Daily News: March 2017

Friday 31 March

Cameron never liked EU? Glad he called referendum? Be saying he never liked immigrants next
More than ONE MILLION migrants hoping to cross to Europe are 'in the pipeline'
'The EU has ruined this country,' says furious pensioner
Muslims charged with child sexual offences in Banbury and Birmingham
Why British Jews voted for Sadiq Khan through gritted teeth
CCTV - Spate of bank card thefts from 'drunk and vulnerable' people in Newcastle
UK takes back the right to deport as Britain repeals powers from EU!
Hungarian Prime Minister calls EU migrants policy 'Trojan Horse of Terrorism!'
'What about British citizens?' IDS blasts Farron for defending EU migrants
‘Arrogant' Gina Miller needs to BUTTON IT on Brexit!
Hitler 'stopped advancing on British troops at Dunkirk' because he wanted peace?
BBC accused of Brexit scaremongering with controversial Archers story line
'An absolute DISGRACE!' Question Time audience members SHAME beleaguered Labour party
US students told to write essay on 9/11 attacks from al-Qaeda’s perspective!
Drexel Professor: 'I tried not to vomit' when passenger gave up seat to soldier

Thursday 30 March

MOMENTOUS DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UK! Article 50 triggered! (Much factual info)
Number of child grooming cases rise four-fold!!!
Policeman murdered in Westminster died from stab wound despite wearing body armour
IRAQ: US 'probably behind civilian deaths, says' top general
Roger Daltrey HAILS Brexit and says UK will thrive without the EU
US students told to write essay on 9/11 attacks from al-Qaeda’s perspective!
Facebook aids Sharia law censorship of 'blasphemers' who face execution for criticising Islam!
30 million Africans may come to Europe within next 10 years?
'You want Brexit to FAIL!' Farron SHREDDED by Andrew Neil
28 March 2017 - The day the extinction of human life on earth began! Michael Moore
Sturgeon's dream in TATTERS as survey shows Scots DO NOT want Brexit! ‘Brexit allows Britain to TAKE BACK CONTROL of what matters most to us’, says Labour MP
'Shut up and listen!' David Starkey RIPS APART Nick Robinson
SWEDEN: Ethiopian immigrant deliberately exposed underage rape victims to HIV!
Career criminal, Jason O’Connor, ripped wedding ring from finger of 97-year old - She died
LONDON: Police step up patrols after 'frenzied' knife attack
'Cut my plants again and you will die,' said the Rahmans
Drug dealer, Gerald Matovu, supplied mephedrone and GHB to serial killer Stephen Port
Wife-beater's cricket job lie saved him from jail
Menacing Fidel Lamonth banned from Hull streets for racist rants

Wednesday 29 March

Enriching diversity molests a mannequin - Nothing to see here...
Article 50: Lily Allen slammed for string of hysterical anti-Brexit tweets!
'You want us to start World War Three!' Le Pen accuses BBC presenter of warmongering!
Harper Collins children's book - Santa Claus in a gay, interracial relationship!
Only targeting Muslims in anti-terror schemes is wrong, says Corbyn
Hungary refuses to take 5000 migrants from Sweden - Sweden threatens to sue!
“American Psycho” author says anti-Trump elite tests his patience
Angela Merkel forms 'UK TASK FORCE' to meddle in Brexit negotiations!
Holy warriors and Jewish Jihad: Diaspora Jews in the IDF
PARIS IN FLAMES: Protests continue for second night after police shoot Chinaman
Le Pen backs Trump's claim that NATO is 'obsolete' - Vows to pull France out of alliance
Ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence in Obama Admin admits Trump WAS spied upon!
Islam, not Christianity, is saturating Europe!
Trump fires FBI Comey. Trey Gowdy to head FBI as of April 1
Protesters 'BLOCK flight deporting asylum seekers!'
Westminster killer had links to hotbed of extremism in the UK
The growing smell over Uber and the malign power of Cameron's chumocracy

Tuesday 28 March

Johnny Rotten on Donald Trump and Brexit!
The great multicultural cover-up! The Government won't answer hard Khalid Masood questions!
Sick to death of hearing that Islamic terrorism has “nothing to do with Islam?”
The etiquette of beating one's wife, according to Islam/Sharia
Three Syrian brothers convicted of child rape in Norway
Quarter of a million patients turned into DRUG ADDICTS by their doctors!
Israeli Police arrest 22 ultra-Orthodox Jews for sex crimes against minors and women
Germany will sue UK if we don't pay £51bn Brexit bill?
EU owes Britain BILLIONS: May should face down 'nonsense!'
Nick Clegg says UK should PAY EU’s Brexit bill
Tesco facing fine of £129MILLION from Serious Fraud Office
'What is the point?' Tim Farron STUNNED as Sky News anchor savages 'useless' EU march
‘Investigate HILLARY!’ Trump blasts the Clintons for ‘Russia ties’ in latest Twitter rant
Britain's biggest buy to let landlord 'bans "coloured" tenants? WOW!
Transgender 'woman' injects women's buttocks with silicone/cement! Kills patient, gets 10 years
Project Fear enforcer whose reward for failure was a gong

