Daily News: November 2016

Wednesday 30 November

LABOUR MP: Government should spend more on legal aid to help migrants claim asylum here!
Unsent letter to President Hillary Clinton from 'feminist' Sweden!
Little girl died after mum gave her heroin, methadone, ketamine so sex wouldn't be disturbed
Pervert, Adnan Maqsood, jailed for stroking girl, 8, in bakery shop
Pritesh Ladwa jailed after taking £98,000 to start community forest and not planting one tree 
MPs told Brexit ‘is only way to end scandal of foreign crooks!’
Council of Europe tries to block anti-terror laws as they DISCRIMINATE against jihadis!
Europe on 'BRINK OF WAR' as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece!
It would be better if Russia ISN'T seen as the enemy, says ANN WIDDECOMBE
Under its new leader UKIP could wipe out Labour, says STEPHEN POLLARD
Mandelson's bid to block Brexit! Gay Labour grandee threatens court action to delay it
This should silence liberals on Electoral College for good? (Good luck with that)
Rutgers Professor taken to psychiatric hospital after Tweets threatening to kill Whites
Clinton charities got £50million of British aid cash! UK government tried to buy influence
Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum!
Viewers blast 'bias' Newsnight guests for 'calling Brexit and Trump victory undemocratic'
BREXIT may never happen because UK "stigmatised/marginalised" by EU, says Polosh bigwig
Prison error kept Polish rapists & killers in Britain for YEARS costing taxpayers MILLIONS
'It is in OUR interest!' Poland calls for Britain to keep paying into EU as it benefits THEM
James O'Brien continues to sneer at Brexiteers
Why France is the most bloody-minded opponent of Brexit
Now Britain trails Kazakhstan in the global maths league!
Tory MP in expenses row is to be quizzed by a Commons watchdog

Tuesday 29 November

Ohio attacker Abdul Ali Artan was 'Somali refugee'
Innocent man pushed onto train tracks by African migrant in unprovoked attack
Parents outraged at school's introduction of unisex toilets!
'Don't blame immigrants!' Abbott reacts furiously to request for border control debate
French and Dutch politicians ignored will of their people after they rejected Brussels
'Who even knows who he is?' Tim Farron mocked after branding Ukip 'unpatriotic'
‘Italy must obey’ Juncker threatens Italian PM
Trump panic! House of Lords special sitting on Britain’s relationship with US president
NATO stages largest ever drill on Russian border! (THEY want WAR before Trump inauguration)
'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables
Populist leader condemns EU for making Italians 'SLAVES' of Brussels
Populist leader condemns EU for making Italians 'SLAVES' of Brussels
Mother who took toddler to Syria to fight for ISIS got £132,000 taxpayer cash in legal aid
TOP GONG FOR GHASTLY GAY! Peter Tatchell gets the Albert Medal!

Monday 28 November

One suicide in prison every 3 days! Inmates killing themselves reaches 'epidemic proportions'
Home Office ADMITS 119,000 illegal immigrants have disappeared!
This remorseless drive to overturn referendum result MUST END!
If the majority is tyrannical, how come an elite minority have all the money and power?
The murder of Jo Cox and a contemptible campaign to smear Brexit supporters 
One suicide in prison every 3 days! Inmates killing themselves reaches 'epidemic proportions'
Austerity? Bank of England spent £100,000 of our money on a party two weeks after referendum!
Sterling heading for best month in 8 YEARS as EURO in CRISIS
BRIGHTON: Teenager raped by 'chubby Asian' ‘fake taxi’ driver
FARAGE: Trump will get on a plane and talk to Putin – unlike EU who seek to provoke Russia
Donald Trump claims 'ILLEGAL VOTERS' gifted Hillary Clinton popular vote victory
Actor/comedian, Patton Oswalt, encourages 'terrorists' to attack Trump hotels!
Washington Post promotes a McCarthyite blacklist from a new, hidden, and very shady group
Fury of Metric Martyrs criminalised for now MEANINGLESS EU laws
LORD KERR - Brexit NOT likely in next two years!
ISIS plans to attack the UK are seized in Iraq and Syria
'A reward for failure' Farage slams Brussels for handing EU fat cats a bumper pay rise
Religious shows fail to teach role of Christianity to the young and migrants
Worship of a TYRANT! 55-year love-in with Castro reveals Lefties' sick values
Peston on Sunday viewers' fury as Hollywood luvvie MOCKS Brexiteers
Jewish students attacked by drinking club members! Cambridge University covers-up!
Zionist purge on Twitter! CST 'collaborating' to stop so-called ‘antisemites!’
Chelsea supporters recorded chanting anti-Semitic song on a busy Tube train

Sunday 27 November

LBC host and 2015 wannabe Lib Dem, Maajid Nawaz, says British patriots are 'TRAITORS!'
Military suicide: The tragic toll of heroes who take their own lives!
Labour MP, Louise Haigh, wants 'Britain First' proscribed as a terrorist organisation!
EU boss Jean Claude Juncker HEAPS praise on Cuban dictator Fidel Castro
My hero! Corbyn's misty eyed tribute to brutal dictator Fidel Castro who butchered 100,000
Ron Paul reveals list of 'fake news' journalists
Timeline of how America provoked Russia and more
Child brides discovered in Germany – but refugee workers say marriages should REMAIN
SOUTH AFRICA: 9-year-old rapes toddler, 3 - His Mum murders toddler to protect him
Bulgarian PM orders mass deportations after rioting migrants trash camp
BREXIT - Our decision - Nobody else's (David Cameron)
Trump slams recount push as 'a scam,' says election is over
Nigel Farage fears for his life after Brexit and Trump
NHS 'wasting billions' on prescription drugs and now at risk of bankruptcy
Blair CONSPIRING with Brussels? Europhile 'plotting with EU' to stop Brexit?
Regretting something, Angela? Merkel announces plan to deport 100,000 migrants!

