Daily News: September 2017

Saturday 30 September

New dark age of intolerance! Believe in gay marriage! Don't question transgender rights!
SWEDEN: New book for kiddies! 'Grandpa Has Four Wives!' (Sharia law being normalised)
Jesuit Pope's campaign to encourage a more immigrant-welcoming attitude!
Swedish policeman stabbed in busy Stockholm square!
Non-violent Islamist groups serve as recruitment pool for jihadists!
Police Chief says there are thousands of Muslim militants in Sweden now!
Switzerland votes to ban the foreign funding of mosques!
Interview with Germany's AfD leader
Switzerland votes to ban the foreign funding of mosques!
92% of left-wing protesters live with their parents!
PM urged to quit Brexit talks if EU negotiators refuse to start discussing trade!
Theresa May faces triple revolt!
Brexit anger brews after PM promises Merkel she'll enshrine EU citizens' rights in exit treaty
Portillo predicts the DOWNFALL of the EU after Merkel's election blunder
Is Merkel in the Illuminati? Flashes infamous 'hand sign' at Macron!
SOUTH AFRICA: Moral bankruptcy of black politicians who carry torch for Mandela’s legacy!
Millionaire builder housing 120 migrants in the back garden of his £2million London home!
Tesco execs 'exaggerated company profits by £250 million to save their own 7-figure jobs!'
Horrifying moment thug in passing car shoves cyclist into bus stop on main road
Muslims attacking Germans

Friday 29 December

POLITICIANS: Why is dishonesty the default position?
Patients dying alone in NHS hospitals - Not enough nurses!
Not enough nurses in Scottish hospitals: patients dying!
BBC now preaching benefits of 'one of strongest psychedelic drugs in the world?'
Students invite radical Islamists to over 110 events in a year despite 'terror crackdown!'
100 times Corbyn sided with terrorists!
We must pay even higher divorce bill? EU courts must stay in charge? Or EU will block talks?
Diane Abbott wants to BAN WHITE CANDIDATES from standing in certain elections?
Labour MP, David Lammy, says: "Trump... is a racist KKK and Nazi sympathiser!"
‘I’ll chain myself to door of Number 10’ to stop ‘Nazi’ Trump state visit, says Labour MP
Naomi Klein: Trump's like the fatberg – horrible, noxious, hard to dislodge!
Stoke-on-Trent hate preacher encouraged children to 'kill and be killed for Allah!'
Vulnerable British children deprived of care because of adult migrants posing as child refugees!
Saudi Sheikh: Pictures posted on Social Media can cause cancer in children!
Prosecutors drop rape charge against man, 28 - Say sex with girl, 11, was consensual!
Gun-toting Owen Neves told cops: 'I got asked to carry it, I didn't look at it!'
US university bars comedian after he criticised hormone replacement treatment in children!
African who raped German girl in front of her boyfriend calls her a prostitute!
Gun-toting Owen Neves told cops: 'I got asked to carry it, I didn't look at it!'
Jonatan Majewski, who brought 4 Poles here and treated them like slaves, jailed for 18 months
Gloating EU bureaucrats say they 'pretty much dictated' parts of Appeaser Theresa’s speech!
Tory activists say the Party has 'begun to resemble the remote and unaccountable EU!'
‘What part of LEAVE don't you get?’ May blasted for Brexit transition 'no one voted for!'
'And the time is now free firty!' Viewers slam BBC voiceover man
LITTLEJOHN: When will Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and the luvvies stop hating England?
What ARE the mysterious $100M metal towers popping up at tunnels and bridges in New York?

Thursday 28 September

Diane Abbott wants all-black shortlists in certain constituencies!!!
Council boss forced out after raising concerns about child sexual exploitation?
Corbyn sets out plan to make everyone an organ donor!
Labour voters say Donald Trump is MORE dangerous than Kim Jong-un!
Emma Dent Coad: The sneering MP to the left of Corbyn!
Berlin march calls for release of documents on Rudolf Hess murder!
EU announces plan to take another 50,000 migrants from Africa!
Brussels cannot be allowed to boss Britain around! We must be ready to walk away!
Polish bishops urge country's Christians to save 'Europe from Islamisation!'
Pension SHOCK! Millions face missing out on FULL payout on final salary pensions
DIVERSITY! Parkinson's sufferer, 82, left fighting for life after robbery!
Fahad Abdi, who sprayed women and a man with acid, jailed for nine years
Jilted lesbian lover smeared faeces on her ex's new partner's car
Ken Livingstone and a campaign by Israel lobby to smear anyone who criticises Israeli policy!
Prof Mike Isaacson: Kill all white people born before 1962!
Greater Israel: a plan thousands of years in the making!
Bob Geldof says Brexit was a 'MISTAKE' and vows to 'do everything to try and PREVENT it!'
LeBron James ridiculed after calling Trump supporters “uneducated!”
'Vicar to the stars', 84, accused of a string of sex attacks is CLEARED!
Saying you are English is racist, claims TV's Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Wednesday 27 September

