Daily News: January 2014

Friday 31 January

UK ‘is drug and alcohol addiction capital of Europe’
14-33% of rape claims written off by cops! (Institutionalised treachery)
Traitor Cameron's relies on traitor Labour to defeat deport-foreign-criminals bill
5,183 babies died in England within seven days in 2011 due mostly to understaffing?
Hundreds Detained in Anti-Hollande Protest
Hope not Hate and the £70k VAT fraud
Mohammed Islam ordered student to smile for camera as he filmed repeated rape
Schoolboy robbed of iPhone by knife-wielding Asians
Niqab woman, Rebekah Dawson, pleads guilty to witness intimidation
Perverted doctor, Srinivas Yenugulais, facing end of career
Councillor sentenced in second fraud case for charity
Unions to get 50-90% of votes in future leadership elections?
MPs reject Tory rebels' immigration amendment Ed Miliband: "Britain’s problems are so bad NO ONE can solve them!
Kuntal Patel charged with attempted murder of her magistrate mother
Globalisation was the biggest disaster ever thought up by mankind
Who rules Britain? Who runs Britain? Is France in charge?
The system is rotten, corrupt, broken and is not fit for governing 63 million people in this country.
Womb terrorism and the South Asian village mentality
Rudolf Hess brought peace offer to Great Britain in 1941
Our Weapon Is The Truth
Mum-of-3, 31, dies from cannabis poisoning after smoking a joint in bed
Ashley Young banned from driving for six months

Thursday 30 January

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Mo Farah applies to become tax exile! (So much for 'I'm British' Mo!)
Glastonbury boss repeatedly told Environment Agency "clowns" Somerset would flood
Electoral Commission: Tower Hamlets at greater risk of ‘vote-rigging’
Soros, CIA Behind Imported Revolutions!
Womb terrorism and the South Asian village mentality
"British" babies killed in the womb just for being girls
4,000 foreign criminals have been let back on streets Kuntal Patel charged with attempted murder
Three ethnics jailed for Co-op supermarket robberies
CCTV images of black man released after violent assault on route 266 bus in Cricklewood
Benefits Street's Charlene Wilson charged with attacking a policeman
Pervert doctor, Suhail Ahmed, sees sentence increased
Dr Mansoor Mohammed Kassim gets suspended sentence for forging Viagra prescriptions
Double your dole, Eurocrats tell UK!
'We'll let in Syria orphans', be proud says May (who wanted to bomb Syria a little while ago)

Wednesday 29 January

BNP man attacked by vicious cop in Barnsley
BBC forced to admit non-whites Cost Britain £95billion in 15 Years!
Concern about immigration doubles in a year
Belgrade/USA-financed group, CANVAS, behind Kiev protests, Neocons behind Klitschko
Putin tells Brussels to stay out of Ukraine's political crisis
Daily Mail - LIARS! BBC - LIARS! See our lying media for yourselves!
Now one council house in ten goes to immigrants
'Child abuse at its worst!' Gang leader, Zdeno Mirga, sold girls for sex
Takeaway worker, Mohammed Hussain, worker raped girl, 12
Former cop, Mustaq Patala, charged with rapes
Blunkett Bobby, Kabeer Yousaf, charged with rape and blackmail
Nigerian doctor, Olufemi Dina, who lied after death of baby, suspended for just 12 months
Restaurant owner Mohammed Chowdhury and wife falsely claimed more than £100,000 in benefits
Psychiatrist Dr Elias Anukwe boosted his income by submitting bogus timesheets
Crooked dentist, who conned the NHS out of £1.4million, struck off
Concern about immigration doubles in a year
British taxpayers must fork out £400m to feed and house asylum-seekers
Anti-Semitic demo in Paris! "Jew, France is not for you!"
Holocaust Day: The time is right for a Jewish apology!
Jewish political tyranny in France backfires
French cops raid home of anti-Zionist comedian Dieudonne (Anelka's pal)
CIA-Gladio’s Zionist Operatives Urge Obama to Overthrow Erdogan’s Administration
How economists & policy makers murdered the US economy
Behold a Black Yank who rapes "to remove racism!"
19-year-old attacked by four Asians
Millions of tons of filthy water and everyone knows who's to blame: The Environment agency!
How we saved our grandchild from a forced adoption
Quarter of Barclays branches to close? Bank plans to open counters in supermarkets?
Bad night's sleep can speed the growth of cancer
Britons drowning in Third World misery
British State taking direct control of the press via Leveson Inquiry?
Bilderberg 2013: Birth of a global tax system
Oprah Winfrey School of Rape and Infanticide?

Tuesday 28 January

Immigrants! Vote in our elections! Keep UKIP out!
Muslims threatening to rape a 14-year-old British girl!
Black men rape same Swindon woman in seperate incidents!
14 held in rape conspiracy: offenders from "range of communities"
Muggers Shahbaz Ahmed and Mohammed Ellihi had "more than 30 offences between them"
Betrayed, Gulf War hero who is being forced to leave UK
Could Black Death strike again? (Wouldn't put anything past Global Elite)
British aid money used to help high streets giants!
HSBC - The Bank That Likes To Say No
USA: Scum charged With murder of Jamey Spurlock as he changed flat tyre
Romanian gang stealing tractors in France as well
Sham marriage a 'massive loophole' in Britain's border
Paedophiles are using shisha bars as child grooming dens
Holocaust exaggerated? You decide
Anti-Semitism on rise in Europe, warns Irish Jew Minister (Check Comments)
Phone robber, Jawad Mahmood, who bit victim, trapped by slaiva
Holocaust Commission to plan UK memorial - Even though 6m figure is a known lie?
All wars are bankers wars
Nigella Lawson to face no action over cocaine admission
50 Shades of CHAV? (All deliberately created by politicians & their masters)
Prime Minister 'complacent on Romania migrants' - numbers are 'reasonable'
Nearly 1,000 military widows have been stripped of their pensions Girl killed herself because she feared her hair had turned red!
British aid money used to help high streets giants!
HSBC - The Bank That Likes To Say No