Saturday 26 November

48 organisations can see your entire online browsing history even if you delete it!
Homosexual savage, Stephen Port, on list of Britain's worst killers - Where's the diversity?
Religion of Peace terrorist attacks in last 30 days – Partial list only
Israeli army's new chief rabbi accused of condoning rape by soldiers
Netanyahu donor jailed for multimillion-euro scam of French state
UK's top judge unveils plan to make supreme court more diverse
Half of asylum seekers complain UK housing funded by YOU is 'completely inadequate'
Welcome to chaos at border control! Shocking scene at Luton - 11pm SUNDAY
The people have spoken! Bad losers in UK/USA ignore them at their peril!
Desperate EU leaders and Remainers accused of plotting to block Brexit!
Sir Ian Botham goes on FURIOUS rant at Remainers trying to stop Brexit
Whinging Remoaner Alastair Campbell slams 'BREXTREMISTS' as he demands vote is reversed
Brexit will SAVE the NHS: Cancer specialist says leaving EU will rescue our health service
Lily Allen REFUSES to say whether she’s welcomed migrant into home – month after promise
Extremist who discourages singing/music is patron of school where girls must cover everything
Gang of 30 armed Kurds in streets of Stuttgart
USA: MSM pundits and executives - Fascists trying to suppress alternative (real) news
Juncker warned to BACK OFF as banking experts accuse EU of politicising financial surveillance
Student dragged off street and raped by 'middle-east looking man' in German town
Black mob attacks white Catholic school girls in the Bronx
Tory MEP nervously answers why he refused to block Turkey-EU talks

Friday 25 November

New UN boss tells Europe migration is unstoppable! Advises politicians to ignore voters!
USA armed Yemeni government to the hilt before civil war
UK's top judge (Jewish) unveils plan to make supreme court more diverse
Three suicides at University of Bristol since start of term? Authorities cover up?
Adil Manir was racing Mohsen Saddique when he mounted pavement and killed a little girl
Students stabbed at further education college! (Ethnicity of would-be killer?)
Baying mob of 30 schoolchildren attack cops! (No mention of ethnicity)
Muslim terrorist kidnaps and murders hundreds of children... doesn't regret it
NIGERIA: Mum finds children decapitated! (Headhunters use heads in black magic rituals)
FRANCE: Care worker murdered in retirement home for elderly monks!
USA: Crack dealer released early from prison by Obama murders woman and her 2 kids!
Violence between locals and migrants SHUTS DOWN Italian city
USA: 12-year-old girl “doesn’t want to be white any more” after attacks by Blacks!
Turkey threatens Europe! Without us migrants would ‘TAKE OVER’ continent!
'Get off the stage!' Nick Ferrari RIPS into 'lefty luvvies' preaching about politics
As Clegg and co clamour for repeal, cannabis shatters lives! 
Now MORE experts claim statins are a waste of time!

Thursday 24 November

Why did Thomas Mair kill Jo Cox? What THEY never told us - Until now...
"The political right must take responsibility for the rise of the far right," says Jewish journalist
'Germans have NEVER had it so good!' Angela Merkel rages at Trump and rise of populism
The 1% plotting to halt Brexit and bring back Tony Blair!
'At war with Russia?’ EU approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda!’
MANCHESTER: Black savage kicks and stamps on homeless man
White schoolgirls say black gang racially targeted them in bus attack
FARAGE: There are great battles still to be fought
Amsterdam mosque leaders linked to terrorism: Report
Furious Italian PM Matteo Renzi goes to WAR with EU and threatens to SCRAP Brussels budget
Attractive women 'more likely to want a gay best friend?' F*** OFF, mind moulders!
Tony Blair is making a comeback and that is bad news
'Brexit is terrific!' Rees-Mogg savages gloomy forecasts
Homosexual chef freed after first murder to kill countless other gays!
Whatever happened to the idea of living within our means?
Our debt appals me - And it's all Osborne's fault!
Council of Europe officials prostrate themselves before 'Jewish Diplomatic Corps!'
James Perloff on Israel and Zionism

Wednesday 23 November

Despite all the austerity (except for overseas aid) the National debt is now £1.64 TRILLION!
TREASON! Cops launch recruitment drive for ethnic minorities and homosexuals only!
Free movement has failed - Labour and the Unions must recognise it!
'Longer we stay, more we PAY!' EU membership 'cost Britain £2bn MORE last year!'
The luvvies who loathe Trump are bigots too! 
Jewish editor of Politico Magazine advocates violence against alt-right figurehead!
Clinton may STILL become President? Evidence US election was rigged? (Ha-ha! Cheeky sods!)
Stephen Port GUILTY of murdering three men he met on gay dating apps
Faith-healer condemned for using 'DOOM' pesticide as a cure for cancer and HIV!
SECRET new campaign group 'backed by Richard Branson' plots to derail Brexit
'We're being subverted by Islam!' Almost HALF of Germans feel migration undermines society
And you thought Nobel Prize winners were brainy? Think again!
When a Western politician tells you to respect Islam, remember this...
Hillary Clinton/James Comey - Musical parody
BOSNIA: Journalist who criticised burka flees country after rape and death threats
'Hamilton' star under fire for 'racist,' 'sexist' tweets - Black hypocrisy
USA: Tolerant lefties spray paint swastika on 72-year-old veteran’s home, steal flag!
Madonna's son Rocco busted after Primrose Hill neighbours complain about him smoking drugs
Russian broadcaster blasts Obama as 'uncivilised' during Trump meeting
Terrified Italian women turn against migrants: 'It is not safe here anymore'
Groping Labour councillor found guilty of sexual assault
50 academics condemn homosexual Jew, Milo, as a white supremacist!
'Hamilton' v Pence finger-waggers issued 'whites need not apply' casting call!

