Daily News: March 2015

Tuesday 31 March

Anatomy of the Deeep State
World Jewish Congress seeks to ban freedom of speech across the globe!
Suicidal pilot Andreas Lubitz trawled gay porn websites in the days before his death!
Pesticide in fruit and veg could harm man's fertility!
Katie Hopkins reported to cops for 'inciting racial hatred' (Telling truth about paedos)
Look at all the White Brits charged with child abuse in Newcastle (NOT!)
10% of 12 and 13-year-olds have made or been part of sexually explicit videos!
Desperate mum of 12-year-old victim of grooming gang pleaded for help: social services ignored her
Disabled man fighting for life after he was attacked by Blacks
Black care worker jailed for stabbing driver in a road rage attack
Taylor Diba jailed for raping teenager
In 2010, 60% of the knifepoint robberies in London were committed by Blacks
Pensioners face fresh assault from fraudsters trying to steal life savings
Peter and Jean Tarsey, both 77, were shot dead by robbers in a Spanish villa
British soldier bludgeoned to death in Miami?
Front National now largest party in France - MSM Media lies about results
Catholic university officials approve student club devoted to raising money for ISIS!
Mexican official: CIA 'manages' drug trade!
Tories give $72m to Zimbabwe's government!
In 2013, 69% of all school pupils in Birmingham were non-white
Violent attacks and murders in South Africa: 1 - 30 MARCH 2015
Andrew Marr is ‘supine’, ‘sycophantic’ and has ‘inflated sense of his own importance’
Vultures trading in our secrets and a sinister threat to every family in Britain
ISIS: Blindfolded and bound couple brutally stoned to death for having sex before marriage
UKIP candidate says teenagers who want to join ISIS should be given FREE flights
Calais migrant problems? Britain's cushy benfits system to blame

Monday 30 March

The allegations against Enoch Powell are a monstrous lie and beyond contempt
'White race is nature's finest!' Cops say leaflet is not illegal
42 cops investigation for ignoring victims of paedo rape gangs!
The anti-Semitism scam (part 5)
Imran Khan charged with the abduction of a six-year-old girl
The biggest threat to world peace: US wars in 150 countries
Lunatics run the Washington asylum
The Golden Age of Black Ops
Sinister boast of data boss - 5,000 pieces of personal information on EVERY British family
One fifth of girls under 11 have already been on a diet!
Outrage hunters outraged by Katie H's Red Ed gas oven jest!
Katie Hopkins accused of race hate by Rochdale MP for linking Pakistanis with sex abuse!
Katie Hopkins reported to cops over accused of inciting hatred by MP
I watch porn, I'm a man of the world, says Rochdale's Labour MP Simon Danczuk
Police chiefs 'bullying culture'
Right-wing Ukrainian leader is Jewish and proud of it!
Dutch police officers kidnap young girls to cover up child abuse?
Palestine: crimes against humanity committed during Operation Protective Edge
The frontline of the war against ISIS
Disgraced MP Mike Hancock to stand in 2015 general election
Serbs, the IRA and gangland had Jill Dando in their sights (And MI5?)
Drugs 'kingpin' posts selfies from jail cell showing off his soft life inside
John Barnes not a manager? RACISM!

Sunday 29 March

Tory vote fixer Afzal Amin wrote jihadi pamphlet calling for Muslim state!
Supermarkets snub Easter eggs featuring Jesus in favour of Darth Vader!
Aristocrats 'feel entitled to abuse people' says son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich
Kinnock compares Cameron's election tactics to 'big lie' used by Hitler to discredit Jews
British spy plotted to kill MI5 handler and attack UK
Shame of Britain's top cops (expenses, dishonesty, bullying)
Bishop names Enoch Powell in sex abuse probe? (Establishment sneerers will tell any lie)
Murder Rate in South Africa reaches “all time high” - Solution? Disarm Whites!
George Osborne's psychiatrist brother 'had sex with patient'
Death threat to BBC chief after decision to drop Jeremy Clarkson
‘Fat Vicar’ jailed over indecent assault of boy

Saturday 28 March

The Independent says: "WE NEED TO BAN WHITE MEN!"
London worse than Africa for tuberculosis as 75million lives threatened worldwide!
What happened when Monsanto jobsworth said weedkiller was safe to drink?
Swedish PM chased from immigrant ghetto in Gothenburg
Kayla-Joseph, Kamali, Sobhanieh and Daramola guilty of child prostitution
LEWISHAM: Woman raped at knifepoint by black man
GYPSY HILL: Black man hunted after attacking teen with a brick
Carer Claudine Ingabire jailed for attacking man in wheelchair
LUTON: Black woman threatens security guard with syringe
Lovely little "allahu akbar" chanters learn to take the p*** early!
Patrick Madikate, head psychiatrist, said killer's fantasies weren't viewed as problem
Gay killers make history by tying knot behind bars!
Dad who blamed cops for not stopping his daughter joining ISIS seen at Muslim demo
Christian street preacher convicted for "homophobic" sermon by judge Shamim Qureshi
Rotherham dad who smacked his kids has them taken into care
Authoress Lena Dunham accused of anti-Semitism after comparing Jewish men to dogs
Cops who let Jill Dando down MUST launch a new hunt for her killer!
William Hague and 85 other #LibLabCon MPs jump before they are pushed?
Nationalist rally in Manchester makes councillor Pat Karney sick to his stomach!
Dragons' Den star paid firm £5,000 'to help him get a CBE!'
Massive salary of Jewish BBC boss Alan Yentob (part-timer) who patronised working class
Saudi Arabia, Arab allies bomb military targets in Yemen, killing at least 18 civilians
Germanwings co-pilot 'signed off sick by doctors for disaster day but kept it secret
Idris Elba can't be Bond because he isn't 'English English' says Roger Moore

