Daily News: May 2016

Tuesday 31 May

BBC's Dotun Adebayo says Rotherham paedos don't exist and saying so is offensive!
Schoolchildren of England: Go on REMAIN! Vote the way those who did this to us want!
Students call for prisons to be BANNED! NUS group says all criminals should be freed!
Muslim school 'says UK culture is poisonous'
Cops hunt pork-sausage-at-Mosque-thrower as Muslims run guns/'refugees' over borders!
Tony Blair should be in jail over Iraq war says Tim Roth
Islamophobia - Ha ha!
'I can't bear it for my granddaughter' Woman, 70 begs for Brexit over loss of UK culture
Top eurocrat admits EU collapse would be BRUSSELS’ fault for mad rush to Euro superstate
Turkey's migrant deal with EU is NOT working, Italy says as Ankara holds Europe to ransom
'We will multiply our descendants' Turkey PM says NO Muslim should use birth control!
Farming minister slams EU bureaucrats 'spirit-crushing' regulations
Preparing for BREXIT: EU bigwigs 'in panic' as secret meeting is held to plan for UK exit
Cologne again? Asylum seekers 'sexually assaulted 18 women at free concert in Germany'
Wouldn't you just know it! Father whose son fell into zoo enclosure has lengthy criminal history!
Young man spiked with legal high ends up on life support!
Missed warnings over UK's open coastline: Ministers accused of 'staggering complacency'
Labour activist suspended after saying Jews financed slavery! Jackie Walker refuses to apologise
DIVERSITY! Homeless cancer victim forced to live in his CAR - Not high enough up housing list!
Arabic gang-rape 'Taharrush' phenomenon has now spread to Europe
How culpable is the lefty-Liberal Media for Europe's spate of gang-rapes?
DIVERSITY! 4 stabbed, others injured at carnival in Luton
Leytonstone: Somali mini-cab driver denies beating/kicking commuter before cutting his throat
Heroin worth £6m smuggled in by Mohammed Yaqub, Abdul Wahid and Hafiz Akhtar
Nigel Farage: The speech that might Win us BREXIT!
Nigel Farage destroys Sadiq Khan - Ban the Burqa in Britain

Monday 30 May

See how the establishment cheats! Bristol council's postal vote guide!
BREXIT: Jeremy Corbyn last year! (Talk about a change of tune)
Cameron ADMITS Brussels BLOCKED bid to rescue UK steel!
DIVERSITY! Drug-dealer dad of NINETEEN caught with a Kinder Egg full of heroin and crack
Top barrister Babir Singh arrested accused of ‘fixing witness’ and perverting the course of justice
Britain's wide open borders a complete mess!
Detroit man, 91, beaten, doused with gasoline and set on fire (But #diversity is still enriching)
Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People (And That’s A Good Thing
BREXIT WARNING: Migrant crisis to get worse and EU to cost Britons BILLIONS if we stay
GROVELLING Merkel and Hollande launch thinly-veiled ATTACK on Brexit
Anti-EU campaigners condemn Tony Blair for claiming 'Brexit won't solve migrant influx'
DESTROYED: British countryside 'will be ruined by homes for migrants', says top minister
The Stockwell Strangler may soon be back on the streets?
Serial killer dubbed ‘Grim Sleeper’ found guilty of 30 year killing spree
'NATIONAL DISGRACE': Former Navy chief slams Tory handling of beleaguered sea force
OFFSHORE SCANDAL: Mafia expert says Britain is 'most CORRUPT country on EARTH'
'Flop Gear!' Fans mock 'shouty' Evans and call co-star Matt LeBlanc 'wooden!'
Israeli propagandists threaten destruction of Europe as punishment for boycotting Israel

Sunday 29 May

Failed NATO Invasion of Moldova? Who knew?
Why I despise conman Blair's grubby attempt to spin away Chilcot truths
Call for action on Lariam after veterans developed mental health issues
Muslim gang-rapists in France: "The French are all sons of whores!"
The 95 lifers set free so they could kill again!
Iraqi illegal immigrant 'wanted to be jihadi after taking instant dislike to Sheffield'
CCTV: Boys, nine, ‘enticed into Audi’ by Asians on Scarborough to Whitby road
Angry LBC callers defend BBC's 'Last Whites in The East End!'
‘Cameron is finished’ after EU referendum says senior Tory MP
Woman robbed, punched to ground in Croydon - Black man sought
PROOF Britain WON'T lose trade deals if it leaves the EU
Vote Leave and we'll stop super-rich FOREIGNERS clogging up housing market, says Gove
Boris and Gove wage WAR on Cameron's IMMIGRATION 'lies'
‘EU will kill off a free NHS for all’ says leading doctor
HITCHENS: Nutrition 'experts' are stuffing us full of low-cal baloney
Priti Patel says Remain leaders are too rich to care about real people's concerns
WHITE South African soldier lost legs fighting for our army but was refused UK passport TWICE!
Think the Chinese advert racist? Wait until you see the Italian commercial that inspired it!
University chief despairs of her ‘cosseted’ students

