Daily News: June 2017

Friday 30 June

For 15 years I led campaign to install more sprinklers - NO minister was interested!
Sami Salem murdered his wife and two children in John Lennon's former home
CHATHAM: Young woman murdered in car - 'Blood-soaked' murderer arrested
GYPSY FEUD: 20-year-old murdered at service station
Hit-and-run driver killed two young girls! He was let into UK despite violent crime convictions
Sabbir Sedoo killed his brother and two friends while racing on the M5 at 110mph
Teenager groomed and abused by 20 men he met online! Cops 'powerless' to prevent it?
Albanian drug dealers are now a major threat, say cops!
Notorious gang boss, 'The Shredder,' accidentally shot himself in the crotch!
Chief Constable suggests 'low risk' sex offenders should be let off with a caution?
Just one in 150 police officers is dedicated to covering online fraud!
MANHUNT: Suspects kidnapped/raped woman to teach her a lesson about dating black men!
Pope Francis offers support to Cardinal accused of historic sex offence charges
Lesbian 'made 15 false rape accusations in three years!' Allegedly
Hard-Left lesbian calls for second Brexit referendum - Gets booed on Question Time!
Prescriptions of antidepressants more than DOUBLE in a decade!
Hidden law history of the UK
Secular Paris cancels Christmas market! Diverse Paris celebrates Ramadan!
Mexican government sues Texas for trying to shut down sanctuary cities
Paris gets an app warning people if they are in a 'no-go' zone!
A naked dating show on C4? What next?
Germans now the MINORITY in Frankfurt!
480 billion plastic bottles sold last year = PLASTIC POLLUTION!

Thursday 29 June

Hate cleric (inspired Bataclan bomber?) uses human rights and legal aid to fight extradition!
Some brands of the pill UADRUPLE levels of synthetic hormones linked to breast cancer!
University student URINATED on 72-year-old woman drinking coffee in Pret A Manger
ONE of the Pope’s most senior aides charged with multiple sex offences!
Pregnant mum lost baby after Dr Bhaskar Bora fitted her with a coil!
Is our Defence Secretary REALLY threatening an airstrike on Russia? (SACK THE NUTJOB!)
‘Not everyone hates the Tories as much as you,’ Jon Snow!
C4 has a duty to be impartial. How can it employ Jon 'F*** the Tories' Snow?
Migrant mum gave child away because family would kill her if they knew she had sex before marriage! SWEDEN: African migrants sexually abused women and young girls Senator John McCain refuses to name foreign donors to his institute
ISIS! Sex slave was tricked into eating her own BABY?
French, German, Spanish voters want their OWN EU referendum
British mum arrested for abandoning her kids while she was wandering streets naked and drunk
Are children getting medical help just because they're SHY?
Beware yoga! It can leave you in agony
Tory MP had swastika posters stuck to her house and death threats on Twitter during election

Wednesday 28 June

LABOUR Brexiteer lambasts his own party for 'putting foreigners first over our own kind'!
Number of primary school kids referred for gender identity treatment has TREBLED!
ANTIFA is now calling for the MURDER of white children?
Councils 'could pay MILLIONS for Grenfell cladding after May refuses extra funding'
Fire brigade warned all London councils of tower block cladding weeks before Grenfell inferno!
Romanian crims can't be extradited! HUMAN RIGHTS says Romanian jail cells are too small
EU citizens will still be able to send child benefit home after we leave? (This is NOT Brexit!)
Philip Green sold BHS to dodge liability for pension scheme if firm went bust London Bridge terrorist got into Britain after claiming he was five years younger?
Black women smash plates into white woman's face in restaurant
C4 presenter Jon Snow says he can't remember shouting 'f*** the Tories' at Glastonbury
Black man whose death sparked riots had 'a number of packages' in his throat
US-led coalition bombs an ISIS prison in Syria killing 42 'civilian' prisoners and 15 jihadis
Ethnic minority mum 'feared being killed if family knew she had sex before marriage'
CNN admits the whole Russia thing is just ratings-driven!
Philip Green sold BHS to dodge liability for pension scheme if firm went bust
Israel's Agents - Hope not Hate
When ISIS carries out chemical attack, Assad will be blamed so US can impose regime change

Tuesday 27 June

23,000 suspects who pose terrorist threat probably "the tip of the iceberg!"
'Outrageous betrayal!' Free movement continues for 2 YEARS after Brexit!
VICTORY! US Supreme Court says Trump's 'Muslim' travel ban can go ahead!
LEICESTER: Adam Bent murdered in an unprovoked attack by Cameron Fields
SALFORD: Man arrested after a 4-year-old girl was raped
Nigerian fraudsters con the taxpayer out of more than £10m!
Pop mogul Jonathan King appears in court accused of sex attacks on nine teenage boys!
Every year thousands of new mothers suffer (avoidable) life-changing injuries
White House says Assad regime is preparing ANOTHER chemical weapons attack! (Bullsh*t!)
JAKE calls Brussels' demand that ECJ continue to rule on citizenship issues 'colonialism!'
Farage says UK is heading towards Brexit-lite deal
Headteachers sent out letters attacking Tory policies during election campaign!
9-year old girl begs her mother not to make her marry a 60-year-old man!
Record label drops band over its ‘Ugly Opinions’ on safe spaces, feminism and immigration
Woman, 59, stranded in Sri Lanka after marrying local, 26, and giving him all her cash (IDIOT)

