Daily News: July 2015

Friday 31 July

NOT GUILTY! Does this mean Ken Clarke DID grope Ben Fellows?
DIVERSITY REFUSES TO DIVERSIFY! Muslim school bans pupils from mixing with outsiders!
Child sex abuse 'is not a uniquely Asian crime’ says Asian Lib Dem
UN Goodwill Ambassador tells British parents to to teach toddlers about sex!
HUMAN RIGHTS! Taliban warlord whose bombs killed our troops wins million from UK!
It's a WARZONE: Hundreds of migrants & children storm Eurotunnel
PURE EVIL! UN bureaucrat says we're XENOPHOBIC and EXAGGERATING migrant crisis!
Calais crisis is Britain's fault for being TOO soft on immigrants, blasts France
The cops just stood and watched him drown!
Accused of screaming like a little girl, is this gay cop out to wreck a Sergeant's career?
Six people stabbed at gay pride march 'by ultra-Orthodox Jew'
Sex victim’s father pleaded with social services to help: they said she was being naughty!
We ‘like’ jail: Grinning ethnics (mostly) mock soft justice in cell selfies!
Italian ‘cannibal’ killed his Irish landlord following an argument
Man suffered a fractured jaw after attack by Asian in Aylesbury
Black man sought following Hornsey bus attack
Murderers and rapists among 1,153 criminals still at large
Anti-Christian bullying in schools ignored and Ofsted part of problem says charity
Onslaught on Kurds fuels anger against against Turkey and USA
Fury over PM's bid to stuff Lords with Tory donors
Social services in Kent are under 'enormous strain' and face £5.5million shortfall
UNSTOPPABLE? Two more unions back Corbyn as the 'antidote' to Blairite 'poison!'
DIVERSITY! Live goat RIPPED APART by villagers

Thursday 30 July

2008 - Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks were good for Israel!
ISIS secretly planning to provoke 'end of the world?' (USA and Saudis created ISIS)
What's the point of a police force that doesn't turn up to burglaries?
Cops hunt golliwogs! (But not burglars)
Box-ticking NHS staff turned killing patients into an industry, says top doctor
Liverpool Care Pathway - There was suffering that should haunt every doctor!
French ARE to blame for migrant crisis? (Those who wish White World destroyed are to blame)
Electric fences needed to stop Calais migrants! (Electrocute the f***ers? Bit harsh, Eamonn)
French blame chaos in Calais on everyone but themselves
Our borders trampled underfoot as aliens storm fences around Channel Tunnel entrance
We kept out Hitler, why can't our feeble leaders stop a few thousand migrants?
Mac on... The migrant chaos in Calais
Terrorists/religious bullies win fight over solitary confinement costing taxpayers £500,000
Mohammed Ali bought enough ricin to kill 1,400 people on the dark web
Logistics manager, Someya Parveen, travelled wrong way down dual carriageway for 30 MILES
Football fan, 72, guilty of making 'monkey gestures' towards black players
Smoking cannabis 'four times more likely to trigger psychosis in males than females'
Now union giant Unison backs Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour leader!
The Dead Sea is shrinking! (Israel's behaviour to blame?) DIVERSITY banned! Hindus decapitate hundreds of thousands of animals to 'appease goddess!'
FARAGE: Cameron's EU renegotiations are nothing more than a PR exercise!
USA: Adrian Jerry Gonzalez, 15, charged with rape and murder of Madyson Middleton, 8
Two 'who plotted to kill Cecil' in court as lion killer receives DEATH THREATS
Another lion killer was director of Bank of England
MPs ask why did it take cops TWO DAYS to search shamed peer’s home?
It's carry on claiming as PM packs pals in the Lords!
Elena Kagan’s “diversity problem” and Jewish privilege
Just don't call them Gaydamak: Meet Israel's Russian oligarchs
Jewish South African "freedom fighter" calls Israel 'apartheid state'
Russian Oligarchs mostly Zionist supremacists, says Israeli media
Defense Minister chides legislator for ‘inciting hatred’ against Israeli Arabs

