Daily News: September 2016

Friday 30 September

Archbishop Sentamu warns we must not be a 'soft touch' on asylum seekers!
World chess championship in Iran? Female players must wear hijab!
FARAGE: Hillary represents the elite and so much of what has gone wrong over past decades
What's REALLY happening in Syria!!!
Question Time audience member brands Labour MP & supporters MENTALLY ILL
Riot as drunken asylum seekers attack security guards and cops have to rescue them
Child asylum numbers in UK soar to RECORD HIGH
We can win back 'racist' working class voters! Hope Not Hate at Labour Conference
Fury as judge allows failing Muslim school to remain secret to 'avoid media storm!'
Asian woman tries to steal baby from English woman at door of her home
Taxpayers' £100m legal bill to defend RBS ex-bosses including Fred the Shred Goodwin
Safe pair of hands? No, Hogan-Howe was a dead man walking
Former Labour culture secretary James Purnell to be BBC's new director of radio 
Jewish Australian MP: Bring Israel’s African immigrants to Australia!
Lib Dem says “London Jews” funded leadership campaign
Jew explains 'why I’ll never live in England again after Brexit!'
Israelis demand "n***ers go home!"
The Jewish story behind the Federal Reserve
Was the Hillary - Trump debate rigged?
Teenage Pakistani migrants ‘gang rape boy, 16, & film it
NHS nurses working in fear of migrant sex attacks as hospital says don't walk alone
Woman sobs as she recalls Swindon car park rape
Leader of Rochdale child rape gang loses human rights bid
Sajid Raza, Shabana Hussain and Daud Khan guilty of defrauding free school
‘This is not your country, you whites stole it’ Black activist shuts down Fox News host
CLINTON: Linda Tripp reopens Vince Foster, Travelgate, Whitewater scandals

Thursday 29 September

Muslim elders ordered Imam who raped schoolboy to flee UK to escape prosecution!
'Who does she think she is?' Furious Brexiteers let rip as Diane Abbott calls them racist
Jacob Rees-Mogg hits the spot
Dr Sebastian Gorka tells it as it is
BUSTED! NBC Caught Cheating For Hillary Clinton In Debate!
Big Brother takes over your printer and ensures it can only use expensive ink
Fury at Muslim school's bid to censor highly-critical Ofsted report
Headteacher ordered staff to help pupils CHEAT in SAT exams (Bet she votes #LibLabCon)
Credit firm BACKTRACKS on pre-Brexit scaremongering and BOOSTS British economy!
Ooh look - The pop prostitutes are voting for Hillary!
Crisis-ridden EU on the brink of imploding
Rapist who attacked 'vulnerable' student after she got into his taxi flees to Turkey
'They're pure poison' Congress OVERTURNS veto on 9/11 bill amid calls for Saudi punishment

Wednesday 28 September

Syria is under siege. Not by ISIS, not by rebels, but by the globalists!
Parenting Magazine warns 'blond, cheerful' families dangerous! Likely right-wing!
Corbyn rules out pledge to cut immigration! (TREASON!)
Western security facing threat ‘like we have NEVER SEEN’, FBI chief says
THOUSANDS of Pakistanis claim to be Syrian boys to gain entry to Europe"!
‘London is open’ Mayor Sadiq Khan vows to DEFY Brexit and offer City visas to migrants!
EU fat-cat gets €7k-a-week pension from Brussels despite raking it in at Goldman Sachs
Muslim gets nine years for wrecking holy shrines
Working class ARE 'Racist' but we can win them back – 'Hope Not Hate' tells Conference!
'EU nations FAILED not Brussels' Juncker/Schultz blame member states for migrant chaos
African teen who murdered Golders Green pensioner shouldn't be freed early says judge
Migrant who fled war zone BEGS to be moved out of Swansea! (Full of 'bad people')
1992: Al Sharpton told black crowd to kill cops! Had no idea camera was on
TRUMP v Hillary - RamZPaul summarises
The UK will “help Turkey in any way” to join the EU? (F*** off, Boris)

Tuesday 27 September

Black men in Britain 17 times more likely than white to be diagnosed psychotic!
Abbott: Brexiteers stupid and racist - Chakrabarti: Don't leave me in a room with Essex man
UK Imam: War is coming, Muslims can take women as sex slaves
Israeli NGO helping migrant boats reach Europe, tells them where to go on arrival!
"America is on our side": Al-Nusra commander tells German press US is arming Jihadists
British women going to the Calais jungle for sex? Littlejohn is not making it up!
Carlington Francis gets 21 years for violent attack on former partner
Teaching assistant Hamid Bhatti had sex with underage schoolgirl 14 times
Rotherham abuse accused: I was recognised from Channel 4 appearance
Somali rapist on child-kidnapping spree days after early-release from prison
Why do so many billionaire internet geeks have a God delusion?
Girls as young as 12 raped and trafficked by Somalian men
Dagenham rape: Woman raped by black stranger
Black teenagers racially abuse 60-year-old man in Northampton
Gang of burglars prey on woman for hours then kidnap her partner in a van
Student drug dealer locked up after anti-social behaviour

Monday 26 September

The Church of England now has no place for believers
David Miliband's refugee aid group in corruption probe 
Britain’s most evil gran found guilty of yet more child cruelty
Fury at Blair war crimes hypocrisy! 
PC told pro-Kurd protester 'you don't tell me what to do in my country' - RACISM!
NHS nurses - Just 8 out of 220 foreigners passed the English language exam
Labour's domestic violence chief 'must quit' over attack on her husband!
Labour party staff warned they could be attacked by OWN activists at party conference
Children must kill otherwise they grow up to be cowards says Morrison's worker turned jihadi
GERMANY: Patriot leader's car torched as her party poised to make election gains
'There's going to be a civil war in France! America, don't make the same mistake we made'
ISIS tortures six boys to do Death for playing football
BBC faces 'race quota' backlash for fixing the number of non-white presenters
The media’s female African chess ‘prodigy’ is nothing of the sort
A self-serving attack by a bitter Remainer 

