Daily News - November 2017

Thursday 30 November

Last year 572,000 foreigners arrived in the UK, and 342,000 (mostly Brits?) emigrated!
Trump slams Theresa May! Urges her to focus on “Radical Islamic Terrorism!” AMEN!
Jayda Fransen appeals for Donald Trump's help
PIERS MORGAN: Endorsing a bunch of fascists is WORST thing Trump has done!
'Thank God for Trump!' David Duke praises president for sharing anti-Muslim videos!
Meet Misha Nonoo – the Jewish ‘matchmaker’ who brought Harry and Meghan together
In 150 years, Meghan Markle's family went from cotton slaves to royalty!
EU's chief Brexit negotiator implies UK has abandoned fight against ISIS in Europe!
SWEDEN: Asylum seeker murders lover’s daughter! Previously stabs man to death in Greece!
Labour MP, Tulip Siddiq, caught on camera threatening a pregnant journalist!
UK Border Force bigwig says illegals can live good life in UK, little chance of being caught
Top Imam says Austrian prison system is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism!
Twitter employee, Bahtiyar Duysak, who deleted Donald Trump's account, reveals himself!
Fighting Israel's Wars!
German TV withdraws support for Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters because of 'anti-Semitism!'
DUBLIN: 'They litter, destroy property, break into houses and attack innocent passers-by!'
Nikki Hurst assaulted by three Asian males as she walked to work in the morning
USA: Judge Vernice Trease gives Somali refugee who raped women at knifepoint probation!
Owen Jones threatens Trump - Don't visit UK, or else!
Matt Lauer: Sacked US TV news anchor says he's 'truly sorry'

Wednesday 29 November

Multiculturalism, Muslim grooming gangs and United Nations resolution 260 against genocide
EU set to send £89m aid to foreign armies?
Nobody wanted to help Swedish woman raped by 20 immigrants!
This government sellout to the EU will unite the British people in disgust!
Brexit Betrayal: Appeaser Theresa to hand over €45-55bn to the EU! Cover-up planned!
BANNON: Macron and Merkel are the “Ken and Barbie” of globalism!
Jean-Claude Juncker says Europe has a “clear need” for mass migration from Africa!
VIDEO: Muslim Destroys a Statue of Virgin Mary!
Sadiq Khan wants more gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender and 'non-binary' types!
Concern at sexist, homophobic and anti-Western material in Britain’s Islamic schools!
Islamophobia Awards 2017?
ISIS children execute a 'spy' by chopping his arms off
African immigrants sold as slaves have organs harvested and bodies mutilated
USA: Black man enriches ex-girlfriend by cutting off her nipples!
USA: Howell Emanuel Donaldson III suspected of serial killings!
Donald Trump has 'profoundly changed US for the better,' says BBC guest

Tuesday 28 November

Black nurse tweets 'white women raise terrorist, rapist, racist, killer sons' and says 'every one should be sacrificed to the wolves!'
Self-Driving Cars - Who lives and dies? Your family sacrificed for the 'greater good?'
Peter Hitchens says the UK is in a pre-civil war condition!
MORRISSEY: 'Brexit will never happen – Westminster doesn't want it!'
Vaginal implants: Thousands suffer crippling pain that has left them on the brink of suicide!
Is mind control the motive for legal pot?
43% of unaccompanied ‘underage’ migrants in Germany turn out to be adults!
Fake News: Far-left extremists arrested - German media calls them Identitarians!
PRITI PATEL: I would have told the EU to sod off over Brexit divorce bill
Lena Dunham: The downfall of a feminist icon
Grim news on benefits released 21 minutes after Royal marriage news breaks
Jez Turner wil go to trial on 16 April 2018!
Israeli MPs to pass ‘Netanyahu bill’ banning police from publicising corruption probe results
Netanyahu warns Assad Israel will intervene militarily in Syria!
Thoughts on Jews, obscenity, and the legal system
Saudis in the Synagogue?
Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, comes out as an anti-Semite?
How Zionist was Churchill?
Harvey Weinstein is sued for sex trafficking!
The deceit and doublethink of Mark Steyn
Who are Meghan Markle's parents?
Meghan Markle's sister says she's ‘a social climber’ who ‘is not fit to be royal?’
Coronation Street's Bruno Langley faces two charges of sexual assault!

Monday 27 November

Thousands of children groomed as drug mules in ‘county lines’ trade!
Black and ethnic minority children account for more than a quarter of all child arrests!
In 2016, 865,894 people from outside the EU were given UK residence permits!
Rape and prostitution of underage English girls in South Yorkshire - Cops offer white ribbon!
Dear EU, please accept this charitable £20bn!
Study finds heterosexual men find gay men as repulsive as rotting flesh!
Having 'white nuclear family' promotes white supremacy, says New York professor!
NYT: 'The unexamined brutality of the male libido!'
FUKUSHIMA! Japan is poised to flood the Pacific with one million tons of nuclear water!
Verhofstadt holds UK to ransom with threats to frustrate negotiations
Grenfell: Plastic firms helped write safety rules!
'We want our waters!' Fisherman insists UK fishing industry will DIE without Brexit!
SOROS launches media blitz against Hungary!
Pakistani Doctor who blamed 'different cultural norms’ for sexual assault on nurse, keeps his job!
Breast cancer survivor groped and urinated on whilst shopping?
Here’s your leftover turkey! The case for Hillary Clinton 2020
'Hillary would be a DANGEROUS president!' Susan Sarandon hits back at Clinton supporters
GERMANY: Muslims enter public kiddies' pool and molest them!
Norway's tough-love approach to the refugee crisis
Girl Guides have lost their way over transgenderism
German Author asks: "Am I allowed to be afraid only after something has happened?"
EU plans to to establish European Education Area (Pro-EU rhetoric taught in schools)
Katie Hopkins: Get furious and fight back!