Tuesday 22 November

Chemical attack in Syria? BBC et al caught staging FAKE news?
Message from Donald Trump!
Nigel would do a GREAT job! Donald Trump calls for Farage to be made US ambassador!
Czech Republic goes against EU and backs Donald Trump’s ‘views on migration’
A1 creep, John McCain, to Trump: Don't you dare make peace with Russia!
Former acting CIA Director Morell: 'We need to kill Russians and Iranians!'
Care for elderly in crisis as four out of five councils cannot cope!
BREXIT: Jewish head of Supreme Court tells others to go with majority if they don't feel strongly!
Idaho State officials mistreat girl, 5, raped by Muslim migrants
TENNESSEE: Speeding bus driver, Johnthony Walker, kills five children
Rob Reiner says Jared Kushner (Trump son-in-law) turned his back on Judaism
Jewish Neocon, Eliot Cohen, changes his tune - Ha ha!
Corbyn: Labour would add LGBT history to school curriculum (Surprise, surprise!)
Milan's migrant crisis: 150 soldiers ordered into chaos-hit city
Furious Brexiteers hit out at Theresa May for fuelling EU uncertainty!
PLASTIC WARNING: Levels branded 'SHOCKING' with only one-third in UK being recycled
Fraud risk for almost a third of online shoppers looking for Christmas bargains!
Europe is SCREWED! Shock warning from trader who predicted 2008 financial crisis
'Shame on you!' Owen Smith hammered after saying he will 'defy democracy' over Brexit vote
Even the ghastly Greeen, Caroline Lucas, SLAMS Blair's 'return to politics!'
'It's the WILL of the people!' Labour MP slapped down after saying Brexit should bedelayed
The Churchill you didn't know

Monday 21 November

TRAITOR PRESIDENT! Obama opens borders in final weeks ‘shutting down surveillance!'
Brussels in crisis as Le Pen storms into shock poll lead over rivals!
Government lawyer raises concerns over child sex investigation into Ted Heath
FRANCE: Mail doesn't tell us that rapist/murderer of Violet Price, 80, is a black Muslim immigrant
Sarkozy's political career in tatters as he is dumped out of the race to become French President!
TRAITOR PRESIDENT! Obama opens borders in final weeks ‘shutting down surveillance!'
St Louis cop shot in face during brutal ambush in second police attack
Queen accused of BETRAYING Britain in LBC radio rant on the EU
'You're the BIGGEST LIARS' Andrew Neil DESTROYS pro-EU campaign!
Outrage as reporter is SACKED for praising Donald Trump and criticising Obama
"PROSTITUTES!" Katie Hopkins lays into actors who use celebrity to make vacuous political points
Globalism is RED! CHINA is buying up the North of England!
Posh Remoaner Tristram Hunt tells Brexiteers they didn’t know what they voted for!
EU COLLAPSE? Blow for Brussels as Eastern European countries 'begin siding with RUSSIA'
Government lawyer raises concerns over child sex investigation into Ted Heath
Care for elderly in crisis as four out of five councils cannot cope!
ISIS beasts behead 100-year-old cleric!
San Antonio cop shot dead execution-style in patrol car
Romanian sex gang trafficked vulnerable women into Britain and forced them to become prostitutes
Woman 'groped by top QC, Ben Emmerson, at child abuse probe HQ?'
Nick Clegg among MPs demanding cannabis be LEGALISED!
'No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!' Green Day chant during American Music Awards
Gigi Hadid savaged on Twitter for 'racist' Melania Trump impression 

Sunday 20 November

BBC ‘too Christian!’ BBC head of religion/ethics (Muslim) wants mosque prayers televised!
HITCHENS: Fifty years of 'enlightened' jails gave us one thing - more crime!
Full shocking scale of prison crisis: A serious incident every hour - 7 deaths in just one week!
Leaked documents say CHILCOT was 'set up to allow ministers to avoid blame for Iraq War!'
Blair 'returning to politics' - He thinks Corbyn 'a nutter' and May 'a lightweight!'
Muslims want "Eid" to be a national bank holiday!
The real reason Hillary disappeared on election night? A "PSYCHOTIC DRUNKEN RAGE!"
DONALD Trump will be impeached during his first term as US President?
Senior Labour figure admits free movement of people ‘hasn’t worked’ for millions of Brits!
ISIS 'has 80 jihadis in Europe ready to strike at any time’ terror expert warns
Fury as UK told we must pay billions to Brussels for a DECADE after Brexit!
School with 44 languages ADDS yet another one
Heavyweight Brexiteers among 60 Tory MPs to demand clean break from the EU
Britain will still have to pay for European army despite UK opposition!
Hidden past of EU killers: Foreign criminals unmasked only after committing an offence
The Remoaners' disdain for Britain has been exposed, says Stephen Pollard
Juncker and Schulz's shocking leadership could destroy EU
Somali immigrant convicted of rape claims it is his HUMAN RIGHT to stay in UK
Thousands march in protest over Turkey's bill to 'legalise' child rape
San Francisco teacher Fakrah Shah defends lesson calling Trump racist, sexist
Mother who tortured son to death with lesbian lover given permission to APPEAL murder
Justice Secretary Liz Truss may have broken the law over defence of Brexit court judges
The rise of the Jewish Lobby in Canada after Israel’s Six Day War
What is Merkel trying to tell May - ‘SECRET ILLUMINATI SIGN' at key world talks?
Satanism and the CIA - Ted Gunderson
Illegal alien and anchor baby gang charged with Virginia murder
US Congressman (Muslim) was working with a terrorist front man

Saturday 19 November

MPs slam 'BIASED' Jewish judge due to rule on Brexit after wife's anti-Brexit tweets!
‘Stop saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam’ blasts Archbishop of Canterbury!
‘Elites distancing themselves from voters will be voted out!’ – Austria’s Hofer on Trump
'Democracy has been overruled by MOB RULE!' Angry tirade by Brexit and Trump fan goes viral
Turkey votes to make child rape LEGAL for men who MARRY their victims!
SAN ANTONIO: Teacher approves mock assassination of Trump skit by students
CEO who threatens Trump assassination says he's sorry!
ISLAM: Banned organisation flourishing on streets of Britain!
SALFORD: Warty-faced Asian subjected teenage girl to a ‘prolonged sexual assault’ on 67 bus
Somali immigrant arrested over 'sexual assault' of little boy playing outside house
'Brexit, Trump Presidency... more to come' Merkel's worldview is OVER, Farage vows

