Daily News - May 2015

Sunday 31 May

Editor of Jewish Chronicle, a Labour supporter, says: "THE PARTY'S OVER!"
Most Labour politicians think the point of power is to push people around!
'I’m all broken up about his human rights' says angry Judge
Rusholme: Teen beaten unconscious in unprovoked attack - 5 black men sought
Ismail Abdirashid charged with GBH after 21-year-old stabbed
Police release E-fit pictures of Bradford robbery suspects
4 men arrested for grooming and abduction in Rotherham (Ethnicity not mentioned)
Rapper sentenced to life for murder
Don't wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb (Patriots agree)
Nick Clegg banned from entering Russia
BBC documentary spills the beans: Churchill was a deeply hated drunk

Saturday 30 May

NATO: Putin could force West to use nukes against Russia! (We start WW3 & it's his fault?)
BRAINWASHING the racist in his sleep!
FOREIGN AID TRAITORS! Our cash still sent abroad as vital services are slashed!
£1billion cuts? Armed Forces 'on road to disaster': Ex-Navy chief's warning
Alan Bennett: "We treat the poor as badly as the Tudors did!"
ISIS on brink of complete control of Syria? Jordan NEXT? (US/UK/Israel euphoric?)
North Korea 'could destroy London and kill thousands with devastating cyber attacks'
Lineker: 'FIFA members have betrayed the game they are supposed to cherish'
An organisation entirely removed from reality
Wanted for Child sexual offences - Database
Student 'diversity' officer who tweeted #killallwhitemen keeps taxpayer-funded job!
Romanian minibus driver who killed two-year-old girl had in UK for just one week!
DIVERSITY! Worry after Luton children approached by black men in cars
13-year-old girl sexually assaulted on bus - Asian sought
Police tasered Adam Salah to stop him raping a woman
CCTV of man wanted for sexual assaults in Milton Keynes
Haroon Ahmed on run after escaping jail by 'hiding in group of visitors'
OAP attacked by Asians as he had dinner with wife
DIVERSITY! Chlorine bomb attacks by jihadis growing threat to the UK
Silk Road website creator Ross Ulbricht gets life term for $200 million drug plot
Christian preacher imprisoned for 11 hours after lesbian falsely accused him of homophobia
Lawyers' daughter and Scotland Yard detective deny grooming and selling women for sex
Georgia Marrison, 18, died from stomach cancer - doctors thought she was trying to stay slim.
Jew wants job but won't work Saturdays - Gets £16,000 when firm doesn't hire her!
The professor the anti-Semites love (and the the elite Jews hate?)
Two academicians challenge anti-Israel professor from CSUN
LONDON: Jewish sect plans 'to ban women from driving'
Israeli repression of football in Palestine
ISIS: 'The virgins were taken to a room with 40 men!'
Bikinis, sun loungers... and a tide of despair
FARAGE: EU referendum not about benefits, it’s about who governs Britain
Strictly 'to have same-sex pairs?' (PC Madhouse!)
Referendum doom merchants lining up to insist Britain can't survive outside EU

Friday 29 May

“Europe will change from White Europe to African Europe” warns Libyan foreign minister!
Tony Blair to be next Labour leader? Odds slashed on former PM's return!!! (IRONY ALERT!)
Middle East correspondents wonder why 'war criminal' became a peace envoy in the first place
Ed took cash from man who wrecked Lloyds (fellow Jew Victor Blank) despite condemning bank!
Methodist Church apologises for abuse spanning decades
Three-quarters of fresh supermarket chickens carry deadly bug (kills 100 people every year)
Pentagon admits shipping LIVE ANTHRAX by MISTAKE to labs in 9 states!
Immigrant minibus driver, Mircea Husarencu, faces trial over death of girl, two
Addil Haroon took photo of speedometer at 142mph before he killed man driving through red light
Ilyas Khan and Tayyab Ayaz charged with Moseley post office robbery
Police seek drug dealer, Richard Blackwood
British tourist, 19, ‘abducted and gang-raped by motorcycle gang in Thailand
Woman calls cops to help her suicidal boyfriend – they shoot and kill him!
Could SLEEP make you less racist? By Ellie Zolfagharifard (PC Crowd - What are they like?
What's killing YOUR sperm count? (#LibLabCon and those who own them?)
Mother-of-two, 50, died after eating a sorbet on holiday in Greece
Polish voters elect Eurosceptic President; disenchantment with Brussels spreads
Protest after Jewish nursing home applies for licence to host alcohol-fuelled bar mitzvahs
Quango that rehired boss after giving her £134,000 payoff could face huge fine!
UK banks named in football bribery scandal: Barclays and HSBC 'handled millions'
Sepp Blatter: A short, bald despot with a leering eye!
Disabled BBC weathermen? Bring back the bouncing dwarf!

Thursday 28 May

MH17 locals claim UKRAINE shot down doomed jet but won't hand over evidence
SYRIA: Al-Nusra won't attack Western interests only want to topple Assad? (Surprised?)
Washington admits to backing “questionable actors” in Syria!
Is pollution to blame for autism? (Tell us #LibLabCon)
Identity theft soars by a THIRD!
BBC wants a weather presenter WITH a disability but NO qualifications!
UKIP MP Douglas Carswell targeted by 'murderous lynch mob!'
UKIP's Douglas Carswell 'feared for his life' after protest mob branded him 'racist scum'
Threats (by left-wing anon) against the builders of Wrexham prison
Boat people from Syria/Afghanistan turn popular Greek island into 'disgusting' hellhole
DIVERSITY! Black Gangster murdered Steven after 7 YEARS of traitorous PC failure
Black knifeman slashes man's face at bus stop
GREAT YARMOUTH: Woman, 73, has bag snatched by black teenagers
Efit issued after man stabbed with knife near Bramley Hill, Ipswich
LONDON: Dressed in Burka, Hong Nguyen chased young woman and smashed her with a brick
ROCHDALE: Girls, 15 and 13, plied with booze and abused by Ahmed, Ali, Rasul, Suleman
OLDHAM: Woman, 50, raped in 'devastating' taxi ordeal (No mention of ethnicity)
Illegal immigrant paedo applies for political asylum!
Hunt for youths who attacked 13-year-old boy
Crook had taxpayer-funded ‘rehabilitation’ holiday before £50K Mercedes raid
Taxi passenger stunned by £33 fare for four-mile trip
Watchdog hits out at £17million payout for immigrants
Blair is wrong about the EU and always has been
Paracetamol Challenge: Warning from grieving mother of overdose daughter
Liberal responses to vibrant depravity
BBC chief probed by MPs for letting our money be spent on hubbie's vampire TV show
You're done, Blatter! America finally takes down 'corrupt, poisonous toad of FIFA!'
Israeli army commander recorded ordering attack on Gaza clinic
Palestinian fishing boats targeted by Israeli navy fire
Sisters who fled UK to join ISIS at centre of online propaganda and grooming of other girls!
Black man fathered 12 kids by two women then starved, beat, imprisoned and raped his offspring
Wife discovers husband of SIX years is bigamist AND convicted paedophile
SNP told off for clapping in Parliament - not happy about it

