Daily News - January 2011

Monday 31 January

Israeli orthodox rabbi stirs up racism debate
IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, calls for a new world currency
Lincoln McLean savagely assaulted Christopher Miller in a Southampton pub
Peace Corps covered up gang rapes of 1000 young volunteers!!!
Young mother died of hypothermia after council turned off heating
Millions of Pensioners pay price as taxman 'loses' £1.2bn
‘Drug baron teacher, Mohammed Sarwar, asked me to take blame
The International Jew
Drug Farmers Changmin Yu and Bing Yu jailed
Damning report exposes the rising number of elderly killed by neglect
More than 90,000 foreign students free to vanish in Britain often apply to 'untrusted' colleges
The calls for me to be killed this week prove the bedrock values of our society are in grave danger
Will Barack Obama trust 80 million Egyptians?
Stunned mother who complained about faulty street lights told by council to 'carry a TORCH'
Asian men who groom young girls frustrated by arranged marriages
Anglican leaders condemn victimisation of gays and lesbians
Egypt President's family flee to London
Poofters Welcome!!!

Sunday 30 January

Grooming of girls by Asian gangs fuelled by unhappy arranged marriages
Expenses cheat MP David Chaytor is fast-tracked to open prison just two weeks into sentence
No-win, no-fee firms urging Polish workers to cash in on Britain’s compensation culture
Part Time Clegg: Don't bother him after 3pm!!!
How the Government wasted thousands investigating Equality Act
Insight into how some Muslims are lured into fanaticism
Sir Elton John, his swealthy neighbours and the fight to keep gipsies out of their village

Saturday 29 January

‘Students, workers, hear our shout! We want Aaron Porter out! Porter, Student Union Leader, is Jewish
Is U.S. behind Egyptian protests?
The 10 families who are costing us £1m a year in housing benefits
£3bn a year! Hedge fund boss's astonishing pay (that's £8.5m a day or £100 for EVERY second)
The 10 families who are costing us an astonishing £1m a year between them just in housing benefits
Jacqui Smith to make porn show for BBC!
Judge slams 'soft' sentencing options preventing him jailing burglar
Is Gordon Brown fuelling Labour's phone hacking claims?
Grandmother, 64, fined £50 after PICKING UP cigarette packet cellophane
BLAIR WARS: Tony Blair sidelined Cabinet over Iraq!
Ugandan lesbian wins temporary reprieve from deportation
London's neighbourhood police sergeants will be halved
Three Asians in court on gay hatred charge
Tory MP's website linked to German porn

Friday 28 January

BLACK MEN BUILT NOTHING!!! Syas black Reverend
'Quarter of the world will be Muslim by 2030'
Number of British Muslims will double to 5.5m in 20 years
Police filling ranks with Blunkett bobbies - More than 2,000 special constables joined force in last 12 months
£80m-a-year cost of foreign criminals we can't kick out
David Cameron: migrant boom 'helped wreck our economy’
Attack on EDL man's Luton home!
MPs urge crackdown on internet hatred
Problem pupils will have to enrol at 'boot camps' run by former soldiers
Tony Blair’s cabinet could not accept that the country was at war
Razwan Javed and Kabir Ahmed first charges brought under 'gay hatred' law
Ugandan lesbian awaiting deportation fears for her safety
Islington tower block murder police charge three men
Hundreds of violent offenders could vote figures show
PFI: yet another way to waste your money

Thursday 27 January

Top Cop bans officers from going into yob playground at night - 'it's too dangerous'
Scotland Yard investigates Islamic poster campaign targeting Home Secretary
Twenty murderers and 109 rapists and robbers on the run after blundering authorities fail to send them back to jail
Naeem Butt, butcher who slit love rival's throat, guilty of murder
1,000 dangerous criminals on the run in UK
Christians 'less devout' than Muslims in Britain
Vibhawa Fonseka's gang targeted London communities in £10m Ponzi fraud
Blair's relative: Try him for war crimes
Asians 'forced girls into sex for booze, cigs and phone credit'
Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home: It's just the same as domestic violence warns female judge
David Kelly: Personal items found on his body did not have fingerprints on them
Forest sell-off plan to be revealed
BLAIR WARS: Paratrooper Martin Bell killed in Afghanistan
Fraud costs every adult £765 a year
Rapist cleared and awarded £225,000 compensation back behind bars after another sex attack
Swinging Tommy Sheridan jailed for 3 YEARS - Guilty of perjury

