Daily News: November 2014

Sunday 30 November

VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy inside Buckingham Palace AND Balmoral Castle'
Gay BBC drama boss promises more homosexual storylines! (All those in favour?)
BBC Chief's gay lover handed a five-part drama deal
Ex-Cabinet minister photographed in sauna with naked boy at Elm Guest House?
Sunk... by EU! One Dutch trawler gets a quarter of England's entire fish quota!
Obama daughters lack class!
Floyd Mangove killed Paige Jackson and her unborn child
Dog walker attacked by Blacks in Chelmsford alleyway
Autistic teenager stabbed in neck by Hispanic or Black
Prolific mixed-race thief stabbed Army hero in Asda car park
English sex victim 'trafficked to more than 200 men'
Drunk driver Josef Moscicki killed Bernard Smith, 83, 4 WEEKS after getting licence back
Gangs of Somalis abused, raped and prostituted British teenagers
Huge cannabis factory uncovered just yards from police HQ
Muggings force top school to ban blazers
The black day Christmas finally died
John Cleese says you can't make jokes about Muslims - because 'they'll kill you'
Why Islamist extremism perplexes our security services
ISIS attacks Kobane from Turkey - Now besieged on 4 sides (And the Yanks are doing what?)
Syria says air strikes not hurting group
American Rabbi says Arabs in Israel ‘must be vanquished’
How the Israel Lobby protected Ukrainian neo-Nazis
What WERE the loud bangs being heard across Britain?
Paxman 'set to lift lid on BBC?
UK is home to 13,000 slaves
Just hours after grovelling apology for taxi rant, David Mellor accused of racist tirade
EU says UK must dole out MORE benefits
One MILLION more Poles want to come to UK!
£244million each year to help children who can't speak English in British schools!
Not Romanian? No problem, here's an EU passport
A migrant city the size of Birmingham every 30 months Half a million immigrants signing up at doctors surgeries every year
Girl, 16, kept in cell for two days because NHS had no beds for kids with mental health issues
HITCHENS: Theresa's right, we DO face a dire new threat - from people like her
Nick Griffin Is Now Voting For UKIP!

Saturday 28 November

Teachers ‘scared to teach about Jesus’ for fear of offending other faiths!
Why is Next hiring thousands of Eastern Europeans in area where 200,000+ are on dole?
Slavery levels in UK 'higher than thought!' (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
Syria says air strikes aren't hurting ISIS (Turkey's fault)
Social workers battled to prevent loving couple giving grandson a home!
Top bishop says Prince Charles’ coronation should open with a reading from the Koran!
Real Madrid removes cross from logo to appease UAE bank
Another school criticised over lack of diversity!
Come and be an NHS nurse - You don't even need to speak English!
He grabbed a woman from behind and tried to drag her off
Junior Juba jailed for child abduction
Nutcase attacks staff and public before escaping in car
DIVERSITY! Travellers only "partly to blame?"
Frail 89-year-old beaten up and left for dead on his own doorstep
Mugged student says he deserved it because of his 'privilege!'
Forget taxi drivers. Look how David Mellor abused those closest to him!
Bill McLaughlin felt unwell and called 999. Operator said no. Bill died
Plebgate MP's other jobs pay up to £18,000 a DAY

Friday 27 November

Jack Straw blames ISPs/Edward Snowden for Lee Rigby (Nothing to do Jack/Muslims/MI5 then)
Banker's wife gets £337m divorce dosh! (Do bankers steal OUR money? Discuss)
Despite 4m CCTV cameras, only one in four crimes solved by Mr Plod (of Rotherham fame)
Jusuf Abdirizak and Said Zakaria raped girl, 13, in hotel (Aided & abetted BY LibLabCon)
Jamil Palmer played fair. Kishon Zelaya did not. Guess who's dead
Heard the one about the sex attacker who watched gay porn? Phuc Kieu!
Terror group al-Shabaab boasts of British followers - Birmingham top recruiting ground
Bayonet-wielding African gangsters flooding Scotland with deadly crack cocaine
100,000 Romanians and 31,500 Bulgarians apply to work here in just ONE year
Population increase due to immigrant births
Councillor Karen Lee says "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" sticker offensive!
A culture of left-wing corruption within the BBC
USA: Jewish supremacism has poisoned society?
Four in ten 11-year-olds have seen their parents break up

Thursday 26 November

Patrick and Gillian Kettyle butchered in their own home: Viktoras Bruzas sought
Bristol sex gangs jailed for grooming girls
Polish thugs with long criminal records battered 65-year-old in his own home
Growing outrage over Blair's Save the Children award
100,000 call for Blair to be stripped of Save the Children award
A nauseating award for Blair and an aid industry sucking up to its paymasters
70,000 of the most frail abandoned by LibLabCon!
90% of supermarket chicken sold this summer may have contained poisonous bugs!
Theresa May accused of delaying reports criticising immigration policies
Now Britain is facing ANOTHER demand from EU... for £34 BILLION!
Immigration is out of control!
Neocon propagandist frets over Russia’s ‘weaponization of information’
Soros Democrats strive to take down governments and empower global elite!
John McCain - conductor of the "Arab Spring"
Turkish government "actively supporting the armed groups in Syria," including ISIS
Liberal Left’s policy of nurturing imported cultures = large minority with little care for UK
'I can't love my mum because she's not Muslim' says terrorist
Student loans and benefits are being diverted to fund jihad!!!
Is this really the best way for cash-strapped NHS to spend money?
Van Rompuy: EU would be 'dead' without France but could survive without UK
Outrage at energy boss's £25 MILLION pay package
Welsh NHS care failed my mother, says Tory MP
Care home owner, 73, found guilty of string of historic sex attacks on child residents
Care home worker Siobhan Koralewski guilty of horrendous physical abuse of dementia sufferers

