Daily News: April 2014

Wednesday 30 April

Blind and unconditional obedience to the government of Israel
Washington was behind events in Ukraine all along
Jihadists execute seven in Syria, two by crucifixion
DIVERSITY! Yet more Muslims face rape, sexual activity with a child and trafficking charges
Ministers splurged £100million a day on foreign aid in frantic bid to hit Cameron’s target
Children as young as FOUR sent for drug and alcohol treatment
Four in ten out-of-hours GP services are unsafe
Bedridden great-grandmother, 98, cried out 321 times in an hour - her carers ignored her
The 150,000 migrants paying £1 a week tax
Sex attacker, Harold McKensie, is snared by DNA analysis 20 years later
Labour suspends candidate Gurpal Virdi (ex-cop) over sex assault on boy allegation
Religious nut, Sameer Babar, stabbed neighbour, 67, seventeen times
Execution of one evil beast goes RIGHT!
Calling those thinking of voting UKIP racist is dangerous folly
The World Bank: Rejecting “The Rule of Law”
Diversity, equality and disability at the BBC

Tuesday 29 April

Negative tactics show UKIP has got its rivals rattled
LABOUR: If you can’t contest the facts, shout down, lie, disrupt, threaten
Media censors NBA owner's comments on Jewish Racism
High street lawyers to get training in Sharia law?
Dr Suheil Ahmed struck off after turning hospital ward into secret porn studio!
BBC's news boss (Jew) says too many top presenters are white/will increase ethnic minorities!
Youngsters who take high doses of antidepressants twice as likely to be suicidal
Egyptian court orders 683 Islamists to be executed (Yanks support this?)
BLAIR WARS: (2012) Desperate soldiers self-harm in bid to escape Afghanistan
European election candidate arrested for quoting Winston Churchill!
Teacher stabbed to death by 15-year-old pupil in Leeds
Rodick Andrew Reymond murdered in Delji
Black gang break teenager's jaw
Triple murderer Kevan Thakrar sues prison for broken nasal clippers - gets £815!
Tory councillor Anniina Davie wanted for benfit fraud

Monday 28 April

Minister in Blair’s government suspected of abusing children at home run by paedo!
Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them!
"Hitler would be proud of Nigel Farage," sneers Jew, Marc Goldberg
UKIP currently at 73% in Daily Mirror poll!
Scotland Yard: Black men to blame for most violent city crime!
Muslim school let students speak positively about 7/7 and 9/11?
LibDems told to expect to lose all MEPs in Euro elections 'bloodbath!'
"Lose 3m jobs tomorrow if we leave the EU? That’s not credible," says top Lib Dem!
European elections: UKIP under repeated fire – but it's not putting off the voters
CPS clerk Thomas Blazquez murdered 77-year-old Rosemary Shearman in her own home
Linah Keza made a witness statement just 2 days before David Gikawa murdered her
Kidnappers Connor Sheridan and Abdel Maatou made a victim perform a sex act on a dog!
CCTV: Nasty black footballer punches woman in face 3 times
Drug trafficking gangs force Vietnamese migrants to work on cannabis farms
More than $300 million stolen by Nigerian General Sani Abacha in Jersey banks
DIVERSITY! Britain's jails bursting with 10,649 foreigners
Paul Weston busted for quoting Churchill
1,600 pupils over five still wearing nappies at school!
BLAIR WARS: Five more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan!
UKIP attracts racists, says Tory traitor (he means patriots)
'Holding child's hand too tight is abuse!'
DIVERSITY: Pakistani husband hacks both legs off new wife with an axe
French cops charged with raping Canadian tourist in their Paris HQ
Europe: Jewish Life 'Unsustainable' Due to Rising Anti-Semitism?
ANC is a gift from God says Motshekga (despite mass murder of white civilians)

Sunday 27 April

Between 2010 and 2011, 10,600 sick/disabled people died within 6 weeks of ATOS assessment!
A guide to the Islamisation of British schools!
800,000 UK jobs advertised across Europe and foreigners even get travelling costs
Blair's war, whitewash and why Britain's trust in politicians may never recover
British jobseeker forced to go to China after he was turned down 3,000 times
Ukraine's unelected PM (JEW) says Putin wants to start World War III
Italian waiter, 20, 'beaten to death by five Eastern European migrants
Anguish of sex victim in year-long wait for justice... Immigrant attacker's rights come first
World governments forced top US academic to change scientific report on climate change
Colombian hostel promoted drug that killed Henry Miller, 19, on its website
Why did David Cameron trust a Jewish conman with a budget of £60billion?
A Christian nation, Dave? Only when we are trying to get a place in a faith school
The truth about social housing and ethnic minorities
If there had been no post-1945 mass immigration into Britain...
Greed at the top will bring us all down
NHS recruits 50 doctors from India over Skype to plug desperate A&E shortages
Lib Dem President says they must face 'questions' over Cyril Smith abuse claims
Cyril Smith: David Steel buried his head in the sand!
MPs quiz Vince Cable over Royal Mail flotation
UKIP candidate William Henwood speaks his mind! (Good for him)
Plebgate - Who's lying?
Bent cops, a whistleblower and a dead gangster
Peterborough: Nazi salute alcoholic jailed
Ban on gay clergy marrying is being 'disregarded'
Black cop v black elderly neighbour shoot-out
Will Bill Clinton’s grandchildren be Jewish?

