Daily News: September 2018

Sunday 30 September

Regulator finds ethnic minorities OVER-REPRESENTED on TV! Demands even more diversity!
Brainwashing our children? Thousands of headteachers are militants who want Corbyn in power!
Teachers ‘bullying’ right-wing pupils as leftie ideology infiltrates schools!
Thousands of parks sold off by councils become 'no go' zones plagued by antisocial behaviour
Girl Guide leader spied on then sacked for saying Guides shouldn't share tents/showers with men
Man ‘knifed in face’ as he sat on a Central Line train - CCTV image of enriching type!
Serial rapist, Ashfaq Khan, jailed for targeting lesbians in Manchester gay village!
Teenagers buy STAB-PROOF VESTS as London bloodbath spirals!
Parents say their children were groomed into selling street drugs by County Lines gangsters
1,566 Pounds of Heroin Found in Iranian Trucks Entering EU from Turkey
British army will be given new fitness test which NOBODY can fail!
Fury as village BANS Remembrance Day statues because guns are 'offensive!'
The world was sold a monstrous lie over Lockerbie! It WASN'T Libya who bombed the 747!
HITCHENS: It's one rule for Clinton and another for Trump's judge!
Tony Blair's spin doctor tells Boris Johnson to kill himself
HYPOCRISY: Director of Labour's 'rebuilding Britain' party video made one for Saudi oil firm!
Labour MP quizzed by cops after calling Israeli ambassador a 't****r?' WHY?
Spare us the ‘psycho lesbian’ cliche stories say feminists
Doctors Without Borders President accuses Salvini/Orban of migrant ‘humanitarian crisis!’
It’s official: EU IS forcing fishermen out of work!
EU branded THIEVES for forcing austerity on Italy!
Syria a victim of wars fought in the name of oil – Austrian Foreign Minister
GERMANY: Afghan migrant stabs 3! 'Integration minister' calls for people to 'stand together!'
Elon Musk FORCED to STEP DOWN as chairman of Tesla
Creator of Father Ted reported to cops after online row with transgender activist

Saturday 29 September

'Migrants are pushing NHS to breaking point,' says top cancer doctor!
We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years!
Whitehall thought the British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision
What the elite say BEFORE a referendum! (Before democracy kicks in)
Exposing Sky News lies and propaganda! Tommy Robinson will take them to court!
Richard Branson hits out at BoJo and Brexit DISASTER!
USA: Woman who confronted Flake in elevator runs Soros-funded organisation!
Monkeypox mutation! Scientists fear a new deadly plague could strike at any moment!
FACEBOOK: 'Worst ever' security breach affecting 50 MILLION users!
Britain’s far right is on the rise! (Poor, little Owen)
Irish border being used to 'PUNISH UK for DARING to leave' says MP
Rees-Mogg: ‘Public policy discriminates against the family and encourages its breakdown!’
After disastrous election, Merkel says: ‘I’m Still Alive!’
Talk Show host reported for ‘hate crime’ after mocking safe spaces!
Belgian MP: Grand Mosque of Brussels continues to preach hate!/a>
Millionaire businessman, Patanchaly Ananda-Mohanadas, rents 3 bed home to 20 Romanians
Tory MEP Amjad Bashir blew £30,000 of Brussels expenses on meals, son's parking fines...
'British' chemist 'caught fighting for ISIS' in Syria was 'struck off for falsifying records!'
3 people seriously injured after being stabbed in Ravensburg, Germany
Gay perv Duerte Xavier tricked 4 straight men into sex after posing as woman on dating apps!
BECKHAM: A role model who breaks the law and gets away with it
Spend it like Beckham! Fury over 'technicality' that cleared his name!

Friday 28 September

THE TOLERANT LEFT! ("I hope he (Tommy Robinson) dies!")
EU Commission: EU must curb national sovereignty to kill populism!
EU threatens press controls to curb ‘bad nationalism’ and anti-Soros, pro-Brexit narratives!
Hungary passes 'stop Soros' laws, bans aid to undocumented immigrants!
Six-year-old school kids taught to write same-sex love letters!
Primary school teaches pupils about LGBT relationships!
Girls who ID as boys to be BANNED from Girl Guides! Boys who ID as girls: NO PROBLEM!
Brett Kavanaugh versus Christine Blasey Ford - Sky's unbiased critique?
All 10 Judiciary Committee Democrats demand Trump withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination!
Church slams Scottish government for ignoring anti-Catholic hate, focusing on transgender!
Tommy Robinson: I don't care if I incite fear of Muslims!
‘Untouchable’ Gypsy gang behind violent robberies, drug deals and ATM thefts jailed
Aggressive 'Fagin' gangs use children to target wealthy victims in London
Taskforce that fights fraud, online banking scams disbanded after catching £113million fraudster!
Aaron Ali rams two old ladies, 88 and 90, with mobility scooter in random attack at bus stop!
FRANCE: 2018 - Police chief stabbed to death in the street!
FRANCE - 2018: Policeman murdered by Islamist! Arnaud Beltrame traded himself for a hostage!
FRANCE: 2016 - ‘Allahu Akhbar’ terrorist murders senior French Police Officer and his wife
FRANCE: 2017 - Police officer shot dead by terrorist on Champs Élysées!
Mass murder in South Africa - The Smuts family
South Africa 'close to war zone' with 57 murders a day!
Dutch police 'foil major attack with suicide vests, assault rifles and car bombs!'
Councils refuse to house criminal migrants due to ‘social cohesion’ risk
REES-MOGG: It's time the mighty State put the British family first!
EU chief backs UN's ‘enhance legal pathways’ for mass migration to Europe plan!
Mohamed most popular male baby name in Paris suburbs
NIGERIA: Lady dies after sleeping with Alhaji and his monkey?

Thursday 27 September

Big Tech defines Conservatism as 'hate speech!' Silence political oppo with one simple trick
'French' rapper's anti-white hate song "Pendez les blancs!" (Hang Whitey!) on Spotify/iTunes
Tommy Robinson: Short statement from Gerard Batten, UKIP leader
Number of immigrants referred to German security services rose fourfold in 2017!
Labour MP calls for ‘general strike’ to overthrow Brexit, Government!
‘Fake News’ BBC claimed Trump said war is coming with Iran!
EU Court rules politicians’ expenses can be hidden from public to protect ‘privacy’/‘integrity!’
SALVINI: We do not take lessons on ‘law’ or ‘humanity’ from Macron!
‘He speaks for France, not for the EU!’ Italy’s Conte FUMES at Macron!
Brexit will spell END OF EUROPE, says French finance minister!
Irish border ‘WEAPONISED’ to ‘OBFUSCATE’ negotiators - Nadine Dorries
Labour activist, Linda Bellos, threatens to 'thump' transgender 'b******s' during speech!
MANCHESTER: Black man repeatedly punches pensioner, 71, in unprovoked street attack
Ruthless fraud gang deliberately targeted defenceless elderly victims! (One aged 94)
Number of rape suspects being charged falls to lowest level in a decade!
Rape victims are ‘being failed by prosecutors' say charities
Billionaire LA Times owner calls social media the 'cancer of our time!'
The thoughts of JONI COHEN - Trans-feminist and political campaigner
Drug-taking grandson of Liberal leader found dead in the Danube
Christian activist charged with ‘hate crimes,’ shut down by judge for criticising LGBT agenda
Lily Allen ADMITS she was 'a MORON' over Calais migrant camp 'apology!'
Malaysian Prime Minister defends his right to be anti-Semitic
Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic!

