Daily News - July 2018

Tuesday 31 July

Murderer who strangled girl, 10, may never be caught after cops write it off as an accident
Half of Foreign criminals who absconded before deportation in 2010 still at large!
BETRAYAL! Manchester bomber was rescued by the Navy from Libya and evacuated to Britain!
Sex abuse is 'endemic in the British aid sector's boys club', MPs claim!
Parents lure daughter to Bangladesh, threaten to chop her up unless she marries cousin
Jewish director of HBFS wealth management company gets 6 years for Ponzi scheme fraud!
Jewish MP accuses Labour leader of ‘supporting and defending’ extremists, anti-Semites
Scottish politician claims three UK Jewish newspapers work for Mossad!
PM praises fantastic immigrant contribution! Dismisses Trump's UK 'losing its culture' claims
Tories hire army of tweeters to take social media fight to Labour
Joshua Cohen stabbed his mother and sister to death at family's £2.5m home!'
Fears for the safety of two 'vulnerable' 14-year-olds missing for two days
‘Prince of darkness’ confident Theresa May will give in to calls for a second referendum on Brexit!
ORBAN: Central Europe will be anti-globalist bastion of Christian culture and national identity!
France threatens EU stability with HARDLINE Brexit stance
How dare Mandelson insult 17.4m voters?
NICK FERRARI: ‘Brexit scaremongering same as Millennium Bug!’
‘Fretful, weak, incompetent!’ Rees-Mogg blasts government for not preparinig ‘No Deal’ Brexit!
Remainer committee Chairman calls for Germany-style free speech restrictions online!
Support for Merkel plummets to 12-year low

Monday 30 July

33 cops investigated over their roles in Rotherham child sex abuse scandal
CANADA: Girl groped by Muslim migrants - School asks her to think of it from their point of view!
'Israel treats the Palestinians like vermin... Palestinians are a cancerous growth!'
BLAIRITE SPEAKS! "The rancid, anti-Semitic cesspit of Corbynism!
Boatloads of illegal migrants storm Spanish tourist beaches and scatter
‘National Disgrace!’ Home Office rejects Syrian Christians - Refugee intake 100% Muslim!
FRANCE: Migrants arrested after middle-aged woman gang-raped on World Cup night!
Pope admits illegal migration linked to begging rackets, organ trafficking, prostitution
Tighten border controls to fight surge in crime!
London crimewave MAPPED!
MANDELSON: Brextremists are "Nationalists" who "hate foreigners", not patriots!
Second Brexit referendum 'LOOMING!'
Theresa May is ‘abandoning Brexit’ - EU will rule the UK!
Matteo Salvini says the EU is ‘swindling’ Britain out of Brexit!
Project Fear! Brexit to ground planes, end sandwich trade, cause ‘super-gonorrhoea’ epidemic!
Brexit Secretary is a 'BULLY more concerned about gym than work?'
Gary Lineker under fire over Brexit: ‘We need a second referendum on Lineker’
Hungary’s Orban: If I governed like Merkel, I’d be kicked out of office!
Parents lure daughter to Bangladesh and threaten to ‘chop her into 18 pieces’ unless she marries cousin
Ombudsman - 'Police can no longer handle the lawless jungle after dark in Amsterdam!’
IHRA definition slammed as Labour suspends JEW for alleged Antisemitism!

Sunday 29 July

Birkenhead Labour Party wants rid of Frank Field!
Twitter Admits! Your posts will be hidden if you follow the wrong accounts!
LIVERPOOL: Nigerian abducted, raped, impregnated, infected teacher (with chlamydia)!
BIRMINGHAM: Reveller kidnapped and robbed by fake taxi gang
UK fails six times to send criminal, El Mehdi Arjdal, back to Morocco
LONDON GUN BATTLE: Nat Lewis, Darnell Joseph-Newill, Troy Ifill, Lekan Akinsoji charged
Serial rapist jailed for 13 years after admitting to four more assaults 20 years ago
Drugs boss of gang that pushed crack and heroin from London into Surrey jailed for 12 years
UK fails six times to send criminal, El Mehdi Arjdal, back to Morocco!
'Sub-optimal' NHS care! ex-health minister blames under-staffing for harming critically ill patients
SWEDEN: ‘Extreme’ mass migration drives historic population growth!
SWEDEN: ‘Extreme’ mass migration drives historic population growth!
GERMANY: 11-year-old boy stabbed repeatedly, African migrant arrested
GERMANY and Muslim immigration: A doctor warns the world!
German journalist and feminist thinks German media ''too white and too German!''
CHEAT? Headmaster at award winning school spent thousands on luxury treats for staff
Britain's first official 'transgender student officer' suspended over explicit photographs
HITCHENS: Are we saving Syrian 'heroes' or just importing more fanatics?
Government pledges to crackdown on 'social media abuse?'
The loudest opponent of Italy's new anti-migrant policy? The Catholic Church!
New Hampshire, is 94% White! (Shock, horror) It must be diversified!
Tucker Carlson: Clinton dynasty crumbles!

Saturday 28 July

Mossad, Israel's secret service, is world leader in assassinations with 800 ops in last decade
OBORNE: Have we learnt nothing from the senseless Iraq War?
WALTHAM CROSS: Five 14-yer-old drug dealers tortured a 15-year-old to death!
CROYDON: Man stabbed in chest in unprovoked attack
Polish girl attacked by Poles saying she 'deserved to be killed' for dating an Englishman!
BRADFORD: Mohammed Ahmed jailed for year 2000 rape of girl, 16
Lithuanian gang flew into UK posing as migrant workers to stage £1million armed raid!
Britain halts cooperation with U.S. over ‘ISIS Beatles!’
Powder Keg Paris! 300,000 illegal immigrants are living in one French suburb!
Eurosceptic Parties stand to make major gains in 2019 elections!
EU Commission’s days are numbered,’ says Orban!
Project Fear 2.0! May plans to ‘scare people witless’ to win support for soft Brexit, MP reveals!
The EU risks destroying itself over Brexit malice
Austrian Identitarians fully acquitted of ‘Mafia’ and hate crime charges
Charlie and the pervert! Prince was 'deceived' by bishop Peter Ball
Was boxer Freddie Mills MURDERED by the Mafia?
Day after Trump condemns shadowbanning, Twitter stock price crashes 20%! Ha-ha!
The real reason Gaddafi was killed

Friday 27 July

School asks children to walk in 33C HEAT in show of solidarity with refugees!
Fury as Alastair Campbell calls for Brexit supporters to be JAILED!
Ceon Broughton denies killing Holby City star's daughter by supplying her with fatal drug!
Parents pay tribute to 'young princess' daughter, 14, who died 'after taking controlled drug'
COCAINE: Huge spike in new users: Half a million British youngsters now take Class A drugs!
After decades of cover-up, UK government finally orders ethnic origin study of rape gangs!
Violence, drugs, suicide... reality of our ‘terrible’ jails!
SHOOTOUT in Forest Gate between MASKED gang and police
Gunman blasts car driven by woman 3 times as she sits stuck in rush hour traffic
LONDON: Teenage moped rider stabbed to death in broad daylight!
BRADFORD: Cops seek who thug punched police officer to the ground
Don’t open your door to this Gypsy crime gang
Who would kidnap a baby boy and set him on fire? Worse than any beast, right?
German 'refugees welcome' activist, Sophia Lösche, found dead in Spain - Last seen boarding lorry with Moroccan license plates
CANADA: Woman killed by Muslim ex stabbed 40 times, throat slit, shot twice!
CHICKENPOX: This little girl was turned away for A&E twice?
BORIS Johnson holds secret talks with former Trump strategist, Steve Bannon
Raab on the ropes as Barnier demands UK must RESPECT EU principles!
Barnier kills off PM's Chequers plan!
BBC achieves peak Project Fear with ‘Brexit Threat to Sandwiches’ headline!
Fat cat pay is hurting Royal Mail, claim MPs!
Soros says he's alarmed at the speed in which Trump is dismantling the New World Order!
Liberalism is a mental disorder which feeds Islamic terror!
Labour frontbencher, Jonathan Ashworth, urges party to adopt full antisemitism code!
Divorcee, 66, lends £500,000 to Romanian toyboy lover - He blows the lot!
Great British BAKE of 1937! How come we look so happy without all the diversity?