Monday 26 June

60 tower blocks in 25 council areas fail cladding safety checks!
Labour's McDonnell claims Grenfell victims were MURDERED by political decisions!
US coalition airstrikes against ISIS killed 472 civilians in the last month!
The BBC spends £158,100 of licence payers' money on 'Common Purpose' training?
We'll kick out EU killers, says May: PM vows to deport worst (Big talk, little action)
BBC savaged over 'BIASED' Corbyn Glastonbury coverage!
Corbyn: 'I'll be PM within six months!'
Maxwell's son (£407million debtor) faces bankruptcy for a SECOND time!
Shami Chakrabarti: Jobs first - Immigration last! (F*** border controls)
Lee Rigby's killer 'Britain's most dangerous prisoner' after brainwashing fellow inmates
MANCHESTER: Woman raped and friend sexually assaulted by black men
Protesters clash with cops after Edir Da Costa dies days after 'brutal beating' following arrest
In God's name, how many more did he violate?
Jews against Zionism and Rothschilds
Thousands of anti-Zionist Jews protest worldwide against Israel

Sunday 25 June

More than 40 convicted terrorists have used human rights laws to remain in the UK!
£100million paedo/rapist prison programme INCREASED reoffending rates! Minister buried report
Chuka Umunna holds secret talks with Tory Remainers! Wants to force May into soft Brexit
'We need to draw the poison from Brexit?' Traitor Archbishop strikes again
How the British welfare system favours Muslims
We musn’t fall into the trap of accepting temporary membership of the European Economic Area
How mass Islamic immigration destroyed French culture in 50 years
Tory councillor in charge of Grenfell refurbishment flees £1.3m home after receiving threats
HITCHENS: Most of this dreadful violence has nothing to do with terrorism!
Immigrant strangled homeless Mark to death and tried to break into Palace. Now he's escaped
26-year-old James Brindley 'brutally' stabbed to death in West Midlands
Police arrest teenager after girl, 8, is raped in Manchester park
Terrorist arrested in Madrid 'said victims of Manchester bombing got what they deserved
Unpatriotic Farron slams Andrea Leadsom over call for `patriotic´ broadcasting
Prison officer smuggled drugs/porn into jail for toyboy murderer, Falak Alam 'British law is not good enough!' German MEP says UK can never sever ties to EU courts Labour MPs in desperate bid to BLOCK Treasury appointment of Jacob Rees-Mogg
CIA Director was part of the JFK assassination cover-up!
CORBYN shuns war heroes for Glastonbury love-in!
‘The next 007 should be gay,’ says top gay luvvie!

Saturday 24 June

Lessons on transgender life 'just confuse primary pupils' says education expert!
As government resettles Grenfell survivors in luxury flats, ‘Lion of London Bridge’ is homeless
Grenfell Tower was riddled with ASBESTOS! (How many Londoners affected?)
Ministers ignored 12 letters warning of high-rise blocks at risk of fire!
Who approved killer cladding? Experts say panels should NEVER have passed safety checks
'Ridiculous!' Resident reacts after evacuation from "unsafe" tower in London
Jewish MPs (Israeli/Australian) think many of Israel's Muslims could be sent to live down under!
EU admits most Africans entering Italy aren't refugees/asylum-seekers but illegal migrants!
Why not invite thousands more of these people into civilised society?
Chevaze McGregor bit, punched and stamped two-year-old stepson to death!
USA: 16-month-old baby girl dies 5 days after she was viciously beaten unconscious by her dad
Yvette Thomas lodged a £200,000 compensation claim against garage
Somali thug (won damages for botched deportation) jailed weeks later for assaulting woman!
Call for new inquest into man who died at Michael Barrymore's home
WILD ANIMALS! Migrant mob beat workmates SENSELESS in horror beach attack
Germany admits 75 percent of refugees will be on the dole for life!
Rome’s mayor adopts anti-migrant stance!
'We're more eurosceptic than the UK!' Dutch MP savages 'failing' European Union
Democratic official fired for saying 'I’m glad he (Steve Scalise) got shot!'
FBI says Scalise shooting 'spontaneous?' Gunman 'had no target in mind?' Motive was unclear?
Whistle-blower, Amber Lyon, says CNN works with dictators to control the news!
Diane Feinstein defends public universities shutting down free speech!
Black college professor calls white folks proud of their race 'inhuman!'
The coming civil war!
Vince Cable in SECRET talks with Tory MPs to water down Brexit!
Andrew Marr 'ingested various chemicals in punk clubs in the 1980s!'
The oh-so-posh public school of rock
2013: Israel grants oil rights INSIDE SYRIA to Murdoch, Rothschild, Cheney company!