Wednesday 26 November

Labour's hypocrisy over migration is breathtaking! The Britain of my childhood has gone for ever
Save the Children staff furious over ‘global legacy’ award for Tony Blair
Save the Children staff accuse boss of betrayal
David Mellor's pompous, foul-mouthed rant at cabbie wasn't his first
How much more proof do we need that the smug elite despise the rest of us?>
Jack Straw Wants Turkey in EU!
Hidden migration: Stats ignore 1.3 million children born to foreigners
Now UKIP is beating Labour to the white working class vote!
UKIP is spreading right across the country
Snowden leaks cost lives? Savage Yank policy costs millions more!
So why did Cameron cosy up to tax-avoiding internet giants?
Security services' halted surveillance of fanatics just weeks before Lee Rigby horror!
Tesco boss accused over 'dirty chicken'
Women twice as likely to have cancer linked to weight: Obesity causes 20,000 cases a year
Police launch probe against ‘expenses peer’
Omar Sultani randomly stabbed victims
Dirty doctor, Lam Hoe Yeoh, used secret cameras to film 1000 victims
Dr Somdutt Prasad performed eye operation while smelling of drink
Twisted ideology that boosts the terrorists
Asian women in Rotherham 'threatened with rape'
Is Israel Calling the Shots on UK Security?
WHITEWASH! Intelligence services exonerated by Intelligence Committee! ISPs blamed
London’s huge population increase in last 20 years driven solely by migration
'At least 42,000 homes a year must be built in London to cope with demand'
Government 'deporting too few foreign criminals'
Gay paedo killers want visiting rights and cash compensation

Tuesday 25 November

Tax credits = UK honeypot for EU migrants! Some on minimum wage got £330 extra a week
North London set must be demolished to save Labour Party says Frank Field, MP! br /> 'ISIS have sleeper cells in the UK and will unleash war on Europe!'
Did paedo politicians, judges, top cops escape justice because most were freemasons?
Freemasons linked to paedophile rings
Overcrowded GPs 'struggling to cope': Immigration to blame
State-enforced diversity: Goodbye Britain!
The Left hate everyone - not just the white working class
Ed Miliband: The man who hated England?
It was “racist” to prosecute Muslim rape gangs!
Zakariya Subeir and Kiro Halliburton stabbed and axed Paul Thrower repeatedly
Check out the bestial diversity LibLabCon forced upon us!
Birmingham City Council finds 132 children at risk of abuse
Bradford rapist on the run as plot gang are jailed for 17 years each
jailed_for_three_years/?ref=mr "/>Bradford drug dealer Qamar Rashid jailed for three years
Vikki, 19, has 'terrible burns' after elderly ex-lover, Mohammed Rafiq, plotted acid attack
Care worker Lorenzo Bacus, who abused elderly patient, could have struck before
Teenagers rescued schoolgirl from Lithuanian mugger (Passers-by did nothing - LibLabCons?)
Muslim girl speaks of grooming ordeal at hands of Pakistani origin men
Footballer Saido Berahino arrested for drink driving
Passenger performs sex act in front of 14-year-old just yards from her mother
Bradford grocers must pay £3,000 for selling rotten, damaged and incorrectly labelled fruit
Surgeon Vummiti Murali-Krishnan said her cancer wasn't urgent - now she's terminal
Labour Councillor resigns after admitting indecently assaulting schoolboy
Mum, 26, paralysed after contraceptive pill caused stroke
Fury as French bid to grab our East Coast railway line!
Songs of Praise? New-look programme ridiculed as 'The One Show with hymns'
Check out the diversity in Ferguson!
Plebgate MP Andrew Mitchell 'had temper tantrums'
James Wright cleared of racially abusing Chesterfield’s first black mayor
Poland wants its doctors back!
Over 40? You can't have a mortgage!
Why Obama picked Hagel for Defence Secretary
$3.1 Billion US “Aid” to Israel as it “Buys” $2.75 billion Worth of F35 Jets
USA: Black abortion supporter: “I Hope they kill all the white babies!”
USA: Black man burned white girlfriend alive in front of her 6 kids
Why we must quit the EU, by tycoon Sir James Dyson
Lib Dem blasts his party over pitiful by-election results
Jihadi bride = Slag mum = Slag son?

Monday 24 November

Poll shows a quarter of Britons want immigrants out!!!
Here, in the raw, is the enriching diversity LibLabCon forced upon us!
PAEDOGATE: Missing boy’s brother says cops threatened him when he wondered about cover-up
Westminster child abuse claims ‘are just the tip of the iceberg’
Top Tory MP invites paedo to House of Commons for lunch meetings!
2,000 enrichingly diverse "Britons" now fight for ISIS!
Jihadi attack on UK 'inevitable' say Home Secretary and Top Cops
Jewish MP, Ivan Lewis, accuses Tom Watson of 'manipulating' votes?
Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, boots out Liverpool's youngest ever councillor
Top independent schools for Oligarch kids only! British parents priced out of market!
Influx of migrants raises standards in schools, says top Tory (LIAR!)
Miliband and clique of millionaires a 'Berlin Wall' between Labour and working class voters
Labour big guns turn on Ed Miliband
Why Red Ed's bid to parade his patriotism is SO unconvincing
Theresa May admits David Cameron will FAIL to honour immigration pledge
'We can take no more immigrants' says top Tory!
Race equality boss David Onamade is an impostor?
Grandma's “potentially racially offensive” window display
Black racist banned from housing estate
Stephen Vincent isn't a Vicar - he's a slag
BLAIR WARS: At least 50 spectators killed in suicide attack on volleyball tournament

Sunday 23 November

Why is Qatar being allowed to take over Britain?
Paedophile MPs were "Untouchables" says Special Branch officer!
Save the Children give Tony Blair the Global Legacy Award! (Irony died here)
COHEN says UKIP is "septic and... geriatric... empty-headed led by the foul-minded"
The Thornberry Set: how Ed's elite live cheek by jowl in leafy north London
We're aloof and out of touch, says senior Tory MP DAVID DAVIS
Britain is full - Shut the door: Meltdown at No 10 summit
Black Labour MP admits party HAS lost touch with core working class voters
A fleet of Tory snake-oil tankers sailed into Rochester... and sank
Beppe Grillo: "We are not at war with ISIS or Russia, We ae at war with the ECB"
Ed Miliband: Our Future lies in Europe
Just 6% of SUN readers want Miliband as Prime Minister
Labour to lose 10 MPs as voters back UKIP
English hospitals need more nurses... but only if they speak Polish?
NHS bosses finally order investigation into A&E closure chaos
Who REALLY murdered married WPC's lesbian lover?
Adebolajo and Adebowale "haven't just killed Lee, they've killed me!"
Father-of-two, 21, 'stabbed to death by woman after blazing row at his home'
Farmer, 73, committed suicide after being driven to breaking point by pressures of modern farming
Khalid Mahmood, MP, says 2,000 "Britons" are fighting for jihad in Iraq and Syria
Murdered because they weren't Muslim
UKIP: The political establishment is quaking with fear.
The blonde airheads of Sweden
Diversity in the USA