Sunday 26 November

Father-of four, Terrence Baker, murdered by Leon Acheampong!
Police officer seriously injured after being mown down by a van in Liverpool!
Teenage boys who want to be female can share showers/changing rooms/toilets with Girl Guides!
Britain's secret role in Saudi Arabia's dirty war!
Marxist Professors attack young teacher debating non-gendered pronouns?
Cuckolding: the sex fetish for intellectuals!
Insanity video of the Day! 'Kathy Griffin's State Of The Union!'
Theresa May could let European Court keep role in British justice system!
Police officer seriously injured after being mown down by a van in Liverpool!
Did Archbishop break the law by covering up for a paedophile bishop?
LAPD says even bigger stars will face sex-crime probes! 28 investigations linked to Hollywood!
ISIS monsters trapped Egyptian worshippers outside a mosque before killing 305!
Former boarding school for troubled children at centre of 3-decade child abuse probe!
Witchcraft and demonic possession are linked to almost 1,500 child abuse cases a year!
Merkel ally says UK must be PUNISHED for Brexit!
EU plans to to establish Education Area that would see pro-EU rhetoric taught in schools
HRC sex tape proves government, entertainment, business leaders in Satanic paedo cult?
ISIS threaten Christmas massacre in LONDON with pics of SANTA being executed!
Backlash as transgender male weightlifter qualifies for Commonwealth Games as a woman!
Amelia Earhart 'was executed by the Japanese' and the US military covered it up?

Saturday 25 November

Officers are now letting SUSPECTS go and 'hoping for the best,' says Police Chief!
UK women having fewest children on record with some not having kids at all!
'UK residents' donate thousands of pounds a year to ISIS types!
9 Eritrean children found in lorry! (Will now be here forever with more rights than our own kids)
'God willing I'll be in UK by New Year!' Albanians hiding in lorries pose for 'stowaway selfies'
Was 'diversity' responsible for the Oxford Street panic? Police release photos of two suspects
Defence Minister threatens to resign over cuts which could see Army lose 12,000 soldiers!
Priests told to STOP calling God MALE to make services 'gender-neutral' and more inclusive!
Trump reaffirms demand for border wall after terrorists kill at least 235 people in Egypt!
ISIS promises to kill sex slaves if they escape and return to their families!
NYT and 'progressives' say Thanksgiving is all about Americans’ duty to welcome immigrants!
Czech MEP says BARNIER MUST GO for trying to 'punish' Britain!
It's not called 'Black Friday' for nothing. Our culture has been reduced to this

Friday 24 November

England and Wales have highest number of violent sex crimes including rapes in Europe!
Christians face genocide in Middle East!
Mother demands son's school take Sleeping Beauty off curriculum because sleeping princess doesn't give consent to be kissed
GUARDIAN: 'Brexiters, Ireland won’t be tricked by your mendacity over the border issue!'
All I want for Christmas is White Genocide!
Why are Palestinian Christians fleeing?
Check out SALON.com's opinion of white men!
Uma Thurman a victim of 'Harvey Weinstein and his wicked conspirators?'
RUSSIA? How much is Israel spending to influence American politics?
Brexit OUTRAGE! Ukip MEP blasts EU for trying to CONTROL British fish!
Uma Thurman a victim of 'Harvey Weinstein and his wicked conspirators?'
Brazen gangs have turned parts of London into a warzone!
Mother demands son's school take Sleeping Beauty off curriculum because sleeping princess doesn't give consent to be kissed
It's not just Sleeping Beauty! What about all the other fairy tales the PC Crowd should ban!
Immigrants take Home Office to High Court to fight decision to deport homeless Europeans
NHS preparing to ration painkillers/operations - Only got a third of money needed from Budget
EC says UK cities can't be named European Capital of Culture! (Countries outside EU can)
TULSE HILL: £5,000 reward to trace black woman who battered and tried to strangle a pensioner
Germany: Migrants turn Berlin’s tourist hotspot into no-go area
When Jeremy Corbyn had principles!
QUESTION TIME: 'There's no infrastraucture to support these houses'
JUSTICE! Oscar Pistorius sentence for murdering girlfriend DOUBLED to 13 years
AMIR KHAN got £400,000 to appear on "I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?"

Thursday 23 November

DECADES OF LIES! Secret document kept truth about EU from British people for 30 years!
People across the West increasingly feel like they are “strangers” in their home countries!
One in seven couples approved by social workers are now homosexual!
'Mental health tsar' tells us we mustn't call boys and girls 'boys and girls!'
'At the risk of offending the world's increasing army of hypersensitive PC-crazed snowflakes...'
Vogue columnist is 'not at all concerned' about false sexual harassment claims against innocent men!
US State Department will plough $700,000 into anti-Orban, anti-patriotic Hungarian media!
Banks close accounts of Marine Le Pen and Front National!
David Miliband (Soros backed) wants Brussels to resettle 540,000 refugees in Europe over five years!
BBC: 'Exceptional opportunity to train as a broadcast journalist!' (Non-white applicants only)
Anjungi Lam smashed a glass into the face of gay man in unprovoked attack!
Porsche driver, Michael Sunnooman, denies causing death of high profile barrister by dangerous driving
James Bulger's killer jailed again after being caught with child porn for a SECOND time!
SWEDEN: Armed police offer to escort joggers!
Leftie 'singer,' Paloma Faith, says Brexit was 'mis-sold' to Leave voters in new song

