Daily News: May 2017

Wednesday 31 May

Putin convinced Assad didn't gas his own people! Says West wanted excuse for action in Syria
Corbyn has plans to allow thousands of unskilled workers into the UK after Brexit?
Labour's secret plan to open doors to Britain even wider!
'Spirit of Manchester' Muslim seen wasting police time and harassing people in street
The BNP's 10-point plan to counter Islamist terror!
Theresa May election meltdown? Pollsters predict Tories to LOSE Commons majority!
Baizuo = Libtard
DERBY: Ataul Mustafa charged with murder of his wife
MARBELLA: Armed cop arrests man minutes after car mounted pavement and mowed down five
Drug trafficking gang posed with wads of cash, flash watches and cars
Kabul explosion: Lorry packed with bombs kills 50 near British embassy
Aliens are HERE - but it's covered up?
Bercow branded 'self-serving parasite' after revealing plot to remain House Speaker
Tory MP says UK 'could have done more' to prevent chaos in Libya
'Explain yourself!' Juncker under fire from own MEPs over special tax deals
EU free movement is bankrupting Eastern European countries!
Banker, Vasu Menon, says UK must concede on immigration to access single market!
'Crawl back down your hole!' UKIP supporters BOO and heckle BBC's Laura Kuenssberg

Tuesday 30 May

Muslim immigrants attacking European women!
‘This is a planned invasion’ for the ‘purpose of destroying western Christendom!’
BURNHAM! Salman Abedi's actions had 'nothing to do with Islam?' (LIAR!)
Dad walks 9 miles wearing placard calling for deportation of ‘all known ISIS supporters!’
Trump is ‘victim of a deep state CONSPIRACY threatening to topple his Presidency!'
Deep State has taken total control of Trump?
Why don’t we use anti-terror laws that are in place?
Women’s charity CEO, Zafar Iqbal, gets 7+ years for child abuse offences!
‘Why is my curriculum white?’ Compulsory "Black History" exams at Oxford!
Manchester bomber's mosque leaders admit they have a 'lot to learn'
Who runs Britain's mosques?
Heart attack sufferers wrongly prescribed beta-blockers which do more harm than good
900,000 Britons are too fat to work? (LibLabCon voters?)
Disgraced Fred the Shred avoids court grilling after RBS agrees £200m payout
Tory MP dismisses disabled woman who said: 'tens of thousands of people are dying!'
OFFICIAL: ISIS targeting children - 13 killed in attack on Baghdad ice cream shop
Theresa May wouldn't axe free school lunches if she was a mother, says Masterchef winner

Monday 29 May

Black savage, Willie Godbolt, murders eight people in Mississippi
Moss Side on lockdown - 'Explosion' heard as armed police storm house in terror raid!
Ex-Met top cop, Tarique Ghaffur, calls for internment camps for 3,000 extremists!
Paramedic had to steel himself as he entered a foyer full of dead and dying victims
"They blow us up, we sing 'Imagine.' It's high time we became serious!"
Chemical engineering student arrested! MI5 investigates why it missed danger posed by bomber
Five things I realised as a Muslim after the Manchester attacks
Britain 'faces new wave of attacks' in wake of Manchester massacre
London 7/7 survivor dies after 'being traumatised by Manchester/Westminster attacks?'
Tell truth on Question Time? Get slapped down by sharia-friendly BBC audience!
Express view: Diane Abbott is unfit to hold high office
Who'd trust Abbott and Corbyn to keep us safe?
Jeremy Corbyn stood up for fraudster accused of funding Islamic State?
Terrorists' friend! For decades, Corbyn was a shameless apologist for evil men
Tell truth on Question Time? Get slapped down by sharia-friendly BBC audience!
Eamonn Holmes CLASHES with Andrew Gwynn: 'Labour's not being straight!'
BA's Spanish boss outsourced 700 jobs to India!
Holiday horror! Car ploughs through crowd outside Marbella club
‘Stop sneering at Trump!’ Jeremy Paxman lashes out at liberal media
Violent and sexual crimes at highest levels since formation of Police Scotland
Marr bashes Green Party co-leader for 'knee-jerk liberalism'
'White supremacist' stabber Bernie Sanders groupie who threatened to kill Trump supporters!
British holidaymakers in Magaluf victims of 'bear hug' attacks (Don't go to Magaluf)
FRANCE – Why are Jews at the head of Islamic institutions?
ISIS in greater Israel's scheme
Al Jazeera programme revealed those behind false allegations of anti-Semitism
Zionist political violence - via Wikpedia
The Jewish Defence League's campaign of violence in America

Sunday 28 May

Huge scale of terror threat revealed: UK home to 23,000 jihadists!
Write a letter to terrorists! Children told to ‘respect’ killers in new teaching aid!!!
56% of Britons believe ethnic minorities pose a threat to local culture
'Open your eyes!' Family of Manchester bombing victim warn Government
'Enough is enough,' says May! (And yet she wags her tail furiously for Islam)
KILBURN: Young woman, 20, shot dead in 'cycle-by attack!'
2014 - Calculating how much migrants cost or benefit a nation
‘EU is falling apart!’ Brussels economist says Merkel’s utopian vision is dead!
'Do you feel British?' Channel 4 anchor rips into Diane Abbott over loyalty to UK
Is Trump right? 'Bad' German self-interest could 'thwart' EU nations' hopes of recovery