Monday 27 March

Victim whose life was destroyed by Muslim paedos slams Rotherham authorities
US cops kill more white people thank black despite blacks committing most crime!
Bladder drug taken by thousands is linked to dementia!
Feminists cheer as Ugandan-Swede elected Europe's first Black party leader
Sweden's feminist leader (Ugandan) wants deportation banned, open borders, refugee amnesty
Unreported: 1,500 paedos arrested in the USA since Trump took office
SYDNEY: Uthman Badar says all former Muslims should be put to DEATH!
Muggers (no description) smash into 'revellers,' knocking them over 'like dominoes!'
WASHINGTON: Black man sought for murder of "dedicated social justice activist!"
KANSAS CITY: 73-year-old white woman attacked by black males and beaten almost to death
Westminster Bridge killer was 'party animal who had marathon drug and sex sessions'
The blonde businesswoman who gave birth to a terrorist's children!
'Foreign affairs is not his job!' Sadiq Khan slammed for 'not putting London first!'
Neirmal Singh caught stealing knickers from Debenhams by his own DAUGHTER
Cherie Blair's night out in Mayfair with top Tories
Rapist broke in and attacked mother in front of her two-year-old
Muggers (no description) smash into 'revellers,' knocking them over 'like dominoes!'
Broken Tory promises! EU migrants to keep benefits after Brexit?
EU's plans for our £50 bn Brexit bill revealed
Farage: UKIP will make sure Brexit is NOT watered down
Antifa pepper sprays MAGA woman - Gets his a*** kicked

Sunday 26 March

Establishment is lacking patriotism, says Frederick Forsyth
The Telegraph has implied Khalid Masood went on a killing spree because of racism
Louise Mensch: The terrorist attack had "nothing to do with Islam!"
Remain campaigners cover memorial to police officer with anti-Brexit propaganda
Westminster attacker's motive may never be known? He was a violent, black criminal who converted to a violent religion
'I am a SUPERWOMAN!' Gina Miller pledges to DISRUPT Brexit process

Friday 24 March

Exposed: Sadiq Khan's family links to extremist organisation!
Westminster terrorrist, Khalid Masood (Adrian Elms), once stabbed a man in the face
Radicalised in Saudi Arabia, Westminster ex-criminal terrorist was an English teacher?
Mark Minott charged with murder of Beverley Robinson
Zionist behind most bomb threats of Jewish centers, synagogues, schools worldwide!
Why is Israel permitted to be racist?
The Kagans (Neocon aristocracy) push for Syria invasion, encourage anti-Russian witch hunt
THE KAGANS: A family business of perpetual war!
Israel and US Jews court and conspire with Latinos?
Asylum seeker, 16, sentenced for stabbing, possession of heroin/crack, dangerous driving
Black savage robs old lady at Penns Lane retirement flats in Sutton Coldfield
WANTED: Ken Kwezi - in connection with two armed robberies in Peterborough
OHIO: Nasser Hamad lured victims to his home before shooting 5 people
When will 'progressives' realise Islam isn't here to integrate, it's here to dominate?
Macron heckled during Mayors meeting in boost for Marine Le Pen
German protestors chant ‘HEIL MERKEL’ as they march against chancellor’s visit
BILL CLINTON? ALISTAIR CAMPBELL? what a wonderful family man the Bogside Butcher was!
Branson labels Brexit 'DEVASTATING!' Demands second EU vote
Labour MP insists terror attacker does not speak for Muslims
After Westminster attack, Diane Abbott says UKIP leader's comments won't solve anything
Great British virtue of stoicism? No one's told our soppy students/blubbing politicians
COULTER: Trump admin looking like every other GOP admin! Get Back to migration, jobs, trade!

Thursday 23 March

JFK called Hitler 'the stuff of legends!'
The truth about the London terror attack
"One policeman disengaged himself..." (Could he have saved Keith Palmer?)
How one open gate let knife maniac in to kill
Police put UK on ALERT - 4 dead, 20 injured - 7 still critical (Thanks LibLabCon)
The prominence given to the terrorist incident aids and abets terrorism?
Truth is we can’t go on like this, says KATIE HOPKINS
Islamic extremists will be 'rubbing their hands' at successful attacks in Europe
And STILL the fawning goes on! Families of IRA victims denounce tributes to McGuinness
Wealthy 'neighbour from hell' threatened homeowners with an AXE
Morrisons' boss Yogesh Parma 'twice raped a staff member who has since died of cancer!' 1.4billion litres of polluted sewage (tampons/condoms etc) jetted into rivers by Thames Water
Trump admin looking like every other GOP admin - Get Back to immigration, jobs, trade! 8 refugees gang rape 28-year-old German teacher on video - Said she deserved it
Woman raped by Rotherham ringleader (had his baby at 15) demands new law
Cops fined Shana Grice, 19, for wasting time - Then Michael Lane killed her
EU says it can force all members to take immigrants!
Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the new German president, sneers at populists
Every ten minutes a child sex offence is recorded by police

