Daily News - March 2016

Thursday 31 March

Did Turkey order the slaughter in Paris and Brussels?
How steel and 7 other great British industries have collapsed over last 4 decades
Ministers blamed for collapse of Britain's Indian-owned steel industry (40,000 jobs lost?)
DIVERSITY! Labour councillor fleeced mentally ill wife and left her out on the streets!
EU report: ISIS plotting attack in Europe – 150 cases of nuclear trafficking annually
Justice Minister says terror suspects can just waltz into Britain because of EU rules!
Illegal immigrant, Lamin Touray, gets 12 years jail for sex attacks on women!
Turkish troops are KILLING Syrian refugees! (NATO member? Politicians want this in the EU?)
100 toddlers expelled by nurseries for being violent! (Only white kid photos)
Terminally ill patients left with no water, pain relief or comfort in some NHS hospitals!
Germany's political correctness losing grip on culture
Vulture investor Paul Singer has forced the nation of Argentina into default
Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi says non-Jews should not be allowed to live in Israel!
German government giving money to mosques, not schools!
German rail operator launches women-only train carriages following sex attacks
Vulture investor Paul Singer has forced the nation of Argentina into default
Christians join forces With Hezbollah to fight ISIS in Lebanon
5 US Government conspiracy theories that were totally real
Israel lobby’s agenda for USA: Attack free speech and criminalize resistance!
WikiLeaks: Google (Jared Cohen) and Al-Jazeera encouraged civil war in Syria!
US dropped 23,144 bombs on Muslim-majority countries in 2015!
Over 5 million Nigerians urge government to reject Monsanto crops!
Another lovely young girl dies after taking drugs?
DIVERSITY! Terrifying moment girl aged 7 fights off man who 'tries to kidnap her'
The Star of David uncensored

Wednesday 30 March

David Cameron 'bans SAS from wiping out ISIS leaders in Syria!'
Turkey deliberately unleashing ISIS terrorists into Europe says Jordan's King Abdullah!
Hitler's most decorated assassin 'worked for ISRAELI secret service as a hitman!'
1.6 million EU migrants settle in Britain = Manchester + Birmingham in just 9 years!
Daesh (ISIS) trains 600 terrorists to attack Europe
Justice minister warns foreign crooks will get free pass to UK if we stay in EU
UK’s foreign aid industry goes from bad to worse
EU rules are 'putting thousands of British jobs at risk!'
Dempsey Nibbs cut off wife's head and flushed it down the toilet (Ethnicity?)
Ali Hassan hacked school-run dad over head TEN TIMES with axe
School under fire after Somali girl gang attacked one teen and left another with a broken jaw
Jaelyn Delshaun Young converts to Islam, tries to join ISIS
American journalist Serena Shim killed in Turkey for exposing ISIS ties
Nigel Farage: "Europe Is Burning," part 3
Is Sir Cover-Up working with pro-EU lobby?
SIX MILLION JEWS - 1915-1938

Tuesday 29 March

The Rotherham whistleblower! She risked everything to bring Asian paedophiles to justice!
Teachers demand schools stop promoting 'British values' - It makes foreigners feel inferior!
Goldsmiths University lecturer says FGM and child marriage is OUR fault!
Deadly cost of our open borders: Murders and rapes committed in Britain by foreign criminals
Is Trump wrong about a border wall? One stunning chart has the answer!
OBAMA: 'Our openness to refugees' is how we fight ISIS!
Now UN bureaucrats rule Falkland Islands 'lie in Argentine waters!'
70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy
US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, tells courts to ease up on African-American criminals!
Child gun crime arrests rise by 20% in UK!
ISIS 'crucifies Catholic priest on Good Friday'
Fat cats running Britain's dwindling fire services are accused of 'gross hypocrisy'
Murderers on the dance floor: Terror brothers in Brussels nightclub
Ah, the manifold joys of diversity!
RSPCA killed a cat for having LONG HAIR - then tried to prosecute its owners for cruelty
Politicians' gimmicky happiness surveys backfire on them!
Reality TV addicts 'more likely to be VAIN and self-absorbed!' (WHO KNEW?)

Monday 28 March

KATIE HOPKINS: The real threat is not the far right – it’s the smug left! When did it become acceptable to water cannon people standing up for their country while turning a blind eye to the destruction of Europe?
DONALD TRUMP: “England is not a safe place!”
70 different languages spoken in same street! "A great example of successful multi-culturalism!")
Soaring numbers of British troops using confidential helpline!
UK soldiers 'would be sitting ducks' in Libya, senior MP warns
29 children among 72 killed as Taliban bomber blows himself up next to SWINGS in Pakistan
Boris praises Putin for displaying 'ruthless clarity to winkle the ISIS maniacs' from Palmyra
Why Brexit could be good for our health
'I'll sue', says man wrongly charged with stirring up race-hate!
Islamic invasion - Islamic mindset
Paris attack chief Abdelhamid Abaaoud 'visited West Midlands last year'
Magistrate sacked for saying man/woman parents better than gay, suspended from NHS trust
Israeli security firm's advice on Brussels security unheeded? Explosives pre-planted?
CCTV of Lewisham bus fire: Black teen released after £200,000 double-decker wrecked
Judge bans a British father from taking his son to church... his mother is a Muslim
Man stabbed and hit with handgun after confronting masked, black burglars
2015: Muslim immigration is 'Trojan horse' invasion, Belgian MP tells UKIP audience
ISIS to target UK NEXT? Jihadis INSIDE and outside Britain plotting attacks
Tycoon says Brexit is the key despite the risk