Wednesday 22 November

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Rochdale sex ring!
60% of Muslim marriages in Britain are not binding!
Teachers ordered to avoid calling female pupils 'girls' because it REMINDS them of gender!
Bullying left-wing group, 'Stop Funding Hate,' admits it wants to impose its views on the media!
Romanian nurse who put patients' lives at risk is allowed to carry on working!
NORWICH: Young woman beaten to a pulp by black savage! She rejected his advances!
The world wakes up! US Governor says country stands side by side with UK as he blasts EU
Hartley-Brewer TEARS into Lib Dem MP after he tries to justify €40bn Brexit divorce bill
Uber paid £75,000 to conceal a cyber attack that exposed 57million users!
Inch by inch, the Conservatives are surrendering every one of their Brexit red lines!
Residents of Swedish no-go zones afraid to leave their homes!
New Swedish book promotes transgenderism to pre-schoolers!
Immigration Minister says European court jurisdiction 'part of negotiations!'
Boycott the greedy banks, says top Bank of England official!
French postal service refuses to deliver to migrant no-go zone!
USA warns Americans of 'heightened terror risk' in Europe over Christmas!
Do black Americans commit more crime?

Tuesday 21 November

A Discourse on Discourse: Truth Vs Utility
'Apple' sacks diversity chief for being nice to white folks!
76% of Republicans Agree with Trump: Make Friends With Russia!
Canada's PM, Justin Trudeau, gave $20m taxpayer cash to Clinton Foundation! FOR WHAT?
'I want Germany to be GERMAN!' Morrissey attacks Merkel for destroying nation's identity!
Judge QUITS EU mission, accused other senior judges of corruption and malpractice!
Erdogan accuses US of financing ISIS, breaking promises in Syria!
Foreign Aid: MPs urge to spend on education ABROAD despite funding shortfall in UK schools!
The crippling toll of the new Valium that's ruining the lives of MILLIONS!
CAMBOURNE: Chris West dies after being stabbed in pub by Kai Nazir!
DIVERSITY! Reveller blasted with sawn-off shotgun outside Leeds nightclub
Taxi driver, Katar Shahin, took 17-year-old to McDonald's before raping her!
USA: 'I finished her off, I strangled her. I got up and wiped off the blood! (Guess the ethnicity)
GREECE: Illegal immigrants robbed and killed old woman to buy alcohol!
Lebanese Army ordered at ‘full readiness’ at southern border to face Israeli threat!
John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
Former head of MI6 set aside a £39million ‘BOMBSHELL’ fund for ‘BRIBES!’
'Hard-left trolls' roasted in fiery BBC Newsnight exchange for 'BULLYING' high street firm!
Labour's Nicky Morgan says she's proud to be a Brexit Mutineer!
Could this be the end for Merkel?
‘EU has treated Brits as SECOND CLASS!’ AfD leader BLASTS calls for second Brexit vote
Amir Khan leaves campmates without food as he GIVES UP on the Bush Tucker Trial!

Monday 20 November

Runnymede Trust says curriculum must ensure children are taught UK has no native population!
Merkel battles for political survival after talks to form new coalition collapse
West Yorkshire Police logged this as a minor head injury!
Half of transgender prisoners are sex offenders after vulnerable women?
Methodist church ordains first transgender Minister!
Hammond faces fury after claiming there are 'no unemployed people' in Britain!
UK to impose anti-plastic tax as Africa/Asia responsible for 95% of such pollution in oceans
FRANCE: Enrichers barge into monastery, demand nuns become Muslim!
Plague could spread across ten African countries because patients are afraid of needles!
Children who are so fat they need hip replacements!
More than 1,100 nurseries and childminders have shut since the start of 2015!
Ex-civil servant bound, gagged and stabbed to death at her home in Muswell Hill!
Enricher who killed Damilola Taylor back in prison AGAIN!
Murderer who broke out of Albanian prison rakes in £40,000 a year at his car wash business!
Drunken plane passenger, Saranjeet Bassi, groped a female stranger's breast!
Merkel battles for political survival after talks to form new coalition collapse
ITALY: Far-right make major gains in election!
Tory MP warns public will 'go BANANAS' if Britain is MADE to pay €40bn for Brexit deal
Alistair Campbell undermines UK’s position? Now there's a surprise!
Jealous TV producer unmasked as 'second killer' of Sixties playwright Joe Orton!
Immigrants make up half of Norwegian welfare recipients
Mass migration in West is turning young Poles populist!
They don't make 'em like they used to! Bought in '50s, white goods STILL WORK perfectly today

