Daily News: December 2013

Tuesday 31 December

I feel like a stranger where I live: mass immigration is making reluctant racists of us all
Bulgarian immigrants given lessons in exploiting British benefits
Priti Patel MP: Romanians and Bulgarians – it’s Labour’s fault
Border officials sacked over 'links to terrorism' sue for breach of their human rights
Nativity Scene Replaces Jesus With Trayvon
Man attacked by Somalis in Milton Keynes
Do you know this Asian? Cops hunting Manchester sex attacker release CCTV picture
U.S. hate preacher, Khalid Yasin, inspired murderer of Lee Rigby
Unemployed gipsy mum demands new council house: she can't 'live where someone has died!'
Barclays fined $3.75m as 10 years of incriminating LIBOR chat messages “disappear”
A world of politically correct silence
Did the French start World War One?
Syrian refugees should be allowed into UK, says minister
Codeine doesn't work for millions and may harm your health (Now they tell us)
Sold out! Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head for the UK
'Affront' to patients! Prison food regulated more tightly than hospital meals
650 traitors in Parliament have sold us out!
Hundreds of pregnant foreigners fly here to get free care
Indian in The Mail! Why? He's brainy! (My IQ's higher, why aren't I in the Mail?)
Anger of UKIP supporters after Farage says we SHOULD accept refugees from Syria
Minister's call to ban smacking angers family groups (I thought it was banned already)
EU penpushers took an average of 14.6 days off sick last year
The 'cronies' honours list
DIVERSITY! Boy hung upside-down and beaten to death for stealing biscuits
Migrants will STILL abuse NHS: Only 16% of charges are ever recovered

Monday 30 December

'My (black) bottom is 7ft wide and I'm proud of it!'
10-year-old Birmingham schoolgirl weighs 22 STONE!
The Israeli Lobby -- Total Jewish Zionist Control of the USA
Alex Jones comes right out and says it - It's the Jews!
Now Katy Perry's preacher dad is anti-Semitic? Whatever next?
The megalomaniac (Jew) and the narcissist (w*nker)
'Maternity tourists' flocking to Britain for free care on NHS
Black mugger steals £1,500 from 72-year-old woman in Beckenham
Happening in little villages now: Black men at your door, threaten you, you hand over cash
Judge Peter Hughes let cheating Muslim lawyer hide behind cloak of secrecy for ‘cultural reasons’
Abid Miskeen denies abducting 15-year-old from Bradford Council care on Christmas Day
Secret £2.1million payout for Lotto (owned by Canada group since 2010) chief Dianne Thompson!
Radio One boss handed £200,000 golden goodbye still works for the BBC 13 years on
100 secret Blair-Bush documents to be de-classified/published! (They won't like it up 'em!)
Number of prisoners with active Facebook accounts almost doubles in a year
Divorcing parents delude themselves about the effect on children

Sunday 29 December

Joseph Moscicki charged with Christmas murder of 83-year-old Bernard Smith
What secret government report tells us about new EU migrants heading for Britain
Jamaican bride dumps Johnny Gannon 20 MINUTES after arriving in the UK
Lord Judge says Human Rights Court isn't answerable to anyone!
Clive Marsh jailed for unprovoked attack on female 'friend'
Jowell's four-letter rant threatens bid to be London Mayor
HITCHENS: You can't prosecute Nigella - cocaine's been legalised
HITCHENS: Mission accomplished? Only if it was to throw away 446 lives
HITCHENS: A tax break can't rescue marriage: It's been doomed for four decades
HITCHENS: Today's child-snatchers are as evil as Philomena's nuns
What does it say about our values when a judge is rebuked for speaking up for marriage?
France minister accuses Nicolas Anelka of "disgusting anti-Semitic" celebration
Social workers take children from families who overfeed them
Mortgage rise will plunge a million homeowners into 'perilous debt'
PM should make case for continued membership of EU, says Howe (Why is he still alive?)
Council leader's fear over 'crisis' migrant numbers

Saturday 28 December

White boys are failing in schools because of immigration says Labour spokesman!
Nigerian immigrant, Opeoluwa David, jailed for raping teenager
2011: Shamrez Ali Wasim jailed for trying to slice puppy’s ear off
Goalkeeper Richie Robins attacked by six black men
Former Bradford City star, Lewis Emanuel, gets 8 years for Post Office robbery
Random and unprovoked attacks on women? Obi Ojukwu gets 6 months only!
"South Asian" men attack lone 25-year-old
Man attacked in Halifax: 4 Asian males sought
Can of pop thrown at 83-year-old lady: Asian males sought
Care home neglect pair jailed for "unforgivable" treatment of residents
Criminals getting off “scot-free” as cops recover CCTV footage in just a fifth of crimes?
Transgender torture/killer gets legal aid for fight to wear a WIG in jail
England is Europe's most densely packed country
Racism exploited by politicians driving thousands of Gypsies to Britain
UK is top donor to poverty fund - £2.8bn
Anti-Muslim hate crimes soar in 2013 (Has any Muslim been beheaded?)
Ed Miliband spends £125,000 in nine months on travel and hotels
Miliband's hypocrisy as he cashes in on gambling
Former top cop says criminals increasingly likely to use lethal force against police
'The Nigella set may condone snorting cocaine but I don't - it killed my brother'

Friday 27 December

Confess to murdering 400 Kenyans, what happens next? Get asylum in the UK!!!
Guardian poll: Fury with MPs is main reason for not voting
HUMAN RIGHTS: Mother wins right to stay in UK to see the baby girl she stabbed
Somali Muslim who raped dead Swedish woman won’t be deported
Thug Kyle Smith leaves pensioner brain-damaged
Black thug who smiled as he walked away from Stuart Burgess' 'lifeless' body jailed
200 years jail for Zaheer Hussain's drugs gang after £3.5 worth of heroin seized
Olympics tickets fraudster, Samuel Ernest, ordered to pay back £300,000
Man wanted after sexual assault at Birmingham pub
Viscount Linley's former business partner wanted in Russia on fraud charges
Council leader's fear over 'crisis' immigrant numbers
Discrimination against Christians "must be eliminated" says Pope
Labour's shadow transport secretary says Thomas the Tank Engine needs more female engines!
Professor Dong-Pyou Han falsely claimed rabbit blood could be turned into vaccine for AIDS
Video games for Christmas? They "corrupt children as young as five!"
Now U.N. meddlers lecture Britain on immigrants
Boris school at the centre of probe into sexual abuse
Now blogger sentenced to 600 lashes for upsetting Saudis could be EXECUTED
Slashing weekly bin collections DOES pose a risk to public health
EU threatens to ban cinnamon?

