Daily News: September 2014

Tuesday 30 September

UKIP voters are 'elderly male people who've had disappointing lives', says top Tory, Ken Clarke!
Addictive painkillers have led to 100,000 deaths!
Young married men a thing of the past as only 57,191 husbands are under age of 25
Britain’s political establishment is terrified of UKIP
Slavery in the UK on the the rise as gangs 'brand' their victims
BORIS: 'UKIP defectors are the sort of people who have sex with vacuum cleaners'
£45,000-a-week Premier League player Cheick Tiote has two wives AND a mistress
CHARLTON: Young woman raped by three Asians
One-man crimewave, Kirk Weston, arrested 100 TIMES in six years
Mohammed Rashid sexually abused 81-year-old dementia sufferer in her own home
Senior carer, Agneskia Sztokmanska, called dementia patients monsters!'
Use Affirmative Action to get black people top positions! (Promote Black, demote White)
To truly deliver on One Nation, Labour must introduce affirmative action!
Blacks-only student org demands that Blacks not be mentioned in crime stats
Marseille will be first majority Muslim city in Europe
Poor non-white school marks blamed on 'white racism.' Bad white marks fault of 'white families'
Top psychiatrist says 'transgender' is a mental illness
Sexual minorities 2 to 3 times more likely to report psychological/emotional problems
Jews boast of owning Hollywood but slam Gentiles who say same
EU commissioner sacrificed our right to privacy for reputation of Sweden/herself in US
Nov 2013: Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption, says law chief
MPs' expenses: A new cover-up as watchdog wants names of suspected cheats kept secret!
One in 8 three-year-olds has rotting teeth... and fruit juice is to blame
TV's Robson Green blasts 'w****r Carr' and co for avoiding tax
US airstrikes on ISIS already killing Syrian civilians (Surprised anyone?)
Schoolboy, 15, shot dead his teenage girlfriend while showing off with an illegal handgun
Half the world's wild animals have disappeared in 40 years
Catholic children's home in Northern Ireland was scene of rampant sexual abuse of boys
France's far-right National Front party wins first-ever Senate seats!
Sex between brothers and sisters should be LEGAL, says German "ethics council"
Whitehall will shrug as China crushes Hong Kong's freedoms
When it comes to the media, Bibi is an uncurable douchebag

Monday 29 September

German best-seller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias!
DIVERSITY! African families 20 times more likely to end up in child care courts!
ROTHERHAM was a cocktail of multi-culti political correctness and cronyism
Viggo Mortensen accuses Israel of 'state terrorism against Palestinian civilians!'
Doctor Zakir Ahmed and wife get 12 years for £3.5 million laundering scam
Eight arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual activity with a child in Tower Hamlets
Woman seriously assaulted outside Windermere takeaway by East European
Mohammed Abbas jailed for sex with girl, 12
Irshad Hussain raped a 71-year-old woman in her own home
75-year-old machete madman jailed for attack on women in OAP home
Jealous wife, Sau Lin-Hin, who threw caustic soda in to the face of a waitress, get nine years
Lee Rigby's killer moved to different prison (he was radicalising inmates)
Bradford brothers spared jail despite admitting terror-related charges
Fart in front of a black cop? GO TO JAIL!
Hundreds of would-be migrants given government 'bribes' to f*** off home caught trying to return
Jews calls far-Right gains in Sweden a wake-up call for Europe! (Jewry doesn't like patriots)
USA: Grandma beheaded by black jailbird who was let out of prison early
USA: Alton Nolen, a black Muslim, beheaded co-worker Colleen Hufford
AID: Give cash to refugees says Red Dave (the other Miliband)
UKIP MEP Jane Collins receives death threats for Rotherham stance
Rotherham mosque burgled and ransacked
60 "British" ISIS terrorists jailed after trying to sneak into UK
Tories ‘in panic' over further UKIP defection rumours
Bombing in Iraq a futile gesture which INCREASES risk of terrorism in Britain
SOUTH AFRICA: Dying men dragged from mangled wreckage of car, mugged then left to die
British Islamic State suspect arrested in Bangladesh
Couple singing Peppa Pig tune to toddler were being racist?'
Gay Times awards Tony Blair top gay accolade
Could Sajid Javid be Britain's first Asian Prime Minister? (In Traitor Town - yes)
Red Ed speaks alongside Lenin and Stalin at Labour conference?
Hey Bournemouth! You like asylum-seekers, don't you?

Sunday 28 September

Beatrice, 88, died after immersion in scalding hot bath - Timothy Ogunleye fined £5,000
More than 100 elderly Brits having property seized every week to pay for care homes
Care worker Agneszkia Sztokmanska guilty of abusing elderly dementia patients
Cameron's Jewish Minister for Civil Society exposes himself on the internet!
Expelled, classroom thugs aged just FOUR! 1,680 suspensions last year
Guardian journalist: "How about all-black shortlists for senior civil service jobs?
Refusing to sit next to women, ultra-orthodox Jews cause chaos on flight
Letter to Sarah Champion MP and John Healey MP about Jahangir Akhtar
More Rotherham: Teen raped by 250 men over two years, police informed and did nothing
MP Mark Reckless defects to UKIP from Tories
UKIP's second MP says: 'Broken promises, Tory spin, Cameron goaded me to quit!'
How can we win this war when our allies despise everything we stand for?
15-year-old murdered by A1 Crew member Callum Campbell
Dragged into a war by clowns who can't even run a railway
Bishop hits out at delay in abuse probe led by lawyer with Leon Brittan links
Did Laura marry Britain's cruellest husband? (Farouk Ali)
Iraqi asylum seekers make fortune renting out luxury London flats paid for by you!
Bishop has affair with married parishioner then quits over ANOTHER romance!
Law will stop police quitting to avoid being investigated
Fired Muslim who beheaded female colleague was 'shouting Islamic phrases'
ANOTHER Tory MP defects to UKIP!
Britain faces multi-million pound bill from Eastern Europe over EU migrants
Where are the murders of journalists most likely to go unpunished?
We won't beat ISIS with airstrikes says top general
Farage: Labour handling of Rotherham child abuse "shocking"