Wednesday 29 July

Murder/rape goes unreported in no-go zones as minorities launch own justice systems
Elena Kagan’s “diversity problem” and Jewish privilege
Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable'
Turkey sends in jets as Syria’s agony spills over every border
The hate-spreading, extreme-left organisation that calls itself “Hope Not Hate!”
What is it with the far-left and violence?
Top cop says EVERY police force giving up on cannabis! Cracking down was never a priority!
We must ban legal high 'hippy crack' says Met chief! (Yet cops do nothing about cannabis?)
Now cops won't come even if your home was burgled! (Thanks LibLabCon!)
What is it with the far-left and violence?
Owen Jones at Sinn Fein conference: "I am a passionate believer in a United Ireland!"
Harriet Harman is "weeding out leadership voters" who might vote for Jeremy Corbyn?
Jeremy Corbyn surges into a commanding lead in the Labour leadership contest!
Baroness Wilcox claims £300 A DAY to walk just 200 yards to work
124 peers in free money racket, pocketing £300 a day despite living close to Parliament
Cameron vows to hand out even MORE peerages despite fresh sex scandal engulfing Lords!
David Cameron’s father left offshore assets in tax haven
ISIS fans release guide on establishing 'Muslim gangs' and how to spread hate
Owen Jones at Sinn Fein conference: "I am a passionate believer in a United Ireland!"
We need British nurses says hospital chief! Hiring untrained staff from overseas 'too expensive!'
Convicted rapist Muzafer Akram gets 3.75 years for attacking Bradford student
Girl, 17, sexually assaulted by black man in at south London bus stop
Desmond Bartley (black) killed Tommy Main (white) in 'punch for punch' game at party
Faisil Ali denies sexually assaulting teenage girl
Black man exposes himself to teenage girls in Telford
Brian Banda accused of deliberately giving someone HIV
Turkey launches air strikes against Kurds - NATO backs Turkey!
Boxing champ cleared of selling his belt and gloves on eBay to raise cash to join ISIS
Holiday in France? Now Frog farmers are spraying manure over cars!
Spy Jonathan Pollard has gone from being an embarrassment to a cause célèbre In Israel
Los Angeles gangs will kill 100 people in 100 days? (Making the world safe for democracy!)
Swedish University removes all portraits and busts of white, male Professors!
Denmark: Syrian refugees harassing girls: “They follow after us... It’s really scary”
Black Yanks burn American flag
Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia hid 1,000 cases of child abuse

Tuesday 28 July

USA: 22 ex-soldiers kill themselves EVERY DAY!
A new child sex abuse claim every day in Rotherham!
Porn in Parliament: Westminster computers log 250,000 requests for X-rated sites in one year
Lord Sacks: If the Jews leave Europe, the continent will have lost its soul?
What you have to understand is this - Creatures like this make our laws!
Why hasn't Lord Sewer had his ermine collar felt?
KISSING overtakes smoking as leading risk for head and neck cancers!
Illegal immigrants have no option but to resort to crime? (That's enrichment for you)
DIVERSITY! Gang attack by 10-12 Asians on innocent stranger
DIVERSITY! French furious after Muslim girl-gang attacks sunbather for wearing a bikini
British aid 'funds Pakistan hangings'
We'll do ISIS in Libya/Syria if threatened says Dave! (Like Blair's 45 minute Iraq thing?
35 women tell their horrific stories of abuse by comedy legend Bill Cosby
Ken Clarke says 'nasty allegation' he molested a young actor is trumped up
Mac on... scandalous members of the House of Lords

Monday 27 July

The SS Empire Windrush: "The Jewish Origins of Multicultural Britain."
"Who does control the world?" Noam Chomsky - BBC interview 2003
Civil servant arrested over claims he was part of VIP paedophile ring
Malmo, Sweden hit by multiple bomb attacks in immigrant areas!
Those calling for Labour leadership race to be abandoned are "Friends of Israel"
UNIVERSITY ADVICE FOR YOUNG GIRLS: Make up with your sex attackers!
West likes to think that 'civilisation' will defeat ISIS: history suggests otherwise
Approving Turkey air strikes against Kurds USA's worst error in Mid East since Iraq War?
Iran nuclear deal bringing Israelis 'to door of the oven?' (Presidential wannabe?)
'Cowardly' East European thieves target pensioners out shopping in Bolton
Violent black mugger sought by police after woman punched in face
Police hunt black women over Portsmouth park attack
Cigarette smuggling ring squashed and Indian gang members jailed
White woman punched by Asian in Tesco brawl
10,000 immigrants mass in Calais as crisis reaches desperate levels
£120k-a-year but still he moans about paying rent: Lord Sewel's extravagant social life
Time to derail the gravy train: Fury over cost of freeloading peers
How Cleggie was chopped down to size