Saturday 26 April

Labour's 'stealth raid' took £118BILLION off pensions!
DIVERSITY! UK's jails CLOGGED with foreign criminals!
DIVERSITY! Leeds school first in Britain to teach English as a FOREIGN language
How CAN we stop Blair sucking up to tyrants?
LibLabCon are all the same and we’re the ones with egg on our faces
Labour after hoax election letter sent out in Northumberland
Illegal immigrant Sergio Saavedra-Navarrete gets 26 years for murder of Sarah O’Neill
Kantilal Varsani attacked his 60-year-old female neighbour with a claw hammer
Mazhar Hussain Shah raped underage girl repeatedly
Sham marriage solicitor boasted of using human rights law to stop illegals being deported
Black man assaults taxi driver in Milton Keynes
Angry naked black man chases car and attacks punter outside bookies
9/11 AND ISRAEL: Alan Sabrosky's Press TV interview
SACKED for wearing an England flag hat on St George’s Day
Fury after ministers slash fines for superbug hospitals
Andrew Motion: William Wordsworth would be 'having fits' over countryside building plans
Jews declare Negress to be ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’

Friday 25 April

UKIP WILL lose votes because of DELIBERATE attempt to mislead on ballot paper!
Ciaran Conneely murdered in Boston by black man
Hulbert-Thomas, Thurairajah and Bautista in court for defrauding Halifax of £2million
Six (Muslim?) cabbies lose licences in crackdown after sex grooming case in Rochdale
Up to 700 young British jihadists could be in Syria
Britain now! 7.5 million crimes in 2013 and politicians see this as a success!
Fidel Lamonth convicted of racially harassing neighbours
Nick Clegg: I fear rat meat in kebabs!
Atheist Nick Clegg wants the disestablishment of the Church of England!
Shocking Hillsborough insults added on Wikipedia from Government computers?
It never ceases to amaze me how much the left wing British elite hate England
40,000 NHS patients are dying of thirst every year!
Ethnic Cleansing in Rotherham
Up to 1,000 times more methane released at gas wells Than EPA estimates
Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn't 'switched sides in the War on Terror'
Cornwall granted national minority status by Government
Beware of scam by black schoolgirl
Pervert surgeon Suheil Ahmed branded a 'risk to patients' by health watchdog
59% don't think UKIP posters are 'racist' or 'offensive and ignorant', 34% (LibLabCons?) do
Another bloke who "single-handedly tried to stop Holocaust" honoured!
Adolf Hitler’s Liverpudlian half-brother in the 1911 census

Thursday 24 April

“Serve and Protect? More like Invade and Attack”
Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia
Islamic school militants ‘confiscated Easter eggs’
The patriotism police can't force me to celebrate St George's Day
Milband’s new guru David Axelrod (both Jews) has to persuade voters to be totally illogical
Girl, 12, attacked on way to school by Asian knifeman
Syria: Warning over sharp rise in 'British jihadis'
Former soldier, 65, demands a £20,000 sex change on the NHS
Cabbies lose licences in crackdown after sex grooming case
Ali Usman, Aqueel Yousaf and Naiz Ali convicted of drug money laundering
Cameron protecting Blair? Iraq report 'pushed back until after 2015 election'
NHS getting worse at clawing back cash for foreigners’ care
Cannabis increases heart problems and may prove fatal for young/middle-aged users'
Ethnic arson gang set fire to the WRONG house and killed four innocents!
Alick Kapikanya stole £3.5million in elaborate mortgage scam
Judge's fury at soft sentencing rules
This killer shouldn’t be free to stay in the UK
Nigel Farage: a pustule of resentment on the body politic?
UK military operations since cold war have cost £34bn (That's what the warmongers owe us)

Wednesday 23 April

Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia
"Some people you can’t take the ghetto out of. That’s Oprah!"
Don't ask migrants how long they're staying, it breaches EU rules!
Boy aged 10 'raped male classmate in the school toilets'
Tony Gilchrist 'shot four times in the chest and twice in the head' by Filipino he sacked
Ethnic theft? NO JAIL!
Teenager (ethnicity?) who sexually assaulted 12 women walks free from court
Ukrainian thugs beat up a pro-Russia man and throw him into a RIVER
Illegal immigrant Hamidullah Hamidi dragged subnormal teen frome street and raped her
Crooked solicitor, Nazakat Ali, gets 6 years for arranging sham marriages Woman knocked unconscious and robbed by mixed-race gang in Brighton
Black man snatches mobile phones
Black man breaks white woman's arm in dance floor attack
“Serve and Protect? More like Invade and Attack.”
Why WON'T Clegg launch inquiry into Cyril Smith cover-up?
Then up jumped Tony - AGAIN!
Banks are STILL starving small firms of cash

