Daily News: June 2016

Thursday 30 June

How Boris was done in by a “cuckoo in the nest” plot!
Sadiq Khan names Rajesh Agrawal deputy mayor! Subtlety, thy name is Khan!
Bradford rapper threatens to gang rape Nigel Farage’s daughter!
Don't blame Corbyn for Labour voters backing Brexit. Blair & co betrayed them on migration
Telegraph journalist asks readers to consider killing Nigel Farage!
"It's time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses!"
Brexit will BREAK UP the EU and MUST BE STOPPED! Billionaire Jew issues his orders!
With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations - Watch with Audio below
Brexit Aftermath - Here’s what will happen next
Everyone hates the elites. Even the elites
Repression and Terror – how the ‘political elite’are set to get it all wrong yet again
Tommy Robinson gets travel ban for OPPOSING THE ISLAMIC STATE
Jew who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years
Brexit and what it means for subsequent strategies against the New World Order
The Open Gates video
Sir Philip Green accused of ‘nicking money’ in BHS sale storm
Taxi drivers taunted after Brexit vote!
Trump, Brexit, ISIS and the Unmistakable Stench of the 1930s
MP Pat Glass to stand down after 'bruising' EU campaign
What Brexit reveals about rising populism Serial sex attacker chases woman through train station
Corbyn won’t step down because he wants to DESTROY Labour?
Now the EU wants to ‘DEEPEN’ its ties with Turkey!
Immigrant-fondler, Nicky Morgan, wants to be our PM - Terrific or traitor?
Labour MPs want a lesbian leader! Eagle preferred to Red Jezza
Still sneering at Britain: Juncker the boozy bully sums up all that's rotten about EU
Brexit is a beacon of hope for all Europe
Remain supporters say they are 'grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment!'
Butter is NOT bad and doesn't raise the risk of heart disease, major study claims
Hamid Mahmood robbed and stabbed Peter Cottrell, 68

Wednesday 29 June

Telegraph journalist asks reaers to consider killing Nigel Farage!
Trump praises Brexit & calls on Americans to emulate Britain by taking 'back their future’
Swop Jezza for a lesbian? Yep, That work up North
Cameron and Farage tell EU: Brexit vote is ALL your fault after ignoring migrant fears
'Britons got the first shot in' Marine Le Pen calls for EVERY EU state to hold referendum
Merkel's worst nightmare! Germany calls for Referendum as people want to be free of EU
Blair's deceit on Iraqi weapons, by UN inspector: Hans Blix
Poland Leaks French-German Plan for EU Superstate Amid Brexit Chaos
The battle for democracy starts here
Al Qaeda urges lone wolves to target whites, to avoid 'hate crime' label
Cameron tells the EU it was YOUR immigration policy that led to Brexit
REMAIN sneerer, Anna Soubry, is accused of being DRUNK by fellow MP
The MEPs clucked like a barn full of free-range hens
Stop sulking, George Osborne, and talk Britain up
England flops slink home, distracted by dodgy hair, lucrative deals and pouting WAGS
Failed social work chiefs could be named and shamed
The two missed chances to stop Alice's killer
Twins stabbed mum to death and injured dad/brother when they tried to stop them joining ISIS
Kardashian calls herself a feminist yet colludes with Kanye turning women into pieces of meat
EU judges rule prosecutors violated human rights of killer paedos because the trial took so long
Bus driver assaulted by black thugs over 70 PENCE
At least 36 people killed and 147 wounded in 'ISIS' suicide attack on Turkish airport
'How dare you!' Andrew Castle's stunning rant at Brussels bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker

Tuesday 28 June

Muslims have the right to kill anyone who disrespects Islam!
Poland leaks French-German plan for EU superstate amid Brexit chaos! LITTLEJOHN: What part of 'Leave' don't these MPs understand?
So it WAS Project Fear: Ex-Bank of England governor Mervyn King accuses BOTH sides
Brexit: Traitor Hunt opens door for second EU referendum as Cameron travels to Brussels!
Farage accuses Cameron and Boris of 'backsliding' on Brexit
Scotland CAN'T veto Brexit, admits Alex Salmond despite Sturgeon's threat
The EU will treat Brexit Britain like Greece
Eight Tories fight to be PM
Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the ‘most effective’ weapon at America’s disposal against terrorism is ‘love’
Congressman: Only Politicians need firearms for protection
Brexit caused by EU problems being ‘swept under carpet’: Polish PM
Did UK govt spend £10million keeping Jack Straw and MI6 chief out of court over rendition?
Muslims attack Danish students
England got what they deserved for appointing safe-choice Roy Hodgson!
'You just don't get it! You have to go!': Corbyn savaged by his own MPs
Why did they let Alice's killer into Britain?
Neglected children can stay with travellers 'in spirit of diversity!'