Monday 27 January

Andre Bright charged with murder of Victoria Adams
John O'Donohue deliberately run over by stolen car - 'Dark-skin' man arrested
Mahad Ahmed, 43, beat son, 3, to death in a fit of rage
Honour-killing Muslim convert beheaded his mum because he felt she'd shamed family
17-year-old girl stabbed to death by unnamed 16-year-old
London riots: hundreds of suspects still wanted two years on
15-year-olds arrested after boy, 12, stabbed
Pakistani doctor got drunk and sexually assaulted woman on bus month after getting here
Burglar, Jacob Ali, left an apology on his victim’s computer
Al Qaeda bombmaker free to walk our streets but you can't know who he is (human rights)
2013: HIV alert as new cases rise by third among London men
Taking multivitamins 'can raise risk of a miscarriage'
"British" Jihadis die in Syria - RESULT!
5th Columnist’s in Britain The truth about David Cameron's fracking fairytale
Islamic Republic of Mauritania force feeds young girls to fatten them up for marriage!
Fans charged for using the word "yid" at Tottenham games
Calculating how much migrants cost or benefit a nation
Girls who'll live to 105... and boys who won't see 67
2008: Migration has brought zero economic benefit
2006: Low IQs are Africa's curse, says lecturer

Sunday 26 January

Russian-Chinese naval training exercise in Mediterranean (No mention in MSM media)
Head of government-backed victims-of-crime charity took armed gang to settle Pakistan land row
Malaria major health issue in south east London
London faces serious threat from rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Vast majority of women with HIV in UK infected abroad largely due to female sex tourism
Crown Prosecution Service lets criminals go free to save on costs
INDIA: Gang-raped by 13 men for falling in love with wrong man
Eating disorders soar among teens - social media to blame
Catholics and Muslims vote Labour? Jews vote Tory? Treachery is religious?
Extremist religion at root of 21st-century wars says Tony Blair (Like Judaism, Tony?)
Nigel Evans MP pleads not guilty to gay sex charges
Amal El-Wahabi and Nabal Masaad tried to send 20,000 Euros to "British" jihadi
Tawfiq Lamnouar who stole from a string of employers jailed for 30 months
Fahim Shahhriya sexually assaulted woman at train station - NO JAIL!
'You've messed with the wrong Muslims!'
Muslims who planned “brutal and sustained” assault and kidnap and of white woman jailed
Why stop at private GPs? Poles should run schools/trains too says immigrant Christina Odone
Andrew Woodhouse tackles thieves on his property now HE'S one on trial for assault
Firms slam illiterate school leavers putting economic recovery at risk
Out of a job: Banker Anton Casey sneered at the poor
Ranting BBC bully Rod McKenzie made my life hell - Sack him!
Hollywood villain? Our slave owner great grandfather was the very model of morality!

Saturday 25 January

Traitor Lords (Labour/Lib Dem) block Referendum Bill!
15-year-old charged with rape and attempted murder of girl, 14, in Luton
Hungarian who strangled lover wheeled her body to a park in suitcase
Gang of fraudsters jailed for half a million pound crash-for-cash scam in a BUS
The men accused of murdering retired British businessman in St Lucia
'You've messed with the wrong Muslims!'
Muslim who refused to lift niqab in court texted pal saying: 'I'm gonu beat dat man up'
Dr Sunil Parmar was earning £2,500 a week when he falsely invoiced NHS trust for £6,500+
Abdulaziz Sharif Osman accused of murder, attempted murder and grievous bodily harm
Care home Nurse, Edyth Mbuthia, who stole from elderly couple, struck off
Lloyds bank clerk, Olusegun Fabusoye, on trial for stealing £73,000
Kabir Idris jailed for staging own kidnapping
Turkish immigrants allowed £50,000+ to be laundered through their bank accounts - NO JAIL!
Shard team leader, Samuel Sowemimo, tried to steal £3,500 from customers - NO JAIL!
Drugged-up Daniel Rodriquez who held daughters hostage jailed for 12 years
Iraqi refugee used Motability car provided by State to carry out burglary
Geert Wilders On Course To Be Next Dutch Prime Minister
Lembit Opik 'called me Cinderella then he tried to kiss me' says schoolgirl
Two more Golden Dawn MPs jailed in Greece!
Drug-taking teachers let back into class
Why is ex-Labour Minister Coalition Poverty Tsar? Why is Poverty Tsar a millionaire?
Mentally ill Brit sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan
Farage calls for end to handgun ban for responsible owners
Why women should NEVER trust Calamity Clegg again!

