Daily News: June 2015

Tuesday 30 June

Time to face the extremism taking hold in Britain
Dave tells BBC to stop calling terrorists Islamic State, it offends Muslims!
"No Prime Minister, Islam is far from a peaceful religion"
Islamists secret weapon? Socialists and Liberals!
Fizzy drinks kill 184,000 a year! (And you think THEY aren't trying to kill us off?)
Leaked survey: World Bank a place of 'fear and retribution!'
Richest fifth of households 34.8% of gross income in tax, poorest pay more! (37.8%)
Being a nation of pill poppers is making us ill!
Peter Sutherland: Unlimited immigration into Europe from Africa is a benefit!
Barack Obama and the hidden cabal behind the plot to murder America
Tunisia gunman inspired by fanatic who ran global terror cell in London
There WAS a second gunman, say Tunisian security services
Thousands of Bulgarians protest Muslim land grab: ‘You are not Europeans, you are barbarians’
What this (Asian) Labour candidate's ghoulish Tunisia selfie says about our narcissistic age
Grooming victim, 17, sexually exploited by 10 Asian men, gives birth to abuser's baby
Janner accused of abusing boys as young as 8 in attacks going back to 1963!
Israel to be fully encircled with hi-tech fence
DIVERSITY! SOUTH AFRICA: 14-year-old murdered by pulling out her intestines through her vagina (to cleanse her of demons)
US lifts freeze on arms sales to Bahrain despite myriad human rights abuses
Jonathan Dimbleby resigns UCL fellowship over 'disgraceful' treatment of Sir Tim Hunt
Dean of Washington Cathedral says he wants windows with Confederate flags removed
Jean-Claude Juncker says he feels "betrayed" by "egotism" shown by Greece

Monday 29 June

Vote Labour, get Amran Hussain! Candidate posed for selfie where 38 tourists slaughtered!
Children battling high blood pressure! (How many playing fields did LabCon sell off?)
75% of school leavers struggle with maths and literacy! (Education, education, education?)
More want to attack UK now than at any time since 7/7 bombings says observant Lord Carlile
Pals with Janner and Cyril Smith? The remarkably unobservant Baron Carlile
Detectives had no plans to arrest or even interview Leon Brittan!
Peter Sutherland: Migrants are good for a community, economically & every other way!
SYRIA - THE REALITY! 7 December 2011 - Officer's report - Released by Wikileaks 3 June 2012
Glasgow's Aqsa Mahmood writes poem praising ISIS attacks!
Tunisia survivor says she was shot in both legs by a second man using a handgun
Tunisia: British death toll will double - more bodies yet to be identified!
GCHQ best hope of keeping us safe from murderous Islam? (BNP/NF would soon sort the f***ers)
How we CAN beat evil ISIS butchers? (Vote BNP/NF! Ungrateful immigrants sorted in a week!)
What turns young men into such barbarians? (Nothing to do with Blair/Cameron wars?)
Send in SAS to crush Jihadis? Action demanded after slaughter (But our pals created ISIS!)
Woman stabbed by black man as she was walking her dog in Houghton Regis
A friend asked me how I could be so intelligent but so stupid! African involved in scam
Conman Joseph Valadakis tricked people into believing he was the Queen's doctor!
'Kanye West - I thought Glastonbury was meant to be a music festival, not a swearing contest'
Brother murders brother after argument (Dead chap wasn't fasting properly)/a>
Why Branson and Co are the LAST people we should trust on Europe
Madonna 'steals' taxpayer-owned farm?

Sunday 28 June

The EU reigns over our borders, our laws... and now our Queen!
OBAMA: We must shift religious views to accept gay marriage! (Yanks must deal with traitors)
Dramatic rise in knife crime down to fall in stop and search says top cop Hogan-Howe
WW3 has begun - SAUDI ARABIA ready to ATTACK (Truth v Mark Levine)
FARAGE: Get tough and defend our borders and cities
We won't cower before savagery says Defence Sec! (We'll create and import it instead)
DAVE says: 'We will beat terrorism' (Not if you keep importing and creating it you won't)
ISIS terrorist got chemical plant delivery job while ON French spies' EXTREMIST list!!!
FRANCE: ISIS terrorist 'took a selfie with victim's severed head!'
ISIS defeated in Kobani! 60 jihadis killed by Kurds protecting Syrian town
ISIS depravity demands a military response says ex Chief of the General Staff
The cannabis-smoking fanatic who massacred tourists in cold blood!
ISIS: Dutch air force chiefs demand their pilots are armed with sub machine guns!
Calls for Director of Public Prosecutions to quit after U-turn over Lord Janner trial!
Victim of Greville Janner sexual assault calls for DPP to be sacked The curse of had Left drug addict, Pete Doherty! 3 dead, a trail of chaos, shattered parents!
Teachers 'depress' children's marks so they can hit improvement targets?
Fury over plans to turn Christian chapel into Muslim prayer room!
Schizophrenic black thug strangled partner and then set fire to car with her in it
OUR SHAMEFUL COPS! How the Ripper got away with 23 'unsolved' murders!
Jewish millionaire dragged cop who stopped him for speeding 30 yards in his Jag
Belgian doctors give healthy woman, 24, green light to die by euthanasia!!!
Calls for Director of Public Prosecutions to quit after U-turn over Lord Janner trial!
Labels 'lie' about the amount of salt in our food: Amount can be 10% higher
British universities allow foreign students dictionaries in exams!
'The Post Office is a disgrace', says Tory MP!
Whips are out for anti-EU Tory rebel Steve Baker
I live with gay mother of my baby and my boyfriend is happy! Millionaire wants to be Mayor!