VALPROATE drug risk hidden for 40 years! 20,000 children severely harmed!
SWEDEN: Immigrants steal bank card from lady, 95, and steal $1,856 from her bank account!
Bronx woman cut her friend's throat on her wedding day before cutting her open for her baby girl!
Jewish producer, Blake Leibel, accused of torturing, mutilating and murdering his girlfriend
Mug Squad drug gang get more than 30 years for killing terrified man
Gay serial killer, Jason Marshall, jailed for 39 years!
Suspended top cop, Gez Chiariello, interfered with investigation into misconduct involving WPCs?
Taxpayer money was used to fund ISIS' most wanted?
Cancer treatment waiting times worst in a decade!
Why the Western elite love Lenin and Trotsky
People voted for Trump because they weren't 'educated!' - LeBron James: US basketball player
Steve Bannon slams the mainstream media at Roy Moore rally in Alabama!
Gloating EU officials 'DICTATED' Theresa May’s Brexit speech pledge on divorce bill?
The gender revolution often lacks common sense!
EU HYPOCRISY! Brit drivers hunted over fines! Foreign drivers escape UK penalties!
Power giants trick and bully us into getting smart meters!
HIV on the rise in the over-50s!
I stand with President Trump - all NFL players should respect the flag and anthem!

Tuesday 26 September

He made his lover drink his blood before stabbing her to death!
Rakim Dwayne Braithwaite's 'DIY abortion' with a kitchen knife and an umbrella!
"As she crossed the road with her 4-day-old baby'... CCTV of hit-and-run driver!
BRISTOL: Ex-Arsenal footballer, Kerrea Gilbert, raped girl, 17! Then his pal joined in!
'British' jihadi seen with Jihadi John and top ISIS Brits, linked to Manchester bomber!
Detectives quiz Heath aides! Did he ever smuggle boys in and out of Downing Street!
Embracing new cultures! Sweden condones child marriage for immigrants!
Swedish Professor, Göran Adamson, fired for criticising Multiculturalism!
Church warden spent £35,000 restoration cash on lavish lifestyle! NO JAIL!
Jews around world concerned by far-right breakthrough in German election
Tyneside child sex exploitation gang found guilty!
Israel is waging a secret war against North Korea? Surely not!
Anthony Weiner gets 21 months in prison for sexting with teenager!
He performs for kids at synagogues and and camps - Now Eric Komar faces child porn charges!
Inside North Korea
Merkel’s days as German Chancellor are probably now numbered!
Advocating violence, non-white Antifa turns on White Antifa! (Ha-ha!)
Your own daughter's an outcast because she's not adopted? Guess who's transgender now!
'All the Nigerians are gonna be asking for f***ing upgrades!' BA stewardess tells it like it is!
Crowd erupts in boos as Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones kneels with team!
Mark Sampson sacked as England boss for having a relationship with one of his players?

Monday 25 September

Black Labour MP claims curbs on uncontrolled migration are racist!
Sudanese bodybuilder burst into Tennessee church and opened fire! Woman dies
Tennessee church usher who stopped gunman Emanuel Kidega Samson hailed as 'hero!'
'Hanging around like a BAD SMELL!' Ferrari berates Tony Blair over EU migration U-turn!
Girls' school head says any considering sex change musn't be hurt so won't call pupils 'girls?'
Police chief admits 'We can't keep people safe any more!'
Statistics @Guardian and @BBC will NEVER reveal!
Man dies after he was repeatedly stabbed outside block of flats in West Norwood
Nick Clegg says elderly Brexit voters are going to DIE thus referendum vote can be reversed!
Germany's Eurosceptic AFD set to go from 0 to 94 seats. Astonishing!
49% of German voters said AfD understood better than others that we no longer feel safe!
Pound leaps against euro as Merkel's CDU sees worst result since 1949
GERMANY: Anti-fascist protests break out as AfD enters parliament for first time!
Merkel faces desperate struggle to form government as far right surges!
Hillary Clinton (sour grape woman) says Angela Merkel is the current leader of the free world!
University bars study into patients who regret their transgender operations!
SYRIA: Real Civil Defence exposes fake ‘White Helmets’ as terrorist-linked imposters!
Girls as young as 4 'forced' into wearing hijabs in state-funded Islamic schools
Most Muslims believe in violent texts says Imam Tawhidi!
STONEHENGE: Highways England’s indifference to UNESCO’s advice!
'B******* to Brexit!' Crybabies march on Labour conference demanding UK stays in the EU
BBC political editor has 'to be protected by bodyguards during Labour party conference!'
We should not be surprised by the laughable plotting of Philip Hammond!
Tory councillor suspended after retweeting call to deport all Muslims from the UK?
Travellers 'steal Frank Bruno's water supply' forcing him to sell up?
Tory councillor suspended after retweeting call to deport all Muslims from the UK?
1999: 'History of Everything,' by Dr William Pierce

Sunday 24 September

10,000% rise in A&E patients waiting for 12 hours or more in just 5 years!
US to extract minerals from Afghanistan to defray cost of 'assistance!’
Science says the worst decision you can ever make is to have a child?
Nanny, Sophie Lionnet, murdered by her employers, Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni?
'Out-of-control' cops promised witness £20,000, let him use drugs and shipped in hookers!
Mass acid attack at Stratford station as ‘gang of thugs spray victims!’
CANVEY ISLAND: Black man and a 'Mediterranean' try 'to drag two teenage girls' away!
The reality of Muslim child rape gangs!
Rotherham sex gang victim slams 'disgusting' decision not to charge senior council figures!
Foreign doctor who killed British patient on first NHS shift now lectures staff on hygiene!
Why Israel gets away with murder!
EU'S NEMESIS? Eurosceptic poised for victory in Czech elections in new threat for Brussels
Thousands of alumni quizzed on sex abuse at private school attended by George Osborne!
Jacob Rees-Mogg leads backlash against Theresa May’s plan to slam brakes on full Brexit
May's leadership 'under threat as almost 50 MPs want PM out'
Theresa May, her father, Hubert Brasier, and the stuff they want kept hidden?
EU court attempting 'massive power grab' and threatening UK 'national sovereignty'
EU courts 'will influence UK rules for at least TWO YEARS after Brexit!'
Corbyn 'betraying traditional Labour voters over Brexit to please millennials!'
Beware the antisemitism laws to come
Furious backlash over Channel 4’s gender neutral toilets

