Daily News: November 2015

Monday 30 November

Universities 'dominated by left-wing hate mobs' says Professor!
Tyson Fury on homelessness and immigration
Columbia U. research paper: Is Turkey collaborating with ISIS?
Absent parents 'harm child's IQ!' (Absent dads make stupid kids? Who knew?)
Ex-Scout leader and Lib Dem councillor downloaded thousands of indecent images of children!
Women only fit to deliver children says Indian Muslim leader!
Pressure mounts on Cameron to axe Tory Party chairman, Feldman
Scandal inquiry 'farce': Tory chairman will be questioned by his OWN staff!
SCHAPPS! Bungler who thought he could be PM!
Dave trusts Lord Feldman more than anyone!
Do Corbyn and Co only back bombs if they're aimed at fellow Brits?
BBC attacks atheist ex-Muslims as 'Islamophobic’, defends Islamists!
Outrage over EU plot to kick UK out of UN Security Council!
Black bookkeeper jailed for three years after stealing £250,000!
Don't tell us going to war won't cost lives
Mike Rawlings, Mayor of Dallas, is more scared of white men with guns than of Syrian immigrants!

Sunday 29 November

80 per cent of London Muslims support ISIS!
TREASON! Labour party MEPs vote against “any border controls… aimed at fighting terrorism!”
Biggest march in Polish history - Patriots v Muslim invasion! Media silence!
Plan to eradicate European race through immigration!
Migrants attack cops as Macedonia puts up fence along Greek border
Austerity for us, billions for foreigners! Thanks, George!
General Wesley Clarke on Turkish support for ISIS
Bomb Syria? What with? Cuts and mothballing makes us a 'marginal' force!
HITCHENS: 'Recreational bombing' by our Churchill wannabe!
Israel to co-ordinate with Google/YouTube, to censor Palestinian videos of conflict
Broadband bills must increase to pay for snooper's charter, MPs warned
DIVERSITY USA! Ex-Cop (black) raped 77-year-old stroke victim repeatedly!
NWO Communism By The Backdoor - Part 7
Serial killer Dariusz Kotwica raped and murdered across Europe - Thanks EU/LibLabCon!
Waseem Choudry smuggled £500,000 of heroin into UK from Pakistan! Thanks LibLabCon
The Israeli government is actively aiding the third world invasion of Europe!
Israel’s chilly reception for African asylum seekers
IsraAID helps refugees get into Europe as Israel turns them away!
Now PM's pal Lord Feldman (Tory party's Jewish Chairman) in the firing line
Finland: Third minor raped by a Muslim ‘refugee’ within a week
INVADERS! Norway Will “deport by force!” (Common sense)
Mark Clarke: Tory bully boy with a Mummy complex
GREECE: Teenage prostitutes selling sex for the price of a sandwich! Thanks EU!
ITV bigwigs waste £10m in Peter Andre "liar" case! Black producer gets £4 million!
C-list celeb throws me-me-me tantrum! (As they do)
Robert Stephen Dodds: the rudest judge in Britain?
ISRAEL: Contestants compete in the Miss Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant!
The b***h of Aldi' awarded $40,000 after being unfairly dismissed

Saturday 28 November

EU and Labour MEPs say we MUST welcome back jihadis because border controls are RACIST!
80%of London Muslims support ISIS? (Looks like WAR imported by THEM is about to get real!
2008: DIANE ABBOTT says "Mao (mass murderer of 60-80m) did more good than harm!"
ERDOGAN! Double dealing tyrant sabotaging the West's battle to crush ISIS!
US General: Turkey should be kicked out of NATO!
Putin accuses U.S. of complicity in the destruction of its jet!
Dutch Prime Minister: EU risks same fate as Roman Empire if it fails to protect its borders
Merkel's migrant blunder splitting Germany in two!
Swedish Police: 14,000 migrants due for deportation have vanished
Hollande's meeting with Putin 'deals US geopolitics a major blow!'
Shouldn't the Syrian men flocking here fight to free their nation?
Pro-migrant politician celebrates demographic suicide of German people!
100,000 Polish patriots march through Warsaw demanding end to Muslim migration! Media silence
United Nations peacekeepers killed in rocket attack
ASSAD: Putin the ‘only defender of Christian civilization’
EU to ease limits on Fukushima imports! (Eat plutonium and die, Whitey!)
OOPS! Syrian army's direct hit on jihadi!
My daughter the 'ISIS whore!'
King Abdullah and top kingdom officials spent $1.35 million on Obama in 2014!
Corbyn's policy advisor says Labour bigwigs = the most abject collection of complete sh**e!
Tory peer warned top brass about Mark Clarke TEN MONTHS ago!
Labour Pervert, Greville Janner, sued for £2.5million by 6 victims (alleged) of sex abuse
VIP paedophile ring cover up - sex abuse inquiry chairman pledges full examination
'Violent and controlling' Tomasz Kocik murdered girlfriend and dumped her body in a canal
DIVERSITY! Peter Kibisu raped and murdered his lawyer landlady!
Criminal empire 'godfather' Nosakhere Stephenson sold machine guns to other gangsters
Burger Bar Boys sold deadly guns - jailed for 128 years
Mohammed Shabir jailed for racist disruption of Remembrance Day parade
Cheating headmistress Ludiya Besisira enjoyed a 2-year trip part-funded by foreign aid
Solicitor and sister swindled £1million from clients! (PIGS in nice frocks = PIGS)
Snouts in trough time - MPs plot to bag themselves 4-day working week
The new Establishment is now so vulgar they are BEYOND PARODY!
So is Strictly REALLY fixed?