Thursday 26 July

Macron denies giving arrested bodyguard (his lover?) codes for France’s NUCLEAR BOMBS!
Cops will throw paper aeroplanes through windows and doors to highlight dangers of burglary?
ASTON HALL: 'We were human toys at the hands of a monster!'
Doctor 'used paralysing truth drug to rape and abuse THOUSANDS of children!
Acid attacks have trebled in 3 years and threaten to cost Britain £500million by 2020!
Slovakian Gypsies and an Afghan charged with acid attack on 3-year-old!
3 Slovaks, an Afghan and father of acid boy, 3, accused of throwing sulphuric acid at him!
7 years for PC Hussain for targeting young girls and sexually abusing them!
Labour MP, Fiona Onasanya, charged with perverting the course of justice!
'Wicked' pensioner, Asraf Khan, 81, fathered 3 children by his own daughter!
Woman, 19, raped after a night out with friends
Police custody deaths hit highest level for 10 years!
2016: David Lammy, MP, fined £5,000 over 35,000 nuisance calls pleading for Mayoral votes!
Toronto shooting - What they're not telling you!
IMPORTING TERROR! Number of radical Islamic Salafists tops 10,000 in Germany!
MERKEL MURDER! Teenage girl stabbed to death by Afghan refugee in Germany!
Austrian Chief of Staff: Mass migration is the greatest threat to our security!
GERMANY: Migrant sex predator preys on 13 women, says “nobody told me this is wrong!”
Javid orders probe into ethnicity of sexual grooming gangs? Where's the catch?
'Corbyn poses an existential threat to our community,' sayJewish newspapers!
Labour MP, David Lammy, says the "will of the people" is "b***ocks!"
Foreign nurses arriving in UK from outside EU surges by 80% after language tests relaxed!
Theresa May's cynical 'plan to scare us witless' over No Deal!
Tory MP says: 'extremist Remainers... should be hit with TREASON ACT!'
Boris CONDEMNS Theresa May’s soft Brexit as ‘VASSALAGE!’
Corbyn SNUBS Trump but meets Qatar Emir despite ABYSMAL human rights record!
Who is Rod Rosenstein and why are Trump's allies trying to impeach him?
Christopher Bollyn: The man who solved 9/11?
Gwyneth Paltrow on ‘abusive’ Harvey Weinstein!

Wednesday 25 July

UN already had plans to replace Europeans with 159 million migrants 18 years ago!
Italian Bishop: To save immigrants, I would turn all churches into mosques!
Afghan mum of acid attack boy tracked down by asylum-seeker husband!
CANADA: Julianna Kozis, 10, and Reese Fallon, 18, murdered by Faisal Hussain
Black twins repeatedly raped girl, 11, to ‘teach her what to do when she got a boyfriend!’
BIRMINGHAM: Woman, 47, suffers serious injuries in new acid attack
Fraudsters make online videos on how to exploit stolen credit card details
Multicultural UK prepares for summer vacation by warning kids of FGM, forced marriages abroad
More than 1,200 removed from sex offender register, despite being placed on it 'indefinitely!'
Africans film gang rape of Swedish girl, 13, on social media - Sentences reduced even more!
Swedish police attacked after responding to arson in ‘vulnerable’ area!
GERMANY: Refugee soccer tournament against violence abandoned after refugees start fight!
Belgians preparing vigilante justice amid migrant crime wave
10 times more 11-year-olds are clinically obese when they leave primary school than in 1990!
Fears over ‘opioid’ painkillers given to dementia sufferers
Theresa May urged to MODERNISE treason laws to prosecute terrorists in UK
Theresa May BLOCKED David Davis from planning for no deal Brexit
PM’s bureaucrats take charge of Brexit talks, Brexit department snubbed!
Jacob Rees-Mogg says 'UK is heading for no deal Brexit
BREXIT: 'People weren't told the TRUTH!' says Elton John! And Project Fear did?
Anger as Remainer civil servant granted TOTAL CONTROL of Brexit!
Brexiteer LETS RIP at EU's Juncker for trying to punish UK!
COMMISSION: Government Brexit leaflet gave Remain campaign ‘unfair advantage!’
Terror watchdog boss who wanted Jihadis to ‘reintegrate’ is new Chief Prosecutor!
Frugal pensioners are hit by a £10,000 care home penalty
Jewish heiress Clare Bronfman arrested for running sex-slave cult!

Tuesday 24 July

ROTHSCHILD: Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order!
Israel picks identity over democracy! (In Israel - In white world it does the opposite)
Israeli 'Nation-State' law a 'clear form of apartheid', says Barenboim
Migrant mum of 3-year-old acid victim was fleeing family dispute and living in a safe house!
WOODFORD GREEN: Man suffers horrific facial burns in unprovoked acid attack!
Woman, 20, with slit throat flees Manchester Hilton - SIX arrested
Thai boxing coach, 59, repeatedly sexually assaulted 13-year-old pupil!
BIRMINGHAM: Men attacked with machetes in Brierley Hill - MEDIA SILENCE
Black twins repeatedly raped girl, 11, to ‘teach her what to do when she got a boyfriend!’
CRAWLEY: OAP on mobility scooter died chasing thugs who robbed M&S!
BERMONDSEY: ‘Possibly Turkish’ armed gang invades home, threatens family!
Cops say children as young as 12 risk becoming drug mules!
Toronto gunman, Faisal Hussain, kills two girls girls, 10 and 18, and wounds 12 in mass shooting!
TORONTO: Alyssa Lightstone, 20, was murdered by her her Muslim ex-boyfriend,
Afghan migrant stabs 18-year-old Norwegian boy to death for no reason
Boris says Khan prefers ‘politically correct virtue-signalling’ to fighting crime!
FARAGE: Brexit betrayal backlash not understood by politicians!
POLL: Brits overwhelmingly reject Tory ‘soft Brexit!’
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Remain had 'unfair advantage' with Cameron's £9.3m leaflet
RUSSOPHOBIA! Jeremy Hunt says only PUTIN will celebrate a no-deal Brexit!
BBC is pro-Brexit, gives Leavers too much airtime and referendum result's reversible?
Black Wednesday cover-up! Lamont's aides deceived us over scale of losses in 1992 scandal!
St Paul's 'bans CHRISTIANS' from reading bible outside iconic London cathedral
BBC hires Megha Mohan, first gender/diversity correspondent covering sexuality/race!
Harold Wilson's plan to bomb Radio Caroline!
Italy’s Matteo Salvini decries ‘dirty business of illegal immigration!’
Billy Joel wears Star of David for dead family in Auschwitz after Trump defends swastika punks!