Thursday 26 December

Celebrate diversity! Malaria warning issued after 13 Londoners die
'Equal opportunity rep' tells US Army they 'can’t say Christmas!'
Joseph Innocent Mwaura, a burglar who returned to rape his victim
Drug-dealing immigrant, Mohammad Kalban, murdered by masked gunman
Barber Shakil mugged frail 87-year-old dementia sufferer
Kingpin of Albanian drug gang rumbled by “dirty phone”
Traffickers Sandor Jonas, Victor and Anita Maule, Chika Michael and Ramesh Mali jailed
Dr Abiodun Bale attacked female patient who disagreed with diagnosis: NO JAIL
Fahim Shahriya guilty of sexual assault
Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 a year benefits calls on followers to live off state
Police spend only one day every week solving crime
Obama's Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In Five Years
“Obama’s Military Coup, Firing Generals Like A Third World Dictator”
Farage: pay no attention to Vince!
Mail doesn't mention that the '£1bn art hoard' Nazi who pillaged from Jews, was part-Jewish
'Printing error' robs pensioner of £80,000 lottery win
Birmingham hospitals overwhelmed with drunks and junkies
Bono can't help Africans by stealing their voice What the Irish Hate About Bono
Illuminati Gofer Bono Shills for New World Order
Disabled Tim Salterm left almost destitute when his benefits were axed, kills himself

Wednesday 25 December

'Equal opportunity rep' tells US Army they 'can’t say Christmas!' (Time to execute equal op reps?)
Nathan Deacon shot student dead just for being on enemy territory
Bungling hitman, Ricardo Dwyer, shot dead an innocent shopkeeper
Tefik Hoda masterminded plot to import class A drugs worth £1.6m into Britain
Nurse Emily Mabengeza (and other foreigners) left elderly woman 'whimpering with pain' for months
Nurse Clarity Ndoro regularly stunk of booze
Nurse Faustina Asibey prevented frail pensioner from receiving emergency care!
Nurse Titus Ogunjinmi served up a bottle of urine with a patient's breakfast
Top surgeon 'seared his initials on transplant patient's LIVER?'
Struck off! Social worker told Zimbabwean colleague she was 'eating a banana like a monkey'
Report accuses Lib Dem MP of 'unwelcome sexual advances' towards constituent
Nigella never made a mince pie! She's 'just a brand.' Reality is 'different'
SNOWDEN: 'A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all'
CAREY: "Many Christians... say there is a pressure on them to be silent about their faith"
'I'm a Z-list celebrity... pay me taxpayers' money to switch lights on'
Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers demand residency permits in Belgium
Afghan woman’s nose and lips ‘cut off by her heroin addict husband

Tuesday 24 December

Independent my ar*e! Check out what the left-wing rag thinks is 'racist' and 'sinister!'
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier killed in Afghanistan
Cannabis-addled psycho, Felipe Lopes, bludgeoned girlfriend to death
Black thugs repeatedly kicked university student in the head as he lay unconscious
'Most wanted' fugitive Michael Easy jailed for attack on woman in Southampton
Former Bradford City star, Lewis Emmanuel, facing robbery charge
Vice president of Sony Entertainment Europe, Himal Patel, admits stealing £1m from firm
Teenagers stabbed, cops injured at Christmas Santa Stomp rave
Disgruntled surgeon, Ghulam Malik, demanded £2million compensation from Derriford Hospital
Care home nurse, Osironke Olugbile, found pulling resident's hair!
Asians killed in high speed car race! ('One little mistake' according to relative)
UK faces 47 lawsuits for breaching EU's rules!
Muslim term Kuffar is derogatory (they see us as inferior)
Was there ever a country with leaders so complicit in destroying its history, traditions and identity?
Karl Marx didn’t have any answers and neither has Miliband
Former cop, Wayne Scott, gets 19 years for two rapes and other sex crimes
Company which employed PM's wife admits breaching bank loan deals
An insult too far from treacherous 'let-'em-all-in' Mr Cable (
The weird world of Mr Saatchi
Nigella, the chattering classes and the malign glamorising of cocaine

Monday 23 December

Jardena Lande (Jewish) tells Google and Facebook how to delete racists
Israel condemns US spying? (Now that's what I call irony!)
Nelson Mandela was ‘trained in sabotage BY MOSSAD!’
Mandela and the Mossad: How Israel courted Black Africa
"Of the whites who were against apartheid, a large percentage were Jews"
Mandela’s close friendship with South African Jews remembered
Marks & Spencer say Jewish staff do not have to handle pork
M&S boss is sold on his Jewish heritage
How dare they say my "heroic" (Jewish) sister has a bad character!
Nigella WILL face police probe
Jewish property tycoon Robert Ekaireb was found guilty of murder
Suspected British paedophile, Todros Grynhaus, fled to Israel to avoid a trial
Jealous ex-boyfriend, Cornelius Brown, stabbed Jade Riley-Ward 83 times
Algerian denies sexual assaulting on schoolgirl, 11
Why such concern for cruel terrorists? (THEY are at war with us, not them)
'Colleges' of hate face financial penalties? (House of Commons to be penalised?)
108 sex offenders use human rights to get names taken off register
600,000 unemployed EU citizens living in Britain at a cost of £1.5billion to the NHS!
How to murder a nation: 1-in-3 babies born in England/Wales has foreign parent
It's not racist to be anxious over large-scale immigration
Britain isn't eating? Duncan Smith's fury as Church campaign
A MILLION people over 65 are at risk of malnutrition?
Pensioner died of blood clot after hospital sent her home TWICE
1998: Silencing scandals! Colin Smart and Witherwack 2001: Vote-rigging is easy

Sunday 22 December

Cornelius Brown gets life for murdering ex-girlfriend Jade Riley-Ward
Pakistani forces woman with mental age of 7 to have his baby so he can stay here!
'We're importing a crime wave from Romania and Bulgaria' say Tory MPs
Jordan Belfort: the most debauched banker of them all? (Belfort is Jewish)
'Lee Rigby's killer raped me when I was 14'
The Case of Lord Greville Janner
Dear Father Christmas all we really need is our country back!
Muslim staff at Marks & Spencer can refuse to sell alcohol and pork!
Dear Santa, all we want for Christmas is our country back!
Douglas Alexander blames PC for fear of speaking out about Christian plight in Middle East
Abuse of poor white girls in Rochdale: Black/Asian sex gang jailed
Shhh, Cameron! We'll lose ethnic vote if you bang on about immigration!
'We're importing a crime wave from Romania and Bulgaria' say Tory MPs
Former Ms GB, Danielle Lloyd, beaten up by ex-boyfriend (Most of her lovers are black)
Jews at war: Saatchi used his own daughter to ruin Nigella
Britain First takes action against Muslim leader, Sayful Islam
Terror on the dole (April 2004)
Teachers accused of abusing pupils at top school attended by Boris/Damian Lewis
Labour MP Chuka Umunna failed to act to save doctor who died in Syria?
Peter Hitchens v Matthew Perry
Shhh, Cameron! We'll lose ethnic vote if you bang on about immigration

