Daily News: May 2018

Thursday 31 May

GRENFELL EXPOSED! Fire brigade took 2 HOURS to evacuate residents, Blair paved way for 'lethal cladding,' Jon Snow whipped up frenzy but council leader who resigned was blameless
Immigration divides us and the bygone eras were better, say Britons young and old
The EU is about to destroy the Internet!
More than half a million sign the "Free Tommy" petition!
Government accused of letting rape gang victims down!
EU unveils plans for 'drastic' funding cuts to patriotic eastern nations!
Muslim group tells Tories to 'remove Islamophobia from party!'
British Remoaner to EU's Verhofstadt: 'Please be tough and uncompromising on UK deal!'
Did Michelle Obama order ABC president to fire Roseanne?
London's murder toll soars towards 70 for the year after man stabbed to death
ISIS claim responsibility for Belgium terror attack as police mourn officers killed
Chief of Soros-funded Best for Britain campaign compares Brexit to appeasement of the Nazis
'Most rape is just bad sex and not a spectacularly violent crime,' says feminist Germaine Greer
VIDEO: Man unaware a gun is being pointed at his HEAD before it JAMS, saving his life
3,000 NHS patients waiting on operations or treatment for more than a year!
Former Cabinet Ministers trying to SABOTAGE clean break from EU
‘Get on with it!’ Theresa May LAMBASTED by business leaders over Brexit negotiations
World War 3? Israel ready to HIT Iran anywhere in Syria as tensions soar
‘You can’t wave English flag in the street!’ Demos director ATTACKS political correctness
They queued down stairs to rape Telford girl!

Wednesday 30 May

Israel warns Damascus not to use air defenses against Israeli jets inside Syria!
US warns Syria not to retake its own territory!
EU human rights chiefs order British media NOT to say when terrorists are Muslim!
UN warns 10 million more Yemenis expected to starve to death by end of year!
Italy’s woes expose flaws at EU’s heart and show people have had enough of Brussels’ rules
Soros-backed campaign to push for new Brexit vote
Kevin Crehan (bacon at mosque) died in Bristol Prison after drug overdose?
HANNITY: The 'deep state' dam is about to burst!
Illegal immigrants falsely posed as Grenfell victims then spent £120,000 living at a luxury hotel!
Black/Muslim gang kidnapped and brutalised man for £30,000 and cocaine
Bradford pair get 16 years for gunpoint robbery of couple they lured into ambush
GERMANY: Asylum Seeker commits 400 crimes in two years!
BREAKING: Tommy Robinson reporting restriction lifted, jailed for 13 months!
How the educational authorities produced Generation Snowflake
Global markets convulse as investors reject EU position on Italy!
Sophie Winkleman launches foul-mouthed defence of Kids Company's Batmanghelidjh
Most Brits believe migration harms communities and fear nation's culture/traditions being lost!
Race to stifle deadly Nipah virus after 13 killed in outbreak
Roman Abramovich's Israeli passport WON'T guarantee him a backdoor to Britain? Yeah, right
Israel warns it is on the brink of war AGAIN as jets and helicopters pound Gaza!
'Charity worker' George Zavadsky arrested at £1m London home after human bones discovered
One million hours of lessons lost to kids not toilet trained at home!
Terrorist shot dead after killing two women police officers and a teacher
Fatima Khan set up murder of on-off boyfriend then posted a video of him dying on Snapchat?

Tuesday 29 May

BELGIUM: 3 people shot dead by gunman 'shouting Allahu Akbar!'
Christina Abbots murdered in her own home on her birthday! Zahid Naseem charged
Widow, 100, left with a broken neck after a mugger tried to snatch her handbag!
BRADFORD: On-the-run rapist Imran Khaliq gets 12-years for raping teenager Saudis push UN to adopt Sharia blasphemy law 'to criminalise criticism of Islam!'
Britain moves from Orwell to Kafka, imprisoning Tommy Robinson and gagging media reports!
Rapists enjoy full trial, Tommy Robinson summarily imprisoned
‘UK behaving like Saudi Arabia’: Geert Wilders calls for release of Tommy Robinson
NHS 'must do more to tackle white privilege', trust chief says!!!
FARAGE: Brexit is not the biggest problem the EU now faces...
Rotherham child abuse: Former local councillor 'Mr Akhtar' accused of rape
Councillors and police 'had sex' with Rotherham abuse victims?
The latest pandering to transgenders? CoE urges them to become priests!!!
London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital's cycling chief!
‘Sanction Israel!’: 4,500 pairs of shoes symbolizing dead Palestinians placed at EU Council
Jihadis kill 203 so far during Ramadan!
#Impeachment trends on Italian Twitter over anti-populist ‘coup!’
Vegan extremists threaten to fire bomb butchers
Scottish Government report recommends tax breaks... FOR IMMIGRANTS!
LITTLEJOHN: Chakrabarti's call for Ulster to impose abortion rights = Contempt for democracy
The arrogant EU elite is playing with fire!
Fury at Italian President's appalling betrayal! Ignores impeachment call, puts Europhile in power
A quarter of England's department stores close in less than a decade!
100 travellers invade historic Thwaites Brewery and turn site into 'disgusting mess'

Monday 28 May

TOMMY ROBINSON: A vengeful state was waiting!
Israel Has Been Infected by the Seeds of Fascism, Says ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak
IDF general compares Israel to Nazi Germany,
Of 10 billionaires with Kremlin ties who funneled contributions to Trump/Republican leaders, at least 5 are Jews!
Majority say Zionism is a Jewish conspiracy in French poll!
Manhunt for ‘Asian’ after teenager raped in Buckinghamshire village
Sophie Lionnet: The 'toxic' couple who murdered their au pair
SABOTAGE! Italian President, pressured by EU and Germany, blocks nationalist government!
House sprayed with bullets in multicultural Manchester
420 pounds of heroin found in a truck entering Bulgaria from Turkey!
French shopkeeper given €3,000 fine and suspended sentence for asking Muslim to remove chador to identify herself
Georgia Jones, 18, and Tommy Cowan, die after taking ecstasy at Mutiny pop festival
Man STABBED in Richmond in latest horrific attack
Goldman Sachs warned of Brexit disaster – now admits UK SURGING AHEAD!
BERLIN: Thousands of patriots protest against ‘criminal’ Angela Merkel!
Mystery figure targets anti-war pundits and politicians by prolifically editing Wikipedia!
Israel’s high court blesses killing and maiming of Gaza protesters?
Cholesterol ‘hoax’ created by medical industry to sell more drugs?
January 2016: Melanie Shaw, child abuse whistleblower, gets 2 years in secret court hearing
Poorest families barred from relatives' funerals because they can't afford to pay for them?
Orban is Juncker's biggest nightmare!
An arrest during the Tommy Robinson protests