Monday 23 July

Ex-Trump aide Steve Bannon hails the rise of nationalism!
Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption squad is probed over ‘crime cover-ups!'
ENGLAND: Knife, gun, rape attacks and homicide continue rapid rise!
No charges brought over 90% of recorded UK crimes!
BILSTON: Serial sex attacker, Leroy Campbell, raped and murdered Lisa in her own home!
Pure evil: Manhunt after three-year-old boy is acid attack victim
The worst acid attack offenders
Drugs gangs are grooming pupils at grammar schools!
Beaten up taxi driver told to make own way to hospital as his attacker is treated for panic attack
London BLOODBATH: Boris Johnson blames ’PATHETIC’ Sadiq Khan for stabbing crisis!
Muslims attack anti-mosque protesters and police officers in Worcester
Tommy Robinson: Judge did not view evidence, Muslims threatened Tommy’s wife with acid!
Forced marriages are now a British problem - 'British' children are now at risk!
Want to build a snowman? You're going to HELL!
Anger over ‘TRAVELLER CITY’ - population 1,000 - ‘It is a festering SORE!’
Ecuador to withdraw asylum from Julian Assange!
Gunman opens fire in Toronto restaurant - One dead, 13 injured
Russian policemen shot dead in Muslim-majority region
DIVERSITY or MACRON'S THUG? Security aide donned riot gear and attacked protesters!
BELGIUM: Elderly disabled woman pelted with stones and called ‘dirty Belgian’ by Africans
Muslim migrant rapes Finnish girlfriend then burns her alive
Syrian migrant arrested for raping 13-year-old Swedish girl
Just 12% back May's Brexit fudge
'Brexit means Brexit?' 'No deal better than a bad deal?' - Words are coming back to haunt her
EU warns Brexit talks CANNOT be extended unless there is ANOTHER referendum
UKIP slams ‘two-faced’ Tory Leadsom for backing ‘betrayal’ Brexit deal she ‘hates!’
BREXIT BETRAYAL: Remainers don't understand extent of BACKLASH over EU U-turn!
Remoaner Major BLASTS Brexiteers over Brexit no deal 'betrayal'
Rees-Mogg puts John Major in his place - "He lost!"
'Why haven't we left YET!' MP REVEALS angry demands from Brexit backing constituents!
Hillary and Bill's intimate dinner with 'serial rapist' Harvey Weinstein after her election loss!
Obama caught pretending to be President in South Africa?
BOMBSHELL REPORT! Indicted Russian agent met with Obama officials!
£6million boss will run Royal Mail from his £2.3million Swiss PENTHOUSE!
The MP who sent 2,000 sex-texts and another nauseating excuse for an apology
U.K. gay lobby condemns Rev. Franklin Graham for ‘bigotry,’ ‘hate!’

Sunday 22 July

24% of Britons now prepared to support a far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party!
Stalin killed more Ukrainians than Hitler killed Jews, says U.S. Congressman!
Italian interior minister confronts journalist who called Crimea referendum ‘fake!’
The Globalistas, Putin and the Ghost of Mao
10-Year-Old Drag Queen - The next page in the LGBT Saga
'Don't be a pr**k, don't kiss a TORY!' Lord Mayor displays '10 commandments' posters!
'RIP IT UP and START AGAIN!' Davis breaks silence with STUNNING Brexit advice for May
Mamma Mia’s songs get a PC makeover!
Computer fraud! Criminals use new tactics to plunder people's bank accounts
SOUBRY: "The forces of darkness (Jacob Rees-Mogg) have taken over!"
Ministry of Defence blows £10.5billion on military jets it doesn’t need!
Was May Fairbrother 'one of Dr Opiate's first victims?'
Former rugby star brutally battered schoolboy after claiming youngster bullied his son

Saturday 21 July

'MEDICALISING ADOLESCENCE!' Doctors prescribe depression pills to 70,000 children!
THE PARIS STATEMENT - A Europe we can believe in!
Europe's new official history erases Christianity, promotes Islam?
Russians give Trump Intelligence intercepts exposing treachery on a monumental scale?
Ron Paul: We can tell Trump-Putin summit was a success because 'Neocons aren't happy!'
Government unit specialises in promoting official narrative and hiding info that contradicts it?
Traitor Blair says UK cities are losing the battle against crime - Who imported the criminals?
Brave victim of Birmingham grooming gangs tells how she was raped and abused by 70 men
In response to Shariah patrols, British men and women form their own Christian patrol...
Several injured, some seriously in mass-stabbing on German bus!
Israel launches ANOTHER major assault on Gaza!
The Islamic school run from the home of a rapist!
AFGHANISTAN: Obama wasted $300 million+ on salaries of 'people who don’t exist!'
Appeaser Theresa exposed! Barnier confirms Chequers Brexit plan leaves EU Court in control!
BREXIT BETRAYAL! David Davis ally reveals Downing Street 'CONSPIRACY!'
'This is BETRAYAL!' Portillo says Theresa May is now viewed as 'TRAITOR' by Brexiteers!
Barnier should realise he may push Britain too far!
England's flag is tainted by ‘far-Right’ and Brexit, says Labour MP, Rosena Allin-Khan
I'm fed up with these whingeing women MPs who aren't serious about parliamentary work
Cops question Tory MP Chris Davies amid claims he forged £700 worth of expenses invoices
Outrage after Dutch Minister says multicultural societies breed conflict!
Hungary passes tax against support for mass migration!
Foreign Mafias profit heavily from ‘business’ of Italian illegal immigration!
SRI LANKA: English rugby players killed by heroin poisoning
Why DID 3 young Britons fall to their deaths at the same Majorca block of flats?
The 13 NHS trusts with excess deaths across England!
Care home boss threw water in resident's face! She hadn't signed over her fortune to him!
Kenyan beauty queen is sentenced to death for murdering her boyfriend
London is UK region least tolerant of gay couples! ‘Religious differences’ blamed