Tuesday 22 April:

OFFICIAL FIGURES: Up to 40,000 NHS patients are dying of thirst EVERY YEAR!
Labour branch secretary, Anisur Rahman, admits to "helping" people fill out postal votes!
UKRAINE: Sponsored by the USA, Poland (EU) trained thugs to overthrow democracy!
Dutch Right-Winger Wilders Blames EU for Ukraine Crisis
This new breed of militant atheist is as intolerant as any religious fundamentalist
Private school chief linked to Islam plot says: Stone all adulterers to death
School “Morality Squads” (Muslim) bullying girls without veils
Tories face humiliation in Euro elections
Peterborough sex ring yob (non-Brits) jailed for terrifying street robbery
Savage Westminster assault: Black men sought
Roma in Paris
Internet child abuse: toddlers raped and burned
Rochdale Council's Cyril Smith inquiry a 'whitewash'
Another paedophile politician could be unmasked
How's it feel, UKIP? Nationalism has had this "racist" crap from bought media for 80 years!
Haunting human face of drug addiction, homelessness and poverty
Ex-Fox head, top BBC executive, Disney TV president, X-men director accused of abusing boys
Cameron's office calls cops on top cleric food bank campaigners!
S. Africa trade unions say white civil servants must be fired

Monday 21 April

50 liberal traitors sneer! They don't like "Christian" description of our country
Islamic extremism is 'most deadly' threat to charities says Charity Commission
Ministers' betrayal of the NHS whistle blowers
BUCHANAN: NED’s Chickens Come Home to Roost
State schools isolate non-Muslims
BBC: The Enemy Within!
Did The Times lie about Farage expenses?
Labour to introduce judge quotas? Too many 'male, white and Oxbridge' types
982 pupils excluded from Camden schools in 2012-2013, more than 200 for physical assault
Pienan Bisetoon and Abdul Jelilou Ouro Kefia charged with rape of girl under 16
BOURNEMOUTH: Young woman seriously sexually assaulted by ethnic
Burglar Rhys Sparrock banned from entering any private property in London upon release
BRIBERY? Daughter, 10, of Brazilian FIFA chief had £2million put into her bank account
Mindless slag (£5,000 breast enlargement on NHS) aborting baby to appear on Big Brother?
Lenny Henry: Diversify even more or we'll boycott licence fee!
Curry sauces in restaurants across country being tested after three deaths
Paedo who had baby rape/torture videos still allowed to run child hypnotherapy clinic!
Rise in skin cancer since 70s blamed on sunshine getaways (but not those promoting them?)
Addiction to antidepressants: GPs dole out 25% more 'happy pills' in just 3 years
Young girls who built den during holidays threatened with ASBO by Keystone Cops
European Human rights law helps murderers not victims, say Omagh families
Children as young as four taking to social media to insult teachers
Will Bill Clinton’s grandchildren be Jewish?
Can Obama guru win for Red Ed? Ed hires fellow Jew from USA to spin him to victory

Sunday 20 April

Who is using spies and lies to grab power in Kiev? We are
Voting for LibLabCon is tantamount to national suicide
Ravi Sandhu killed Kevin in an unprovoked attack: after a year they let him out at weekends!
Bradford: Five men face charges of sexual offences and trafficking
Buxton: CCTV released after cash stolen from OAP
Cameron hired bankrupt crony to run £60billion quango!
Private school chief says: Stone all adulterers to death
How can this great, UNITED Kingdom, which gave the world Christian civilisation, just tear itself apart? Cronyism probe into Clegg's election strategist's role in £4million deal
FLOWERS: Co-op boss is to be quizzed over cover-up of child sex at Cyril Smith school
Camelford, Cornwall: Village of the Damned
CLIFF RICHARD: What difference would it make if I WAS gay?
Islam fastest growing religion in UK as churches decline
London Marathon organisers investigate short cut runner
Open drug deals. Muslim fanatics. Petty claims for 'human rights'. Life in our jails
DIVERSITY! Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper was 'high on PCP' when he cut off his own penis
Staggering from sleaze to scandal
Peaches Geldof to have traditional Jewish funeral

Saturday 19 April

State schools isolate non-Muslims!
Second-generation immigrant Polish Jew hires American Jew to help him win UK election
BUCHANAN: NED’s chickens come home to roost in Ukraine!
Siphamandlangezwi Ngubane shot Bill Sharman in the head at point blank range
Half of foreign doctors are below British standards!
Just one in 29 benefit cheats goes to jail despite ministers' promises
Harlesden: gang rape - ethnics sought
WANTED: Black man after incident on Morley bus
WANTED: 3 ethnics after East Molesey street robbery
Jailbird pornographer Teddy Sagi behind Britain's crack cocaine gambling machines
Was this woman murdered to cover up Cyril Smith's sex ring?
NHS watchdog chief goes private for hip operation avoiding 3 month wait
Judge slams ministers tinkering with justice
'My son is a martyr,' says Muslim of British Jihadi killed in Syria
Painful truth about the ethos of the NHS
Support for UKIP continues to GROW in the Labour heartlands
Ex-Archbishop says marriage has been treated shabbily by politicians
Support for UKIP continues to GROW in the Labour heartlands
Americans do not share White House attitude to Ukraine

