Daily News: February 2014

Friday 28 February

Not enough gays on TV! Thus spake gay BBC Drama boss
Cheggers and the Centre Left (2006)
One punch, two mothers and a truly shocking tale of our times
Convicted pervert, Abdi Musa, head-butted cop and jailed for a further 12 months
Abilio Cardoso guilty of domestic violence, theft and drug crime but can still be a nurse!
Black pervert attacks 11-year-old girl in Coventry E-fit of Epsom mugger (black)
Ikramul Hoque gets just 3 years 4 months for setting homeless man on fire
On bail for rape of teenager, axeman, Lawrence Kwala, tried to rob a bank
Net migration to UK jumps 30% in a year to 212,000 (So much for Tory promises) Ukraine Protests: Israeli Ex-Officer 'Leads Militant Group', Claims Iran
EU condemns US drone strikes that have killed thousands of civilians
Some Israeli killings of Palestinian civilians in West Bank may be war crimes
Hordes of gay, Ugandan asylum seekers on their way?
Soaring immigration is good, says traitor Cable
532,000 immigrants in 2013! (Remember what Tories said in 2010? LibLabCon lies!)
Blair faces probe into his role in IRA scandal
One in three strip club dancers are students!
Britain insulted France and betrayed West, by De Gaulle
Doctors' dirty stethoscopes helping to spread MRSA?
RBS has already squandered every penny of its £46bn bailout!
Labour accused of cover-up over care scandal at 'new Mid-staffs'
Legal high as lethal as heroin: Jason Nock died after taking AH-7921 to help him sleep
One boy's verdict on Clegg
Now the Al Qaeda Peace Agreement
Top Cop says time is right for water cannon in London
Vanessa Redgrave's dad suspected Commie! (On MI5 files for 20 years)

Thursday 27 February

BBC - The anti-English 6 Nations video THEY did not want you to see!
Latest immigration figures show how Government has failed to control migration
Harman's NCCL advertised for members in paedo mag when she was legal chief!
1970s was a sexual free-for-all in which everything went (including paedophilia?) say Lefties
Looking back to the great British paedophile infiltration campaign of the 1970s
Lobbying by paedophile campaign revealed
Harriet Harman (didn't want to talk about child abuse) v abuse sufferer
Killing a man is 'no big deal' sneers mother of black savage who killed Asperger's sufferer
Baroness launches racist tirade and attacks security at Belgravia Hotel
Judge Keith Cutler refuses to discuss black savage's short sentence
A killer punch and the sentence that shatters all faith in justice
187 IRA terror suspects escaped prosecution thanks to Blair's secret deal
Mid-Staffs NHS Trust ko'd after hundreds died from appalling care
Confidence trickster, Mohammed Awais, who stole from vulnerable people, jailed
England's lost world: 421 species have become extinct over past 200 years
If terror suspects/bombers/killers have get out of jail free cards, why not Britain's soldiers?
Chinese smog so bad it's like 'nuclear winter' (How Commies treat their own)

Wednesday 26 February

SHEFFIELD: Girl, 13, raped by Dusan Pacan and eight friends
MURDER: Prolific burglar, Aaron De Silva, stabbed Joseph Griffiths, 73, 22 times
MURDER: Sick joke sentencing of Lewis Gill
Azeem Akhtar murdered college student, 16
Donovan Golding, 35, stabbed girlfriend 13 times, leaving her paralysed from neck down
Adeel Khan and Yusuf Ahmed bludgeoned 17-year-old for going out with sister
Man robbed and threatened at knife-point by 4 black men
Taxi driver, Mohammed Bukhari, drew sword during row with motorcyclist
Drug-dealing Albanian cousins jailed for 18-and-a-half years
Massage therapist Lijo Kizhakkevilayiljoy charged with sexual assault
Hounslow soldiers 'on alert over threat of copycat Lee Rigby-style killings'
Trainee GP, Omar Chaudhry, had others ‘sign him in’
28% of London's vagrants from Eastern Europe
IRA: Alleged Hyde Park bomber walks after Blair government's 'no trial' guarantee
Teaching Islam prioritised over World War One and Two in schools!!!
Jews conspired to destroy White South African government and murder the Boer
Half of Ukip voters say they would NEVER back Tories
Nursing cutbacks linked to high death rates in hospitals
Terror link to Syrian war biggest threat to Britain since 9/11
Is gay activist, Peter Tatchell, a paedophile or simply misunderstood?
Cops poised to level charges against paedo MPs?
New evidence casts doubt on Harriet Harman's defence over paedophile links
Child sex attacker and Soviet spy in vile group legitimised by Harman and chums
Harriet Harman expresses 'regret' over paedo links but STILL won’t apologise
Labour MP calls for probe into state cash for Paedophile Information Exchange
PAEDOS! Can't the Left ever make a mistake? (Silly question - course not!)
Foreign Oligarchs buy UK visas for £1million
Union spent thousands trying to reinstate Mid Staffs bully nurses!
Former Nottingham pub becomes mosque
Outraged anti-fascists hit back at a threat to “burn” planned mosque
Muslim only fun day cancelled
Prisoners win compensation... for lost socks and broken stereos!
Dyslexia is a 'meaningless label used by middle-class parents

