Daily News - October 2015

Saturday 31 October

Hungarian Prime Minister accuses Jewish billionaire of undermining Europe!
Anti-Israel activism criminalised in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and ‘Free Speech!’
Judge says extradition of child-rapist Jew, Roman Polanski, would violate his human rights!
British clampdown on free speech accelerates!
Swedish Foreign Minister says country is 'facing collapse' because of influx of refugees!
Putin demands Russian oil be paid for in roubles!
Meet the Americans who put together the Coup in Kiev
Ministers handed Kids Company £3 million just days after huge payouts!
CCTV - Police hunt Luton robbers (non-white)
Four United Nations staff sacked for sharing child pornography!
Say goodbye to privacy: Cops get powers to view your internet browsing history!
Threats to rape MP after she laughs at demand for men's rights!
Mahamud Abdi Ali charged with rape of Canterbury girl
Abdul Ghafoor has life sentenced reduced for brutal rape
Teenagers left "upset and distressed" after sexual assault by Asians in Gloucester
Libyan immigrant, Ahmid Dorda, pleaded guilty to 9 armed robberies and 3 attempted robberies
Haseeb Choudhury, Yousaf Khalid & Saffie Ullah get 20 years after attacks on women & teens
BRADFORD: Mohammed Nadeem exposed himself to 3 teenagers
CCTV catches thief stealing Children in Need collection! (Labour rag obscures his face!) Newcastle city centre rape accused Fakhrul Islam in court
ISIS supporter who threatened to behead a police officer gets just 2.5 years!
The EU Takes British money, gives some back and pretends it's doing us all a favour
"Shoot us! Come on Shoot us!" Protest against mass immigration in Germany
Germany showing signs of strain from mass of refugees
German tourists beaten up and stabbed in Morocco
GERMANY: 4-year-old hospitalised after stone thrown at him by an immigrant
NORWAY: African immigrants who brutally raped 14-year-old girl get extremely light sentences!
Asylum seekers put up in Premier Inn hotel - £2,500-a-night!
BBC show highlights damage caused by sex-soaked society

Friday 30 October

Mohammed Salim - on benefits for a decade - say's he's NOT irresponsible for having 11 kids!
Transgender Guardian columnist honoured with “Woman of the Future” award!
Scarlet fever cases soar in England!
The EU takes British money, gives some Back and pretends it's doing us all a favour
Putin demands Russian oil be paid for in roubles!
Rape and cannibalism cited among South Sudan’s horrors (But it's till diversity!)
Thousands protest against the 'Islamification of Europe' in Bratislava
UN report says Israelis have been helping "al-Qaeda and Islamic State!"
DIVERSITY! Black muggers stab couple repeatedly in a horrific attack in Haringey
US On Road To Third World
Why so much Jewish fear and loathing of Donald Trump?
"British" son of hate preacher 'executed by ISIS in Syria!' (RESULT!)
I 'blackmailed' politicians for funding, says Kids Company founder
Why must WE pay for one man (Muslim immigrant) to have 11 children?
#DIVERSITY! Romanian cry-babies accused of punching and kicking John Breen to death
ONE MILLION more migrants could head for Europe over the winter!
Britain's credit rating will be downgraded if it quits EU? (More threats from Fat Cats)
One in 1,000 Britons is a sex offender (and the Muslim ratio?)
Poor white boys sink further to the bottom of the class
Eritrean immigrant who murdered Swedish citizens "a hero!"
Man robbed by Asian gang after collecting winnings from bookies
Director of BBC TV, Danny Cohen, signs The Guardian’s pro-Israel letter! (Biased BBC?)
Terrifying moment young woman is sexually assaulted on her doorstep in London
1939: The case for Germany
Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year
Pakistani-origin Muslims who plotted to carry out beheading inspired by ISIS!
Rape and cannibalism cited among South Sudan’s horrors (But it's till diversity!)
Thousands protest against the 'Islamification of Europe' in Bratislava
Victorian-era diseases returning! (Poverty alone to blame? How about immigration?)
More than 1,200 Muslim “children” SOME WITH BEARDS now begging on Stockholm streets!
China says if the US does not stop its "provocative acts" there could be war!
Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Israel of fabricating some knife attack stories
USA's "sanctuary cities" behaving recklessly!

Thursday 29 October

'Terror threat is the highest I've ever seen,' says MI5 chief!
Israeli Colonel Leading ISIS Terrorists Captured in Iraq
Immigration policy 'hasn't worked so far', says David Cameron! (Never has, never will!)
Peter Oborne's BLAIR DOSSIER!
The internet was born open but is becoming closed everywhere
JOHN MCDONNELL: Business Secretary Sajid Javid is a “waste of space”
Sir Gerald Kaufman claims 'Jewish money' has influenced Conservatives
Bailey Gwynne, 16, dies after being stabbed during lunch break
Scot jumped out of hospital window to his death - spooked by 'Turkish mafia'
Serious crime by offenders monitored in the community increases
Gay man gets £7,500 for blown kisses and limp-wristed gestures!
800,000 refugees RETURNING to Syria as Putin OBLITERATES ISIS? Chilcot says Iraq War report won't be ready until NEXT summer!
Dissatisfied with service disgruntled Arab student torches massage parlour!
Migration will cause UK population to explode by almost 10 million over next 25 years!
FARAGE: Cameron's a national embarrassment putting Europe's interests ahead of Britain’s
Dear David': Kids Company boss went over the heads of ministers to PM for £46million
Muslim nuclear power plant employee caught reading bomb-making manual at work!
Americans Fired, Foreigners Employed

Wednesday 28 October

London is the TB capital of Europe due to mass migration and poverty!
NIGEL FARAGE says EU is like old Soviet Union! (Obvious but nice to hear him say it)
Firms agree to recruit without knowing applicant names to get more non-Whites into jobs
Widow of jogger murdered by black savage, commits suicide (Two for the price of one)
Migrants REFUSE free luxury holiday homes with own swimming pool - TOO RURAL
British Army and Navy vehicles to be built using FOREIGN steel as UK plants left to ROT
Muslim men having '20 children each' because of polygamy, peer claims
Almost 80% of UK self-employed workers living in poverty
David Cameron wants "to make the UK the proudest multi-racial democracy on earth!"
German Doc warns AIDS, TB, diseases eradicated generations ago being brought in by migrants
Jeremy Hunt could be SACKED for 'misleading' public over weekend hospital deaths
Saudi prince arrested in drugs bust after TWO TONNES of drugs found on jet
What do Park Rangers do to protest in Zimbabwe? Poison lots of elephants
Polish heart doctor is branded a risk to patients
10,000 cancer cases spotted late every year because of postcode lottery
Men arrested after British lawyer and wife murdered in Tobago
Ministers agree £3.8billion steel deal with Sweden after 3,000+ jobs shed across Britain
Paedo vicar's sex abuse was covered up for decades by perverted Bishop
Wrexham imam gets 6 years for plotting to smuggle £18.6million of arms into Libya
Ex-Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu broke waiter's nose when asked to settle bar tab - NO JAIL!
Black career criminals are "legendary" now!
Austrians arming themselves at record rates to defend their homes against Muslim invaders
Soviet Sweden? Model nation sliding to third world
Sweden goes insane
Troops vow to defy MoD chiefs' ban on joining jailed Marine rally! (Good lads!)
Woman raped by Asian in Newcastle city centre
Rotherham cops charge Ali, Ali, Khaliq, Malik and 3 others with child abuse offences
VINCE CABLE: Universities will ban feminists and right-wing politicians to appear fair on Muslims
NIGEL FARAGE says EU is like old Soviet Union! (Obvious but nice to hear him say it)
Sub-machine gun fired at cops by black man in Willesden
Now Austria will build a border fence!
Melbourne school invites Muslims to leave during national anthem!
German women outraged at Islamic terror-march through their town
Former Australian PM urges EU to drop ‘misguided altruism’ & close borders to refugees!