Wednesday 22 March

Acid attacks in London soar! Newham (16.7% white Brit) 3 times worse than any other borough
Woman raped by Rotherham paedo (had his baby at 15) demands new law
Tony Blair urges Brits to 'draw INSPIRATION' from Martin McGuinness!!!
Tony Blair was warned about results of opening borders!
George Galloway - Put ‘Tony Blair on trial for WAR CRIMES!’
Human rights could SCUPPER May's plan for EU migrant cut-off date!
My daughter's sexual abuse left me feeling like 'a zombie'
Marine Le Pen holds four point lead over Macron!
Britons DO NOT trust banks after ‘too many scandals’ says Bank of England chief
Britain braced for MASSIVE Brexit divorce demand from EU bosses
Good Samaritan battered by thug he was trying to help
Jew arrested in New York for spray-painting swastikas own his own home?
Teen Vogue is brimming with anti-White male hate mongers?
Cornwall fisherman says EU is killing his industry
Independent Scotland faces an ‘economic catastrophe?’
Brexit is GOOD news for Britain, say rich investors living in UK
America's REAL target in Mid East is Iran, not Syria or ISIS, says former ambassador

Tuesday 21 March

1,300 people wanted for murder or rape have slipped through police net
Mother who beat her baby to death calmly texted as medics battled to save her life?
Transgender rapist moved to female prison 'after NHS sex change!'
Israel guilty of 'policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid!'
A large number of ISIS terrorists move around freely in Sweden!
BBC's pessimistic, skewed coverage risks undermining Brexit and damaging UK, 70 MPs warn
Brussels ‘plunged into CHAOS’ after May's Article 50 timetable scuppers Eurocrats' plans
'Our Government should govern this country!' LBC host SAVAGES Remainer
Trump's Secretary of State snubs NATO visit ahead of meeting with RUSSIA
Le Pen defends ‘FORMIDABLE’ Brexit! Others mock UK for ditching EU
I won’t be Merkel’s lapdog! Le Pen launches scathing attack on EU
‘Our schools are not safe anymore!' Le Pen says teachers are ‘afraid’ of going to class
'We must close our borders!' Le Pen calls for end of ALL immigration to stop ISIS!
‘We are being crucified!’ Freedom of movement will DESTROY EU says Czech diplomat
2,500+ former British soldiers JAILED in 2016!
Think tanks don't like the phrase 'white working class'
Adam Boulton calls UK intervention in Libya 'a s*** show!' (Which it was/is)
NHS patients 'are put at risk' in dirty and unhygienic private ambulances
Rise in removals of rotting milk teeth fuelled by children's sugary diet
Martin McGuinness is dead
Piers Morgan compares Martin McGuinness to Nelson Mandela
Puerto Rican Power Ranger admits killing white roommate

Monday 20 March

Douglas Murray: The Death of Europe
Is the CFR (Deep State) taking over Trump's administration?
A country's people = Slaves of their jihadi conquerors! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
An English street - Courtesy of LibLabCon, mainstream media and sheep
Pandering, PC Labour councillors helped create UK's jihadi breeding ground?
Child sex probe into Edward Heath is to be closed! (How surprising)
Five ‘Arab migrants’ gang-rape little girl, SEVEN, at refugee centre!
Bidhya Sagar Das arrested for murder and attempted murder of own twins!
Deported robber Paulo Antonio sent back to Britain!
Seize Saudi oil, solve world problems?
How some Muslims treat their daughters...
Juncker threatens May with 'take it or leave it' Brexit deal
British people will U-turn on Brexit when they realise what they've done, says Tony Blair
Blair says he had no idea how many people would come to Britain?
John Major 'HELPED ensure the EU became a superstate’ says Duncan Smith
'Out of touch' Blair and Major say Brexit-believers are 'totally un-British?'
Allow abortions if child is WRONG SEX? Thus spake an 'expert!'
Apple CEO criticised for putting 'liberal politics' ahead of profit
Nick Clegg squirms after Andrew Neil grilling
McCarthyite 'charity' Campaign Against Anti-Semitism demonised Moshe Machover!
Pro-Israel group’s plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia
Modern Art: Man screaming for 2.5 hours!

Sunday 19 March

Expenses scandal grows! Labour 'Lady' claimed £600,000 since last Lords' question
Election expenses scandal! 'Cameron rewarded aide for beating Farage'
Katie Hopkins brands Merkel 'BOG MONSTER' in charge of EU SWAMP!
Farage tears into Merkel after meeting with President Trump
John Major says Brexit Brits ‘are not British!’
HITCHENS: We're one step short of being a banana republic!
Paris airport attacker 'extremely violent' (Muslim) criminal
Paris airport gunman: 'I'm here to die for Allah!'
Thousands of soldiers quit the army as morale hits historic low!
Patients' lives at risk as overworked NHS staff ‘at crisis point!’
BBC Asian Network Muslim presenter asks for ideas to PUNISH blasphemy
Bankers queue up to meet Marine Le Pen
Baby boy murdered; baby girl critical - No description of killer
HUMAN RIGHTS: Violent, Polish nut punched/kicked woman on Tube! NO EXTRADITION!
Banker by day, Joseph Gomez' slave by night
Girl, 3, whose parents left her with 40 broken bones!
Teenagers get liver damage from overeating!
Judge slams inexplicable stupidity of those who flush nappies/tampons down toilets! (Migrants?)