Wednesday 26 September

SWEDEN: Car 'aimed directly' at 'crowd of 100 children and teachers!'
Swedish media wait 24 hours to report on a car that ploughed into a crowd of 100 children!
Chelsea boss Abramovich linked to crime and laundering cash say Swiss police!
UK exports to Israel soar by 75% in 2018! (So much for Palestinian suffering)
Girl Guides expel leaders who opposed transgender shower-sharing!
MERKEL: ‘We won’t build any fences!’ (OR: 'We won't defend German people from invaders)
'In 1974 we didn't get second vote!' Retired miner slams Labour's Brexit betrayal
Labour MP launches SCATHING ATTACK on Eurocrats!
SOROS takes Hungary to Euro Court over laws making it illegal to help asylum seekers!
Thornberry wants 'sickening individuals' with a 'despicable hatred' of Jews kicked out of Labour!
Diane Abbott caught in another EMBARRASSING gaffe!
Australian MP wants to make it illegal to insult followers of Islam!
ENGLAND: 170,000 who had hernia mesh implants 2011-17 left suicidal, unable to walk, work!
MONKEYPOX! Third case of disease confirmed in UK!
Pret A Manger didn't respond to 9 warnings that baguettes could cause allergic reaction
Blood scandal inquiry: 'Look into Department of Health's dark corners!'
Doctors blamed victims to cover up blood scandal! Said patients were drug addicts/alcoholics!
Number of children going to hospital with rotten teeth rises to 26,000!
Why does Britain care so little for its sick and elderly?
British girls among heaviest binge-drinkers in Europe
Bloodbath Britain: Parents buying STAB VESTS for kids amid knife-crime epidemic!
Sandra Zmijan murder: Police continue to quiz man
Violent bully, Ahmad Mahmood, continued to stalk his victim from jail cell
Feezan Choudhary stole £113million from Lloyds customers - thanks to corrupt bank workers!
Banks are hanging us out to dry!
Cameroon soldiers executed blindfolded women and children! Government called it 'fake news'
KAZAKHSTAN: Paedos to be chemically castrated! (OK by me)
'Tanned man' punches German wheelchair user several times in the face for no reason!
USA: Illegal alien Nicondemo Coria-Gonzales (deported 5 times) sexually assaulted 7 women!
Bill Cosby sentenced to state prison for sexual assault!
'They persecuted Jesus too!' Cosby spokesman makes bizarre comparison
Councillor called Diane Abbott a monkey and said Theresa May should be 'hanged for treason!’
The killing fields of South Africa!

Tuesday 25 September

Saudis push UN to adopt blasphemy law! UN members must 'criminalise criticism of Islam/Prophet!'
Telford girl abused by up to 70 paedos speaks out! Justice for town's sex victims?
Diverse type steals purse from elderly lady who has a heart attack soon afterwards
Police ‘too busy with online spats for serious crime!’
£1million-a-day bank scammers preying on YOU!
GERMANY: Gun-toting migrant mob attack disco. Bouncer badly wounded. MEDIA SILENCE!
Contaminated blood scandal: Inquiry 'must uncover truth!'
Tainted blood scandal - Another 25,000 victims could be infected
Judge says there could be thousands more blood contamination scandal victims!
Blood scandal victims tell of silent torment!
A million over-65s could be suffering dangerous side effects from mixing drugs/herbal remedies!
Nurse hanged herself after treating horror injuries suffered by Manchester terror attack victims
Why the German people should be abolished! (Article at the Huff Post!)
Vatican Cardinal says Pope Francis is an ‘ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian!’
Pope Francis: Virgin Mary stands by the ‘deported?’
Open borders Swedish PM, Stefan Löfven, ousted in no-confidence vote!
Sajid Javid's Home Office demands two years of ‘limitless’ EU immigration after No Deal Brexit!
EU demands Britain pays £2.7 billion customs fine!
BRUSSELS PANIC! May and Trump to hold Brexit trade talks TOMORROW!
Majority of Cabinet abandon May’s ‘Chequers’ plan!
MACRON ON BRINK! French president’s support hits RECORD LOW
Labour will vote against ANY deal Theresa May strikes with the EU?
African laughingly boasts that 'stupid' Europeans are funding end of own civilization!
Cosby used every tool at his disposal to destroy our reputation, our mental/emotional state!

Monday 24 September

Blair's Uni flatmate (his Justice Secretary Lord Falconer) wants UK to legalise cocaine/heroin!
Donald Trump thinks the Jews aren't grateful enough!
Gang rampaged through Liverpool attacking strangers because they were white, 'non-Muslims!'
Teenager dies after triple shooting in gun-free London
Cocaine dealer Dwaine Lewis rolled BMW trying to flee police at 80mph
Police charge Moses Etienne with Grenfell Tower fraud (14th Grenfell fraudster)
BlackRock, (pay George Osborne £650,000 a year for a one day week) set to launch world’s biggest, most EU-friendly investment fund!
Swedish populists win so many seats they have difficulty filling them!
Italian General says we could colve African mass migration with birth control!
Labour's education spokeswoman wants social media companies to ban anonymous accounts!
Evidence of political bias at Google?
Estonia backs Orbán on need for walls as Pope Francis demands Baltics open the borders!
More than half of students admitted to 23 British universities are from ethnic minorities
Top anti-corruption cop ordered to halt probe into Russian money laundering by senior FO official!
David Davis says Jacob Rees-Mogg should go to Brussels to teach EU leaders manners!
Neither Brussels nor the UK government are 'interested in a mutually advantageous agreement!'
Stoke City striker Saido Berahino fathers 3 babies by 3 different mothers over a 6-week period!

Sunday 23 September

Police are ‘very close to losing the streets’, top officer admits!
UN refugee chief declares mass migration a ‘source of progress and prosperity!’
Soros-backed group ramps up campaign for second referendum!
George Soros and the ‘Shadow Party’ rule over the Democrats?
Couple torn apart after 67 YEARS! Forced to live in separate homes by council starved of cash!
Russia: Israel responsible for downing of plane that killed 15 servicemen!
List of the victims murdered in London so far in 2018
Taxi driver, Ruhen Miah, raped and sexually assaulted four female passengers!
Two boys brutally stabbed by muggers in Tower Hamlets
GRENFELL: Another illegal immigrant swindles a £60,000 hotel stay!
'Huge numbers' of Britons of make dishonest PPI claims? Pay out figure hits £30billion!
USA: Nicholas Deon Thrash raped (repeatedly) and impregnated his girlfriend's daughter, 10
Moroccan migrants arrested after they gang raped Italian girl, 16 EU chiefs say Britain should have ANOTHER Brexit vote so voters can 'change their view!'
Farage launches fresh offensive in PEOPLE v GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT!
Health chiefs 'are putting black/Asian children at risk' by 'burying' minority obesity figures

