Daily News - October 2018

Wednesday 31 October

Disabled grandfather was left to die in the street after he was knocked out by Jafar Ali
Father-of-two beaten up and left for dead by Asian gang for being white
London Samurai sword gang jailed for ‘frightening’ armed robbery campaign
Police dealing with less than 20% of Rotherham’s 1,523 grooming gang victims!
Nigerian father-of-5, Abolaji Onafuye, 'pocketed £32,000 in Grenfell Tower swindle!
Shadow Cabinet Minister still employs son despite his conviction for drug offence!
Cop who led Suzy Lamplugh inquiry didn't check suspect's alibi 'cos he fell out with her mum!
Police chiefs launch £1.5million poster and video campaign in bid to prevent 'hate crime!'
Mum stabbed rapist to death after he threatened to attack her daughter - 10 YEARS JAIL!
Migrant arrested for sexually assaulting women, sheep and goats in Germany
9/11 terrorist back on the streets... and treated like a hero!
Officer in charge of security for Charlie Hebdo boss linked to Islamic radicalism?
NOTTINGHAM: British people will be the minority in 10-15 years, gloats Labour councillor!
UCL researchers covered up deaths of young women who died after controversial treatment!
Israel stands with Hungary, denouncing George Soros!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown defends her controversial tweet about Leicester City owner...
No alibi for Alibhai Brown!
Christian preacher arrested for preaching Christianity!
Medieval city Bruges rebrands Christmas Market as ‘inclusive’ new ‘Winter Festivities!’
The Left's beef with white people explained - Excellent stuff!
Black Yanks blow the whistle!
If you can’t take a joke, snowflakes, you shouldn’t have joined the human race!
BAKE OFF: Why did Rahul Mandal get preferential treatment?'

Tuesday 30 October

Mother of schoolgirl, 14, who disappeared 15 years ago ('cut up and served as kebab meat') says investigation was sidelined because family is working class
Seven more Muslims guilty of Rotherham child sexual abuse charges!
Prince Charles castigated Blair as Bush's 'poodle' and doubted 'dodgy dossier'
Don’t be fooled by gimmicks! Spread Fear Phil is as determined as ever to keep us in EU
German nurse admits killing 100 patients!
Head of Jewish organisation ADL v free speech he doesn't like? "Shut that down!"
Like Minds: Italy’s Salvini congratulates President-elect Bolsonaro of Brazil
Global markets celebrate election of Bolsonaro and downfall of Merkel!
The children turned into strangers by a simple bug
Police rubbish Remoaner conspiracy theory
Belgian Christmas Market renamed Winter Market - it ‘could offend other beliefs!’
The Simpsons: Joyless zealots kill off Apu! (He’s a racist caricature)

Monday 29 October

The anti-Free-Speech crowd have shut down Gab!
Saudi Arabia's dark history of abduction and killing dissidents
Girl, 4, encouraged to touch a naked man in Brazilian art exhibition = BOLSONARO
Pittsburgh gunman hated HIAS, a Jewish 'immigrants welcome' aid group
Far-right candidate wins presidential election in Brazil!
Trump congratulates Brazil's Bolsonaro on election win
Merkel and allies hammered in German regional elections!
German Chancellor Angela Merkel to step down as party leader
£400m Brexit Boost! Macron fumes as Belgium chooses British-American F-35s over Euro jets!
Seven more Muslims guilty of Rotherham child sexual abuse charges!
Cops/courts claim trans paedo’s pre-transition crimes committed by a ‘woman!’
Stalker Sirtaj Bhangal threatened to throw acid at woman after 5-year campaign of harassment!
London BLOODBATH: BRUTAL stabbing in Hammersmith - No description of suspect
London BLOODBATH: Man killed after huge street brawl in Battersea!
BA worker who wore a cross to work was victimised and harassed for whistleblowing!
Sex Pest Scandal: Beyonce must axe multimillion pound partnership with Philip Green?
Khashoggi about to expose Saudi chemical weapons use? Hit squad cheerful on ride home!
Czech PM insists: ‘We have a right to defend our borders, heritage!’
Judge slams social workers who broke up family over anonymous tip-off
Prince Andrew says he is eager to work more closely with Saudis?

Sunday 28 October

West in ‘advanced decline!’ EU is ‘murdering’ Europe’s nations!
Air pollution is the new tobacco and is killing seven million people a year!
Traitor May begged Jean-Claude Juncker to help her save her Chequers plan!
Irish Govt ‘paid press’ to promote plan to grow population by a million with mass migration!
11 dead and officers shot in attack on Pittsburgh synagogue
Somali rapist cost us £300,000 since his deportation was halted by plane passengers!
Khan’s London: Third-Floor Flat occupant suffers fatal fall from in ‘aggravated burglary’
Ishmael Osamo, son of Corbynite MP, smuggled £2,500 of drugs into festival - NO JAIL!
Sex slave, 15, had rapist's child - Social services gave paedo a say in boy's future!
Lure Romanians/Moldovans to work illegally in UK and force 13 to live in squalor? NO JAIL!
Merkel’s Germany! Seven Syrians arrested after 18-year-old gang raped!
SWEDEN: Asylum-seeker sentenced for having sex with 13-year-old ‘wife’
Transgender paedo sexually assaulted a child while identifying as a MAN!
Advocates of male/female identity cheer proposed end of Obama’s transgender ideology
HOLLYWOOD! ‘No human beings are illegal!’ Transgender ‘truest form of America’s freedom!’
Turkey jails German citizen for membership of group FIGHTING AGAINST ISIS!
Autistic youngsters locked in solitary confinement!
It was only 'banter', says Sir Philip Green!
Why do Kate, Naomi and Co STILL refuse to speak up over Sir Philip Green?
MELANIE MCDONAGH: Sir Philip Green is a creep and a bully, but that isn't a crime...yet
HARVEY WEINSTEIN: Hollyoaks star says other British actresses are too scared to speak out!
Exterminate! Fan backlash over Doctor Who's latest transformation - into TV's most PC show!