Sunday 19 November

BIRMINGHAM faces tsunami of child sex exploitation! Gangs use TASERS on schoolgirl victims!
Detective who exposed Rochdale child abuse was bullied by top cops for speaking out!
Church of England in new sexual abuse row!
Damning proof Labour ignored diesel fears! Ministers knew vehicles emitted more toxic fumes!
Cherie Blair's law firm made millions exploiting Labour's HR laws! (But barrister harassment?)
Confederation for British Industry backs workers from the EU ‘because they are cheaper!’
Twitter has gone from bastion of free speech to global censor!
HITCHENS: The transgender zealots are destroying truth itself!
Church of England in new sexual abuse row!
Detectives bailed gay hairdresser accused of infecting men with HIV - He targeted more victims!
Man who sexually assaulted dementia patient, jailed for nine years!
'I was sexually assaulted by top Scottish Labour MP in front of his wife!'
FREE SPEECH? Britain's First's Jayda Fransen arrested and flown to Northern Ireland!
Confederation for British Industry backs workers from the EU ‘because they are cheaper!’
OXFORD: Compulsory race awareness course! Students must be sensitive to minority needs!
Detectives bailed gay hairdresser accused of infecting men with HIV - He targeted more victims!
'Stop saying Christmas!' Irish Priest warns Christians to abandon the word!
Jewish porn star Ron Jeremy accused of assault, rape by many women
Jewish screenwriter James Toback accused of sexual impropriety by 310 WOMEN!Harvey Weinstein's 91-person list of sexual assault accusers to silence!
Rose McGowan blasts Lena Dunham as an 'elitist slut-shamer!'
Arch-remainer, Labour MP, Paul Farrelly, a drunken Labour bully boy? Surely not!
Chancellor 'to target housing and NHS?' (Open borders = Targets will never fix)
How China helped depose 'dozing despot' Robert Mugabe!
David Davis 'is on the brink of resigning' over bombshell secret letter
Sexual offences committed in London private hire cars and taxis surge in 2016!

Saturday 18 November

90,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2016 alone
The truth about Soy Boys!
BATTLE FOR THE WEST! Hungarian PM says silent majority will prevail over Soros/global elite!
Sweden to place hundreds of microphones in no-go-zones to detect crimes! (Big Bro on the sly)
French academic proposes Muslim apartheid state in France to avoid civil war!
Slapping the unhappy bride! Another tradition of the followers of the 'religion of peace?'
The truth about trans-everything!
New health ALERT: Statins raise risk of diabetes by 30%
Sinead Wooding phoned 999 the night before she was stabbed to death by Muslim husband!
'Robbery gone wrong?' Not just plain, old robbery and murder?
Father who went through year of hell after bashing a burglar cleared in just 30 minutes
Britain's debt mountain cost us £520 BILLION in interest since the books last balanced!
Extreme porn found on Deputy PM’s Commons computer would be illegal now!
Arch feminist Lena Dunham defends Murray Miller against rape allegations
BBC bias! Radio 4 comedy stacked with Remainers who mock 'stupid' Brexiteers!

Friday 17 November

Ministers have woefully underestimated the huge pressure immigration has put on housing!
LITTLEJOHN: We don't have a housing crisis - we have a population crisis!
ORBAN: 'Silent majority' of Christian folk who 'provide for their families' and 'love their homelands' will defeat the 'globalist elites' and 'the bureaucrats who serve them!'
Sexual offences committed in London private hire cars and taxis surge in 2016!
Tommy Robinson Discusses Europe and Islam with Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski
Britain gives £72MILLION aid to new Chinese SUPERBANK?
Asylum seeker killed his kids because he wasn't making enough money to support them?
SWEDEN: Angelica is raped by an migrant - Commits suicide after her case is dropped!
Gypsy cousins murder Gypsy cousin - Situation normal?
Germany faces SNAP ELECTION because of disagreements over capping migration?
Blind man forced to sit on floor of Virgin train for 3 hours! Conductor wouldn't find him a seat!
Saudi police arrest man for SPEAKING to a woman during his lunch break!
Senator Al Franken idea of a funny skit? Drug and rape 60 Minutes reporter Leslie Stahl? (1995)
World's most (and least) dangerous countries revealed! (White - Safe)
Sarah Silverman says best pal Louis C.K wielded power over female comedians in 'f**ked up ways!'

Thursday 16 November

Half of overseas aid budget spent on the NHS could save 100 lives A DAY!
Foreign aid MADNESS: Petition demanding action NOW reaches 10,000 signatures
Inventor of internet says 'the system... is not... helping humanity promote truth and democracy!'
FARAGE: Soros and allies engaged in 'biggest level of international political collusion in history!'
Swedish Minister of Justice: Men rape - not immigrants!
Sex attacks almost double in Berlin 'no-go zone!'
Macron blames France for the rise of Islamic radicalisation!
USA: Hospital staff laugh at WWII veteran as he dies, screams in pain!
The disturbing truth about what tablets/internet are doing to children
Merkel LIED to Germany!
'Are you trying to prevent Brexit?' Nick Ferrari CONFRONTS Tory mutineer
NHS patient's 812 days on a waiting list as delays 'spiral out of control!'
Head teacher apologises over 'racial discrimination' letter
Faisal Khan charged with harassing child abuse whistleblower Jayne Senior
OBSCENE: Even today Mugabe's many British apologists call him a 'freedom fighter!'
MUGABE! Humbled after 37 years of genocide, dictatorship and misery!
Cops ignored man for 50 years after he told them of his brother's death at hands of stepfather!
Paedo dwarf spared jail because he'd have a 'very hard time' in prison!
Vengeful Russian mistress organised terrifying raid on her businessman lover's home!
Travellers park caravans and trucks where the Met trains its dogs!

Wednesday 15 November

Migrants make up eight in ten new households over the past 15 years, new figures reveal
EU migrants without a job make up city the size of Bristol!
Britain now spends £49 BILLION paying INTEREST on debts EVERY YEAR!!!
A nation of pill poppers! Half of over-65s take at least 5 drugs a day!
NHS patient's 812 days on a waiting list as delays 'spiral out of control!'
2016: How Labour turned London into a foreign city!
Germany: 200 churches damaged, Christian symbols destroyed in just one region!
South Africa’s white genocide is a never-ending nightmare!
Romanian turf war fears after drug lord/people trafficker beaten to death!
Vengeful Russian mistress organised terrifying raid on her businessman lover's home!
Single mother terrified of losing her child hanged herself!
CAMBODIA: Brit backpacker and Canadian friend die after taking medicine for food poisoning!
455 peers claim £22,000 in expenses EACH!
Jacob Rees-Mogg slates Remainer Chuka Umunna for opposing Brexit bill 'for his own sake'
Ministers continue to mislead us on housing and migration
Will Mugabe's hated wife be the tyrant's downfall?
Unnamed actress sues Harvey Weinstein