Saturday 27 June

Who hounded Nobel laureate out of job? Black fake backed up by Blum/Oransky (Jew/gay Jew)
Bilderberg pushes war with Russia!
My frustration over rape probe into Leon Brittan
How Lord Janner lobbied for Israel!
ISIS plot to bomb UK today?
TUNISIA: prepare for high death toll says warmonger-let-'em-all-in-immigrant-first PM
Castro compares NATO to Nazis, slams US, Israel for ‘creating ISIS!’
'Majority' of massacre victims were British! (Murder by Islam and Westminster warmongers)
Dave says "Islam is a religion of peace!" AGAIN!
'Tell our children that their daddy loves them!' (Religion of peace, eh, Dave)
Gun attack kills at least 37, including Brits, in Tunisia
Headless body, scrawled with Arabic, found at French blast site
‘ISIS fanatic’ beheaded his boss and scrawled Arabic writing on the severed head
Islamic State kills at least 145 civilians in Syria's Kobani
Cops foil ISIS plot to bomb Lee Rigby parade as off-duty officers told not to wear uniforms
This tidal wave of migrants could be the biggest threat to Europe since the war!
'We can't take any more people' Suzanne Evans urges Britain to end migrant madness
Calais migrant chaos is costing British truckers £750k a day!
Iraqi terrorists, Afghan Taliban, Rwandan mass murderers. Border controls? B***OX!
Globalism is good for one! “Division in Europe is dangerous!" "We must guard against it!"
N-Word now more of a crime than violent assault!
Race riots and violence in Sweden
Schoolboys rushed to hospital after man stabbed them (No description of attacker)
Bogdan Drezaliu ripped jogger's clothes off and tried to rape her in broad daylight
N-Word now more of a crime than violent assault!
Deliberate media propaganda
The propaganda battlefield: Militants abroad, conspiracy theorists at home
PM 'to scare us into staying in Europe' as leak lays out 'Project Fear' tactics!
Janner WILL face justice? Jewish Lord WILL face his accusers in court!
Gypsies take over star's village and use cricket pitch as 'TOILET' (Diversity in LeftieLand!)
How was 65-stone Carl allowed to eat himself to death on the taxpayer?

Friday 26 June

ISIS flag-carriers attack factory, behead worker (Politicians imported/protected/promoted)
72% of British Jews want anti-Semitic demonstrations banned?
DIVERSITY and ENRICHMENT? Or "Black power by any means?" You decide!
Belgian MP: Muslim immigration to Europe is a 'Trojan horse' invasion
Neighbour-from-hell, Trevor Gibbon, stabbed Alison Morrison 33 times
12-year-old boy stabbed 8 times in east London - Cops seek a black male
Chip and pin brothel gang fleeced customers out of £12million
Judge rules we CAN'T deport 'killer' immigrant – because of fingerprint mix-up
Romanian gangs climb onto cars to steal thousands from moving lorries
S. Africa's deputy President didn't tell cops to slaughter striking miners?
Connie St Louis has no regrets! Look who cost the Nobel Prize winning scientist his job!
Hell returns to Kobane: ISIS militants RE-ENTER key Syrian town
Christian militia takes the war to Islamic State in Syria
Sisters who took 9 children to join ISIS given free-to-travel letter by cops!
Miserable UK: Britons would be happier living in Belize/Puerto Rico
Taxman refuses to take our calls: 18million calls went unanswered last year!
What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you
Third of new graduates get non-graduate jobs - Menial work graduates doubles in 7 years!
Rebuffed! David Cameron leaves EU summit empty-handed (Surprise of the century)
Taking anti-depressants like Prozac 'raises risk of broken bones'
Vitamin B12 in meat, fish, dairy and Marmite could cause your acne
'We can't take any more people' says UKIP's Suzanne Evans
Leicester pensioner's Tunisian toyboy husband walks out after fortnight of married life

What next? Jail for men who are a let down in bed!

Thursday 25 June

'CHARTER FOR COVER-UPS!' Ministers plot ways to stifle Freedom of Information
British justice HAS lost the plot!
Lord Janner and the paedo ring at his son's elite school
ROTHERHAM: 300+ paedo rapists, groomers, sex traffickers face arrest? (Believe when I see)
Asian sex gang shock: Cops identify 300 new paedos in Rotherham
11-year-old girl sexually assaulted in Bournemouth by 'olive-skinned' man
Slovak gipsies trafficked women into UK to sell as brides to men looking to stay in UK
DIVERSITY! Imam's daughter is cleared of murdering her boyfriend
Fleet of luxury cars seized and SLAVES freed in dawn raid on gipsy camp
Slovak gipsies trafficked women into UK to sell as brides to men looking to stay in UK
Jealous ex, Nico Luisis, blackmailed pal for £35,000 and threatened to smash his skull
Number of illegal immigrants deported under EU law HALVES in five years
Prisoner walks out of open jail fearing he would be 'killed by Muslim inmates'
26 Romanians found in house after noise and rubbish complaints
Crooks facing deportation allowed to stay so they can claim full legal aid!!!
CALAIS: British drivers say - 'We're sitting ducks!'
Foreign aid madness: Our money wasted on finding mates for tropical fish!
Stop 'sleepwalking' and prepare for battle with ISIS like we did for WW2 says top General
We should see Tony as a political great like Churchill says top Blairite, Alan Milburn
Transsexual and gay pal flee Russia to join ISIS!??? (The whole world's gone bonkers!)
DIVERSITY! Bobby Kristina Brown moved to hospice 'to die naturally'
Oh, look! PC legend, Nina Simone, was a TW*T! Now that is surprising!
Shocking abuses US cops commit on the job!

Wednesday 24 June

Drowning in altruism: Thoughts on White pathology and the invasion of Europe
Sexual infections in gay men soaring! (But criticism of gay behaviour is HOMOPHOBIC!)
DIVERSITY! Killer's violent 45-minute rampage through London's suburbs
Machete killer 'became obsessed with ISIS beheading videos'
What is DIVERSITY, children? Diversity is enriching, diversity is enriching...
DIVERSITY! Sajid Bostan, best pals with cops and Rotherham MP, charged with child abuse!
DIVERSITY! Asian gang armed with knives and bats ambush man in street
DIVERSITY! Cat held to ransom for £5,000 by East European gang
DIVERSITY USA! Black girl attacks white girl holding a baby
YEMEN: 'A family destroyed' by SAUDI air strikes (SAUD - best friends of USA/UK
The Saudis' Yemen slaughter is, in fact, a message to Iran
Some schools are "massaging" bad behaviour figures! (With LibLabCon's approval?)
Nick Griffin says the BNP was offered CONDITIONAL cash by the US Neocons!
Lord Janner 'violated, raped and tortured' children IN PARLIAMENT says Simon Danczuk
The friends of Greville Janner
Jews and moneylending
Judges use European and human rights laws to take power over politicians!
Ambulance service in crisis in England
Tax credit fraud and blunders have cost Britain £17BILLION over 10 years!
USA spooks have been eavesdropping on French presidents!
Two in three teenage girls behind bars have been in care system
Cocaine use 'increases risk of catching HIV!'
Now the spoiled elite are snorting coke on the Tube!
Defying EU, Hungary suspends rules on asylum seekers
Children's champion fought useless teachers as hard as he battled crippling disease
Taxpayers subsidise supermarkets so they can pay staff a pittance
Only 75 fans watch Charlotte's Manchester concert
Evicted after eating home-made pasties filled with his own sh*t! (Ethnicity?)
EU law could mean you'll face legal action for taking pictures of famous landmarks!