Friday 27 November

Severed heads at Bataclan: mainstream media silent
Army and police budgets slashed but foreign aid spending ROCKETS by 40 per cent!
'We are spending more on overseas aid than the Home Office and Ministry of Justice!'
PUTIN: “Why did we pass this information to the Americans?" (Yanks knew plane's flight path!)
You say Cameron SHOULD back RUSSIA in Turkey missile crisis!
High terror threat level: Cops seize 800 weapons en route from TURKEY to Belgium!
Boot Turkey out of NATO and bin EU membership hopes!
German politician OPENLY brags about replacing the German people!
French PM takes aim at Merkel and warns Europe CANNOT take in any more migrants
Angela Merkel is Jewish?
Most Rotherham child sex abusers are white? Lies in Rotherham report!
Turks (ISIS-enablers) demand $3.3billion a year; visa-free travel and membership from EU!
Meet the man who funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, son of Turkey's President!
Putin's bombers hit Turkish border crossing in revenge for downed jet
HIV epidemic sweeps Europe! Immigrants "account for a third" of cases! (Not more?)
Israeli Colonel caught with IS pants down!
Asians held over attempted child abduction
Child sacrifice and trafficking in Holland!
BBC1 and BBC2 set to be invaded by youth programmes! (Even more dumbing-down?)
Migration crisis can't wait for another day!
Swedish village torn apart by migration! Running battles in streets!
MPs want 'more disabled and LGBT refugees' from Syria to come to UK!
Syrian refugees in Lebanon waiting to come to UK 'infiltrated by ISIS!'
Violent clashes as rioting migrants storm Greek border!
Polish against immigrants
Thousands march against NATO war games in Italy, Spain
Red Ken right to blame Blair for London bombings! Traitorous to suggest bombers were justified!
50,000 migrants came to UK from Romania and Bulgaria in just one year!
Foreign buyers avoid tax with buy-to-let loophole
Blunder gives Scots £600m a year EXTRA
Check out the ISIS cry-babies! (Bet they're "British")

Thursday 26 November

Douglas Murray’s warning to the Jewish community
“Alexei (Tsar's son) remained sitting petrified. I killed him!" (Yurovsky was Jewish)
The day Israel murdered 34 Americans!
Goodbye England's green and pleasant land - Immigration boom will DEVASTATE countryside
The cruelty of social workers who sneer at middle-class parents
44,000 die after flu vaccine causes number of excess winter deaths to TRIPLE
The £16billion aid budget that dwarfs our Home Office spending!
ParisAttacks, ‘911 of Europe’: the catalytic event to boost colonising wars and police terror
The truth behind the refugee crisis: mass-migration as part of a ‘greater’ agenda
Syrian Kurds are the West's most effective ally against ISIS - The USA betrayed them!
NATO member Turkey defends ISIS as they kill Kurds!
Thatcher: "the best parliamentarian I ever knew" - EMOCH WAS RIGHT!
Turkey charges editor with treason for showing how they support ISIS
Gay Albanian asylum seeker's right to stay in UK 'beggars belief',
Jasbir Singh Bharaj - labelled by a flight attendant as "worst passenger ever encountered"
Finnish girl, 14, raped by Afghan refugees ‘They know how it’s done’: Turkey violated Greek airspace 2,244 times in 2014 alone! Leftism/liberalism/political correctness diminishes the I.Q.
Europe can't take any more migrants says French PM... 'It wasn't France that said to come'
Migrant crisis could destroy the euro, warns Juncker
Why Does Everyone Hate Bernard-Henri Lévy?
Comedian Dieudonne jailed over racist remarks
12 Turkish cops charged with death of American tourist
London’s founders were “ethnically diverse?” BBC manipulates results?
#KillAllWhiteMen Muslim welfare and diversity officer sends gang-rape e-mail to Pam Geller
Lord Monckton exposes the Agenda of Agenda 21
NeoCons want "White Trash" to fight Russia
Sweden slams shut its open-door policy towards refugees (Too late Libtards!)
Families face paying up to 22% more in council tax
British victim of Paris attacks 'bled out in silence to save his friends'
Why do so many celebs claim to have OCD? (Self-obsessed w***ers?)
Former MP, Tim Yeo, branded untruthful by libel judge
The brutal reality of life on Nairobi’s streets