Wednesday 26 January

Altac Gani jailed for seven years two months
Japanese man accused of murdering British teacher Lindsay Hawker mutilated own face and lived on desert island
First black Tory Lord found guilty of fiddling expenses
Shocking boast of hit-and-run career criminal who killed off duty policeman
400,000 'were trying it on' to get sickness benefits: 94% of incapacity claimants CAN work
BLAIR WARS: UK Afghan death toll hits 350
Scandal of how 10,000 yobs have snubbed Asbos
‘Tax dodge’ raid on British-born Bollywood STAR
'Teenagers armed with samurai sword and knives' killed boy in Victoria station
Teenager killed by bus ran into the road to escape gang
Mandarins dispute Blair's assertion on Iraq intentions
London bus driver Kalash Vijay jailed for passenger rape
MI6 'tried to weaken Hamas'
Tory MP removes 'gay lesson' blog entry after complaint
British PM dines with Murdoch secretly
Illegal immigrants in 'gun siege' to be deported
Fifty arrests in latest Southall immigration bust

Tuesday 25 January

Muslim family invited men to rape teenage dauhgter-in-law
Che Awembeng Collins charged with rape and disappears
Rapist Paul Atta gets 12 years
Asjid and Arshed Mahmood guilty of murdering mother and children
Bus driver Kalash Vijay gets 8 years for rape of passenger
Four stabbed during Eastern European disturbance
Bus driver injured in unprovoked attack by black man
They gave Afghan immigrant, Toorpakai Saiedim a £1.2m mansion to live in - now she's charged with benefit fraud
David Cameron meets Holocaust survivor: ‘We must never forget’
Italian leaders decry list of ‘influential’ Italian Jews
How I bought my South African bride
Black toddler found alone in Westcliff street at night
Palestinian concessions - Israeli intransigence
£3.5bn is scammed from UK citizens each year - £2.4bn of this is due to mail scams
Iran is a danger we cannot counter because of Tony Blair’s adventure in Iraq
White children in Birmingham 'a minority' this year because of immigration
£100,000 council boss Byron Davies (Tory) accused of raping colleague
Gun-smuggling scandal at British airports
Education chiefs keep secret database on hair, height and build
Vulnerable betrayed by council wastrels
Outrage as Eurocrat Lady Ashton escapes paying £40,000 in tax
Gay squash club's £6k grant for lesbians
Rupert Murdoch flies in to UK as News Corp stays silent on phone hacking
Ministry of Justice doesn't know all jail costs

Monday 24 January

Gay messages built into school maths lessons for children as young as FOUR
Stanley Fink "Godfather" of hedge funds (Hedge funds = Sub Prime/World Wide Recession) now Lord Fink!!!
Fink is also Tory Party treasurer and Jewish
School teacher Ilyas Uddin sent “offensive, bullying, racist and demeaning” messages
Government drug advisor Hans-Christian Raabe linked ‘destructive gay lifestyle’ to paedophilia
Muslim and Jewish students forge friendship network
£1million accountant who blames racism for limiting his pay
Labour's 'tough' rules let in 2,100 migrants a day
High risk criminals given community orders
Prejudice that 'denies ethnic babies a home': Barnardo's chief blames councils for fall in adoptions
Patients told not to come to surgery - describe symptoms online
EU bureaucrats win power to probe UK crime
ED BALLS is a gift to the coalition and a danger to Labour
Quarter of a million children growing up in cycle of benefit dependency