Wednesday 27 May

Blood-chilling scandal! Thousands of babies stolen by the State! (23m sheep just voted for it)
COPS STOOD GUARD! Child sex victim says judge and peer in gang that raped her!
Gay paedo gang faces jail for rapes and assaults on children and babies
Greville Janner ('too ill' with dementia to be interviewed) steps out in London!
Now Cameron attacks £134,000 pay-off to child protection boss, Berelowitz!
DIVERSITY + PC + LibLabCon = Islington child abuse inquiry 1995
BBC interview with Children's Minister, Margaret Hodge, 2003 (Islington boss 1882-1992)
It’s not Netanyahu’s fault that Jews in Europe are afraid
Paedo Bahmani Ahmadi may have attacked HUNDREDS of children!!!
'Victim of Asian abuse gang had sex with 60 men!' (She was picked up in Woolworths aged 12)
Horrifying reminiscences of woman raped, beaten and abused by Muslim rape gang
KEIGHLEY: 15 Muslims charged with rape and sexual abuse of child
DIVERSITY! Crawley dad, Kowsor Ahmed, accused of raping a seven-year-old girl!
Rapist who struck in churchyard had been jailed for string of previous attacks
Woman raped in Hastings by black man
He raped girls in front of their boyfriends! Daniel Elliot (black) was jailed for rape before
Convicted rapist found guilty of five new offences
Girl, 15, sexually assaulted in Newcastle by a man with dark brown complexion
Miss Swansea smashes another girl's face in - NO JAIL AGAIN! (Guess the ethnicity)
Thousands of foreign criminals roam freely on our streets and we can't deport them!
Cameron puts criminals FIRST: PM backs off early bid to scrap Human Rights Act!
Emma West struck off as dental nurse after being branded 'risk to public'
Aaron Russell and Khazim Ahmed jailed for drug crimes
Violent thug Ansar Mahmood jailed after unprovoked Tube attack on member of staff
BRIBERY and CORRUPTION! Swiss police arrest six FIFA executives!
Immigration officers being hounded off the streets of Peckham
Will Cameron backtrack on his pledge to scrap Human Rights Act?
THE BIG LIE THIS TIME! Cameron backtracks on his pledge to scrap Human Rights Act
United States warned that war with China is "inevitable" if it continues to meddle
Senior Lib Dem admits MPs tell 'brazen lies!'
Ken Clarke, Hague and Clegg attend memorial service for Leon Brittan (Hmm...)
Sacred trees and plants survive in English gardens
Coach blockade to stop deportation of Afghans

Tuesday 26 May

Huge child porno ring busted! Amir Ish-Hurwitz, Israeli behind Boylover.net forum, arrested
Hundreds of Bangladeshis flew into Britain for ONE DAY to claim benefits!
The class where every pupil speaks English as a second language!
Britain's foreign aid bill has grown faster than ANY other EU country – thanks to Cameron
British lorry drivers boycott Calais fearing 'somebody will be killed' by illegal immigrants
AYLESBURY: Victim of Asian abuse gang, 12, had sex with 60 men!
Raped in front of their boyfriends! No mention rapist is black and jailed for rape before
Police hunt "Asian" after girl, 13, raped on bank of Thames
"Hours after this picture was taken, I was raped" (by Shakeel Ahmed)
Derby taxi driver, Sahak Dad, jailed for 9 years for raping teenager
Teenager, 17, sexually exploited by group of ten Muslims in Birmingham is pregnant
UN Says Hungarian questionnaire linking migration with terrorism is shocking (Truth shocks?)
Nurse stalked by youths makes 999 call - 'Busy' cops tell her to get a TAXI
"We are going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family... We did it in Gaza!" Jerusalem Post says "to include kids" General was misquoted
The Catholic Church did nothing to stop paedo priest, Gerald Ridsdale!
Patients are still dying in needless pain in NHS hospitals!
How does ISIS beat armies of established nations? Why is USA rubbish at empire-building?
Top judge says MPs should decide British laws NOT European Court of Human Rights!
Butter and eggs won't kill us after all: U-turn on cholesterol
All legal highs to be banned at last!
Toby Fairclough, 17, died hours after taking party drug MDMA Child protection boss's 6-figure redundancy precedes consultancy in same department!
Labour trying to 'hijack' EU referendum with backdoor bid to give 16/17-year-olds the vote?
We'll dump Labour lAndy Burnham unless he opposes all cuts, say union barons
Cameron and Putin vow to work together to stop rise of ISIS?
Cameron’s rhetoric on EU treaty change betrayed by the actuality
ISIS burn woman alive for refusing to take part in 'extreme sex act'
BBC blows £100,000 a week on PR gurus

Monday 25 May

Anti-porn filters to protect children could be OUTLAWED under new EU rules!
Lee Rigby's mother slams Cameron for failing to commit to campaign for memorial to her son!
Tories boosted in election by ethnics! (Mass migration = Reds in power forever? EPIC FAIL!)
Returning jihadis 'could use chemical weapons on UK soil?'
Pupils from London's 'socialist Eton' killed waging jihad in Syria and Iraq
ISIS slaughters 400 mostly women and children in ancient Syria city of Palmyra
Britain turning Libya into a cradle of terrorism, exporting killers to Europe with illegals?
'Screaming' woman sexually assaulted during rush hour - No one helped! No description of perv!
DIVERSITY: Gurav Sharma stabbed his girlfriend's friend to death
Ron Paul: Collapsing economy fuels Baltimore-style riots!
Treasury signed off £134k pay-off for boss who failed to speak out on Pakistani paedo gangs Brainwashed Muslim children aged five think Christmas is banned!
Labour leader fave Andy Burnham claims £17,000 a year for London flat (has his own nearby)
SNP plot to keep Human Rights Act: Tory rebels could vote with the Scots
David Furnish named as 'mother' on birth certificates of Elton Jon's adopted sons
Ex-Thomas Cook chief (just got £11m bonus) labelled 'greedy and shameless'
David Starkey blames judges, lawyers and Mrs Clooney for Human Rights scandal
Jews at war? Paul Simon an 'idiot' with 'Napoleon complex' says Art Garfunkel
Another Cameron about face? He will not block MPs 10% pay rise!
BBC's Paul Ross not living with wife after drug-fuelled gay romps revealed
Did Ted Heath have an affair with his male bodyguard?