Tuesday 25 February

Busting Britain: 'Supercity' must be built to house next generation of immigrants
Israeli tycoon, Haim Saban, in bid to buy Channel 5!
Did social psychos take Wendy Tricker's child to meet adoption targets?
MANSLAUGHTER! Black nut, John Bass, murdered little white 'friend', Mark Austin
Surgeon, John Chen Lui Lu, infected up to 11 patients with deadly disease! 5 DIED!
Nile Ranger denies raping woman after night out
Complain about man cycling on pavement? Get killed by a black savage (who got just 4.5 years)
In 2004, Jeffrey Goldberg warned Israelis might murder Israeli PM over deal
Harman/Dromey deny paedo 'smears!' And yet, the evidence suggests...
Harman/Dromey: Not one hint of remorse!
The hostility radiating from Washington
Inside Britain's filthiest takeaway
Laughing (Asian) gang rapists ‘are no risk to women?’
GREECE: 50 year old Woman Gang Raped by Pakistanis... Media Silent!
Muslims capture 9-year-old Christian girl and rape her for 19 days!
850 Chinese millionaires and Russian oligarchs have 'bought' British visas
Ukrainian Jews fear anger will be directed at them!
US media routinely covers up black-on-white violence! (Sounds familiar)
Why is prostate cancer breakthrough only offered abroad?
Jimmy Savile victims 'were laughed at or ignored'
Paedophile priest admits abusing children in East Midlands
GCHQ's 'Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations' deceives us all!
How can the European people be so blind to where these lunatics are leading us?
Blank cheque for Ukraine unacceptable! (Thought it was free dosh for everyone but us!)
On-message PC top cop says addicts should be given drugs paid for by us!
Spieberg's Hoax - The Last Days of The Big Lie
Inside Britain's filthiest takeaway
Russian units transferred from securing the Sochi games to the Ukraine border
Female prisoners 'coerced into sex with staff?'

Monday 24 February

350,000 bodies in London cemetery to be dug up for Muslim burial site?
How much longer can paedo-huggers stay silent? Even Left wants answers from senior Labour trio
Hypocrite Harman (paedo-hugger) wasn't so quiet on Savile scandal
Labour paedo-huggers: A silence that grows ever more deafening
Lib Dem leader put paedo MP Cyril Smith up for knighthood ('after he was told of abuse')
New World Order boy, William Hague, warns Russian not to intervene in Ukraine!
OSBORNE: We should open chequebook to rebuild Ukraine! (What about our flood victims?)
Ukraine's crisis not ours!
Situation in Ukraine 'completely beyond framework of law'
Tymoshenko: Don't be fooled by angelic looks, she's as ruthless as she's corrupt?
Butcher forced to stop displaying meat and game because 'townies' object
Foreign killers and rapists we can't throw out: 750 freed criminals disappear
£90m of British aid to Somalia 'helps Al Qaeda'
SWEDEN: 92-year-old woman raped on Christmas Eve
WHITECHAPEL: Rival Bangladeshi groups clash
Romanian girls as young as 14 sold as sex slaves in Britain
Bronson Maisey attacked on bus by black savages: NO JAIL!
Dr Islam's inadequate examination caused fatal 'delay in diagnosis' of husband's condition?
Filmed playing football, fitness instructor can keep claiming disability allowance
H. Samuel accused of conning Britons with fake jewellery discounts
Ex-manager of care home, Nirmala Read, posed a serious risk to patients
Dentist, Hinal Mahendra Patel, failed to treat severely decaying teeth of pensioner for 4 years!
Softer entry tests for SAS 'will put lives at risk'
One in 10 patients can't get a GP appointment!
1.2million dads doubt child is theirs
Pistorius looking at porno websites on mobile night Reeva died
Bin those vitamin pills - they may be doing you far more harm than good
Supermarkets can lead to more crime! Assault, theft, burglary rise after large store built
UKIP’S housing spokesman, Andrew Charalambous, making fortune off migrants on benefits?
Europe's 11m empty properties
Lib Dem liar criminal and the priceless benefits of being EU members
Death sentence for British pensioner accused of blasphemy in Pakistan
Sean Penn named 'global champion of Jewish values?'

Sunday 23 September

2014: Leon Lockhart murdered Danny Baker
2012: Leon Lockhart jailed for breaking in to two homes
Paul Thrower killed with axe after row with teenagers in London
Naeem Mehmood stabbed his boss 51 times before "rampage" with machete
Kofi Yeboah charged with burglary and manslaughter
89-year-old Connie Hallford beaten by a gang of burglars
Gentjan and Brikel Mataj and Nertil Curi get 16 years for £1.6million drug crime
Black-on-Black: Drive-by shooting on London's Waterloo Bridge
WANTED: Michael Lawrence targets gay men
Would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday?
Father of boy killed by IRA hits out after PM turns down plea for charity cash
A third of patients in hospital for anxiety are women over 60 Labour's Floods Minister (Ed's 'special envoy on climate change') in Cancun on £3,650 jolly

Saturday 22 September

Victim 'raped by 30 Asian men in 6 hours including father and schoolboy son'
THE SWISS ARE FIGHTING BACK! "Bastard Foreigner/Filthy Immigrant" not racist!
Anti-Semitic "bigotry and hatred" reaches Japan!
English now second language in 1-in-9 schools after E. European influx
Ministers who put their jobs before their country
Vitamin E supplements 'raise risk of prostate cancer by 20%... and have NO health benefits'
Lesbian animal charity boss gagged senior members of staff with £180,000 payouts
Lukas Karpavicius, 16, bragged to friends after killing David Hutchinson, 63
Black thug, Lewis Gill, gets just 4 years for killing Andrew Young
Tyneside - Operation Sanctuary: Rape plot police seek 80 women
Tyneside - Operation Sanctuary: Abdul Jelilou Ouro Kefia charged with rape
Sexual assault in Princes Avenue, west Hull - Asian sought
"The crimes you have committed and your attitude to these crimes... bring discredit on all of you!"
Slaughter by diversity? Sudip Sarker had double the death rate of other surgeons!
Oko, Boston, Emu, Ekpo, Ugwu and Nusi charged with dating website scam
Muslim solicitor's career in ruins (Behave criminally, that's what happens)
Haroon Rashid:'I am going to cut off your dick, you f***ing white infidels'
"British" Jihadi, Anil Khalil Raoufi, killed in Syria
Nut slag, Laura Cunliffe, cooked kitten in microwave
Jailbird Lib Dem (a global warming fingerwagger) flies 12,000 miles for a holiday!