Tuesday 27 October

Congresswoman says CIA must stop illegal, counterproductive war to overthrow Assad
Illegal immigrant who molested woman dodges deportation saying he's a SYRIAN REFUGEE!
BBC protects UK’s ally Saudi Arabia With dishonest and biased editing
Dr. Manning: God is sick of Black People!
German pastor investigated after stating Jesus did not want ‘predatory migrant hordes’
UK firms to recruit without knowing applicant names to get more non-Whites into jobs
Wife of Dave Stevens, jogger murdered by black savage, commits suicide (2 for price of 1)
Black youths waving knives during 'stand-off' in London park
World Jewish Congress and official German Jewry welcome non-white invasion!
Majority of US voters say country headed in wrong direction - Poll
Deutsche Bank: We can already see how London's insane property bubble will end
Number of migrants in Calais will hit 10,000 by New Year
British tourist stabbed by German cop after he was SLOW crossing a road!
Callum Stroomer stabbed two schoolgirls and raped two more because he was gay?
FREDERICK FORSYTH: 'rigged' trial and a hero betrayed by the top brass
British troops BANNED from attending rally in support of jailed soldier!

Monday 26 October

Russia accuses US of deliberately “bombing desert!” (Not ISIS)
How the west broke Libya and returned it to the hatred of the past
TRUMP: World would be much better if Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power!
Children banned from Remembrance Sunday!
UK farmers FORCED to put up propaganda billboards promoting EU or have funding withdrawn! Blair admits partial responsibility for ISIS rise
Blair 'felt it important that the US didn't face it alone!'
'Blair spin' Opponents hit out at Tony Blair's 'apology' over Iraq War
Blair's weasel words insult Iraq war dead
Blair's self-serving interview seeks to shift the blame!
'Holy man,' Syed Shah, offered to fix mum's marriage for sex and £5,400!
US Professor says the USA is bullying Russia (and everyone else?)
POLAND: Eurosceptic social-conservative party claim victory in country's parliamentary elections
Czech Leader Condemns Migrants for exploiting children to stay in Europe
Hungarian PM slams Soros-funded groups who draw "a living from the immigration crisis!"
BERNIE ECCLESTONE: "Putin... should run Europe... nobody else is!"
Saudi prince demands Britain respects Sharia law!
Refugee children forced into 'SURVIVAL sex' as payment to people smugglers
Muslim gangs plunder German churches!
Journalist attacked by Jewish extremists in Paris
"A truly horrible reflection of our society!"
'Napalm girl' from iconic 1972 photo gets course of laser treatment to end her chronic pain
Clown jihadi, Sally Jones, threatens West!
OOPS! Germaine Greer silenced by feminazis?
DAWN FRENCH: 'There would be a murder!' (Now that would be a shame!)

Sunday 25 October

Islamic group blocked from building 'Britain's biggest mosque' in London! (REJOICE!)
EU treason! Child brides as young as 12 must STAY with paedos they were forced to marry!
We need to stop believing the myth that our economy needs migrants!
FREDERICK FORSYTH - We are a nation of mice and not men!
FREDERICK FORSYTH - Will Tony Blair ever face justice?
Traitor Blair FINALLY apologises for Iraq War 'mistakes' and admits invasion helped ISIS!
Pro-immigrant rioters overrun cops at London train station!
UK establishment seeks ban on media naming sex abuse suspects?
The monstrous Winston Churchill?
Trojan Horse schools gave out jobs through 'secret cliques' and the mosque!
Fillings! Rotting our teeth for a hundred years?
Savage cuts stretch police to breaking point!
Dozens of refugees set to move into luxury mansion when they reach UK!
Christians in Middle East 'are facing genocide!'
DIVERSITY! Bristol rapper Yogi Bear admits to shooting man in buttocks with sawn-off shotgun
Dr Maxman Tembo charged over second alleged sexual offence against a young woman
ILFORD: Black savage, Victor Banjo Ogundunmade, stabbed Magdalena Welna to death
Derbyshire fraud: do you know these men?
Feezan Chowdhary wanted for £60 million bank fraud (Links to Bradford and Keighley)
Violence at pro-refugee march as hooded anarchists launch MISSILES at police
Bank of England governor (Canadian) 'wrong to wade into EU decision' says Lawson
'Devastating blow' for al-Qaeda as Assad's forces kill its Syrian leader

Saturday 24 October

Men having 20 KIDS with multiple wives? Bigamy is legal here IF YOU'RE A MUSLIM
Merkel plots mass arrests of people criticizing immigrants online!
Northern societies must educate civilians to accept mass migration!
A wreath at the Cenotaph in November? "Unnecessarily oppressive," says Guardian bigwig
2015 - The invasion of Europe!
Child rapist Imran Khan caught snatching girl, 6, days after finishing sex offender course
DIVERSITY! Hazaa Said caught by vigilante group trying to meet girl, 11, for sex
Jason Nelson murdered Jordan Maquire, 20, in a "frenzy of extreme violence!"
Polish gang murdered millionaire in his home for his £20,000 Rolex
Salma Begum charged with Shahena Uddin's murder
86 year old lady ripped out of her car and hijacked!
The housing crisis is now a dire threat to the future of London’s businesses
Proportion of workers not being paid the living wage is rising
U.S Gives Up Against ISIS! You are the new enemy!
US tells Iraq: If You ally with Russia against ISIS, “You’re Our Enemy!”
Deutsche Bank Announced €6.2B Q3 Loss
Not all paedophiles are bad people - we need to have a sense of proportion! (Here it comes)
Mother forced by judge to hand her baby to a gay dad wins the right to tell her story
ORANIA: How White World can be when white folks are left alone
Eritrean immigrants warn Germans their days are numbered!
2015 - The invasion of Europe!
“Most Jewish Ever” 2016 US Election!
MICA PARIS: Why DO so many of my fellow black stars want whiter skin? (So obvious)
Cancer expert warns Britons to cut out processed meat altogether The very surprising (and dangerous) love-in between Peter Mandelson and George Osborne After Yentob, (Jewish) another BBC boss with two jobs
F.B.I. Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime
The toxic questions dogging Hillary Clinton
Children aged 11 who can't write their own name (Dumbed-down by the NWO)
Victims warned to expect a 'slow response' as police go soft on burglars
Taliban gains in Helmand present 'moral case' to send back our troops
Sucking up to Chinese a national humiliation and we'll get next to nothing from it

