Daily News - September 2015

Wednesday 30 September

How do Syrian women feel about their men leaving?
Mother-of-5 Janine Adeleke claimed £117,000 in benefits as she made £1.5m pimping prostitutes
Crematorium removes 50-year-old cross - it might offend non-Christians!
ISIS cut out healthy captives' kidneys and corneas and drain their blood for transplants
Now Libyan soldiers jailed for sexually assaulting girls in drunken rampage seek asylum here!

Monday 28 September

German mood sours as ‘immigrant’ gangs stalk local women
Germany plans to pay refugees 670 Euros monthly!
Refugees should seek refuge in synagogues!
Bank of England gave £5.6 million of Czech gold to Hitler 6 months before WW2
Cardiff Sex Attacks: Khalid Alahmadi and Remus Hamza charged
Families run from gunfire after 'gang execution' on Hackney High Street
Landlord Muhammad Ashraf breaks safety laws & Thomas McCann/Hamza Zulfiqar die: NO JAIL
University BANS sombreros after they are branded 'racist'
Controlled media blacks out German mass opposition to non-white invasion
Now we're sending troops to Somalia and South Sudan? More New World Order b***ocks?
Yesterday's men all snub Jezzer!
Cameron insists Syria's Assad must not escape prosecution! (You're the warmonger, Dave!)
U.S. Blockade of Syria A War Crime
Pensioner, 74, murdered because he didn't trust banks!
'Bored' migrants complain! No cash to buy cigarettes and slow internet in camps!
Stop dithering and FIGHT ISIS Russian leader tells West!
ISIS jihadis send chilling warning to Europe in TV interview!

Sunday 27 September

The British Board of Deputies of British Jews practically lives at the BBC!
Kebab shop owner infected almost 150 people - Meals contained human faeces!
STATINS: Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process!
Callers challenge BBC presenter over biased coverage of migrant crisis
Johnny Rotten says he was 'banned from BBC' over Jimmy Savile comments
Our PM's done some really stupid things - and none of them involved a pig's head
Jeremy Corbyn says 9/11 attacks were 'manipulated'
'Despicable' Saudi prince 'sexually abused multiple women during 3-day party
Police chiefs warn 'We're too broke to go on the beat!'
New fuel con that hits EVERY driver! Car makers overstating efficiency
Saudi's Haj chief blames Africans for stampede that killed 700!
Huge fire hits largest mosque in Britain! (Clearly an act of God)
IRONY ALERT! ‘The public are not going to be taken in by' Jezza, says Conman One!
Sturgeon backtracks on vow to give a home to Syrian refugees! (Creepy politico fail)
Maniac who created ISIS? (Obama/Erdogan/Abdullah/Hamad?) Rise & fall of 'Slaughter Sheik!'
Former MP to be quizzed by cops over historic child rape claims
LABOUR MP: Who will Labour MPs listen to? Their out-of-touch members or the electorate?
Ken Livingstone's neighbour repeatedly hit him in the face! (Ha-ha!)
Britain facing winter BLACKOUTS because of EU rules on climate change
Now ISIS declares war on the TALIBAN (This we don't mind)
Russian ambassador accuses Poland of starting WW2

Saturday 26 September

Check out the enrichment traitorous politicians are importing
Presidential wannabes silent as Saudis prepare to crucify Shiite protestor
Artwork showing Sylvanian families terrorised by ISIS banned from free speech exhibition!
Rachelle killed herself after mixed-race drug addict murdered her mum after release from jail CCTV catches moment convicted paedo Imran Khan bundles 6-year-old into boot of his car
'West using Syria as testing ground for new style of sectarian proxy warfare'
We're doomed: EU chief fears union will COLLAPSE over migrant crisis
Migrant crisis: Britain needs 1,600 new primary schools to cope!
4,300 "refugees" reach Britain in one month! (How many are ISIS?) CALAIS: 'The men have knives and drink and fight. We are scared of being raped!'
Lib Dem Lady Mayor = "Shut the f*** up!" MORE refugees wanted!
German nurse forced out of flat to make way for refugees!
European Leftists seize homes to house refugees
Germany in a state of SIEGE!
Hundreds of children filmed being sexually abused in Pakistan
Boko Haram commander can't read Koran and doesn't know how to pray
GCSE papers could go to China for marking! There aren't enough examiners left in the UK! The Jewish Plan For The Middle East and Beyond
Atheist ex-Muslim banned from university! ‘Could incite hatred!’
Alan Yentob’s crumbling empire
Cheap migrant labour stops British workers getting a pay rise, senior banker warns
Cameron's antics have revealed the enduring power of class in Britain
The jaw-dropping debauchery of today's Oxford toffs
FIFA boss Sepp Blatter quizzed by Swiss cops over fraud claims
Feminazis will never stop men being men?

Friday 25 September

E-Cigarettes found to have 10 times more cancer-causing ingredients than regular cigarettes!
White Genocide: racist conspiracy theory or inconvenient truth?
ISIS plan nuclear 'tsunami' to kill hundreds of millions! (Bet global elite get there first!)
REFUGEES! Lech Walesa speaks out! Jerusalem Post says his 'simplistic' views 'embarrass'
Fanatic who threatened to behead Christians won't be deported!
How much did Ahmed pay for 7 passports with valid Schengen visa?
Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt
France Tells Hungary: Back migrant quotas or quit EU (QUIT! We won't be long in following)
Afghan refugee argues cultural differences led him to rape twice - Judge grants appeal!
Four Muslims charged in Essex child sexual exploitation operation
GERMANY! African refugees violently rape young woman
Rape and child abuse 'rife in German refugee camps!' (Does BBC tell us about this?)
Sir Cover-Up attacks Freedom of Information laws! (Why are we not surprised?)
On 10 May 2008, Islamic preacher, Amr Khaled, said this on Egyptian TV
Jeremy Corbyn riles Jews with criticism of Israel
Gerald Kaufman: Israel was born of Jewish terrorism
Nick Cohen has given up on the Left! (Can't stand Jezza)
MPs plan three-hour debate on claims Muslims are taking over Britain
Hungary taken to court by EU!
Treat meat eaters like smokers says Corbyn's new vegan farming minister Kerry McCarthy
Controversial South Park episode shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered
Idi Amin and His Israeli Enablers
Jewish groups blast Obama: Proposed Syrian refugee numbers are too low!
Germans protest against ‘Muslim immigration Jihad’ and EU leaders enabling it
Will it be Jew v Muslim in London’s next mayoral election, gloats The Times of Israel?
Jeremy Corbyn's rise makes British Jews afraid - What a shame, eh?
Petition to sack general who threatened anti-Corbyn military coup hits target
Did UK ministers collude with rigging of carbon emission tests?
Proud "black" cop killer gets life for murder of white officer

