Daily News: April 2015

Thursday 30 April

Israelis demolished historic London pub without permission!!! (Maida Vale is Gaza now?)
UKIP will let Christians opposed to same-sex marriage opt out!
Mediterranean boats will bring 500,000 ISIS terrorists to Europe, blasts Farage
ELECTION 2015: Muslim vote could decide 25% of seats!
The truth about Labour and immigration
If Ed Miliband makes ‘Islamophobia’ illegal, Douglas Murray will test the law
How can anyone trust this shower again?
Election debate fix - BBC admits two out of three audience members were lefties
Gunman who shot two men in a parked car jailed for 20 years
Leonie Granger lured gambler to his death, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler killed him
Levenshulme rapist Fiaz Ahmed jailed after attacking woman, 50, in her own home
Kazi Islam tried to persuade Harry Thomas to attack soldiers with a knife/cleaver
Man stabbed for his mobile phone - Black men sought
Elderly woman pushed in suspicious incident, Allerton
Shakil Ruel McCrea jailed for robberies and gun crime
Andrew Chimboza ate a man’s heart with a knife and fork to prove he wasn't gay
ISIL's sex slaves recount horrific stories of rape, abuse
Muslim women must have sex with their husbands – even on CAMELS!!!
Care home kidnapped my wife (88), says African husband (45)

Wednesday 29 April

Immigrants set up 90% of homes at height of Labour’s open borders policy! (Nice one, Tony!)
600,000 people across Europe die from air pollution every year!!! (Nice one, EU!)
Government sabotage of drive to cut salt intake cost 6,000 lives! (Nice one, Dave!)
'Shocking' and 'unacceptable' postcode differences cause hundreds of deaths! (Nice one, Dave!) CAMERON: Israel slaughters thousands in Gaza? OK by him!
Aftab Ahmed charged in connection with threat to behead UKIP candidate in Newcastle
Bartolomej Makula and Ladislav Balaz get 15/16 years for GBH death of Keith Alder, 68
Zimbabwean church leader found guilty of sex attacks in Scotland
ROCHDALE: Amjid Khan and Gul Zaman for sex attacks on teenage boy and girl
Robbery in Sarratt, Herts. E-fit of suspect released
Quesir Mahmood held in postal vote fraud probe in Blackburn
Father-of-nine, Keble Thompson, denied being involved in drive-by shooting
UKIP beheading threat: Man charged over call to David Robinson-Young
Binge drinking raises the risk of a heart attack by 70%
Brothers died side by side from massive overdose of ecstasy they bought online
Six officers arrest 71-year-old Monty Python cameraman for lampooning politicians
At least 22 Surrey school pupils abused by Savile, police report
Luftur Rahman's roll call of shame
RUSSELL BRAND: Do you really want this clown ruling us? 'Pathetic' Miliband savaged
Miliband, Brand and a sick joke
QUENTIN LETTS is frozen in fascination as he witnesses a Leftie love-in
Media minister warns BBC over 'anti-Tory bias'
'Doctors failed diet pill death student Eloise Parry'
Cocaine causes ‘profound changes’ in brain that makes addicts more likely to relapse
Labour's Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer) 'had £1.5m shares in offshore tax haven'
'Victims' call for review of DPP decision not to charge Lord Janner
As another US city burns, will Obama do less for Blacks than any white President?
MPs' expenses receipts to be published after judges throw out bid to keep them secret

Tuesday 28 April

Keith Vaz helped kill a 90s probe into Greville Janner: why is he silent now?
UN blames Israel for attacks on schools during Gaza War
Home Office ignored FOURTH Janner warning! Officials told of child sex claims in 1995!
Fires set across Baltimore as Freddie Gray rioters torch city
Dare to speak out and Ed will send in the Thought Police!
Red Ed met Russell Brand just a week before the election!
Red Ed's threat to confiscate unused land branded 'Stalinist'
Umunna and London Labourites continue to sneer at people over immigration
BIASED BBC excludes Nigel Farage from final TV clash!
Tory standing against Nigel Farage runs website that helps EU migrants claim tax credits!
Libyan convicted of 78 crimes can't be kicked out... because he's an ALCOHOLIC!
MURDER: Ruslan Piktorov stamped on, kicked and punched Trevor Hillman more than 70 times
Boxing star David Haye 'arrested and put in cell over £341k bounced cheque'
Jailed for 16 years: Solomon Khoorban raped two women in separate attacks
Conwoman Tamara Pacskowska tried to steal banker's ENTIRE £1m Hyde Park town house
Gabriella Saunders conned employer out of £17,000 to pay for wedding/honeymoon
Taxpayers face huge bill to recover profits from £500million fraudster James Ibori
Albanians who ran cocaine ring from east London flat jailed
Mohammed Rashid, who threatened teen with smashed vodka bottle, chased by angry mob
'Hippy crack' craze will kill more teens, warns doctor
Britain's shameful record over Type 1 diabetes… for children
Why didn't NHS chiefs stop male nurse who filmed himself raping unconscious patients?
It's Question Time - live from Broadmoor!
BBC accused of anti-Semitism after saying Jews live in a 'wealthy pocket'

Monday 27 April

LIB DEMS: Love triangle of sex-change election candidate and lesbian lovers
Three things for a young man to know
Warped logic of trying to brainwash three-year-olds
Oxford child sex exploitation still happening, victim warns
Cops ignored child sex abuse gangs to chase Labour targets for car theft!
Young mum killed herself after telling cops she was kidnapped and raped by Masood Mansouri
Croydon town centre development agent, Altaf Harron, is a convicted money launderer
Derby cabbie, Usama Tahir, deliberately drove into delivery man
Machel Ankrah jailed for attacking a man with a screwdriver
Britain's wealthiest double net worth since the 2008 recession!
Janner's thank you note to detective who was forced to drop case
Janner could face dementia test? (That'll be the day)
CREEPY! GPs to ask ALL older patients if they'll agree to a 'do not resuscitate' order!
How teachers help pupils to cheat in exams
Putin says phone calls prove USA helped Chechen Muslims wage war on Russia
Drug smugglers will be executed by firing squad (Do we give a f***?)
Clegg won't quit even if there's a LibDem wipe out?
UKIP wins votes from the Left as Tories edge ahead?
40% of Brits don't trust Labour on education
Daily Mail's latest desperate attempt to put voters off UKIP! IAN BRADY!
John Sentamu: Why we need more minority ethnic clergy
Nothing being done to stop Israeli crimes: Barry Grossman - lawyer
Why was Palestinian suffering forgotten on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Sunday 26 April