Saturday 27 May

MI5 says UK is home to 23,000 jihadis! (Thanks LibLabCon)
Who are Britain’s jihadis?
'Time for rhetoric is over!' BBC's Andrew Neil demands action in wake of Manchester attack
'Madness of Brussels elite!' Polish leader’s fury at Europe leaders over Manchester terror
Manchester suicide bomber funded carnage with benefits and £7,000 of student loans!
MANCHESTER: Bomb factory found in council flat!
Is Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, secretly supporting Islamic terrorist groups?
Majority of Britons think minorities threaten UK culture!
EGYPT: Islamists slaughter at least 28 Christians
PETITION: Imprison or deport the 3000 on the terrorist watchlist!
Chilling ISIS video calls for 'all out war' on West!
'Sorted' by MI5! How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi!
Diane Abbott says terrorism can be beaten 'by speaking to mums?'
Outrage as Boris Johnson’s sister says we should NEGOTIATE with ISIS!!!
Muslims in court accused of 'plotting mass murder in central London!'
Angela Merkel makes ILLUMINATI 'sign' at G7 meeting as Trump looks on!
Elite New World Order savage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is dead! (Break out the champagne!)
Top EU wonk wants Jeremy Corbyn to lead Brexit negotiations?
Lesbians who beat daughter with hammer 34 times get just 4 years each!

Friday 26 May

Manchester attack: Heavyweight champion Tony Bellew speaks out!
TRUMP: 'Horror.. will continue forever' if leaders do not stop mass migration!
Colonel Richard Kemp calls for deportation of non-Brits on terrorism watch lists!
‘ISIS planning MONTH of UK terror attacks starting THIS weekend!’
'Education didn't stop Manchester!' Andrew Neil savages 'sentimental' counter-terrorism
"Children are being murdered! We need action NOT vigils!" Dad's FURY on BBC at PC lefties
Police fear SECOND bomb made by Salman Abedi in hands of accomplices!
Photo of final victim of Salman Abedi: schoolgirl Megan Hurley, 15
They are laughing at us! (C4 deleted this - Burka woman - the O in LOVE is a grenade!)
CORBYN: "Wars our government has supported = Terrorism here at home!"
‘We NEED more police!’ Amber Rudd in STANDOFF with Question Time audience over cuts
‘We must NOT imprison terror suspects without charge,’ says Ian Blair (Tony B's PC poodle)
Jared Kushner (Trump’s Jewish son-in-law) targeted in FBI investigation into Russia ties!
Anatole Kaletsky (Russian Jew?) donates £20,000 to Gina Miller’s anti-Brexit campaign group!
Brexit: ‘Britain may be forced to make EU payments YEARS after divorce?’
Trump and EU heads fail to agree on issues from Russia to trade
The Jewish origins of the Open Borders movement
Israel reconfirms commitment to treating wounded Syrian rebels
The Illuminati families that secretly control the world!

Thursday 25 May

Marijuana a factor in jihadi murders? Elites who push for looser drug laws should be shamed
'Enough is enough,' says husband who lost wife Alison in bombing!
Rebels living in England claim UK government let them travel to Libya to fight Gaddafi!
Security services missed five opportunities to stop the Manchester bomber
Bomber's childhood friend became a gang rapist!
Hundreds of troops protect politicians but who will protect OUR kids from the terror THEY let in?
Former SAS man speaks for England!
Man with knife arrested outside Buckingham Palace moments before Queen drives past!
Hundreds of troops protect politicians but who will protect OUR kids from the terror THEY let in?
Putin vows to PUNISH ISIS after Manchester bombing
Jon Snow ROASTS Diane Abbott over Labour's ability to combat terrorism
Is bomber's family part of global terror network? Killer linked to Paris/Brussels attackers
Bomber's engineering student brother 'knew all about his sibling's vile plot
Manchester jihadi spoke to nuclear scientist mother on phone just before his deadly attack!'
Salman Abedi's MOTHER and classmates warned security services he was dangerous!
Morrissey slams politicians for refusing to call out 'Islamic extremism!'
Jeremy Corbyn caught on video calling Muslim hate preacher 'honoured citizen!'
Christians 'are tied together and shot dead by ISIS militants'
The US Army lost track of $1 billion+ worth of arms in Iraq and Kuwait!
When it comes to beheadings, ISIS has nothing on Saudi Arabia
Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered after Michael Barrymore pressured him for sex?