Sunday 24 May

'Grossly unsuitable!' Mid-Staffs whistleblower's verdict on favourite to be Labour leader
More evidence that ISIS is a Zion friendly invasion of Syria
ISIS: We can get atomic bomb 'within a year' from corrupt officials
Legion of foreign fighters battles for Islamic State
Chilling exchange between reporter posing as a child and ISIS jihadi from London
We now live in a Kingdom of Lies
Drugs kingpin, Raheem Bailey, hid £5million of cocaine in kids' jigsaws
COPS! Former ‘rookie of the year,’ Sergeant Christopher Cambray, charged with multiple child sex offences
5-year-old British child given SHOTGUN license?
Now the Netherlands bans Islamic veil – but will Britain ever do the same?
If Dave won't go, we will! Vladimir Putin's propaganda coup
Heinrich Himmler's daughter remains an unrepentant Nazi?

Saturday 23 May

CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix
Of 6,000 schoolchildren surveyed, 60% think asylum seekers and immigrants steal our jobs!
Despite all the PC propaganda and brainwashing, the truth still matters more to our kids!
Jihadi bride: “I rejoiced when we had our first sex slave!”
Why I quit: former Met police officer on a service in crisis
British Army unit 'Brigade 77' to use Facebook/Twitter in psychological warfare!
DIVERSITY! British girls as young as FIVE dream of becoming jihadi brides, claims top cop!
Janner re-appointed to Lords committee last June but too demented for child sex interview?
NHS spent £1.8billion on stop-gap agency staff (nurse paid £1,800 for 1 shift)
Cops investigate student diversity officer who posted 'kill all white men' on Twitter Fury as senior Lib Dem says cutting immigration will make Britain 'nasty and insular'
Child protection boss kept quiet about Muslim paedos, got £134k payoff, rehired on £1k a day!
Florida judge: ‘Boy (non-Jew) must be circumcised’
Mother agrees to son’s circumcision in exchange for release from Florida jail
UKIP's Jack Sen criticises Jews hijacking party - Now Mirror says he's anti-Semitic!
Salmond's 'staggering hypocrisy!' Admits he'd work with the Tories to keep Britain in the EU!
Was Winston Churchill secretly GAY?
Labour faces being WIPED OUT and could DISAPPEAR
ISRAEL: "This is a racist society!"
Party-loving mum's baby taken into care and sent back to Slovakia (She didn't want it)
Fraudster Joseph Valadakis, 48, swindled two families out of £160,000
PETERBOROUGH: Parvez Sabeil stabbed two men in unprovoked and random attacks
Black thug threatens terrified woman with gun in road rage attack!
Prison officer slag had an affair with murderer, Kazadi Kongolo
Sun reporter faces jail for paying £22k to corrupt anti-terror PC
Lawyers, doctors, trades unions, teachers, police etc. wash their hands of responsibility
"Jews are everywhere... but when it comes to Israel, they want to be selective!"
BBC neutrality questioned - Sarah Montague's pro-Israeli bias in the dock
Where's the justice in Sadie Frost's £260k payout for phone hacking?
Slash welfare and stop mass migration to win back power says Labour MP
Outrage as Michael Gove defends rising number of foreign doctors in Britain

Friday 22 May

We cannot deport shoplifter because he's 'looking for work as a shepherd'
Record 641,000 immigrants invaded UK in 2014 (Remember Dave promising 'tens of thousands?'
Net migration hits 318,000 - triple the Conservatives' 100,000 'ambition'
Immigrants should have no say on UK's EU future says Tory old guard
Jewish pressure to stifle free speech on Internet continues!
Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing anti-Semitism!
Holocaust challenged on German TV for the first time ever
Orthodox Jew paper airbrushes female politicians off front page! (We must kowtow to these?)
US schools recommend teaching of gender fluidity! (no such thing as 100% boys or girls)
Supporters of #KillAllWhiteMen diversity officer start own hashtag - It backfires
Support for Swedish Nationalists at record high
ISIS terrorist arrives in Europe on migrant boat - A month later he kills scores of tourists
Is this proof the security services covered for Cyril?
Berlin Greens report of massive child abuse!
Cops pay victim £20,000 after arresting HER for lying! Her rapist was jailed for 5 years
Terngu Agera and Stephen Lansana get life for the murder of Zydrunas Laurinavicius
Libyan soldiers training here raped man after preying on him like dogs
Rapist convicted of attacking schoolgirls had just been freed after previous rape
Illegal immigrant gets 12 years jail for 3 sex attacks on women walking home alone
ISIS: The slaughter of Palmyra's citizens begins (Where is the USA? Silly question)
DIVERSITY! 2-day-old baby grabbed by the neck and forced to ‘walk’ by Indian witch doctor
DIVERSITY! Girls as young as 8 must go to sex camps in Africa to prepare for child marriage!
Barclays boss must resign! Traders continued to rig markets while he was in charge
Sydney schoolmaster charged with paedo crimes - Alleges right-wing conspiracy!
Great Stupid Britain!