Iraqi fighters find Israeli weapons in ISIS position
Black cage fighter who beheaded white great-grandmother denies murder
Janner detective: We had proof 20 years ago... Top brass told us to stop
Former cop: I was told to stop raising sexual abuse alarm in 2007
Extremist preacher who 'mentored Jihadi John' can't be deported! HUMAN RIGHTS!!!
Law chief who decided not to prosecute Janner was at same legal chambers!!!
One in 10 soldiers suffers from mental health problems
A “virus of racism” runs through UKIP! Chuka Umunna says so!
Check out the creep RE-RUNNING for Welfare & Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths College
Ukrainian oligarch worth £13billion becomes Britain's richest man
Crime and Punishment - Holocaust vs. Paedophilia
Without Savile exposure, Harris and Clifford victims would never have come forward
Israeli lies go unchallenged on BBC’s flagship current affairs show
Murdered journalist Oles Buzina on media censorship in Ukraine
When Tebbit says vote Labour, you know something's gone very wrong
'I won't quit my mates' says Richard Hammond - Producer launches scathing attack on BBC
Bailed drug dealer Diego Martinez-Espinoza fixed GPS tag to his cat and escaped cops
Cheating student Imran Uddin who hacked computer system to get better degree is jailed
Labour candidate + £1.5 million home = Vile rant?
George W. Bush was once yelled at by the mother of a dying soldier
STURGEON: 200 workers at Scotland’s environment agency sacked and replaced by foreigners
Grieving dad writes brutally honest obituary for daughter who died of heroin overdose On Orwell's Road To Wigan Pier poverty is now worse than the 1930s
How to save your life when choking if nobody else is around

Saturday 25 April

CAMERON: 'We're going to be the party of the first black Prime Minister!'
Justice raped! Lord Janner's child sex abuse covered up by cops/social workers for over 20 years!
ISLAMOPHOBIA? Vote-rigging Labour STILL playing race card after corrupt mayor forced out!
UKIP leader Nigel Farage is nine points ahead in Thanet South!
Decent lives destroyed by the Post Office
Germany's leader Angela Merkel calls for UK to take even more immigrants!
Manchester pharmacist, Jeremy Oketch, raped a two year-old and filmed it!
Mincab driver drove young woman to friend’s house where she was raped
Property developer Sanjay Chaddah falsely accused Dean Paton of a racist assault - NO JAIL!
Only middle-class white people think UKIP is racist, says Nigel Farage
Where's Wally? TOM UTLEY tracks down heavily-guarded Ed Miliband
Couple's anger after lifetime of paying off their mortgage is wasted
Katie Hopkins' 'racism' criticised by the UNITED NATIONS? (F*** me! What next?)

Friday 24 April

ROTHERHAM: Abuse victims ‘still not being listened to’ (‘Embarrassment’ to the council)
ROTHERHAM: Cops accused of missing intelligence and opportunities over child sex grooming
Crime figures rise...after 30 per cent surge in reported sex attacks
Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’ at 4-years-old!
What have bankers ever done for us? Shareholder who spoke for Britain
'Even in multicultural Britain the law applies to EVERYONE!' Tower Hamlets mayor guilty!
#DIVERSITY! Lutfur Rahman found guilty of Tower Hamlets election corruption
One hundred years since the genocide of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Turks!
Nigel's Tory challenger owns website encouraging Hungarians to migrate to UK for work!
Most malign encounter of Nigel's political career via this gay interviewer?
The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC
Palestinian children tortured, used as shields by Israel, UN says LEEDS: Teen dragged from bus stop, battered and raped - E-fit of Pakistani attacker
Abdul Bah pushed a complete stranger to the ground and raped her in the street
Plastic surgeon Dr Mohammad Ali Jawad 'molested patient in his surgery'
Shop worker sexually assaulted in Heywood
Lakhvinder Singh jailed for 8 years for raping and violently beating woman
Police hunt Asian after girl, 13, sexually assaulted on London bus
The friends of Greville Janner
Up to 30 Janner victims? File on him among 114 lost by Home Office
Alex Salmond says he's writing the Labour Party budget!
I own Labour boasts Red Len: party has 'been built to serve us'
Despite what most want, Red Ed pledges to 'restore commitment' to EU!
Foul-mouthed Labour canvasser in doorstep rant at man who said he was voting UKIP
Red Ed will bring back uncontrolled migration says Dave (Your 600,000 a year was controlled?)
Hold an inquiry into benefit sanctions that killed my brother!
IRONY ALERT! Anger after 'anti-racism' rally banned white people from attending!
Dear Lindsey Graham: Some jokes only Jews can make (Some are more equal than others)
Western hostages held by al-Qaeda were killed in US counter-terrorism operation
Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel
Religion of peace featuring Cat Stevens inciting Salman Rushdie's murder
Three new women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault

