Daily News - July 2016

Sunday 31 July

Hundreds of Syrians in UK arrested over string of offences including rape and child abuse
Tories warn May of revolt over Brexit lite
‘She declared war on own people’: Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar
Merkel on the ropes: Thousands of German protesters take to the streets saying she 'Must Go'
Massive wave of anti-EU sentiment in nations including France and Germany
US-trained Afghan forces keep losing territory to Taliban – US govt report
Gang of 'Turkish men' set fire to man, 31, in serious assault
Polish MP: Germans are going to great lengths to cover the crimes of their Arab guests
Yes, boys, you CAN have sex slaves says British Muslim cleric!
Top Remain campaigners and Tory donors head Cameron's resignation honours list
Kidnapped by ISIS, tortured daily by the British 'Beatles'
Sir Shifty lashes out at Frank Field! Says best man in parliament will be to blame!
MP tells Sir Shifty to enjoy knighthood while he can
TURKEY: Christians pay price as extreme Islam surges after attempted coup
Snubbed France, upset China, trashed Cameron's legacy - (Theresa gets something right!)
HITCHENS: 25 murders and massacres, one common link... DRUGS
Most shameless thieves in Britain? 'Disgusting' couple stole charity box (Thanks, #LibLabCon
Football star jailed for attempting to smuggle Calais migrants into England
UK charities that raised cash for ISIS and promoted Al-Qaeda struck off
Sex-change men to give birth on NHS!
Jewish power in decline?
Left-wing British Council boss blasts Prince George on a post branding him a ‘dickhead!’

Saturday 30 July

The credit card ushered in wanton consumerism and instant gratification that left millions in debt!
Priest killer easily passed checks to work as airport baggage handler! (Easy bomb on plane then)
How blind eyes and political correctness helped Yardies invade a Surrey village
Transgender pupils 'must be given extra PE breaks' say Councils!
Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
Establishment gave green light to monsters like Cyril Smith and Jimmy Savile!
"Because I am a Muslim": Media cover-up in Germany as Afghan smashes up church
GERMANY: Syrian refugees murder man and dump his body in bathtub after buying 'death kit'
A mother in denial over her monster of a son...
Algerian and Pakistani members of ISIS cell behind Paris attacks which killed 130
Shameless Merkel DEFENDS open-door asylum policy despite deadly attacks by refugees
Furious Polish prime minister DEMANDS Merkel EXPLAINS spate of German terror attacks GERMANY: Cops hunt Arabic-speaking thugs who pelted woman and schoolgirl with stones
Asylum seeker jailed for 12 years for raping woman walking to work on Swansea street
Savage to do list: 1) Betting shop 2) Sexual assault in children's playground
Lefties loathe him but the truth is Nigel Farage changed history
Another Pope wags his tail at Auschwitz!

Friday 29 July

Hardeep Hunjan murdered 13-month-old Noah at Luton flat he shared with boy’s mother
IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro, apologises for the immolation of Greece!
Former Merkel colleague says 'Merkel's open-border policies are destroying Europe!'
One of Merkel's own MPs blasts her 'NIGHTMARISH' immigrant policy
'People in the UK need to WAKE UP!' Soldier fighting ISIS issues urgent warning!
Migrant sex criminal: I hate Sweden, I’m just here to f*** Swedish girls!
3 out of 4 NHS trusts deny life-changing cataract surgery to thousands!
We need a return to patriotism in the UK to unite us, says historian Tim Newark!
Jobless paedo, Daniel Rodriguez, pretended to be top rapper to groom 10,000 kids!
Paedo hip-hop rapper used 'gangsta' image to groom schoolgirls on social media
Ban lifted on Halifax grooming gang addresses
UK's biggest Muslim gathering has started in Lincoln
Cocaine the safe 'dinner party drug' as misuse of it soars in middle-class homes!
Islamic preacher squares up to POLICEMAN in Birmingham
Syrian Muslim 'caught masturbating next to CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND'
Turkey SNUBS Germany after Merkel's government labels Armenia slaughter as genocide
Teenager who spent student loan trying to join ISIS is jailed
Theresa May reassures 800,000 Poles and condemns 'shameful' post-referendum attacks

Thursday 28 July

No stopping booming Britain! Rush to invest in UK as Brexit economy soars
DERBY: Haris Mohammed, 16, murdered Tom Webb, 22
Jihadi France: This is just the beginning of unprecedented bloodshed
After French priest beheaded, traitor Pope demands Poland admits more refugees!
Crooks, cronies and low-rent celebrities. The honours system must be reformed - or scrapped
2,000 terror suspects - Just one under curfew! Thanks, LibLabCon!
Cherie Blair’s Muslim sister attends 'The Killings of Tony Blair' in London
USA: Black burglar stabs boy, 6, to death in his bed as desperate dad tries to fight him off
GERMANY: Picture of pregnant Polish woman hacked to death with a machete by Syrian refugee
Sadiq Khan donor gave £150,000 to hate cleric who said every Muslim should be a terrorist
John Pilger: Why Clinton is certainly more dangerous than Trump
NHS consultant paid £375,000 in overtime
Billionaire Pierre Dadak suspected of fuelling Sudan's civil war with supply of arms
"Welsh" woman locked up with a shaved head by Saudi dad because she kissed a guy!
'Merkel is RUINING our country!' Germans revolt
ISIS releases first pictures of butchers who slaughtered French priest
Another betrayal by Europe's pygmy tyrant
Imams giving out Islamic extremist texts calling for jihad - in BRITISH prisons!
Iraqi migrant allowed to stay in UK threatened mass killing
Sarah Champion won't be the last to come crawling back to Corbyn?
Football team sent home, manager arrested - Girls molested at Swedish youth tournament!
This is a "British citizen?" Explains a lot