Saturday 21 December

Did UAE axe £6billion Eurofighter deal because Britain didn't bomb Syria? (Put it another way: did Cameron, Hague and co. want Syria bombed just to please UAE warmongers?)
Five more diverse child abusers to be sentenced for exploiting Rochdale girl
Traitor cops ignored victims of Rochdale's Muslim paedos 'because they were from council estates'
Clifton Jeter charged with attempted murder after prison guards slashed in Strangeways
Manchester's most wanted: (Just 13 of 36 ethnic? Yeah right!)
Martell Warren and Hassan Hussain charged with murder/attempted murder: 6 others arrested
Russell Aljaf/Kurrin Bendriss/Lamin Joof/Sadiq Bendriss carried out armed robberies
Eastern European tried to rape woman in Queen’s Park
Khat smuggling gang raked in a fortune exporting to US! Hersi Farah jailed
Black mugger steals £1,500 from 72-year-old woman in Beckenham
Pizza delivery firm bosses jailed for £600,000 fraud
Abdul Shahid admitted seven frauds amounting to £192,000
Pickpocket Alexandru Lenca jailed
Immigrant population boom (invasion) looks certain to engulf the South
NSA and GCHQ targeted Israelis... EU Chief? (Things are looking up!)
Janner's personal spiritual healer said: "The Lord won't come to the door"
Nigella legacy: drugs amnesty for middle class?
Mafia past of Nigella aides' dad!
Jews at war! Nigella was haunted by depression. Saatchi was a terrible bully
SAATCHI: Brute who craves power even more than money!
NHS on brink of crisis because it became too powerful to criticise (On the brink years ago)
Sean Lopes, one of America’s most wanted men, was working in Sainsbury’s Northfleet store!
BBC criticised for Choudary airtime
Traitor Blair's government complied with torture and you're surprised Muslims hate the West?
Councillor, 72, must undertake diversity training for claiming golliwogs are 'nostalgic not racist'
Toddler killed after taking his parents' heroin was 'failed by social services'
Spaniards are sleeping rough in Brighton? Spaniards?

Friday 20 December

Lord Janner's home searched in child abuse probe
Rochdale grooming: 'Shocking' failure over sex abuse
Inciting hatred: funny how an Islamist hate preacher is never prosecuted
Kill the Whites!
Rochdale sex-grooming gangs able to flourish due to police errors says report
'We're importing a crime wave from Romania and Bulgaria', Tory MPs round on ministers
Multi-millionaire killed pregnant wife and 'hired gangsters to bury her under Olympic Park'
BLAIR WARS: more than 8,000 have been killed in Iraq since January
'Terrorists, rapists and paedophiles could get vote' to meet EU human rights laws
Rowan Atkinson's UKIP brother attacks Nelson Mandela's murderous legacy
Sham marriage bishop, Pat Buckley, married Bangladeshi men to Portuguese women
Teenager escapes mixed-race, knife-point robber
Gail Lucas brutally stabbed to death by violent partner, Stephen Maynard
‘Taking food from the hungry’ Cameron's government rejects up to $36m in EU food aid!
Prep school paedophiles allowed to avoid justice
MI6 chiefs told staff they had no obligation to intervene if CIA mistreated suspects
Mandelas at war
Lethal failure to stop the preachers of hate
Adebowale's mother: 'I have lost a son too' (No, you lost an n-word psycho)
Could MI5 have stopped Lee Rigby's murder? (Politicians could. By not importing 3rd world)
MP blasts Government failure to estimate influx of EU migrants

Thursday 19 December

Man stabbed and blinded by mixed-race beggar in Birmingham restaurant attack
Romanian mother helped steal from the elderly! Judge says borders are "like a sieve!"
Man bludgeoned from behind by Asian in Halifax
Abdi Ismail, a Somali criminal with a history of violence, walks free
Five Romanians jailed for 22 years after stealing £120,000 of copper cables
Accrington doctor, Abiodun Bale, assaulted patient, allegedly
Speeding cabbie, Hashim Hammad, caught seven times in eight days
Rabbi Mordechai Elon gets community service for molesting minor
Would-be baby rapist, rock star Ian Watkins, gets 35 years
High Court Judge, Sir Paul Coleridge, forced to resign for championing marriage!
Corporate giants? Taxman prefers to hit small firms
Defence cuts making our military a 'hollow force' says head of the Armed Forces
Vote for face on your banknote? So if we vote for Enoch over 'ethnic minorities...'
TV is too violent before the watershed, says Sir David Jason
Is stress in youngsters fuelling rise in obesity?
Patten blocks release of report about BBC's £100m IT disaster
We're shut, says hospital as dying stroke victim turns up at 4.57pm on Friday
Struck off, judges caught pocketing £1.5million in legal aid handouts
Fracking firms could drill under your home - and not even tell you
£165,000-a-year 'bully' chief of cancer waiting times scandal hospital quits
Councils which have £1,000 less to spend per family after government cuts
Council axes lollipop ladies: little girl killed on zebra crossing
Cannabis user gets 24 years for stabbing grandma 50 times! (She got on his nerves)
Chef guilty of racial harassment! Denise Lindsay is not a golliwog!
Charles Saatchi 'used trial as a way to attack Nigella'
African refugees protest detainment in Israel cancer waiting times 'NSA ruined it!' Brazil ditches Boeing jets, grants $4.5 bn contract to Saab
British spies 'knew about torture of FORTY terror suspects'

Wednesday 18 December

Cameron is deluded. Britain accomplished NOTHING in Afghanistan!
Prince Charles: "Christians... being deliberately targeted by... Islamist militants!”
Number of jihadis in Syria nearly doubles!
Transgender murderer moved from women's jail: 'he kept having sex with other inmates!'
Brothers Malki and Jermaal Ferguson stabbed Peter Hagan to death at sister's birthday party
16-year-old rap music fan stabbed college student to death at house party
Burglar Raymond Yates sexually assaulted woman
Britain's meanest GP, Norman Ellul, struck off
British Muslim bragged about fighting holy war with Al Qaeda in Syria: now he's dead
Police crime figures being fiddled, admits chief inspector
NHS managers: 3,200 get pay-offs... then return in new jobs
The real question is who governs Britain?
Obama send pro-gay message to Putin
South Sudan: independent 2 years: now they're at each others' throats
Women over 65 are drinking more often than the under 40s
Top judge hits out at campaign to gag mum dreadfully abused by Social Workers/State
Peer who gets £300 appearance money for 30 mins in Lords says dozens are at it
We can't pull up drawbridge says Clegg: Cap on EU migrants would be illegal
Nick Clegg's former headmaster convicted of abusing boys (Slime begets slime)
Older workers workers are carrying increasing levels of unmanageable debt into retirement
Vitamin pills a waste of money, offer no health benefits and could be harmful
Phone-hacking allegations 'unfounded' says News of World's ex-managing editor