Sunday 27 March

Seven Muslims charged with conspiracy to defraud 16 elderly residents in Hull
Thought Police drop race-hate charge against Brit who asked Muslim to explain Brussels!
3 years after Tory vow to give less to nation with own space programme we give India MORE!
Our foreign aid pays salaries to terrorists who have murdered hundreds of innocent people!
The £12billion we give away in foreign aid? We BORROW it! (And must pay interest on it)
SHOPKEEPER MURDER: Left-wing press hides identity of Muslim killer
Girls as young as 10 face harm from breast ironing with stones heated on hot coals
Belgian nuclear power plant workers join ISIS! Do jihadis now know how to cause meltdown?
Business leaders want out of EU: 250 top bosses back vote to break free from Brussels
Trump brands Merkel's asylum policy mad and say he "doesn't know what happened to her!"
Trump says Saudi Arabia WOULDN’T EXIST without the US and threatens to stop buying its oil!
TRAITORS: Lorna Moore and Sally Thomason
ISIS supporters vote London as next terrorist target
We aren't fighting a 'war' - they're just a bunch of doped-up losers
Historic city of Palmyra 'completely' retaken from ISIS after Putin bombing blitz
Far-right support surges in Belgium as anger grows over Brussels terror attacks
Molenbeek is just the start, says UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall
Education Secretary Nicky Morgan heckled by teachers
Hunt's a Stalinist with a good bedside manner!' PM’s verdict on his Health Secretary
Tony Blair spin doctor paid £8,000 of taxpayers’ money for media training in Armenia
Bulgarian pickpocket mother leaves little girl, 3, here for us to raise!
Calais migrants using makeshift RAFTS to sneak in to Britain
Grocer whose lorries have been hit by refugees 30 TIMES fears UK terror attack
This is a joke right? The establishment is floundering to say the least

Saturday 26 March

Microsoft pulls robot after it tweets 'Hitler was right I hate the Jews!'
And what did they fight and die for? DIVERSITY!
14-year-olds smoke pot to counter buzz of 10 energy drinks a day! (How to make sheeple)
Honey Mae-Lyons raped by Muhammed Ekici and Serham Ozkebapci
Muslim shopkeeper stabbed to death after wishing our 'Christian nation' a happy Easter!
Tourist fatally stabbed in the head during San Francisco mugging (Still enriching though)
Africans jailed for torture attack on white men in Nashville - media blackout
17-year-old Danish girl in trouble for fighting off Muslim rapist with pepper spray!
PETER OBORNE: Corbyn's betrayal of the working classes
'The EU is a danger to security' says former CIA chief!
ISIS supporters vote London as next terrorist target
TRAITORS: Lorna Moore and Sally Thomason
Why stay in the EU when its capital is also the capital of jihadism in Europe?
IRAQ - ISIS suicide bomber kills at least 65 people in football stadium
Terrorists have 'means, knowledge and information' to make nuclear bomb says UN atomic chief!
Imam of Scotland's biggest mosque praises extremist executed for murdering politician!
Al-Qaeda release tribute video to London law graduate and teacher killed fighting in Syria
'If we die, we want to look pretty': Defiant Kurdish soldier girls
'£2m pension' for grooming scandal cop!
SWEDEN: 65-year-old stabbed to death by two 13-year-old immigrants
Daesh wouldn’t exist if US hadn’t created terrorist group!

Friday 25 March

Police missed chances to save girls from Somali rape gang
Defence Minister says we must quit the EU to protect our 'freedom!'
NHS signs up 14,000 more foreign nurses! Bosses use cheap labour to undercut British staff!
24 migrants found in lorries stopped by Kent police ALREADY on fast track to win asylum!
Border guards BANNED from X-raying lorries - Radiation may harm illegal immigrants' health
Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990!
Austrians say: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault!’
ISIS has already trained and deployed four hundred terrorists into Europe!
Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants, says ‘we are brothers!’
Bristol's most wanted criminals - All are enrichingly diverse! Girl forced into car, driven to Bradford, sexually assaulted by enriching diversity!
Enriching diversity grabs two-year-old girl in park - E-fit
Killers, gun dealers and rapists get same sentence as Adam Johnson
Abuse inquiry to question Labour peer over his alleged links to notorious paedophile
Former Israeli Intelligence operatives run security at Brussels Airport?
U.S. government finally admits that the thugs they armed in Syria have committed genocide!
Purim in recent history, 1994-2016
How Nick Clegg's adviser came to run the go-to Israel think-tank
Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Could End his Campaign
Were Brussels jihadis trying to make a RADIOACTIVE BOMB?

Thursday 24 March

Matthew Doyle asks Muslim to explain Brussels and gets ARRESTED for 'inciting racial hatred!'
Cops visit teacher after he tweets about Muslim kids celebrating Brussels attack!
300 JIHADISTS ‘plotting to wreak mayhem on Britain!’
Trump gives Brexit blessing as he blames 'crazy migration' for EU collapse!
Migrants who attacked pensioners that stood up for harassed woman walk FREE from court!
Why didn't they act? Belgian spooks WERE warned attack on Brussels Airport was imminent
EU economy on BRINK: Poland could bring down eurozone as it increases spending
EU migrants pocket MORE tax credits cash and child benefits than BRITISH workers
'We vow dark days for the crusader nations': ISIS issues chilling UK threat
Quitting EU would make Britain SAFER, says former MI6 chief!
Why will no one admit the way some western Muslims raise their children is fomenting terror?
Brussels attack came just weeks after Belgian government was 'making progress' against ISIS
Sent back to bomb Brussels! Turkish president deported ISIS fanatic BACK to Belgium
If Europe is willing to accept Muslim terror as new norm we can't afford to stay part of it
Trump slams Muslims for failing to report suspicious activity - May says he's 'plain wrong'
Poland axes promise to take in 7,000 migrants! PM warns of plague of radicalisation
LONDON - We belong to ISIS! We belong to one nation governed by Sharia law!
Drive-by gang came from same area as Jihadi John and July 21 bombers
Dad sexually assaulted boy, attacked him with hammer after befriending him at mosque
Eleven cases of sexual assault in five months in German swimming pools
3 Afghans rob, strangle and set 80-year-old on fire in Frankfurt! (April 2015)
Decapitated in her cot by Muslim: Horrific details
Gay barrister bought party drugs from a BBC producer. They killed his immigrant boyfriend, 18
Israel is becoming a 'Refuge for Paedophiles!'
What political correctness made. And protects
Border control? You're 'avin a larf!

