at ASDA security staff
Punched in face by Asian in Slough car park
Trojan Horse files: Subverting our democracy is treason, isn't it?
'We must close our borders to migrants who burden Britain' = Tory after votes = UKIP!
Why Nigel Farage was right about those Romanians
Tories need to woo ethnic minorities to win 2015 election (Why they were imported?)
UK eyes compulsory voting for first-timers
First-time voters confident about diversity in British society
Cocaine use has "become normalised in society."
Labour’s mixed up views on race and diversity driving voters away?
Gang rape no longer rare in Sweden (I wonder why?)
Miliband admits UK will NEVER leave the EU under Labour (Democracy - Red Ed style
Is Traitor Blair making another bid for EU presidency?
Unstoppable child criminals (Wonder how many are non-native?)
The bitter truth about pledges to cut sugar
Lisa Snowdon refuses to press charges after black boyfriend attacked her in the street
How stress can cut the chances of fatherhood

Sunday 1 June

'Charlene kissed me goodbye... I never saw her again'
Qatar World Cup: '£3m payments to officials' corruption claim
Suspect in Jewish museum attack spent year in Syria (Best pal of Obama/Cameron then)
46 Romanian prostitutes found operating in Hounslow
Clayton McKenzie and David Rhoden get 16 years for kidnap
Naheed Mahmood arrested in connection with drug offences
Mohammed Khan, 18, and a 16-year-old get 10.5 years for stabbing
Kasi Kumar wanted for attempted rape
Globalization: downplaying importance of anti-EU movement is dangerous
Did the Jews Lose Europe?
Have the Jews lost Europe?
Euro border agency reveals rise in illegal immigration from North Africa
Antibiotics in food chain 'greater threat than terrorism'
Tories indirectly admit they lied to get elected? what else is new?
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel announces jobs, internships to go to illegal aliens!
'We must close our borders to migrants who burden Britain?' Another Tory vote-for-us card?
And for his next trick, Dodgy Dave will make a poll disaster disappear
Mohamed Bajiwala charged with kidnap and sexual abuse of 3 children as young as 8Mohamed Bajiwala charged with kidnap and sexual abuse of 3 children as young as 8 'Stolen election' in the heart of London
John Kerry v Edward Snowden
'Stolen election' in the heart of London
John Kerry v Edward Snowden
Former House of Fraser trainee unmasked as sadistic Al Qaeda killer
Crackdown on 400 Brit Muslims waging war in Syria? (Aren't you on their side now, Dave?)
BBC's new £1bn HQ a 'toxic waste pit that is making staff sick'
'My sadist teachers at St Paul's prep school betrayed a generation'
Condemned to death - by NHS beds shortage
Labour leader of Slough council snatched UKIP flyer from letterbox?
President Blair's 'plan to save EU!' He will 'defend Europe' from the far-right!
Blair and Campbell propping up mass-murdering regime of Egypt's General Sisi
Asthma inhalers 'could make the condition worse for some children'
Viewing porn shrinks the brain!
landlord advertised property to rent for Pakistani family ONLY
Nick Clegg the least popular party leader in modern British political history
Dr Indira Jairam helped illegal migrant mum defraud £280,000 benefits! (Back at work soon)
Mohamed Bajiwala charged with kidnap and sexual abuse of 3 children as young as 8

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