Saturday 27 September

Vatican Paedo Scandal! Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski stored 100,000+ child porn videos
Mother of child abuse victim speaks in Rotherham
Police chiefs blocked a paedo probe into Greville Janner 25 years ago
No one listened to Rotherham’s sex gang whistleblower!
ROTHERHAM: The plot thickens and friendships revealed?
Red ED: "The Labour party let people down, particular those victims of abuse"
Poles demand millions from Britain to pay their benefits!
Schools minister backs explicit sex education for children aged 11

Friday 26 September

TREASON AT THE TOP! Derbyshire Chief Constable says he was forbidden to investigate child abuse claims against Labour MP Greville Janner (Jew) in 1989!
'Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles’, says ex-child protection officer
Labour pushes for all-black shortlists!
Woman of 88 lies in road outside a doctors' surgery. Dr Uwagboe refuses to help!
Bradley Halton, 18, was punched and stabbed repeatedly by four Asian men but still sat exam!
Aurimas Medvedevas murdered his baby by biting, punching and shaking her
Rapist who threatened to chop up victim, John Oguntokun branded danger to all women
Hashem Mustafa threatened to kill a Channel 5 presenter by putting 'bullet in his head'
Sham marriage fixer Klement Buncik brought ten Czech "brides" here
Mohammed Malik prowling streets moments before kidnapping/sexually assaulting young girl
Jailed: The murderers of former Miss Venezuela and her British husband
Failure to control our borders has let in foreign murderers
After Alton Nolen was fired, he beheaded Colleen Hufford (As you do)
Labour pledges to abandon immigration targets!
"Donors in S Arabia constitute most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups!"
Child sex abuser Jonathan King (Jew) is back on the BBC
Day I took cocaine at Buckingham Palace, by Stephen Fry (homosexual Jew)
Iran's President accuses West (rightly) of turning Mid East into haven for terrorists
Is Bradford being cleansed of white people?
One in three with cancer failed by their GP
Vitamin D danger of indoor life: Lack of sunlight increases risk of heart disease/cancer
Ed Miliband shows that he is unfit to govern the country
Look who Red Ed's been dogging on Hampstead Heath
We MUST stamp on Islamic terror at home and abroad
Five British jihadists killed in US air drones on IS militants in Syria
It’s shameful that British terrorists have flourished
Three firefighters who worked at Ground Zero die of cancer only hours apart!
The beheading of a brave man - French hostage Hervé Gourdel

Thursday 25 September

Jewish comedian suggests referendum on whether Queen should be beheaded on Radio 5
Why do we give £1.5bn in aid to six nations with space ambitions?
Drinking water contaminated by excreted drugs a growing concern
In Canadian House of Commons bought-paid-for Zionists refuse to answer Iraq questions!
20 years too late, radical preacher Anjem Choudary arrested in terror probe
Drug dealer Anthony Micah Pyke murdered Colin Pierre in cold blood
Wellington Matiza raped 15-year-old after plying her with whisky
Fake cabbie Mohammed Malik caught on CCTV prowling streets before sex attack on girl, 20
Beauty salon owner, Tina Patel, jailed after swindling thousands from firms
Girl, 17, sexually assaulted by black man on bus into Walsall town centre
Alan Bafli gets 6 months for sexual assault (previous = robbery/assault/battery/drugs
Former music studio boss jailed over sex attacks on teen
Alan Nesbeth gets 5 years for part played in £1.7 million tobacco smuggling ring
Zeeyarat Khan jailed for hammer attack on colleague who spurned his advances
Woman raped in Sunderland park - Asian sought
PC ALERT! Incest a 'fundamental right' says German committee says
Far-right to blockade UK-French border in anti-immigration rally ‘in support of truckers’
Lithuanian Darius Porcikas jailed for 18 years over brutal rape in Lurgan
Nursing assistant accused of abducting missing Virginia student Hannah Graham
Living under ISIS terror: the crushing oppression of life in fundamentalist regime
Pupils are losing an hour a day's teaching because of rowdy behaviour
National Crime Agency 'failing to investigate' 25,000 paedos downloading child porn
British jihadi 'killed in US airstrikes' (What a shame)
'This could be a massacre if no help arrives' (Why aren't Yanks bombing there?)
UKIP claims two more Tories ready to defect
We've let down small firms on bank loans, admits Vince Cable
Jewish Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg refuses to retire
Woman who inspired Miliband's speech grew up in £900,000 Oxfordshire mansion
Check out the Diversity!
Muslims send kids to school with 'Halal only' stickers taped across chest!
I don’t like the food says asylum seeker (130 migrants move into top hotel)
Deathly-looking murderer, Phil Spector, (Prison mugshot)