Thursday 24 September

Brussels' death throes: Mass immigration will destroy the European Union!
Soldier who attacked Afghan police commander for keeping child sex slave is SACKED
BBC's creative Director, Alan Yentob, (Jewish) branded those who exposed Savile "traitors!"
BBC boss Yentob and the Savile cover-up
RACE & mental health! White men are more depressed! (Well, traitors are murdering their world!)
#PigGate: Cameron ‘asked Russian spies to supply him with drugs?’
How the Prime Minister betrayed Britain's free press!
Top cop says Cameron announced Leveson Inquiry to 'take the flak away' from Coulson
Toxic issue of foreign aid and an astonishing remark by the Chancellor
Osborne gives £3m in AID to CHINESE SOCCER?
Refugees demand to be settled in Germany or they'll go back to Syria! (That's what I call a threat!)
Sex offenders CAN take pictures of children under free speech laws, judges rule!
Update: Police investigate armed robbery at Post Office
£4 million drugs gang handed 36 years in prison after massive bust
Ali Raza Shah and black pal hid £730,000 of heroin in carpets from Pakistan
Drug dealer, Nethaneel Cespedes, gets 4+ years for dealing heroin and crack and street violence
Black man blames ten armed robberies on 'evil twin'
Scenes from the Anti-European Union: Marine Le Pen on trial for telling the truth!
US troops can't stop gay, Afghan child rapists! (It's their culture) We've imported how many?
EU chief denies turning Luxembourg into tax haven - despite being PM for 18 YEARS!
Treatment of elderly people is a disgrace!
GPs being paid to cut patient referrals to hospitals!
Prostate surgeon, Arackal Manu Nair, sees 170 of his patients recalled to hospital!
Forty Romanians found living in one house
~DIVERSITY! Indian woman treated as a domestic slave in Britain
Putin calls out Washington
Receptionist decided dying woman, 30, wasn't sick enough - no doctor for 90 minutes!
New NHS doctors paid £1K A DAY to persuade them to work weekends! (How many ethnics?)
And you thought the Lib Dems were goodie-goodies!
German journalist says huge industry behind EU refugee crisis - Gets death threats
‘We need to abandon double standards to combat ISIS’ – Putin
Did Merkel cover up Volkswagen scandal?
Slovakia set to SUE Brussels over refugee quotas!
Patients told to f*** off, called bonkers, intimated by doctors who were only slapped on wrist
Influx of foreign workers 'lowers average UK wage' (No sh*t, Sherlock!)
Pensioner infuriated by Middle Eastern supercars roaring through London keyed Mercedes
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SAYS: Send me home to Iran... I can't stand Manchester
NEW WORLD ORDER DELIGHT! Turning the white world brown - Angharad Lovering
There's nothing pro-women about telling girls who can't remember night before to cry rape

Wednesday 23 September

See a rape counsellor if you wake in a man's bed with no memory, says law chief
Osborne gives China direct link to stock exchange despite fear it could lead to volatility!
Prince Andrew's 'sex slave' sues Maxwell daughter for denying she pimped her
Labour MP Steve McCabe slams immigration petition as bigoted despite 185,000+ signatures
Degree in Medicine at University of Central Lancashire only open to foreign students!!! (TREASON)
Migrant crisis and Euro tensions threaten to trigger catastrophic conflict!
Pakistani grooming gangs in every village, town and city!
Official figures - 558,000 immigrants came to Britain last year! (Importing WAR!)
Diplomats warn of blood on walls after EU leaders force E. European countries to take refugees!
Harder by the day to protect UK from terror attacks says Fallon (Ship in 20,000 Muslims anyway?)
The refugee crisis will hit the UK’s working class areas hardest (as always) Grateful immigrants repay France ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ taunt Muslims
"Millions of migrants are besieging the borders of Hungary and Europe!"
SYRIA: Equating Assad & ISIS West helps to prolong conflict
'More UK Muslims join ISIS than in UK armed forces!'
Moscow delivers war planes to Syria - Assad's regime steps up attacks on ISIS
First of 20,000 Syrian refugees arrive in the UK - Families welcomed?
Swedish child beaten by Muslim immigrant for having blue eyes!
Refugee or terrorist? Immigrant makes beheading gesture
LAOS: Christian jailed for praying dies after cops refuse him diabetes medication! (Be here soon)
Marine Le Pen to face trial for inciting racial hatred!
All Republican Presidential candidates stand for war!
£93m bung to stop Boris making mischief and Labour mayor preferred to him
DAVE: I was born with TWO silver spoons in my mouth
Corbyn purge of moderates has started, claims Labour MP Simon Danczuk
Azealia Banks attacks passenger and launches foul mouthed tirade on flight attendant
AFGHANISTAN! My husband was given a one-way ticket to hell
Ex-hedge fund manager buys rights to AIDS drug & raises price overnight by 5500% (Hitman time)
Lord Sewel will NOT face drugs charges despite being caught sniffing cocaine with prostitutes
Cleaner Maylene Miguel swiped £13,000 of jewellery from her employers' Kensington mansion
Sean Penn and Dick Cheney