Tuesday 23 June

One of world's most widely used weedkillers causes cancer?
Brussels tells British mothers - GET BACK TO WORK!
"Aid to fragile states must DOUBLE over the next decade!" Thus spake an anti-Brit!
Army is no longer able to defend UK properly? (Courtesy of LibLabCon(
I sometimes don't want to be white either! (Ali Michael is Jewish)
Greece is a sideshow. The eurozone has failed! Germans are its victims too
The Guardian view on the Confederate flag? Tear down this red rag! (LEFTIE SCUM!)
DIVERSITY! Paedo rapist Femi Rotini gets 22 years for sickening catalogue of sexual abuse
DIVERSITY! Woman attacked and raped as she walked through Newcastle park
NORTHAMPTON: Girl attacked by black thugs
Rapper Diddy arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, terrorist threats and battery
Anjem Choudary and the Cop, BBC Bias exposed
Labour councillor in court charged with paedo crimes
Israeli youths arrested after arson attack on Catholic church
President of Donetsk People’s Republic says Jews masterminded Ukrainian revolution
Israel bombs Lebanon to destroy own downed drone
In case you are still confused about who is in charge
Father faced jail for crime of staring at family of drug driver who killed his daughter!
SWEDEN: Children forced to walk in Gay Pride parade
Liberal Democrats plot to have heroin decriminalised!
Left-wingers can't control themselves as well as conservatives?
ISIS hangs two boys for eating during Ramadan
ISIS fanatics feast while their subjects starve

Monday 22 June

Dylann Roof's manifesto released
Mother and 4 children mowed down by car 'doing 100mph' (Ethnicity of driver?)
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary 'bullies' PC for wearing Help for Heroes wristband
OUP! World's top book publisher submits to Shariah law and bans word “pork!”
'Shrill feminists' have made chess grandmaster a 'misogynist pantomime villain'
White liberals fuel racism says black man
DIVERSITY! Black man 'rapes wife's dog – she wasn't spending enough time with him!'
Edward Green escaped the fire but died after returning to try and save Amy and baby Ruby
DIVERSITY! Black man charged with bestiality may not have had sex with wife's dog
ISIS sisters used British benefits to pay for trip to join terrorists!
Fury as Britain hands out £66million to asylum seekers/illegal immigrants
Lord Janner in Parliament visit after police told he was too ill for child abuse probe
BBC's Frank Gardner says Saudis offered him £1m for Al-Qaeda injuries but never paid!
Britain must leave EU if it refuses to change, business chiefs tell Cameron
Chagos islanders go to supreme court in battle to be allowed home
38% of London kids fail to meet expected standards by end of first year at school!
'Trying to be thin like Victoria Beckham almost killed me!!
What happens to implacable Tory Eurosceptics once they become Foreign Secretary?
So, Kevin, who watches the watchers?
DIVERSITY! China's barbaric annual meat festival
Hospitals say migrants who cannot speak English a challenge for their staff
Putin meets with Tsipras, says Russian pipeline project should help Greece pay its debt
Wife of Israeli minister posts racist tweet about Obama
Footballer arrested on the pitch

Sunday 21 June

AUSTRIA: Bosnian nut drives into crowds of shoppers, stabs others, kills 4-year-old and 2 adults
Lord Janner secretly visited the Lords unfit for police questions declaration
750,000 UK men want child sex? (How many paedos are Muslim, how many gay?)
The diversity scam and what THEY don't want you to see
DIVERSITY! Can you kill? Can you p*** on a blond head?
DIVERSITY! Black Prof who wrote 'Ni**er can you kill' honoured by Jewish media
DIVERSITY! Horrified commuters photograph Lewisham bus masturbator
DIVERSITY in BIRMINGHAM! Mass murderer Mohamed Salim wanted by war crime investigators
DIVERSITY! Jobless ethnic (mum-of-4) let her kids go hungry to pay for a £4,000 boob job!
It's my fault the Tories won, says Russell Brand
DIVERSITY! Cops hunt lawyer and far-left activist, Samir Dathi, after graffiti daubed on memorial
COURAGEOUS? Pervert boy, 9, wants to be a girl and show the world!
Designer cosmetic brands still contain danger ingredient!
James Rickards - The Death of Money
100 trillion dollar meltdown - Project Prophecy
The ranting Green who could yet end up in government
Green Party leader open to discussing legalisation of three-way marriages
Let’s play ‘guess what Brussels is going to ban next’
UK terror police 'radicalised and groomed our ISIS runaway wives'
Stop making excuses and start listening!
'Posh tests' won't rob your child of a job - socialist snobs did that years ago
Millionaire MP says wind farm will desecrate countryside - Now he wants his own solar farm!
ROMANIA: 300,000 stray dogs killed in crackdown
More victims of Italian surgeon come forward
Five "Britons" set to be hanged in Pakistan - 20 more may be hanged
Foreign aid? Immigrants send another £11BILLION back to other countries in a YEAR!
Prince Charles would 'not be pleased' I snorted coke in Buckingham Palace says Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry wants to raise children with "husband" Elliott Spencer?
Farmer finds HUNDREDS of migrants hiding in his fields – 125 miles from Dover
Mob breaks into prison, drags out rapist and beats him to death - RESULT!

Saturday 20 June

Tony Blair predicted John Smith's early death (Foreknowledge? Forewarned? In on it?)
The truth emerges: the USA fuelled the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq!
How free speech became a thought crime
DIVERSITY! Attack on defenceless white boy!(What traitors force upon our kids!)
DIVERSITY! London bus driver (black) leaves bus to throttle woman who filmed her run red light!
DIVERSITY! Leg broken by (black) bike robbers but he had to call Uber to get to hospital!
DIVERSITY! Iqbal Ali condemned sex slaves to 14-year ordeal of control, rape and torture
DIVERSITY! Black rapist released halfway through sentence went on to attack 3 more
DIVERSITY! 'Psycho' killer Emmanuel Kalejaiye stabbed his mother to death
DIVERSITY! Illegal immigrant who sneaked back into UK jailed for dealing cocaine
DIVERSITY! Terror suspect doesn't have to wear electronic tag (thinks it's a bomb)
Cherie Blair's chain of health shops (funded in the Cayman Islands) goes bust
Earth is entering the 6th stage of extinction – humans are among 'the walking dead'
UKIP could gain surge of support over 'unfair' EU referendum funding
Cameron says MORE foreign aid is the answer!
Cameron warns of 'quietly condoning' IS ideology
PM faces backlash for warning that some Muslims 'quietly condone' extremism
Hundreds of thousands of British taxpayers' cash spent on MPs' foreign jollies
Labour grandee Jack Straw is denied a peerage over lobbying sting (Titter ye not)
DAWKINS: Sexism row prof a victim of 'baying witch-hunt by the thought police'
Foreign HGVs 'bring bedlam' to UK's roads by ignoring restrictions on country lanes
DENMARK: Mrs Kinnock loses to the Scandanavian UKIP!
Britain's debt reaches £1.5 TRILLION for first time
British truck drivers 'stabbed by gangs of migrants' in Calais
Navy hero's daughter left 'screaming in agony' because NHS won't treat her cancer