Friday 18 November

MERKEL (alongside Obama): Internet is a disruptive force and needs to be contained!
‘Odious’ Europhile Lord Kerr calls Brits ‘STUPID’ - Says we ‘need more migrants’
Scots get considerably more public cash than UK average!
Symone Sanders: Trump supporter got what white people deserve for centuries of black slavery!
Britain WILL pay! Germany's nasty Brexit threat - UK faces years of EU payments
UKIP's Paul Nuttall condemns Barack Obama – 'He had no time for Britain!'
Twitter is bent - It is now, demonstrably, an establishment outpost
Police chief suggests burglars who use open windows should be let off!
San Francisco Teachers' Union pushes anti-Trump curriculum!
TRUMP! The biggest media meltdowns! Ha-ha!
Election fraud: 3 million votes cast by illegal aliens?
'It was arrogance' — Clinton staffers explain how she lost key battleground states
"Love Trumps Hate?" 10 violent actions against Trump supporters
Atlanta Man Jokes About Voting For Trump — Gets Shot To Death
Teachers OK’d students skipping class to join anti-Trump protests John Legend: Donald Trump's 'Hitler-level' rhetoric could turn USA in Nazi-Germany
Donald Trump brings renewed hope to Kurds!
Judge Jeanine Pirro to replace Megyn Kelly on Fox News!
FAKE HATE! Jewish students painted Swastika and "Trump" on church wall!
Gay Labour MP claims Trump and Farage are 'dangerous and damaging' - Ridiculed on QT
Three things you must always remember...
Question Time woman v Sturgeon: 'You can't keep having referendums to get answer you want!'
What democracy? Dutch voters BETRAYED as EU rubber stamps visa-free access for Ukraine!
BIRMINGHAM: Knife crime making children afraid to go outside
Greece: Illegal immigrants riot, burn down asylum centre
Now Kanye West says he's pro-Trump! (Gets booed by fans)

Thursday 17 November

Immigrants make up staggering 95% of Britain's new workforce! (This is treason - This is WAR!)
Top accountancy firm, Deloitte, threatens to leave UK if immigration is curbed!
‘We will multiply our numbers!’ Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians!
Arrogant EU chiefs dismiss Eurosceptic revolution as Russian propaganda
'We are losing control of the streets!' The great traitor's Germany descends into lawlessness!
Police arrest 900 Syrians in England and Wales for rape, child abuse etc! 
Coach driver, 78, killed 3 men in a stationary Audi on hard shoulder of M1
Warren Blake gets 17 years for the murder of Andrew McGowan
Muslim cashiers jailed for passing details of Barclays' rich customers to fraudsters Poll: 80% of Americans don't want US aid going to Israel!
Top Jews want Putin and Trump to build a new temple in Jerusalem!
'The most awful candidate!' Paxman launches ASTONISHING tirade against Clinton
MALAWI: Man with HIV had sex with 104 women and girls
Andrew Neil RAGES at gay Tory Remainer over fear-mongering Brexit report
Traitor Blair seen dining with Donald Trump's Jewish son-in-law?
SWEDEN: Patriotic group now second most popular party!
What the news isn’t saying about vaccine-autism studies

Wednesday 16 November

More than 1,300 foreign criminals have used human rights laws to stay in the UK!
Amjad Malik wants less white Brits in journalism! (The better to cover up non-white crime?)
Britain STILL hands out millions in aid to booming economies!
BBC presenter describes Brexit as a 'protest vote' and claims Brits REGRET voting to leave
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange 'could be PARDONED by Donald Trump'
Did such brave men die for what we have now?
Outrage after head bans pupils from HUGGING to ensure they respect personal space!
Steve Bannon signals coming storm for Jews in Age of Donald Trump
Spare me the terrified Jewish sermons about Steve Bannon
BBC presenter describes Brexit as a 'protest vote' and claims Brits REGRET voting to leave
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange 'could be PARDONED by Donald Trump' Teenagers arrested after boy stabbed at Birmingham school
MURDER: Reece Hussain stabbed Edward Stokes to death in Plaistow
Obama will leave his successor more Middle East disasters than he inherited
UK police struggling to deal with witchcraft child abuse!
Huge voter fraud discovered – Clinton DID NOT win the popular vote!
John Redwood, MP, speaks for all Brexiteers!
John Redwood's congratulatory letter to Donald Trump
USA: Conservative beliefs? University bigwig says you’re a 'piece of worthless trash!'
Farhan Mirza filmed sex with Muslim women then threatened to put footage on internet

Tuesday 15 November

Two arrested in Edward Heath child abuse probe
47% of boys held in youth offender institutions are from a black or ethnic minority background
BBC to 'air Muslim Friday prayers as its coverage is too BIASED toward Christianity'
CPS 'blinded by political correctness' dropped sex-selective abortion case!
Trump could WIPE OUT the EU - populist tide could be HAMMER BLOW to Brussels
PepsiCo CEO tells Trump supporters to take their business elsewhere (You heard the lady!)
Viktor Orbán on the election of Donald Trump: Western civilization has liberated itself
Soros prepares for Trump war!
Trump Effect: Jewish and Muslim organizations form new alliance
Donald Trump's top team will 'run ideas' past Nigel Farage BEFORE talking to Theresa May
Trump set to appoint former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State
German leaders terrified Germany will be next on Trump/Brexit earthquake list! (Ha-ha!)
Farage 'last thing' UK needs in negotiating with Trump, says Yvette Cooper
Why the Jewish elite hates Donald Trump!
Aftershock! President Trump has shattered Jews' American idyll!
Obama's parting insult to UK: Outgoing leader calls Merkel 'closest partner!'
Anti-Defamation League study shows “significant uptick” in anti-Semitic Twitter abuse?
What Jews really think about YOU!
LONDON: Savage, Jose Leonardo, stabbed wife multiple times
Mother-of-3, 28, died after she took just ONE puff of a legal high cocktail
UKIP donor/Trump ally plans to drain Westminster swamp by taking on 200 most corrupt MPs
German socialist told to butt out of our politics after asking Corbyn to BLOCK Brexit
Black Baroness blew £300 taxpayer money on toilet seat, £5,000 on paint, £8,000 to fix curtains
Award for worst election loser goes to deluded celebs who thought USA cared what they think
Why are patients being denied life-saving pills that cost just 1p a day?
Shamed MP Keith Vaz gets new role preparing laws to tackle corruption/money laundering!
Black men hunted by police after man stabbed in Tooting High Stree
Man, 50, stabbed at Snaresbrook Tube Station after argument with teenagers
FILTHY: Orient Kebab House in High Road, Leyton, closed down
Black savages beat homeless veteran in Philadelphia - Now in coma
Eurocrat Donald Tusk under spotlight as ex Polish president exhumed
Furious Italian PM Matteo Renzi goes to WAR with EU over migrant crisis
Terror fears see hundreds of veterans barred from Remembrance Sunday parade!
Susanna Reid: ‘Tarring Muslims is extremely unfair!' (PC media = Treason)
Girl, 2, dies day after 'Islamist militant' throws Molotov cocktail at church
BREXIT ON THE BRINK? Leaked memo predicts SIX MONTH delay as Cabinet clashes!
'Sharia patrol' launch brutal attack on girl for 'not wearing HIJAB?'
Rats as big as CATS invade entire STREET of houses petrifying families
'Your party will go down the tube!' UKIP member TEARS into Yvette Cooper on Daily Politics
Theresa May: Brexit is opportunity to make 'globalisation work for all' (Globalism = Treachery)