Wednesday 27 June

Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide
Refugee rapes 79yo woman at German cemetery
Normandy church knifeman was convicted terrorist on electronic TAG
CNN journalist ‘Governments pay us to fake stories!’ Shocking exposé
Cartoon chiefs apologise after Fireman Sam shown STANDING on page of the Koran
British churches on terror alert
German security guard saved hundreds of lives
The only way to defeat this Caliphate of Cowardice is to slam our open immigration doors shut
Channel 4's new naked dating show is stupid and degrading voyeurism
People smugglers 'making a mockery' of UK borders
Child sex abuse inquiry could last for a DECADE: It's already racked up costs of £18m
Chilcot families raise £125,000 in a week to bring Blair to justice
Has Lady Shifty become too shady for Monaco?
Sir Shifty's big sister says her brother should make amends for his past business practices
The celebrities who stroked Sir Shifty's fat paunch are guilty too
How the great and the good's Lord 'Tony' became Sir Shifty's patsy
Police Reveal Identities of FL Mass Shooting; Here’s Why Media is Silent
Cat loses one of nine lives waiting for Bill Clinton to stop talking!

Tuesday 26 June

French priest beheaded!
Syrian refugees on the island of Bute now depressed - It's 'full of old people!'
'I am prepared to take lives': Dutch Imam ready to kill and die for Islam!
The hijab is a religious statement… would TV regulators allow a Christian cross that prominent?
Is the NUJ riddled with political correctness and left-wing bias?
5 sex offences EVERY week in mosques, temples and churches? (None in synagogues?)
BLACK LIVES MATTER: London Dustup Debut
Anger at EU deal to STOP Brexit! Merkel, Hollande & May plot to keep UK in single market!
BREXIT BOOM: UK business deals up by 800 PER CENT in month following EU Referendum
After four savage Muslim attacks in one week, Germans are living in fear
98% say NO to EU deal: Forget talks with Brussels and quit NOW, urges new poll
Sir Shifty Green must now be stripped of his knighthood
'We're British like anyone else' say Jamaican sex pool couple
Inside reggae star’s Surrey sex bash minutes before gunman killed one and injured two
Andrea Leadsom has never claimed personal expenses in six years as an MP
Sir Shifty's girl parties in St Tropez
If we don't collar grotesque sharks like Shifty Green, capitalism will be in peril
Nicola Sturgeon's bid to BLACKMAIL UK

Monday 25 June

Obama's half-brother Malik announces he is voting for Donald Trump!
Human Rights Foundation Chairman (Jewish) compares Trump to Putin
GERMANY BOMB HORROR: 12 injured as Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up
Syrian suicide bomber, 27, blows himself up outside music festival in Germany
Machete-wielding Syrian refugee kills pregnant woman and injures two in Germany
Syrian refugee hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete, injures others
Afghan friend of Munich attacker arrested over suspicion he helped Ali Sonboly
Merkel has 'blood on her hands': Third horror attack unleashes fury over migrant policy
Merkel to face new backlash over open door immigration policy
MPs savage former BHS boss Sir Philip Green over the high street's demise
Philip Green branded 'the unacceptable face of capitalism' by furious MPs
Serial bankrupt who bought BHS for £1 had his 'hand in the till'
Philip Green - a master of deceit who should lose his knighthood and face full weight of the law
The sale of BHS was a sordid tale of corporate greed
Britain should be made to suffer as it leaves EU says creep who drafted Article 50!
'We don't trust her' Theresa May faces Tory revolt if she FAILS to curb migration from EU
Will Brexit happen? When is Britain expected to leave the EU?
Trough-gobbler Clegg gets annual £115,000 expense allowance! Normally only ex-PMs get it
NATO must prepare for 'overnight Russian invasion of Poland?' (More warmonger b***ocks)
Man fighting for life after being HEADBUTTED 'by man of Asian appearance'
Swingers' party in Surrey = Dead man + 'guests... may have visited from abroad'
US-based luvvy Alan Cumming blames Brexit on ‘STUPID ENGLISH’
Farage warns of 'HUGE change' in Britain if May CANNOT negotiate Brexit properly
5 sex offences reported EVERY week in mosques, temples, churches! (None in synagogues?)

Sunday 24 June

Are Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Juncker in the ILLUMINATI?
Richard Gutjahr the German photographer at both Nice and Munich - Israeli connections
Biased BBC scrubs 'Ali' from Munich killer's name on TV, in articles & on Social Media
Crackdown on hate crime after Brexit! (And hatred of traitor politicians, jail also?)
Suppressed section of 2002 congressional report detailing possible ties between Saudis/9/11
Scotland’s fishermen slap down Sturgeon’s dream to re-join EU
Corbyn faces fresh scandal as 'slave labourers' make shirts backing his leadership
Germany 'urgently needs tighter gun control laws!' (No, needs tighter migration law)
Sonboly posed as SCHOOLGIRL to lure victims into his death trap
Does Twitter believe in freedom of speech?
Boris warned Brexit Britain will not accept ANY compromise on migration controls
Dover chaos with 250,000 drivers stranded in 'horrendous' 15 hour queues
Cancer risk of breast implants '10 times higher than first feared'
John Kerry claims air conditioner chemicals are as dangerous as ISIS
The dark, menacing reality behind 'The Great Corbyn Myth'
Abuse in UK churches, mosques, Sikh temples risies 20% in past year!
'He always said he'd kill us' - Munich 'psycho' promised revenge
Sonboly and Breivik 'police probe obvious link between two!' (Brevik was pro-Israel, anti-Nazi)
Bangladesh home minister suggests Israel behind spate of killings
Foreign language school in Colchester goes bust after making 'significant losses'