Saturday 27 October

Despite what the media is saying, would-be bomber appears to be a registered Democrat!
A million houses (for migrants mostly) will destroy 67,000 acres of countryside!
Italy Minister did in a few months what the EU refused to do in 4 years! Reduce migration!
BREXIT: Allowing EU citizens to vote would push 'self-destruct button' on Tories!
Mohammed Kuddus and Harun Rashid convicted of manslaughter after schoolgirl, 15, died after eating kebab from their dirty takeaway
Woman raped on morning walk to work in Leeds: Asylum seeker jailed
Gang of 30 attack man and leave him with fractured jaw in Barrowford attack
'Scared' mum speaks out after daughter, 11, is chased by knife-wielding gang!
OXFORD: Ngozi Godwell punched bride-to-be and sister-in-law at hen party!
Fiancee of murdered Jamal Khashoggi demands his killers be 'punished and brought to justice!'
Drunken American priest who advises Pope crashed into pregnant mother on M25!
UK knife crime rose as stop-and-search fell!
'Snowflake' who threatened to paint over war memorial mural 'on leave until further notice!'
Another ISIS jihadi wants to come back!
Rapper's bodyguard shot as singer celebrates lenient sentence in child sex case
UK couple who died in Egypt sent home with ‘MISSING’ organs!
Europe has the right to ‘protect’ its culture and borders says Czech PM!
UKIP leader slams blasphemy law by back door as Euro Court upholds Mohammed conviction!
Macron in crisis: French President’s popularity hits new low
Globalist Macron lectures Pro-sovereignty East European nations who must fall into line with EU!
‘Who can believe such a thing?’ Calais leader blasts UK Govt over ‘Project Fear!’
BBC audience EXPLODES at ghastly Remoaner, Anna Soubry!
9 countries human rights abuse countries spent £280k paying for British MPs' flights, hotel rooms
Angry Sir Shifty faces down journalists at his £2.3m home in Arizona!
Sir Shifty's wife Tina in a 'happy bubble away from all his nastiness' planning wedding celebration for daughter Chloeand her 'hot felon!'
BARONESS ROS ALTMANN: Sir Shifty bullied me with menacing late night texts!
Austria launches kindergarten Islamic headscarf ban!
2011: Tony Blair 'reads the Koran every day to stay faith literate!

Friday 26 October

Number of arrests plunge by HALF in just a decade despite crime rates soaring to a 13 year high
Catholic church acknowledges priests, clergymen, nuns helped plan, carry out Rwanda genocide!
Crooked lawyers are helping asylum seeking 'liars' abuse our generosity?
PROJECT FEAR: Brexit could KILL 5,600 people a year by making fruit and veg unaffordable?
ON THE RUN: "Sheffield men" wanted for murders, drug and firearm offences!
UK struggles with 700 live terror investigations: ‘We are not matched to threat level!’
'Very few' returning jihadists have been prosecuted, Counter-Terror Commissioner confirms!
ECHR judges say conviction for telling truth about Mohammed's paedophilia is OK with them!
Illegal migrants arrested for involvement in gang rape and death of Italian teenager!
GREEN: A foul-mouthed bully who left young women in tears - but partied like Nero!
Sir Philip Green hit with calls for boycott of his shops, demands he be stripped of knighthood
PETITION: Change the rules to stop the Philip Greens paying to silence victims
'I don't understand why nobody has had you killed!' An unsettling chat with Philip Green
Will Karen Brady be considering her chairmanship of Shifty Green's Taveta Investments?
‘Only a Brexiteer can deliver Brexit’ - Tory MP launches tirade against Theresa May
Google gave Jewish executive, Andy Rubin, a $90 million pay off but hid oral rape claims!
Tony Abbott: Brexit Britain has nothing to lose but its chains!
Biased BBC's 'Today' programme sheds 800,000 listeners!
UK gives Facebook a £500k slap on wrist for data breach of 87million users!
Migrants left and left us garbage! What a waste of food when 'they don't have enough to eat!'
Twitter bans A1 whistle-blower, Paul Craig Roberts!
London school taught that God only saved Muslims on Noah’s Ark!
Refugee used own family's passports to smuggle asylum seekers into UK - NO JAIL!
Immigrant gang harass elderly French woman!
Daughter of wealthy Yanks who gets $25k-a-year as university President vows to tear down 'mural of white men' honoring WW1 soldiers
Sinead O'Connor is 'proud to have become a Muslim!'

Thursday 25 October

French court rejects Nicolas Sarkozy's appeal over campaign financing scandal!
Pope Francis compares populists (the people) to Hitler!
Bishop: ‘Europe is being Islamized’ because the Church Is asleep!
C-of-E vicar, 59, told teenager she'd be disobeying God if she refused to have sex with him!
Doctor of the Year? Try to save lives? Blow whistle on Madhra, Jain and Naseem and you're out!
Overstretched police risk becoming 'irrelevant', MPs warn
BARNET: Burglar stabs and wounds two police officers!
Five-man 'county lines' drug gang jailed for just 20 years!
IRONY ALERT! Saudi Crown Prince declares Khashoggi murder 'a heinous crime!'
#MAGAbomber top trending hashtag on Twitter as liberals try to blame pipe bombs on TRUMP!
Transgender savage charged in brutal attack at Tomball High School!
Pakistani man marries two of his cousins on same day, at same time!
Theresa May survives 'show trial' with tame Tory 'rebels!'
Theresa's crew tell Brussels Euro Court of Justice ‘will get final say’ on Brexit disputes?
'I'm losing will to live!' Andrew Neil forced to stop Chuka Umunna in on-air Brexit spat!
The Enemy Within! Farage says British Civil Service 'take their orders from Brussels!
Public confidence in Theresa May to deliver good Brexit deal collapses!
Donald Tusk says Brexiteers are '100 per cent responsible' for the impasse over the Irish border!
LEAKED: Appeaser Theresa plots to tie UK to EU for years!
Germany must pay BILLIONS more to the EU after Brexit? OK by me...
YouTube gives Tommy Robinson a two-week ban! One more strike and he's out!
Stress in middle age can make your brain shrink and your memory worse
Meghan Markle 'delusional' and a 'liar' over university tuition funding claims!