Tuesday 14 November

More than six in ten babies born in London over the past year were to foreign mothers!!!
4-in-5 babies born to foreign mothers in London hospital!
CoE says boys can wear tiaras to school? All common sense lost in gender debate!
Cross-dressing 'queer role models' read to kids to stop 'hate crimes!'
Eton's headmaster says: “There’s a responsibility for young men to be gender-intelligent!”
Priti Patel scandal is the tip of the Israel lobby iceberg
BBC journalist deletes tweet about UK’s ‘corrupt’ relationship with Israel
Israel will continue 'acting in Syria', Netanyahu tells US and Russia
US breaks ground for new permanent base in Israel
What they're not telling you about the real agenda behind the sex abuse scandal
The Guardian view on white nationalism: 'a rising danger!'
Cannabis kills! In more ways than one!
Ex-England star blasts 'racist police' amid drink-driving and assault arrest
SUSSEX: Now ANOTHER police force gives up solving minor crimes!
Hamburg supermart attacker, Ahmad A, motivated by religious hatred to kill Christians?
Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker slit wife's throat!
Sweden rocked by 16 bombings in 28 days
Mother-of-9, Heidi Hepworth, ditches partner and children for African toyboy
Teaching assistant, Hassan Shabbir, left note telling 'stupid' ambulance staff not to 'block my drive' as they tended dying patient
Public relations consultant, Mike Hind, a writer for The New European says grandchildren of old Brexiteers will 'spit on their graves!'
Farage: ‘Embracing our history, nation, will bring us back the society we once had!’
Remainers chase their tails as they try to thwart the will of the people!
The great ISIS exodus! Huge numbers allowed out of Raqqa!
French Conservatives protest Muslims praying in the street
Poland defends Far-right weekend march that saw 60,000 call for an 'Islamic holocaust!'

Monday 13 November

‘Foreign, European Jews’ caused ‘great problems’ in Middle East – Prince Charles in 1986 letter
C of E schools told to let children experiment with gender identity!
Muslim migrant arrested for raping pony in German kid’s zoo!
Tory MP says EU's attitude means we must leave EU without a deal!
USA: Illegal alien shoots 7-year-old girl in the head, four others injured!
Italy in crisis as THOUSANDS demand EXIT from 'EU MAFIA!'
Judge doesn't jail paedo because he's got a bad back! (Insane judges should be sacked)
With US history of government overthrow, outrage over Russian hacking claims is laughable!
New York Times asks: 'Can my children be friends with white people?' Black Prof says 'no!'
Remainer Soubry branded ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ by Frank Field!
MoD paid £380m to refurbish ageing tanks despite possibility they could be scrapped to cut costs!
Rise of the 'silver renters' too old for a mortgage!
Enoch Powell's wife Pamela dies!
Tory activist who claims she was RAPED says MPs 'targeted girls so drunk they could barely stand'

Sunday 12 November

Prince Charles: Who will take on 'Jewish lobby' in America?
Sunderland school homework: Write to your family on your conversion to Islam!
I called a trans boy a girl by mistake! It may cost me my job!
Transgender lessons for 2-year-olds! Drag queens drafted into nursery schools to teach kiddies!
Birmingham Muslims say 'grooming' doesn't happen in Pakistan!' Blame British society!
MANCHESTER: Woman wishing to charge mobile phone raped/beaten by shopkeeper!
Drugs gang jailed after flooding the Midlands with £1.5 million worth of Class A drugs
Serial fraudster with more than 200 CONVICTIONS has been spared prison
ISIS is planning to target children! Will 'kill the young' in front of their parents!
Plague fears grow as Malawi becomes tenth African nation put on alert!
Statins can cause muscle DAMAGE!
Jacob Rees-Mogg is now favourite to replace Theresa the Appeaser!
Tory MP says EU's attitude means we must leave EU without a deal!
Police chief 'was told of Damian Green pornography claims!'
Accusations Hungarian government 'hatemongering' against Soros made by groups Soros funds!
Breitbart Chairman says it isn't enough to 'vote' to get your country back, 'you have to take it!'
Asylum seeker paints swastikas with his blood/defaces monument in Görlitz!
Bryan Cranston: 'The pillars of what was are falling!'

Saturday 11 November

The alliance between Israel and Britain is not miraculous. It is murky
Priti Patel scandal is the tip of the Israel lobby iceberg
Billboards urging girls to date sugar daddies bid to sign up 100,000 debt-ridden students!
Social worker who failed to protect vulnerable Rochdale victims gets to keep her job?
Violent Somali criminal who has been jailed 13 times wins £80,000 payout!
Underworld boss tried to smuggle machine gun into Bristol!
Syrian refugee launched sickening sex attacks on 6 women after he was ‘fast-tracked’ here!
Lee Rigby’s killer torments his family by still waging jihad from behind bars!
Romanian accused of people trafficking allowed to work for a company running bus trips here!
Even Clare Short says Foreign Aid must end!
Boris supporters flock to Jacob Rees Mogg!
Half a BILLION pounds given to foreign aid consultancy which makes excessive profits?
2016: 'A quarter of a million' UK students now using sugar daddies!
2011 - American-style sugar daddy parties 'are coming to UK!'
Parents' 999 calls wrongly downgraded! Student who waited 90 minutes for an ambulance dies
Old Etonian son of a judge helped carry out £100m celebrity tax scam!
UK prosecutors admit destroying key emails in Julian Assange case
Facebook ‘EXPLOITS human weaknesses’ and wants to consume your life!
US veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes!
ER/Top Gun star was molested when he was 12 by a producer who also RAPED his friend
Richard Dreyfuss exposed himself and harassing her in the 80s?
Star Trek star sexually assaulted unconscious male model in 1981?