Friday 27 March

Saudis send war planes into Yemen in clash with Iran - region at boiling point!
US DEA agents took part in 'sex parties' funded by drug cartels they were investigating!
Bangladeshi mother who stabbed her baby can stay in Britain!
One in 20 students turning to sex industry to pay their way through university!
Janet Steet-Porter is on our side now? Incestuous luvvie clique who run the BBC!
How patronising! Jewish BBC boss, Alan Yentob, says: We DO make shows for working-classes
Andreas Lubitz: Was Germanwings receiving psychiatric "care?" Had his girlfriend dumped him??
Lufthansa flight school designated Andreas Lubitz as “not suitable for flying!”
GUARDIAN: "Claims about Andreas Lubitz's mental health serve to stigmatise depression!"
Father of 'jihadi bride' attended 2012 Islamist rally attended by Lee Rigby's killer
Assad: ‘US, UK, France want to weaken Russia by turning Ukraine and Syria into puppet states’
Putin accuses West of deliberately trying to destabilise Russia
Israeli high court decision enables widespread torture of Palestinian detainees
Israel suspends water fluoridation citing health concerns
PAXMAN: "Are you OK Ed? Are you alright?"
Cameron's great-great-granddad a war criminal? (Another was an immigrant Jew)
‘UNPRECEDENTED' - Kafkaesque secret trial in UK!
Pensioner seriously injured and robbed of the 4,000 euros by East European man
Riza Guzelyurt charged with attempted murder of woman
Man bottled by Garad Yasin after row over TV remote
Teenager attacked by Asian gang in Cleckheaton
Middle-eastern appearance man wanted for burglaries in Ealing and Brent
Tax-dodging Golders Green pastor avoids jail
Mohammad Rasooly convicted of sexual assault
Luton: woman pushed to the ground and assaulted by black man
NORTHAMPTON: Police officer arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife
Majority of Britons are now Eurosceptic and DO want to limit EU power
My life's so much richer for having the pants bored off me by Russell Brand and Woman's Hour
2014: Jewish settler runs over two Palestinian children in West Bank, killing one
USA: Black monster sentenced to 88 Years for stabbing death of Shannon Collins
USA: Mother killed two siblings and forced teen to put little sister's body in freezer

Thursday 26 March

42 Rotherham cops accused over mishandling of child sexual exploitation
Ex MI5 David Shayler says condemn Zionism or be complicit in WWIII
Dan Glass says his Jewish roots are his motivation for opposing UKIP
Comedian Noel Fielding told audience at Royal Albert Hall to stab Nigel Farage
‘Why NOT vaccinating my kids was the best decision I ever made’
Media Manipulation of 9/11 Truth
NHS errors saw 30,000 infected with Hepatitis C/HIV! 6-year WHITEWASH exonerates NHS!
'Loss of oxygen or KNIFE IN THE THROAT' brought down Germanwings flight
Did fighter jets destroy Germanwings plane?
Blood scandal 'whitewash': After 40 years and 2,000 deaths, victims blast £6m report
Absent dad fathers 34 CHILDREN with 17 different women - gets to star in Oprah Winfrey show
Margaret Hodge’s policies allowed paedos to infiltrate Islington children’s homes
UKRAINE WAR 'greatest threat to European security since WWII?' (NO! Warmongers are!)
It’s a terrible idea to guarantee aid spending while not doing the same for defence
SAUDI WARMNGERS! Iran urges immediate end to attacks on Yemen
Maduro slams ‘psychological war’ against Venezuela
Anti-Russian propaganda 'unconvincing'
MANSLAUGHTER: Indian takeaway owner charged after Paul Wilson died from PEANUT allergy
Desmond Brooks admits murder of ex-wife and attempted murder of current partner
Housing officer, Clive Glasford, gets five years for raping tenant
Luton rapist Ali Hafeez jailed for seven years
Simeon Maraj-Bennett gets 12 years for robbery with violence
Rory Seager tried to rob a bookmakers' with a tin of PILCHARDS
Romanian kids found wandering streets of London streets at 3am in morning
£130million benefits bill raked in by Britain's big families
Anger as £19million 'neutral' quango attacks Tories on human rights
Now Jeremy Clarkson faces police probe after being SACKED
European Jews 'living in fear like in 1930s' says billionaire Jewish Congress leader
Did allied troops rape 285,000 German women? (Commies responsible for vast majority)

Wednesday 25 March

Blair aide: ‘We screwed up on immigration – 13,000 migrants became ONE MILLION!’
Tony Blair and George Bush to BLAME for rise of ISIS says Obama!
"Multiculturalism should not mean that we tolerate another culture's intolerance!"
FREDERICK FORSYTH: When will Tony Blair be brought to justice?
Hedge fund donor exposes Labour leader’s hypocrisy
COPS: Pre-election scapegoats in Establishment child abuse cover up? (Not scapegoats - accomplices!)
Pariah Blair stops saving the world
America’s left-wing Jews are ashamed of Israel’s Jews
BBC reports collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 BEFORE IT FELL!
Media Manipulation of 9/11 Truth
OAPs v Cameron - 'rubbish', 'lies' and 'answer the question'
2012-021 The toxic origins of the EU
Monsanto to pay $350K to settle more wheat-related lawsuits
Nasir Huq, Ameen Noori and Ahmad Faiq raped special needs girls?
Mohammed Abdul Kadir admits 16 counts of sexually abusing girls aged under 13
Illegal immigrant criminal sneaks into UK three times
Ikram Ismail jailed for two months for staling Big Brother star, Kate Lawler
Cops "quell tensions" between hundreds of youths in Lewisham McDonald's Black gangs attacking white people in St. Louis… Media ignores it
USA: Black assaults on whites are much, much more common than white assaults on blacks

Tuesday 24 March

The terror map of Britain: Soaring number of arrests/trials - ISIS inspiring UK Muslims
Fluoride danger! Linked to thyroid issues! (LibLabCon poisoning us for 50 years?)
Hundreds of Britons die needlessly from skin cancers every year
Marijuana is 'three times more potent than it used to be'
Hospital pays £3,200 for one shift in A&E (and £1,900 for a nurse)
Tory minister cracks jokes about people on benefits at glamorous party fundraiser
Afzal Amin quits as candidate hours after defending plot to win votes by working with EDL
Pole stole UK's nuclear submarine documents to sell to his government!
Betrayal of a hero: 12 years of torment just for doing his duty
Is our debt crisis worse than Auschwitz, asks Greek minister
Head of civil service cleared Whitehall advisers to take part in political campaigns!
Anger as Tory candidate poses as killer Oscar Pistorius complete with fake blood and gun
Muslim child bride’s father labels Australian laws ‘stupid’
Israeli/US absent from the UN Human Rights session on Palestine
Israel spied on Iran negotiations and lobbed Congress against deal
US Air Force veteran charged with trying to go to Syria to fight for ISIS
"British" medic helping treat ISIS killers praised Charlie Hebdo attacks (LibLabCon import)
Ed Miliband is a 'f****** knob' who costs us votes across the country!