Wednesday 24 September

A message to LibLabCon voters
Anti-Semitism? Rape gangs? Never blame Islam, always the 'far right'
Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?
Mother killed and daughter injured after Mohammed Karani left van's handbrake only partially on
Jilted boyfriend Gurminder Singh jailed for life for murdering his lover
Aadil Mahboob accused of raping church-going student, 17
Cops investigate 18 suspects over abuse of 283 children in Rotherham
Grooming claims by woman who lived in Bradford care home to be 'fully investigated'
Police appeal after girl, 13 grabbed by Asian in Moor Park, Preston
"The IMAGE of the Black man being violent has been perpetuated for a long time"
Agony of hostage's wife as he begs for his life
Why the old foe Iran is suddenly a crucial ally
Nurses' poor handwriting and maths 'is costing lives'
Red Ed fluffs his lines (leaves out deficit and immigration)
Sorting out the claims from reality in red Ed's speech
What Miliband fails to grasp about the English is that liberty runs through our DNA
3,000+ people from 126 different countries became Irish citizens today
I wonder why a***holes "can't be named for legal reasons?"
Edward Miller gunned down by cop Joel Hernandez 'for failing to obey orders!' Edward was deaf!
ROTHERHAM: MPs want a "full explanation" for why Joyce Thacker omitted key information
24-year-old German/Moroccan rapper kills 16 year old ex-girlfriend
Russia calls for intl probe into Ukraine burials with signs of execution
New York Preacher Says Blacks are The Master Race
New Zealand PM (Jew) wants to cut Britain’s Union Jack out of national flag

Tuesday 23 September

Sheffield hit by 'endemic' Asian gang child sex
Tuberculosis is spreading among the young/healthy (Courtesy of globalism and LibLabCon)
London tuberculosis rates 'worst in western Europe'
Soaring hospital admissions for malnutrition a ‘disgrace’
Mary Shipstone, 7, was shot dead by father Yasser Alromisse (That's diversity for you)
Oral David Bryan murders Nicola McKenzie in Manchester street
Saquib Hamid, who drugged and sexually abused underage girls, jailed for 12 years
Asylum-seeker gets four years for attempted rape
Now there's a boom in sham gay marriages
Dr Girish Kumar Sharma said John Moore-Robinson had bruised ribs. He died of a ruptured spleen
Shame on Congress: America should be arming the Kurds, not ISIS-aligned Syrian rebels!
Putin: Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish: 80-85%! Why Hillary’s Alinsky Letters Matter
Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn't 'switched sides in the War on Terror' and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report
Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. 2014 Australian documentary
Senator Ted Cruz booed offstage at a conference for Middle Eastern Christians
Zionist group publishes target list of “anti-Israel” US professors
Proud Zionist Simon Schama (he writes OUR history) defends Israel’s action in Gaza
Did PM Tony Blair cover up paedophile scandal? List of child sex offenders in British government
A discussion on race, crime and the inconvenient facts
Tesco chief handed £1m payoff just a week before profit rigging scandal broke
Tesco suspends four top managers who 'cooked books'
Second-generation immigrant Jew needs '10 years in power to turn Britain around!'
Labour blasts party for giving children of elite safe seats before working-class candidates
Western IS recruits routinely rape hostages as young as NINE!
"Abolish the White Race - By Any Means Necessary" (1993) Harvard Professor - Noel Ignatiev
Tony Blair's minister accused of helping convicted paedophile to foster young boys
'F*** it, I quit!' says reporter(owner of medical marijuana business she was reporting on)

Monday 22 September

January 2010: 'They like us naive': teenagers groomed for prostitution by "Asian men"
Paige Chivers: Two men arrested for murder (My money's on Muslims) Tony Halloun found guilty of Shahnaz Qidwai murder
Migrant suspected of Alice murder drugged and molested girl, 14, in 2009! HE WASN'T CHARGED
Kuntal Patel laced her magistrate mother's Diet Coke with lethal poison
The foreign killers living in Britain who are monitored by email only
Thailand beach murders: Hannah Witheridge 'raped by local men'
More than 500 police officers disciplined or quit for sex offences - including child abuse and rape
Rotherham: Council spent £30K on secret society training for staff!
Islamic State not Islamic? Kerry, Obama questioned over ISIS claims
Anjem Choudary doesn't 'feel sorry for' British hostage held by ISIS
Red Ed refuses to back English home rule 13 times!
'We need boots on ground to beat IS' says traitor Blair (US created ISIS/US boots on ground)
Black on White hate crime in Cleveland, Ohio caught on tape
Why Isn't Black on White Crime Reported in the Mainstream Media?
Film about grooming gangs suppressed for 7 years (it would be branded racist)
Cabinet rift over plan to teach Jesus to Muslims
Cabinet minister at centre of Plebgate row had history of ranting at police?
Ed Miliband says he will increase Muslim representation in parliament
The TRUE cost of health tourism: Foreigners using NHS cost Britain up to £2BILLION
Labour declares war on middle class and privately educated?
Labour Parliamentary candidate suspended after calling Israel 'evil' on Twitter
Arsonists torch car of good Rabbi who dared to speak out over Israeli brutality in Gaza
Sham wedding gangs offer same-sex marriage for £10,000 (easier to trick officials)
Cabinet minister at centre of Plebgate row had history of ranting at police?

Sunday 21 September

Crime tsar, Tafheen Sharif, quits after she tried to gag court in cousin's murder trial
Abdul Jaffer's nursing home failed every single aspect of a Care Quality Commission inspection!
Care home nurse, Faderera Grace Bello, physically and verbally abused 92-year-old grandmother
Cops accused of cover-up over loss of video interviews with abuse victims
Black 12-year-old stabs white 9-year-old to death
BRITISH female jihadi doctor holds up severed head as her children look on
White mom 'used her last breath' to hide baby daughter and save her from black dad
I demand the shamefully unfair Barnett Formula is scrapped, by LORD BARNETT (Jew)
All that 'devolved power' will end up in just one place: Brussels
How hackers spy on you and your children with YOUR webcam
Cameron: "English votes for English laws!" (And English MPs for English people)
65% say Scots must be banned from voting on English laws
There is no parallel between ISIL and the Viet Cong
Did 'rogue' poll cost Britain £45bn?
Fiona Woolf to answer critics who say she is too close to Leon Brittan
Scottish MPs' fury at Farage's demands they abstain from English matters
The only thing Branson has fired into space is his ego