Wednesday 25 November

Turkey enters the war on the side of ISIS!
Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian plane?
Turkey’s downing of Russian jet brings Syrian crisis to boiling point!
Moscow expert warns war is 'likely!'
Russian special forces rescue second pilot from jet shot down by Turkey!
Lavrov calls downing of jet planned act, says Russia will reconsider ties with Turkey!
Turkey demanded Putin ‘stop bombing ISIS’ days before jet shoot-down!
Poster girl who left Austria to join jihadis beaten to death by ISIS after trying to flee!
University students in England now pay world's highest fees!
Social workers lied and doctored report where children were taken from parents!
Excess winter deaths in England and Wales reached 43,900 last year!
Shapps said he barely knew shamed aide/pictures tell different story! Feldman in spotlight
Poland snubs EU flag in sign of defiance of Brussels
YENTOB! BBC's Jewish fat cat at centre of NEW £1.4m Kids Company scandal!
Tomasc Kocik murdered girlfriend, Marta, stuffed her into a case and threw it into a canal
Slovakian gipsy gang who trafficked women to Britain jailed for 22 years
2014: Lanre Mullins-Abudu jailed for £1.25m cyber attack
Slovakian gipsy gang who trafficked women to Britain jailed for 22 years
YENTOB! BBC fat cat (Jew) at centre of NEW £1.4m Kids Company scandal
'Tonnes of inedible chicken seized from Majid Zaman's filthy illegal meat factory!
HALF our closest living relatives on brink of extinction around the world
White woman has hands and feet amputated after Black shoots her!
Human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield's daughter, 44, killed herself
Israelis shoot Palestinian teen dead and wound another being threatened with scissors
1907: A Jew Who Would Irk the Vatican Becomes Mayor of Rome!
Cheryl, dear, don’t reach for your lawyers every time you're insulted on social media!

Tuesday 24 November

Cops 'sorry' for failing to act before Hollie's black boyfriend murdered her
Viktor Orban hits out at EU, linking Paris atrocity to its immigration policies!
Paddy Ashdown calls for an inquiry into funding of jihadism in UK by Gulf states
Muslim couple accused of plotting bomb attack to coincide with 10th anniversary of 7/7
Germans opposed to mass migration are "free to leave!"
"We are losing control of the streets!" (German cop)
Hunger used as weapon says Ken Loach! Worse than when he made Cathy Come Home!
The world-destroying billionaire Jew, George Soros, sees "national borders as the obstacle!”
Jews at the 'forefront of welcoming' invasion
Washington Holocaust Museum demand "thousands of legitimate refugees!"
Former ambassador to Israel now head of British cyber security!
Sharia taxi driver told me I was disgustingly dressed says BBC star!
Police probe SNP MP Natalie McGarry over missing £30,000
Looks like Europe's most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam, is a yellowbelly!
Tory councillor 'broke her UKIP rival's teeth !
Three quarters of top judges went to private school
Terrorist recruiters teaching 'troubled teenagers' how to pick pocket 'non-believers'
US Congresswoman introduces bill to stop war on Syria to oust Assad! Says CIA ops must stop!
Eyewitness to the Bali Bombings, Robert S. Finnegan, speaks out
Russian fighter jet SHOT DOWN by Turkish planes
ISIS could 'kill 10,000 in Trafalgar Square next week' says defence boss!
British Muslim women secretly recruiting for ISIS and celebrating terror bombings
PC gone mad! University officials ban YOGA – claim it's OFFENSIVE!
Hillary Clinton: Born Liar

Monday 23 November

Now EU tells us what to plant as new laws criminalise British gardeners!
Hundreds of failed jihadisroam streets of UK and we do nothing about it!
19% of British Muslims have 'some sympathy' for those who join ISIS
ISIS wannabe, Waheed Ahmed, (son of a Labour councillor) back in Rochdale
Football matches, ferries, trains easy targets for ISIS!
Landlord arrested after lending flat to Paris jihadis is a gangland kingpin and murderer!
Scholar who condemned Paris atrocities got death threats from British Muslims
Paris plotters had numerous links to British hate-preachers! (Enabled by LibLabCon)
Dr Manav Arora guilty of sexually assaulting male patient in hospital
Elderly will be living unsupported in 'silent misery' unless government act now
One in five of over-55s think they were targeted by fraudsters last year!
Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment!
'Police call handler could have saved my son from sex killer'
Highly decorated hero driven mad by anti-malaria drug still given to tourists?
Sam Donley stabbed best friend Liam Miller 32 times after taking drug 'Smiles'
Guess who claims divorce is good for children - Divorce lawyers!
NIGEL LAWSON: Police could save money by abandoning historic sex abuse inquiries!
CANADA: The trial of Arthur Topham on charges of anti-semitism
LONDON 2008: Rabbi uncovering child abuse in Orthodox communities chased by 200 Charedis!
Film bosses ban video of Lord's Prayer yet allow kids to see ads for beer/violent video games
Junior doctors DESPERATE to avoid a strike (Jeremy Hunt WON’T budge)
NIGEL LAWSON: Police could save money by abandoning historic sex abuse inquiries!
Peter Hitchens - The New Liberal Bigotry
Mugabe's wife Grace says women are to blame if they are raped
Guess who claims divorce is good for children - divorce lawyers!