Sunday 23 January

Serif Aslan charged with schoolboy murder
Ivars Balodis convicted of raping woman - He was jailed for 9 years for robbery in Latvia
Equality madness: Government spends £30m to discover whether preserving fish stocks harms ethnic Chinese or hovercraft discriminate against gays
Foreigners take 2 out of 3 new jobs under Coalition - They took 9 out of 10 under New Labour
'Gay lessons' in maths, geography and science
Family terrorised by drunken lout who broke into their house late at night - Cops to take any action
Rupert Murdoch's arrogant empire must be reined in
Cancer sufferers 'to be given chemotherapy at branches of Boots'!
Religion must be in key school exam insist faith leaders
Britain's famous red postboxes at risk from sale of Royal Mail

Saturday 22 January

John Mann and Louise Ellman pledge to tackle online hate - They are the leading Judaeophiles in parliament
TELFORD: Another Pakistani Child Rape Ring!!!
BLAIR WARS: Fury of the families as Blair admits Iraq War 'regrets'
Huge majority oppose England forest sell-off
Portuguese lorry driver drove 40 hours non-stop then killed soldier
UK can't deport asylum seekers back to Greece - They will be subjected to 'inhumane or degrading treatment'
'Marry a Muslim or die' threat to Harry Potter actress
London church worker Paul Deya guilty of murdering son
How patients from abroad cheat the NHS out of millions
Al-Qaeda magazine lauds London student who attempted to murder MP
Smirking Ed Balls Does Not Understand Aspiration
Cameron's spin doctor Andy Coulson quits over phone hacking
Lady Warsi’s Speech Will Do More Harm Than Good
Peter Oborne: Labour's big beast is back into battle
Our children must be made to think harder
Adoptions need to quadruple says outgoing Barnardo's chief

Friday 21 January

Polish girl murdered by black boyfriend
IMMIGRATION: A THIRD of Londoners were born abroad
Creepy B Liar 'regrets deeply' Iraq dead - But he still us to go sort out Iran now!
Bobby Kalon murdered by Baljinder Singh Koonerand Guljinder Singh Gurewal
Film on dangers of Asian sex gangs commissioned by Government agency... then withheld for three years
BLAIR AIDE: U.K. believed Netanyahu was untrustworthy!
Joanna Yeates: Dutch immigrant held
Record number of children prescribed 'chemical cosh' - Teachers blamed
Boy, 14, stabbed to death and three others knifed
Anger over rape trial collapse
Downing Street ordered a 'cover up' over Straw's bid to talk Blair out of Iraq invasion
How Labour betrayed us on mixed-sex wards
Uproar As Muslim Cleric Calls Queen ‘Disgusting’
A Huge Deception at Heart of the European Union
Benefit errors still cost millions
Marital turmoil forced Shadow Chancellor to quit
Burglaries rise by 9%

Thursday 20 January

Asians drag 15-year-old girl into car
Carl Samuel killed a pedestrian - Now he dies same way
Dominic Lawson: The population timebomb is a myth
Preston woman raped and mugged by two men in South Africa
The EU dislikes nation-states at home and abroad
'Statins for all' – and billions for drug firms
MURDER: Police seek Kanwarjeet Singh Batth
Charities pay price of Goldman Sachs greed: Bank gives staff £9.6bn but slashes donations to good causes
Auctioneer who sold Duchess of Windsor's jewels was 'fleeced' by carer Kumari Murphy
Britain is migrant magnet of Europe: Only Spain admits more non-EU immigrants
Million of young Britons on the job scrapheap: Almost one in five is unemployed
Baroness Warsi warns the 'bigots'! Dinner party Islamophobia is rife
Two mothers and their toddler children banned from council-funded playgroup - for being BRITISH
Trust me, I'm a doctor said sex-pest bogus physioian Charles Ahme
The damning evidence that should bury Blair for his lies over Iraq
2 out of 3 new jobs given to migrants
Boxer left for dead but yobs escape jail
1 in 4 youngsters never play outside
MPs must listen to the people about the EU
Crime statistics masked by 'year zero' reset
Shopkeepers fight off black robbers
West Ham's Manuel Da Costa charged over sexual assault
Hampshire school 'suspects pupil is adult'
'Out of control' alcohol use vexes Britain
Secret policing details revealed