Thursday 23 April

Why aren’t the English allowed to be nationalists?
Black and Asian cops 5 times more likely to face corruption probes!
Threat to behead UKIP candidate, David Robinson-Young!
UKIP candidate 'running out of election placards' after nearly 37 stolen from outside homes
UKIP eyes 22 seats as Nigel Farage welcomes 'spectacular' support from voters
Who are the Republican candidates’ Jewish donors?
UK's top prosecutor 'ignored advice of QCs who told her to charge Janner
Janner gave his children deeds to his £2m home at height of abuse probe
Israel is one of the world’s least religious nations
Dr Nadeem Azeez and Dr Errol Cornish charged with gross negligence after death of young woman
Gulam Chowdhury stabbed love rival Mohammed Afzal 20 times
Five-year-old paralysed by bullet meant for Shaun Bryan - Now he's jailed for 5 years
BRISTOL: Abdilisis Shide jailed for assault and attempted rape
Scooter muggers jailed
Muslim prisoners attacked Christian Simon Richards
Hunt on for black driver after road rage attack
52-year-old woman fights off olive-skinned man in Rotherham
Labour woos minority voters with top jobs quotas and hate crime pledges
IRONY ALERT! University of London holds racial/gender segregated event in name of diversity!
5 Reason's NOT to vote Labour
‘Maidan snipers trained in Poland’: Polish MP alleges special op in Ukraine to provoke riot
BBC accused of 'leftist hostility'
Feckless fathers should have all benefits removed
There have always been charlatans in politics - but this lot really take the biscuit

Wednesday 22 April

Navinder Singh Sarao 'helped to trigger £500BILLION stock market crash' from London semi
Doubts are growing over the severity of Lord Janner’s dementia
Senior MPs attack failure to charge Janner over child sex abuse!
"I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding!"
Muslim admits Islam teaches him to hate non-Muslims
Convicted murderer Ricky Oldroyd boasts about his 'easy' life in prison
Hunt for doctor charged with manslaughter who fled to Pakistan
Chelmsford: Muslims charged with conspiracy to supply drugs and child exploitation
82-year-old Peterborough man attacked by gang of four Asians
Linford Christie's son admits hiding crack cocaine and heroin under floorboards
British pensioner Sandra Malcolm hacked to death at her home in South Africa
New Black Panther leader says he's gonna hunt down and kill white people
Social worker complains of child abuse in Islington childrens' homes
Extremists setting up anti-British schools!
Up to 60 girls a month committing suicide following ISIS abuse
UK forced to let deported illegal immigrant family back in! (HUMAN RIGHTS!)
10,000 Africans a week land on Italian coast in massive third world invasion
Christians slaughtered on Libya beach by ISIS were 'migrants trying to reach Europe'
JEWS angry! Cops refuse to investigate! Nazis promoting anti-Semitism! Who says? JEWS!)
Over half of Labour candidates in key seats sponsored by Unite union
Thought cannabis was safe? South African teens ravaged by dangerous new strain
Nursing fat cats on £400,000 a year as frontline staff endure pay freeze
Tory Party chairman Grant Shapps accused of doctoring Wikipedia pages of rivals
Children hunted because of the colour (white) of their skin
Toxic 'diet pills' that killed Eloise can be bought on the web for just 70p!

Tuesday 21 April

Peer 'too ill for sex abuse trial' signed letter 12 days ago saying he wanted to remain a Lord!
Janner isn't being prosecuted but ten with dementia WERE in the last year!
Janner: Keith Vaz was among MPs who defended him against child sex abuse allegations
High Court judge and the child sex ring
Tragedy of pretty student died after taking internet diet pills
Children as young as 4 investigated for drug and sex offences - toddlers suspected of assault
Iraq war inquiry 'will not report until 2016' - BURYING BAD NEWS!
Can mercury fillings really poison you?
SEXUAL GROOMING: Amdadul Haque failed to show up at court
Party-loving conman back behind bars
Conwoman Tamara Pacskowska posed as a pensioner to try and sell her £1million house
'Menace to community' posed as church official to get sheltered housing and steal from residents
Convicted fraudster Gabrielle Yinka Saunders conned £17,000 from City firm
Muhammed Tahir rubbed his crotch against a young woman on packed Tube train
Hundreds of Zimbabweans go home after escaping anti-immigrant violence across S. Africa
Father blackmailed by Blacks with torture pictures from pregnant daughter’s own phone!
Elderly Austrian nun robbed, raped, strangled in South Africa!
DIVERSITY: Butchered in the street as he begged for mercy
‘Europe must rise up, do what’s right’ for immigrants says Welby (Swamp us with even more?)
UKIP speaks for working class people
Supermarkets face probe over bogus 'bargains' that cost shoppers millions
Is it easier to communicate in a multicultural society? (NO!!!)
One in four employees are constantly stressed
Putin on cultural self-preservation, European radition, Religion and Race
Hillary Clinton mocks Putin, gladly accepts $500K in jewels from head-chopping Saudi dictator
Armed black militants prepare for war?
Operation Mockingbird: CIA Manipulation of the Media
Cosy tax deals of the NHS fat cats: Bosses on up to £2,000 a day are 'paid off the books'

Monday 20 April

Black rapper/ISIS terrorist calls on jihadists to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe
Lib Dem lesbian (sits on two national committees) tweets 'kill all men' and 'fuck men!'
Pro-immigration poster campaign launched!
Anyone out there outraged apart from owner of Express, a mega-rich Jewish porn Baron?
Janner was a pillar of the Jewish community, say family (No surprises there then)
Lord Janner abused me at 15. Will someone PLEASE tell me why he's never faced a court?
Link between Director of Public Prosecutions and Lord Greville Janner’s son!!!
JANNER! Legal chief facing growing calls to quit: Backlash against top prosecutor grows
JANNER! Do 'pervert' MPs enjoy immunity from prosecution? (If they're Jewish - probably)
Lord Janner child abuse scandal: Theresa May turns heat on DPP (Just for show?)
Sexualised images fuelling rise in anxiety among girls aged 11 to 13
Michael Spalding murder: CCTV shows killer dragging his body in suitcase
Gay con artist, Glen Rycroft, murdered his lover
BANBURY: Black grooming gang convicted of sexually exploiting children
Man attacked by six black men in Gloucester Park?
Umbrella gang stole £145,000 in 13 shop raids
Labour 'snubs OAP for backing UKIP!' Councillor refused to deal with constituent!
Miliband will bring in quotas for minorities!
FARAGE: Ed Miliband's love of big business betrays working classes
Nigel Farage accuses Ed Miliband of betraying working class people
Scottish Nasty Party's growing intimidation and intolerance of dissent reeks of fascism?
SNP say they'll block any spending they don't like
It's not fair to lavish billions on foreign aid when the NHS won't fund my cancer drugs!
Greed of the NHS fat cats: Bosses got £35MILLION in pay rises last year
Politicians, doctors and patients unite in fury at the Mail's NHS fat cat revelations
The fat cats milking millions from the NHS
New wave of Polish workers on way to UK - 250,000 may quit homeland
Blair's bizarre deal to sell 'deliverology' to Colombia!
Christian refugees formed human chain to avoid being thrown into sea by Muslim immigrants
Slaughter on the beach: ISIS behead and shoot Ethiopian Christians
Midsomer Murders gets diversified!
Jimmy Savile: a "special friend" of Israel
The Huffington Post takes the p*** out of white people
Rupert Murdoch wagging his tale at Judaea to the end
Sex, rape and kidnap: Bizarre blog posts of Natalie Bennett's boyfriend
2010: Why is Greenland so rich these days? It said goodbye to the EU