Saturday 23 September

The great Brexit betrayal! May has sold the British people out to Brussels!
17.4m people didn't vote for never-ending transitional controls! We voted to leave the EU!
The Guardian welcomes May's speech! (Speaks worlds!)
Barnier likes May's 'constructive' speech! (Speaks worlds!)
Farage is BACK! Fury over Theresa May’s offer to Brussels sparks leadership bid!
‘An absolutely red line!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg blasts Theresa May over 'ambiguous' ECJ position
'It's what we voted for!' Ken Clarke slapped down after slamming Farage's Brexit vision!
May's 'speech ruthlessly MOCKED on both sides of the continent!
British MPs urge intervention to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian village!
CHILD ABUSE! Is this mother right to help her 6-year-old change gender?
PARSONS GREEN: Asylum seeker 'made bucket bomb and packed it with shrapnel, screws and knives!'
Why no one dared challenge the Parsons Green bomber!
Haroon Junaid left couple with 'horrendous' injuries after attacking them in an alleyway
Jealous savage, Ashley Katsande, glassed aspiring model - NO JAIL!!!
Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad and Saman Faiao Obaid convicted of child sex offences!
Stoke-on-Trent Mosque leader guilty of encouraging terrorism and supporting ISIS!
Sabrina Kouider (Boyzone squeeze) charged with the murder of nanny, Sophie Lionnet
Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them !
Merkel embroiled in refugee scandal in huge blow days before German election

Friday 22 September

POLL: What has Islam given the UK?
Mums of 20,000 disabled babies say they weren’t warned of Valproate risk!
Doctors Sunil/Neil Hathi own house with mum Meena where 35 East Europeans live in squalor!
Muslim prisoners support ISIS - Hate us!
Ouissem Medouni and an unnamed woman charged with Southfields murder
FRANCE: Left-wing extremists set police cars on fire!
European Union demands Norway take in more African migrants!
Jihadi who shouted 'topple the Queen,' friend of London Bridge terror ringleader, jailed
Teachers should stop describing students as 'average!' Stops them reaching full potential!
Campaign to relax abortion laws is about feminist dogma - not medicine!
New York Times: "Between 2000 and 2010... more black Africans arrived in this country... than were imported... during... more than 3 centuries of the slave trade!"
Pope admits the Catholic Church was 'a bit late' in confronting priestly child abuse!
Our PC world is the death of comedy, says Mel Brooks!
White girls singing n***as? Blame Kanye and rap industry for putting it in their songs!
Former cop and champion sprinter secretly filmed himself having sex with 7 different women!
Benedict Cumberbatch can't take in a Syrian asylum-seeker because he has a baby!

Thursday 21 September

"Told she'd be killed if she told anyone about the horrific abuse, which led to 11 pregnancies!"
Halifax grooming gang victim speaks out!
Sex grooming gang leader stamped on prisoner's face for saying 'terrorists should be eradicated!'
World's first lesbian Bishop calls for cross removal from churches and Muslim prayer space!
Mother who watched a childminder throw her baby into a cot says she felt a complete failure
LibLabCon World: Boy, 13, raped and sexually abused his two brothers and sister!
BIRMINGHAM: Police patrols increased after sex attack on young woman!
Not one of the 400 'Brits' who fought alongside ISIS charged with war crimes or deported!
Trump's strategy (cooperation with Assad and Russia) is beating ISIS!
Delusional geriatric says UK will join the euro and Brexit won't happen!
DENMARK: "The goal is that Islam must be dominant!"
Drug dealers hand out business cards with free samples during freshers week!
Anti-White rapper knocked out on stage!
Lord Rothschild: My family created Israel!
President Duterte: 'If my children are into drugs, kill them!'
Shame of care homes that just don't care!
115 peers who claim £1.3m in expenses but never utter a word in the Lords!

Wednesday 20 September

'We are at war with Russia!' (Via Reiner/Boot/Frum (Jewish), an Obama lackey and a black actor)
Not one of the 400 'Brits' who fought alongside ISIS charged with war crimes or deported!
150 schools introduce gender neutral uniforms! (Institutionalised perversion!)
PETITION: Imprison/deport 25,000 on terror watchlist! No govt response despite 240,000 signing!
When the Imam tells you what he really thinks - BELIEVE HIM!
BIRMINGHAM: Police patrols increased after sex attack on young woman!
Migrant with 3 wives and 16 Kids gets rewarded with chic homes at Swedish resort!
African migrant Oluseyi Ajayi raped British tourist in Berlin! MEDIA IGNORE!
Emma Kelty murdered in Brazil during solo Amazon trip!
Real situation in Myanmar - Rohingya Muslims teach children to kill Buddhist infidels!
Cops devastated as fraudsters/burglars exploit Grenfell! (Devastated? Scum behaves scummily!)
BLAIR! Hard Brexit = Hard Socialist Labour government! (F*** off, traitor!)
The harassment of Alison Chabloz: A song is not a crime!