Saturday 28 May

The SEVEN reasons we'd be better off outside the EU, by former HSBC chief!
Theresa May says Britain ‘BENEFITS GREATLY’ from Sharia Law
EU leaders Officials plan "punitive approach" to Britain if we leave!
'The BBC blacklisted me over Savile!' Johnny Rotten tried to blow the whistle on him in the 70s!
They are not REAL refugees! They are economic migrants!
Disabled mum missed out on SIX bungalows because immigrants jump the council house queue!
Why staying IN Europe could harm your pension: Experts contradict Osborne's claim
"British" soldier, Josphat Mutekedza, stabbed ex-girlfriend 26 times in the face and chest
Slovakian model guilty of murdering British millionaire ex-boyfriend in Spain DIVERSITY! Tahir Nazir went on a 7,000 mile 'rape tour' of Britain’s universities!
Muslim cop who made hoax ISIS 999 call jailed for seven years
15-year-old regularly attacked by Asian gang raped by taxi driver, Assad Hussain
Romanian thief targeted lone women in knifepoint sex attacks within weeks of arriving in UK
Heroin, cannabis and mobile phones smuggled into Wandsworth by prison officer Kwaku Boakye
Iraqi migrant in T-shirt saying 'I'm Muslim, don't panic' attacked by Muslim asylum seekers
Libyan soldiers jailed for sex attacks here have asylum applications thrown out! (A first?)
Brixton facing 'rise in serious violence' say police
Calais refugee camp reduced to ashes as hundreds of migrants burn tents
Silencing the United States as it prepares for war
Paris false flag exposed - John Pilger, Ken O'Keefe & Gearoid O'Colmain
How Bilderberg loves the EU/Hates the EU Referendum
OBORNE: Comrade Corbyn's shameful silence on Europe
Inside only village in Europe where migrants are BANNED! Switzerland's super rich Oberwil-Lieli

Friday 27 May

Political heavyweights who have DITCHED anti-EU views – from Cameron to Corbyn
BBC Brexit 'bias!' 'Clear evidence' of Beeb 'in favour' of remaining in EU!
'Where are we going to put them all?!' Brexit voter accuses migrants of jumping housing queue ahead of disabled mother
Hundreds more DNA records of terrorism suspects deleted
'Too sick to work migrant' now wants to bring 12 MORE children and 2 MORE wives to Europe!
Brussels leak! NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU!
Angela Merkel's mistakes are the BIGGEST threat to Britain, blasts FREDERICK FORSYTH
Muslim prison chaplains 'encouraging murder of non-believers'!
Richard Johnson stabbed Joshua Bradley, 19, to death, aided/abetted by LibLabCon and the PC Crowd
Imran Douglas gets 18 years for the murder of 88-year-old Margery Gilby
Tobijah Thompson murdered Daniel Kirkwood, 18
Natalie Queiroz, 36 week pregnant by Babur Karamat Raja, stabbed repeatedly by child's father
Birmingham: Man attacked with machete in Muslim ghetto!
Cops investigating 220 child sex grooming cases in Keighley and Bradford
'White Mother******!' Asian 'hurls abuse at old woman’ at Zebra cossing!
Bad polling is being used to convince people Brexit support is tanking
One in three Muslims do not feel ‘part of British culture’ - So much for the Multicult
EU UPRISING: POLAND rebels as Brussels meddles in its courts system
'LIES, LIES LIES!' Farage slams claims UK will have to accept EU migrants after Brexit
Teachers let LAP DANCER molest pupils claiming stripper is ‘equal rights lecturer!’
Corey Feldman describes his ordeal at the hands of Hollywood paedo ring
Ola Jordan says 'immigration is out of control'

Thursday 26 May

Saatchis' nasty ad! 4.4m black/minority ethnics can vote in referendum?
Drugs link to one in three teen suicides! (Murder by #LibLabCon?)
What every borough in England will look like after 8 more years of mass migration
Boys falling behind girls in almost every way - Feminisation of society to blame
Did Katie's mother die at 50 because she used TALC?
Transgender wins case, forces firm to remove the words 'ladies' and gents' from toilets!
Thinktank warning of Brexit danger is part of 'cosy' Remain establishment claims Tory MP
'We were told nothing about it' Parents stunned as bus full of REFUGEES arrives at school
'Call that f*****g justice?': Fury as Romanian teen gets just 2 YEARS for killing builder
Cortney Batchelor kills 24-year-old Tomas Juska (for talking to his girlfriend) - just 4 years in jail!
NHS treated jihadi doc like a beggar? (Nasty NHS! Nice ISIS...)
Don't go into Central London in June or July says ISIS recruiter!
David Cameron would vote for BREXIT if he wasn't PM, ex-policy chief says!
Why Norway voted NO to the EU - and why it’s NEVER looked back
Farage is the best man to take on Cameron, claims LEO MCKINSTRY
Bill Clinton's EU-turn: Former President SCRAPS pro-Brussels speech after Obama backlash
Israeli death penalty for terrorists won't apply to Jews
Tales of Health and Safety... Who knew?
'Reward' for gay pants MP Bryant