Saturday 22 November

Jews, Multiculturalism, and the War on Free Speech
Paedo orgies in luxury flats! Boys murdered by VIPs? The stench of Establishment cover-up
Secret service infiltrated paedophile group to 'blackmail establishment'
Mistaken identity! Aytach Lisani gets 23 years for stabbing Christopher Foster in the back
Virk, U-Saeed, Akhtar and Raja get 68 years for gang rape of taxi passenger
DIVERSITY! HIV rapist Brian Shayanowako believed to be in Zimbabwe
PC Irshad Kamal charged with sexual touching and harassment
Slaughter of the innocents in Kenya claimed by Somalia Muslims al-Shabab
One £2.9m home isn't enough for Labour's champagne Socialist snob
Ed's snooty elite hates patriotism says editor of left-wing journal
Labour "the party of working people?" F*** off, Ed, you're full of s***!
Illegal Aliens on White House Facebook Page: "F*** All You White People! We Won!"
Zion welcomes Obama migration ‘Amnesty’but supports immigrant expulsion from Israel!
What Yank democracy does - What it really does
UNICEF Ambassador/clown Robbie Williams books gig in Tel Aviv
A nation that shuns the old simply isn't civilised
NHS and social workers drove troubled mother to kill her children?
Liz Kershaw accuses hospital staff of 'elder abuse'
Eight members of two families admitted affray and public order offences
Hysterical and self pitying, Towie star is a perfect icon of our age
DIVERSITY! You will go to hell for dancing, boy at Muslim school was told
For them to act all shocked each time one of us is executed is a massive lie
More stars point finger at Bill Cosby

Friday 21 November

Bill Cosby tried to silence TV reporter who quizzed him about sex assaults
Warped values, zealots and a school that's 'too English'
Ofsted marks brilliant school down for being "too English!"
Now elite Labour MPs are actually sneering at the working-classes!
What Labour's Islington luvvies REALLY think of working-class British patriots!
Labour has 'increasingly become anti-English'
Ed Miliband's Bollinger Bolsheviks
Sneering elite set for another bloody nose
Foreigners & airhead white females gang up on Brit pointing out facts about rapists
Peter Hitchens and Emily Thornberry's phoney #LibLabCon outrage
CCTV of Poppy Appeal thief!
UK police spied on reporters for years, docs show
Senator: ‘There could be violence’ in response to Obama’s immigration order
Check out the #diversity! #USA
The bullying of Hungary – the country that dared to disobey the US and EU
Strangled and burned for marrying a man from wrong caste! True racism or enriching diversity?
Muslims "'were plotting Poppy Day beheading outrage!"
"Men" arrested in Rotherham on suspicion of sexually exploiting children
We must build a ‘house’ every 7 minutes just to house immigrants!
To support the left is to hate the nation-state and applaudr the erosion of national identity
Cameron's by-election candidate attacks his immigration record

Thursday 20 November

Baby Levi Blu Cassin died from 'major internal injuries' after parents stamped on him
Consultant Argiris Asderakis took calculated risk using kidneys of alcoholic with meningitis
Black nut threatens to set cyclist alight
Dzung Nguyen gets 12 years for violent knife attacks
Somali actor Mohammed Abdi jailed for brutal gang attack
School denied top grade by Ofsted: it's 'too English' and not diverse enough!
Scrap jail sentences of under a year, says Lib Dem (60,000 fewer crims jailed per year)
1-in-30 Latvians and Lithuanians and 1-in-60 Poles are now living here!
I was offered millions in 'cash for peerage' deals says Lib Dem treasurer
Cops tried to prevent Muslim grooming gang from being named! (Breach of human rights)
Chivalry is dead, claims Sir Terry
UKIP promises 3m EU migrants they can STAY if we leave the EU? (F*** that, Nigel!)
'Honour killing' family sentenced to death? (For show?)
Outrage as greedy EU demands MORE of your cash!

Wednesday 19 November

TREASON! Birmingham Council hid links between Asian cabbies/child sex victims for 23 years!
Westminster child abuse scandal: Scotland Yard accused of 'cover-up' over death of boy in 1980s
Hit-and-runners Sukvinder Mannan and Inderjit Singh killed Rebecca McManus, 21, at bus stop
Labour: "We made mistakes on immigration but now we're getting tough?" Bullsh*t!
Soaring fuel bills will kill a pensioner every 7 MINUTES this winter (Yet £12bn foreign aid!)
50,000 children overseas getting child benefit and tax credit!
Dying cancer patient left 'screaming in pain' on a trolley in A&E for nine hours!
80% of young Dutch Turks see nothing wrong in holy war, against non-believers!
War against Jews on Internet and Street? (And a genocide in Gaza and WhiteWorld)
This is what bought-and-paid-for politicians do to our lads in their oil/USA/Zion wars
PETERBOROUGH: First World War memorial targeted by SCUM
100 youths clash in East End street gang fight at Bethnal Green
Councils leaving children at sex-abuse risk - Ofsted
Royal Mail warns of threat to UK-wide letter deliveries
Rochester by-election victory for UKIP will spark 'instability and insecurity' warns Cameron
'The UK belongs to Europe' says German minister
Killed by kidney transplants rejected 'unfit' by other hospitals