Sunday 26 July

Blair crony 'filmed taking cocaine off £200-a-night prostitute's breasts!'
Lord Sewel quits after'taking drugs with prostitutes'
Deputy Speaker of Lords resigns after being filmed snorting cocaine off prostitute's breasts
Check out the Labour Party democrat! Election might go wrong way = STOP IT NOW!
Kensington council plans crackdown on Arab playboys and their supercars
Our latest weapon in the war on terror? Organic free-range tripe
Neo Nazis? Holocaust Denier? Lies and bulls*** from The Sunday Mail
Cost cutting and loss of experts has weakened Foreign Office says General
Foreign criminals 'pushing up house prices by laundering billions in expensive property!'
Have three climate change scientists been ASSASSINATED?
Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van - officers showered with eggs
'Religion of peace' types 'groomed her from the age of 12 before raping her in drug den' Coroner Chinyere Inyama, loses file containing sensitive details of murder of Alice Gross
UK government gave the Clintons' charities £50million of British aid cash!

Saturday 25 July

Top cop says his bid to expose paedo Minister in Blair government was sabotaged!
AYLESBURY: Paedo sex gang (Hussain, Iqbal, Ali etc.) convicted of abusing girl, 12
DIVERSITY! Kirk Wynter tried to kill prostitute by setting fire to her hair and stabbing her
Landlord Ciro Pipolo let a room to a 19-year-old then sexually assaulted her as she slept
DIVERSITY! "Black and Asian" gang attack Barking man
DIVERSITY! James Madanda threatened to kill schoolboy, 14
Schoolboy stabbed ‘friend’ to death in Marylebone
Accounts assistant, Gilmour De Guzman, stole more than £33,000 from his employers
Israeli who spied on USA and was jailed for life in 1987 set to be freed
Jewish feminist says we mustn't prosecute young Blacks Who sexually assault?
David Cameron: We can’t fight the Islamist threat until we’ve tackled Jew-hate?
David Cameron attacks anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
What Labour's greatest leader can teach these squabbling pygmies
Foreign aid! Half billion pound UK project funds wedding dresses for African brides!
'Preach hate against UK and it’s fine – attack halal meat and end up in court'
Why does the BBC ignore England?
BLAIR WARS: Michael Campbell dies 3 years after being shot in Afghanistan
Barclays security scandal: Stolen USB stick held personal data of 13,000 customers
Betrayal on care fees forces thousands of families to surrender much inheritance
Library visits by young children plummet over past five years
Edward VIII's Nazi fanaticism went far deeper?
Victims of Gumtree muggings
Petrified Jihadi John 'ABANDONS ISIS?'
Winston Churchill ‘was lovechild of King of Serbia?'

Friday 24 July

311 languages spoken in our schools as English starts to die out
Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebels!
ISIS plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events
Hundreds of police officers convicted of offences including sex crimes and theft
Jeremy Corbyn accused of inaction on child abuse! (Blairites did nothing also)
I won't name child abuse MP: Fury as Thatcher's Cabinet chief defends failure to act!
Is monarchy no longer sacrosanct? PM says cops can go 'as high as they like' in paedo probe
Want to be rich? It helps if you're a psychopath!
WW2 veteran, 98, died after NHS staff at two hospitals let him fall over 8 times!
Young mum told she was 'too young' for a smear test diagnosed with terminal cancer at 21
We must ban SMACKING to protect human rights say UN 'experts' from Uganda, Algeria, Egypt!
EU judges rule preventing Gypsies from stealing electricity could be DISCRIMINATORY
Taxpayers foot £250k bill so prisoners and illegal immigrants can watch Sky TV
Tories rush half a BILLION taxpayer cash into one foreign aid project just to hit target
Why does the BBC ignore England?
Hatred of Tony Blair shows just how big Labour’s problem has become
How social media can leave teenagers suicidal
Diversity in the USA: Young mother stabbed to death by best friend
Nigel Farage hijacks Labour leadership debate with surprise phone-in
Extra points for pointing out presence of women and ethnic minorities
Why did PC Beeb only want a woman in the top job? Oh yeah...
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a victim!