Sunday 25 September

70,000 Whites murdered in S. Africa since Mandela came to power! Media, politicians silent!
HITCHENS: Fixated on Trump? Hillary could drag us ALL into a catastrophic war
Feminists say it's 'racist and sexist' for Italians to have Italian babies!
SUNDERLAND: Woman, 26, abducted and raped by six immigrant Muslims after drink spiked
MISSISSIPPI: 17 Blacks arrested for burning White girl alive! (MSM SILENT - Situation normal)
Rotherham girl's family fled UK after abuse by Asians
14-year-old white girl in critical condition after savage beating by Charlotte protestors
Fox newsman defends Hitler, calls out Frankfurt School Jews as the root of our ills!
Haci Ibramahain Koc jailed for rape committed in 1994
Massive explosion rocks Hungarian capital Budapest after 'gas leak'
Brexit will 'be crushed like the toad beneath the harrow?' (BOJO was Brexit, wasn't he?)
EU bigwig Schulz says Jo Cox was murdered after 'nasty' referendum campaign
Bitter Brussels vows to BLOCK Brexit unless May agrees to let EU citizens move to Britain
Angela Merkel says refugees have NOT brought terrorism to Germany
Illegal immigrants 'bribed' to go home!
Jezza vs Chuka? Umunna tipped to challenge Corbyn before next election?
Angelina trampled over the one golden rule of divorce
Labour’s Shadow Minister for domestic violence an abusive bully who terrified her ex-husband?
How Spanish activists landed ex-IMF head Rodrigo Rato in court
EU should build 'gigantic refugee city' for African migrants, says Hungarian PM
Coronation Street's Marc Anwar sacked for racism after calling Indians 'b******s' on Twitter
Hear a scratching sound? Moderate rats scramble back aboard Good Ship Corbyn
Jewish ex-MP demands naked snaps be deleted but daughter only too happy to bare all

Saturday 24 September

Rejoice! The liberal Left that once ruled over Britain is now being destroyed!
TREASON! Syrian gang assaulted young girls in Newcastle - Local media and cops kept it quiet!
Calais migrant charity says truck drivers who complain about refugees should 'change their jobs!'
Type "White Mom and baby" into Google - Check out the treacherous result!
Whom Should We Blame for Our Deranged Democracy?
80.8% of Americans oppose $38 billion in 'aid' US government pledged to Israel!
Miliband urges Labour to embrace EU as ‘euroscepticism is an ERROR’
Trump v Hillary? She’s the Pro-Israel candidate, says Jewish lobby!
Daniel Radcliffe's strong words for the Men's Rights Movement
Siding with Saudis, Obama vetoes September 11 bill passed unanimously in Congress
83 year-old white woman beaten and set on fire by Black Gang! Media silent
Soldiers who fought in Iraq/Afghanistan to have legal fees docked from pay?
Rotherham girl's family fled UK after abuse by Asian men, court told
‘Why aren’t I 50 points ahead' of Donald Trump? (The Deplorables, Hillary?)
FBI investigating lethal gun attack in Washington state as potential terrorism
Swaggering on the court steps, the £233,000 'bomb maker' suing UK troops!
Patients ARE at risk from thousands of EU medics admits doctors' watchdog!
EIGHT MILLION British users had their personal data stolen in Yahoo hack!
Brexit hate crime myth! Claims of epidemic of race crimes since referendum are false!
40% leap in foreign aid cash stolen by fraudsters!
What kind of mother treats her kids as you do, Angelina?  
OSBORNE: Greasy, upper crust loser won't stop scaremongering
Condemned to death by Daddy! Public schoolgirl turned pusher killed in hail of bullets

Friday 23 September

Israel-based “binary options” fraud — Thousands of British victims! Suicides reported
Trump v Hillary? She’s the Pro-Israel candidate, says Jewish lobby!
Rejoice! The liberal Left that once ruled over Britain is now being destroyed
British Parliament confirms Libya War was based on lies - Spread Terrorism
THEY are at war with us!
British father and twin sons stabbed by Africans on first day of Ibiza holiday
Woman sexually assaulted in Bexleyheath - Black man sought
JAILED: Rory Campbell raped woman in New Cross
Sex offender, Mansor Fatholli, caught with cocaine and £3,200 cash in his home
Dawood Mohammed raped woman at Manningham pub
Amjab Ali Azam sought in relation to an assault in Keighley
Police release e-fit of "Asian" park sexual assault suspect
Quarry Bank rapist Jonathan Ngolo jailed
Poplar: Man chased down street and beaten to death
Verdict imminent on men accused of the rape/murder of Scarlett Keeling
Beast jailed for 100 years after drowning 3 year-old step-daughter in hotel pool
Ringleader of Oxford plot to remove Rhodes statue wanted to WHIP white student
Police hunt BLACK thug after elderly white man kicked to ground - Fellow thugs laugh
Crap Sudanese doctor threatens ‘bloody price’ will be paid for suspension!
‘Like killing a chicken’ - ISIS horror stories
Charlotte: Looting, shooting, and social justice
If 6m Jews were killed in 'death camps,' why do 'survivors' only have 6 number tattoos?
Travesty of the vanishing pension
Project Fear: Three independent institutions say we're BOOMING after Brexit
Muslim boat captain 'threw six Christians to their deaths
Anti-democrat Green, Caroline Lucas, wants second Brexit referendum
Miliband urges Labour to embrace EU as ‘euroscepticism is an ERROR!’