Tuesday 22 September

The destruction of the indigenous peoples of Europe is not an accident!
Councillors/cops had sex with Rotherham abuse victims! (Proud of how you voted, Rotherham?)
ROTHERHAM's Labour MP Sarah Champion claims £193,085.83 in expenses!
Brave Rotherham families tell top cops of their child grooming ‘hell!’
Police still ‘nowhere near’ good enough on abuse, say Rotherham survivors
1/2 of Americans see their government as threat!
#TREASON - Immigrant mother of 10 on £34,000 benefits demands bigger house!
Immigrants responsible for soaring birth rates in the UK
Syrian doctor makes £60,000 a month trafficking migrants from Turkey to Europe
Syrian squatters insist David Cameron wants them in the UK!
New members of David Cameron's old club 'burn £50 note in front of beggar'
Vice Chair of Tory Friends of Israel appointed Minister For Syrian Refugees!
Cameron's military record torn apart by Army top brass, White House and Tory grandee
Cameron accused of 'doing an Iraq' in Libya by General and White House official
More humiliation for David Cameron as experts blast his 'incompetent' foreign policy
What #Piggate Really Says About the State of British Politics
The secrets of Dave's 'Chipping Snorton' set
Increasingly, it is looking like the emotion-driven Merkel is prone to error
Archbishop of Canterbury offers cottage to refugees
Homeless British war hero 'spat at and urinated on' in busy city centre
Merkel allows the USA bring more nukes into Germany, despite the wishes of the public!
1,600 doctors apply to work overseas in just three DAYS!
#DIVERSITY! Tariq Khan, 27, stabbed pregnant wife Nadia to death in front of child, 6 #DIVERSITY! Asylum cheating rape beast Aly Donzo partied with Tinie Tempah
#DIVERSITY! Suicidal rape victim Stephanie Sloan brought sex beast, Aly Donzo, to justice
Imran Khan kidnapped child, 6, exposed himself, made her touch him & dumped her in a dustbin
Elizabeth Wright dies after attack by three of Kenyan husband's Rottweilers
Jahangir Akhtar - the rise and fall of a street thug?
Today's cowardly cops!
70,000 Germans sign petition for Angela Merkel to be impeached
Nicola Sturgeon calls for MORE refugees! (That what you want, Scotland?)
US-backed Afghan police 'sexually abused boys' – soldiers ordered NOT to intervene
ISIS: Senseless slaughter, corruption and broken promises of money and glory
Jonathan Dimbleby 'appalled' at way Sir Tim Hunt was treated

Monday 21 September

Putin orders ground troops to Syria as Obama’s 'moderate' rebels fail (ISIS is moderate now?)
Crime toll to rise by 3 MILLION as figures finally cover fraud (Why wasn't fraud covered before?)
David Cameron put private part in dead pig's mouth? (Posh pervs? That's Westminster for you)
Revenge! Drugs, debauchery and the book that lays Dave bare!
CAMERON: Truth about the shockingly decadent Oxford days!
LORD ASHCROFT reveals how he went from supporter to critic of Cameron
Jim'll fix it victim paid by BBC: 'I ran away but BBC security team took me back!'
Longer sentence if victims are Asian? APPALLING!
Hedge Fund Manager: If investors thought August was scary “they ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”
Corbyn quits anti-war group after it publishes attack on Queen as 'criminal friend to despots'
Muslims are transforming Europe, says Art Garfunkel
An unending tide of free stuff folk: Hungary reopens its border
CAMERON: Politicians react to #piggate claims!
Louise Mensch's latest Twitter gaffe is her best yet
Saudi offer to build 200 mosques in Germany slammed as cynical: take no refugees themselves
Ministers REFUSE to say how many Syrian refugees will arrive in Britain this week
Drug-smuggling mother-of-three, Nola Williams, jailed for four years
Rumi Verjee, big Lib Dem donor, elevated to Lords in 2013 by a grateful Nick Clegg
BBC's £8m on birdsong and Syrian puppets:
My nephew died on the tour from hell. Jailing this Marine is a scandal
Winston the spendaholic was saved by secret backhanders
The EU is making a laughing stock out of this country!
Social Engineering 101: How to make a refugee crisis
Outgunned and outnumbered: SAS hero storms ISIS hideout and kills six
Canal where 'serial killer pushed 61 victims to death' finally gated off!
ACID ATTACK: No arrests made and police release no descriptions!
Red Army rape
‘Cohen Owes me 97 Dollars’ by Irving Berlin

Sunday 20 September

Refugee crisis: How the US Neocons destabilized Europe
Labour donor Assem Allam tells MPs to topple Jeremy Corbyn
TREASON! Army top brass warn of MUTINY if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister!
Building bridges from Europe to Africa will solve refugee crisis? (THEY want us to import WAR?)
Immigrant Jan Tshabalala strangled his British wife Julia them killed himself
The one-punch killer who calls himself Capone
Four men arrested trying to kidnap a girl of 13 in their white van (Ethnicity?)
Black man slaps traffic warden for 'taking job too seriously'
South Africa: Martie Bester (67) raped and murdered
Greek coastguard seizes ship loaded with weapons en route from Turkey to Libya
German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis!
CRIMEA: The way Home
Orbán: Soros attempts to open our borders!
MERKEL! Senegalese asylum seeker rapes young woman in Mühldorf
MERKEL! - African refugees rape 21-year-old and break the bones in her face
MERKEL! Young woman raped by 2 Iraqi asylum seekers in Hammer Osten
MERKEL! Muslim mob pull woman and daughter from car and beat them up (get run over in process)
MERKEL! Moroccan “asylum seeker” arrested for Dresden rape
MERKEL! Attempted rape in Neubrandenburg - Asylum-seeker arrested!
MERKEL! Young woman gang raped by five Turks in Mönchengladbach!
MERKEL! Immigrant rape epidemic in Germany!
Christians 'martyred for beliefs every FIVE MINUTES' by ISIS and others
Council FINALLY agrees to have memorial to Lee Rigby (About time)
Now UN gets more resources so they can bring migrants to Britain faster!
UK Parliament refuses to debate 'Netanyahu Arrest' petition
Pentagon updates plans for war with 'potentially aggressive' Russia
Corbyn's victory could lead to riots? (You couldn't make it up)
Diane Abbott came round and told her to 'Get out of town'
Jeremy Corbyn claims Jewish ancestry!
You wanted honest leaders - so stop whining now that you've got one
Cameron’s plan to drive out foreign thugs? A cosy chat!
We told RSPCA we'd take in 11 rescue horses - They killed them anyway!
Cherie is BANNED from the Foreign Office!