Friday 19 June

Superbugs in your sausages fuel fears over factory farms
Drinking breast milk 'increases risk of catching HIV, hepatitis and syphilis!'
DIVERSITY! Most child sexual abuse cases in areas with significant Asian populations!
DIVERSITY: Shohaib Shabbir and 3 others charged with child sex offences
DIVERSITY! Poor lamb isn't guilty of murder for killing neighbour - he was depressed?
DIVERSITY! Did she ask Gulam to kill Mohammed so he couldn't send topless photo to parents?
Monde Mbolombo escapes justice despite admitting he was in charge of plot to kill Anni
DIVERSITY! "We've taken the country over, now f*** off!
Millionaire England star Raheem Sterling 'caught inhaling hippy crack AGAIN' Mo Farah 'couldn't hear' when officials rang doorbell for an hour! (2nd missed drugs test)
IRONY ALERT! Michelle Obama's emancipation speech to a school full of headscarves!
MARTIN SCHULTZ: "The United Kingdom belongs to the European Union!”
PM's reforms driven by lies and hate, blasts EU chief, Martin Schultz

UK: Man in Islamic niqab arrested after police detonate suspect package
BBC offered Clarkson his job back! he refused after exec compared him to Jimmy Savile!
Did rapper's songs drive this young rugby player to kill himself?
I chuckled at my son's sexist joke. Should I be forced to quit like the scientist?
Jewish MP Julian Lewis now chairs Parliament's Defence Committee!
Michael Douglas receives $1m 'Jewish Nobel Prize' in Israel! (Preposterous f***ers)
Lord Hall warns Government not to 'screw around' with BBC (or the Jews who run it?)

Thursday 18 June

Irish "Potato Famine" was deliberate genocide?
GENOCIDE? Experts say chemicals in sunscreen and cosmetics could be killing men's sperm!
ENRICHMENT!Send children from failing inner-city estates to village schools say TORIES!
ENRICHMENT! Woman loses baby after black men repeatedly kicked her in the stomach
ENRICHMENT! Jan Tshabalala murdered his wife then committed suicide
ENRICHMENT: Victim passed around 60 (mostly Asian) men by age of 16!
MP Tulip Siddiq 'recognises the benefits of immigration and how it ENRICHES us'
ENRICHMENT! Elderly couple beg to return to England after violent attacks in Zimbabwe
The Pro-Israel Mega-Donors: the Making of the Republicans’ Middle East Policy
Iran: The Aggressor or the Aggressed Upon?
The authoritarian utopia of Colonel Edward M. House
Analysing Aaronovitch: has the scourge of ‘conspiracists’ become one himself?
Outrage as WW2 hero, 90, kicked to death on NHS ward by fellow patient
Ukraine offers advisor job to bought-and-paid-for warmonger, Tony Blair!
ISIS terrorists will exploit 'biblical' exodus warns Farage
Hundreds of Nigerians trafficked into Britain each year as SLAVES!
Mo Farah missed two drug tests before London Olympics!
Leftie Jeremy Corbyn divorced his wife when she wouldn't send son to failing comprehensive
United Europe? The migrant crisis proves just what a sad joke that is
South Africans march in London against White Genocide
White countries for everyone?

Wednesday 17 June

MP Paula Sherriff calls for Dewsbury to unite over Jihadi who (with pals) murdered 11 people!
DIVERSITY! Muslims are turning to ISIS because they want SEX, says ex Jihadi
DIVERSITY! Brother lured 3 wives into taking their 9 children to join ISIS
DIVERSITY! Leon McTaggart stabbed chip shop boss for forgetting his order!
DIVERSITY! Tariq Khan charged with pregnant mother-of-two's murder
DIVERSITY! Anna Michalowska and Konrad Fimowicz on trial for rape
DIVERSITY! Rotherham cop, PC Hassan Ali, did not investigate child abuse case!
DIVERSITY! Rapist Mohammed Fakhrul Islam jailed for 17 years
DIVERSITY! Ronan killed himself after cops' dismissive response to sex blackmail by Nigerians
Pope warns of destruction of the world's ecosystem in leaked encyclical
PIERS MORGAN: I identify Rachel Dolezal as a lying, deluded idiot
Muslims MUST stop blaming others for the way our young are radicalised
Is your teen taking a gap year? Jail for stripping off should be LEAST of your worries

Tuesday 16 June

Russia 'will retaliate' if US tanks and heavy weapons are placed on its doorstep!
19.4% of primary school children are immigrants - THIS IS WAR!
The breeding ground for jihadis - Dewsbury has undergone a terrifying transformation
Israel is the problem!
Hillary Clinton and her Israel-first sugar daddy, Haim Saban
Jeb Bush, James Baker, and the Pro-Israel mega-donors
Council put killers and paedos in B&B where cannibal murdered woman!
Just 0.02 per cent of British Muslims join ISIS! (So that's all right then?)
Jeffrey Okafor jailed for life for CBBC star's murder
ROCHDALE: Teenage boy savagely attacked by Asians in park
Black man tries to stab man in car
Mohammed Haque attacked pensioner in her own home!
Sex attacker Emmanuel Ndegwe targeted Muslims because he 'had a fetish' for hijabs
Young woman attacked by black man in Stevenage
Buffet car worker Mahmood Essa sexually assaulted a customer
Hungary opposes mass immigration - Left-wingers aggressively oppose
School bans children from performing cartwheels and handstands - 'not safe'
Joining jihad? Let them go and then pull up the drawbridge!
130,000 at risk from asthma inhaler blunder!
Retired generals wrong about how to keep us safe
William Hague's rape summit cost taxpayers £5.2 MILLION but 'achieved nothing!'
Greedy dentists hide prices, block NHS treatment and needlessly pull out teeth
BBC prefers splurging your cash on a bloated army of jobsworths
Bank of England pays 141 workers more than the PM!
'Sexist' Nobel winner should shut up, says PC Education Secretary
'We would rather die than go back' (OK by me)
Prince Charles will convert to Judaism! Jews' idea of a joke?