Sunday 27 May

Media silence as thousands protest Tommy Robinson arrest outside Downing Street!
Was Tommy Robinson arrested for being Tommy Robinson?
'Islamic invasion' will reduce Europeans to 'minority in our own continent!'
EU’s own survey shows majority of Europeans are against EU!
Secret government plot to keep Britain in EU?
Cannabis puts 27,000 people a year in hospital!
Islamists actively seek prison sentences to radicalise other convicts, say officers!
Family of Home Secretary Sajid Javid accused of running a ‘cash for visas’ scam!
Ross Hedley, 17, stabbed in Redhill, Nottinghamshire - Joseph Lubasi charged!
95-year-old Ahmed Seddiki arrested for murder of his careworker!
Cops hunt 'foreigner who raped male student in Plymouth alley
Keith Vaz, 'a crook of the first order,' referred back to Met for rent boys/drugs scandal
Palestinians face explosive bullets, dangerous gas bombs
Kosovan doctors get 8 years for harvesting, selling kidneys to Israel
Bradford tops worst fly-tipping list
EU madness! Half of them don’t have a coastline but they dictate UK fishing policy!
Paedos can groom kids online without fear of getting caught says crime chief
EU’s own survey shows majority of Europeans are against EU!
Swedish 'culture critic' slams marriage, except where it helps asylum-seekers stay in Sweden!
Britain dishes out £62million in foreign aid to Rwandan dictator!
Boots owner, Stefano Pessina, denies charging NHS £3,220 for mouthwash!
Bosses of Big Four auditors accused of ignoring wrongdoing to reap tainted money!
GERMANY: Artists boycott Israel-backed pop festival
Kate Rothschild's rapper ex Jay Electronica wonders if she wants her teeth knocked out?

Saturday 26 May

THREE BOYS... Tragedy or terrorism?
The media crucifixion of Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson 'saying nothing' arrested for "breaching the peace" outside grooming trial! Within hours he was jailed for 13 months!
Retired WPC condemns cops for arresting Tommy Robinson
Orwell’s Nightmare: Articles about Tommy Robinson’s arrest scrubbed from the Internet
Articles about Tommy Robinson’s arrest scrubbed from the Internet!
The Hipster Fascists! (Patriots) Well-dressed, highly educated and from respectable families!
Whatever has happened to our police?
The migrant crisis will end in civil war - Demographics are against us – Austrian Expert
CAMBERWELL: Gerry Gaffney dies in hospital after knife attack!
Russell Jones: Student who was shot AND stabbed 'innocent victim of feud between rival gangs?'
MORDEN: 20 April 2018 - Aaron Springett murder
Rotherham sex survivor: I told authorities and they did nothing!
Luton Council leader ‘horrified’ at spate of stabbings in town
LEICESTER: Black knifeman threatens woman on her way to work - Takes her bag
Age Concern chief pocketed £700,000 in charity cash during 8-year fraud!
YouTube deletes alternative for Sweden's video, threatens to take down account!
USA staged a coup in Ukraine - Here's why
Soros-backed anti-Brexit activists trained to target MPs?
Sheriff Israel's son, the coward cop and 17 dead children!
EU ON THE BRINK: 12 members losing faith in Brussels as they tell leaders to listen
Swedish Military report on Left Wing extremist violence blows whistle on HOPE NOT HATE!
Soros-backed anti-Brexit activists trained to target MPs?
Time is nearly up for UK's useless anti-Brexit PM!

Friday 25 May

TOMMY ROBINSON: Information on the boys killed by Jaynesh Chudasama!
Tommy Robinson in Leeds court for reporting on grooming gangs!
Gang member at Crown Court. Charges: child rape, trafficking, supply of class A drugs to kids
‘Unsustainable!’ Non-UK born population at record high!
Air pollution is worse inside classrooms and nurseries than city streets!
White families forced to leave Sydney suburb that took in 6,000 Syrian/Iraqi refugees
"The globalisation project that YOU promoted was wrong. It's time to embrace that!"
Sophie Lionnet two days before she was murdered by Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni
Bus passenger horrified as man performs sex act behind her
Drunk thug, Khaled Hassan, sets fire to rough sleeper's blanket at start of horrifying 4-hour attack
US soldiers in Iraq killed By Israeli snipers?
Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein set to turn himself over to N.Y. police
"Government is not only NOT backing its avowed policy... it's DELIBERATELY undermining it!"
"Yulia Skripal's stuck between a rock and a hard place!"
Brexit Betrayal! Appeaser Theresa wants to keep UK in EU Customs Union to 2023!
£20bn a year Brexit cost claim 'propaganda not news!'
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE: Imam guilty of sexually abusing boy in Mosque!
Telford MP says corrupt cops ignored parents' child sex abuse complaints against Muslims!
411,000 Romanians now in UK, double the 2014 figure!
Books/toys to be BANNED from schools in radical push to make classrooms 'gender-neutral?'
Home Secretary's top cop brother says cuts have forced him to 'review' resources!
TORONTO: 15 injured - 3 critically - after a bomb attack on an Indian restaurant!
'Burn THEM at the stake!' DEATH PENALTY for immigrant savages!
Harrowing audio tapes reveal terrified nanny's ordeal at hands of murderous couple!
The suburban sadist killers - Social climber savages!
Morgan Freeman APOLOGIsES after being accused of sexual harassment by eight women!
Changing face of Britain! 77 areas where number of foreigners has surged!
Predatory female publisher followed drunk woman into pub toilet and sexually assaulted her!
Pensioner, 84, left lying in the street for almost 3 hours waiting for an ambulance!
Is Roman Abramovich moving to Tel Aviv? Israeli media suggest Russian oligarch is doing so!
Noel Edmonds accuses bank chairman of covering up a £1bn fraud
How on earth has BT chief earned a £1 million pay rise?
The West does nothing when Israel kills Palestinians but condemns fake attacks in Syria

Thursday 24 May

The Trial of Jeremy Bedford-Turner - PATRIOT!
Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment by multiple women!
Theresa May urges EU customs extension until 2023? 7 years after we voted to leave!!!
TRUMP: The Criminal Deep State!
Pensioner loses her apartment, African tries to rape her!
Population of England set to rise by 3.2million in 10 years!
Nikki Haley, you can't hide - You're enabling genocide!"
Was a TERRORIST ATTACK in the UK covered up?
SWEDEN: Hey, girls! Hide a spoon in your underwear!
ISIS fan, Husnain Rashid, says: Attack Prince George! Inject ice cream with poison!
Dutch schoolchildren taken to a Mosque and forced to pray to Allah!
FARAGE v Zuckerberg! Your algorithms target conservatives!
BBC casting Black people in White roles!
Moscow accuses Britain of holding poisoned spy's daughter hostage!
£6m campaign backed by foreign billionaire George Soros to keep Britain in the EU!
“Men know your place and vote yes in this fu*king racist country!”
BIRMINGHAM: Good Samaritan customer repeatedly stabbed at fish and chip shop
RAMSGATE: Afghan refugees gang-raped girl, 16, after she asked for directions
“Men know your place and vote yes in this fu*king racist country!”
Robert Peston invites six guests on to his ITV show - ALL OF THEM REMAINERS!
PHILIP ROTH - What an awful man!
BBC documentary said cops were prevented from helping victims?
Teenage terrorist arrested in Bishops Stortford?
We have transgender jockeys now?