Monday 14 November

Women beaten, robbed and raped. Lives of misery courtesy of Sharia courts operating HERE!
German magazine 'Baby & Family' says blonde, 'cheerful,' right-wing families are 'dangerous!'
Larry Elder destroys the concept of White Privilege! (Thank you, Larry)
'Stupid! Ridiculous! Hysterical!' Britain SNUBS EU's 'panic dinner' over Donald Trump win
EU chief Juncker takes a swipe at Trump saying he must be TAUGHT a lesson on Europe!
Farage BLASTS Juncker for using Trump victory as excuse to form 'EU army'
Trump has paved the way for world to DEFEAT Islamic extremism and EU, lauds Marine Le Pen
Anti-Trump protests funded by left-wing ‘charity,’ Progress Unity Fund!
CNN pushes narrative of Trump-inspired anti-Muslim crimewave
Whites will be slaughtered unless they give up all land in South Africa, says leading politician
We must NEVER again ignore the people on immigration, Theresa May
May facing Cabinet backlash for ordering ministers to DISMISS Farage and his links to Trump
Chemtrails 'will wipe out humans' causing biblical-style floods, says expert
Hundreds of ISIS fighters have made it into Europe disguised as refugees, say officials
LBC caller SAVAGES Robert De Niro for comparing Trump win to 9/11
Not a 'hair's breadth' between French National Front and UKIP on immigration, says Le Pen
Drug probe Vaz must quit justice committee, says Tories (Two weeks after being appointed)
ISIS jihadi's 'wife' (poisoned a 3-year-old) got legal aid to stop Scotland Yard access to her files!
PRISON RACE WAR: Fears tensions set to explode as gangs pitch against Muslim inmates
A floor or a ceiling?

Sunday 13 November

Nigel Farage poses with Donald Trump - The first British politician to meet the President-elect 
Trump will always put USA first and Britain LAST, says Jewish historian!
'I BLAME COMEY' Bitter Clinton blames FBI chief for election defeat!
With Trump in power, the Fed gets ready for a reckoning!
Marion Le Pen to work with Trump’s campaign manager as Front National support surges!
Trump 'will bring an end to ISIS reign of terror,’ says UKIP's Paul Nuttall
Hungarian PM hails Trump win as counter-revolution and end of 'liberal non-democracy'
JUNCKER hits out at Donald Trump as he accepts he's BACK OF THE QUEUE!
Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years
‘We’re Somalis! We don’t pay!’ Muslim migrants smash bistro with iron bars!
DAN HODGES: Hillary, Ed Miliband, Corbyn - All losers because they just don't listen!
Keith Vaz claimed £81 for ticket from London to Leicester when he was in TUNISIA 
"You are a white man! You don't get to define what racism is!"
The Cholesterol Hoax!
Mayhem as French police officers SET ON FIRE in massive Paris riots!
Protester shot during anti-Donald Trump demonstration - Suspect is a black male (Irony alert!)
Bolton Council a 'dictatorship?' Secretly approved £300,000 grant to law firm
Shame of the poppy day profiteers - Support The Heroes shut down!
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell denounced by Labour MPs
Uber driver fined after refusing to pick up blind passenger and guide dog - Against his RELIGION!
Former BHS boss Dominic Chappell arrested over the tax affairs of his family firm!
5,000 professors say they will return to Italy after Brexit! (Bye-eee!)
Helpful grandmas who cleared 25 sacks of leaves outside their homes to be fined for flytipping?
Asylum seeker who kayaked to Britain faces rape inquiry
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell denounced by Labour MPs
Institutionalised anti-White racism at the National Union of Journalists!

Saturday 12 November

BOMBSHELL NEWS: Wikileaks just released full ISIS donor list!!!
Nicola Sturgeon's SNP government funds sex education for two-year-olds!
More than 80 MPs join Lib Dem plot to force Government to hold a second referendum!
MUSLIM LADY: I am a silent voter for Trump!
CORBYN: billionaire Trump and billionaire-backed Tories won't give people back control!
'TIME FOR ASSASSINATION!' Guardian journalist sparks fury after calling for Trump’s death
Beaten up for voting Trump?
What's happening to America? Trump supporter beaten by black mob speaks
The face of 'Stomp Out Bullying' arrested after pushing Trump supporter, 74, to the ground
TRUMP: "Our campaign represents a true existential threat" to the establishment!
Kremlin says electing Trump saved the world from Armageddon
Hillary Clinton was responsible for all this - Where were the Clinton rioters then?
Bigot, racist, misogynist? Trump's revolution could finally bring back family values!
Why Trump's row with NATO will make Britain stronger
President-elect Donald Trump has said he will not accept a salary for being president
Anti-democrats target electoral college members to switch from Trump to Clinton
FARAGE: Unlike Obama and Clinton who both sneered at us, Donald actually likes the UK
TRUMP! 'You were looking at the rise of a very dark force' says luvvie, JK Rowling
3 million blubbering Lefties sign petition to deny Trump the presidency!
167 Hollywood stars for Hillary Clinton (LOSERS! Ha-ha!)
The unbearable smugness of the press
Teenage migrant who savagely raped OAP, 72, to be released in MONTHS!
Between Heaven and Hell - The True Story of Whites in South Africa
Grandmother secretly jailed for caring too much!
Hound of Hounslow told rival traders to 'kiss my a**' when accused of placing fake deals
Cops probe disgraced MP Keith Vaz over class-A drug use at party with male escorts
Bagram blast: Bomber kills Americans at Afghan base
French MEP caught masturbating in front of teenage girls in a DIY store!
And still they try to thwart democracy! Just who does Lib Dem leader Tim Farron think he is?
BENEFIT FRAUD! Wheelchair-bound African used treadmill in private gym - 7 years jail
Lady Shifty snaps up a £10MILLION London house
You can't always get what you want!