Wednesday 23 March

Migrants to to take half of New Homes in Britain? (Aren't they doing that anyway?)
British rape epidemic and the feminists are silent!
Former Goldman employee avoids prison, gets $5,000 fine only for stealing Fed documents!
Paris master bomb maker and Belgian brothers named as Brussels airport bombers
With each new atrocity, more British voters want to reclaim control of our borders
German rival set to take over OUR stock exchange?
Germany is 'running out of prison space' because of the refugee crisis!
MANCHESTER AIRPORT: The 3-star hotel where EVERYONE is seeking asylum!
Pope (NWO plant?) to wash the feet of 12 asylum seekers during Maundy Thursday service
ISIS supporters celebrate terror attacks on Twitter with #BrusselsOnFire
Of course Brussels is safe! "It's very safe!" (Establishment lies cost lives)
Now students have to be shown how to use the toilets (Ethnicity of dirty b***ers?)
Russia’s UN Ambassador Churkin - How Turkey is recruiting and harbouring terrorists
Documents reveal Hillary Clinton's State Department coordinated with Clinton foundation!
Hypocrisy: Neocon propagandist frets over Russia’s ‘weaponization of information’
EU fails to keep us safe, says Michael Howard
When it comes to terror, isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Trump?
Lethal failures of the bungling Belgians
P*** on ISIS!
BRUSSELS: Cameron condemns Farage for stating the stone bl**ding obvious!
Warmonger Blair says 'flabby liberalism' helping terrorists (TRUE though)
Pope (NWO plant?) to wash the feet of 12 asylum seekers during Maundy Thursday service

Tuesday 22 March

14 dead, dozens wounded in 2 blasts at Brussels airport! (Still enriching though)
Brussels Terror - At least 23 dead! (Still enriching though)
7-year-old girl gang-raped at asylum centre in Germany - ‘5 Arabic men’ investigated
Mohamed Latheef sent Cherie Blair £210,000 of stolen money!
Illegal immigrant Muhammed Hammed murdered 'British' wife by setting her on fire
Stop meeting anti-Semites, Labour leader warned! (Naughty boy! Do as top Blair Jew tells you!)
Cameron's Jewish pal wants more ethnic and women Tory MPs! (i.e. Less white, British men)
3,000 more child refugees into UK - Jewish Lord behind this delighted
Why the Jewish elite hates Donald Trump
Former Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, gets his pay-off!
BASKET CASE BRUSSELS: Now EU could be sued by OWN MEPs over plan to stop migrants
Children now spending less time outside than prisoners!
Sheriff Clarke on anti-Trump protestors
Tory chaos on benefits: New minister and officials at odds on welfare cuts
Dave spent years trying to detoxify Tories. Now he and George undo all the hard work
Severed head found lying in Amsterdam street - Thanks, EU!
Asylum seeker raped virgin twice as she walked home
“Flemish culture too White”
Poor treatment of staff in their late 50s/early 60s all about money
Up to 100,000 obese patients to get personal trainers on NHS? (How to save cash in Loonieland)
USA: Social workers SEIZE girl, 6, from her home of 5 years in adoption race row
Boris 'genuinely worried' about Donald Trump becoming President? (Boris' dirty behind is OWNED)

Monday 21 March

Young soldiers forced to rape each other as part of initiation ceremony into Queen's Guards!
9 in 10 hospitals are now unsafe! Bed blocking fuelling overcrowding crisis!
Taxpayers foot huge bill racked up by foreign patients using NHS - high costs unsustainable
Scarlet fever returns: Primary schools hit by sharp rise in outbreaks
Dozens of Rotherham taxi drivers have licences revoked in crackdown!
SAUDI ARABIA: why DOES Britain cosy up to this kingdom of savagery?
Beginning of the end for Dave and George?
Civil war engulfs the Tories: IDS twists the knife into 'poisonous' Osborne
Contempt and loathing that caused Quiet Man to snap
Forget policies. What REALLY matters in politics is knowing Who Hates Who!
Cameron says George Osborne 'messed up' over disability cuts crisis rocking Tories
Corbyn ally says our soldiers should drink TEA with ISIS instead of bombing them!
German Far right party calls for bans on mosque minarets and women wearing burkas in public! “We have to close our borders!” Edward Stourton interviews Beatrix von Storch
Berlin, Germany: "Refugees" culturally enrich city residents
Stabbed in chest by yob after she confronted them for waking her baby daughter!
Girls' school head blames health and safety childhood for anti-free speech 'safe space' culture
Social media-obsessed teens so frightened of real life some won't even answer the door!
Preposterous, media-hyped girlieman-nerd opines on Clarkson!

Sunday 20 March

Kidnapped and gang raped by immigrants, then cruelly betrayed by a traitorous system
President Trump would be a 'global risk' on par with jihadist terrorism?
Anti-Trump protesters shut down highway to stop thousands of supporters getting to rally!
Protester BEHEADS effigy of Donald trump during his Salt Lake City rally
We can't stop the migrants: EU says Britain has 'MORAL DUTY' to accept refugees!
Jihadis taught how to carry out ‘beheadings and mass killings INSIDE British prisons'
Austrian politician describes immigrants as "Neanderthals!"
MERKEL'S NIGHTMARE: Germany faces EU referendum demands over migrant crisis!
GLOUCESTER: Abdi Said sentenced to life for murder of Ian Denham
Man injured by gunshot in Acton - Black men sought
Fury as Scotland Yard closes book on Tower Hamlets election fraud claims
World's most wanted terrorist Salah Abeslam 'strolled around his home neighbourhood for weeks'
'EU is an economic DISASTER zone' says Tory grandee Lord Lawson!
Jihadis taught how to carry out ‘beheadings and mass killings INSIDE British prisons'
Gerry Downing, expelled from Labour Party for telling truth about Zion - Daily Politics
Medieval barbarity in the heart of Britain: Hardline Muslims spill blood in London mosque
'Clear evidence' of BBC bias! (Beeb in favour of remaining in EU)
Scotland Welcomes Refugees? (Have the Scots been asked?)
Help refugees settle in Edinburgh! Many asked what they could do to help! (REALLY?)
Britain First holds flash demo at East London Mosque - subjected to cop and Muslim hostility!
Kate snubbed war heroes – and broke 115 years of tradition
That robot at the checkout? It'll be taking your job next
Has he changed British politics for ever? IDS detonated a bombshell in Downing Street!
Speech by Victor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister and leading European patriot
‘Books are not judged on literary merit alone?' 'Prize is needed by writers of colour’
Brit awards to be less white next year, pledges chairman