Thursday 22 September

BRIGHTON: Black savage who stabbed girlfriend more than 100 times is jailed
Omar Arshad, who duped OAPs out of £300,000, was "homeless man" from good Samaritan tale!
And UK's biggest ever cyber scammers? (£113m stolen) LibLabCon pets!
Aarron Isaac jailed for 10 years after acid attack
Merkel's promise to deport failed asylum seekers? 168,212 still in Germany!
London more Islamic than cities in Muslim countries says Islamic scholar
Sadiq Khan warns London to EXPECT terror attack! It's 'part of living in a big city!'
Miliband says Corbyn has made Labour 'unelectable!'
PUNJAB: Muslims kidnap Christian boy, then gang rape and murder him
SWEDEN IN CHAOS: ‘No-go zones’ INCREASED as police lose control!
Black Lives Matter savage drop kicks white, homeless man
Soldiers at war with MoD! 200 heroes to take top brass to court over Iraq!
USA: School lets boy run for "Homecoming Queen!"
Newsnight's gay, PC presenter doesn't like Hungarian minister telling the truth
The inside story of Cameron's downfall
Miliband says Corbyn has made Labour 'unelectable!'
Christopher Halliwell: How the elite treat GOOD cops in Britain!
The damning verdict on Project Fear!
CLOONEY and co - Spare us from these bleeding heart luvvies!
Corbyn's ex-WIFE switches her vote to Owen Smith!

Wednesday 21 September

Europe’s rape epidemic: Western women will be sacrificed at the altar of mass migration!
In August 2016, 1,749 under 25s were stabbed in London - LibLabCon did this!
Max Hastings: Migration poses the gravest threat since 1945!
OECD: Anti-migrant activists must be silenced and countries MUST embrace immigration!
Something you've never seen is happening in Europe!
TRUMP: Clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about terrorists!
MURDERING WHITE WORLD! UN grants thousands of migrants free access to richer countries!
York University staff member fired for “anti-Semitic” posts
Obama makes war then tells us to OPEN BORDERS to refugees he created!
“Full Blown Banking Crisis”: World’s most powerful bank signals imminent meltdown in China
Sheriff Clarke: 'Obama's Set This Whole Country on Fire With His Race Politics'
Copenhagen IN FLAMES: Denmark hit by arson attacks
Obina Ezeoke charged with murder of two
Tanveer Iqbal died at hands of mistress, her ex-husband and their son
Illegal immigrant gets 12 years for sex attacks
Gang launch vicious attack on woman - Thief who stole her car was Asian
Sex offender and failed asylum seeker tries to kidnap girl, 10
JAILED: Romanian fraudsters who sold imaginary cars on eBay
NETHERLANDS: Migrant youths' reign of terror OVER as vigilantes attack!
Villagers demand REFERENDUM after migrants housed nearby
Muslim who KICKED woman in the head for wearing shorts says ‘Islamic law demanded it’
Tony Blair winds up his secretive money-making empire after racking up a reputed £60MILLION
Guardian attacks gay, feminist, sex assault victim, sayss Europe's rape epidemic 'made up'
Every 5th person in Germany is from migrant family
'You WILL pay the price!' German MP says Britain will have to FUND EU in any Brexit deal
Lesbos after the island's biggest refugee camp was destroyed by fire
Video shows Obama railing against white people during 1990 trip to Kenya
Black yanks call white people evil!

Tuesday 20 September

Black animals beat up white girl, 15 - then upload footage to Snapchat!
Clinton health charity distributed 'watered-down' HIV drugs to patients in Africa?
Not wanting your country invaded by alien hordes makes a dim celeb "ashamed to be British!"
Pentagon ruins Lavrov-Kerry deal on Syria
Murderer laughs at his victims’ families (Beasts should be executed)
Romanian crook deported for ATM scam SNEAKS BACK and commits SAME crime
Hello I'm here to burgle your country – Romanian career criminal wasted no time on arrival
Romanian migrant attacked women in underpass JUST WEEKS after arriving Romanian criminal battered pensioner into coma after being let into UK
Romanian thug battered pensioner into coma after being let into UK with criminal record
Hungary's politicians launch scathing attack on EU
NEVER FORGET: Sadiq Khan lied to media and Parliamentary authorities!
Sadiq Khan exposed!
Warming oceans push a cocktail of tropical diseases to British waters
Gascoigne to black man: "Can you smile please because I can't see you?" = £1,000 fine!

Monday 19 September

Haitian President exposes the Clinton Foundation: 'Hillary Clinton tried to bribe me!'
German voters take revenge on Merkel - Far-right group enters Berlin parliament for first time!
Will he EVER get justice? 'Marine A' STILL behind bars!
Students at UK's most prestigious universities 'live in crime hotspots!'
Merkel is 'lying!' Italian PM in furious attack! Europe is a 'GHOST,' he says!
"The new Swedes will claim their space! There is no way back. Sweden will never be like it was!"
Sweden on the BRINK: Malmö in flames!
Sweden turns on migrants amid unprecedented rise in violence and sex attacks
BREXIT: The Guardian's Nigerian sneerer, Chibundu Onuzo, sneers at "British people"
Pope says welcoming refugees will keep us safe from terrorism?
Another night of terror! Bomb explodes at New Jersey train station
Pictured: Minnesota mall knifeman - 'a soldier of the Islamic State!'
US “aid” to Israel jumps to $3.8bn per year
GUATEMALA: Authorities raid secretive compound of Jewish cult suspected of child abuse
Hundreds of Turks attacked police and white Belgians in Ghent
GERMANY: Why was migrant child rapist only jailed for two years?
Swedish boys beg to leave immigrant school after violence
What is Alternative for Germany (AfD) and what does the anti-migrant party want?
Where is the burka banned in Europe? Which country could ban the face veil next?
Paul Gascoigne to face trial over 'racist joke!' (Put the PC Crowd on trial!)