Sunday 22 November

Paris is tragic proof that Enoch Powell was right!
Enoch Powell was right to warn of 'rivers of blood', says UKIP MEP
Red Cross cured 154 malaria cases with MMS - Why do they keep it secret?
‘Without Russia we can’t solve conflicts of our time’ – Bavarian leader
Turkey threatens Russia over bid to obliterate ISIS! (Merkel/Cameron want these in EU!)
Police watching 118 Syrian jihadis in Britain with 183 Syria-related criminals held
ISIS terrorists 'hiding in Britain awaiting orders to launch horrific Paris-style attack'
ISIS slaughtered Eagles of Death Metal fans hiding in band's Paris dressing room
United Nations calls on world to WIPE OUT ISIS
Daily Mail cartoon depicts immigrants as rats! (Is the media catching up?)
RESULT! Imran Douglas hangs himself days after getting life for murder of Margery Gilbey, 88
Bristol gang that preyed on cyclists and joggers in city centre parks have jail terms increased
Sheffield robbery: Man slashed by a gang of blacks
Benefits Street 'star' Black Dee facing jail for drugs and bullets crime
Kidnapper, Hussain Ahmed, jailed for snatching victim from Birmingham car park
Jeremy Corbyn speech to the Labour Party SW Region conference, Bristol
Putin stuck it to the U.S. at the G20
Ola Jordan quits Strictly Come Dancing saying the show is fixed

Saturday 21 November

63 million Muslims support ISIS in 11 countries!
Is there a link between Islam and terrorism? Yes, and we have to face up to it. 97% agree!
FREDERICK FORSYTH: We should be the EU's neighbour NOT it's servant!
OBORNE: David Cameron truly is the heir to Tony Blair
Sex, suicide and chilling threats: scandal engulfs David Cameron's chum
Soros-backed group launches bid to keep Syrian refugees flowing
China launches WAR on ISIS after terrorists 'execute Chinese hostage'
Paris jihadi went to gay bars, took drugs and was hooked on PlayStation
Could Germany's open-door refugee policy bring about Merkel's downfall?
Leader of German Left blasts US on support for terror
US airstrike on ISIS checkpoint in Iraq kills four civilians including a child
NHS facing 'national meltdown' as hospitals run out of money to pay doctors
Nigel Farage MORE popular than David Cameron, poll reveals
Lithuanian immigrant, Nerijus Bilevicius, murdered Swedish teenager, Lisa Holm
Merkel rebuked by Bavarian ally over refugees
The Enemy Within: Across France, numerous incidents show Muslim support for the Paris attacks
Integration in Belgium - Diverse youth enriches Brussels with intercultural dialogues
Single Russian missile attack kills 600 jihadis
Charice Gassmann, a 'bully out for revenge,' and sister, Amberstasia, murdered Alison Connolly
Police hunt for 'dangerous' mental health patient missing from psychiatric clinic
Teen attacked in street by baseball bat-wielding gang before being stabbed in the head
Gang which preyed on cyclists and joggers in city centre parks have jail terms increased
Kidnapper, Hussain Ahmed, jailed for snatching victim from Birmingham car park
Greedy businessman, Lakhbir Jaspal, jailed after conning charity out of £325,000
Police hunt Tasja Dowell after mobile phone stolen
Ten Jewish groups urge Congress to allow Syrian refugees into US!
Pupils at Trojan Horse school taught that Christians and Jews were ignorant
Teenager converts to Islam for Muslim lover, doesn’t turn out as planned
Student diversity officer, who tweeted 'kill all white men,' quits
Muslim father, aided by son, beat daughter to death
POPE: Paris massacre has made Christmas meaningless in a world that chooses 'war and hate'
January: Five guilty of assisting Bristol killer Luchiano Barnes escape to US
Rotherham in South Dakota — Thanks to a “refugee” named Mohammed

Friday 20 November

Sex, drugs and blackmail claims rock the Tories! Party chiefs accused of cover-up
Andrew Neil's message to the "Islamist scumbags" who attacked Paris
Gunfire, explosions, hostage situation as jihadists attack hotel in Mali
Gunmen take 170 hostages in Radisson hotel in Mali ("Religion of peace," Dave?)
800,000 UK jobs advertised to workers across EU at taxpayers' expense!
ANN WIDDECOMBE: Britain is becoming a nation of people afraid of their own shadows!
France’s civil war and the struggle facing Europe
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard released today
How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines
Migrants must pass English test before coming to live in UK! Against their Human Rights!
Stunning advert for #DIVERSITY! Bristol's six "most wanted" villains are all DIVERSE!
Boy, 15, fights for life, another injured, 'stabbed by excluded pupil' at London school
Forced by drug dealer Arif Choudhury to have sex with 13 Asian males
Kidnap gang thug who tortured sauna boss has appeal thrown out
Newsagent Muhammad Shahbaz sexually assaulted girl with learning difficulties
Nissar Hussain attacked with pickaxe for converting to Christianity! ("Religion of peace," Dave?)
"Tanned-skin" thug beat up six-stone disabled man and mugged him
Police warn elderly people in Bristol to beware after increase in doorstep crime
French PM says Paris attackers exploited migrant crisis to slip in to France
Majority of Muslims 'have met an extremist' says Sadiq Khan
The truth behind the refugee crisis: mass-migration as part of a ‘greater’ agenda
Muslims tortured victims at Bataclan Theatre?
The US is run by psychopaths and we are now facing Armageddon
Gloves off: Putin exposes G20's financial ties to ISIS! (Not reported by mainstream media)
Osborne to inject hundreds of thousands of pounds into 'hardship' fund for MPs!!!
Police pay compensation to 7 women led into 'abusive' and 'deceitful' relationships with cops
Children are arriving at some primary schools unable to speak properly!
Prof David Whyte: 'We have a national myth... that Britain is not corrupt'
Could MEDITATION combat racism? (NO but deporting the alien hordes & executing traitors might)