Monday 27 June

Israel owns #LibLabCon! With #Brexit, Israel loses a major asset in the European Union!
GERMANY: First-person testimonial from a former refugee volunteer
The architects of Project Fear must pay for their shameful lies
92% of Leave voters happy we're leaving, 4% of Remain voters likewise
Lib Dems will fight the next general election with a pledge to take Britain back into the EU
BOUGHT UK! With Brexit, Israel loses a major asset in the European Union!
Another Sexual Assault Gets Refugees Banned From Pools In Austria
Is Merkel to Blame for Brexit - Der Spiegel
Merkel’s chief of staff says London should be allowed a Brexit rethink
Labour crisis: Jeremy Corbyn sees 32 shadow ministers quit
Sturgeon in SHOCK EU THREAT: Scotland could BLOCK UK's exit from EU
Bitter losers from all parties gang up to try to overturn referendum result!
OSBORNE: UK in a position of strength!
'I will make Brexit work' - Osborne seeks to reassure markets
Head of the UN's IMF, Christine Lagarde, faces charges for embezzlement
Brexit is good news says President of Iceland
Dash to seal Brexit amid plot to BLOCK it
NHS trust rehires bosses AFTER giving them a £1MILLION pay-off
Labour in CHAOS: 17 MPs resign but Corbyn STILL refuses to step down
'Suck it up' Katie Hopkins SLAMS 'liberal whining' after Brexit vote
It's all your fault, Juncker!
Arrogant effrontery of those wailing for a second referendum
Project Fear? Business Secretary backtracks on claims Brexit will cause loss of 500,000 jobs
Brexit will make Britain great again, insists Trump Left-wingers stab 'neo-Nazis' at rally - ten hurt and two life-threatening injuries
I'm now quite excited about Brexit, tweets Lily Allen

Sunday 26 June

Sturgeon threatens to veto Brexit!
Lib Dems will fight next general election with a pledge to take Britain back into the EU?
Clement Freud could be the new Savile: Many more victims of alleged paedo MP come forward
TREASON! Black MP says parliament should ignore the referendum result!
Hello, world. Britain has dared to dream!
Boston, Lincolngrad: I saw the seething resentment - Time now to finish the revolution
Black MP accused of 'haughty disregard' after calling for Parliament to DEFY Brexit vote
Epicentre of the Euro Earthquake - the 'neglected' North East
‘Britain’s economy will be stronger after Brexit’, says Digby Jones
Dumbed-down, drugged up whiners - the stupid youth of Britain
'A very British apocalypse': Leave campaigner lists reasons to be cheerful after Brexit
Could it be FREXIT next? Crisis talks after Marine Le Pen calls for a referendum
GERMANS ON BREXIT: 'We saw Brits as ludicrous outsiders - we should have listened'
Brexit hits the West's establishment below the belt
Corbyn facing full-blown Labour coup
Drug-fuelled intruder held me captive, says terrified mother but police let him leave in a TAXI!
Meredith Kercher's convicted killer is FREED from prison for 36 hours
German woman raped in flower bed by asylum seekers who were 'having a bad day'

Saturday 25 June

This is the most tumultuous event of modern times, a people's revolt against the elite!
A popular revolution against a bankrupt political class
Russia says Brexit opens door for new UK relations but US blasts vote as 'Putin's victory'
PUTIN: People do not understand how potentially dangerous the situation really is
Trump praises 'brave and brilliant' Brexit vote: ‘They took back control of their country’
'President Sadiq!' Thousands call on Khan to declare London's independence and join EU!
'Last nail in coffin was EU's unfettered immigration policies'
Bonfire of the EU laws! Hurrah!
What apocalypse? How British shares bounced back
Londoners (non-native?) call for capital to break away from the rest of Britain following Brexit vote
Michael Jackson’s paedophile dungeon
Jeremy Corbyn is a coward who betrayed his own people
Samuel Kayode 'stole £4million from a chain of top academies
Brazil Jews sue media outlet for article blaming ‘Zionists’ for president’s ouster
From Hurley to Izzard, Caine to Geldof, winners and losers (oh, joy) of the referendum

Friday 24 June

The BBC 'ignores and despises' millions of Britons
INDEPENDENCE DAY! Farage calls for national holiday in honour of Brexit!
The UK has taken back their country: Trump congratulates UK over 'great' Brexit vote
'Brexit is proof that Trump will be the next president'

'Europe will fall very soon': Now even MEPs say EU will CRUMBLE within five years
Traitorous luvvie airheads react to Brexit! Remember them
Wee Jimmy Crankie impostor calls for independence referendum for Scotland
Cameron to STEP DOWN (Take your traitorous pals with you Dave)
Sour, Tory pickled onion woman says we've made a 'very, very bad mistake!'
Cops question a UKIP supporter who offered voters a PEN
Two Bernard Kennies? (Bernard was the pensioner who tried to save Jo Cox) Albanians reveal EU dream of new life in UK and bid to become Britons
Smartly dressed thieves caught on CCTV stealing a pensioner's purse

Thursday 23 June

Dozens TURNED AWAY from voting in EU referendum because of registration ERROR
Police called as woman hands PEN to EU referendum voters as rigging fears sparks #Usepens
This Archbishop of Canterbury is a patriot! George Carey is voting Brexit!
Fury as EU creates £5.8 BILLION slush fund for Africa/Balkans/Mid East building projects!
BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Poll puts Leave SEVEN POINTS ahead of Remain!
Leading Islamic association calls on Britain’s Muslims to vote to REMAIN in EU!
British voters feel 'bullied' by Remain campaign in the EU referendum
Day of truth as FOUR Remain lies are exploded!
Nailed, the four big EU lies!
What a cynical exercise in hiding the truth! (Cameron's Turkey's EU membership claim)
GEORGE MacDONALD FRASER: The Betrayal of Britain!
KATIE HOPKINS: Be brave and vote 'Leave' to get Great Britain back!
Brexit could RESCUE the EU, not destroy it
Mohammed family fiddled elderly out of £1m in calls con
Orlando shooter Omar Mateen massacred victims at night club because 'gay lover had HIV!'
TENNIS TERROR FEARS ‘More security than ever before’ at Wimbledon
MEP Daniel Hannan explains why Britain has to vote Leave
France would LEAVE the ‘sad’ EU if it had a referendum!
Tory MP slams Cameron's ‘undignified’ referendum tactics
"Comedian" Robert Webb lambasts Leave voters as 'thick people!'
French patriots have had enough!
Alastair Campbell blasted for 'callous' remarks about Farage's withdrawal from TV debate