Saturday 19 September

79% of refugees are NOT from Syria: Majority fleeing war zone? It's a LIE!
The traitorous stupidity of Europe's hand-wringing elite!
Black savage who stabbed white boy to death for his bike gets 21 years
Christina Edkins was murdered by a black psycho: Family still 'in dark' over inquiry
Asian sex gang groomed, drugged, raped children in Aylesbury (but it's the parents fault!)
35 MILLION immigrants heading to Europe says Hungary!
213,200 asylum seekers applied for sanctuary within the EU in just THREE MONTHS!
Arabs who go to Sweden get free blonde sex slaves, promise people smugglers!
Angela Merkel booed by furious crowd!
Corbyn blames BRITAIN/USA for rise of ISIS (Truth occasionally better than none at all)
Tony Blair foundation accepted £1million from 'Junk Bond King' who funds Zionist operations
Imam tells Muslim migrants to 'breed children' with Europeans to 'conquer their countries'
Malcolm Rifkind helped appoint woman who cleared him over 'cash-for-access!'
500% increase in syphilis in women aged 65 and over! (Foreign toy boys?)
Black bus driver called nurse a 'f*****g cheeky white slag' after writing off her car!
What could be worse than outright propaganda on BBC? BAD outright propaganda
Foreigners swindling free NHS treatment...and WE pay
Corbyn ‘has failed his supporters’ by vowing to stay in EU blasts Nigel Farage
Muslim passenger turned abusive after flight staff ran out of HALAL food
Corbyn's cabinet of convicts!
Mrs Clooney v Cherie = Good(ish) v Evil?
Trolling race-denying teachers who support Black Lives Matter
Request for a banning/exclusion order on Barbara Lerner Spectre

Friday 18 September

Muslim paedo gets more jail for abusing Asian girls! Judges rule they suffer more than ours!
3,000 Islamist extremists in Britain 'ready to ATTACK the UK in weeks'
OK, Germany, you asked for it! THIS is what the traitors are importing!
Muslims should use migrant crisis to breed with Europeans and 'conquer their countries!'
“Austrians have a right not to become strangers in their own country!”
Schoolboy Alan Cartwright stabbed to death by black savage on bail for carrying a knife
Rapist Adbul Fulat jailed for 8 years
Elderly man, 80, stabbed and robbed by three black men as he washed his car
E-fit released after black man tried to snatch schoolgirl cycling home
Police hunt Asian over attempted rape in Sheffield car park
Mohammed Ali, who bought enough ricin to kill 1,400 people, gets 8 years
Are sick traffickers behind migrant crisis BRITISH?
Romanian gipsies here for just a month stole £1,250 from grandma, 75
Fury as pensioners are told - sell your home!
Deportation centre told to make food less British after migrants from 80+ countries complain
Yvette Cooper's pledge to take in migrants proof noisy emotion replacing quiet intelligence
Little Miss Look-at-me is anything but a victim
Another fence goes up to stop the migrant
Elite cash-for-access money-grubbers Straw and Rifkind tipped for House of Lords
Israel and Zionist Jews control Hollywood and the mass media
Israel's mainstream media unanimous in its dismay over election of Jeremy Corbyn
Palestinians deserve right to return, says British MP Jeremy Corbyn
Jewish relationship with Labour... so long and deep" = "difficult for Corbyn’s leadership!"
Israel approves use of sniper fire against Palestinian rock-throwers
Saudi teen to be executed by CRUCIFIXION for anti-Government protest
Resolution calling for inspection of Israeli nuclear sites defeated at IAEA General Conference
Iceland’s capital bans all Israeli products over occupation of Palestine!

Thursday 17 September

2005: British Special Service unit caught posing as Arabs, terrorising Iraqis in Basra
2015: British Special Forces 'dressing up' as ISIS?
GERMANY: The New Stasi to crack down on anyone criticising immigration!
German-Jewish activist Anetta Kahane says "Immigration is the Future!"
MI5 boss says terrorist threat is 'continuing to grow,' because of situation in Syria
USA: Jews unite behind push to grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants!
ANN COULTER: A nation’s policies should be concerned with the people already here!
ANN COULTER: “How many f***ing Jews do these people think there are in the USA?”
Ann Coulter accuses Republican candidates of pandering to 'f***ing Jews!'
Marcin Porczynski charged with murder of mother, 37, and kidnapping children
Black thug batters woman in pub garden when she wants to leave
Germany 'is encouraging a tsunami of refugees'
Syrian papers being sold to ISIS fighters sneaking into Europe hidden among refugees
First Syrian refugees will arrive within days says Theresa May
Welcome to the UK: Pimps force women into prostitution at Calais migrant camp
Support soars to quit the EU: Migrant crisis is fuelling surge
Almost 200 pupils test positive for TB at Teign School in Devon!
Is the Earth tearing our moon apart?
VIP child abuse murder probe on brink of collapse! (Why are we not surprised?)
Obama orders behavioural experiments on the American public?
'LGBT population can help boost the economy' - Silly Elton!