Friday 18 April

Student support for Lib Dems collapses to just six per cent

Sergio Novarette bludgeoned and strangled pregnant Sarah and raped her as she was dying
Brent’s most wanted man is Khalid Saedd from Harlesden
Man stabbed in neck by Black
Mum stabbed by neighbour after row about it crying - Dominic Desouza jailed for just 2 years!
Stamp man, Mark Mills, had bad record for violence over last 12 years
Mum stabbed by neighbour after row about it crying - Dominic Desouza jailed for just 2 years!
Kebab shop owner prosecuted after excreta found close to food
Mahletchimi Ramudu and daughters swindled war hero out of his entire savings and investments
Crack cocaine dealers and Samson Ogbeni get 14 years
Top cop blasts own force after 20-HOUR wait to warn public about face-slash robber
Gang of Romanian pick pockets targeted fans distracted by Hollywood stars
Teacher arrested over 'extreme porn' at school 'targeted by Islamists'
BBC is accused of 'crass insensitivity' towards family of murdered PC Blakelock
West Indian restaurant owners guilty of fly-tipping
Top judge’s fury at human rights ban on sending ‘jihadist’ to US
Kebab shop owner prosecuted after excreta found close to food
Tests for foreign doctors 'must be harder to pass' to ensure patient safety
Top judge’s fury at human rights ban on sending ‘jihadist’ to US
STUPID COW! Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges dons Hijab for meeting with Somalis!
Parents of murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher lay flowers
DJ Emma Stanfield had sex with 15-year-old girl after plying her with vodka! NO JAIL!
Sex-change soldier gets 6 years for campaign of terror against animal testing company
X-Men director Bryan Singer (Jew) charged with raping 15-year-old boy
'Rape victim' of X-Men director Brian Singer (Jew) describes sordid pool parties
USA: Black who killed white soldier and pregnant wife facing new charges
Islamic militants (Obama/Cameron pals) behead Syrian Christians: a mother speaks
Commercial banned in Switzerland
Dumbing-down: 21 universities are making it easier to get top-class degrees, including Oxford
Injured teacher payouts double in 4 years to £40m
Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values
Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger says he agrees with Glenn Miller’s views
Jewish privilege in France: Bob Dylan hate crime charges thrown out

Thursday 17 April

Aras Hussein gets 20 years for beheading girlfriend with a kitchen knife
'Nick Clegg ignored letters from lawyers' over Cyril Smith claims!!!
How did Cyril Smith outfox the law? (The law was on his side?)
1-in-16 pick up a bug in filthy hospitals! Staff hygiene/dirty equipment kill thousands
'Save us Mr Farage!' Leader of east Ukraine's pro-Moscow separatists wants Nigel's help!
Schoolboy pockets almost £3,000 after getting a splinter in his bum
English pupils 'are among the worst behaved in the world (Photo = white kids pick on Black)
Social media updates of British Jihadis (On their way back soon)
Illegal immigrant murdered a British teenager but we can't deport him because he is GAY
Hussain Hussain murdered football coach
Burglar jailed after shotgun and ammo found in lawnmower
Andreas Ververopoulos pleads guilty to rape of teenage girl
Gavin Woroniuk charged with dealing drugs
Dr Empee Vithayathil left his wife in a plaster cast after assault
Junior docs (Yahya Al-Abed + 1) removed pregnant woman's ovary instead of appendix - she died
Fast food fraudsters (non-Brits?) sell cheap cuts of chicken as lamb
Mutant rat meat could have made its way into British kebabs
Police investigate after Ed Balls hit-and-run on parked car
More Tory immigrant-fondling required!
Cezary Staszak commits suicide on Poole Park
Whistleblower confronts top cop during radio phone-in
Paxman: I hate much of the 'smug' BBC's output and executives £1m pay-offs
RAMADAN: Teachers call for GCSEs and A-level exams re-scheduled
Stalinist Sweden: New law criminalizes criticism of immigration
The Whole Rotten Establishment
Neocon puppets terrorise Ukraine
Foreign prisoners costing taxpayers £400m a year