Thursday 23 July

Leon Brittan among senior Westminster figures named in new child abuse files
Secret files! MI5 let paedo MP off hook! Security chief said case would embarrass Government
"The Government destroyed documents about an alleged establishment paedophile ring!"
MI5 'helped Margaret Thatcher cover-up paedophile Tory MP's activities'
Almost 200,000 names on scammers' list! Average age of 'suckers' is 74
A death every 6 weeks! Shocking toll of training accidents on our troops!
Homeless to be fined up to £1,000 for sleeping rough? (If foreign deport! If ours house!)
Villagers' fury at plans to build huge Islamic cemetery in heart of the countryside
How can smirking cops turn a blind eye to a drug that sends people psychotic?
DIVERSITY! Nathaniel Johnson gets life for the murder of Daniel Sommerville
MANSLAUGHTER! Rostam Notarki chased Charles Hickox into the path of an oncoming van
Thug who said he was Jihadi John while on remand for brutal mugging gets 12 years
DIVERSITY! Rushed to A&E to save her life, she was raped by a Filipino nurse
DIVERSITY! ISIS-supporting schoolboy UK's youngest terrorist! (Wanted to behead cop)
DIVERSITY! Couple made £1.3million stealing bank details from 700 victims
DIVERSITY! Untrained Oluwadamilola Opemuyi stole doctors identity and treated 91 patients!
DIVERSITY! Nursing home manager Ziaul Haque wanted group sex with colleague
DIVERSITY! Aidwell Ali washed his privates in the bakery!
DIVERSITY! Jail for Nigerian lotto and romance conmen
DIVERSITY! Turkish gangster gets 12 years for supermarket shooting
DIVERSITY! Kwame Boakye jailed for a total of 25 years for three counts of rape
DIVERSITY! 14-year-old girl was left unconscious after an assault by black men
DIVERSITY! Witnesses sought over woman's stabbing. Offender is Asian
DIVERSITY! Woman fights off black sex attacker behind Piccadilly station
Mental health patient suicides hit 10-year high
9⁄11 INSIDE JOB! Undeniable proof and testimonies from Architects and Engineers
Children as young as eight unhappy with their body image
Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper would not serve in Corbyn shadow cabinet? (VOTE CORBYN!)
Traitor Blair preaches to the faithful
Jeremy Corbyn slaps down 'silly' Tony Blair attack saying: 'He led us into a disastrous illegal war'
Laura Kuenssberg is BBC's new political editor (Will the news be factual now?)
David Cameron extremism speech: transcript in full
Muslim parents must challenge mosques who refuse to condemn ISIS
Ex-cop and public schoolboy among banned Chelsea fans who racially abusing black man
Protesters hurl petrol bombs during clashes with Greek security forces
Greece faces "savage response" for taking on austerity "class war"
British jihadi bride did nothing as she was raped/beaten by her brutal ISIS husband
Ex-cop and public schoolboy among banned Chelsea fans who racially abusing black man
Tel Aviv bank index drops following think tank report on settlements
Strict Hasidic Jewish upbringing = Suicide?
Bill Cosby: Court ruling opens way for sexual abuse lawsuit