Monday 15 June

USA poised to put heavy weapons in Eastern Europe
Russia issues international arrest warrant for George Soros
Number of diabetics up 62 per cent in a decade!
Hungary doesn't want mass immigration - Left-wingers do! (Left is at war with White World!)
Sexting is normal for teenagers say police
UN chief (top NWO boy) says Britain MUST take in more Med migrants
Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson congratulating him on being cleared of molesting child
Mob smash up takeaway hours after owner Lukman Miah jailed for child abduction
New wave of invaders queueing up to SNEAK into Britain
Arshid Hussain charged with 45 offences of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham
BIRMINGHAM: Muhammad Hammad charged with murder after a woman died following a flat fire
Nuradin Mahad robbed 85-year-old woman causing her to fracture her pelvis
Black man tries to stab other man in car
Britain’s YOUNGEST suicide bomber! (We're supposed to feel sorry for this tw*t?)
Chilcot faces calls to resign as Iraq Inquiry is delayed for ANOTHER year
Ex-US president George Bush calls for ANOTHER war in Iraq
Suffolk Muslim dubbed 'founding father of western jihad' reveals regrets opening door to ISIS
Britain's defence against Mid East threats are feeble says ex-Royal Navy head
USA: Mum 'broke baby son's skull - his crying stopped her sleeping'
USA: Check out the diversity
Macedonia: Another Colour Revolution
Bolivia's leader advises Europe to free ourslves from USA's political influence
The hypocrisy of liberal America
The truth in black and white: today, victimhood's seen as morally superior
Let'em-all-in! Otherwise there'll be no more curry!
PC!!! BBC game show features Asian mum, Blacks, lesbians and a house husband

Sunday 14 June

Far-left activists brag about plans to turn peaceful demonstrations into riots!
Ethnic activists plan 'five years of protest'
After billionaire Jew George Soros heralds WW3, he's exposed as Ukraine's puppet-master!
Jewish billionaire George Soros seeks to expand war in Ukraine... WHY?
Macedonia: Another Color Revolution
Italy threatens to 'hurt' Europe if it gets no help with migrants
MoD sacked HUNDREDS of soldiers by mistake - then 'deliberately forgot' to tell them
Lord Greville Janner should NOT be saved from trial, says assault victim
Welcome to Britain... you really didn't need to try so hard to get in
Paedo raped his two little step-daughters and gave them HIV (Ethnicity of paedo?)
Arshid Hussain charged with 45 offences of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham
German girl was 19 when Christian Pereira, a known sex offender out on bail, raped her
Mohammed Asgar Shafi jailed for nine years after vicious knife attack
Lithuanian gang battered a shop owner with a metal rod, glass jars and tins
Black thug smashed glass into barman's face at Erdington pub
Rayon Hyde and Nikita White shot at family home
Kamran Khan, Osman Khan and Ansar Mahmood guilty of conspiring to steal vehicles
"British" ISIS suicide bomber takes final instructions from terror commander
Intercepted by ISIS fanatics just yards from safety! Turkish troops stand and watch
SWEDEN: Lisa Holm, 17, found dead. Foreigners arrested
Union baron who accused radio presenter Nick Ferrari of wife beating probed over domestic abuse claims br /> Labour rocked by anti-EU rebellion: MPs call for an end to 'love in' with Brussels
Labour MP, Kate Hoey, says Labour must end EU love-in and save our country
MP says Labour made catastrophic errors with Gordon/Ed and can't afford another deadbeat!
Jewish Tory branded a 'Nazi' and 'slag' by SNP supporters!
Water park in Stoke-on-Trent bans bikinis on women-only 'night for Muslims'
BOTOX DOC: 98 people blinded after facial fillers mistakenly injected into blood vessels
FIFA: Widow of South African whistleblower says he was murdered by masked hitmen
BBC's Jeremy Vine whined at Tory triumph after exit poll
Blobbies on the beat!
This is why people drink camel urine

Saturday 13 June

A third of England's primary schoolchildren are from ethnic minorities!
Was Commons Speaker, George Thomas, in a sex abuse ring with Greville Janner?
How Jimmy Savile seduced the royals! (Do the ultra-elite need to be seduced?)
Secret Pentagon report proves US complicity in creation of ISIS!
Turkish intelligence agency giving ISIS safe passage into Syria
Stephen Lawrence's pal gets an OBE! (For public and political service)
DIVERSITY! Joshua Williams denies murder of Alan, 15. Shaquill Roberts denies robbery
DIVERSITY! Christina Spilane murdered by controlling and jealous lover, Deland Allman
DIVERSITY! Mweetwa Muleya knowingly infected two women with HIV!
February 2015: Lincoln Payne, 29, jailed for handling stolen goods and breaching restraining order
June 2015: Lincoln Payne, 29, charged with attempted murder after pensioners stabbed!
DIVERSITY! Woman stabbed in Cardiff in serious condition - Arnel Martinez Raymondo sought
DIVERSITY! Sunday 7 June - Hanley park: 15 Asians attack and rob young lad
DIVERSITY! Stewart Collins repeatedly punched by black dad at under-nine’s football match
DIVERSITY: Lukasz Furmanek stabbed to death - Abdullah Atiqzoy charged
DIVERSITY in BRADFORD: Jitendra Lad 'researched executions before killing family'
DIVERSITY! Sidharta Camacho-Vallej stabbed ex-boyfriend nine times
DIVERSITY! Farieissia Martin stabbed Kyle Farrell to death
DIVERSITY! Tajwar Alam found guilty of murdering Hassan Mohammed
DIVERSITY! Akbar Khan charged with murder of Zafran Nawaz
DIVERSITY! Drug dealer, Corry Walters, stabbed Mohammed Khalil to death over £50 debt
DIVERSITY! Romanians in Britain turn children into thugs and wives into prostitutes, minister says
DIVERSITY! 'We’ve been standing by and watching for too long!' (Let 'em all in, eh?)
DIVERSITY! David Lammy and Rose Hudson Wilkin - LET THEM ALL IN!
PORTUGUESE COPS! (Stick a turd in a blue suit and it's still a turd)
George Osborne and Ed Balls at Bilderberg ("shadow world government")
Christian Zionists, Neo-Nazis, & Jewish Banderas: A Ukrainian Mazel Tov?
Britain forced to dump food worth MILLIONS - Illegal immigrants breaking into trucks
Blame the euro for this Greek tragedy, blasts FREDERICK FORSYTH
Tories face fresh cash for titles storm
Honours for cronies!
Who says education's dumbing down? Cambridge University's LEGO professor
NAACP leader is a white slag pretending to be black
OFFICIAL MORON SAYS: ‘I consider myself to be black and I don’t give two sh*ts what you think’
Doctor disputes claims by Robert Winston that it's good to delay motherhood
2014: 751,230 young Britons feel they have nothing to live for
David Mardybum invites all major players from Blair era except Ed to birthday bash
How gay-hating locals ruined Stephen Fry's honeymoon (Poor luvvie! Such a shame)
Kill Whitey - Death to you Cracker!
USA: Black pastor threatens ISIS style terrorism against “people who allow racism”