Saturday 22 September

Parish Chair (led revolt against checks on councillors) raped girl, sexually abused 5 schoolboys!
Tufnell Park: Stabbed to death by a black man who stole his phone!
Harry Uzoka murder: George Koh, Merse Dikanda and Jonathan Okigbo jailed
Charlton Athletic's Montell Moore found guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl with a friend
Senior Labour politician's son raped young woman he subjected to cruel, degrading acts!
LONDON BLOODBATH: ‘Gang-related’ stabbing in Limehouse!
Met bosses knew of relationship deception by spy Mark Kennedy!
David has a top job in Whitehall. His best friend is serving life for murder!
Fake bailiffs conspire with gypsy travellers to RIP-OFF landowners!
Kik chat app 'involved in 1,100 child abuse cases!'
32 years in jail and Jeremy Bamber may be innocent?
Bus driver in Sweden attacked by 'child refugee' who refused to show him bus ticket
British jihadis in Syria vow to 'fight to the death' face annihilation from Russian forces
French girl beaten up by African immigrant
POLICING THE NEWS! Armed Police ARREST Newspaper Publisher over “Hate Crime!”
Disgraced ex-immigration judge, Michael Shrimpton, struck off
New book claims the British military is at breaking point!
BERNIE SANDERS says of Senate: “We just starve little children, we go bomb houses and buses of children and we give tax breaks to billionaires but we don’t use dirty words!”
Refusal to budge on Brexit deal will cost Brussels £500billion say analysts!
Alastair Campbell confronted for 'misleading' public with anti-Brexit 'SPIN!'
FARAGE: 'EU leaders want to HUMILIATE UK!'
Professor Jonathan Rosenhead: 'Zionists stopped Jews escaping the Holocaust?'
Podgy Deep State chap mocks Corbyn aide Andrew Murray over 'deep state!' claims!
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein 'wanted to wear wire' to record President Trump
US-China trade war: Trump will make dispute ‘UNBEARABLY PAINFUL!’
THE MIND DOCTOR: I'd rather die than be put in one of our dreadful care homes!
PayPal blacklists Infowars for ‘promoting hate!’ (Blacklisted me for promoting truth 6 years ago)
Credit Suisse boss (identifies as gender fluid) named among top 100 'women' in business
Prince Charles has 9 combat medals - despite not fighting in a single war!
Muhammad names top baby boy list in England and Wales for sixth year running!
Lily Allen ‘had sex with a celebrity friend of her father aged 14!’ He joked about it!

Friday 21 September

Traitor Blair wants to build bridges with someone who doesn't care for White Genocide?
Tommy Robinson 27/9 court case - New charges added! NO JURY! Judge alone to decide!
Half of new households will be migrant families, Growth Report ‘a hopeless underestimate!’
Deranged Leftism is destroying all the sane stuff we took for granted!
EU Migration Commissioner agrees with Italy on strong borders and deportations!
Swedish PM insists EU must ‘force’ third world migrants on every member state!
Jean-Claude Juncker blocked EU curbs on tax avoidance!
Grayling says Brexit no-deal is underway after Salzburg DISASTER
Brexiteers are LIARS, says Macron!
French Justice Dept. wants psychiatric evaluation of Marine Le Pen for posting anti-ISIS tweet!
Nigel Farage calls for social media ‘Bill of Rights’ to end bias!
YOU’RE FIRED! Brexit supporters being threatened with the sack!
Farage warns UKIP faces ‘marginalisation’ if it accepts Tommy Robinson - WRONG, NIGEL!
EU CIVIL WAR! Macron demands Hungary etc have finance cut as EU splits over migration
Rees-Mogg and pollsters slam Sadiq Khan for backing a second referendum to block Brexit!
French fishermen come to English waters to SABOTAGE Britons!
Australian PM's adviser says climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order!'
Proud to be black? Yipee! Proud to be White? RACIST!
Naked African immigrant brutally beats French woman in Paris!
Shocking zombie knife fight caught on CCTV! Teenager collapses in pool of blood
BABIES and adults STABBED as woman goes on a knife rampage at a nursery in New York!
Black savages tried to abduct this white girl in South Africa. NORMALITY in Beastworld!
FRANCE: African ‘child refugee’ arrested for series of violent, knifepoint rapes
Rap mogul Suge Knight agrees to serve 28 YEARS after running over and killing a man!
MAGALUF: Videos show gangs of thieves stealing from British tourists!
Student editor who tweeted 'women don't have penises' fired from university journal!
Furious backlash as gloating French President wants to punish UK for listening to Brexit 'liars'
Salzburg showdown = May v identikit suits... with zipped-in smugness!
May's string of blunders that turned Salzburg summit from triumph to disaster
Germany's far-right AfD is now the country's second most popular party
Death map of the world! 180 countries reveal how many people will die before 70th birthday!
Spanish flu warning: 'greatest enemy of all' could return to wreak havoc
Thousands of British women die too young because they 'try to drink, eat and smoke like men!'
Death of the High Street! 1,772 shops disappeared from Britain's town centres in 2017
'Snowflake generation' threatens the future of the NHS by refusing to work nights/weekends

Thursday 20 September

SALISBURY: Trump refused May's plea for help - 'she was only 95% sure Russia was to blame!'
President Trump’s exclusive interview with Hill.TV
These billionaires love Israel but hate Trump!
ENFIELD: Bilkan Bilkaner and Duke Quainoo charged with murder of Russell Jones
'I'M DYING, I CAN'T BREATHE!' Chilling screams of man ‘stabbed for a mobile phone’
LONDON: Man murdered with a 'large knife' during attempt to steal his mobile phone
Romanian takeaway worker stabbed to death by gang of bullies!
Westminster terrorist grins as he checks into hotel days before attack
Violent since childhood, Westminster terror attacker began reading Quran in prison
London gangs becoming more 'organised, ruthless and driven by drugs profits!'
SOUTH AFRICA: Murdered guest house owner, 80, stabbed 62 times, court hears
BRITAIN: Illegal immigration rising by a 'scandalous' 70,000 every year!
Britain's care system doesn't care! County lines scandal like grooming gangs all over again!
Farage and UKIP cleared by Electoral Commission after two years of ‘agony!’
ROTHERHAM: Labour councillor sacked after standing up for Sarah Champion over child rape
NHS is 'subconsciously racist,' doesn't promote enough BME doctors, says BME head of BMA!
Incidents of drink-spiking double in three years, official figures show
May government says ‘pro-Brexit’ MPs must back ‘soft’ Brexit or face second referendum!
UK energy regulator caught covering up green scandals!
Amber Gonzales slips out of handcuffs, escapes police station, later charged with prostitution
White existence is a crime, says South African BFL Party spokesperson!
AUSTRALIA: ID this piece of sh*t!
Bono meets Pope Francis to discuss ‘wild beast that is capitalism!’
Socialite battling cocaine addiction kills herself at exclusive London hospital
Meghan struggles to bond with Harry's friends because of her 'trendy lefty' views!
It was quite a Jewish night at the 70th Emmy Awards!

Wednesday 19 September

Gender agenda is harming our children! 4,415% rise in girls wanting to change sex in 2017!
14,000,000 people are living in poverty in the UK?
Appeal to find missing girl, 8! Met police hunt two Asian men!
Incidents of drink-spiking double in three years, official figures show!
UK's biggest ever trading loss fraudster wins reprieve from deportation!
GLOUCESTERSHIRE: The faces of county lines!
Dangerous bus driver, Kailash Chander, 80, killed Rowan Fitzgerald, 7, and Dora Hancox, 76
Mohammed Abdul made threats to kill before driving SUV into nightclub!
Beaten/tortured slave returned by council officials to Romanian stepfather who trafficked her!
Police officers hoping for crime training in Wild West Britain get BANTER training instead!
Air pollution responsible for 60,000 cases of dementia in the UK?
USA: Chain migration used to import entire family villages of foreigners!
Norway officials admit they knew nothing about Libya but were up for regime change anyway
14,000,000 people are living in poverty in the UK?
These 2 billionaires love Israel but hate Trump!
University professors should be taught about 'white privilege' to make campuses more inclusive?
No-deal Brexit will stop UK police from using European Arrest Warrants?
At one time the Archbishop wasn't sure if a priest having sex with a child was a crime?
EU wants to lock UK into divorce deal, blocking future renegotiation!
Vast majority of Brits says govt lies about migrants, most want numbers cut
Russia blames Israel for friendly fire attack on its aircraft by Syria which killed 15 servicemen
Theresa May forces aides personally loyal to her on Cabinet colleagues
Report urges UK to drop preference for EU workers post-Brexit!
SWEDEN: Father of terror victim demands investigation to prevent more killings!
Sweden has Europe’s worst border control, says EU report
Merkel to fire Intelligence Chief who said Chemnitz protesters were NOT 'hunting' down migrants!
Trevor Phillips 'complicit' in workplace harassment of young women working in TV?
Cerys Matthews bans public school bands from radio show! (Went to top private school)
2010: Somali gangs build crime empire in Britain!