Wednesday 19 January

Two mothers and their toddler children banned from council-funded playgroup - for being BRITISH!!!
Rape suspect, Metin Sanci, caught after brave victim bites through his tongue
Seismic political change` coming to Europe says Nigel Farage
Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage - Yet the feminists stay silent
Children’s safety must not be put at risk by political correctness!!!
Children as young as 10 'groomed for sex by gangs'!!!
Romanian sex traffickers Bogdan and Marius Nejloveanu convicted
Carl Samuel killed a pedestrian - Now he dies same way
Wear the hijab or I'll kill you Muslim cousin told girl
Marius and Bogdan Nejloveanu convicted of trafficking women into UK prostitution
Naeem Butt 'slit throat of love rival'
HMRC's merciless tax raid on the elderly and weak
Foreigners take two out of three new jobs - Nearly 200,000 vacancies were filled by those born overseas
Statins 'may cause loss of memory and depression'
Chilcott's anger as Blair's Iraq memos to Bush stay secret
Cherie Blair 'tried to use taxpayer cash for £3,500 Swedish bed'
The damning evidence that should bury Tony B Liar!!!
Crisis as immigrant birth rate increases
Alarm over white pupils pushed to bottom of class
Labour's dangerous tactics
The law is eroding our right to a set of beliefs
Despair of Christian hotel owners penalised for turning away gays
Metropolitan Police figures show rise in knife crime

Tuesday 18 January

It's that "tanned" rapist again!
Annette Morris fiddled £107,000 in benefits and WASN'T JAILED!!!
30,000 pupils branded as bigots: Teachers log 'racist' and 'homophobic' jibes even at nursery
£1TRILLION: Our National Debt pushes through barrier to reach £40,000 per household
Clegg infuriates Tory Right by saying we shouldn't 'preach' on marriage
'Psychotic’ Afghan asylum seeker had to be forcibly removed from foster family after lying about being a child
Drive test fraud lands Ahmid Rahim and Ahmad Fattah Karim in court
South Africa: Afrikaners are starving!!!
Lithuanian, 14, 'admits killing 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook'
Tony Blair ‘misled parliament over legal go-ahead to invade Iraq’
Lord Goldsmith: Blair did not reflect legal advice on Iraq war
Black Peer Lord Taylor ‘lied to fiddle £11,000 expenses’
Campaign grows against cuts that would shut 375 libraries
Black Footballer Michael Ricketts sorry for girlfriend attack
Gay ex-councillor complains - He's a victim of "bullying and homophobia"

Monday 17 January

Child sex trafficking in UK on the rise with even younger victims targeted
Was substandard NHS care to blame for the deaths of 21 babies?
This BP deal is, finally, the death of the British Empire
Gypsy gangs train five-year-olds to pickpocket on the streets of Britain
EU brainwashing denies the roots of our civilisation
Ed Miliband: I'm taking advice from Labour's election losers Brown and Kinnock
Flood of new 'legal high' drugs hits Britain
Mutinous MPs set to grab £1,000 pay rise
Shoplifters 'steal £400,000 daily'
Le Pen signs off with an anti-Semitic slur
Getting beaten up in cyberspace does no one much harm
Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Sunday 16 January

Girl, 17, raped in attack by Black and White
whistleblower to expose offshore banker secrets
Teenager threatened with knife by Blacks
E-fit of Asian issued over sexual assault
Surgeon's private firm is paid £630,000 to treat patients from his own NHS waiting list
Wife ‘beaten’ by Indian diplomat immune from prosecution goes into hiding
Opposing illegal traveller sites isn't racist
One teacher a month dying from asbestos
Time to target owners of Britain’s dangerous dogs
Send foreign aid to where it is really needed
Chinese tycoons trawl UK antiques market for treasures
Gay people paint beleaguered banks as pinkest employers
Chilcot to grill Blair on how he 'misled' Iraq war inquiry
British-Israeli armies' synergy censured
BT slammed for complicity with Israel