Wednesday 16 September

ISIS could unleash the plague and cause the BLACK DEATH 2! (So that's how the NWO will do it!)
Muslim migrants raping women and children at a German refugee camp?
Marine life 'halves in 45 years!' Overfishing, climate change and pollution blamed
Shadow chancellor: A network of bankers/politicians spread 'debts, destruction and death!'
What does it matter if those we vote for murder our world?
Anger as Labour MP tells Government: Let's keep accepting refugees until Britain BREAKS!
Jewish "artist," Sarah Levy, paints portrait of Donald Trump using her own menstrual blood!
CAMERON says Jews have made 'an immeasurable contribution to all areas of British life'
Soldier who lost 3 limbs says he has to beg, borrow and steal for the care he needs!
Sole survivor of Virginia TV shooting played dead but killer still shot her in the back
Pope Francis warns ISIS could use Europe's migrant chaos to slip into continent
Hungary splits refugee children from parents as it declares STATE OF EMERGENCY
Fewer than a third of refugees who have made it to Germany are Syrian
Putin says it will be impossible to defeat ISIS without supporting Syrian regime
Purging America’s white male heroes!
Homeless immigrant mum-of-five refuses to live in council house OUTSIDE London
Young people taking Prozac 'more likely to commit violent crime'
Faith healer stabbed to death at spiritual centre for black magic treatment in Whitechapel
Mum of 2 stabbed to death - Suspect spoken to by cops an hour earlier but then let go!
Woman tackles cashpoint mugger after he steals £250 from her account
Our boy would have been safer in Sierra Leone! (Yes - Benefits aren't everything)
Gold repatriation from Federal Reserve puts US economy in crisis
Haitian Voodoo leader who revealed the secrets of 'zombie powder'

Tuesday 15 September

Danish girl, 15, and Muslim boyfriend, 29, murdered mum after watching ISIS beheadings
Prescription pills Britain’s third biggest killer! Doctors hand them out like Smarties!
MIT study warns of geo-engineering and weather modification dangers!
NORTH to bear brunt of Cameron’s 20,000 refugees with SOUTH EAST barely affected!
ISIS us hiding 20,000 jihadis among refugees, official warns - all heading for Europe
Russia understands how to defeat ISIS - Former CIA Officer speaks
400 ISIS killers with hatred of West among 20,000 refugees heading for Britain
PM WARNED! Two in every 100 Syrian immigrants are ISIS fighters!
Sky finds 'handbook' for EU-Bound immigrants!
British public does NOT want more immigrants! Contrasts with media narrative!
Callers flood the BBC with complaints over migrant crisis bias!
Huge rise in 'sexting' cases with children as young as SIX sharing explicit photos online
Britain’s Labour Party ditches the Israel Lobby!
Corbyn's victory could make Israel a partisan issue in British politics
Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies!”
The truth behind the media's lies and images!
Mecca crane collapse 'a blessing in disguise for those killed!'
In distant Kabul, Merkel youth gather for the Hegira
Zero tolerance: Hungary cracks down on immigrants
Iraq families give Chilcot one-month ultimatum
Frederick Forsyth drops dark hints about Sgt Blackman's court martial
Hero Colonel backs 'murder Marine'
MPs join fight to release sergeant jailed for killing fatally-wounded Afghan
The Navy's coverup to deny Sgt Alexander Blackman justice
ILLEGAL immigrant in line for bumper payout thanks to a High Court judge
Care worker Abdullah Kironde admits sending indecent images of woman abusing boy
Black vandal caught keying Aston Martin causing £7,500 of damage - NO JAIL!
Traitor McCain: Internet, not Muslim immigrants, the Threat to American safety

Monday 14 September

Rabbi says migrant influx into Europe is 'excellent news'
£330,000 for a 20-min speech at a world hunger event? Tony Blair an inspiration to all
Why the global elite are using refugee crisis to destroy Europe
Netanyahu Rejects Syrian Refugees. ­ ‘We are not a European country!’
Moroccan confesses' to murder of David and Jean Tarsey at their Spanish villa
Holidaying Britons at SERIOUS RISK of ISIS attack
Cannabis smokers are far more likely to develop early stages of diabetes
Bone-boosting drug that could wreck your jaw
Slovak PM nails it! EU leaders responsible for Syria/Libya and for refugee crisis
Merkel's folly! Trains from Austria stopped, border controls re-introduced
Austrian Chancellor likens Hungary's handling of refugee crisis to Nazi persecution
The refugee crisis - an alternative view
GERMANY: Politically correct propaganda rules football!
Excellent David Aaronovich exposé but for one thing - We are not told he's Jewish!
Jonah Goldberg and the anti-Trumpians
Refugees from Ukraine: Migrants that they don't want to see
9/11 From Cheney to Mossad
Arrest in Germany Reveals ISIS Plot to infiltrate Europe is succeeding
Don't call residents sweetie or darling, care home staff told - patronising/demeaning
Council bosses say Wendy house must be pulled down! Parents didn't get planning permission!
Yaya Toure's secret love child (won't pay child support unless mum sends him sexy selfies)
Topless feminists storm Muslim conference - Get beaten up

Sunday 13 September

Teacher brainwashes schoolkids into writing letters of support to Syrian jihadis!
Labour leader appears to hate this country (And Zion's whores Blair/Brown didn't?)
Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria
Project White Genocide: Globalists Prepare Eastern Offensive
Zion's bouncer doesn't like Jezza!
Number of migrants entering Germany DOUBLES with 40,000 expected this weekend
Illegal immigrants arrested in Kent up 500% new figures reveal
Aylan Kurdi and his father's REAL story
Asians attack Britons (Nothing to see here)
Workers who made 'Team Corbyn' T-shirts earned just 49p an hour
Labour has a real lefty... so can we have proper conservatives?
RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses and continued to claim vet/stable fees months AFTER deaths
Geert Wilders on refugees
Tessa Jowell beaten by lacklustre Sadiq Khan in race to be Labour’s Mayor
Terrorism laws rushed through to avoid Corbyn intervention
DYSON: Britain should leave Europe to avoid being 'dominated by Germans'