Tuesday 18 September

No child is safe in drug gang Britain! 50,000 may be peddling drugs on our streets!
LITTLEJOHN: Why won't Mother Theresa stand up for Britain?
Some of my childhood experiences under Islam...
Are we hardwired to be xenophobic? YES! It's normal and natural
RIGHT-WING parties see a massive surge in support as leftist parties collapse!
Vast majority of Brits think government lies about migrants, most want numbers cut!
Russia, Turkey agree to create buffer zone in Syria's Idlib!
Lord Adonis – ‘Ban Brexiteers from holding public office!’
Rees-Mogg skewers 'consistently wrong' Hammond over IMF report backing
BREXIT: Angela Merkel was us to 'SUFFER!’
BREXIT: 'We don't understand basic things,' according to Gina Miller!
Prison chaplain hounded out job by Muslim imam who accused him of extremism
NHS whistleblower quits claiming 'serious' concerns ignored
Trump orders release of documents/text messages related to the Russian probe!
LUTON: Violence explodes outside chicken shop
Swiss prosecutors open new rape probe into Oxford University scholar, Tariq Ramadan
Innocent granny dies after being attacked twice by police dog!
Spice 'Zombie' slumped lifeless on Blackburn street as pedestrians walk by
Migration IS a strain on public services, say half of voters and most think MPs lie about it
We may have missed real 'novichok assassins?' Petrov/Boshirov may only have been 'watchers?'
Tax authorities admit they DO treat the rich differently!
Britain's 'first transgender paramedic' says he understands patients better
MEXICO CITY: Gunmen dressed as mariachi band kill five people and wound eight
Indian husband hacked to death in front of pregnant wife! (He was from a lower caste)
As a toddler, Keith Allen used Lily to sell drugs - It went downhill from there!
Anne Hathaway (married to Jewish producer) denounces ‘white privilege’ at star-studded dinner
Lefties demand Japan 'embrace multiculturalism' because mixed-race woman won US open!

Monday 17 September

‘Civil war is coming to Europe’ warns German politician!
http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.4052/geert-wilders-the-worst-is-still-to-come.html"If we won't fight, by the end of the century we'll be part of the Arab world or Africa!"
A convicted terrorist is released from prison onto the streets of Britain every week
Albanian mafia 'take over drug rackets in the Midlands!' East European gang influence grows
'Cannabis and prostitutes' just hours before Novichok attack?
It's NOT novichok! 'Russian' couple fall ill at Salisbury restaurant with nerve-agent symptoms
Ex-soldier with PTSD apologises to bystanders who witnessed attempted suicide
Britain's senior female bishop says CoE should stop calling God 'he!' It'll put young off religion
Far-right terror detentions rise five-fold since Jo Cox murder
Sheffield's Lord Mayor ('immigrants make Britain great') explains why he entered politics
Britain turns offensive speech into a police matter!
'Child slave' drug runners! 126 children as young as 12 arrested in Norfolk alone in 18 months!
Mass stabbings in Luton, leave several seriously injured!
Teenage boy wounded in drive-by shooting in Huddersfield
Declan Marshall beat Emma Higginson to a pulp for refusing sex
Carjackers convicted for throwing acid on disabled boxer, dragging him behind vehicle
Police hunt sick cat killer after 9 pets poisoned in the same town in two weeks
Dutch Catholic Church accused of covering up child sex abuse
Scourge of repossessions seen in 1990s housing crash set to return!
Joe Biden refers to Trump supporters as "dregs of society!"
1993 World Trade Center bomber's request for halal meals granted
Winston Churchill's vanity and recklessness cost countless British lives and lost us our empire!

Sunday 16 September

HITCHENS: We're on the brink of war and nobody has noticed!
Massive child abuse via Tory government! Children gender transitioning up 4,415% in 8 years!
Secret plot to keep Britain in EU! Blair, Major and Clegg bid to stop Brexit
Labour leader met his KGB contacts once a month at the Gay Hussar restaurant in Soho!
Our wildlife is being starved, poisoned and concreted over
Look what happens when the Army goes soft on drugs!
MoD foots £80,000 bill for troops' nose jobs, man boob removals and liposuction!
Crime tsars are handed £1,500 pay boost - despite being branded 'hopeless!'
Muslims hijacked Brixton prison's bible classes and backed ISIS/killers of Lee Rigby!
CCTV shows mum-of-two dancing in nightclub before she was strangled by sex-crazed killer
Black man attempts to abduct child in Grimsby
Stab him! Stab him! Financier robbed of 75k watch by moped gang
Immigrant kills German woman because she rejected his advances. Media silence!
Syrian refugee accused of murdering 13-year-old Canadian girl!
USA: Christian Broder shot dead after mistaking robbers' car for cab outside wedding
Bataclan terrorist insults prison workers as ‘dogs’, ‘infidels!’
German MP: "Germany is now under the law of the knife !"
Illegal immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean 70,000 in 2017
BIRMINGHAM: Mob violently attacks traffic warden
SALVINI: Italians must have more children! Africans must not replace those we aren't having!’
ITALY: Five Star movement to strip mainstream media of public funding!
Scotland's lesbian Tory leader has a history suicidal thouhts and self-harm?
Your house price WON'T fall 33%. So why can't Mark Carney stop doom-mongering?
Leicester restaurant so filthy the owner nearly sent to prison

Saturday 15 September

Abducted at 15 by Muslim savages, held prisoner for 12 YEARS, Sarah was repeatedly raped, twice forced into marriage and had 8 abortions!
Teenager tells how she fought off 'Asian' who tried to drag her into his car
Mohammed Skaf should be paroled? Nah, he should be boiled in oil!
Hungary Referendum: 98% of voters reject Islamic immigration - Muslims are offended
Mum of German girl, 14, killed by asylum seeker, to Merkel: 'You have blood on your hands!'
WALES: Black youth murders white stepmum with axe and Samurai sword!
Top cop could lose job for using phrase 'whiter than white?'
GERMANY: 447+ killings/attempted killings by illegal migrants, asylum seekers, refugees in 2017
Diane Abbott immigration speech sparks FURIOUS response!
British intelligence chiefs thought Labour leader Michael Foot was 'a paid Soviet informant!’
Manafort worked with Israel to concoct anti-Semitism smear!
Palestinian citizens of Israel have no right to self-determination!
Palestinians in Khan Al Ahmar, try to defend their homes from Israeli destroyers!
Macron's popularity PLUMMETS - French President now neck and neck with Le Pen
EU plans to denationalise border protection a serious threat to the whole of Europe!
EU Commissioner blasts ‘little Mussolini’s, ‘problem’ Italy!
Furious MEPs tear apart Juncker speech – shows he is 'away with the fairies!'
PC champ claims BoE boss Carney more patriotic than Farage, Rees-Mogg and Boris!
Chinese advice booklet sums up the state of London in 2018
Train company takes 10% of cash in lost wallets as 'fee' for handing them back to owners!
One of 'Britain’s most wanted fraudsters’ in court charged with a £12million scam!
Michael Nascimento gets 13 years for conning 170 investors out of £2.8million
Thugs topple moped rider and repeatedly stomp on his head! (Why disguise ID of criminals?)
Migrant nearly loses penis after kicking dog in Spain