Friday 11 November

RAMZPAUL interview with National Public Radio!
Protestor drops her pants, defecates, picks it up and wipes it on a Trump sign
Liberals ‘made’ Donald Trump by voting for ‘corrupt’ Clinton, furious filmmaker blasts
Trump backer says it is time America stops worrying about 'poor Muslim refugees'
Trump's win is a BOOST for Britain because Obama was 'unsympathetic' to Brexit!
Could Hillary STILL become President? How Clinton could sneak into the White House!
Furious Brit scolds MPs for slating Trump after Obama 'sent us to the back of the queue'
Rise of Trump backlash against people being branded bigots and racists says TV host
END OF MERKEL? Germany on high alert over fears 'Trump effect' could spread into Europe
A Guardian Yank has 'heard enough of the white male rage narrative!'
Police warn of child rape epidemic in migrant-occupied Malmo
LITTLEJOHN: Why should British taxpayers cough up for foreign health tourists?
Opposition MPs vow to try and BLOCK Brexit if no promise for second referendum
Abdirashid Boos murdered charity fundraiser Ahmed Mohammed in a random attack
Campaigners hand in petition after 100,000 call for ban on Halal slaughter
Some MPs 'ready to vote against triggering Brexit'
'The heyday of being America's poodle was under Blair!' Yvette Cooper blasted on QT
Migrant sex attacks against children in Sweden could escalate, officials warn
EU chief SQUIRMS over questions of legitimacy of ‘undemocratic’ European Commission
GERMANY: Islamists face jail for setting up Sharia Police to patrol streets

Thursday 10 November

The self-righteous political elite got it wrong yet again
Trump’s victory is a message to sneering elites
LITTLEJOHN: Trump victory a timely reminder to those in Britain who defy the will of the people
Violent anti-Trump protests! Madonna and Cher join crybaby demonstrators in NYC!
CIVIL WAR: Violent rallies sweep USA as lefties burn US flag after Trump victory
Soros-sponsored social justice warriors besiege Trump Tower
Soros-funded MoveOn.org takes credit for violence in Chicago!
Russian-Jewish immigrant, Ilya Sheyman, director of Soros-funded MoveOn.org, behind violence
Germans leaving 'in droves' amid fallout from Merkel's open door migrant policy
FARAGE: ‘Year of political REVOLUTION!’ Underdogs have FINALLY taken back power!
Death of a dynasty rotten to its core: After 40 years of scandal, Clintons leave public life
PC savage, Margaret Beckett, snarls at Donald Trump
'Russia is ready to restore relations with USA'- Putin on Trump victory
‘Calm down dear’ - Whining Jewish 'historian' (anti-Trump) SLAPPED DOWN on Newsnight
'Good for us – BAD for Europe' President Trump will be great for post-Brexit Britain
Anger as LBC host attacks US for electing 'Ku Klux Klan endorsed’ Trump
'Middle finger to the political elite’ French far-right leaders ‘thrilled’ at Trump win
'Meltdown of the night!' Bitter lesbian news anchor bemoans Trump's election success>
Obama 'to make last-ditch attempt to PARDON Hillary Clinton' before Trump presidency
'Trump has WON - suck it up!' Furious on-air radio clash over Trump and Brexit racism slur
Black Hillary supporters beat up Trump voter and steal his car

Wednesday 9 November

Donald Trump is elected President in stunning repudiation of the Establishment
BBC and Andrew Neil slammed over 'terrible' and 'biased' US election coverage
End of EU? Brussels devastated over Trump's win! (Ha-ha!)
Fury at Radio 4 as Simon Schama compares Donald Trump win to rise of HITLER
France’s US Ambassador: ‘The world is collapsing before our eyes!’ (Ha-ha!)
GERMAN SHOCK: Trump's victory was 'not what we desired' says foreign minister! (Ha-ha!)
'God Forgive America' Spain hits out at Trump election!
Looking for excuses ALREADY? Clinton supporter blames FBI and Russia!
Riots in the streets of USA as Clinton supporters protest and chant 'f*** Trump'
Fury at Radio 4 as Simon Schama compares Donald Trump win to rise of HITLER
The strain of asylum seekers 'on schools and GPs' revealed
Trump’s triumph has crushed the lefty luvvies and multicultural mafia!
Massive hate rally in Tel Aviv calling for all Arabs to be killed!
The strain of asylum seekers 'on schools and GPs' revealed
Hangover for Britain’s Clintonistas
'This is bigger than Brexit!' Farage can't contain his delight
Lady Gaga stages protest outside Trump Tower - Katy Perry vows to not let hate lead us!
Judge refuses to name Islamic school in sex discrimination row

Tuesday 8 November

GERMANY: Syrian refugee with 4 wives and 23 children, gets $390,000 a year in benefits!
“Piles” Of absentee ballots filled out by cheating Democrats!
Hillary Clinton knew she was helping Islamists move into power in Libya
Ann Coulter: Hillary Clinton presidency would be "the end of America!"
Trump rolls out anti-Semitic closing ad?
BBC slammed by Trump supporter ahead of US election
NANTES: Marion, 14, raped, tortured and stabbed 68 times by African savage!
LITTLEJOHN: The Somme's boy soldiers shame today's 'child' migrants!
KATIE HOPKINS: Opposing Assad has given us ISIS and the very real prospect of WW3
'ISIS didn't teach us to read. We learned how to make suicide vests and decapitate prisoners!'
Rapper holds up thousands of beleaguered Southern Rail commuters refusing to move off track
Courts failing victims of honour crime! CPS is fearful of causing ‘unrest!’
The Supreme Court is 'HIGHLY UNLIKELY' to overturn Brexit ruling
German Police afraid to go into lawless areas after open-door immigration
LBC presenter slammed after mocking Farage over planned 100,000 march on Supreme Court
'Do they want an army?' Outrage as MoD prepares to SHUT DOWN 56 historic military bases
'It won't make a difference' Former Lord Chief Justice dismisses Article 50 protest rally
PodestaEmails34: Wikileaks releases second batch on Election Eve
Prince ('impropriety with minors') Andrew gets told off over Trump/Brexit comments
TURKEY: Mother, 62, faces up to 5 years in jail for throwing slippers at son during argument
AUSTRALIA: Pensioner shoots suspected fleeing thief in the BUTTOCKS with bow and arrow