Friday 23 June

78,800 foreign students have fled leaving us facing a £1.2 BILLION bill in unpaid student loans!
700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum - 1,200 more expected before Brexit!
Ex-CIA Station Chief warns ISIS' latest magazine instructs Jihadis to target SCHOOLS!
She thinks white men are a bigger terror threat than Islamic jihadis!
French Minister says terror threat can't be reduced! 690 ISIS soldiers coming home soon!
UK population explosion! 65.6 million now live here! Sharpest annual rise since 1947
Migrant numbers rocket! Britain’s population rose by 538,000 last year
Transgender man pregnant with second child says pregnancy is BETTER as a male!
The ‘hate preacher’ hypocrisy - Douglas Murray
Soros' 'pro-democracy charity banned in Russia for being a threat to state
Grenfell survivors will be housed in a £2bn luxury development?
Green building practices may have contributed to the Grenfell fire?
The Left has one more argument - Kill them!
Sophia wonders why THEY allow people to come here and bomb us! Gets suspended sentence
Five more men arrested as part of Rotherham sex abuse investigation!
BLACKBURN: Girl, 13, fights off "Asian" sex attacker - Do you know this pervert!
GP Balvinder Mehat arrested after 3-month-old boy circumcised without mother's consent!
Diversity: red in tooth and claw - Gang war on the streets of England
Women tear off niqabs and they brawl in Meadowhall centre
Vote-rigging Tower Hamlets mayor loses bid to overturn 5-year ban from standing for public office
Trucker killed at roadblock set up by Muslim immigrants in Calais
Mum-of-4 dies after using fat burner pills and anti-cellulite cream she bought over the web!
1,300 headteachers paid a £100,000 salary!
It's schools not Italian menus, that bar way to social mobilty
Israel's Air Force boasts: ‘Our power is unimaginable!’
Germany’s AfD dares to think America is ‘run by Zionists!’
Corbynista audience member on Question Time told to leave!

Thursday 22 June

'War on terror has left us at breaking point', warn police!
GERMANY: Most refugees will stay jobless for years!
‘We've no business being in Syria!’ – Former CIA Officer
Britain’s most hated man isn’t all that hateful!
KENYA: British woman falls from FIFTH floor balcony after row with rapper fiance!
Black man snatches white toddler from South African restaurant!
Black Prof calls White people "inhuman a**holes", says "Let them f**king die!"
Natalie Bollen and William Jelly killed Kelly Machin! String the savages up!
Megan Hoyle, 14, committed suicide because appeal judge cut sex attacker’s term!
Suspended sentence for wondering why some are allowed to come over here and bomb us!
Top Cop says investigations put on back-burner because of a lack of funds!
Paul Weston: Civil war in Europe: which side are you on?
Grenfell Tower victims FURY at 'opportunist' protesters for HIJACKING GRIEF
Day of Rage in London
Grenfell victims 'poisoned by cyanide released by deadly cladding!'
Finsbury Park 'terrorist' spent time in top-flight rehab clinic for drink and drugs
Germany’s AfD dares to think America is ‘run by Zionists!’
Are people getting away with MURDER on cruise ships? 200 passengers go missing since 2000!
BREXIT SABOTAGE! BLITZ of EU exit blocking plots from Lords, SNP and MPs
Breastfeeding reduces a mother's chances of heart disease and stroke by nearly 10 per cent!
Named and shamed, elite universities with second rate teaching
Amena Nazam-Khan banned from classrooms for life (Lured student with naked photos)
‘ISIS has conceded defeat in Mosul?’
The Saudi royal family has Jewish roots?

Wednesday 21 June

Grenfell Tower victims FURY at 'opportunist' protesters for HIJACKING GRIEF!
Finsbury Park 'terrorist' tried to kill himself 6 weeks ago and begged to be sectioned!
'Knifeman drives at children' at Kent ex-military barracks!
Son of van hire boss arrested for inciting racial hatred!
Nazi attacks Muslims with shoe horn! (Call out the SAS!)
Diane Abbott: We can't fight Islamist terror while far-right extremism exists in Britain!
Out-of-touch Eurocrats failing to tackle rising public anger across the continent
Labour is no longer the party of the working class, says polling guru
Ron Paul interviews Edward Snowden on the "Rise of the Deep State!"
Western women are being sacrificed by LIBERALS at the altar of mass migration!
Peter Crouch's former bodyguard murdered by machete-wielding thieves!
Woman gang raped in caravan at Kent nudist club
Fraudster made more than half a million pounds bringing 188 migrants into UK illegally!
Russian tycoon jailed over £4million fraud
Police attacked with bottles after teenager stabbed at party in Stamford Hill
Bogus landlord, Muhammad Mawji, stole £7,000 from potential tenants - NO JAIL!
Toddler Liam Fee murdered by lesbian mum and partner - Social worker struck off
GERMANY: Woman gang raped by asylum seekers who filmed brutal attack on her mobile phone!
ISIS fanatic jailed for slaughter of 130 in Paris sues politician who revealed details of life in prison
SWEDEN: Asylum-seekers kick 9-year-old girl in the head!
BRUSSELS: Would-be suicide bomber shot dead after threatening train passengers
‘Infidels should have throats cut,’ says ISIS refugee!
Muslim dad, who laughed as he mock-executed 5-year-old son, jailed!
A serial killer, not a robber, murdered Seth Rich!
Labour's mask slips on this 'Day of Rage!'
You can’t understand ISIS if you don’t know the history of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia
Leading Brexiteer accuses Chancellor of trying to undermine EU exit
'On and on and on!' IDS launches scathing attack on BBC's relentless 'Brexit bias'
Oh do put a sock in it, Lily! Why does Miss Allen pretend to be a journalist?