Saturday 23 June

Where is Angela Merkel? Fury erupts at German leader amid Munich shooting rampage
MUNICH: 10 dead including 'Iranian' gunman and 16 hurt
Did Munich killer lure children to their deaths on Facebook?
Terrifying price of Merkel's decision: From axe attack on train passengers to Munich massacre
Timeline of terror: Deadly attacks on the West in last 12 months
Leftists planning Trump coup? L.A. Times says 'voters must stop him before military has to!'
USA: Bike trails becoming a center of black on white mob violence
Arise Sir Spin! Cameron to shower honours on No 10 aides and cronies
Tragedy of Labour's collapse into utter irrelevance
MPs want to allow companies to ditch promises made to workers WITHOUT going through courts
Black Baroness spends appalling amounts of public money self-promoting herself and chums
Mark Lawson - an alarming picture of what goes on at the BBC
Corbyn's gaggle of besotted groupies
Muslim, 60, threw CHILLI powder in another man’s face before slicing his nostrils open
Corbyn's zealots could destroy Labour (And that's a bad thing?)
Article 50 was designed 'NEVER to be used' - says man who wrote EU divorce clause
Ignore the doom-mongers Britain BOOMS after EU vote!
Bitter Martin McGuinness blames Brexit on 'right-wing looneys'
HIV-infected African dubbed the 'Hyena' boasts about 'sexually cleansing' girls as young as 12

Friday 22 July

"Black Live Matter" riot in Hyde Park - Full story
Yobs leap over counter to grab burgers in Hyde Park McDonald’s
Sadiq Khan: violence across London was 'fuelled by hot weather!'
Trump vows to fix crime, trade, migration, industry, place in world in epic acceptance speech
Jon Stewart doesn't like Trump! (Jews don't like Donald? Who knew?)
Hollande insists PM can't restrict migration if she wants EU trade deal
Number of migrants being smuggled into Britain has nearly TRIPLED!
As cops warn Angela Eagle over her safety, Labour leader says MPs face deselection
Saudi Arabian official who brought a domestic SLAVE to Britain won't ever be prosecuted
Kevin and Mark jailed fro leaving bacon sandwiches and a St George's flag outside Islamic centre
Parliament misled 6 times over Saudi use of UK-made cluster bombs during Yemen invasion
Cameron's list of honours for cronies blocked by civil servants over ethical concerns
LITTLEJOHN asks why police are increasingly trying to hide the identity of criminals?
7,400 public service staff cannot speak English well enough to perform jobs safely
Parliament misled 6 times over Saudi use of UK-made cluster bombs during Yemen invasion!
Nearly SIX MILLION online frauds and cyber crimes committed in a year!
Villagers form human barricade to stop travellers setting up camp on their playing field!
Merkel chief of staff: refugees don’t pose higher terror risk
We STILL can't deport Somali rapist who preyed on children!
Barrister who made vulnerable woman call him master and beat her with a belt buckle walks free
Bob Geldof is a CRASHING snob!
Fans walk out of festival after 'horrendous' Bob Geldof launches foul-mouthed tirade

Thursday 21 July

19 July asylum Summer 2016: Dozens of attacks on women and girls
Police release images of men they want to find after Hyde Park violence
Police hunt two knifemen who attacked British airman outside RAF base
SPALDING: Warring migrant gangs engaged in bloody turf war
'All we get is murders' Boston resident's anti-immigrant rant during Brexit debate
If ministers fail to honour Brexit promises on immigration, the public will be furious!
After years of broken promises and lip service on immigration, action Mrs May!
British HSBC executive is arrested over '£2.7BILLION exchange rate rigging scam'
Mr Pippa's hedge fund and a string of City scandals
Families of British troops killed in Iraq raise £80,000 in just two days for their bid to bring Blair to justice
Secret files on Sir Mark Thatcher's business dealings set to stay secret
Britain BOOMS after EU vote
IMF 'clowns' forced to admit Britain’s economy is GROWING despite predicting Brexit doom
Migrant crisis to cost Merkel's government over a TRILLION pounds
Turkey coup attempt: Crackdown toll passes 50,000
Sneaky EU attempts to beat UK to new trade deals