Friday 14 September

UKIP: EU copyright proposals ‘an enormous strike against free speech on the Internet!’
One-in-five secondary school children are caring for relatives at home!
Elected police chiefs are 'bleeding hopeless', abusive and politically driven, say officers!
Knife crime hits 7-year high as cops admit shock at 'frenzied nature’ of attacks on our streets
Inmates are 'in control' of HMP Bedford! Inexperienced staff battle to stop 'total breakdown!'
Stabbings, shootings now biggest share of air ambulance emergencies
Cancer waiting times reach the worst EVER level in England
Black South Africans intimidate White people gathered in prayer!
ABBOTT'S CAP AXE! Labour vows to scrap migration cap to make it easier to enter Britain
Gulags were 'compassionate', 'educational' institutions, say trans rights campaigners!
'Anrisemitism' row was created by Israel to distract from atrocities, says Union boss!
Jewish Labour MP is threatened with deselection by local activists!
Doctors put babies' lives at risk from meningitis/sepsis by giving parents 'false reassurance!'
Boy, 14, found dying in school 'killed himself amid claims he was being bullied'
HEREFORD: Headteacher tells girls 'short skirts make them targets for sexual harassment!'
Free-loading 'anarchist' who hurled abuse at Jacob's children targeted youngsters before
LITTLEJOHN: If hate preacher Anjem Choudary is still 'genuinely dangerous', keep him in jail!
Driver shouting ‘allahu akbar’ ploughs into crowd in France
4 Belgian political parties call for banning of pro-Sharia Islamist party!
Archbishop rightly slams Amazon for leeching off taxpayer BUT CoE invests hugely in firm!
If only the Dalai Lama ran the Church!
Police received 71 reports of crime at Shepherd's Bush McDonald's in 2017!
Hungary: EU sanctions vote is ‘petty revenge’ for proving migration can be stopped!
BREXIT: EU won't share info about asteroids that threaten to wipe out humanity!
No deal Brexit as bad as 2008 crash? Carney (ex-Goldman-Sachs) goes full Project Fear!
Who was driving?
Russian media asks whether novichok 'hitmen' are gay?
HULL: Asylum seeker who raped student, 17, is jailed for 16 years!
JLS star Oritse Williams is charged with raping fan in hotel room after a gig
'Sex mattered more than the children,' to Mel B?

Thursday 13 September

INSANITY LAND! Number of WHITE terrorist suspects arrested in UK now more than ASIAN?
Petrov/Boshirov poisoned the Skripals? KGB killers? May, her pet cops and MSM are full of sh*t!
Dalai Lama says 'Europe belongs to Europeans!'
SILENCING YOU! British MPs back bill to SHUT DOWN pro-Tommy Facebook groups!
Internet treachery! EU Parliament approves ‘Upload Filter!’ Memes will soon be banned!
Pope Francis compares Vatican whistleblower to Satan?
Pope suggests the DEVIL is behind sex abuse cover-up scandal!
Congress sneaking through $38 billion to Israel today, the largest aid package in US history!
SWEDEN: International election observer ‘shocked’, ‘never seen such an undemocratic system!’
Sweden's patriotic leader vows to vote down governments refusing to give his party influence!
EU Parliament votes to enact article 7 - Potential sanctions against Hungary!
Juncker slams May’s Brexit plan in final State of the Union address!
Alice was murdered by her jealous soldier ex, Trimaan Dhillon! Cops failed her!
Premier League footballer accused of raping girl, 15, lied to cops about having sex
Lithuanian with 24 previous convictions strolls into Britain to become a drug dealer!
Father of German murdered by migrants heckled and called ‘Nazi’ after speaking out!
Spice Nation! Zombie-like drug users passed out in the street in one UK market town
3 people died of breast cancer after they all caught it from the SAME organ donor!
Tory fury at Archbishop of Canterbury for 'parroting' Labour policy!
'Class War' activist who targeted Jacob Rees-Mogg's children refuses to talk about his family!
The NASTIEST? Rees-Mogg's nanny-botherer? Serena pretending tantrums a political protest?
‘Class War’ lefties abuse Rees-Mogg’s children!
'EU away with the fairies!' Farage MOCKS 'Euro State' plan as Juncker calls for more unity!
'Our ABSOLUTE solidarity!' Italy backs Orban!
'Barnier thinks he's an Ayatollah!' German MEP skewers EU's 'deaf' Brexit negotiator
Five women in hijabs brawl by the side of the road - with one even dropping a TODDLER!
Truth about Stalin's Gulag that students now say were like holiday camps!
Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate found by fisherman in Norway
Viking baby boom! More and more UK women turn to Danish sperm donors

Wednesday 12 September

Politically correct policing in rape gang Britain
Britain: Trial hears of Rotherham teenager raped by 100 Muslims!
Telford child victims reveal sordid secrets of town where abuse on our girls was rife for years
Killer walks hand in hand with mother-of-two hours before he strangled her to death!
LONDON: Savages convicted of 19 acid-attack robberies jailed!
Hate preacher and ISIS recruiter Anjem Choudary walks free next month!
Thug filmed punching terrified mum-of-3 jailed day after brother convicted of murdering jeweller
The public are losing faith in our police force. I hardly ever see a policeman patrolling streets
Julia Hartley-Brewer v South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner, goodie-goodie priest, Alan Billings
HONOUR? A man murders his daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren!
Toxic insecticide sprayed in Egyptian hotel just hours before British tourists fell ill and died
> Indian husband decapitates wife and walks into a police station holding her HEAD!
SOUTH AFRICA: Crime stats from Hell!
Paedos now call themselves 'minor attracted persons' and want to join LGBTQ movement!
Germany RUNNING SCARED over Brexit
Orban warns Hungary will NOT yield to 'BLACKMAIL' of EU
New poll finds 52-36 split in favour of exiting EU!
Khan’s London Assembly votes to push to ‘reverse’ Brexit!
Battle of Britain mastermind said EU was a terrible menace 12 years before UK joined!
Meghan Markle is 'social climber' claims Piers Morgan!

Tuesday 11 September

2012 email to Hillary Clinton: 'Fall of... Assad could well ignite a sectarian war... which, in the view of Israeli commanders, would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies!'
John Bolton is waging war on the Hague for investigating crimes by America and Israel!
Cops in rape gang heartland wage war… on hurty tweets!!!
Julia Hartley-Brewer versus politically correct Crime Comissioner (Only one winner)
Julia Hartley-Brewer v PC Crime Commissioner - part 2
Nick Ferrari versus PC Crime Commissioner (Priestly do-gooder)
Ask for an explanation of 'diversity is our greatest strength' mantra and you're a 'racist hater?'
Killers that just aren't interesting or newsworthy!
33% of Britons want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal!
Walthamstow mosque leaflet tells Muslims to kill all who insult the prophet!
Crime Wave Britain! Six Police Officers stabbed, rammed, run over in 72 hours!
Westminster Bridge terrorist mowed down victims 'like bowling pins!'
After mum-of-two, Charlotte Teeling, went home with Richard Bailey he murdered her during sex
Stabbed to death by a Muslim Savage over a game of pool
BARNSLEY: Ayaan Ali as she appears in court for attempted murder of Andrew Fogurt
ROMFORD: Teenager stabbed in the neck by moped gang
Pole jailed for smuggling cocaine (His brother imported drugs in same lorry two years ago)
LAWLESS BRITAIN! Man beats up mother-of-three unknown to him in unprovoked attack
BIRMINGHAM: Medical student 'decapitated' housemate in betting shop!
READING: Emal Kochai jailed for nine years for raping a 12-year-old girl
UXBRIDGE: Huge brawl involving around 70 schoolchildren!
PARIS: British tourists in 'very serious condition' after illegal immigrant stabbed them repeatedly
Govt advisor/National Lottery Commissioner James Froomberg groped woman on Tube?
German father called ‘Nazi’ by leftists for telling audience that a migrant killed his son
NORWAY: Muslim immigrant rapes own daughter for sleeping with her fiance
Policing in crisis: Forces are 'struggling' to keep the public safe as funding cuts bite
Trans lecturer smeared academics to silence critics with ‘hate crime’ claims!
EU leaders are mounting ‘Operation Save Theresa!’
Soros behind South African violence against white farmers?
Google executives tried to get Latino voters out for Clinton!
Salvini hails Sweden Democrats: ‘Homeland of multiculturalism finally decided to change!’
The hubris of Europe's politicians has fuelled the rise of the Far Right in Sweden
Tommy Robinson: UKIP can ‘electrify the British working class’ if they embrace free speech!
Most infertility problems lie with the man. So why does IVF industry focus on women?
Britain's 438,000 foreign students should not be excluded from immigration figures!
Deadly disease monkeypox infects 10% of people who come into contact with sufferers!
Antidepressant Prozac may be driving the antibiotic-resistance crisis?
As Palestinians protest along Gaza's sea barrier, Israel attacks them with live bullets/tear gas
Jeremy Corbyn vows to tackle 'social cancer' of anti-Semitism!
Texas Education Board advisers don't want those who fought at Alamo described as 'heroic!'