Friday 23 October

Theresa May: police forces are 'too white!'
Tory panic over 'kinky' peer and Ronnie Kray
Former Attorney General hits out at 'scandalous delay' into publication of Chilcot inquiry
Two thirds of antibiotics handed out in error by GPs
Harry Veevers poisoined by wife, Azra Parvin Din?
Putin: Streets of Leningrad taught me this - if fight is inevitable, throw first punch
West refuses to share intel on ISIS with Russia - MoD
A Growing Trend: Politicians Who Hate the People Who Elected Them
Italian village with only 18 inhabitants forced to accept 20 Paki asylum seekers!
More GPs quit to cash in as locums: 'Revolving door' lets them earn £1,800 a day
Swedish school attack: second victim dies after stabbings (Ethnicity of attacker?)
German editor admits his news programs give inaccurate impression of "refugees", preferring images of families and children to the reality of young men
WORTHING: Teenager flees from 10 men of Mid-Eastern appearance after sexual assault
Seven men charged following investigation into sexual offences against children
White Genocide, David Cameron and Free Speech
Son of 'Storage Wars: Miami' star charged with murdering friend during viewing party
“The final consequence of... Sweden’s immigration policy is that the economy will collapse"
Bacon, burgers and sausages are a cancer risk? (What are THEY putting in them now?)
CYPRUS: Invaders' back door into Britain
The council's trying to steal our gardens!

Thursday 22 October

EU figures expose the 'lie' that majority of refugees are fleeing war zone
USA, Turkey angered by Assad’s ‘red carpet’ visit to Moscow
Each Syrian refugee to cost Britain £24,000 a year
NATO has, once again, been at the heart of triggering conflict rather than containing it"
Far from keeping the peace, NATO is a threat to it
Cameron's immigrant benefits blitz is bull!
Pizza Hut dinner delivers 8 times recommended daily limit for youngsters
JAIMIE OLIVER: Food giants may insult me but their hold over our leaders is truly alarming
Who's an ex-prostitute, me old China?
Tom Jones + gays are 'normal' = PC b***ocks!
Selfish fat cat Neil Waugh blocks ambulance!
Girl, 13, aand 4 others arrested for murder after Darren Kelly, 42, knifed to death
Immigrant Marek Holub admits murder of 14-month old child
IRONY ALERT! Top Jew complains about BBC bias AGAINST Israel!
Why can we question anything but the “Holocaust”?
Before the blacklist of the Hollywood Ten, there was a de facto blacklist by Commies
When Zionists Murder Jews: The Story of the Ringworm Children
Real holocaust by Jews of 66 million, mostly Christians?
Thug stabbed clubber in neck after he refused to give him cigarette
GLOUCESTER: Man's wallet stolen after he was knocked unconscious by South Asians
"Carer" Jeanette Thomas escapes jail after stealing £6,000 from OAP with dementia!
Transport police hunt black knifeman after attempted robbery
Black thug jailed after attacking and robbing 81-year-old as he was washing his car
Black thug who knocked unsuspecting man out jailed for two years, eight months
Glenford Walker guilty of violent knife attack
School cancels student elections - Too many white people elected!

Wednesday 21 October

Blair has 'blood on his hands' over thousands of Christians killed by ISIS since Iraq War
According to POLITICO magazine, a desire to preserve the Christian heritage of Europe is “wacky”
Russia takes out 49 ISIS targets in ONE DAY - Quaking jihadis flee their posts!
Ex-Royal Marine who lost 3 limbs in Afghanistan has to "beg, borrow and steal" to get care
Nigel Farage slams BBC for “dishonest” and “inaccurate” EU referendum coverage
'I am a prince and I do what I want,' says cocaine-crazed Saudi royal!
March of the migrants now 'out of control!'
Britain handed out a residence permit every MINUTE in 2014!
Romanian mum accused of selling son for £11,000 says she's was protecting him from violent dad
Johann Perera detained under Mental Health Act for stalking couple
Duale Barre, Yassine Mouelhi and one other attack fellow student at Leicester college
Millionaire murdered in luxury home by a gang of Polish robbers
Was British journalist murdered by ISIS?
ISIS barbarity: How 100,000 Christians fled Mosul in ONE NIGHT
Death toll from the Hajj pilgrimage stampede rises to 2,177!

Tuesday 20 October

Muslim 'refugee' ROBS drunk Swede then leaves him to die on train track!
50,000 Britons died of the cold last Winter!
Everyone wrote off the Syrian army but, after Putin, they're winning!
David Cameron brings dishonour on Britain by kowtowing to China's despots
BBC Trust investigates creative director Alan Yentob's meddling over Kids Company
Why DOES the Left have such a sneering, naked contempt for Suburbia?
Government's crackdown on playground name calling is worthy of the East German Stasi
Tommy Robinson speaks to 40,000 strong crowd at the Pegida anti-immigrant rally in Germany
DIVERSITY! A million rapes in South Africa every year!
4-in-10 Danish Muslims want Koran to be used in Denmark’s laws!
Police slash numbers of 'bobbies on the beat' to cope with budget cuts
Black thug who stabbed two at nightclub is jailed for just four years!
Slovakian savage Zdenko Turtak raped 18-year-old did not care whether she lived or died
In court for another case, Waqas Khan caught with bag of cocaine
Mohammed Abusetta punched a man and broke his eye socket
Schoolgirl, 15, indecently assaulted in Blackburn park by Asian
High Wycombe: Jamil, Aslam, Yasin, Hanif and Jawaid guilty of 'vandalism spree'
Taxi driver Mohammed 39, from Stourbridge jailed after sexually assaulting passenger, 19
High Wycombe: Jamil, Aslam, Yasin, Hanif and Jawaid guilty of 'vandalism spree'
Taxi driver Mohammed 39, from Stourbridge jailed after sexually assaulting passenger, 19
Saudi prince charged with sex assault of his maid will ESCAPE felony charges
Why are the newspapers still talking about this decadent creep?
Male prostitute, Stephen Port, murdered four men he met on gay dating app, Grindr!
Baby P scandal council in new child protection report following suicide of teenage girl
Hate preachers treated like PAEDOS under counter-extremist strategy? (Yeah right)
Jewish organizations band together to speak up for Palestine against Israel!
Don't call me Sir Cover-Up, pleads Sir Cover-Up Jeremy Heywood