Saturday 19 March

Could unchecked mass migration lead to WAR in Europe? YES, says establishment big shot!
More than HALF of suspects stopped test positive for cocaine, cannabis and other drugs
225 sham marriages and a human rights/benefits fraud farce that will make you weep!
Shock as 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all
Chilcot report 'faces being delayed until AFTER EU referendum!' (Figure it out)
Serving cop and retired officer arrested over '£1m fraud at scandal-hit police union!'
Billionaire Tory donor and arms dealer, Wafic Said, a money-launderer?
Young woman raped in Debdale Park, Manchester - Asian sought (late 20s, 6ft, full goatee beard)
Female passenger assaulted by ‘religion of peace’ types
BLACKBURN: Sabir Ahmed charged with indecently assaulting teenager
Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for London mayor, supports groups linked to extremism?
Iain Duncan Smith QUITS Cabinet over disability benefit cuts
Daughter finds war vet dad in hospital curled up and covered in own excrement
Crumbling US empire drives Russia & China to move into gold
Arnsberg, Germany: "I killed him because he was an unbeliever!" (Thanks, Merkel)
Germany’s leftist party says 'refugees are not the problem, the Germans are!'
Christians must bake gay wedding cakes but Muslims don't have to deliver beer!
Obsessed psychologist, Dr Anjan Nath, who tried to seduce colleague, struck off
Bisexual soldier sexually assaulted female colleague after telling her she'd 'make her gay'
Spurned ex-girlfriend sent explicit revenge porn images of former lover dressed as a woman
Sir Oswald Mosley predicted mass third-world immigration and outsourcing of jobs!

Friday 18 March

Arnsberg, Germany: "I killed him because he was an unbeliever!" (Thanks, Merkel)
How National Geographic says Yanks will look in 50 years! (Whitey almost gone)
Just 2 years on and dad’s ‘happy slap’ killers are back on the streets!
Turkish PM says democracy/freedom 'absolutely no value any longer!' (Turkey = NATO member)
Shohid Miah stalked then raped woman (Still enriching though)
"Religion of peace" type opens fire on a teen in quiet London cul-de-sac (Still enriching though) Among 9 'most wanted' suspects believed to have fled to the Netherlands (after being bailed?)
3 sentenced to 15 months in landmark female genital mutilation trial
Scandal-hit kindergarten (Turk-run) used for drug and sex parties
Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex
Migrant wife + w***er = I’ll stand by my hooker romp doc hubby despite porn addiction!
Balance the books? When WE pay for feckless mums-of-8 and give legal aid to millionaires?
Australian TV crew attacked by enrichers as they reported on Europe's refugee crisis
Osborne faces rebellion from 20+ MPs over plans to slash £1.2billion from disability benefits
A vision of Britain outside the EU - confident, successful and free
The Breitbart Defections: Was it all about Jewish hostility toward Trump?
The shocking revelations of the Jewish New Left leader, Mark Rudd!
Washington Post calls for the Republican Party to ignore Trump voters!
Does Sajid Javid have something to hide over bankers' tax?
Refugee camp 'paedophile' accused of raping a seven-year-old girl
ISIS savages behead 'spy' using explosives tied around his neck
Jewish influence and ethnic networking in France: In their own words
Remember the days when TV presenters weren't egomaniacs?
Indian villager hacks off sister-in-law's head - he thought she killed his brother with 'witchcraft!'
Outrage as EU admits: We have NO CLUE how much taxpayer cash is spent on migrant crisis
Brussels set to hand €3bn MORE to Turkey

Thursday 17 March

BACON BAN AT CARE HOME! Muslim staff REFUSED to serve patients bacon sandwiches!
Anti-Trump lefties threaten 'largest civil disobedience action of century!'
'You’d have riots' Trump warns of CHAOS if he fails to win Republican nomination
Israeli campaign group set up 'hotline' to inform on 'traitors diluting the Jewish race!'
Kurdish woman, 21, 'shot dead at wedding for REFUSING to marry cousin'
PROJECT FEAR: MPs blast financial chiefs' 'RIDICULOUS' claims about quitting EU!
‘Feminist’ student President defends Islamic Society segregating genders with 7-foot barrier!
JAILED: Vicar's wife who stole £6,400 from vulnerable pensioner!
Death of shame! What hideous scenes at Cheltenham tell us about modern mores and morality
Shareen Willock stripped off (thought cabbie wanted sex) then wrecked cab when he didn't

Wednesday 16 March

Hit-and-run drug dealer, Mohammed Basit Chaudhry, killed Craig Rodger then fled to Dubai
Former Luton cop, Mohammad Arshad, 'trawled Facebook for teen sex'
Police 'took part in Rotherham child sex abuse and ignored pleas from victims!'
Woman stabbed and raped in the grounds of Alexandra Palace!
Lib Dems wrong on cannabis, it scrambles brains! Taylor Lopez-Kerr stabbed own mum!
Hussan Akhtar and Eric Manunebo caught red-handed with half a kilo of heroin
Police employee, Mujibur Ibrahim, accused of stealing gold bars and £188k from force
HIV-positive Bonface Marova jailed for 12 years for attempting to rape disabled woman
Hussan Akhtar and Eric Manunebo caught red-handed with half a kilo of heroin
S. Yorks cops reported only a quarter of child sex convictions due to ‘clerical error!’
QATAR: Badr al-Jabr guilty of Lauren Patterson's rape/murder - Now he may be freed!
Migrant crime in Germany
Eleven sex attacks a day in Austria
QATAR: Badr al-Jabr found guilty of Lauren Patterson's rape and murder - Now he may be freed Soros Floods Democrats With Millions, Warns Trump Of "Consequences" Exposed: Asylum seekers who holiday in country they escaped from!
“F**k your racist borders!”
“F**k your racist borders!” We must take more refugees? Go on then, Angelina, luvvies first!
Douglas Murray reacts to liberal hypocrisy on Islam
Trump wins by a landslide in Florida! Rubio drops out
'Vulgar and divisive!' Obama attacks Trump's campaign
CNN is still saying the Missouri primary hasn't been decided. And yet...
Mandelson denies he ever supported British membership of the euro! (LIAR!)
£62m bonus! Jewish fat cat, Sir Martin Sorrell, awarded staggering sum on top of salary
London School of Economics Islamic Society holds segregated dinner
'Three years to save mankind', says David Icke!
NOEL EDMONDS: "Am I alone in feeling Britain is full?” (NO!!!)
Ed Miliband being filmed wandering around London is now a thing
Michael Buerk attacks Benedict Cumberbatch for 'infantile' worldview
How many houses do Angelina/George/Amal have? 8. How many refugees do they house? NONE!