Saturday 20 September

BBC's new "Head of Statistics" twists casualty figures to whitewash Gaza massacre
A businessman with his THREE wives: just one of 20,000 such marriages in polygamy Britain!
STASI! Michelle Obama wants students to monitor family members for racial insensitivity!
So who is Bassma Kodmani?
Nineteen arrested after crackdown on suspected child grooming
Latvian murderer hunted over missing Alice has slipped in and out of UK dozens of times
Our failure to protect young Alice is criminal
Five men arrested after Worthing woman gang raped
The Path To Power?
Romanian thieves who targeted the elderly face deportation (What about human rights?)
Serial burglar, Gregory Charles, jailed for four years
Knife-wielding rapist Jimmy Prospere jailed for 18 years
Samantha Burmis (used daughter's fingerprints to hide conviction) banned from teaching for life
MI6 was 'slow to see dangers of Arab Spring' (Because it's immoral/inept/bought-and-paid-for?)
Hobnobbing with a Tory minister, millionaire businessman behind Hotel Asylum, Gauhar Nawab
Mutiny threat as Miliband fights his own MPs on powers for England
PM says English voices must be heard? (Believe it when I see it)
Miliband's role in the No campaign has been shambolic from start to finish
Now Labour wants every 16-year-old to have a vote (Brainwashed kids more likely to back Red Ed)
Now we can give real power to English voters
Bungling LibLabCon trio who almost blew the UK apart
ISIS wave of terror drives thousands of frightened families over Turkish border
Israel now a "major strategic partner" of the US (It wasn't before?)

Friday 19 September

Traitorous cop slime threatened researcher who tried to expose Rotherham abuse!
MPs were told in 1983 that the sexual abuse of children in care was being ‘hushed up!’
Lloyd Byfield, 48, charged with the murder of Leighann Duffy
Aaron Leafe accused 'care worker' Anwar Ismail of raping him from beyond the grave
MURDER: Fahid Saber ran down and killed Villa fan Jody O’Reilly
Arnis Zalkalns: 'Once he had tasted blood, I feared that he would strike again'
Why was he allowed into UK? Prime suspect in hunt for Alice is Latvian wife-murderer
Latvian fugitive is latest in a long list of serious offenders able to slip into Britain
Police hunt black man who fled after holding hands with 5-year-old girl
Council removes Jew posters telling women which side of the road they should walk on
Ian Hassen chopped off Rebecca Watton's long hair in a jealous rage
Israr Khan, Noman Qureshi and Mohammed Safder accused of smuggling heroin worth £37 million
Police hunt Sri Lankans after Mitcham man stabbed in head
Girl, 16, left shaken after threats/abuse from men in two cars offering a lift
Black man arrested following assault at Lewisham Hospital
Lib Dem Mayor of Milton Keynes, Subhan Shafiq, resigns after sex abuse scandal
Edwina Currie: MPs thought child sex abuse was ‘nonsense dreamt up by silly social workers’
Leon Brittan and the Leeds child abuse dossier
Story behind the N. Wales Abuse Tribunal is one of failure, and failure of the worst kind
600 migrants crammed into 98 rooms at a London hotel and the £500,000 bill paid for by YOU
The deadly mosquitoes hitching a ride to Britain on the wheels of lorries
ISIS signs up more than 6,000 new recruits since American airstrikes began
Female factory workers 'illiterate' says France's ex Rothschild economy minister
Brussels (and British politicians) give killers open door to Britain
Controversial Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock resigns
£130K child services boss at Rotherham council, Joyce Thacker, goes off sick
Two in three English MPs want to axe Scots perks

Thursday 18 September

‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson
Child sex abuse was endemic in Sheffield, says ex care worker
Saqib Hussain was speeding at 80mph in a 30mph zone when he killed Noreen Ryan
Alex Kwame Baah in court charged with raping child in New Addington
Ameen Noori and Nasir Huq in court accused of raping women with learning difficulties in Croydon
Idris Adekunle Johnson is charged with rape
‘Dangerous’ rapist Lewyn Rudge sent to jail for abuse of girls
Man, 19, raped in toilets at nightclub in Kingston-Upon-Thames
18-year-old celebrating his birthday stabbed in his head and neck by black man
Cops hunt Sri Lankans after Mitcham man stabbed in head in Cedars Avenue
Ali Yildiz charged with attempted murder and assault by beating
EGHAM: Man robbed at knifepoint - two men of Arabic appearance sought
Ticket clerk sentenced over Richmond station scam
Taxi driver wanted in connection with sexual assault
Crimewatch appeal for Blackburn pickpockets
Gulfraz Majeed accused of chasing young mothers down the street with a Taser stun gun
Benefits Street residents in court to face drugs and firearms charges
Asian steals young girl's shoes and socks
Najr Mansour jailed for using dead mother's passport to smuggle girls into UK
Aids charity founder Eyob Sellassie accused of £100,000 tax relief scam
Jewish oligarchs
'Can they be safe in bikinis?' Hunt for Thailand killers descends into farce
Archbishop of Canterbury: I sometimes question if God exists:
Russian billionaire who hired Peter Mandelson accused of money laundering
Shameless Calais migrants taunt guards and brag about getting to UK
Dental nurse, Emma West, struck off after being branded 'racist' and 'risk to public'