Friday 24 January

Too old for cancer treatment! NHS 'writing off' patients over 75
WHY did Vitalijis Zavjalovs only get a suspended sentence? (Judiciary at war with us as well)
Conduct of Blackburn doctor, Olufemi Olusegun, probed after death of boy
Shaukat Zaman Khanm owner of Rafiqs Takeaway, 'wilfully' ignored repeated health warnings
Sohail Pervez and Hassan Samad jailed after rape of girl, 15
Serial thief, 40, sentenced to eight weeks in prison
The Islamization of Britain in 2013
Beware the hugger muggers in Brighton and Hove
Nawal Msaad 'had £16,000 hidden in her knickers for Syrian fighters'
You can't park here... you're not fat enough
Drugged-up drunken boy racer, Justin Bieber, 'cried his eyes out' after cocky court appearance
HUMAN RIGHTS! Amnesty International calls for legal prostitution!
£60 fine – for each parent – if child late for school?
Albanian Stowaways Found In Lorry Trying To Enter UK Via Channel Tunnel

Thursday 23 January

On immigration, BBC must moderate (censor) our conversation says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Sean Noctor stabbed to death by gang 'seeking violence for sport'
Hungarian immigrant Laszlo Gyarmati killed his lover and dumped her body in a park
Drugs kingpin, Mohamed Hassan, jailed after Reservoir Dogs-style attack on undercover policeman
Jealous actress Sonita Claire jailed for seven years for using her car 'as a weapon'
Ismail Dilsoz wanted for rape
Iztullah Qudrat and Ghausel Tarakhail admit sexually abusing boy, 14
Muslims on the run as Sadiq Ali jailed for rape of teenage girl
Woman in her 30s fights off Asian sex attacker in Didcot
Mohammed Shah gets 14 years for possession of military assault rifle
Helen Whiteley-John victim of attempted car jacking by Asians
Gnanathilagan Narayanasamy and Janarthanan Arunasalam laundered £660,000
Drug dealers Kristian Teigen and Iron Miah jailed for 14.5 years
Bus thugs, Shaqueil Samuels, Adebambo Karumwi, Roland Mubenga, to walk free!
Thieving care home nurse, Edyth Mbuthia, struck off
Bus groper, Mohamed Razick, targeted same woman twice
Dr Mohammad Tariquezzaman grinned as he performed internal examination on female patient
Londoners Amal Elwahabi and Nawal Msaad charged with terror offences
Cops fix crime statistics to meet targets!
Foreign criminal danger 'is increasing', warns Minister (Importing foreign criminals does that)
Australian woman spent 8 months in UAE jail after reporting a gang-rape
'Death squads' in Jamaica
MPs say powers to protect the public are 'withering on the vine'
£43m paid by elite group of donors for access to top Tories
'Anorexic' doll provokes outrage
The disturbing rise in SELF-HARM selfies
Tallulah was lost in an online world of nightmares
Inside ecstasy death rave: Daniel Spargo-Mabbs took fatal dose of ecstasy
Simon Gamble died just one hour after he had been sent home by doctors with chest pains
NHS 'fiddles up to 1 in 5 waiting times'
Lib Dem MP who preyed on vulnerable woman axed but only after secret report leaked
Disgraced Vicky Pryce (Greek - LSE-trained) now advising Vince Cable on the economy
No such thing as a happy new year for gloomy Left
"Concerted indiscipline" or "full-scale riot?"
1,400 UK soldiers to lose jobs in latest round of Army cuts India: Woman gang-raped on orders of 'kangaroo court'
Swedish Welfare State Collapses as Immigrants Wage War
The EU is now contesting with British interests
Call a halt to this modern mania for making apologies
Soft justice shame of criminals who walk free from courts
> Cameron’s Jewish roots and the co-religionists who brought him to power
Jews in Space (A lot of Jews don't like Zion either)
Jewish groups and Antifa don't Hungarian who sticks up for Hungarians here
EU scraps targets forcing Britain to build wind farms
Encourage marriage for the sake of children
A rabbit in Mandela's ear!

Wednesday 22 January

A million young Britons unemployed and yet EU is advertising 484,149 British jobs in Europe!
In the sands of God's armpit
Seven most dangerous terror suspects to be freed and given anonymity!
I bet the Jewish mum of Roman Abramovich's kids doesn't get done for racism!
The Wolf Of Wall Street (Belfort, a Jew, is played ultimate WASP, Leonardo di Caprio)
Marrying your pure Jew blood to that of Di Caprio isn't kosher!
Crime figures to rise sharply? Stats haven't been checked for FIVE YEARS!
Gypsies: unhealthy, uneducated and unemployed !:
High energy bills are YOUR fault!
India’s pimp gangs steal girls as young as NINE and sell them into the sex trade
Vatican prelate accused of trying to smuggle 20 million euros into Italy
I'm a socialist but, as an NHS doctor, I know Benefits Street is telling the truth
Why didn't the Lib Dem ladies just give the old goat a slap? (Not how it's done in PC World)

Tuesday 21 January

Why Labour should be terrified of UKIP
'Anti democratic thugs' hit Nigel Farage with placard
"Highly-avoidable" death of 4-year-old Freya Wells: Dr Roita Ibrahim responsible?
DERBY: Teenager walking dog attacked by black men
Man on way to work stabbed by Blacks in Norwood High Street mugging
Lithuanian career criminal, Spartakas Grachauskas, jailed
Jew-owned Zoopla to end West Brom sponsorship over Nicolas Anelka's quenelle gesture
Kettering Hospital withholds death inquiry findings
Barman tried to put Tony Blair under a citizen's arrest for 'crimes against peace'
Borough of Tower Hamlets: a byword for sleaze
Top Lib Dem's sex victims say Lord Rennard is trying to 'smear' them
Lord Rennard and a party of disrepute
'Groping peer' suspended because he won't apologise vows to sue Lib Dems
Vicky Pryce gave Chris Huhne black eye becuase she thought he was gay!
Disabled, unemployable, prisoners (and immigrants?) should build High Speed 2 railway?
Serialised Yank porn at the Beeb
FA charges Anelka over Jew-offending gesture (what are they NOT offended by?)
Night shifts throw the body "into chaos" and could cause long-term damage
Depression hits twice as many Brits as official statistics show
NHS already handing out private data on thousands of patients!
Police Union "secretive, political and awash with cash"
Critics say public is right to be suspicious over PM's refusal to name guests
Energy drinks do as much harm as drugs!
Archbishop Carey warns Anglicans to stop 'dancing to the world's agenda'
Archbishop of Pamplona says gays have 'sexual deficiency'
Grammar Schools were so good Labour got rid of them
We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the British political class
Tony Blair’s legacy…..What we can’t control we must persecute.
Patient died because 999 crews refused to cut short their breaks!
Italian Mafia murder boy of THREE!
USA: 62% of gay men who know they have AIDS have sex without condoms
USA: HIV student (Black) films himself having unprotected sex with 31 people in 4 months!