Wednesday 23 May

IMAM: Commit any crime: murder, child rape, drugs, as long as you pray 5 times a day!
Wealthy, white middle-class cocaine users fuel epidemic of violence on streets?
Israel versus Palestinian protesters - The reality?
As a proud Israeli I want peace. Killing Gazans won’t bring that
'It's a vast stinking cesspit!' Former Tory spin doctor claims EU is a 'corrupt swamp'
Lack of FGM convictions ‘shows UK law is flawed!’
Vast majority of Britain’s beaches contaminated with plastic pellets harmful to wildlife
Jacob Rees-Mogg LAMBASTS 'weak' Theresa May for 'preparing for Brexit FAILURE'
Rees-Mogg scolds BBC host for 'straying into religious bigotry'
Israel could be put on trial for WAR CRIMES after new submission from Palestine
Israel war planes STRIKE Gaza City as confrontation with Palestine ESCALATES
Conwoman, Derrol Flynn, who stole life savings of 105-year-old man, jailed
Lee Rigby murder: What date was Lee Rigby killed? (May 22 - But you wouldn't know it)
Antifa far-Left extremists release 'riot tourist' terror handbook!
NETHERLANDS: 1,400 underage girls forced into sex slavery by foreign men
Four more stabbings in Mayor Khan's London in five days!
SWEDEN: Government sends every household booklet preparing citizens for war!
18% of legal residents in the EU, over 90m people, are first or second-generation immigrants
BRADFORD: Farooq Rashid jailed for terrorism offences!
Remorseless duo jailed for terrifying 'steal to order' car-jacking
BIRMINGHAM: City's second fatal shooting in a week
Iraq to execute up to 40 foreign ISIS brides exacting revenge after 3 years of jihadi occupation
Families have seen public services go to pot as council tax has soared by 563%!
Top CofE cleric says Black Yank's royal wedding sermon seriously misjudged! (Welby praised it)
Brendan Cox would have been suspended if he hadn't quit over harassment claims

Tuesday 22 May

Israeli soldier laughs as he shoots Palestinian trying to clear roadblock!
INCELS! The world's deadliest virgins!
Telford MP, Lucy Allan, highlights shocking failure to protect girls from child grooming gangs
Germany will now train asylum seekers to become truck drivers?
After Manchester we didn’t want to look back in anger but maybe it’s about time we did
Stockholm syndrome, the Mecca of moral elitism!
Luqman Aslam deliberately mows men down! Gets sentence cut! He was fasting for Ramadan!
EU civil war? Czech Republic WARNS Brussels to stay OUT of politics!
Mainstream media lose their marbles over Italy's new anti-establishment coaliton
13-strong Somali gang raped and prostituted our kids!
Trump meets with Rosenstein, Wray amid campaign spying claims
Mark Penn, Hillary’s top strategist in 2008, says Mueller probe exposed! 'Deep State' flailing!
Who Is Stefan Halper? Meet the 'FBI informant' inside Trump's 2016 campaign!
Obama DoD oaid 'FBI Informant' Stefan Halper over $250,000 before 2016 election!
Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like this!'
"It's ridiculous!" Parents furious as Australia seeks to ban use of "boy" or "girl" in books!
National shame! Report slams UK's failure to prosecute FGM abuse!
Hungarian Deputy PM says Europe is losing its identity, Islam penetrating without resistance!
OTTOMAN SLAP! Erdoğan urges Europe's Muslims fight for their rights in “failing democracies!”
War on Oligarchs? Chelsea's Roman Abramovich told to prove his wealth is legitimate!
Scores of Russian oligarchs in Britain's crackdown on 'unexplained' foreign wealth! (About time)
Man races from scene of 'horrifying' fatal stabbing on Upper Street in Islington
Manchester bomber’s brother could escape British justice?
Pay chief who dished out huge bonuses to Carillion bosses gets promoted!
'Stage is set' for Italy to leave EU and Brussels is to BLAME, claims William Hague!
Arlene Foster blasts ‘disgraceful’ Tony Blair for using Northern Ireland in Remain plot
Syrian capital is FREE FROM ISIS for first time since civil war began
LONDON BLOODBATH! Man stabbed to death in Islington as 66 killed THIS YEAR!
Ritalin does NOT turn kids into killers?
Businessman accused of killing student by supplying 'highly toxic' slimming pills!
Terry Butcher's son died after battling alcohol, drugs and PTSD after Afghanistan tour!
Chemicals from sun creams are found in breast tissue!
Measles cases rocket across England due to an epidemic in Europe!
BELARUS: 'Single-sex relationships are a fake!'
Dancing/singing plastic surgeon gave bride-to-be brain damage during tummy tuck!
Syrian army takes complete control of Damascus1

Monday 21 May

Mainstream media lose their marbles over Italy's new anti-establishment coalition!
Muslim leaders call for international force to protect Palestinians!
FAR RIGHT AIN'T WRONG! Italy threatens to defy EU rules by deporting 500,000 immigrants!
City banker calls for 'remigration' of ethnic minorities! (The times they are a-changing!)
The new Mayor of Sheffield is a Somalian refugee!
United Nations migration chief attacks Trump, claims mass migration in 'national interest!'
Illegal immigrants can acquire EU travel documents within hours
Jury hears Police Sergeant, Mohammed Perwaze, 'repeatedly raped' 8-year-old girl!
MANCHESTER: Mum stabbed in head/neck by stranger, Genesis Edwards, in frenzied attack!
Expert says foreign aid policy could be fuelling mass migration!
So why were so many ghastly, PC celebs invited to Harry's wedding?
Meghan Markle's pot-growing nephew caught with a knife at London club - Blames Trump!
Uncouth clod, David Beckham, seen chewing gum in church at Royal Wedding
Meghan Markle is Britain's 'Obama moment', says Labour MP David Lammy!
'Limousine leftism - Courtesy of Benedict Cumberbatch!
78% of 9,000 Afghan 'children' allowed to remain in Sweden are really adults!
Grindr rapist is notorious figure in gangster underworld