Saturday 15 January

200 Dead Cows Found in Wisconsin Field!!! Birds, fish, crabs, bats, crickets, cows... Humans?
Toni-Marie Redfern says Asian 'boyfriend' dubbed his car the 'Rape Rover'
Hit-and-run driver Salim Chand kill Freda Holt
Sabrina Barber's attack was 'sadistic and evil'
'The land of easy money'!!! Ayan Abdulle lied to claim asylum and £250,000 in benefits
'Slightly mad' Cherie! She wore a pendant to ward off evil spirits and cope with No 10!!!
Hesletine's worth £240 Million!
New Labour showpiece school closes after only two years
Your £250m bill to fund college places in UK for foreign students
Blair 'wobbled' after reading Bible
Are the British just too phlegmatic?
Murder rate in London is lowest since 1978 but gun killings rise
Tunisian immigrant Ben Hlal guilty of traffic warden false race slur
Judge bans Asian men in grooming case from contact with all girls under 16
Transvestite drug dealer let off jail! Judge says it would ruin his chances of having a sex change

Friday 14 January

Immigration is too high, say four in five Britons
Mad cow disease 'can be spread through air!!!
Victim of a crime? A cop will see you next week!!!
Drug dealer Ian Morris spared jail so he can have a sex change!!!
Oldham by election: Debbie Abrahams (Labour) beats Kashif Ali (Tory) into third place!!!
EU sends out £4.4m diaries to schools which list Muslim, Chinese and Hindu holidays but miss out Christmas and Easter!!!
Millions of women will lose £38,000 from pensions under plans to raise retirement age to 66
Tory to David Miliband, who is Jewish - What a 'w*****'!!!
Tory MP to Jewish Speaker John Bercow - 'You are not f****** royalty!'
Nine in court on terror plot charge
Scourge of America's paedophile priests sets up shop in UK
UK Troops Use 'War Crime Drones' in Israel
UK signs up to EU fingerprint database

Thursday 13 January

EU sends out £4.4m diaries to schools which list Muslim, Chinese and Hindu holidays... but miss out Christmas and Easter
'Send us cash or we'll rape her again': Thai sex attackers' sickening call to mother of British woman, 23, as they assaulted her
'I have a bomb... Oxford Circus is going up': Man arrested after threatening to blow himself up during four-hour shop siege
Imam 'raped boy, 12, as he attended mosque for religious lessons'
Mohammed Riaz 'who hacked brother-in-law to pieces caught when bird dropped severed thumb from the sky'
Turkey calls on Israel to sack Avigdor Lieberman
Avinash Treebhoowoon Murdered Michaela McAreavey
Learco Chindamo, Gregory Jananto and Saeed Akhtar charged over street robbery
Imam Mohammed Hanif Khan denies mosque rape charges
Pakistani Express Tribune: "We are racist, like our parents were"
"Dark-skinned" rape suspect - CCTV images on YouTube
Rapist Paul Atta, who preyed on Manchester students, jailed
Brothers arrested in Salford new year murder probe
Flyers in Peckham urge against 'snitching' to police
Government 'to close three prisons'!!!
Gay agenda: Cops and nurses to be asked sexuality in new "equality drive"
Minister suggests 'fast-tracking' diverse police recruits
British Madoff admits running £14m Ponzi scheme
The gravy train rolls on: Boss of bailed-out Lloyds retiring with a £2m bonus
The 'tragedy' of Britain's fatherless families where one in five children lose touch with a parent
Tony Blair to face second Iraq Inquiry grilling - Taxpayers will foot £250,000 security bill
Muneeb Naseer 'murdered' after he started to sell Meow Meow at university
David Cameron spends thousands of pounds a month on Downing Street garden
Sudan: A nation driven apart by Muslim bigotry
Schools under fire as just 1 in 6 pupils achieve 'English bac'
Abortion rule to be challenged in high court
African immigrant Mikael Prince guilty of sham marriage