Wednesday 20 July

BLACK LIVES MATTER! Hyde Park sealed off after 3 are STABBED and a PC injured
Anti-Cop Twitter Users Celebrate Police Deaths, Call For More Violence
IMF ‘clowns’ admit they got it wrong with Brexit doom and gloom warnings
And these are the 'good guys?' US-backed Syrian rebels taunt then behead young boy
Why was a hijab-wearing Muslim chosen to anchor C4’s coverage of terrorist attack in NICE?
Healthy patients to be axed from surgery lists if they don't see GP for five years?
Teenage Boys With Tits: Here’s My Problem With Ghostbusters GHOSTBUSTERS: Star of feminist flop reported Milo for mean tweets! Now he's gone
Leftists Armed with AR-15 Rifles Outside Republican Convention
Melania Trump’s Big Difference from Michelle Obama: American Pride
Trump ‘Sent From God,’ Says Parent of Son Murdered by Illegal Alien
Migrants Revolt in Southern Italy, Hijack Welcome Center
Sort migrant crisis out now: New Home Secretary urged to get a grip on Britain’s borders
Britain’s net migration targets ABANDONED by May’s Government
Brexit time-wasting: Government admits Article 50 may not be triggered until NEXT YEAR
ANOTHER German festival hit by migrant sex attacks as girls groped by groups of Afghans
Erdogan supporters spread fear in Germany as protesters smash windows and write abuse
Migrant accused of murdering two pensioners WILL return to UK for questioning
Donald Trump: I don't care if I offend Merkel by attacking 'insane' migration policy
Patient safety fears as more than 1,700 nurses found CHEATING on exams
NICE attack: Jews gloat!
Jewish students denied say in NUS anti-racism representative?
All Fox News’ primetime lineup will walk out if CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes is pushed out by Murdoch

Tuesday 19 July

GERMANY: Bloodbath as 19 are hospitalised by 17-year-old refugee axeman
Truck terrorist sent 'happy' selfie to family hours before Nice attack
Louis Farrakhan - Nation of Islam: "We must rise up and kill those who kill us!"
Muslim guns down female police officer – Mainstream media SILENT!
Mother and 3 daughters, 8-14, STABBED 'by Muslim' because they were 'scantily dressed!'
Cristi-Valentin Tabacaru ‘terrified’ victims during eight-day robbery spree
Rail worker repeatedly punched in 'violent and unprovoked' assault at Willesden Junction
Lithuanian, Iringas Makasejevas, stamped fellow countryman, Edgaras Kondrotas, to death
Inside Turkey tyrant's £500million palace
High Court judge's full ruling on Elton John's sexual harassment case
Britain's 'most wanted con artists'
Proper chap - Lefties take note...
Now the Tories are using Brxit to implement more foreign takeovers!
'You f****** white boy': Vigilante cyclist films men hurling abuse
Now help us bring Blair to justice!
Indian gang-rape survivor raped AGAIN by the SAME five men out on bail!
Britons think Brexit will leave them BETTER OFF & lower immigration, poll finds
Stars show support for Donald Trump as desperate attempt to block his nomination fails
NATO warns Turkey could be KICKED out as Turkish police raid base used by US Army

Monday 18 July

Germany’s Secret Islamic Horror - Blind elites destroying once-great nation
We leave EU in "early months of 2019?" (That's not LEAVE! That's F*** you, England!)
NICE: French PM and politicians BOOED by memorial crowds before minute's silence
N-words go home? That's 'racist,' isn't it?
Report finds Ashkinazi Jews descended from Turks
Britain facing rise in Tuberculosis and other Victorian era diseases in some regions
New migrant surge after Turkey's crackdown on coup plotters?
Nice slaughterer Bouhlel who killed 84 ‘took drugs and used dating sites to pick up men’
The 10 professions with the most psychopaths?
Nice and Nationalism
In the Matter of Royce Mann
Genocide continues! Afrikaner killed by a gang of 12
The Remoaners will have to accept the Brexiteers’ victory
Uncle accused of murdering niece days before she was going to convert to Christianity
Outrage as Cameron hands out £282,000 ‘golden goodbye’ to aides – and YOU’RE paying
Turkish cleric blamed for coup claims Erdogan STAGED it to justify civil rights clampdown

Sunday 17 July

France just raided 200 Mosques… What they found inside proves TRUMP right!
The Kinnock & Paddy Party? 150 Labour MPs plotting breakaway if Corbyn clings on to power
‘Racist 3–year-old’ quizzed by cops - "Hate crime" in CHILDREN UNDER 10 surges?
Soldiers beaten, tortured and murdered all around Turkey
Did Erdogan STAGE the coup? Turkish cleric says he orchestrated plot! (False flag?)
Hardened Fascist Dictatorship in Turkey
'The coup is a gift from God': Erdogan uses botched rebellion to start purge
ERDOGAN: Narcissist who threatens us all
Marine Le Pen leads calls for Interior Minister to resign after massacre in Nice
ISIS releases film showing burning Big Ben as they warn us 'we are here!'
'Violent, drug-crazed' jihadi Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel smuggled £84,000 to Tunisian family!
Twitter removes posts glorifying Nice truck massacre and celebrating deaths of dead
Theresa May - Kissing Zion's bottom - April 2015
Stop waiting to be slaughtered and demand our leaders DO something!
French Mayor says ‘No More Muslims’, orders destruction of Calais Camps
Teenage Muslim kidnapped a boy and threatened to stab him unless his family paid ransom
Woman stalked by Asian in Nissan Micra trying to entice her into his car
Barnet: CCTV video shows gang attack 16-year-old with baseball bat
FRANCE: Muslims beating all whites who enter their territory
ISIS releases film showing burning Big Ben as they warn us 'we are here!'
Odysseus Vafiadis stands accused of murdering Paul Davidson in Chalfont St Peter
We'll send EU migrant 'surge' back says Brexit Minister David Davis
Cops without honour in PC World
Radicalised teenager who tried to flee to Syria sent back to ‘lying’ parents by judge
HITCHENS: Sorry, but I won't be saluting the dimmest Cabinet in our history
Now EU faces ANOTHER referendum: Irish demand one!