Thursday 21 May

The metropolitan elite: Britain’s new pariah class
Rowan Atkinson speech on freedom of speech
Bow down to Blacks, Whitey! You're gonna die!
Simple way to ensure bankers don't rig markets again: JAIL THE F***ERS!
Crooked bankers are STILL laughing at the law!
Banks hit by record fine for rigging forex markets
Mark Weber - 'The Challenge of Jewish-Zionist Power'
SHOCK! HORROR! Homophobic abuse levelled at smoker! Cops search for 'plump older man!'
Iman Wyse starved her baby girl to death - NO JAIL! (For second time!)
Canada planning to make boycotting Israel a 'hate crime!' (Sharpen your pitchfork, Canuck)
America desperately needs a hate speech law says a Jewish 'Human Rights' activist
This New Labour revival could end with a party split
CLARKSON: There are dreadful people at the BBC but it's my fault I was fired
The world THEY made! Dying anorexic actress 'too skinny to treat'
Chancellor reveals plan to sell off even more of OUR world! (£23BILLION for him to play with)
THEY set nutcase free and he murdered his mother and sister less than 48 hours later
Pensioner died in A&E when doctors on call would not respond
The killer ladybird that's invaded every corner of Britain
2011: Alarm at private police operating beyond the law
The rights you didn't know you'd lost
38 MPs enjoy freebies worth £60,000 from tobacco giant
Islamic preacher Abdur Raheem Green banned from St James Park by Newcastle United
Footballer Danny Simpson found guilty of throttling mother of his child
Drugs boss who bragged of bling lifestyle pleads guilty to major US drug smuggling racket
Thug left girlfriend paralysed (kicked her head 40 times), then got job in hospital treating her
Five students in hospital after taking synthetic cannabis "Spice"
UKIP sacks half its staff after Carswell's refusal to take £650,000
PM's former guru encourages him to stand up for marriage!
Ainsley Harriott - the new face of the £20 note?
Coleen Nolan sparks outrage after comparing gay rights to ISIS
It turns my stomach to see Charles shake hands with this vulpine monster
Selby appoints UK's first mayor with learning disabilities
"Lenny 'Black Santa' Henry... all he really wants to do is take, take, take?"

Wednesday 20 May

Britain sends home 19 EU crooks.. just 3,541 to go!
Who can stop ISIS tearing Mid East apart? (US/UK aren't interested - Syria/Iran the target)
It's not racist to worry about foreign nurses? (Those who scream 'racist' are at war with us)
Thousands of foreign nurses could be working in Britain with FAKE qualifications
DIVERSITY! Did the Filipino nurse murder 11 more?
Black thug who punched and robbed woman, 50, gets 3 years
Sheik Juned gets eight years for robbery and GBH with intent
Crack cocaine and heroin in the home of son of Linford Christie? NO JAIL!
260-strong Colombian gang burgled hundreds of Asian families across Britain
Office cleaner sprayed Mohammed's sandwiches with air freshener and telephone sanitiser!
Dr Curtis Sonny faces being struck off after seducing a patient
Student diversity officer could lose job after 'kill all white men' tweet. (COULD? Only COULD?)
Cops out in force to tackle homophobic abuse in Westminster! (Like picking on Lord Janner?)
How cannabis wrecks the lungs
Can you ever trust a foreign bank with your savings?
Gerry Adams has been a central figure in IRA politics for nearly 50 years
Evidence mounts cheap east European labour is forcing down British workers' pay
Beat Bobbies are dying out, warn police!
Ruthless Farage gets his revenge as leading rivals are sacked
Now Yvette Cooper turns on Miliband
DIVERSITY! Men/women/children gang raped by cops on massive scale 'to eliminate protest!'

Tuesday 19 May

Jack Sen at the London Forum
Vulnerable schoolgirl 'raped by at least 60 men after being preyed upon by Asian grooming gang!'
Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell torture 14-year-old for 17 hours
DIVERSITY! Filipino psychopath with forged qualifications poisoned 22 patients
Footballer Carl David jailed for three years after two stabbings
DIVERSITY! Immigrant nurse Victorino Chua murdered two patients and poisoned 20 others
Victim suffering from holiday bug poisoned by killer nurse
Fraudsters Seyit Yilmaz and Ibrahim Dankofa conned vulnerable pensioners out of life savings
Sheikh Juned and another man unleashed savage attack on student Michael Conway
Man attacked and robbed in Rochdale park by gang of Asians
Hunt for burglar who attacked pregnant woman
Man punched in violent carjacking in Asda car park
Ana Hick, 18, has heart attack and dies after taking ecstasy
Prince Philip's former aide sexually assaulted 11-year-old!
70% of supermarket chickens contaminated with deadly food poisoning bug!
Now EU gives even MORE foreign aid to Africa...and its going to cost us
Cannabis stunts growth in teenagers!
Cops out in force to tackle homo abuse in Westminster! (Mustn't pick on parliamentary paedos?) Why have energy firms STILL not cut their prices?
ISIS and Russia (?) make world as dangerous as it was during WWII says Defence Secretary
Hedgehogs 'dying out like tigers!'
47 years of military occupation, grave violations of international law
Protest against Jehovah's Witnesses event in Israel turns violent
‘Sex pest’ rabbi eludes SA police again
What would my old GP think of his daughter's scaremongering?

Monday 18 May

Amberstasia and Charice Gassman charged with murder of mother-of-8, Alison Connolly
STEVE HILTON: Regardless of who's in office, the same people are in power!
Ethnic minorities more likely to win top jobs! (Only truth told by Whitey is racist)
Pope Francis hails Palestinian leader as 'angel of peace!'
Jerusalem conference proposes Internet censorship as remedy for anti-Semitism!
Avrohom Mondrowitz, New York’s most notorious child molester, lives scot-free in Israel!
Self-styled rabbi Elior Chen did unspeakable things to Israeli children
Andrey Adamovsky, Vice President of World Jewish Congress, guilty of $34.7 million fraud!
Rabbi David Cohen jailed for $9 million scam
Rabbi sentenced to a year for his part in bribery scandal
Lord Mandelson lobbied Tony Blair for fellow Jew, Lord Janner, to receive peerage
Red Len's deadly grip on Labour Party's future
Unless Labour learns to love the family it hasn't a hope
Thatcher backed paedo peer though she knew of his sordid activities!
Britain should QUIT EU for the good of business, says leading UK manufacturer
Lazy UK shamed as ‘sick man of Europe’
KwaZulu-Natal men found guilty of the rape and murder of 86-year-old Catholic nun
STRATFORD: Three black teens attack white passenger on bus - NO JAIL!
Muslim rape gangs, terrorists as 'pop-idols,' and the trafficking of children
British security worker killed by Taliban car bomb attack in Afghanistan
APOCALYPSE NOW! Mankind's destruction of the planet
ISIS fighters shaving beards to sneak into EU as immigrants
Fake make-up tainted by CYANIDE and other dangerous chemicals
Hitler did not die in 1945? (Declassified FBI files)
GELDOF: he has prevented Tiger Lily (not his child) from having a relationship with auntie
Historic Hackney pub to reopen after legal battle (Mukund Patel wanted to turn it into flats)