Friday 10 November

The TRUE cost of EU membership - almost £1BILLION a WEEK!
PETITION: Foreign aid ‘should be spent on NHS and homeless veterans!'
Police 'fear being labelled racist' if they investigate forced marriage?
Vile sex gangs are still abusing young girls in Rotherham!
ROTHERHAM: Victims of Muslim paedos speak out!
12 Muslims appear in Sheffield Court accused of 44 child sex offences
HUDDERSFIELD: Rape, drug pushing and child trafficking suspects deny 100 charges!
Victims of Rotherham grooming gang: 'My childhood was ruined, my life has been destroyed!'
Engineer 'had acid thrown over him by vengeful ex-lover,' Berlinah Wallace!
Bradford: Police arrest four men after shooting
Pakistani doctor molested Muslim student nurse then blamed 'different cultural norms' in UK!
12 die in care homes where intimidation and physical abuse was rife? Woman arrested!
Top cop says young criminals aren't fearful of the courts - Must be jailed earlier and longer
Facebook ‘EXPLOITS human weaknesses’ and wants to consume your life!
David Cameron 'lobbied for £500million investment fund deal with China that could net him a job'
Multi drug-resistant strain of TB in Minnesota hard to fight!
Billionaires race to get assets out of Saudi Arabia before officials seize $800 BILLION!
Gary Lineker named in Paradise Papers for using offshore firm to buy Barbados home!
British Empire's drive to impose Zionism in Palestine in geographical DNA of Saudi Arabia!
Stephen Hawking: ‘Earth will become a flaming ball of fire by 2600!’
The Queen is so lower middle class, says Zadie Smith

Thursday 9 November

How to live as a dissident!
David Cameron’s secret nuclear weapons deal set pretext for war?
Child migrants to have priority in the NHS! High Court judge rules young who arrive unaccompanied must come first!
Gender neutrality! Topshop ends women-only changing rooms after transgender pressure!
Planned Parenthood pushing transgenderism on 3-year-olds?
New documentary finds porn’s newest addicts are kids, and it’s devastating them
OXFORD CIRCUS: 8 to 12 BLACK savages attack 2 WHITE passengers!
Cannabis killed new mum after she took it to combat morning sickness!
15 months to die in agony! Lauhging ex threw acid so no one else could have him!
Uber driver murdered his kids before setting fire to his home in a bid to kill his wife!
'OLD PERVS!' House of Commons bar manager claims up to 30 MPs hounded her for sex!
Police watchdog warns some crimes are being ignored or not investigated for weeks!
Britain throws away 40million potatoes a week!
Germans call for Brexit to be delayed until end of 2020!
Merkel and Macron’s shock BREXIT BLOCK: Germany and France demand HALT on talks!
Police watchdog warns some crimes are being ignored or not investigated for weeks!
FIXER-IN-CHIEF? Lord Polak's pro-Israel machinations got Priti Patel sacked!
'Pot luck' that sees patients miss out on cancer trials!
LABOUR: Welsh politician was 'sentenced to death by the system he dedicated his life to!'
All our trees are at risk of killer disease, says Prince Charles!
David Blaine: 'Just suck my d*** for a few seconds!'

Wednesday 8 November

One in every 200 people in UK is homeless! 307,000 sleep rough or are in temporary housing!
Priti Patel discussed giving British foreign aid money to Israeli army!
Danish Minister for Immigration forced to flee asylum seekers!
CANADA: School 'transitioned' 11-year-old girl to transgender boy behind parents' back!
Snowflakes plan to collectively scream at the sky to mark anniversary of Trump's election win!
Drugs gang sold class A drugs in children's playground and advertised 'special offers!'
Murder by social workers and 'the family court!'
I fear political correctness helped kill little Elsie!!
RAPE! Rise of 'dark and very troubling' attacks carried out by children!
One of Europe's 'most wanted' fugitives fights extradition!
Mother-of-five encouraged UK terror attacks on pro-ISIS Facebook group - NO JAIL!
Top Democratic lawyer represented NYT while trying to crush their Weinstein story!
BBC investigating 25 sex harassment cases: Number of probes has spiked since Weinstein
Weinstein company on the edge of bankruptcy? RESULT!
Shameless greed of the banks
The bloodlines Of ‘The Billionaires Club’ run deep
Muslims raising funds for British Legion abused by leftie opponents of 'racist' Poppy Appeal
Producers on BBC comedy show Have I Got News For You BAN guests from wearing poppies!
BBC slammed after ignoring Chris Evans sexual harassment claims!
When the snowflake generation runs Britain
Jez Turner outside Central London Magistrate's Court
Hounded by the authorities, Paul Hickman commits suicide! TOTAL MEDIA SILENCE!