Sunday 19 April

Hypocrisy, lies and Red Ed's brother: David Miliband behind cover-up of involvement in torture
Biased BBC audience said 'La-la-la... We can't hear you Nigel'
Another wave of immigrants is on its way (but don't you dare mention it)
Will your child die from a legal high?
Smear campaign against Lancet’s 'Open Letter' on crimes against humanity in Gaza
Claims that ISIS has Jewish roots grow in Muslim world
‘United States of Israel’ has compromised U.S. ‘sovereignty’ on Iran
ADL spokesman denounces SPLC’s fake “hate group” map
Pastor targeted by the SPLC shoots and kills home invader
Leicester mayoral candidate Barbara Potter escapes jail term but may be disqualified as councillor
Luton Labour vice-chair Yasmin Waheed to stand in place of suspended Khtija Malik
Calls for mayor of Hartlepool to resign after he lied about a funeral
Sandwell councillor's son arrested over property sale fraud
YEMEN: 8-year-old Rawan was died from internal bleeding following marriage to man in his 40s!
‘Israel is racist and apartheid state’ Green Party candidate faces backlash
The Champagne Socialists who support Labour

Saturday 18 April

The Secret Cause of World War 3
Petri Kurti, 13, and Zoheb Majib jailed for the murder/manslaughter of Glynis Bensley, 47
Janner spoke in Lords years after dementia diagnosis and only stopped after cops raided his home
Paedo peer abuse allegations were not passed to me says former DPP
Victory for UKIP! BBC backs down and gives Farage his own show after debate fix!
BBC bias - Of the 200-strong debate audience, only 58 were Tory or UKIP supporters!
Election debate fix! BBC admits two out of three audience members were lefties!
Beware this very sinister brand of Left-wing populism
Children from deprived families have brains that are six per cent smaller
Hope not Hate is NOT anti-Fascist - it's an offshoot of Zionist rag, Searchlight Magazine
BLACKBURN: (Jack Straw) Girl, six, 'sexually assaulted by boy in class and school playground'
As Jewish academics we condemn the pressure that has been brought to bear in our names
Operation Protective Edge: A war waged on Gaza's children
Israel has nuclear weapons and the U.S. government helped build them
TIQRIT, ISRAEL: In destroyed Christian village, exiled residents unite at the church
ISIS continues to spread across Syria
Mutilated body of elderly British woman found in France 'in two different areas'
Suspect in Imam murder believed to be Boney M singer’s brother
Woman groped by man ‘who pretended to be asleep’
Pervert groped teenager on London tram
Ridiculed, abused, exploited, triumph of feminism has made (WHITE) men 2nd class citizens
Why we women can't stand Sturgeon
Genocide of Christians: 100 years on Turkey refuses to admit butchering a million Armenians!
South Africa (Rainbow Nation) descends towards a new apartheid
Brutal 'blood diamonds' scandal fuelled by pure greed in Africa's mines
USA: Teacher left unconscious by black parent

Friday 17 April

TREASON! Rotherham care worker told by boss "to give girls to abusers!!!"
Rotherham: Politics 'imported from Pakistan' fuelled sex abuse
Hundreds of British soldiers sent to Afghanistan were given dangerous malaria drug!
22 sex attacks and paedo peer will never face justice! Police fury as Janner won't be charged
GREVILLE JANNER: Vile abuse, 3 bungled probes and a 45-year 'cover up'
Greville Janner: How dodgy MPs rallied to defend the Jewish paedo
Decision not to prosecute Janner led to furious reaction from child abuse campaigners
DPP Alison Saunders personally overruled senior lawyers to block prosecution of Janner
The white, British working classes have never been more reviled by the chattering classes
DIVERSITY! Mother of 5 murders baby by stuffing toilet paper down her throat - NO JAIL!
Violent Polish criminal was on his way to UK when he murdered a 9-year-old schoolgirl
'Ruthless' burglars who threatened women with knives caught thanks to police dog Jacob
‘My mum will cry’ dealer tells police who found drugs in his underpants
Muslim immigrants threw 12 Christians overboard to their deaths during Mediterranean crossing
Fury as granny Louisa Sabey, 91, dies after 16 hours on a trolley in A&E
Children as young as FOUR feel pressured to be slim, popular and attractive
FOREIGN AID: We pay aid workers £1,000 a day to work in Africa and Asia
Top Jewish Judge says Muslims should be allowed to wear veil in court
“Is it in Israel’s Interests?” Zionists show their hand in South Africa
South African Communist Party admits Mandela was a senior Central Committee member
Terror on the streets of South Africa (Normality in Mandelaland)
Farage: Fighting for Britain in debate with Left-wing party leaders
UKIP supporters face death threats, violence and abuse on campaign trail
Judges warned to beware their subconscious bias against poor and foreign defendants
It's all too easy for toxic neighbours to ruin lives
Pro-Russia journalist shot dead in Kiev
Labour's Tristram Hunt sorted by schoolboy who says he'd vote UKIP 'to get all the foreigners out'
U.S. military 'hostile' to Christians under Obama
Ex-British diplomat accuses Hillary Clinton of role in meltdown of Iraq