Friday 20 July

Belgian political leader predicts European civil war is near, as governments lose control!
ENGLAND: Knife, gun, rape attacks and homicide continue rapid rise
UK: Half of all robberies take place in Sadiq Khan’s London
ENGLAND: Rape up 31%; robbery up 31%; knife crime up 16%; homicide up 12%!
Wild West Britain: Thousands cheat justice... Just 1-in-10 crimes ending in a charge!
Crime statistics do not come as a shock, says Nick Hurd, MP
PARIS: Couple beaten up by Algerians for shouting 'Vive la France' after French World Cup win!
France: ‘Dozens’ of women complain of sex attacks during World Cup celebrations!
Now catch the other one! Moped mugger jailed for murder of Danny Pearce!
HANWELL: Mother-of-one stabbed to death outside her family's restaurant!
ILFORD: Mohammed Shabir tried to force a 9-year-old to perform a sex act on him in the street
SWADLINCOTE: 'I wouldn’t even walk alone in the high street now!'
NOTTINGHAM: Mixed race student shouts 'We hate Whites' and 'white c***s!' Not racist though!
Raab ridiculed in Brussels after Brexit deal riddled with translation errors
'She is turning Leave into Remain!' MEP accuses May of 'overturning referendum by stealth!'
Rees-Mogg DESTROYS 'hysterical' Project Fear Remainers
Esther McVey REFUSES to support Theresa May's Brexit plan!
Blair claims EU necessary for UK's role in world
Jean-Claude Juncker a drunk who binges on GIN at meetings! His aide 'MONSTER' runs things!
Soubry launches into Project Fear 3.0 rant as she lists risks of no deal Brexit
Police identify Putin’s nerve agent assassins? (Tell us who they are then!)
Gay, half-Indian Irish PM branded ‘mad’ for threatening to stop British planes flying over Ireland!
Tommy Robinson, 'National Hero!'
'Are you romanticising a murderous ideology?' BBC host SHUTS DOWN 'Communist’ Corbynista!
Prince Charles will tell child abuse inquiry he wasn't aware his bishop pal was a paedo?
Now celebs want to use Cliff Richard case to restrict YOUR right to know!
Labour MP Keith Vaz still under investigation two years after exposure with male prostitutes
The Sound of Hypocrisy! Paul Simon's £285 gig made me despair of my generation!

Thursday 19 July

ASTHMA! ‘Shocking’ figures reveal highest death rate this century!
No medal for Roy Larner? Establishment erases 'racist' from 'London Bridge heroes' narrative!
Police should brace for a surge of 'hate crimes' when leaving the EU!
Boris Johnson: ‘It is not too late to save Brexit!’
BETRAYAL! Brexit could be DELAYED under EU plans to extend Article 50 deadline!
'Theresa May must be brought down!' Farage demands Tories act now over Brexit failure!
Gove reveals 'step change' in preparations for 'NO DEAL' EU exit!
Met Police on FGM: ‘Prosecutions won’t change anything!’
Home Office knew about the Rotherham sex abuse scandal 16 years ago!
HIV positive man raped 24 women because he didn't want to die alone!
Shahzad 'Keith' Khan sold children for sex in a Telford 'rape house!'
RAND PAUL: Hillary colluded with Russia, not Trump
Donald Trump: No confidence in intelligence led by Brennan, Clapper, Comey!
Luis Gutierrez wants POTUS impeached after Trump-Putin meeting!
George Soros calls Barack Obama his ‘greatest disappointment!’
Abolishing migration agency (ICE) would have loosed 1.4m criminals on USA in last 5 years!
Hungary to WITHDRAW from UN migration pact amid security fears!
1,675 requests for hip and knee surgery were turned down by NHS last year!
Primary school pupils will learn about gay relationships under new government guidelines!
Senior Judges delay decision on Tommy Robinson's appeal!
Macron's deputy dons riot helmet and police uniform to attack anti-Government protesters!
£450,000 maternity benefit and sham marriage scam fraudster built a mansion in Zimbabwe!
Cash-strapped NHS pays out £1.2m to cover for top boss who hasn't worked for 3 years!
Jeremy Corbyn is a 'f***ing anti-Semite and racist,' says Jewish MP!
'Snowflake' students REMOVE Kipling poem after one hour because author was 'RACIST'
'Teen Vogue' and Ash Sakar recommend Communism, anal sex!
Britain becoming a nation of 'fat idle people who will bankrupt the NHS?'

Wednesday 18 May

Pay the EU £90bn? No! They owe US £58bn!
EU Council President begs Trump not to wreck the #NWO! (Turned White World into a playground for the third-world and the global elite)
Muslim cleric banned in Pakistan is preaching in UK mosques
Austria refuses to take more boat migrants after ship of 450 arrives in Europe
‘Biased’ Electoral Commission fines Vote Leave, MPs demand Brexit be nullified!
U.S. defence giant Raytheon committed to Brexit Britain
UKIP slams May for pushing early Parliament holiday to void Tory rebellion!
POLL: More Tories see Farage as a ‘Brexit leader’ than May!
Trump promises ‘big’ trade deal despite May’s Brexit betrayal!
Farage exposes REAL reason Theresa May was not defeated
Disabled people UNDERPAID benefits in INEPT scheme introduced by Labour
Sadiq Khan is 'snivelling coward?'
EU will demand EVEN more Brexit concessions from May, depite Chequers sell-out!
Punch and Judy show gets a PC brigade bashing!
Corbyn attacked by Labour MP, Margaret Hodge, (Oppenheimer) over ‘anti-Semitism and racism!’

Tuesday 17 May

Pay the EU £90bn? No! They owe US £58bn!
UK: Non-EU migration ‘highest in 13 years!’ EU migration undercounted by 500,000?
Net immigration to Britain from the EU last year adds 100,000 to population!
Most Brits say police have lost control, blame political correctness!
Putin declares 'Cold War is OVER - confrontation is in the past!'
Putin blasts accusations Russia was behind Novichok poisoning - Demands evidence!
George Koh, Merse Dikanda and Jonathan Okigbo on trial for murder of Harry Uzoka
Finance officer Nadia Ali stole £784,262 from a Notting Hill Carnival charity!
Charity chief, Philip Bujak, swindled more than £180,000
Grooming gang based in London McDonald’s ‘raped girls as young as 13’
Corbyn denies there is a 'problem' with Pakistani men grooming white girls !
Labour MP says Britons should NOT have been allowed Brexit vote!
Poll reveals Brits would rather have a No Deal Brexit than back Theresa May's plan!
Theresa May’s government implodes as 9th MP resigns over soft Brexit plan!
'Rude Remainer,' Anna Soubry, 'threw her eyeballs around like dice in a cup!'
68 rabbis call on Labour to stop ignoring Jews over anti-Semitism!
Thousands of men are being left in agony as NHS denies them of hernia operations
Britain refuses US request to extradite American 'terrorist' linked to Al Queda allies
MELBORNE: Africans Commit 128 times more violent robberies, 68 times More burglaries!
INDIA: Mum-of-2 gang raped by 5 family members, dragged into a temple and burnt to death
Most Australians demand immigration halt as population soars
‘Biggest bubble in HISTORY’ set to burst - ‘Trouble ahead’ in financial markets!
Check out what passes for a a cop nowadays!
Breakdown of how the doomed Russian Tsar and his family were executed!

Monday 16 May

How the Daily Mail might have recorded the murder of the Tsar and his family today?
What the Daily Mail will never tell you about the slaughter!
Cops ban Union Jack from Durham gala!
Anarchy all over France! Riots, looting, two dead after World Cup win!
Pervert MP appointed Theresa May's chief of staff in 2004 sent 2,000 disgusting emails!
Theresa May brought in ‘establishment elite’ to DESTROY hard Brexit plan, Minister reveals!!!
'It's FAKE sovereignty!' Marr DISMANTLES May's Brexit plan!
Lesbian ex-Cabinet Secretary calls for a second EU referendum!
David Davis lashes May's Brexit plan and accuses her of 'astonishing dishonesty!'
Julia Hartley-Brewer says Theresa May 'has to go!'
Tory MP blasts Theresa May for ’rolling over and giving EU whatever they like!'
If we wreck Brexit the Tories will split - and we will get the Corbyn cataclysm!
Rees-Mogg loses patience with May! ‘A Remainer who has remained a Remainer!’
Senior BBC presenter participated in anti-Trump protests
Tory big shot suspended after saying extremists ‘rape British girls to create Muslim babies!’
Corbyn denies there is a 'problem' with Pakistani men grooming white girls
CAMBERWELL: Oluwaseyi Dada charged with the murder of 17-year-old girl
LONDON: Gang members who used axe and swords to murder and injure rivals face jail
AUSTRALIA: Teancum Petersen-Crofts murders mother and two children!
USA: 3-year-old girl stabbed to death at her own birthday party!
Trump condemns ‘sad’ impact of mass migration on London and Paris, praises Hungary!
Trump on trade: ‘I think the European Union is a foe!’
UKIP leader calls Muhammad a paedo at Tommy Robinson rally!
Suicide chef blew whistle on 'rapey, gropey and disgusting' Bill Clinton and hoped Weinstein was 'beaten to death in jail!'