Friday 12 June

Record number of highly trained jihadis plotting attacks, MI5 warns
Labour party having a "collective nervous breakdown!"
“You have to attack the ideology of extremism," said the warmonger!
Britain's ability to defend skies 'at real risk' after £3.2 billion pilot training fail
Paedophiles trawling pro-anorexia websites to target vulnerable teenage girls!
Excessive consumption of aspartame reduces serotonin levels - depression, anxiety results
Sexual dysfunction triggered By Aspartame (NutraSweet)
French court clears Jewish former IMF chief of ‘aggravated pimping’ (Quel surprise)
Dominique Strauss-Kahn's 'beast-like' orgies
CNN host takes a stand against intolerance of politically correct Left
Israel exonerates itself over Gaza beach child murders
Ambulance service recruiting from Czech Republic and Slovakia!
248 white and 141 black people killed by US cops this year! No media/PC outrage for Whitey!
DIVERSITY! Asian schoolboy, 14, arrested after supply teacher stabbed in classroom
"Murdered just because he lived in a different postcode!” (That's diversity for you)
Muslim wife HACKED to death for refusing to 'meekly submit' to her husband
DIVERSITY! Mohammed Ali Abboud to stand trial for the murder of Agnieszka Szefler
DIVERSITY! 13-year-old and six other Romanians gang raped Southampton woman
Taxi driver Dilruba Ramzanhas jailed for four years for sexually assaulting a passenger
Teenager who committed suicide was being 'blackmailed' by foreign crime gang?
Czech driver jailed after border officers find 7 Albanians trying to sneak into UK
Police hunt Somali after ticket inspector assaulted on London bus
Romanian criminal Attila Gall arrested
New York's top cop: Hard to hire Blacks as policemen - too many have criminal records!
Property tycoon Safa Abdulla Al Geabury refuses to pay £2.2m gambling debt
SNP's Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh says ALL EU nationals should get vote in OUR referendum!
A brilliant scientist is out of touch (say the PC Crowd) Who cares?
Somalis in Sweden demand free housing and more money!
Globetrotter Blair's £16,000 weekly bill for security
MPs watch for BBC's EU bias: Corporation forced to deliver neutral coverage
Thousands of patients refuse to take statins!
A CBE for Sherlock? Why?

Thursday 11 June

DIVERSITY! Asian youth, 14, stabs Bradford schoolteacher!
Israel's strategic position enhanced by chaos of Arab neighbourhood! (All is now explained)
Teens who try to join ISIS vulnerable and "brainwashed" says judge! (Ah, poor jihadis!)
248 white and 141 black people killed by US cops this year! No media outrage for Whitey!
Too many bankers are STILL behaving like crooks
March of the feminist bullies! Part of a deeply disturbing trend
'Most gipsies are richer than MPs,' says MP
Family of man shot dead by cowboy cops say no one has been held to account
Public denied more than £770m in Royal Mail shares - Tories selling them off to pals?
Prostate cancer patients denied drug which cuts risk of disease spreading!
UK aid is 'being squandered' by international agencies (That's globalism for you)
Lord Mandelson (gay 50% Jew) suggested Tony Blair give Lord Janner (Jewish paedo) a peerage
VIRGINIA: Black savage murdered British student Hannah Graham
ALABAMA: 20 to 30 Blacks assault white man and his son
Vitautas Jokubauskas charged with the murder of headless torso woman
Police appeal after Homerton bus stop attack - Black man sought
Farmer foiled child abductor, Lukman Miah
First man (guess diversity) prosecuted under new marriage law (raped/imprisoned wanted bride)
Time for Israel to talk to Hamas says ex-Mossad head!
Multi-millionaire war criminal no. 1 sticks his oar in AGAIN!
Moisturiser may make your skin worse! (Gimme the money, stupid!)
'Illegal immigrants' (globalism's mercenaries) cut their way out of a lorry at trafic lights
2009: 'This isn't the Britain we fought for,' say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII
Top US officials timidly seek Jewish approval before setting policy!
March of the feminist bullies! Part of a deeply disturbing trend

Wednesday 10 June

One in three violent crimes is 'going unrecorded!' More than a million offences left out!
Westminster paedo ring: Top Tory murdered girl at vile orgy claims new witness!
Teachers: We're scared to tackle extremism in case we're called 'Islamophobes!'
COVENTRY: Mohammed Ali Khan charged with attempted murder
Top warmonger RUMSFELD admits BUSH was wrong to inflict "democracy" on Iraq!
Ken O'Keefe at the London Forum
2009 - 'This isn't the Britain we fought for,' say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII
Zafar Iqbal attacked 11 people in Leeds centre rampage!
Stabbing suspects in court following assault which left teenager fighting for life
From lag to lecturer! Drug-smuggling cricketer lands plum job (Guess the ethnicity)
German police storm home of elderly woman who debated holocaust
Bibles banned from Aberystwyth university for ‘not being multicultural enough!’
Tory MPs' fury at plan to rig referendum using pro-EU propaganda
Labour's leadership front-runners are booed and jeered by union activists!
Multi-billionaire says thought of poor rising up and overthrowing rich keeps him awake!
British justice rotten to the core Lord Janner isn't brought before the courts says MP
Britain MUST prepare for a new wave of immigrants from Europe, Tory MP warns
Biggest sex grooming case in Sweden’s history lands Muslim in jail
Black Prof: “White people should deposit their unearned wealth in black accounts!”
ISIS will have nuclear weapons within a year? (Courtesy of USA?SAudi Arabia?)
Britons who want to fight for ISIS in Syria travelling via CANADA
Next stop Britain for the Med migrants just saved by the Navy
W***ers ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife,’ says Muslim big shot!