Saturday 16 July

Turkey military coup 'caused by BREXIT', claims gay Labour MP!
French MP warns Hollande: Ban the burka EVERYWHERE or face CIVIL WAR
Nice attack due to ‘decades of multiculturalism and political correctness’ says Polish Minister
Nice terror attack: What they're NOT telling you
France ‘Suppressed reports of gruesome torture’ at Bataclan massacre
George Soros’ real crusade: Legalizing marijuana in the US!!!
US cools interest in EU trade deal without UK as EU chief enrages China
Pentagon issues sex change manual, allows extended time off for process
White House says more Black Lives Matter protests ‘a good thing’
Republicans demand punishment for countries that refuse to take back criminal illegals
Turkey’s Erdogan uses military coup buzz to expand powers, curb dissent
Obama: All parties in Turkey should support Erdogan government
Beware the Soros zombies
German police launch first nationwide hate speech raids
‘It has something to do with Islam’ Muslim counter-terror expert blasts Nice apologists
Romanians jailed for series of robberies
Islamic school tells pupils British customs are anti-Muslim

Friday 15 July

NICE - Murder by Muslim, Marxist and the Global Few
Dad and 11-year-old son on holiday in Nice among 84 people killed in terrorist massacre
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel suspected Nice attacker
Foreign Office issues 'high' alert for tourists after Nice attack
Gun and truck attack mows down dozens in Nice
Pro-ISIS groups CELEBRATE French massacre
THIS IS WAR! 'When will we learn? It is only getting worse,' says Donald Trump!
Brexit poll: '11% of people (Muslims?) want London to become a separate country!'
Politician calls for Muslims to be deported if they 'believe in Sharia Law!'
As a British Muslim, I'm terrified that Theresa May is my new Prime Minister
End of the Notting Hill set who felt born to rule - Destruction of Westminster's social elite
If Theresa really believes Brexit means Brexit she must get rid of the human rights racket!
Theresa Butcher! WHO'S IN AND WHO'S OUT?
SWEDEN: Muslims put up stickers warning women: 'Wear a headscarf or be raped!'
Why was a Somalian rapist set free to prey on schoolchildren?
Nigel Farage slams ‘unfair and wrong’ Ranvir Singh questioning on Nice in live interview
Wolf-whistling a hate crime? What an insult to real victims of abuse
Corbyn challenger Owen Smith vows to hold a SECOND Brexit referendum
David Cameron moves into new £17m house and already upsets his new neighbours

Thursday 14 July

If Brexit means Brexit, why is Theresa's Chancellor saying it'll take 6 years?
BRITAIN should ignore Brussels ban on bailing out steel industry and allow it to flourish!
EU boss says Britain’s EU exit must be painful to serve as a warning to other nations!
Why was a Somalian rapist set free to prey on schoolchildren?
DIVERSITY comes to Herts! Negroes offer mum £50 for her baby!
Cheney, Murdoch, Rothschild after Syria's oil!
Jeremy Corbyn is right: Cameron’s legacy is freeing terrorists and gay marriage
What Brexit gloom? British public is 'optimistic about future'
Farage confirms ‘SIGNIFICANT’ numbers of Tories are switching to UKIP
Boris? Foreign Secretary? Talk about creative!
George and Dave thought all of Britain was like Notting Hill
Wetherspoon chief savages Cameron, Osborne and other experts behind Project Fear

Wednesday 13 July

Uncensored report into Orgreave WON'T be published! (May interfere with Hillsborough?)
Cameron set to shower political cronies with rewards
F*** the Brits! Don't axe my foreign aid budget, says Dave!
So will Theresa give Osborne a plum job after campaign to frighten the nation via Project Fear?
Corbyn targeted with death threats as Labour infighting boils over
Traitor Blunkett says he would back Iraq invasion AGAIN as he defends Traitor Blair
Incoming Israeli army Chief Rabbi accused of condoning wartime rape
A negro celebrates the genocide of the English people
Obama hides rising murder rates and hundreds of dead Americans in criminal statistics
USA: Blacks across the country on a media-fuelled rampage
Founder/leader of Black Women’s Defense League streamed live video of Dallas cop massacre
Ex-soldier Gavin Rae jailed for trying to buy guns (Was stopped from joining ISIS)
Abdul Kalam stabbed woman when she refused to let go of handbag
One of gangland's most feared killers 'converts to Islam while serving life sentence'
Traitor Blunkett says he would back Iraq invasion AGAIN as he defends Tony Blair
Migrant camp in George Clooney's Italian hideaway - Ha-ha!

Tuesday 12 July

Mass defections from Tories to UKIP reported by social media?
BBC encourages reporting of perceived “hate crimes” linked to Brexit - (Leave EU = racist!)
Top German firms hire just 54 immigrants!
EU commission under fire after ex-Commie Barroso goes to work for Goldman Sachs!
Immigrant cocaine baron and HIS human rights!
Obama hides rising murder rates and hundreds of dead Americans in criminal statistics
Brexit spending extravaganza! Consumers have been splashing the cash after the Referendum
Police officer brands Women's Institute Britain's biggest CRIMINAL GANG
Theresa May must not 'betray' 17 million Brexit voters, say top Tories
France is 'on the verge of a civil war!'
A***hole cops forced to apologise after handing out sex consent leaflet titled 'RU ASKING 4 IT?'
Black gangster jailed for Pc death ‘may have killed four others’
Charity collection firm using ex-crims/drug dealers to pressure vulnerable donors to sign up
Another tough day in paradise for Lady Shifty