Thursday 19 November

Them Days Are Gone: Funeral Pyre!
Well, f*** you for not wanting more refugees!
Jews say private schools inspire anti-Semitism!
Monsanto herbicide causes cancer (confirmed)
Saudi Arabia coming apart at the seams!
BBC axes popular shows to keep 74 managers earning more than David Cameron
ISIS says New York is NEXT? ISIS about to bomb the Jews? Yeah right
Putin 'sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State!'
SCORE - 2014: Boko Haram 6,664 kills! ISIS 6,073 kills!
ISIS in TURMOIL as Anonymous publish details of 'recruiters' and destroy Twitter accounts
Slag benefits-enabled mum-of-8 hires agent to capitalise on her "fame!
Family pay tribute to WPC murdered by diversity
BRADFORD: Samira Lupidi charged with murder of children
LONDON: Cops hunt 'big-nosed' East-European night bus sex attacker
Nissar Hussain brutally set upon because he converted from Islam to Christianity
British hate preacher banned from leaving UK due to terror fundraising is arrested in Hungary
Dr Emmanuel Edet and wife (nurse) enslaved 'houseboy' for 24 years
USA: Black student stalks high school maths teacher 'before brutally raping and murdering her'
Bullying Tatler Tory is kicked out of the party
£6,000 student loan used to buy flight to Syria to join ISIS!
Teenager avoids jail after raping girl aged five (Sick society via #LibLabCon)
Israeli activists edit Wikipedia and censor internet tp promote Zionist
Israel’s Information Ops
Look who's threatening black folks!
SARAJEVO: Soldiers killed, civilians injured in an attack by Muslim gunman
ISIS NEVER attack Israel but bomb Hezbollah on same day as Paris attacks
The hunt for Mohammed K
Jew stabbed on Marseille street by men who shouted support for ISIS
We should bomb Syria? (And if we bomb Assad, instead of ISIS, politicians will be executed?)

Wednesday 18 November

TERROR ALERT! 3,000 Islamist extremists in Britain 'ready to ATTACK the UK in weeks'
Wake up, Europe: Russia is not the enemy!
Former DIA Head concedes USA deliberately backed extremists in Syria!
Former marine blows the whistle on the West!
Turkey fans BOO and chant 'Allahu Akbar'during minute's silence for Paris attack victims
Muslim asks what we cannot: 'If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come?'
In Sweden, Muslims account for 5% of the population but commit 77% of the crime!
The money given to Kids Company was staggering!
76% of Britons want immigration slashed to below 50,000! (12 TIMES more than that for a decade)
Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists!
Jewish Senator says ignoring terror against Israel led to Paris massacre
EU plan to disperse 160,000 asylum seekers in disarray after Hungary rejects it!
Homeless ex-soldier, 82, dies hours after being evicted from squat!
Our Wretched Jewish State — by Gideon Levy
1 million Syrians return home since launch of Russian anti-ISIS ops - Syria UN ambassador
Gang jailed for bringing Latvian woman into UK and keeping her locked up
Camden drug dealer Ahmed Noor jailed
Muslim robbers jailed for holding up Halifax nightclubbers
France moves to make ‘conspiracy theories’ illegal by government decree
Terrorist plot thought to have been foiled in Germany?
Milos Zeman says migration opponents shouldn't be called xenophobes/Islamophobes/racists/Fascists

Tuesday 17 November

WOW! Journalist Gearóid Ó Colmáin exposes the New World Order's "War on Terror!"
Farage speech after Paris - "Saudi Arabia is funding this extreme ideology!"
ORBAN: Migrant quotas would spread terrorism across Europe!
UN: More than 1,000 schools destroyed by Boko Haram this year! CHIEF RABBI: Don't close doors to refugees because of #Paris! (Has he said this in Israel?)
Islamic terrorists READY to launch ANOTHER horror attack after Paris, CIA boss warns
Europe is at war, our leaders must start acting like it!
Muslim mayor: Now is the time to wipe out 50,000 ISIS fighters!
TOP COP says: Our police don't have the guns to protect us!
Marine Le Pen demands 'immediate halt' to new migrants in France
ISIS: The wealthiest terrorists in history
IRONY ALERT! Far Left Center for American Progress hosts Netanyahu of Israel's Far Right!
More than half of US states want to BAN Syrian refugees amid terror fears
PIERS MORGAN goes the 'brave Muslims' route
Refugee backlash brewing across the United States!
The Saudis are stumbling (And they may take the Middle-East down with them)
France's politically correct war on Islamic Terror!
MALAYSIA: "Religion of Peace" in the classroom
Dave is now saying: "It's not good enough to say Islam is religion of peace!"
Experts warn of 'post-antibiotic era' where common colds will kill again!
Young Germans should be forced to “service” immigrants for 1 year, says politician!
POTENTIAL gang members can be identified when they are as young as seven
In my world this creep would be executed - So would the politicians who made him
Lewis Dunne, 16, murdered, shot in the back during pre-arranged fight
WE are most likely to tell the truth? (Bull! UK majority'd run a mile from harsh reality!)
Cops arrest woman for Facebook post banning Muslims from beauty salon!