Wednesday 22 June
Anjem Choudary BACKS REMAIN because EU ‘stops unfair deportations!’
Who legend Roger Daltrey: Why I'm voting 'Leave' in the EU Referendum!
Child cruelty and neglect cases up 75%!
'It is NOT democracy' PM's former adviser continues to hammer him over immigration
The Queen: "Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe!"
François Asselineau anticipated Jo Cox killing week before she was killed
Will Straw, REMAIN campaign director, tells activists to use Jo Cox's death to bring down Brexit
Our last chance to escape from the disaster movie unfolding across Europe
VIOLENT RIOTS as MERKEL visits Athens!
Once I'd have voted Remain. Now I'd rather burn my ballot paper than back bullies/scaremongers
What Peter Hitchens said about the EU in 2004
Principal and staff at flagship school in Bradford treated public money as their own!
Mayor, mayoress and cops attend Ely Muslim Association’s Fasting Feast to mark Ramadan?
'Make Thursday our Independence Day!' Boris Johnson issues rallying cry for Brexit
If you believe in Britain, vote Leave! Don't vote lies, greedy elites and a divided Europe
Undecided? 20 reasons why you should choose to leave
Turks say 'Cameron's our no 1 backer!' he's lying when he says they won't join EU until 3000
Judge Mary Hogg has 'blood on her hands
Mac says Brexit!
Terrifying moment British tourists were confronted by rioting Calais migrants
Brexit would be act of 'self-harm' says Juncker
Shock £29bn migrants bill for Britain's crammed schools
Majority of voters want Brexit despite shift in Remain support
FARAGE: 'When you challenge the establishment they go after you'
Don’t trust Cameron to curb immigration - Vote Leave!
Philip Hammond brands SAS hero 'bonkers fantasist'
Lady Shifty told to give details of tax haven firms
Everton striker Marcus Bent pleads guilty to cocaine possession

Tuesday 21 June

Was Sayeeda Warsi ever a member of the Leave team?
12 million Turks - And you want to remain?
Lies told to Norway before they rejected EU membership
The Brexit vote will be rigged
Former head of the S.A.S. says we must VOTE LEAVE!
SOROS! The fat cat who made a billion out of us on Black Wednesday wants us to REMAIN!
An exciting world is waiting outside the EU
Staying in the EU will be CATASTROPHIC for state and private pensions, expert warns
Brexit campaigner 'called a Nazi and attacked' while out leafleting in London
US election: Arrested Briton 'wanted to shoot Donald Trump'
CALAIS AT WAR: Port road SHUT as migrants chanting 'f*** the UK' hurl rocks at British cars
Jeremy Corbyn helped secure bail for conman stealing £1million from elderly to FUND ISIS
The Truth About #Brexit

Monday 20 June

The truth about the late Jo Cox and her husband (LibLabCon and Remain won't tell you)
The selective compassion of Jo Cox
The Remain camp's campaign to make Jo Cox their own private martyr is beneath contempt
Jo's murder and the scandal of the way we care for the mentally ill
Tory minister claims Remain spinning Jo Cox death to win referendum
Ex-BNP man to fight Labour in Jo Cox by-election to 'stop the left milking her death'
UK has half as many hospital beds per patient as France and Germany
12 million Turks - And you want to remain? New EU tax raid on Britain: Staying in could cost each household another £2,600
Boris: Remain win would spark orgy of backslapping and Champagne guzzling in Brussels
Julian Assange backs Vote Leave and blasts ‘undemocratic’ European Union
ECSTASY: Pair arrested after 3 girls, 12, hospitalised after taking 'Teddy Tablets'
'There is NO uncontrolled immigration' Corbyn defends EU
Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU
'You're a 21st Century Neville Chamberlain!' Cameron mocked for appeasing EU leaders
Migration - the issue that just won't go away
Dave on rack! PM fails three times to say he will veto Turkey's entry to EU
Ex-Tory chairwoman Baroness Warsi 'quits' Leave campaign (No great loss)
Was Sayeeda Warsi ever a member of the Leave team?
Oh, look! Jewish professor impregnates 22 women!

Sunday 19 June

MPs ignore petition signed by more than 230,000 calling for end of government's 0.7% foreign aid
EU Empire about to fail. On Thursday we can protect Britain from the chaos of its death throes
HITCHENS: There's a faint chance we may get our nation back one day
HITCHENS: The British people have risen at last - and we're about to unleash chaos
Now even Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control!'
Disgraced MP Denis MacShane tells French TV: ‘Climate of hate when it comes to Europe'
EU REFERENDUM: Jacob Rees Mogg MP Speaks on Brexit
What's the point of the police if they're scared of the dark
Lefties are spot on, their precious BBC IS at risk... it may have to lose its bias
UK must 'do more for refugees' says former Archbishop - NO. We need to do more for our own
Don’t use the killing of Jo Cox as a political tool in the EU referendum debate
Cameron's SECRET battleplan to stay in Number 10
PANICKED Brussels chiefs plead for Egypt talks after migrants find NEW route into Europe
'We shall not take anyone in' HUNGARY tells EU it's FULL and it doesn't 'NEED' immigration
Brexit: Why should Britain leave the EU? Recap of key Brexit arguments
OJ Simpson's agent claims he made murder confession and admitted to murdering Nicole Brown
God is gay! Says our lesbian Poet Laureate!
My childhood journals of lost innocence at the hands of Clement Freud
Paedophile Clement Freud drank in same Portuguese pub as one-time Maddie suspect