Wednesday 12 January

Rapist Paul Atta who preyed on Manchester students jailed
Number 10 denies 'throwing in towel' on bank bonuses
Rochdale: Nine Asians arrested in teen sexploitation inquiry
Met Office 'kept winter forecast secret from public'!!!
Lloyds' Eric Daniels in line for £2m bonus
Moneea, Theekoy and Treebhoowoon charged with Michaela's murder
Gang of nine Asian men arrested for 'grooming white teenage girls for sex'
Police chief: 'We couldn't speak out on Asian sex gangs for fear of appearing institutionally racist'
These men took my innocence as they lured me into a sickening world of abuse
Schoolgirl dies from tuberculosis
NSPCC: Hundreds report sex abuse by women each year
Too Much Too Young
RBS fined £2.8m for ‘inadequate’ handling of HALF of all complaints - whilat bank boss pockets £2.5m bonus
Disgraced MP Eric Illsley pleada guilty to £14,000 expenses fraud
‘Asylum’ children to get pay out
David Miliband to become a teacher
Could German contaminated pork be in UK?
Council employs professional actors to play drunks in bars

Tuesday 11 January

A £9million bonus? It's an act of self restraint says boss of Barclays
David Cameron admits defeat over bankers' bonuses
Sham marriage - Latvian bride-to-be caught in bed with another man
Former Blair/Brown bodyguard jailed over street attack
Social worker admits ignoring abuse warning about 2-year-old a week before she was murdered by her stepfather
Rising early for action man Ed we end up with Mr Bean
Asylum seekers 'lost without trace'
One in 7 asylum seekers on the run
Report criticises languages tuition
Church worker Paul Otieno Deya 'slit son's throat before suicide bid'
India UK envoy 'assaulted wife'
Almost 14,500 police jobs will be lost
Blair Iraq grilling sparks protests
Imran Ali, Saeed Ibrahim, Sajjad Anwar and Naveed Latif planned robbery

Monday 10 January

Asylum seeker, Amina Muse, £250,000 fraudster
European nations begin seizing private pensions
Dorset Council sells beach for £1
chief examiner Peter Buckroyd gave a pupil two marks out of 27 for an English GCSE paper.
Top examiners gave marks for a school paper which contained only the words "Fu*k Off"!!!

British government tightens grip on Britons
Colin Blanchard, leader of a paedophile ring, jailed
Eight East Europeans jailed for drug-smuggling plot
Nathan Allen charged with murdering 14-month-old boy
National inquiry launched into sex grooming gangs who target teenage girls
While Muslim sexual predators have been jailed - It is white Britain's hypocritical values that are to blame
Denying an ethnic link in sex gangs case is blinkered
Fury as Channel 4 teaches youngsters Kama Sutra positions in graphic 'Joy of Teen Sex'
Farms shut as cancer poisons now found in chickens
Record fraud 'put before courts in 2010'
Thousands of post offices face the chop under Tories privatisation plans
Fury as banks pay out bonuses of £7bn!
Government accused of secret deal to go easy on bonuses!
Dentists routinely failing children with serious tooth decay
Workshy estate where just one person has a job
Sophie Reade: Mario Balotelli cheated on her with her best friend