Tuesday 18 November

10 South Yorks cops investigated over handling of child sex abuse in Rotherham
Organised child sex abuse 'widespread in England', MPs say
Charles Napier, brother of Tory MP John Whittingdale, guilty of child abuse
1,200 GP practices could be putting patients at risk
Britain is Europe's number one terror target (Thanks LibLabCon!)
55 "British" Muslim "charities" could be linked to extremism and radicalisation!
Cops told not to wear uniform to work for fear jihadis might target them on the streets?
When will Eurosceptics realise the era of nation state has ended? (Eat UKIP & die, Leftie!)
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/four-jailed-throwing-pigs-head-4644958? "/>Pals get 14,10,8,7 months in jail for tossing pig's head in Mosque!
Finally, Labour admits you are RIGHT to have migration worries (Eat UKIP & die Lefties!)
LUTON: Pregnant teen floored then kicked in stomach by laughing Asian gang!
Surgeon Nafees Hamid guilty of indecent assaults on patients
British jihadist Nasser Muthana part of ISIS death squad' that beheaded 17 Syrian soldiers
Jihadist executioners in beheading video include two "Britons," two "Frenchmen" and a "German"
Siobhan Koralewski slapped and bit an 88-year-old patient and sat on him
Ethnic savage who carried out 'vicious and merciless' hammer attack on sisters jailed for life
A&E crisis hospital probed for 'fiddling waiting time figures'
One in five crimes ignored by target-chasing cops!
UN wants Denmark to drop refugee restrictions
Celebrities accused of using BBC’s Children in Need to promote themselves
How bungling taxman let celebrities duck £10million bill
NHS ombudsman 'failing families'
Doctors warn up to a third of British girls are 'dangerously fat'
Blacks shot children with BB guns and made them watch them have sex
Twins, 14, are forced to attend different secondary schools
Welcome to the Hotel Intifada
Hey, Jane! Why not toddle off to Tunisia and be a slapper there!

Monday 17 November

MP 'told police about VIP paedophile ring's parties 26 years ago?'
Care worker Stanley Nkenka caught on hidden camera hitting disabled teenager
Hospitals 'leave elderly to fend for themselves'
A UKIP victory will transform the landscape of British politics
Traitorous former PM (Major) brands UKIP 'profoundly un-British in every way'
Immigrants who speak no English change our schools? It takes a Tory 66 years to work this out?
Bird flu found in Yorkshire! 6,000 ducks to be culled
Murdered rapper Dale 'Deezy' Gordon was wanted by police over serious assault
Romanian gang targeted shoppers all over Kent
PORTSMOUTH: Thousands of Romanians queue round block to vote in presidential election
I've done nothing wrong, says British banker at the heart of rate-fixing probe
Diversity in America - Grandpa fights back
British medical student 'in Jihadi beheading video'
Italian nightclub worker accuses Briton of crying rape! Italian courts on his side!
Sharp rise in women over 60 treated for alcoholism
Only one in 20 unwed parents will stay together until their first-born is 15
Radical Muslim set to address the Church of England's General Synod!
Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain
New trade minister Ian Livingston will leave BT with up to £20million in shares!
Yale's Chaplain told the truth about Israel. Now he's out of a job
Germany: Worried parents fume about 'sexual indoctrination of children'

Sunday 16 November

DIVERSITY! Now the cops are recruiting 'minority' criminals!!! THIS IS WAR!
Letter from a 5-year-old rape victim that shames every police officer
Victim of VIP abuse scandal 'saw Tory MP throttle 12-year-old to death!'
Gordon Brown duped into aiding the founder of paedo group?
Trust in our 'political elite'? I'd rather be led by garden gnomes
Why criminals have no place in our police!
Antidepressant prescriptions soar to 50m a year!
They’d rather the country was a 3rd world cesspit as long as they're in control of it
So it’s official – LibLabCon are interchangeable!
The government has always lied to the public, and have always misled them
Fury as immigrant says: I’ll get £25k in benefits when I bring family to UK! Six Tory MPs to defect if UKIP wins in Rochester?
Economic blockade of E. Ukraine a ‘big mistake’
Headbutting MP Eric Joyce stocked up on Apple computers before quitting
Clegg woos 'cash for passports' Hinduja brothers
Devastating verdict on football's rotten core
Dave says Facebook, Twitter and Google must remove terrorist propaganda from internet
French cops' inaction in the face of a form of Jewish terrorism
Israel harbors French JDL extremist who stalks French, Palestinian activists
Israel urged to silence internet activist

Saturday 15 November

(GLOBALISM!) Tourists warned of deadly disease - thousands return home in agony
Did VIP abusers murder a boy? New probe into paedo ring at flats used by ministers
Dirty dentist raked in £1,000 a day flouting safety rules! 22,000 now at risk of HIV/hepatitis
Norway doc banned from Gaza: ‘I document what I see... makes me trouble for Israel’
David Miliband wants Britain to accept 130,000 Syrian refugees
Ed Miliband can have nobody to blame but himself
Jewish political power is surging around the world
American cities with large Black populations on list of most violent in the world
Legal high, 'speckled cherry' linked to 37 UK deaths
We'll never fully control our borders while we're in the EU says Hammond
> Ramzan, Cicakova, Yakuyb, Ali and Ghani on slavery charges
Ty Padmore gets 14 years for stabbing two men
David Cameron confirms it - he has more in common with Ed Miliband than with Nigel Farage
'Savage cuts'? You ain't seen nothing yet
Argentina milks millions out of UK foreign aid budget
Why can't Jewish sex-text MP just say sorry?
Medomsley borstal sex ring: Cops set to arrest 18 screws
Paedo preacher Neville Husband dies
Russia leaving dictatorship of the market?
Israel denies entry to Gaza for UNHRC fact finders
Welcome to Hotel Sharia: No more bacon or booze
Joanna Lumley's legacy of misery (That's your single-issue do-gooder for you)

Friday 14 November

The poor were better off under the Tudors, says Hilary Mantel!
Britain pays £80 child benefit to children in Poland when we get only £18 back here?
Cameron attacked by abuse victims after calling Home Office cover-up 'conspiracy theory'
One in three children bullied online!
1,000 new cancer patients a day by 2016
Far-right groups (patriots) should be prevented from staging protests says top cop!
A million elderly Brits malnourished as a third of councils cut ‘meals on wheels!’
NHS boss warns of a crisis in A&E this winter
Traitor cops! Murdered nurse Katie Cullen 'badly let down' by police
Nicolae Patraucean strangled Rivka Holden and slit her throat before mutilating her body
Wolverhampton doorman critically ill after early hours stabbing
City centre rapist jailed for 10 years for rape and sexual assault
Ipswich rapist Ali Shaboot jailed for eight years
> Black gang tortured sauna boss and threatened to pour petrol and acid over him
Amal El-Wahabi jailed for funding Syria jihad
Mihai Alistar bailed after being charged with 22 sex offences over a 6-year period
Chuadry Ali whose gang brought gold worth £100million into UK ordered to repay £4.3m in tax
Robbery and sex assault on teen - black man sought
Robber Mohammed Sagheer jailed after torture threat to disabled victim
Drug dealer who forced 'vulnerable' man to sell heroin jailed for nine years
Former Bradford councillor Khadam Hussain ets 9 years for visa scam
Violent attack on Bedford pensioners (Ethnicity of gang?)
Crooked bus inspector behind £400,000 'crash for cash' scam
CCTV of Arcadian Centre gang wanted by police after unprovoked attack
Zain Shah handed 3-year Community Punishment Order for sexual assault
Dudley drug dealer, Sohail Naeem, who wrecked police car in escape bid jailed for four years
Yakub Yusuf jailed over 'river of blood'
Oriental GP lied about his income to dodge £185,000 in tax
Illegal immigrant who has cost taxpayer £1million since arriving in UK given £600 compensation
Black McDonald's manager arrested after launching racist tirade at Somali customers
Oligarchs for Israel
“No Jews, no Jews” security guard sacked (now subject of police investigation)
Punched, threatened and pelted with eggs but Rabbi Saunders won't let anti-Semitic thugs win
Former PM John Major tells Brussels there's 50% chance UK will quit EU over immigration
Labour MPs attacked for poppy day shame
Why was Prince William dragged into 'corrupt' England bid for the World Cup? Chief scientific adviser to the EU said opposition to GM was 'a form of madness'
Prince Andrew secretly flies to Azerbaijan to meet his despot pal
EU's new chief accused of massive tax avoidance in his own country!
Why a deluded Red Ed isn't up to the job