Wednesday 24 May

Former SAS man speaks for England! Speaks for us all!
Nearly seven million migrants are 'waiting to cross into Europe!'
Empty platitudes don’t wash any longer!
Michael Vaughan calls for all non-British extremists to be deported straight away
Morrissey attacks politicians and the Queen over Manchester terrorism response!
Suicide bomber Salman Abedi received jihadi training during family trips to Syria?
Salman Abedi, son of Libyan refugees, had a 'face of hate,' say neighbours!
They were young girls free to be whatever they want. That’s why fanatics hate them
The bloody price paid for liberal weakness
Despite politicians’ clich├ęs, there's a sickness in our society and I fear it’s terminal
3,000 jihadis on the streets of Britain!
Only 7 extremists? Anti-terror orders watered down thanks to the Lib Dems
Corbyn didn't plant the bomb but he made it easier for those who did says ex-IRA man
Manchester attack: What they're NOT telling you
The Left aided Islamic terror bombing of Manchester Arena?
Olivia Campbell, 15, revealed as latest Manchester victim after mum's emotional plea
'We want action!' Farage demands UK make changes to avoid Manchester bombing repeat
Open-border boy, Macron, is ‘filled with dread’ after Manchester terror attack?
MANCHESTER: Faces of the innocent!
President Zeman of the Czech Republic speaks on Islam and mass immigration
Katy Perry on Manchester bombing: 'No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist!'
'DEPORT THEM ALL!' Jodie Marsh calls for ‘everyone on a terrorist watch list to be deported!’
"I've mates who were raped! Police say because Asian we probably wont catch them!"
Unmarried Mali couple stoned to death for violating 'Islamic law'
CIA showed up after UFO sighting and witnesses were never the same again!

Tuesday 23 May

ISIS supporters celebrate Manchester attack online!
Terror attack at Manchester Arena! 22 dead and 59 injured at Ariana Grande concert
'The blood, the sound, the body parts...it will never leave my mind!'
Videos capture horrific moment youngsters flee in terror as suicide bomb explodes
4 years to the day since Lee Rigby's death: Manchester suicide bomb latest in list of atrocities
Confusion and chaos after explosion at concert
‘We don't like you!’ Tim Farron chased in the street and confronted by protesters
How's the Remoaning going Tim? Odds now slashed on Farron losing seat at election!
Ex-IRA man: Corbyn might not have planted bombs but he made it easier for those who did!
President Zeman of the Czech Republic speaks on Islam and mass immigration
"I've mates who were raped! Police say because Asian we probably wont catch them!"
'Bodies were everywhere!' Witnesses describe horror after Manchester attack
Terror attack will not 'sow fear' in Britons, says Amber Rudd
Paul Pass and Mark Andrews kidnapped, beaten and tortured by Muslim drug dealers - Paul died
DIVERSITY! Woman raped, and strangled and held hostage by 'despicable' attacker
Immigrants behind 9 of 10 shootings in Sweden!
'Manipulative and nasty' rapist lured tourist away from bar before attacking her
Kim Dotcom: I knew Seth Rich, he was the Wikileaks Source
Girl, 14 marries Muslim man 20 years older than her in the back room of a mosque
Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find!
Doctors turned us into DRUG ADDICTS! How we became hooked on prescription pills
Nigel Farage speech to mainstream media leaves them in stunned silence
Brussels 'to force EVERY member state to adopt euro by 2025!'
Syrian rebels leave last opposition district in Homs

Monday 22 May

Hepatitis danger from Full English breakfast... caused by EU meat!
'Three Girls' paedos back on the streets of Rochdale after release from prison
'Three Girls' Rochdale victim claims she was ignored by cops and social workers!
Raped by Ashraf Miah - Brave Lilian, 18, films him with mobile phone
Majid Mustafa charged with POISONING his missing wife, Renata Antczak
In 1984, Diane Abbott declared support for defeat of Britain!
Jeremy Corbyn REFUSES to condemn the IRA!
PILGER: Getting Julian Assange: The untold story
PILGER: Holocaust denied: the lying silence of those who know!
Bill Gates’ Philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine!
2016: Orban says "faceless world powers" are destroying Europe!
Tories' lead slips by 5% after manifesto pledge to make more elderly pay for care!
PAUL NUTTALL: Stop funding Sturgeon's Scotland with England's money!
90% of teens in Brussels' suburbs think Brussels terrorists heroes!
Debate audience turns on Nicola Sturgeon
Brother Nathanael - Wall Street sends Kushner and Trump to Saudi Arabia
Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch, poisoned by SJW in Iceland
The poisoning of Robert Spencer
Top Corbyn ally branded a 'disgrace' for tweeting FAKED BBC headline
George Michael's lover Fadi Fawaz demands multi-million pound payout from singer's fortune

Sunday 21 May

Stoke’s Muslim voters warned they will go to hell if they do not vote Labour in anti-Ukip text
1-in-5 child deaths in London borough caused by parents being 'close relatives!'
Richard Branson buying up all our GP practices?
Robert Spencer, founder of Jihad Watch, poisoned by Social Justice Warrior in Iceland
The poisoning of Robert Spencer
LEEDS: Akshar Ali and Yasmin Ahmed accused of the murder of Sinead Wooding
Saleh Mabrouk, suspect in Yvonne Fletcher murder, lives in £600,000 5-bed home in Berks
HULL: Renata Antczak missing - Husband, Majid Mustafa, says she joined a cult in Poland
4 Rochdale child abusers still here FIVE YEARS after they were ordered to leave
France’s Chief Rabbi urges cooperation with Muslims against Nationalists!
Rape victim, 19, waives her right to anonymity
Teenager who was raped on a night out opens up about the impact of the attack
Honey-Mae Lyons, 18, raped by Muhammed Ekici and Serham Ozkebapci
Richard Branson buying up all our GP practices?
ISIS executes 19 civilians in Syria, including two children
Tony Blair's former constituency could be won by Tories
Pro-ISIS media threatens Twitter
Head to toe in designer clothes, Pippa Middleton weds hedge fund manager

