Daily News: July 2014

Thursday 31 July

It's good to tax the dead, they don't vote, jokes Ed Miliband's Jewish guru Lord Glasman
Iraq and Libya were better off under the tyrants toppled by arrogant and naive West
Razing Gaza: Before and after satellite images
US condemns Israel as tank attack kills 15 men, women and children asleep in UN school refuge
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz accuse Israeli leaders of 'genocide' in open letter
John Prescott compares the Gaza Strip to a concentration camp
The next kid to be hurt will be yours!
Telegenically dead Palestinians
It's not so easy to get away with murder now
Israeli student union sets up war room to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook
GAZA: Australian MPs condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza
Why It Matters That Norman Finkelstein arrested outside the Israeli Consulate
MH17 - Western media rushed to repeat government propaganda
Obama Names Rabbi David Saperstein As U.S. Ambassador For Religious Freedom!
US Jews block conference set to include anti-Israel professors
Russia fears Kiev trying to destroy incriminating MH17 evidence
Shocking extent of cruel treatment meted out to expat staff by Saudi royals revealed
Passers-by fight off Asian rapist who attacked jogger in broad daylight
Gay school teacher took pupils on trips to youth hostels so he could abuse them
Cop turned Andrew Pimlott into 'a human fireball after being shot by a Taser'
TV star Blunkett Bobby conned £10,000 out of foreign tourists at Gatwick
Grieving mother ordered to remove toy windmill from son's grave - It's a 'safety hazard!'
NHS: Isn't there supposed to be a cash crisis?
Wardens on £3k bonuses target vulnerable people
Militant NUT boss, Christine Blower, now paid £160,000!

Wednesday 30 July

The super-rich conspire to rule the world! (Of course they do)
ISIS celebrates Eid by carrying out genocide in Iraq
‘Telegenically Dead Palestinians’: Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War
Britain admits selling $12 Billion in weapons to Israel
Dominic Desouza gets just two years for stabbing new mum neighbour in unprovoked attack
Danish Irfan guilty of killing 21-year-old his wife, Ridda Zanab
91-year-old and 84-year-old get purses stolen by East Europeans
Youth worker slashed by mixed-race mugger
US Congress backs Israeli child-killers to the hilt!
Russia sanctions threaten to blow eurozone off course
Award-winning Spanish writer claims that Jews 'not made to coexist!'
Twitter hashtags are finally neutralizing the Israeli government’s propaganda
The Collectivist Conspiracy
Obeying the anti-racist, anti-White narrative is stupid and wrong
Lords Feldman and Finkelstein: Guiding the Tories to Oblivion
I told Mrs Thatcher police were probing top Tory’s sex parties with young boys
Harriet Harman 'underpays' trainee
Chinese restaurant in Eastleigh shuts after mass food poisoning
FARAGE: Cameron's EU benefits diatribe fools no one
The inconvenient truth Cameron ignored... Immigrants get £5billion tax credits!
No place to hide for children of war in Gaza and Syria
Gaza: 'Fifteen killed' in another UN-run school hit by Israeli fire
US Congress backs Israeli child-killers to the hilt!
Britain spends £5billion a year on tax credits for immigrant workers!
Was Nigel Farage robbed of Gentleman of the Year?
Top Ebola doctor dies after contracting the virus - Americans die too
Ebola test on ‘feverish’ man who flew into Britain from West Africa
The True Cost of Hidden Money
Labour MP calls for ex-Lloyds chief to be stripped of his £192,000-a-year pension
Women must not laugh in public, says Turkish Deputy Prime Minister
Harriet Harman 'underpays' trainee

Tuesday 29 July

Cyron Williams stabbed Joanna Michael 72 times in a 'jealous rage'
PENGE: Bus driver stabbed in the eye by DIVERSITY
DIVERSITY! Knocked to the ground and violently assaulted in ticket hall at Bond Street
DIVERSITY! Papua New Guinea weight lifter, Toua Udia, accused of sexual assault
One Direction star bombarded with death threats by Israelis after posting #FreePalestine on Twitter
Rising tide of Anti-Semitism in Britain
Bruno Guimaraes charged with the murder of Zydrunas Laurinavicius
Mayor of Tower Hamlets is to face a High Court trial into claims of electoral fraud
Celebrity stylist swindled more than £30,000 worth of gems from Jade Jagger
Israeli yobs taunt dead, Gazan schoolchildren
"The terrorist state Israel has attacked Gaza once again!"
Teenager caught with gun and drugs in Harrow Low support among younger Americans for Israel in Gaza/a> Rigby dad’s fury at killers’ £200k legal aid
Throw crooked bankers in jail! Lloyds traders 'clearly broke the law'
Crooked bankers and a mockery of justice
Every year at least 12,000 people die of acute kidney injury
Chlorine in swimming pools is giving children ASTHMA
Taxi driver who killed teenager given a cab licence despite being banned 9 times!
Is the world's deadliest disease on its way to Britain?
Cops blame Romanian gangs for over 90 per cent of ATM crimes
"Clarkson must go" because of an Asian actress and solicitor, Lawrence Davies?
Fans urge BBC to make Sherlock and Dr Watson gay lovers? BBC BullSh*t!
Italian scholar says'Shoot those bastard Zionists!'
'No clear idea' and a 'steaming pile of fudge': Miliband under attack