Sunday 17 May

Terngu Agera gets 30 years for the murder of Zydrunas Laurinavicius
Legal battle sees Hackney pub reopen! (Developer Mukund Patel wanted to turn it into flats)
Jihadis bound for Britain: ISIS terrorists smuggled into Europe posing as refugees
DIVERSITY! Pregnant mum fears she could lose baby after punch in stomach by burglar
Sweden to provide benefits and counselling to ISIS “veterans”; Swedish soldiers get nothing!
Immigrants's votes 'may force us to stay in EU!'
Army knew Libyan soldiers jailed for rape and sex assaults were dangerous
Exposed! Chuck-it-in Chuka's shady secret?
Labour MP accuses Chuka of disowning campaign he was "four-square behind just days ago"
Did Chuka Umunna take £2,500 donation from company that helps non-doms avoid tax?
Umunna’s withdrawal is... shocking, given the quality of support... Many of those who had played a key role in... New Labour were right behind him!
It's war! Vicious full-frontal attack by Labour on union paymasters
Burnham's a joke, Yvette's a whimper: Labour's hopefuls are a hopeless bunch
Thomas Cook won £3.5 million payout - 10 times as much as parents of dead children got
DIVERSITY! Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving HUMAN FLESH
Thatcher blocked plans to strip paedophile Sir Peter Hayman of knighthood!
Doctors blame EU for failing to halt allergy epidemic
Grandma wins right to fly Union Flag despite Labour council trying to stop her!
Hebdo hypocrisy? Journalist suspended after death threats over articles attacking Islam
£400m foreign aid fiasco: Bribery, kickbacks, YOUR tax money siphoned into pet projects!
Reverend Cheeseman ran over teen then told him to f*** off when he asked for ambulance!
Luxembourg Prime Minister marries his gay partner
Poppy seller Olive Cooke's death sparks scrutiny of cold-calling charities
French Mayor wants to ban Islam 'to solve the country's problems'
General Wesley Clark comes from ‘a long line of rabbis’

Saturday 16 May

Shame of charities that prey on the kind-hearted and drove Olive to her death!
Top Tory paedo, Victor Montagu, escaped prosecution after promise not to see victim again
Top barrister to review decision not to charge Lord Janner over sex abuse allegations
Sexual bullying and rape are rife at Oxford? College authorities fail to help?
'The eurozone is a complete disaster and Britain needs to leave the EU'
What made Chuka chuck it in? He can't stand scrutiny? Dirty linen, Chuk?
The incredible sulk: The Left are frothing with fury!
Liz Kendall admits the Labour Party may never form a majority government again
UKIP's only MP calls for Nigel to step down - Carswell's a bought-and-paid-for Tory?
Pakistani restaurant boss groomed girls as young as 12
Police condemn jail term handed to illegal immigrant after ploughing into PC Sue Thomson
Kidnap gang (3 Black, one white) jailed for 63 years
Dr Samianaz Siddiqui stole hospital patients' leftover morphine to feed addiction - NO JAIL!
Mario Balotelli banned from driving after he was caught doing 109mph

Friday 15 May

Former European leaders call for change in EU policy on Israel
UK's longest-serving poppy seller, 92, jumps off bridge after charities plague her for cash
Is sweetener hidden in 6,000 products a danger to your health? Pepsi drop Aspartame
11,307 renting households in England/Wales evicted from their homes in first 3 months of 2015
Iain Duncan Smith hails success of benefit cap as evictions hit record levels
'If we have any more Muslims in here it's going to start looking like Al Jazeera!'
Gay couple demand Bangays Way be renamed - it offends them!
Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison
Fraternity of Failure (Jeb Bush, George and the Iraq warmongers)
Queen legend Brian May reveals support for Nigel Farage
Contrary to MSM reports, Nigel is Patrick O'Flynn's hero!
Hundreds of extremists who went to Syria now back here, say police
Jewish responses to the Holodomor
UN climate change official says “We should make every effort to depopulate the planet!"
Why was a headteacher who used the term 'special needs' was investigated by police
Charles's 90 secret meetings with top politicians in 5 years
FREUDIAN SLIP? BBC's Assistant Political Editor "accidentally" calls Nigel a c***!
Drug dealers Rishe Campbell, Shomari Mkini and Idris Abdulle stabbed 'gentle giant' to death
Pullarkatill Rethishkumar killed wife, daughters and self (Feared being corrupted by the West)
Cop 'stole £113,000 seized from suspected drug dealer!'
2008: Secret plot to let 50million African workers into EU

Thursday 14 May

Cameron to take on neo-Nazis! (Are Nazis raping and prostituting our little girls, Dave?)
HMS Bulwark assists in the African invasion of Europe!
Ten million 'others' won't find their ethnic group on census forms as UK diversifies!
17.4% increase in EU nationals in UK jobs last quarter! 43,000 taken by Romanians/Bulgarians
Rising number of migrants in Britain keeping wages down warns Bank of England boss
'I can unite this country' says fluoride champ, Andy Burnham
Commons now has 32 openly gay, lesbian and bisexual MPs
MPs' pay to rise £7,000 while nurses and teachers struggle
Controlling boyfriend, Hussain Abu, beat girlfriend to death day after she took him back
Did Shighi Rethishkumar kill his wife and daughters?
Black thug, Kyrone Joseph, left Patricia Beckford, 75, badly bruised
Police wait 23 days for dealer to pass crack stashed up his bottom
65 Years of Israel
Did this 28-year-old Israeli banker steal $1billion from Moldova?
Boston University condemns black Professor's racism but only after backlash
USA: Black man sexually assaulted girl, 12, abducted two others and tried to murder them
Moral Fraud
Government censorship of Jewish sexual predators
TURKEY: 'Man rips jewellery from little girl's ears'

Wednesday 13 May

P***-taking paedo, Greville Janner attended Lords 634 times after dementia diagnosis!
Tough new powers to tackle Muslim extremism! (Will the "powers" be used to silence patriots?)
What kind of man kicks his brother when he's down? A Leftie politician
OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER: Interview with Jack Sen, Part 1
Top tw*t says ditching New Labour cost Ed election (He lost 'cos he's a tw*t, like you, Tony)
Man stabbed in Enfield street by diversity
Tory Councillor Monika Juneja pretended to be barrister
Martin Ogazi repeatedly punched football coach in touchline brawl at under-nines match
BBC Young Gardener finalist (diverse) jailed for having a stash of child porn
Dave's big winners are son of a Pakistani bus driver and daughter of a Ugandan shopkeeper
Umunna bids for labour leadership with promise to win back England (We don't want you, Chuka!)
Headmistress cleared of HATE crime for saying pupil had special needs
Pakistani police say gunmen kill 41 on bus
Bahar Mustafa banned white students from 'equality' event (but she's not racist) Homosexuality rife among ISIS terrorists say experts
Third blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh by Muslim extremists

Tuesday 12 May

Why aren't ALL doctors trained to spot sepsis, the killer which claims 37,000 lives a year?
Stroke rates soar for middle-aged men and women!
Truth about poster girl for the Left and 'George Cross' won by her grandma
We should thank UKIP for its role in the General Election
'I can do what I want' - boasted of Army trainer accused of raping two women!
Why DID we British lose the stiff upper lip?
Ghanaian Pastor posed as British wife to send parents text saying she was still alive
Derek Gent and Mike Holmes killed by speeding driver in Thailand
On Benefits Street now even druggies want star treatment!
Lord Sugar quits Labour with furious attack on fellow Jew, Miliband
New jobs minister Priti Patel is daughter of a Ugandan shopkeeper who was a member of UKIP
Miliband's revenge: Dave slams younger brother Ed
BBC at war with Cameron over appointment of hard-line Culture Secretary
Dieting is rubbish - Cheese, chocolate and alcohol are god for you?