Monday 19 October

Given the right detonator collapse of the West will be swift, unstoppable, devastating!
Want to avoid EU exit? Then run a campaign of fear says Independent!
Putin has achieved more against ISIS in a fortnight than US did in a whole YEAR, Syrian MP
UK border FARCE: More than 20,000 illegals arrested after sneaking into Britain
Was former BBC journalist found hanged in airport after missing Iraq flight murdered?
EU migrants claim a whopping £27 million in child benefit - to send back home
UK pays MILLIONS to defend troops from enemies who say we breach their HUMAN RIGHTS
ISIS will 'inevitably' get WMDs, warns former head of British Army nuclear team
Did a malaria drug destroy a hero general's sanity?
Woman infected with HIV by husband after he received tainted blood
British son of Hollywood movie director stars in al-Qaeda propaganda videos!
Drunk, burka-clad woman passed out in street! Secret life of degenerate Saudis!
The email that proves Bush had Blair in his pocket
OBORNE: It's grotesque we only learn truth of catastrophic Iraq invasion drip by drip
Bishop wants Syrian refugees in Britain but won't take any into his six-bedroom house
Our idiotic leaders, obsessed with being green, have sabotaged Britain's steel industry!
New government drive to stamp out gender stereotypes (turn our lads into nancy boys)
Repeal laws to shackle press, before we're caught in trap set by enemies of free speech!
Britons SHOULD feel nervous about women wearing burkas, says Tory MP
Migrants coming to Europe to claim benefits 'will cause TAX HIKES and economic chaos'
GERMANY: Mayoral candidate stabbed in attack 'motivated by her support for refugees'
UK kicked out 1,800 foreign offenders in 2014 but many get to stay
First EU nation shuts border saying 'We are protecting the freedoms of European citizens'
Anti-immigration SVP party wins Swiss election
Germany threatens to take children from parents
Vladimir Putin's approval rating at record levels!
Jews against Zionism -True Torah Jews
Fojlu Miah jailed after 'terrifying' three-day crime spree
Nadeem Abbas and Zaheer Mahmood jailed after being caught with heroin, handgun and silencer
Bradford shopkeeper caught selling counterfeit cigarettes allowed to run another off-licence
Leicester boy 'seriously' sexually assaulted by 'dark-skinned' man
Rapist Jamal Thomas was a Walter Mitty football fantasist
Pervert faith healer, Syed Shah, jailed
Dim-witted dealer falls asleep surrounded by drugs - then gets woken up by police
Mum warns girls of dangers of mini cabs after daughter sexually assaulted
Armed cops will routinely patrol Tube amid threat from ISIS!
Kidnapped Christians forced into marriage/Islam or infected with diseases and beheaded

Sunday 18 October

Emails reveal Blair's Iraq 'DEAL IN BLOOD' with Bush a YEAR before invasion began!
Soldier loses leg in friendly fire paid £50,000. Officer who shot him gets £500,000 for stress!
First UK jail where half inmates are Muslim and others are pressured to convert
EU plan to hand Turks millions of EU visas borders on insanity says Farage
Czech President says Muslim migrants will refuse to respect his country's laws
Eurotunnel driver speaks out over ‘migrant terror’ affecting Britain’s truckers
Migrant relocation stunt Was EU-funded… Almost half the migrants absconded
NWO agents and Satan worshippers plotted to destroy Europe via massive influx of refugees
Minister for refugees refuses to say how many Syrian refugees are already here!
Migrants clean up after themselves? We can't expect that of them!
Whistleblower doctor explains HORRIFIC reality dealing with Muslim invaders in Germany
Jewish history propels welcome to Syrians! (Filling up White World with aliens)
Jewish groups lead push to crack open doors to Syria refugees!
Woman raped repeatedly by violent Paki boyfriend for not being Muslim enough! Cops do nothing!
E-fit of E. European looks like Fred Flintstone: He and two others robbed 75-year-old
Why don't US veterans lives matter?
ISIS feeds starving mother her 3-Y-O child! Yazidis blame Obama
Kids Company boss blew thousands of pounds on a private doctor for a relative of her driver
USA: Black savage hacked white jogger to death for no reason, he just felt like it
Indian girls aged two and five 'gang-raped' in New Delhi!
The alien climate of the Jew

Saturday 17 October

Time to kill off the sinister establishment Mafia that is the Privy Council!
Open-borders activist beaten and stabbed by refugees in Dresden
Refugees sexually abuse cleaner every day for 2 WEEKS at migrant centre! (Merkel did this)
Saudi beats girl, 7, to death because she 'said she did not love him!'
Tyrone Henry arrested after detective shot
Black 'rapist in a suit' filmed carrying girl off for sex attack
Ministers order probe into Sharia law courts operating in BRITAIN
'Disrespectful' police REFUSE to send officers to safeguard Poppy Day parades
Putin: US needs vassals, not allies - This doesn't suit Russia
Greek drug firms’ rep warns parliament of Jewish conspiracy
Gulfram Khan calls MP's secretary 'white trash' - NO JAIL!
Black gay rights activist brought down by the PC dogma she preached!
The High Street trend for covering goods in crude vulgarities
Tony Blair's former protection officer is jailed for swindling more than £50,000 benefits
Teacher Mahmudul Choudhury posted 'you were right' picture of Hitler on Facebook
USA: Cop shoots dead unarmed 17-year-old driving back from church basketball game
Banker 'was fired from Barclays so boss could take credit for idea'

Friday 16 October

WAR! WAR! Even more Muslims on the way! EU offers 75m Turks possible EU membership!
Murder and rape on rise - violent crimes up by a QUARTER in London!
Islam will replace Christianity in Europe - conquering by womb rather than sword!
Racial conflict (imported by #LibLabCon) in Lancashire, UK!
Leveson law 'is worst threat to free speech in the modern era!' (Leveson is Jewish)
Yentob looked like a pudding waiter sitting next to a bowl of fruit salad!
Frederick Forsyth: Cameron's pack of lies about Britain leaving the EU
Christians ordered to CONVERT OR DIE by ISIS jihadis!
2014: David Cameron’s child porn adviser arrested over child porn
Tory MP landlord says law requiring homes be fit for human habitation unnecessary burden!
We want refugees! Just not in our back yard, say Amsterdam Jews!
Black man charged in death of toddler
ISIS tell Assyrian Christians living in Sweden to “convert or die!”
The Drone Papers
Note to refugees from South Sudan: Israel is for the white man!
‘Poles killed more Jews than Germans’ in WW2, says Polish Jew!
Wonder how much publicity this black woman will get? You know, like Emma West?
Black Israelis protest institutional racism, police brutality!
The Mail smears whistleblower Peter McKelvie
ISIS running scared: Militants 'retreating' from strongholds after Putin's bombing blitz