Monday 28 July

Lithuanian brothers found guilty of manslaughter
Top judge bailed convicted killers Valodia and Jurius Tarasov - Now they're on the run
Justice Cruickshank charged with murder of Helen Dillon
DIVERSITY! Nicolae Patraucean murdered and dismembered Rivka Holden
DIVERSITY! Black teenagers murdered Rashid Naeem in broad daylight
Teenager raped by Asian in Plumstead
Man stabbed and blinded by mixed-race beggar
15-year-old stabbed by two Blacks DIVERSITY! Eddiz Rifat, responsible for more than 120 burglaries, gets a year for the last one
Reign of terror of baby-faced Muslim thugs ends in ASBO only
Osman, Ismail and Khalid Samantar tried to con the Student Loans Company out of £10,000+
Hackney woman arrested over planned FGM mutilation of girl, 11 (Deport the sick f***)
Frauds committed by youngsters up 285% in the first half of the year
In England, 1,200 people are infected with the hepatitis E virus through blood donations every year Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter
Who's the director of the Ukrainian shale gas company? The US Vice President's son!
As we continue to be jailed for “racism” immigrants carry on
Nicole Cooper say she sick to death of hearing about Lee Rigby
ISIS ‘beheads scores of Syrian soldiers’ after assault on army base
Dozens, including 2 children, die as Kiev troops shell Gorlovka in E.Ukraine
As man died waiting for an ambulance bosses partied having won an award for ‘excellence’
Israel’s only real strategy is causing war, not ending war.
EU's 'barking mad' £25million taxpayer donation to rehabilitate PERUVIAN drug addicts!
Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain
Thatcher's bodyguard says he warned her about under-age sex rumours about close aide
WPC, 37, 'groomed a grieving 82-year-old for his cash'
Cameron's Big Society in ruins as Watchdog launches probe into misuse of government funds
How peace envoy Tony B partied in his £6m mansion as Gaza was devastated by Israeli bombs
Partying while the Middle East burns
Calais lorry drivers BEG for aid as migrants turn VIOLENT
First world war: how state and press kept truth off the front page
Greg Dyke ("BBC is hideously white") says white and male FA must change
Squeeze on playgrounds as schools tackle places crush
Global decline of wildlife linked to child slavery
'Referenda are always a gamble': Kenneth Clarke doesn't want us to have a say

Sunday 27 July

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi Trained by Israeli Mossad, NSA Documents Reveal
The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts
The plight of the Palestinians in 10 tweets
The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens the WMD of Gaza onslaught
Israel bans radio broadcast that named children killed in Gaza
Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda
Israel 'tortures' children by keeping them in cages says human rights group
Israeli military resumes Gaza slaughter
Israelis cheer as civilians are murdered in Gaza
I'd dump the Israelis tomorrow -- Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer tells Congress
Mary Moss's Elm Guest House VIP paedo list?
Nicqueel Pitrora supplied the ectasy that killed Daniel Spargo-Mabbs, 16
Jude Krishnan targeted seven victims in late night sex attacks
Devon equality officer fined for punching man who racially abused him
Jahone Issa Allen admitted robbery, GBH with intent and theft
Cops hunt Burka-wearing Muslim hit-and-run merchant who injured a child in Blackburn
TRAITORS! Birmingham council failed to act for fear of being accused of Islamophobia
Traditional British village bobby to be wiped out by police budget cuts
Councillor, 70, who called herself the 'n***** in the woodpile' sent on equality/diversity course
Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK contaminated with campylobacter
Extremist Muslim bullies forced out headteacher
How did Blair leave the economy?
Blair 'should be in the Middle East, not the UK!'
£80,000 taxpayer cash flew 200 Romania/Bulgaria immigrants back - they return weeks later
Mandelson's shadowy global consultancy and the Russian Oligarchs
Why did I have to do 6 weeks in 'Bedlam' when others got off whines disgusting MP
Ex Labour Minister thinks Ed Balls MUST apologise for the mess he left us in
World Cup should not be held in Russia, says Clegg
Shift workers 'face type 2 diabetes risk'

Saturday 26 July

USA: National Security Agency working hand-in-glove with repressive Saudi regime since 2013
Joey Barton on Gaza
Joey Barton v Yossi Benayoun (Gaza - Israel) on Twitter
The Dangerous Logic Used to Justify Killing Civilians
Does the term 'apartheid' fit Israel? Of course it does
US military harnesses social media to manipulate online behaviour
Ron Paul - What the Media Won't Report About Malaysian Air MH17
King George V demanded Britain enter the First World War
Negro savages escape death penalty for 'Wichita Massacre' on a technicality
Sparkling mineral water has up to 11 times more SALT than tap water
DIM CELEBS: Victoria Beckham has owned 13 wedding rings worth £4million in 15 years
Gipsies who falsely accused a grandma of racism are to get new £500,000 caravan site
Polish arsonist firebombed a town hall with a Molotov cocktail so he would be deported
Marcel Cross gets 3 years for possession of a stun gun

Friday 25 July

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, was trained by Israel's Mossad, NSA documents reveal!
Edward Snowden: British and American intelligence and Mossad created ISIS!
Why Iran believes ISIS is an American plot
Israel and ISIS, two sides of the same coin
As Christians are massacred in Iraq, laid-back Obama maintains his shameful silence
“France must remain a land of immigration”
IMMIGRATION - What does the French government say?
Anti-racist is code for anti-White
Phoebe Skinner was brutally raped by Pakistani students Rizwan Ahmad and Hassan Siddique
DIVERSITY via LibLabCon! Rosdeep Adekoya admits Killing her son, Mikaeel Kular, 3
Murdered for his iPhone by 'natural born killer,' Kasim Ahmed (Ahmed was on bail at the time)
Autistic boy stabbed in the neck by black/Hispanic attackers
Eliott Diffley jailed after child porn USB stick drops from his behind at police station
£190m tycoon Ranjit Singh ('the chicken king') at centre of factory health storm
Pervert doctor, Benjamin Obukofe, guilty of sex assaults but can return to work! Israel bombs UN school sheltering Gaza refugees, killing 15 and injuring at least 200
ITV News witnesses aftermath of UN school attack in Gaza
UKRAINE: Zionist America's new Jewish colony
Under fire in Gaza, and not a drop to drink
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Madeleine Albright: Israel 'overdoing' its response to Hamas
Madeleine Albright overdoing it in 1996
Gaddafi speech:'America hanged Saddam and we might be next!
Four sham weddings rumbled every day: Institution of marriage is being hijacked Cops to investigate whether own officers and politicians covered-up Cyril Smith abuse at school
DIVERSITY! Indian rape suspects lie beaten on ground after girl, 7, found hanging from tree
Human Rights Watch blames Kiev army for indiscriminately killing civilians with missiles
Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions
Soaring numbers of homeless immigrant families costing British taxpayers millions!
Elderly must downsize their homes? (So immigrants can move in?)