Wednesday 22 July

Keith Vaz helped kill a 90s probe into the Greville Janner claims: why is he silent now?
In 2013, 6233 suicides were registered in the UK! (There will have been more)
LibLabCon imports in EVERY part of England/Wales are victims of female genital mutilation! Couple 'branded too old to adopt' face losing their 3-year-old granddaughter
"People who say their heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant," sneers war criminal no. 1
Blair to intervene as poll puts Corbyn well ahead! (Kiss of death for other candidates)
ISIS jihadi posed with Ed Balls and wanted to be first Asian PM! Now he'd dead
Tahir Hussain and nine others accused of sexual assault of young boys
Born-again Christian, Merice Brown, admits to attempted murder 10 years before
DIVERSITY! Elderly couple tied up, gagged, assaulted during 300,000 robbery
"Care assistant", Folajimmy Awode, sexually assaulted a patient
Asylum seeker, Shayan Moradisohi, stole floral tributes to Tunisia terrorist attack victims
Luton Muslim charged with planning an attack on US military personnel
Chorleywood: 14-year-old boy approached by teenagers and punched by "Asian male"
Deadly arsenal discovered in one car boot: Operation Trident arrests man
Light-skinned Asian sexually assaults girl on bus
'Religion of Peace' gang convicted for crash for cash scam
Top cop's son faces jail - Henry Bett killed mum-of-two in head-on crash after taking cocaine
Have cops gone potty? Police say grow your own cannabis - but only if you live up North!
Female chief constable, Sue Sim, in misconduct probe over bullying
Want face of Michael Winner (Jew), Owen Jones (gay) Aleister Crowley (evil) on £20 note?
'It disgusts me' Doctor's furious letter to David Cameron over NHS plans goes viral
We're sending 'hundreds' of troops to Saudi Arabia to fight ISIS? (Let the sh*tbags defend themselves _ Their cash made ISIS!)
BBC boss's wife real brains behind 'luvvie letter?' (Nah, he just wants her to take the fall)
WARWICK DAVIS! Stop worrying about offending people! (i.e. PC is b***ox!)

Tuesday 21 July

Top gay cop (MBE) arrested for supplying Class A drugs after being found slumped at wheel!
Want to be a cop in London? The British need not apply!
BLUNKETT: Labour in 'emotional trauma, divided and bewildered over what to do next!'
Elderly rushed out of hospitals and abandoned in wheelchairs with no food or heating
US General calls for 'radicalized' and 'disloyal' Americans to be rounded up and interned!
Teaching assistant 'stabbed to death over a laptop'
Former Mosque president used his garage for organised crime! NO JAIL!
UK Muslim who distributed guide to bombing soccer stadiums gets 3 years
Migrants 'milking' benefits system: Foreigners more likely to claim handouts
Champagne gipsy tourists set up camp in Nottingham because they 'relate to Robin Hood
Why was she ever in the UK in the first place? (TREASON AT THE TOP)
Eastern Europeans in the UK 'earn less and claim more' than Brits
Dave says we're 'open' and 'welcoming.' So how come we wanted immigration stopped in the 50s?
We have to destroy jihadis in Syria says Hammond! (What about Assad? Still after him?)
31 victims of ISIS attack were on their way to deliver aid to Kurds
'Vicar of Baghdad' says ISIS chopped children in half for refusing to convert to Islam
FARAGE: America, you are on the verge of losing your greatest ever ally!
The left must put Britain's EU withdrawal on the agenda (Gay leftie changes tune)
Do you qualify as a domestic terrorist?
DAMIAN THOMPSON: Betrayed by our wealthy leaders
Shamed FIFA president Sepp Blatter showered in fake dollar bills
Multi-million pound bill for stars BBC did not want you to see
Israeli peace activists to stage protest in Palestinian village to save it from demolition

Monday 20 July

60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation: Lords, Predators and PAEDOS!
Jewish Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, was 'a regular at paedophile parties!'
VIP Child Abuse Cover up gets worse via Jon Gaunt
English is now a foreign language in London, says Terence Stamp
Depressed? On benefits? Be a gay sperm donor and father TEN children for strangers!
Half Jew politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans "Nazis," loves diversity and immigration
Scandal of bizarre aid projects funded by British taxpayers!
Cold callers killed my husband
MPs extra earnings of hundreds of thousands of pounds revealed
MP says one in 20 in Lincolnshire town who can't speak English are 'burden on taxpayer'
Calls for BBC boss Danny Cohen to resign after he got stars to sign letter to Cameron (RESIGN!)
Now the Royal family faces TV 'Nazi' exposé
Philip at a Nazi funeral and the day his sister had lunch with Hitler
British archives hiding royal family’s rife anti-Semitism in 1930s
Greeks find cause of all their woes: the Jews
Israeli daily poll: 47 percent back Iran strike following nuke deal
Christian Zionist group launches lobbying fund to oppose Iran pact
Tel Aviv to seek US compensation over Iran nuclear talks
Emmy nominees include ‘Who’s Who’ of A-List Jews
Halle Berry and the Jewish Problem
Before Hitler invaded Poland, Poland invaded Czechoslovakia
There are now 2.5 million people in the UK who have had a cancer diagnosis!
Cold callers killed my husband
21-year-old dies in Demi Moore's Beverly Hills pool after late-night party
Covington novels banned in the United States