Thursday 15 October

Influx of migrants taking a terrible toll on village of Longford
Social housing for Eastern Europeans TREBLES as top nations living on UK handouts REVEALED
German kids beaten up by Muslim migrants - The ugly reality
German children forced to clean up after Muslim immigrants!
Kids Company concerns raised as early as 2002 GERMANY: Migrants holding sticks/pipes, hooded, with faces covered, shout 'Allahu akbar'
Swedish government concludes Swedes don’t actually exist
Black youth beat his white great-grandmother to death with a sledgehammer
Tiny German village forced to accept a thousand immigrants!
Criminal immigrants taunt powerless German police
End of ISIS? Terror group 'on verge of defeat' as Russian jets cut off arms supplies
LibLabCon says British woman (lived here 50 years/British parents) is illegal immigrant!
“Significant” rise in African voodoo in London
Kids Company used £50,000 of donors' money to pay for private education of employees' children
MIAMI: British tourist killed on pedestrian crossing by hit-and-run driver 'doing 100mph'
Schoolgirl, 14, took fatal overdose after classmates mocked her for being 'poor'
IMMIGRANT HELL! The villagers who can't take any more!
There's a gangster mentality among ISIS women! (Who'd have thought?)
'Savage and sadistic' Muslim murderer segregated for his protection wins Human Rights case!
Whistleblower outed by hospital bosses in cancer drugs cover-up
EU will spend tens of millions to try to keep the UK in the EU - GUARANTEED!
Muslim girls at a 'Trojan Horse' school told wives who refused to have sex would go to hell
Oliver Stone: 'I Hope Putin Will Win in Syria'
56% of Germans think there are already too many refugees in the country
US strategic goal in Syria is NOT to save the Syrian people from Assad
Five dancing Israelis arrested on 9/11
FALSE FLAG! Mossad takes pride in one of its worst debacles
UN compares not accepting more Syrian refugees to refusing Jews in WW2

Wednesday 14 October

Vladimir Putin says Russia will fight for the right of Palestinians to their own state!
Palestinians will never have a state and will always be ruled by Israel says Israeli Minister!
GERMANY! Immigrants sue asylum centre for not giving them money fast enough!
33 per cent of Germans want Merkel to resign!
TTIP: EU Commissioner Malmström says “I do not take my mandate from the European people!”
'Wanna leave to join ISIL... F the non-believers and the system!' (Religion of peace, Dave?)
Jason Nelson raped Grandma before stabbing Jordan Maguire to death
Immigrant Tariq Khan gets 25 years after stabbing pregnant wife to death
SNP MP says her Rastafarian boyfriend is being denied his human right to smoke CANNABIS!
1970s families in rat-infested slums without power/running water (Migrants came before them)
Did CIA Director Allen Dulles order the hit on JFK?
Shame of Britain sucking up to barbaric Saudi gangsters!
Was Kurt Cobaine murdered?
BBC TV chief Danny Cohen QUITS 3 months after he 'broke rules by getting stars to lobby the PM' 55 NHS patients needlessly endured extra strong chemo and weren't told they'd been guinea pigs!
Was Kenny McSween brutally attacked by a Spanish cop?
Jeremy Hunt now blames Junior Doctors for 11,000 excess weekend deaths!
Nanny Yoselyn Ortega WILL stand trial for stabbing children to death
Anger as popular pub set to be turned into a MOSQUE!
NHS hospitals ‘fail to protect elderly patients from falls’
Israeli Minister latest in long line of top Jews asserting inferiority of non-Jews
Internet incitement against Arabs in Israel on the rise
NBA star, Lamar Odom, in coma after taking 10 Viagra on drunken 4-day bender at Vegas brothel

Tuesday 13 October

German boy bullied by Muslim immigrants
Israeli diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German guilt about Holocaust helps Israel
Judges say we should take MORE refugees! More than a third are Human Rights profiteers!!!
Traitorous judiciary should KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT!
'KFC sacked me for wearing a POPPY!' (DON'T BUY KFC!)
Drug addict invited to live with gay Lib Dem councillor & hubbie jailed for torching their home
Cops hunt ARMED Afghan illegal immigrants who shot at brothers after jumping out of a lorry!
Lee Rigby-inspired extremists plotted beheadings inspired by fatwa to 'destroy westerners'
Huddersfield: violent taxi driver Mohammed Aslam jailed
Britain's first female Muslim Lord Mayor investigated over 'financial irregularities'
EALING: Man stabbed 10 times in 'unprovoked attack!' Black and Asiatic men sought
Josh Hanson murdered in front of "dozens of witnesses" (So why no description of killers?)
Sadik Ali gets 4 years 9 months for rape of a 19 year old student
Newsagent Vikram Amin arrested on suspicion of dealing cocaine to young people
Air steward, Chika Egwu Udensi, jailed for smuggling millions in cocaine through Heathrow
Huge leap in number of Jews behind bars
#Antisemitism: The myths and the maths
Burning churches is legitimate under Jewish law
Report from Palestine - 1946
Hamburg police 'surrender' in face of massive immigrant crimewave
“We are the masters,” says Israeli mayor, as 3 more Palestinians are killed Calais migrant crisis costs Britain £100,000 a day
Middle East hails Putin's bid to DESTROY ISIS
Campaign to keep Britain in the EU blasted for being 'negative' and 'based on fear'
ISIS luring opponents to hospitals where doctors MURDER them with lethal injections?
A THIRD of the UK's 3MILLION EU migrants have arrived since Cameron took over
To preach, or not to preach - Stick to the day job, Benedict
Famous surgeon Mohammad Ali Jawad who drank vodka with patient avoids being struck off 
The cynical Yes campaign and a nonsensical Euro volte-face
Loose Women panellist June Sarpong fronting campaign to stay in EU