Tuesday 20 June

KATIE HOPKINS: Britain is at boiling point!
LITTLEJOHN: There is madness in the air - democracy is hanging by a thread!
MURDER: Ann Corbett and Zahid Zaman forced Jimmy Prout to eat one of his own TESTICLES!
Brother who never got over Scarlett's rape and murder in Goa took fatal overdose
Adam Chambers murdered by black men?
Rape in Covent Garden - Recognise the three men?
Sheila Hynes died after surgeon Asif Shah re-inserted heart valve the WRONG WAY!
'WAKE UP TO WAR!' ISIS supporters call for revenge for Finsbury Park attack
Doctor Oswald Wong jailed for lying on his CV to land £55,000-a-year job
Teacher ‘broke jaw’ of lesbian love who told mum their secret
SWEDEN: Asylum-seekers kick 9-year-old girl in the head!
‘Infidels should have throats cut.’ says ISIS refugee!
Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West
May vows to stamp out Islamophobia (Not Islamic terrorism?)
Theresa May has just TEN days to save her job!
US shoots down Syrian Air Force fighter!
22,000 nurses refuse mandatory vaccinations!
Government ministers were repeatedly warned about tower block fire risks since 2010!
Firefighters extinguished Grenfell fridge fire but went to leave not realising it had spread
4 government ministers were warned fire regulations weren't keeping people safe but did nothing
America is being attacked by George Soros who funds these 187 organisations
Parents of Otto Warmbier lash N. Korean regime as he dies 6 days after coming home in a coma
2015: First lesbian Bishop says crosses must be removed and Muslim prayer spaces installed!
The Great Evil
What the world rejected: Adolf Hitler's peace offers 1933-1939
If you want your children to survive - TEAMWORK!

Monday 19 June

Diane Abbott's double standards: Finsbury Park incident = "terrorism" - Westminster/Manchester/London Bridge terrorism = "incidents!"
America is being attacked by George Soros who funds these 187 organisations
Polish PM: Wave of terror acts in EU caused by irresponsible migration policy!
Does Brussels REALLY think we'll come crawling back?
‘Most violent Islamophobia!’ Muslim Council of Britain blast Finsbury Park 'terror attack'
Finsbury Park: Bystanders clash with cops after van mows down mosque worshippers!
Corbyn backer (blocks me on Twitter) hits out at BREXIT VOTERS over Grenfell Tower tragedy!
Grenfell Tower: Survivors 'sleep rough, given £10 a day and moved HUNDREDS of miles away!'
The Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous peoples of Europe
Swedish Expert on Islamophobia joins ISIS – Calls for attacks on Sweden
Israel gives secret aid to Syrian rebels!
‘Can we pee on his lawn?’ Washington Post reporter tweets Sheriff Clarke’s home address Labour's David Lammy says UK must stay in single market
Socialist militant groups planning 'day of rage' when Theresa May forms Government
Oh, I see Sicknote Sums is still Shadow Home Secretary?
Theresa May has just TEN days to save her job!

Sunday 18 June

13,000 applying for care jobs last year had a criminal history!
'Horror of institutional abuse' in BUPA care homes!
600 Eurocops carry out training exercise, in preparation for civil unrest/war
POLL: Europeans Want national governments, not EU, to decide migration policies!
Swedish police attacked by 100 masked migrant youths!
WILDERS: Let's stop the cowardice and tell the truth about Islam
Why was housing law not updated, wonders former housing minister?
GRENFELL: When all we get from government are empty words and inaction, rage is all we have
GRENFELL: Blogger threatened with legal action by council after raising safety concerns!
72 MPs voted down homes-fit-for-human-habitation amendment!
University warns foreign students not to defecate in the showers and dustbins!
Goldman Sachs (Golden Sacks) boss says 'hard Brexit' stance could cause PM to self-destruct?
WIGAN: 18-year-old murdered in sex attack
USA: Toddler pulls loaded gun from TOY BOX during child welfare check of mother's home

Saturday 17 June

Philip Hammond's plan for soft Brexit! (Chancellor goes full traitor!)
Julian Assange and the REAL cause of Europe's 'refugee' invasion!
WILDERS: Let's stop the cowardice and tell the truth about Islam!
Illegal immigration is out of control!
Hard-left activists blasted for ‘hijacking’ genuine outrage over Grenfell Tower tragedy!
Gavin Barwell, ex-housing minister, refuses to answer questions about Grenfell Tower
Muslim woman says Grenfell Tower fire is revenge for "London Bridge" etc.
Labour's Kensington MP was on housing scrutiny committee!
US banned cladding material used in Grenfell refit as it is too flammable? Theresa May accused of failing to show 'humanity' during Grenfell Tower visit
Interview with Andrew Goldman, Director of Rydon, responsible for Grenfell Tower
Bosses of company that installed Grenfell cladding put £2.5m into tax avoidance schemes!
Fake ‘nun’ who comforted Grenfell Tower victims is convicted fantasist
'Murderer! Coward! Shame on you!' Theresa May is jeered by furious crowd
'Because of saving money, people are DYING!' Furious Grenfell residents lash Andrea Leadsom
Fit out Grenfell Tower on the cheap = Tax avoidance, shoddy work, six-figure salaries
London fire chiefs even had to borrow ‘aerial platforms’ from Surrey
Jon Snow RIPS into Lily Allen as she says 'I didn't used to have money'
CNN wants Trump and his supporters assassinated?
Republican assassination list found on James Hodgkinson’s body!
Meddling IMF wades into EU talks
Top Brussels official rewarded despite acting for Juncker in Cameron’s ill-fated EU talks
Black knifeman arrested outside Parliament
Church of England chief backs 're-christenings' after sex changes!
How Fred the Shred couldn't give a damn (With his £342k-a-year pension)
DEEP STATE! 50-year-old recording explains why the world is going crazy