Monday 20 January

The truth about the Multicult! UK youngsters among the unhappiest in the world!
Pro-EU traitors using foreigners to defeat UKIP and the British people in OUR elections!
UKIP call to ban immigrants is counter-productive says Tory MEP, Sajjad Karim
Now even the Greeks want to join UKIP, says Farage
We WILL build new garden cities (concrete over England) to tackle the housing crisis says Pickles
Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as half of the world's population
Governments Sugar Tsars 'in bed' with confectionery giants
Shoplifting rockets to 10-year high but just 1-in-10 crimes reported
'BBC staff ignored up to 1,000 attacks on children' by Jimmy Savile
'Yeo must go': Fury of Tory faithful as ex-Minister dodges the axe
Liberal legacy! Killing baby girls in the womb, no questions asked
Red Ed's Red Pals in the Lords to scupper Referendum Bill!
I told Lib Dems of 'sex assault' MP yet he's still a councillor!

Sunday 19 January

UKIP tops Independent on Sunday poll as nation’s favourite party
3 times as many gay/bisexual London men inject drugs than in England as a whole!
Leveson Inquiry ignored Met’s 'too hot' bombshell intelligence report!
Check out the anti-Christian venom from a Pentagon Jew!
Crystal Methodist homo banker 'got Co-op job only because of friends in high places'
UKIP councillor blames floods on gay marriage!
Murders and rapes going unreported in no-go zones!
Somali grandma allowed in to live in council house with mum-of-3 daughter on benefits
Seven of our most dangerous terror suspects to be freed
Failed asylum seekers get £80,000 astroturf pitch: schools nearby forced to sell off playing fields
Wajid Hussain, Zehroon Razaq and Frantisek Lakatos jailed for mindless attack on family
Sarah Woods mugged by three Asian men
Swoop on Roma brothels as vice girls flood in
Roger Pratt murdered in St Lucia as he tried to defend his wife from attackers
Northampton women killed in Utah police officer family shooting
Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises
Mikaeel Kular: Boy's mother arrested and charged over death
Beckham lends his brand to casino (world's largest) accused of laundering billions a year
SAS gave me envelope stuffed with £500 to keep quiet about Diana
Fred Pring died of heart failure waiting almost an hour for an ambulance
YEMEN: Iranian diplomat shot dead in drive-by shooting

Saturday 18 February

Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 child-abusing priests in two years
How much does Britain pay into the EU and what does it get back?
Israeli attacks on West Bank Palestinians increase 4-fold in less than a decade
Israel summons EU ambassadors over 'blame Israel' policy
‘Propaganda’: Israel blasts UN year of Palestinian solidarity
£30m sauce empire's Levi Roots (8 kids by 7 women) 'leaves his children to struggle'
Suleman Memon and Hassan Ali charged with rape of girl, 15, and theft
Shamraze Khan and Kasim Ahmed charged with murder
Black bishop (and magistrate), Gerald Edmund, jailed for stealing £186,000 from church funds
Andrew Stephenson shot bailiffs trying to evict him from Brixton flat
Asian crime gang stole 3,650 blank passports and 8,100 visas worth £2.5m
Gang who laundered more than £20m using ancient Islamic system jailed
Yusuf Sawar and Mohammed Ahmed charged with Syria terrorism
Black doc who killed patient sues dead man's sons! They made him miss dinner!
Drug dealer Mohammed Rahim back in jail for masturbating in front of students
Pervert exposed himself to women in Accrington
Failed asylum seeker Sezar Omar jailed for stealing Alsatian
Drunk driver ‘will convert to Islam’ and never drink again!
BLAIR WARS: The slaughter continues - Meanwhile the great traitor cashes in
Racism? Nah, there weren't any white folks involved
Putin says gays welcome at Winter Olympics so long as they leave kids alone
Lying cops apologise shot for saying Mark Duggan fired first
Parts of UK no-go areas for cops as minority communities operate own justice systems
EU to spend £2million combating negative postings on the internet!
Practising Muslims could soon outnumber Christians in UK
First purpose-built mosque in Kent nears completion
Biggest threat to savers is EU helping themselves to savers hard earned money
Detroit: Four-year-old girl shoots cousin dead
Self-harm websites that drove a much loved daughter to suicide
Tyrants could use UK Press controls to justify censorship
Clegg hobnobs with stars at his Kent mansion funded by taxpayers
Cameron hell-bent on sacrificing Tory Party and Britain to keep seat at top table of the EU club
Black v Gay! "Academic" falls foul of Homosexual lobby! (He and college principal since resigned)
Stop selling those racist sweets!
Thousands of Muslims in Leicester celebrate paedo Prophet's birthday
Indian minister's wife found dead after exposing alleged affair on Twitter
It's a miracle! Italian nun gives birth