Sunday 15 May

European Catholic Bishops meet to plan pro-immigration media offensive!
Open borders NGO staff ‘raped children’ while working abroad!
Savages stabbed father-of-3, Anthony Williams, to death!
‘Cuckoo’ dealers turn Swadlincote into a ‘drugs takeaway!’
Somali migrant with multiple weapons convictions jailed for stabbing woman after sex attack
Get high on pot, burgle, steal a car, try to crush a cop? Ramone Kidd jailed for just 23 months!
Second 'British' schoolgirl who fled to Syria to join ISIS killed in air strike a year ago!
Illegal immigrant paedo championed by Corbyn died from Spice abuse!
Islam/terrorism-friendly barrister to take over as Director of Public Prosecutions?
USA: Drug traffickers BEHEAD special needs girl, 13 - She witnessed murder of grandma
SOUTH AFRICA: "One settler, one bullet!"
“Paedophilia is a natural sexual orientation?"
‘Free speech is dead!’ – Police in Khan’s London BAN pro-Trump rally at US embassy!
9 of Britain’s most distinguished former military commanders back Trump attack on NATO
Trump crushes Khan! London Mayor has done ‘terrible job’ on terrorism, crime!
Outrage over Trump protest sees Sadiq Khan baby balloon crowdfunding smash target!
Trump gets all the freaks on the street at the same time!
‘Babies Against Trump!’ Snowflakes descend on Khan’s London to protest POTUS!
Jacob Rees-Mogg in unprecedented attack on ‘secretive’ May! She ALWAYS wanted soft Brexit!
UK headed for soft Brexit even WITHOUT Irish border issue, May’s aide reveals!
Michael Portillo CONDEMNS May's Chequers Brexit deal!
Make or break for PM after EU fudge!
Back me or there’ll be no Brexit! Prime Minister threatens Brexiteers!
£11 million-a-year US drug boss tried to 'blackmail' PM into buying cystic fibrosis drug?
Macron’s team use May’s Brexit plan to snatch UK jobs!
Many wrongly convicted after cops/prosecutors withheld evidence that could have cleared them
Married Tory Minister RESIGNS after THOUSANDS of sexual texts sent women emerge

Saturday 14 May

Police FIND source of Novichok - a small bottle in Charlie Rowley's house!
FRANCE: Macron endorses ‘Kalergi Plan’ - 200m Africans wanted to 'interbreed' with Europeans!
Why are so many Catholic leaders aiding Muslim migration into Christian Europe?
Doctor fired for saying we can't choose our gender says colleagues too afraid to back him up
Police and prosecutors 'failed to share evidence with defence lawyers in 43 per cent of cases!'
'Parasitic' Grenfell fraudsters who cost taxpayers £120,000 jailed!
Somali migrant with multiple weapons convictions jailed for stabbing woman after sex attack
Mosque teacher arrested over calls for attack on Prince George jailed for at least 25 years
‘Cuckoo’ dealers turn Swadlincote into a ‘drugs takeaway!’
'Happy' girl, 15, killed by ecstasy - More and more children sucked into Britain's drug epidemic
Disgraced former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif jailed on corruption charges
Snowflakes descend on Khan’s London to protest POTUS!
Britons back Trump sharing Brexit views, support him meeting Queen
FARAGE: Trump truths ‘Hhave hit establishment Llke a bombshell!’
TRUMP: Brexit happened because of ‘very bad’ immigration!
BREXIT: Four reasons why Brussels is queuing up to REJECT May’s plan!
'Walk away - it would REALLY upset them!' Why May should ABANDON talks
Michael Portillo CONDEMNS May's Chequers Brexit deal
Why do so many people hate Trump for telling truths they don’t want to hear?
Jeremy Corbyn accuses the Trump of 'racism, misogyny and hate!'
Andrew Neil takes SWIPE at Khan over Trump blimp - 'Fly one of him wearing a STAB vest!'
Theresa May bewildered Team Trump with her Brexit approach. Now they're angry!
Trump must be shaking in his shoes!
OBORNE: I predict Brexit will trigger the collapse of two-party politics
SOUTH AFRICA: "One settler, one bullet!"
A 16-YEAR-OLD Ethiopian won bronze in the 5,000m at the World Under-20 Championships?
Facebook loophole allowed 3rd-party firms to collect personal info without our knowledge
In Weinstein interview, he admits to 'offering Hollywood jobs to women in return for sex!'

Friday 13 May

School BANS parents from children's sports day claiming they would make event unsafe
CAMBERWELL: 17-year-old girl stabbed to death!
BIRMINGHAM: Grandma, 86, stabbed to death, others injured in knife attack
Shahid Ali, a Muslim, has his sentence increased? Now that's unusual!
In one prison 9 inmates overdose on 'zombie drug' in one day!
World leaders FORCED to hold STUMBLING and swaying Juncker ahead of NATO dinner!
Muslim woman says Trump is not welcome in Britain where "WE ARE THE MAJORITY!"
TRUMP: Britain is 'losing its culture' because of immigration - 'it's never going to be what it was!'
Trump on May’s Brexit plans: ‘I don’t know if that’s what they voted for!’
Theresa May has KILLED US-UK trade deal with soft Brexit!
Trump says UK is LOSING culture from immigration which has changed Europe for WORSE
Farage agrees as caller demands Trump 'kick May up backside' over Brexit!
Tory Party Vice-Chairman: Theresa May’s ‘cabal’ is treating Brexiteers with ‘contempt!’
'This recreates the worst parts of the EU!' Tories revolt over May's Brexit blueprint
Barely 13% of voters believe Theresa May's Chequers deal will be 'good for Britain’
Theresa May's favourability rating plummets to all-time low
Former Telegraph editor says the last two years of EU negotiations has been a waste of time!
Yvette Cooper SCHOOLED as she appears to forget KEY Brexit point
EU Secretary-General gloats after England’s World Cup exit!
Fury at Lord Patten's 'uncouth abuse' of Jacob Rees-Mogg
Assad's victory inches closer: Syrian army raises flag in rebel-held city of Darra
GERMANY: Muslim biker gangs/boxing clubs say: “We are coming and we will take your country!”
Would 'elf 'n' safety' have stopped a cave rescue in this country?
Labour MP QUITS the party saying bosses made him 'feel like a criminal!'
Ban for drink-drive vicar who was three times over the limit
Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin: We will not allow Gaza to be rebuilt!
Plague of deadly BLOODSUCKING VAMPIRE horseflies on way to UK?
Saturated fats do NOT increase risk of heart disease - and may prevent a stroke?