Tuesday 17 December

Jailbirds and drug addicts 'should be allowed to become magistrates!'
Artful Dodger' rent boy, Ricardo Pisano, took Michael Polding's money then murdered him
Minta Adiddo murdered his wife in a fit of rage and jealousy
Ricardo Ramsay gets five years for raping a woman in Bermondsey
Nathan Mhuto punched Ryan Geall in back of head and left him in coma: 9 MONTHS ONLY!
Taliban resurgent, poppy trade booming, 446 dead - Mission accomplished!
Olajide Onikoyi stole £393,000 from students
Jails free foreign convicts who still pose a danger
Teenagers who smoke cannabis have 'poor memory and abnormal brain structures'
SLEAZE! More peers suspended from the House of Lords
Miliband accused of wanting to 'forcibly rip-up' the countryside
The end of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Syrian scam
Jews at war! 'Untidy' couple's demanding routine
Rainbow Nation? Mandela sign language fake 'took part in necklace murder of two men
Call for democracy in Saudi Arabia? 300 lashes and 4 years in prison!
More than 10,000 slaves in Britain today?
BBC bosses lied to Parliament about obscene pay-offs
Clegg's up immigrant bot as usual
Transsexual PC's discrimination case against Essex Police rejected

Monday 16 December

Immigrant arrest rate SEVEN times more than native Brits! (That all?)
Girl Guide group told to ditch God or be expelled!
MPs must take compulsory 'honesty training' to learn difference between right/wrong?
Rocket to moon/economic superpower, why are traitors giving China millions in AID!
Gerry Adams wanted as guard of honour for Mandela! (All terrorists together!)
FBI successfully foils another FBI plot!
These attitudes are what traitors have been importing for 50+ years Pink Floyd star Roger Waters compares Israeli government to Nazis

FBI successfully foils another FBI plot!
Britain has an ethnic problem: THE ENGLISH! (Now do you get it?)
Conservatives face reality: Embrace migrants/gays or lose power (More treachery, same traitor)
10 Myths About Muslims in the West (More treachery from Doug Saunders)
The unfounded fear of Muslim immigration (More treachery)
The Myth of the Muslim Tide by "the most important journalist in Canadian mainstream media?"
Muslim schoolboy, 14, admits string of sexual assaults on 12 women
Female students banned from speaking at Islam seminar
Turk pleads guilty to racial harassment
The downfall of Hull's 'Mr Big' drug dealer, Edward Badago
Traitorous Archbishop, Vincent Nichols, attacks immigration targets
Now cops fly out to tell Romanians: Don't come to Britain and commit crime!
Ofsted chief: Immigrants 'will put a strain on schools' (He's only just figured this out?)
THE BBC: 'A culture of cronyism and broken leadership!'
Explosion of allergic reactions/eczema (Why is a chemical irritant used in skin creams?)
Desperate families forced to turn to the food bank for survival
Is this the real Lockerbie bomber?
Can the public image of wealthy Jew ever be restored?
Jewish Tycoon woos Labour and Ed's old flame

Sunday 15 December

British pensioner BEHEADED in his Kenyan apartment (girlfriend held for murder)
Stabbed, headbutted and punched: Abuse inflicted on teachers by children as young as 4!
Computer hacker, Olajide Onikoyi, jailed for £1.5m scam
"Let’s ditch Santa the old white man" with "skin as pink as bubble gum!"
Shimon Peres to be knighted by the Queen! (We're knighting Israeli murderers now?)
Thousands of patients are warned to stop using contraceptive ring
Inside the British university where Muslims were segregated by sex: Shocking picture
Fatcat ecocrats exposed: 'Green' politicians, tycoons and power brokers
'You dog, you Satan!' PM's Muslim peer probed by police
British aid to thousands of victims in the Philippines disaster stolen by thieves
Ethan Couch, 16, 3 times over the limit, kills 4 people - NO JAIL! (He's got affluenza)

Saturday 14 December

Oi! Bulgarians! Oi! Romanians! Join UNITE and we'll show you how to claim benefits!
PC elite, Labour's Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Patricia Hewitt, linked to paedo group!
Cops investigate Labour MP Jack Dromey for calling Royal Mail worker 'Pikey'
Mohammed Atif broke schoolgirl's jaw in unprovoked attack: jailed for just 18 months
Man in his 70s punched in the face by Asian
Fake bride Leya Mtonga 'had baby just so she could stay in Britain'
Migrant beggars raking in £36,000 a year from gullible, kind-hearted Brits
The immigration merry-go-round is turning again
We can't trust our politicians to act over immigration
Why does a mother-of-eight (mixed-race kids) think we owe her a living?
Reverend Flowers and the stench of Labour hypocrisy
The rampant Rabbi's harem! Philip Sharp is a "bed-hopping, violent egomaniac"
The messiah and his seven wives (And you thought polygamy was illegal here?)
British Muslims who love 'both their wives'
The betrayal of the UK's stay-at-home mums!
Report blames Labour's equalities policies for 'shameful' lack of people from poorer backgrounds
In St. Nelson's Rainbow Nation, black cop/serial rapist, Mokolo Molekoa, preyed on white girls Michelle was raped by a cop at 14!
Increasing concern about BBC’s 'hagiographic worship' of Nelson Mandela!
Why did BBC waste money sending Dimbleby/8 staff/Peter Hain to S. Africa for Question Time?
St Mandelaland's sign language nutcase once faced murder charge!
Nigella 'let the children smoke cannabis!' (And we're not supposed to criticise Jews?)
Great Satan! US drone strike hits wedding party in Yemen killing 15 people
Boy, 7, dies of meningitis two days after being vaccinated against it!
Rape victims' fury as cops re-write Twas The Night Before Christmas as sex attack poem
Three arrested for anti-Semitic tweets after Premier League match
EU in court threat over English tests for migrants!
The inept and arrogant Sir Humphries of today
Sadiq Khan craves a cohesive London? (If all unwanted foreigners leave, he'll get it)
Anti-Semitic ‘quenellle’ salute sweeping Europe!
Middlesbrough suspends fansafter claims Qur'an was ripped up at game
Official who OK'd Obama birth papers dies in crash
Selfies - the inane photo stunts that demean us all
The women whose acid-attack scars shame India