Friday 17 January

Al-Fodday Fofanah, an armed robber on day release from prison tries to hold up a bank
owners of takeaway, Ghulam Raja and Nigat Shaheen, fined £3,000 for breaking food hygiene laws
Cops appeal for info about missing Bradford girl, Chloe Metcalfe, 15
Libyan immigrant, Hend Elworfalli, threatens housemates then found carrying 19-in knife
Muslim teacher touched young girl sexually as he taught her how to pray
Of 1.8million single parent households in Britain, 650,000 of them are jobless
Polish MP slams poor UK schools
One in six parents admits they regularly do ALL their children's homework
Universities lowering standards to attract undergraduates?
Benefits fraud/error up by £300million despite Cameron's crackdown promise
Freed! Violent gang leader, General Joland Giwa, cant be deported!
Top Cop Sir Peter Fahy falls foul of Heath and Safety over killing of Anthony Grainger
As police dog attacked burglary victim, actress, Juliet Aubrey, Zombie Cops just stared
Sajid Hussain and Shahid Sadik lured car buyers 600 miles before robbing them at knifepoint
Six Indians suspected of gang-raping 51-year-old Danish tourist
52% of single mothers (who had their first child as a teenager) depend soley on welfare
UKIP on course to beat Tories in EU elections - Lib Dems face being wiped out Numbers of elderly patients subject to 'chemical cosh' medication soars
Europol cops smash 'vast and sprawling' gang of Romanian and Albanian burglars
Women 'leave motherhood too late' (White women, one supposes)

Thursday 16 January

Tony Blair says 'Butcher of Beirut,' Ariel Sharon, was 'a giant of this land'
Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians quadruple, says UN
Coward teachers don't pay enough attention to white kids for fear of racism smear!
No 10 delays key report on immigration until after European election
Crime in Airstrip 1: Cops accused of downgrading crime stats or erasing them altogether!
Zdeno Mirga, Hassan Abdulla and 3 "boys" targeted Peterborough girls, 13 and 14
Sergio Saavedra-Navarrete charged with murder of young mum, Sarah O’Neill
PhD slag, Rachel Kenehan, helped killer boyfriend with heroin and crack deals
Jamaal and Malki Ferguson, Romell Martin and Dean Harmes murdered Peter Hagan, 16
Drug gang, Thomas Ramdas, Daniel Kenndedy, Keith Prempeh jailed for 34 years
Al-Fodday Fofanah attempted to rob a Barclays Bank
Roree Cox found guilty of the murder of 14-year-old Kevin Ssali
Raymond Yates guilty of robbery and sexual assault
Cyber criminal, Olajide Onikoyi, who stole £393,000 from students, is jailed
Black judge, Constance Briscoe, 'lied to police to help friend Vicky Pryce'
Daood Hussain blackmailed and raped Muslim woman and took £10,000 of her savings
Doctor Shahid Ayyoub jailed for sexually assaulting woman during examination
Owner of filthy sweet shop, Mohammed Akram, fined £4,000
Libyan student switches off smoke alarm
Tax fugitive Michael Voudouri held in Cyprus
959 school staff accused of having relationship with a pupil in last 5 years
New teachers 'being left to flounder with unruly pupils'
Use of restraints in care homes has doubled in just three years
Legal highs a bigger problem in Britain than heroin and cocaine?
EU has 7% of world's population, 25% of its economy and HALF of welfare spending
Numbers of elderly patients subject to 'chemical cosh' medication soars
Badger cull: 'We overstated number of cattle infected' admits Owen Paterson
Ed Miliband will never stand up for Middle Britain
US cops acquitted of killing Kelly Thomas
Even more own goals from silly Saatchi
The mixed-race Musketeer

Wednesday 15 January

Check out the bought slag at Ariel Sharon's funeral!
Former female MP was involved in a paedophile network at the heart of government!
Hull mum raped in front of son and told: 'I'm Muslim and you must obey me'
Lewisham's five MOST WANTED! Anglo-Saxons were there none!
Minicab driver, Mohammed Meharban, killed Jean Taylor, 87
Yasser Mugha admits causing the death of Norman Cowen
Omer Murat charged with murder of gangleader, Ali Armagan
Danny Walker in court over Avalon Boxing Day shooting
Released on temporary licence, Malcolm Parker, is now missing
Gang attacks middle aged woman and steals her car (driver was Asian)
Woman sexually assaulted in Armagh: Eastern Europeans sought
Janghir Ahmed's dog savaged Philip McMullen: NO JAIL
Gang member, Russell Aljaf, jailed following spate of robberies across capital
Africans committed series of attacks in Dublin's Temple Bar
COCKROACHES in Surprise takeaway! Safiullah Osmanzay guilty
Strip feckless fathers of benefits, say MPs (Absent black dads included?)
UK boosts aid to Nigeria despite its anti-gay laws!
Did Thatcher order SAS to ‘collude’ with Indian government in raid on Golden Temple in 1984?
Red Ed's claim to be saviour of the middle classes is laughable, beneath contempt
Tuesday 14 January