Wednesday 16 April

Under 16s 'refused access to mental health safe havens'
Immigrants have cost the tax payer over £140 billion since 1995!
DIVERSITY! Nigerian 'witch-hunter' Helen Ukpabio says any child who cries is a 'servant of Satan!'
Birmingham schools in peril from radical 'Islam takeover plot?'
Babies are racist now! (As long as their white)
Taxpayers’ £150million bill to get rid of illegal immigrants
Labour still doesn’t grasp public anger at immigration
130,000 shortfall in primary school places
Fury over the £3bn Britain spends on foreign aid to groups who waste it
Using cannabis just once a week harms young brains
Roland McKoy charged with murder of partner Valerie Forde and baby Real-Jahzarah McKoy
Migrant savages beat student with hammer and threatened to kill him unless he coughed up
Cops hunt black man who shouted at, head-butted and threatened passenger with knife
£30,000 reward offered for information about Paige Chivers’ disappearance
Dr Mustak Kapadia had sex with a patient on a home visit - NOT STRUCK OFF
Property tycoon Tchenguiz brothers (immigrant Jews) arrested in dawn raid!
Sex pest David Miasik picked on the wrong barmaid... She's also a CID detective!
CYRIL SMITH: Brave boys the fat man branded liars
Clegg and Co's claims that they knew nothing about Cyril Smith's paedophilia crumble
Collective amnesia of Liberal Democrats
More than 900,000 people given emergency food in the past year
UN "human rights" expert, Rashida Manjoo, says Britain has a boys club sexist culture
TRAITOR HAGUE: Serious long-term consequences if Russia continues to "destabilise" Ukraine
NIGERIA: Muslim terrorists, Boko Haram, kidnap 100 schoolgirls
Since Boko Haram started its insurgency, Christians have been living in constant fear
Homoerotic stamps by 'gay artist set for release in Finland!

Tuesday 15 April

LITTLEJOHN: The way patriotism is sneered at makes you ashamed to be British!
Are top cops after UKIP-supporting PCs now?
Farage Against The Machines
Asrar Akhtar, Waqas Farooq and Waqar Farooq sentenced for vicious attack on brothers
Rapist, Abdul Basit, preyed on schoolgirl
Huddersfield: Asian tries to drag 12-year-old girl into car Martell Warren, Hassan Hussain and Yassin James accused of murdering Sbrina Moss
Leon Brown convicted of role in criminal gun network
Safecracker Janusz Rembek stole £10,500
Maria's unnecessary death: Doctors Yahya Al-Abed and Babatunde Coker blamed
Nurse Greta Muvuti threatened to cut patient's throat
Dr Praful Patel diagnosed an outer ear infection: it was a brain abcess - Zoe died
Dr Ramesh Gulati groped a pretty patient's breasts and tried to remove her knickers
Dr Ashok Rayani accused of failing 22 patients over nine years
Diversity! Woman pictured URINATING in front of horrified daytime shoppers!
Italian Jews Attack Beppe Grillo
Cyril Smith: Nick knew nothing? MPs and child campaigners scorn Clegg
Clegg facing deeply troubling questions
UK has most delusional drinkers, drug-takers, ‘reckless youths’ - 50 years of PC hate can do that
Gay-sex party’ Tory Iain Corby removed from list of candidates
MPs 'turn a blind eye to sex pests at Westminster'

Monday 14 April

St Doreen to be Labour Mayor of London? Talking about taking the p***!
The pride of Britons in their national identity has fallen to an all-time low
Voters turn to UKIP because the Tories are no longer conservative
Planning reforms leave villages 'under siege!' 'Horrendous' schemes given green light
High-ranking Lib-Dems bullied detectives into not prosecuting Cyril Smith for child abuse
Victim of Cyril Smith was ruthlessly abused and politicians who knew did nothing
Cyril Smith victims to sue LibDems?
Now we need to be told the WHOLE truth about Cyril Smith
English pupils 'among the worst behaved in the world! ("English?" As in "Immigrant English?"
Tony Blair's religious charity's 'links to extremism!' (Muslim Brotherhood links?)
Vojtech Bady and Jan Gorol drugged and raped vulnerable young woman
Footballer Saido Berahino 'drove 120 miles... after inhaling balloon of hippy crack laughing gas'
Shackeil Thomas violently tried to snatch a phone from a girl
Bank raider Nayeem Ariyo-Day flees empty-handed after being battered with bag of cash
Drink-drive cop, Jatinder Dosanjh, lied over car crash - NO JAIL!
The British people didn’t enter the EU to create a superstate
Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall?
Were Hugh Gailtskell, John Smith and Robin Cook murdered?
http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/other-sports/athletics/london-marathon-2014-brendan-foster-3409079#ixzz2yrDospiN "/>Wagtails bombard Brendan Foster for 'negative' comments on Mo Farah's Marathon