Saturday 20 May

‘Europe is committing suicide... At least its leaders have decided to commit suicide
Outrage from pro-Brexit 'Fishing For Leave' at Tory Party’s weak approach on fisheries!
Tories have 'no plan' to slash net migration?
Theresa May's immigration pledge already watered down just hours after she made it!
US and UK healthcare slammed in landmark review!
'Britain's worst school': Knives, drugs, violent attacks - 70% of teachers quit in 2 years!
War on boys!
President Duterte kicks Rothschilds out of Philippines!
Women expelled from streets in central Paris! Police unable to restore safety!
Kostadin Kostov jailed for life for killing the mother of his children
Rochdale sex gang leader launches taxpayer-funded battle against being deported!
Rochdale victim, groomed from age 11, bumped into one of her abusers after his release from jail
Iraqi ‘refugee’ in German court for raping 2 exchange students
Romanian gipsy couple arrive on £38 flight and make £800 in ONE WEEKEND
University of East Anglia bans Muslim prayer spaces!
Peter Cowles guide to Common Purpose
German women speaking out about Muslim rape
Farage is the ‘MOST HONEST’ man in politics since Enoch Powell, UKIP candidate says
Former Greek finance minister rages at EU imposed austerity
Jared Kushner called Lockheed Martin CEO to get better price for Saudis in $100bn arms deals!
Death of Cameron's 'Notting Hill set' and the return of grown-up politics
Weeping Anthony Weiner begs forgiveness as he pleads guilty for sexting 15-year-old

Friday 19 May

This is the Times Square incident described by mainstream press as an accident!
'I wanted to kill them!' First words of Times Square car crash driver who killed girl, 18
Syria airstrike: US military bombs pro-Assad forces! (Trump is turning traitor)
France's secret plan to 'protect the republic' if Marine Le Pen won
Children as young as six carrying knives on London's streets!
BBC's abuse drama isn't as horrifying as the fact that grooming gangs still operate (PC to blame)
All but two of the Rochdale grooming gang are now OUT! 4 are fighting deportation plans!
Thousands of unvetted cops on Britain's streets!
CAMERON (Nov 2014) "I want to see that title, Prime Minister, followed by a British-Asian name!"
"Political correctness let grooming gangs prosper!"
9 April 2017: ISIS attacks British special forces base in Syria
US-led coalition strike against Syrian forces ‘absolutely unacceptable’ – Russian Foreign Ministry
LGBT curriculum: Gender neutral uniforms adopted by 120 UK schools!
The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan: White genocide via mass immigration
TREASON: UK will remain subject to Euro Human Rights law under May! (Can't deport criminals)
UK needs more immigrants to 'avoid Brexit catastrophe' - Guardian b***shit
UK fisheries: 12-mile zone good enough for May but not for the British people!
What European people REALLY think of the EU (Not good news for Brussels)
Comey admits under oath obstructions to investigations "never happened"

Thursday 18 May

Nigel Farage promises to 'pick up a rifle' if Government U-turns on Brexit! (We want one too!)
Air pollution in Britain is twice as high as America and FAR worse than Brazil/Mexico!
MANSLAUGHTER? Ridwaan Shaikh attacked Bradley Cresswell without any warning!
Enfield stabbing: Teen knifed in third attack since Saturday
Lee Rigby memorial vandalised ahead of anniversary of murder
WPC Yvonne Fletcher murder: Suspect got letter from Blair government saying he wasn't wanted!
'Your plans depend on people smoking CANNABIS?' Crick berates Farron over manifesto pledge
Pregnant refugees face unacceptable delays in maternity payments?
BBC's Muslim presenter shows her true colours
THREE GIRLS? The most harrowing drama ever shown on the BBC?
GERMANY: Nigerian rapes two women - Gets just 5 years jail!
NATO is making up Russian threat to justify its own existence – Former French intel chief
Trump-Russia row: Putin offers to release meeting record
The Impeachment of Donald Trump
'Your plans depend on people smoking CANNABIS?' Crick berates Farron over manifesto pledge
Erdogan's guards may go UNPUNISHED for attack on US protesters
Dutch MP forces ECB boss to admit Brussels wants FEDERAL Europe
The need to have a strong opposition is a political myth
Why was £10.4m wasted keeping monster Brady alive? He should have been hanged!
Corbyn is anti-British and a friend to terrorists!
Who would trust this sinister trio to govern Britain?
We must not let the arrogant EU pocket our cash
'You'll pay the price!' Merkel threatens Britain over free movement
'Trump MUST be impeached' Black Democrat calls for President's head!
The Lib Dem leader I once respected sold his soul!
Ex-prostitute mother of yob who shot Rhys Jones abused in the street (Shame! NOT!)