Wednesday 17 September

Poor NHS care kills up to 10,000 people a year, CQC chief claims
Wanted terror suspect is 'Scotland Yard advisor on Muslim extremism!'
RESULT! Top cop Shaun Wright resigns! POLITICIAN DUMPING! Protesters dump Ukrainian deputy in rubbish bin!
Stop playing war games in Ukraine - @Nigel_Farage
Cops looking for schoolgirl Alice Gross hunt Latvian cyclist, Arnis Zalkalns
Mo Farah's brother jailed again after breaking into elderly couple's home (20th offence)
Swiss village forced to raise taxes to pay for African mum-of-7 who gets £40,000 month benefits!
USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey must stop funding armed groups in Syria, Iraq!
Top Cop blames target culture and PC for Asian-on-White child abuse
SCOTLAND: Pledge to maintain unfair Barnett (Jewish) formula branded 'last-minute bribe'
You're a f****** liar, screamed a 'Yes' voter. Red Ed's eyes rotated in different directions!
Last-minute bribes being offered to stay in the UK cooked up behind closed doors
Stop bosses at academy schools from lining their own pockets, MPs warned
Woman dropped Cambridge PhD to enter polygamous marriage to Muslim businessman
Student, 20, died of a heart attack after sharing MDMA with boyfriend
The NHS will improve only when there is nowhere to hide its failures
Muslim leaders declare aim of world domination

Tuesday 16 September

Black nutcase who murdered Christina Edkins, 16, hadn't been treated for 12 years!
Did this 'migrant worker' bludgeon two British tourists to death on Thai beach?
Rajbir Sangha, who duped elderly victims out of cash, is jailed
Benjamin Omoregie jailed for robbing women at gunpoint
Thornton Heath care worker, Abayomi Adeboye, charged with laundering £1.3 million
Woman 'seriously sexually assaulted' by black man in Thornton Heath
Black thug jailed after savage bottle attack at West Norwood station
Drug dealer, Tyrone Thomas, gets 9 years for stashing handguns in customer's loft
Police seek to identify man after sexual assault in Croydon
Cyril Atula denies punching young mum in unprovoked attack outside medical centre
Can you help cops trace man/car involved in London Road, Croydon robbery?
Sacked council worker stole from Whitgift Centre store 'because queue too long'
'Truly horrendous' neighbour (Jairani Jasmin) forced out of Croydon home
Britain's top civil servant urged business chiefs to warn against Scottish independence?
Croydon's top police officer should undergo 'equality training' (PC brainwashing)
US envoy to Ukraine caught posting fake images on Twitter
Israeli intelligence agents: 'we routinely targeted innocent Palestinians' - video
Is Kanye West a rapper — or a panto dame?
Is it appropriate for Cameron to host Red Andy Marr's book launch in Downing Street?
Backlash as Bob Geldof (not British) and Eddie Izzard (born in Yemen) speak at pro-union rally
'I won't be here forever... please don't break this family apart' (Talk about pathetic!)
Army vets hit back at ex-General's claim that Scot Nats are 'letting down dead soldiers'
How historian Shlomo Sand "stopped being a Jew"
The Truth behind the Celebrating Palestinians

Monday 15 September

Britain's hidden slave trade exposed
TREACHERY! A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian!
Over 350 passengers cancelled their reservations for the hijacked 9/11 flights!
Yorkshire MEP gets death threats for exposing Rotherham scandal
Iraq War inquiry might be delayed beyond 2015 election!
US failure to investigate Saudi Arabia’s connection to 9/11 contributed to rise of ISIS
ROTHERHAM: Child-sex victim confronts her abuser. She's arrested by van load of cops
Police arrest child-sex victim for yelling at alleged abuser
Suhail Azam stabbed his estranged wife to death
Police seek black carjackers
Victims tell of terrifying car-jackings
'Jamaican' knifeman tried to sexually assault woman
Cops hunt fraudsters targeting elderly people in Kent
Gang went on shopping sprees with cash conned out of elderly Leicester victims
Woman assaulted in Milton Keynes: Black Man sought
Woman assaulted in Milton Keynes: Black Man sought
Sonia Hunter is first person in Midlands convicted of a ‘Right to Buy’ scam
Shops scammed out of cash by non-natives
Guildford councillor Monika Juneja appears in court
Wanted for burglary: Florin Baldowin
Wanted for burglary: Leon Plummer
Dark-skinned Asian wanted after woman assaulted on Birmingham bus
Tribunal says standard of Dr Syed Muhammed Abid Shah is 'unacceptable'
South Africa: Hard line taken on 'white' sport
Head of Coventry's 1st all girl Muslim school says there might be a future PM amongst them! MH17 - The silence of American hawks about the Ukraine
The bankers and the military industrial complex own today’s news media
UKIP's John Bickley accuses Labour of betraying working-class girls
Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Federal Reserve rule – World in Peril
BBC's Nick Robinson denounced by nationalists as a liar
British jihadist medical student pictured holding severed head
Putin is becoming the face of the global resistance movement!
White women prefer white men
Siobhan Condon: the gloating social worker

Sunday 14 September

Pressure growing on abuse inquiry chief Fiona Woolf over new links to Leon Brittan
Child sex gangs? We are too busy trying to catch car thieves!
Rotherham councillors suspended in latest child abuse twist
Yorkshire MEP sent death threats over Rotherham scandal
Dear Putin: A letter from Westerners apologizing for their corrupt governments and media 39% of Pakistanis say honour killing can be justified
'David Cameron, I hold you entirely responsible for my execution'
Israeli soldiers condemn army over "abuse" of Palestinians

Palestinian CHRISTIAN Farmer Targeted by Israel for Removal From Family Land
Cancer cluster killing Chinese workers at factory that makes new iPhone 6
Meet the future Mrs Navratilova, the beauty queen with a VERY ugly past
Bideford takeaway owner, Ramazan Acka, charged with two counts of assault
DIVERSITY & ENRICHMENT! Burn that cracker Jesus!