Monday 12 October

To hell with Muslim culture says Richard Dawkins!
342 legal bigwigs want MORE REFUGEES! (Put this list of traitors in your favourites)
132 nations want out of the (Rothschild?) cabal banking system!
Russia did more to protect Christians in one week than America did in 7 years
'Everyone on right side of the Savile argument has been forced out of the BBC'
The Syrian war was begun 5 years ago by the US, France, Britain and Saudi Arabia
PROOF that BBC, CNN and Soros' White Helmets LIE about Russia killing Syrian civilians!
Karen's 8-DAY ordeal of rape and beatings at hands of jealous black boyfriend
RAF pilots cleared to shoot down Moscow warplanes
Unarmed policeman shot dead by bailed IRA suspect
Migrants could cost you election, poll guru warns PM
'My son is burning in hell' says Mother of dead British jihadi
Three-year-old Palestinian girl and her mother killed by Israeli airstrike
NORWAY: African arrested and charged with rape of teenage girl
World Jewish Congress and official German Jewry welcome non-white Invasion
Victim of pervert ex-Bishop was forced to strip naked and "submit to God!"
There is now no difference between the Tories and New Labour
Judges plan to outlaw climate change denial! (F*** me - Bring on that civil war!)
Four Israeli Soldiers Arrested for Suspected Gang Rape
THEY took their children away! (Miscarriage of justice)
I handed my Kenyan husband £25,000 then found he had 47 other women across the world
The Ukrainian Holocaust of 1932-33
Ben Carson Once Left a Sponge in a Patient's Brain

Sunday 11 October

Has a depraved (black) Texan gangster convinced Gove to empty our jails?
Gove bids to cut crime by letting violent offenders avoid jail even if they keep offending
MALTBY (near Rotherham) who did THIS to an old soldier?
UK government has given permission to hit Russian jets Over Iraq?
Police told not to wear UK flag badge in memory of fallen colleagues - Might offend!
The terrible situation in German asylum centres, interview with top cop
German top cop says refugees “instinctively know our laws are weak!”
2015: Over 500 attacks on refugee housing in Germany - mostly by locals, not far-right groups
John McDonnell: 'Poisoned air is killing residents near Heathrow!' Jeremy Hunt is conning you... The NHS is broke and crippled by fear
Secret NHS plot to slash costs could see YOUR prescription drugs AXED
Aristocrat 'died after being hit by rifle butt in Kenyan cell' after arrest for smoking cannabis
CIA-backed Syrian rebels under Russian blitz
Explosions rip through pro-Kurdish peace rally in Turkish capital - many casualties
Turkish cops attack peace protesters marching in memory of bomb dead with tear gas
Close our Borders! Nick Griffin speaks
'No to TTIP!' 150,000 protesters fill streets of Berlin
Jewess Jill Soloway and the “transgender” agenda
Jenji Kohan and the Jewish hyper-sexualization of western culture
Canadian PM's relationship with Jewish Defence League is disturbing
Guardian says National Theatre's Jewish director is fab because he promotes diversity
Germany: Migrants' rape epidemic
Hungary’s Jews welcome third world invasion, set stage for showdown with Orbán
Landlord rent checks could cause 'everyday racism', Labour warns (Always the race card)
Kids Company's tax-free payments to staff who were registered as vulnerable 'clients'
LABOUR MP! Labour is a cult locked in a trance and the bigotry of the past
HITCHENS! Snake oil and billionaires - Blair's taken over the Tories!

Saturday 10 October

DIVERSITY! Hundreds sick after Muslim restaurant staff put faeces in their food!
42 Hungarians imported by traffickers and enslaved by Muslim businessmen in Bradford!
CIA director 'covered up' details of John F Kennedy's assassination
Children made to write 'suicide note' for GCSE English homework! (FFS!)
ISIS tells fighters to GANG RAPE women - sex with many jihadis makes them MUSLIM!
UK gave freed Guantanamo inmate £1million!
Qatari royal guilty of sexually abusing children!
HOWARD STERN - Wipe the Palestinians off the face of the earth!
USA: TV reporter questions black politician over vote rigging - Politician scratches his face
Hitler actor popular in Germany! Right-wing extremism surges!
Ministers to start CHARGING for Freedom of Information?
SPITTING praised as a form of protest by Labour Shadow Chancellor!
Israeli knifeman wounds four before two Palestinians carry out revenge attacks
UKIP member brands Islam 'evil cult' - BANNED from standing for party
HA-HA! Merkel did NOT win the Nobel peace Prize!
Princely Imara jailed after he filming selfie at 120mph while CHASING a police car!

Friday 9 October

NASA confirms asteroid TWO MILES wide will pass close to Earth in 48 HOURS!
REFUGEES - How Zuckerberg, Merkel etc. censor the facts
'Americans destroy others': actor Gerard Depardieu rails against US
Mark Patten gets for 17 years for murder of innocent man in unprovoked attack
Teenagers (black) guilty of acid attack on Wayne Ingold
Hero of French train attack, Spencer Stone, stabbed 4 times! Cops seek "Asians"
Saudi Arabia: Boss chops off hand of Indian woman for trying to escape torture
ISIS soldiers told to rape women 'to make them Muslim'
University equality officer Bahar Mustafa tweeted ‘kill all white men’
High migration actually reduces NHS waiting times? (And bubonic plague is actually good for us)
Don't blame Merkel for the migrant flood?
Mid Staffs hospital 'covered up death of three-year-old boy
Soldier opened up his own house to offer homeless veterans a roof
Long-serving vicar 'carried out a string of sex attacks on a pensioner
The nasty Left still think they have a monopoly on compassion
Furious charity pulls Calais camp funding after 'migrants BURN food and clothes'
Syrian rape victim considered UNCLEAN by family found murdered - Mum ordered death

Thursday 8 October

Six Russian Fighters intercept four Israeli F-16's in Syrian airspace
Fury as Labour and Lib Dems 'claim Union Jack is nasty and nationalistic'
Prince Charles 'supported' bishop jailed for crimes against boys
LE PEN: Europe's migrant flood equals 'Barbarian invasions of 4th century!'
"Passive tolerance has put our children in danger. It's unforgivable!" (So why import more?)
Top judge (Jewish) praises Human Rights Act for keeping terror suspects free!
Syrian wives and mothers left behind condemn men who have fled the country!
TOP COP: German authorities don't take assaults on women in refugee camps seriously enough
Independent's Hanna Yusuf says you should go and live somewhere else if you're not PC!
German village requests immigrants use toilets and not harass women… Accused of Racism!
Assange: US waging 'lawfare' in bid to control the world
Albanian Massimo Fishti stabbed his flatmate to death
MURDER! Turrell Auguste stabbed Gokhan Durmus in the neck as he sat in his car
Appeal after woman seriously assaulted in Romford
Appeal following assault on bus, Westminster
Doncaster: Hunt for eastern European alleyway rape gang
Germans told to retire later, scrap minimum wage to paay for immigrants!
Black man sought after traffic warden assaulted, Southwark
Black men get 39 years for firearms offences after shot fired at PCSO
Passenger stabbed by black youths for opening a window!
Robbers to be sentenced for violent daytime attacks
Appeal to identify man, following two sexual assaults in Maida Vale
Arber and Liljan Syla and Delston Galloway kidnapped a a 15-year-old schoolboy
Miles Headley, who owned a revolver and two sawn off shotguns, not guilty of attempted murder
Student Runyao Zhang sexually assaulted woman - gets just 8 months
Black man assaults 16 year-old girl in Northampton
Four drug dealers jailed
Prolific pickpocket, Warren Spencer, jailed
USA: Black men arrested for murdering mother-of-two
Farage mocks 'pipsqueak' France and takes aim at German refugee plan
Deported paedo deported sneaked back and worked with kids for 2 YEARS before being caught
FARAGE: We're living in a German-dominated Europe of Disharmony
‘Threat to democracy’: 3mn Europeans sign petition against TTIP
Brzezinski: Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn't stop attacking U.S. assets
Integration Has Failed: Danes Changing Laws to Exclude Foreigners From Citizenship
TOP COP: Has Panorama deterred thousands of child abuse victims from coming forward?
City bankers 'offered curries and beers to fix Libor rates!'
Obama visit to Roseburg, Oregon, stirs local anger