Friday 16 June

Fireproof cladding would have prevented Grenfell tragedy! It would have cost just £5,000 more!
Over 100 now feared dead in Grenfell Tower
'Faulty fridge' of Ethiopian taxi driver started Grenfell inferno!
Family escaped death at Grenfell Tower after mum flooded flat by running a bath
Inferno in East London residential block days after Grenfell Tower fire!
Labour’s McDonnell urges UPRISING to take down May! Wants a MILLION on the streets!
The Left's toxic hatred has gone too far!
150,000 illegal migrants ‘sneak in each year!’
Jihadi arrests in Europe nearly double in two years!
Primary school children banned from playing outdoors - Traveller dogs may attack them!
Oliver Stone: 'Israel meddled far more in US election than Russia!'
More asylum seekers going back to native countries for 'holidays!'
Buckinghamshire: Asian child sex gang plied schoolgirl with cannabis and heroin!
Van driver Lugman Aslam mows down 5 men in Leicester!
USA: Muslims rape 5-year-old girl - NO JAIL!
Liberal violence in America is becoming commonplace – Examples
According to Islam, all people in invaded lands become booty and prisoners of war!
British MEP berates 'blood-sucking' Brussels over wasted tax money
No deal may be the very BEST deal for Britain?
The slaves who helped make a Tory MP a millionaire
Police wish to ARREST Britain First leader Paul Golding!

Thursday 15 June

Ministers were warned again and again about the cladding that turned a tiny fire into hell
Grenfell Tower: Cosmetic cladding ‘acted as BELLOWS’ turned tower into inferno
How globalisation fuels terrorism and fundamentalism!
Pro-Brussels establishment stitch-up on Brexit is already under way!
'It will be a VERY soft Brexit' - UK will 'be governed by EU rules,' says US financier!
Government 'considering letting EU nationals bring non-EU spouses to UK post-Brexit?'
Nick Timothy says election guru Lynton Crosby cost Tories outright victory
The truth about the shooting of Congressman Scalise
The spectre of the Caliphate is haunting Europe!
America is under attack by George Soros who funds these 187 organisations
Global warming study cancelled because of ‘unprecedented’ ice
Farron claims to defend 'differing views' yet refuses to accept Brexit
May and Macron to pressure tech companies to do more "to remove extremist content!"
Tory MPs will "pull the pin on the hand grenade" if they think Theresa May is softening Brexit
US to sell £9.4 billion worth of jets to Qatar despite Trump's 'terrorist' claims!
'Your vote didn't MATTER!' Juncker says Poland/Hungary/Czechs must still take in refugees!
Cuts to cops guarding nuclear weapons could be ‘catastrophic’
ABU DHABI: Man disguised in a burka lures schoolboy from mosque to rape and murder him!
SWEDEN: Muslim rapes girl, 13 - Gets 40 hours comunity service!
SWEDEN: Muslim attacks passengers after woman asked to show ticket, accusing all of racism
Sex attacks at Swedish festivals have risen 1,000 percent!
West Indian woman caught with 27 pounds of cocaine hidden in her WHEELCHAIR
Andrew Marr eulogises Tony Blair (April 2003)

Wednesday 14 June

LONDON INFERNO: Residents' screams as huge fire engulfs 24-storey tower - many dead
West London: Latimer Road tower block ablaze! Fatalities certain
Theresa May's human rights pledge axed! PM forced to keep law terrorists use to avoid justice!
31,000 deadly attacks by Muslim terrorists since 9/11!
Douglas Murray: The Strange Death of Europe - Reviews
Only Brexit can save our values from an abyss!
Door still open if Brits give up on Brexit, says German finance minister!
With Conservatives like this! The election disaster
Israeli Colonel among ISIS forces in Iraq
Tory Brexiteers now owe the rest of us Leavers big style!
Traitor Cameron calls for deal with Labour on 'softer' approach to Brexit!
A soft Brexit means no Brexit!
Government could push through extreme internet regulation while we're distracted by politics!
Farage says Labour benefited from students voting TWICE at election!
Sweden: Leaked police report lists eight new No-Go Areas, now 23 in total!
Is Jared Kushner a Mossad asset?
1,800 Rabbis call on Israel to end occupation and create Palestinian state!/
Global credit crunch WARNING issued on debt bubble
Idiocy of handing £250,000 to a jihadi would be comical were it not so utterly grotesque!
Judge rules it would be 'unfair' to deport African sex offender who attacked 13-year-old
Jihadi Next Door who starred in C4 documentary with terrorist arrested over same attack!
Philip Carter 'pushed in front of moving tram' - Charrissa Brown-Wellington charged with murder
Police hunt sick thug who attacked blind OAP, 85
HUDDERSFIELD: 24 men and 2 women charged after young girls raped and sexually abused
GOA: Vikat Bhagat charged with raping and murdering Irish backpacker 'he was in love with'
USA: Black man chats up white girl, 12 - His white girlfriend attacks her
Student Otto Warmbier released by North Korea in a coma
Dismayed students take to Twitter to complain of 'impossible' A-level paper
Black inferiority: It’s far more than IQ

Tuesday 13 June

Tory Peer Warsi: Don't scrutinise Muslims! Tackle Islamophobia instead!
Tommy Robinson - UK government secretly housing radical jihadists on your streets!
The LGBT leaders who changed history
May to create new powers to regulate what is said and read on the internet?
'This is fiction!' Soft Brexit is 'UTTERLY MEANINGLESS', blasts political analyst
British charity sends 40 TONNES of flour to North Korea despite nuclear threats!
LONDON BRIDGE: Jihadi who cut young girl's throat screamed “This is for Allah!”
Thugs leave man, 50, fighting for life after attack outside National Gallery
School closed as boy threatens to stab girl! (She refused to send him x-rated photos of herself)
Groper cop, Chief inspector Mark Anastasi, sacked for second time
USA: Black man walks white, blonde girlfriend around on a dog leash!
Douglas Murray destroys Owen Jones after he walks off Sky News show on Orlando
Israel created ISIS?