Sunday 18 September

Lib Dem politician says schools should be able to suggest PROSTITUTION as a career!
Bomb rips through Manhattan: Twenty-nine hurt, one critical
Some 800,000 ready to leave Libya for EU - report
Seth Rich gave Hillary and Democrat emails to Wikileaks - Then he was shot dead
HITCHENS: We won't save refugees by destroying our own country
HITCHENS: Cameron put us on slippery slope to disaster! How did he rise to such prominence?
Ethnics who flooded city with heroin and cocaine via TAXI jailed for 68 years
This black savage stabbed lover more than 100 times because she wouldn't get him a drink
YOU'VE CAUSED CHAOS! EU chief blames Angela Merkel for migrant crisis and ISIS attacks
UKIP member urges Diane James to save UK Christianity as it's being DESTROYED
British lawmakers condemn Cameron for Libyan invasion led by Hillary
MP JOHN WOODCOCK on how Corbyn's thugs put him on a hit list
Farage in brilliant comeback after being branded 'bigot' and 'hater' in heated clash
UKIP member urges Diane James to save UK Christianity as it's being DESTROYED
‘US seeks to use Snowden example to discourage whistleblowers’ – Amnesty International
Migrants claiming asylum in Germany have been holidaying in the countries they are 'fleeing!'
Momentum activist accused Jewish MP of using anti-Semitism to 'disgrace the left'
The Mainstream Media Bet the Farm on Hillary--and Lost
UKIP MEP slams London's Muslim mayor for endorsing Hillary Clinton
Trump's not wrong – We can't wear uniform in our OWN cars,' say five Met police officers!
SOUTH SUDAN: Why DO we give £200m to this Cowboy Dictator's regime?
Keep complaints against us secret, say top cops! (F*** you! EXPOSE them!)
Second General mocks Government's lack of strategy
Transgender soldier born a man first 'woman' able to fight on front line for the army
Mass stabbing at Minnesota mall: Rampaging knifeman attacks eight shoppers (Allah mentioned)
German far right leader's car is torched
'Algerians' arrested after naked teen found bound, gagged and gang-raped under Eiffel Tower
Career criminal killed female bystander; injured cops, a witness and hostage

Saturday 17 September

Changes to faith schools 'will destroy diversity in Britain?' (Do you promise?)
The same political party always starts the really big wars
Catholic Church paid $79 MILLION by Obama administration to force migrant invasion?
'I know BETTER than all of you!' EU chief says we Brits don't want Brexit
John McDonnell and Alastair Campbell accuse each other of destroying the Labour Party!
Black yob, Dwayne Gordon, gets seven years for kicking man in the head
PETERBOROUGH: Woman dragged into bushes and raped by 'Afghanistan accent' man
NOTTINGHAM: Four Muslim savages jailed for 26 years over street attack
Black man gets 13 years for ‘vicious’ attack in Milton Keynes
MILTON KEYNES: Muslim appears in court charged with murder of teen
Jealous George is trying to sabotage Theresa's revolution
Melbourne: Pregnant woman attacked with a HAMMER by Sudanese gang members!'
Greek locals sprayed with tear gas as refugee arrivals from Turkey DOUBLE!
ISIS fanatic jailed for life for murder of illegal immigrant imam
London's Muslim Mayor is meeting Chicago's Jewish Mayor
Schoolgirl, 15, died of heart attack after being prescribed the Pill over the phone
Corbynistas want 'radical' Muslim to de-select Jewish MP Louise Ellman?
'I waited all my life for banking crisis' crowed Marxist McDonnell

Friday 16 September

Shameless Juncker blames '40 years of British lies' for Brexit
Please help Lou and Lie get justice
Pictures of men sought by cops over stabbing in central Brighton that left two in hospital
'Lack of FGM convictions is a scandal': 500 girls having the brutal procedure every MONTH
Black thug lures cat over for pat before brutally KICKING it down the street
Evil black thug stalks and robs elderly couple at cashpoint
‘Time to get a grip' on numbers of murderers absconding from prison, says MP
Hungarian vice gang will pay back less than £400 of the £300,000 they made
Coventry council deputy leader Abdul Khan rebuked by regulator
"I also wear the Hijab, it's beautiful!" - German TV Ad Campaign advertises veil to girls
Jew fail 2015? Meet the Jewish billionaires shaping the 2016 Presidential election?
Like the Soviet Union, is EU heading for ash heap of history?
SENIOR Eurocrats claim UK will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations tough enough!
BLACK WIDOW spider 15 TIMES more venomous than rattlesnake FOUND in UK!
Calais mayor: ‘Don’t call them Calais migrants they’re Hollande’s migrants’
Colin Powell will not vote for her because she's "greedy"
London mayor's 'integration' deputy spoke at event Jihadi John event!
LITTLEJOHN: Privileged eco-toffs, a soft-headed judge and an insult to justice
Hillary Clinton’s new book branded ‘most excellent toilet paper ever!’