Monday 23 March

Child abuse allegations: another dead MP (gay Jew, Leo Abse) investigated
‘London’s most corrupt policeman,’ Mesut Karakas, jailed for 13 years
Food tycoon's son, Antonio Singh, jailed AGAIN after blinding man in bar attack
84-year-old in a serious condition after he was robbed of €4,000! East European sought
Larhys Fuller admits "violent disorder?" (He stabbed 3 men!)
Teenage girl punches black knifeman after he held knife to her throat
2,000 pupils to see play on sexual exploitation (Not a Muslim/Black in sight)
Police to quiz four MPs over abuse cover-up
Met Police told to apologise to families of ISIS girls?
Outrage as EU warns Britain to prepare for more foreigners
Hey, Islam! ‘We will no longer tolerate your behaviour!' (Must be election time)
PRESCOTT: Blair's bloody crusades led to radicalisation of Muslims! (He voted to crusade)
PRESCOTT: LibLabCon responsible for radicalising young Muslims
Tory Afzal Amin defends plotting with EDL to become MP (EDL exposed plot)
Archbishop of Canterbury says Israel “centre of the world”
In defence of UN Palestine rapporteur Richard Falk
Netanyahu’s victory: Now what President Obama?
Tennessee church sign causes outrage (Professional offence-takers take offence)
CALAIS: Illegal immigrants reach port with no border checks then target cars/caravans
Mum took son, 8, and daughter, 3, to join ISIS beheaders after fleeing husband
We MUST take back the railways and end privatisation (Didn't do it when he had the chance)
After shameful exile it's time the Chagos Islanders were allowed to come home
‘Tanks? No thanks!’: Czechs unhappy about US military convoy crossing country
Where was Nigel Farage’s safe space when left-wing bullies attacked?
National Diversity Awards - Zita Holbourne (Farage attacker)
Clegg dragged into donations scandal
Ed's hedge fund donor and a grubby set of deals
Zionists plot to force University to cancel conference on Israel and international law
Israeli author attacked at home after calling Netanyahu racist
20 thugs shouted 'kill the Jews' as they storm synagogue (Really?)
Socialist Workers’ Party v UKIP - Oops!

Sunday 22 March

Israel is only democracy in Mid East? 4.5mil Palestinians under its control can't vote!
Ethnic minorities deserve safe spaces without white people!?
Nigel Farage brands protesters 'scum' after his children forced to flee pub!
Our generation did not invent political correctness, but we can fight it
Ukraine's army sees dramatic increase in non-battle losses
Top Jewish journalist Thomas Friedman wants to arm ISIS! (Happening already Tom)
Gay priest suspended over sham marriage to Pakistani is reinstated
Top Tory linked to child porn stash
Human rights boss, Moazzam Begg, sent friend to rot in US terror jail camp
Taxi driver played ISIS beheading video in front of young girl and dad
Brit-loathing positive-discrimination beneficiary gets job at The Daily Telegraph
Illegal immigrant raped young woman 3 years after judge ordered him to be deported
Rape conviction appeal of taxi driver Muhammed Akbar Nabi thrown out
Nine 'brainwashed' British medical students join ISIS (Beheader fans)
USA: Black man gets life for murder and rape of White girl, 15
Denmark: Six years in prison and deportation for rape of 10 year old girl
DIVERSITY USA! Check out what Dynel Catrece Lane did to Michelle and her unborn child
German authoress insulted and beaten as an "enemy of Allah"
Fall of Princes' Windsor Tutor: Asian Tory posed with PM, Osborne and Welby
Savile victim abused at 10 gets just £3,000 from the NHS - lawyers rake in £16,000!
Behead them in their homes: ISIS publishes list of names of 100 US military men
Ban foreigners from sitting on juries, urges Nigel Farage
Louise Mensch gave Tories £2,000 to fight UKIP 2 months after her “f*ck you” to Cameron
More victims of alleged historic paedophile ring must come forward
Female chief constable in misconduct probe

Saturday 21 March

Immigrant thought Jordan's Gangnam dance was racist - He got just 8 months for killing him!
UK police told not to investigate Muslim rape gangs!
Remember this Swedish rape victim? The Somali who did it has now raped an 84-year-old
Ex-chief constable says Cyril Smith cover-up went right to the top
Cyril Smith wasn't prosecuted for child abuse - THEY were scared who he'd name in court!
MI5, the Home Office and child abuse cover-up allegations
Hedge fund chief revealed as Red Ed's £600,000 donor!
Jewish Oligarch spends millions on militia to hold onto Ukraine province!
Kiev's Oligarchs at War over control of major oil company (Ihor Kolomoisky is Jewish)
Billions of pounds Britain dishes out in foreign aid is still sitting unspent in the bank!
Marie Rimmer, Labour candidate in St Helens South, in court for assault
Woman raped on canal footpath in Manchester - black man sought
MPs use children to claim more expenses!
Cops fail to halt plans for Islamic Centre after premises linked to human trafficking
CLARKSON: "'The BBC are f****** b*******!"
Exposed: The 'worthless' fertility treatments that can cost women £1,000 a time
YEMEN: 142 massacred as they prayed at two mosques: ISIS claim responsibility
Mother sues police for false arrest after being handcuffed in front of Down's syndrome daughter
10-year-old Michelle Obama lost 'best camper' award because she wouldn't stop cursing
Ban foreigners from sitting on juries, urges Nigel Farage
A palace built from pebbles (Lenny Henry couldn't have done this)