Wednesday 24 October

Finland’s Supreme Court rules sex with children, 10, is not ‘rape’ if you come from a culture where sex with kids is ‘normal!’
France threatens to block Calais port if we refuse to pay £39bn divorce bill!
Bottled INSANITY! The greatest consumer con of all! Mass addiction to drinking 'healthy' water from plastic bottles that destroy our planet and pollute our bodies!
Tommy Robinson to BBC: "You try to portray that I am hated, but YOU are hated! "
Tommy Robinson, Britain’s last lion, roars!
Tommy Robinson enjoys House of Lords lunch with UKIP leader after walking free from court
Donald Trump: ‘I’m a nationalist, OK? Nationalist. Use that word, use that word!’
Trump calls aftermath of Khashoggi murder 'worst cover-up in the history of cover-ups!'
Hitman made 7 calls to Saudi Prince's private office on day Khashoggi was murdered!
Ex-Defence Secretary Fallon takes £75,000 a year job advising major Saudi investor
France threatens to block Calais port if we refuse to pay £39bn divorce bill!
British negotiators tell Brussels that European Court of Justice ‘will get final say’ on Brexit disputes?
Now even our top cops are shilling for the Remoaner crew!
Elite's cunning plan to sabotage Brexit! ('They are cheats, they are liars! They are Remainers!')
Ultra-violent carjackers Sarweeth Rehman and Hussun Ashraf get just 6 years each!
Another brutal stabbing in north London!
Now men watch porn on the bus, can we sink any lower?
France's niqab ban 'violates' human rights, says UN! Compensation demanded for women!
Orban warns against ‘European Empire’ on Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution
Sajid Javid's brother took a bottle of whisky to 5-star hotel then killed himself in the shower
Social engineering! Thomas the Tank Engine’s new friend is a refugee from Kenya!

Tuesday 23 October

REPORT: Nationalism does not mean xenophobia, it means an antidote to globalism!
Another 112 victims of the NHS blood scandal will DIE before inquiry discusses extra support!
Experts find 9 different types of microplastic in every sample taken from human guts
Pesticide-free organic food lowers cancer risk tremendously!
Knife crime epidemic! Victims with life-threatening stabbing injuries up a third in two years!
GREENWICH: 18-year-old stabbed to death on London street - 115th murder in capital this year!
East Midlands sex trafficking ring jailed for 37 years
IT expert, Moud Ul Hasan Nuri, charged with raping young boy he met online, BAILED!
Reporting restrictions blocked police from launching public appeal for absconded gang rapist!
Schoolchildren arm themselves with Tasers, knuckledusters and pistols for class
BRADFORD: Cops haven’t caught a single ‘county lines’ drug dealer!
Audrey Lindley, 69, and another British woman murdered by terror attack in Oman?
Macron's France!
Student forced to parade naked in front of staff, bullied by other prisoners, kills herself
Black South African tells the truth about farming and farmers
Bin Salman spoke to Khashoggi minutes before his murder! Saudis burn documents at consulate
Church of England backs government making it simpler to change gender!
Pope Francis calls Catholics to ‘global solidarity walk’ for migrants!
'EU will be DONE FOR if Brexit goes ahead!’ German politician says referendum 2 is VITAL!
'EURO MAFIA' trying to 'SHACKLE' UK to Brussels tax rules, warns Tebbit!
Deep State ‘wargames’ second EU referendum! ‘Most co-ordinated lobbying effort ever’ begins!
Britain’s remoaner elite has a cunning plan to sabotage Brexit!
Theresa May’s top Brexit bureaucrat offered millions by big banks!
Remainer celebrities funded buses for the London march!
Remainers try to kill off Brexit debate with language control
Theresa May bigs up extending transition period where UK is still in the EU in all but name

Monday 22 October

Britain’s liberal elite still in denial about Muslim rape gangs!
C17: Inside terrifying world of drugs gang that preys on underage girls
Cops waste time looking into hate crime instead of genuine law-breaking!
White Brits soon a minority in Britain’s second largest city, where 50,000 cannot speak English!
FOREIGN AID FARCE! How YOUR money is lining pockets of fat cat charity bosses!
Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer pockets £125,000 from law firm derailing UK’s EU exit!
Groups promoting anti-Brexit ‘People’s Vote’ march funded by the EU!
Brexit is a golden opportunity but the Government is in danger of treating it as a problem
Theresa May vows to press on with soft Brexit even if she loses her job
VAZ: Labour MP hosts exotic dinner with scantily-clad woman in thigh high boots
Western Germany: 42% of children under six come from migration background!
MP says native Swedes are headed toward minority status!
Saudi Arabia's stock PLUMMETS as foreign investors pull out after Khashoggi's death
Saudi Arabia now admits journalist was murdered!
The Honduran 'caravan' isn't walking, it's being trucked in!
Hondurans paint Swastika on American flag, set it on fire, give us the finger!
Australian Prime Minister apologises to victims of child sexual abuse
World War 3: Jordan demands Israel return land leased under 1994 peace treaty
Cow's milk a symbol of white supremacists, says People for Ethical Treatment of Animals!
Black Guardianista says, 'we risk losing slices of our past if we don’t root out racism!'
When I was a lad, there were very few female w*nkers about. Times have changed

Sunday 21 October

Immigration and Diversity: Systematic rape and murder of white girls across the West
Is it time to legalise cannabis, asks New World Order's ex-top cop, Bernard Hogan-Howe
9,000+ foreigners in our jails! Why do we deport just 1 a day? Why are many freed to re-offend?
HUDDERSFIELD: 15 girls drugged, raped, prostituted by 'sick Asian paedophiles!'
Cops charge Jerome Smikle and Kayongo Shuleko with murder after Josh Bains shot dead!
Muslim cleric who runs Britain's largest network of sharia courts quizzed over child rape
Methadone found in the grounds of a PRIMARY SCHOOL in York!
Cocaine and gambling addict stabbed his grandmother 30 times in the chest and back
'We haven't lost control of the streets' insists top cop after two are charged with murder
Tranny Corbynista (born a man) lands top women's role!
Saudi bodyguard accused of butchering journalist was welcomed to Downing Street!
Media blackout on biggest race riot in British school history
How can our chubby, drug-addled and right-on Army protect us from our enemies?
Hero sacrifices self to save hostage! Macron gang won’t commemorate - ‘May offend Muslims!’
French flee To Hungary to escape effects of mass migration
Salvini’s Italy now leads Europe in number of Jihadi deportations!
ANTIFA types attempt to attack Matteo Salvini!
Bono, (New World Order's top clown) implies great patriots, Salvini and Orban, are the Devil!
80 illegal immigrants stage jailbreak from Spanish deportation centre: 10 Officers injured
POLL: Brits say ‘People’s Vote’ would not be accepted, could spark civil unrest
BREXIT SELLOUT! Theresa May plotting EU 'stitch-up' warns Boris!
Fisheries BETRAYAL could force shock Tory vote AGAINST May's deal!
Revealed: EU's attempt to control Britain's tax policies after Brexit
DUP slams ‘despicable, low, and rotten’ Irish PM for using IRA terror as Brexit leverage!
AFGHANISTAN: 170 killed/injured after polling stations hit by suicide bombers!
Ban fireworks to stop yobs terrorising communities, says Manchester top cop
Left-wing, anti-Brexit, ex-Deputy PM, now Zuckerberg's pet lickspittle - Who is Nick Clegg?
“Jews are one people... It’s useless for them to be patriots to the countries in which they reside!”