Monday 11 May

Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans?
Obama's account of bin Laden's death is one big lie! This is what really happened
Where the British Left went so horribly wrong?
Leaking CIA secrets leads to severe punishment, unless you are the boss
"Cameron's first Euro crisis has started today"
Are Jews losing control of the media? (NO! Nice fantasy though)
A road test for Multiculturalism
Reflections on the English identity
Migrant mum who broke her baby girl's legs and arm spared jail - She's 'too ignorant!'
Male rape has doubled in Manchester in the last year
Rotherham abuse victim: 'We were raped on a daily basis'
Report shows Rotherham officials were warned about abuse and exploitation
Rotherham abuse victim: 'They just ignored the warning signs'
Teenager dragged into woods and raped by ‘Asian’ in broad daylight as she walked home
Muslim heroin peddler caught after 109mph car chase
Muslim heroin peddler caught after 109mph car chase
Met cop gets "management advice" after participating in in gay porn film!
Sexting and online bullying is fuelling teenage depression
"Racist" facts sheeple don't dare talk about
5 things Chuka Umunna has just done to position himself as next Labour leader
Porn and video game addiction are leading to 'masculinity crisis' (NWO plan is working then)
AUSTRALIA: Paedo headmistress's escape to Israel arranged by fellow Jew
Returning the spoils of World War II, taken by Americans
100 days to end the human rights farce?
Chuka Umunna wheels out white girlfriend as Labour leadership race gets nasty
South African mercenaries' secret war on Boko Haram
Britain's youngest MP's X-rated Twitter posts (Imagine having this as your MP)
Ousted Ed Balls walks away with £88,000 'golden goodbye'
Tory MP brands the SNP "Marxists!"
Michael Gove must not fail to axe Labour’s hated Human Rights Act
AUSTRALIA: Paedo headmistress's escape to Israel arranged by fellow Jew
Al-Qaeda suicide bombers attacked a hospital in north-western Syria
Man of the people? No, Castro lived like a king
Diversity may be fatal says government health study
Anti-gay attack, was actually a black on white racial attack
Immigrants are replacing women in the workforce

Sunday 10 May

Black Revolutionaries and SWP 'f*ck the Tories' activists protest at Tory HQ
Julie Burchill "The memoirs of a philo-Semite!"
UKIP was robbed! Farage was cheated!
Lord Mandy says Red Ed's campaign was a 'giant political experiment' and 'terrible mistake'
Paddy Ashdown’s election strategy comes in for heavy criticism from Lib Dem peers and activists
“Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?”
Security guard Kwame Boakye, who raped two women, jailed for 25 years
Romanian immigrants jailed for 19 years following spate of burglaries
Armel Omar and Meshach Downer charged after stabbing in Luton
Sasmurin, Ratautas and Perekriostovai charged in connection with human trafficking
Burglar, Ionel Bahnean, jaIled for eight months
Foreign doctors milking NHS for drugs... to send to their families back home!
David Lammy to be Labour's next PC no-hoper? Left Wing vandals deface war memorial on VE Day weekend as anti-Tory protest gets ugly
Blair tells Labour: return to centre to win again (Stop behaving traitorously?)
Ed's fatal flaws? No strategy, no narrative and no energy - says fellow Jew, Lord Glasman
Labour big beasts line up to savage Red Ed Miliband
Miliband must explain why Labour lost so badly (by Labour's best man)
Arch-Zionist, Michael Gove, becomes "Justice" Secretary!
Referendum lures Farage to return as UKIP leader
Watching Ed Balls lose his seat was the TV highlight of the year
If you aren't a member of the metropolitan elite, BBC election coverage was surreal
CELEBRITY AIRHEAD ALERT! Charlotte Church loses faith in humanity after Labour's defeat?
Cameron takes half seats with a third of votes as UKIP's 3.9m gets only one MP
Australian Jews brace for fight against repeal of hate laws
AUSTRALIA: Jewish leaders warn against repeal of anti 'free speech' law!
BNP teacher banned for Muslim jibe
One of the first things Cameron and Osborne did in 2010...
Preposterous spirit of a PC age, Russell Brand still wants his 'revolution?'
Boy, 12, forced to watch "witch" mother drink petrol and set alight

Saturday 9 May

Charlie Hebdo + "Free Speech" = French cartoonist Zeon arrested for anti-Zionist work
Human Rights Watch accuses Syria of ‘Barrel Bomb’ damage created by US attacks!
David Lammy to be Labour's next PC no-hoper?
UKIP would have won 83 SEATS under a 'fair' voting system
UKIP wins just one seat despite getting MORE votes than Lib Dems and SNP combined
FARAGE: Our voting system is bust… it's time for change
BBC must now pay the price for its blatant anti-Conservative bias
Pollsters facing independent inquiry over possible 'bias!' (Possible? EUPHEMISM ALERT!)
Messianic self-belief but little clue about real life
"... and, of course, to Ed!" You're BOTH sons of 'the man who hated Britain,' Dave!
MP who beat Ed Balls entered politics after seeing dad die of MRSA contracted in hospital
Punished for their lies and treachery: Lib Dems paid the price
Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell admits he believed his own propaganda
Scottish Stalinists and why Dave's a very lucky bunny
A dead dog on school railings, a headteacher receiving death threats = Islamic zealot
On-the-run convicted rapist left ten-mile trail of destruction
DIVERSITY! CCTV shows savage attack on 'good Samaritan' in Nottingham
Drunk driver Michael Oluwafemi Adenibi swerves onto busy pavement and ploughs into WPC
Sex with underage girls and drug dealing at Qumar Zaman and Hissam Khaliq's snooker club
Black man attacks child in Wellingborough
Nigerian 'slave' tells jury of how he was punched in the eye by wife of NHS doctor
PRESTON: Boy assaulted and robbed by Asians
Private Taaziva Mutekedza gets 90 days for drunkenly grabbing woman round the neck
IDF: 'They want us to hit a knee or two!'
Sex slave forced to marry 20 ISIS fighters… Her virginity was restored each time!