Friday 21 September

RETRIAL? Albattikhi had sex with Charlene, 14, before putting her 'into the kebabs'
Leading abuse charity demands apology from Labour 3 linked to paedo group
Surprise, surprise, BBC ignores Mail's expose of Labour's links to paedo group
Ruling class! 1-in-12 MPs related to other politicians! Dynasties date back 140 years!
Mum of 7 addicted to legal high 'Summer Haze' ('50 times more powerful than cannabis') died
Czech/Slovak Gypsies and Kurds raped and preyed on 5 Peterborough girls
Trainee cop, Naiem Hussain, tried to con elderly woman out of £10,000/jewellery?
Birmingham: Black man launches unprovoked attack on 65-year-old
British Jews issue manifesto for European elections
Met Office: Winter will be 'drier than normal,' especially in West Country!
They'll turn lights out if we complain about energy price rises/profits? (That's privatisation)
Cannabis puts teenage brain at risk (That's what THEY were/are after)
North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un blew £386MILLION in just a year as his people starved
Jealous uncle murdered his 3 brothers daughters during Indian wedding
David Cameron’s national Holocaust Commission (Keeping facts hidden?)

Thursday 20 September

Hollie Gazzard, 20, stabbed to death at work in front of colleagues by ex-boyfriend
Mehretab Zemicael charged with the murder of Gary Briscoe
Somali immigrant, Mohamed Osman, got just 8 years for murdering soldier David Collins, 18
Chauffeur Raymond Anokye-Amponsah gets 4 years 4 months for killing James Shaw
Murderer Danilo Restivo fights plans to deport him (right to family life)
14-year-old girl raped in Manchester: photo of suspect
Wanted: Mowled Omar Yussuf - for rape of 16-year-old in park
Suspended prison sentence for slum landlord, Dinyar Sarkari
Former police chief says paedo-friendly MPs should apologise (Traitors should be executed)
Vital questions these Labour apologists for child sex MUST now answer
How Hattie’s friends defended paedophilia
The EU dictatorship they want but won't get
Harriet Harman and the Paedophile Information Exchange
The U.N. and their U.S. funded child sex slaves
Why doesn't Stephen Fry boycott the Saudis as well as the Russians?
Toxic chemicals in food packaging pose as long-term health risk to consumers
Death rates at six Welsh hospitals ‘covered up’
Mother-to-be forced to sit on a filthy train floor as no one would give up a seat
Sanctions threat against Ukraine looks like blackmail, Sergei Lavrov
Young Britons beaten to jobs by 'new servant class' of immigrants
UK's biggest mobile phone company moving jobs back to UK (We HATE foreign call centres)
David Cameron criticised over welfare reforms by 26 Church of England bishops
Cops left foul-mouthed voicemail for domestic violence victim
INDIA: Men gang-raped teen for 3 days, poured acid in her eyes and killed her
Rainbow flag to be raised at National Assembly to flag up LGBT history month
Tories want tough negotiator for EU job - Clegg will veto same
Blair offered to be advisor to Rebekah Brooks
Son of former cocaine addict Daniella Westbrook arrested over drugs

Wednesday 19 September

Shocking links between Labour elite and vile paedo group
Labour's most senior figures campaigned for paedos who abused children 'on an industrial scale'
Prospective UKIP MEP, Shneur Odze, won't shake women's hands! (He's an orthodox Jew)
Shaqueil Samuels punched man on bus, later his gang attacked man on train - NO JAIL!
Britain has less prejudice than most but more take offence
Sham marriage 'every hour' in the UK
Judges and social workers conspire to remove children from their parents!
Labour plan to concrete over England? (4 new towns)
Cops shown pictures of Lostprophets paedo in 2008 - They ignored it!
UK is Europe's top destination for immigrants
Girl stoned to death by Syrian fundamentalists (Cameron/Obama pals) over Facebook account

Tuesday 18 September

Too old to get lifesaving drugs?
Denying life saving drugs to those who've had 'a good innings' is barbaric
Foreign Aid: We squander £27million fighting global warming in China!
The public's answer to wasting aid millions
Environment Agency rubber-stamped building 190,000 homes on flood plains since 1996
Air pollution more harmful than smoking for pregnant women!
Firearms cops get £70,000 compo for sex discrimination: guns too big for their small hands!
DIVERSITY! Mother and daughter glassed by black savage for refusing to dance!
Cops identified 450 children groomed by sex gangs in 2013
602 criminals successfully used human rights to appeal against deportation in 2013
Haider Mumtaz, who knocked down young woman while fleeing police, jailed for just 2 years
Violent gang member Mohamed Yusef jailed
Akhbar Hussain, Abdion Junior Hassan, Shetu Meah, Vinton Meade guilty of robbery
Blackmail/arson quartet jailed
Muhamet Hoti murdered his wife
Man had jaw broken trying to defend woman from black gang
Woman robbed by black man on her way home
Sexual assault on girl, 17, in Cemetery Lane, Ashford: Black man sought
Immigration: Hard working Britons have had enough says Apprentice star!
Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962)
"British" terror groupies queuing up to marry jihad fighters in Syria
Sinkholes threaten to swallow up Britain
Revealed, Labour's plot to unseat Clegg
Top Eurocrat: Stop blaming EU for your immigrant problems!
LITTLEJOHN: Jolly Jihadi Boy's Outing to Legoland
£183,000 is only half a salary says Alan 'two jobs' Yentob