Thursday 16 April

When is a paedo not a paedo? His lawyers say he's demented? It's anti-Semitic to say so?
A Labour peer, magic tricks and dementia
Janner failed to answer - then and now
2014: Why has paedophile Greville Janner been allowed to escape justice?
Labour Crime tsar award £500,000+ of taxpayers' money to charity she runs with top cop!
There's hardly a word I disagree with in UKIP's manifesto
Why do you support UKIP? 'To get all the foreigners out!' Schoolboy v Labour shadow minister
Bank worker Tola Ore fitted spy device to her computer to help gang steal £1.25million
Don’t deport my robbing, scrounging, gambling addict toyboy hubby
Black headteacher stole thousands of pounds raised by parents and pupils
Serial sex attacker Haroon Rashid molested 5 women in Bradford within 45 minutes
Swedish students to live inside steel containers (Immigrants to live in houses?)
When the bond bubble blows, it’ll take the stockmarket with it
Labour's queen of hypocrisy: MP who sneered at white van man...

Wednesday 15 April

Immigrant votes 'key in marginals' (So that's how LibLabCon will fix it!)
Elderly should do community work or lose pension says Lord Bichard
UK Labour Party: “We will introduce state-funded Islamic schools in 2015?
Fury as BBC refuses to axe show by paedo supporter calling for age of consent to be lowered
Former Tory leader of Cambridgeshire Council announces he's quitting the Tories for UKIP
Retired policeman ordered to take down Royal Navy flag tribute to his WWII hero father!
Anti-Brit discrimination! Labour set to throw selection on merit out the window!
Nick Griffin speaks in St Petersburg: Love him or loathe him, this is a righteous speech
Paedophile artist, Graham Ovenden, jailed
Back in 2006 the police force were ILLEGALLY rejecting white men applying to join President Assad calls out phony Anti-ISIS coalition
Politics is a family affair for Ignatieff, Clegg
Public Schools in USA now promoting Satanism!
Juncker blocks EU treaty negotiations until after 2019
Former madrassah teacher, Ismail Sacha, jailed - 'sexual interest' in schoolboy
Protestor attacked by Asian gang in bookies
Hunt for black man after 15-year-old girl assaulted in Middlesbrough
Immigrants picking vegetables for supermarkets treated like 'slaves' and live in filthy conditions
Housing chiefs' fat cat hypocrisy
Inhaling hippy crack, Raheem Sterling sums up all that is wrong with football (RACIST!)

Tuesday 14 April

In 2013, 6,233 people (15 and over) were known to have committed suicide in the UK
Sakhawat Ali was drunk, speeding, driving a stolen car & drugged up when he killed Xana Doyle
Pakistani father-of-5 convicted of grooming girls as young as 12
Sex-offending nutcase kidnapper, Anthony Abolarionwa, apprehended
Trafficked by his wife, Ciubotariu raped girl repeatedly and forced her to work as a prostitute
Woman sexually assaulted by man of south Asian appearance in ‘private hire’ car
25 Muslims in Calderdale court charged with child sex offences
Blackwater security guard gets life for killing 14 unarmed civilians in Iraq
200,000 Brits go ABROAD for medical treatment as NHS waiting lists spiral
Now EU plans to spend £14MILLION to double number of highly-paid judges
Sneaky firms are making products smaller but NOT shrinking the price!
Red Ken helped write Ed's manifesto - Stories spin doctors DON'T want you to read
Inside Fukushima's ground zero
SYRIA: "Blasphemer" beheaded by a ISIS executioner
700 "Britons" have joined ISIS - half are already back in UK! (Thanks a lot #LibLabCon!)
Leading from the front and unimaginable bravery - Near madness in the officer class!
Council installs 'Big Brother' spy cams to catch residents who put bins out late
'What must be said about Gunter Grass
Raheem Sterling seen 'inhaling dangerous legal high known as hippy crack'
I'm on TV too much admits Clare Balding (Too much of a lesbian? NEVER!)
Good Samaritan given a parking ticket after pulling over to help a pensioner

Monday 13 April

Roger Scruton was right about immigration and education, 30 years too soon
Why did police ignore Pakistani gangs abusing 1,400 Rotherham children? Political Correctness!
FBI accused of whitewashing Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11!
JON GAUNT Tweet: Political establishment is terrified if true scale of child abuse comes out!
Son of Labour councillor who tried to sneak into Syria with 8 relatives returns (HOORAY?)
Mothers battle to save young children from drowning - onlookers film drama on mobile phones
Nyia Parler dumped disabled son in woods with blanket and bible while on vacation with lover
Lib Dem candidate suspended after arrest by cops - allegations of child sex offences
This sham of an Election
Britain’s aid budget is squandered on unworkable projects and private contractors
One of 9 'Syria-bound' 'Brits' to be 'deported back to UK tonight' (3 cheers for diversity!)
British expat found dead in well may have been murdered over vegetables?
Taliban henchman accused of murder CAN stay here! (HUMAN RIGHTS!)
Black judge tells parents they fostered racist behaviour in daughter who fears black men
ANOTHER Tory Minister wants out of the EU? (Or is he just trying to buy votes?)
Pope infuriates Turkey by describing Armenian genocide as genocide
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe to be moved to a cushy low-security unit!
David Starkey: Why Ed Miliband is 'poison' and David Cameron 'muddle-headed'
Who are the pollsters?
Blair stars in a night to forget for Labour
Fury as Vince Cable suggests Lib Dems will block EU referendum
Amir Khan is 'more British than UKIP?' (And I'm more Muslim than Jihadi John)
Liverpool football star Raheem Sterling caught puffing on a shisha pipe
Here's a breakdown of every scandal swirling around Hilary