Thursday 13 November

Chairman of governors of Eskdale school ousted for being a member of UKIP!
DIVERSITY! Katie Cullen stabbed 130 times by jealous asylum-seeker, Iman Ghaefelipour
DIVERSITY! 22,000+ Desmond D'Mello patients to be tested for HIV/hepatitis!
DIVERSITY KILLS? She died shortly after treatment by unhygienic dentist Desmond D'Mello
Ex-serviceman councillor hospitalised after Remembrance attack (ethnicity?)
Wanted in connection with the rape of a woman in Levenshulme - Saeed Ahmad
Convicted thief and drug dealer Asan Akram staged an accident between a bus and a car
Alisha Mahmood's sham marriage crib sheet
Police forces under investigation by IPCC for 'failing to act on child porn intelligence'
Brazilian police have killed 11,197 people in five years
Billions spent trying to stop opium production in Afghanistan achieved nothing!
Why aren't crooked bankers in prison?
UK political party secret donors are mainly Jewish
Oligarchs, bankers, the elite who pay for access to Cameron
Free money! How rogue bankers rigged rates and boasted about their deals
The Left sneered, but 42,000 Romanians and Bulgarians get UK jobs!
Polish immigration would be a trickle? The reality the Left refuses to confront
Labour MPs cheered jokes about lynching a female Tory minister and killing a royal
Miliband is the least popular leader EVER!
Cameron's foreign aid pledge is bizarre, says Hammond
Mother-of-two hanged herself after taking drugs at her first festival
Tacky, inane and infantile, Ian Katz's Newsnight is now a national embarrassment
UN 'experts' who say Britain is a racist, sexist nation should take a running jump
Why £2bn fines won’t trouble the bankers
Don’t be duped by this Brussels 'crackdown’ on benefit tourists
'Bullies turned my 10-year-old daughter ANOREXIC'

Wednesday 12 November

Will Katie Hopkins end up in jail as Garron Helm did?
660 Israeli public figures call for recognition of Palestine
Tide Turns: Majority of US citizens think America gives too much to Israel
CAMERON: "Labour, Liberal, Green... if you... don’t want some UKIP" vote for us!" #LibLabCon
Did Special Branch confiscate document that revealed 16 elite paedos?
Theresa May admits there 'may have been a cover-up' over child abuse
64% think we're 'swamped' by migrants, 70% think they come for the benefits
Attacked by Asian youths on way to Remembrance service, Army veteran, 68, loses medals
Cops seize £4 million drugs haul - Shakeel Quyam arrested
Did taxi driver Tamseel Virk abduct schoolteacher and, along with uncle and nephew, rape her?
Black men guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls
Fazeel Khan called 999 to claim he was on Jihad mission to 'blow up everyone in this country!'
Caught in the act - thieves who stole Poppy Appeal collection
Asian yobs hurl missiles at passing motorists in busy Keighley street
Cops let terror suspect linked to Anjem Choudary out on bail - Now he's in Syria
HIV-positive dentist! (Ethnicity?) More than 22,000 patients at risk?
Albanian women seek UK asylum with false sex trafficking claims
Black bonehead stole £250,000 worth of jewels before leaving his mobile at crime scene
On patrol with Kenya's trigger-happy police force
Hooligans against Salafists in Cologne
A phone call between Erdogan and Putin ended in mutual threat
Millions have no idea where to find a GP at the weekend - 40% say service dreadful
Hospital patients more likely to see doctors/nurses with clean hands in morning
Ethnic diversity 'boosts GCSE results?' More PC b***ocks!
Hollywood stars, academics sign open warning against GM foods
The Benns - More Red Princes!

Tuesday 11 November

ROTHERHAM: Cops ripped up sex abuse files!
Labour "movement's dying... lost!" Says big shot Labour MP!
Cash for contacts: Tony Blair's illicit Saudi oil dealings spark outrage
A millionaire Tory MP and the tenants facing homelessness?
WANLESS: Theresa May ducks questions over missing paedo files
You Britons are just too lazy say Hungarians (Brit-loathing media/politicians agree)
Let primary teachers wear the veil in classroom, says traitor Archbishop!
Boy racers killed Lucy Commins, 16, during street race
3 Pakistani brothers ‘abused 54 girls in Rotherham but remain at large!’
Army cadet attacked by black/Asian with FLAMETHROWER whilst collecting for Poppy Appeal
West Ham's Ravel Morrison cleared of acid and death threats
DIVERSITY! Kabir Ahmed says fighting jihad was more fun than video games
Four Muslims arrested for plotting to behead Queen Elizabeth
UK officials hesitate to prosecute returning jihadis for fear of seeming “anti-Muslim”
150 million Christians persecuted by Islam
DIVERSITY! Horrific 'breast ironing' cruelty inflicted on girls in UK
Christian couple 'burned to death by Pakistani mob had legs broken to stop them fleeing
Muslim suicide bomber slaughters 48 schoolchildren in Nigeria
Smoking cannabis every day 'warps your brain and shrinks grey matter'
Baroness Ashton will be paid £400,000 by the EU to do nothing
Letter from Lord Steel regarding Cyril Smith
"Hey, demonstrators! "Move... to... Gaza" (so we can slaughter you en masse?)
Great-grandma, 89, left lying on pavement in rain for hours because of demand for ambulances
Russia ‘in danger of sparking a war with the West’ (Other way round more like)
I wish Blair's money grabbing cynicism surprised me. But having worked for him, it doesn't
Netanyahu still wants us to do Iran