Tuesday 19 September

Babysitter tortures white baby! The diversity politicians have forced upon our world!
What is THAT heading for Britain? HUGE Atlantic storm hurtling to UK?
Grenfell Tower fire fraud investigation!
USA: Top immunology professor preaches white genocide!
Ban social media trolls from voting, election watchdog suggests!
Couple who fostered child refugees warn UK is being exploited!>
Letter from Lawrence Burns - Imprisoned right-wing activist
Look at what Governor Jerry Brown thinks of Trump supporters!
PC is about control, not etiquette!
Labour youth officer, 18, causes outrage after expressing 'solidarity' with North Korea!
PETER RUSHTON: Honour our heroes!
South Africa: Cops shoot cannibal who refused to stop EATING a woman he had decapitated!
Grasping airlines treat us all like cash cows!
PIERS MORGAN: Trump was RIGHT about the bucket bomb suspect
Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme
ROME: German tourist tied up, gagged, then raped
Obama government wiretapped former Trump campaign Chairman
Idiots react to London underground attack
Is this racist?
Hello angry losers!
Disrespectful man sings the Muslim call to prayer in a Spanish cathedral!
Black Lives Matter activist wants Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede shut down!

Monday 18 September

The BBC is now promoting Lithium (makes people compliant) in our tap water!
Bomb-making materials found in home of Penny/Ron Jones? (Do-gooders will be the death of us)
Why does it never occur to do-gooders that 'their love and support' may not be requited?
Disgraced Kids Company founder spent £55,000 on ONE drug addict!
Police seize seven guns at Manchester takeaway!
SAS troops with 'shoot to kill' orders deployed on London Underground!
March 2016: NATO commander says ISIS ‘spreading like cancer’ among refugees!
Jacob Rees-Mogg backs Boris Johnson Brexit pledges and SLAMS Remoaner critics!
Death of free speech imminent! Government Begins media censorship!
Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme!
New DEADLY strain of meningitis on the rise!
Criminals must be made to stop playing the system!
Victims of crime FINALLY put first in move to stop 'crazy' prisoner payout claims?
'I could be next PM,' says delusional Lib Dem wannabe!
High ranking CIA agent blows whistle on Deep State and Shadow Government!
Trouble for Merkel as Chancellor faces populist RESURGENCE ahead of vote
Germans are now a minority in Frankfurt!
FBI agents expose Comey!
Professors who refused to leave campus for Blacks-only day receive huge payday!
Theresa May will offer the EU £30billion to break deadlock trade deal!
Rothschild family financial secret exposed?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus slams Trump in song - Be nice to have a president 'not beloved by Nazis!'
Hollywood star admits to being a racist on the red carpet at the Emmys
American college students attacked with acid at French train station

Sunday 17 September

Parsons Green bucket bomber 'first held by police two weeks ago but freed!'
379 terrorism-related arrest in Britain in 12 months to June 2017!
Hungary builds a wall and cuts immigration by 99%!
Schoolgirl, 14, raped by savage in London park
Noel Edmonds says toxic banks have wrecked thousands of lives!'
Labour politician found 'covered in lipstick' in police raid on a brothel!
KATIE HOPKINS: Powder-keg prisons will blow any day now!
90% of asylum-seekers in Austria end up on welfare!
End of the world on September 23! Will doom-mongers shut up if they're wrong AGAIN?
Handbags in the park! Transgenders v Feminists!

Saturday 16 September

Anti-Brexit TV news = 280 TV execs asked if leaving EU made them optimistic - NONE said yes!
Should I marry my cousin? (BBC now promoting incest?) Scarred for life by her FATHER after she reported him for sex trafficking!
Labelled bigots for protecting our child's innocence! (Institutionalised left-wing hatred)
Antifa member Mike Isaacson who calls for dead cops is A PROFESSOR at John Jay College!
Boy, 6, isn't allowed to go school clubs because his parents aren't on BENEFITS?
Farage says Europe must stand up to ‘Brussels bully boys!’
US accuses Venezuela of drug peddling day after they drop the petrodollar!
Immigrant gang carried out strings of burglaries across UK!
BIRMINGHAM: Gang members 'filming rape attacks on schoolgirls as young as 13!
"Refugees" go on sex assault spree at Church festival
Groping heart specialist, Dr Sumit Basu, says best doctors must 'have a feel!'
PM to order internet bosses to clamp down on extremism? (Patriot whistleblowers too?)
Electoral fraud CRACKDOWN as voters to be required to show ID at polling stations!
'We need to be tougher!' Trump responds to Parsons Green attack
CLINTON: White women voted against me because the men in their lives told them to!
Hillary Clinton's self-serving book blames everyone else for her defeat!
Why we Britons are so depressed, despite all the happy pills! (Treacherous politicians?)
QUESTION TIME: This rabble-rousing Leftie bear pit has had its day?
Her hate and bigotry could result in record low opening for a Jennifer Lawrence film