Wednesday 25 May

Death of the Cockney as mass migration floods London’s East End!
Senior military officers join fight for Brexit and outline DANGERS of REMAINING in EU
Critics say UK is 'mug of the world' after FOREIGN AID budget rockets to £13.2bn!
EU says UK must pay pensions to all migrants and plans to seize control of our benefits?
This man is proof we are a nation in moral decline
Turkey keeping skilled refugees in country and sending unskilled/illiterate to Europe?
Vote Leave embroiled in race row (for telling the truth) over Turkey security threat claims
Horrifically injured teenagers sprayed with acid by black savage!
Islamic tutor 'slipped hand under copy of Koran to grope teen's thigh!'
The lost Tommies (Check out the diversity)
MIGRANT CRISIS - Is this why Cameron's dodging TV debates?
Britain 'will be FORCED' to join new EU army UNLESS we back Brexit!
Brexit surge leaves pro-Brussels politicians 'VERY NERVOUS!'
29 DAYS to SAVE Britain!

Tuesday 24 May

EU vows to use new powers to block all elected ‘far right’ populists from power!
Austrian far-right leader LOSES by less than 1 per cent as postal vote swings result!
Greece's economic collapse is BRITAIN'S fault and our banks should pay?
Leave or Remain? What Britons are saying about the EU referendum where YOU live
Government’s online EU quiz is ‘pro-EU propaganda’ – and you paid for it!

Friday 20 May

Cost of educating 700,000 EU children in British schools hits £3.2billion a year!
£40m heroin and cocaine bust lands Albanian gang 157 years in prison
ISIS: Is this a grand plan to bring fear to Europe?
Backlash over (Jewish) Leftie ITV's appointment of economics editor
The end of freedom in the UK – Thanks Theresa May!
Hypocrisy and judges who can't suppress the truth forever
Labour's EU spokeswoman makes grovelling apology after branding voter a 'horrible racist'
Dementia sufferer husband killed by two weeks in a care home!
Cameron admits he must accept rebel amendment to avoid Queen's Speech defeat!
USA: Twisted paedo infected toddler with HIV, herpes and chlamydia
EU says we should build more houses to cope with immigrants
Gordon Brown's "bigot" backs Brexit!
We MUST quit European Union to stop migrant 'deluge', UKIP MEP says!
Black student who made waitress cry has no regrets
Controlling boyfriend, Mohammed Anwar, jailed (Why did the silly tart go with him?)

Thursday 19 May

Wife of ex-BBC boss, Danny Cohen, (no journalistic experience) to get plum ITV job?
Superbugs tsar urges antibiotic crackdown over fears infections 'will kill more than cancer' by 2050!
Ex-NATO boss: Britain AT WAR with Russia NEXT YEAR? (If Western warmongers get their way)
Brexit bombshell: QUARTER of UK troops will miss vote! UKIP says soldiers are 'gagged!'
PROJECT FEAR: Brexit could plunge UK back into RECESSION, claims Alistair Darling
Polish rapist attacks disabled stranger after being in Britain for TWO DAYS
Tories ripped apart over Brexit
TRUDEAU: Canada's golden boy PM ELBOWS woman in the chest in parliamentary fracas
The madness of Brussels rule has weakened our borders says justice minister
ERDOGAN: Boris Johnson wins offensive poetry competition
Maximum security Belmarsh prison 'like a jihadi training camp' says former inmate
Pakistani father-of-7, raped and groped underage teenagers Manchester area
Osmon Koroma and Max N'Gasa guilty of sexually exploiting teenagers in Littlehampton
Rapist jailed for seven and a half years
Pakistani father-of-7, raped and groped underage teenagers Manchester area
Last words of Christian girl burned alive by ISIS: FORGIVE THEM!
Brits FURIOUS with Angelina Jolie as she says 'stay in Europe and take MORE migrants'
Was the Great Fire of London started DELIBERATELY?