Monday 11 July

Theresa May will be new Prime Minister on Wednesday
Theresa May's sharia courts review branded a 'whitewash' by human rights campaigners
Black Lives Matter rally brings London's streets to a standstill
‘BLACK OPS’: UK’s Conservative, Brexit PM Candidate Under Barrage From Establishment
Iain Duncan Smith claims 'black ops' bid to 'denigrate' Leadsom
Andrea Leadsom is a Conservative every Brexiteer should want as Prime Minister
DALLAS - Obama must be removed from office!
Jeremy “Jez” Turner, The London Forum – ITEL Radio – 7.9.16
Tony Blair wanted $35m from United Arab Emirates to build oil-rich state's reputation/influence
Health tourists jump NHS queue: Foreign patients given eye surgery, Britons wait for months!
Nigerian killer costs taxpayers £100,000 after fighting deportation 4 times in 4 years
Cocaine baron exploits EU human rights law to avoid deportation
Shocking figures reveal criminals given up to 10 suspended sentences before jail!
Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve
6 White Pills - This was a good week
Now SOUTH KOREA wants British free trade deal as UK ministers struggle to cope with demand
'Iraq war WAS illegal' admits former Deputy Prime Minister

Sunday 10 July

Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says No 10 adviser!
EU policy means migrant crisis to continue for next TWO CENTURIES, bloc admits!
Brexit negotiations given boost as EU chiefs snub Juncker
1,400 US Mayors just slammed the White House for risking nuclear war with Russia!
Five suspects now in Dallas police custody - Muslims who attended Nation of Islam
The guy is loud and mad as hell but one Muslim has finally figured it out
Junead Khan guilty of preparing for Isis terror attack on American forces in UK
First female Muslim Lord Mayor arrested as officers probe 'misconduct' allegations
Riots at the DNC? Protesters Ready to Besiege Convention: “Vowing to Bring Chaos”
Black Jewish peer suggests voters are dim! Says we didn't know what Brexit meant!
More than 1,000 cabbies charged with violent/sexual attacks in just 5 years across UK
Woman knocked unconscious in savage attack by up to 10 men - Black man sought
Police hunt man after bottle attack on woman at Brixton Tube station
Council officer jailed for five years over £2.4m housing fraud
Police hunt man after 'totally unprovoked' attack on teenage boy at station
Dear White People: It's Time for Us to Come Get Our Racist Relatives! (By Jenny Kutner - Jew)
The truth about the UK's pro-Israel lobbies
FBI warns US of ‘race war’ following new threat to murder white police officers
Arrests of illegal immigrants in London rises - Six people now detained EVERY day!
'We didn't know what he was up to' Blair skewered by former Cabinet member over Iraq
Brexit: LSE expert says EU referendum was a 'draw' and UK exit will not happen
Immigration Meltdown Sweden 2025 - Immigration destroying safety, freedom and equality
IMF and the truth about the broken EU
How REMAIN failed: the inside story of a doomed campaign
Warning to Gove/Johnson - We won’t forget what you did (Jewish journalist threatens GoJo!)
BlackLivesMatter protest in London - Bus passenger punched for complaining
87,000 British bullets 'are in the hands of ISIS'
Prescott defies former boss Tony Blair and claims the Iraq war was ILLEGAL
'Absolute nonsense' Ukip MEP hits back after Labour MP accuses party of dividing Britain
Paul Nuttall hits back after BBC interviewer asks 'what is the point of Ukip?'

Saturday 9 July

Putin issues desperate warning of WWIII
There could be riots if our rulers overturn the EU referendum vote
Andrea Leadsom "disgusted" how The Times (Murdoch) spun children comment!
GERMANS DEMAND EU REFERENDUM! Britain's population could overtake FRANCE within a decade as migrants looking to start families flock to the UK
Join Labour to vote out Corbyn says trough-gobbler Kinnock!
Outpouring of hate against those who voted Leave!
IMF says EU on brink of collapse - Euro may have to be scrapped
MONSTROUS HYPOCRITE: Blair's liar-in-chief Alastair Campbell
OBORNE: A new PM MUST mend our corrupt and broken civil service
CHILD murderer who impaled victims on garden railings being prepared for release!
Muslims jailed for torturing 16-year-old with hot iron and knife in Oldham
Jap tries to kill a stranger by pushing her in front of a Bakerloo Line train
Drugs-dealing arrests among under-16s hit 2,000 in a year
Paedo ring jailed for 'terrifying depravity'
Dallas killer: "He wanted to kill white people, especially white officers!”
Giuliani: Black Lives Matter Putting a Target on Police Officers’ Backs
Police group director: Obama caused a 'war on cops'
Andrea Leadsom denies saying she would be better PM than Theresa May as she has children
Ann Widdecombe supports ANDREA LEADSOM!
The BBC is now promoting multi-person marriage!
2007: How the Government has declared war on white English people
Government REJECTS petition calling for second Brexit referendum
Open Borders for Israel demonstration