Friday 15 September

Bucket bomb on Tube!
Explosion on Tube train at Parsons Green! Many injured!
Sexually abused children aged 12 could be refused compensation by government on grounds they consented?
Ceon Broughton released song about girl disrespecting him days before arrest over death of Louella Michie
10 men and a 14-year-old get 168 years for gangland murder
'White van... Asian... attempts to kidnap' two Walsall schoolboys!
Nigerian drug dealer leaves taxpayers with £100,000 legal bill after battling deportation
Four 'asylum seekers' arrested in Germany for gang raping a 56-year-old woman!
MARK BUCKLEY - This murderous creep needs stringing up!
UK needs open borders as Brits are old and creaky! (Labour Campaign for Free Movement)
Bosnian war hero MP says son's teacher told classmates not to talk to him as his dad's a Tory!
Juncker admits Schengen Zone allows terrorists to move freely between countries!
What an incredible C-word Tory MP, Anna Soubry, is!
George Osborne wants Theresa May 'chopped up and put in a freezer?'
82% of Express readers think Jacob Rees-Mogg would make a better PM than Theresa May!
'A consequence of European history!' Juncker's outrageous excuse for wasting taxpayer money!
Nick Ferrari blasts Labour MEP for backing Jean-Claude Juncker's 'United States of Europe'
'We will stand by you!' Rex Tillerson says US will throw weight behind Brexit Britain!
Labour minister mercilessly MOCKED on Question Time over party's 'Brexit position!'
Within 90 minutes of the first tweet... the museum issued a grovelling apology! (WHY???)
'Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’... smearing opponents of Israel?' Attacks Chris Williamson MP!
Petition to deregister Campaign Against Anti-Semitism's charitable status

Thursday 14 September

White Brits should learn from Muslims to improve communities, says Anna Soubry, MP!
Rabbi admits white genocide, via immigration and race mixing, is the end game!
Cops cannot cope with volume of rape since Sweden opened its borders to mass migration!
Juncker's State of the EU address is a propaganda-filled sham!
Quitting the National Trust! It's pursuing an obsessively politically correct social agenda!
Britain should be talking back control of its defence, not surrendering it to Brussels!
Could artificial sweeteners raise the risk of developing diabetes?
EU's Brexit negotiator brands Trump 'white supremacist' and Poland/Hungary 'Alt-Right!'
Migrant rape attacks up 91% in Bavaria this year!
Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ (EU) speech! More integration, more open borders!
GOOD STUFF! Paul Joseph Watson interviewed by Westmonster
BLM spokesman encourages Blacks to 'pull your pistol out and f*ckin bust at them!'
UK can’t legally spend any of its £13bn aid on overseas territories devastated by Irma!
On 9/11 anniversary, Pope Francis reaffirms conviction that ALL religions want peace! (All?)
'Brexit is ROTTEN thanks to Juncker!' Even arch-Remainer Darling is furious with him!
SHARIA POLICE: Woman LASHED 100 times for standing near a man!
Trump about to give amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens!
53% of California Democrats oppose freedom of speech and assembly for right-wing groups!
Former leader of 'Never-Trump,' is a White House appointee pushing DACA amnesty!
Hannity: Trump must ‘keep his promise' on DACA or 'it’s over!’

Wednesday 13 September

Imam told children as young as three they would get 'everlasting pleasure' for fighting jihad!
White Genocide training - Music video features black child hanging white child!
Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ (EU) speech! More integration, more open borders!
Calls to IMPRISON "climate change deniers" grow in the wake of Hurricane Irma!
What they're not telling you about depression!
British 'rough sleepers' up 134% to 4,134 in the last 7 years!
Pensioners retire on HALF income they'd have got before financial crisis struck 10 years ago!
Enemies of democracy! Labour is now home to law-breakers and dangerous ideologues!
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex-abuse allegation!
SHOW TRIAL IN ENGLAND! Soldiers in court after swoop on ‘neo-Nazis!' (Patriots)
Union boss, Len McCluskey, compares himself to Mandela and Gandhi
The Southern Poverty Law Center: anti-hate activists or slick marketeers?
When 21 Sikh soldiers stood against 10,000 Afghans!
Why Germany will do ANYTHING to STOP a hard Brexit
Conservative Remainers threaten to team up with Labour on final Brexit deal
Somali mother and son choose to live on a high street bench for three years!
Sperm levels among Western men PLUMMET to record low
Spare me billionaire tax-exiles and bargain-seeking tourists demanding British help
Mel B versus Stephen Belafonte

Tuesday 12 September

Christian family prepares to sue school for allowing children to change ‘gender identity!’
ISIS martyrs are better than success at school! (Imam preaching at Stoke-on-Trent mosque)
Rotherham child sex victim, 14, denied compensation - Officials said she 'consented!'
Teachers fear backlash from Muslim parents if they teach lessons on 9/11 attack!
Here's someone desperate to remain in Europe
Liam Fox prepares his department to walk away from EU with 'no deal!'
Migrant who raped and murdered 19-year-old in Germany weeps! Destroyed HIS life, apparently
Munich: Woman raped on the way to the disco by 'dark complexion' man
Islington (Corbyn is an Islington MP) voted the UK’s worst place to be a woman!
BBC refusal to air Rule, Britannia at Prom concerts in Wales/Scotland undermines reason to exist
UK's £1.5billion aid budget used to cut smoking in China and keep homes in India cool!
Harrowing images capture acid attack survivors around the world
Confederate icons removed because of Civil War? Then mosques should go because of 9/11!