Tuesday 15 March

Creep's advice for reporters and protestors visiting Donald Trump events
GERMANY: Two-thirds of immigrants are basically illiterate!
Joan Bakewell wins backing of former anorexia sufferers and doctors
Migrant mums put babies up for adoption to give them better life in the UK? (Child abuse!)
Teen who used stolen vehicle to kill policeman had been using cannabis since he was 6!
Did Tahir Nazir attack women in student towns around England and Wales?
Asian migrants recruited hundreds to fly in and go straight to Job Centre to get NI numbers
Former boss of Road Runners Gatwick jailed for offering bribe to Surrey County Council
Greece: Do-gooder robbed by invader children she was trying to help
Leader of Central Council of German Jews reacts to election results (Thinks Gerry should take up the a*** forever)
One dead after car bomb explodes In Berlin - Immigrant drug gangs suspected
NOEL EDMONDS: "Am I alone in feeling Britain is full?” (The bad guys would like you to think so)
Ed Miliband being filmed wandering around London is now a thing
UKIP fury as Brussels orders CRACKDOWN on 'misbehaving' MEPs
Britain has NO say in German-dominated EU, warns Iceland PM
Fear of upsetting EU stops us sending home foreign criminals says Tory MP
Donald Trump to be charged with inciting a RIOT? (Even though snarling lefties started it?)
Labour Party anti-Semitic? You're 'avin a larf!
Risk of devastating terror attacks would RISE if we stay in the EU, warn top Tories
Couple fed up with 'neighbour from hell' discover he is an international drug dealer
Migrant crisis to blame for falling standards in Swedish schools
The EU has built more than 1,000 buildings on the West Bank without planning permission
If Tony bangs the drum for his beloved EU it'd be the greatest service he's ever done for us!

Monday 14 March

While Muslims invade Europe, Saudi Arabia's 3 million bed tent city lies empty!
Muslims plan to distribute 25 million copies of the Koran throughout Germany!
Luke Jeffrey, 18, stabbed to death in street (Ethnicity of suspects not mentioned)
WEST MIDLANDS: Jailed criminals (op. NO DEAL - Note the diversity)
Labour Muslims 'cover' for sex grooming gangs, use death threats and ‘clan’ politics?
Riddle of Rotherham: “Mad Ash,” White Trash and the Hostile Elite
Police launch investigation into "Tories should all be shot" doctor
Black Labour MP fined £5,000 for making 35,629 nuisance calls during mayoral campaign!
5-YEAR-OLD RAPIST? 70 sex attacks committed by kids under 10 in 2015!
Worrying numbers of children involved in crime
Traitor Blair says UK unemployed who say migrants take their jobs should get an education!
New book exposes immigration policies of Tony Blair
German voters' crushing verdict on open-door migration: Merkel punished!
Defiant Merkel vows to stick to open-door migration policy after crushing election defeat
Humiliating damnation for open-door migration as far-right wins vote in Germany
Slovakia elections see important gains for extreme-right parties!
COVER-UP! NI figures show as many as 1.3MILLION extra EU citizens are living in Britain!
Osborne downplays £4bn extra cuts just months after telling MPs everything was rosy 'Opportunistic' millionaire landlords 'FLEECING' taxpayers for £9BN in housing benefits
‘We’ll be a trading nation regardless of outcome’ says head of world's biggest trade show
Sadiq Khan must be held to account over support for Babar Ahmad
Trump branded ‘racist’ by New York mayor
'One child said a Muslim prayer and was spared, the other was killed'
SOROS group raises funds from Trump protests, threatens more disruption
Eagles of Death Metal front man changes mind about suspicious behaviour of security staff
Over 3,000 tons of unregistered radioactive waste stored in Japan
South Sudan lets fighters rape women in place of wages
USA: Nausheen Rahman charged with murder after dumping her newborn baby in the trash!

Sunday 13 March

Angela Merkel suffers dramatic setback in regional elections!
“These (working-class) dysfunctional, downscale communities... deserve to die!"
BBC invite kidnap rapper who sexually assaulted girl, 13, on to Radio 1 to plug latest single!
Distinguished Army chief says you must vote for Brexit if you want a sovereign Britain! HITCHENS: Here's the EU debate in 9 words: Do you want to be a servant of Brussels?
EU BOMBSHELL! Danish politicians demand referendum after voter shift on union
World's deadliest places where British tourists are most likely to be MURDERED
Pakistan FINALLY criminalises sexual assault against minors
A third of Britons say they will vote LEAVE if Turkey joins EU!
'Merkel must go' Thousands take to the streets to vent anger at Chancellor!
'A corrupt playground for Islamic State' Could Turkey really join the EU?
A third of Britons say they will vote LEAVE if Turkey joins EU
Pakistan FINALLY criminalises sexual assault against minors
Convicted rapist fled UK to join ISIS after early release
The proud isle that floated free of the EU and HASN'T sunk! No regrets for Greenland
Deutsche Bank: Negative rates confirm the failure of globalization
This election is the biggest threat to the US aristocracy since at least 1932
Shocking CCTV shows black robber knock woman out cold in Forest Gate
The Truth About the Anti-Trump Chicago Riot
'If evacuation is not possible - hide': Advice given to unarmed aviation police
Cameron's simmering tensions with EU rebels laid bare in minister's explosive memoirs
What Cameron REALLY thinks of his Brexit rivals by gay, Lib Dem ex-Cabinet Minister

Saturday 12 March

Shutting down migrant debates has seen Britain suffer 'TERRIBLE' damage!
Sajid Hussain kills father-of-8 David Hinton! NO JAIL though (showed remorse!)
Man who stabbed neighbour jailed for just 18 months! (Top cop rage = "Whitehall source" PC reply)
Tell us the truth! Up to 1.3 million more EU nationals living in UK? Whitehall covering up
4-year-old who mispronounced word cucumber threatened with counter-terrorism measures!
Sweden will ‘take Merkel to court over migrant chaos?’ (Your own leaders as well?)
Merkel facing HUMILIATION at the polls as voters set to hit back against migrant policy
Man cleared of rape CAN'T sue (immigrant) 'victim' who turned his ordeal into modern art project
Who controls the US Defense Policy Board?
Shutting down migrant debates has seen Britain suffer 'TERRIBLE' damage
Jihadis use phosphorus in Aleppo chemical attack (Did Turkey supply them?)
The Weathermen! Left-wing Jews sought the eradication of the white race!
German woman disfigured by black boyfriend
Can an individual no longer express his personal view?
PC gone mad? Students SLAM 'disrespectful' university for serving FRIED CHICKEN and SUSHI!
University official BLASTS political correctness and tells self-absorbed students to GROW UP
Man cleared of rape CAN'T sue (immigrant) 'victim' who turned his ordeal into art project
Who controls the US Defense Policy Board?
Women-only and gay-only shortlists for the PC Liberal Democrats!
Now disability benefits will be slashed by £1.2billion to help pay for new tax cuts!
A disaster zone dominated by the Germans! Ex-Bank chief's verdict on euro project
Hundreds of lives left in ruins as debt management firm run by Tory MP's husband goes bust
'4ft monster rat' found on London housing estate is from GAMBIA! (More enrichment)
The power vacuum in Libya is the bloody debacle that shames David Cameron
Why did it take Archbishop so long to speak out on immigration?
It's selfish and cruel to use your child as a weapon, Madonna