Saturday 18 March

White Like Us?: David Aaronovitch versus white racial interests
Judge rules that 'Anglo Saxon' dad's son must go to Muslim school!
Trump causing total meltdown of the system! THEY can’t control him!
Trump's VERY chilly summit with Germany's Merkel!
PARIS: Orly airport on lockdown as man shot dead inside terminal
Brigitte Bardot: "I didn't fight against French Algeria to accept an Algerian France!"
Turkish minister claims 'holy wars will soon begin in Europe!'
‘Le Pen wins and the European Union will COLLAPSE,’ says former Spanish PM! José
85 MPs received death threats since Jo Cox murder? (Stick up for Brits - It might help)
1995: Former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, explains the 'anti-Semite' trick
'The CAA is a Zionist Bully,' by Tony Greenstein
GUARDIAN: 'Free speech on Israel under attack in universities!'
THE INDEPENDENT: 'Free speech on Israel is under threat!'
'The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is Anti-Semitic,' by Tony Greenstein
Romanian immigrant gets 27 years for raping and stabbing girl, 17, in Surrey park
Albanian people smugglers (and one Pole) jailed
WANTED: Salih Simer Akin sexually assaulted girl, 12, on Enfield bus
Public warned not to approach 'violent' wanted man
Woolwich drug dealer, Mojtab Moradi, jailed for four years
Drug dealer, Jammar Matthews, jailed for numerous offences
Gang of Muslim car thieves convicted following major op by Met Police
BROMLEY: Harrison Ndirangu wanted in connection with an attempted rape
Who is he? Black conman steals elderly women's life savings
Teenagers jailed for Croydon stabbing
BRADFORD: Koran found in skip sparks hysteria and violent threats!
PARIS: Knifeman 'screams Allahu Akbar' then slits throat of dad and son
4 Merkel "refugees" attack a German and try to cut off his ear
Turkey threatens to send Europe '15,000 refugees a month'
RAMZPAUL: Steven King and civilisation
British children 'neglected' as migrant pupil numbers soar
Despite populism/Wilders surging 33% in Netherlands, mainstream media says 'CRUSHED!'
Labour peer Lord Desai accuses Ken Livingstone of being 'a tax dodger'
Schoolgirls preyed on by lip filler cowboys - Jabs can scar them for life!
End green belt? Housing shortage (for migrants) holds back economic growth (for billionaires)
‘10,000 deportees to be released onto Britain’s streets’ following Lords ruling?
Top Tories DEMAND May keeps UK signed up to Human Rights Court after Brexit?
‘I am READY!’ Hillary plans to 'come out of the woods' and return to politics
‘DRAIN THE SWAMP!’ Farage URGES May to sack Tories in South Thanet scandal

Friday 17 March

Brexit is HAPPENING because lefties put self regard ABOVE national interest, blasts author
Turkish Foreign Minister: 'Holy Wars Will Soon Begin in Europe'
RAMZPAUL: Steven King and civilisation
Labour Party members and their Nazi beliefs? (Headline at CAA website)
DAVID AARONOVICH: Defending ‘white interests’ can never be right!
Jacob Rees-Mogg brands SNP the BRUSSELS nationalist party
'Get us OUT of the EU!' Scottish fisherman FURIOUS at Sturgeon
Diabetes risk: Pensioners ‘need to beware of danger from statins!’
Will the shame of our mixed wards EVER end? Manifesto vows broken again and again
Ministers try to claw back £4m from witch-hunt lawyer - He signs house over to daughters
PARIS: Knifeman 'screams Allahu Akbar' then slits throat of dad and son
Romanian immigrant gets 27 years for raping and stabbing girl, 17, in Surrey park
Man arrested over four sex attacks in Derby
WANTED: Salih Simer Akin sexually assaulted girl, 12, on Enfield bus
Public warned not to approach 'violent' wanted man
Actress and model, who kicked, stamped and SPAT at officers, faces jail
Couldn't be more wrong! EU elite say Far Right failure in Netherlands means populism declining
'Tories would do ANYTHING to stop me winning', Farage says after election expenses fine
Bob Geldof brands Brexit 'greatest act of self-harm' - Vows to 'UNDERMINE' May
Impartial BBC? Leftie O'Brien isn't shy about voicing his opinion
Bake Off fans furious after comedian Noel Fielding is named as shock new host

Thursday 16 March

Iraq war: Tony Blair will not face probe 'unless new evidence emerges!'
War in Iraq: Ministry of Defence paid out more than £100m on legal costs and compensation
Labour accused Blair of having 'contempt for democracy?' WOW!
Theresa May meets all French Presidency rivals but one... Marine Le Pen!
On 1 June, Deep State will move to overthrow Trump?
The media, Obama and Deep State
Diversity is leading to western collapse
INVASION: How Sweden became the rape capital of the West
Jewish press wishes Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism to stay in State Department!
'Be vigilant' urges Milton Keynes mum after son punched on doorstep by 'knife-wielding gang'
Danielle McLaughlin raped and murdered in Goa whilst celebrating festival of Holi
Student forced to strip before being sexually assaulted by ethnic gang
'We are not safe here': Milton Keynes estate terrorised by Somali gang
Man United burger workers caught stuffing takings down their trousers
Gang-rape in Muslim ghetto
Strangler jailed in US for 38 years (murdered 14-year-old) deported back to UK
800,000 songbirds KILLED by organised gangsters at British military base!
Greek priest murdered by Pakistani immigrants
Stamford Hill 'anti-Jewish' sign was art project!
The populist revolt and the future of politics
Teacher quits after Muslim primary school students threaten to behead her
SWEDEN: Muslims to face trial for live-streamed rape
California lawmakers want to repeal HIV criminalisation laws!
The ethnic cleansing of the German peoples!
Marine Le Pen vows France will be Britain's BREXIT ALLY if she wins French election
BHS boss, Sir Philip Green, throws lavish birthday bash for his 65th
Farage declares revolution against global governance will CONTINUE across Europe!
Chess prodigy, 9, died after doctors missed 11 CHANCES to save him
Sadiq Khan FLOUNDERS as Gove and Whittingdale roast him over Brexit
Has George Soros paid his taxes yet?