Sunday 13 April

Secret CIA training camp in Jordan for anti-Syrian Jihadis?
ABU AZMI: Women, rape victims, having sex outside marriage should be hanged!
I don't think God exists says Jew, Ed Miliband
Many cops are scandalised by widespread manipulation of figures?
MoD rejects plea to start sperm bank for troops in case they get injured
Cover-up of Cyril Smith's crimes 'normalised child abuse in his constituency'
Lib Dems disown 'repugnant' Cyril Smith but stand accused of cover-up
Top Tory's shocking gay sex texts bragging of 'the cutest boys'
Sacked MP says party knew of concerns over dept run by gay official 3 years ago
Traitor Blair's son targets ultra-safe Labour seat close to Cherie's childhood home
Transgender Twitter engineer charged with raping its estranged wife
£157 million Nigerian fraudster may not have to replay a penny
Sohail Qureshi was brain behind gang of £15m fraudsters who raided NatWest's accounts
Haiwad Khan repeatedly raped a woman in an Ilford hotel
Turkish gang who shot innocent victim jailed for at least 114 years
JAILED! Bogus circumcision nurse, Taiwo Shittu, almost killed baby
In last 2 years, only 17 criminals from the EU have been sent back
South Shields fraud doctor, Bai Kabia, faces jail
Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas
In Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white
Our baby fell out of bed and hit his head...so social workers took him away for nine months
Now they've invented tool for measuring hate speech!
Gypsies on Benefits and Proud
Lyme disease: the British bug that could paralyse you
Archbishop under pressure to sack canon who flouted ban on same sex marriage
Would-be Labour MP said Tories want to 'kill the sick and starve the disabled'
‘Far too many white women in top jobs’
The truth about our NHS - warts 'n' all
Controversial Lib Dem ex-RSPCA chief is running for town Councillor
9 month old baby accused of plotting to kill Pakistani cops is freed
Headteacher Vina Pankhania takes a MONTH off during term time to get married
Romanian gypsy aims to earn £40,000 benefits in ONE YEAR in Britain
Beast Donald Rumsfeld unapologetic over the Iraq slaughter
Capitalism isn't working and here are the reasons why
Egyptian police 'using rape as a weapon'

Saturday 12 April

The criminal stupidity of the Left aided and abetted MP, Cyril Smith, by advocating paedophilia
TRAITORS! Liberals, cops and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse!
How paedo MP, Cyril Smith, used his powerful public image to abuse boys
The Saudi royal family are descended from a Jewish merchant from Iraq?
The Jewish origins and historical background of the Saudi royal family?
All 44 US presidents are descended from European royal bloodlines?
Jasvir Ginday sentenced to a minimum of 21 years for murder of his wife
Demetrio Campbell raped a 4-year-old in her own home (allegedly)
Jailed: Keynan Hersi-Annan almost hacked off burglary victim’s leg with meat cleaver
London’s most wanted criminals living in Cyprus revealed
Carer Judith Nibbs, 60, beheaded by estranged husband, Dempsey, 67
Vincent Hall stabbed fellow diner in the back repeatedly in unprovoked attack
Mayas Ubed plied a 13-year-old girl with booze then raped her
£500,000 tax dodger, Mohammed Suleman Khan, built his own Buckingham Palace in Pakistan!
130,000 shortfall in primary school places as migration and birth rates soar
Now you can take a GCSE in Blair, Boris, Paxman and the Hairy Bikers!
UKIP: Multiculturalism has Failed in Europe
Students attacked by 'racist' swans on their way to lectures!
Labour's Gabriel Scally says death toll at scandal-hit Mid Staffs Hospital was 'made up!

Friday 11 April

We can't trust our migration figures: 350,000 uncounted - inspectors were at wrong airports!
Black nut released from loony bin at least 30 times before battering Mark to death
Kristofer Sait Guler found guilty of the murder of Rodney Adams
Courtney Glynn, Muhammed Rashed and Hameedur Rahman guilty of burglary, GBH and murder
Wail-Suleiman Alaw charged with two London murders
Soufiale Essabri gets life for murder of deaf man, Andrejs Ivanovs
Drug dealer, Gulnawaz Latif, jailed
Mudosar Malik charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life
Killers, 14 and 23, stab stepfather to death
Sex harassment rife in Commons: dozens of young aides victims of drunken MPs
Revolution & Betrayal in South Africa
South African woman's diary of crime
Who speaks for British Jews? (Some interesting admissions)
High Court judge with links to paedo group slashes sentence of paedo pervert
Faulty tests give false hope to prostate cancer victims
Tragic warning for every parent
The price of global greed: the river you can’t see for rubbish
Diplomat who won EU exit essay prize silenced by government
Ed Miliband's a real Jew now! (He knows how to get elected)
A large majority of the population would agree with Enoch Powell
Labour is to blame for the increase in demand for school places!
Diversity is White Genocide - Flash Demo

Thursday 10 April

Doreen Lawrence named most powerful woman in country by 'Woman's Hour!' (The judges were: an orthodox Jew feminist editor, a black writer, a lesbian businesswoman and Boris Johnson's sister)
PUTIN TOPS WORLD LEADER POLL BY A MILE! (Putin 92%, the rest nowhere)
(2007) New Labour declared war on white, English people!
Boy forced to watch his father die after raiders storm their Bahamas home
73% of today's students will still be paying off tuition fees in their 50s
Critical book on Helmand blocked by MoD finally cleared to publish
Swallows and Amazons author suspected Russian spy Armed robbers Sumskas, Sheikh, Balezantis, Gorskoves, Diliunas and Kivers deny manslaughter Everyday painkillers almost DOUBLE risk of LETHAL heart attacks and strokes Tim Burton of Liberty GB acquitted of “racially aggravated harassment” against Muslim con artist
Robert, who needed a new heart, judged fit to work by ATOS. Now he's dead
ISRAEL: Ultra-Orthodox resisting laws which force them to join army
Government wasted £600m of taxpayers' money on useless flu pills
CAIR doesn't care