Friday 11 March

White genocide in South Africa!
‘BBC set to destroy classic sitcoms with political correctness!’
“It’s past time to expose murder, war crimes and human rights violations by the USA!”
Turkey 'given keys to Europe' AND £4.7BILLION under new EU plans!
Bid to ban Sharia law! (Why did MPs allow it to take hold in first place? TREASON!)
Christian magistrate sacked! Said adopted kids better off with man/woman than gay couples!
Muslim immigrants attack German policemen!
Cologne migrant sex attack suspects were carrying GUNS and firing bullets into the air!
And the Democrats want more of this in the USA?
Why I left Judaism by Brother Nathanael
Jewish financier's spending on the 2016 POTUS race soon to exceed $13m he spent in 2004
Did Dave's Jewish chum, Lord Crony, break the law in a frantic bid to thwart UKIP?
Obama (rightly) accuses David Cameron of leaving Libya in a mess!
Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% Of Democratic Party Superdelegates are Lobbyists!
Archbishop says it is outrageous to condemn those worried about immigration as racist!
Hypocrisy of the luvvies! Celeb after celeb says we must take in more asylum seekers AND YET...
'Tottenham Ayatollah' helped recruit ISIS jihadis from the UK
Farage blasts Turkey blackmail SPRINGTIME FOR PUNDITS by Ann Coulter
Madonna the Clown! 'Drunk' she turns up 4 hours late for show

Thursday 10 March

5,789 foreign criminals currently roam our streets awaiting deportation!
ISIS staff list is LEAKED: Names and family details of 22,000 jihadis revealed
Turkish first lady praises harem as ‘school for women!’
Lord Greville Janner sexually abused children for 33 years!
Antidepressants can WRECK young people's lives
Donald Trump named second most admired man in 2015! (Black + PC = OBAMA no. 1! )
West ‘hypocritical’ on Russian embassy attack in Kiev – Lavrov
AUSTRIA: 4-year-old girl abducted at swimming pool so migrant could “grope panicked mum!”
GERMANY: Mentally handicapped girls abused by Arabs in swimming pool
Black students demand statue of Queen Victoria is torn down from British University!
Man gunned down in London street 'by Uzi-wielding killer after row over stolen jewellery'
Bankers' bonus tax avoidance schemes are illegal!
How to get Britain's handouts: Polish newspaper produces 20-page guide
'British' boss flies to Macedonia migrant camp to bring 18 of his Iraqi family back to England!
Romanian rough sleepers in London DOUBLE in a year
Turkey blackmails us into backing EU membership which would open door to 77 million Turks!
Jewish MP sexually assaulted 30 victims at hotels/children's homes from 1955 to 1988
Rock group leader suggests Bataclan security guards KNEW about terror attack!
13 million drivers have cars damaged by potholed roads in the past two years!
Hillary's fury at being asked if she will drop out of POTUS race if indicted over emails
Mexican charged over the sex assault stabbing of British backpacker
Lesbian lovers conned John Lewis out of £30k!
John Voigt gives Donald Trump a ringing endorsement!
Noam Chomsky accuses Erogan of duble standards over ISIS/Kurds
Syria would be fully under ISIS control if not for Russia – Serbian president
Reverse racism doesn't exist!

Wednesday 9 March

Number of illegal migrants caught trying to enter Britain soars by 1,300% in 3 years!
Anti-depressants: WHO concern over use by children
KATIE HOPKINS: "A quarter of the population here in the UK are right behind Donald Trump!"
KATIE HOPKINS on Turkey's migrant blackmail plan
GERMANY: Leaked Police document: more migrants means more crime!
15-year-old Muslims wage jihad on German cop
Cameron to pay Turkey £500m protection money to stem flow of migrants
A vote to remain is a vote for Turkey - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage
INDIA: Girl, 15, fights for life after being raped and set on fire
Women and 9-year-old boy sprayed with chemicals by East European robbers
70 London children are reported missing every day!
UK 'has highest prison population in Europe' (All that diversity!)
INDIA: Girl, 15, fights for life after being raped and set on fire!
Brothel madam used voodoo curses to force young girls to become sex slaves
Ex-Kids Company worker poked daughter in head with scissors after she love with wrong boy
GERMANY: 5 Merkel immigrants arrested for groping 12-year-old in swimming pool
The Queen 'backs Brexit?' (Not a traitor like her grandson then?)
Lord Lawson accuses Mark Carney of wanting a lucrative job with Goldman Sachs
Muslim rape gang victim: They shouted ‘Swedish whore’ and cut my breast with a razor blade
How Germany fell out of love with Angela Merkel
Farage blasts Turkey for ‘BLACKMAILING the EU!’
Trump on the brink of VICTORY after DESTROYING Republican presidential rivals again
Turkey deal ‘could bring hundreds of thousands MORE to Europe!’
ISIS fighters 'impregnate 30,000 women & girls' to expand terror army