Thursday 12 May

Trump dressing down globalists is the best thing you'll see in ages!
Obama Officials Freak Out After Trump Calls Out NATO
Trump’s Brexit rebellion catches fire in the UK
Trump dislikes 'German-run EU' - Boosts HARD-Brexit case!
Despised Blair spin doctor, Alastair Campbell, says Trump is despised here!
Global debt SOARS to 250 TRILLION amid fears for ECONOMIC CRISIS!
Hungarian fertility rates rise, turn back demographic decline!
Third World migration drives EU population rise to 513 million!
Why did Theresa May ‘clear’ the EU deal with Merkel before consulting her colleagues?
Theresa May makes millionaire Tory MP who once claimed 40p for milk a cabinet minister!
LITTLEJOHN: Forget David Davis and Boris — why hasn’t Mother Theresa quit?
Jacob Rees-Mogg leads bid to formally block Chequers plan
QUENTIN LETTS: Damn our elite and its suicidal compulsion to defy the people!
Britain is a country of lions being led by a jellyfish!
Muslim Party leader tells Dutch to leave Netherlands if they don’t like increase in Muslims!
Muslim threatens to shove a TEAR GAS canister down a woman's throat for not wearing a hijab!
1100+ claims of attacks by aid workers emerge since 2010 Haiti scandal!
Power Without Scrutiny: The Jewish privilege that poisons democracy!
Israel launches fresh AIRSTRIKES against Syria!
Girl, 14, raped by 'Asians' in Levenshulme's Crowcroft Park
British widow, 50, 'gang-raped by 8 hotel workers during holiday in Sorrento!'
UK-Ireland soft border exploited by people traffickers!
CALIFORNIA: Manhunt for chainsaw attacker, Alejandro Alvarez
Immigrants threatened to kill ship’s crew if it didn't sail to Europe!
Hypocrisy of the loan shark billionaire
Labour bought personal data on 1million new and expectant mothers
Why the German people should be abolished?
What does the BBC have to hide? Many top earners left off the salary list

Wednesday 11 May

‘LGBT rights must trump religious freedom’, says John Bercow!
MG - The 'stealth' STI that makes women infertile!
Respect ISIS supporters' free speech, says Harriet Harman's Human Rights committee!
Listeria outbreak forces supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury's, Aldi) to recall MORE frozen products!
UK kids consume more energy drinks than any in EU! Health Minister says his can't have them
MUTANT bed bugs 'resistant to extermination' swarm Britain!
Multivitamins made to help YOUR heart DON’T WORK!
USA: ‘Unaccompanied alien children’ processed by Obama admin included MS-13 killers, drug smugglers!
SOUTHWARK: African immigrant, Omieke Glenn, grabbed girl, 13, off the street and raped her!
Trump backs Boris Johnson’s Brexit rebellion!
‘Zombie’ May dodges Party leadership contest but loses public support
Vince Cable issues brutal attack on Leave voters!
Death of Brexit the culmination of endless jibes against the majority in the referendum
Remoaner Anna Soubry WELCOMES Theresa May's SOFT-Brexit proposals!
SNP wants UK SHACKLED to EU customs union and single market!
'This is THE END!' Tory activist's DAMNING response to Prime Minister's Chequers deal
John Cleese is “so disappointed” with Brexit and the media he's leaving England!
SWEDEN: Fatal shooting suspect is ISIS fighter
Bosses who revive high street punished with soaring business rate hikes
'Give me an atom bomb and I'll wipe Holland off face of the earth!'
This is how much liberal lunatic’s love free speech!
Lord Carrington dies aged 99 - Even the worst of us die
Macron’s political future at risk after he splashed out taxpayer cash for a swimming pool
If only the Cabinet was more like the England players
BBC is using 'smoke and mirrors to cover-up' salaries of top stars!

Tuesday 10 May

UK announces police cash boost… for Soros-backed ‘Hate Crime’ training!!!
Unnamed 'Brent' youth, 16, ran away laughing after killing shopworker!
87-year-old woman cheated out of £35,000 after being “groomed” by scammers
Money launderer Choudry Yahya (£250,000 cash in his car) sent relatives to private school!
Ellie Chessell left scarred for life with 'skin dripping to the floor' after acid attack ordered by her ex
‘A matter of life and death!’ 15,000 white, South African farmers seek refuge in Russia!
South African towns are falling apart!
Gay businessman who ran over Musa Dem when he called him a 'faggot boy' gets 12 years!
Now 15% MORE Britons want to leave the EU!
BORIS: 'Brexit is dying, white flags are fluttering!' May deal will 'make Britain an EU colony!’
Rees-Mogg says May 'turned red lines into WHITE FLAGS!'
Remainers congratulate May’s Brexit betrayal!
Betrayed Brexit voters will give up on politics? (Politicians more like!)
Will May scrap Brexit Department for being too pro-Brexit?
Boris calls Brexit deal ‘a big turd!’
UKIP’s Batten demands May resign, labels her leadership ‘a disaster for the country!’
Ex-Brexit Minister says Brexit department was cut off from the making of policy decisions!
Pope Francis decries ‘murderous indifference’ toward persecuted Christians in Middle East!
ITALY: Migrant arrivals fall by 80% in 2018 under populist government!
Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to new rape charges, then shares a laugh with his lawyer
Piers Morgan CALLS OUT Sadiq Khan over violent crime stats!
World Cup-winner says FA 'did nothing' for 1966 heroes!
Britain's broadband speeds are so poor they are down to 35th in the world
LIBBY PURVES: BBC's focus on 'diverse' comedy is just 'PC panic!'

Monday 9 May

CORNWALL: 15-year-old Shakira Pellow is the latest teenager killed by drugs!
SCOTLAND: Humza Yousaf appointed Justice Secretary! 'New hate crime laws' on horizon!
BBC helps ‘Black Studies’ Prof claim West ‘built on racism!’ Black ‘revolution’ call unchallenged!
Christian doctor who refused to ID patients by gender fluid preference sacked by Government!
ENGLAND: New female Ggenital mutilation case every two hours! Experts demand action!
ISIS jihadis forced out of Syria now plot attacks on Britain from Afghanistan
700,000 would-be immigrants are waiting in Libya ahead of trip across sea to Europe!
Boris brands Theresa May's Brexit plan 'an absolute stinker!'
TURD DEAL - Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns! He ‘couldn’t sell out his own country!
David Davis’s 'sensational' resignation PRAISED by Tory Brexiteers!
'This is FAKE sovereignty!' Marr TEARS into Gove over May’s soft Brexit proposal
Peter Bone hits out at Theresa May over David Davis resignation
Time's up for May! Letters calling for NO CONFIDENCE vote pile up
'It’s a TOTAL sell-out!' Farage FURIOUS at May’s plan to keep UK aligned with EU
Jacob Rees-Mogg cheers on David Davis' sensational resignation
JAMAICA: Saquino Farr charged with stealing £46,000+ from credit cards of murdered couple!
CANADA: Muslim professor: ‘If you want sharia law, go back to the hellhole you came from!’
UK media pushes anti-Trump narrative with ‘how to protest visit’ coverage
DEAD STUPID! Nigerian witch doctor gets pal to shoot him to prove ‘bullet-proof’ charms work!