Saturday 18 June

EU Referendum - Frank Field, MP, speaks!
Brothers of Jo Cox Killing Suspect Speak Out: 'Never Expressed Any Racist Views'
Cox Witness Says No One Shouted Britain First
Project Grief: Remain’s dirty politicking has hit an all-time low
Orlando Police Chief: “Victims May Have Been Killed By SWAT”
Field Marshal Lord Guthrie: Why I now back the Leave campaign
Former CIA officer: Stop calling Islam the religion of peace!
Young Europhiles need to stop patronising their elders – we know the EU far better than you
The dishonesty of Islam?
Uncontrolled immigration DOES put strains on British public services, admits Brussels boss!
Cops probe MP killer's mental care - Loner sought help from counsellor day before attack
Brave hero, 77, who was stabbed in the abdomen as he tried to save MP Jo Cox
Kosovan immigrant held over killing of elderly British couple
Another gang of "Asian origin" jailed for child abuse
Labour MP’s anger as Jo Cox murder used for political capital in EU referendum debate
‘EU referendum? Putin says it's none of his business
UK Charity SLAMS EU for ‘putting profits before lives’
Next 'Russian Government Cyber Attack' May Be A Gulf of Tonkin Fake
West Yorkshire Police said Thomas Mair, of Birstall, has been charged with murder
Watch the shocking moment Radiohead fans are attacked in Istanbul

Friday 17 June

Now even one of Labour’s top team wants Out of the EU in a fresh blow to Remain campaign
Labour MP Neil Coyle criticised for trying to 'politicise' murder of Jo Cox
Vote Remain exploits Jo Cox murder
Goodbye Dave? Bookmakers slash odds on Cameron quitting within the next TWO WEEKS
Yet MORE Tory donors condemn Cameron for BULLYING’ and THREATENING EU campaign
Juncker BEGS Putin to open talks over EU’s ‘troubled’ relationship with Russia
Muslim student president claims Islamic youngsters join ISIS because of Government cuts
Britain received equivalent of 111 asylum applications in the first 3 months of this year
Remaining in EU will create a MASSIVE housing crisis, new figures reveal
Pakistan government's Islamic advisor defends the right to beat woman for refusing sex
Brothers of Jo Cox Killing Suspect Speak Out: 'Never Expressed Any Racist Views'
Cox witness says no one shouted 'Britain First!'
Our former Goldman Sachs factotum Bank chief who can't stop scaremongering
Jealous husband Abdirashid Khadar stabbed wife to death with three knives
Brian Trevelyan, aged 54, was attacked by 15-20 yobs on the cycle home
Fraud doctor is told to repay £75,000 or face two years in jail
Orlando gunman's widow 'TEXTED shooter during Pulse nightclub massacre
Corbyn insists immigration isn't a problem but one of his most senior MPs declares for Brexit

Thursday 16 June

LIVE HATE! Bob Geldof and the ugly side of the REMAIN campaign
Germany’s largest bank says we will outperform EU rivals after Brexit!
REMAIN campaign put women at the back!
Sir Philip Green must be held to account, says union boss
Migrant crisis has left half of Germans 'feeling like STRANGERS in their own country!'
Switzerland WITHDRAWS its application to join the EU just a week before British vote
'Real risk is STAYING IN' Question Time audience member's passionate Brexit speech
More PROOF of EU shambles: Now Croatian government risks COLLAPSE!
We're voting to LEAVE the EU: The 'backbone of Britain' on why we should vote OUT
Alex Salmond says Osborne's political career is OVER
Inept EU plans ENCOURAGE more migrants to come to the bloc, furious coastguard reveals
Cameron’s Remain campaign is ‘becoming HYSTERICAL’ says PM’s former aide
Lib Dems are the sleazy party: Long list of Freud's political colleagues were sexual predators!
Horrors of migrant camps: Women regularly raped and children forced into drug dealing
Cameron urged to reveal full details of 'secretive Turkey EU negotiations'
Support for Remain wanes north of the border!
PR mogul Matthew Freud cancels tonight's after his dad Clement exposed as a paedo!
Sir Shifty the truculent billionaire is skewered
Squirming Green's wife controls secretive off-shore accounts - She must be interrogated by MPs
20 years after the death of Leah Betts, ecstasy is back and more dangerous than ever
Patients 'at risk of harm' following inspection in wake of the 111 revelations
Osborne points gun at the economy and says he'll fire unless Britain votes to REMAIN
Cameron could scarcely have made a bigger hash of the EU vote if he'd tried