Saturday 20 October

Welcome young migrants to replace dying Europeans, says Archbishop!
Tommy Robinson celebrates jailing of Asian sex gang whose trial led to his arrest
HUDDERSFIELD: 16 Asian beasts get 221 years for drugging, raping, prostituting English girls
Evil drug dealer father beat his two-year-old son to death
146mph boy racer, Abdul Sujac, jailed for killing student months after knocking down a pedestrian
While cops chase wolf whistlers, a heroic dad is battered and stabbed to death
Violent gang is banned from riding bikes, wearing hoodies and making rap 'drill videos!'
Top cop says officers could wear full-length veils to attract ethnic minorities!
Saudi Arabia finally admits Jamal Khashoggi died in their consulate!
Saudi Arabians paid £9million to Tony Blair's self-styled crusade for global change
ISIS take 700 hostages, including Americans/Europeans,after raiding Syrian refugee camp
ISIS executioners kill Syrian 'spies' in the same region where they 'kidnapped 700 hostages!'
Drone strike kills Anjem Choudry's former right-hand man - A brutal ISIS executioner in Syria
Migrant caravan heading to USA grows to 4,000!
Multimillionaire Bono: Political parties that criticise mass migration originate from Satan!
Salvini celebrates as Libyan coast now free of NGO ships!
Boris, Mogg and David Davis tell PM her deal ‘is not Brexit’, warn public ‘will not forgive us!’
EU see Brexit as a THREAT! Brussels ready to punish UK!
'Eurozone WILL collapse!' The end is near for euro project warns Brexiteer MP!
'Brexit is 90% DONE!' Barnier says deal is sealed as May gets torn apart at home
Report: Immigration controls are failing to deter illegals!
What a slippery hypocrite! Nick Clegg abandons Remain campaign to stuff his pockets!
Clegg lands £4million lobbying job despite previously slamming Facebook's paltry tax bills!
White boy attacked by Blacks on bus - Media ignore

Friday 19 October

London hits highest levels of knife crime ever, as one-in-5 adults experience crime in 12 months!
Man beaten to death in Battersea 'had confronted drug dealers'
Drug gang beat Ian Tomlin to death after he told them to stop selling drugs outside his home!
McCauley Cox ploughed into women sitting outside nightclub trying to run over a rival!
POPLAR: Man in his sixties is stabbed in street
Taxi driver, Mohammed Ilyas, picked up a passenger, drove to a remote location and raped him
Drug dealers convicted of wounding Leeds man in "county lines" attack in Harrogate
DIVERSITY RULES in LONDON! Riot cops, helicopters respond to mob of 100 child looters!
A third of British people believe there are Muslim ‘no-go areas’ in UK governed by sharia law
Man who posed shirtless with President Macron arrested for drug dealing!
Jack Dorsey admits 'free speech at Twitter' promise was just a 'joke!'
https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/10/sweden-was-safe-when-it-was-a-homogenous-country-says-populist-mp/Sweden was safe when it was a homogenous country, says MP
At least 18 councils are giving schools non-stunned, Halal meat, NSS reveals!
ISIS take 700 hostages after raiding Syrian refugee camp - Executing 10 prisoners a day!
Trump promises 'severe' punishment for the Saudis if they murdered Jamal Khashoggi
MPs on Saudi gravy train! Regime lavishes hospitality/gifts for influence/power in Westminster!
Furious Tories blast Theresa May's plot to tie Britain to EU for 3 more years
Revolt grows over Theresa May’s handling of Brexit talks
FARAGE: ‘The problem isn’t Brexit. It’s the PM!’
EU has become the dictatorship it aimed to defeat!
French politician defends Hungarian PM Victor Orban, the radical 'populist'...
Berlin sees rise in homophobic attacks - Nearly all committed by migrants!
The Democrats have a vested interest in keeping 'racism' alive?
Only 3 countries left without a Rothschild central bank?
Little boy fights LGBT indoctrination! (Teacher wished to apply lipstick!)
Michael Caine: I'm still a Brexiteer!
2011: SOROS, BONO and the boss of the EU hang out together in Davos!

Thursday 18 October

Muslim woman to be the face of the new £50 note?
Bloodbath Britain: Murder rate rockets by 14% and knife crime soars by 12% in a year!
Romanian immigrant, Marian Caliman, filmed English wife pleading for life before murdering her!
Abrar Khan raped vulnerable woman 11 days after he release from prison for attempted rape
East European thug fractures bystander's skull in attack outside Barking pub
Boy, 13, groomed to sell crack cocaine and heroin as dealers target vulnerable Southend schoolchildren
Pensioner, 88, died 15 days after burglar stole her purse - Diversity? Drug addict? Both?
45 Southend faith leaders call for 10,000 refugee children to come to UK!
Chilling dossier PROVES Khashoggi wasn’t Saudis’ only victim!
History is 'too white and Eurocentric', say academics
Autistic woman, 'pimped out' to strangers by carers!
BoJo and DaDa tell Theresa the Brits 'will not forgive us' for Brexit surrender!
Theresa May considering extension of the Brexit transition period!
‘He’s HOODWINKING the public’ - ex-MI6 chief attacks May’s top Brexit negotiator
Tory MPs threatened with General Election if they don’t back Theresa May’s Brexit plans
Return of the globalists! Blair, Major, Clegg, and Heseltine fortify campaign to kill Brexit!
UK will pay £36 billion ‘Brexit bill’ even without deal, says Remainer Phil!
School teacher describes pupils as 'vile unwashed illiterate Have Nots!'
Council workers' pensions are costing every taxpayer around £500-a-year
COLOGNE: ISIS asylum seeker shot by police after hostage taken
Merkel's allies sink to worst result in 68 years - Anti-refugee stance fails to stop far-right surge
Hungary revokes government funding for gender studies!
Louis Farrakhan attacks the Jews! ''I'm not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite ! ''
Denmark to demolish 1,000 homes, clear out migrant-populated ghetto
'EU gravy train soaking us DRY!' Who front man savages Bob Geldof Brexit claims