Thursday 7 July

How our ruling class betrayed us: The Cabinet. MI6. Generals. Law officers. Civil servants... ALL were complicit in a megalomaniac's march to war
Why the findings of Chilcot report are devastating for the Establishment
General Michael Rose: Why the families of 179 soldiers killed in Iraq must see Blair in court!
Monster of delusion - sickening egomania - He couldn't say sorry for Iraq because he'd do it again
Lies, bulls**t and the blood of brave men and innocents
How Blair's 'sofa' government left him free to plot war
OBORNE: Sir Cover-Up and a collapse of basic truths in Whitehall
'Saddam is gone. Now we have 1,000 Saddams!'
'Act now, explain later': What Blair told George Bush TWO YEARS before Iraq war!
OBORNE: MI6 fell under the spell of No. 10 while MI5 did its job!
'They died in vain!' Families of fallen British soldiers demand Tony Blair is PROSECUTED
Calls grow for Blair to face legal action
Wholly inadequate planning saw top brass forced into humiliating secret deal with soldier killers
I really DO question Tony Blair's sanity
Tony Blair and George Bush 'are DEVILS and life was better under Saddam', say angry Iraqis
Eyes squinting at a distant destiny - a performance from a world class tragedian!
Gove's campaign boss apologises after sending anti-Leadsom texts to MPs!
Michael Gove ally's email to Tory MPs asking for votes to beat Leadsom
Betrayal of Britain! Carney's dire warning about economy a fit of pique over voters ignoring him
Clinton CLEARED on email scandal! FBI recommends NO charges!
Jewish Lord and BBC Today presenter Justin Webb says Brexit voters are ignorant
Globalists are now openly demanding New World Order centralization
END OF SCHENGEN? MEPs vote to bring BACK border controls as free movement FAILS
AS MEPs vote to restore EU border controls German minister threatens UK for wanting same
Plot to starve anti-EU parties of funds as Brussels takes revenge to SILENCE Eurosceptics
'Not part of MY country' Katie Hopkins slams Theresa May for her 'support' of Sharia law
Woman sexually assaulted on Bristol to Manchester train - police appeal
God (Yahweh?) and George W Bush drove Tony Blair to invade Iraq, ex-PM's biographer claims
'SHAMELESS' clownwoman abour MP STANDS BY Blair over Iraq invasion!

Wednesday 6 July

Left-winger raped by migrants LIED about their nationality - Didn't want racism encouraged!
Feminist politician Barbro Sörman says it’s worse when Swedes rape than when migrants do it!
Israeli army attacks two Syrian army (anti-ISIS) targets
Saudi Arabia intensifies airstrikes on Yemen
US traffic claimed over 35,000 lives 2015!
GAY UK: From 2012 to 2015, syphilis rose by 76% (3,001 to 5,288) and gonorrhea rose 53% (26,880 to 41,193) Independence Day: Celebrate 240 years of profit-driven genocide (by USA)
Raped German politician admits lie over her attackers' nationality
Wikileaks Releases 1,258 Clinton Emails On IRAQ! Perfect Timing
Hillary Clinton emails - Wikileaks
Migrant crisis getting worse: While politicians dither thousands more flood Europe
Remain hopes dashed! Article 50 doesn't need Commons approval! Ha ha!
'This is our country, enough is enough' Brexit voter calls on Britain to 'close the gates'
Judgement Day for Traitor Blair? Chilcot MUST indict!
Knives out for Leadsom: Plot by grandees to stop her taking on Theresa?
If Michael (Gove) was PM we'd be at war with 3 countries at once but he did get rid of Boris!
UK betrayed! Carney's warning on economy a fit of pique over voters ignoring him before Brexit?
Clinton is CLEARED on email scandal! FBI recommends NO charges!

Tuesday 5 July

OBORNE: If Chilcot fails to nail Blair's lies, it's final proof our democracy is broken
German minister says George Osborne ASKED him to condemn Brexit!
Mac on... The Chilcot report!
EU demands Britain pays £12 BILLION into Brussels budget despite Brexit vote!
Ben Livingston: The father of weaponized weather!
Did Labour MPs launch Corbyn coup to rescue Blair from war crimes charge?
Monsanto fingerprints found all over attack on organic food
World governments knew MMR vaccine caused autism in 1970s!
Now Schulz calls for EU to take more control and become ‘true government’ of Europe!
Charlotte Church says Nigel's a 'piece of s***' and tweets 'I want my f***ing EU back!'
Chilcot STILL won’t say if Blair went to war illegally
There's only one woman I trust to see us through this mess and safely out of the EU
Muslim taxi driver refuses to take disabled passenger with guide dog - 'Against his religion!'
'The state failed Alice and our family!'
17-year-old tells of horror after'foreign youths' sexually assault 35 girls at Swedish music festival
Nick Ferrari slams Juncker – and says Brexit could be a blessing for the EU
Trio of corrupt Barclays bankers face jail!
Farage - Death threats take their toll on UKIP leader
‘My hate for white people made me rob and kill’
Dad's Army reminds us of a time when we were proud to be British