Wednesday 15 June

Women say they were abused by Jewish politician Sir Clement Freud when they were children!
Clement Freud - child abuser: Former Liberal MP molested girls as young as 10
FREUDIAN SECRETS: Did wife (at 47 seduced boy of 16) turn blind eye to Clement's depravity?
Sir Shifty grilled today! Lady Shifty, tax exile who trousered hundreds of BHS millions
My regrets, by man who helped to make Sir Shifty a knight
Sir cover-up must be investigated for corrupting Whitehall's neutrality
Sir Cover-Up 'blocks questions on the EU': Cabinet Secretary accused of 'contempt'
Gay Muslim assassin spared Blacks, killed Whites
The Orlando terror and the dark side of diversity
Immigration could overwhelm Britain, says pro-Brexit minister
TRUMP: Obama was more angry at me than the shooter!
37 millions bees found dead in Ontario, Canada after planting large GMO corn field!
‘Furious David Cameron set to SACK Theresa May for REFUSING to campaign to stay in the EU’
‘EU migrants put me out of business’, blasts boss who now ONLY employs English workers
Ealing bank insider Mandeep Kalsi's gang stole £400k+ from wealthy customers
Hungarian government: This not a refugee crisis: it's a mass migration!
"Patriotic" sing-along by WI members likened to UKIP rally
Orlando killer's wife KNEW about his plans!
Hate preacher who called for gays to be executed and lectured in Orlando before nightclub massacre flees Australia
Why won’t the Left admit the truth about Islam? It hates everything they love
Labour's head in the sand on immigration
Six laws to take back power from the EU including immigration control bill
Goldman Sachs banker 'paid £425 for prostitute!
2006: 'The Chosen': Getting In

Tuesday 14 June

Jonas Ogechi punched an OAP. 79, because he was 'fed up' of his repeated toilet trips!
Bank of Terror fraudster, Abdulaziz Ahmed, admits plot to steal £1m from pensioners to support ISIS!
Luton councillor ‘falsified document to trick trading standards!’
< Brexit poll boost as migration fears grow: Out camp takes seven-point lead
EU CHAOS: Merkel ready to CAVE IN and GRANT Turkey visa-free travel, says ambassador!
Proof we CAN'T stop migrants: Five million new EU citizens given right to enter Britain
10 reasons why choosing Brexit on June 23 is a vote for a stronger, better Britain
FRANK FIELD: (UK's most honourable politicians) British politics set for biggest shakeup ever
It's not just the plot to let in 1.5 million Turks... Ten bombshells the EU's keeping secret
Attacker who pledged allegiance to ISIS murdered top cops and wife at home near Paris
'He laughed as he shot us!'
Orlando gunman 'cheered the terrorists on 9/11!'
ORLANDO: Trump says Hillary's 'like a maniac' for avoiding mention of Islamic terrorism!
Wikileaks will publish ‘enough evidence’ to indict Hillary Clinton, warns Assange
Christians forced to hide their faith from 'abusive' Muslim refugees
It would be ‘SUICIDE’ for the EU to stop trading with Britain, businessman warns Brussels
UK exit would cause 'BIG problems' for GERMAN banks! (Without UK cash cow? Who knew>)
Donald Trump vows to suspend immigration from ANY country with links to terror
Wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen WARNED police he plotted Disney World attack
Migrants coming to UK just for NHS 'are stealing' Angry LBC caller backs Farage
PC found guilty of gross misconduct after wearing ‘I love weed’ woolly hat on patrol
'How EU officials are spending YOUR cash'
QATAR: Woman found guilty of having sex outside marriage after 'she was raped!'
Gordon Brown in bed with Brussels: Ex-PM meets Juncker
AUSTRALIA: Muslim Grave Smasher: No “Hate Charges”
Israel's 2-year jail term for Jews who don’t choose approved rabbis to conduct weddings

Monday 13 June

91% of Germans don't want immigration!
Birth of superstate: Frederick Forsyth on how UNELECTED Brussels bureaucrats SEIZED power
Farage attacks BBC and police for 'conspiracy of silence over Syrian sex assault case'
End of EU rule FINALLY in sight: Leave camp take 19-POINT lead as Britons flock to Brexit!
Birth of superstate: Frederick Forsyth on how UNELECTED Brussels bureaucrats SEIZED power
Brother-in-law of nightclub jihadist hates Donald Trump and 'works with refugees!'
Banking heiress Hannah Rothschild now chair of National Gallery because of, er... Rothschild?
Brexit will STOP Brussels creating a ‘DANGEROUS’ EU army, senior French admirals say
Why shouldn't we sing Rule Britannia say WI stalwarts? (Because anti-Brits don't want it)
John Cleese backs Brexit - and suggested HANGING Jean-Claude Juncker!
Vigorously denied claims recent migrants were behind Cologne sex assaults now proven
'Foster father' treated girl in his care as a 'sex slave' and made her pregnant twice!
The War on Children: Comprehensive Sexuality Education Swedish top cops support Muslim officers who refuse to shake women’s hands - They 'embrace diversity!'
French plan to make Britain PAY: France threatens BLOODY Brexit to avoid anti-EU surge
Stand-off as Sir Shifty defies MPs over BHS grilling! Green will snub probe unless chairman quits
Secret plan to open our borders to 1.5m Turks!
Labour leader in denial on migration
Florida Imam gives horrific kill order 5 days BEFORE Orlando attacks!!!
Americans murdered by an ISIS fanatic as they partied
Orlando terrorist interviewed by FBI 3 times worked for government security contractor!
Trump calls for Obama's resignation after President refuses to blame 'radical Islam' for Orlando
And Omar Mateen's dad? Taliban supporter!
Statins 'may be a waste of time for the over-60s'
Domestic abuse victim who called cops told to try local Sharia council instead!
Judge lets a young asylum seeker's family into the UK - opening the way for thousands more!
Child slavery, prostitution and ‘survival sex’ rages among Syrian refugees
Chris Evans breaks down in tears TWICE on Top Gear spin-off as audience plummets to 2.8m