Friday 20 March

Out of work? Rachel Reeves, MP, says Labour doesn't want to represent you!
1971: Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage and couples
Top Tory donor, Lord Wolfson, (worth £112million) criticises those calling for living wage!
ANOTHER Cyril Smith cover up: Pervert cop hid the truth
Radio 2 is too white, say BBC diversity chiefs
Child sexual exploitation bombshell in Birmingham/West Midland
Judges weakening our battle against terrorism by sucking up to EU human rights
Now warmonger Cameron donates taxpayer cash to anti-Russia countries
Cameron gives £3m for Jewish security! (Anything for paedo victims?)
Cops refuse BBC's Freedom of Information request! (So much to hide)
Khan, Ali, Murtaza and Tobijah Thompson charged with murder of Daniel Kirkwood
Muslim who idolised Lee Rigby killers gets 22 years for plot to behead soldier
Sex beast, Solomon Khoorban, jailed for 12 years after double club rape
Blood-stained rock used by Pakistani rapist to hit victim left for dead in pool of blood
Barmaid glassed and man beaten badly by black thugs
Rekyer Henry jailed for stiletto attack that left woman scarred for life
Black woman filmed kicking and punching girl outside shop
Romanian caught shoplifting on first day in Britain dodges prison – then steals AGAIN
Teenagers forced to fight, steal and perform sex act in Brixton
Jailed: Burglar who left name and address at victim's home
Fake parking attendant (black) scams elderly woman
Woman in burkha hunted after theft from elderly Luton man
Illegal gipsy camps blight towns across Britain - Little police action
Watch moment Erdington arson suspect sets bus alight
Elderly slag says Europe 'feels like Nazi Germany
Leftism is the fashion among billionaires and the Billionocracy is above the law
USA: Founder of TV station countering Muslim stereotypes charged with beheading wife
16-year-old churchgoer killed by police car
"First amendment should never protect hatred," by Tanya COHEN
Finnish Foreign Minister frustrated over NATO military buildup in Baltic
Farage: Labour figures funding violent hate campaign against me
US and allies not giving air support to ISIS' most powerful enemies
Same-sex marriage withholds a mother/father from a child
We want more bobbies on the beat, not iPlod
Another blow to Christianity and civilisation: ISIS destroy Mar Benham monastery
ISIS carrying out genocide of Yazidis in Iraq, says UN (What are UN doing about it?)
Boko Haram fighters slaughter dozens of their captured 'wives'
Fury at Sir Cover-Up's 'whistleblowing ban'
Jeremy Clarkson says he has been SACKED from Top Gear

Thursday 19 March

210 rapists and killers allowed home on bail AFTER conviction in 2013!
Clarkson's real crime? He represents everything the Left hates yet is HUGELY successful
Campaigner told Dame Esther Rantzen about Savile abuse in 1986? Britain's worst-ever conwoman posed as a witchdoctor to steal more than £5million
'Despicable' carer Sheryvone Brooks caught on camera stealing £30 from pensioner's purse
Brent Police in appeal find top three assault suspects
Bank clerk Amit Kansara jailed for helping fraudsters steal from customer’s account
Albanian drug baron jailed for 18 years
Even government advisers are rejecting PM's migrant pledge
Britons caught up in Tunisia museum terror attack
Families of Iraqis shot dead by British soldiers could sue MoD for human rights violations
Pensioner left heartbroken after Tunisian toyboy husband dumps her when he arrives in UK
Actors were once strapping hunks... The modern leading man is more likely to be a cry baby
The 'terrorist' and the TOWIE fan
Sarkozy's most senior aide mocked him as a 'dwarfish Napoleon' and a 'nutter'

Wednesday 18 March

Kate Middleton's pal runs private sex club for cops, lawyers and celebs!
Leighann Duffy was bludgeoned and stabbed to death in front of her child by Lloyd Byfield
Sex attacker who molested 4 teenagers says fasting for Ramadan to blame
Serial rapist Duwayne Henry tied up victim in torture chamber
Roberto Roa Vallejo accused of Shrewsbury rape attack
Cover-up storm over judges caught viewing porn on their work laptops
UK's top cop questioned by own detectives for role in cover-up of sex abuse by Blair minister?
Met Police investigated over child abuse cover-up claims
JEREMY ON THE WARPATH! BBC compares Jeremy Clarkson to paedophile Jimmy Savile?
Victims of Savile say comparisons between support for Jeremy Clarkson and the paedo 'offensive'
Up to 500 West Midlands children 'at risk of sex exploitation'
Desmond D'Mello: Poor hygiene dentist patients diagnosed with hepatitis C
Popular statin ‘may raise the danger of diabetes’
Labour Work and Pensions Shadow says “We are not the party of people on benefits!"
2013: Cameron’s ‘Torah’ government
2012: The Milibands' Soviet AND US Connections
'We're thirsty for your blood': Playboy jihadi's widow poses with gun-toting 'clique' of female fanatics
HILLSBOROUGH: After 26 years top cop comes clean!
DARLINGTON: Health and-Safety gone mad! Children's centre bans prams
Woman ordered to find work while lying in coma dies aged 58
USA: Bigger Problem - Racist Cops or Inner City Crime?
US blows through $18trillion debt limit

Tuesday 17 March

Racism smear prevents 'white politicians' from speaking out says top smearer Jack Straw
Cyril Smith was held at paedo sex party - Cops were told 'cover it up or face prosecution!'
Three judges sacked for viewing pornographic material! (A fourth resigned)
England's biggest NHS hospital trust put into special measures after damning report
Israel elections: Netanyahu says there will be NO Palestinian state if he wins
TREASON! Croatian shot wife 14 times - Our judges won't deport - Right to a family life!
£50,000 reward for killer of drug criminal, Redwan El-Ghaidouni
Serial sex offender, Kemal Roma, raped and sexually assaulted six teenage girls
Teenager suffers fractured eye socket in attack by Blacks and Asians
Dope-smoking supporter of Anjem Choudary who groomed girl, 15, for sex walks free
Women held at knife-point by black men during robbery
Photographer stabbed in back and beaten up as he worked in Birmingham
'I killed them': Jewish property tycoon Robert Durst arrested
18,000 women get cancer every year as a result of being overweight
Fury at Tony Blair for insisting he was right to open UK borders to immigrants!
Ofsted must share blame over Rotherham scandal - watchdog gave town clean bill of health
Muslims trying to join ISIS “on a larger scale than we envisaged” says Keith Vaz
Donald Tusk warns Cameron that EU reform is 'mission impossible'
Unmasked, jihadi chief who's a British rapper
Minister says there is a 'need to reduce immigration' (Just before election)
Unmasked, jihadi chief who's a British rapper