Thursday 15 September

Brexit distracting from Chilcot report was ‘silver lining,’ says Jack Straw
Blair's legacy: 5 times as many EU nationals (2.2m) work here now compared to 1997!
Ricky Hayden hacked to death by four 'young black men' in Chadwell Heath
Armed police scrambled as man and woman shot dead at flat in London
Asylum seeker attacked woman after being saved from deportation by Stephen Williams, MP
Black thug lures cat over for pat before brutally KICKING it down the street
Black Lives Matter protesters walk free from court despite causing chaos on airport runway 
'Lack of FGM convictions is a scandal': 500 girls having the brutal procedure every MONTH
ISLAM expert warns of civil war across Europe as more Muslims increasingly radicalised
Support for Merkel's party plummets to 4 year low just one year before election
Cameron MUST publicly defend his decision to invade Libya, say MPs
'The world ADMIRES Germany?' Bono PRAISES Angela Merkel's migration policy!
‘Britain’s needy should come FIRST’ says Nick Ferrari
Van Rompuy warns NO Brexit talks with EU for 12 MONTHS!
Farage was right! Juncker's EU army on the march!
'Jobs should go to local candidates and NOT foreigners' blasts Swiss politician
'Take back your criminals or lose foreign aid' Top Tory warns
Bill Maher jokes about Trump assassination

Wednesday 14 September

David Cameron fuelled the rise of the ISLAMIC STATE, damning new report reveals!
'Muslims want to eradicate Christianity' and conquer Europe claims potential next Pope!
FOREIGN AID: Too much of your money is simply stolen or squandered!
Cull of Cameron's cronies: Rona Fairhead is latest appointee shown the door
Taxpayers face £1.7billion bill for 20,000 Syrian refugees - Ministers make 'no estimate' of cost
Cameron to make fortune after leaving Commons! (£40,000 pension/£115,000 allowance)
How your taxes are squandered - Failed jobs tsar YOU paid £9m grins at her stately home!
HUMAN RIGHTS! European judges order UK to pay terrorist £13,600
ISIS 'celebrate Eid’ by hanging 'US spies' from meat hooks
DIVERSITY KILLS! Immigrant Turk stabbed English wife 12 times
BETHNAL GREEN: Russell Brown stabbed multiple times, died later in hospital
Purple Aki a figure of fun? When he killed Gary Kelly?
Man survives shotgun blast to chest in Brixton street shooting
Black thug slashes man with hunting knife
SWINDON: Melvin Chuaga stabbed Scott Cadder
Stanislovas/Andrius Danmbrauskas illegally supply migrants to UK labour agencies - NO JAIL!
NETHERLANDS: ‘Who the f**k are all you racists?’ Immigrants terrorise community!
Lords say Article 50 MUST be agreed by Parliament? (Traitors abound)
Desperate Juncker calls for unity as EU faces COLLAPSE following Brexit vote
END FOR MERKEL? She REFUSES migrant cap demand from key government partners!
Trump would be BETTER for the economy than Clinton, says business tycoon!
Karol Mason Donates $856,000 to DNC - Obama appoints her Assistant Attorney General
JWO Unmasked?
Former Malaysian PM names the Jew

Tuesday 13 September

Archbishop of Vienna: 'Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe?'
Loophole that means 135 war crime suspects are living freely in the UK!
MILLIONS who think they'll get state pensions when they're 65 in for a big shock!
Foreigners ARE overloading the justice system! 
Migrants arriving on European soil SURGES past 2015 total - And more are coming!
‘Extremist’ 9-year-olds flagged up ONCE A DAY - Radicalisation cases skyrocket
Scandalous voter-fraud riddled Austrian election postponed (dodgy envelopes)
EU to send nearly £100m in aid cash to migrant camps! (Imagine our shock!)
> German refugee worker hits back at Merkel's migrant pledge saying 'we CAN'T do this'
FARAGE: Only one person comes out of this deplorably, and that’s Hillary Clinton
Snouts in the BBC trough: The 'grotesque' pay-offs handed to BBC bosses
Keith Vaz's chauffeur given a pass allowing him unrestricted access to House of Lords
Police to probe Keith Vaz's 'links to a rent boy brothel boss'
Jilted boyfriend, Pawel Sroka, stabbed partner to death in a frenzied attack
Illegal immigrant, Yasser Alromisse, shot dead daughter, 7, after British mum renounced Islam
Corbyn purges top Jewish donor who criticised his regime
Labour MP Mary Creagh warns of 'violence and intimidation' after her office was BRICKED
Brussels will face 'CONSEQUENCES' if EU tramples on result of Hungary referendum
Asylum seeker numbers in France ROCKETS by 20%!
Migrant 'in rape attempt' on 12-year-old girl at refugee camp in Bicske, Hungary
'How utterly useless is he?' Remainer Smith says he may even SCRAP POUND!
Playing the feminist card is blustering cowardice
Angry, vengeful, broken by the loss of power, next stop New York for Dave and Samantha? 
Dave's ready to rake in millions!
Demise of the High Street post office
Perfectly preserved road that led Romans to London from the coast found after 2,000 years

Monday 12 September

MILLIONS who think they'll get state pensions when they're 65 in for a big shock! (Got to pay migrant welfare, banker bonuses and politicians' expenses somehow)
Met police 'so politically correct they won't report Muslim officers with extreme views!'
Clinton to DROP OUT of election? Democrats line up candidates! (How to do Donald - and US)
Migrants arriving on European soil SURGES past 2015 total - And more are coming!>
Brussels opens doors to migrants but slams them shut on us after Brexit?
'How utterly useless is he?' Remainer Smith says he may even SCRAP POUND!
‘Extremist’ 9-year-olds flagged up ONCE A DAY - Radicalisation cases skyrocket>
Scandalous voter-fraud riddled Austrian election postponed (dodgy envelopes)>
Mohammed Murtaja Anwar charged with 4 child sex crimes and still gets bail!
Serious sexual assault in Peterborough street - Asian sought
Philippines' Duterte says he's 'not a fan' of US, plots own course
Popular Negroid Rapper Sentenced for Running Deplorable Drug Gang
Serbia: Police arrest migrant suspected of stabbing