Wednesday 17 October

Lefties are unthinking and reflexive automatons? Surely not!
BBC to enforce pro-LGBT reforms! (Sex minorities already over-represented 5-fold at BBC!)
Enthralling, moving and utterly electrifying - 'They Shall Not Grow Old'
Crimea bombing: Death toll in college explosion now 18. Officials point finger at Ukraine
Transgender law reform has overlooked women’s rights, say MPs!
Drug gang epidemic! 1,500 'county lines' crews! Ringleaders rake in £2.5billion!
Butchered on Saudi Consul General’s desk, Jamal Khashoggi took 7 minutes to die!
RAF STILL assisting Saudis after torture killing of Jamal Khashoggi!
Transgender traffic lights? You couldn't make it up!
The tragic transformation of Sweden...
Grenade amnesty in Sweden! Hand in your explosive devices and you won't be prosecuted!
Recorded ‘hate crimes’ surge! Will dislike of anything at all soon be a hate crime?
INSANITY! Police (who've given up on burglars) now want to turn us all into 'hate' criminals!
100 MPs led by Diane Abbott confirm they will not report ILLEGAL immigrants!
'Our fish!' 92% of UK COD goes to the EU!
Don’t let May SELL-OUT Britain!’ Brexit chief savages PM’s ‘Surrender-monkey strategy!’
Shareholders too thick to understand why fat-cats deserve fat-cat dosh, says top fund manager!
Want 'a generation of snowflakes?' Academic slams Australian schools as 'too PC!'
Lest we forget what the cops did in Rotherham...
SALVINI: AfD friends rise! Goodbye Merkel and Juncker!
The ‘refugee’ crisis and the creation of Greater Israel
Muslim protester who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail!
Former NFL player arrested for having sex with a 12-year-old girl!
May begs for Cabinet obedience as ‘Chequers’ opposition grows
The self-serving pigs of Westminster!
Tory MP Craig Mackinlay overspent on 2015 general election to beat Nigel Farage
Salvini furious after French confirm their police dumped migrants in Italian town!
Never mind ‘Green GB Week’, Theresa. Where is our our Brexit?
Arab and Kurdish crime clans ‘systematically recruiting’ refugees in Merkel’s Germany
LESBOS: Christian cross destroyed after migrant NGO demanded removal of ‘Crusader tool!’
How healthy will YOUR country be in 2040? UK/US aren't even in top 20

Tuesday 16 October

Bulgaria leader: 'We must unite to save our countries from the madness of current EU leaders!'
Saudi Prince behind 'murder of dissident journalist' 'lines up bid for Man United!'
Saudis 'prepare to admit journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a botched interrogation!'
100k Brits have profiles on Muslim polygamy site?
Coward Cop to get pension 12x bigger than murdered officer’s widow!
Supermarket on LOCKDOWN after 'machete attack' in Huddersfield bloodbath
Gang stabbed father-of-4 to death as he walked home from hospital with pregnant partner
Sutton Coldfield robbery: Man threatened with stun gun and assaulted - DIVERSITY sought!
SOUTH AFRICA: Brilliant student gang raped and beaten to death by black savages after stopping to give a friend a lift home
Government blocks study into radical Islam and conversion in UK jails!
Taxpayer to spend £2million protecting hate preacher Anjem Choudary
Salvini deports Islamic extremist who wanted to kill ‘white tourists’ and ‘Christians’
Pakistanis demand death for Christian woman facing execution for blasphemy!
Botched universal credit roll out is forcing women into PROSTITUTION!
Infant mortality increases for two years in a row! 30+% percent higher than Western average!
Transgender 'woman' Rachel McKinnon wins cycling world championship!
About 40% of Americans have seen/currently see a therapist! Many suffer side effects?
No more Mr Nice Guy!' Farage outlines how Britons can fight Brexit BETRAYAL
'I want the money back!' John Redwood attacks EU and calls for no deal!
Boris Johnson: The EU is treating Britain’s constitution with contempt
Robert Peston ridicules Nick Clegg's Remain argument
Australian Senate votes against motion saying it ‘is OK to be white!’
Bercow under renewed pressure to resign after damning inquiry into bullying culture
If Bercow had any honour he'd have left his Speaker role already
The damning vaginal mesh dossier and the man who made millions from them
Car with foreign number plates towing caravan WRONG WAY on M40 crashes into vehicles
Fury as £4million British foreign aid budget used fixing POTHOLES abroad
Paul Greengrass’s Anders Breivik movie is dire, Leftie agitprop!
The sirdid life of Mel B, former icon

Friday 12 October

Jihadi wife rejects 7 houses as 1.15m families languish on waiting list! Why pander to these?
Trans activists demand everyone be pro-LGBT – at the expense of reality!
Should women be spelt womxn?
Equality Institute: Don’t say ‘pregnant women’ as ‘people of all genders can fall pregnant’
Influx of low-skilled workers from EU has ‘no clear benefit’ for Britain, says immigration tsar!
Police must ‘reflect’ on impact/trauma of Manchester slaughter on local Muslims!
BRADFORD: Gangs luring hundreds of children into sexual exploitation, ‘county lines’ crime!
Little demarcation now between serious mental health issues and lifestyle complaints?
Harrow schoolboy, 'Asian Great Gatsby,' faces £3bn probe into one of world's biggest frauds?
Climate alarmists aren’t trying to save the planet? They want communism in America?
REMEMBRANCE DAY: Cambridge students reject veterans’ ‘imperialist propaganda!’
Cowboy and Indian outfits banned from fancy dress parties by student union! OFFENSIVE!
Celebs react in fury to Kanye's meeting with Trump! Musicians cut ties with the rapper
'He was interrogated, tortured and then murdered!' Saudi critic WAS killed at consulate!
The dark side of Saudi's Crown Prince!
School head apologises for 'racist and sexist' Two Ronnies sketch!
Drivers nearly four times as likely to suffer breakdown from hitting pothole than 12 years ago
JLS star Oritse Williams, 31, appears in court charged with raping a waitress, 20!
Fury as £4million British foreign aid budget used fixing POTHOLES abroad
Robert Peston ridicules Nick Clegg's Remain argument
Blair Says 50/50 chance of second Brexit vote, urges Labour to block deal
Mother of Belgian Jihadi May Have Helped Finance Paris Terror Attack
CBC ignores viral video of man kicking pro-life woman
Google document admits Breitbart News is number one for free speech!