Sunday 9 January

Prime Minister 'using scare tactics' to win EU vote
Mohammad Bataineh - Cubicle pervert
Drug kingpin, Samir Dahou, found with guns and heroin ordered to pay back £250,000
No country for young people: is this generation under strain?
Specialist unit investigates grooming of teenage girls
Why the people who serve us just don’t give a damn
Indian envoy escapes prosecution for ‘attack’ on wife after claiming diplomatic immunity
Concern over prison officer figures
Elton John chooses Lesbian couple to be Godparents to his adopted kid
Elton John has endangered son's welfare claims Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Woman assaulted after being followed
Fears over mutating swine flu virus that could render vaccine useless
'Arrogant’ Kraft boss snubs quiz by MPs on hostile takeover of Cadbury - Irene Rosenfeld is Jewish
RBS chief Stephen Hester awarded a £2.5m bonus
Mohammad Bataineh - Cubicle pervert
David Burgess - Transgender Human Rights Lawyer

Saturday 8 January

Pakistani men see white girls as 'easy meat' says Jack Straw
'Sexual predators' abused girls as young as 12 in 'reign of terror'
91-year-old William Reilly murdered in Tottenham
Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia cautioned for shoplifting
Jack Straw criticised for 'easy meat' comments on Asian abuse
US subpoenas Twitter details of Wikileaks activists
19-year-old seriously sexually by black
Ed Miliband get a mauling from Radio 2 callers
Give us our country back!!!
David Nyamupfukudza charged with murder
Youth worker Saifour Rahman 'stabbed rival in the eye with machete'
Why should the PM let terrorists walk our streets just to appease Clegg's lot?
Protest at Royal Mail privatisation
Poisoned food in shops for THREE WEEKS
Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens
Revealed, the 500 registered sex offenders who lived within a few miles of Jo
Mothers-to-be pay price of GPs' failure to order flu jabs
People are too busy blaming me over the Baby P tragedy says Shoesmith
Romania threat to open borders
How to survive prison and make money out of it
George Osborne 'has given up' over bank bonuses
Sham wedding bride caught in bed with real boyfriend

Friday 7 January

'Pack of animals' chase boy, 16, stab him to death, shake hands and laugh!
Deadly TB strain seen in Africa now in rich nations
How a PC Journalist deals with the Muslims who seduce/rape our little girls
Israeli military 'regrets' killing unarmed and "wrong" man
EXPENSES: David Chaytor, New Labour trough-gobbler, gets 18 months!!!
Brigitte Bardot campaigns to ban Jewish ritual slaughter in France
Latvian comes here to squat in 'easy touch' Britain and now lives in a £10m mansion
Mehdi Alavi sold lethal injection drugs to jails in US from a driving school in Acton
BLAIR WARS: Teenage soldier shot dead in Afghanistan was 'due to communication breakdown'
14 tons of egg mixture contaminated with cancer-causing Dioxin reaches UK!!!
Pest teams banned by a Buddhist
Bank bonuses 'to run to billions in 2011'
Brian Muyepa accused of 'beating' wife
‘Danger to the public’ Anthony Graham sexually humilated woman
Islam now considered 'a threat' to national identity by half of French and Germans
Police cuts 'will mean more crime'

Thursday 6 January

Murder accused Jurijs Ostrovskis remanded in custody
'Took all my pills, bye bye'! Simone Back commits suicide on Facebook and NONE of her 1,082 online friends help
'You're gonna hear about the evil I did' Robert Butler shot dead a teacher then committted suicide on Facebook
More mass animal deaths see thousands of fish found floating in Florida and 200 birds dead on Texas bridge
So much for austerity! Why did quango chief order staff to blow £1m of our money?
Whining MPs win expenses climbdown: Politicians will be trusted to tell truth!
6,000 perverts and thugs to get the vote!!!
Fake foreign students vanish into black market jobs and cost us £493 million a year
Employment tribunal cases rocketed under Labour. Will ministers put a stop to legalised extortion?
Absent Baroness Ashton leaves Britain without a voice
Cannabis found in Emmanuel Adebayor's painting