Saturday 12 September

Blair paid $1million for day's work promoting colossus with stranglehold on resources
Aylan Kurdi's dad is a 'people smuggler who led boat journey which killed his sons!'
The BBC used a 3-year-old video of ethnic savagery to spread Islamophobia fears
#DIVERSITY! Mary Shipstone, 7, shot in the head by estranged father, Yasser Alromisse
USA media use 9/11 anniversary to stoke fears that Iran nuclear deal will lead to terrorism
'The UK is finished' - Owen Jones meets Peter Hitchens
Addiction to meddling! From immigrant to Afghanistan - Will our messianic leaders ever learn?
Churchill saved by secret backhanders, spent £40,000 a year on casinos and £54,000 on booze
We cannot absorb millions from Africa and Asia without destroying our own societies!
Richard Dawkins brands Saudi's offer to build 200 mosques for refugees sick insult!
July 2015: Paul Weston: How to Destroy a Country
Growing crisis over shortage of school places - no mention of migration by Leftie Independent
'Pakistanis have no basic common courtesy and civility' says Mr Sabapathy, Queen's rep!
ISIS cut the head off another Christian girl. (GRAPHIC)
ACT OF GOD? At least 107 people killed in Mecca after crane collapses on Grand Mosque
Islamic extremists 'trying to recruit Syrian refugees in Germany'
Millions more Syrians could head for Europe
Islamic militants killed 188 people when they bombed packed commuter trains in Mumbai
Marine Alexander Blackman: Truth censored by the top brass!
Arnold Harper died after foreign doctor accidentally gave him the wrong drug
Muslim commuter to woman with feet on a chair: 'You should be in prison!'
Violent jewel thief arrested after a dramatic car chase through London
Middle class London girl from loving stable family groomed by Moroccan
Rotherham council and cops seek to end grooming protests
Woman mugged by Roma gypsies on streets of Paris and no-one came to help
PLATELL'S PEOPLE: Men are the REAL oppressed sex today

Friday 11 September

Western-made refugee Crisis - "NATO destroyed Libya!"
Jews should vote for us because we're pro-migrants, says Green Party leader
What do Gentiles want to do with the Jews?
Refugees should seek refuge in synagogues!
BBC executive Danny Cohen publicly endorses key Zionist mantra!
Saudi Arabia takes the p***! Offers Germany 200 mosques – one for every 100 refugees!
A shameful injustice! Campaign fights to overturn conviction of Alexander Blackman
How hero colonel resigned in protest at the betrayal of Sergeant Blackman
Every illegal immigrant costs YOU £36K a year!
Commons expenses watchdog publishes list of MPs who failed to repay expenses debt
Arrogant MPs must pay back what they owe us!
Patriots believe Algeria’s economic collapse and dismemberment planned by the Zionists!
Trump was right! 20% of illegals detained at border have criminal records
Machinegun-toting anti-terror police guarding Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
ISIS are making and using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq
Hunt for ISIS suspect 'sleeping rough in Calais refugee camps'
Thatcher's Jewish guru told a Jamaican to 'go back and grow bananas?'
Far-right Dutch politician labels the refugee crisis an 'Islamic invasion'
Three-quarters of fresh supermarket chickens carry deadly food poisoning bug
Teach boys to dust says EU
NPD march through Reisa denouncing Merkel's refugee policy
The Feminazi barrister
Andy Burnham denies part in cash for access scandal
Old hag - young dancers

Thursday 10 September

Former pop star and TV producer Jonathan King held in child abuse probe
Akeem Gbadamosi and Eugene Ocran charged with murder of teenager
the Left can't browbeat the British people into accepting yet more migrants!
Black Lives Matter splinter group Fuk Yo Flag threatens violence on 9/11!
Soros-sponsored 'humanitarian organisation' in Syria anti-government propagandists demonising Assad
Racist dog barked at all the wrong people!
Gurpreet Sandhu crashed his car into John Downes, 91, doing 56mph in a 30mph zone
Pensioner gets 12 weeks for asking Muslim if he was going to chop off his head!
Britain faces £90 MILLION asylum seeker bill from EU
Tony Blair accused of 'betraying' UK terror victims
Blitz heroine denied a carer as path to farm is ‘too bumpy’
In Sweden right now...
As Europe takes in migrants, Israel tries to keep them out
Israel “is in the business of creating refugees and ethnic cleansing!”
New Wave of migrants flees Iraq, yearning for Europe
“Millions” of Iraqis now seek to invade Europe thanks to “open doors” policy
If a man can't compliment a woman, the human race is in deep trouble!
Mo Farah admits he did take drug Khat!
Now your rubbish could be collected just 12 times a YEAR!
Kayla Mueller's fingernails were pulled out before she wasg repeatedly raped by ISIS leader

Wednesday 9 September

Refugees prime candidates to become lone wolf terrorists says SAS hero (PM knows this)
Church tried to cover up abuse say victims of Prince Charles' Bishop pal!
Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman demands we take up to 10,000 immigrants every day!
Sajid Javid says middle class anti-Semites are allowing racism to take root!
PC Amar Hussain faked details of a terror plot to kidnap an officer
Young girl flying alone 'sexually assaulted by Muhammad Asif Chaudhry, 57
45% say we're taking too many Syrians, (true Brits) 15% say not enough (ethnics/traitors/sheep)
And now the British media gives us poor, little Yousef!
Queen in 1952, she couldn't have imagined Britain today! (Did/said nothing to stop it)
How mainstream media misleads - How journalism LIES!!!
Angelina Jolie says RAPE is an ISIS 'policy!'
'Just wait…' ISIS has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe
Muslim terrorist displays victory sign as he arrives on “refugee” boat
Riot breaks out at refugee camp in Germany (Koran in toilet)
Economic migrants FAKE being Syrian to claim EU asylum and head for Britain
Are these happy young men really timid souls fleeing war and persecution?
Calais mayor says Britain must house ALL 3,500 migrants!
Muslim governor 'at heart of Trojan Horse plot' BANNED from working in schools
Top Tory says the BBC is opposed to Eurosceptic views (Well spotted, Bernie!)
Britain is sitting on a new £173bn debt time bomb
The 5 awkward questions they won't answer about the drowned boy
Where is the ‘Ummah’ now?
Leading Jews urge Italians to 'welcome and.. respect.. strangers/those who are different'
German liberal tries to help illegal immigrants, gets his stuff stolen instead!
Mystery as 140,000 antelopes drop dead! (New World Order practicing?)
MPs shame charity chiefs! Bosses apologise for treatment of vulnerable donors
Mum buys daughter 12 bags of cocaine for her 18th! STUPID SLAG! (Should be flogged)
Frog mayor says schools must serve veggie meals to avoid offending non-Christian religions
Romeo Beckham leads out England! (Dad David used connections at FA to fix mascot role)