Monday 9 November

“Racism is a stupid, made-up word!”
A viral infection that makes 44% of us more stupid! (Why we keep voting LibLabCon?)
Songs of Praise no longer to be exclusively C-of-E says Aaqil Ahmed BBC head of religion
British taxpayers subsidise Spanish bullfights to the tune of £13.5million a year!
'I'd sacrifice my children a hundred times for Allah' says "British" suicide bomber
Muslim extremists infiltrating schools, universities, scout groups on unprecedented scale!
The brutal reality of life in Mosul under Islamic State
German rapper Deso Dogg 'behind Islamic State beheading videos'
'I don't feel British and I don't want to be!' (P*** off then!)
Amin Aminullah skipped a red light and Miriam Parker, 18, was robbed of her dreams
Doctor Raza Laskar admits sexually abusing boys
Attila Kolompar's Hungarian gang trafficked more than 60 young women into UK
'Juju' sex trafficker Lizzy Idahosa jailed for eight years
Drug dealer jailed after car full of people blasted with shotgun
£41k a month and 2% on top: Blair's deal with Saudis
The murky secrets of Two Per Cent Tony
The Documentary that has Rocked the Internet!
Adolf Hitler:: The greatest story never told?
Cops routinely called to restrain dementia patients! Staff training so poor they can't cope
Eric Pickles’ bid to stem anti-Jewish graffiti in UK
Lloyds Bank to cut 9,000 jobs and shut 200 branches
Don’t rely on us for good grammar any more says the BBC
Sandwich anyone? Firm that supplies M&S and Tesco recruits 300 staff in HUNGARY

Sunday 9 November

Rotherham can become a beacon of hope - FOR MUSLIMS!!!
Amnesty International report details numerous Israeli war crimes
85 richest people now have as much money as poorest 3.5billion!
Labour MP, David Lammy, leaves constituency so sons can go to top school
MEXICO: politicians, cops and drug dealers murder 49 students!
Immigrant kicks disabled ex-soldier, 76, out of pub for selling poppies!
FBI files show Churchill urged USA 'to nuke Russia!' (55million wasn't enough?)
Tower Hamlets: Eric Pickles orders takeover squad to run 'rotten borough'
Undercover film exposes ‘Fagin school’ teaching Bulgarians to pick YOUR pocket
HITCHENS: We panic about child abuse, then tell 13-year-olds how to have sex
Nigeria 'witchcraft' church to open a school in Kent?
Monument to whistleblowers Snowden, Assange and Manning
Terror group chief 'critically wounded' after coalition forces bomb jihadi leaders?
Lib Dem Vince Cable says "We need the EU and Immigrants!" #traitor
Gorbachev: The world is 'on the brink of a new Cold War'
DIVERSITY USA! Delvin Barnes charged with kidnapping, raping and burning 16-year-old girl
Have drugs dodged the blame again?
Schoolboy stabbed on 151 bus in Rose Hill Sutton
Congo diversity: Crowd kills man, eats him

Saturday 8 November

Sex at 12 is NOT normal, Mr Clegg. It's illegal
Innocent father-of-one Christopher Foster stabbed to death outside pub by Aytach Lisani 76 killers/rapists walk out of open prison and vanish! Why won't officials identify 25?
The Left sneer. But poppies connect us to a generation of heroes we never knew
The elite STILL don't get it on immigration (That's because they're war with us)
Ian Austin, MP, tells Ed Miliband to get tough on immigration
Our leaders can't keep ignoring what voters care about, says MP Ian Austin (Yes they can, say I)
DIVERSITY! Libyan soldiers say rape scandal is our fault! We didn't teach 'em right from Wrong!
'Thursday night was riot night' at Bassingbourn base
A tranquil corner of England — Then diversity arrived to rape and brutalise
Frankenstein foods in M&S products
Driven to suicide by the CPS, Alexander Economou, her alleged rapist, is wealthy financier!
“Ellie’s dead. Come home”.’ Father of rape claim girl blames the CPS
Dying elderly cancer patient left screaming in pain on a trolley in A&E for 9 hours
One Big Mac contains meat from 100 cows
'Strike-mad' teacher who hasn't taught in 14 years ... and we pay her £500,000 in wages!
News of the World journalist linked to 334 phone hacks jailed for 8 months
Vice principal of 'Muslim Eton' loses claim for racial discrimination
Chinese smuggled so much ivory out of Tanzania local prices doubled
ISIS cancels all classes except religious studies in Syrian schools
Story behind Red Ed's 14-year-old Roma beggar

Friday 7 November

'Pillar of the Jewish community' jailed for instructing child abuse
British travellers warned they could be target of revenge terror attacks
Slaughter of innocent women and children didn't prompt Abu Almouthanna to desert ISIS
Hillsborough Inquests: CCTV tapes went missing after match!
Ruled by out-of-touch careerists who hold opinions of those who pay their wages in contempt Eleanor de Freitas: killed by rape, the Met and the CPS?
Why did CPS hound my girl to death (Because they are at war with us?)
Schoolgirl, 7, injured after idiot Cop accidentally fires gun
Police forces across Britain investigating 7,500 child abuse allegations
Piotr Zygner and Artur Woszczyna fail to get murder sentence reduced
Did Dwaine George murder Daniel Dale, 18?
N-Dubz singer Dappy spared jail despite assault in nightclub when serving suspended sentence
"German" Charles Ukachukwu Imoh arrested on coach at Dover with 83 cocaine wraps inside him
Holidaymaker, 71, stabbed to death (Why wasn't Nicholas Jamieson in a nuthouse)
Teacher Keith Cavendish-Coulson, 71, pleaded guilty to 42 counts of indecent assault on boys
More than 600 US troops complained of chemical agent exposure in Iraq
Cops order grandmother ordered to remove woollen ape hanging in her living room!
Top Yank General says IDF 'did what they could' to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza!
Ron Paul: 2-party US political system in reality a monopoly (Sounds like LibLabCon)
Vladimir Putin: oil price decline has been engineered by political forces
Banksy Clacton-on-Sea mural council 'moronic' and 'cretinous'
Panic in the Labour party
Jeremy Hunt says his half-Chinese children will suffer if we don't curb immigration
Backlash against champagne socialist 'hypocrite' Russell Brand
Dover medical practice to close as private firm pulls out