Thursday 11 October

Paul Rosenfeld made a 200-pound bomb and planned to detonate it in Washington?
Stand with our lads! Phones seized by army for having photo taken with Tommy Robinson!
Army investigates selfie soldiers who posed with Tommy Robinson!
Tommy Robinson infuriated by UK army's probe into photos of him with soldiers?
‘British citizens should prepare for the day that a chemical attack comes!’
Judge who jailed fracking protesters with 'excessive' sentence has family links to oil/gas firm!
Leaked Google briefing admits free speech has been binned for ‘safety And civility!
Clinton: Democrats 'cannot be civil' with Republicans anymore
'Gay cake' row! Bakers win Supreme Court appeal!
Brexiteer brands Andrea Leadsom 'COWARDLY' for backing May's Chequers Brexit plan
Americans strongly dislike PC culture!
How USA-Saudi marriage gave birth to Jihad!
It's one left-wing riot after another, but leftie leaders say the problem is YOU!
Meet the Green wonk who is ready to ruin Britain
Juncker slaims EU, not popular government created a million jobs for Italians!
Leaked Google briefing admits free speech has been binned for ‘safety and civility!
Has a SECRET Brexit deal already been agreed?
Labour MP mocked as she claims second Brexit vote would UNITE Britain!
Isiah Dequan Hayes raped 9-month-old baby girl! Daireus Jumare Ice filmed it!
AUSTRALIA: Moud Ul Hasan Nuri charged with raping young boy he met online
On Women's Day, drop the doublethink on hijabs!
King George V RUTHLESSLY knifed Tsar Nicholas in back to save Royal Family
According to the Jewish Talmud, Jesus was boiled in sh*t?

Wednesday 10 October

Army investigating video of Tommy Robinson with trainee soldiers!
British Army advert shows Muslim soldier praying on battlefield!
European Union army ACTIVATED and ready to replace NATO!
Publishers withdraw GCSE sociology textbook! (Too much racial truth told)
Commissioner for cowardice: Ex-police chief's view of Met boss who fled the fatal knife attack
'The history of this country is built on racism' says Professor Kehinde Andrews!
'Why do you live in a country that you loathe?' Piers Morgan slams black professor!
Khan’s London: Police use of force up 79% in 5 months!
Lefties and Labour members racially abuse Black Tory London mayoral candidate!
Cannabis laws could be relaxed in Britain! 'Panel of experts' have ‘open mind!’
‘British citizens should prepare for the day that a chemical attack comes!’
Jihadi's jailbird wife, who turned down 7 council houses, sues local authority!
Murder squad link death of Polish man to organised crime
Iraqi social media star shot dead in her Porsche! She dared to live a Western lifestyle
80 Tories ready to vote down May’s ‘half-in-half-out’ Brexit!
‘Sooner we are out, the better!’ TRUE cost of EU membership - £1BILLION a WEEK!
German industry fears ‘massive crisis’ of no-deal Brexit
Nurses who visit people at home spend more time doing paperwork than caring for patients!
Heavy tax burden leaves UK families poorer despite strong wage growth
Former BBC editor admits ‘patronising’ corporation ‘got it wrong’ on immigration!
Top Eurocrat Juncker attacks ‘stupid populists!’
Fraud squad charge 10 from Grenfell fire alarm firm after probing faulty safety equipment
Too much sugar makes children more violent
Soldiers and trenches of WWI revealed as they looked 100 years ago! (What, no diversity?)
Taylor Swift doubles down on anti-Trump message, urges her fans to vote Democrat

Tuesday 9 October

In the UK, at least 449 homeless people died in 2017! (No official figures until now)
Top cop sees PC being stabbed to death by terrorist - Locks car door and does nothing!
London top cop locked doors and watched PC being murdered from car window!
Jordan Hunt respects women so hard, he leaves bruises!
Financial sector hailed as the crowning glory of UK economy. But as it blooms, all else withers!
10-strong county lines drugs ring jailed for a total of 53 years!
Second person to die after eating a Pret sandwich was mother of five girls
Plastic in water bottles and till receipts raises risk of premature birth sixfold!'
Amazon funnelled cash to Salafist 'charity' founded by Saudi extremist in UK!
NHS pays out £37million (of our cash) to one boy in biggest ever settlement for child injury
2017: Mass grave of babies and children found at Tuam care home in Ireland!
‘The devil IS alive and undermining Catholic Church’ warns Pope Frankie!
Hundreds of dead baby girls found in Pakistani rubbish dump!
TRUMP: “On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family!"
Viktoria Marinova was investigating EU fraud - Then she was found raped and murdered
Macron thinks he is ‘all-powerful KING!’ President’s leadership ‘IMPLODING!'
UK refuses to take back ISIS fighters? OK by me
Salvini says ‘speculators like Soros’ behind Eeconomic attack on Italy!
Austria to ban knives for asylum seekers amidst migrant stabbing surge
Google axes Google+ after 'cover up' data breach of half a million users!
Linehan learns that Social Justice Warriors always eat their own

Monday 8 October

Doctor ran illegal transgender clinic, treated children as young as 12!
Fears over survival of humanity! Quality of men’s sperm plunges due to pollution/junk food!
Disgusted Commons cleaners demand MPs sober up - Vomit and used condoms found
BBC was not impartial during Brexit referendum, ITV's Robert Peston says!
Robert Peston claims BBC 'got it wrong on immigration' when he was political editor!
Rudy Giuliani retweeted a call to freeze the assets of billionaire investor George Soros!
NHS doctors cashing in on 'illegal' designer babies
GPs are failing to warn millions of the potential side-effects of anti-depressants
Second Pret a Manger customer dies after eating vegan sandwich!
Far-right candidate stabbed during campaign leads Brazilian presidential race
Does anyone know what's in our food? 68 products pulled from shelves this year!
Salvini slaps down globalist EU chiefs for ‘ruining’ Italy, Europe!
Orbán: Europe locked in ‘culture war’ as ‘cultural peace’ reigns in Hungary!
Pro-EU, left-wing Scottish-Nationalists’ will back second Brexit Referendum!
May's attempts to win-over Labour voters political cross dressing that'd make Blair proud
Farage: Hysterical reaction from Geldof and Co hardening pro-Brexit views!
Canadian media covering up mess Justin Trudeau is making of nation
Benjamin Netanyahu's wife on trial for 'using £80,000 state funds to pay for hundreds of meals'
Rose McGowan (did for Harvey Weinstein) says #MeToo movement is 'bulls**t!' A 'lie to make lily-livered Hollywood feel better!'