Friday 13 December

Andre Bright murdered Victoria Adams with their baby just feet away
Cameron Cashin denies murdering Malakai McKenzie
Aytach Lisani and Billy Dove charged with the murder of Christopher Foster
Kreshnik Etemi charged with murder of Joshua Folkes
Roree Cox accused of fatally stabbing 14-year-old
Polish pimps Kamil Niewiadomski and Ewa Nosal jailed
Black men jailed after Stevenage man robbed, assaulted and stripped
Social worker Mudassar Khan jailed for indecent images
£82,000 benefits cheat, Johura Begum) dragged screaming to cells! (Hooray!)
Former Charlton player Sam Sodje in match-fixing allegations
DJ Campbell given time off by Blackburn after match-fixing arrest
Nasty nightclubber, Maryam Hassan, CLEARED of glassing actress, Tara Reid
Doctor Sureshkumar Pandya accused of carrying out a female genital mutilation
Social worker Dorothy Bamidele used council credit card for personal gain
Gynaecologist groper, Angamathu Arunkalaivanan, put patient through 'three years of hell'
Dr Nabeel Bin Afzal guilty of inappropriate conduct
Hospital blunders led to little girl’s death: "Dr Mohamed Ramadan chose to stay at home!"
Serious failings found at Dr Satish Patel's surgery
Murdered by porn! (Tip of the iceberg) Shouldn't the pornographers be punished too?
Arrested for making offensive comments about Islam
We simply cannot implement disciplinary measures in these politically correct times!
National Health SHAMBLES
Romanians arrested at seven times rate of Britons: 800 held in London last month
200,000 primary pupils trapped in failing schools
Midwives leave 25% alone in labour! Appalling treatment of mothers-to-be!
Penpushers £70,000 poll shows we don't back big MP pay rises, then ignore it!
20% of British women confess they have been too hungover to look after their kids? £110 a second is lost to benefit fraudsters despite Cameron's pledge
Izzy Dix, 14, hanged herself after abuse that started at primary school ('she had a different accent')
Signs of Nigella’s drug-taking every 3 days!
Gay marriage banned in Australia
BBC TV chiefs ‘knew of Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse,’ says MP
Unease among Brazil's farmers as Congress votes on GM terminator seeds
Prince Charles says business leaders squandering grandchildren's inheritance in favour of growth
Palestinians draw parallels with Mandela's anti-apartheid struggle
Immigration Minister says fact that Mike Tyson was refused entry to UK is “welcome”
The punishment was death by stoning. The crime? Having a mobile phone
Gang raped at 13, accused of adultery when she reported it, stoned to death as a result
More 'woe-is-we' sneers from Dame Doreen

Thursday 12 December

Of 7 oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia's economy in the 1990s, 6 were Jews!
'Maggot-infested' GP surgeries exposed by inspectors
Justice Denied
BBC's Bergerac filmed at notorious Jersey home where abused children suffered!
Grandma stabbed to death by her grandson! Legal high drug blamed
Bullied to death for being pretty: Sarah Clerkson found hanged at house party
Killer/sex attacker, Mohammed Akram, freed after judge bins 5-year-old's testimony
A tale of three murderers (2 non-native)
'Nasty, unprovoked assault in Barnsley by 5 men of Eastern European or Asian origin
4 Nigerians and a Kurd investigated over sex assaults on 3 girls under 14 and a woman
Gun raider Kareem Khan tracked down by victim on Facebook
Five women (who don't look British) sought after assault in Leicester
Muslim gang laughed at law despite being arrested dozens of times! NO JAIL!
Aggressive Roma gypsies return to Marble Arch to beg from wealthy tourists/shoppers
British terrorist Babar Ahmad pleads guilty in U.S. court to running terrorist website
Harley Street 's Errol Denton said he could cure HIV/cancer with lifestyle changes/herbs
Mahadubar Rahman fined over 'considerable number of flies' in takeaway's kitchen
Top cop says we shouldn't be afraid to address 'worrying trend' of Asian grooming
Four wards where a quarter of Birmingham's crime takes place
African Amadou Nyang paralysed himself to avoid deportation!
UK Universities refuses to ban the separation of sexes during visits by speakers
Midwife failings at Furness General Hospital baby unit
Double police-killer Dale Cregan was helped by police worker?
LLOYDS: Selling worthless products as salesmen got champagne bonuses for defrauding us!
RUDEGATE! 'I was only being polite to the Kinnock family!' says selfie Cameron
RUDEGATE! Kinnock's son, gay rumours and a flirty blonde PM
Bad hygiene, out-of-date drugs and untrained nurses putting thousands of GP patients at risk
One in four claiming sickness benefit are fit to work
Children as young as 5 among hundreds of pupils excluded for serious sexual abuse/watching porn
Grade inflation conned many into thinking standards were improving despite poor results
Why don't we make war films that celebrate British courage any more?
Theresa May blocks Vaz's bid to quiz MI5 boss
Cameron puts 'pro-EU team' in charge of clawing back powers from Brussels!
Boycott Domino's Pizza!
Rainbow Nation! Mandela mourners fight over food
Rainbow Nation! Mandela Memorial: Deaf Signer Was 'Fake'
Rainbow Nation! Archbishop Tutu burgled after Mandela Memorial
70,000 white people murdered in South Africa?
Black Racism and Race Hatred
The White-hating Nelson Mandela Lovefest Goes On
SWEDEN "The white majority is the problem"
Lloyds bank fined record £28m for 'serious failings'
Germany: Stop the Persecution of Christians

Wednesday 11 December

The real Nelson Mandela?
Darren Harwood and Charlotte Piccaver stabbed by Mehmet Ozen, Charlotte dies
Andre Omar Smith gets 15 years for attempted murder of Rachel Kane, who was pregnant
Dr Chukwuma Igbokwe, a former African diplomat, exposed himself and demanded sex
Police release e-fit after 13-year-old girl assaulted
WPC Diane Patt died after giving birth - Dr Lajos Zsisku at fault?
Rose seller attacked by black man in Birmingham nightclub assault
Drug dealer, Joshua Jhugrro, ordered to repay £39,000 Rikki Baker: Yet another preventable death
Christmas, for today’s political elite, is about self-promotion
Fury as EU squanders £420m on GLOBAL empire with 3,500 pen-pushers in 140 countries!
Qualifications awarded to students who did not actually attend courses!
More "Brits bad, foreigners good" from on-message "bosses"
Crisis in Ukraine instigated by the West?
Rethinking arms/tobacco investments says Comic Relief boss (PC do-gooder invariably = tw*t)
Luvvie fa*ts centre stage at Mandela wake
If we can't even send Boat Race saboteur back to Oz 'cos it's 'racist', who can we deport?
Christmas, for today’s political elite, is about self-promotion
UK population could DOUBLE to 131million within a century!
Gay half-Jew who invented "New Labour" says we don't want jobs, EU immigrants do