Wednesday 18 May

GERMANY! The future will mean having an immigration background!
Tory MP: Remaining in EU will see Brussels handed control of our criminal courts
Child rape in the UK is 91% Muslim - Muslims only 4% of UK population
CHILD RAPE (2013) Muslims "200 times more likely... to commit this crime?"
Government by gimmick: Pie-in-the-sky policies of a Prime Minister paralysed by Brexit
BBC's outrageous propaganda day for Angelina and the Remain campaign!
Brexit would make ISIS happy and 8 other Cameronian myths
BBC's EU vote coverage is BIASED, blasts watchdog!
The BBC is showing its bias over Brexit, says Ann Widdecombe
'Biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry!' Boris Johnson lashes out!
Somali criminal to pocket thousands scoring third legal victory over Theresa May
Tory MP: If Cameron has misled Parliament over EU referendum he HAS to resign
Government wants 'part-time' prisoners who only spend WEEKENDS in jail Donald Trump BLASTS Tony Blair as he lays into ex-PM for 'terrible job' in Iraq
EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn targets young (most brainwashed) voters
Farage: Migration anger 'could lead to violence'
'Hidden army' of carers in their 80s, says Age UK
Has Lord Feldman become a liability to David Cameron?
Donald Trump wins Oregon!
Visa fraudster helped Indians stay in Britain

Tuesday 17 May

Babies in Lancs, Yorks, Staffs and Black Country much more likely to die young
£17bn, the true cost of immigration to the UK every year!
EXCLUSIVE: David Cameron's EU sham exposed!
Girls taking a harmful substance increases 27% over 20 years
PROJECT FEAR: ‘3 million EU citizens in Britain to be KICKED OUT if UK votes Brexit!’
Voting Remain is an act of heartless snobbery
AUSTRIA: 'Sharia patrol' savagely beat dad on the street for protecting his daughter
MI6 boss warns migration backlash will rise from streets - Blames EU elite
EU Turkey visa deal will ‘INCREASE risk of jihadi attacks in Europe’
Soros-funded NGOs ‘whisper into EU’s ear’ to encourage refugee influx
'Independent' head of Corbyn's anti-Semitism inquiry joined party SAME DAY she was appointed
KRISTOL: Chickenhawk warmonger seeks 'insurgent' alternative to Trump
Australian politician proposes 10-year ban on Muslim immigration!
Girl, 17, sexually assaulted 5 TIMES by migrants in Cologne blasts 'pathetic' prosecutors
Donald Trump says Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq invasion was a 'disaster'
Boris says EU helps tax dodgers!

Monday 16 May

Vladislav Voloshin, a Ukrainian pilot, downed MH17 - Who knew?
In the future being German will mean no more blue eyes, light hair! (Muslim lays law down)
City fat cats only love EU ‘because of low cost migrant workers, says Boris
Brexit will help us create jobs say 300 top business leaders!
Susan Sarandon on Woody Allen: 'I think he sexually assaulted a child!'
Donald Trump on Cameron, Khan and the EU!
Top midwife tells midwives their future depends on UK voting to remain in EU!
4,000 English patients denied life-extending cancer drugs available in Scotland and Wales!
Church of England invests millions in Google despite pledge to confront tax-dodging companies
Traitor Corbyn insists immigration is a GOOD thing!
ISIS executes 7-year-old in Raqqa, Syria, for ‘insulting divinity’
London's Muslim Mayor took campaign cash from donor who funded Bin Laden?
Anti-Islam protesters dump pig's head at Angela Merkel's office as part of 'pork protest!'
PROJECT FEAR: ‘3 million EU citizens in Britain to be KICKED OUT if UK votes Brexit’
Voting Remain is an act of heartless snobbery
Soros-funded NGOs ‘whisper into EU’s ear’ to encourage refugee influx
Lib Dems are nice? You must be joking! The low down on Paul Keetch
UK's least funny 'comedian' blasts ‘very white’ BBC over lack of ethnic minorities!
Soaring cost of teaching migrant children: £3 BILLION reasons to quit EU!
University of London panel calls for annihilation of Israel as solution to global antisemitism!
Daily Show host Trevor Noah, ('fuck white people,') defends Islamists