Wednesday 9 April

The hypocrisy of Jewry (Israel for us, diversity for everyone else)
EXPENSES: Baroness Betty Boothroyd lambasts Maria Miller
Dine with IRA killers, your Majesty, and it will be Al Qaeda terrorists next
Cops fiddle crime figures 'to hit targets': Even rapes are not recorded!
Painkillers linked to higher risk of stroke
Senior Tory MP says her party is ignoring rural crime wave
Did U.S. security firm send 'private army' to Ukraine disguised as local forces?
Former policeman, Simon Davis, shot dead in Somalia
Black burglar fails to return to prison
'Minions' jailed for buying/modifying guns under orders from jailbirds
OK-to-be-gay deputy head l;eaves under pressure from Muslims and Christians
Rajpal Jatana jailed after stabbing man up to 14 times in 'drug debt' row
'Human Barbie' Valeria Lukyanova claims interracial couples are 'making the human race uglier'
National Students Union outlaws UKIP

Tuesday 8 April

Labour plans to "bust open... domination" of Whitehall by white, middle and upper-classes
Clegg lied: At least 75% of our laws are made by EU institutions says EU Commissioner
Cameron can't stop UKIP beating Tories in European elections warns Tory MP
James Sweeney murder: Marlon Cox, Hezie Renee, Raul Hesse etc in court
Muslim jailbirds Feroz Khan and Fuad Awale threatened to behead Richard Thompson
Nii-Azu Kojo-Smith murdered Liam Woodards
Bilat Shaista, who stole more than £200,000, jailed for 3.5 years
Ravinder Kaur charged with poisoning boss, Laura Knowles
Roland Tshibamba and Alma Sasi charged with sexual exploitation of 14-year-old girl
Corrupt cop, Dominic Akinlade, had sickening haul of child porn images on computer
Sexual attacks by black man in Leeds may be linked
Sexual assault on teenage girl in Canterbury
Mohammad Islam masturbated on the tube near Doris Chen
Budding Arsenal footballer stabbed Liam in the chest before horrified shoppers
Man shot in the back and left paraplegic after trivial row at a take-away
16-year-old stabbed at bus stop on Harrow Road by member of black gang
Dr Imran Waheed exposed as a Muslim radical
Nightmare nurse, Violet Ruto, struck off
Pervert IT project manager, Sameer Mitter, spared jail
Assault victim may permanently lose hearing in one ear after attack by Ian Howell
Investigation into electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets just weeks before key election
Holidaymaker, Jeremy Brooke, shot dead by blacks who broke into friends' into farmhouse
Top Tory official, Iain Corby, (gay) resigns after allegations against him
Muslim Girl Converts to Christianity Then Gets Hacked to Death in Church
Ex-children’s Minister (Egyptian Jew) apologises for 'shameful naivety’ in ignoring Savile's victims
Britain First! Doing something! Good lads! (And lasses)
American Jews in US Media
Omagh victim's father will protest as Queen dines with McGuinness

Alexandra Swann puts immigrants before her own folk?
The beast who tortured and stabbed Nicole Waterhouse and Karen Browne should swing
Sweden: Immigration critics get home visits from Thought Police
Now double the Romanian job applicants - it's driving wages down!
US reportedly starts supplying Syrian rebels with anti-tank weapons
The less Yanks know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want US to intervene
Jews complain to cops about anti-Semitism (again)
Taxpayer's £4k bill after "travellers" huge drinking party in Toddington

Monday 7 April

Unbridled lawlessness in America?
School falls victim to £1.1 million East European fraud!
GP exam 'discriminates' against Asian/black doctors? (More 3rd world ineptitude wanted!)
Jay-Z sports white people are "wicked and weak" medallion! (But black folks still can't be racist)
Wealthy white village kids sent to Sikh school! (We warned you!)
Radical Muslim school is "brainwashing our children!"
Worrying rise in Scarlet Fever!
UK becoming 'more local and global?' (More globalist propaganda from BBC)
Illegal immigrants arrested in crackdown on foreign criminals
Gulain Bolombo charged with threatening and abusive behaviour outside church
Serial pickpocket, Madona Hamzie, 18, robbed blind pensioner of £2,000
Ladbrokes made £1BILLION in one month from 'crack cocaine' machines!
Too polite to make a fuss: Elderly NHS patients suffer in silence
Think again about letting women fight on front line! (Should never have put them there in first place)
SCUM! The £1.2m pile Maria Miller bought with proceeds of '2nd home!'
Gay 'therapy' has no place in NHS! Wow! A Minister who tells it straight? Whatever next?
When is an apology not an apology? When it's made by a politician
Betrayal of the elderly who suffer in silence
Why David Cameron isn't being Hard on Maria Miller