Tuesday 10 December

Israel's former chief rabbi arrested on suspicion of accepting millions in bribes
Elderly savers being fleeced by pension sharks when they retire
BBC receives 1,350 complaints about 'excessive' coverage of Mandela's death
Council bans use of word ‘Commie’ – but ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ are fine
Ben Selby's face needed 50 stitches after Iraqi knfeman, Jiger Sadeqa, slashed him
OAP, Margaret Woodward, burgled by the same black creep 5 times!
Three men and and a woman arrested on suspicion of party murder
Man stabbed in Gillingham, another assaulted by same black gang
BRISTOL: Slavery raids on Gypsy camps: seven released on bail
DIVERSITY! 'After I struck the neck, I used another of the knives... to try and remove the head'
Rochdale's Muslim paedophiles: 'I'll never get over daughter's grooming'
Even Labour MPs are telling truth now! "Sex trafficking crimes ARE a racial issue!"
Gangsters flying in and out with impunity! Border guards failing to check private planes
UK Border Force 'failing to protect Britain from criminals and illegal immigrants'
Teenage hairdresser bled to death over 15 hours after surgeon, Shady Hosny, tore an artery during routine op
Poorest pay price for austerity: Workers face biggest fall in living standards since Victorian era
Midwife who blew the whistle on HIV baby fights for job
UKIP stands by 'expel all migrants' councillor
The polls are wrong about UKIP, as the attack on Victoria Ayling shows
Politician telling truth about what majority feel is ‘shocking’
France accused of encouraging thousands of migrants to enter Britain illegally
AUSTRALIA: Asylum seeker charged with indecently assaulting 7 teen girls at aquatic centre
Arrested because he joked about Mandela. Soon we won't be allowed to joke about anything
Ofsted warns over ‘wasted potential’ of poor white pupils’
Ministers' bid to block report that says HS2 is in danger of failing
Don't send me to racist Australia says activist who disrupted 2012 Boat Race
Another attempt to make it impossible for the UK to leave the EU?
Italian police fire tear gas as thousands stage "Pitchfork Protest"
France accused of encouraging thousands of migrants to enter Britain illegally
Dear MPs: You just don’t get it, do you?
Racism row over Miss France contestants ends with mixed race female crowned
Let more migrants in! Brits won't take our jobs! (NO! Force reluctant Brits to do jobs!)
SNP pledge: we'll let asylum seekers work in Scotland! (We'll send 'em over the border then!)
The Queen and I - For Mandela, it was "Elizabeth" not "Ma'am"
GERMANY: Troops called to deal with asylum applications

Monday 9 December

EU countries offered €6,000 per head to take in refugees!
Six arrested after black footballers filmed fixing matches for fraudsters
Police smash Gypsy 'slavery ring'
Cousin of honour killing victim who helped dispose of body still proud of what he did
Edyta Zawadzka murdered her flatmate allegedly
Detectives identify 125 potential victims of pervert doctor, Srinivas Yenugula
Katherine Solang and Trevor Pickford jailed for drugs supply
Financial adviser, Richmond Ekwenye, jailed for fraud
Muslim woman pleaded guilty to terror offences; Royal Barnes denies same offences
Drug dealers, Kaftar Rahmani and Ronald Kamya, jailed for 15 years
Christopher Howard's 4-month crime spree around Devon (arrested and bailed 6 times)
Dogs protect Joss Stone since black men plotted to murder her
Foreign criminals get softer sentences!
Red Cross launches first emergency food aid for UK since WWII!
EU economic crisis causing massive rise in poverty – Red Cross
St Doreen pays tribute to "Mandela a man of justice and peace" (And dead Whites, milady?)
Mandela was "most revered statesman of our time" says Brit-loathing immigrant MP
Jew apologises for Mandela joke Israel ranked poorest member of OECD
How welcome are Africans in the UK? (Welcomed by traitors/fellow migrants since 1948)
Neil Philips was arrested for: “My PC takes so long to shut down, I call it Nelson Mandela!”
Asylum seekers, Jews, journalists and the resignation of Mayor Karl Simlinger
Mandela even suggested cutting off the noses of blacks deemed collaborators
Philippines aid scandal
Now Sir Stuart Rose (Bryantzeff) backs immigrants' right to "jobs we don't want"
Senior Judge attacks politicians' 'ignorance' of virtues of married life
Patients 24% more likely to die if they have to recuperate in hospital at the weekend

Sunday 8 December

Met police seize video of former Tory Cabinet Minister at paedo sex parties?
'Send them all back home'. says UKIP councillor, Victoria Ayling (Hooray!)
Pervert government 'gave money to child sex ring in 70s!'
Helen Dean says Karim Habibi 'tried to kill our baby'
Today's child-snatchers are as evil as Philomena's nuns
Aderoju Bammeke and Jessica Ogunyemi hacked accounts of nearly 2,500 people for Nigerian 'phishing' scam
AlphaMetrix, who Blair and Brown to speak at lavish conferences, accused of £1.7m fraud
Elderly man knocked to ground by Asian during robbery
Nurse, Gurminder Toor, did not know where appendix is and unable to calculate medication doses
James McGovern sold £300,000 worth of fake goods
Black teacher: 'We are talking about whiteness as a system of oppression!'
Mass murder in the Middle East is funded by our friends the Saudis
Billions of dollars annually used to fund 'evil' US intelligence operations
A crackdown on Islamic extremism will not cause attacks on Muslims
Iain Duncan Smith admits 'crisis' over immigrants claiming benefits
TV dragon James Caan's £41m retail park will be subject to Islamic law restrictions?
Public demands Royal Marine who killed Taliban man should have sentence halved
Senior BP exec's African dress made other staff feel uncomfortable - She's sues them!