Monday 7 November

Most stabbings in London go unsolved, new figures show
480,000 Swedish women sexually assaulted in 2015?
SWEDEN: Migrant pushes in says, "I p*** on people like you... f*cking whore," to woman!
WARMONGERS ON HEAT! NATO puts 300,000 troops on ‘HIGH (Russia) ALERT!’
ISIS jihadis prepare attacks on American voters? (Trying to put people off voting?)
Hillary OFF the hook! FBI Director says dept won't press charges after further investigation
WIKILEAKS: Hillary camp admits “Keeping jobs in America” won’t happen under them!
‘You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days!’ Furious Trump blasts FBI Director
"Democratic stronghold... counting, illegally or improperly... votes which haven't been verified!"
"Leading figures in NeverTrump movement?" "Kristol, Goldberg, Levin, Wehner" all Jews!
Leaked emails show donors drive Hillary Clinton’s pro-Israel positions
Obama signs executive order allowing CONFISCATION of food and water before election?
Madeleine Albright, latest pro-Clinton Neocon hawking anti-Russia conspiracy theories
Revealed: Brexit appeal judges' EU links
Here's the next lot of Europhile judges who will rule on Brexit  
Prince Andrew says leaving EU and election of Donald Trump may 'tear things apart!'
'They voted to LEAVE' John Humphrys tears into Lib Dem peer over Brexit
'Extremist' schools we can't close!
SAS in Iraq given 'kill list' of 200 British jihadis to take out?
Osama Hussain stabbed tram passenger three times
'We'd lose our seats!' Early election would be catastrophic for Labour, warns Owen Smith
Hundreds of Albanian migrants posing as child refugees putting pupils and foster families at risk
GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Furious mob takes to streets hunting and attacking migrants
Vast EU immigration was a MISTAKE, admits "multiculturalism expert!"
'DON'T COME HERE!' Germany orders EU to SEND BACK boats to Africa!
Russia blast US for ‘not providing one breadcrumb of aid to Aleppo’ as tensions boil over
British teacher found dead after brutal attack in Burma
15 'African Apex gang members' stealing headphones and speakers

Sunday 6 November

Jewish journalist says it's time for elites to rise up against the ignorant masses!
Why should whites live in ‘ethnic’ areas? Can’t they be among their own kind too?
COMING TO YOUR TOWN? ALL councils could be forced to house asylum seekers!
20 Jihadis found serving in German army!
Looking through Hillary’s emails shows a gang bent on destroying the Middle East
If you see a “Smartmatic” voting machine at the polls, here’s what you MUST do...
LA Times reporter fired after tweeting he wants Trump dead!
Hillary Clinton recorded calling for rigged election!!!
Looking through Hillary’s emails shows a gang bent on destroying the Middle East
Clinton foundation admits receiving $1mn donation from Qatar that it previously hid
Hillary on disabled kids: “When are they going to get those f*****g ree-tards out of here?”
The 2016 USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Poll has Trump well ahead!
NBC caught red-handed declaring Clinton victory 2016!
"Bullying is actually built into the strategy for winning! I can't be on the side of the bullies!"
Donald Trump rushed of stage following MAJOR SECURITY SCARE at Nevada Rally
State police raid Philly office as voter registration probe grows
Attention! Breaking news! Voter fraud in Las Vegas! OBAMA is encouraging voter fraud now?
'Merkel must go!' Protest in Dresden as she arrives to celebrate German Unity Day
'You're trying to DILUTE Brexit' Andrew Neil scolds Labour MP!
Migrants have been 'lying about their age for benefits for YEARS!'
Bank of England governor 'using job for POLITICAL career'
Migrant-hit Germany faces massive asylum benefit bill as claims DOUBLE!
Pakistani brothers 'gouge sister's eyes and cut off feet in honour killing'
Jews were behind the derailment of Brexit!
Gina Miller and the Jewish attempt to sabotage Brexit
Is he mad? Brussels chief unveils EU master plan to encourage MORE economic migration!!!
CORBYN: Labour could block Article 50 over single market access
Plane diverts as ‘Eastern European gypsies’ brawl and SLAP stewardess

Saturday 5 November

Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the Saudis
Julian Assange claims Hillary Clinton funded by ISIS BACKERS in ‘MOST DAMNING’ leak
LIAR: Trump's 13-year-old 'rape victim' dramatically DROPS her case!
'Merkel to be replaced WITHIN A WEEK?' Shock alliance could see German leader booted out
Question Time: Nicola Gorb (Jewish) wishes illness on Brexiteers' children!
Jewish law firm Mishcon de Reya (led bid to stop Brexit) won't reveal fat cats they work for
Why I picketed Mishcon de Reya over Brexit
Jews are leading the legal fight against Brexit
Denmark: Child rape is “part of our culture” says Islamic Preacher!
Asian stranger picks up 3-year-old girl in Morrisons and carries her off!
Trump pans Clinton: 'I didn't need J-Lo or Jay-Z' to fill an arena!
Jay Z repeatedly drops n-word, f-bomb during concert for Hillary Clinton
Fury as Muslim police chaplain claims women 'sin' if they refuse sex from their husbands
Gloating Remoaners hail Article 50
Ex-police chief Gordon Anglesea jailed for 12 years for historical sex abuse

Friday 4 November

Ex-British Army chief Lord Richards endorses DONALD TRUMP!
'Voter fraud'? California man finds dozens of ballots stacked outside home!
Podesta emails reveal Clinton’s inner circle has connections to human trafficking!
Enemies of the people!
Any wonder Remainers won? Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group
High Court FURY: Brexiteer slates Article 50 ruling which will cause 'democratic OUTRAGE'
LITTLEJOHN: This is a coup, a victory for enemies of democracy!
Traitor Judges among crowd who jeered Brexiteer Gove at white tie banquet
Early election if judges and remainers do not back down in bid to delay Brexit
UK's most segregated towns where white population has HALVED in 10 years
Question Time: Nicola Gorb (Jewish) wishes illness on Brexiteers' children! EU-based campaigners led by a foreign-born multi-millionaire throw Brexit plans into chaos
Top Tory, Sajid Javid, in hypocrisy storm over tax avoidance ploy as £3m City banker
'Disgusting' NHS worker hopes children of Brexit voters fall ill!
FARAGE: Brexit has been HIJACKED! Now only UKIP can save us?
African rapist responsible for 'extremely nasty' attack gets 10 years
ROCHDALE: Horror sex attack sees man raped by Asians
Police hunt black men after knife attack on Tooting High Street
Neighbourhood is in fear over burglary spell
Ex-police chief Gordon Anglesea jailed for 12 years for historical sex abuse
CALAIS GANG RAPE: Afghan migrants arrested over attack on mother-of-two in Jungle
Swedish Police cover up sex crimes committed by refugees
Shiv Prasad bit off wife's nose after she refused to buy him a motorbike!
Now mind-changing Pope urges countries not to take in more migrants than they can 'assimilate!'