Monday 12 June

Declassified documents prove US government knowingly armed ISIS!
‘The media coverage on Syria is the biggest media lie of our time!’
Gays Against Sharia march, (with Sikhs and Blacks) branded 'far right' by BBC!
Labour politicians got Muslim vote by saying Tories whip up hate and Islamophobia like UKIP?
Hannan: Young Brits vote for free stuff
Theresa May, terror and the language of Human Rights
Ontario law allows Government to take kids from parents who OPPOSE GENDER TRANSITION!
Red Ed, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna now want to cuddle up to Jezza? (Blairite hell!)
Bodybuilder cop, quits force and turns transgender!
Trump investigation into links with Russia should end - 'There is no evidence!’
Bernie Sanders doesn't think Christians are fit for public office?
"Robed man wearing sandals" (don't say 'Muslim!') arrested after shopping centre evacuated
12 injured (6 police) as Molotov cocktail thrown into a restaurant (What Paris voted for!)
New Labour MP is barred for life from city centre pub
BRAZIL: Teen caught stealing tattoed with 'I am a thief and a loser!'

Sunday 11 June

Britain's lesbian top cop uses London Bridge murders to trumpet diversity
ISIS 'sisters' will be Britain's next terror threat?
Piers Morgan grills Sadiq Khan over Jihadists in London
JACOB REES-MOGG: The election created no mandate for a watered down Brexit!
Scotland's lesbian Tory to torpedo a 'hard Brexit?' (Wants mass migration to continue)
The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon!
HITCHENS: Tories failed because they believe in nothing! Interested only in being in office
We relied on 'poxy little slogans' to attract the youth vote, says Tory minister
May's top advisers resign after being branded 'toxic' by former top spin doctor, Katy Perrior
Ruthless enforcers who thought they knew better than 'out-of-touch toffs'
HESELTINE: Kill off the false promise of Brexit or Corbyn will win! TRAITOR!
May's new Chief-of-Staff: Remainer who says Nigel Farage is a racist bigot!
What Theresa May's new chief of staff Gavin Barwell really thinks about Brexit
May's new chief of staff LOST HIS SEAT in election
'I can still be Prime Minister!' Labour's Corbyn reveals plot to oust Theresa May
Britain is sleepwalking into joining EU army?
Chakrabarti booed by QT audience after claiming Corbyn won the election
'Balanced my a***!' BBC slammed over 'BIASED' General Election coverage
Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them
For how much did we bail out the banks and how much do they still owe?
Soros admits responsibility for coup and mass murder in Ukraine!
Tel Aviv - Israelis carrying ISIS flags chant 'N***ers go home!'
Muslim apostate blows the whistle on Prophet Muhammad
Wall Street's role in the rise of Hitler and Communism
Bankers love Socialism! Professor Antony Sutton
Rabbi says kill non-Jews who refuse to follow Jewish laws

Saturday 10 June

Theresa May savaged by Tory MPs who say the 'buck stops at the top'
'People have been f***** over,' sneers left-wing crybaby who blocks me on Twitter
LITTLEJOHN: Mother Theresa has managed to make Corbyn look good!
May returns to kick off Brexit - 'but she's not here to stay'
OBORNE: The biggest losers are the Blairites blasted out of our political life
Cops reveal pictures of 12-in ceramic knife used in London Bridge attack
Moped gang 'stab man in his 20s in machete attack in Russell Square'
Man armed with knife 'holds job centre staff'
Black Profs called whiteness 'violent,' say 'diversity of opinion' is 'white supremacist bullshit!'
YEMEN: Death every hour as cholera epidemic spreads (Via Saudi Arabia and the wagtail West) The ‘humanitarian’ destruction of Libya!
Jews in Scotland pushing multiculturalism/immigration!

Friday 9 June

What kind of evil could stab this lovely girl to death? (The kind LibLabCon routinely panders to)
The only Saudi player with ANY sense of decency! (LibLabCon panders to Saudis as well)
Saudi Arabia's football team SNUBS a minute's silence for London Bridge terror victims!
Brother of London Bridge terrorist funded by police to fight extremism!
The 18 missed chances to apprehend the London Bridge killers
Theresa May's arrogance has put Brexit AT RISK!
Farage hints at return to frontline politics to secure Brexit
PM REFUSES TO QUIT? May punished for 'wooden' campaign and manifesto disaster
Knives out for Theresa: Humiliated PM is told to consider QUITTING
Alex Salmond is kicked out of Parliament! (Ha-ha!)
Nick Clegg loses his Sheffield Hallam seat (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
At least Trump would stop Muslim hate mobs marching the streets
Heart surgeon Mohamed Amrani convicted of molesting women is spared jail by female judge
Married police chief convicted of stalking colleague
Man armed with knife 'holds job centre staff' hostage
Black Professors say whiteness is 'violent' and 'diversity of opinion' is 'white supremacist bullshit!'