Sunday 20 May

Adolfo Nicolas, world's top Jesuit, on immigration...
Meghan Markle's wedding a rousing celebration of blackness, says Guardian's top Brit-loather!
The transgender thought police! Check out Ben Tull - This is a head teacher nowadays
Charles Walker puts a question we all want answered to Theresa May
The Barcelona Declaration (1995) - Why Europe is committing suicide!
Moped robbery AND MURDER - Beasts who deserve execution
Saudi Arabia about to behead 6 schoolgirls for 'acting indecently' with male friends?
Government's Brexit “incompetence" is May's “strategy” to keep Britain tied to EU
Gaza massacre exposes Western hypocrisy on Russia’s ‘annexation’ of Crimea!
Rees-Mogg: We shouldn't be afraid of leaving without a deal!
The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe
Jewish supremacist boasts on Israeli TV – AIPAC rules America!
Terrorist recruiter's burka-wearing wife loses appeal
Seven dead after attack on Russian Orthodox Church in Chechnya!
BELGIUM: Little girl shot dead by migrant-smuggling gang?
Ramadan isn't only an “old German custom,” it's been celebrated longer than Oktoberfest!
AFGHANISTAN: Terrorists kill 8 and wound 45 at cricket match
HITCHENS: We need proper constables - not these swaggering gunmen
CANNES: Asia Argento says: 'I was raped by Harvey Weinstein at this festival!'
Son of ex-Black Rod linked to child sex abuse and rent boys?
Saudi Arabia about to behead 6 schoolgirls for 'acting indecently' with male friends?
Government's Brexit “incompetence" is May's “strategy” to keep Britain tied to EU
Two million crammed into Gaza locked in impoverished prison with few jobs, endless power cuts!
Calpol is 'the heroin of childhood!' Children get 3 times more than 40 years ago

Saturday 19 May

The majority of European politicians are traitors, says intelligence analyst!
UN ‘expert’ (Brexit has made UK more racist), supported Mugabe torching/stealing White homes!
6 years in prison for posting 'hate speech' on social media!
UN to launch war crimes investigation into Israeli forces’ shooting of protesters!
Israeli soldiers harass and threaten medics trying to help wounded Palestinians!
GERMANY: Leader of the opposition, Alice Weidel, savages Merkel and open-border politicians!
Immigrants try to rape Kelly Soutar - She fights them off! They are jailed
YouTube: "Stifle Yourself or be Terminated!"
Hugh Grant thinks 17.4 million Brexiteers are "dim and bigoted!"
Gunman, Javarni Cato, has sentence increased to 9 years!
SEVENOAKS: Predator, Joginder Mahay, who abused girls aged 7 and 9 jailed for 18 years
Uninsured drunk driver, Nicquan Taylor, killed one man and injured four
Survey asking students where they're from withdrawn after 'racism' accusations!
Germany will use UN seat 'to promote openness and fight populism!'
Ireland issues another Common Market 'warning' as May prepares new Brexit fudge!
SWEDEN: New Poll shows populist party tied for first ahead of election
Fake News! Left-wing accusations against Brexiteers retracted over and over
Shuffling coward, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, kills 10 in Texas!
Former Playboy centerfold, Stephanie Adams, kills herself and her 7-year-old child
Olivia Boland versus travellers - Court throws out charge against her!
PUTIN: Thank God Sergei Skripal recovered, if we poisoned him he'd have died on the spot!
FINLAND: Muslim refugee: 'I’d rather die than get a job and adopt European culture!'
All of Chile's 34 bishops RESIGN over a sex abuse and cover-up scandal!
MPs’ Committee for Double Standards? OBORNE on politics and power!
Hundreds of British soldiers threatened with criminal charges 40 years after the Troubles
ALBANIA: Fake passport laboratory helped hundreds sneak into Britain

Friday 18 May

Four million Brits can't get work because of EU migrants!
‘Trump is right!’ Police say parts of Britain ARE no-go areas due to ISIS radicalisation
Child-sex victim confronts abuser in the street! Van load of cops arrest HER!
6,200 non-deported foreign criminals (killers, rapists, drug dealers etc) live here!
POLICE FARCE says it may allow female officers to wear burkas!
It’s a slur to label these grooming gangs “Asian” – They’re Pakistani and Muslim!
Subhuman savage, Berlinah Wallace, acquitted of murder!
Elderly neighbours of murdered 85-year-old say they're plagued by cold-callers on doorstep!
'Wicked' sex predator who killed barmaid in sustained and sadistic attack jailed for 29 years!
Boy slashed with a sword in East London on his way home from college
Mass brawl outside Birmingham law courts!
NATO was never a defensive alliance, as its behavior since 1991 shows
Supporters desert Labour Friends of Israel over support for massacre of Gaza protesters
ORBAN: 'Defending Hungary Is Our Duty - Not the EU's!'
Nigel Farage: ‘We’ve seen a 44% increase, year-on-year, in London crime!
Sheffield’s Muslim Lord Mayor: 'I wouldn’t even do a toast to the Queen!'
Brixton gang leader who went from life of crime to Harry's inner circle, gets invite to wedding!
Army top brass admit 'we're 5,000 troops short, recruitment targets missed every month!'
FARAGE: “Can't we just get rid? Isn't he frightful? Isn't he awful? He's Archbishop of Canterbury!"

Thursday 17 May

Subhuman savage threw acid over ex-partner! Injuries so severe he had himself euthanased
Sex predator, Kasim Lewis, murdered Iuliana Tudos in Finsbury Park!
Almost 29% of 15-year-olds in Britain now come from immigrant backgrounds!
Tories want Stephen Lawrence's pal to be the next Mayor of London?
It’s a slur to label these grooming gangs “Asian” – They’re Pakistani and Muslim!
US State passes law defining criticism of Israel law as ‘anti-Semitic’ just as they kill 60 civilians!
Justifying Gaza massacre, Israel minister calls Palestinians ‘Nazis!’
Israel launches airstrikes against ‘terrorist’ targets in Gaza!
Hundreds of British Jews sign letter criticising Board of Deputies’ Gaza response!
Carillion directors ‘stuffed their mouths with gold’ as company collapsed, MPs say!
ROMFORD: Who killed Rosina Coleman?
AUSTRIA: Chechen murdered child because he was having a 'bad day!'
Murdered 10 years on – for doing the right thing!
British Police confirm NO-GO ZONES in the UK
Number of criminal charges falls despite crime surge!
Britain hands £5m+ in aid to 'justice' programme in Bahrain despite human rights abuse
'People voted for Brexit, NOT purgatory!' FURY as UK may STAY in customs union until 2021
'It's BLACKMAIL!' – Brexiteer Kate Hoey accuses PM of 'surrendering' to the IRA!
Homeless EU migrants set to get thousands in compensation after deportations ruled illegal
BBC report accuses people concerned about migration of ‘giving it large’
Twitter admits to “shadowbanning” users in all but name, which they have repeatedly denied
Call centres being used 'to avoid sending officers to crime scenes'
Companies have neglected British workers because they save money by using cheap EU labour
As Swedes are drawn to honest foreign coverage, MSM slams 'nasty' immigration stories!
ISIS fanatics threaten to BEHEAD Messi and Ronaldo
British beaches SNUBBED! Parents REFUSE to take children to 'dirty' UK seaside!
Prince Harry finds a bride with a family even more messed up than the Windsors?
DIVERSITY! African woman urinates on a London bus!