Wednesday 17 May

In one east London borough 19% of 200 child deaths was due to parents being related!
Welsh Politicians campaign for world-first 'nation of sanctuary' for refugees/asylum seekers!
NATO is making up Russian threat to justify its own existence – Former French intel chief
CARE HOME CRISIS: UK's 2.6 million 'oldest old' left to fend for themselves?
Israeli minister: ‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad
After ABC cancels Tim Allen’s show the boycott begins
Three Girls: how poor white girls were sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism!
How Wirral Council failed to stop child sexual exploitation campaign
Diane Abbott gets lost on stage at the Police Federation conference!
Ex-Mossad boss says Trump sharing intel with Russia a grave violation! (Israel = Source of intel!)
Turkish President's bodyguards attack Kurdish protesters - IN WASHINGTON!
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange slaps down CIA as a 'dangerously incompetent!'
EU traitors ‘set to call for SANCTIONS’ against Victor Orban's Hungary!
MACRON: Academic blasts 'liberal hysteria' and warns of Le Pen resurgence
Norway FURIOUS as EU prepares to enforce rigorous new trade laws on NON-BLOC members!
Swedish Institute hands control of Twitter account to, Elias Kreidy, a Lebanese immigrant
GERMANY: Nigerian rapes two women - Gets just 5 years jail!
Most of the time women range from mildly deranged to actually on the verge?

Tuesday 16 May

This cartoon was produced by mass migration activists, 'Europeans Without Borders'
ROCHDALE: Paedos still abusing girls - Authorities still covering up mistakes!
Israeli Minister: ‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad
Girl raped at 13 made to feel racist! Authorities told her not to mention rapist's ethnicity!
Why is society so afraid to identify sexual grooming as an Islamic issue?
Outstanding nursery downgraded by OFSTED - Not enough pictures of Blacks/Asians on walls!
Let nurses with dementia keep working, says union! Yes, that'd be really safe!
50 years of race law tyranny!
Childless women are up to THREE TIMES as likely to suffer heart failure
Swedish pensioner prosecuted for 'Hate' for accusing immigrants of arson!
Hungarian nanny killed 10-month-old baby after she 'lost her temper?'
GERMANY: Migrant cut off teen's eyelids, stabbed him in both eyes and bit off his ears!
White woman knocked unconscious 'minding her own business' in Piccadilly
Jumila made fortune renting out squalid outbuilding - Lived here 41 years, never learned English
FBI says Australian jihadist is actually a Jew named Joshua Ryne Goldberg
Wannabe Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, tried to scrap MI5 and Special Branch!
Corbyn appoints ex-communist and North Korea sympathiser to election team!
Two thirds of voters now back #Brexit!
Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-migrant populism
Deep State trying to smear Trump? Imagine my shock!
Theresa May laughed like a blocked drain when someone suggested Farage should be knighted
Alcohol DOESN'T alter personality - it just makes you more extrovert

Monday 15 May

The wrecking of American schools
Dutroux child rape affair: A road map for deep-state criminality
Having sex with your first cousin IS a good idea, according to scientists
IRA men who tortured and killed British army officer granted AMNESTY by Tony Blair?
African immigrants win right to stay with wedding they don't even turn up for!
Grandmother, 83, is 'kicked off her 6-star cruise for having a panic attack'
Of course Corbyn's no pacifist - he backs IRA killers and torturers
Tom Watson stokes up class war - but what about Labour's own 'rich list'?
Oxbridge academic says EU agents are helping Remainers to SABOTAGE Brexit!
Brexit an act of vandalism? We didn't consider damage to EU says top Union Lord
Trump 'debating White House staff PURGE?' Boot Kushner and Ivanka, keep Bannon!
Brother Nathanael: Putin warns against WW3!
Survey: Many eastern European countries reject Jews as citizens?
The more you know about Jews, the more prejudiced you are towards them?
Jewish site claims LBJ was a Jew?
BAFTA TV Awards: Sue Perkins (Jewish lesbian) SLAMMED for ‘Theresa May dig

Sunday 14 May

Labour manifesto leak - Between the lines
HITCHENS: The Marxist Revolution is alive and well - in your child's school
The dedicated NHS doctor THEY tried to gag then destroy!
Leroy Campbell raped and murdered Lisa Skidmore in her own home
Call for investigation into the killing of little Tony McGrane, 13, 30 years ago
Rotherham sex survivor - I told the authorities and they did nothing!
Woman, 25, fights off man after attempted sex attack in City
We've all heard of Stephen Lawrence. Have you heard of these?
Tommy Robinson's speech at the #JusticeForChelsey march
Alleged visa scammer, Mohammad Siddique, is backing Labour candidate, Afzal Khan!
Theresa May refuses to rule out private US firms taking over NHS services?
French President-elect Emmanuel Macron branded a ‘WAR LEADER’ by top anti-terror cop
Macron in crisis? French president-elect accused of deal breaking
Tories in election plot to 'oust Lib Dem leader Farron from his seat!'
Holodomor: Memories of Ukraine's silent massacre

Saturday 13 May

Recruitment ad selling migrant workers! Slave trade alive and well in Gulf states
Russian man says FBI attempted to coerce confession over Clinton hack!
Lib Dems would legalise cannabis use! Tim Farron pledge
NHS trusts hit by malware!
Is Soros FUNDING Gina Miller? Remainer’s EU group ‘has strong links with Europhile tycoon’
Muslim cleric urges FIFA to BAN Christian players from making the sign of the cross after scoring!
Blundering surgeon Lawal Haruna struck off after removing ovary instead of appendix
Foreign aid minister's husband, who gets £25,000 to run her office, still finds time for other jobs!
Rein in the excesses of rip-off Britain!
Ferrari rips into 'sneering elites' who declare Brexit revolt over
Austrian Government set to COLLAPSE? Could cause an EU nightmare
Civil servant who oversaw £60BILLION of foreign aid spending, QUITS for UN role
Blair GUSHES over Emmanuel Macron’s ‘extraordinary achievement’ in French election