Saturday 7 December

Somali asylum-seeker used fake ID for £91,000 benefit fraud - NO JAIL! NO DEPORTATION!
Kreshnik Etemi charged with teenager's death
Waqar Younis and Paul Lynham deny murder
Murderers Lewis Anderson and Sallome Pinnock jailed
Liban Abdi charged in Bristol child sexual exploitation investigation
Middlesborough child sex: Shakil Munir, Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif guilty
3 Asians jailed indefinitely for attempted murder fail to have convictions overturned
Millionaire guru. Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram yoga, accused of rape
Sexual predator, Neville Williams, ‘celebrated’ birthday by raping teen mum in front of her baby
Derby rapist Harbinder Khatkar jailed for life
Gibril Seray-Wurie and Malachi Cavalho guilty of kidnap, robbery, assault and burglary Muslim vigilantes jailed for 'sharia law' attacks in London
Career criminal Bugarian burglar, Emil Metodiev, came here to steal
A sick mum, secret courts and brutality beyond belief
More than 100 asylum seekers put up in this £125-a-night hotel for NINE WEEKS
Syria: Foreign jihadists 'use safe houses' in Turkey
Sex-gang busting charity could close!
Policewoman jailed for 'rape lie'
Security firms ripped off elderly, regulator suggests
Mandela's greatest feat was saving SA from bloodbath? (70,000 Whites were murdered!)
‘Nice black man dies’: Rod Liddle (truth/common sense chap) condemned Nigella Lawson: 'I'd rather admit drug taking than be bullied by lies'
Rebel MPs press for laws to limit new EU migrants
Tom Daley urged to boycott anti-gay countries by Lady Gaga
UK should expect a Wave of immigrants says the Democracy Institute
Casualty of war: Royal Marine who killed terrorist jailed for life
'Bullying' boss of cancer scandal hospital has second job with management consultancy

Friday 6 December

DIVERSITY! Paul Moody stabbed eight times by Mujo Lamaj
Bungling hitman, Ricardo Dwyer, gunned down corner shop cashier and seriously wounded his son
Mariuzu Jusza charged with causing hit-and-run death of 68-year-old lady
Shakil Munir, Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif groomed little girls for sex
Violent carjacker, Cedric Brown, who drove off with toddlers in car, gets 5 years
Kaftar Rahmani and Ronald Kamya caught with £2.6million worth of heroin: 15 years in jail!
Community support cop, Oguz Batmaz, got info from computers for criminals
Black footballers charged with match fixing
Lewis Hamilton's dad denies tampering with crucial evidence in Paul Di Resta case
Midwife Bolanle Sangoleye, who left baby brain damaged, struck off
Credit card fraudsters, Saeed Abdi and Sakeriye Muse in court
Dr Sumidu Nishan using a bogus patient's name to get drugs!
African immigrant and benefits fraudster, Nicholas Fayenuwo, avoids jail
No jail for groper - to be deported soon allegedly
Death of an old Commie terrorist - Sheeple, bought politicians and PC media fawn
"A great light has gone out in the world?" (What about all the dead white folks, Dave?)
Max Hastings: "A secular saint?" (What about all the dead white folks, Max?)
Mandela stands proudly by as supporters sing "Death to the Boer"
Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation
We cannot continue to blame Apartheid for our failings
Stoned to death in South Africa
Prince Charles’ pal murdered in Mandelaland!
Hate speech task force to fight rise in Holocaust denial and Islamophobia in Camden
UK judge says Strasbourg has the right to overrule Parliament
Pesticides blamed as the turtle dove faces extinction in ten years
'Masturbation is good for your health!' (Another victory for Red Wedge)
BBC chairman Lord Patten refuses to be quizzed by MPs about coverage of Europe
Former soldier had his benefits cut after he volunteered to sell poppies!
Headmistress charged with sex attacks on young boy (Blair knight called her "inspirational")
Jews at war: The gilded life of Nigella's children
To accuse your ex-wife of snorting cocaine, press 1
Top Jew censors don't like Kanye West (At last, we agree on something)
Israel urges EU human rights body to return ‘anti-Semitism’ definition to website
Obama Admits White House Lied About Never Meeting Illegal Alien Uncle
Red Balls! Knives are out for humiliated Ed!
He blinked. Croaked. He's vermilion Balls!

Thursday 5 December

Harbinder Khatkar guilty of 18 offences! (5 rapes, attacked 6 women in one night)
NO JAIL for top paedo, anti-Fascist; feminist; ex-civil servant, Indymedia editor, Pat Corcoran!
Deporting white children to South Africa!
Big Issue seller, Razvan Dumitru, stole £50 from blind pensioner trying to find pound coin for him
Latvian nutcase, Rolands Brize, guilty of attempted rape
DIVERSITY: Nurses left pensioners with deep bedsores (bones exposed)
Mum whose baby was snatched from her womb by State monsters talks
Ukrainian immigrant visas rubber-stamped in 10 mins despite 'high-risk' of dodgy applications
'Why Saatchi grabbed me by the throat' (Elite Jews, eh? What are they like?)
Nigella took cocaine when Iraqi Jew hubbie subjected her to 'intimate terrorism'
MISTAKE of multiculturalism aided extremists says Cameron!
Danny Cohen in thinly veiled 'damages... morale' threat to top BBC whistleblowers
Another Clegg betrayal: High St gambling machines
Top judge says we should not bow to Europe (wants Human Rights Act reformed)
Drunken legacy of the baby-boomers
'Buffoons, morons and braying donkeys' What voters think of MPs' at PMQs
Staff working on aid projects in poorest parts of Africa paid ‘lavish’ 6-figure salaries!
Fatherless children are more likely to grow up angry and turn to drugs (Not rocket science, is it?)
Schoolboy, Tom Acton, 'bullied to death' for daring to stand up to drug dealers
Schizophrenic Karl Addo jailed for life for cutting off his flatmate's head
Israel denies gunning down Hezbollah commander who fought for Assad in Syria
Britain’s most ear-drillingly insistent feminist, the Gromyko of Camberwell
Cancer care shame as UK survival rate is one of EU’s worst
Execution of children in Syria by Cameron/Hague's best pals
Jihadist rebels in Syria hang child after killing family members
BBC's Jewish news director says more diversity required!
Germany's push to outlaw patriotic party
German cops devise app to curb far-right music

Wednesday 4 December

Why violent crime is so rare in Iceland? (BBC avoids obvious answer)
Polish gang tortured victim to death
African wins deportation case then attacks 86-year-old, fracturing her pelvis
Constable Vinod Kumar Dahiya charged with two rapes and beating a woman
Taxi driver, Liban Abdi, denies rape of 16-year-old passenger
Imran Hussain grabbed alleged victim's hair, kicked her in stomach and tried to rape her
Birmingham needle attacker could have struck six more times
Burglar with string of offences in Bulgaria broke into a house 9 days after getting here
Marcel Dumitru and Petre Ionita stole customers' cash machine money
Robin Zebaida sexually assaulted a teenage girl while dating her mother
Black burglar shoots a police officers
Child sex gang perv, Hassan Abdulla, had fetish for 'gypsy' girls
Pervy gynaecologist, Angamathu Arunkalaivanan, put woman through '3 years of hell'
Harrods chef, Robert Perez, bombarded five women with perverted calls and sex texts - NO JAIL!
Katana Kitsao Gona gets ten years for ‘defiling’ a goat
Personal trainer, Kyle Bent, 'terrified' holidaymakers
Britons pump £46billion a year into gambling machines
Charity cash could end up with terrorists! Watchdog 'failing to tackle abuses'
Miliband's vow to tackle union paymasters shelved until after general election
Britain's stagnating schools
Millions of elderly 'to lose vital care in funding shake-up'
We failed (again) admits RBS after computer glitch EMPTIES customers' accounts
Heroin addict still took drug and led life of crime after being given new heart on NHS!
We should be grateful to Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants for taking our jobs!