Wednesday 16 May

Impunity ensured: US blocks UN call to probe Israeli crackdown on Palestinians
According to the Jewess, Laura Loomer, ALL non-Christian Palestinians are "terrorists
Anne Frank wrote about sex in HIDDEN pages of diary? (Money-making scam?)
Christians under constant, violent attacks from Jewish groups in Jerusalem!
Homeless EU migrants set to get thousands in compensation after deportations ruled illegal
England's head of football policing says we mustn't wave St George's flag at World Cup!
Cops remove sleeping bags/belongings of homeless on streets outside Windsor Castle!
Nikki Haley blames Hamas for Gaza violence and praises Israel for 'restraint!'
Tom Watson gave a display greasy enough to test one's digestion
Millions of women are wrongly told to take ibuprofen! Can make cystitis worse!
On whose side are second-generation immigrant 'Germans?'
Birmingham now!
World Health Org prepares for “worst case” as Congo Ebola outbreak spreads
Israel, USA and Germany - The 'grotesque... unreality continues!'
HAMBURG: African cut head off baby, murdered white wife at tube station! Media cover up!
Sanitised version of Hamburg murders
The Pentagon has reported $21 TRILLION unaccounted spending since 1998!
London: the murder of a capital city by LibLabCon - 1960-to-2018
Twitter is going to limit the visibility of tweets from people behaving badly?
Italy - Populist leader blasts EU for 'unacceptable' immigration interference!
POLL: Clean Brexit departing EU Customs Union is public favourite!
Soros’s Hungarian empire on verge of collapse!
Appeaser Theresa attacks Rees-Mogg to 'send a signal' to Brexiteers
Senior gynaecologist asked patient if she wanted sex after conducting intimate examination

Tuesday 15 May

South Yorks Cops reported only a quarter of child sex convictions due to ‘clerical error!’
Jez Turner, who urged end to ‘Jewish control,’ found guilty of anti-Semitism
Nothing says ‘peace’ like 58 dead Palestinians!
Jared/Ivanka open US embassy in Jerusalem! Trump jubilant! Israel kills 52, injures 2,400!
Israel marks 70th anniversary while shooting teenagers at Gaza border
Jewish leader says Labour must expel Ken Livingstone or face consequences
National Crime Agency says illegal immigration is the greatest threat to UK!
MI5 says Islamic terror is the greatest threat to UK!
LITTLEJOHN: A 'hostile environment' towards immigrants? It’s not hostile enough!
Jerusalem's biggest soccer team, (fanbase chants 'death to Arabs') renames itself Beitar Trump!
Eurovision stage invader is a Commie Corbynista!
DIVERSITY in action!
Crime rises on public transport across the West Midlands!
Corbyn’s deputy Tom Watson slammed for taking cash from gambling mogul
Police want to speak to black man after woman sexually assaulted on bus in Beckenham
Gang jailed for 'terrifying' south London kidnap!
Italian populists threaten to deport 500,000
CALIFORNIA: Republican candidate expelled from GOP for refusing to put Israel's national interests before those of America!
Orban: The West never experienced Communism, so can't understand Eastern Europe!
Soros-backed Miliband and a parade of has-beens campaign to kill off Brexit
London knife crime epidemic: Man stabbed yards from BAFTA Awards venue!
USA: Killer nanny who stabbed two children to death jailed for life
Crazed father stabs two-year-old daughter and her mother in front of cops!

Monday 14 May

May refuses amnesty from prosecution for British troops
NEWPORT: Hit-and-run driver repeatedly drives into crowd of pedestrians!
Young Swedish men twice as likely as European counterparts to be victims of deadly shooting
‘Allahu Akbar’ Paris knife killer was Islamist immigrant on Jihadi watch list!
Migrant arrested for suspected terrorism accused of financing further crimes!
FRANCE: Citizens' group DEFENDING border from illegal immigrants to be prosecuted?
NHS can harm rather than help… Time to STOP the elderly from taking tablets?
Sex-pest male nurse, Aaron Kibaja, set off hospital alarms unnecessarily!
On whose side are second-generation immigrant 'Germans?'
Birmingham now!
Lawyers launch hundreds of new claims against British soldiers for 'wrongdoing' in Iraq!
Spare us Miliband, Clegg, Morgan! Nauseating Remoaners claim to put their country first!
Disgraced ex-NHS boss RETURNS 4 years after retiring with a £1.9m pension pot!
Ivanka and Jared embrace Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
STDs are on the rise with syphilis up 12% in a year!
Crazed father stabs wo-year-old daughter and her mother in front of cops!
Jerusalem's biggest soccer team, (fanbase chants 'death to Arabs') renames itself Beitar Trump!
Eurovision stage invader is a Commie Corbynista!
DIVERSITY in action!
Immigration enriches us! REALLY!

Sunday 13 May

Immigration enriches us! REALLY!
London gang violence threatens to spread to every UK town!
We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from us for 30 years!
Miliband D launches UK political comeback! Brexiteers are 'holding Britain to ransom!'
Politicians United! Globalist toerags preach resistance to 'Hard Brexit!'
London: Serial sex attacker on the loose! Black man sought!
Black men lunge at each other with knives on Victoria line
'Europe' alienates us all - as foretold 40 years ago
Israel faces ugly reckoning on refugees and racism
Mark Levin: Mueller's 'purpose is to remove the President!'
Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus
ACID ATTACK! Serkan Kiziltan, Turgut Adakan, Mehmet Tekagac, Onur Ardic charged
Bradford man Azim Khan, jailed after being caught with £80,000 drugs
One dead and four injured in Paris knife terror attack!
Cops question parent for attending 'Freedom of Speech' march after school reports him!
Zambia's UN bigwig says Brexit made UK more racist! Minorities face overwhelming oppression!
'Allah Akbar!' One killed, attacker shot dead in Paris
Thousands of foreign gangsters awarded British and EU citizenship!
Hey, Facebook! Don't mock the cops! OR ELSE!
Macron, Merkel call for 'full force' integration! EU won't tolerate resistance to migrant quotas!
Lord Tebbit snubs Sunday services conducted by gay dean he brands a 'sodomite!'