Tuesday 7 November

Weinstein used Mossad and 'army of spies' to get sex details of actresses/journalists he feared would expose him!
Gay fitness instructor murdered baby he adopted two weeks earlier
Why did no one save little Elsie? Social services visited gay dad who murdered her 15 times!
BIRMINGHAM 2017: James Brindley, Reagan Asbury, Anthony Banting, murdered by non-native savages. MEDIA SILENT!
James Brindley's suspected killers seen on video for first time!
Pharmacist, Bipin Desai, 'killed his father, 85, at their £1.3million home
WALTHAMSTOW: Ezra Abeka-Soares and Morgan Mockford deny murder!
Smuggling gang charged Albanians £4,000 for flights into UK with fake passports
NEWCASTLE: Kurdish gang plied girls as young as 13 with alcohol/drugs in return for sex
Ali, Makhmood, Iqbal! Even now slime oozes out of the Rotherham woodwork!
Depraved Kuwaiti rapist Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary should never have been allowed in!
Charlie Adifiyi caught trying to fly drugs and mobile phones into Pentonvile prison!
WALSALL: Gang repeatedly stab teenager!
26 Nigerian women sexually abused and murdered as they tried to cross Mediterranean?
EU is trying to blackmail UK into paying too much!
Foreign aid madness! Fury over 'cover-up' of how taxpayers' money is spent
White House Secret Service arrest man intent on KILLING ‘all white police!’
Lib Dems suspends member accused of raping female activist!
Britain is twice as dependent on foreign medics as other nations!
Saint Bono's shameless tax gymnastics are the epitome of celebrity double standards
Labour MP to launch bid to stop Remainers wrecking EU exit Bill
'Nationwide' Soros-funded, Antifa protests against Trump a total failure!

Monday 6 November

Jews abuse White women on an industrial scale!
SUTHERLAND SPRINGS: Mass shooting at Texas baptist church - 26 dead!
Texas Church killer was an ANTIFA member who vowed to start Civil War?
Classmates say Texas gunman was an 'outcast' who 'preached his atheism' online!
Antifa protesters burn flags and yell 'Tory scum!' Westminster brought to a standstill
When does violent crime become war? Swedish police officer’s house riddled with bullets!
Kapil Dogra, who dragged girl into woodlands and brutally raped her, jailed for 13 years!
Former Charlton footballer Montell Moore charged with raping 17-year-old
Woman jailed for luring young girls into clutches of Asian sex gang attacked in prison!
Lee Rigby's killer is allowed to preach extremism in 'jihadi jail!'
Justyna Sobieraj recruited women to take part in sham marriages with immigrants!
May buckles! She's 'willing to pay' £53BILLION Brexit blackmail?
Charity boss fired for Prince George 'white privilege' rant LOSES compensation claim!
Kate Hoey SLAMS Anna Soubry for Brexit-thwarting attempts in Parliament
MERKEL'S NIGHTMARE: Coalition deadlock over migrant crisis - new election may be triggered
From Queen to Bono, leak exposes tax secrets!
'Her Majesty would be shocked... her reputation has been sullied!'
Manchester: Young girl abducted from a Bonfire Night display
Porn allegedly found on Green's computer so extreme cops asked CPS if they should prosecute!

Sunday 5 November

Britain's legacy of blood - Countless deaths followed after the creation of Israel!
Britain’s great deception in Palestine!
Ahad Ali booked an escort, imprisoned her and raped her 4 times at knifepoint
Rochdale grooming gang got £1MILLION in legal aid! Now want more to deportation!
NEWCASTLE: Kurdish illegals get 33 years for sex crimes against young girls!
Authorities 'missed signs' of Yeovil child sex abuse! (Missed deliberately?)
Albanian drug gangs kidnap rivals' elderly relatives and hold them to ransom!
Egyptian cleric says men can marry their own daughters!
Ever wondered why our politicians keep beckoning such primitives in?
The child abuse documentary Hollywood ‘doesn’t want you to see!'
'War On Terror' has cost American taxpayers $250 million a day for 16 years!
I wonder if Hillary Clinton can explain all the deaths?
Porn found on Deputy PM's computer in 2008?
Senior allies of Theresa May accused of 'sitting on' claims of misconduct among MPs!
Bercow accused of 'shirking responsibilities' amid Westminster sleaze scandal
Tory whip 'tried to untuck the shirt of Olympic rower after luring him back to his London home!'
Rape claims nearly destroyed the Socialist Workers Party
Hundreds of patriots gather in Manchester for Tommy Robinson book launch
Philip Hammond 'plans to build on green belt to deal with housing crisis!'
Trump administration set to DEPORT 300,000 refugees from US
We'll protect our fish! Crowd ERUPTS as John Redwood promises UK will take back fisheries
EU ‘regime’ is DOOMED ‘like the Holy Roman Empire!’
Hundreds of GPs could be trained as transgender 'champions?'

Saturday 4 November

NYPD Building 'Credible' Case Against Weinstein for Raping Paz de la Huerta
The Balfour Declaration – A Century of Jewish Power
Britain's legacy of blood - Countless deaths followed after the creation of Israel!
Jews respond to Farage’s claim of Jewish lobby influence by exerting it in our mainstream media
Police handling a third more mental health cases!
215,000 mental health cases dealt with by police in England and Wales in 2016-17
EU wasted £520 million on decade-long green project that produced ZERO results
BBC refuses to investigate Chris Evans 'sex bullying' claims!
The Westminster sex predators of yesteryear!
Former Soros trader sued for viciously abusing women in "Manhattan sex dungeon!"
Soros fund manager involved in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-style BDSM lawsuit
Labour investigates Clive Lewis, MP, over groping claim!
Tory MP Charlie Elphicke suspended after ‘serious allegations’ made to police
Labour suspends a SECOND politician in 24 hours
SPACEY: Sickening silence that shames our pious stars!
'We don't want another Polanski': Harvey Weinstein is barred from leaving the country!
Mr and Mrs Jihadi plotted a massacre!
Has Trump pulled off an economic miracle? US economy confounds forecasters!
EU wasted £520 million on decade-long green project that produced ZERO results!
The academy boss paying himself nearly £500k with YOUR money!
The good, the bad and the ugly in major new study on free speech and PC culture in America
How to restore democracy in Madrid? Jail 'everyone people elected!’
Foreign Aid madness! BBC ‘spending £24 million from LICENCE FEE on overseas help’
Brexit Britain will be cast into 'outer space', says Clegg
Martin Luther King Jr had 'all-night sex orgy' at workshop for church ministers?