Girl's screams ignored as she was murdered by Hungarian immigrant, Laszlo Gyarmati
Italian stabs Tom O'Gorman to death over game of chess
Abbas Nikabady stabbed wife Fatemeh Bostani 29 times at their home
Bulgarian rapist allowed into UK after conviction in Germany - Guess what happens next
Amrit Karra, Prem Karra, Yash Mahey and Rajiv Kumar jailed for £1.27million forgery
3 wiggers, their mixed-race leader and an 80-year-old lady
Suspended doc, Ashish Dutta, may still represent a risk to patient safety
Reverend Ian Hughes admits possession of 8,000+ sexual images of children
Cops 'solve' crimes by wiping one in four rapes from records!
Foreign criminals given lenient sentences
Outrage at soft sentences for violent crimes
60% of criminals on short prison terms will re-offend
Jean Marie Le Pen fined €5,000 for suggesting Romanians were “naturally” inclined to steal
We spend £35million a year to lock up Polish crims because jails there are full!
Huge increase in cancer blamed on obesity and alcohol consumption
Asylum given to Afghan atheist!
Immigration allowed to “run out of control” for a decade says Cameron (And now?)
English should be only language at polling stations to prevent electoral fraud
Neglected 4-year-old, Sean Turner, died in hospital
Censors who refuse to fight for decency
Immigration has been 'exciting' says Tory traitor, Ken Clarke
15-Year-Old Danish Girl Blinded by African Muslims
Genocide in Rwanda 1994: Evidence of Inaction
Romeo Dallaire's Genocide Fax
Ethnic minority jobseekers ‘twice as likely to be unemployed’
Africa: Cannibal drags Muslim off bus and eats his leg
Armed forces imam, Asim Hafiz
France's president isn't just a lothario - he's a liar

Monday 13 January

13-year-old care home boy abused by 'paedophile network at heart of government'
UKIP officials dare to say what most of us think about the veneration of Stephen Lawrence
Embracing multiculturalism - 47 languages spoken at Southampton school
DIVERSITY! Mohammed Bashir of Boro Taxis says firm 'will not take disabled people'
What sort of country gives £1.2m benefits to a family like this?
Top cop Sir Hugh Orde says 'certain ranks' could turn to crime if not paid enough!
Daughter will never know where mum was buried: murderer's human rights are protected
‘I cried when I saw the documentary. It used to be a beautiful street’
PCSO (Blunkett Bobby) Kabeer Yousaf accused of rape and blackmail!
Murder trial of Hassan Hussain and Martell Ricco Warren to begin in June
Mohamnud Yusuf charged with murder of pensioner in her home
51-year-old loses eye after McDonalds attack: Kingsley Gordon-Allen and Ashton King charged
23 accused of bribing corrupt court clerk, Munir Patel
Sajid Hussain faces long jail term for robbing couple buying car
Crack and heroin dealer Leon Reid jailed for six years
YOUNG VOTE: Disillusionment with Labour has not benefited other main parties
Obesity UK - It's worse than feared
Labour DID dumb down! Tristram Hunt admits party committed a 'great crime' on education
Call for Iraq war crimes trial dismissed by Traitor Hague
Dotun Adebayo asks why no one has named and shamed LBC for not employing Blacks
Lesbian charity chief 'sacked man who had affair with her bisexual lover'
Your mobile phone is watching YOU says top Tory
Cameron 'out of touch' with his party on Europe Anger as Crystal Methodist returns to vicarage Parents should flee UK to stop social workers taking children, says Lib Dem
Ministers spend £10,000 on acting lessons
Even the Jewish elite find it hard to trust our police
Dr Susan Jebb says some brands of orange juice contain as much sugar as cola

Sunday 12 January

12-year-old girls missing from home in north London
Illegal immigrants may be granted free access to NHS
Botox doctors shamelessly selling jabs to 16-year-olds across the UK
New Labour's banker, the Crystal Methodist still using drug ketamine and booking male prostitutes
Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Beirut (and elsewhere), is dead
Former Labour law chief excuses women who shoplift!
Senior ministers in Blair's government facing crime probe on Iraq 'torture'
Tory grandee warns that swing to UKIP 'will cost us 50 seats'
How British taxpayers fund 'Marxist' manifesto for European superstate

Saturday 11 January

Don't trust public with EU vote say Labour grandees: Europhiles reject calls for referendum
Quangoland Lords loathe the idea of giving the hoi polloi a say
Labour's contempt for the public on Europe
'Ugly food' worth £19BILLION is dumped every year in Britain!
Jeyavani Vageswaran murdered her children before killing herself
Man charged with racially attacking Muslim education centre
Vasilica Panaghita charged with keeping four men as slaves
Sidra Fatima conned seven men with bride-to-be scam = NO JAIL!
Cops hunt violent black mugger
Eight Asian thugs attack middle-aged lady and steal her car
Danish Masood abducts taxi passenger and sexually assaults her - NO JAIL!
Solihull villagers object to large, Muslim-only cemetery
1-in-10 British babies is a Muslim
Cops now tacitly encouraging gay sex in public?
Hitler's Mein Kampf tops best seller lists!
Living in the UK, especially since Blair, is like living in a straight-jacket
Who the hell does Mandelson think he is?
Now we remember WWI not to honour the dead, but to promote multiculturalism!
Emmanuel Adebayor is a disgrace says Jaimie Carragher
Granddads of Blackadder's Fry and Elton (both Jewish) on wrong side in WW1
Champagne perks of NHS drug watchdog
Yard in crisis as PC admits, 'I lied over the Plebgate affair'
Apologist for evils of Soviet communism Eric Hobsbawm (Jew) leaves £1.8million in his will
Angry Saatchi makes his most damaging claims yet
Did WPC Yvonne Fletcher die because union militants at GCHQ were asleep on the job?