Friday 12 May

DIVERSITY! He poured paint down her throat, battered her with an iron and burned her alive! Samurai swords and axes among thousands of weapons seized from schools!
Fury as top cop calls for ‘zombie’ drugs like Spice to be legalised!
'Angela Merkel is INSANE!' AfD leader attacks German Chancellor!
'Odious toad' David Cameron says Tory landslide means May can go soft on Brexit!
'Catastrophe awaits Brexit Britain!' Ghastly multi-millionaire, Bob Geldof, lashes out!
Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"
Stoke Newington: Sabir Mohammed Sharif charged with attempted rape and murder
Evil boss CHOPPED OFF Pakistani boy’s hand after he asked for his wages and food
'How are you going to pay for it?' Andrew Neil hammers Lib Dem over 50,000 refugees pledge
Memory loss and terror bombing: How America justifies its acts of evil
Nations with the most refugee attacks
Anti-Fascist says he wants to kill patriots, shows gun
Scottish Dawn declares war on mass immigration?
Russian uranium deal - Cash flowed to Clinton Foundation!
Dr Tommy Curry on killing white people

Thursday 11 May

Ibuprofen linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke and intestinal damage!
Sweden falls out of love with migrants and now has a much more negative view of immigration
Sweden: Iraqi immigrant arrested for raping nursery school child
Lesbian couple accused of 'starving' teenage daughter and hitting her with a hammer!
Daniel Benitez beat up his former partner’s mother and left her father in a coma
LONDON: Black thug spits on elderly woman and kicks husband in head
JAILED! Machete-wielding robbers in burkas who carried out terrifying armed raids
Muslim fraudsters tricked Chester Zoo into paying £1.26m into their bank account - NO JAIL!
Women charged with preparing a terrorist act and conspiracy to murder
Falklands war hero brutally robbed of £60 during horrific street mugging
'I'm going to jail? You're joking!' Yasmin Katir crashed her friend's BMW after 91mph car chase
Yemen's babies who disappeared in 1950s Israel sold to US Jews?
YouTube's monetisation purge
Pope Francis under fire for pardoning paedo priest caught raping children
Football fans are being recruited to join EDL protests?
French barrister launches bid to prove GB’s EU referendum was illegal
'Brussels-ordered COUP?' Thousands REVOLT over EU meddling in Macedonia!
Jeremy Corbyn snubs veteran and a Labour crowd JEER him!
Corbyn supporters brand soldiers 'professional murderers'
Furious viewers blast 'BIASED' BBC after interviewer lays into May over Brexit

Wednesday 10 May

Islamic Schools in the UK and throughout the West are teaching children to MURDER!
Why did Donald Trump fire FBI director James Comey?
'CIA is basically useless!' Wikileaks' Assange slams US intelligence chiefs
Sex gangs sell Eastern European women into 'sham marriages with older Asian men!'
SCOTLAND: Eastern European gangs selling trafficked women to Asian gangs!
Top EU chief appoints 43 new ambassadors to push Brussels' agenda worldwide!
EU’s Brexit chief Guy Verhofstadt MOCKS Britain with crude Tweet
‘Stop paying for their propaganda!’ UKIP demands EU flags are banned from public buildings
Angela Rayner in Diane Abbott-style car-crash interview over education policy
Cameron advisor 'gave top-secret campaign advice to Emmanuel Macron!'
Farage berates Macron for rushing to meet Merkel
When teacher turns lover - Brigitte Trogneux
Britain First tracks down Ramsgate rapist, Shershah Muslimyar, to his home address!
"Briton" (former drug dealer) who became ISIS torturer is jailed
ISIS genocide has killed or kidnapped almost 10,000 Yazidis
'Brexit is NOT settled!’ Farron (blocks me) promises another referendum!
Commie protester spits at policeman
Denied painkillers, left hungry and not seeing baby for days, some mums so traumatised by NHS care say they'll NEVER have another baby

Tuesday 9 May

Condoleezza Rice: Don't be reassured by Marine Le Pen's defeat in France!
How to win a French election: Man throws all Le Pen ballot papers into street!
Iceland has jailed 29 bankers - Why can’t the UK and US do the same?
68% of all murders in the US in just 5% of counties! All in nonwhite regions!
A society of craven cowards!
Ex-Obama official on ISIS slaughtering Egyptian Christians: ‘What goes around, comes around!’
Hungary demands EU Vice-President resign after branding criticism of George Soros antisemitic
Soros-funded think tank attempts to silence critical journalists!
Merkel says Islam is NOT the source of terror!
"I worry about Netanyahu's worldviews... No criticism, surrounding himself by yes men!"
'France is DYING!’ Polish MP berates Macron’s victory for ending French patriotism!
'People DON'T want to be part of a federal state!' Danish politician's blazing attack on EU
Tens of Thousands 3 - The first 2 times the Tories didn't reduce immigration AT ALL!
'Immigration has been a blessing,' insists Farron!
Five Star Movement SURGES to lead in polls as Macron fails to quash Europe's anti-EU tide
Martin Schulz angry over SPD election FLOP! Ex-EU chief’s leadership in doubt