Tuesday 8 March

Bernie Sanders - 'When you're white you don't know what it's like to be poor!" (Just shows how far removed from reality the Jewish elite is)
Increasing numbers of schoolchildren suffering from mental health issues!
Mental health statistics - England and Wales
Bank of England governor says EU helps UK economy (NWO is always impartial)
Dad hospitalised by Sharia patrol, wife/daughter threatened for being improperly dressed
YEMEN: ISIS slaughters defenceless nuns in CARE HOME!
FRANCE: Africans terrify French girls with replica guns
"MERKEL MUST GO!" Germans loudly protest their traitorous Chancellor!
South African farmer “thrown alive into crocodile pit!”
Muslims in Europe say they hate Europeans and want to kill them!
SWEDEN: Women warned not to go out alone at night after multiple sex attacks by foreigners!
Gerry Downing, key member of Socialist Fight, wins reinstatement to the Labour Party!
The rape of Europe 2016! German women arm themselves against Muslim rape threat!
USA: Black savage beat up 75-year-old woman then strangled her to death
Lord Boateng in paedo link quiz after detective 'axed from abuse probe'
Facebook, Zuckerberg and "hate speech"
Now EU wants asylum control: Brussels plots to tell us who can come and stay
Ban the Burka says UKIP's Paul Nuttal
End of ISIS? Dozens of jihadis killed as citizens FIGHT BACK against twisted terror group
Turkey FINALLY agrees to block migrants as EU bosses pledge BILLIONS more to country
Doctor suspended for revealing Muslim surgeon refused to take off hijab before operating
Muslims in Europe say they hate Europeans and want to kill them!
Muslim immigrants turn Germany into an active war-zone!
GERMANY: Immigrant sets fire to woman's hair!
Are you taking in a migrant, Yvette? A masterclass in political evasion
Man raped by Libyan soldiers stationed at military base suing the MoD
Pakistani lawyers behind huge surge in prosecutions for blasphemy - push for death penalty

Monday 7 March

Murder is Washington's foreign policy!
ISIS beheads boy for missing Friday prayers!
'Ridiculous' EU restrictions stopped life-saving cancer research!
Cameron blasted as business chief RESIGNS after backing anti-EU campaign
Chilling witch hunt against free speech that drove out pro-Brexit business chief John Longworth
David Cameron under fire as PM continues support for Turkey's EU membership bid
Pressure mounts on David Cameron to reveal TRUE EU migrant numbers!
Just 1-in-4 of Tory constituency party chairmen back Dave on EU referendum!
Slovakia will build wall and “never accept a single Muslim” says Prime Minister
German Government is now PROMOTING interracial sex! (Alien hordes on German girls)
GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES! Pork banned in cafes and schools to 'not offend refugees!'
Migrant sex attack swimming pool plans to segregate men and women! (Thanks, Merkel!)
FIVE DECADES OF EU FAILURE! Dossier finds 43 UK U-turns!
EU about to steal our coastline?
Ultra-nationalist People's Party does well in Slovakia
REFUGEES: Europe's most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks!
Bearded 'children' begging for money, refugee status in Sweden
French outrage as Hollande awards the Legion d'Honneur to Saudi Crown Prince!
First female Muslim Lord Mayor arrested! (Surprise! Surprise!)
Aide to Labour big shot Sadiq Khan said Lee Rigby's murder was faked!
Babur Karamat Raja tried to stab heavily pregnant lover, Natalie, to death
Somali sexually assaults child at train station - doesn't think he did anything wrong!
Bradford man arrested in connection to sexual assault of 8-year-old
End of the world tomorrow?
Social Justice Warriors p*** on your free speech - Lauren Southern attacked
Monetary crisis: "We're in the eye of the storm" says Rothschild
Twitter shuts down Anonymous accounts 'for harassing' ISIS jihadis!
Mandelson a "spiv?" Why aren't the Parliamentary authorities investigating his very dubious affairs?

Sunday 6 March

If you pay for something, you have a right to get it... unless it’s a state pension
Baby dies after mum turned away from maternity unit! - 'NO BEDS!'
Strict Muslim raped 4 women at knife-point to punish them for being on the street at night!
Teenager stabbed repeatedly at south London takeaway - Enriching diversity sought
LEITH: Faizan Ali charged with raping woman at knifepoint
No woman is safe in a cab! (With enriching #diversity in it)
Blair Charles mugged woman at knife-point then dragged her off street and raped her
Violent Arab gangs created climate of fear in Berlin
'Israel gave GOP Senator $1million tp shut down Iran deal!'
Baby dies after mum turned away from maternity unit! - 'NO BEDS!' Jeremy Corbyn deletes articles and speeches attacking the EU from his personal blog
Sadiq Khan's top adviser suspended for homophobic/racist/sexist tweets!

Saturday 5 March

GLOBAL financial crash 'months away': Bubbles burst every day, warns academic!
Pope says migrant crisis is an Arab invasion but insists it will make Europe better!
TALCUM POWDER 'IS linked to ovarian cancer!'
Call for crackdown on killer diet pills
Jewish Home Office Minister says we can't deport thousands of failed asylum seekers!
'Anyone but Trump' Jewish comedian Jack Black launches FURIOUS attack on 'horrible' politician!
Did they die so Cameron collude with a foreign country to blackmail Britain?
Higher death taxes will hit 2.5million families!
UKIP fury as business leader 'SUSPENDED' after backing Brexit!
UKIP row school banned pupils from voting for party in mock election saying it is 'RACIST!'
Jewish millionaire who drove off with a cop clinging to his Jaguar CLEARED of dangerous driving
Murderer's petty prison claims cost us £100,000 in legal fees!
Two women, one a mother pushing a pram, STABBED within 20 minutes in broad daylight
76-year-old woman robbed by black men at cash point - She had a stroke hours later
Black man sexually assaults 8-year-old as her mother pays at till
Pregnant woman stabbed in Sutton Coldfield town centre
66% of all robbery and knife crime in London by third worlders
HAMBURG: Serbians gang rape schoolgirl, 14, then leave her semi-naked on freezing street!
SWEDEN: Migrant attacks and conspiracy to hide the truth in Europe's "most liberal country"
Romanian yoga guru tried to have sex with 1,000 virgins
Did the Grim Sleeper kill 180 victims?
Businesswoman attacked three times by 'non-Austrians' during trip to Vienna
Why Israel wants Britain to stay firmly inside the EU
America is closer to another revolution than at any time in recent history
Robert F. Kennedy Jr - 'Pipeline War' is at the Roots of Syrian Crisis!
The most famous American journalist exposes the Zionist conspiracy
Professor says Jews were behind 9/11! (Keeps her job - she's black)
Corbyn wants prostitution legalised!
Osborne's profligacy makes Gordon Brown look like a miser
Attacks on guide dogs by other dogs are 'on the rise!'
Attempts to ban NPD faltering?