Monday 17 February

POLL: 70 percent want immigration reduced or stopped completely
Issan Ghazni urges Lib Dems to woo east Europeans in elections
Stop wasting aid money on countries that don't need it says AID SECRETARY, Justine Greening
Dangerous levels of typhoid, dysentery and hepatitis-carrying bacteria found in floodwater!
Floods: wildlife disaster as animals drown or die from lack of food
Sinkholes opening up all over Britain appearing at 5 TIMES normal rate
Strip clubs, massage parlours and porn films now eligible for Government cash under!
Teens charged with murder of vulnerable Dean Mayley (guess the ethnicity)
Bogus taxi driver (black) raped woman after luring her into his car
Ahmed Ahmed accused of a sex attack in a five-star hotel
Cops target network of FMG travel agents, doctors and taxi drivers
Doctors left Ian Shaffer festering with gangrene on bed buzzing with flies
Nick Clegg hints at future Lib/Lab pact (Vote Nick, get Ed)
The 6th Extinction: Earth on the brink? (If so, trough-gobbling elite will cause it)
NIGERIA: Chanting “Allahu akbar,” Muslims murder over 50 Christians
New York Times biased coverage of Muslim persecution
Mitt Romney says Bill Clinton's indiscretions shouldn’t impact Hillary Clinton presidential bid (Benghazi will do that)
EU penalises Switzerland for immigration vote
Rabbi Julia Neuberger's daughter set for gay wedding
Passengers in revolt over ‘costly, dirty and crowded’ trains
Extreme loneliness worse than obesity and can lead to an early grave
80+ dead across USA in recent weeks killed by heroin laced with fentanyl
Brent Council throws thousands off its housing waiting list (Did same to me 32 years ago)
200 female troops sent home pregnant
NekNominate kills

Sunday 16 February

HITCHENS: We ask Scots to be 'loyal' but we're the ones betraying Britain
'Traditional Asian sweets' on sale in Yorkshire could cause cancer!
Jewish Gallery launches campaign to promote benefits of immigration
Why did floods agency spend £30,000+ on gay awareness mugs and gay pride marches?
Victims of the Valentine Tempest
Wraysbury: 'We drowned so the Gin and Jag set in Windsor and Eton could keep dry'
Britain needs sand bags, not propaganda
230,000 join all to use some of UK's foreign aid budget to tackle floods
Global warming did NOT cause storms says Met Office senior expert
Uninsured hit-and-run killer, Majid Bashir, caught after claiming on wife's policy
West Indian immigrant, Jose Garcia, gets 10 years for stabbing Scots wife, Fiona
Cops hunt black savage who attacked two female clubbers with a broken bottle
Middlesbrough: Asians jailed for sexual abuse of English girls, 13 - 15
Road rage? Hit over the head with an unknown object? Fractured skull? Black man sought
Social worker, Akwasi Anane, accused of working in the UK illegally for 15 years!
Legoland hired by Muslim 'hate' cleric for kids' HALAL fun day - EDL/Casuals protest
JACK STRAW: "Parliament should not interfere with people’s freedoms! WITHOUT GOOD REASON!"
Top Tory gay-marriage backer says his former constituents are homophobes
Deadly stun guns for sale on eBay
EU 'preventing blitz on cosmetic cowboys' by blocking regulation!
Institutionalised slag, Teresa Rodrigues, LibLabCon's Portuguese prison governess!

Saturday 15 February

Romanian Gypsy: 'Your benefits system is crazy... like finding a sackful of cash left on the road!'
£500,000 Lib Dem donor, Sudhir Choudhrie, is 'undesirable' arms dealer!
Labour Council electoral fraud probe launched
Migration IS harmful but we will never halt it, pledges Euro chief
Uncontrolled immigration DOES put strains on public services admits Brussels boss!
Brussels chief insists EU is not to blame for floods
FLOODS: Cameron's government turned down Dutch help - said it wasn't needed!
Here come Africa's gay millions! (HIV commonplace over there)
The Dark Roots of the EU
Asian gangsters get injunctions only after 'campaign of violence'
MIDDLESBOROUGH: 3 more Asians jailed for grooming underage girls
11-strong drugs gang jailed for 53 years: Qamar Zaman, Calville Wiggins, Abdul Rashid get 18
Drug dealer Mark Liscott thought to be hiding in Amsterdam
Co-op raiders, Amandeep Singh, Ryan Shaw, and Jani Wright get 13 years
Solicitor Kamran Malik ‘coerced witness’ to avoid jail for multi-million pound fraud
Muslim patrol get ASBOs only
British jihadist suicide bomber was once Omar Bakri's driver
2,000 NHS patients’ records are lost every day!
"White boy" far and away top racist slur on Twitter
Sob story? Africans flood in, get housing, benefits, sympathy
Criminal State: A Closer Look at Israel's Role in Terrorism
Criminal State: Part 2
Criminal State: Part 3
Catholic leader says Government has destroyed 'basic safety net'
Saudi Arabia pays $2 million bail in Missouri sex assault case
Call takeaway staff 'Bulgarian,' end up before 'disgusted' magistrates
Denmark outlaws Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter as of next week
Ah, poor Scots politician, Humza!
Tesco/Courts: institutionalised foreigner-first ethos! Alien v Brit? Alien believed
Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch: the deconstruction of a friendship