Tuesday 8 September

Jack Straw's secret 'Revised tenancy Agreement' - a document they don't want you to see!
Britain to open the doors to 20,000 Syrians
Labour says 20,000 immigrants is 'not enough' (Do working-class still vote for anti-Brits?)
Muslim governor, Tahir Alam, banned from schools (for undermining British values)
Germany can cope with at least 500,000 asylum-seekers a year for years says Sigmar Gabriel
Muslim migrant rapes 7-year-old White girl - Media don't care
Cameron, BBC and PC Crowd are lying again! We DON'T want more refugees!
Government adviser Doug Richard charged with child sex offences
Asian child abuse gang jailed for 82 years!
Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin 'got what they deserved!'
Families of ISIS fanatics could now sue Britain for millions?
lydia.willgress@mailonline.co.uk asks us to name him but offers us no description!
Schools should teach children how to wash hands ('British' parents can't be bothered?)
Black people are more racist than white people now!
80% of the refugees coming to Finland are young men - not women, children or families
Muslim migrants converting to Christianity to boost chances of winning asylum
Muslim refugees chant 'Fuck You' and ' Allahu Akbar' in Budapest
Israel bars “refugees,” builds wall — as Jews support “refugee” invasion of Europe
LITTLEJOHN: Whoever wins the Labour leadership election - I predict a bloodbath
We'd prefer Christian refugees, says Cyprus

Monday 7 September

Former soldier who lost both legs in Afghanistan refused NHS treatment! (Busy treating refugees?)
Eloise Parry died after an accidental overdose of diet pills - she got them from a Turk
'Primal scream of death' as boy, 17, is stabbed by a gang of FIFTEEN youths
UK economy facing 'rollercoaster of risks'
ISIS reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe
Aylesbury child sex ring faces jail over 'horrifying' abuse of schoolgirls
Map proves world more dangerous now than ever before (Due to sheep voting for warmongers)
Young, fit and overwhelmingly male - the immigrant hordes
Germany will evict poor Germans from their homes to replace with illegal immigrants?
Kuwaiti Official says refugees shouldn't be let into Gulf States - They're "too valuable!"
Israel grants Golan Heights oil-drilling license to Dick Cheney-linked company
The Usual Warmongers
645 rapes have been reported in UK schools (What the migrant-fondlers manage to hush up, eh?)
Secret CIA effort in Syria faces large funding cut
Hey, Europe, meet your new Muslim neighbours! Syrian refugees aren’t refugees and aren’t Syrian!
Immigration Wave: Will Europe still be Europe?
Illuminati Exposed - Donald Trump admitting everything is a lie!
Bonuses for Britain’s top bosses rose by an average 3 per cent to £1.12million this year
Charles Kennedy's partner says drinking culture in Commons led to death (MPs = Drunks? Never!)
Lesbian who wanted blonde baby sues clinic after giving birth to mixed-race girl
'My sons are trying to kill me': Mother's desperate 911 call

Sunday 6 September

HITCHENS: We won't save refugees by destroying our own country!
Wake up! Migrant crisis here now but in a year or two it might be WAR! (A Labour rag's awake?)
DEMOCRACY! What you do not want, YOU SHALL HAVE!
5,500 sex attacks in schools in 3 years - victims/suspects as young as five!
DEMOCRACY! What you do not want, YOU SHALL HAVE!
Official! A&E closures cost lives! (But let's import 6000,000 freeloaders every year)
MONSTER! Take in more asylum seekers, pleads former Home Secretary, Jack Straw
Britain should crush ISIS in Syria - ex-Archbishop warns (With Assad's blessing?)
Our foreign aid will be used to house thousands of refugees in UK (Way to take the p***, Ossie!)
Tatchell wonders why Corbyn consorts with Holocaust deniers (More truthful than gay activists?)
11 million immigrants in Germany
Finland: 90% of young people oppose more immigration
Anti-Defamation League (Jewish) claims Celtic Cross is a racist symbol Execution of Whites demanded on Carol Sullivan's #FYF911 Show day before TV murders
Spanish cops arrest Muslim for 'recruiting other women to fight for ISIS in Syria'
England is officially Europe's most densely packed major country
German head warns parents to dress daughters conservatively so as not to inflame migrants!
Police hunt men (e-fit of Asian) who assaulted cyclist, 54, in Bradford
USA: Next time someone tells you Muslims are just like you and me...
Ooh, look! On 2 September Dave was "standing firm!" Now he's letting how many more in?
LEMMINGS!!! Cheering German crowds greet refugees

Saturday 5 September

Only way to stem tide is to stop our Middle East meddling! (Extract tongue from Zion's bot!)
Wealthiest Gulf States refuse to take Syrian refugees! (And WE are the bad guys?)
Britain should prepare to accept quarter of a MILLION refugees, says Green leader Natalie Bennett
Despite massive media propaganda, 57% are against allowing in more refugees!
Muslim to female passenger: 'You should be in prison! I'm a Muslim, I can’t pray with you'
Majority of non-white immigrants who have entered USA in last few decades are on welfare
Bullying Chilcot's threat to Iraq war families!
Putin meets Steven Seagal and claims to have secured deal with Bashar al-Assad
Migrant crisis could have been avoided if Britain bombed Syria, says warmonger ex-MP
Black man finally executed for kidnap, rape and murder of white 15-year-old
Stabbed to death for disrespect! (Talking to stabber's girlfriend)
Gang of Romanian pickpockets 'paid guards to look away as they fleeced British tourists'
Hate cleric Anjem Choudary is freed on bail
Crying and accompanied by mum, 4 people smugglers who cost 3-year-old his life
IDF ‘more ready than ever’ to strike Iran, Israeli official says
ISIS begins killing Christians in Mosul, CHILDREN BEHEADED
Jewish supremacist seeks extermination of Austria and Europe?
Ashkenazi Jews are not white!