Tuesday 3 December

A terrible act of inhumanity that shows why justice must never be secret
Who stands to gain from secret justice?
Kuala Lumpur Tribunal: Israel charged with war crimes and genocide
85,000 women are raped every year in England and Wales!
DIVERSITY! Now enrichers are decapitating their student flatmates in Bournemouth!
Marvin Blake mugged 68-year-old Carole after her bingo win. She died 16 days later
The killing of Lee Rigby: Through the eyes of witnesses
Jamaican immigrants jailed for Edmonton murder
Ahla Timofei attacked a defenceless woman using a samurai sword
Cabbie-bashing thug Darren Crossgill absconded from prison
Three Bradford postcodes are in the top five ‘crash for cash’ list of shame
E.European men attempted to kidnap girl, 9
Daughter's near-abduction in Dartford makes mum would-be vigilante
Hungarian bride and Pakistani groom couldn't understand each other
Mohammed Karim, 68, now on sex offenders register after sexual assault on Tube
One third claiming cash aid for homelessness are immigrants
8 half caste kids by an absent black dad. Now she can't survive on £500 a week
Islamist rebels seize part of ancient Syrian Christian town, take nuns captive
"We were torturing Serbs... drove rusty nails through their genitals"
Denise Lindsay wants golliwog compo
UK households 'pushed over edge' as personal debt reaches £1.4trillion
What now for the surveillance state?
Congenital liar says promise to cut migration to 'tens of thousands' could be broken
Scots ‘pose open-border threat’ with us as their immigration dumping ground
Vast majority of Russians oppose gay marriage and gay pride events
Obama administration 'most hostile' to journalists in US history
NHS forced to cancel 170 operations at the last minute every day
Judge orders social workers to explain why they snatched baby girl at birth
Death of the textbook! Children taught with dog-eared bits of paper
Welcome to Khazistan where gang-masters and slum landlords are the only winners
Elton John's Russian tour on verge of collapse after 50 pages of demands
The killing of Lee Rigby: Through the eyes of witnesses
'Britain is standing into danger' Defence cuts imperil nation warns top Admiral
What now for the surveillance state?
EU is trying to control British life, says law chief
Number of stolen smartphones and tablets fuel surge in crime
Controversy at MCTC Following Lesson on Structural Racism

Monday 2 December

26% of British voters say EU is good - 42% say it's bad!
MURDER! From 2003 to 2012, 1,158 care home residents died of thirst in England/Wales
From 1979 to 2000 number of NHS beds in England decreased from 480,000 to 189,000
Jew awarded $900,000 over gas chamber jokes
DIVERSITY IN LONDON! Black Savages leave white girl unconscious on London bus
DIVERSITY IN LONDON? Christopher Foster stabbed to death by 7 'hoodies' outside pub
DIVERSITY IN SWEDEN! Somali rapes dead woman, claims it was consensual!
DIVERSITY IN FRANCE! African mother drowns her baby on beach
Taxi driver Mahroof Khan licked female passenger's face
Arrest foreign beggars, plead councils
British taxpayers foot £73million bill for Eastern European prisoners
Migraines linked to 'gender-bending' chemicals in plastic cups and bottles!
Anorexics aged nine: NHS treating record no. of patients
Pantos to do away with Dame in bid to become more politically correct?
Most family break-ups involve unmarried parents: Unmarried 4 times as likely to separate
Most family break-ups involve unmarried parents: Unmarried 4 times as likely to separate
Genocide fear as African rebels unleash a tide of death
Can we be clear! I was holding her by the neck to make her focus!
Water regulator pays consultants £18m. Guess who'll foot the bill?
Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, to be feted for support of Israel
ICELAND: Protest against Mosque may be Defined as Hate Crime!
Pupils STILL lag behind world rivals in maths and reading
22-year-old woman attacked by black savages on London bus
ADL: 100 years of anti-White censorship
Blacks don't have the same connections as Jews! (Neither do Whites)
Social Workers: Operate on this (foreign) mother so we can take her baby!
Generation of iPad children who cannot hold a pencil?
RBS Bank 'took cash meant for the taxman!'
Keep the noise down, you Freuds! Thoughtless party animals told to shut it
Minister claimed £6,000 hotel bills! His £1m flat was only 15 minutes' walk away!
Most family break-ups involve unmarried parents: Unmarried 4 times as likely to separate
Could this be the moment the tide of history turned against the EU?

Sunday 1 December

An enemy of Israel’s is an enemy of mine!
‘Fagin school’ teaching Bulgarians to pick your pocket!
Social services can now take your kids before they're even born!
New Labour's Crystal Methodist in link to school described as 'sweet shop for paedophiles'
Seven Polish men held on suspicion of murder
DIVERSITY! Lee Rigby's killer 'did it for God!'
DIVERSITY! Dramatic final seconds of Lee Rigby's life
Dr Ravi Sondhi abused his position (by £100,000) at Croydon Doctors on Call
Nick Clegg in £12million wife-charity 'cover-up' storm
Cameron's like King Canute - the EU simply won't allow us to stem tide of immigrants
The one thing Dave and Nick agree on is more pain for you!
Our teenage girls' drinking shame
Achtung! EU plan to replace British roadsigns with Euro-speak!
Retired teacher died after thugs set fire to her car
TRINIDAD: Girl, six, raped, murdered and stuffed in a plastic bag
HITCHENS: The question is not who is taking drugs but who isn't
We need a return to the stiff upper lip and balls to the liberals!
Our common law, is a collection of centuries’ worth of accumulated wisdom
GERMANY: Leftists mindless attempt to wipe out Christian activity near Christmas
GIBRALTAR: When the mob drowns out free speech, democracy loses
British taxpayers foot £73million bill for Eastern European prisoners
Genocide fear as African rebels unleash a tide of death
Can we be clear! I was holding her by the neck to make her focus!
Water regulator pays consultants £18m. Guess who'll foot the bill?
Britain will pay a 'severe price' if it quits EU warns Europhile, John Major
African immigrant running for Sinn Fein in next year's elction!
FRANCE: African who raped 3 teenagers during exorcism sessions gets 14 years
The Makings of History: It was Bevin in the crosshairs

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