Friday 14 February

Pharmaceutical companies hype up the benefits and downplay the harm
Multiculturalism is a Genocidal Scam
White Extermination! “We are the last 3 German children in our school!”
Cameron ‘forgets’ to apply for EU money to help flood victims!!!
FLOODING: Somerset Levels disaster is being driven by EU policy
FLOODING: a synergy between "green" ideologues and Brussels
Why hasn't our government tapped the EU Solidarity Fund for flood relief?
Disasters Emergency Committee and Oxfam rule out aid for flood victims (too rich)
Floods: The feeling of 'poncy, softie southerners' hung in the air
BLAIR WARS: "It happens... it just happened to me this time." Jack Stanley's last words to mum
Suicide bomber of Syrian prison former driver for hate cleric Omar Bakri
Are Syria charities a front for Jihadists?
They let Anwar Rosser sleep on their sofa and he butchered their son, 4
Top Cop fury as immigrant burglar is freed
Ahmed Ahmed and 4 other Muslims accused of a sex attack in 5-star hotel
Middlesborough: Groomed girls still 'tortured' by supporters of Munir, Ahmed and Latif
Eight appear at Norwich magistrates on child sex charges
Victoria Meppen-Walter killed herself after cosmetic operation by Dr Ganesh Gadekar
Ketamine killed Ellie Rowe, 18 Father Tony McSweeney denies sexually abusing boys
David Pakman: "Giving equal footage to any view is a disservice to" viewers
Saudi Arabia pays $2 million bail in Missouri sex assault case
Bulgaria: Mugs carrying Hitler's picture, swastikas in gift shop
Cops and CPS face damaging questions after second celeb cleared of sex crimes
US-instigated protests destabilizing Ukraine
Corrupt top cops claim up to £5m in perks?
Health and safety Nazis refuse to put lollipop lady outside school: it's too dangerous!
Workers lose thousands over poor deals on pension funds
SOUTH AFRICA: Jacob Zuma sings kill the white farmer South Africa SOUTH AFRICA: Good Samaritan brutally murdered
PC HELL: the cops now have a "National Community Tension Team"
Lunatic Council! £40,000 for eyesore for disabled girl who needed a ramp
USA: Another black Mayor guilty of corruption
Brussels' £328k EU arts show tour faces criticism

Thursday 13 February

Children as young as 6 acting out drug and rape scenes in playground
So why wasn't the Thames dredged? In case a rare mollusc was disturbed!!!
Money no object to fight floods? Pull the other one, Dave. We're drowning in debt!
Environment Agency staff told not to visit flood-hit village after abuse from locals
Stop sending UK money to rich countries, demand MPs
Doctor says pharmaceutical company hype up benefits aof Statins and downplay the harm
Dr Aseem Malhotra says up to one in five patients suffer side-effects of Statins
DIVERSITY! Nigerian restaurant had human head on menu!
Council worker Ibrahim Bund faked IDs/documents to get homes for illegal migrants and his family
British Muslim, Royal Barnes, posted YouTube videos glorifying killing of Lee Rigby
Dr Imran Janjua filled in his own patient satisfaction questionnaires
Serial mugger, Ade Afariogun, targeted schoolgirls
Man attacked and robbed by black youths at Kennington station
Rape case against Imomotimi Wilson withdrawn by Judge Gareth Hawkesworth
University academic, Rachel Kenehan, helped drug dealing murderers flee
Lithuanian immigrant burglar, Mantvydas Kristaponis, walks free from court
Mali James, jailed for five years for possession of a handgun
3 youths (one described as Asian) attack and rob teenage High Wycombe girl
Doctor Maduka Ogweuleka 'lied' after learner driver wife, Chioma Ogweuleka, crashed car
I fought off Afro-Carribean sex beast by Chris Huhne's daughter
Money is no object (for foreign aid, of course)
BARCLAYS: Morally bankrupt! Mass branch closures. Yet more grotesque bonuses
Syrian opposition proposes expulsion of all foreign fighters
Spain's suicide rate highest in eight years
Sinn FĂ©in attempts to honour Nelson Mandela
Google wonders "Why is Bradford so full of P****?"

Wednesday 12 November

Girl, 5, saves father's life by giving him injection after he fell into coma
Awash with cash, fanatically PC. The truth about the useless floods quango
Flood victims lash out at politicians ('Wallies in wellies')
Cameron: no foreign aid cash for flood victims!
Desperate homeowners plead for more sandbags after 'shambolic' floods response
Thieving sightseers mock flood victims (Bet they vote LibLabCon)
EU to approve new GM crop, ignoring majority members’ opposition
76-year-old lady robbed twice by immigrant slime
CCTV: Man in his seventies attacked in Berkhamsted
Raja Khan killed Jayden-Lee McIvor, 9, at a pelican crossing
Black man attacks and robs two women in Hackney
Dr Shehzad Ali failed to spot the warning signs of cancer
RESULT! Indian restaurant owners fined £145k for employing 9 illegal immigrants
The trillion dollar road to Armageddon
Norway to follow in Switzerland’s footsteps with immigration vote?
EU boss claims migrants work harder than Brits
Thousands of immigrants pose as students to sneak into the country
Cruel jibes aimed at war veterans looking for work
Youngsters so bad at maths they can't work out if they've been given correct change!
Eight in 10 ripped off on pensions by insurers
Former top BBC execs say licence fee "is a bad tax!"
Prison chief's daughter jailed for attacking a love rival with a razor blade
Italy: 13,000 prison inmates from Muslim countries

Tuesday 11 November

"We have just 100 days to stop UKIP becoming a major force!" Thus spake Clegg
‘Breathtaking’ EU corruption costs 120bn euros a year!
The truth about Russia's 'anti-gay' law
'Cowards' stab to death man with a mental age of nine in Greenford
Iqbal Ahmed gets just 10 years for stabbing man in head 3 times
Andrew Oruovo raped young woman in Norwich city centre
Black teens admit attacking and robbing woman - NO JAIL
Armed robberies in Croydon: black man sought
Men jailed for Croydon robberies
LEICESTER: Tiger targets - Arrests 10
Mahad Awaleh wanted for robbery
Elderly man injured in fall after black thug snatches his walking stick
Foad Soltan, left, and Illeana Mitarel jailed for 5 years in their absence after stun gun find
Cops hunt fraudsters Laszlo Berki and Renata Fejer
Afolabi Awodiya guilty of raping sleeping woman in Edinburgh
Sikhs ransack Muslim restaurant
Battered pensioner after thug smashed her head with a doorstopk
AUSTRALIA: 14-year-old raped by men of African appearance
15 Romanian squatters found living in disused public TOILET
Continued mass immigration will see to it that wages continue their downward spiral
Well done, Switzerland, the most democratic country in the world!
Put UK flood victims FIRST and USE FOREIGN AID MONEY!
Britons 'too ignorant' for EU referendum says vice-president of European Commission
The people who run Britain have never been so out of touch or inept
Number of women sentenced to death in Middle East has very little to do with justice
EU partners 'to review relations' with Switzerland after vote to curb immigration
Children with cancer being denied life-saving drugs
Noam Chomsky and Ken Loach criticise University of Birmingham suspensions
"Pompous, backward, white men!" Yes, it Yasmin Alibhai-Brown time!
Senior MPs say medical industry uses ‘wealth to influence government’
Majority of international students in UK don't feel welcome? (Go home then!)
X Factor voters branded racist by Irish actor Chris O'Dowd
Tell the PM where our foreign aid is needed
EU ministers warn Swiss of worsening ties after migration vote
EU, BBC go ballistic after Swiss immigration vote
UK floods: Homes evacuated as swollen Thames keeps rising
Immigrant students' visa system fraud exposed!
Alexander Morris robbed nightclub boss
Sikh religious leader attacked with axe in revenge for alleged sexual abuse
Former resident of Catholic orphanage still haunted by "nightmare" of abuse
Red rag's Katy "I'm insane about Zayn") Brent sneers at Jim AND Jim voters