Friday 3 November

'All I think about is drugs' says boy, 13!
NBC tells public to "adjust" to terror & "accept a new way of life" where terror is normal!
Qatar spends £400,000 pushing teaching of Arabic language and culture in UK classrooms!
Int. Development Sec Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel alongside Israeli lobbyist!
Monsanto faces blowback over cancer cover-up!
Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, linked to offshore tax haven in Bahamas?
WALSALL: Reagan Asbury, stabbed in the neck, from behind, by black man, dies
Reagan Asbury: Blame society, not the sport! (I blame the traitors in Westminster)
PICTURES: British village prepares to burn 36-foot effigy of Harvey Weinstein!
Harvey Weinstein is the tip of a huge Hollywood iceberg!
The Weinstein scandal and how degenerate Hollywood really is!
Harvey Weinstein and the rape of Non-Jewish women in Hollywood
SOMERSET: Authorities missed 14 opportunities to stop children being abused!
Romanian lorry driver caused 6-vehicle crash whilst on his mobile phone and killed Ian Newell!
Five men (black) convicted of disorder following stabbings in West Drayton
Appeal for witnesses to violent assault! (Black man sought)
Black men seen with firearm on London bus
CROYDON: Women robbed of gold necklaces at knifepoint - CCTV
Convicted fraudster gets job teaching maths at south London school!
Serial conman with 28 convictions pretended fake wife and son DIED in Grenfell Tower!
56,000 who should have been deported go missing! (700+ criminals released into the community)
PCSO didn't attend a 999 call - Too busy having sex with a domestic violence victim!
Businessman mindset? 'I knew I hit something but I had a meeting to get to!'
Corbyn and co launch 'Islamophobia' month with extremist group!
Agobard of Lyon and the origins of the hostile elite
President's twitter account DEACTIVATED for 11 minutes by a rogue employee!
Tens of thousands of British children 'must go on statins?'
Netanyahu in UK amid Balfour celebration protests
Drunk, sexually incontinent MPs are so keen to tell the rest of us how to live - Fix yourselves!
'Her last mistake?' Tory backlash as May makes 'baby-faced assassin' Defence Sec
MP Michael Fabricant is bisexual and looking for 'a bit of sex' on First Dates!
Judge who earns £200,000 a year says judiciary deserve a pay rise!

Thursday 2 November

Black Death strain is worryingly 'different and can't be explained!'
Now 'Jekyll and Hyde’ sex abusers are in charge of the Madhouse?
Swedish school principal blames girls for sexual assault by Muslim!
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon resigns over behaviour claims
Sexual abuse is 'endemic' within Labour claims a Party staffer amid rape claims!
Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual harassment against 17-year-old
Brett Ratner: Director denies accusations of sexual harassment
If we must never criticise Jews, how do we prevent this?
Jews and Gypsies unite in effort to beat ‘obscene’ levels of hate
Israel attacks Syria! (Nothing new)
Manchester Arena suicide bomb injured 79 children with two STILL in hospital 5 months on!
David Nwosu gets 5 years for sex with 12-year-old (Is 5 years enough?)
The rise of violence on London's streets
Germany: ‘Peaceful’ Syrian refugee wanted to kill as many people as possible!
Sweden: Migrants from Muslim-majority countries commit 84% of ‘very violent’ rapes!
Girl forced to parade through village naked by Pakistani elders! (Her BROTHER had an affair)
EU demands £44bn to start trade talks
Twitter admits it buried "Podesta email", DNC tweets ahead of Presidential election!
ANGER! EU is costing Britain £267million A WEEK!
Emmanuel Macron is France's 'President for the rich!'
Scandal of foreign aid cash spent on immigrants!
Poppy Day! Left-wing journalist + Left-wing paper = THE ENEMY WITHIN!
Jacob Rees-Mogg puts Anna Soubry in her place

Wednesday 1 November

TERROR! Muslim shouting 'Allahu akbar' murders 8, wounds 11 in New York!
Africa braced for epidemic of deadly airborne PLAGUE!
Judge backs legal aid to Lee Rigby's murderer! (He 'converts inmates to Islam' in jail!)
Policeman faces sack for stating anyone offended by poppy should ‘pack their bags and f**k off!’
We are a minority now! Who sticks up for us? Where are the race laws protecting us?
Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment! (Good, old Nige!)
Egyptian lawyer says it's his “patriotic and national duty” to rape young girls who wear revealing clothes!
'Senior Labour official' 'warned' Bex Bailey about pursuing rape claim!
Woman reported Harvey Weinstein to Scotland Yard 25 YEARS ago! Cops failed to act!
Why was violent murderess Charissa Brown-Wellington jailed for just 5 years?
Thousands of white, South Africans protest savage farm murders! (74 so far in 2017)
DIVERSITY! Blacks attack and rob autistic child. Threaten to set him on fire!
Sex offender on the run for 5 years found managing curry house!
Rabbi Zvi Solomons and Lord Greville Janner
After 750 fires, Whirlpool admits 2m potentially dangerous tumble dryers STILL in British homes!
PAT CONDELL: 'Am I a racist?' (2012)

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