Saturday 12 May

OBORNE: Torture, Blair’s malign legacy and why we cannot trust MI6!
Israel's global censorship! How cops and government help them do it!
Expelled Labour activist (Jewish) says anti-Semitism claims were manufactured by CIA/Israel!
UN 'race relations envoy' suggests Brexit has caused rise in racism/anti-Semitic abuse!
Claire (no job/husband) adopts 5 African orphans - Wants to take them home to Dorset!
Married for 71 years, they were forced to live in separate retirement homes for 4 years!
Ex-MEP Peers who voted for 2nd Brexit vote sit on massive pension funds
Profit-greedy American health giant sees thousands in Britain lose their local GP!
Are pills killing us? GPs are paid extra to prescribe drugs!
MOPED crime map of London! Robberies jump 3,000 per cent in five years!
London: Serial sex attacker on the loose! Black man sought!
DIVERSITY IS DEATH! 15 west London drug dealers jailed!
Children's fashion designer slashed husband 8 times!
Black daycare teacher instructs kids to THROW ROCKS at 4-year-old 'to teach him a lesson!'
AUSTRIA: Syrian granted asylum despite being convicted of selling drugs to children!
GERMANY: Soueymane Sidiki killed Lica Luminata before he was due to be deported
PARIS: Bosnian gang made €1 MILLION a year from their pickpocketing kids!
PLOT: UK’s first all-female ISIS-inspired terror attack on London?
Immigration/terror top issues, say people across EU!
Anti-establishment parties Five Star and Le Lega ready to form next Italian government?
Lesbos: Europe’s migrant barrier nears breaking point
Hungarian PM: "I will never allow Merkel to turn Hungary into a migrant country!"
Asylum seekers barely work: Overwhelming majority live on benefits!
Ex-MEP Peers who voted for 2nd Brexit vote sit on massive pension funds!
Ruling class are 'ashamed' of being English!
The Four Horsemen: Chomsky, Stiglitz, Perkins and Daly explain the system
USA: Optimism in direction of country hits 11-year high under Trump!
Caitlyn Jenner trashes Trump - He's set transgender rights 'back 20 years!'

Friday 11 May

USA: Daycare worker, Leah Waldon, caught on camera torturing white baby to death!
Jez Turner ('white supremacist' = #FakeNews) called on soldiers to rise up against Jews?
Israel's secret weapon? The Talpiot programe...
Israel using ‘planned provocations’ to ‘get the US into a war with Iran!’
OBORNE: Jack Straw and the men who shamed the UK should be in the dock!
To Polish ire, Trump signs law to recover Jewish property stolen in Holocaust
Israel looks to build Mid East super alliance against Iran to join fight in Syria
May condemns Iran missile strikes on Israel! (Any condemnation of Israeli attacks on others?)
The Bataclan terror attack... The people here knew... They are complicit!
'I've done nothing wrong!' London Mayor dismisses crime wave criticism!
'Sexuality expert' says babies should 'give consent' for nappy changes!
Ex-Met cop poster girl who cried racism loses all 33 claims! (Ha-ha!)
Regarding Brexit, most of our senior mandarins work against the wishes of the British!
Why the House of Lords despises Brexit SO MUCH!
THE EU IS DYING! Macron’s shock admission!
ASTONISHING number of Lib Dem peers despite only having 2% of MPs
Ex-Labour councillor and wannabe MP, Steven Bayes, convicted for child abuse images!
UK at RISK? MoD faces a £21BILLION budget shortfall over next 10 years!
Mother's warning over £7 'MDMA bomb' that killed partying student daughter
Police warned over legality of gang-crime database because majority are black men!
Albanian gangsters linked to South American cartels taking over British drug scene
Electoral Commission (pro-EU construct) wants to fine Leave.EU £70,000
London bloodbath: Man found in street after being stabbed 'multiple times!'
Tory councillor jailbird, Khadam Hussain, ordered to repay £1 million over visa scam
Nathaniel Henry 'killed and butchered' Noel Brown and strangled his daughter
Immigrant women plotted ISIS-inspired terror attacks on London
Kemi Coaker tried to kill her ex's new girlfriend in Magaluf hit-and-run?
Baby DECAPITATED in mum's womb when gynaecologist Vaishnavy Laxman pulled at its legs!
Diane Abbott claimed £1,000 in expenses for paying a firm to write her speeches!

Thursday 10 May

Six years in jail proposed for online 'hatred' of religion or gender!
In 2002, the Israeli PM lied to Congress - Genocide and mass migration to Europe followed
Iran attacks Israel? Israeli jets bomb Damascus? (All going to plan then, Binyamin?)
"A very small and extraordinary minority of people who can see Zionism for what it is!"
Police are ‘trained to hide vital evidence!’
Cops ‘suppressing’ case of teens killed by drunk driver because of 'nationality!'
CCTV appeal after man stabbed in Birmingham
BIRMINGHAM: Carjacked, assaulted, burgled and mugged: Victims speak out!
Sadiq's London: Private police force to expand after satisfying demand left by regular cops!
‘Gang Matrix’ brought in after London riots slammed as ‘racially discriminatory’ by Amnesty
McCain finally confirms his role in fake Trump dossier!
Gurpreet Singh charged with murder three months after his wife was found dead
Keith Vaz's immigrant pet died after taking cocaine and driving at 100mph whilst disqualified!
CCTV: Teenage girl squirted with 'acid' on London bus!
Bogus asylum seeker used 5 fake identities to swindle £370,000 in benefits!
'Happy and healthy' schoolgirl, 15, died after taking ecstasy for the first time
‘Racist’ parents pull children from Religious Education classes to stop them learning about Islam
Christian sues the Scouts after being ejected over Islam complaint
Cannabis being decriminalised 'by the back door?'
Home Office will no longer use NHS records to track illegal migrants! May now escape detection!
Karl Lagerfeld may give up German citizenship over immigration!
Roman Polanski says the #MeToo movement is "collective hysteria" and "total hypocrisy!"

Wednesday 9 May

Israel using culture to mask brutality, say film-makers, journalists and artists!
Israel kills 9 Iranian troops in Syria after Trump rips up nuclear deal!
'Israel lobby calling the shots in Trump's rollback policy on Iran?'
Tell the truth about the 'Holocaust' and you're a 'Nazi grandma!'
Islamophobia is a fiction to shut down debate!
Trump pulls U.S. OUT of Iran nuclear deal
Debbie Abrahams sacked from Labour's Shadow Cabinet after an investigation into bullying
If the Met Gala was Islam/Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose, so why was it OK for a celebs to disrespect MY religion?
London kidnap gang jailed for 48 years
Tyrese Osei-Kofi left a 17-year-old college student blind and comatose
People saw through Project Fear but Brussels can't bear to see us succeed after Brexit!
Lily Allen says no space for migrants in her luxury London pad
Euro stumbles - Eurozone outlook worsens!
Sadiq Khan wants to Meet Trump and lecture him on Diversity and Islam
Thousands attend Day For Freedom rally - Media blackout!
'US wants Iraqi-style regime change in Iran!'