Monday 16 November

Daniel Carlsen bemoans fact that Denmark team isn't wholly Danish - MSM media sneers
Jewish presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says Paris slaughter is "small incident!"
Jewish Lord calls for snoopers' charter to be rushed through!
Diversity unto death! The number of Muslims in Europe reaches 44m!
Look who the French police let go!
Written in the blood of innocents, the folly of a Europe with no borders
Quiz a Muslim panellists demand establishment of Islamic State here as ISIS slaughters in Paris!
In Paris, some residents view attackers as victims! LEMMINGS!
Labour MP Keith Vaz has “no problem” with reintroduction of blasphemy laws!
The Belgian radicals' den
Putin shames G20 - ISIS financed by 40 countries, including G20 members
Refugee backlash brewing across the United States
France's politically correct war on Islamic terror
France launches wave of 'massive' bombing raids on ISIS!
Comedian Jason Manford temporarily suspended from Facebook for criticising Paris killers?
Paris attack mastermind, Salah Abdeslam, detained in Belgium
Paris bomber sneaked into Europe posing as refugee - EVERY arrival given travel papers
In Paris, some residents view attackers as victims! LEMMINGS!
EU Council President says EU’s open border system about to collapse?
Cameron says 7 ISIS plots were stopped in 6 months! (And STILL he beckons them in!)
450 jihadis back in UK but has a single passport been seized?
Poland joins anti-invasion group!
Attack in France - The Golden One speaks
REFUGEES! Hassan's wife and Ayham's brother have cancer - Not a drain on society though
Gallows graffiti sprayed on German politician's house after he spoke against far right!
Now the Western warmonger offers Putin compromises (Put 2 fingers up, Vlad)
German government thinking of commandeering private homes to house refugees?
US politician says Charlie Hebdo killings were US/Mossad actions to keep Netanyahu in power!
Retired vicar Roger Wakely jailed for sexual assaults on pupils over four decades
X-Factor is a fix! (Who knew?) Olly Murs' career is over?

Sunday 15 November

Israeli Rabbi says victims of Paris massacre deserve their fate!
Paris Jihadis sneaked into Europe as Syrian refugees!
Marine le Pen: France is no longer safe!
1.5 million Brits identified as supporters of ISIS!
MERKEL: Response to terror must be charity and tolerance!
Traitor Merkel calls for ‘tolerance’ towards migrants after Paris massacre!
Will Europe prove Angela Merkel's downfall?
Former PM Tony Abbott warns IS terrorists are hiding in flood of refugees
Obama under fire for saying that ISIS has been 'contained' just hours before Paris attack!
Muslim truck drivers awarded $240,000 for refusing to deliver alcohol
New charity aims to protect children from sexual exploitation
Is Britain just going to sit and wait for its own day of reckoning?
Labour councillor David Royle arrested for sexually abusing a boy
Rotherham Council bosses ‘covered up’ laptop thefts (containing child abuse info)
Collapse of residential care within five years?
German grandma, 87, gets 10 months for denying Holocaust, saying Auschwitz just a labour camp
BBC supremo Alan Yentob cattacked for giving starring roles to his friends!
HITCHENS: Really want to beat terror? Then calm down and THINK!

Saturday 14 November

The traitor within, the enemy without
PARIS: 128 dead, 99 badly injured in terror attacks
Britain next to be attacked by ISIS, supporters claim
Terror on the streets of Paris
Cameron shocked by Paris attacks! (Why? Import those who hate you, this is the result)
Before Paris, Obama was downplaying threat of ISIS
ISIS 'claims responsibility' for Paris attacks
Foreign office wants us to exercise caution - Exercise it yourself! Stop importing Muslims!
Refugee crisis could spark WAR if Austria closes border with Germany, Merkel warns
JIHADI JOHN: The boy with bad breath who became the world's most wanted man
Vicious Maoist cult leader, Aravindan Balakrishnan, kicked daughter, 4, in head for being ill!
Every Scot got £1,700 MORE from Government than the English during referendum year!
SWEDEN: Torn apart by an open door for migrants
Feminist Judge orders Mum to hand over her baby to a gay couple!
More and more childless Britons head overseas to find surrogate mothers
ECHR: Human right to free speech doesn't apply when you are critical of Jews

Friday 13 November

Jihadi John killed by a US drone strike? (If so, about time)
High street soups, sandwiches, juices with more sugar than a can of coke!
SNP's Sandra White posts anti-Semitic cartoon! Then apologises (Normal service resumed)
FRANKIE BOYLE: Theresa May and the snooper’s charter
Extremist political activists from Britain are provoking the migrant riots in Calais!
Police hunt 'attempted kidnapper' after boy, 14, narrowly escapes snatch attempt in London
Four "Britons" arrested in Europe-wide jihadi network smash
Kurtis and Lewis Richards and a schoolboy robbed homes and pubs then bragged about it
Cameron gave warm welcomes to leaders of countries with questionable human rights records!
Europhiles think history is on their side – they could be in for a shock
Monsanto’s sealed documents reveal truth behind Roundup’s toxicological dangers
Homelessness in the USA/Japan - Compare and contrast
17-year-old Danish boy killed by three Muslims
90-year-olds are thrown out - migrants move in
The Jewish media onslaught against Swedish folk
Smoking cannabis ruled a 'basic human right' by Mexican Supreme Court!
Palestinian boy harshly interrogated by Israeli police
Ukraine owes Russia $3-billion - May not pay it back!