Monday 10 September

Post-truth Liberals are the new Maoists… and just as dangerous!
Russia accuses US of dropping ‘BANNED’ white phosphorous bombs over Syrian village!
Israel has demolished around 50,000 Palestinian homes/buildings during past 50 years!
Police left in permanent state of crisis by government!
In 2017, the Met dropped 34,000+ criminal investigations on the day they were reported!
Cops want children as young as 4 taught about dangers of online sex abuse?
Prison officers stand and watch as DRONES fly-in drugs and weapons to UK jails!
CRIMEWAVE BRITAIN! Police officer stabbed in Birmingham
ROTHERHAM: Court hears victim raped by 100 ‘Asian’ men by age 16!
BARNSLEY: Ayaan Ali as she appears in court for attempted murder of Andrew Fogurt
ROMFORD: Teenager stabbed in the neck by moped gang
British tourist stabbed six times during gang attack in Magaluf
Woman, 19, and man, 22, fight for life after taking Ecstasy overdose at festival
GERMANY: Man dies 'in a fight with Afghans'
Transgender lag says right to keep gender secret means crimes should be wiped from her record!
PARIS: Britons among seven injured as 'child migrant' goes on knife rampage!
Nine asylum seekers a week caught lying about child status to stay in Britain!
Immigration kills off Sweden’s liberal dream as violence/uncertainty replace tolerance/stability
Anti-immigrant party forces stalemate in Swedish election!
Women get needless IVF treatment as men’s infertility/plummeting sperm count ignored
Macron fears Brexit chaos will SPARK populist TAKEOVER of EU by May 2019!
UKIP leader backs ‘brave’ Tommy Robinson joining party
EU leaders set to give chief negotiator Michel Barnier a ‘mandate to do the deal’ over Brexit
Boris’s Brexit ‘suicide vest’ metaphor was perfect
'You said Brexit would mean Brexit!' Jacob Rees-Mogg BLASTS May
'I know you HATE Brexit' Farage hits back at Remainer gay Knight
No-deal Brexit will give UK an £80billion bonus say economists
Boris is right: The Chequers Brexit proposal is absurd
Texas Education Board panel wants rid of 'heroic' description of those who fought at Alamo!
MI6 spy wanted to take on London jihadis 'but would not be backed by British!'

Sunday 9 September

JORDAN: Muslim woman rebuffs man's advances - He sets her on fire
George Galloway forensically demolishes Theresa May's latest attempt to discredit Russia!
Corrupt ex-detectives as big a threat to the Met Police as the gangsters they worked for!
Lift veil of secrecy on corruption in the Met!
CHILD ABUSE! Mum and dad both to swap genders! Raising son as a person rather than a boy!
UKIP leader Gerard Batten says he backs moves to let Tommy Robinson join party!
Making misogyny a hate crime is sinister and absurd! Why are Tory Ministers so supporting it?
Army ripping off its own troops to plug holes in its budget?
'SICK!' Airfix sells model of Afghan home reduced to rubble by Coalition bombers!
‘You put immigrants first every time!’ Sweden Democrats’ leader inflames TV debate
SWEDEN: Patriots set for major gains, traitors’ grip on power fading!
SWEDEN: PM brands patriotic Sweden Democrats ‘racist!’ StateTV attacks party leader!
SWEDEN: Middle-class students set to vote for party with neo-Nazi (patriotic) roots
Sweden’s Right poised for big gains
Swedish Election 2018: ‘60% of RAPISTS born abroad!’ (Only 60%? BULLSH*T!)
SWEDEN: Social Democrat candidate says Islamic law is more important than Swedish law!
Salvini says: ‘More immigrants equals more delinquents!’
Boris Johnson accuses May of wrapping 'SUICIDE VEST' around ‘Great British Brexit!'
Cops draw up plans to call in the ARMY if there is a no deal Brexit?
Was Blair ever a Labour man? Farage = "the past!" May = "sympathy!" Corbyn = "anxiety!"
Remoaner spoilers wave EU flags at Last Night of the Proms!
Syrian with 4 wives and 22 kids gets $ 360,000 a year in welfare!
Anti-mass migration AfD now most popular party in East Germany
Germany warns UK - ‘We have NO INTEREST in hard Brexit!’
'My party is led by anti-Semites!' Former race boss Trevor Phillips brands Corbyn racist!
Trump closes on White House official who wrote damning column
BARNSLEY: ‘Kill, Kill, Kill!’ 'Woman in headscarf' chases pedestrians with foot-long knife!
Holiday villa fraudsters who conned clients out of £2.8m jailed for a total of 17 years
South Africa: We did NOT steal land! Farm grabs pushed by ‘Marxist-Leninists drunk on hatred!’
HITCHENS: More taxes, Archbishop? Ask your right-on pals to pay first!
Brian devotes life to Scouts, gets sack after saying Muslim Scout leader looked like Darth Vader!
Serena Williams gets mad with umpire in US Open final! (Spoilt kids can't stand losing)
Serena branded a 'shame to the sport' after 'you're a thief' rant at umpire!