Sunday 7 October

Trump celebrates as Kavanaugh CONFIRMED to Supreme Court!
Juncker criticises British media and urges limits to press freedom!
Trend for disposable fashion is threatening the lives of millions
Lone, black Trump supporter called a 'racist bigot' by white liberals!
Luvvie musicians warn industry 'could lose voice' after Brexit!
Trump victory? EU may abandon tariffs on US after threats to German industry
Macron clings to power following shock departure of loyal interior minister!
MERKEL admits responsibility for German political CHAOS?
Health records show DRAMATIC infection increase of flu in UK care homes
Italy’s Populist League Party hits historic high in popularity
ISIS makes new threats against German subway systems!
Councils advise schools to alert social services if parents stop sons wearing skirts!
Teenage daughter of Marine Le Pen violently assaulted!
Final appeal of Pakistani Christian woman on death row for insulting Prophet Muhammad!
London BLOODBATH: Manhunt after victim stabbed just YARDS from Parliament
Cyclist stabbed in London - Diversity, eh?
Birmingham gang 'threatened to rape' young woman because she wasn't smiling
LEICESTER: Armed policeman 'deliberately mowed down by car!'
Child grooming drug dealer Zakaria Mohammed is busted
The Churchill you didn't know!
Health records show DRAMATIC infection increase of flu in UK care homes!

Saturday 6 October

Did MI5 murder orange-in-mouth Tory MP, Stephen Milligan?
Tuberculosis around the world!
US professor says Kavanaugh defenders ‘deserve miserable deaths’ and should be ‘castrated!’ MI6 regrets helping Putin to power!
Juncker criticises British media and urges limits to press freedom!
Tommy Robinson OWNS far left guy in heated debate live on TV
Immigration Boom! 25,000 Acres of green belt countryside sacrificed for extra housing!
A selfless police hero let down by his own side!
Babies falling victim to horrific FGM in scandal which shames Birmingham!
Ecstasy robbed me of both my girls!
Crime on Britain’s railways sees steep rise driven by violence, robbery, sexual assault
LONDON: Northolt Imam convicted of sexually abusing children sent to him for Qu’ran lessons!
Avan Najmadeen found stabbed to death in her Stafforshire home!
3-on-1 in Birmingham: Police wish to speak to two Blacks, one Asian
Grandson of a former Liberal leader pistol-whipped on his own doorstep!
Family pay tribute to British father hacked to death at dream Caribbean home!
Sharon Jenson 'steals back' her £700 bicycle after cops refused to help her!
Amir Khan's wife shares video of boxer 'risking lives' by talking on mobile while driving
German father charged for protecting his daughter against sexual assault by migrant!
Missing Interpol chief was ‘taken away for questioning by Communist Party!
Schoolboy 'given detention for voicing his support for UKIP during classroom debate!'
CNN versus Hungary! Lefties v Hungarian Minister on multiculturalism, migrants, Soros
Lagarde, Strauss-Kahn; Rato - IMF chiefs are no strangers to criminal charges
NHS officials knew about stockpiled body parts scandal months ago!
Firms complain of 'foul smell' where 750 tonnes of amputated limbs/human flesh stockpiled!
MAX HORKHEIMER and the destruction of the west - 1969 interview
London Mayor lied about Trump balloon decision?

Friday 5 October

Boys encouraged to wear nail polish, massage each other at 'gender neutral' school!
‘EU has offered UK Canada+++ deal since beginning’ says bloc’s President!
Chuck Grassley: FBI reveals ‘no hint’ of Brett Kavanaugh sexual misconduct
David Cameron gave MI5 agents 'licence to kill' in secret letter!
French President accused of plotting to stop Brexit - Time time to cut this Napoleon down to size
Coroner slams shortcomings in Metropolitan Police that led to Terrorism death!
ANARCHY IN JAIL! Gangs beating guards. Air thick with cannabis, suicide and self harm rife!
'I'm going to kill her today!' Uber driver boasted to family as he filmed himself beating his wife
County lines drug dealer, Zakaria Mohammed, used children to sell crack cocaine and heroin
Aaron Ali guilty of injuring elderly women with his electric wheelchair!
Human rights for rapists!
Schoolgirl, 15, died 'after eating food from a dirty takeaway infested with mouse droppings!'
Infestation of venomous spiders closes four schools for a MONTH
FRANCE: Victims of fatal car crash robbed before emergency services arrive!
Rap mogul Suge Knight gets 28 YEARS for crushing a man to death
Candess Peters deliberately ran over the father of her child, James Doyle
Teenager told to ‘get out’ of college class for supporting Tommy Robinson!
Ofcom receives 2,845 complaints about Tommy Robinson’s Sky interview from his supporters!
Russia blasts claims its GRU agents were behind global cyber attacks on the West!
Juncker condemns 'mindless populism and nationalism' as support grows for anti-EU parties
Politicians must stay away from Bosnian hamlet! Locals say: 'You've been lying to us for years!'
BETTE MIDLER: Women 'are the N-word of the world... Most disrespected creatures on earth!'