Sunday 12 April

International Red Cross report confirms the myth of the six million!
Nick Clegg's ancestor spied for the Jew Yagoda 'one of the greatest mass murderers of all time'
Lib Dem big shot and the call girl? Danny Alexander caught on camera
JON GAUNT: Whole political establishment is terrified if true scale of child abuse comes out!
Grant Bodell shot dead - Torrington Smith on trial for his murder
Eusebe, Agera, Guimaraes and Lansana accused of murdering Zydrunas Laurinavicius
Rosdeep Adekoya beat son Mikaeel to death - 9 council workers sacked
Black thug who carried OAP's shopping so he could steal her purse gets 6 years
50+ cars smashed up in High Wycombe following Habib Ullah inquest
Bonfire of Britain's Foreign Aid Billions: Swanky new aid offices in India
The charade behind a 2017 EU referendum
Australia’s Secret War: how unions sabotaged our troops in World War II
More crucial things we won’t hear debated in this election Almost 30,000 nursing applications REJECTED last year despite NHS staffing crisis
2013: Kenya to repatriate 500,000+ Somalis (If they can do it why can't we?)
They STILL think greed is good! City traders make new recruit eat 8 quarter pounders
New Rotherham chief executive to be paid £40k more than predecessor
Is this the proof 'megalomaniac' Blair DOES want to rule the world?
'Thunderbirds' club of ex-leaders!
Dave's EU deceit is staring us in the face - and we still miss it
Coroner condemns hospital over death of newborn twin - Dr Deniz Al-Hirmizy to blame?
Poisoned boy! Why DID detectives shift blame to a faulty pump?
Historian David Starkey attacks 'victim status' of Muslims and other ethnic minorities
India rape horror - father, uncle and brother of 16-year-old girl arrested
USA: Rapper Nelly arrested after cops find meth, marijuana and numerous handguns
Almost 30,000 nursing applications REJECTED last year despite NHS staffing crisis
2013: Kenya to repatriate 500,000+ Somalis (If they can do it why can't we?)

Saturday 11 April

Fly the England flag? LABOUR CANDIDATE says you're a SIMPLETON and a RACIST!
Gang member, 13, gets 11 years for murder of Chris Barry (Wood Green Gang are black)
Drug dealer who murdered Leighann should've been deported after chisel attack on other woman
Amit Yadav, high on cannabis, killed his two friends - jailed for six years
Fiona Cullum sheltered two killers as they evaded the police - NO JAIL!
Fatmir Matraxhi jailed for raping 12-year-old
Black pervert ‘with bad teeth’ sexually assaulted 12-year-old girl
Asylum-seeking Somali taxi driver sexually assaults passenger
Woman raped by black man in Northampton
Takeaway boss, Kunaratnam Kunanatha, fined £15,000 - pizza boxes filled with mouse droppings!
Twitter suspends 10,000 accounts linked to ISIS in 24 hours for violent threats
DIVERSITY! '9-year-old pregnant' after being raped by at least 10 ISIS paedos
How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda and ISIS
Blair plans to create 'cadre' of ex-leaders to advise presidents/PMs how to run countries!
That 1,800 Britons have been 'murdered' by tainted NHS blood is bad enough, but...
Children as young as ten will do ANYTHING to feed their internet porn addiction
Married Lib Dem 'feminist' Maajid Nawaz (standing for parliament) filmed with stripper, drunk
The NHS dentists who rake in £690,000 a year
Cops to grill UKIP candidate? (Tried to 'corruptly influence' voters with sausage rolls)
Red Ed's past proves he CAN'T be trusted
What THEY say re charging Black suspect in attack on White commuter

Friday 10 April

Child sex abuse victims threaten legal action over inquiry
Lorenzo Simon murdered Michael Spalding, chopped up his body and dumped it in canal
'I wanted to marry them', says Pakistani sex pest who stalked schoolgirls
Asylum seeker arrives at bus stop to meet '14-year-old' for sex - busted by police
4-in-10 British Muslims think MI5/cops part responsible for teens joining ISIS
Muslims now allowed to use use toilet paper?
Top Saudi cleric 'issues fatwa allowing husbands to EAT wives if they are hungry enough?'
Fried chicken gobbled up the High street with dire results for Britain's health
Bus driver wants separate service for Roma - ‘their unbearable smell is a sanitation risk’
Teachers forced to bring in food to feed children too hungry to learn!
Warning of high air pollution levels in UK
Unison warns over paramedics' 'dangerously high' stress levels
ConDem coalition 'undermined NHS', doctors say in letter
GP workload harming care, BMA poll suggests
A&E waiting in England hits new worst level
Molested by Asian, mum criticised cops/shop chain for delays in releasing CCTV footage
Pensioner, 72, in court over 'racist gesture' towards Blackburn players! (Throw away the key!)
Rotherham cop charged with possessing child pornography! (Anyone surprised?)
The rise of gay Fascism in America - Everybody is a target! (Same here?)
Christian seized by Pakistani Muslim mob, thrown into an oven and roasted
Total Control Of The United States - The Israeli/Jewish Lobby

Thursday 9 April

Jeremy Clarkson will be replaced by a female Top Gear host and Jewish lesbian Sue Perkins is favourite! Some establishment p*** takes are beyond fabulous, are they not?
I'm not super rich, insists multi-millionaire Blair!
Britain is now just 27th in the world's health league!
The phoney election - never before have ALL parties so cynically tried to dupe voters!
More than half of over-65s have been targeted by con artists!
As most countries cut foreign aid, ours goes UP! (Double France's - 10 times Spain's)
Personal debt set to rocket to £2.5TRILLION! 6 million Brits buy groceries on credit!
Police continue hunt for 'vicious' Asian racist attackers in Bolton
'New Saudi regime more aggressive, seeks hegemony in Mideast'
Solzhenitsyn: the incredible disappearing man
Dr David Duke and Jewish Supremacism
Prepare for a Jewish police state!
YUK! (And double YUK! Make that a triple!)