Friday 4 September

It's open season on killing Whites and white police officers!
Emma Thompson says we're racist for not letting Calais illegals in!
Israeli "democracy" passes law banning journalists from expressing opinions on air!
Son of 'the man who hated Britain,' David Miliband, demands Britain take more refugees!
Daniel Hannan MEP: I saw the migrant crisis first hand – here’s what I learned
This child's death was tragic but it was not our fault
We have to make it right, Piers? Then punish the warmongers!
National Union of Students invite speaker who described Jihadi John as 'beautiful'
Nigerian conman who cheated pensioners out of £5m life savings weeps as he is jailed
Dating website conman, Ammar Haider, jailed
Tony Blair's former bodyguard found GUILTY of falsely claiming £50,000 in benefits!
Ukraine’s New Military Doctrine: Fight Russia, Join NATO
Worst people in America gather for Donald Trump rally by Ben Yakas (Jew)
Charity bosses to be quizzed over sharing of people's details
Scrapping Human Rights Act would put us on same level as Putin's Russia says EU
Girl, 3, stranded at tram stop: driver refused to stop & let parents off! (Driver's ethnicity?)
Cross-party pressure mounts on David Cameron to take in more refugees

Thursday 3 September

15 billion trees are being lost each YEAR!!!
ISIS 'selling sex slaves to wealthy clients from Saudi Arabia and Turkey!'
BBC LIES!!! "Demand to open doors to Syrians spreading online!"
Foreign lorry drivers account for 93% of illegals found trying to sneak into Britain
INVASION! (Courtesy of the EU and Left-wing theory)
Our once ordered civilisation slides towards chaos in face of colossal influx of foreigners!
EU finds 30,000 suspected migrant SMUGGLERS this year alone!
Britain MUST do more: UN chief orders UK to open 'legal' migration channels amid tragedy
Where in the world can you still catch the plague?
The truth about German claims and the real numbers Britain takes
Number of migrant children entering Britain alone continues to surge
Austria will scupper Cameron's EU demands unless he accepts more asylum seekers!
HOW IT BEGINS! 3-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told 'non-Jews' are 'evil!'
Blair asked Bill Clinton to write article backing bid to be European Council president!
Criminals are using Devil's Breath drug to turn victims into compliant 'zombies'
ISIS claim responsibility for mosque bomb attack in Yemen which leaves 28 dead
Now police say they have to get the BUS to catch criminals!
Cross-dressing merchant seaman stabbed wife to death
Canada: 70 Muslim organizations advocate Sharia Bill 59 to criminalize criticism of Islam
The Jewish State has no more room for 'Good Arabs'
Deleon Alonso Smith dies after 'posing for selfies with gun he thought was unloaded'
DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Torn Between AIPAC and supporting The President
Police inspector dances at Pride parade (Ever wonder why the country's gone to the dogs?)

Wednesday 2 September

CHINA'S financial crisis creating shock waves across world - experts fear much worse to come
Fizzy drinks could increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes
Thousands of patients with no history of mental illness given anti-psychotic drugs!
Arrest Hillary Clinton Now!
“ISIL gets logistic support from Turkey,” admits ISIL militant!
John Lewis car park rape - e-fit of attacker
The map that proves the world is more dangerous now than ever before
For pity's sake, we must shut the borders!
Immigration has stretched Britain to its very limit BLASTS Stephen Pollard
Bus company bosses hire cheap drivers in Romania with NO experience of vehicle!
Nursery nurse, Hayley Neeson, thinks children are are 'w******' and 'a*******'!
Hillary Clinton's done. Nobody will ever trust her again
Emails reveal Cherie Blair pestered Hillary Clinton for years on behalf of wealthy Qataris
Chaplain at Geelong Grammar tried to HYPNOTISE students before sexually assaulting them
Jewish Lord's trial on 22 paedo sex abuse charges won't be for at least another six months!
World WILL end in 28 days? (For Bilderbergers, Illuminati & Rothschilds, as well?)

Tuesday 1 September

Nicholas Winton kindertransport myth comes off the rails
Kevin MacDonald comments on the Francis Carr Begbie article above
Glenn Greenwald demands lawlessness on immigration
Fascist Heart - Elastic Heart by Sia Parody
Chased by Muslims with machetes - Cops don't want to know! (What 23m sheep voted for!)
Stock markets only ever move this fast when there's about to be a recession!
90% of sea birds have eaten plastic - 'Exponential' growth of rubbish in water
Air pollution 'triggers heart attacks even in areas where levels are deemed safe
Charity psychos pass on details of Widower, 87, 200 TIMES!!! He got 731 demands for cash!
Ethnic nepotism, incompetence and parasitism in the NHS!
Queen did/said nothing any will remember (Queen of migration/race law/dumb-down/drug-up/PC)
Yvette Cooper calls on PM to accept 10,000 Syrians! (Now Labour lowly know who NOT to vote for)
Jews promote homosexual marriage in America but outlaw it in Israel
Yvette Cooper in La-la Land!
The Bite of the Adder, or can only Whites be Racist?
ramzpaul: TV Reporter Murdered Live On Air
ramzpaul: Eight things about Living in Romania
ramzpaul: Should Roosh's books be burned?
ramzpaul: Jesse Benn - Advocates "White Wounding!"
Nazis & white supremacists love Donald Trump. You know who else Nazis loved? (Jew author)
Magazine withdraws article revealing Czechs would vote for Hitler
Jews promote homosexual marriage in America but outlaw it in Israel
Farage says people fleeing war-torn Syria aren’t necessarily refugees
Chaos in Hungary as huge crowd of migrants force Budapest station to evacuate
Woman dragged from car and raped in John Lewis car park by 'pockmarked' Asian
Sex attacker, Mian Mujahid Ali Shahid, arrested in Ireland
People smuggling kingpin Nuredin Atta Wehabrebi turns supergrass!
Hillary Clinton's email pages revealed?
David Cameron slapped down by EU bosses - caves in over employment rules opt-out
Miley Cyrus and MTV blasted by parents for 'blatant sexualization and celebration of drugs'

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