Sunday 15 May

How to provoke WW3? US and British soldiers step up training exercises with Georgian army!
BBC is too Christian says BBC! Church of England AGREES!
40,000 Christians persecuted by Muslims… in Germany!
The last whites of the East End! How LibLabCon are murdering our world
London's most feared criminal gangs have invaded England's green and pleasant shires
Violent crime increases across south-east London!
'We want a BIGGER house!' Romanian family of 17 on £55k in benefits demands more!
Boris Johnson compares EU to HITLER says superstate ambitions will 'end tragically'
'How can they know about OUR needs?' Boris reveals just 3.6% of EU officials are British!
HITCHENS: Lefties are spot on, their precious BBC IS at risk - It may have to lose its bias!
Top cops in heated argument 'over who had best breasts!' (LaLa Land now)
Former Archbishop of Canterbury wants to leave EU!
Migrants in race to get to Britain to avoid post-Brexit visa restrictions
Putin launches PARASITE TAX for healthy who won't work!
Britain 'vulnerable to ISIS terrorists' if Turkey join the EU, claims Theresa Villiers
Bill Clinton was frequent flier on paedophile’s private jet ‘Lolita Express’
UK Labour member suspended for blog claiming Jews commit ‘genocide’ on British
Number of overseas pervs and killers moving to UK soars as they exploit EU movement rules!
Drug Lord, Ylber Ceni, caught with £5million of cocaine
Elderly Buddhist monk hacked to death in Bangladesh temple by Islamic extremists
Former Argentine president indicted for 'defrauding her country out of $5BILLION'

Saturday 14 May

Children as young as 3 born in wrong body? 1,500 kids sent to a 'transgender identity clinic!'
Son of 'the man who hated Britain' wants to flood our world with foreigners? WHO KNEW?
Tyson Fury - Outspoken truth-teller - The establishment loathes him
'Come out of the tube and it's like Baghdad': White Londoners are fleeing the East End!
Cameron's local police commissioner says Britain must leave the EU!
The suffocating international laws allowing vile ISIS terrorists to RETURN to Britain!
Squatter wins right to keep £400,000 house as owner, 80, faces losing flat to pay bills!
'Drug companies are overcharging the NHS!' (Who knew?)
Ticketing cars at London hospital! Jihadi back from fighting in Syria!
ISIS slaughter 14 Real Madrid fans at supporters meeting in Iraq ('football is anti-Muslim')
Cameron will hand out 25 peerages after referendum to reward supporters!
Biggest lie of all? Brexit could lead to war! (Europe more riven with hate now BECAUSE of EU)
OBORNE: OSBORNE is shamefully rigging the referendum
Jailed: 'Loathsome' burglar who targeted elderly and disabled
Judge lifts ban on naming 'zombie knife' killer as he is jailed for life
Cameron gave away Britain's most valuable EU bargaining tool, says IDS
Britain’s salmon and trout under threat from 'disastrous' pollution!
‘Migration is OUT OF CONTROL’: Farage blasts Government's EU immigration farce
Serial liar - Hillary Clinton!
Daniel Gonzalez - A serial killer you've never heard of

Friday 13 May

‘We’re running a f***ing casino!’Anonymous US politician tells spills the beans!
Top SNP man says in pursuit of 'United States of Europe,' EU has been been 'very unfair!'
Only 73 EU prisoners deported in past 4 years despite Dave's pledge to stop them clogging jails
Now Bank of England's NWO Canadian boss joins Project Fear!
An EU migrant every 40 seconds! The bombshell No 10 tried to bury
MoD accused of 'negligence on a grand scale' as troops sue over malaria drug!
Refugee ‘paid 35p to RAPE boys as young as 8’ in camp Merkel heralded a success!
The UK’s polluted cities!
Bilderberg group targets Donald Trump!
BENGHAZI: Hillary lied! (Of course she did - dishonesty is the default position)
Our ships are helping the migrant smugglers!
Ex-girlfriend of footballer Danny Simpson hits out after he's let off community service
Now top Tory Jew says we should leave EU!
DEMARK: Bar owners ordered to pay protection money to 'Sharia patrols!'
USA: 'Homeland Security' cop, Eulalio Tordil, shoots wife and one other dead, wounds three!
ISIS kills Christians for refusing to convert to Islam in sickening video
Treasury is run by a bunch of 27 year old civil servants who know nothing says IDS
Muslim racists face off against 'white slags!'
'Exorcist' breaks neck of 16-year-old Pakistani girl after 4 days of rape and torture!
ISIS: Teenagers grin with delight as they prepare to murder 5 innocent men
Obama adviser: America's National Security Agencies are too white!
UK Muslim: 'I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe'

Thursday 12 May

UK has given £3BILLION in aid to world's ten most corrupt countries since 2010!
Boris Johnson blasts 'dishonest' politicians who lie about true number of EU immigrants!
Boris Johnson: A lack of control over immigration has been 'corrosive' to our democracy
Top minister admits UK has 'genuine Muslim extremism problem'
US Secretary of State says Britain should STAY in EU for AMERICA'S sake
Pro-EU campaign handed MILLIONS by foreign businesses to KEEP Britain in the bloc!
US musicians afraid their careers ‘will be destroyed’ if they speak up for Palestinians
Pink Floyd star on why fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel
Air Force Whistleblower: We could have saved Benghazi victims
Obama adviser: America's National Security Agencies are too white!
Livingstone about to be replaced by a Jew on Labour’s National Executive Committee!
Five ways you can combat anti-Semitism!
Obama promises to enrich suburbs!
Parents warned to be vigilant as town hit by THIRD child abduction attempt - Black man sought
We need our politicians to make more 'gaffes'. It's the only time they speak the truth