Tuesday 8 May

SWEDEN: 88% of gang rapists over the last six years have had a migrant background!
FIFTH victim to die during Bank Holiday weekend of violence!
Woman dies after discharge from abortion clinic - Dr Adedayo Adedeji charged with manslaughter
‘Islam is the problem!’ says Robert Menard, Mayor of Béziers
'The far right is rising, and Britain is dangerously complacent about it?' (Has to be The Guardian)
Thousands attend Day For Freedom rally - Media blackout!
Gun-free Britain? Four shootings in 48 hours in Sadiq Khan's London
SWEDEN: Underage schoolgirl gang-raped - Cops don't want to describe attackers!
Anti-Communist groups (media usually calls them 'far-Right') slam EU boss for Marx statue!
Scotland Yard spends £400,000 on first class flights whilst making huge cuts to frontline services
RNLI's Darren Lewis or Lifeboat skipper Tom Clark - You choose
Boris goes to war with May over her 'crazy' Brexit trade plan
May has no idea how angry Brexiteers are about this customs fudge
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (#MeToo crusader) resigns, accused of sexual harassment and assault
Should grandparents win visiting rights? OF COURSE!
Lamar Davenport stabbed Morgan Freeman's granddaughter to death - Manslaughter only!
Nigerian Army ‘frees 1,000 hostages from terror group Boko Haram’

Monday 7 May

Four Remainers and a dog would have got more coverage!
The March of Thousands! (Media silence)
A huge crowd stretching all the way to Whitehall! Hey, media! What's it about?
“Stand down, you are not fit for office” ex-Muslim to Sadiq Khan
Thousands march in 'free speech' protest led by right-wing figures
Jacob Rees-Mogg 'BLASTS' Greg Clark for 'promoting' Project Fear!
South Africa: The Rainbow Nation
German primary school teacher criticises Angela Merkel's immigration policy, gets the sack
Burglars beat pensioner with her own walking stick before stealing two Audis
£1.5m of cocaine hidden in Luton chicken shop
LUTON: 20-year-old dies after being stabbed!
LUTON: Mohammed Layek Miah charged with attempted murder following a shooting
Taxi driver, Shipu Ahmed, convicted of rapes in Totternhoe and Luton
South London's most despicable criminals locked up in April 2018!
Tommy Robinson: 'I'm taking Twitter to court... Facts are ow treated as hate!'
Over 20,000 migrants cross sea to Europe in first 122 days of 2018
Keith Nelson murdered 'f***ing Irish c***, Alfred Purcell, and stabbed his sister
Sweden: Criminals used grenades 43 times in 2017
New Cross shooting: FOURTH person shot in London bank holiday bloodbath!
Wealdstone shooting: Children aged 13 and 15 injured in fresh London violence!
DUP LEADER Arlene Foster lambasted EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier
Britain backs plan to JOIN Macron's EU army - even AFTER Brexit!
LIVERPOOL: Man dies after being stabbed in city centre
Irish MEP lashes out at EU: 'We CANNOT give homes to EVERYONE!'
CHRISTIAN beaten to death by doctors in Pakistan!

Sunday 6 May

MARX, the Titan of Terror! Left-wing airheads say he can't be blamed for slaughtered millions!
EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker fefies protests to deliver heartfelt defence of Karl Marx!
Citing Islamic attacks, Norway's top General: 'We must be ready to fight! To preserve the country!'
Giuliani: Trump is 'committed to' regime change in Iran? (So Don's a warmonger too?
Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal?
Trump highlights knife crime epidemic in Khan's London: 'It's Like a War Zone!'
Bullyboy, Simeon Corry, stamped on Garry Twist's head repeatedly and glassed his girlfriend!
Sex between a 23-year-old migrant and a 10-year-old girl is not rape says court in Finland
Shayhon Francis headbutted a cop, bit off part of his ear and stamped on his face!
Teens rob and terrorise with machete during car-jack spree in Khan’s London!
Greek Islanders protest against EU migration policies! A third of population now foreign!
Women desperate to become mums denied longed-for babies by senseless egg sell-by date!
Labour feminist who took on party's trans activists accused of 'hate crime,' questioned by cops!
Teen dies after being shot in Kennington street in broad daylight
LIVERPOOL - Man stabbed to death
Roma slave gang trafficked victims from Slovakia to Newcastle
East London hit by ACID ATTACK spree!
'It burns, man!' Murderer’s last words before execution by lethal injection
Upper-middle class, Antifa rioters face charges!
Thousands of topless women march through Tel Aviv in 'Slut Walk' protest

Saturday 5 May

'Kill them all': ISIS thugs call on fanatics to launch attacks at the World Cup!
Uber's Juma Ali Omar (ploughed into 11 outside museum) used fake passport to get licence
Trump cuts off funding for Syria's "White Helmets?" Good news!
Soros-funded app helps illegal immigrants avoid arrest!
Bureaucrats say UK can't leave EU Customs Union before 2023!
Africa enriches Luxemburg!
Most important issues facing Britain today?
'Collective narcissism' drives Liberal belief in fake news!
Crucifixes in government buildings? Cardinal MARX slams agitation/division plan!
Channel 4 says Caitlyn Jenner will deliver its annual diversity lecture at House of Commons!
Trump says London hospital is 'like a war zone with blood all over the floors!'
'Bully' Bercow costs us £645,000 a year and spends thousands on wining and dining guests
Ken Livingstone insists Zionists 'collaborated' with Hitler (Historical truth? Whatever next!)
Tory ex-mayor shared a racist joke comparing an Asian to a dog?
Snowflake students at Cambridge University get GUINEA PIGS to ease their stress!
Cops must stop their inane selfies - and start to nab villains!
Career criminal blocked trains between London and Birmingham
We made Novichok too, says Czech President!
Slovakians arrested after police find machine gun and ammo in their van!
Politicians want to turn Wales into a 'nation of sanctuary' for refugees!
Slingshots v live ammo! Israeli troops leave dozens wounded!
Jonathan King to stand trial for historical sexual abuse offences against teenage boys!

Friday 4 May

“I have a white woman to rape!” Innocent Oseghale arrested for Pamela Mastropietro murder
Ansar Mahmood - Multiple cases of rape against a child of under 13
Rana Irfan Aslam jailed for one year after plying girl, 12, with gifts and grooming her for sex
You FAILED! Health boss admits error after grilling by Ferrari
On 1 January 1960, Somali immigrant Mohamed Ismail shot dead 3 Englishmen in Sheffield pub
Foreign Collusion! Soros group uses Facebook ads, leaflet drops to rig UK local elections?
Paris: Lone male shots 23-year-old man, his dog and an old lady!
EU in disarray as Brussels demands bigger budget contributions after Brexit!
Mourners at stabbed burglar's funeral throw eggs, rush reporters! Arrests made
Pope Francis tells sex abuse victims, ‘I was part of the problem!’
Labour falls short!
Woman who went to India to treat her depression drugged, raped and beheaded
Government website for jobseekers advertises for 'naked cleaners!'
'Six officers went out to Ian Wright but when I got burgled, they wouldn't even take a statement!'
Man the lifeboats! Obscene crockery squad safeguards us from jokey coffee mugs!
Speaker John Bercow faces fresh pressure to quit
Victims told they should be 'eating dogs' by Roma slave gang
Sadistic' murderer, Atual Mustafa, battered his partner to death after release from nuthouse - He'd previously attacked his wife!
Immigration gave Europeans the migraine gene? Thanks, Africa!