Monday 10 November

Flooding: Thousands more face evacuation
EU to blame for floods?
4-in-10 London homes sold for more than £1 million last year snapped up by foreigners
Huge fraud revealed in system that lets in 200,000
Ministers 'waste' £1 in every £6
Increased numbers of babies with alcohol poisoning from mums' drinking habits!
Diabetes 'disaster': cases up by ONE MILLION in only seven years
Swiss vote to limit immigration (they're not in the EU)
We pay for immigrant kids abroad in £200k benefit scandal!
Why are our taxes spent on families living abroad?
He murdered Robert Shankland over bag of chips: now he gets plastic woman surgery on us!
Gibril Seray-Wurie, Malachi Cavalho and others jailed for torture and kidnap Family threatened by weapon-wielding Asian intruders
'Baby P's mum demanding bigger council flat to help her snare a new man!
Give more power to the people, Ed? Er, power to turn off the EU and mass immigration?
Huge fraud revealed in system that lets in 200,000
EU will force Britons to publish details of wills and property!
Italy's navy rescues 1,123 Africans from inflatable boats in 24 hours
Wolverhampton scraps language classes (Ha-ha!)

Sunday 9 November

Government let Somerset Levels flood as a matter of deliberate policy!
Images released of Dunstable attacker who left woman unconscious
Police want to trace Mahad Aden for attempted murder of a woman in 2013
Faisal Latif jailed for murder of Marilyn Cook and son Nicholas in 1992
Leaked report suggests Unite 'manipulated' Labour's selection of parliamentary candidate
Asian drugs gang jailed for 200+ years for plying heroin across Birmingham
Birmingham: Ethnic drug gang of 11 jailed for more than 53 years
Black woman tries to take baby from baby unit
Sohail Pervez and Hassan Samad jailed for rape of Ashton-under-Lyne girl, 15
Racist farting in Huddersfield!
Mark Stephenson charged with ripping pages out of Koran! (It was his own copy)
Man who called gay kissing partner a few choice names sentenced (Is public kissing legal now?)
More gay anti-Russian crap from the bought media
Babafemi Junaid murdered in South London
Black student took university to court after failing his degree (£90,000 legal bill)
Immigration Minister Mark Harper resigns (Employed ilegal immigrant cleaner since 2007)
BOLTON: Nine arrested in connection with a child sex ring
USA extends gay marriage rights!
Porn cops face no criminal charges
Anger at environment chief in flood-hit Somerset
Somerset floods: Gaylord Smith, should resign if 'he has any shred of decency' says MP
Bureaucratic incompetence and years of neglect are to blame says Somerset warden
March 2013: Government slashes flood-defence funding further

Saturday 8 November

IRAQ: Media has covered for governmental crime since WW1 - reckoning is coming
British, European Taxpayers Supporting Tens of Millions of Muslims on Welfare?
World's first GM babies born!?
Check out Tahir Hussain (2010)
Compare Tahir Hussain 2010 and now. Is he still an untrustworthy crim?
Algerian Oldkount Ballabbas snatched 8-year-old from her parents before sexually assaulting her
Cristina Redosavljevic and Bianca Petrunescu jailed for sob story burglaries
Teenager dragged into Brighton flat and raped by mid-East man
Mohammed Sufian Ditta charged with Leeds rape
Dark-skinned Asian or black tries to abduct teenager in Leeds
Martin Olujosun attacked examiner and played race card when he failed his test
YEOVIL: Meetu Miah and others charged with rape, sexual exploitation of women, young girls
Slovakian immigrants jailed for human trafficking
Councillor Pat Egan falsely alleged racism: Haringey council will take 'no further action!'
They Knew Too Much! Banker deaths connected to Big Bank investigations!
Lauren Patterson sexually assaulted, stabbed, burned and dumped in Qatari desert
BULGARIA: Nina Holmes, 22, dies after buying contaminated cocaine?
Romanians bombard recruitment website in search of UK jobs
Cameron blames last Labour government for flooding in Somerset
Kenyan 'cutter' says FGM is her livelihood ('Daughters seen as cattle for sale')
Foul, sneering fraudster MP, Denis MacShane, freed after just 6 weeks inside!
Sex offender says Britain is too lenient on paedophiles!
Obama banned this video?
Useless Muslim "free" School to close
MPs call for foreign aid to be spent on British victims of flooding
MP for the Costa del Sol?
Kenyan 'cutter' says FGM is her livelihood ('Daughters seen as cattle for sale')
INDIA: Muslims attempt to blow up tourists: Allah doesn't care for skimpy dresses
UKIP urges Council to reconsider Lee Rigby memorial decision
Prosecutor seeks 9-month jail term for Italy's Beppe Grillo
Congressman Michael Grimm threatens to throw reporter off roof
Ed Balls' dad taught at Eton, his brother's a millionaire City boss (Anyone surprised?)