Sunday 8 May

98 million Americans given polio vaccine contaminated with cancer-causing virus?
Despite anti-Russia propaganda, Amesbury contamination via Salibury is impossible!
Catholic Bishop says Europe's migrant crisis was ‘orchestrated’ by international powers!'
Pope Francis under fire from Jewish groups! Supports sainthood of 'anti-Semitic' priest!
Jared Kushner’s ‘ultimate peace deal’ is designed to rob Palestinians of their dignity
"Build a settlement, it's like you wiped out tens of thousands of non-Jews!"
Police stop suspected ‘child sex party’ at kebab shop in Bethnal Green!
He doesn't believe in democracy or obey our laws but works as expert witness in our courts?
Most senior Asian female Met cop faces misconduct probe!
'Briton' who raised funds for ISIS spent on guns, clothes and sex slaves, jailed for just 4 years!
Was Dr Page killed because of research into dangers of North Sea oil industry?
GERMANY: Asylum seeker raped/murdered Susanna Feldman, 14 and also raped girl, 11?
Nantes on FIRE! Riots on the streets for 4th night as police clash with protestors!
SALVINI: ‘Soros wants to fill Italy and Europe with migrants because he likes slaves!’
Cabinet agrees Brexit deal that keeps Britain tied to EU rules on goods indefinitely
'The nation voted to LEAVE!' Ann Widdecombe RIDICULES May's soft Brexit proposal
May claims victory with Soft Brexit plot - Boris in firing line!
NHS CRISIS: Nurse warns health service is 'falling apart' - Staff 'saturated' by workload!
Parents say formula-milk product's new recipe is making their babies vomit
Politicians play up ‘far right’ threat but stats show right-wing attacks on migrants sown 70%!
Democrats' election strategy for 2020!
The BIBLE: Blueprint for Jewish atrocities and genocide!

Saturday 7 May

9% of 16 to 24-year-olds identify as bisexual, only 1% of 55-75 year-olds do!
Are 11-year-olds really capable of making life-changing decisions about their gender?
On average, 68 care home residents die each year after choking on unsuitable food!
'They deserve no mercy!' Iraq deals with 'women of Isis!'
Mental health nurse, Mohamed Kamara, raped a vulnerable patient in a hospital bed!
Beast who grabbed schoolgirl, 13, off the street and filmed himself raping her is jailed for 11 years
London Bridge terrorist's widow, Charisse O'Leary, rehoused since attacks which killed 8
Nigerian father-of-five Abolaji Onafuye a Grenfell fraudster?
16-year-old charged with rape and murder of Alesha MacPhail, 6, on Scottish island of Bute
Illegal immigrant population in Paris no-go zone suburbs hits 400,000
Have-a-go heroes had to let thief go - Cops TOO BUSY to come and arrest him!
TOTAL CAPITULATION! May concedes on goods, rules, EU Court and more!
Theresa May to abolish Brexit department - It is too openly pro-Brexit?
Almost 70% say Brexit going badly, blame Theresa May government
BETRAYAL: Cabinet BACKS Soft Brexit plan!
'I will stick to my promise to the British people!' Rees-Mogg's threatens Theresa May
Farage ATTACKS May’s ‘soft Brexit’ plans and BLASTS Brexiteers for not resigning
Settling for a soft Brexit could cost Tories the next election
'Brexit is a LOSER'S GAME,' says Barnier!
Descendant of Labour politician, hard-line Corbynista, top university lecturer behind Trump blimp
Foreign Minister: No one could say ‘Hungary First’ before Trump’s rise!
SADIQ KHAN: Shallow, gassy opportunist who lost his precious principles
Socialite partied and took drugs with hospital visitor the day before she died
Cousin marriages can cause genetic illness - Children die every week!

Friday 6 July

Mental health nurse, Mohamed Kamara, raped a vulnerable patient in a hospital bed!
Violent crimewave in Liverpool, Birmingham, Hull and beyond
Albanian people smuggler jailed for six years
Russia claims Britain staged Amesbury Novichok crisis to ruin the World Cup!
UKIP ‘saves the Internet!’ EU’s attack on memes voted down, delayed!
'This is NOT Brexit!' Rees-Mogg calls for May to RIP UP leaked EU plan
Philip Hammond refuses to overhaul toxic tax killing local shops!
Plastic is killing off Arctic wildlife!
'Western world is built on RACISM,' says black professor!
Unpublished eve-of-Brexit poll shows Britain knew what it was voting for
Polish PM warns EU! Listen to increasingly disenfranchised citizens, respect member-states!
Sadiq Khan gives go-ahead for giant ‘TRUMP BABY’ to fly over London
'He wanted to stop the nightmares!' Another soldier kills himself

Thursday 5 July

Pesticide lnked to autism, ADHD, IQ loss!
Soros-funded Citizens UK demands Home Office ships refugees to every corner of Britain!
IRONY! Govt braces for Russia 'misinformation campaign' after two more poisoned by Novichok?
Security Minister implies Kremlin to blame after second Novichok poisoning!
Police hunt 'scum' who broke in and did this to terminally ill 87-year-old veteran
Nigel Stringer defends family from burglars - Gets arrested for racism!
10,000 cops took sick leave due to stress/anxiety in past year – largest number in history!
One in 14 rapists spared prison in the past decade!
Why ARE so many Britons falling from Magaluf hotel balconies?
Boys forced to rape their MOTHERS! Mass rape and cannibalism in Congo!
Paediatricians: Gender ideology is the latest assault on our children!
If the Tories think pushing transgender rights will win the next election, they are deluded!
Liberals have lost the argument on the migrant crisis. Now Europe needs to get tough
‘BONKERS’ EU law could be passed TODAY limiting FREEDOM of SPEECH, banning memes!
China asks EU to form 'anti-US' grand trade alliance in shock move
Farage slams EU army plans, bloc ‘hell-bent on collision with Trump!’
'I feel like a right MUG!' Farage accuses May of 'CONNING' Britons over Brexit!
FARAGE: 'Deceitful' Brexit clause set to BETRAY UK fisheries1
'When it comes to fish, we are all Brexiteers!' Gove defends fishermen
Tory warns PM 'no one will believe MPs again' if she betrays Brexit vote
There is 'NO mandate for Brexit,' says Remoaner lawyer!
ITALY - Growing divide between church and people over immigration
Immigrants in Germany sent £16billion back to homelands in 2016!
Polish lawmaker speaks out after Cathy Newman’s latest car crash interview on illegal migration
FRANCE: Niqab-wearer arrested for refusing to show face = Massive riots, horrifying violence!
Patriot, Ethan Nordean, knocks out baton-wielding Antifa snowflake!
Trump supporter attacked in a restaurant for wearing a MAGA hat!
MSM bitter over Trump’s ‘America First’ successes
Ex-CIA chief calls on White House Cabinet to rise up against Trump!
Young, white Americans flee Democrat Party in droves!
Reality TV star turned Lord Mayor of Sheffield BANS Trump from visiting city!
40,000 ATMs could be closed down? Authorities want to impose crippling business rates!
Netanyahu to European leaders: Stop funding Iran!
Hawaii volcano eruption! Lava oozes into residential areas!