Wednesday 15 March

The Neocons’ refusal to accept Donald Trump and the massive campaign to de-legitimise him
AUSTIN MITCHELL: What is so wonderful about the EU anyway?
The real reason Africa is poor and Gadaffi was assassinated
SWEDEN: Culture and Democracy Minister, Alice Kuhnke, says ISIS should be welcomed back!
Savages murder their own baby daughter
Savages poured kettles of boiling water over pensioners in torture raid!
Champion kickboxer raped and abused girls as young as 11! Groomed them at classes!
Racially abusive "Asians" leave woman with broken nose and cheekbone - WHO ARE THEY?
GREECE: Nigerian immigrant tortured pensioners to get their money
Between 1948 and 2012, US aid to Israel amounted to $233.7 billion!
'Beware of the Jews' sign is put up in large Orthodox Jewish communities
2014: US investigates illegal military equipment shipments from Israel to Iran!
Trump slams ‘DISHONEST MEDIA’ as White House reveals President paid £31MILLION in taxes
STREATHAM: Machete-wielding man arrested after stabbing outside busy pub
Now GERMANS question Merkel’s dreams of European Union superstate

Tuesday 14 March

Albanian asylum-seeker murdered elderly Suffolk couple
Autistic girl attacked in Milton Keynes play park by 15 youths!
Sex beast, Zohair Tomari, faces longer sentence after raping 17-year-old
COVENTRY: Ethnic drug gang jailed
Sweden: Welfare migrant cuts throat of host family’s 7-year-old daughter
Stabbing in Swedish street hours after restaurant shooting
Former Attorney General says Trump was right! There WAS Surveillance!
Marine Le Pen destroys reporter: ‘No one trusts the media!’
Free speech, Jewish activism, and the trial of Jeremy Bedford-Turner
JERUSALEM: Jews celebrate Purim (Purim celebrates slaughter of 75,000 innocents)
BREXIT: Lord Taverne compares 'the will of the people' to Hitler/Stalin! Sturgeon accused of grabbing headlines after ‘opportunistic’ independence bid
'How does she get away with it?' Farage lets rip at 'EUROFANATIC' Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon v Katie Hopkins
Nick Clegg RAGES at Government over Brexit bill vote
LITTLEJOHN: We voted out, so just walk away Mrs May
Toxic chemicals in farmed salmon straight from the loch
Thousands of dementia patients are being wrongly locked up in care homes!
Denmark's right-wing anti-migrant leader 'polling well ahead of election'
JERUSALEM: Jews celebrate Purim (Purim celebrates slaughter of 75,000 innocents)

Monday 13 March

Former Attorney General says Trump was right! There WAS surveillance!
Lord Jacob Rothschild: The financial world order now 'threatened!'
Merkel let in refugees ‘to avoid border clashes that would look bad on TV?’
Richard Gere blasts Israel over settlements!
Republican Congressman Steve King supports Dutch candidate Geert Wilders!
'Support the Netherlands or LEAVE!' Geert Wilders tells Turks to reject 'CRAZY' Erdogan
Turkish President brands Netherlands a 'BANANA REPUBLIC'
Theresa May's travel plans were left on a TRAIN in 'inexcusable' security breach
BBC spent £34.3m making hundreds redundant only to then invite them back to work!
Woman tortured on South African farm in modern crucifixion ritual
‘Aussies have never admired the Brits more than when they voted Brexit’ says Tony Abbott!
Sturgeon's last-ditch bid to wreck Brexit
Probe into peers claiming £300-a-day for no work DROPPED!
King of Saudi Arabia arrives in Tokyo with his 1,000-strong entourage

Sunday 12 March

CHOMSKY: Neo-liberal policies are the cause for world strife!
Books encouraging Muslim parents to teach children jihad sold in high street stores!
Turkey’s president calls Dutch people ‘NAZI REMNANTS!’
Enough is enough: European governments move against Soros NGOs!
In 2009, Israel banned books, music, clothes etc. from entering Gaza!
Trump just declared the ‘court system’ a threat to national security!
Fury as MoD cuts blue E-letter link to our boys on the front line!
Did Carswell pass confidential UKIP data to the Tories to help them defeat Farage?
Judge Heather Baucher awards Hassan Ravandy £40,000 - Iranian thief was locked up too long!
Blair DID offer Mid-East assistance to Trump! (He said he didn't - He was lying)
Two turds in a potty! What a f***ing choice!
Tesco chairman: White men 'endangered species' in UK boardrooms