Sunday 6 April

1,520 Palestinian children killed by Israelis, 6,000 injured, 10,000 arrested since 2000?
The Magna Carta's missing paragraphs
Cameron in the Knesset: links with Israeli espionage!
The Jews who fought for Hitler
Doreen and Karen: a tale of two mothers
US is the greatest threat to world peace! POLL
Tory MP's rent boy in Britain illegally after being refused entry 3 times
Father-of-12, Ashley Williams, turned girlfriend Julie Beattie into a fireball
44 sentenced for huge crash for cash scam (almost all non-Brits)
Science teacher Jamshed Javeed accused of involvement in Syria terror offences
Parvez Ahmed gets 9 years for stabbing man in back
Nurse Vijay Dudhee not booted out for 'booting about' patient asking for glass of milk
Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg accused of helping terrorists in Syria
Shrien Dewani fakes illness for 3 years to escape murder charge? (Not rocket science, is it?)
Muslims attack helpline for victims of anti-Muslim hatred
The Tory Minister, a vicious feud and the gay sex party paid for by you!
Mass water fluoridation considered for England (Fluoride is poisonous)
EXPENSES! Sack the cheating slag! 80% want Culture Secretary Maria Miller gone
Get ready to quit the EU now! Davis tears into Cameron and predicts UKIP will triumph at Euros
Rats crawling over food 'at Tesco distribution centre'
BBC accused of spending millions of pounds on a 'wasteful jolly'
It's nonsense to claim that jobs will go if we leave the EU
The EU is the new USSR? Former Soviet dissident speaks
Front National makes big gains in local elections

Saturday 5 April

At 11, Jae’Don Fearon met Tony Blair and got a "Children of Courage" award after his dad was murdered - At, 21 Jae’Don Fearon was charged with murder
The Chinese believe Jews control America
Mouthwash overuse has possible link to mouth and throat cancer?
AQIM and Boko Haram terrorists looking to spread Ebola virus!
Giving away £11.4 billion a year to foreigners is Cameron's "proudest achievement!"
‘Isn’t it time the Government listened to the people about the effect immigration is having?’
Muslim integration "one of the great success stories of modern Britain!"
Britain's jails now breeding ground for terrorists? 42% at a high-security prison are Muslim
Government now offering interest-free loans for Muslim students!
French NF tell Muslims "eat pork or go hungry"
Gay marriage puts the world's Christians at risk of violent revenge attacks
SHEFFIELD: Aras Hussein decapitated girlfriend, 18
Faleh Ghazi Albasman charged with murder of his daughter
Muslim drug dealers sentenced to 82 years in jail
Three Asian taxi drivers attack Rikki Moore
Five Muslims charged with trafficking and raping eight very young British girls
Pienan Bisetoon charged with raping under-age schoolgirl
Milly Dowler's Gipsy murderer gets £4,500 compo for prison attack
Jose Hampton, 78, accused of racially aggravated harassment after Gipsy accusations
Global child sex ring uncovered in UK had spread from US to Philippines
Robbers kidnapped INNOCENT man and demanded £50,000 ransom
Lithuanians bailed after being charged with trafficking
Bristol drug dealer, Leroy Grant, gets £1,300 confiscation order
Sham marriage pair jailed
Czech sham marriage ‘fixer’ and other aliens arrested
Doctor Manav Arora cleared of gay sex charges but guilty of theft
Burka-wearing terror suspect arrested
£1 milion Romanian 'car fraud gang' busted
Czech £1.2million benefit fraudster jailed at last
Anti-fascists heckle/abuse blood donors after mistaking them for UKIP supporters!
Farage calls for Britain to legalise drugs? (F*** me! Is every politician a traitor?)
“Am I on my own feeling so disgusted at same sex marriage?” Cops harass honest man
Should a boss lose his job for opposing same-sex marriage?
Guilty of "hate crime" for calling gay ref a "poof?"
Shamed expenses cheat, Maria Miller (Cameron's Culture Secretary) is a bully!
Dave's daft defence of Maria Miller is an insult to all women
Government pressurised cops to release IRA men after Gerry Adams' intervention
Spain to offer citizenship to Sephardic Jews after ‘historic mistake’
Chinese buyers fuelling UK housing shortage
WPCs don't want to carry 'great big guns' says Britain's top copette
Bad omen for Miliband
'Cameron is the worst PM for 43 years?' (Nah, that was Blair but he's a good second best)
Big bank’s ‘cosy’ relationship with Government questioned by MPs

Friday 4 April

Teenagers who spend too much time playing computer games have weak bones
Prince Andrew knew about billionaire Jew pal's abuse of under-age girls?

Thursday 3 April

Maria Miller: Our political class at its most disreputable
More evidence of police corruption in unsolved murder case
Homosexuals adopt Russian boy and begin abusing him immediately
2011: Boy, 8, adopted by Jewish lesbians wants a sex change?
2013: Jewish lesbians giving hormone treatment to adopted 11-year-old!
Farage trounces Clegg as Lib Dem leader's aggressive nastiness “backfires spectacularly!”

Wednesday 2 April

INDEPENDENT? MY A***! Does gay marriage make YOU “proud to be British?"

Tuesday 1 April

The Chinese believe that the Jews control America!
So Solid Crew member fined for assault on McDonalds staff
Former Mayor of Sheffield denies 16 offences including fraud and theft
Globalism will see Ebola virus here shortly?

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