Thursday 3 November

Bottom line: Stage is being set to start WWIII on the slightest provocation!
Why I picketed Mishcon de Reya over Brexit
Any wonder they blocked Brexit? Article 50 judge founded EU INTEGRATION group!!!
Government loses Article 50 court fight!!! (Now Remainers get to decide on Brexit?)
SAVILE TOWN: The corner of Yorkshire that has almost no white residents!
White children should be BUSSED into schools dominated by ethnic minorities, says Ted Cantle!
More Romanians locked up in EU jails than any other member state
INDIA: 20,000 Muslims attack Hindu village in middle of night: MEDIA SILENCE!
BLACKBURN (Jack Straw's constituency): How political correctness killed integration
Anger as migrant family on benefits moved into £1.8 MILLION property
‘What is going on in this country?’ Tory MP urges PM to weigh in over gymnast’s Islam row
Blair's 'psychological dominance' key in UK entering Iraq war, says Chilcot!
Hillary Clinton’s niece is voting for Donald Trump!
Confessed Clinton hit-man, Larry Nichols: "HILLARY MUST BE STOPPED!"
Iraq invasion caused rise of ISIS, admits former UK foreign secretary
Hillary earned $11 million in 2014 for speeches to banks, industry etc.
Empire Files: Abby Martin exposes what Hillary Clinton really represents
James Perloff on why Hillary Clinton is the Rothschilds choice for President
"TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Voting machines are getting rigged EVERYWHERE!"
Rigging the election – Video III: Creamer confirms Hillary Clinton was PERSONALLY involved
ABC NEWS: Hillary may end up in jail after all – Thanks to Trey Gowdy
Why did Hillary transfer $1.8 billion from the Clinton Foundation to Qatar's Central Bank?
Why did Hillary transfer $1.8 billion from the Clinton Foundation to Qatar's Central Bank? (2)
Child refugees are coming. Why is the Jewish community so determined to bring them in?
The Blair Legacy: Jewish ethnic Strategizing in the creation of multicultural Britain
Somali migrant broke into a hospital to sexually assault a female patient!
Majority of anti-immigrant attacks recorded by pro-asylum group are false!
Secret ISIS documents describe how to take non-Muslim women as sex slaves
Nigel Farage wins lifetime achievement award for Brexit role at Parliamentarian ceremony
Muslims 'have the RIGHT to use Sharia law in Britain, says Islamic activist
Merkel humiliated after party member calls for migrant to be 'sent to a crematorium'
Gay Tory MP quizzed by detectives over sexual assault
The Blackburn halal butcher who has NEVER served a white Brit
Pensions regulator tells Sir Shifty Green he IS responsible for £571m BHS finances black hole
Brexit is named the word of the year by the Collins Dictionary!

Wednesday 2 November

Immigrants committed 142,500 crimes in Germany during first 6 months of 2016!
GERMANY AT BOILING POINT! Furious mob takes to streets hunting and attacking migrants!
'We are losing control of the streets!' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness!
WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS! Armed migrants fight running battles
Massive brawl breaks out between more than 100 CHILD MIGRANTS in bulldozed Calais Jungle
Britain's white flight! Whites in some areas down by up to HALF!
Why DID Tory ministers Rudd, Hunt & Fox help Labour sleaze Keith Vaz land justice job?
Elderly couple, inseparable for 70 years, forced apart by social services!
Three Somalis JAILED for 32 years for vile sex abuse of girls as young as 14!
'Sharia councils need SUPPORT,' says Labour MP, Naz Shah! Inquiry is 'Islamophobic!'
'JFK style' Russian media claims Trump could be ASSASSINATED if he becomes President!
USA: Refugee resettlement programs scam the public!
Wikileaks BOMBSHELL exposes extent of Clinton corruption!
O’Reilly’s epic response to Hillary’s lies!
Hillary goes HOARSE! Clinton shouts down heckler who calls Bill a 'rapist'
Two police officers shot dead in 'ambush attacks' in Iowa!
David Attenborough says Brits weren't WISE enough for Brexit vote! (Silly old paid up elitist)

Tuesday 1 November

Clintons are a ‘CRIME FAMILY’ as bad as the GAMBINO MOB, ex-FBI chief says
Michelle Obama deletes Hillary Clinton from Twitter!
Sweden is turning into a lawless dystopia!
Ethem Orhon, 67, knifed 4 women in Hampton Sainsbury's to get revenge on police!
African immigrant jailed for stabbing father and son in New Addington
Picture of main suspect in a sexual assault in Leicester's Nelson Mandela Park
Jailed: Nyakeh Kpaka assaulted sleeping woman at house parties!
DENMARK: Syrian refugee hunted after wife and daughters found dead IN FREEZER
'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness
We Want The Truth - We want Trump!
Berlin 2016: Rape, Drugs, Murder, Robberies: North African Gangs terrorize remaining Germans
Somali 'immigrant' gang videos racist assaults in America! UK's leading public companies must have at least one non-white director by 2021 says report!
GUARDIAN: UK is nasty country and our unis will suffer? (They suffered before mass migration?)
Suspicion is our default setting. How did it come to this? (We live alongside your importations)
FIFA bans England and Scotland from WEARING POPPIES during match on Armistice Day!
Brussels bigwig 'paid £75,000-a-year and given expenses… to do NOTHING until retirement'
Ashamed Merkel shuns party conference after leader blasts her ‘SCHOOLGIRL’ migrant tactics
Security fears as asylum centre built next door to mosque ‘with links to Islamic State’

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