Thursday 24 July

Extermination of the White Race: 69% of schoolchildren in London are non-white
Just 90 fake students out of 50,000 have been deported!
Knights, peers and the Royal Family now on the payroll of Russian oligarchs
Gang of 24 fraudsters (all diverse and enriching) stole identities in £400,000 benefits scam
Black sex attacker strikes twice in 40 minutes in Taunton
Asians attack and slash young man during attempted robbery
Pensioner slashed by Asians during mugging
Police probe fraud at trust running Golden Hinde: Troy Richards and Kuku Leadbeater suspended
Israel should be investigated for war crimes in Gaza says UN
Israeli Professor Suggests Rape as 'Terror Deterrent'
Israel is killing hundreds of civilians in Gaza and American elites don't care!
Israeli rabbi says killing civilians in Gaza is allowed!
We are Israeli reservists. We refuse to serve.
Israel invades Gaza because it can!
BIG SHOTS: "Implement a comprehensive and legally binding military embargo on Israel!"
Israel has discovered it's no longer so easy to get away with murder in the age of social media
How Politics and Lies Triggered an Unintended War in Gaza
Gaza’s Christians and life under the bombs
Celebs speak out on Gaza
Massive Attack makes Gaza statement at Longitude Festival
Since 1995, no Jerusalem government has pursued a serious political strategy for peace
Children paying a terrible price in Gaza
Bombing of Gaza
BLAIR WARS: Car bombs kills 21 in Baghdad
Scotland Yard: We were ready to investigate Westminster paedo ring in 1980s
Council 'gagged teachers' from raising Trojan Horse concerns
California school district cancels Holocaust denial lesson following death threat
USA: Alarms about migrant kids were raised since 2012
Sharon Shoesmith (Baby P) wins £679,000 pay-out for unfair dismissal
Undercover police 'spied on the de Menezes family'
SCUM! Top cops oppose whole life sentences for police killers
ENRICHING! Five arrested in Italy for massacring more than 100 fellow immigrants?
Now Cameron tries to measure how racist we are
Homosexual propaganda during Commonwealth Games opening ceremony

Wednesday 23 July

17-strong family of Romanian Gipsy spongers on £55k a year benefits want a bigger home
DIVERSITY! My dad murdered my mother then sold me to Yemen when I was 13
Ron Paul: U.S. partly to blame for Malaysia Airlines disaster
Like 1938? Outbreaks of anti-Semitism on the rise across Europe
Over 600 deaths in Israeli Gaza op: bombs hit mosques, stadium, homes, hospital
Lib Dem MP says he would fire missiles at Israel if he lived in Gaza
Teachers at Muslim Trojan Horse school said Lee Rigby's murder was a hoax!
TROJAN HORSE: Labour MP Liam Byrne accuses government of using 'divisive rhetoric'
Israel hits hundreds of targets in Gaza after soldier confirmed missing
Tory ex-Police Minister faces crisis meeting as anger grows over attack on his partner
Barmaid had to have face rebuilt after vicious attack by black man
Elderly forced to eat less in order to pay their bills
UK lorry driver attacked by illegal immigrants in Calais
Schools 'to put middle class at back of queue'
Protesters accuse Simon Cowell of helping Israeli invasion of Gaza
Pupils forced to repeat entire year after UNNAMED TEACHER disappeared with coursework

Tuesday 22 July

The moment 'unarmed civilian was shot dead by an Israeli sniper' as he desperately searched for his family
GAZA: Israeli sniper murders innocent civilian
Israeli MP says "Mothers of all Palestinians must be killed"
Time to go to war with Israel as the only path to peace in the Middle East
"Blood on American Hands": Richard Falk on Palestine
Who is winning the battle of Gaza? It certainly isn't Israel
GAZA: "Warning? They don't warn us, they kill us!"
Minister says Israel 'will take over the whole Gaza Strip' if necessary
ISIS (funded by CIA/Saudi Arabia/Qatar) burns 1,800-year-old Christian church in Mosul
UAF activists burn the Union Jack in Croydon protest
Iraq whitewash? Swathes of UK public inquiry findings suppressed
Essex Council discriminates against white Brits! (Funded by the National Apprenticeship Service)
Danish Irfan denies murdering his wife, Ridda Zanab
Channel 4's "life coach" Lydia Frempong exposed as benefits cheat
Organised crime gang of armed robberies in east London jailed for over 90 years
Pro-Russian "rebels" hand over flight-data recorders from the downed MH17 plane
Iraqi Christians are raped, murdered and driven from their homes – and the West is silent
Robin Brierley stole thousands from his sick mother to bring a Ghanaian woman to UK Generation betrayed by the housing crisis
Generation betrayed by the housing crisis
The Home Office squandered £347million on a botched IT programme to process immigrants’ paperwork

Monday 21 July

Muslims get £2million plot FREE OF CHARGE to build Mosque!!!
Essex County Council 'discriminates against white British apprentices!'
GAZA: Israel has now struck more than 2,000 targets and slaughtered 500+
During the 2008/9 Gaza War, only 5 of 535 Members of Congress dissented on pro-Israel resolutions
UKRAINE: The EU, full of expansionist, imperial ambitions, stoked the flames of discord
This empty rhetoric just insults the dead
Flight MH17 'could have avoided Ukrainian airspace for an extra $66 per passenger'
Useful idiots happy to believe Putin's lies! (says son of Thatcher's Jewish Chancellor)
Tragic Jill Dando probed BBC paedo ring (Is this why she was killed?)
Jill Dando tried to get bosses to investigate paedo ring inside BBC but no one wanted to know
Ex-rent boy says he was blackmailed into having sex with senior Tories in 1970s
Rolf Harris fast-tracked to 'soft' prison (He didn't spend a single night in Wandsworth)
Palestinian murders two German girls 5 Asians who committed string of sex offences against teenager jailed for 23 years
Nigerian accountant's £4million 'fraud' at academies Gove praised
Serial luggage thief, Juan Carlos Yanez, is banned from London's airports for 10 years
Ramadan anti-social behaviour in Bristol
American Jews prefer Muslims over Evangelicals
Young mother died of cervical cancer after doctors missed signs nine times!
Cameron sacked me to woo UKIPp voters says Grieve
Fury at ambulance chief’s ‘banker-style’ £232k salary
‘Test it on Brits:’ Snowden says GCHQ even worse than NSA