Wednesday 11 May

Majority of British voters believe the only way of controlling immigration is to LEAVE the EU!
More than 13,000 people on the run after being bailed in UK!
London’s new Mayor warns Trump: Let Muslims in or they will attack America!
TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Former FBI agent drops bombshell about the “vast majority” of mosques!
Ted and buried! Donald Trump sweeps West Virginia and Nebraska primaries!
Now the Queen is caught making unguarded comments about top Chinks!
Cameron doles out our aid cash to 'fantastically corrupt' regimes!
BIASED BBC! Just 3% of BBC guests are ANTI EU shocking report reveals!
Brexit voters are ‘EXTREMISTS’ says Former Home Secretary during tirade!
HOLLAND: Young sex abuse victim can commit suicide! Post-traumatic stress incurable?
'They're everywhere!' Immigrants flock to 'new Calais' in fresh mission to reach UK!
2015: It should not be a crime to join ISIS, says Green party leader!
Gordon Brown says quitting EU would not be British
NHS: Patients sent home afraid and with little support
EU WARNING: Hard-up Britons will become EVEN POORER if we stay in bloc!
Now EU bosses plan to STOP Britain extraditing terror suspects over human rights fears!
Muslim refugee given £1.25m house in upmarket London street only to trash it! Muslim walks free after threatening to behead UKIP candidate! ISIS-inspired Muslims 'plotted to behead British citizens after fatwa issued!'
US probe into Turkey-Syria aid corruption deepens
Why Turkey's historic churches are being turned into mosques
Azealia Banks sexually harasses 14-year-old girl
S. African judge says black men find gang rape of babies, daughters, mothers pleasurable!
Azealia Banks racist attack on Zayn

Tuesday 10 May

It is an EU army that could bring about war!
The EU does not preserve peace in Europe – It brought us closer to war!
Brexit aids enemies say NWO monsters! (Carrington caused Falklands War! Kissinger's best pal)
Iain Duncan Smith: EU favours 'haves over the have-nots!'
Ex-Tory leader says Germany exercised ultimate power over changes Cameron sought from EU!
Have Turkey and the EU struck a dirty deal?
As EU celebrates ‘Europe Day’ FIFTH consecutive poll puts Britain on course for Brexit!
Saudi prince urges Americans not to vote for Donald Trump!
Shock Poll! Troops prefer Trump by 29 points Over Clinton!
KATIE HOPKINS: The jobs that come in any colour you want, so long as it’s not white
Corbyn savaged in clash with MPs over poll failure
803 perverts change names to hide sordid past - Cops protect their rights, not ours!
MUNICH: Knifeman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' kills one, leaves three more fighting for life
Our cultural decay mirrors Frankfurt School program
Restaurant owner, Mohammed Zaman, on trial after peanut death
Pupils claim they were told to wear LONGER skirts to avoid 'provoking male invigilators!'
Brexit video

Monday 9 May 2016

Top scaremonger (David Cameron) warns Brexit would lead to war and genocide!
The EU does not preserve peace in Europe – It brought us closer to war!
Sadiq Khan attends Holocaust memorial as first act as Mayor of London!
The lies behind this transatlantic trade deal
Osborne endorses Clinton and takes a swipe at Trump (NWO beasts sticks together)
Austrian chancellor resigns after far Right election triumph
Swedish mother opens up home to refugee - He assaults her daughter!
6 Algerian terror suspects can STAY in UK after winning 10 year human rights case!
MANCHESTER: 'Devout Muslim' gets 16 years for sex attacks on schoolgirls
LONDON: Serial attacker of lone women at large
ROCHDALE: Irfan Mohammed Fiaz jailed for sexual exploitation of a child
Convicted rapist labelled a 'danger to women' after mum feared she would be 'raped and killed'
Nigerian mother lied about FGM to claim asylum
Anne Marie Waters - Islam and the political Left
1926: Jews Participate in Pan-Europe Congress Sessions in Vienna
An establishment Conservative's guide to the Alt-Right
Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Luvvie Party
'Norovirus outbreak hits hundreds of Britons' during luxury cruise
Lionel Blair blasts claims linking him to VIP paedophile ring
Carry on Cops! 13 investigated for sexual misconduct in just 4 years!