Friday 7 February

Government let Somerset Levels flood as a matter of deliberate policy!
Yasir Ali, Mohammed Aslam, Daaim Ashraf and Akash Yasin sexually abused eight 14-year-olds
England-wide heroin and crack cocaine drugs gang jailed
"Tanned" flasher "possibly Asian" sought
Albanian drug dealer, Baksim Bushati, jailed after being deported 3 times
Traffic cop, Irfan Hussain, issued £30 on-the-spot speeding fines and kept cash
Russian official accuses US of fueling Ukraine crisis
Kremlin: Leaked tape shows USA backing Ukraine’s opposition
Pakistani teen in human rights fight to stay in Britain for NHS care
Mohammed Liaqat Ali strangled arranged wife to death at Birmingham home
High-ranking seaman, Vladimir Raketskiy, so drunk he risked 'serious situation' at sea
Government let Somerset Levels flood as a matter of deliberate policy!
Untold story of the crazy public spending that makes flooding inevitable
Anger at unelected environment chief (Baron Smith - gay city boy) ahead of flood visit
"Racist" Christian Patrol (Britain First) drive down Muslim street giving out booze?
As Roache cleared of sex charges, Crown Prosecution Service denies it launched actor 'witchhunt'
"Racist" graffiti painted opposite Immigrant Council offices
F*** the EU: Senior US diplomat Victoria Nuland makes her position clear
What DID Wendi see in a sad sack like Tony Blair?
Big Brother's grab for your health secrets
F*** the EU: Senior US diplomat Victoria Nuland makes her position clear
The Dark Enlightenment
The destruction of the people

Thursday 6 February

Unelected peers insult British voters by flying the flag for the EU
Jews, slavery and the media cover up
UN - Vatican 'must immediately remove' child abusers!
Boy, 13, rapes 8-year-old sister after watching porn
Fanatics vow to bring terror home to UK (These wage war on Syria: Cameron sides with them!)
Violent Keystone Cop, Mike Baillon, wins £430,000 payout for hurt feelings
Tender-hearted Gypsy Cop sues after colleagues refer to Gypsies as 'travellers!'
Households hit by a sustained and "unprecedented" fall in living standards
Hamza Noor and Samir Bostan deny Joseph Kent’s manslaughter.
Hospital doctor, Gamal Mohamed, 'unable to diagnose correctly'
Fraudster, Kamal Hussein, jailed after pensioner preserved vital evidence
Dr Rajasekar Ramachandran left female motorist with “life-changing injuries”
Sunny Taiwo, Shereen Lawrence and Leanne Anderson convicted of firearms offences
Cops seek violent, black knifeman
Growing anger at NHS plan to harvest private data
I won’t give in to the NHS Thought Police
Now scurvy 'adds to strain on A&E wards!'
Bristol hospitals record 110 female genital mutilations
Storms destroy railway line, leave thousands without power
447 soldiers dead and now Afghanistan legalises domestic violence?
Racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot fancy dress party? You can't be an MP!
Man lynched by blood-thirsty mob in lawless African nation
Murdoch spitting blood after 'love' note from ex-wife to Tony Blair surfaces
Bahrein law makes ‘offending’ king Hamad punishable by up to 7 years in prison
Britons having sex less often

Wednesday 5 February

Shanty towns ahead as England faces 750,000 housing gap
Milan Babic convicted of 22 rapes, 13 indecent assaults! Wife and sons also jailed
White slag and two ethnics charged with murder of disabled Barry Shillam
Yusef Al-Jaaf charged with teen murder
Manas Kapoor strangled his wife to death
Mohamoud Elmi stabbed PC Adam Koch repeatedly and slashed Mosque worshippers
Did black cop rape mum in her own home after she turned him down?
Sex attacker/thief, Raymond Yates, caught after breaking in to another victim's home
Dr Buddhi Abeywardena secretly filmed up young women's skirts - NO JAIL!
CCTV: Girl sexually assaulted on X5 bus to Bedford from Milton Keynes
Nurse Greta Muvuti threatened to cut up the daughter of a quadriplegic patient
Betrayal of 800 cancer patients by Jan Filochowski? (Has £3m pension pot!)
From 250,000 to 500,000 child prostitutes in Brazil (Welcome to the Multicult)
German Foreign Minister: UKIP a threat to peace in Europe!
UKIP MEP calls for Muslim code of conduct
EU spent £65,000 on adverts calling Euroscepticism “paranoid xenophobia”
Lee Rigby memorial campaign rejected by Greenwich Council!
Gary Lineker warns England fans over child sex workers at Brazil World Cup
Butchery of poacher who killed more than SEVENTY elephants
Death of dating scam Australian taken for $90,000 - Nigerian arrested
UKRAINE: Vitali Klitschko is a Jew, working for Jewish interests
NHS whistleblowers have raised 8,000 cases!
NHS 'bullies' threaten to axe GP for keeping patient records private
Charities 'use millions of public money on left-wing campaigns!'
Thatcher advised Indian government on how to attack Golden Temple!
£100,000 in the bank in 2008? You've lost £21,000 in interest since then!
Socialists and Marxists in every key position
The first congressman to battle the NSA is dead. No-one noticed, no-one cares
Lloyds facing new mis-selling scandal
Bob Crow's union strikes gold investing in mining, tobacco and banks
People are dying of poverty!
''Shocked'' Prince Charles slams Tories over flood inaction