Saturday 11 March

Who worries about being mown down, blown up or axed to death by a white, right wing nutter?
SPICE! The synthetic drug that turns users into the 'living dead!'
Shameless Blair and the neglect of our heroes' loved ones
COMMENT: Stop playing politics with public trust!
United Against Freedom! Gilad Atzmon on the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism
GILAD ATZMON: "Jewish power is the ability to suppress the discussion on Jewish power!"
Cheerleading for Israel?
Palestinian loss of land: 1917 - Future
Eamonn Magee murder: Orhan Koca in court
Muslim, 53, has sex with Polish girl, 13, then proposes
Lithuanian mum and daughter flew in Lithuanian women to marry Indian and Pakistani men
BROMLEY: Hunt for black man with 'God' tattoos after ‘attempted rape’
JAILED: Gang who attacked couple in their shop
ISLINGTON: ‘College students’ brawl and throw chairs
Cops refuse to chase shoplifters unless they've stolen more than £100 worth of goods?
Muslim immigrant rapes/sexually assaults 15 women in Vienna
Jewish elite disappointed Stephen Sizer will be allowed to preach at Easter
'People say Jews are too powerful and we deny our power. NEVER DO THAT!'
Hillary's officials cut criticisms out of State Dept. reports!
Trump supporters take aim at wealthy 86-year-old Democratic donor for instigating civil unrest
Poll: Trump favorability higher than Media, Congress, political foes
22 African migrants shot dead by people smugglers on Libyan coast
Marine Le Pen as president would spell ‘total collapse’ of EU and euro (Hooray!)
'Lords are WRECKING Brexit!' Andrew Neil and David Starkey lambaste unelected peers

Friday 10 March

Ethnic youth "over-represented" in our jails! Solution? SOFTER SENTENCES!
Pope says “populism (what the people want) is evil and ends badly!"
David Icke exposes food! (2017)
Young Asian men want to join ISIS because it's 'the biggest, baddest gang in the world!'
When whistleblowers tell the truth they're traitors. When Government lies it's politics
Britain performed ‘the GREAT ESCAPE’ by voting to ditch Brussels
'They will keep coming!' Blair says Brexit will NOT have impact on EU migration to UK
‘SHAMELESS’ Tony Blair appears at memorial for Iraq war heroes
BREXIT: 'They didn’t know what they were doing,' says Heseltine!
'Stay out of OUR BUSINESS!' King tells EU not to interfere with UK's immigration policy
SEPSIS: The biggest killer you've never heard of
SWEDEN: Immigrants murder married couple and laugh about it
Germany axe attack: Seven injured at Duesseldorf train station
Spanish paedo sang on X Factor and worked in UK hospital while on the run for raping girl, 10
91 white 'extremists' arrested in counter-terror police raids in 2016! (Who did we bomb?)
More US states challenge Trump immigrant travel ban!

Thursday 9 March

Tariq Syed, 64, jailed for "defiling" victim, 13
LONDON: Iranian immigrant ‘strangled grandmother, 80!
CAA Chairman speaks to BBC about High Court victory against CPS

"Nazi scum off our streets doesn't really cut it!"
CPS to review decision not to prosecute "prolific anti-Semite!" (Note Independent's impartiality?)
"We stole America from the Indians?"
French mayor faces €1,800 fine after bringing up ‘problem’ of Muslim schoolchildren!
'What are we doing!' Nigel Farage DESTROYS Philip Hammond’s 'uninspiring' Budget
Grieving families SNUBBED as Corbyn & Blair receive invites to war memorial unveiling
Yet again, a Budget that ignored the issues that will beggar our children
BBC throws its feminist High Priestess to the transgender wolves
Eurocrats attack bid to root out terrorists - It 'jeopardises' efforts to integrate Muslims!
Heseltine complains of being treated like 'an old f**t?'
Alex Salmond branded 'PATHETIC' by furious radio host

Wednesday 8 March

Cops freed suspected rapist, Miklos Verebres, two days before he beat girlfriend to death
Double stabbing outside London's Victoria station
A load of black kids... in school uniform... got into a fight and stabbed each other!"
Murder of safari guide in Kenya! Savages grab white farmers' land, politicians turn blind eye
Turkish gunman who killed British boy shot dead at his own wedding
Bilal Skaf's gang raped teenagers across Sydney in 2000!
How BBC cowards betrayed Jenni Murray
Edward Snowden says CIA/US government is 'secretly paying to keep software unsafe!'
"The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism is anti-Semitic," by Tony Greenstein!
Jews are leading the legal fight against Brexit? (2016)
Anna Soubry says Heseltine will be greatly missed? (Who by?)
Twitter allows graphic assassinate-Trump-and-Pence account!
2 YEARS? Brexit negotiations could take JUST 10 MINUTES
'The people have spoken!' Meryvn King warns Lords not to interfere after Government defeat
Farage rips into 'pasty face' Osborne after shameless Brexit speech
Half of all millennials - both men and women - call themselves 'feminist'
NHS chief 'was forced out after exposing hospital sex ring!