Sunday 8 May

Number of refugees granted asylum in the UK soars by 26% in a YEAR!
Energy giant's despicable con! (That's privatisation for you)
‘Three quarters of EU migrants would be refused work in Britain without Brussels’ backing!’
Britain's schools are in crisis as places are 'swamped' by EU children!
Shocking story of extremism in class!
Nigerians' reputation for crime makes them unwelcome in UK, says President Buhari!
UK navy officer, Ali Alosaimi, joins ISIS!
In 2015, foreigners were responsible for 44 per cent of Austria’s crime!
100% proof vaccines cause autism!
Oxford law students too ‘fragile’ to hear about violent crime?
Angelina Jolie charity king arrested on suspicion of child rape
Why is our Muslim Mayor avoiding Jeremy?
'We should say sorry for creating Israel' suggests Labour MP, Rupa Huq!
The most anti-semitic video ever! The truth about Jews?
Janner's £1million legacy may go to his 'child sex abuse victims'
Sex offence cases now take up half of all crown court time
How scaremongering has hit the economy
Congratulations Sadiq, you have just proved that Labour must split

Saturday 7 May

Londoners choose unity over division, says Muslim mayor! (Who wants unity with Islam?)
Father told to walk 23 miles home from hospital at 2am sues the NHS!
Grandfather, 89, so neglected by care home staff he had maggots living UNDER his skin!
German government offers state subsidized “flirt workshops” for asylum seekers
Red Ken wades back into Labour's toxic anti-Semitism row
A lesbian kickboxer is "the Maggie for the 21st century?" (Only in Airstrip 1)
Mainstream media versus Donald Trump
Bank of Terror mastermind used EU rules to stay in UK before fleeing to join ISIS!
A Polish rapist protected by police and a neglected mining town
Rude' cop failed to respond to stabbing of Andrew Else - stabbed 200 times
Dr. Adedayo Adedeji cleared of killing woman who bled to death after abortion
USA: Ethnic cop suspected of killing two and wounding four
EU chief brands MPs who stick up for voters 'part-time Europeans!'
Turkey deal set to FLOP as Erdogan slams Brussels for 'enabling terrorists!'
23 MPs accused of failing to declare thousands spent on election campaigns!
Duped out of cash by married African toyboy - then grandma fell for his BROTHER
Are your Tweets invisible on Twitter?

Friday 6 May

Donald Trump thinks UK would be better off out of the EU!
TRUMP: Muslims 'are destroying Europe. I’m not going to let that happen to the US!
British universities, forced to focus on diversity, sliding down world rankings!
95% of bailout billions given to Greece since start of crisis has gone to European banks!
Benefits capital of Britain! Map shows who guzzles most of UK's £161BILLION welfare bill
LITTLEJOHN: The corrupt cover-up culture at the top of the police
The areas at risk of VOTE RIGGING ahead of local elections and EU referendum
Mosques ban women from wearing trousers and leaving house without husband’s permission!
Yep. It's all very enriching! Thanks, #LibLabCon
West Norwood: Teenager stabbed on bus 'packed with schoolchildren'
Police warning after street robberies in Nottingham suburb - Asians sought
Migrant rape epidemic reaches Austria
PC Amar Tasaddiq Hussain faces jail over hoax terror alert
But Diane Abott and Lee Jasper say black people can't be racist! Even muggers!
UKIP surge hits Labour across Britain
Trudy Ali-Balogun fleeced £2.4m helping illegal immigrants get council homes
Departing NATO Commander hypes non-existent Russian threat
French MPs have voted in favour of a resolution to lift the EU-imposed sanctions on Russia
Myron C Fagan: The Illuminati and the CFR [1967]

Thursday 5 May

Donald Trump says 'Islam is ruining Europe!'
Cameron REFUSES to apologise to Donald Trump for saying he was 'divisive, stupid and wrong'
The towns ‘dumped’ with asylum seekers while Cameron’s constituency takes NONE
Cameron REJECTS demands to be quizzed by MPs on ISIS in Libya - Too busy - EU referendum
Cameron refugee U-turn 'puts 100,000 homeless UK children at back of queue?'
QUENTIN LETTS: The most unpleasant PMQs I have EVER attended
Chief Rabbi warns Corbyn not to dismiss Labour’s ‘severe’ anti-Semitism row as a 'smear'
Bandwagon jumper! You never saw Keith Vaz in a Leicester scarf before this week!
'It's a HUGE error...the EU has rolled over to Turkey!'
Tony Blair insists immigration from the EU has not been a problem!
One-legged Albanian murder suspect 'gets UK citizenship!
Diverse types fleeced pensioners out of £1million for Syria trips!
LGBT indoctrination of children will turn many kids into 'sexual barbarians'
ISLAM! Women should not be allowed to travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone!
NHS shares patient data with 1,500 outside organisations but doesn't ask permission!
Britain’s accidental “red pill” moment!
"Hitler founded Israel" in 1933: Transfer Agreement - (The Haavara Agreement)
Election candidate, Quesir Mahmood, arrested in postal vote 'fraud' probe
NHS shares patient data with 1,500 outside organisations but doesn't ask permission!