Tuesday 9 June

Military Madness: US officials consider nuclear strikes against Russia!
FIFA's Jack Warner 'diverted $750,000 from Haiti victims fund for his personal use!'
CNN anchor Jim Clancy forced out after spat with Israel's "Hasbara" propagandists!
Clandestine alliance between Israel and Gulf Arab States now public
UK is one of the most unequal developed nations in the world!
ISIS jihadis funding jihad with UK welfare benefits!
Police in new Janner probe - pressure grows to charge top paedo
Half of British women have a drink problem!
MADNESS! Reducing our Armed Forces to a ferry service for immigrants!
IRONY ALERT! Saudis host religious discrimination summit!
I smell a cynical EU stitch-up!
Mohammed Zaman charged with murder of his wife Sameena
Boy, 12, chased and assaulted by Asian taxi driver
Walsall residents arrested on suspicion of Syria related terrorism offences
Disgraced doctor Anthony Madu ordered to pay money back to the NHS
Ed Balls lost his seat in Parliament but Bilderberg elite still want him!
Battle for Tower Hamlets turns nasty from the start
HSBC to cut 8,000 jobs in the UK!
Girls 'must misbehave in class' says independent schools chief!
Hospital bugs 'spread by use of wet wipes to clean wards!'
What's truly worrying about some shop sarnies?
ISIS sex slaves 'sold at market for as little as a pack of cigarettes'
ISIS MAFIA! Syrian businessmen forced to hand over sums of up to $100,000

Monday 8 June

Pension off White officers bring in non-Whites says UK's top cop!
Elderly face NHS discrimination under new United Nations death targets!!!
The Great British rake-off - what really happens to billions donated to charity
Archbishop Welby's son given plum job by Blair (They all p*** in the same pot)
Body fat 'could help protect people from heart disease' (THEY lied to us all this time?)
Israel is fighting against the whole world!
The Westminster child abuse ‘coverup’: how much did MPs know?
School party's Commons visit in '76, Labour's Greville Janner and George Thomas to the fore
Israel: 30,000 Mossad spies exposed?
Did Red Hack and Anonymous hack 30,000 Mossad agents?
Jacqueline Oakes reported Marcus Musgrove to cops 19 times before he murdered her!
Lithuanian immigrant arrested on suspicion of murder of decapitated woman
Cabbie Arshad Mohammed jailed for raping teenage passenger
HOUNSLOW: Middle-aged woman surrounded by a gang of Asians and sexually assaulted
55-year-old woman robbed by Asians at Chellow Dene Nature Reserve
£1million benefit fraud scam - Charity boss Chowdhury Muyeed charged!
Raped and battered by a waiter on holiday to Turkey
Grave of Hans Christian Anderson vandalised by Muslims?
Sussex cops press for Hate Crime Ambassadors in Sussex? (As opposed to real crime)
UK border guards ‘unable to cope’ with volume of migrants
Fractured elbows, bruised neck, face and eye socket for homophobe, 82 - NO JAIL for attacker!
Sol Campbell (“I want to change London for everybody”) to stand for Mayor!
Labour MP, Keith Vaz, faces probe over help for Indian tycoon
Hard core, right-wing nationalists in Tory Party says Ken Clarke!
Tony Blair has just joined the crew of reckless muzzlers
Azealia Banks hates America and 'fat, white Americans!'
British government ‘committed to opposing Israel boycott’ says FO Minister
Did Mossad and IDF chiefs refuse orders from Netanyahu to strike Iran in 2010?
Syrian rebel commander says he collaborated with Israel
How factory sandwiches are made and who makes them
Former NHS chief moves to England to get life-saving drugs denied Welsh patients!
Cameron to Eurosceptic Tory ministers - Back me or I will sack you!
Cameron risks reopening 'bitter' Tory wounds over Europe says senior Tory MP
Unlimited cash for Yes campaign - pro-EU messages to be broadcast before vote
2005 - Nigel Farage v Tony Blair
FIFA's books were signed off for 16 years - Now the heat is on the auditors
Sol Campbell (“I want to change London for everybody”) to stand for Mayor!
Police uniform suppliers sell out of belts for fat bobbies!
Party-mad Usain Bolt 'is neighbour from hell'

Sunday 7 June

Why IS David Cameron doling out £12bn to foreign thieves, dictators and charlatans?
"In 2012... more soldiers and veterans killed themselves than were killed on operational service!"
ISRAEL: For the sins of occupation boycotts are a light punishment
Qatar to be stripped of 2022 World Cup, according to country's whistleblower!
Top diplomat Alys Harahap had sleazy phone sex with suspected drugs kingpin!!!
TOP CHARITIES > 'We don't care if she's 98... get her cash'!
Assaulted in cells by cops after road rage row says cyclist who exposed 'UK's worst force'
TORY MP: Why we MUSTN'T let No 10 fix this vital votek
HITCHENS: Let FIFA run our schools! They couldn't be more dishonest than the Tories
NADINE DORRIES: "I was sexually abused at nine by our vicar!"
IRONY ALERT! Unfunny comedian to be knighted for services to charity!
Middle-aged professional women are the biggest problem drinkers! (Lots of them in parliament)
Top brass ordered SAS march to go on even AFTER deaths!
UK's £1billion carbon-belcher raping U.S forests!
China's cyber army has infiltrated every corner of Britain!
Farage: EU will never give PM a deal over migrants
MORE than 50 Tory MPs set to lead campaign for Britain to leave the EU!
Homework BANNED to stop pupils getting depressed – now they get meditation class!!!
Israel hits Gaza targets in retaliation for non-Hamas rocket attack
Revenge-seeking Christian Israeli stabs two Jews
5 years in jail for an Auschwitz T-shirt?
REMEMBER! 'My husband is planning an accident in my car': Diana's sensational letter
UGANDA: Daughter of Christian Pastor gang-raped by 5 Muslims after he refused to close church
Boko Haram using 1,000 kids in Cameroon as human shields; UN Condemns Jihadis

Saturday 6 June

It's not just us, the whole of British society is institutionally racist says PC top cop!
Is Qatar trying to buy up the royals?
I'm marrying my secret gay love, says Tory minister
DIVERSITY! Son of disgraced FIFA boss Jack Warner admits to multi-million dollar scam!
DIVERSITY! Shanay, 7, dead with 50 injuries courtesy of aunt and grandmother
OXFORD DIVERSITY! Five more Muslims charged after child sex raids
LUTON DIVERSITY! Black thug, Leslie DeRoses, jailed for kidnap of pensioner
DUNSTABLE DIVERSITY! Stabbed by black man in park
HUDDERSFIELD DIVERSITY! Assault by black man in Cross Church Street
'Taxi driver' rapist Rezgar Zengana on the run in Turkey?
HYPOCRISY! Russell Brand's £60 tops made in sweatshops where workers get 25p an hour!
Illegal migrants flood in: 18,000 sneak in every year (that we know about)
Drunken Poles who caused mayhem at Turkish hotel are deported - TO BRITAIN!!!
Romanian PM at centre of corruption scandal (Romanians corrupt? Now that IS a surprise!)
Austrian patriots take over EU agency to protest African/Asian takeover of their country
Data on 700,000 NHS patients 'available to third parties'
Cameron orders a probe into foreign aid corruption! (Been wasting £12bn every year, Dave?)
Britain First leaders attacked and abused in Luton
Mo Farah's drug-storm trainer; FIFA cesspit; Tiger Woods; Lance Armstrong = NIKE?
Stop blaming parents for fat children. Target the cynical food firms!
Charlotte Church sees a second former lover put behind bars for dealing drugs
Schoolmaster to the stars, Sir Alford Houstoun-Boswall, pays himself £9.5million!
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT ON THE LOOSE! World's most dangerous spider here in UK!
What does Jilly Cooper think of the PC book cover? Ghastly!
UKIP banned from gay pride march even though party has thousands of LGBT members!