Monday 8 May

Macron is president – but he starts out under a deep cloud of suspicion
Macron emails lead to allegations of gay adventurism, drug use and Rothschild money
Macron threatens tough stance on Brexit
Who is Brigitte Trogneux, the NEW First Lady of France? (A child snatcher?)
'Five more years of FAILURE!' Farage mocks Macron's election win
Primary pupils should read books about same-sex couples say new school guidelines!
Enforced by the British State: the ritual humiliation of White children at Leeds Grand Mosque!
GERMANY: Immigrant throws woman out of window for refusing sex!
Smash and grab moped gangs attack every HOUR: 11,389+ incidents in London last year!
The police in England and Wales do not prosecute some rapists!
UK looking more like Pakistan every single day?
Burglar who raided Simon Cowell's house smashes up his prison cell
Loyal customers are ripped off by insurance giants
ARGENTINA: Nun arrested for helping priests 'rape' deaf children!
EU bullies making Remainers BASH Brussels bureaucrats now
Emily Thornberry's sneering at us again!
Andrew Neil pokes fun at Diane Abbott

Sunday 7 May

TAINTED BLOOD! Of 89 kids sent to Treloar College in decade after 1975, only 17 are now alive!
Number of substandard UK nursing homes quadrupled in last 2 years!
TRANSGENDER - Socially engineering the family, sex and gender identity
Can Le Pen still defeat Emmanuel Macron?
Publishing Macron emails could be a crime? (Don't tell truth about establishment boy!)
FRENCH ELECTION: MILLIONS of voters are planning a boycott?
2014: BBC's Jewish boss planned to 'change the look and sound of the BBC!'
George Orwell - A Final Warning
Ancient pathogens melting out of ice in the Arctic could wipe out humanity?

Saturday 6 May

BBC is close to becoming an arm of the Government, says FORMER BBC CHAIRMAN!
Jeffrey Epstein's black book?
Macron has ALREADY booked victory party at the Louvre!
Top NWO/EU creep, Martin Schulz, says Le Pen win would make global shockwaves!
ISIS calls for weekend attacks as France takes to the polls
BUSTED! Tax Evasion? 4Chan posts images from Macron’s off-shore bank account!
Portillo RAILS AGAINST EU's 'haters of democracy'
New Labour crybaby, 'Mandy' Mandelson, stomps out of Brexit talks
'These are BAD people' Nigel Farage fumes at unelected EU 'thugs!'
'Forget Remain versus Leave, it's patriots against EU!'
2015: California Muslim kills mother, cuts out her heart, masturbates on corpse
Former Marine and his girlfriend strangled to death in Belize
CCTV - Teenager raped by Muslims in doorway of a shopping centre
BELGIUM - Afghans rape mentally disabled girl, make her pregnant - Has a baby now
Jared Kushner didn't disclose $1 billion in loans - Investment ties to Goldman Sachs/Soros!
Senior aide to Vladimir Putin says Israel’s Mossad is training ISIS terrorists?
Karl Marx's planned genocide of European peoples?
Why we cannot trust Israel
Labour is like the Titanic after it hit an iceberg!

Friday 5 May

Goldman Sachs Jewish boss threatens UK? Says City of London ‘will stall’ after BREXIT!
Patrick Clarke, 68, stabbed to death by Jimi Jedson
COLINDALE: £20,000 reward leading to arrest of pensioner-killer, Mubarick Duat
Video shows grinning killer brandishing a knife before stabbing rival
'Gone In 60 Seconds' car thief, Sufiyan Mahmood, floors accomplice in courtroom attack
Child smuggling gang dressed as waiters try to SNATCH British children from Cyprus hotel
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4467528/Murdered-Atlanta-man-girlfriend-duct-taped-wrists.html Why the EU owes US £58billion!
Emmanuel Macron aide admits race with Marine Le Pen is CLOSE
‘Macron! All style and no substance. He’s our Tony Blair!’
Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson
Paris is at War! Media Blackout verges on CRIMINAL!
French police defy their unions to vote for Le Pen!
EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘visibly drunk’ at major UN summit
Refugee given shelter at children’s day care center in Germany!
Race war is coming in South Africa?
Benefits mum rage as council refuse to fund extension on her 3-bed home
Tory think tank urges Theresa May to SCRAP migration cap promise
Bird flu found at Lancashire farm (That's globalisation for you)
Fighting Irgun/Stern gang terrorists: Bill Nash served in the British Army
Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty brands Marine Le Pen a ‘THREAT’ at protest rally in Paris
'J.K. Rowling has an insatiable ego' - On the warpath with Harry Potter author