Saturday 13 September

Traitorous Labour MPs knew of child sex abuse in Rotherham but opposed an inquiry!
Christopher Penman murder: Awat Akram jailed for life
Mary was murdered by her father Yasser Alromisse after wife rejected Islam and him
Dr Bob Gill blows the whistle on the political machinations destroying the NHS
The political class is doing what Hitler couldn’t – destroying Britain
EU tells Britain to stop moaning about immigrants and start building them houses instead!
Cops found Holly with a known sex offender but arrested her and let her abuser go free!
BBC shows its true psyops colors on Iran
Why I feared gun-crazy Pistorius would kill my daughter
Oscar Pistorius went on a two-hour rampage at the London Paralympics
Widow abandoned to starve because social worker thought she was well-off
A political elite that still doesn’t get it
Black savages who shot dead innocent nursery teacher jailed for 111 years
The Food Bubble: How Wall Street starved millions and got away with it
‘Any Palestinian is exposed to monitoring by the Israeli Big Brother’
Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst
Dennis Skinner says Thatcher was a mentally unbalanced dictator who ruined millions of lives

Friday 12 September

British female jihadis running ISIS 'brothels' allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women
Shaun Wright: 'You let my sister be murdered, you let us be groomed!
PM's own backbenchers tear into 'puce-faced' Cameron over failure to get grip on immigration
Drug dealer Ajaz Raja caught after cops find his fingerprints on napkin he used to wrap cocaine
Cops hunt boy aged just 9 who mugged 11-year-old at knifepoint 'Any action without the consent of Syrian government would be an attack on Syria'
CCTV appeal after women are indecently assaulted in Primark and H&M
Ali Muhammad Brown murdered 4 people to retaliate for US military action in Middle East
13 years ago this man was accused of abusing 18 girls in Rotherham - so why are police only NOW acting on the claims?/a>
Yazidi girl tells of horrific ordeal as ISIS sex slave
Children under 10 being radicalised in London, reveals deputy mayor
Sajid Javid lined up to take over from Cameron if Scots vote "Yes!"
Fiona Woolf, new boss of investigation into VIP child abuse, is linked to Leon Brittan!
Why the bloody hell is Fiona Woolf heading the CSA Inquiry?
Victims of alleged child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats near House of Commons'
Eight men arrested in connection with human trafficking in Bristol
Harvey Simukonda raped schoolgirl he plied with alcohol. Jesse Edokpayi sexually assaulted her
Woman and young girl sexually assaulted by black and Asian 10-year-olds
Cops release CCTV footage of hit and run on boy, 11, in Manchester
Driver of a turquoise Honda Civic DELIBERATELY runs down 11-year-old boy
Right Reverend slimeball, Nathan Ntege, accused of conducting 494 fake marriages!
“Snitches get stitches”: 15 year-old girl raped for ‘snitching?’ Aliyah Weekes set her up
Six black men sentenced for drug crime in Manchester Black strangler robbers, Remy McLeod and Junior Cooper, jailed
Violent black robber gets a further term after absconding and committing two more robberies
Harmohan Nangpal and Faisal Iqbal charged with child rape: 8 more similarly charged
Islamic Rape Gangs: Rotherham is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
CCTV image released of man suspected of attacking a bus passenger with a knife
GUN shop owner, Cyrus Shahabi-Shack, gets 3 years for possession of illegal weapon
Grooming claims by woman who lived in Bradford care home to be 'fully investigated'
Surgeon Nafees Hamid charged with 6 sexual assaults and 7 other serious sexual offences
Taxi licence scandal councillors Subhan Shafiq and Stuart Burke get new council roles
Cycling is racist now?
Muslim students will be offered sharia-friendly student loans by government
Man in burka does ice bucket challenge video while waving sausages and bacon outside Mosque

Thursday 11 September

Elderly Italian nuns raped, murdered in Burundi
Look at the f***ing DIVERSITY! If you're PC, you're a traitor!
DIVERSITY! Toothless Asian' groped women and girls
Vulnerable under-age girls abused by Asians on Merseyside
Pakistani Collectivist Political Culture at the Root of the Rotherham Pathology
Black savage smirked before killing an OAP for her handbag
Facial reconstruction image released in connection with sexual assaults in Watford

Monday 8 September

Mother and two kids thrown off Stagecoach bus because toddler wouldn't stop crying
Government watchdog to investigate Blair's role as charity patron
ROTHERHAM: The police made me feel like I was the problem
New Labour's war on British identity has left Salmond with an open goal
Fate of the UK could lie in the hands of the views of 500,000 foreigners living north of the border
As the No campaign sleep-walks towards disaster, is the real villain Red Ed?
SCARLETT? Is the "better together" campaign deliberately trying to lose?
ROTHERHAM: Top Cop Shaun Wright accused of being more worried about attackers
British females running ISIS's religious police punishing women for 'un-Islamic' behaviour!
Stop sending patients for cancer tests, doctors told!
Starving soldier died 'as result of Iain Duncan Smith's welfare reform'
How slippery Alex egged on Fred the Shred
Fury at MPs' 10% bumper pay rise