Saturday 8 September

Labour Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, says riots preferable to no-deal Brexit?
Will UKIP let Tommy Robinson in?
REFERENDUM: Julie Burchill on how the media treated her when she voted Leave
Mutant bugs in supermarket chicken that antibiotics have no effect on!
World Jewish Relief awarded £1.13m grant from EU to help Syrian refugees find JOBS IN UK!
Nigel Farage blows the whistle on George Soros and the EU!
Battleground London: Map reveals the territories of 80+ gangs as violence spirals!
Guantanamo Bay terror suspects get asylum and British citizenship despite no links to UK!
‘Mealy-mouthed’ top cop skewered for refusing to say Islamic terrorism is ‘Islam-inspired!’
No charges brought for Tower Hamlets electoral fraud after £1.7m probe!
Savage, 16, who laughed after killing shopkeeper jailed for just 4 YEARS!
Machete gang who posted violent drill music on YouTube before hacking boy to death jailed
Barnsley on lockdown after woman stabs man, runs around with knife
Patriotic Briton stabbed by Eastern Europeans ‘for wearing Union Jack t-shirt!’
NETHERLANDS: Immigrants beat and rob elderly woman in a church!
What MSM won't show you - Paris at war!
CINCINNATI: Omar Perez murders three people in bank!
CANADA: Gunman caught on surveillance video dragging a woman from a porch!
SWEDEN: Islamist threat to execute populist leader’s family!
BARCELONA: Young Italian beaten to death by 3 Chechen Muslims!
ITALY: Moroccan immigrants arrested after teenager gang raped!
Billionaire playboy gets 20 years for drug-fueled murder of American heiress!
Why is the most liberal country in Europe lurching to the Far Right? (Stupid question)
How do we make babies? French children being brainwashed!
Lefties/Islamic apologists are rewriting history to con you into favoring their policies!
‘The EU could die!’ Macron allies fear consequences of globalist collapse!
Afghan President tells Germany not to become a ‘fortress’, low birth-rate Europe needs migrants!
'How hard is it to say Nazis are bad?' Obama attacks 'bully' Trump!
Carer filmed stealing from a vulnerable MS patient
Police officer stole from a dead man? Imagine my shock!
Kremlin asks British government to help identify 'Putin agents' cops say poisoned Skripals
Nursery staff can't kiss kids in their care for fear they will be accused of abuse by parents
Anarchy in the UK!
CARDIFF - Who stole Fluffy? Cat kidnapped by young women - CCTV!

Friday 7 September

‘Diversity’ scholarships for everyone but white, working-class men!!!
Most anti-Semitic canards probably true? Notion of anti-Semitism should be re-examined?
Labour members smeared as "Jew haters” simply for being pro-Corbyn and pro-Palestine!
Cash-strapped police forces close most cases without a suspect being identified!
Majority of Telford sex abuse cases involve girls aged 12 to 15!
'Why are our troops wearing EU flag?' Brexiteer MP demands answers!
German Minister ‘would have joined’ Chemnitz protests! Mass migration ‘mother of all problems!’
SWEDEN: Chain migrants/asylum-seekers get majority of 87,000 residency permits in 2018
Ambassador accuses UK of unleashing 'anti-Russian hysteria' with concocted novichok story
Russian oligarchs could have their assets seized? 100 foreign nationals with unexplained wealth targeted by Britain's FBI? That'll be the day!
Andrew Neil warns Remainers second Brexit referendum will provoke major 'BACKLASH!'
Rees-Mogg: ‘Deeply politicised’ Bank of England Governor Mark Carney ‘should go!’
Ex-Bank of England boss: ‘Incompetent’ UK government delivering ‘Brexit in name only!’
Tony Blair says it's obvious - Theresa May must hold a second Brexit referendum
Tony Blair says it could be 'game over' for Labour if Jeremy Corbyn stays as leader
'Chequers is OVER!' Nick Ferrari's Brexit analogy!
‘END OF EU!' Macron aide admits French nationalists could STORM to victory in European vote
MSM struggle with patriot Trump beating globalist Macron in poll ratings
Macron attacks Italy over migrant refusals!
The arrogance of Juncker's Monster! Transgender rapist sexually assaulted 4 fellow prisoners days after being put in all-female jail
'Gangsters groomed my son to sell drugs!' 14-year-old shot dead in playground
Hit-and-run moped rider crashes and gets arrested
4-out-of-5 burglaries are never solved: Criminals escape justice as police simply give up
Betrayal of our nurses! Thousands forced to use food banks because they cannot afford to eat!
Girl, 4, 'died of meningitis' just hours after she was sent home from hospital
Bosses at scandal-hit hospital covered-up baby death report!
Mum 'inconsolable' after baby decapitated! Will never forgive doctor who refused C-section
Hospital slammed for 'gross failure' and neglect that led to death of toddler
Spanish police shoot North African after Germans stabbed!
LATVIA: Catholic priest, 73, arrested for raping mentally handicapped victim
Brazilian far-right politician stabbed during campaign rally
Rampant drug abuse, secret prostitutes - the dark side of working for billionaires!
Russia WARNING! Putin preparing to ATTACK area in Syria occupied by US troops?
Number of Britons who identify as Church of England halves in fifteen years!

Thursday 6 September

‘We thought about REMOVING Trump!’ White House official's STUNNING admission!
Who is the 'senior White House official' behind the NYTimes anti-Trump 'resistance' story?
“Migration is the mother of all problems,” says German Interior Minister!
CCTV images show both 'Novichok hitmen' walking through gates at EXACTLY SAME TIME?
Elderly care on edge of collapse warns charity!
Why are so many women taking brain boosting pills, risking their health and sanity?
IRONY ALERT! GQ magazine hands Labour MP, David Lammy, Politician Of The Year prize!
Geoff Boycott nails the Remain campaign! (Cue applause!)
Merkel ‘screwed up!’ German Mayor says ‘generosity’ led to right-wing extremists (patriots)
'Too young to prosecute!' German cops drop case against Afghan, 10, who raped classmate!
Savage punches cyclist in the face as he tries to steal his bike in broad daylight
Young woman GUNNED down in Woolwich
Man rushed to hospital after Whitton railway station stabbing
Israeli court gives green light for demolition of a Bedouin village in occupied West Bank!
Israel lobby financier funds website attacking reputations of Palestine supporters!
WIKILEAKS: ”Former Swedish PM Carl Bildt is a US agent!''
Iraqi asylum seekers plotted to attack ‘infidels’ with driverless car bomb
'Cat-calling' and 'wolf-whistling' to be treated as a hate crime?
Welby should spend more time saving Church from extinction and less copying Corbyn
'Not what people voted for!' Britons voice OUTRAGE at how Theresa May is handling Brexit!
European Jewish Congress call for Corbyn to APOLOGISE for ‘JEW-HATERS!'
Brexit BOMBSHELL: France REJECTS Chequers plan!
'Labour will BETRAY Brexit!' Farage rages as Corbyn WON'T rule out second referendum!

Wednesday 5 September

Globalists discuss how change might be brought to Poland! (Goethe Institute - May, 2012)
Labour Party dossier: 'We shall rid the Jews who are cancer on us all!' Wow!
The Power of Imagination – 1st International Congress of the Jewish Renaissance Movement
Met Police to investigate whether Labour Party members guilty of hate crimes
Longtime incumbent Democrat loses primary to anti-establishment candidate!
Oh, look! A Holocaust survivor wants Jeremy Corbyn to resign! Who could have predicted that?
Labour should ditch the IHRA working definition of antisemitism altogether!
Britain's greatest ever fraudster howls 'racism' ahead of deportation!
He said he was gay to get asylum - Then John Ssewagudde raped a young woman!
Yet another Muslim gang! 8 men 'sexually abused teenage girls' in Rotherham!
Predatory paedophile from Barking who abused three girls
North African and his friends brutally beat five women in Switzerland: leaving one in a coma
LONDON: Shoplifter injures three in ‘acid attack!’
Children being burnt to death in Africa!
Toddler died after op was delayed for 3 days
'Fake cosmetic doctor' faces jail in US over death of woman she gave buttock injections to!
'Where is OUR NAVY?' UK fishermen demand ACTION as 'French warship BLOCKS our waters!'
The Kalergi Plan: The real reason that the European Union is so hostile to Donald Trump!
GERMANY: Establishment calls for domestic intelligence to spy on patriots!
FINLAND: Most ‘migrant crisis’ arrivals aren't refugees, they are economic immigrants!
South Africa in recession after land threat! ‘Shocking drop in agriculture’
Why was boss of TSB allowed to hang on so long after that calamitous IT meltdown?
FARAGE: 'Merkel failed, Macron FAILING!'
The rise of post-truth liberalism!
Is Trump about to get booted off Twitter - Vijaya Gadde threatens expulsion!
Care system ‘lurches from one crisis to the next’ as it fails elderly!
WTO rules better than 'HUMILIATING' Chequers deal
Brexit will give a huge boost to the British workforce!
Rachel Johnson 'has a problem' with Muslim women wearing the veil
Jose Mourinho accepts ONE-YEAR PRISON term (suspended?) for tax fraud!