Friday 5 June

Dr. Paul Connett: Your toxic tap water (Fluoride exposed)
72% of us have a favourable view of Muslims? (After Rotherham, Rochdale, ISIS etc? B*LLOX!)
DIVERSITY! 4 Polish lorry drivers arrested after 68 people found in Harwich container
Film star John Cusack thinks Obama is worse than Bush!
Hollywood’s paedophilia epidemic exposed in ‘An Open Secret!’
Baby Yoga? I'd put it somewhere between child abuse and attempted murder
Baby bath DIVERSITY? "There could be a cultural aspect to this"
Taliban gunmen who shot Malala freed just weeks after getting 25-year sentences!
William Hague in cover-up row over Thatcher ally's link to care home abuse
Why did we let Britain get so ugly?
London is the cocaine capital of Europe! (How many MPs take it regularly?)
NHS patient safety fears as health watchdog scraps staffing guidelines
The charity muggers: Smarmy, over familiar and primed to launch a guilt grenade
8,000 people at risk of losing their housing every week
‘Regardless of who’s in office, the same people are in power
Euro court says we can't cut migrant benefits! Cameron plan to slash handouts? EPIC FAIL!
America curbs state snooping, Britain gives the green light
ISIS show off their US-made spoils of war!
Cops hunting rapist who battered victim with a rock arrest man in Slovakia
DIVERSITY? Cruel thieves swipe elderly grandmother's purse
ISIS beheads a Libyan soldier outside a mosque for 'education purposes!'
365,000 back petition calling for Cameron to block MPs' 10% pay rise!
Revolution bar prompts Black anger in Huddersfield with Confederate flag
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect's female driver ban 'unlawful and discriminatory'
Phone giant Orange condemned by Israel
Nepal making money out of disaster as British aid fails to reach quake victims

Thursday 4 June

Bought-and-paid-for warmonger gets new job with old paymasters!
Last of government's Royal Mail stake to be sold off! (Sale of OUR world continues
Hungarian PM says immigration threatens European civilisation!
FIFA bribes: Check out all enriching diversity!
Binyamin Netanyahu predicts: "The effort to hurt Israel will destroy FIFA!" (YNet - 28 May)
FIFA: Why are Jews at centre of greatest corruption scandal of decade?
FIFA to vote today on banning Israeli soccer!
Football’s “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption racket
Chuck’s world of offshore bank accounts
FIFA corruption arrests: How Chuck Blazer rinsed money from the beautiful game
Mohammad Hossain 'tied up his victim, whipping and punching her before raping her'
FAMILY TODAY! Gay sperm donor, lesbian mums and transsexual lover in court!
Britain sends millions in benefits abroad – even to deported foreign CRIMINALS!!!
Surge in Romanians and Bulgarians able to work in Britain!
Politically correct dolls with genitals and pubic hair – for CHILDREN
EU loses £650m of taxpayers' cash to fraudsters in just ONE YEAR
EU pays bullfighters MILLIONS of pounds – courtesy of us!
Turkish immigrant Orhan Koca charged with murder of Eamonn Magee
Violent Jamaican 'supermum' drunk won asylum saying she was a lesbian then reared a murderer
FAVERSHAM: Lincoln Payne (black) charged with attempted murder after sisters stabbed
Fury at triple killer's appeal to Europe
Reggae star convicted of savage attack weeks after he was given an MBE!
Twisted teenagers who carved initials into childhood friend's forehead
Rajan Naveed punched and sexually assaulted women on London university campus: NO JAIL!
Jail for Leeds men who “sexually corrupted” vulnerable teenager
Mo Farah's training partner and coach accused of doping!
Mohammad Hossain 'tied up his victim, whipping and punching her before raping her'
Police hunt Burger King pervert (East European) who traps schoolgirls in toilets
HOUNSLOW: Woman sexually assaulted by Asians
Police hunt Burger King pervert (East European) who traps schoolgirls in toilets
Sweden's Most wanted! (Most are non-Swedes)
UK food shortages predicted as drivers refuse to ship goods past 'violent' Calais migrants
Government over-spend! Those born between 1980 and 2000 will face apocalyptic debt levels!
Sean Heiss jailed for life after strangling mother
Cameron’s case for migrant benefit block ‘lost in translation’
Poll shows non-citizens can shape American elections
Chaos breaks out at Merkel's press conference with al-Sisi
FAMILY TODAY! Gay sperm donor, lesbian mums and transsexual lover in court!
Parents are raising children terribly?
Cops are sitting on a £1.85billion cash mountain?
The curse of cashless parking
Muslim dad jailed for attacking headmaster and teachers in row over ban on beards

Monday 1 June

Tens of thousands of teens suffer serious illness after vaccination against cervical cancer!
Why surrender is never an option
Europe's most wanted: Mugshots of 17 foreign murderers/traffickers/rapists hiding here!
Is Greville Janner above the law?
The oppression of Emma West: the politically correct end game plays out
Hate crime against minorities in South Africa: reports from 2001 to 2015
Anti-White violence in South Africa: 1 - 31 MAY 2015
Judge for Yourself: White Genocide South Africa
Swedish Social democrats claim there is no genocide in South Africa!
Asylum Seekers, Beheaders and Mega Mosques: One Month of Islam in Europe: April 2015
Woman, 68, knocked unconscious by one Asian and robbed by two
Brutal crime gangs recruiting 'Oliver Twists' to pickpocket and shoplift in UK
Most Labour politicians think the point of power is to push people around
Preposterous Blair demanded a £330,000 fee for speaking at a WORLD HUNGER CONFERENCE!
Cameron rules out withdrawing from Euro human rights law! (He lied - what else is new)
Former MP denies allegation he was member of VIP paedophile ring
US Prison camp in Iraq "accidentally" formed ISIS?
UN likens Britain to NAZI Germany over threat to quit convention on human rights
Qatar's former PM accuses West of racism & Islamophobia over World Cup bribery
Church fat cat's salary climbs to £409,000
Police launch murder probe after double stabbing
I roared with laughter: Nick Robinson's reaction to Labour bid to make him spin doctor
Shock reality of the NHS: Picture shows patients queuing on trolleys for hours at hospital

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