Thursday 12 November

Cameron intends to do zilch about immigration!
Workforce soars by 430,000 - but 325,000 have come in from Europe!
Russian Air Force destroys 448 terrorist facilities in Syria over 3 days
EU flags burned as 50,000 join Warsaw nationalism, anti-islamization demo!
Actor Michael Sheen says watering down Freedom Act a 'full front attack' on democracy!
Girl 'was a virgin the first time she was raped aged 13'
Shelley poem execrating 'rank corruption' of ruling class made public
TESCO! Check out what Dame Shirley Porter's money box would have you eat!
Sweden's traitorous politicians impose border controls! (The bad guys are getting worried)
Public schoolboy fled Britain to fight ISIS disgusted UK isn't doing more
Violent attacks on Muslims rising says Islamic Human Rights Commission
Inside the Manchester Jungle: Migrants set up shanty camp in city centre
How to make a mint out of charity, by Samir Patel
'Uber taxi driver raped 22-year-old British tourist after picking her up near bar'
Uber taxi driver Samson Haile sexually assaulted passenger in the back of his car
Scotland Yard: Help us find Asian "sex predator on loose in north-east London"
24-year-old woman raped in Sheffield city centre by Asian
Asians who had oral sex in front of kids at Westfield mall BANNED from London
DIVERSITY USA! Black cop raped elderly stroke victim TWICE!
DIVERSITY USA: Baby beaten to death by boy after mother goes out partying
SWEDEN: Muslim “refugees” spat on victim after gang rape
Marseilles (30-40% Muslim) most dangerous city in Europe!
Emma Louise Evans pleaded guilty to partaking in sham marriage with Kazeem Kolade
British experts gave security all-clear just WEEKS before the Russian jet disaster?
All women really bisexual? What prize twaddle!
Top poppy seller qiuts after Royal British Legion bosses make her feel like a criminal
Vanessa Redgrave = "wonderful people" - Right wing patriots = "oppressive!"

Wednesday 11 November

"Migration is an organised invasion to break down European... structures!
WORLD WAR 3 - 100 trillion dollar meltdown!
Who was behind the 2011 “protest movement” in Syria?
Christians face being wiped out from Middle East within 10 years!
Over a million Syrians returned home since Russian campaign began!
MANCHESTER: Jew forced from his home after speaking out against Israel’s bombing of Gaza
2006: Israel celebrates King David Hotel bombers!
Emaciated baby died after religious parents left her with woman with ‘supernatural powers’
Hundreds of children taught in 'squalid conditions' are at risk of radicalisation
White British pupils fall behind ethnic groups in race for university!
Why we need to get out of EU: More than 1m illegal migrants flood EU this year alone!
Growing migrant numbers could have been halted
GERMANY: Christmas Bazaar renamed ‘Market of Colorful Diversity’ out of respect for Muslims
If politicians had their way we'd never know about the greed of the public sector truffle hounds KATIE HOPKINS: The 5 freedoms Dave must get back from Europe if he wants us to stay
OBORNE: David Cameron hasn't asked for much but he still won't get it
White schoolgirl, 13, repeatedly raped and sexually abused by gang of 15 Asian men
Armed mobile phone robbers strike FOUR TIMES in Acton
Abul Miah found guilty of murdering teacher wife
Fahad Hassan verbally abused, punched, throttled and threw bottle at customer
Knifeman, Leon MacTaggart, jailed for 14 years
Violent armed robbers steal £100k at knife-point in Southwark
South London train passengers threatened by knife muggers
Robbed by greedy cops
Dealer Nathan Campbell must pay back £58k
Ship-'em-all-over Cumberbatch gets top gong from Queen, defends refugee rant in process
Hollywood superstar is HIV positive?
(WHITE) Generation(s) childless!
Guess what Supergirl fancies?

Tuesday 10 November

43% of EU migrants claim UK benefits during their first four years here!
The forced collective suicide of European nations
Political Islam: History of Islam in Europe
Two-fifths of Britain's care homes below standard
Children told to chant: 'Do we send Christmas cards? No!' and 'Do we celebrate Christmas? No!'
The Jewish Contribution to the European Integration Project
Europe lawmakers convene to help Israel
Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama interview, with English subtitles
CBI 'rigged survey to ensure it backed staying in the EU!'
Muslim voters in Birmingham were told they would go to hell if they didn’t vote Labour!
2009: Sarkozy - The Engineer of Diversity
Nightclub stampede in Northampton? Nabila Nanfuka killed in rush for bus
Algerian only here a few months in court accused of string of sex assaults
'Bitter and twisted' Nasser Rezaie hunted wife's lover then ran over him 6 TIMES
ROTHERHAM: 8 (6 Muslims) to face trial on 74 Rotherham child sex charges
BRADFORD: 15 Muslims accused of sexual offenceS against underage girl
Black thief steals father's laptop during his six-year-old son's funeral!
Female pensioner kicked in face by black man during attempted robbery
Teenager says she was raped by 5 Syrian immigrants!
Cops ignore pensioner burgled 5 times
Bus driver Mohamud Mohamud caught on video performing solo sex act on top deck
'F***ing Jews' secretly track all Samsung smartphones? Charity man keeps his job
NHS boss made you pay for cancelled safari... exposing Britain's public sector fat cats
Sickening pay-offs to NHS chiefs
Pig mother threw babies' nappies into the garden next door
"You're boring, Dave!"