Friday 8 May

End of the road for Red Ed
Humiliated Clegg RESIGNS
UKIP wins just one seat despite getting MORE votes than Lib Dems and SNP combined
Kelvin Hewitt had his penis cut off in an attack at traveller site
PRESTON: Boy assaulted and robbed by Asians

Thursday 7 May

Child rape victims deemed willing prostitutes by South Yorkshire Police!
ISIS: “Trained soldiers” in 15 states across USA waiting to carry out deadly missions
Israel launches initiative to have antisemitism recognized as an international crime!
Libyan soldiers training in Britain 'raped man in park after preying on him like dogs'
Benefits Street's Black Dee and five others 'sold drugs'
70-conviction thug, Jeris Ryan, finally jailed for stabbing man who caught him urinating in street
Criminal gang leader, Joland Giwa, can't be deported
DIVERSITY! Kyrone Joseph charged with GBH - He savagely attacked two pensioners
Lithuanian killer came to UK 'without hindrance' before threatening to kill his neighbour
NHS doctor and his nurse wife 'kept Nigerian man a slave for 24 YEARS
Pervez Akhtar jailed after being filmed trying to meet 13 year-old girl for sex
Cops hunt dangerous man!
According to some "British" people, mourners of Lee Rigby are ‘scum of the earth?’
Black man accused of murdering Hannah Graham could face death penalty
NATO: ‘When you need militarism, you invent threats to legitimize policy, budgets’
France's left-wing PM admits arming Syrian rebels in breach of embargo
Speak ENGLISH! Minister orders councillors to stop using BENGALI in official meetings
Labour's 10-second EU Referendum flip-flop!
Israeli artist posts song wishing death to pet bird ‘Obama’
Britain's pathetic political class is going to the dogs
Egypt’s institutionalised persecution of Coptic Christians
> Profiles of wanted ISIS leaders
California trio (black) accused of running rogue police force
Skin cancer: 'No such thing as a healthy tan'
Black guys says white people can't fight then gets knocked out
A tawdry saga that speaks volumes about this PC age

Wednesday 6 May

Victim of elite paedos forced to perform sex acts as senior Tories celebrated Thatcher victory!
Cops ignored warning about Rotherham child sex abuse TWELVE YEARS ago!!!
UKIP supporter attacked atfer thugs tear down UKIP poster in his garden
Toddler died from brain tumour 6 weeks after Majeed Jawad's 'gross failure' to order brain scan
Rotherham sex abuse: Cops treated girls as 'child prostitutes' not victims!
Mother of four murdered by jealous husband, Imran Sharif
Serial sex predator (black) who raped pensioner, 80, in her own home jailed
Korrel Kennedy: a model thug
I am being 'demonised' because I am an immigrant says Green Party leader
JAILED: Drug dealer refused to go to the loo for THREE weeks
Dragged off his boat in the Bahamas and shot dead in front of his wife
Russia Says No to One-World Government
Ukrainian General reveals American/Jewish control of Ukraine
Britain has fewer doctors, nurses and crucial medical equipment than other wealthy nations
DUMBED DOWN! 54% of Britain's 18 to 25-year-olds do not know what VE Day celebrates
Patients 'will be forced to wait ONE MONTH for doctor appointments'
Britain faces internet RATIONING?
SYRIZA: George Soros' Greek Stooges
George Soros and the Rothschild connection
Danny "Cohen made no secret of his contempt for (Jeremy) Clarkson!"
Jeremy Clarkson v Kanye West - "Pikey" joke BAD, foul-mouthed tirade NO PROBLEM!
Taliban's killing units hunt Afghan interpreters 'abandoned by Britain'
'Female Walter Mitty' Labour candidate jailed for £120,000 fraud
Carving policies into stone does NOT mean 'Moses' Miliband will keep his promises
I'll grab power even if I lose, boasts Red Ed
Stories the spin doctors DON'T want you to read
You CAN'T trust Cameron on EU promise - and he's guilty of Scottish appeasement
FARAGE: Why you MUST back UKIP wherever you live!
Judge takes toddler from 'homophobic' mum, gives little girl to gay dad and lover /a>
"The people in charge of Hip-Hop are so white and so Jewish!"

Tuesday 5 May

Queen of Denmark says ISLAM MUST BE COUNTERED!
UK women twice as likely to die in childbirth as Polish! Belarus and Bulgaria are safer than UK!
NHS refuses to treat victim's scars but spends £250,000 on her sex attacker!
Fury over plans to build Britain's first SEGREGATED mosque!
Why aren't patients told asthma can be a killer? Olivia, 10, died from respiratory failure
Rats, cockroaches, mice? Hospitals are calling out pest control 19 times a DAY!
MILIBAND! As a friend of Israel and a Jew, I’m a proud member of this community!
Theodore Herzl (Zionism's favourite Jew) sold out Armenians to gain Turkish Sultan's favour
The first Leftist genocide of the twentieth century
'Breathtaking' surge of Tory tactical votes to save Nick Clegg in Hallam!
Guardian and Labour Uncut attack Ed Miliband
Labour's US-Jewish spin doctor defends that bizarre Moses moment (Miliband also Jewish)
Labour leader ‘proud’ of the profligacy that left Britain with giant deficit
LITTLEJOHN: Trust Labour? I'd rather trust Jimmy Savile to babysit
Should we let hypocritical clowns like Brand and Coogan tell us how to vote?
Hypocrite Brand: 'You've gotta vote Labour!'
Labour Party's OWN workers paid less than Living Wage!
Iain Duncan Smith: Voting for UKIP and Farage = writing Britain's 'suicide note'
Nationalism is surging and Liberalism is on its deathbed
Emmanuel Mutandi jailed for 8 years after raping a woman in Dorset
Julio Benitiez choked and punched his wife for posting selfies online
Soloman Bygraves admits to sickening attack on 93-year-old
'Hampstead Strangler' jailed again after he attacked women within weeks of being released early
Neville celebrated birthday by raping young mum in front of baby
Rotherham child abductor Vejahuin Ghorbani pestered little girls for sex
Man's ear bitten off in Huddersfield street attack
Elton Simpson: FBI had monitored Texas gunman since 2006
Old woman, 96, murdered by Muslim asylum-seeker in Amsterdam
Muslims who whipped woman's face with iron chains laugh about it in court
Somalis gang raped young woman at train station
Czech President says ISIS greater threat to Europe than Russia
'Sheer desperation' of father who abducted his son
Why feminists HATE natural childbirth and why their prejudice can harm mothers AND babies
Lauryn Hill cancels Israel show after cultural boycott pressure