Thursday 6 November

Against Our Better Judgement: how the USA was used to create Israel
How Zionists outmaneuvered and replaced State Department experts
TREASON! Cameron doesn't just want more diversity, he wants an Asian Prime Minister!
PAEDOS IN POWER! "Coalition minister drugged and abused me when I was 14!"
Chuka backs Blair, calls for more migration (in white countries only, Chucky?)
The £120 billion bill for diversity! (We pay, they play!)
Danny Gough dragged from his bed and hacked to death by Paul West (black) and two others
DIVERSITY! Robber Scientist Smile threatened pensioners with machete in own home
'Youth worker' Andrew Faulds filmed himself raping severely disabled 13-year-old Indian couple plead GUILTY to £130k benefits fraud
Kazi Jawad Islam was charged with preparing to commit acts of terrorism
Former Russian secret service chief accuses West of a 'cover-up' over MH17
German Europhile who told us Polish migration would be slight and truth Lefties refuse to see
BLAIR WARS: Britain to 'step up' military presence in Iraq
Illegal immigrant given £50 train fare to hand himself in to Home Office! He disappears
Borstal sex ring: Cops set to arrest 18 prison warders!
Russell Brand and thousands of anti-capitalists protest outside Buckingham Palace
School sends home 152 pupils in one day - Uniform did not meet strict new rules
'Expert' behind migrant report was man who said just 13,000 would come from Eastern Europe
Murdoch empire 'shopped staff to avoid prosecution over phone hacking and corrupt payments'
Pupils drank washing up liquid to avoid pervert teacher
New Statesman labels Red Ed an 'old-style Hampstead socialist'
Troubled teenager dabbled in drugs before hanging herself
No more Cowboys and Indians! Singer accused of 'racism' for wearing Red Indian costume!
Blair 'refusing' to come before MPs over questions about IRA 'comfort letters'
Ann Widdecombe says she will no longer support the Red Cross
Dickens Dossier: Secret file on establishment paedos to be opened by abuse inquiry?

Wednesday 5 November

MPs and VIPs 'child abuse ring' at luxury flats near Parliament investigated
Sex between 13-year-olds is NORMAL, masturbation OK for 9-year-olds says schools advice!
Childline reports an 87 per cent increase in calls about online bullying
The face of policing in London in the age of Islamic (and governmental) terrorism
ISIS jihadis with 'good intentions' should be helped says William Hague!
Ronnie Atuqiya charged with the murder of David Maxwell
Rishi Nankani and Daniel Emifeoluwa stole £5,000 from pensioner, 75, in a violent robbery
'Give our daughter's British killer the death penalty!' (Hear! Hear!)
The future of the UK looks very much like Tower Hamlets so pay close attention.
This government, like the last, is spending vast sums of money and calling it economic growth
New Labour: a political party that actively pursued a policy of mass immigration
Britain could face extra £750million bill for foreign aid because of expanding economy
Stop parents aborting babies just because they are girls, demand MPs (MPs imported aborters)
Prince Charles calls on Muslim leaders to stop persecuting of Christians in Middle East
Bank giants probed over stranglehold on your cash
LGBT people seeking asylum ‘lack specialist support’ (Well boo-effing-hoo!)
BBC 'gags string of women kicked out for being too old'
Jews = 0.05% of Brits yet Triesman and Bernstein were successive FA chairmen!
Quarter of Russia’s 200 top billionaires are Jews
Study analyzing ethnicity of Russia’s wealthiest condemned for singling out Jews
Black Yank tells Griff Rhys Jones to 'pack up and p*** off'
What goodie-goodie student clowns think is a fab idea!

Tuesday 4 November

MPs to escape expenses investigations after paperwork destroyed by Parliament!!!
Why the hell are we importing beggars? (Because LibLabCon is at war with us?)
Teach children about homosexuality, same-sex marriages, masturbation, oral and anal sex!
Harvard University offers students ‘Anal Sex 101’ class
EU farce: Fury as Brussels limit British anglers to ONE sea bass a day!
Now Theresa May to import a foreigner to oversee sex abuse inquiry? LibLabCon = Treason
"The EU is not working for us, warns Osborne!" (Hasn't worked for us for the last 41 years)
David Cameron's Merkel delusion
If you threaten US interests, you may be destroyed say ex-London mayor, Ken Livingstone
GCHQ chief wants to mine our data accuses US tech giants of terrorists' 'networks of choice'
NHS patients fear being victimised! Those who raise concerns confronted by hostile staff!
UK 'not testing enough patients for cancer'
'Superstar' pensions for Bank of England staff attacked by critics
Ron Paul blasts 'deeply flawed' U.S. foreign policy
Jews object to “xenophobic” Euro parties but support ultra-xenophobic Israel!
Nutcase who murdered Ann Maguire posted Facebook threats to kill her - Nothing was done!
Woman raped in Rochdale: Cops release image of black man they seek
Libyan soldiers charged with rape in Cambridge
MP calls for halt to training of Libyan soldiers following a string of sex attacks
Drug-fuelled black savage Nawnee Mackin attacked boy for his bag
Gang of Asians held two victims hostag
Stockport schoolboy, 12, helped police capture a notorious gangster
Two homosexuals beaten up by 15-strong black gang in Manchester 'A wicked and deplorable crime': Thieves steal FIVE poppy tins
Court bans Tanya Pascolini from speaking to her neighbours for FIVE YEARS
Jailed: Talat Ali sold stolen BMW with false registration plates
Dr Anthony Madu defrauded NHS of £50,000
Domestic slave to get £100,000 compensation FROM US after being trafficked by Asians
African man burned alive! (Coming to a street near you soon courtesy of DIVERSITY!)
The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia
Obama administration knew where James Foley was 5 weeks before failed rescue attempt
Chilling footage shows ISIS fighters at slave girl 'market' bartering for young women