Monday 11 September

Charlottesville Police: We were told to “STAND DOWN”, to allow violent clashes!
Knifeman stabs 3 worshippers in Birmingham church!
Peter Hitchens - "It's over, Europe is doomed!"
Douglas Murray: How the multicultural lie is forced on us
Type 2 diabetes - Levels of amputations at ‘record high!’
1-in-4 NHS trusts still failing to give Sepsis drugs to half of patients in time
'Brussels want to DAMAGE Britain!' - Yanis Varoufakis
All British people should be equal before the law!
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4871376/Eight-people-shot-dead-inside-Texas-home.html "/>Gunman kills SEVEN people in Texas home!
Cops hunt four teens after shocking 'acid attack!' (Yet again, no description)
Handbag designer conned investors out of £320,000 to fund lavish lifestyle!
Why CAN'T police find the Putney pusher? (Don't want to? High profile guy?)
Thieves steal furniture on CCTV - Cops too busy (sniffing out offensive Tweets?) to help!
Tony Blair is the reason that we are leaving the EU?
Britain’s divided. But there’s one thing we agree on: we don’t trust a word Blair says
Black Lives Matter volunteers brave Hurricane Irma to rescue Air Jordans from Foot Locker!

Sunday 10 September

Just 18.9% of Muslims aged 16 - 74 in full-time employment! (Held back by racism?)
CHILD ABUSE! This creep must be prosecuted! GP gave child, 12, sex change drug!
Hurricane modification PILOT TELLS ALL! Project Storm Fury – Vietnam, 1962!
Top Scientist admits on live TV recent hurricanes are man-made!
Sex abuse probe WILL investigate Ted Heath over paedophile claims!
Saudis paid two citizens to pose as students in US and perform dry runs for 9/11?
War is Coming - WAR IS HERE!
Kushner pushed attack on Syria as Greenstein (Genie Energy) drilled for oil in Golan Heights!
Tony Blair gets tough on migrants 13 years after opening doors!
Bad Medicine: The sickening truth about Britain’s foreign ‘doctors’
The REAL agenda behind YouTube censorship
Heather Heyer died of a heart attack - MSM lies again!
Rees-Mogg fan ‘warned by police’ for posting content critical of Islam!
Jacob Rees-Mogg is a 'deadbeat dad', says Harriet Harman
BIRMINGHAM: Knifeman stabs 3 churchgoers in front of horrified congregation!
Manhunt launched after young women raped in north London!
HUDDERSFIELD: Thug knocks grandmother unconscious as she waits for a takeaway
Woman whose parents murdered sister says they've done nothing wrong!
Migration v 'drug-addled louts?' All politically important stats massaged to conceal ghastly truth?
Labour supporters encourage fellow student to gas, poison or burn Tory housemates?
Jennifer Lawrence is a complete idiot!
STRICTLY! BBC considers introducing same-sex partners?

Saturday 9 September

War is Coming - WAR IS HERE!
Transgender propagandists are committing child abuse!
LONDON 2009-10: 54% street crimes: 59% robberies: 67% gun crimes committed by Blacks!
'I enjoyed torturing women!' British female jihadists were the most brutal?
Muslim convert prayed with London Bridge terrorist before he went on to kill 8 people
3 men and a boy, 17, gang-raped girl above a kebab shop after she stopped to ask them directions Hunt for two men who tried to bundle two schoolgirls, 15, into the back of a white van
Murderers, rapists And paedophiles got government security clearance!
Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement?
Republicans for Antifa
Keeping tabs on the Hampstead Bolsheviks! Espionage in the 1920s
Children are subjected to 'left-wing brainwashing' in the classroom?
Jared Kushner helped top Democratic Senator lobby White House in favour of DACA amnesty
Gary Cohn may not be Trump’s chief economic adviser much longer! (Fingers crossed)
ORBAN: Hungary is not an immigrant country and doesn't wish to become one!
ISIS and Hillary supporters beg Hurricane Irma to destroy Trump's America!
Brother of 9/11 victim claim the US orchestrated the atrocity!
Shaista Aziz: Muslims held back by this Islamophobic country! (Then you're free to leave)
The 45 goals of Communism’s takeover of America - More than half already achieved!
Kate Hoey: Labour has no mandate to block the EU Withdrawal Bill!
'May Allah drown the enemies of Islam': ISIS supporters celebrate Hurricane Irma!
OBORNE: Toxic George Osborne is poisoning himself more than the Prime Minister
BBC sacks Asian Network DJ over 'lewd comments and racist slurs!'

Friday 8 September

Two nuclear power plants in Florida are directly in the path of Hurricane Irma!
Europe is killing itself!
Doctors murdered after discovering cancer enzymes in vaccines?
‘Blood money!’ Lee Rigby’s mum blasts son’s murderer as he chases £100,000 taxpayer cash!
Baby girl disabled for life after being battered by brutal babysitter, Nisar Ali!
Criminals could be allowed to HIDE their convictions from potential employers!
Shame-faced cops admit 'rape cover-up!' Attack linked to disorder blamed on travellers
Bidhya Sagar Das murdered his own baby and tried to kill another at a flat in Finsbury Park
MANCHESTER: Driver, 16, arrested after ‘stolen car’ smashes into teenage girls
Teenager who killed girl, 7, howls as judge makes hospital order
Albanian drug gang jailed for 17 years after being caught with cocaine and £178,000
Asian grooming gang's rape of white girls not racist, rules judge!
Millionaire traveller gang forced homeless to work as slaves for 25 years
Terror suspects arrested in Paris 'planned to blow up banks with "Mother of Satan" explosives
ISIS plans wave of attacks against Western targets following defeats in Syria and Iraq!
Hampshire gave cautions alone for rape and serious sexual offences 100+ times in past 5 years!
For the record: Charlottesville victim died of a heart attack!
Christians and other minorities experience persecution and widespread hate in Turkey!
Body of a federal agent pulled from the Potomac! Ties to Hillary Clinton?
Muslim website based in Canadian city defends practice of FGM!
Hungary: EU forcing countries to take migrants is 'political rape!'
Bannon: "The Republican establishment is trying to nullify the 2016 election!"
University chief on £450,000 claims £8,000 for cleaning and her laundry!
Voting Leave in Hampstead? It's like coming out as gay in the 1950s!
Remoaners HIJACK Last Night of the Proms by handing the audience EU flags!
Oxford student union offers emotional support for those affected by 'snowflake' comments
Enriching type caught pleasuring a donkey!