Sunday 20 July

DIVERSITY! London gangs draw up lists of girls to rape
Teachers afraid to discipline thuggish minority of Asian pupils for fear of being branded racist
Cabin crew refused to fly on doomed plane over war zone safety fears!
UKRAINE: In war, blame those who make the first aggressive move. That aggressor was the EU
New law chief guilty of misconduct over race hate trial
Esther Rantzen: Her "shock" over MP lover's links to Elm House paedophile ring?
You can't sack me! It's a smash in the teeth for 12million voters - Cameron v Paterson
Israel-Gaza conflict: Palestinian death toll rises as the world protests
Conspiracy theories? Some require considering
Fury as disgraced crime agency bosses get massive payoffs
16 MPs' names mentioned in 1984 report on paedo lobby's influence in Westminster
Married prison officer, Amritpal Ahluwalia, jailed for sex with female inmate in her cell
50,000 are now homeless as a result of Israel's genocidal behaviour
Accusations of dirty tricks, bribery and racism on Immigration Street
Moped rider stabbed 4 times by black gang
Man shot at foam party
Cops fear groper Basilio Vaz attacked many more women
Doctor Raza Laskar accused of sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images of children
Statins drug can double breast cancer risk
Tens of thousands protest through London against Gaza violence
Gaining control of immigration
Migration may not drop to 'tens of thousands' by next election, admits Theresa May (Of course it won't! It was a lie then, it's a lie now)

Saturday 19 July

Corruption probe into 'sacking' of cop after he named minister as child abuse suspect
Did former Commons Speaker George Thomas sexually abuse a 9-year-old boy?
Palestinian family of 8 killed as death toll in Gaza surges past 300
The flight path of MH17 was changed! (One is reminded of the Lusitania)
France bans pro-Palestinian protests
Father who walked in on a man molesting his son, 11, beat him to a pulp
Drug dealers Amber Blamey and Jamil Rashid found guilty
Osman Ahmad jailed for blackmailing 15-year-old schoolgirl
Immigrant crime gang jailed for 90 years
Four jailed following pro-active operation by Flying Squad
Wakey, wakey!
TROJAN HORSE: Christians lie and wives must have sex or go to hell
‘Over 100,000 black Sudanese slaves under the Arabized Islamic Sudanese government’
Right to die will send us on a road to hell
A deliberate, sustained action to introduce Islamism into Birmingham schools
The ludicrously PC questions you will be asked if you want to work for the BBC
Score so far - ISRAEL: 307 - GAZA: 2
US drone strike kills several militants in Pakistan
Woman, 70, has ear ripped during chain snatch robbery by black man
Drug addict who burgled house on Christmas Eve has sentence halved

Friday 18 July

Four little boys running for their lives
Israeli ground troops enter Gaza after 10 days of bombings and airstrikes
Russia: US sanctions revenge for Ukrainian failure, Moscow may retaliate
Why was a passenger plane flying over a conflict zone
Malaysian plane shot down just as Israel invades Gaza
Cops unveil rainbow-coloured patrol car to demonstrate gay-friendliness (wearing lipstick next)
The NHS is being taken over by Wall Street. And Cameron won’t stop it More than half of British breads contain ‘toxic’ pesticides
Only one in five white Britons votes Labour
Sexual offences recorded by police 'up 20%'
Police fail to find culprit in HALF of all crimes
Ermias Gebermoiryim charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in a park
Omari Edwards-Holmes jailed for breaking woman's jaw
Health and Safety! Pensioners forced to fork out £350 for new letterbox
Former Newcastle defender left man scarred for life in unprovoked attack from behind
Nurse Faderera Grace Bello physically and verbally abused 92-year-old grandmother
Child snatch alert as East European tries to grab tot, 3, from garden
RACE CRIME: White man attacked by four blacks
Caretaker karate-kicked by black man in front of child
“Manipulative, scheming” Abdul Islam had a "deep sexual interest in young girls"
Adekunle Adeosun hired by cops to examine sex victims accused of fiddling with patients
Man stabbed in chest by black man in Colindale
Woman, 21, raped by three men in Charlton
Kahal Sene jailed under new domestic violence laws
Armed betting shop robber Emmanuel Clarke jailed for six years
Murderer Lerone Boye convicted of being "unlawfully at large"
Police appeal after bus driver assaulted by four Blacks in Newham
Ex-soldier was beaten to a pulp in the street by mystery attacker
First Romanian to arrive after border laws relaxed says his home is too expensive!
GPs warn of chaos over bid to offer statins to 17 million people
Leaked report reveals 'aggressive Islamist agenda' in Birmingham schools
Government refuses to name 82 companies caught employing illegal immigrants in Sussex
Cyril Smith: MP's friend made 'veiled threats' to police
Give me a 'toxic' minister over a dopey headmistress
Hillary Clinton's diva demands
The Islamisation of Sweden
Spanish mayor accuses Moroccans/Algerians of living on benefits and not integrating
You unbelievable hypocrite, Clegg!

Thursday 17 July

Former X Factor judge Tulisa 'brokered £800 cocaine deal for reporter
Check out all the ‘sore loser’ diversity!
She didn't respect their traditions, so they killed her 15 babies!
FARAGE: Treating democracy with deliberate contempt
GLASGOW: Asian sexually assaulted woman on holiday in Scotland
Hairdresser Hollie Gazzard murder: Asher Maslin jailed for life
Retired Bishop Peter Ball faces more sex allegations
Paedophiles in high places - SHOCKING ALLEGATIONS, 2014
Caught on CCTV: Smirking Asian yobs who smashed up Farnworth buses in £60,000 rampage
Polish prostitute guilty of hammering flatmate to death
Sabeil Parvez charged with attempted murder following two stabbings in Peterborough
Majid Kuraem charged with kidnap, two counts of sexual assault and causing ABH
Jews leaving France in record numbers
GAZA: "Who does that? Who fires on children?"
The Burka: one of most sinister developments of our times
BRICS establish $100bn bank and currency reserves to cut out Western dominance
PM is hit by reshuffle backlash over gongs for sacked ministers
650 paedophile suspects held in huge crackdown (Why now? To deflect from Westminster pervs?)
Rape ruined my dream of Africa, says RSC actress (It happens to PC airheads too)
'There are too many care homes I would not want my parents to live in' says Health Secretary
Tesco worker refused to sell customer ham and wine because it was Ramadan