Wednesday 7 October

Bake Off producer admits finalists were chosen to get a ‘representative mix’ of Britain
Top CIA officer says USA armed ISIS by providing weapons to 'moderate' opposition!
Assad: ‘West uses terrorism as new instrument to subjugate Middle East’
McCain in touch with nice Syrian rebels - says Russia is attacking them (Boo-hoo)
Warning from the Gaddafis: ISIS already have deadly SARIN gas for attacks in Europe
“The Russians are the heroes of the hour," says Channel 4's Lindsey Hilsum
TRAITOR BLAIR TELLS THE TRUTH! ISIS has 'wide support among Muslims!'
ISIS: China preparing to 'team up with Russia in Syria!'
Saudi Arabia's clergy call for holy war against Syria and Russia!
A new benchmark for low! US Plans to escalate Syria air-strikes to hamper Russia!
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell: The American Empire is Toast - Game Over
‘No Borders’ activist gang-raped by immigrants, pressured into silence for the ‘cause!’
Spanish cabbie stabs Grant Somerville through the lung - gets suspended sentence
EU planning to deport hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers? (Believe it when I see it)
GERMANY! 'I dressed as Hitler and people were HAPPY to see me!'
Britain must quit EU before 'cataclysmic implosion' warns top businessman
'He's no babbling idiot!' Mother of mass murderer to fellow gun enthusiasts!
German TV network depicts Angela Merkel wearing Islamic headscarf
Telegraph increasingly liberal-left - slams Home Secretary for talking tough on migration

Tuesday 6 October

Mass migration is harming our society says Home Secretary (She's only just noticed?)
MAY: Mass migration making cohesive society impossible (Then do something about it!)
TREASON AT THE TOP! Germany now expects 1.5 MILLION asylum seekers in 2015!
First ever lesbian Bishop tells Church to remove crosses and install Muslim prayer space!
‘No Borders’ activist gang-raped by immigrants, pressured into silence for the ‘cause!’
Assad: ‘West uses terrorism as new instrument to subjugate Middle East’
Russian Colonel: ISIS is a division of the CIA!
Putin sends 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT ISIS!
Slaughter in Gaza begins - Retaliation for Russian ban on Syria bombings
Jewish Dominion (Want to know what the Israeli Rabbi has in mind for YOU? Listen to this)
Israeli incitement: Bundestag testimony from Israeli truth-teller
‘No Borders’ activist gang-raped by immigrants, pressured into silence for the ‘cause!’
Romanian killer, Ciprian Stanescu, sneaked into Britain and raped a stranded woman
Bogus taxi driver Ali Moaberfard raped sleeping passenger
CROYDON: Cops hunt black man after 16-year-old attacked in violent daylight robbery
Kasia Garbal: 'Ulster can no longer be seen in terms of orange and green'
One million rapes occur in South Africa (Nelson Mandela heaven) every year
TRUMP: Mid East would be safer if Saddam Hussein/Muammar Gaddafi were still in power
4-Star Admiral Accuses Barack Obama Of Treason
STASI roots of the German-Jewish 'anti-racist” Left and it's program of destroying ethnic Germany
120,000 illegal immigrants to be moved to Estonia, Luxembourg, and Sweden in a few days
Lefty Germans, blinded by collective guilt, have become intolerant and close minded
Anti-austerity protesters hang suited mannequin from bridge! Turkey's president 'MOCKS European Union countries' for not taking more refugees
Senator Warren volunteers to be white spokesman for Black Lives Matters
Woman reports rape to NYPD, cops show up and sexually assault her
The £227,000 EU boss with two limos and 35 aides paid for by the taxpayer
Review into allegations of child sex abuse by Anglican bishop branded 'joke' by victims
“The lobby-that-doesn’t-exist”: politicians and pundits on Jewish influence in France
Trump loses “Right Wing” Jewish lobby with latest comments on Iraq and Syria
It WAS the United States that bombed Doctors Without Borders hospital
US Media purposely obscures who's behind Kunduz Hospital bombing
Secret documents now say 1.5 MILLION immigrants will descend on Germany this year
Jewish centre used by Madonna upsets residents with 36-hour chanting session!
Bill Cosby is sued over 'sex assault' at Playboy Mansion

Monday 5 October

USA knew Taliban air-strike target was a hospital but went ahead anyway
US Air Force “repeatedly and very precisely" attacked Médecins Sans Frontières hospital
2006: Secret telegram from US govt. (Damascus) to Israeli govt. re destabilisation of Syria
Bus that killed boy of 8 was driven by 77-year-old former Labour mayor Kailash Chander
Girl fights for life after two killed in Coventry disaster (Kailash Chander bus driver)
Pope Francis says marriage is a binding bond between a MAN and a WOMAN!
PRISONERS! EU demands paedos, rapists and murderers be given the vote!
The West should join with Vladimir Putin to defeat Islamic State
ISIS so weakened by Russian air strikes and desertion it could be destroyed in HOURS
The world must act NOW to save Christians in Syria from ISIS barbarians
USA knew Taliban air-strike target was a hospital but went ahead anyway
Refugee figures expected to reach 1.5 million THIS YEAR, according to Government report
African children found wandering London streets
Councils to be banned from boycotting Israel and UK defence industry!
Oregon killer ordered girl to BEG for her life then shot her anyway
Mass Murder - Reality versus spin
Farage blasts British universities for throwing their weight behind the EU
Is this anti-Semitism? Or just a black guy telling the truth!
As Obama was bombing hospitals, Putin was planning to get rid of ISIS in DAYS
Muslims enter Brierfield, in Lancashire, England 2015
Mossad-CIA neglected to teach fake ISIS mercenaries that Mecca is in same direction!
'The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church' - 'Catholic Gazette' - February 1936
SCUM! Some gay men deliberately try to catch HIV!