Tuesday 4 February

Violent nut, Bulent Sessacar, stabbed English wife Rebecca 58 times
Kriss Donald's murder/torturer, Imran 'Baldy' Shahid, loses bid for damages Pawel Bugajski and Patryk Strutkowski charged with murder
Maths teacher, Davoud Taghinejad, guilty of rape and 10 indecent assaults
3 more Asians charged in Bristol sexual exploitation investigation
Rakheed Daniel flooded the streets of NW10 with heroin and crack cocaine
19-year-old sexually assaulted on 54 bus: CCTV
17-year-old sexually assaulted on Milton Keynes bus: CCTV
Ipswich: 16-year-old girl grabbed by Asian
Asians in new Peterborough child sex ring? 8 girls abused
Doctor Lucy Mahinda admitted insulin prescribed for 87-year-old was enough 'for an elephant'
Kosovan murderer lied about Serbian atrocities to claim asylum and benefits
Marvin Walters missing from mental health unit
Robbery in the rest room: CCTV image
Pickpockets Claudiu-Viorel Stefan and Andrea Sipos jailed
Sardar Karim threatens cops with knife - NO JAIL!
Doctor Adel Elalfy denies sexual assault on patient in Islington surgery
Callum Krzysik demanded kiss from unwilling girl, knocked out teen who intervened
Iranian immigrants a high risk to children’
Thousands of rape cases thrown out as charges fall after new CPS guidelines
Bribery/corruption 'costing Europe £100billion a year! Greece worst offender'
8,000 British jobs advertised in Romania!
Coca-Cola Trolls America
Labour STILL rules the quangos
Ex-BBC boss Mark Thompson apologises for disastrous project that wasted £100million
Lady Liddle made mess of BBC digital programme but got £700,000 pay-off and £2m pension pot
Israeli security minister warns IDF may invade Gaza (again)
Twitter parody accounts critical of government closed down on same day gagging law passes
Second invisible Tory ousted by constituents in a week
Sugary diet could double the chance of death
Military policewoman found hanged after Army decided NOT to charge soldiers with raping her
Barbados Bob, great train robber makes passengers stand and deliver
Bob Crow defends luxury cruise on eve of Tube strike
'Quenelle' comedian, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, banned from UK (Jews don't like him)
UN inspector, Raquel Rolnik, produced a 'misleading Marxist diatribe?'

Monday 3 February

Maria Duque-Tunjano murdered: Robert Aleem, aka Shia Robert Jackson, sought
Teenager raped in Brighton doorway by black man
Maths teacher, Davoud Taghinejad, guilty of rape and 10 indecent assaults
Lee Rigby killer tried to gouge doctor's eye out with a pen
LEEDS: Mugger repeatedly punched woman and dragged her along street after attacking boyfriend
Dr Lal Bahadur Sharma is accused of acting dishonestly
GP Adel Elalfy rubbed her clitoris and vaginal area
'Ringleader' of people smuggling gang, Sudharsan Jeyakodi, jailed for 5 years
Police arrest 29 in raids on notorious Lambeth 'Guns and Shanks' gang
Iranian immigrants ‘a high risk to children’
THANE ROSENBAUM: (Jew) "Should Neo-Nazis be allowed free speech?"
We have 'irrational' fear of war, Minister? Rational fear of warmongers, more like
Fury over £234,000 salary of the top boss at Save the Children!
Fatcats with a hand in the collection box
Al-Qaeda rebels in Syria behead man in front of children
Karzai calls Taliban ‘brothers’, America ‘rivals’ and says Afghanistan better off without us
Plastic surgery 'booming' in Chavland (LibLabCon's UK)
Doctors cancelled dead baby's heart op 5 TIMES in a week (he wasn't 'an emergency')

Sunday 2 February

Open letter from Dylan Farrow, abuse victim of Woody Allen
Imam who said women who don’t wear hijab deserve rape, arrested for attempted rape
SWEDEN: African immigrant sexually assaults dozens of white children, gets probation
Foreign criminal applies for asylum in Britain EVERY DAY
2011: How Lords on the EU payroll blocked Europe referendum
Mandelson: Referendum's a lottery, (which LibLabCon may lose) he's not having it!
Home Office dossier on abuse and fraud by EU migrants
Deadly bugs lurk in polluted flood waters
Closure fears for surgeries with 8,000 patients to one GP!
Stop rich overseas investors from buying up UK homes, report urges
The brothers Koch (Jewish): ‘trying to buy America’
Yusuf Sawar and Mohammed Ahmed charged with preparation of terrorist acts
Dramatic surge in heroin deaths across USA
USA: Chief of Police harassed by Feds and removed after pledging to uphold constitution
Texas police deputy arrested in prostitution sting BY HIS OWN FORCE Deadly risk of pill used by 1m women
Mother of murdered baby Thomas Gacek arrested with boyfriend and lodger
Magistrate attacks soft touch justice system that allows criminals to walk free
White lesbian couple allowed to adopt 3-year-old Muslim against wishes of her family
BBC just loves swearing until it gets a dose of its own @!X*! medicine
Deadly bugs lurk in polluted flood waters
Closure fears for surgeries with 8,000 patients to one GP!
Stop rich overseas investors from buying up UK homes, report urges
The brothers Koch (Jewish): ‘trying to buy America’

Saturday 1 February

UKIP tops Independent on Sunday poll as the nation’s favourite party
Twelve-year-olds are stabbing each other and all anyone can say is that crime is falling
London gangs expanding across UK, Met Police warns
Ahmed Mikhaimar, Arber Barbatovci, Tarquai Joseph and Craig Boyce jailed for murder
Donjeta Gash guilty of perverting course of justice over murder of 16-year-old
Five years jail for Waheed Ahmed who robbed wheelchair user
Osteopath Anthony Agius 'abused and manipulated' vulnerable female patient
Sochi 2014: UK cash for Russia's gay activists (Interfering in Russia's affairs)
Boy, 6, suspended from school after packet of Mini Cheddars found in lunchbox
Britain fighting WW1 was 'biggest error in modern history'
Junior jihad
Labour and Lib Dems kill Cameron's EU referendum Bill
Home Office 'culture of rewarding failure'
Most families get more out than they pay in tax?
TERROR time bomb: French president reveals 700 British 'jihadists' in Syria war!
FARAGE: 'Just imagine how much we could do if we had UKIP MPs in Westminster!'
Politician's Twitter habits revealed
English no longer first language for majority of pupils in more than one-in-9 schools

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