Wednesday 16 July

Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe
Jon Stewart sums up the Gaza-Israel conflict (Jon is Jewish)
Israel’s atrocity and the West’s ignorance
Royal Family granted new right of secrecy
A 50-year revolution in British family life courtesy of LibLabCon
School where Blair sent his sons accused of discrimination and ordered to stop excluding the poor
US sells $11bn worth of arms to Qatar (Qatar, with the Saudis, funds ISIS)
BBC takes 'racist approach' to diversity whilst ignoring the white working class?
Will the BBC ever begin to tell the truth?
The official line is that Britain is so bad that it needs to be enriched
BLAIR WARS: Suicide blast rips through market in Afghanistan killing 89 people
150 Jews rampage through streets of Paris armed with metal bars and sticks. None arrested
Israel - Gaza ceasefire plans backed by Tony Blair crumble (of course they do)
Gaza human shields: Foreigners protect hospitals from IDF air strikes
Up to 80% of fatalities in Israel’s bombing of Gaza are civilians – UN
'Blair destroyed Iraq, Hague destroyed Libya & tried the same in Syria'
The British overseas territory of St Helena is rife with child sexual abuse
Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch 'heavy mob'
Marcus Musgrove guilty of murder of Jacqueline Oakes
Katarzyna Gacek, boyfriend and landlord cleared of baby murder despite lying to cover up death
Asylum seeker claims £18,000 in taxpayer support while illegally pocketing £74,000 in benefits
Schoolboys aged 12 and 13 who raped 10-year-old girl freed because of their age
Anis Sina gets 4 years for sex attack
Councils waste £200MILLION of taxpayers' money on different types of bins
People who post provocative photos online are seen as unattractive and less bright
Traumatised rape victims sickened after attackers were allowed to send threatening letters to them
Chairman of trust at centre of 'Trojan Horse'takeover plot in Birmingham schools resigns
‘Hopeless’ Warsi ‘resisting’ David Cameron’s fight against extremism
UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem, says EU contributed to Ukraine conflict

Tuesday 15 July

Jews behind anti-European racial subversion
London Jews sending sons to illegal schools where they speak only Yiddish!
Turkey helping ISIS militants?
4m Canadians carrying the anti-Semitic ‘disease’? Expect no protection from your Prime Minister!
Sayeeda Warsi right for EU Commissioner job says traitor Kinnock
‘Hopeless’ Warsi ‘resisting’ David Cameron’s "fight" against extremism
UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem, says EU contributed to UKraine conflict
Elderly couple forced to live rough after being evicted by their landlord
'Shambolic' Theresa May under fire as Butler-Sloss quits child abuse inquiry
NHS crackdown to claw back immmigrants’ £500m in welfare tourism
Cost of essentials in UK up 28% from pre-crash levels
20% of crimes may go unrecorded in UK – official report
Jamie Marsh-Smith jailed for 38 years for murdering gang boss
Schoolgirl, 16, uses karate skills to fight off "tanned" attacker
Abdul Islam, who groomed and targeted teenager, gets six years
Want asylum? Ask Bernie the Bolthole
Enfield council candidate Jefferson Michael Fadaka hid his convictions
Drinking on park benches and rifling through bins = Roma in Park Lane = LibLabCon diversity
The Myth of the U.N. Creation of Israel
Kidnapped girl sold to gypsies for gold earrings
Ethiopian farmer gets legal aid to sue us for sending aid to Ethiopia!
Stars given 90 days to pay back tax they avoided
BBC admits to reading staff emails
Government owed £22billion in uncollected taxes and overpaid benefits
Ed is a worse leader than Kinnock says Tony crony, Charles Clarke
Police hunt missing teenagers! Siblings went missing a week ago
Father-of-3 died from heart attack day after being sent home from hospital by inexperienced nurse
Youngsters arrested for racism
Europe is dying, says France's leading demographer
Berlin: Police attacked by brown mob

Monday 14 July

Gay Jew attacks child sex abuse inquiry
Thousands flee Gaza after Israeli warning of large-scale bombing
WikiLeaks exposes Saudi-Israeli ties
Butler-Sloss was behind paedo ruling which prevented warnings being issued!
Why I'm on the brink of burning my Israeli passport
Metropolitan Police will only recruit Londoners (majority ethnic)
Edward Snowden condemns Britain's emergency surveillance bill
Assad is ally against ISIS says Syria (Extremists = Saud-backed. West kisses Saudi bot)
MPs need ethics lessons? (Treason trials are what they need)
500 kids with tooth decay hospitalised every week as sugary drinks take their toll
11,000 children aged ten and 11 were let off violent crimes in past 7 years
English youths 'Europe’s worst at languages’ (Education, education, education)
'Disposable dads' causing crisis in families
Crack dealer Yank cannot be deported - 'he and depressed girlfriend will miss out on NHS care!'
Top cops get total of £467,000 pensions despite being sacked for gross misconduct
Pope Francis says child abuse is 'leprosy' infecting Catholic Church
Ex-French president Nicolas Sarkozy (Jew) hit by new corruption scandal
BLAIR WARS: Gunmen slaughter 25 women branded as prostitutes in Baghdad
Staff at Muslim school say clapping hands is Satanic and gays should be stoned to death
it's not just the BBC, more ethnics wanted on ITV too!

Sunday 13 July

'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'
Gay MP who had 'interest in young men' was Speaker when missing paedo dossier was compiled
Warnings of Westminster paedophile network 'ignored' because 'there were too many'
Questions over Labour peer's letters to care home boy
Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers?
Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects
Victims of alleged child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats near House of Commons'
MI5 spies blamed for spreading lurid sex scandal rumours about Leon Brittan? (Are rumours true?)
Police ignored victims of the rich and famous
Mark Reckless MP: My letter to PM on whips and child abuse inquiry
Can a member of the House of Lords investigate an Establishment cover-up?
Baroness Butler-Sloss accused of hiding claims of bishop's paedophile allegations
Butler-Sloss MI5 insider and child abuse cover-up suspect
Baroness Butler-Sloss hid claims of bishop's sex abuse
'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males' say university academics!
Media distorts truth about Israel’s campaign of brutality against Gaza
Israeli air strike destroys home for the disabled killing female residents
Iraq crisis: How Saudi Arabia helped ISIS take over the north of the country
ISIS and the potential for toxic warfare
Massive bombardment by Ukrainian war planes 'kills 1,000 rebels'
Tony Blair could face public inquiry over IRA deal
Tajwar Alam charged with Southend murder
Sex offender avoids deportation by claiming 'right to family life’ with kids he’ll never see
EastEnders actor, Khali Best, 'punched taxi driver in face after refusing to pay cab fare
Newly qualified doctors failing elderly patients due to lack of skills/training
There is nothing ‘quaint’ about restraints on power
Parent told Cameron about Trojan Horse school months before crisis erupted but got no reply
Miliband wants White House meeting with Obama to convince us he is PM in waiting?
TEBBIT: Nauseating new low in British broadcasting
HITCHENS: The last wisps of British liberty are being stripped away
Russian billionaire 'party animal' snaps up Britain's most expensive house
Cheryl Cole shuts down £2.5m Irish company after avoiding paying £200,000 in UK tax