Monday 4 July

Nigel Farage steps down as leader of UKIP!
£330,000 for a 20-minute speech at a world hunger event? Tony Blair - an inspiration to us all!
Blair squirms as he's asked 'why does Labour HATE you so much?'
Blair will not be put on trial for war crimes!
Army fury at Iraq stitch-up: Chilcot to be used to prosecute troops? Blair WON'T face charges!
Fury over legal bid to BLOCK EU exit: Top lawyers in threat to DEMOCRACY & referendum vote
400 ISIS jihadis back in the UK!
Pope Benedict was put under pressure by Vatican 'gay lobby' trying to wield power!
Britons lost £12.6 billion gambling in the 12 months to September 2015
Africans to get €62 BILLION from EU?
Europe to roll out the red carpet to MORE debt-ridden nations?
Spy chiefs at the time of the Iraq War will be 'fed to the wolves' in next week's Chilcot Report
Nick Clegg says Britain must have a general election before Brexit! (Nick who?)
British teenager gang raped by 'Moroccan' men after being dragged into a car in Spain
Sudanese refugee who walked through the Channel Tunnel is now renting room in £100,000 house
Swimming pools in Germany are now no-go areas for women, bc of high % of molestations/rapes
Jean Butoyi found guilty of raping and robbing women in Doncaster
Britain's streets awash with DEADLY KNIFE CRIME as number of offences skyrocket
Convicted Somalian rapist overturned deportation order then raped two more vulnerable women
Mohammed Islam kidnapped 18-year-old and threatened to stab him if family did not pay ransom
Migrant gang sexually assault children as young as 12 at festival
35 complaints from young women after foreigner rampage at a popular music festival
A German mother meets immigrants
Dutch town Hilversum has had enough of the antics of Muslim youths
Mauritania (Muslim) arrests nine ANTI-SLAVERY activists
Donald Trump's full anti-Hillary Clinton speech
'YOU'RE FINISHED JUNCKER' Livid Angela Merkel set to 'deal with' gloating Brussels chief
Katie Hopkins hits out at Home Secretary for failing to back Brexit
Email 'shows depth of Gove betrayal': Justice Secretary is 'shifty and untrustworthy'
Europe to roll out the red carpet to MORE debt-ridden nations?
Former CIA operative says Obama and Clinton lied about attack on Benghazi compound
Our planned racial destruction?

Sunday 3 July

US Ambassador to Hungary: overthrow Assad, let in refugees, and fight Russia...or else!
HITCHENS: You voted for a revolution... you got a Blair robot
“Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary!”
Theresa May hails ‘benefits’ of Sharia as inquiry set up into ‘misuse’ of Islamic law
'I was a fool to trust Gove': Boris Johnson told aides
'Boris was blown up by a political psychopath!'
Breedlove’s war: Emails show ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's 'F-word rant' at fellow Labour MP
MP calls for Tony Blair to be 'stripped of all honours' after Chilcot
EU migration to Germany: 685,000 Romanians/Poles/Bulgarians flock there in a YEAR
'Germany is Britain's ALLY' Germans vow to FIGHT for British access to European market
CHILCOT: Tony Blair will NOT face investigation over Iraq war… but British soldiers could
Cuts to EU migration MUST WAIT despite Britain quitting Brussels, Theresa May claims
'True Brexiteer' Andrea Leadsom receives backing of Eurosceptic MPs to be next Tory leader
ISIS bombing kills 125 shoppers in Baghdad
‘Let’s put an end to sneering at the Vote Leave folk’ - Gisela Stuart
Jeremy Corbyn held back by aides after furious confrontation with reporter
Those who could cite Quran were spared
Tyrone Jacobs jailed for murder
Why Jews need the European Union — Warts and all

Saturday 2 July

Boy 'reported for RADICALISATION after saying Brexit would stop immigrants coming to UK!'
Elite New York school teaches white students they’re born racist and should feel guilty!
Duty is dead in public life - Too many of today's politicians are only in it for themselves
MPs say they'll use ancient law to impeach Tony Blair! (Can't wait)
Kebab shop owner charged with rape by police investigating murder of Charlene Downes
Albanian killer will finally be deported after 14 YEARS of living on handouts
Jail for man who robbed bookmakers while on bail for another gunpoint robbery
Enfield park sex attacker hunted by police
Charaf Elmoudden stole £200,000 worth of jewellery and designer clothes from Rita Ora's home
OBORNE blows the whistle on Theresa May (and others - Feb 2016))
OBORNE: Why Mr Project Fear (who's still talking down Britain) must go
EU ignores Brexit & SPEEDS UP Turkey talks!
Sturgeon's bid to keep Scotland in EU could transform country into 'Greece without the sun!'
EXECUTIONER OF EUROPE: Greece blasts German finance minister over secret Brexit plan
UK needs ‘a fresh face' - Andrea Leadsom emerges as pro-Brexit favourite as Gove flounders
Grammar school girl, star banker, mum of three, Christian and brilliant Brexiteer
Post-Brexit Brussels - British MEPs subjected to a campaign of intimidation
Former Bolton Council boss's £90,000 pay off after just FIVE MONTHS’ work
Damn you, England, for making us wonder whether we belong here! (Guardian whiner)
London house prices slashed after Brexit vote
Fury of former BBC chief Alan Yentob as he's forced to hand over his Kids Company letters
Brexit and the Jews

Friday 1 July

Andrea Leadsom takes aim at Theresa May over opposition to Brexit in live TV interview
EU BACKLASH: Brexit ‘TSUNAMI’ expected as 34 referendums set to rock union!
As The ‘Patriot Spring’ sweeps the continent, Europeans call for their own referendums!
END OF EU? Uprising continues as top Hungary minister says 'we want OUT of European Union'
EU at war as left and right clash over plans for post-Brexit SUPERSTATE
Merkel’s mentor warns Germany shunning Brexit Britain is a ‘big mistake’
The EU's £1TRILLION plans kept secret until AFTER the referendum
LITTLEJOHN: The political class's behaviour since the referendum borders on clinically insane!
The British people deserve so much better than this bunch of back-stabbing political pygmies!
How Boris was done in by a “cuckoo in the nest” plot
Merkel NEEDS free trade deal with UK or 750,000 German jobs could face the axe
WATCH: Andrew Neil mocks Michael Gove over his 'knifing' of Boris Johnson
Chilcot Blair launches thinly-veiled plea to be Britain’s Brexit negotiator!
The ozone layer is HEALING!
Zuckerberg’s hostile emails - Life at Facebook exposed!
East London council gives 'award' to leader of extreme Islamist party
Blacks made up majority of all serial killers last decade!

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