Sunday 11 September

EU Council President finally admits: 'We must secure our borders!'
African dictator 'eats his enemies' testicles and brains to boost his sexual prowess'
'Stop the abusers!' Telford becomes Britain's 'child-sex capital' 
Albanian mafia smuggling fake booze to party isle where Brit girl was blinded by shots
Nick Cohen says Brexiters are 'deluded' and must not be 'appeased' by the EU?
Bercow accused of cover up! Tory MP called for Vaz's suspension year before rent boy scandal
BREXIT FURY: Tories say NO to single market as they lose patience with May's delays
FALLING APART: Merkel's authority in tatters as key allies set to SNUB her over migration
Hillary has one year to live? (After the sympathy vote?)
Immigrants snub Serbia because it's too poor!
Katie Hopkins: 'Migrants didn't create America – MY ancestors did!’
It's a stitch-up! Nigel Farage furious at 'puerile' EU bid to control Brexit negotiations
Fury at cops in burkas: Plans blasted as 'MAD' and even criticised by Muslim leaders
The left's surrender to Comrade Corbyn
So how DID this British cop become America's cannabis king?
Labour MP KATE HOEY is dismayed at ideological opposition to Theresa May's plans
Jews in Labour place little trust in Jeremy Corbyn (Applause rang out for Jezza)

Saturday 10 September

Shameless family that proves we were right to vote Brexit 
What a burka! Top cop says WPCs could wear full-length veils to attract more Muslims!
Female cops could be allowed to wear FULL Islamic headdress in bid to boost diversity!
Merkel to LOSE Berlin: German leader faces oblivion in capital!
Merkel's authority in tatters as key allies set to SNUB her over migration!
Marion Le Pen: France must 'urgently' act on immigration after Notre Dame terror plot!
Israel’s “rapidly approaching” civil war
Moral idiocy in the halls of power
Muslim thug BREAKS a traffic warden's leg in an argument over a £35 ticket
Polish lorry driver kills family of four whilst on the phone!
Sir King Cash conman ordered to pay back £554,000
Gang violence in London, courtesy of LibLabCon - Son, 17, dies in mother's arms
Migrant-traffickers are top security threat! Danger will spread across Britain!
Fury as multi-millionaire UN bigwig says Calais Wall is inhumane!
Champagne Shifty! Shameless pics taken weeks after he sold BHS pensioners down the river! 
Social mobility has been falling for decades! Top jobs dominated by wealthy families  
Mo Farah's wife 'calls airline worker "f****** pathetic" in ten minute rant!
Starbucks, Amazon, Goldman Sachs rip billions off taxpayers - OUR civil servants help them! 
Former Tesco executives charged with fraud over £326m black hole in accounts
Unite Union put up £400,000 for Red Len's London flat
Sweden: Interpreter suspended for saying Arab migrants lie to secure asylum, welfare bonuses

Friday 9 September

'WACKY' Donald Trump isn’t 'qualified to be president!'
Children given antidepressants up by 28% in a decade!
One in four would take a pay cut to curb migration!
Christopher Bollyn says 9/11 attacks were result of 'Zionist war agenda!'
Every time we mobilise trying to prevent our own destruction, Jews mobilise against us?
Muslims film rape of 13-year-old in hotel room
Nick Clegg attacks Brexiteers, comparing them with Trump supporters
European Central Bank is destroying Europe's financial sector!
KATIE HOPKINS experiences first-hand the terror of the Calais camp
Brothers arrested for 'chemical bomb and Paris-style massacre plot in the UK'
Femi Nandap murdered academic days after serious knife charge was dropped!
African rapist has six weeks added to his jail term 
'Arrogant' stockbroker rapist said his victim only cried because he was so well endowed
Mohammed Farhan accused of double rape attack
Washington Gives Russia an 'Ultimatum' on Syria, Moscow Responds
UK spies murdered tycoon Berezovsky over Prince Phil ‘porn pics’ says Russian intel expert
Anonymous hacker faces 16 years in prison, while Steubenville rapists walk free
Audience member DESTROYS Remainer Owen Smith during Labour debate
Gang of youths insult women in shorts before beating up husbands

Thursday 8 September

DIVERSITY KILLS! (Britons murdered in Britain since the death of Stephen Lawrence)
Chinese airline tells it like it is! London 'populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people!'
Top 10 Western lies about Syrian conflict
The West created and perpetuates the Syrian civil war (March 2015)
Most Syrians back President Assad but you'd never know from western media (January 2012)
19,481 suicidal teens contact Childline in 12 months! Girls 6 times more likely to feel suicidal
Corbyn's team all attended/used grammars to educate kids, despite now opposing plans for more
African family-of-10 demands MANSION! Benefits dad rejects 5-bed home as 'too cramped!'
Julian Assange proves Clinton LIED to America and reveals 'FBI are playing along with it!'
'We're still in charge!' Germany orders Britain NOT to seal trade deals before Brexit
Brexit vote sparks new revolt by EU states
Police believe pensioner 'was murdered alongside her husband by an Albanian asylum seeker'
Man knifed in both legs after thieves attempt to snatch Rolex
#DIVERSITY! 'Disgraceful' thug, 60, jailed 
'Depraved' Aqil Ali faces jail after two-hour sex attack in west London park
Chicken supplier Ansar Mahmood escapes jail over maggot-ridden meat premises
Turk shoots Austrian woman in head - for fun!
SPAIN: Danish teen, 15, blinded by 6 Muslims in brutal attack ISIS terror thugs 'are forcing children to join them on the front line by threatening to RAPE them
Carney claims credit for getting it wrong! 
Ministers powerless over Choudary's joke jail term! It can't be reviewed by Attorney General 
Ex BBC boss warns of 'Little Englanders' celebrating Brexit at Proms?
Vaz, the asylum tycoon and 'freebies in a Mayfair hotel'
Geert Wilders - The Reality of Islam in Europe, a town called Malmo, Sweden
Joe Biden apologizes for telling the truth