Saturday 12 July

Paul Dillon gets 22 years for stabbing Scott Stone to death
Newborn twin died because of bungling locum who struggled to speak English
Gosport hospital investigated over deaths of 100 patients injected with morphine
Parents urged to keep tabs on children after men arrested for attacking/trafficking girls in Manchester
Smuggled into Britain as sex slaves threatened of black magic curses
Britain's second most wanted fraudster on the run after £156million tax scam
Soldiers on high alert for 'Lee Rigby-style' attack
Suspected jewellery thief in Kingston left phone and a picture of himself at the scene of the crime
Care assistant Angelina Corpuz spat at 85-year-old dementia sufferer
Benefits-happy Slovak mother of 11 says she won't get a job and will stay in UK 'forever'
Senior orthodox Jewish leaders face cover-up inquiry over child sex abuse
Why has Greville Janner been allowed to escape justice?
Keith Vaz called for new law to protect his friend Greville Janner
Greville Janner and the mysterious death of Frank Beck
Westminster 'chumocracy' protected itself from paedophile revelations
Child abusers in the Home Office
Demented child sex abuse peer charged for 15 appearances in Lords just before home searched
2012: The UK Establishment: riddled with pædophile scum
Thousands of migrants head to UK as crisis grips southern Europe
Cameron's pledge that immigrants must speak English has been ruled illegal by EU court
Israel has attacked more than 1,000 targets in Gaza since Tuesday - 113 have died
Headmasters and teachers 'may have been intimidated not to blow whistle on extremists'
FARAGE: Democracy simply cannot exist in the EU

Friday 11 July

TREASON! Labour peer escapes probe over 20 child sex claims because he has 'dementia?'
£3.7bn a year bill for illegal immigrants' health and education
Social media users warned against falsely calling politicians paedophiles
SCUM! Left-wing Socialist Worker mocks death of Eton pupil mauled by a polar bear
Butler-Sloss should not lead the child abuse inquiry
Forced to take migrants because school leavers don't have basic skills? (Education, education, education?)
New wife of hate preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad wants asylum for herself and 2 kids (already has a wife and 8 children here)
Former East Lancs councillor, Mohammed Ansar, laundered more than £92,000
Lee Bradley suffers unprovoked attack by baseball bat wielding Muslims - NO JAIL!
http://kafircrusaders.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/evil-khawaja-iqbal-guilty-of-raping-12-year-old-care-home-girl/ "/>Highly vulnerable 12-year-old girl raped by Khawaja Iqbal - He is jailed for just 5 years
> Crooked shopkeeper Sivapiragasam Sellakkannan jailed for £20k direct debit fraud
Syria activist, Kaseem Jameel, arrested in sex assault and child porn probe
Constable Vinod Kumar Dahiya in court on rape charge
Boiling water poured over woman: Luis Alfaro-Tames sought
Man sexually assaulted in Muswell Hill - Black man with bulging eyes sought
Three arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences with links to Syria
Benefit cheat, Rubina Bariwala, defrauded taxpayers of nearly £30,000
Muslims urged not to race cars to celebrate end of Ramadan
Soft justice meted out to criminals guilty of worst crimes
Tragic tit for tat? B***ocks! Planned genocide is not tit for tat
If mistrusting people makes you lose your marbles, Clegg and Co will drive us demented
Eurovision's Dana 'knew about child sex claims against her brother but pretended not to?'
8 relatives killed in one attack as Israeli airs trike death toll reaches 85
Diane Sawyer and ABC say Palestinian victims are Israeli victims!
Bolton council to blame for care home closure (Happy to build mosques though)
The Great British underclass (Made in Britain by LibLabCon)
Thousands more to get obesity ops on the NHS? (Less food/alcohol, more exercise)
Cash-gobbling primary school proms are just so wrong

Thursday 10 July

Immigration’s effect on job market and Labour's 'BETRAYAL of the British working class'
Jean-Claude Juncker says there's no hope of limiting immigrants into UK
Paedo at Home Office boasted of storing PIE files where cops would never discover them
Mandarin, Mark Sedwill, says Home Office shredded abuse files
Leon Brittan 's faulty memory and a ticking timebomb that could shake Westminster
1992 child porn arrest cop said public officials and senior clergy involved
TREASON: Government whips covered-up MPs' 'scandals involving small boys'
Home Office worker says taxpayer's money was given to paedophile group
The Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling
Family mourns eight relatives killed in one Israeli air-strike
Palestinian father blown clean out of his home
Palestinian death toll passes 80
DIVERSITY: Jihad sisters with 28 GCSEs in Syria 'training to be killers'
Islamist plot to blow up Eiffel Tower, Louvre and nuclear power plant foiled
Senior counter-terrorism detective panders to Muslims by wearing hijab whilst speaking at Mosque
300 complaints a day of abuse by carers on elderly
Teach boys how to be feminists says Labour's Shadow Home Secretary!
Films must 'tick boxes' on diversity to win funds!
Leaked document exposes how little influence voters’ wishes have on way country is run
More than THREE MILLION are waiting for hospital treatment!
One in four parents too busy to brush children's teeth
Iraq insurgents 'seize nuclear materials' from Mosul University
Half-naked sex attacker Marvin Isichei chased woman down the street
Huddersfield: Man hospitalised after unprovoked street attack by three Asians
Appeal for witnesses after teenager assaulted by Asian
CHERTSEY: Man's jaw broken in attack by five Blacks
13 people hospitalised after eating at Khyber Pass restaurant
CCTV released after attempt to abduct child in Leyton
Four black men jailed for ‘ferocious’ brick attack
Sex attacker Mohammed Talha is jailed
Tottenham taxi driver robbed by black passengers
Why won't Ed name the guests at Labour fundraiser?
Gandhi statue in Westminster is a cheap stunt by ministers greasing up to India
Prime Minister dismisses idea of 'conscience' clause to protect persecuted Christians
Flooding our shops, the fake vodka full of lethal toxins
One in ten health inspectors in NHS 'not up to the job (They can't even be sacked)
BBC staff ordered to stop giving equal air time to climate change deniers!