Sunday 19 July

Freedom of Info law lets us expose MPs/paedos/scroungers etc. No wonder MPs want it banned!
Raped by Cyril Smith, victim to sue Lib Dems for £250,000!
MPs report serving Labour politician to police over sex attacks and corruption claims
Tessa Jowell's hubbie linked to criminal network dumping toxic waste in oceans!
Britain's pubs closing at the rate of 29 a week!
Killer kids cases surge by 20% - with two accused as young as 10
Thugs launch 'extremely violent' attack on man to steal his Rolex
Burglar accidentally takes SELFIE while stealing iPhone during break-in
Midwife left with life-changing injuries after speeding cabbie Abdul Ullah smashed into her
BBC boss Yentob and pals put pressure on Ministers to wipe children's charity £700,000 tax debt!
Queen Elizabeth 'livid' at betrayal! (Elite prefer the truth censored and shaped)
Labour MPs plot to scrap leadership race as Leftie Jeremy Corbyn pulls ahead in polls
Was The Queen just WAVING? (Yep, a 'lip reading expert' can spout b***ocks too!)
Should footage of Queen's Nazi salute have been released? (YEP! More truth = More safety)
£1.5MILLION for having a tennis ball thrown at you and your arm twisted?
Council worker wins more than £12,000 after he was hit by a toilet lid!
Distrust over Labour so deep-rooted it may NEVER win back voters
BBC's gravy train...1st class all the way

Saturday 18 July

Their Royal Heilnesses! Queen and Queen Mum giving Nazi salute!
Queen (Pricess Elizabeth then) and Queen Mother Heil Hitler at Balmoral!
How about that? "Michelle Obama's cousin" is a top Rabbi! (Now we get it!)
Obama names his foes: 'Netanyahu and Republican leadership'
Israeli Sanhedrin, a Rabbinical High Court, puts Pope Francis on trial!
The time to form a Goyim Defense League is long overdue
Mohammed Haque's victims included a woman in her 80s
The Israel/AIPAC war on Iran accord is unwinnable, its aims unachievable
AIPAC to fight White House head-to-head in Congress over Iran deal
Israel: A country full of Atticus Finches
Israeli spy Pollard on track for November 21 release
ISIS suicide bomber kills 120 in Iraq!
Cameron knew RAF pilots were carrying out airstrikes 'by stealth' in Syria!
Tory MP on £90,000 sparks fury after claiming he needs 10% pay rise
David Attenborough says BBC asked him to sign the letter to Cameron warning against cuts
Labour 'behaving like a petulant child' for preferring Jeremy Corbyn says Chuka

Friday 17 July

DIVERSITY! Former government adviser, Farooq Siddique, charged with rapes!
LUTON: Teenagers attacked in park by Asian men
DIVERSITY! Hungarian gang that sexually exploited hundreds is jailed
Twisted care worker, Christina Sethi, admits sexually assaulting 3rd resident at care home
‘Why I stabbed teenager' - (We must all have sympathy for the black stabber)
Hackney Marsh sex attack: tall, black cyclist tried to strip woman naked
POISONING THE FUTURE! Did swine flu jabs give scores of children sleeping sickness?
Cohen and ex Labour Minister "cooked up BBC's letter of support" from celebs!
Arrogant, naive and plain dishonest: How BBC bosses tried to fool the licence payer
Gay? Drugged-up? Nuts? All too much? Just look at what passes for a top cop nowadays!
Hampshire cops unveil new gay car! (What next, pink handcuffs and truncheons?)
Britain has to dump food contaminated by Calais migrants worth £1billion EVERY YEAR
Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
USA: From Coke addict to killer: Muslim murders four marines
Labour in meltdown over 'horrific' surge in support for hard-left leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn
Vicar stole £24,000 in wedding and funeral fees!
Doctors told parents to 'stop wasting our time' when 7-year-old fell ill before her death
Extravagant summits see Whitehall wine bill soar by 15%