Wednesday 7 September

BLACKOUT: Media ignores pro-Brexit demo, HUNDREDS of articles published on pro-EU protest
MANCHESTER: Man walking to work stabbed in the neck by Pakistani attacker
CEO who resigned as head of mental health trust has £240,000-a-year job created for her!
A vote for Trump is a vote for anti-Semites?
Anjem Choudary corrupted kids as young as 5 and brainwashed 600 into joining ISIS
Sir Shifty Green's yacht christened the 'BHS Destroyer' by comedian Lee Nelson
Theresa May wants new grammar schools? Good for her, say I! (If true)
Shamed by rent boy expose, off Home Affairs committee, Vaz smirks at the cameras
Ken Livingstone defends Keith Vaz over rent boy scandal!
Where did Vaz get money to send kids to private school and built up £4m property empire?
11,000 asylum seekers ‘broke the law’ in Austria during the first half of 2016
After months of violence, sex assaults and asylum worker death, Sweden turns on migrants
‘We’ll take Merkel to court over migrant chaos’ Furious Sweden hits out at Germany
NORWAY: Migrants film themselves raping male teenager at asylum centre
PARIS: Migrant gang attacks Bus with Molotov cocktail, shouts "Allahu Akbar" as it burns
Ali Din sexually molested several women on train hours after release from prison
Horrifying moment Somali thugs launch vicious attack outside London takeaway
Kamran Ahmed, a Pakistani, gets ten years for raping 12-year-old girl
Ismail Miah and Muhammed Sikder kill Paul Hayward and Mirza Malick in Bradford taxi crash
Asylum seeker jailed for 12 years for raping woman walking to work on Swansea street
Somali rapist tried to kidnap school kids by pretending to be a cop
Abduction alert after Asian tried to drag terrified 11-year-old boy into car
Sex pest motorist, Yasser Hussain, left female office worker in 'fear and distress'
Polish immigrant broke into a woman's home, raped her, filmed it
Health inspectors find bucket full of RATS in a kebab shop
Woman Was Raped, Honour killed by her ex-husband AS HER FATHER STOOD GUARD!
How did VAZ get away with it for so long? (Because our criminal elite cover for each other)
London Mayor sets up taks force to jail those who “annoy” Muslims online?
Why were Black Lives Matter protesters at London Airport all WHITE? (Marxism breeds traitors?)

Tuesday 6 September

Keith Vaz broke no laws and shouldn't resign says Peter Tatchell
Keith Vaz had regular communications with rent boys in weeks before he was exposed
As Merkel support slumps, benefit-claiming refugees soar 169%
EU is ‘BROKEN, INEFFICIENT and HYPOCRITICAL’, blasts Hungarian Foreign Minister
I’ve become a racist’: Migrant wave unleashes Danish tensions over identity
Ameen Jogee convicted of hero policeman's manslaughter
Mohammed Amin jailed for 15 years for rape of 11-year-old
CCTV appeal after pensioner is stabbed at Thornton Heath station in 'vicious and unprovoked assault'
Brain surgery teenager thrown into canal by "Asian" robbers
'Islam is evil' Hairdresser facing jail for throwing hijab-clad woman out of salon

Monday 5 September

Gangland: episode 1 - Turf Wars - Channel 5 Documentary
Muslim refugee who raped boy says it's 'no crime because it's acceptable in his homeland!'
Leo McKinstry: The Single Market is just the EU by another name
Jon Voight: "TRUMP IS AWESOME - Haters have gotten ridiculous!"
Wikileaks: US trying to brainwash Estonians about 'benefits of diversity' and 'multicultural society!'
Vaz shamelessly clings to power after paying male escorts for sex! Corbyn backs disgraced MP?
Camp Keith was always as fishy as an old sardine 'Loan' that let shamed Labour MP Keith Vaz pay £400k cash for luxury 'sex flat'
How did Teflon Vaz cling on for so long? Revelations 'no surprise'
'Charge hit-and-run killers with manslaughter! 4 years for Majid Malik/Kaiz Mahmood not enough
Merkel is smashed in her home state polls by the far-Right
Turks in Germany praise Erdogan
Marine le Pen leave EU and stop Islam
EU AT BREAKING POINT: 'Almost full' Europe close to saying NO to more migrants, says Tusk
Page 3 Girl, Kimberley, 'is being groomed to be a jihadi bride!'
Miliband decrees: UK needs to do more to help refugees! (F*** off, loser)
Councils find places for 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK! (And homeless ex-servicemen?)
Merkel faces calls to DEPORT refugees as Germany struggles to cope with open-door policy
Izzard says Brexit has left world in 'despair' (Only the weird bit of it, Ed)
'More will come' says ISIS! 100s of jihadis have snuck in to attack Europe/UK
Yorkshire Ripper turns to Islam after Muslim gangs offer mass murderer protection
COLOGNE COPYCATS: Migrants grope, sexually assault women at German festival
Daily Mail lawsuit is a message from Trump: stay away from my family
E.coli superbug in 1 in 4 supermarket chickens
How Brexit's made dead ducks of those who warned it would doom the Union
The First Great Escape: WW1 soldiers inspired Stalag Luft breakout
Cops probe MP for online anti-Israel rant! (Hey, Plod! What's so special about Israel?)
Women 'sexually assaulted by immigrants during rampage at a party in Germany
> Syrian kidnapper who shot UK journalist is Obama-vetted ‘moderate!’