Thursday 7 September

Europe is capitulating in the face of mass migration!
The collapse of British culture!
Muslim apostate and campaigner against both FGM and forced marriage suspended from Twitter!
Gang linked to execution of boy, 14, boast about 'shooting to kill!' YouTube won't remove videos!
Elhabbal urinates on girl at concert! Friend (drink-drive killer) beats up girl who objects! No jail! Babysitter, Nisan Ali, left a 'bright, happy' two-year-old girl with brain damage!
Swedish summer festivals see over 150 sex attacks (20 rapes) this year!
Police hunt for couple who tried to snatch baby after knocking on stranger's door
Teenage girl glassed whilst celebrating her 17th birthday
Dr Ganesh Arunachalam fired for flirtatious texts to colleague (made another medic’s 'skin crawl')
Muslims use 'call to prayer' to remind London they've been CONQUERED?
Death of public duty and shameless university chiefs with huge sense of entitlement!
'We don't owe a penny!' Backbench Tories reveal how 'weak' EU owes BRITAIN cash
David Davis lists the EU nations set to suffer most from Brexit ‘no deal!’
'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Irma nears eastern Caribbean islands

Wednesday 6 September

HAARP, Hurricane Harvey and what THEY are NOT telling you!
1-in-12 NHS patient prescriptions contain an error! 80 million+ every year!
The collapse of British culture!
ISIS tells followers to poison supermarket food!
Muslim apostate and campaigner against both FGM and forced marriage suspended from Twitter!
Victim of sexual exploitation gang brands them 'monsters!' as one beast is jailed for 29 years
NEWCASTLE: Sex gang with 40 members drugged, raped and prostituted around 100 girls!
Taxi driver Saeed Shaikh jailed for kidnapping and raping teenage passenger!
Enricher, Zulfiqar Asif, who drugged, beat and raped a woman, jailed for LIFE!
Transgender rapist was moved to women-only jail despite still having a penis!
Job Centre worker denies tricking Nigerian girl, 13, into flying to Britain to be her slave
Stupid gangsters who bragged about £275,000 heroin deals jailed for 40 years!
Daniel Stroud murdered fellow pupil over a biscuit
Dr Sumit Basu ‘groped teen girl while her mother was in room!'
Dr Mohammed Ihsan put his crotch in the face of a patient and told her he was 'horny!'
Murder by Merkel! Asylum seeker on trial for rape/murder of EU official's daughter
GERMANY: WANTED! Muslim raped 68-year-old in her own home!
Britain secretly ditches plans to send 40 ISIS suspects back home!
White kids overloaded with antibiotics! Now at higher risk of drug resistance than others!
'Potentially catastrophic' Hurricane Irma nears eastern Caribbean islands
Obama spent $500,000,000 to train Jihadi force now participating in Christian massacres?
Those associated with National Action will be persecuted/prosecuted by the establishment?
Brave Para who served with Prince Harry forced to sleep rough
'It's not what Britain voted for!' Redwood SCOLDS Chuka Umunna!
You ARE the establishment! Humphrys turns tables on lefty Owen Jones!
Merkel's election campaign in Heidelberg - Boos, catcalls, 'traitor!'
Britain’s economy is 'broken!' Failing to tackle inequality, says new report
Did Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan bribed Netanyahu?
ENOCH POWELL: Let it go on until the Civil War comes!

Tuesday 5 September

Isolated communities fuelling home-grown jihadi terror threat, warns UK police chief!
Name and shame Megacaust deniers!
White Genocide! There are 240 black majority churches in Southwark!
Southwark has one of the biggest African Christian communities in the world outside Africa?
'Snowflake' students 'must learn to cope' with non-PC views! Unis must promote free speech!
Brexit voters ARE 'stupid' and it should be 'reversed' says Juncker's EU chief of staff
Remainer MEP ‘ashamed to be British!’ Becomes Irish citizen due to Brexit
Jacob Rees-Mogg takes SAVAGE swipe at 'unbalanced' BBC
Lionised by the Left, 'saintly' leader is turning a blind eye to genocide and mass rape?
Labour vows 'trench warfare' over crucial Brexit legislation!
Financial ombudsman took on 170,083 new cases from disgruntled consumers first half of year!
Parents 'fly from India to Florida to beat their son's wife for being disobedient!'
Study suggests Apple deliberately sabotages old products!
African migrant smuggled heavily-pregnant wife into UK then began dealing drugs
DIVERSITY! Check out the savage in embryo!
Forest Gate shootings - Why no description of gunman?
Teenage dealer gets a year for selling MDMA which killed schoolgirl, 15
Royal school dinners a far cry from usual menu!