Thursday 3 May

The Establishment is mounting a very un-British coup! A cynical strategy to halt Brexit!
MEP Verhofstadt condemns Hungary! EU will refuse cash to countries who do not 'share values!'
'Colossal' NHS computer glitch has seen 270 die and 450,000 miss screenings!
Sharp rise in aggressive brain cancer linked to mobile phones!
USA: Black judge orders Iran to pay $6billion to families of 9/11 victims!
15-year lifeboatman sacked after tea mug showing naked woman branded 'safeguarding risk!'
Doctor Robert Taub used Hebrew code to warn Sheldon Silver about FBI!
Dad speaks out after 14-year-old daughter is sexually abused by grooming gang!
HACKNEY: Somali immigrant jailed for stabbing woman after sex attack!
Immigrants accused of murdering French nanny had sex as she lay dead in bed just feet away!
Murder suspects seen riding bikes minutes before 17-year-old stabbed to death
Brother of burglar who ransacked Simon Cowell's house stole £30,000 designer handbag!
GRENFELL TOWER: Elaine Douglas and Tommy Brooks charged with fraud
Ansar Mahmood - Multiple cases of rape against a child of under 13
Rana Irfan Aslam jailed for one year after plying girl, 12, with gifts and grooming her for sex
Absent dads to blame for rise in gang killings/explosion in violent crime says ex-Ofsted chief
Burglary victim: Star-struck cops too busy posing with Ian Wright to investigate my crime!
Illegal immigrant seriously injures French police officer!
Former Swedish PM blasts government over migrant crisis response!
'Dangerous Fantasy'? Brussels launches €13 billion fund for EU Army!
Poll suggests British attitudes to migration based more on culture than race!
Tories suspend candidate who said Islam Is ‘totalitarian!’
Netherlands: 85% of refugees still unemployed!
Most Brits still support ‘hostile environment’ to illegal immigrants after Windrush scandal!
White, British children in primary schools...
POLL: What type of terrorism are you most concerned about in Britain?
Bully boy Bercow on the brink?
Speaker Bercow is a national embarrassment!
QUENTIN LETTS: John Bercow answers a planted question from fellow Jew over bullying claims
John Profumo's great nephew arrested having travelled to Syria to fight ISIS alongside Kurds
State schools 'spoon-feed' pupils leaving them unable to cope when they get to university!
Professor David Wyatt accuses the government of 'failing' homeless people!
Flushed wet wipes are piling up and 'changing the shape of the Thames'
Meghan Markle's brother brands his sister 'shallow and conceited!'

Wednesday 2 May

Whatever happened to the Skripals? Silence on Salisbury poisoning!
Swedish party leader says multiculturalism is a ‘total failure!’
What’s wrong with deporting illegal immigrants?
MACRON: Migrant violence, terror Is Europe's fault, 'not linked' to mass immigration!
Marine Le Pen to Trump: 'Macron is not a new political cycle, he's the end of the old one!'
Labour's Kashif Raza posts video slamming women for wearing make-up/tight clothes!
Israel (huge stockpile of nuclear weapons) accuses Iran of possessing stockpile of documents!
Mumsnet site censors Day for Freedom, freedom of speech discussion!
POLL: More Brits back Trump visit than oppose!
Muslim prison chaplains have warned their lives are in danger! (From Muslims)
May branded ‘a corpse’ by Tory MP as fears grow of EU Customs betrayal
Pro-Leave Tories say that any compromise could lead to them voting against the Government
Banned from Twitter for uploading promotional video for free speech event?
Acid murder trial: Berlinah Wallace, 49, denies murder of Mark van Dongen, 29
A black man, armed with a hunting knife in Romford McDonalds
Repeatedly raped by Muslims, she was ready to commit suicide because the cops didn't want to help her!
Judge criticises lack of legal aid for rape claim mother
Queensbury Tube shooting: One dead and another hurt!
Hither Green burglar Henry Vincent's fraudster father lives as 'Lord of the Manor!'
Harvey Weinstein raped Alexandra Canosa at least NINE times in abuse lasting years?
Why DO so many women enjoy watching other women get raped, abused and murdered?
PARIS: Hundreds arrested as anti-capitalist rioters attack buildings/torch vehicles/loot McDonalds
Left-wingers likely to fall for fake news due to their ‘exaggerated feelings of moral superiority’
ISIS turn a prisoner into an airborne bomb!
The Brexit 17.4million voted for is being mugged by the very people meant to implement it!
90% of the world breaths high levels of pollution = 7 million deaths a year!
UK towns where it's dangerous to breathe! 50 areas breach levels of pollution
'Do you feel like a traitor?' Adam Boulton ROASTS Baroness Altmann
Rees-Mogg SAVAGES ‘arrogant’ Lords over Brexit vote saying it shows 'CONTEMPT' for voters

Tuesday 1 May

DESTINATION EUROPE! ISIS commanders are trying to facilitate African exodus!
Sir Oliver Letwin says 'Britain has hugely benefited from migration!'
Christians in Jerusalem's Old City 'under threat' from Jewish settlers!
Jacob Rees-Mogg has blasted an EU Mark II agreement being considered by Theresa May
‘Not too late to STOP Brexit!’ Blair CONFIDENT Commons will BLOCK!
Sajid Javid to end hostile era for illegal immigrants!
Somali immigrant with multiple weapons convictions stabbed woman after sex attack!
Greece 'overwhelmed' as illegals surge across Turkish land border
EU funding change would deprive patriotic,low immigration nations of cash!
Diane Abbott fails six times to give Labour policy on illegal immigrants!
EU-wide poll - Majority think immigrant integration 'unsuccessful!'
Father of girl, 17, shot dead in London in court after £2 million+ worth of drugs found at his home
Remainer Lords vote to strip Theresa May of ability to walk away from EU with no deal
Asthma deaths up by a quarter in 5 years! UK rate of fatal attacks 50% higher than in Europe!
LITTLEJOHN: Why is lying to MPs worse than lying to voters?
Did Harvey Weinstein block Asley Judd from major roles because she rejected sexual advances?
Tensions between Israel and Iran - Once again Middle East drags us towards the abyss!
Shot dead during his WEDDING! How it is in India?
At least 36 people from SAME Alabama college diagnosed with rare eye cancer!
OBORNE: Labour's lies on migration are utterly shameful!
'Pull up blud, you're dead!' Thug pulls out huge knife as he hurls abuse at driver in front!
INDIA: Laughing gang try to rip girl's clothes off! Sexually assault her!

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