Wednesday 5 January

Top Cop blasts 'culture of silence' that allows Asian sex gangs to groom white girls
Don't mourn Punjab governor or you'll get same say 500 moderate Pakistani scholars
Salman Taseer: Pakistan must face up to the enemy within
Asylum seeker who keeps trying to return to Morocco sues Britain for STOPPING him
Tomas Acas denies woman's stamping murder
Blacks with stun gun rob teens
How 100,000 Britons have chosen to become Muslim - Average convert is 27-year-old white WOMAN
Taxpayers get £4,000 limo bill for John Reid's football match jaunts as '£50,000-a-year' Celtic chairman
Council which employed Ian Huntley STILL not carrying out proper background checks on teachers
Abbas Burhanpurwala admits murdering father-in-law
PM, Blair meet as peace process returns to int'l agenda
Britain carrying 'trademark of despots'

Tuesday 4 January

Conservative Meeting in Oldham - WHERE'S WHITEY?
Now Britain is the Neet capital of Western Europe... and even youngsters in Romania are more likely to be in work
100,000 converts to Islam living in the UK - with white women most keen to embrace Muslim faith
The Islamification of Britain: record numbers embrace Muslim faith
UK accused of 'covering up' G8's failure to cut deaths from TB
NHS should outsource more call centres and offices to India says John Neilson of NHS Shared Business Services
Anthony Small and Max Felicino charged over shooting
Robbery suspect Jeremy Pearce flees from London court
Osborne jets off on £11,000 holiday while we struggle with austerity measures HE brought in
Poor white boys get worse grades than deprived black, Chinese and Asians
Why put dangerous men in an open jail free to start £3m riot?
British austerity will add $2.3b to welfare costs
Up to 500,000 wrongly denied incapacity benefit

Monday 3 January

Sold for sex: tale of 16-year-old trafficked into Britain
NEW LABOUR MARK 2? Schools will be powerless to expel worst behaved kids because of Government reforms
27-year-old attacked by East Europeans at taxi rank
Raymond Iriogbe charged with stabbing murder
Warning after Alfred Mason, 83, lost £800k to telephone fraudsters
Stockholm bomber's wife denies radicalising 'loving' father of three
How MPs bill the taxpayer £500,000 for their researchers' spin classes
Police forces urged to stop wasting cash on 'pointless slogans'
Police hoarding data on the millions who call to report a crime
Blacklisted: The 'soft' A-levels that damage pupils' prospects
BLAIR WARS: British solder becomes 349th to die in Afghanistan since 2001 after bomb blast
Ken Clarke says prison doesn't work. Little wonder when they're holiday camps like this one
Maternity care in UK on verge of breakdown says top midwife

Sunday 2 January

Osborne skiing, Zac Goldsmith in £8k-a-week villa, Speaker hosting lavish party as we face year of austerity
'One-man crimewave' Hakim Benmakhlouf faces deportation for FIFTH time after we gave him £3,000 to return to Algeria
Didn't you read the small print? Now it's Dave's turn to rub our noses in diversity
Only two guards for 500 inmates at riot jail - Prisoners cause £2million damage!
Drugs charge Brit victim of Malaysian husband say family
Samurai sword attack leaves men seriously injured
Millions have data stored by police
Korma Chameleon: killer turns Muslim for curry
Preacher Anjem Choudary’s UK terror warning
Sodiq Adeojo charged with murder
Working class white boys still at bottom of learning table, despite millions spent by Labour

Saturday 1 January

They Dare Not Speak the Name Rothschild!!!
How Israeli leaders kill for their people's votes
Bhupendra Patel stole from charity shop!!!
Pregnant women and elderly turned away from surgeries and told to get jab at Tesco
Working Class White Boys at bottom of education table
Suicide Bomber kills at least 17 outside Christian church in Egypt
15 people became insolvent every hour in 2010!!!
Crime gangs target dementia sufferers to con them out of thousands - Abdool Hamuth was jailed for 3.5 years
Holocaust survivors warn of stirrings of neo-fascism in Israel
Transsexual's fight for implants lands the taxpayer with a bill for £18,000
Prison set on fire as inmates riot
Work 24 days to pay Labour debt
Boris Johnson slams immigrant cap
Archbishop of Canterbury: read the Bible to understand Cameron's Big Society

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