Monday 4 September

Biggest NHS scandal ever? Elderly fear for lives! Morgue piled high with bodies! 833 deaths!
Zulu King admits South Africa was better off under white rule!
White men must be stopped! The very future of mankind depends on it
SHARIA-COMPLIANT SWEDEN legalizes child marriage for Muslims!
White genocide accelerates in Sweden: university removes all portaits of white male professors!
Secrets of the Elite: Why Forbes’ Rich List doesn’t include the wealthiest families on the planet
Israel committing instrumental genocide in Gaza
British Muslims smear their childrens' faces with sheep's blood!
Theresa may congratulates British Muslims!
SYDNEY: Muslims seeks $2.5 million to buy old Christian church! (To convert it into a mosque)
Backlash at John Lewis over new 'genderless' labelling on children's clothing
Arrogant Brexit chief vows to 'educate' the British and 'teach them what it means to leave the EU!'
BREXIT! May must FIGHT money-grasping, undemocratic bullies!
Muslim teacher calls for Hijab to be banned from primary schools!
BRAZIL: Cops arrest second man suspected of shooting British tourist
Gang of migrants clash with French riot police!
Anna Soubry admits she WILL vote against Brexit bill!
Jacob Rees-Mogg 'lined up for ministerial job in preparation for higher office!'
John Le Carre says inexperienced 'wrong set' is running Britain!
Families face £2,500 fines if they put too much in their bins or put them out EARLY?

Sunday 3 September

2015: Why Forbes’ Rich List doesn’t include the wealthiest families on the planet
Homeless mother-of-2 kills herself after spending 7 years on a council house waiting list!
Brave woman who tried to stop black savage attacking another, left with life-changing injuries
Cops hunt grinning man filmed 'grinding' against WPC at Notting Hill Carnival
Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be 'destroyed' due to meet MPs!
ANTIFA beats up 16-year-old Trump supporter!
Child sexual exploitation! Birmingham Mail forces West Midlands Police to release secret report!
Brave soldiers who fought ISIS are STILL waiting for medals!
Pope Francis once had weekly sessions with a Jewish psychoanalyst to ‘clarify some things?’
ANTIFA forces Sheffield hotel to cancel UKIP youth event
May’s 'desperate bid to keep £50bn EU divorce bill secret' to stop Brexit revolt
Poorest families in Britain to ‘SAVE £36 per week’ post-Brexit?
Jacob Rees-Mogg hits out at the Big Six for energy rip-offs
Theresa May 'IGNORED Tory strategist warning' calling snap election a ‘huge risk’
Trump retweets meme mocking Hillary Clinton's new memoir
HITCHENS: Diana's greatest legacy is the destruction of our monarchy?
Most Tories think they'd be better off with Boris? (Jacob's the man!)
Israel grants oil rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild!
The truth is hard to swallow!

Saturday 2 September

Threat from homegrown jihadis 'reaches unprecedented levels!'
DRUGS: 3 white lads dead in same Canterbury house? Cops say deaths aren't suspicious!
Great stuff from Paul Joseph Watson and unnamed reporter
Labour turns blind eye to paedo gangs for fear of being called racist, says sacked MP!
Romanian with string of convictions in Romania gets 16 years for attempted rape
#DIVERSITY! Illegal immigrant, Rabar Mala, supplied 437 SIM cards to jihadis in Iraq/Syria!
'Child sex dolls' could be made available for paedos on NHS?
Suspected Missouri serial killer threatened to 'kill all white people!'
The Chennai 6 - What the f*** has our sh*thouse government been doing about this?
The Chenai 6!!!
48% of Israeli Jews believe in ethnic cleansing!
Albanian gangs sneaking into Britain!
RAF offers close combat roles to women!
Sword-wielding Uber driver screamed: 'The Queen will be in hellfire!'
L'Oreal's first transgender model SACKED for claiming 'ALL white people' are racist
EU’s Brexit negotiators are panicking! They've thrown the steering wheel 'out of the car!'
Brexit betrayal and a shabby plot to sink Boris
Film your friend's rape and post it to her Snapchat account? (Yep, that'd be modernity)
The Mayor of Charlottesville caused 3 deaths — Not Richard Spencer!
Knifeman arrested at Stratford Westfield shopping centre - Man is stabbed, another injured
Police chief who'd legalise heroin gets top drugs job
BBC axing Jeremy Clarkson dumbest thing a broadcaster has ever done! (Blame Danny Cohen)
Obama is America's most expensive ex-President!

Friday 1 September

Britain is home to up to 35,000 Islamic fanatics of whom 3,000 are 'worrying!'
Bradford councillor, Zamurrad Khan, denies repeated sexual abuse of little boy!
Cops still haven't interviewed Manchester bomber's brother 3 months after terror attack!
Mohiussunnath Chowdhury: 'The Queen and her soldiers will all be in hellfire!' (#DIVERSITY)
Spice addicts slumped in busy town centres! (Courtesy of #LibLabCon and #NWO)
Police callouts for zombie drug double
L'Oreal's transgender model says 'ALL white people' are racist!
Europe's biggest airlines conspire to punish UK rivals after we leave the EU!
We must pay EU's foreign aid, loans to Ukraine and refugee facility in Turkey after leaving?
British-Israeli 'hacker' charged with cyber attacks against big banks
Accountancy student went on HUGE spending spree after £850,000 accounting error!
2015: Jewish and Zionist influence at the BBC
Transgender killed himself because headmistress kept calling him Louise?
Professor who wants Trump dead says Taylor Swift is a white supremacist!
Half of Britons think Islam is ‘threat to West,’ study reveals! Gay cops dancing - Manchester

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