Thursday 4 May

SNOWFLAKE MESSIAH: The job of the Democratic Party is to "shut other white people down!"
WEST DRAYTON: Abosede Adeyinka charged with attempted murder of 90-year-old lady
Sunderland woman speaks out following kidnap, gang rape and brutal attack
Lost 16-year-old girl 'was gang-raped by kebab shop owner and three others
BRIGHTON: Pervert with Afro and polka dot neckerchief tried to grab teenager
GERMANY: Asylum seeker stabbed woman to death in front of her children!
MACRON: Establishment candidate brands 8m Le Pen voters, "hateful cowards!"
Le Pen accuses Macron of being the 'candidate of social brutality!'
Brigitte Bardot: 'You can see Macron's lack of empathy in his cold, steel eyes!'
European politicians are conducting a campaign of threats to our country!
EU migrants ‘could CONTINUE coming to Britain YEARS after Brexit!’
The death of Europe! The number of migrants continues to overwhelm us
Katie Hopkins on Europe!
Shadow Chancellor delivers speech under the flag of the Communist Party!
CPS chief's husband is member of 'tax loophole' film investment scheme
Nicola Sturgeon accused of ‘hypocrisy’ for not paying council tax
Theresa May wants to bomb Assad’s regime? (Who knew?)
Is Jared Kushner a paid protester? He's gotten a bunch of money from George Soros!
Japan refuses more than 99 percent of refugee applications!
The moment those 'nice' Lib Dems showed how spiteful and smug they really are!
Why Botox kills your sex life

Wednesday 3 May

"What the f*** is Venezela?" ANTIFA snowflake doesn't know what VENEZUELA is!
Talmudic Jews: 'Non-Jews are beasts to serve us as slaves!'
EU DOUBLES Britain's Brexit divorce bill to £92billion!

LE PEN will repeal gay marriage if elected!
For the sake of national security, we must ban the burka!
Migrants can now become Swedish citizens without proving their identity!
Scottish schoolchildren introduced to Islam
NIGEL FARAGE: The tide is turning
Dutch police offered largest newspaper a deal to silence report on immigrant crime!
'These people LIE!!!' LBC host savages Jean-Claude Juncker
Hillary Clinton blames SEXISM for election defeat to Donald Trump!
UKIP wants overseas aid spending to be SLASHED by at least £10 billion a year!
Brussels orders EU countries to SCRAP internal border checks!
Piers Morgan DESTROYS 'Saint Nick Clegg' in scathing GMB row
England footballer Aaron Lennon is detained under Mental Health Act

Tuesday 2 May

How much do they pay top CHARITY bosses? A LOT!!!
Now children are using acid to settle playground disputes!
Working with immigrants changed my 'Liberal' husband
Charity wants volunteers to drink tea with PAEDOS to 'stop them getting lonely?'
Riot police are set on FIRE during violent clashes in Paris
Twenty truths about Marine Le Pen
TRAITOR BLAIR: Macron win in French Presidentials would be great global victory!
‘He’s just like Hollande!’ Marine Le Pen on Emmanuel Macron (who worked for Hollande)
Marine Le Pen will DESTROY the EU, warns French PM!
Scottish Jews protest Church of Scotland report on Balfour
Salford Jew, David Glausiusz, raped and assaulted children as young as seven!
'Every woman's worst nightmare,' Zsolt Suhaj, jailed for life!
Asylum seeker jailed for hour-long HAMMER attack on wife!
LEICESTER: Burglars disguised in burkas attack pensioner, 77
Terrorist jailed for the Iranian Embassy siege now lives playboy lifestyle on benefits!
Refugee films kitchen of his refugee shelter - Complains Germans aren't coming to clean up!
BREXIT: Blair wants to get his hands dirty? Already soiled by sins he can NEVER wash away
TERROR warning: Military cadets told not to wear uniform in public! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
Boris Johnson's mealy-mouthed reaction to the ISIS flag paraded in London
Down to their last £2.787bn! Sir Philip and Lady Green are STILL one of UK's richest couples
Filthy rich Zayn Malik urges fans to fund £120,000 cancer treatment for mum's best friend
FRANK FIELD: Uni bosses who fail to ensure foreigners return home after courses? Slash pay!

Monday 1 May

Part-Jew oilman Archbishop's C-of-E advising Christians who to vote for?
The real Emmanuel Macron: Banker puppet, bizarre elitist creation!
Hospital boss fails to stop surgeon butchering women - Gets £10m AFTER scandal exposed!
Macron PLUMMETS in the polls - Marine Le Pen enjoys boost!
The ‘Euro is DEAD,’ says Marine Le Pen!
HOPKINS: 'Why are we focusing on online hate when we've got hate on the street?'
UK's largest airport tells border staff 'don't waste time quizzing migrants'
Why these EU bully boys fear democracy
Mark Zuckerberg declares WAR on the Alt-Right
Hundreds of "British" mums 'breast-ironing' their daughters using red-hot rocks and hammers!
The “Chosen People” in the Swedish media
The OK sign is racist!
Unemployment 'increases risk of heart failure by up to 50 PER CENT'
Tony Blair facing condemnation over treatment of UK victims of IRA terror
Blair RETURNS to politics in a last-ditch bid to interfere with Brexit negotiations
Tory MPs 'seek to OUST Justice Secretary Liz Truss post-election'
Trump warmonger says USA should be 'prepared' for military operations in North Korea
Champs Elysees killer's dad arrested for drunken threats at cops shop
Drug dealer, GENGHIS KHAN, jailed after shooting at a family home

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