Tuesday 7 March

Girl, 14, raped in school by 'Ajuub' and unnamed other! NO JAIL! (Rapists victims too, says head)
Pope says Europe will 'go forward and find itself enhanced' by 'Arab invasion!' (2016)
Judges must consider if criminals suffered discrimination before deciding their sentences?
Queen's grandson's firm got £750,000 for organising her birthday, twice that raised for charity!
‘That's what’s wrong with you LEFTIES!’ Trump backers ROAST Evan Davis for President jibe
If Schulz is the only alternative to Merkel, Germany is finished!
'She's ATTACKING our democracy!' Euro MP blasts Merkel over money/power grab from EU!
Grandma died following routine operation when Asif Raza Shah put in a heart valve upside down!
Nurse killed another driver as she chatted on her phone!
Black savage or diversity? Thanks, #LibLabCon
Britain First protests in Telford against Muslim grooming gangs!
The poisonous inheritance George Osborne left Britain!
Asda fined £300,000 after rotting food, flies and DEAD MICE found in bread section at depot
‘We can’t even deport convicted criminals!’ Tory MP rubbishes fears over EU nationals
'What's democratic about that?' Farron skewered for using unelected Lords to block Brexit
New York Mayor hides 500,000 illegals, vows to ignore immigration laws!
Black American gets to be Lord Lieutenant of Bristol

Monday 6 March

95% of Manchester's young homeless are on 'walking dead' drug 'Spice!'
Rahim Mohammadi charged with murder of elderly lady at allotment
Burhan Kibar shot two Danish women - Now he's appealing his deportation
Identify the diversity! BB gun assault in Redbridge - November 2016 - CCTV image
Convicted terrorist who attempted to leave UK to join jihadists blames Brexit!
Straight A student plotted ISIS suicide attack in the UK
‘Bank of Terror’ fraudsters con pensioner - NO JAIL!
Screaming girl, 13, told mum she had been raped by Muslim in his 60s
DeepStateGate: Democrats' Russia conspiracy theory backfires!
10% of Islamist terrorists in UK are from five districts of Birmingham
'The silence is political!' Katie Hopkins investigates migrant communities in Sweden
'This is what a feminist looks like!' Sadiq Khan leads ANOTHER luvvie anti-Trump parade
OUTRAGE as Lib Dem and Labour politicians beg EU to PUNISH BRITAIN over Brexit!
Portugal recognises Ukraine’s Holodomor famine as genocide
2 YEARS? Brexit negotiations could take JUST 10 MINUTES 'and Ivan Rogers admitted it'
'You've made Brits into HOSTAGES!' Hilary Benn accused of 'ABANDONING' expats abroad!
'You've HELPED Brexit!' Gina Miller's campaign RIDICULED during Peston grilling
Ireland must now leave the EU to avoid a post-Brexit disaster, says academic
Ending EU free movement of people may NOT reduce immigration, Lords report claims
What is this 2.5mile long object moving under the Pacific Ocean?
Defeating ISIS 'will NOT keep UK safe!' Anti-terror cops stop 13 attacks in four years'
LUVVIES! David Letterman calls Trump 'crazy', says Russians 'groomed' him!
Hattersley: Dad a Catholic priest who ran away with mum just after marrying her to another!

Sunday 5 March

GALWAY: 'As many as 800 dead' children found at Bon Secours mother and baby home!
SOUTH AFRICA: Zuma risks race war, demanding land owned by Whites without compensation!
FOREIGN AID FARCE: £150m of NHS cash is being sent overseas despite health crisis!
BRISTOL PROTEST: Demonstrations hit city over man who stuck bacon to mosque
Violent clashes! Thousands join rallies supporting President Trump across America
Sadiq Khan says his administration is preparing for 1.5m London newcomers!
EU DECIMATED Britain's fishing communities and now it's time to take back control!'
Labour chiefs knew for a decade about bigamy claims against Muslim equality boss
Sweden’s Integration Minister lied to BBC about rape stats!
Story of JESUS 'copied from prior religions to CONTROL the people?'
'Spiteful EU will damage its own economy to give Britain bad deal'
Labour chiefs knew for a decade about bigamy claims against Muslim equality boss!
Tony Blair wants to be Donald Trump's Middle East peace envoy? (Yeah, right!)
OBAMA'S AMERICA! 20,000-strong MS-13 gang's legacy of murder, drugs and human trafficking
Terror law chief's 'cover up' could explode UK's biggest bomb trial
IPSWICH: Police seek these rapists! Woman beaten and left unconscious!
ID this Muslim! Racially abused man and racially/physically abused woman!
Austrian schoolgirl, 14, molested by refugee gang whilst waiting at bus stop
GERMANY: Somali asylum-seeker sexually assaults two old folks, killing one
SWEDEN: Multiculturalism stone dead as migrant gangs laugh at laws they despise and defy
Police release e-fit after man and woman assaulted at home
Israeli army's chief rabbi accused of condoning rape by soldiers (2016)
Robert Maxwell's daughter calls woman who says financier Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her a liar
Chuka Umunna recruits thousands in secret bid to overthrow Corbyn?
Ghastly MP ANNA SOUBRY says silencing pro-EU politics will have disastrous consequences