Monday 16 March

Child sex abuse woven into British society says Home Secretary! (Traitorous MPs WOVE IT!!!)
Metropolitan Police probed over long-standing child abuse 'cover-up!'
Is Russian Oligarch threatening us with ‘economic disaster’ if more Jew law isn't enacted?
Daniel Kirkwood murder: "Lots of black guys... jumped in cars and sped away!"
MURDER OF YOUNG WOMAN: Christopher Jeffrey-Shaw sought
Dad killed on holiday in South Africa: Cops do nothing to catch killers (Rainbow nation?)
First Brit killed fighting ISIS returned to family! (ISIS created by West and rich Arabs)
Abdulkarim, Alinzi and Yassem battered stranger in act of 'mindless violence'
Of 10 sex criminals missing from Essex police records, 8 are overseas
Demoralized Ukrainian soldiers boozing and looting after retreat
John Kerry admits the U.S. will HAVE to negotiate with Bashar Assad
Ex-race Tsar, Trevor Philips, to the rescue! (As responsible as any for murder of our world)
Blair steps back from Middle East peace role: 'no credibility' (Never had any: owned by NWO)
Blair gets Assem Allam to give Labour £1million! (To curb union influence)
BBC boss, Danny Cohen, waging a ‘personal war’ against Top Gear star claims AA Gill
Michael Douglas says "anti-Semitism is like a disease!" (Jews never do anything wrong)
Looks like Tories' Jewish Chairman was lying! (This is news?)
Health tourists owe Britain £62million for NHS treatment
Luvvies line up to star in Jihadi John apologist film
Lib Dems can win another term in power says Clegg! Labour or Tories - either will do!
MP Eric Joyce used taxpayer-funded credit card on £13,000 expenses binge
Did we give Gerry Adams a get out of jail free card?

ABSENCE EXPLAINED: No internet connection - VIRGIN took 3.5 days to fix some broken cable.

Thursday 12 March

SCRAP UNFAIR RACE LAWS says UKIP leader! Nigel wants firms to favour Brits
Just 28% of rape claims are passed on to prosecutors! Figures reveal contempt for victims!
BBC boss, Danny Cohen, seized on the incident as reason he needs to oust Jeremy Clarkson
I suspected the ‘liberal’ fascists would eventually get Jeremy Clarkson
Too white, too male and too damned British, no wonder the Beeb wants shot of Clarkson
'700,000 terminally ill to lose benefits'
Former Rotherham Council leader refuses to hand back OBE
Rail worker beaten up on train home
The Queen’s own chaplain says Koran contains passages which incite violence
FARAGE: "The EU promoted conflict through our territorial expansions in the Ukraine!"
Ali Hafeez gets seven year jail sentence for rape
Bulic Forsythe murdered for exposing Lambeth Council paedophile ring in the 1990s?
Glynis Bensley, 47, murder/robbery - Zoheb Majid and 13-year-old charged
CNN should dig deeper, rather than take government at its word
Tokyo should lift Russia sanctions and recognize Crimean referendum says former Jap PM!
Death threats from Kiev! Chief prosecutor of Crimea says Ukraine officials threatened her
Nazis Fighting in Pro-Kiev Battalion in East Ukraine
Slovakian criminal burgled 19 homes within months of moving to England

Wednesday 11 March

Britain's divided decade: rich are 64% richer than before recession, poor are 57% poorer!
How policies of Margaret Hodge (Egyptian Jew) let paedos into Islington childrens' homes
IRAQ: 4 US and Israeli military advisors arrested for helping ISIS!
Why is British Government still withholding files on establishment child sex abuse?
Police refuse to name 23 missing sex offenders as it would 'breach their human rights'
Simon Danczuk: our chief constable is kicking rape victims in the teeth
Manchester's top cop 'should be suspended over bungled investigation' into sex offender
Double shooting in Clapton – Andrew Gordon jailed for 20 years
Rapist dubbed 'The Bedsit Beast' works for charity delivering furniture to students!
ROCHDALE: Sex offences against victims, 13 and 14, Afraz Ahmed in court
Pensioner trying to protect dog from being kicked violently attacked by black gang
Thornton Heath: Man attacked on bus by black thug who wouldn't pay his fare
Gerome Ijoyah jailed for Croydon underpass robbery
Police appeal to find violent and dangerous Polish men on the run in Croydon
VENEZUELA: President Maduro responds to USA's 'national security threat' accusation
ISIS receiving up to $1billion a year from Afghan heroin
USA: Black teens charged in death of elderly white woman, 94
Call for national debate on Muslim sex grooming
Transgender wins £1,500 compensation after he was ordered to leave men's toilets
Parents of Jihadi runaway girls must take their share of the blame

Tuesday 10 March

The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence
More than 120 armoured vehicles/tanks sent to Latvia by USA. NATO flexes muscles in EU
10,000 "Europeans" could be waging jihad by the end of this year says French PM!
General Dempsey: I know of Arab allies who fund ISIS
The Kazakh despot who bought Blair for £16million (and Cherie for £320k)
Labour candidate REJECTS donation from Tony Blair
Israel Shamir: Who Killed Nemtsov?
TREASON! 0.7% of national income on foreign aid becomes law despite defence cuts!
Officials must never let fear of racism accusation stop them reporting child sex crimes
Leicester children's services 'fell apart' under review
Conwoman, Monika Brzezinska, tried to sell £1million house in Bayswater that wasn't hers
DJ Malachi Halstead put girlfriend in hospital by kicking her between the legs
Grzegorz Musial gets 14 months for something approaching attempted murder
Footballer's son expelled from top public school after 15 pupils stabbed with needle
EU law sees drug dealer win millions in compensation from government!
Marine Le Pen: 'I Don't Want this European Soviet Union'
Better late than never! UK finally repays its First World War debts!
Murderer's daughter (Pakistani immigrant) bidding to become a Labour MP
Cops lose track of 400 freed sex offenders
​ISIS militants behead 8 Libyan guards in attack on oil field
Torture tape implicates UAE Royal Sheikh
The only woman to win a VC! (Why hasn't St. Doreen Brit-loather got one!)
4-in-5 British cider makers will be put out of business if the European Commission has its way
Resign! MP blasts BBC chief as 'incredibly naive or totally incompetent'
Mad Madge v Rona the Groaner (Clowns in power)
HSBC blames local employees for tax evasion scandal
Former army chief categorically denies any involvement with child sexual abuse