Sunday 12 June

‘F*** off Europe, we’re all voting OUT’ England fans ‘chant anti-EU songs at Euro 2016’
Archbishop of Canterbury backs EU Remain campaign
The Truth About #Brexit
Why did cops (and BBC) keep quiet on sex attack by Syrian UK refugees?
Banned from the police... for a Christian tattoo! ('Violent and partisan!')
Turkey plans to release MILLIONS of migrants if the EU doesn’t grant it visa-free travel
Violence WASN’T England fans: Video proves French street gang ambushed supporters
Foster father treated girl in his care as a sex slave and impregnated her twice (Social Workers?)
How Clinton Donor Got on Sensitive Intelligence Board
Current immigration rates mean UK will need 'SEVEN more prisons to house EU criminals'
Four Syrian immigrants 'sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl in Newcastle'
7 Muslims from Bradford and Keighley jailed for 25 years for UK-wide drug trafficking
Bradford Muslims appear in court charged with murder
Jamie Vardy’s wife ‘TEAR GASSED and CAGED during violence at England and Russia match’

Saturday 11 June

Arise Sir Remain! PM accused of corruption after dishing out gongs to 20+ pro-EU bosses!
SNOUTS IN THE EU TROUGH! The stinking wealth and hypocrisy of Brussels fat cat Kinnocks!
No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says
Norway debuts explicit sex ed show for 8-year-olds
Backing Brexit 'overrules your own MPs' says unelected Jewish Minister!”
Current immigration rates mean UK will need 'SEVEN more prisons to house EU criminals'
Bradford Muslims appear in court charged with murder
Leave soars to 10-point lead! Blow for Remain as migration tears out of touch Labour apart!
Migrant crisis will cost £20bn: Experts reveal shock price the EU has to pay
"Corbyn (is) silliest leader in British Labour Party’s 116-year history," says Washington Post
Norway wealth fund commits to U.K. investments as Brexit looms
Political Correctness: Social engineering via weaponising language
Nigel Farage chastises ‘troublesome’ Archbishop
Michael Moore: ‘Britain is a toxic place… should vote to stay in the EU’
"You've f***** every f****** thing up," woman tells David Cameron at Brexit debate

Friday 10 June

Isis nuclear attack in Europe is a real threat, say experts
German minister warns Europe will degenerate through inbreeding if it doesn't accept immigrants!
Two million migrants from the EU have settled in Britain in just ten years!
Inside Bilderberg: Leaders and elites meet in 'illuminati' style to decide New World Order
Now Andy Burnham admits Vote Leave is WINNING
Fury as Blair and Major claim Brexit would destroy 'UK unity!'
Strip Sir Shifty of his title! MPs call for ex-BHS boss Green to lose knighthood
LITTLEJOHN says we're powerless to control pressure of migration on the NHS in the EU
BHS: As a motley crew of businessmen fight like rats in a sack
IDS says chances of kicking out jobless migrants after 6 months near zero and Dave knows it
Audience member tells Eddie Izzard to SHUT UP for nagging Nigel Farage about immigration
'Remain have DESTROYED themselves' Brexit supporter lashes out at pro-EU 'Rottweilers'
Question Time audience member slams ‘UNDEMOCRATIC’ EU
Soros pumping £23bn fortune into gold ahead of 'impending crash'
Brexit might be a necessary evil for EU's political future - Allianz's El-Erian
‘Institutional racism’ to blame for hate crime spike in Germany! – Amnesty

Thursday 9 June

EU to impose pan-Europe tax system and tax ID number for every European and wants to make it global!
Albanian murderer who gouged his victim’s EYES OUT allowed to hide in Britain for 18 YEARS!
Weeks before Chilcot, Butcher Blair scolds Jeremy Corbyn for not backing UK bombing of Syria
Sir John Nott suspends Tory membership because of Cameron's poisonous EU campaign
Today’s young women are so FEEBLE! Can’t cope with ideas challenging lovely/fluffy worldview
Latvian drunk driver drove Audi like a rocket and smiled/chatted with friends after killing pensioner
Prostitution is just like a bar job for students? One in 20 sell their bodies to pay for tuition fees?
Osborne forced to admit pensioners WON'T be worse off after Brexit
JCB boss/Tory donor backs Brexit, says we'll thrive outside EU in personal blow to Cameron
So much for scare stories, Mr Cameron!
OBORNE: Unpatriotic: The PM should stop talking this country down
Referendum result may face legal challenge! Ministers extend registration by 2 days
SADIQ KHAN: Yet another politician breaking promises!
Police investigate former Archbishop of York over claims he covered up a paedophile colleague
Only in the squalid world of football could a heat of the moment insult earn you £5million

Wednesday 8 June

WHITE MAN BAN! Straight, white, able bodied men banned from attending equality conference!
ORBAN: "Not a single people can be free if Europe is not free!"
Oh, look! ITV did a BBC on Nigel Farage!
NWO's oilman Archbishop blasts Nigel Farage for telling the truth!
EU plans to control the influx by inviting MORE from Africa and the Middle East!
Has ex-Chelsea doctor walked off with £5MILLION over an insult?
Night the leaders found out they can no longer take the public for mugs
Running scared, Mr Cameron? Boris and Gove challenge rattled PM to showdown
Now 30,000 a year get into Britain as spouse of EU citizens
With these rancid attacks on Brexit, Major has stooped lower than any former PM
Ordinary voters speak up for Britain as the politicians bickered
Black accountant 'stole £4m from top academies then spent it on TWO wives etc.
MP says the £250million we give to Nigeria is an 'absolutely tiny amount!'
Now 17 Labour candidates are accused in poll expenses row
NHS worker WIPES THE FLOOR with Cameron in EU debate & ORDERS him to ‘do his part’
The PROOF Cameron WANTS Turkey to join the EU… ‘We should back it wholeheartedly'
Farage hits back after being accused of fuelling racial hatred
Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU

Tuesday 7 June

GLASGOW: Man attacked by gang and stabbed in face - Asians sought
Paedo Vijesh Kooriyil raped 6-year-old boy 3 times a week for a year
Yvette Cooper repeatedly booed at Brexit debate
Now the EU wants an EXTRA £50 BILLION to solve the deepening migrant crisis
Cop wore hat with slogan 'I love weed' whilst on patrol?
Has Albanian murder suspect kidnapped Peter Stuart's wife?
50 violent offenders who 'CANNOT' be deported because of EU open borders
Drug lord who headed £200million cannabis empire ordered to repay just £2.2m
The End of an Era for White Males (says A.N.Other Jew)
Piers Morgan accused of 'censoring pro-Brexit news' over 'SHAMEFUL' Dominic Raab interview
'Let me answer' David Cameron loses temper and SNAPS at Kate Garraway on EU!
Nigel Farage slams Project Fear ‘BALONEY’ & warns the EU it will DISINTEGRATE after Brexit
Senior Tory slams Treasury’s ‘UNRELIABLE’ Brexit forecast in scathing Newsnight attack
Outrage as Pro-EU MPs could DEFY Brexit and BLOCK Britain from leaving the single market
EU WARNING: Britain’s population ‘will SKYROCKET to 80 MILLION if the UK votes remain’
Flop Gear? Jeremy Clarkson has the last laugh
'Bank of Terror' fraudster faces jail after admitting plot to steal £1million from vulnerable pensioners to support ISIS fighters in Syria
British woman raped by taxi driver in Brazil
'Grim Sleeper' serial killer sentenced to death
'I'll f****** shut you down!' Labour councillor suspended after tirade at pub bouncers

Monday 6 June

MPs 'considering using majority' to keep UK in single market - TREASON!
A campaign verging on the squalid
Spare us the views of the petulant Dalek who plunged us into Black Wednesday!
BBC under fire for job ad after applicants were 'turned down because they were white!'
NHS blamed for 63,442 avoidable deaths every year!
Are the British Police guilty of institutional anti-white, anti-British racism?
Peter Stuart murdered, Sylvia Stuart missing - Police wish to speak to Ali Qazimaj
Romanian thug battered pensioner into coma after being let into UK with criminal record
'I don't care how long you've fasted for' Fury as Katie Hopkins blasts Ramadan work rules
Britain’s immigration system is a ‘DISASTER’ and MUST be scrapped, business chief says
82 security workers hired for Euro 2016 are on terror watch list!
EU referendum: Kinnock urges young voters to prevent 'Brexit by default'
Sweden's migrant rape epidemic
Selami Sherifi – WANTED for rape BY Kent Police
Calais migrants ‘ARMED AND DANGEROUS’ say police as a dozen refugees treated for injuries
'We Are Afraid': Swedish schoolchildren beg principal to save them from violent migrants
Trump protester says: “I was paid $3,500 to protest Trump’s rally!”
ISIS burn 19 Yazidi girls to death in iron cages after they refused to have sex with jihadists

Sunday 5 June

'We Are Afraid': Swedish schoolchildren beg principal to save them from violent migrants
NHS blamed for 63,442 avoidable deaths every year!
REG KEYS (son killed in Iraq) why Blair must be brought to account
Pat Condell: The Moment of Truth
EU referendum: Gravy train Kinnock urges young voters to prevent 'Brexit by default'
The migration question that can’t be answered
I'm going to go make Boris pay, warns Cameron
Calais migrants ‘ARMED AND DANGEROUS’ say police as a dozen refugees treated for injuries
A dumping ground for the EU's criminals
‘Is your country the UK or Europe?’ Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg in passionate Brexit plea
Tory MP brands EU chief 'an arrogant bureaucrat'
EU superstate laws strip Britain of its Magna Carta rights, writes JACOB REES-MOGG
Woman, 92, traumatised by ‘callous’ attack in Dalston
Sabah Khan accused of murdering her older sister
Muslim predators kidnap teenage British virgin and take turns raping her
Whatever others did wrong, the blame for BHS is mostly Philip Green’s
Paul Gascoigne to face racism charges over comedy show gag
Cowards film brutal five-on-one attack on Melbourne school boy
MASTURBATION: Men in London indulge the most frequently (No surprise there)
Red Ken reignites anti-Semitism row

Saturday 4 June

EU’s “Orwellian” new online censorship deal with Facebook and Twitter!
Old, white men are the problem says Labour MP
European Union declares war on Internet free speech
Marine Le Pen surges in polls and is now twice as popular as France’s President Hollande
Laura Kuenssberg: Wicked Witch of Westminster
I just cannot find these people who want to Remain!
Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jews
'Follow your heart and not scaremonger Cameron'
Polish rapist with 20-year criminal record slipped into UK unchecked and battered man with learning difficulties 48 hours later!
Josphat Mutekedza jailed for murder of Miriam Nyuazema
Nigerian illegal immigrant benefits cheat spared jail for her SECOND fraud conviction
ISIS terrorists 'planning Paris-style attack' in Germany were posing as asylum-seekers
Daniel Awofisan ripped clothes off elderly woman in a violent knifepoint burglary
#Diversity! Gang plundered thousands from pensioners in 'Courier Fraud' scheme
NIGERIA: "Bridget" beheaded by Muslim mob in a busy market
OBORNE: As Britain hit by series of immigration crises, where is the home secretary?
Chris Evans' Top Gear 'boosted by canned laughter as viewers rated it the worst show on TV'