Wednesday 9 July

Top British civil servant unable to explain missing child abuse files
Anti-Muslim trolling ‘rampant’ on UK Twitter says a senior lecturer, Imran Awan
Israel does not treat Jewish and Arab terror equally
Scots jihadist: I’m ready to die fighting to bring about the caliphate
Reported rapes in Slough soar by 59%
Cameron should guarantee that NOT reporting child abuse becomes an offence
Germany controls the EU, we MUST get out NOW
Nigel Farage backs Australian-style immigration curbs

Tuesday 8 July

Germany tells top US spy to f*** off!
Iraq will have to fight its own wars
"Get away from me, you pig" says mega-rich Jew to estranged wife
MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Christopher Foster stabbed to death by seven-strong gang (Aytach Lisani and Billy Dove charged with murder)
Moroccan-born mother charged with murdering French teacher
USA: Black killer smirks as court hears how he stabbed white girl to death
USA: 19-Year-Old Beat 97-Year-Old Man to Death, Viciously Assaulted 94-Year-Old Wife

Monday 7 July

Traitor cops donate £470,000 to Common Purpose! EU-friendly CP teach airheads how to betray!
Murder in England: "Jumped by a gang of black youths"
One-man crime-wave arrested 100 TIMES in six years
Man suffers facial injuries after being attacked by Asian gang in Oxford
Black conman, Dean Oliver, faces jail
Indian doctor wins battle against deportation after jail for sexual assault
British ISIS fighter al-Britani threatens executions in Trafalgar Square
Growing VIP child sex scandal must merit a proper inquiry
Lord Tebbit: there 'may well' have been a Government cover-up of child abuse
Growing VIP child sex scandal must merit a proper inquiry
New fears of a cover-up over VIP abusers
London's most popular names for baby boys? 1) Muhammad 4) Mohammed
The Muslim Agenda
TREASON 2008: Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits
TREASON 2012: Muslim polygamists to get more welfare benefits
Romanians sleeping rough in London triple just months after borders opened
TREASON: 1.1 million pupils now speak English as a second language
Is it too late to clean Israel’s education system of its racism?
American teen beaten and held by Israeli police is freed on bail
Drunks who can't keep secrets: KGB's verdict on the Cambridge Five

Sunday 6 July

Stepping Hill nurse, Victorino Chua, charged with murder of 3 patients and multiple GBH attacks
Jamil Rashid sold deadly weight loss drug which kills young Britons
Teenage girls arrested after London gang stab father, 38, to death
Drunk teenager Mohammed Labead breaks police officer's leg in vicious attack
GLOUCESTER: Drug dealers Abdul Majid, Rashid Omar, Mohammed Leammin get 13 years
Briton who was jihadi in Syria and came home to bomb UK streets
Sunni v Shia Muslims riot in Birmingham - one dead (Hear about this on the BBC?)
"Talmud law permits sexual intercourse between children and adults!"
More than 40% of doctors sanctioned over their fitness to practice are from abroad
'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males'
Did ex-Home Secretary rape a 19-year-old student?
Labour Lord's 'sex attacks on 12 children': 'Horrific' allegations include rape
COVER UP! 114 secret files on paedophile cases missing, admits Government
If MPs harboured paedopgiles, damage to British democracy will be fatal
At least 40 UK politicians complicit in alleged Westminster 'paedophile ring'
Elm Guest House: Home Office warned by top Tory 30 years ago of VIP paedo ring
Top judge's links to paedophile group: Lord Justice Fulford cleared
CIA employee’s quest to release information destroyed career
'Industrial-scale exploitation': Gypsy gang in Paris jailed for up to 8 years each
DIVERSITY! Girls as young as 12 having their chests flattened in most painful of ways
Britain’s elderly - lonelier than ever
Jewish Speaker, John Bercow, runs up half a MILLION pounds in expenses!
YET ANOTHER LABOUR PERVERT! West Thornton's David Christison suspended
Greens back Farage in row over EU Parliament chairs
Why Charles passed the grammar school test - and Blunkett flunked it
Phil Collins' son held for 'drug dealing'

Saturday 5 July

How the Establishment hid the paedo monster in their midst
'More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring'
Leon Brittan and the Elephant in the Living Room
Tebbit piles pressure on Brittan over VIP abusers
141 MPs call for child sex abuse enquiry (Why so few Tories?)
Rise of the half-bred Brit! 2.3 million mixed-race couples in Britain!
Anti-racist comes a minority cropper!
The EU's power-grabbing coups that will sideline UK
Why the EU's "right to forget" Google ruling is so dangerous
What THEY say is filtered, and what WE say is censored. No wonder we live in an unreal place
The crumbling legacy of Tony Blair and the failure of American policing
David Icke: ISIS The Start of World War III?
Staged disaster looms
Hull firm Cranswick criticised for Polish recruitment drive
Arabs want out of Israhell (Way they've been treated since 1948, no surprise)
Kidnapped Arab teen was burned alive - autopsy results
Israeli police beating 15-y-o cousin of murdered Palestinian teen
Jason Voong charged with murder of Thomas Rogers and attempted murder of Leanne James
Money launderers Sayed Anwar and Sayed Alam funded terrorism
Schoolgirl scared to go out after De Jesus Gomes chased her and demanded sexual favours - £100 FINE ONLY!
Jail for men who sparked 2011 riots
Drug couriers Tahir Mahmood and Anwar Bashir jailed
Asian sought after vicious street robbery
Woman assaulted by black man at Birmingham Gay Pride celebration
Leeds businessman, Mohammed Sadiq, sexually abused 12-year-old girl over 4-month period
Landlord Zain Khan fined after Nottingham homes infested with cockroaches
Jennifer Butler (black) leaves her 3 children in UK to marry Yank jailbird
Boxer Amir Khan arrested after 'attacking two teenagers in 1.30am street assault
NHS is facing £30bn funding black hole that will hit 'absolutely vital services'
Millionaire Tory donor favourite for Ofsted job
A truly horrifying story of debauchery in a Magaluf nightclub
Hull firm Cranswick criticised for Polish recruitment drive
March for England threaten to return unless Green 'hired killers' councillor resigns
Police make four arrests at Markfield Park anti-fascist ‘family celebration’