Sunday 4 October

Putin explains US support for ISIS! (Banned in America - this is really good)
Maureen Lipman accuses Jeremy Corbyn of anti-Semitism - wants him to back Israel
US air-strike hits hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in Afghanistan!
Afghan found Jesus after raping 14-year-old Swede - rewarded with citizenship!
Soros-sponsored NGO busy cooking up lies instead of protecting Syrian people
Oregon college assassin's Afro-American mother boasted about her gun collection
Cameron savages Putin for backing 'butcher Assad' (As opposed to you backing ISIS butchers?)
Send in troops to stop Christian genocide: United plea by religious leaders on persecution
Calais 'mass invasion co-ordinated by BRITISH anarchists!'
Gun-toting black teen cleared of attempted murder after boy blinded in shooting
Romanian trickster Maria Nistor made nearly half-a-million pounds from sugar daddies
Indranee and Meghadeven Pumbien and Niphawan Berry jailed for mistreating care home residents
Suspended prison sentence and fine for owner of dirty takeaway
Migration shockwaves have hit the EU 'like a bulldozer' says IDS
Town in Slovakia held a vote on accepting refugees; 97 percent said no!
The real Donald Trump?
Zionists want multicultural Europe and Jewish-only Israel
Why the US and Israel want to ban this video
Norwegian girl, 14, raped by Mohamed Elmi and Abdirizak Nur Ali
Sir Oswald Mosley on Globalisation
George Osborne is a fan of 'Gangsta Rap!' (What a surprise!)
Black savages start young!
With a week to go until the election, TV stations refuse to air Ads for ‘Austria’s UKIP’

Saturday 3 October

Euroscepticism is growing all over Europe!
IRONY ALERT! Traitor Merkel tipped to win Nobel Peace Prize after opening doors to refugees!
Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe
Hungary's PM is avoiding multicultural Britain's mistakes and his popularity is soaring
Dutch girls sexually assaulted by immigrants
Refugee in Finland says that food isn't good - suited to dogs or women
Muslim family driven from home after they convert to Christianity!
The really big lie about autism continues: 1-in-50 US kids now diagnosed!
Man with no scalp 'caught robbing truck with pockets filled with Viagra'
Without pensions, Brent Central (Brixton) claims most in government handouts
CDC whistleblower emerges: admits cover-up on Vaccine Link to Autism
Convert to Islam threw acid in the face of mum-of-six Carla Whitlock
3rd-generation Dutch Muslim boy says to non-Muslims, "Convert to Islam or else!
UKIP politician BANNED from speaking at EU venue – Gerry Adams allowed in
'Drunk' French cops fined for FLASHING at a British WWI memorial
MOSCOW: Western media lies upon lies
Jesse Matthew, suspected of murdering Hannah Graham, gets life for sex assault in 2005
HUNDREDS of migrants storm Channel Tunnel in 'massive planned invasion'
UKIP politician BANNED from speaking at EU venue – Gerry Adams allowed in
'Drunk' French cops fined for FLASHING at a British WWI memorial
Religious prisoners in China had livers, kidneys and corneas ripped out for transplants!
The Red Flag of hypocrisy: TOBY YOUNG was brought up surrounded by Champagne socialists
Public have a right to know why Lord Janner claims he's unfit to stand trial

Friday 2 October

Mass killer, Chris Harper-Mercer, was a mixed-race Brit who hated Christians
'He told Christians they would meet God in one second - then shot them'
'Filled with hate': Witnesses say Oregon gunman targeted Christians
'The more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight'
Refugees force woman out of the home she lived in for 23 YEARS after migrant influx
Now GERMANY backtracks on welcoming refugees saying 'even we have limits'
Farage blasts 'breathtakingly arrogant' EU boss who says IGNORE VOTERS' FEARS!
Outcry as Labour’s Diane Abbott demands MORE migrants should come to UK
Migration is now a major fear for over half of Britons
Rabbi Weiss criticises the ideology of Zionism
Bullyboy Netanyahu gives UN a dressing down!
Is ISIS Good For The Jews?
Brother Nathanael: The Holocaust Denial Debate 2015
Russian soldier mistakes movie shoot for real hostage situation
Charlotte Church says climate change was a factor in Syrian war
Syrian immigrant wants to go to Norway because it has “good prisons”
George Galloway v Jo Coburn and Pauline Neville-Jones on Syria
Yes there is EU propaganda in schools and it’s worse than you think
Considering taking a refugee into your home?
UK cancer survival worst in western Europe
Labour shadow minister says Britain should stop selling arms to Israel
South Africa's long walk to decline
South Africa ‘a country at war’ with 49 murders a day
Libyans' asylum claim is an insult says attack victim
'If you have a safe place to go, go there': Blair to Gaddafi just before his death
Zimbabwe prophet's attempt to prove he can 'walk on air' falls flat (Tony Blair could do it)
Baby-faced British terrorist threatened his teacher before plotting to kill police
Another top Jew doesn't want Corbyn to be Prime Minister!
Labour Mayor apologises over 'extremely offensive' Facebook 'joke' about migrants
Number of acid attacks doubles in 10 years!
Hundreds of RIOTING migrants force ops to separate warring religious/ethnic groups
Thief claims wanted poster is against his HUMAN RIGHTS after victim publishes CCTV image
Katie Hopkins: 'Michelle Mone in the House of Lords? That’s why voters don’t give a s***’

Thursday 1 October

Jerusalem Post says Jews are facilitating mass migration of Muslims into Europe!
Premier League ace, Marcus Bent, ran at cops with meat cleaver and knife!
Too depraved for Libya but fine for the streets of Britain? Sex attackers' claim UK asylum
Jamaica calls for Britain to pay billions of pounds in reparations for slavery!
Donald Trump says Syrian refugees might be a terrorist army in disguise!
Second German woman evicted from her home to make way for refugees!
Jewish head of East German STASI considered escaping to Israel when wall fell! Russia's Christian church praises Putin airstrikes in Syria
Former MPs to be banned from working as lobbyists for 6 months after leaving office
Bus inspector punched by black man repeatedly in row over ticket
Great-granddad Leo Read rushed to help woman during knifepoint robbery (by black man)
French politician says France is White and immigrants must adapt!
Jews Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler all behind bars and disbarred for massive fraud
Nothing to see here! Diversity is fab!
Peacemaker Tommy Blackmore killed with one punch by Lloyd Smythe
Babies die after parents were given wrong advice by NHS helpline!
Wealthy Jew Sir Harry Djanogly to stand trial for dangerous driving and assaulting a cop
Brutal Hungarian immigrants kept sex slaves in Bolton home
UK government responsible for Saudi Arabia's election to Human Rights Council of UN?
Man 'beaten to death by furious mob – he was rumoured to have eaten beef!
ONLY 5? Jihadi who left Britain to join ISIS sanctioned
Cops smash Kurdish gangster's people-smuggling gang! (He threatened UKIP MEP with a gun!)
Sick ISIS butchers CRUCIFY thousands of Christians in Syria

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