Monday 9 March

Prime suspect says Nemtsov was killed over 'negative comments on Muslims'
BBC forcing out/demoting journalists who exposed Savile as a voracious abuser!
Tory cuts to police budget of 20% will leave public unprotected
Schoolgirl took photos of friend as she was 'raped' by Muslim businessman's pal
French cartoonist Zeon arrested for anti-Zionist work
Teenage girl 'left for dead in a pool of blood' in bus stop rape by Asian
INDIA: Six-year-old brutally raped by security guard!
Tory MPs revolt against Lynton Crosby’s 'aggressive, uninspiring' strategy
5,000 foreign lags loose on Brit streets - and there's NOTHING you can do about it!
Too violent to go home! UK won't deport foreign sex offenders and criminals!
Dutch Muslim students resist Holocaust education! (ALL indoctrination should be resisted)
The U.S. push for war is about creating financial collapse
Now the Jews are trying to get Gilad Atzmon banned
Gilad Atzmon, Gaza Mon Amour & Zionist intimidation
Gilad Atzmon gig cancelled due to Jewish bullying - Venue criticised
Torture of Palestinian detainees by Israel soared in 2014
"138 states support Palestine having UN observer status" - Zion-bought USA vetoes
Jihadi school girls now living in ISIS stronghold (Good riddance!)
Why should families become DIY police?

Sunday 8 March

Parkinson's link to statins: Calls to end widespread use of the drug
Former Equality Chief admits they were wrong to ban racism!
Philip Hammond wants us to believe ISIS and Assad are on the same side!
NATO is using Ukraine crisis to advance towards Russian borders
Nigel Farage's children are bullied 'mercilessly' because of his job!
UKIP's Kidderminster office vandalised
Downing Street in child abuse cover-up: Thatcher knew about paedo MP Cyril Smith
5,000 foreign convicts still at large in Britain
Europe, the morally bankrupt Union
Lib Dem Lord, Qurban Hussain, smuggled a boy into the UK!
Girl, 18, raped at bus stop by Asian as dozens of cars drove past
Woman raped waiting for bus 'was attempted murder'
Schoolgirls subjected to rape and abuse by black grooming gang
Video of armed robber thrusting knife at neck of terrified Wandsworth shop worker
Bus passenger set upon from behind by black man in 'random' attack
Child sex trafficker, Tilal Mahdi, jailed
Shah Mohamed Sahil Ahmed sentenced for sexual assault
Thug holds knife to man’s face for asking him to stop smoking cannabis on train
Innocent Onyebuchi Nlewedin sexually assaulted a woman in nightclub toilet
Dial-a-drug gang took more than 1,000 orders a day for crack cocaine/heroin
Violent robbers, Mohamed Sayid, Ashley Samuel and Yahya Ahmed sentenced to 25 years
Gavin Badley launched a brutal, unprovoked attack on a bus passenger
USA: Ethnic teens get 30 years for raping woman, 87, and pouring bleach down her throat
What's really criminal? The way our 'leaders' let thugs walk free
The Soviet Gulags - Were the Jews really responsible for this?
The Soviet Holocaust
Boy of 12 smuggled into UK for gang to sell his body parts on black market
Welcome to Hell: ISIS hang bodies of soldiers from entrance to city of Hawija
Jihadi John’s link to the 'Goebbels' of ISIS
Health Secretary lied about £40m Savile bill - the taxpayer must pay!
Jacob Rees Mogg savages 'lefty' BBC over General Election debates
BBC scraps interview calling for chief to quit over £513,000 second job with HSBC
Israel Supports Al Qaeda Militants in Syria: Photographic Evidence
Shocking scale of female genital mutilation in Swedish school!
Teacher (gay and Jewish) arrested on child porno charges
America desperately needs a hate speech law! (Says a Jewish human rights activist)
12,369,000 Americans are not working now who were when Obama came to power

Saturday 7 March

Holloway savage, Joshua Williams, charged with murder of teenager Alan Cartwright
'Manipulative and wicked' lesbian and lover tortured 8-year-old daughter to death
EDMONTON: 13-year-old pleads guilty to stabbing builder, 53, to death
DIVERSITY! Romanian Bonnie and Clyde jailed for almost 200 burglaries
DIVERSITY! Pensioner attacked by gang of black thugs as he walked his dog
DIVERSITY! Black gangsters executed rival drug dealers
Model's nightmare over as attacker loses his fight for freedom
Jihadi John 'beautiful man' apologist refuses to condemn stoning of women
Very privileged apologist for evil: Heiress wife; £700k Surrey home; public school educated
Labour's rising star, Waseem Zaffar (claims to support women's rights), has two wives?
DELINGPOLE: "On the front line of the war on cultural Marxism"
Children in poorest areas of UK have worse health than Third World?
Europe must open its borders to even more unwanted immigrants says UN traitor!
Terror and how the Left hijacks charities
EU plan to reduce number of illegal immigrants by making them legal before they arrive!
'He's got blood on his hands': Army families' fury at Blair invitation
War with Iran a terrible Idea - Here's why
The VIP child abuse connection?
Tory bigwig Kenneth Baker advocates Labour-Conservative coalition?
Islamist in Parliament presents ‘Muslim Manifesto’ ahead of the general election
Why is the Crown Prosecution Service letting dangerous criminals like Abid Naseer go free?
"Birmingham is, officially, a Muslim Country!"
Labour caused net migration to UK to quadruple, boosting UK population by 3.6 million
Cannabis-smoking driver, 19, admits killing Liberty Baker, 14, while texting
Farrakhan: ‘Lying, murderous Zionist Jews’ behind 9/11
BBC's Jeremy Vine made 10-year-old daughter company director to lower tax bill
Gulf War Syndrome cover-up The Pentagon-CIA cover-up of Gulf War Syndrome
Gulf War Syndrome: Killing our own
‘Enemy within’: BBC spied on staff nearly 150 times, investigation claims
International aid is ‘a waste of money’ say experts
ISIS just destroyed 3,300 years of history
DIVERSITY! South Africa: 28% of schoolgirls HIV positive in Mandela Land
DIVERSITY! 3.4 million Nigerians lived with HIV in 2013
Netanyahu's policy on Palestinians puts Zionist dream in jeopardy
Jordanian-Palestinian Politician: There Is No ISIS Ideology – It's Islam
10-year-old Yemeni boy burned in cage by his friends imitating ISIS
Victim of gang rape sentenced by Saudis to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail
Fury as 110 RBS staff get bonuses of over £720,000
SFO probes Bank of England's lending during financial crisis
What has idiotic Mr Clegg been smoking?
Legal ban on LSD and magic mushrooms 'against human rights?'