Friday 10 January

Ethnic mixing 'helps children' overcome discrimination (They see white genocide as positive)
Scotland Yard’s rotten core: Cops fail to address Met's ‘endemic corruption’
Our EU membership now causes so much injustice
Vice-president of European Commission rallies for 'United States of Europe'
Stun gun drug dealer Wesley Walters jailed
PC Christopher Semak jailed for sexual activity with girl
A gangster killed by his own criminality
Lib Dems risk ‘pro-porn’ label as they oppose internet filters Family grieving after death of child told: 'Now downsize or be hit with bedroom tax'
33,000 families were claiming more than £26,000-a-year before benefits cap
Proof that Royal Mail shares DID go cheap
Lib-Lab 'plot' to block EU referendum?
Now the Romanians arrive on C4's Benefits Street
Liam Fox lined up to take top job at Nato
Pakistani schoolboy sacrifices himself to save classmates from suicide bomber

Thursday 9 January

UK pays child benefit to 25,659 children in Poland!
HUMAN RIGHTS! Jamaican drug dealer escapes deportation
Hungarian sex slave gang jailed for a total of 23 years
Illegal immigrant, Saber Haldari, wanted in connection with serious offences against a young boy
Polish immigrant, Maciek Czachurski, charged with robbery and possession of a firearm
Man attacked and robbed on Tube by 3 ethnics and a wigger
Tulisa in Crown Court over cocaine charge
Britain’s open borders migration policy leaves over-stretched cops struggling with foreign criminals
Immigration: Liberals don’t want a genuine debate
Antibiotics: another tipping point reached?
Patiotic Britons don't vote Labour
Laszlo Andor: The EU mandarin fighting for migrant payouts
Polish official urges Tesco boycott in migrant row with UK
UK must match pro-immigration rhetoric with action on visas
Sugar is 'the new tobacco'
Now overseas aid is spent on asylum seekers
Duggan LAWFULLY killed by cop but DIDN'T have a gun!
How ministers 'caved into the alcohol lobby'
50+ executed in Syria bloodbath as rebels (Cameron's pals) turn against each other
JPMorgan Pays for Shorting Madoff Without Telling Anyone

Wednesday 8 January

"Don't make your kids kiss granny," says Lucy Emmerson
Teach Kids not all Porn is bad, says Lucy Emmerson
Of almost 200,000 criminals convicted of serious offences, just 52,000 were jailed in 2012!
DIVERSITY! Sugra Hanif is what passes for a cop in PC World
Cops 'investigating 54 child grooming gangs'
Paul West on trial for murder of Stephen Dougherty
Judge cuts sentences of killers, Fazli Rahim and Saima Gul because of "cultural differences!"
Bulgarian immigrant, Atanas Miryanov, jailed for raping woman at knifepoint
Romanian Big Issue seller jailed for stealing from blind pensioner
Thomas and Monica murdered in Venezuela
IRA bomber, Marian McGlinchey, spared jail!
BLAIR WARS: Afghan Army 'Will Lose Helmand To Taliban'
TV lessons in how to shoplift: Flood of complaints triggers police probe
Watchdog knew bank chief had criminal conviction but rubber-stamped him anyway
Labour leader is turning off voters with 'sloganeering' says Labour MP
Sad times for trust in our voting system
INDIA: newborn baby found dumped in hospital rubbish truck!
String 'em up!
We dropped the ball on gambling, says Labour MP

Tuesday 7 January

Europe has stolen the rights we won at Magna Carta. Let's fight to reclaim them!
Maimed (by Blacks) for being pretty
Nigerian drug kingpin can't be deported - he's a good dad!
Cassie Atkins kicked senseless by 3 men (Guess the unmentioned ethnicity)
London gangs using children as drug mules as they seek to expand markets
Pentagon (Mikey Weinstein) says Christians (in military) 'sharing the gospel... guilty of 'treason'?'
Dr Sureshkumar Pandya may face enquiry over FGM
Satanists unveil plans for Satan's statue in Oklahoma City
Mega mosque in suburb 90% white 30 years ago (Check the comments - Brits waking up)
Student stabbed by black men in London
Buy less foreign food says Environment Minister! (Common sense? Whatever next?)
Cameron's hairdresser gets MBE!
How did Savile get away with it for so long? (Pals in high places!)
Eight-year-old Afghan girl attempts to detonate suicide vest

Monday 6 January

BBC's Political Editor says it made 'terrible mistakes' not reflecting our concerns on migration
Nothing has changed at the biased BBC
Parts of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech were right says Farage
Landlord to evict British families on benefits to make way for East Europeans!
Now only 33% of voters now want UK to stay in EU
Throat cancer deaths up 50 per cent in 40 years!
5,000 children below age of consent diagnosed with STDs in 2013!
Aras Hussein appears in Sheffield court accused of beheading teenage girl Black burglars caught red-handed after schoolgirl, 13, called cops from under bed
£53 million of laundered money found: Russian model wants £83,000 back!
Serial burglar William Flynn gets 8 years for stealing goods worth £450,000 from Petra Ecclestone
Rojel Haque charged with murder of his wife, Anu Kapoor
Fraudster Mohammed Khalid involved stepdaughter's best friend so he could blame it on her!
Two 16-year-olds found with stab wounds after street brawl in Tottenham
Prison officers accused of knocking out Lee Rigby killer's teeth
GP rebellion over plan to share millions of patients' data
Lack of exercise puts UK women near top of cancer league table
New bid to stop £55m benefits for migrants' children living abroad
Birmingham street where 9 out of 10 households are on welfare
Elderly now stealing to survive!
Betrayal of our young by Dr Phil Edwards
Headmistress brands schoolchildren racist
Sweden….Knife attacks and gunshot wounds on the rise
Government's 'disastrous' badger cull cost taxpayers £7.3 million: £4,100 PER BADGER
Another bumper year for Traitor Blair with more than £13million in the bank!