Sunday 7 September

Jack the Ripper was an immigrant Jew! (No wonder THEY kept it quiet!)
Hague court must NOT open GAZA war crimes inquiry! (1 law for Israel/US, another...)
Crisis in Ukraine is ‘all EU’s fault’ – France’s Marine Le Pen
Socialist French President Who 'Despises the Poor' Beaten by Le Pen in Latest Poll
What a burden it is to be well informed, well travelled and to know a little history
Predatory sex beast, Afik Ali, gets six years for Bradford grooming
Sulman Dar jailed for grooming under-age girls for sex in Bolton
Richey Afonso, wanted in connection with sex offences, absconds after being bailed Dover cabbie, Rezgar Hassan, caged for teen sex assaults
Woman assaulted during an argument by black woman
Anjan Shahzad arrested and charged with sex attacks
Latest Zio-Hypocrisy—Ferugson, MO vs Racial Segregation in Israel
OAP knocked unconscious and jaw broken by 'Asian' Mercedes driver in Manchester
800,000 migrants get British citizenship under Coalition (Reduce immigration to tens of thousands?)
Teenager has cheekbone fractured by black man outside Eastbourne nightclub
SCOTLAND OUT? Sunday Times poll puts Yes camp ahead on 51%
120,000 EU citizens who live in Scotland can vote on future of the Union
BIG USA: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans
EU health chiefs say toast gives you cancer!
Panicking Tory MPs plot to do deal with UKIP and demand Farage is made Deputy PM
Cameron's own backbenchers tear into him over failure to get grip on immigration
Jews building even more homes on Palestinian land
Cop at centre of Rotherham child sex abuse scandal receives death threats

Saturday 6 September

DIVERSITY in the USA! White couple enriched by black savages!
ROTHERHAM: The Socialist Worker says cops and CUTS to blame, not P*kis or PC!
ROTHERHAM: Graham Stringer, MP: Sack council - and start from scratch
Years of rape and ‘utter contempt’ in Britain - Life in an English town
OUTRAGE as cops let off rapists with slap on wrist punishments
'Fat Nick' and a beheading in suburbia
Nicholas Salvador to be charged with beheading grandmother
Middle aged woman chased by masked teenagers on bikes and murdered
14-year-old arrested on suspicion of murder
Sajad Hussain masterminded £1.5 million heroin plot from prison
Marcus Marcel Shaquel Morgan wanted over 12 armed robberies in Black Country
Ex-soldier attacks amputee gipsy benefits scrounger
Rich Romanian teen who flew to school in a helicopter is kicked out for cheating
Romanian immigration to Britain helping Romania - it cuts their benefits queue
Growing band of jihadi brides flock to Syria! (What'll we do without the diversity?)
Top cop tried to blow Hillsborough whistle 25 years ago but was suppressed by bosses
Baby foods, cereals and crisps found to contain raised levels of cancer risk chemicals!
Widow starved to death after council ignored her
'You're letting an innocent man die!' Anger of British hostage's friends at UK government
Lebanon's Christians rush to arm themselves amid fears of ISIS crossing border from Syria
Pensioner waits 5+ hours for ambulance, 2 hours to be seen, then incorrectly diagnosed: DIES
Putin arrives at secret bunker, orders nuclear forces to “High Alert”
Jewish fraudster gets 8 years in $57M Holocaust scheme
Bully banks DID intimidate customers with fake debt
Lightweight leaders and a world in crisis
Andrew Adamson: Englishman!
The 5ft 2in heroine who saved a jogger from sex attacker
Savage racism turning Scotland into a no-go zone for the English?
Gwyneth Paltrow is'converting to Judaism' (Converting? Her dad's a Jew!)

Friday 5 September

Why do we back regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia?
ROTHERHAM: Children are ‘as safe as they can be’ claims deputy leader
ROTHERHAM: Where were the feminists?
Cameron is patron of an initiative run by "Common Purpose!"
Common Purpose and the Leveson Inquiry
Leighann Duffy, 26, stabbed repeatedly in front of her daughter by 'black male'
82-year-old Italian lady beheaded by a black man called 'Fat Nick'
Mrs Silva beheaded in area attractive to gangster youth "of Turkish and African origin"
Pennie Davis found stabbed to death at Hampshire beauty spot
Granddad fatally stabbed in neck outside Notting Hill bar
Murderer plays gay card to win reprieve from deportation
BRADFORD: Teenagers in court charged with gang rape of girl under 13
Bradford newsagent, Pervez Abbas, on charges of supplying legal highs
BRADFORD: Dr Sirajam Haque struck off for a catalogue of failings
Crime victims being failed by the PC police
British justice?
A black Mayor of London? Here it comes!
What is NATO and what does it really do?
Government has 'bungled' Army job cuts
Muslim leader calls for "radical change" to Irish education
69 years on and the 'Holocaust survivor' is still at it!
Milgram 'electric shocks' experiment drew wrong conclusions about evil, say psychologists

Thursday 4 September

ROTHERHAM: The real enemy within
ROTHERHAM: Victim was sent to anger management with her abuser!
ROTHERHAM: "Police and local officials knew what was happening and did nothing"
U.S. General: “We Helped Build ISIS” – Islamic State!
The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks
British MPs who endorse the hate group, Unite Against Fascism
Three quarters of a million youngsters in UK feel they have nothing to live for!
“Easy Meat” - Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery
Mother fights for life after stabbing in front of her Child - Black man sought
Alice Gross, 14: Murder investigation launched
Sex attacker Luis Silva jailed after victim filmed him on her phone
The Globalists and the Islamists
PANORAMA: Stolen childhoods: the grooming scandal
Eight more Asians charged with child sexual exploitation
Police hunt man after sex assault on Leeds train
'Complacent' Home Office loses 175,000 illegal immigrants!
We must protect IRA suspects' human rights, says Northern Ireland minister
'Britain will NEVER give in to terrorism,' says Dave (LibLabCon gave in to it in Rotherham etc)
Major Israeli news site praises the Islamification of Europe
Schookids make flaming swastiks in school field!
Ramp up sanctions on Putin, even if it hurts the City, says Cameron
Crisis that exposes a dearth of leadership
EU ban on electrical appliances an 'astonishing assault on British way of life'
'Cops used my bull as target practice' claims angry farmer
Transsexual ex-soldier jailed after she hid huge stash of explosives, guns/ammo at home