Friday 3 June

BBC turns down trainees because they are WHITE!
'What comes first WW3 or the global Brexit recession?' Faisal Islam delivers knockout to Cameron
Thousands of children run over the graves of soldiers from WWI Battle Of Verdun in stunt organised by German Jew
Arrests for Social Media posts surge in London
Sweden: Somali rapes woman to death - Continued to rape corpse after death
Between 6 and 9 Asians savages dragged 'vulnerable' victim from bike, punched and kicked
Black men breaking into Enfield home
EU killers and rapists we've failed to deport: UK's inability to expel thousands of foreign criminals undermines case for the EU
World on brink of 'dystopia' as antibiotics become useless
BHS is disappearing from the high street, costing up to 11,000 jobs
TREASON: Western politicians/journalists demonised Serbs and sanitised Muslims
Media blacks out Jewish Lobby-EU report
Foreign voters HAVE been wrongly sent polling cards for the referendum!
Cameron accused of Brexit 'scaremongering' during furious public backlash on EU debate
IMMIGRATION! England will need to build homes every 6 MINUTES if voters reject Brexit
Who are you to lecture us? Merkel accused of trying to bully Britain into staying in the EU
Merkel's brutal treatment of Greece means a peaceful and prosperous EU is a pipe dream
LITTLEJOHN: Flushing our civilised values down the pan
Red Ken blames 'embittered MPs' following storm over Hitler comments
Unsolved murder of librarian in 1948 establishment cover up?

Thursday 2 June

Amir Khan wants to fight for Pakistan at the Olympics!
How we lost the plot on immigration? (No plot lost - LibLabCon betrayed us DELIBERATELY!)
Gove says EU rules forced him to let criminals into Britain! Powerless to stop this without Brexit
EU-funded think tank 'experts accused of anti-Brext bias!
Judge declares Tory MP's General Election defeat of Nigel Farage could be VOID!
EUROZONE on the BRINK: Europe's stock markets NOSEDIVE as Bank policies fail
Slowly but surely the Brexiteers are gaining ground, says LEO MCKINSTRY
CCTV of moment pensioner sexually assaulted on public BUS - Asian sought
Blow for Sturgeon's fight to stay in EU as SNP activists launch new Out drive!
Young women know their mums were sold a lie by feminism and proudly seek fulfilment in family!
Just one in four say EU influx is good for the UK
Google is accused of burying results for popular pro-Brexit website
German MPs recognise Armenian 'genocide' amid Turkish fury!
Blow for Sturgeon's fight to stay in EU as SNP activists launch new OUT drive! INSANE! Drugs expert advises youth to 'just start off on a quarter of a pill!'
Former Cameron aide GUILTY of making indecent images of little girls!
CCTV of moment pensioner sexually assaulted on public BUS - Asian sought
Black men break into Enfield home
Gynaecologist Mahesh Patwardhan groped 6 female patients during consultations
Sheffield mental health worker gets 20 years for sex offences against vulnerable girls
#DIVERSITY: Pizza delivery driver jailed for sex attack on 15-year-old girl
Albanians rescued from a sinking dinghy claim asylum even though Albania is not at war!
Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel
Jewish extremist held over attack that killed toddler released after 10 months in detention
More adults are having gay sex (encouraged by PC Media)
This X-rated stinker is as rotten as an 18th century Camembert

Wednesday 1 June

CALLS for urgent inquiry into EU referendum fraud - EU citizens get polling cards despite being ineligible to vote!
'Our way of life has GONE!' Andrew Castle taken aback by magnificent anti-EU rant
More than 11,000 people living in slavery in Britain, shocking new report reveals!
'DO NOT GO TO BRITAIN' US State Department in terror warning for the WHOLE OF EUROPE!
Migrants pay JUST £100 to get to Britain: Organised gangs ferry them across the Channel
MI5 ‘blackmailed paedophile politicians over Belfast boys’ home abuse
EU bosses will DICTATE Britain’s laws if we vote Remain, Cabinet minister warns
London has the highest concentration of cocaine in its water out of 60 cities
Horrific failings by social services! Lesbians torture and murder two-year-old son of Rachel Fee Five-year-olds are consuming four times their daily sugar limit!
Young man spiked with legal high ends up on life support!
Outrage after BBC's perverted PC adaptation of a Midsummer Night's Dream airs!
Hard-working Australian family threatened with deportation 'set up to fail' (because they're white?)
MPs to get 10% pay rise!
Tories' bid to block fraud inquiry into election spending
Mega-rich Jew says: 'Leaving the EU is a gamble that we cannot afford!'
Benefits cheat mother-of-four swindled taxpayers out of £140,000 - NO JAIL!
Nurse told colleague she had lovely t**s before lacing another's tea with vinegar/laxatives
PARIS: Immigrants setting up shanty towns throughout the city!
EU: A bizarre waste of £240million of our money
Immigration revolution via Boris and Gove!
Growing numbers of family doctors take early retirement or move overseas
FRANCE: Afghan refugees arrested for attempted rape on train
Has cinema ever been so depraved and the censors so amoral?

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