Sunday 5 January

Councillors suspended and police inquiry starts over Facebook comments
Boxing Day murder: Black men, Danny Walker and Gavin Allen sought
Hospitals treating TEENAGERS for liver disease (more than a decade of heavy drinking)
Eastern European mum dumps newborn baby in ladies' toilet
cameron's right-to-buy poster girl is an estate agent!
Ancient Christening rite rewritten in 'language of EastEnders' by half-Jew oilman archbishop
Romanians and Bulgarians working in Britain can AVOID paying tax here!
Fagin-style Roma gangs ‘use child burglars’ to plunder British homes
Bulgaria accused of 'appalling hypocrisy' as it BANS foreigners from buying land (This EU legal)
Miliband admits British families will 'lose out' from influx of Roma/Bulgars
War on Terror is a fraud
Bulgarian fixers will fake documents so new arrivals can claim benefits
Now voters turn against EU in record numbers as floodgates open for Roma/Bulgars
Russia's Osama Bin Laden 'will target Britons at Olympics'
St Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted "is closed to nobody", even paedophiles

Saturday 4 January

Opeoluwa David jailed for raping a seventeen year old girl
Top Cop holds urgent talks with Theresa May after Romanians top Staffordshire's crime tables
Britain is in desperate need of immigration from the EU says Tory traitor
BBC agenda! The 'benefits' of immigration are endlessly overstated!
Roma in Sweden: sh*t is happening everywhere in White Town
Unprovoked attack on Birmingham bus by black men
Why does the UK give £2m in aid to Argentina?
Jack Straw's a good guy? (That's what Jack says)
Betting machines that enslave the poor and earn bookies BILLIONS
GPs profit from the chaos they've created
UK's anti-immigration media driven by 'far right' says Bulgarian politician (If only)
Syrian opposition turns on al-Qaida-affiliated Isis jihadists near Aleppo
'Corrective rape' 'cures' lesbians in St. Mandelaland?
'Stripped naked and fed to 120 dogs as officials watched'
Morrissey: 'I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia'
"Independent" right/wrong 2013 (Independent = red rag)

Friday 3 January

Long-time immigrants almost as concerned about immigration as UK-born people
2012: Record numbers of UK gay men test positive for HIV
Paramveer Singh Jagdev gets four years for sexual activity with a child
Pensioner attacked for telling teenagers to stop throwing sweets
27-year-old attacked with metal bar by black man
Cannabis capital of Britain is Manchester - one plant seized by copse every 10 MINUTES
Check out the foreign kids in English Schools
Why does the Left insist on belittling true British heroes?
Immigration: skewed figures and a BBC agenda
MI5 opened a file on Antifa kingpin, Nick Lowles
Begging scams (typically Roma)
Jimi Hendrix's flat to become museum after £1.2m grant from National Lottery!
Islam to become Ireland's second religion! (Replacing Protestantism)
More than 1m children have fingerprints taken at school, often without parents' knowledge!
Welcome to the UK, have a panini...

Thursday 2 January 2014

751,230 young Britons 'feel they have nothing to live for' (1,752,870 NEETS)
'20% of jobless under-25s' relying on drink and drugs
Reece Johnson needed 70 stitches after being slashed by Asians: now DWP stops his benefits
Europe is slowly strangling the life out of national democracy
Britain 'spends £500m on foreign aid for most corrupt countries'
Muslim students married mentally handicapped women 'so they could stay in UK'
Ex-Premiership footballer, Richard Rufus became a 'financial consultant.' Now he's bankrupt
Bad surgeon, Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, ('risk to patients') struck off
Israel tortures Palestinian children by keeping them in cages
USA: GOOD NEWS! Robber shot by fellow robber!
4 black men attack and rob Stevenage man in own home
Fatal flaws in report claiming migrants boost the economy
Afghan president to free scores of Taliban fighters
Reading no longer enjoyed by general public
'Efforts to reform terrorists failing' (You'd have more success turning sh*t into sugar)
Story of raw courage with NO gore, NO political correctness and NO swaggering Yanks
Still, the voters are ignored on migrants
Celebrity guru? (Surely a contradiction in terms?)
BLAIR WARS: Iraq's annual death toll highest in five years
Immigrant MP, Keith Vaz, sucks up to new arrivals from Romania
What happened when the Roma came to Levenshulme?
First 2014 UK baby born to immigrants (Of course it is)
Why having so many women doctors is hurting the NHS
Ariel Sharon's health suffers 'deterioration' (F*** me, is that bag of sh*t still alive?)

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Gay Jews have 'higher souls' than gentiles, says Israeli Deputy Minister
Romanians top UK crime list... before they've even arrived!
Roma 'are defecating on people's doorsteps' says Tory council leader
“We will not integrate. We will only follow Sharia"
Hundreds of thousands from outside EU could head for UK
Armed robbery: Hamza Dahir, David Tesfaalen , Liban Ali and Ricco Powell-Allen charged
Foreigner launches nasty attack on 62-year-old
Sunder Katwala, of British Future, says: "Romanian and Bulgarian migrants... are welcomed
That Hoang jailed after £500k cannabis factory discovered in Southampton
A very happy New Year for the trough-gobbling snots who own our politicians
DJ made 'poppy tea' from online recipe - Now Paul Dalling is dead
Romanian Big Issue seller urges families to follow her to Britain
Tory MP who had his Aga serviced on expenses knighted in New Year honours list
Chinese doctor stole children and sold them to human traffickers
UKIP membership soars by 2/3 in a year, Tory numbers half since Cameron became PM
Male stripper, Leon Zbudowskyj, attacked audience after being booed off stage
British rapper from £1m home son of a suspected Al Qaeda mastermind
50 years ago a new elite came to power - We still pay price for their contempt
Benefits Britain here we come! Fears as migrant flood begins
Top Cop holds urgent talks with Theresa May after Romanians top county's crime tables
'Your country needs YOU' (to kill and die)
Black lollipop man calls another black man, 'King Kong' - Racist!

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