Wednesday 4 July

CHESHIRE: Detectives probing deaths of 17 babies arrest nurse, Lucy Letby
Pride event at London school axed after parents threaten protest (Quite right too!)
Motuir Rahman accosted girl, 19, in a Redbridge park and raped her
Murderer's sister warned cops about his heavy cannabis use before fatal knife attack!
Paedophile Zeeshan Barshir wanted by police
Millionaire brothel madam jailed for 10 years
GERMANY: Asylum seeker who murdered girl, 14, raped an 11-year-old at refugee home!
Merkel's migrant domino effect!
NANTES: Clashes after French police shoot young man dead
British ISIS fighters HANGED in Iraq! RESULT!
59% of voters concerned anti-Trump agitators may incite Civil War!
Leave MPs are democrats not extremists. Denying the people's vote would be a fatal mistake
James Dyson is right about Brexit — just tell the European Union ‘so long, suckers!’
Article 13: UKIP joins pro-free speech #SaveTheInternet fight, forces EU parliament vote!
Nigel Farage savages Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU!
Traitor May 'in BIG trouble' as she plans 'softest possible Brexit!'
BREXIT BETRAYAL! Fury over plot to keep Britain's MEPs in EU 'under cover of darkness!'
Jacob Rees-Mogg names the TWO cabinet ministers ‘doing their best to frustrate Brexit!’
NEW ZEALAND: Nanny made up her pregnancy then stole baby!
EU’s sinking ship should welcome a good Brexit deal
Slump in Army morale follows swingeing cuts
London bloodbath: Man stabbed outside church in Croydon
Schoolgirl's asthma death first to be directly linked to London air pollution
Commuters ignore 'heavily pregnant' woman, refusing to give up seats on London Tube
Tina Turner's firstborn son Craig Turner commits suicide aged 59
Paris makes rainbow crosswalks permanent in honour of gay pride?

Tuesday 3 July

George Soros: Trump has almost destroyed the New World Order!
90% of global plastic waste comes from just 10 rivers in Asia and Africa!
Midwife memoir shows “grooming” started in 1950s London!
Why was Timchang Nandap set free to kill her husband?
REDBRIDGE: Motuir Rahman accosted a 19-year-old as she walked through a park and raped her
Imam who subjected pupils to 109 physical assaults at a mosque in Rochdale has been jailed
Sussex cops refuse to arrest man exposing himself to 4 young girls?
Police helicopter spots arsonists setting new fires near England's major incident wildfire!
Firefighters scramble to six FIRES in 12 hours - TURMOIL across UK!
Busting the Remain-inspired myths about trade on WTO terms!
MACRON fires France’s ambassador to Hungary after he praises Orbán’s migration policy!
Cameron 'personally requested Obama's back of the queue Brexit warning!'
DELINGPOLE: Sinister foreign leader caught trying to overturn democratic vote in UK!
ANTIFA thug who thought he was tough gets taught a lesson!
USA: Liberal airhead gets schooled!
Rees-Mogg: Mrs May has made many promises on Brexit, now she must keep them!
A betrayal of the people is no laughing matter!
EU to reject May’s latest Brexit offer despite EVEN MORE concessions!
Why does the BBC care so much more about diversity than complaints over sex and violence?
£511million payday for the fat cat housing executives!
What could be worse than PEACE?
Dead kids and open borders - How fauxtography manipulates your feelings
London shop criticised for flying England flags responds by putting EVEN MORE up!

Monday 2 July

Save our bees or we’ll all be dead in four years!
TRANSGENDER RULES! Girls banned from wearing skirts at 40 secondaries in England!
This former policeman told the truth - The British establishment tried to crush him!
Sussex cops refuse to arrest man exposing himself to 4 young girls?
Suicidal soldiers' lives put at risk as Facebook blocks 'cry for help' site for British troops!
SWEDEN: 6-year-old immigrant was, in fact, a 35-year-old midget from Syria!
High street bloodbath: 50,000 jobs lost in first 6 months of 2018
British jihadis who travel to Iraq to fight for ISIS face death by hanging? (3 cheers for Iraq!)
Bulgarian Prime Minister: Close Europe’s borders, imprison illegals, deport them back to Africa!
Hungary says ‘hypocrisy and political correctness’ on migration enables terrorism!
Soros held ‘secret meeting’ with Spain’s socialist, pro-mass migration leader!
SAJID Javid has now become Tory members’ top choice as next party leader?
'It's BETRAYAL!' Farage on fears over a soft-Brexit
Be bold Theresa, it’s the EU that is in big trouble!
Farage RAGES at UK's last-minute change of EU statement! Clean Brexit RULED OUT!
Brexiteers raise £750k war chest to dump Theresa May for Jacob Rees-Mogg
Mandelson DEMANDS Brexit be put 'on hold' until after new vote!
Gay, half-Indian Irish Taoiseach wants power on world stage?
May gets military warning fron USA! Increase defence spending or risk special relationship!
Holloway Road - A haven for moped gangs and killers? 14-year-old victim fights for life!
London bloodbath: Boy, 14, stabbed ‘multiple times’ fights for life in hospital
Kidnapped by Mahad Yusuf and Fesal Mahamud and forced to smuggle drugs around Britain?
48% of women in Sweden’s ‘vulnerable’ areas feel unsafe after dark
Now even our fishermen are being mugged!
RED TERROR! Antifa extremists brag about vicious attack on British Identitarian leader
Churchill was 'probably' sexually abused as a schoolboy? (Explains it all)
Rates, rents and web rivals are killing the high street!
Death of the local bus! Slow death of local routes with Council budget cuts
Angela Merkel’s government is on the verge of collapse

Sunday 1 July

417 BBC employees are transgender? BBC's 'Head of Diversity,' Tunde Ogungbesan, stunned...
Elderly Anglican priest defends marriage to 25-year-old Romanian male model
THIS is Londonistan - Do not let yourselves fall as we have fallen!
Nanny killer, Sabrina Kouide, to appeal 30-year jail term
London BLOODBATH continues as FOUR people stabbed at music festival!
BIRMINGHAM: Girl gang terrorised taxi drivers at knifepoint after luring them to fake pick-ups
IT technician who repeatedly shut down school's computers after sacking remains on the run
Four killed in head-on crash with Uber taxi
Christian death toll rises to 200 in 4-day Muslim ‘killing spree’ in Nigeria
US: Kathy Cunningham's headless body found with ammo/gun cache! Jacob Gonzales charged
‘While Brussels talks Europe is collapsing,’ says Euro president!
‘An enemy not a friend!’ Ireland's gay, half-Indian PM sparks fury with Brexit-bashing rant!
Will Merkel end up DESTROYING the EU? These people think so
ISIS fighter reveals buried Kalashnikovs, plot to attack French nuclear power plant
Polish MP: Our country is safe because we did not accept illegal immigrants!
Sir Philip Green considers suing Financial Reporting Council over publication of BHS' audit
Military needs £7billion a year more to protect itself says Lord Dannatt
HITCHENS: Inflatable tanks? Perfect for our fake, overblown nation
Russian foreign minister: Britain has 'exterminated' evidence in Salisbury spy poisoning
Tory jailbird Jonathan Aitken is ordained as a Church of England deacon
One million illegal immigrants in Libya?
Austria takes over rotating EU Presidency, pledges to strengthen borders
Child-stealing by the State - A Social Worker speaks!

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