Wednesday 4 May

The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover!
The American Jewish scholar behind Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ scandal breaks his silence!
Ted Cruz drops bid for Republican nomination, clearing path for Trump
Cameron should 'reach out and apologise' to Donald Trump, his adviser says
Europe could let 127 million Turks and Ukrainians 'disappear' as it scraps visas
Immigrants will get half new homes built over the next 5 years! 100,000 a year needed!
EU cops rehearse for civil war in Europe!
BBC struggle to keep Tory election fraud under wraps until after May elections!
Video emerges of Sadiq Khan using 'Uncle Toms' slur against moderate Muslims!
Sadiq Khan calls moderate Muslims "Uncle Toms!"
Corbyn's Labour is not a Party, it's more like occupied territory!
2002: Ann Clwyd: "Europe must show its mettle and punish Israel!"
Diane Abbott facing £5,000 fine and possible prosecution over charity she named after herself
Lady Green escapes quiz by MPs over BHS millions
PM's EU benefits deal 'won't cut migration'
Ted Cruz whacks wife 3 times on camera!

Tuesday 3 May

More than 30,000 Europeans a year are arrested in London!
90,000 children enter EU on their own in just a year!
Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU!
Plot to keep EU army a SECRET till June 23 EXPOSED as plans drawn up in Berlin
Corbyn's Labour is not a Party, it's more like occupied territory!
Diane Abbott facing £5,000 fine and possible prosecution over charity she named after herself
Islamism's slow genocide against Christianity
Real Labour via George Bernard Shaw, the no. 1 Labour icon
I saw the darkness of antisemitism but never thought it would get this dark? By Mr COHEN
Trump AHEAD of Hillary for the first time in presidential race!
Half of all jobless in Sweden are foreigners
Cops shoot dead 'traveller' after investigating death of pensioner
ISIS: "The French must die by the thousands!"
Turkish nursery children 'attack their smallest classmate after being told to by their teacher'
Churchill: The Unexpected Europhile

Monday 2 May

Muslims in Britain 'having up to 20 children each!' (Sharia law allows many wives)
CIA director: Don’t release '28 pages' of 9/11 info, they implicate Saudis
Wake up, Germany! Even the Chinese think you are Cucks!
ROCHDALE: Children reported missing from council care 117 times in child sex scandal town
Stefanie von Berg - German Green - Traitor to her country and tribe
Bullying health chiefs put cuts before care: Whistleblowers ignored, threatened with sack
Leaving EU would endanger Earth, says Ed Miliband! (Only if enraged NWO push red button)
8 years after Fred Goodwin's demise, proof capitalism has learnt nothing
Ashleigh Schultz, 24, reduced to tears when black racist, Ntokozo Qwabe, refused to tip
Violence breaks out across France as gangs and riot police clash
ISIS hacking division release names and details of American soldiers urging lone wolf attacks
EU plans: 127 MILLION visa-free people can travel to Europe from Turkey and Ukraine
Cabinet ignore people’s migrant fear at their peril
EU plans: 127 MILLION visa-free people can travel to Europe from Turkey and Ukraine
Cabinet ignore people’s migrant fear at their peril
Anti-Semitic claims are smears', claims Diane Abbott
Migrants set up camp outside The Ritz!
Greening blames Hammond for wasteful spending on bizarre overseas projects
Billionaire Jew relaxes on his £100m superyacht as 11,000 BHS employees face uncertain future
Top Tory lesbian and 'Kim Jong Un lookalike' admits she's a 'c**p girlfriend!'

Sunday 1 May

KATE HOEY (Labour MP) The patriotic vote is LEAVE THE EU!
Jew admits Board of Deputies behind plot to unseat Corbyn with fake antisemitism scandal
HITCHENS: Everyone howls at batty Ken - but they wouldn't dare tackle racist Muslims!
This is a race war: Labour isn't in 'meltdown'... it's far worse than that!
Guess what? Norman Finkelstein (Jewish Prof) created anti-Semitic image Naz Shah retweeted!
One million MORE Syrians heading for Europe!
GPs refusing to treat asylum seekers in Britain spark public health fears
Labour strategy chief calls foundation of Israel a crime
Judaism in the Twilight Zone
Birmingham drug dealer on UK most wanted list
Humza Ali in court on terror charge
BHS boss paid playboy pal £6m of store cash for 3-month Wonga-style £25m loan
The EU is an economic basket case says top author
Justine Greening to be sacked over foreign aid fiasco after backlash against waste?
Your foreign aid cash helps fashion giants!
#DIVERSITY! Ever wondered why animals are disappearing from our parks?
Man who says he was abused by Sir Cliff says cops haven't spoken to him for 3 months
Students call for sanitary bins in male toilets for transgender men!

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