Friday 4 March

Crime in London: Look at what DIVERSITY has done for us!
Blair pledged education, education, education but after billions spent, our schools were worse
I was kept prisoner by sex gang predator, Abid Mohammed Saddique!
Convicted child rapist Tariq Javed 'may be heading to Pakistan!'
Dr Usman Ahmed: "Those f***ers in the Houses of Parliament should all be shot!"
How long before the EU Remain campaign suggests giant rats will invade?
EU referendum: Iain Duncan Smith 'troubled' by conduct of Cameron and co.
Millions enter UK 'without checks on their passport data!'
Iain Duncan Smith on how No10 is trying to bully Britain into staying in EU
Dutch find 30 suspected war criminals among last year's refugee wave
Romanian rapist deported from UK now allowed BACK!
GERMANY: 30-strong Afghan mob chase teenage girls through shopping mall
Did the Grim Sleeper kill 180 victims?
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its role in enforcing Islamic law
British imams offer support to killer
Snowden & Trump among record number of Nobel Peace Prize nominees
Hilary Clinton: the Jewish Lobby’s candidate
ISIS training orphans as next generation of Jihadis!
Tony crony humiliated in court again!
ISIS use 12-year-old girl to execute 5 women!
Pregnant woman's foreign lover married a German tourist when she was in labour
With a mother as mortifying as Madonna, no wonder Rocco doesn’t want to go home

Thursday 3 March

How Tony Blair made the NHS a black hole that wasted BILLIONS!
Tony Blair's deranged, messianic egotism laid bare the dangerous flaws in our democracy!
'Silent killer' sepsis hits 400 a day: Number leaps more than 50% in 5 years
Snowden and Trump among record number of Nobel Peace Prize nominees!
Black savage gets life for the murders of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington
Murdered teen’s memorial set on fire!
I was kept prisoner by sex gang predator, Abid Mohammed Saddique
Son of Rotherham child sex abuse paedo guilty of witness intimidation!
Migrant charged with raping a woman at Denmark's largest asylum centre
BRITISH thugs posing as migrants are attacking terrified lorry drivers in Calais!
Calais governor reveals British anarchists are fuelling violence in jungle camp!
British imams offer support to killer
Refugees buy 1-way tickets home - Germany intolerable! (So they never actually needed refuge?)
Turkey blocks NATO ships from tackling refugee-smuggler boats!
UN peacekeepers could be forced to register DNA amid child sexual abuse claims in Africa
BULLYFROG WARNING! We'll let migrants move to Dover if you quit EU!/a>
"IN" campaign chief accused of a 'scandalous abuse of data'
Top MoD mandarin breaks ranks by saying leaving the EU could HELP British manufacturers
Worse off outside EU? Ministers accused of pedalling 'ghoulish stories'
Labour MEP used allowance to fund trips to USA, pay ex-wife £10,000 and enrich parents!
ISIS raped eight-year-old Yazidi HUNDREDS of times!
Irish banker 'tortures cat leaving it with ripped out claws and dozens of broken bones'
'Send them back to Turkey' EU kicks out illegal immigrants!
Tory activist Elliott Johnson suffered 'inhuman and degrading' treatment from party workers
Street beggar packs up for the day and drives off in £50,000 Audi TT sports car!
Forget Trump... what's the U.S. done to deserve Hillary?

Wednesday 2 March

Trump romps home on Super Tuesday!
Paedo MP cover-up? Top cop removed from case after naming Paul Boateng as suspect
Terrorists, criminals, ISIS fighters flow into Europe hidden among migrants says top general
Merkel and co. to ban NDP because 'what it has warned of for years is now happening?'
The largely hidden truth of Hillary Clinton's key role in the Libya catastrophe
Hidden camera catches Imam saying divorced women who 'fornicate’ should be stoned to death
Danish Imam preaches death to infidels!
Pensions blow: Millions of office staff face working until they are 75!
Now former Chancellor, Norman Lamont, backs Brexit!
Afghanistan - a bloodier disgrace than Iraq
Blair's egotism added £7BILLION to your energy bills!
Presidential PM sidelined the Cabinet for his sofa circle
E-cigs contain a million times more cancer-causing chemicals than polluted air?
Former head of UN climate change panel is charged with sexual assault in India!
Teenage girls sexually assaulted by Afghan migrants at German waterpark
IMMIGRATION: Greece faces being 'sacrificed' to save the EU (Destroy the EU! Sacrifice Merkel!)
Britain's top civil servant denies dragging Prince William into the referendum
Labour MPs walk out of party meeting as Corbyn tries to enforce message discipline
Doctors urge schools to ban tackling in rugby (Wimps only wanted by NWO!)
President Assad promises a 'full amnesty' to rebels who lay down their arms
RAMZPAUL: Trump, David Duke, KKK and the ADL

Tuesday 1 March

Burka-clad nanny cut off the head of child, 4, and paraded it through Moscow streets!
The 'growing issue' of homeless people sleeping in bins
BLAIR: A man without morals!
Blair and the secret briefings that helped him bid for business
A 'useless, useless' £10million peace envoy: Blair slammed by Middle East leaders
He won't see a jail cell but Blair (and Iraq conspirators) should be barred from public life
How Cherie cashed in by acting for a 'war criminal'
'Let-them-all-in' PC volunteer in Calais Jungle pelted with ROCKS! Ha-ha!
The day the EU fell apart! Leaders rip chunks out of each other on worst day of migrant chaos!
Angela Merkel admits she has NO BACK-UP PLAN to end migrant crisis!
Top British medals will be made in FRANCE!
Could Peter Mandelson be any more offensive?
24 Tories 'broke General Election spending rules!'
The UK towns with the highest concentration of asylum seekers
Osborne plans triple tax raid on YOUR pension!
Black Judge blocks Indiana governor's attempt to stop refugees resettling in his state!
Islamic studies tutor who raped a pupil, 14, while teaching Koran jailed for 19 years
Female student punched 7 TIMES by 'olive skin, dark hair' thug raises £12k for rape victims
Shocking injuries inflicted by 'thrill-seeking'teen random attack
Irish Gipsy gang's robberies amassed £57million!
Dale Farm Kingpin faces jail over £57million rhino horn raids that 'dwarfed Hatton Garden'
Horror on Thai island idyll as tourists raped at knifepoint
The beggar who earns up to £500 a day despite NOT being homeless!
CIA secret weapon - Heart Attack Gun! Declassified 1975 report
Former CIA asset exposes 9/11 cover up!
Corbyn's student son head-butted outside a nightclub!
THE OSCARS - What a bunch of PC bores!
Political correctness is for idiots

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