Thursday 4 October

Obama "was a thug... got into fights... consumed substances that weren't always legal!" He would "drink a six-pack in an hour before going back to class" and was "engaging in behaviour not untypical of black males across the country!"
Westminster terror inquest finds PC Keith Palmer's death preventable!
BIRMINGHAM: Shocking scenes near McDonald’s leave 3 stabbed! Police hunt 22 suspects
Honor Killing! The tragic story of Samia Shahid
London BLOODBATH: 15-year-old stabbed REPEATEDLY in north London
Feds probe 'gender fluid' boy's rest room assault on girl, 5
Care home worker, 54, accused of raping dementia sufferer, 76!
LONDON: Black yob throws soft drink over white mum and terrified son in Burger King
'I found this 2ft sword caked in blood in my garden but the police don't care!'
Human rights for rapists!
Asian cop wins £95,000 payout! After N-word slur, white colleagues didn't take him seriously
CARLISLE: Kept in a shed for 40 YEARS of hell!
One police officer DEAD as seven shot down in South Carolina gun rampage
South African mother found naked and dead with her EYES gouged out!
France’s most wanted criminal evades police by wearing a burqa for three months
Witness against Christine Ford says she was not a victim! Party animal, heavy drinker, 'fast!'
Feinstein moves to seal FBI investigation as Kavanaugh case collapses!
Deep State unmasked! "I have nothing to lose!"
High Street crisis! Almost 3,200 shops closed down in just 4 years!
Ending austerity means Theresa May will have to find ANOTHER £20billion! (She's full of sh*t)
BREXIT: May to RUSH final deal through in WEEKS to fight off Tory rebellion!
EU isn't prepared for another financial crisis - Populist parties to benefit!
Italian Populist League to introduce ban on Halal slaughter
'I only talk to SOBER people!' Italian anti-EU leader Salvini takes BRUTAL DIG at Juncker!
The “prohibited” library in the heart of Prague!
Sugar launches SCATHING ATTACK on Brexit in Apprentice opener
SWEDEN: Gender neutral applicants for lead (female) role in Christian festival welcome!

Wednesday 3 October

Britain 'overwhelmed' by crooked immigration solicitors helping 'liars' get into our country!
Tories must champion diversity to beat Corbyn at election? F*** off, Theresa!
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: May preparing to offer Brussels Irish border CONCESSION!
Appeaser Theresa crumbles to EU, plans to divide UK with customs checks!
BORIS: ‘This is the moment to chuck Chequers!’
BoJo calls for return of ‘systematic stop and search’, end ‘politically correct nonsense’ policing!
EU stabs Britain in the back! Vicious scenes in Strasbourg as knives come out
Trump launches searing ATTACK on EU! MOCKS Juncker!
Hunt issues STERN warning to EU for wanting to 'PUNISH' Britain!
Populist nations smile on America while globalists frown!
Orbán praises Trump, slams Clinton, rebukes EU migration Commissioner!
Three ricin-laced letters sent to Trump!
Right-wing, anti mass migration party wins majority in Quebec election!
Convicted sex offender and Leicester councillor (Labour) can remain in his post!
Three men stabbed on Birmingham High Street!
Amir Khan tells Steve McKinnon's killer: 'Keep your chin up bro!'
Cops arrest 'I'll kill you all' knifeman after 'rampage' on London train!
GERMANY: "Refugee" smashes bottles of alcohol! Alcohol consumption is Islamophobic!
NETHERLANDS: Dutch children must pray to Allah!
MRSA superbug commonly found on coins and notes!
Senator Elizabeth Warren admits Democrats planned to block Kavanaugh from Supreme Court
Six artificial sweeteners used in a range of soft drinks and foods 'are TOXIC to gut bacteria!'
UK university bans CLAPPING at student union events so it doesn't trigger anxiety?
Video games really DO make children violent
Children fight off monster snake as it tries to kill their pet dog!

Tuesday 2 October

Council finance boss bought herself a 12-inch dildo with the money she stole from Grenfell fund!
Theresa May booed at her own party conference in backlash against Chequers plan
Jafar Ali kills Keith Maden - Claims Keith racially abused him!
Children's care homes ‘ripe for exploitation’ by ruthless, 'County Line' drug gangs!
Baby born to transgender man first in Britain without a legal mother?
Brett Kavanaugh - Another rape claim!
Anjem Choudary must serve his entire jail sentence!
Heartburn pills taken by millions TREBLE risk of deadly bugs!
Angela Merkel is now more popular among migrants than among Germans!
Germany's right-wing AfD hits all-time high support; now 2nd most popular party!
Ulster Party Supporting Tories would would support Boris next Prime Minister!
Public support taking back control of UK fishing - Stop handing stock to EU!
Afghan asylum seeker (stabbed 3 in Germany) is a nutcase and may be found not guilty?
Foreign Secretary compares EU to USSR! (Totalitarian control - Overt genocide v Covert)
Controlling EU migration after Brexit could be too hard, says Whitehall
Austria's policy discouraging illegal migration so successful 7 asylum centres may be closed!
The return of patriarchy and the rise of conservative society!!!
Theresa May to DELAY Brexit with major EU concession
Belgian minister blames UK for EU's migration woes!
'Fizzy drinks were his downfall' - Warning to parents after obese son, 13, died in father's arms
Innocent businessman pepper-sprayed, bundled into a police van and called 'paedo'
Sentamu to retire - Paving way for Church of England to appoint first woman?
Birmingham Councillor called Diane Abbott a 'monkey' on Facebook!
Robert de Niro linked to child sex trafficking ring?

Monday 1 October

'We come below the terrorist who killed Keith,' say family of PC Palmer!
FGM cutters "flown to UK in order to mutilate girls to order!"
Migrants murder a man in Nice and celebrate on camera!
French media attacks father of Bataclan victim for being too close to ‘far right!’
SALVINI: ‘If Brussels says I cannot do it, I do not care, I will do it anyway!’
Italian University lefties put up posters calling for assassination of Salvini!
Merkel fights for globalism, warns Trump against ‘destroying’ the United Nations!
Voter support for Kavanaugh grows!
BORIS: ‘Unlike Theresa May, I fought for Brexit and I believe in it!’
Theresa May was given a feathering of applause ...rapture was absent
Dominic Grieve threatens to OUST Theresa May and form a Remainer government!
IDS: ‘EU migrants should have to wait 5 years before they can claim benefits!’
'MOBILISE!' Farage says politicians must be made to 'feel the heat' if they betray Brexit!
SYRIA: Victory over terrorism is near! ‘Occupiers’ U.S., France, Turkey must leave!
The bluffer’s guide to bombing Syria
Why the Arabs don't want us in Syria
Judge heaps praise on brave homeowner who knocked burglar’s teeth out during break-in!
American Pravda: The Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath
Asylum seekers throw food away (as Greeks go without) in protest against 'poor quality!'
Politicians apoplectic after vandals spray-paint the word ‘bacon’ on UK mosque
UK: Over 100,000 pounds of onions destroyed! Contaminated by illegal immigrants!
Major Study finds the US is an oligarchy

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