Monday 3 November

Doreen and Karen – a tale of two mothers
The political class is responsible for Britain's immigration crisis
We need more Commonwealth citizens, says Boris Johnson!!!
"The US has been destabilizing the world order of checks and balances for its own gains"
Britain's highest paid council boss sacked amid inquiry over care home sex allegations
This is what a CHUMP looks like
Feminist stunt that backfired on Labour
'I could earn double elsewhere' says £320,000-a-year BBC boss Danny Cohen as BBC 3 sacrificed
Language of defeat is silencing out children
Doorstep criminals prey on vulnerable OAPs 19 times an hour
DIVERSITY! Asians launch sex attacks on women AND men in Cambridge
> Black robbers murdered 'happy and jolly dad’
Black muggers batter 70-year-old lady on Birmingham towpath attack Cops seek black man suspected of Birmingham canal towpath assault
HUMAN RIGHTS! Ugandan Muslim who went to terror training camps in England can't be deported
Doctor Anthony Madu found guilty of NHS fraud
Asian prostitutes murdered: Merrill Lynch banker, Rurik Jutting, charged
Stupid Muslim teen who ran off to join ISIS (pregnant now) says she 'made a mistake' TOUGH!
CHILD ABUSE: 'One obvious, non-judicial figure... who isn't a stooge for the authorities'
Child abuse inquiry may begin WITHOUT a chairman
How the fall of France could cement the rise of UKIP
2013: Islamic Extremists Kill at Least 71 Christians in Nigeria
Accept EU rules or quit says former Commie, Angela Merkel
UK firms pay £18billion bill for EU red tape
Almost 12,000 deemed too fat to work are given £54m benefits
Reverend James Manning accuses ANC of inciting genocide against white South Africans
Preventing White Genocide
‘Muslims cause paedophilia’ jibe gets teacher suspended
USA: Has “black culture” simply become “thug culture”
Mary Seacole was kind and generous, but was no ‘pioneer nurse’
Almost 12,000 deemed too fat to work are given £54m benefits!
Asian prostitutes murdered: Merrill Lynch banker, Rurik Jutting, charged
BBC wastes £10million on redundancy payouts only to REHIRE same staff!
Branson's space firm 'ignored repeated warnings'
Yet another grim massacre of men, women and children by ISIS
Pitiful poverty of London's Victorian street children
Petty-minded Bercow is left looking small

Sunday 2 November

Israeli Daily's 30 October political cartoon! (Not just me any more, is it?)
Women sleeping 16 to a room make Harriet/Ed/Nick's £45 'Feminist Looks Like' T-shirts
Blacks on Twitter threaten random violence
Blacks & Mestizos declare open season on white women
Blair's mistaken view of Islam could start new religious war, says his former aide
Labour MP says immigrant labour has cost blue-collar Britain dear!
Two weeks after she miscarried, Vaughan Powell raped her - He filmed the rape
Samuel Boateng charged with two counts of rape
Doctor Anthony Madu found guilty of NHS fraud
DIVERSITY! Asians launch sex attacks on women AND men in Cambridge
DIVERSITY! Black savage holds knife to passenger’s face for asking him to stop smoking pot Women and girls in Coventry sexually assaulted by Asian or East European
DIVERSITY! Army Cadet, 15, selling poppies in Manchester attacked with blowtorch by Asian
Muslims must accept Asians/Pakistanis are grooming young girls and do more to stop it!
Why do refugees drown? Because liberals like Dave keep starting wars
We need a free and brave press, look at Rotherham! (Get social media in then!) Ray Winstone tears into Olympic 'gangsters' and calls the stadium a f***ing con
Younes Tsouli: All jihadis are heroes...but let me stay in UK!
IS fighter said 'I'll identify Jihadi John...if you buy me a £3k car'
ISIS supporter gets a BABY to kick the severed head of a Syrian soldier
Heard the one about the Tory Summit to beat UKIP?
Home Office's chaotic approach to abuse inquiry marks start of pantomime season
Mouthwash and fancy toothbrushes are a waste of money
Red Cross volunteer, 71, axed over gay marriage protest
"White Privilege” is a conspiracy theory fabricated to encourage hatred of white people
Parents pull son out of California school because he's being 'taught' tenets of Islam
“We are living through... historic, defining times. I think we are seeing a new world order”
Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel: Get used to endless war

Saturday 1 November

Cherie Blair now owns 31 homes!
1-in-7 young "Britons" (LibLabCon immigrants) sympathises with ISIS? That's DIVERSITY for you
Paul Thrower stabbed and axed repeatedly by Zakariya Subeir and Kiro Halliburton
Paediatrician Raza Laskar charged with 31 offences against 12 boys (Had a million dirty pics)
Woman threatened with rape and death by Muslim in Manchester
CCTV appeal after young woman assaulted on tube
Eighty hit-and-runs each week on London's 'lawless' roads
Pensioner, 90, left on plastic chair in hospital for 8 HOURS after suffering stroke
Paedophile allegations against Leon Brittan a sinister MI5 smear plot? Hospital whistleblower was forced out of work by smear campaign
A memorial for Lee Rigby will not feature his name!
Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans
Tony Blair warns leaders to stand up and defeat ‘nasty’ UKIP
Chuka backs Blair and calls on Labour to make case for immigration
Shows like Mock The Week just can’t understand why UKIP has so many supporters
Why did UKIP lose the South Yorks PCC by-election? (Migrant votes + dozy Brits?)
Britain's Lost Freedoms: "We're Living in a Madhouse" -- CBN News (US)
Cover-up, deceit and a Home Office fiasco
Why DOES the Left put single mums on a pedestal?
French deputy Guillaume Larrive: 60% of French prisoners are Muslims
Sweden to become a third world country by 2030, according to UN
Congo crowd kills man and eats him after militant massacres
Jean Ahmed jailed after £120,000 benefits scam
Gambian diplomats use London embassy to sell duty free tobacco in £5million scam
'US general' conned £800,000 from lonely British women (dim airheads) was Ghanian fraudster
Red Ed caught encouraging Romanian beggars! (Ah well, it was only 2p)
A1 Socialist Tony Benn's legacy of hypocrisy
Our failure to protect young Alice is criminal
Senator Mitch McConnell, drugs and a shadowy shipping company
Conspiracy Of Silence (The Franklin Scandal)
The child sex ring that reached the Bush/Reagan White House
Mayor of Moscow says city would be world’s safest without illegal immigration

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