Wednesday 3 September

Turning a blind eye to Brit workers: 780,000 UK jobs touted to Europeans
Immigrants make up 3rd of murder suspects/alleged rapists in many areas!
Boos and disbelief as Tony Blair is handed 'jaw-dropping' philanthropist of the year title
ROTHERHAM: Abuse police and town hall chiefs to face new inquiries
ROTHERHAM: many victims referred to in report are now missing from system
ROTHERHAM: abuse victims tell their stories
'Jihadi John' threatens to behead a Brit next!
ISIS has turned Iraq into a 'blood-soaked killing fields' says Amnesty International
Child sex abuse arrests following dawn raids
Blackout alert: Offices and factories to undergo 1970s-style electricity rationing
Teachers who struggle with basic grammar: Many have a poor grasp of three Rs
'Miliband would not be that different to Cameron' says former Tory
'Right to be forgotten' law: Multi-millionaire Tory MP, drug-dealing aristocrat etc gone from Google
Johnathan Ball bit off Christopher Woolcott's nose at a London club'
Cannabis farmer, Shane De Silva, took man hostage and demanded a £10,000 ransom
Cameron followed in the steps of Bliar. Why didn't he realise we were sick to death of him?
If we are so racist and so terrible, why are you still here
The EU is lying to 28 nations and the old parties in Britain are lying to us
Inside bombed-out Gaza
How could public servants be so pitiless that they let little Ashya suffer

Tuesday 2 September

5% LOVE multiculturalism - 95% hate it (Guess who's in charge)
Britain First takes action in Rotherham
ROTHERHAM: Researcher 'faced council hostility'
ROTHERHAM: More child abuse victims come forward
ROTHERHAM: Report 'reduced me to tears', says MP who exposed abuse decade ago
ROTHERHAM: Theresa May blames 'institutionalised political correctness'
Dilly Hussain rejects the racial link between Pakistani paedos and and white, English victims
Brutal cycle of sexual abuse in small English town
28 men arrested in Keighley grooming gang probe
Milton Keynes' Lib Dem Mayor Subhan Shafiq resigns (Vouched for perv's taxi licence)
Baroness Deech: Risks of cousin marriage not discussed for fear of offending Muslims
Fidel Castro compares NATO to Nazis, slams US and Israel for ‘creating ISIS’
Ukrainian MP criticises her government for “sending its army to bomb peaceful cities”
The greatest threat to America is in the White House say parents of NAVY Seal
Rapist, Abdul Hanif, kept woman as sex slave and tried to strangle her
WANTED: HIV rapist Brian Shayanowak - He poured boiling water over a woman in Slough
He beat girlfriend Melanie bloody and unconscious - Judge says NO JAIL!
SCUM steals son's phone and stabs you in the eye, you kill scum - Judge says SIX YEARS!
Can't stand the smell of curry? GO TO JAIL?
Dr Ahmed Masood repeatedly sexually abused girl at his home and in staff quarters
Asian savage breaks pensioner's jaw in Walkden
British Man 'beaten By Saudi police for using women-only till'
Private school jihadist: As PM unveils terror crackdown, Scots girl incites bloody massacre
White British girl who's now a 'celebrity jihadi'
Returning ISIS fighters 'could be very useful' to UK says ex-MI6 Head! (Morons everywhere at top)
To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia
Why the silence over the assault on George Galloway?
FUKUSHIMA and the radiation-sick US sailors
Cameron unveils terror crackdown on jihadis? (How about you stop importing them, Dave?)
Libyan government a=says it has lost all control as Islamist militias rampage across capital
Arrogant doctors and a sinister abuse of State power
Did Cops break the law by ordering arrest of anguished parents?
Israel's new land grab - soldiers swoop on 1,000 acres of Palestinian territory!
Linda Lloyd died of brain haemorrhage after waiting SIX HOURS in A&E for a scan
We have rolled out the red carpet for people we know absolutely nothing about!

Monday 1 September

The PC Crowd, LibLabCon and the BBC will NEVER show this!
Ebola virus is 'mutating rapidly'
Fearful of losing their culture/land, ethnic Mayans drive out 230 ultra-Orthodox Jews!
Minhaj Musa and Sabaar Dal charged with the murder of Jonjo Highton
UKIP’s rise fuelled by failure to back British interests
Ageing benefits mum rock chick slapper now a jihadi who wants to 'behead Christians!'
EU red tape is 'hitting pensioners hard'
MacShane was a 'liberal leftie' and should have done more to investigate child abuse
Labour accused of turning blind eye to abuse! 'Politically correct brigade' ignored warnings!
ROTHERHAM! More than 100 teenagers gave birth to their rapists' children!
ROTHERHAM: Child abuse campaigner says scandal part of a 'vastly wider issue'
ROTHERHAM: 13 years ago Arshid Hussain was accused by 18 girls! Why did police not act?
ROTHERHAM: MP says politics ‘imported from Pakistan’ fuelled sex abuse cover-up
ROTHERHAM: Labour Home Office to be probed over what Blair's government knew and when
We can do deal on migrants and benefits to keep Britain on board, says new EU chief
Avoid Calais if you can, lorry drivers told after confrontations with immigrant knifemen
Students 'addicted to mobile phones'
Fat children have up to six times more high blood pressure risk
Up to 100 Eurosceptic Tory MPs set to defy Cameron on EU referendum vote
A perfect storm that could sink Cameron
'I’ve done things beyond awful' Paul Ross admits to drug use and gay love
Ukraine crisis can be resolved by "ending NATO’s expansionist role" - UK MP
Ex-British ambassador to Russia says West must learn lessons over Ukraine

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