Monday 4 May

Herzl (Zionism's most revered son) sold out the Armenians to gain Turkish Sultan's favour
Countrywide gay paedo gang raped children and babies
Another rape victim (attacked by bogus taxi driver Shakeel Ahmed) waives right to anonymity
Suicides of victims in pension fund scam! Dozens of marriages collapse!
Big 5 banks run a cartel... They have overcharged and underserved their customers!
Miliband victory would be a total disaster for the UK
Farage right on ‘HIV immigrants’ says HIV positive Brit
Now even EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker backs Nigel Farage's bid to become an MP
Ethiopian protests draw attention to racism in Israel
Israel killed 108 preschoolers and 19 babies in 2014
Compensation culture gone mad! Disabled man gets £341,000 for falling off public loo!
Robert Fisk: Who's bombing whom in the Middle East?
"Most of ISIS’ budget comes from (our pals) Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait!"
Trojan Horse: Headteacher received death threats for speaking out
Birmingham headteachers say they are subject to campaign of intimidation
Birmingham schools intimidated by Islamic radicals opposed to clamp down
Miliband’s ‘Moses’ moment ridiculed on a biblical scale!
Once Ed Moses was the world's best hurdler. Now...
Red Ed's judgment is appalling. It will make us ALL look foolish if he's PM
Could tuition fees rise AGAIN? Tories and Lib Dems refuse to rule out an increase
Muslims urged to vote for Labour candidate blessed by the Prophet’s living descendant?
According to black Guardian journalist this is "The diversity election!"
Former UKIP candidate, Jack Sen, says the Left is destroying West
Germany pushes again for European army
Gunmen shot dead at 'draw the prophet Muhammad' contest in Texas
Former head of children's service sacked over Baby P now lecturing on childcare
40-strong mob assaults Jews in Paris? (More Holocaust Denial law needed!)

Sunday 3 May

Cornwall school makes trip to mosque MANDATORY for Christian students!
School heads say too many new teachers are not up to the job
Pictured during National Front days: Man behind Farage (UKIP just went up in my estimation!)
UKIP is in touch with ordinary British people
Forget the Green Party it's UKIP who'll care for your native land and planet Earth
3,082 cops investigated for brutality - most are still on the beat
Polish burglar Patryk Filipski ransacked blind pensioner's home
Arrested 5 times Romanian rapist could strike again (now has secret home to protect his rights)
Convicted murderer Imran Rashid takes appeal to European Court of Justice
Burglars who ransacked homes across West Midlands jailed for total of 8 years
Menace to the community jailed for two and half years
Student 'in hiding' after father threatens to kill her because of 'Westernised behaviour'
The duo who delivered the Princess (Diversity, by royal decree!)
Beware the siren calls of nationalism warns Guardian's Nick Cohen
US air strike kills 52 civilians in Syria? (US killed 52 ISIS jihadis in one go yet?)
Angelina Jolie wants to throw Syrian civilians in mass graves?
A1 New World Order globalist George Soros refuses to pay $7 billion in US taxes
Framed, jailed and betrayed: British tourist was arrested for murder in Greece
ISIS slaughters more than 300 Yazidi captives

Saturday 2 May

UKIP candidate Jack Sen suspended over 'anti-Semitic' tweets
New police investigation into electoral fraud at Tower Hamlets
Police chief accused of helping arrange Hillsborough 'cover-up'
Green Party leader open to legalisation of three-way marriages?
Labour parliamentary hopeful went on Snapchat and asked schoolgirl, 17: 'Ready for bed yet?'
JANNER! Damning dossier alleges police chief allowed peer to molest young boys!
Police investigation into Cliff Richard child sex abuse allegations still ongoing
Ed's big lie! Miliband accused of insulting public's intelligence as SNP deal denials unravel
Labour-supporting black and Asian voters drops by 20 per cent!
'Red Tory scum!' Glasgow's pro-independence crowd accuse Miliband of treason
Vandals spray 'Tory scum' and 'media hungry' on Conservative MP's family cars
Nigel Farage urges Labour supporters to vote UKIP to stop Labour/SNP coalition
'Miliband's a f****** communist' - Noel Gallagher
Somali immigrant pleaded guilty to sex attack on defiant Ione Wells
Black mob beat Richard Fletcher, 61, so badly he was put in a medically induced coma

Friday 1 May

The National Trust has been hijacked by Lefties!
Rotherham councillors could be jailed? Report says they systematically hid truth!
Ceri Linden killed herself days after rape by fake taxi driver, Masood Mansouri
Jeffrey Okafor stabbed CBBC star Carl Beatson-Asiedu to death
Lollipop man, 79, left with punctured lung after attack by Genti Rustemi
Wanted by Brent Police: Hicham Wadda, James Martine and Ali Gelle
Drug dealer Youssef Chellali jailed
Serial sex attacker (black) is on the loose in Newcastle
Former head of Gloucester Race Equality Council (Black) jailed for raping a child
FRAUD: Labour councillor Nesimi Erbil suspended
Labour suspends Luton councillor Khtija Malik over private school fee expenses
Benefit fraud councillor nominated for Stafford deputy mayor
The families cheated out of their homes by a Labour Council – for being poor
McGurrin had ‘abused her position of power’
Wallace comes a cropper! Is Red Ed the new Norman Wisdom?
Margaret Hodge’s foul hypocrisy just beggars belief
A Labour MP of the future?
Documents should only be printed in English! Migrants must learn language say UKIP
Sol Campbell: "The Labour Party are the Modern day communism party!"
Blunkett admits Ed Miliband MUST do a deal with Nicola Sturgeon's SNP to gain power
The BBC and UKIP go to War in South Thanet
Calls to halt Britain's £400m aid after Malawi leader vows to buy PRIVATE JET
Now police chiefs face probe over Janner sex abuse claims
Ex-Army chief quizzed over 'child sex ring'
Cops focus on 'crimes' that most people do not consider illegal
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West The rape of Berlin
Was teenager killed by additives in chewing gum?
ISIS executes Houthi Yemeni soldiers

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