Saturday 4 March

OBAMA'S AMERICA! 20,000-strong gang's legacy of murder, drugs, trafficking!
College of Pediatricians calls transgender ideology ‘child abuse!’
244 academics attack Campaign Against Antisemitism and definition of antisemitism
Palestinian Pastor sends an open letter to the Theresa May!
Tony Blair calls for ‘NEW COALITION’ in desperate last-ditch bid to block Brexit!
‘EU is a plague!' Le Pen rallies farmers and calls on 'PATRIOTS' to flock to Front National
Green MP, Katrin Göring-Eckardt, says she wants a Muslim Chancellor for Germany!
Drug giants Actavis and Concordia struck illegal deal to double the price of lifesaving pills!
Trump allies call on President to PURGE Obama’s White House appointees to stop leaks
Soros-tied Obama lawyers form group to battle Trump!
ID this Muslim! Racially abused man and racially/physically abused woman!
IPSWICH: Police seek these rapists! Woman beaten and left unconscious!
Khurram Rehman gets 21 years for kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old in east London
Cockroach infested Small Heath curry house had mouse droppings in FRIDGE!
GERMANY: Somali asylum-seeker sexually assaults two old folks, killing one
Austrian schoolgirl, 14, molested by refugee gang whilst waiting at bus stop
‘Get our money back!’ Ex-UKIP leader calls for repayment of cash owed by EU lending bank
Fury over plans to charge British taxpayers for EU PRIVATE ARMY
OBORNE: Brexit offers us the chance to reunite with our true friends
Farage nailed what's wrong with Brussels in 2015 speech
Michael Portillo HAMMERS Alex Salmond over SNP push for second Scottish independence vote
Fake charity, "Campaign Against Anti-Semitism," smears Tony Greenstein!
Patrick Stewart reveals he's 'becoming American to fight against Donald Trump?' (Bye, luvvie)

Friday 3 March

Some police forces are putting the public at an unacceptable risk!
Police force’s poster girl quits over ‘lack of support’ for officers
Devon and Cornwall police officer quits over safety fears
Child migrant was treated like a 'lump of meat' by priest, inquiry told
Press coverage of Trump in first month of office = 88% ‘hostile!’
2016: Councils in crisis as child migrants overwhelm services - Government to take more?
Only ten of 750 child migrants taken into UK from Calais last year were from Syria!
UK’s leading terror experts reveal the ISIS-style terror plots keeping them awake at night
'EU is a dead man walking!' Le Pen promises 'FREXIT' referendum
Marine Le Pen loses immunity from prosecution over ISIS violence images (Bring it on, lefties)
Juncker says EU superstate dream is OVER amid voter backlash
SWEDEN: Ten incidents in ten days prove Trump right!
Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration?
‘We voted to become Britain again!’ QT audience member HAILED for panel put-down
Peter Hitchens cheered by QT audience when he accused Tony Blair of killing the Labour party
BREXIT: Rich immigrant threatens to drag May into new court battle
BBC host ROASTS Remainer Gina Miller on bid to block Brexit
LBC listener shreds Sadiq Khan for 'calling Brexit & Trump racist'
INDIA: Woman's genitals BRANDED by husband!
The problem of inbreeding in Islam
PIZZAGATE - Church of Satan rituals - Franklin cover-up
Criticising Sharia is 'hate speech,' US students say!
Petition demanding J.K. Rowling let refugees live in her mansion!

Thursday 2 March

How Blair silenced migration debate and refused to acknowledge our open borders anxiety
MUM SHOCKED? Afghan '12-year-old' was a grown man who threatened to kill her family!
Marine Le Pen and the European peoples versus the EU and Africa!
"Fake News" (the mainstream media) versus Marine Le Pen!
EU's fishing policy is a 'SOVIET SYSTEM' which kills a 'MILLION tonnes of fish each year!'
A word to the Muslim criminal migrant - Pat Condell
Some Jews are entirely OPPOSED to the EXISTENCE and ACTIONS of Israel
Hungary PM says restricting the number of migrants and protecting 'ethnic homogeneity' is vital
Hungary: EU Soros puppets attack us for fighting mass migration
The police can’t afford to lock up paedophiles? I say we can’t afford not to
'EU Parliament wants to STOP free speech,' says UKIP MEP!
'House of Lords HAS TO GO!' Farage demands end of meddling peers
The 'Potentially PERILOUS state' of UK policing!
Cops 'DELIBERATELY down-grading 999 calls to cover up slow response times!'
French presidential hopeful faces fraud charges over wife's 'fake job!'

Wednesday 1 March

Little boys and girls slide down a giant penis - Left-wing insanity!
SWEDEN: Terrified women gone from streets, conspiracy of silence on migration buries truth!
“He who kills a policeman will go to Paradise!” Writing’s on the wall for Sweden!
LEICESTER: Cameron Fields admits murder of Adam Bent
I've had it up to here with these gender fascists! (Transgender lobby)
Top cop says UK’s senior child protection officer is making a mistake on ‘low risk’ paedos!
Every paedophile needs to face full force of the law!
Bury council’s top brass delayed child protection after paedo councillor exposed!
Indian priest calls for women who wear jeans to be DROWNED for 'tempting men!'
You'd say what to families that lose jobs/income/loved one because USA refused to uphold law?
Le Pen victory will DESTROY European Union! (OK by me! )
Germans (German leaders) think Brexit voters are ‘STUPID?’
BREXIT DEFEAT! Lords set to THROW OUT Brexit Bill!
Steve Coogan BLASTS Brexit patriotism and declares ‘PATHETIC’ Trump an ‘a***hole!’
Juncker’s grand EU masterplan blasted as political DISASTER
'Any part of Project Fear still standing?'
'SANCTUARY for EXTREMISTS!' Trump tells Congress uncontrolled immigration is 'RECKLESS!'
Trump praises Hungary's Orbán after message of congratulation for inauguration
Loneliness on the RISE as one in eight people have no close friends to turn to
‘I'll marry 72 virgins!’ Chilling letters delve inside the minds of child suicide bombers

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