Friday 6 March

Lord Rothschild: "Geopolitical situation most dangerous since WWII"
Lazy cops let rapists off with slap on wrist! Tens of thousands of criminals get caution only!
Hand back Blair's £106,000 election gift, Labour! Candidates urge party to return 'blood money'
Oxford whistleblower tried to protect victim of sadistic gang
Why is CPS letting dangerous criminals like Abid Naseer go free?
Suspect found dead in river after gang stole £110,000 of Range Rovers
Pub owner Rostam Notarki chased Charles Hickox into the road where he was killed
Illegal immigrant got job in the Commons after gluing photo on forged passport
African immigrants used names of 200+ dead children in £1m VAT fraud
Southampton's 'most wanted' man on the run AGAIN! (Second time in 2 years)
Black man wanted after ticket inspector knocked out
Woman dragged onto wasteland before being brutally robbed by Asian
Bus passenger left with broken nose after sickening unprovoked attack by black man
Three East Europeans charged in connection with human trafficking
Jailed in the US... for terrorism in the UK
Bungling burglar spotted and caught by his victim
Daily Politics - Watch Labour's traitorous Immigration Minister squirm
Labour ‘conspiracy let in 3.6m to create multicultural Britain!’
Lawyers 'using threats to stop negative client reviews'
ISIS bulldoze Iraqi city in latest attack on country's historical heritage
Home of former Tory MP Harvey Proctor searched in child sex abuse probe
Beaten with baseball bat and crowbars – as she GAVE BIRTH!
Sylvia Stolz: Banned speech, banned evidence, banned legal defence
Fears 'pig plague' from EU could DECIMATE Britain's pork industry
Tory MP refuses to repay hundreds of pounds in over-claimed travel expenses
No one will face charges over deaths of soldiers who collapsed on training exercise
Boko Haram kills at least 68 people at prayers before burning Nigerian village
Jailed in the US... for terrorism in the UK

Thursday 5 March

LABOUR TREACHERY! 7.23 million unwanted foreigners arrived in Britain between 1997 and 2001!
Moshe Kantor’s campaign to Stalinise Europe!
‘Sticking plaster’: Labour deliberately loosened immigration controls!
British forces could end up being cannon fodder for USA!
Foreign aid 'being used to stamp out political opposition'
DIVERSITY - Forced upon us by LibLabCon - fallen for by generations of slaughterhouse sheep
Murdered by bedroom tax: Anna Thomas, 61, met Felix Gutierrez-Cortez in church
Michael Spalding cut up and dumped in canal. Lorenzo Simon in court
Christina Edkins murder: Catalogue of failures by the authorities
Gang-raped by Muslim paedos she went to a police station covered in blood but was ignored
White bus driver stabbed in the EYE by black pedestrian
Stanley Evans, 93, knocked to the ground and mugged by Soloman Bygraves
Aaron Bonner jailed after terrifying shop robbery in Huddersfield
Drug dealer Mohammed Akram jailed for 10 years
Card sharp, Mihai Lacatos, faces jail
Jihadi John's dad says there's no proof his son is an ISIS executioner
Pakistani student guilty of plotting bomb attacks on Manchester and New York
DIVERSITY! Pensioners are being conned by JIHADI cold callers!
'I'll cut immigration or kick me out': What Cameron told voters at the LAST election
Jeffrey Corbin died of heart attack after paramedics dismissed chest pains as panic attack
They're ALL victims! Clegg's outrageous verdict on drug users!
Retired carers 'ran child sex ring for 30 years at school for vulnerable children!'
A society that gives airtime to apologists for monsters is sick
Will voters ever get a say on migration?
1,200 gypsies attend Dangerous Brian's Aldermaston funeral! (Sawn-off shotgun tribute)

Wednesday 4 March

OXFORD PAEDOS: Hundreds of our girls drugged, raped and prostituted - officials blamed them!
Oxfordshire grooming victims may have totalled 373 children
For 5 years nothing, then just before General Election: sex abuse on 'industrial scale?'
MURDER by SAVAGE! Aided & abetted by LibLabCon & PC Crowd! Alan Cartwright, 15, R.I.P.
How Israel helped create Hamas!
Kremlin traitors? "One is struck by the disproportionate representation of Jews!"
105 Israeli ex-generals, spy chiefs call on Netanyahu to make peace with Palestinians
Hungary Prime Minister rejects immigration, multiculturalism
20 years on benefits! £400,000 to create an ISIS fanatic and the traitor within
It's insane to make excuses for a sadistic serial killer
British teacher was planning to commit 'multiple acts of murder' for ISIS!
Jihadism is all the fault of corrupt Britain says Russell Brand
Save the Children apologises over decision to honour Tony Blair for his 'global legacy'
2014: Save the Fatcats
2013: Charities, orgies and spooks
Foreign aid budget to outstrip defence spending by 2031
17 foreign murderers, human traffickers and rapists hiding in UK
Head of Vatican security on alert for an ISIS attack on the Pope
Support for UKIP among younger voters doubles in a year
Blunkett Bobby, Kabeer Yousaf, blackmailed sex workers at brothels whilst on duty
Sex attacker, Yasin Tokgoz, secretly recorded as he assaulted a clubber
'Predatory' Asian businessman, Mohammed Khubaib, groomed teenagers in Peterborough
Detainees at Colnbrook immigration centre regularly hurled urine/semen at security staff
83 Cases of autism associated with childhood vaccine injury compensated in Federal Court
Norway is deporting record numbers
Pakistani stabbed his wife 15 times because she wanted to take English lessons
Egyptian TV Host: Jews use 'Holocaust' to suck the blood of the Germans!
Top French Jew wants USA to “defuse the hate where it moves most freely! On the Internet!”
"On the Internet... anti-Semitic ravings... rich Jew... powerful Jew go unchecked!" (Will the Jewish riches and power stop the ravings?)
British teacher was planning to commit 'multiple acts of murder' for ISIS!
Netanyahu is a warmongering fanatic: Leaked spy cables on Iran prove the point
105 Israeli ex-generals, spy chiefs call on Netanyahu to make peace with Palestinians
RUSSIA: Nearly all the leaders of the liberal opposition have a Jewish background
The Neocons Versus Russia
Victoria Nuland’s family ties: The Permanent Government in action
Victoria Nuland and Ukraine Political correctness is a pathological disorder
Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault
I'd love to kill off free banking, says Barclays boss on £5.5m a year
'My son is a dog, an animal. He can go to hell' says Jihadi John's dad! (Benefits safe now?)
I couldn't tell if my girl was more at risk from sex predators or the social workers Mirror Group journalists hacked 'on a massive scale!'
Tories will LIE again, says Theresa May
Former British marine first UK national to be killed fighting ISIS in Syria
Iran calls Obama's 10-year nuclear demand 'unacceptable'
Met Police handling of boy's royal wedding day death investigated
Kay Burley Receives Twitter Death Threats And Abuse After CAGE Interview
Mum WAS right. I wish I'd stayed at home with my children
Video of Israeli soldiers using dogs against Palestinian boy sparks outcry
91% of child rapists and grooming gangs in UK are Muslim men
Indo-German Nazi-hunting politician confesses in child pornography trial