Friday 4 July

Anatomy of a Big Fat Lie
Traitor Cable blasted over immigration cap claims
'Egyptian revolution stolen from the people'
Anatomy of a Big Fat Lie
Anti-racist comes a minority cropper!
Tebbit piles pressure on Brittan over VIP abusers
Fear of child abuse cover up - secret dossier at the heart of establishment
Outcry over lost dossier detailing paedophile activity at Westminster
Child abuse, MPs and a history of cover-ups
PM's policy adviser 'had 59 child porn images on an iPad'
Bling lifestyle of jailed fraudster Frank Onyeachonam
Woman in wheelchair is punched twice in the face by olive-skinned mugger
Babul, Jamal and Alal Hussain charged with the supply of class A drugs
Muslims get 36 years for almost killing two men because they weren't Muslim
International drugs trafficker Tahir Mahmood jailed for 16 years
Gun officer who won race battle is arrested over assault
Air terror alert: Invisible bombs a creation of 'evil genius' Saudi Ibrahim Al-Asiri
Leo Barnes and Chantelle Moran-Stokes charged with murder of Cynthia Beamond
Rogue traders who ripped off dozens of elderly and celebrated when one died jailed for 27 years
LABOUR TREACHERY: Mass migration comes up repeatedly in doorstep conversations
Secret studies proving Monsanto sells poison
Why Even the US Government is Afraid of Blackwater's Mercenaries
Police 'can't rid Calais of UK-bound migrants'
Fury as top cop gets £375,000 more pension (promoted TWO MONTHS before retirement)
Saudis put 30,000 soldiers on border in wake of ISIS threat? BULL! Saudis funded ISIS!
Now Google BANS Express story about George Osborne’s ‘Muslim’ brother
'Egyptian revolution stolen from the people'
Traitor Cable blasted over immigration cap claims
Jew leader's Jewish guru regrets criticisms of Jew leader (Jews = just 0.05% of British people)
Pistorius's 'split personality' led him to shoot girlfriend? (SH*T personality more like)
Katie Hopkins posts a tirade of anti-Islam tweets

Thursday 3 July

Missing dossier on VIP child abusers: Tory Lord, Leon Brittan (Jew) faces questions
Leon Brittan's faulty memory and a ticking timebomb that could (MUST) shake Westminster
Google deletes search results on banker blamed for financial crisis
I wonder how much of my stuff the establishment will delete? (Has already deleted) Gang sentenced to 61 years after "vicious" attack left man without his arms and legs
Ilyas Hanif and Bakish Khan plotted to flood Sheffield with drugs! Human rights could free them!
A million more poor Brits as Dave/Lib Dems plot £12bn AID giveaway forever
Egyptian dictator's new economics adviser - Tony Blair
British security services funded Paedophile Information Exchange!!!
Gang boss lived in Canary Wharf luxury while women were trafficked and raped
36 years for Asian gang who fractured man’s skull in racist attack
Top cop says he's scared in Manchester after midnight because of Labour's 24-hour drinking laws
Seeds of Destruction: Hijacking of the World’s Food System
Now THEY are saying Angels are nuts if they are against 3rd world immigration!
Labour in Brussels behind ‘anonymous’ UKIP smear site
A Million more poor Brits? This is where the government money goes
Gerard Morgan jailed after grooming, sex abuse and attempted rape of 14-year-old
Prince Andrew knew about billionaire friend's abuse of under-age girls
Police release CCTV after assault on woman by ethnic
Women 'raped at gunpoint' in own flat by brothers Ali and Basiru Deen
Ethnic wanted for sex assault

Wednesday 2 July

MPs are too white, says David Cameron!
Another under-age schoolgirl sexually abused regularly by Muslim gang
African leaders vote to give themselves immunity from war crimes prosecutions
UK no longer self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables
David Cameron calls for global action on superbug threat
Forty percent of pancreatic cancer cases 'avoidable'
Home Office under fire over lost paedophile dossier (Last seen with Leon Brittan)
Eleven ethnics arrested in £300m Manchester drugs raids
YOU WILL ADOPT THE EURO! Political union is an economic existential necessity!
France's ex-President Sarkozy investigated!
9/11 was An Israeli Zionist false flag attack?
Leon Brittan urged to comment on 1980s 'paedophile dossier'
MPs feel 'bullied' over sex abuse probe? MORE SUCH BULLYING REQUIRED!!!
TREASON AT THE TOP: Cyril Smith admitted spanking/touching boys but Lord Steel let him stay!
Bilderberg group: a political Mafia
US/Jap scientist deliberately created strain of flu that can evade human immune system
Major fraudster Lekeshia Henry-Richards spared jail because she has kids!?!>!?
Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others
ISIS leader to Muslims: Go to Iraq and Syria 'build Islamic state'
Seven to 10 Asian teenagers attack two young men in broad daylight
Wikileaks exposes the cooperation of Saudi intelligence with the Mossad
Principal punishes 7-Year Old because he chewed pop-tart into wrong shape!
The territory they aspire to conquer within the next five years
Italian PM wants United States of Europe says it's “a common destiny... impossible to escape!”

Tuesday 1 July

Killer doctor Daniel Ubani sues victim's son again
480 npower staff at npower call centre lose jobs as work outsourced to India
Is the Federal Reserve directly controlling the stock market?
Baroness Ashton's EU diplomatic service 'inadequate' and 'beset' with problems
The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide
Jimmy Savile: BBC did nothing when director caught him in the act
Rolf Harris - how secrecy betrays justice
Mandelson to get Serbia contract - Blair is 'too expensive'
UNITE gives £12million to the Labour election fund
Russia demands investigation into claims chemical weapons were used in Ukraine
Church minister's son, 18, stabbed to death in 'motiveless' attack in Harlesden
Benefit grabbing extremist wants non-Muslims to shave heads and wear red belts around necks
Mohammed Kammer has a long record of drunk driving whilst disqualified
Facebook introduces more than 70 new gender options to the UK
Thugs tied up and beat 77-year-old so viciously he lost his teeth br /> The Katie Hopkins tweet

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