Monday 9 November

FREDERICK FORSYTH: A dangerous rift is opening up in Britain!
Mass immigration is on the verge of DESTROYING Europe!
BBC journalist comes clean, says “trust nothing you read or watch”
Leaving the EU is our only route to national salvation!
18 pensioners tricked out of £600,000 by ethnic fraudsters - Allegedly
Mahyar Bahamani steals £50,000 - NO JAIL!
Black girl, 14, arrested after 87-year-old woman punched in face on bus
Rapist battling deportation gets EXTRA benefits as he spends all his money on fags!
Muslim who labelled UK women whores and planned murders complains about warders swearing
Half a MILLION failed asylum seekers living in UK!
ISIS savages gun down 200 Syrian children in mass execution video
Jewish billionaire investor George Soros wants to destroy Europe’s borders!
Jewish organisations campaign for refugees and asylum-seekers!
German tourists HACKED WITH KNIVES in attack at popular holiday destination
Huge pay deals for the public sector fat cats!
DIVERSITY! CCTV footage shows Colombian gang member shoot dead sleeping homeless man

Monday 2 November

Cohen, Aaronovitch and the Neocon school of thought
2003: The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 intellectuals, most of them Jewish...
Israel owns the USA: Dr Paul Craig Roberts and Max Keiser
MAX KEISER: We could not mention Israel in any context
Irishman sentenced to jail for offending the Holocaust lobby!
Tens of thousands of new homes in greenfield areas to get automatic planning permission
NHS trust with £11m deficit pays finance expert £400,000 to help it get out of debt!
One in four cancer cases diagnosed in A&E departments die within two months
More than 100,000 pensioners will lose out from care fees betrayal
Apprentice star reveals she was gang-raped in Dubai after her drink was spiked!
Convicted rapist Imran Khan took little girl's 'sparkle' away when he snatched 6-year-old
Nicolas Sarkozy's mobile phones seized in £35m cocaine smuggling probe 
Calais migrants now so violent terrified truckers are arming themselves with TASERS
KIDS COMPANY: Cabinet Ministers Oliver Letwin and Matt Hancock overruled civil servants!
ISIS is a non-structural division of the CIA
Grandmother given party drug Ketamine by the NHS is left with irreversible liver damage!

Sunday 1 November

4-year-old children being given transgender lessons! Explore gender identity, kiddies!
Eritrean immigrant expected more than just a house and benefits!
'Jewish money' runs UK government, says Jewish MP!
Shotguns have virtually sold out in Austria! Sales fuelled by migrant crisis!
Austria: Vienna academy teaches men to walk in high heels!
Christian minister disciplined by prison authorities for quoting 'homophobic' Bible verses!
Burn it! Ministers were told to destroy key evidence on eve of Iraq War!
For the man (Tony Blair) who sent his son to his death, Reg feels only COLD FURY
PETER HITCHENS: Democracy? That means being ruled by secret cliques!
Aidan Harrison-Bennett wanted in connection with Handsworth shooting
Council spends £100,000 on statue of mixed-race single mums! ('Ordinary' families!)
School Governor Razwan Faraz 'policed' prom to spot pupils in relationships!
On wrong side and speeding, Antonio Boparan paralysed Cerys Edwards - He served 6 months!
Derby community leader Amjad Ashraf found guilty of cannabis conspiracy
CCTV released to trace black men in stranger rape
I'm too rich to steal from Harrods, says 'multi-millionaire Israeli
'Dangerous and violent' burglar, Saeed Ali, caught after leaving hat on scene
Invoice for £18 million worth of ammunition on Imam's mobile phone!
Pakistani man who plotted to bomb Manchester 'deserves 30 years to life!'
ISIS planning 'mass casualty' terror attacks in UK, says head of MI5
Islamic group orders Muslims in Rotherham to BOYCOTT police over child sex scandal!
Woman honoured for children's charity work did nothing to stop abuse by paedo husband?
Russian plane crashes in Egypt, killing 224 people - ISIS claims responsibility!
German village of 102 braces for 750 asylum seekers
As UK lets thousands flood IN illegally, widow, 91, faces being kicked OUT!
American claims asylum in Canada saying 'Police will kill me because I'm black'
We are the Alt Right (and we are not going away)
NORWAY: Immigrants gang-rape 14-year-old, one gets community service!
RIOT! 'Hundreds of ravers ATTACK cops with PETROL BOMB and smash buildings!'
'Ludicrous!' prince Harry's fury at Marine A jail term!
Top doctor claims NHS is falling for IVF 'rip off'

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