Tuesday 4 September

MERKEL and the Kalergi Plan– The destruction of the white race!
Twitter says overzealous shadowbanning was a mistake! Congress to grill CEO Jack Dorsey!
80,000 in UK pose sexual threat to children
Almost half of over-65s take 5 different types of medication a day!
BORIS: Chequers plan a ‘fix’, May has ‘not even tried’ to deliver Brexit!
Brexit voters not deterred by Project Fear economic threats
Even Tony Blair says the Chequers deal proves May doesn't want Brexit
‘We don’t want to live in Middle East & Africa’: Czech PM blasts EU migration policy!
GERMANY: Majority believe country gone downhill since 2015 - Too many migrants!
Australian senator wants "African gang members and families" deported!
Take-the-knee Kaepernick is the new face of Nike!
Top Republican resigns after calling take-the-knee NFL Players 'baboons' and 'ignorant blacks!'
Obama’s name edited out of FBI documents
Direct links between Jihadis in Afghanistan and terror cells in UK!
Macron’s migrant ‘blackmail’ plans endanger unity of EU!
LONDON: Police launch murder probe after man shot dead in cemetery!
Drunk WPC, Sarinda Welsh, attacked two colleagues in alcohol-fuelled rage
I found dying mum alone at care home covered in vomit and blood
Surgeon Muftah Eljamel wrongly identified a tear-duct as a brain tumour!
Pressure to QUIT as Church hierarchy accuses Pope of covering for sex-abuse Cardinal!
87 elephants killed for their tusks in Botswana wildlife sanctuary!

Monday 3 September

400 Britons will die from lung cancer every year after being exposed to asbestos at school!
NHS staff crisis as 25% of student nurses drop out!
Women doctors are four times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of us!
More than 600 police stations in England and Wales have closed in the last 8 years!
96 cops punished for sexual harassment - Most are still in their jobs!
Hundreds of prison staff caught smuggling drugs, weapons, mobile phones into jail!
UK cops using algorithm to decide if burglaries are worth investigating!
London BLOODBATH: Woman STABBED multiple times in Battersea attack!
BRISTOL: Boy, 16, is badly hurt after being sprayed with ‘acid’
COVENTRY: Grandson of Specials singer stabbed to death
BARKING: Man stabbed in ‘serious assault!’
Two men in their 50s stabbed in separate incidents in East London!
Ryan Bessy-Thompson stabbed to death in Durham!
ENGLAND NOW! A father crashed his car and fled the scene, leaving his son in the vehicle!
British birdwatcher, Simon Milliken, stabbed to death by mugger in South Africa!
GERMANY: Boy, 10, raped by Afghan classmate and immigrant pals on school trip?
Gordon Brown wags his tail furiously for Jewish lobby's demands!
Labour riddled with anti-Semites! Corbyn's idol Karl Marx (Rabbinical family) one of the worst!
'I was right to call Corbyn an anti-Semite,' says rich Labour MP, born an Oppenheimer in Egypt!
Now Brownite failure, Ed Balls, cuddles up to the Jewish lobby!
John Mann's 'unequivocal' support!
BREXIT: “The scandal is not that we have failed, but that we have not even tried!” BoJo
A Visit to Islamic England!
CHEMNITZ: Protesters stage ‘mourning march’for victims of killer immigrants!
'They have ROBBED us!' Fisherman rips into French 'hypocrisy' over Scallop Wars!
Bank tells South African farmers they will have to pay debts for property seized by the state!
Ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis brands May’s Chequers plan ‘worse than being in the EU’
Afghan migrant who stabbed U.S. tourists had ‘terrorist motive!’
Anger at £98m aid for India
Did Britain's man in Argentina commit treason over the Falklands?
Michael Cole wishes BBC's 'vain stars' would stick to their day jobs!

Sunday 2 September

Number of foreigners claiming UK benefits leaps 41% in 5 years! 406,900 now get free dosh!
Merkel set to open border to non-EU workers!
McCAIN: Lies cannot hide the dark side of reality!
PETER HITCHENS: We DIDN'T win the war!
HITCHENS: The war on marriage? It is all about controlling YOUR children!
Shocking plight of America's child brides forced to marry their attackers!
Cops set to ‘embed equality into all activities!’
Italy: Members of 'migrant welcome' group arrested for defrauding taxpayers!
LONDON: Boy, 16, fighting for his life after being shot
You don't deserve your 'exceptionally high' £29million bonus!
Muslims burn alive Christian pastor, his wife, and three of their children!
Muslim extremists attack Coptic Christian homes in Egypt
Pakistan pop star tweets Prophet cartoons are 'terrorism’! Demands artists be hanged!
Polish MP slams Vienna for rejecting statue of King who rescued city from Turkish siege
“Possible Israeli missile" strike on Damascus - Two killed
2010: Muslim staff escape NHS hygiene rule
Black Lives Matter leader, Marquesha Johnson, kept ‘virtually all’ donations!
The Conservatives are utterly failing in their most important duty: to stop socialism!
Richard Hammond and wife gassed and burgled while they slept at French villa
Lily Allen admits she paid for sex with female escorts!
Gender-balanced, multicultural, Thomas the Tank Engine goes PC!
World’s first man-free music festival kicks off in Sweden

Saturday 1 September

Sexual health services at 'breaking point' after 3.3million visit clinics in one year!
Errol Damelin: Not a shred of shame from the South African Jew who launched Wonga!
Henry Blofeld: I'm leaving Britain, London is horribly violent now!
"Nazis" (ordinary folk) in Chemnitz put a snowflake reporter in her place!
CHEMNITZ : Protesters show pictures of Germans murdered by Merkel's refugees
COVENTRY: Facebook rape gang jailed for 42 years!
Failed asylum-seeker, Aly Donzo, dodged deportation to Africa before raping Stephanie Sloan
BRISTOL: Man 'wielding a MACHETE stabs two inside Tesco store
Why can't we stop convicted criminals flying in from Chile to go on burglary rampages?
Dutch police shoot knifeman after he stabbed two people at Amsterdam station
Islam has massacred 669+ million non-Muslims since 622AD?
60 Cases of maternity failings at NHS hospital including deaths of babies, mothers!
How did the breast cancer butcher get £216,000 in legal aid?
Another Thomas Cook holiday death in Egypt!
Macron condemns French as 'Gauls who are resistant to change!'
Top Eurocrat admits EU has ‘no plan B’ if UK walks away!
Washington today - What the left protect - AND ENCOURAGE!
'It's a DISASTER!' Isabel Oakeshott demands UK fishing regain control BEFORE 2020!
Schools cut PE lessons by 21% in 6 years despite growing obesity crisis!
Schools turn down children living a minute away! Half of secondaries oversubscribed
2009: Corbyn accuses Netanyahu of staging competition to see who can kill most Palestinians!
Pakistan government celebrates Geert Wilders Mohammed cartoon contest cancellation
EU gives millions to Iran DAYS BEFORE Zaghari-Ratcliffe thrown back in jail!
ISIS fanatic who plotted to behead Theresa May may never be freed!
Celebrity tax avoider? NO KNIGHTHOOD! Beckham calls honours committee 'bunch of c***ts!'
Help! Dad's a Leftie intellectual and it's making my life hell!

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