Sunday 4 September

'Getting very horny. I want you!' Labour grandee Keith Vaz met male prostitutes in London flat
Keith Vaz helped kill a 90s probe into the Greville Janner claims: why is he silent now?
Liberal French MEP arrested for ‘pleasuring himself in front of teens at DIY store!’
'Dark-skinned' beggar raped woman at knifepoint after she stopped to give him change!
Jew raped by Muslims in London?
Illegal Muslim faith schools IGNORED due to 'political correctness', Ofsted chief warns
Couple forced to give up garden because officials plan to build REFUGEE CENTRE!
More than 2,300 died after fit for work assessment
Hillary threatens war with Russia?
British tourist left BLIND after 'party cocktail' was spiked on a holiday island
Migrants on the Med are getting a free ferry service
'Utter rubbish' Chuka Umunna SLAMMED as he claims Brexit will damage workers' rights
Foreign child abuse judge who quit £100 million inquiry snubs showdown with MPs
It takes SIX cops to pin down Eddie Izzard's pink-beret thief?
Thousands of cry babies say no to Brexit!
Blair tells French media Brits are confused by Brexit, could end up staying in Europe
‘Honour killed’ Samia Shahid was raped by family members before death!
Horrific crash as jungle migrant gangs target tourists in cars in terrifying new AMBUSH technique
All that's missing from this sorry line-up is a seat for Humpty Dumpty

Saturday 3 September

The political elite's refusal to admit the misery cause by the Euro = Far worse to come!
Illegal Muslim faith schools IGNORED due to 'political correctness', Ofsted chief warns
‘It’s all about me’ Blair will only be remembered for Iraq war ‘FAILURE’, Ed Balls says
DIVERSITY! Trevor Timon charged with murder of former Coutts banker
Lisa Snowdon's boyfriend Tim Wade admits assault after 'attacking her in the street'
Gang of thugs smash chair over teen’s head and snatch his mobile
Algerian asylum seeker (serial criminal) RELEASED because Government can't kick him out!
Inside the playboy world of a Brit drug dealer on £2,200 a day!
Schoolboy, 15, who raped 5-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister get 5 years
Girl, 12, raped in south Manchester park (No description of rapist)
Melania Trump sues the Daily Mail for $150m over 'lies' about her past
Bishop of Grantham first C of E bishop to declare he is in gay relationship
Ex-pupil suicide... Did a top public school turn a blind eye to stories of abuse for years?
Tory MP blasts BBC for describing radical Muslim preachers as 'conservative'
Milo Yiannopoulos's ban proves Twitter is censoring conservatives

Friday 2 September

Clinton has 'lost the plot!'Says UKIP is funded by Russia!
FARAGE: The West needs a 'democratic renaissance' to put the people back in charge!
Ban the burka in Britain! 57 per cent want it banished!
Woman who mocked burka goes into hiding after Muslim thugs offer bounty for her murder
Social media sociopaths v Coronation Street! Racism probe more proof world has gone bonkers
USA: Black teen assaults 5-year-old girl, school defends it as normal behaviour!
Gypsies took disabled boy from hostel and made him their slave for 30 years!
Alar Kajurand, Rainis Kilk, Tamair Uibopuu and Raigo Malm jailed for £1m robbery
Just one cannabis joint harms your will to work
MILTON KEYNES: E-Fit appeal following robbery and assault on elderly couple
MILTON KEYNES: Girl fights off man who tore her clothing and tried to grab her dog
MILTON KEYNES: Black man jailed following spate of taxi robberies
Appeal following sexual assaults in Enfield
He brought Pakistani bride to UK and treated her like a slave - Now he faces jail
Top rider’s terror as Calais migrants attack horsebox!
Retired judge, 88, offers to 'body swap' with an asylum seeker!
White House Watch: Trump 40%, Clinton 39%
Turkey vows to treat Brits fighting with Kurds as TERRORISTS! (Thanks, fellow NATO member)
Barclays gave Qatari investors £2.3 billion to BAIL it out at height of financial crisis!
Patriotic group plans UK's first 'White Lives Matter' march in Margate
AfD MPwears Niqab to parliament
Brexit has made Britain a ‘LAUGHING STOCK’ says Lib Dems' creepy leader
Sturgeon snubs Union Jack but is happy to fly GERMAN flag

Thursday 1 September

Last sighting of missing girl, 15: Vulnerable teen walks hand in hand with black man
Foreign criminals freed 10 years ago in border scandal ‘still haven’t been deported!’
Bobby on the beat is history: 1-in-3 haven't seen a single cop on streets in last year
Israel police chief says it is natural to suspect Ethiopians of crime
Britain WILL remain the financial centre of Europe despite Brexit, pro-EU banker claims
TTIP doomed to FAIL: EU trade deal with US could be KILLED OFF in just 3 MONTHS
'You have NO IDEA!' Eamonn Holmes RIPS APART Jeremy Hunt over junior doctors' strike
Working classes miss out on top jobs at investment banks - They're not posh enough
Corbyn insists £20,000 for appearance on Iranian TV not 'an enormous amount of money'
Defiant Merkel defends record on migration as support for her government falls 8% in a year
Merkel's REGRET: German leader admits FLAWS in her migrant policy as she ignored crisis
How British comedy lost the plot

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