Tuesday 3 March

Immigration now on the verge of destroying UK! (Deceit/denial/delusion hallmarks of LibLabCon)
Unprecedented number of illegal immigrants make it to UK!
Northumbria cops charge 20 Muslims with sex offences
Criminal gangs increasingly targeting older people
Give shoplifters softer sentences if they steal from top stores says black Labour MP David Lammy Paracetamol linked to deadly heart disease and kidney failure
Stressed GPs set to quit in droves due to pressure of over-stretched health system
Muslim who called Jihadi John beautiful says school bullies turned him into anti-white racist
Poor Jihadi John apologist conference organised by ex-SWP leader John Rees
Jihadi John – a very British export
Amaan Ghafoor gets 11 years for child rape
'Bomber Plotted To Target Easter Shoppers'
Sex attacker Majid Abedi-Kuraem tried to flee the country
John Kerry (dad's a Jew) says USA stands with Israel no matter what
Tens of thousands of children lose out in scramble for secondary school places
We need tougher policies to tackle bogus asylum seekers
Seeding terror in Minnesota?
Saudi Arabia awards Muslims-can-have-sex-with-slaves preacher prize for service to Islam
'No limit to their depravity!' - Islamic State FEED mother her own SON!

Monday 2 March

300+ Oxford girls exploited for more than 8 years by Muslims despite repeated calls for help
Sale of 12 North Sea oilfields to Russian oligarch blocked! Russia is buying our oilfields?
Monsanto weedkiller causes Autism and Alzheimer’s disease?
Multicultural Meltdown
UK population is going to hit EIGHTY MILLION if current rates of immigration continue Don't blame immigrants for ills of society says Catholic church (And Rotherham?)
“The Truth Is Unspeakable” - American Sniper
Thierry Kindundi "stalked the streets of north London looking for women to attack!"
Birmingham sex pest Ashiq Hussain banned from bus route
Major invesitgation of child sexual exploitation in Rochdale: Mohammed Davood charged
Sexual assault of two women in Withington; Asian wanted
Rotherham abuse survivor - victims too scared to come forward
The ex-Israeli solider who led a Kiev fighting unit
Traitor Clegg vows to decriminalise 'skunk' cannabis despite links to mental illness!
Two-thirds of laws in Britain over past two decades 'inspired by Brussels'
ISIS attempts to kidnap young Christian girl but she instead kills 5 of them!
"Ed Miliband will be helping graduates who go to work for hedge funds and Goldman Sachs!"
Myth busted: Nemtsov did NOT fear attempt on his life from Putin
Islamic terror threat to British Victoria Cross winner and his family
Sydney room mates 'just hours away' from 'beheading' a victim in the name of ISIS
Jihadi John's father 'a bully and a collaborator with Saddam'
Extremists peddling lies to British Muslims to turn them into supporters of terror
40% jump in GPs planing to start a new life abroad: surgeries across England in crisis
Is marriage to a Jew now a requirement for Gentile political families?
Rand Paul: Wagging a dirty behind for Judah
Who's Sir Isaac Newton? (LibLabCon want our history forgotten) RBS fat cat's £1million payout
Stop cutting troops, US tells Britain
BBC film about 'disaster' of the EU breaking up? Brussels paid for it?
Black cop who guarded Kate Middleton back on beat after winning race claim
Asylum bill hits £726,000 a day
IRONY ALERT! Esther Rantzen named TESCO Mum Of The Year!
Ukrainian MP Proposes Law to Jail Critics of the Regime
The Guardian Surrenders To Zionist Pressure

Sunday 1 March

Iraqi army downs two U.K. planes carrying weapons for ISIS?!?
LibLabCon has been supplying ISIS with weapons? If so, this is a hanging offence!
Iraqi MP: Evidence shows US-led coalition helping ISIS to survive!
Immigrants will put Britain's population up by 30million!!!
DIVERSITY! Jihadi John hated Britain and was 'always ready for war!'
UK population is going to hit EIGHTY MILLION if current rates of immigration continue
Extremists peddling lies to British Muslims to turn them into supporters of terror
Alan Cartwright murder
15-year-old boy stabbed to death on north London street during bike theft
Machete murder: Ewen Reynolds accused of murdering 19-year-old Zac Evans
Nazakat Ali left woman for dead after stabbing her 15 times
CIA may have just assassinated Boris Nemtsov in Moscow to blame Putin?
Who was behind Boris Nemtsov's death? Three theories
HSBC 'sorry' for aiding Mexican drugs lords, rogue states and terrorists
Reasonable, peaceful, sober. That's why they terrify me
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West
£67K salary not enough? MPs desperately need a dose of reality
Social workers are sitting in judgement
The Green's policies are mad – no wonder Natalie Bennett dried up
Tax scandal-hit HSBC paying £513,000 in fees to BBC chairman!!!
BBC boss has to be above suspicion
BBC's apocalyptic drama about an EU break-up is 'scaremongering propaganda'
Actors from privileged backgrounds dominating film and TV claims BAFTA chief
Subject of a police investigation deputy leader of Sandwell Council Mahboob Hussain resigns
Is marriage to a Jew now a requirement for Gentile political families?
Climate change adviser Prescott dumps 24 tons of carbon into air! (181,000 air miles)
Labour's Lord Owen ordered to repay £50,000 after investigation by HMRC
Sharpton: Make a Federal law against whites killing blacks in self-defense!
Internet Scamming in Ghana
Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad
The Cannibal Generals of Liberia
Unmasked, Edward the Nazi King of England (Nazi in MSM-speak = patriot)

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