Thursday 8 June

SHOCK CCTV: Moment London Bridge terrorists are shot DEAD!
Cops arrest dozens for 'hate crimes' since London attack but can't afford to track Jihadis?
Sadiq Khan is a complete idiot!
WikiLeaks: Clinton, Obama, Soros overthrew Pope Benedict in Vatican coup?
CCTV in Muslim areas in Birmingham to be dismantled! (After Manchester/London attacks?)
May’s police cuts and weakness on Islamist extremism made Britain a dangerous place
Knife killer we couldn't have kept out! EU freedom of movement forced us to let him in!
Motorists forced to abandon cars during London Bridge terror attack given parking tickets!
London attack: Family pays tribute to 'beautiful daughter'
Trump’s approval ratings plummet as support among loyal base fades
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary could be free NEXT YEAR
Diane Abbott had privileges of grammar school/Cambridge. So why does she disdain Britain?
London Bridge killer trained children in gym just months before the massacre
Care homes used the disabled as slaves!
Iran says Saudi Arabia was behind Tehran parliament building attack
Bhadresh and Abhishek Shah laundered millions - Got bailed - What happened next?
Courtney Love blasts Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour

Wednesday 7 June

'The Government has been too tolerant!' Muslim leader demands immediate action on terror
Kirsty Boden died running towards danger to help other victims on London Bridge
'WE WILL RIOT!' Corbyn supporters threaten violence if Labour don't win election!
London attack: Met raises death toll to 8 after victim recovered from Thames
Clinic in Stockholm will no longer treat female rape victims - It will treat Muslim migrants instead!
Asian girls chanting the Quran knocked her down, kicked, punched and slashed her! Biased BBC? Newsnight’s Evan Davis says staff ignore angry viewer emails!
Intelligence blunders that left three jihadis free to kill!
Italians told our security services about the third London Bridge attacker!
No wonder THEY didn't want us to know who the London Bridge Butchers were!
London Bridge killer turned violent against Muslims he called 'traitors and spies'
London Bridge killer Khuram Butt 'arrested for attacking Islamic scholar - but let off'
'Sadiq Khan should fix the problem!’ Trump Jr backs his dad and blasts London Mayor
Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan, shared a platform with Borough Market attacker's 'close friend?'
‘Destroy EVERYTHING!’ President Duterte orders troops to ‘CRUSH’ ISIS!
CANADA: Knife-wielding woman wearing ISIS bandana tries to stab shop worker
ISIS fighters are being blindfolded and shot dead by vigilante mobs! (Hooray!)
GERMANY: Asylum-seeker shot by cops after stabbing 5-year-old to death
Jeremy Corbyn says he wants British terrorists to return to UK?
Tory grandee says UK must accept judicial oversight of Euro Court of Justice after Brexit!
Israeli paid Colombians to film violent child pornography — court
Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4trillion investment fund
Lib Dem says Muslim youth might rjoin ISIS because they’re bored or just want a wife
Londoners chant: “Donald Trump, we love you!”

Tuesday 6 June

Conman Blair's conspiracy to deceive and ship in 2million immigrants!
LONDON BRIDGE HERO - 'F**k you, I'm Millwall!'
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Tackle Islam or face civil war
Poland: Refusing to import Muslims only proven counter-terror method!
The Guardian view on Trump’s state visit to the UK: his invitation should be rescinded
Young, talented people who vanished amid the London Bridge carnage
LONDON BRIDGE: Pictures of Muslim savages and lovely woman they killed
Bombing Manchester was an act of war!
Inciting hatred is illegal (but not, apparently, if you're a Muslim)
Mass murderer kept Underground job even though he appeared in C4 extremist documentary!
LONDON BRIDGE MASSACRE: American bystander hit in the HEAD by cop's bullet
Mass murderer Khuram Butt grandstands - Second 'jihadi next door' killer in the C4 documentary Prosecutor NAZIR AFZAL says there's been far too much tolerance of extremism in this country!
Tears and vigils will not save us from terrorism!
Salman Abedi’s sister says he carried out Manchester attack in revenge for US airstrikes in Syria
ENEMY WITHIN: 23,000 potential jihadis HERE but authorities admit they can't monitor all
What is the truth about police numbers and the war on terror?
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Tackle Islam or face civil war
Poland: Refusing to import Muslims only proven counter-terror method!
Europeans should be allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves
Tony Blair's Muslim sister-in-law blames 'drug addicts' for terror attacks?
Clash of civilisations - Tools to win the war
Dr William Pierce: The New World Order (1997)
SWEDEN: “If it wasn’t Ramadan, I would have f**cked the sh*t out of you!”
DENMARK: Father “honor rapes” daughter’s boyfriend!
CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix
Police hunt 'fat' attacker after teenage girl sexually assaulted in Walmer
The Left is more anti-Trump than anti-Islamist!
Tim Farron calls on Theresa May to block Donald Trump's state visit to UK
'He's pathetic' Donald Trump hits out AGAIN at Sadiq Khan and demands 'extreme vetting'