Wednesday 8 April

The nation state is a big problem!
Toxic Blair says the people can't be trusted with EU vote
Shameless, slippery and utterly self-serving: How did Blair imagine lecture would help Ed?
Toxic Blair still holds voters in contempt
Melanie Serita Buck rammed frail Michael Buckley with a trolley - he died
Second Lib Dem election candidate reveals he is HIV positive!
Leicester City Council left hundreds of vulnerable children at risk of harm
Sturgeon booed as she hints at ANOTHER independence referendum
Judge STRIKES OUT claims teenage girl was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew
Most powerful woman in the NHS 'risked patients' lives by chasing Labour targets!'
Don't come home you're not welcome, says MP who tried to get Katie Hopkins done for racism
'I nearly died because of taking the pill'

Tuesday 7 April

I was trafficked by Westminster sex abuse ring
British pupils 'suffer under influx of foreign students', teachers warn
In Copenhagen, 84% of all criminal suspects are foreigners, most of them are Muslims
New Labour terrorist points out dangers posed by a democratic referendum
Children referred to NHS with transgender issues quadruples in six years!
Labour councillor 'snubs OAP for backing UKIP!'
Skin cancer 'linked to package holiday boom' Cocaine is the new vintage wine! A must for any upscale dinner party (Cokeheads rule our world?)
Violent thug taunted cops while on the run
FRANCE: Romanian gang 'sold baby for £6,000 and a BMW'
Man left with broken nose in racist attack by Asians
Rapist Patrick Kanda jailed for 6 months for trying to escape deportation (He's happy now)
Black knifeman robbed and threatened girl outside her own Plaistow home
Nine-year-old Nelson boy robbed by Asian
Olabisi Balogun repeatedly slapped an elderly dementia patient
CCTV released of car suspected of mowing down 93-year-old woman in hit-and-run
Rodney Todd and his 7 children killed by gas fumes after electricity company cut them off
If you live in UK or the USA your identity has already been stolen by cybercriminals
ISIS (made by USA and Saudis) massacres Palestinians in refugee camp
Jihadi schoolgirl's dad took her to hate preacher's rally at 13
Another Tory defects to UKIP
Christian tries to overturn ruling that she “bullied” Muslim colleague by praying for her
Ed Balls takes 10 SECONDS to answer simple maths question!
Ron Paul: IRS and Congress hold Americans’ liberty ‘in Contempt'
Ron Paul: IMF policies on Ukraine are irresponsible
The Help actress, Octavia Spencer, is 'an ungrateful bitch?

Monday 6 April

National Union of Teachers says teachers must promote gay lifestyle!!!
Senior Muslim lawyer says young British Muslims see ISIS as 'pop idols'
NO criminal record checks on foreign murderers and rapists who want to be minicab drivers!
Red Ed to introduce DIVERSITY QUOTAS! (Putting foreigners first! HOORAY!)
War hero's UKIP poster outside his home defaced with SWASTIKAS
Antibiotic resistance: 80,000 'might die' in future outbreak (This what THEY are planning?)
Pensioners are 7 times more likely to get skin cancer than in the 1970s!
Focus magazine reported Germanwings disaster 5 days before it happened?
Half of Britons back Farage over HIV
Lee Rigby's mother heartbroken memorial in Woolwich will NOT be in honour of her son!
Demonstrators clash with anti-racism activists who burn Australia's country's flag
Republicans more fervently pro-Israel than ever (Bought/owned by wealthy donors)
Danish schools should show blue movies to students, professor says!
Israeli Defence Force targeted a UN watchtower in Lebanon killing a UN peacekeeper
Boy and girl arrested on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism
Christians should use non-violent resistance against jihadis, says Welby (That'll help)
USA is the best country in the world to be a woman or black' says African

Sunday 5 April

United Nations calls Israel world’s worst violator of women’s rights!
Tories want a multi-billionaire Jewish Yank and 3-time New York Mayor to be Mayor of LONDON?
Jason Nelson charged with Jordan Maguire's murder after extradition from Trinidad
Isis ‘tentacles’ spreading in Muslim community, warns Rochdale imam
Attacks on Muslims will become specific hate crime! (And attacks on our girls BY Muslims?)
Katie Hopkins accused by police chief over remarks about Pakistanis
Children turning up to school hungry, ill, and dressed in rags
'Hippy crack' craze putting country's youngsters at risk
184 Christian victims were witnesses to their faith? (They need guns not pious claptrap, Welby!)
Black Pastor accused of murder after pregnant British wife found dead in Ghana
Far-right groups and Islamists clash outside London mosque
All Blacks rugby star Mils Muliaina arrested on suspicion of Cardiff sexual assault
Trouble involved hostility between groups from Eastern Europe and Cullompton residents
Royal Marine sprayed with vinegar by takeaway boss confronts him and gets arrested!
Would YOU kill Hitler to stop WWII? (NO! I'd kill Stalin, Kaganovich and co.)
Archbishop prays while topless gay activists shout curses and douse him with water
Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' the Labour Party!
Muslim group with links to extremists will be election 'kingmaker?'
Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale - a very confused guy?
Have Labour lost the General Election 6 weeks early?
Councillor investigated after branding UKIP a "racist party"
Branded painkillers? You're just paying for the fancy packet
Wrongly told she had cancer - then left to die!'
If we don't vote for any of them, they might just go away?
USA: Gay and transgender gang set up their own FASHION label!

Saturday 4 April 2015

Leaked memo: Nicola Sturgeon admits SNP prefers Cameron to Miliband!
Liberals offered hush money to hide Cyril Smith's abuse!
It's madness to let these ISIS traitors back home! (LibLabCon specialise in madness!)
Tomas Driukas charged with the murder of his five-month-old daughter
Drug dealing model, Olsi Beheluli, who 'appeared on Channel 4 dating show' jailed
Slap 'hysterical' daughter, get 150 hours community service and 18 months probation!
Did Farage get it right on HIV health tourists? (Of course he did!)
Muslim men and their cultural problem with women: Sajid Javid
Double standards of champagne socialists is legend but Labour poster boy takes the biscuit
Pakistan: 90 percent Of 1.5 million homeless children raped!
7 babies and 3 mothers died in just 8 months at NHS maternity units!
Binmen refuse to empty rubbish bin - it had an empty packet of crisps on top!
Fury of Muslim father after Catholic school orders Islamic students to shave off their beards
Oh-so right-on Red Ed says a woman should play Bond!
In 2014, Kamran Hussain said: "the entire UKIP tree is putrescent and only grows rotten apples?"
Gerry Adams: Abduction and murder of Jean McConville is ‘what happens in wars’
WARMONGER! Senator Mark Kirk likens Iran deal to Nazi appeasement, warns of nuclear conflict
'What is Golden Dawn?' - Andreas Giallourides
Mass Immigration, its causes and the Jewish Question
Rabbi beaten up at Auschwitz
Disputin’ Putin – is he a new Hitler? (Stick up for your own people = Hitler?)