Monday 5 June

The truth about the London Bridge attack!
MARCH: Saudi Arabia is spreading one of the worst forms of Islam - this is where it leads
'This is for my family, this is for Islam,' screamed Jihadi knifeman!
You’re right, Theresa. We can't go on like this. But dare you do what’s REALLY needed?
Ringleader of London Bridge terror attack appeared in a C4 documentary on jihadis last year!
‘It will only get worse!’ Donald Trump blasts Sadiq Khan
London Terror Attacks: We need to talk about Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia
May ignored warnings when she cut 20,000 cops! Suppressed report on Saudi funding
London Bridge terrorist thrown out of a mosque for saying voting in election was un-Islamic
Tories won't deport extremist thousands! Don't dare act tough as election in balance!
British officials eye burqa ban days after UKIP called for it!
Colonel Kemp blasts politically correct failure!
ISIS celebrates deaths of seven London Bridge victims with posts vowing more terror
Government 'lied' about police numbers before atrocity, ex-Chief Inspector says
Muslim groups 'undermining fight against terror', leading prosecutor warns
Forget the meaningless platitudes. There IS a way to beat this evil
Qatar supports terrorism but Saudi Arabia doesn't? That's a new one!
Guardian reporter, Lisa O’Carroll "They were stabbing people. The police were running away!"
Tory voter only got on BBC Question Time after he posed as a Left-wing train driver!

Sunday 4 June

Witnesses describe horror at London Bridge
Terrified Londoners flee as van ‘hits 15 to 20’ on street
London attack: Terrorists shot dead by police! (Christian/Buddhist/Hindu/Sikh alliance, perhaps?)
London Bridge: Police warn ‘It’s not safe!’ (No sh*t, Sherlock!)
East London: Police injured after 'people shot and stabbed!' ("Not terror related?")
'This is for Allah' gang mows down London Bridge crowd then stabs random pub-goers
ADAM BOULTON: May’s been rumbled by the voters and her party
Home Office may not publish terror funding report (Focuses on Saudi Arabia)
MOSUL: ISIS carries out mass execution of CIVILIANS!
2015: BOJO - 'Sharia law in the UK is absolutely unacceptable!' (No sh*t, Sherlock)
Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’ begs to be released from Syrian jail - He wants his mum!
‘Donald Trump is trying to ruin my life,’ wails poor Trump-head comedienne!
LIVERPOOL: Riot police surround EDL protest after violent clashes
Hillary Clinton 'KNOWS aliens exist' and 'would have outed truth if she became President?'

Saturday 3 June

Cops insist mass murderer of 36 was a 'white gambler' with a vendetta! ISIS says otherwise
Immigrant’s son, Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first gay Prime Minister? (Big time NWO p***-take)
Keighley/Bradford: 179 new sex crimes, 165 suspects, more than 100 young victims!
Victorino Chua poisons 21 patients, gets £779,000 in legal aid! All victims combined got less!
Romanian nurse suspended because his English was so bad
How the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq!
Erdo─čan supports al-Nusra and "other Islamist rebel groups!"
"Jews have a very long history of working with... Muslims in wars... against White Europeans!"
Fake Jews: Deceit and double-think in Britain’s hostile elite!
Abbott and Corbyn cheerleader Paul Mason sparks fury! Says May is RACIST!
Austrian court jails parents who took kids to live under ISIS
Teen chopped off own penis and stabbed mum during skunk-fuelled psychotic episode
Full list of 100 super-rich in £700million tax relief scheme
Arnold Schwarzenegger warning to Trump: 'The people will rise up!'

Friday 2 June

Keystone cops dancing at Brighton's Pride festival!
Mum-of-two beaten to death by ex-lover, Miklos Verebes! Cops freed him despite rape claims
Dr Sunil Idicula Simon told Charlotte Foster, 23, to go on a spa day - Now she's dead
Nanny Viktoria Tautz guilty of killing shaken baby
'King Cornwall' drugs gang sentenced
Long waits for surgery 'have tripled in four years'
Hundreds of Welsh children treated for sleep problems
News-Watch survey of BBC's Article 50 coverage shows deep anti-Brexit bias
'You are no eurosceptic Mr Farron!' Liberal Dem leader torn apart!
Iain Dale LAUGHS as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown loses it
Savages will die for raping a 10-year-old disabled boy in Kuwait - Hooray!
Top champ, Margaret Court, says 'tennis is full of lesbians!' (Transsexuals next!)
Piers Morgan brands Lily Allen a ‘deluded clown’ in furious online spat
Drugged-up Tiger

Thursday 1 June

Kind-hearted grandma took in a 'desperate refugee'... Guess what happened next
Islamists from across Europe moving to UK for freedom to practice radical Islam!
Fury at bias on BBC TV debate: TV chiefs under fire over 'most Left-wing audience ever!'
'Paid up Corbynistas!' Farage urges BBC to SACK chiefs for biased debate audience
Labour's blueprint for even MORE migration!
Corbyn blasted for refusal to cut immigration during TV debate!
Corbyn's pro-migration zeal is clear. No wonder Labour wanted to keep it under wraps
By invoking the Nazis and spewing hate, Remoaners are sinking into the gutter
Sri Lankan immigrant to Australia tried to storm cockpit of Malaysia Airlines plane
Senator Richard Black tells the truth about Libya and Syria
What Did Senator Richard Black Learn In Syria?
Senator Richard Black visits Syria and tells the truth
Syria: Breaking the propaganda war with Senator Richard Black
Theresa May could lose the General Election
'She's a vote loser!' Farage savages May's manifesto 'disaster!'
Lib Dem candidate brands Brexiters as ‘f***wits!’
PAKISTAN: Woman sentenced to death for adultery after SHE was raped at gunpoint by cousin
Race-faker Rachel Dolezal is DUMPED from the Baltimore Book Festival

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