Friday 3 April

Clampdown on Social Media in Britain
Black burglars jailed after woman, 80, hit with iron bar
Energy drinks 'pose heart risk to teenagers'! (Profit before people again!)
Foreign aid budget to increase by £1 billion!
Immigrants, HIV and true cost to NHS! (#LibLabCon + PC Crowd = Treachery x infinity)
Farage: Immigration (unwanted) has left Britain almost unrecognisable
Father of jihadi arrested on way to Syria is a Rochdale councillor! (Labour)
Rochdale Labour councillor's son among "Brits" arrested trying to reach Syria
Tory candidate guilty of cheating London council in £30,000 benefits scam
Second-generation immigrant MP (Labour) says immigration isn't too high!
HIV-positive migrant mum-of-5 WINS battle to stay in London
Monster Raving Liberal Candidate! Lib Dem admits TRYING to catch HIV!
MailOnline lies about anti-Semitism
Jihadi John
Tory funding scandal explodes in the UK: The ethnic angle
No wonder Red Ed 'blubbed' at film about gays and miners - it was mawkish Leftie propaganda
British firms linked to slavery, murder and ecological abuse overseas?
From Britain to Beijing: how governments manipulate the internet
Channel 4's diversity quotas (Jobs for non-Brits!)
USA: Jewish groups get 94% of Homeland Security grants! (Jews = 2% of America)
USA: Jews arrested over organ trafficking case
USA: Look what the PC Crowd are transplanting hearts into these days!
USA: Black teachers in Atlanta convicted of inflating test results of black students
NETANYAHU: Iran nuclear deal threatens Israel's existence! (Zionism threatens all of us)
Outrage as Michael Gove defends rising number of foreign doctors in Britain
Andreas Lubitz researched suicide methods and cockpit door security before crashing plane Legal highs turned our loving son into a monster
Unite union 'axed' official who objected to zero hours!
France cracks down on 'pro-anorexia' websites (Pro-anorexia? Kill the kids via NWO!)
150 killed in Kenyan university massacre by al-Shabaab Muslims
More than 20,000 foreign Jihadis from 100 different nations now in Syria!
Faeces-clogged shore shows Africa infrastructure failings
The impersonation of Joshua Bonehill

Thursday 2 April

Why is no major party (especially the Tories) addressing immigration?
GUARDIAN: For immigration = BRAINY + #LibLabCon - Against immigration = THICK + UKIP!
Russell Brand voted world's fourth most important thinker by Prospect Magazine!
Christians are 'cowed' in Britain says Gove! (Thanks to traitorous politicians like you)
COMMON SENSE! Train more NHS staff rather than spending £2.5bn on agency nurses!
NHS in crisis! Disabled boy sleeps on hospital FLOOR for A WEEK! No suitable bed
'Immigrants are the reason parents do not let children play in the street,' says UKIP!
2014: Labour councillor, Geoff Hammond, stole almost £100,000 from Christian charity!
Disappearing jobs and mass immigration
The sinister, screeching mob who want to kill free speech (#LibLabCon)
Andreas Lubitz on anti-anxiety drug so strong doctors advised increased risk of suicide!
Dr Omar Saadi Al-Atraqchi spied on men in gym showers
"I've had enough of white trash, says thug with baseball bat - NO JAIL!
Brutal thug, Amir Aden, who attacked and robbed women, jailed for 15 years
Illegal immigrant commits sex crimes - Gets thousands for unlawful detention!
Prisoners with history of absconding CAN'T be banned from open jails
As UK struggles to contain jihadis, new militants join ISIS from Asia
Labour's party political broadcast and the hypocrisy of actor Martin Freeman
ISIS-lovers! Diversity or SCUM?
Mary Portas claims motherhood’s better without men? SCUM!
Newport man fined for posting "racist" comments on Facebook

Wednesday 1 April

Top gay activist says teaching children about homosexuality should be mandatory
Lib Dem Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett reveals how he contracted HIV on purpose!
UKIP targeted by Labour's ANTIFA thugs!
Alex Baah, who repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl, jailed for 18 years
Illegal immigrant Banti Singh admitted 12 counts of sex with a child and 3 of child abduction
Sex beast hunted after woman raped at knife-point
Woman's hidden camera 'filmed probation officer raping her'
Taxi driver Arshad Mohammed guilty of raping passenger
Shaquille Hallisey hit stranger over head with bottle in 'savage demonstration of violence
Black thug jailed for brutal, sustained attack on girlfriend in lift at shopping centre
Jason Edwards punched his partner as if she was a 'human punchbag
Stars' fashion designer deliberately knocked cyclist off bike
BORNEO: Zulkipli Abdullah murdered holidaymakers Aidan Brunger and Neil Dalton
Sisters Pippa and Tara Darlington killed in a Moroccan car crash
Thug who skipped bail to join ISIS brags of twisted new friend
Immigrants turned back by Australia yell 'f*** Australia, remember 9/11!'
Heads fear pupils may go to Syria but won't tell cops in case kids are CRIMINALISED
Pupils 'will use the Easter break to join jihadis in Syria'
Youngsters lose out on outdoor pleasures because of over-protective parents
New B&Q boss closes 60 stores in major towns
The brutal truth about Islam?
Trough-gobbling men from the Pru share huge £49m payout
Son of Miliband aide smoked joint on gangsta rap videos as mother tackles drug misuse
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert found guilty of corruption
Red Ed's celebrity phoney sends his son to a private school
Red Ed calls for Rosamund Pike to be first female James Bond? F*** OFF WALLACE!
Kellie Maloney shares first selfie after final sex change op to become woman - YUK!

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