Thursday 16 July

DIVERSITY! Black thug, Richard Johnson, murdered 19-year-old Joshua Bradley
DIVERSITY! British Pakistanis 13 times more likely to have disabled children!
DIVERSITY! Black female posts smiling selfie in front of Black-on-Black man-rape!
1950s London before the invasion of the alien hordes and the great LibLabCon betrayal
'Disproportionate role' of Israelis in world organ trafficking!
"Israel’s irrepressible underground kidney market" and "high-rolling Israeli brokers!"
Fake anti-Semitism on the rise
Fed Res Chair, Janet Yellen (Jew), unwilling to comply with Congressional investigation
"Carer" Niphawan Berry in a bad mood when she put Margaret, 99, in scalding hot water!
Foreign multi-millionaire gets £460,000 of our cash to recoup £13m stolen by foreign pal
Black man tries to abduct schoolgirl
Schoolboys threatened with knife by East European youths
Knife violence - Light-skinned black male sought
Black man wanted over violent teen girl assault and sex attacks
DIVERSITY USA: "It was a horrific, horrific crime and he deserves the death penalty!"
DIVERSITY USA: 22-year-old mother-of-one, Kelsey Ewonus, shot dead by Antione Fielder
DIVERSITY USA: Missing girl found locked in the garage of convicted sex offender
DIVERSITY USA: Black man shoots hotel clerk for no apparent reason
Tony Blair’s government did NOT want to investigate Hillsborough disaster!
"From 1992 to 1995 in Srebrenica and surrounding villages around 3,500 Serbs were killed!"
NGOs provide 'fictitious' reports about humanitarian aid fraud
George Bush in hospital after breaking bone in neck (Buy that trainee hangman a drink!)
BBC stars just like a bunch of greedy bankers!
Angela Merkel says she disagrees with gay marriage! (Politician agrees with majority? Wow!)
Sex beast Bill WON'T lose Presidential Medal of Freedom
Corbyn on course to WIN the Labour leadership!
Labour must reconnect with White Van Man and stop sneering says Burnham!

Wednesday 15 July

English juries need educating in Islamic culture and religion, says Human Rights lawyer!
One illegal immigrant caught every THREE minutes trying to sneak into Britain!
Jamshaid Khan murdered wife Milena Yulianova when she complained about Facebook contacts
Drunk driver, Minesh Parbat, killed girlfriend, Lisa Watling, in car crash
DIVERSITY! Nine arrested in murder probe after 'drive-by shooting' in Wood Green
Magdelena Luczak tortured her 4-year-old to death - Now she's dead (and in hell?)
Men held by police over 'plot to stage Al Qaeda terror strike in UK!'
Polish immigrant gets 16 months after she and fake groom Babar Khan arrested
Another close friend of ANTIFA tw*t, Pete Doherty, dies of heroin overdose!
USA: Lesbian foster mother had sex with daughter, 14, ‘so many times she couldn’t remember!’
Jewish terrorist suspects in Israeli church-burning identified
NETANYAHU: Iran given licence to kill! (Hey, Bibi! You're the one with the bomb/track record!)
Europe tells Britain it MUST pay £1bn share for the Greek bailout!
Benefits By The Sea: Jaywick - What LibLabCon has done to the British
60 "British" ISIS types have been killed in Iraq and Syria (Not enough!)
How to get into Eton! Are you black? Can you rap?
Boy Scouts get adult homosexual leaders, US military gets fighting transsexuals
'Don't let my husband die in vain': Widow's fury at Army after march death
THE SECRET COVENANT - 2002 summary of The Protocols?
Older patients suffer poor care and many go hungry in our hospitals
135 diabetes amputations every week! Obesity blamed
Taking antidepressants with painkillers can increase stroke risk
Thousands of children with fatal food allergies remain undiagnosed - tests aren't good enough
Cancer risk for women who sit down for too long
Hypocritical/shameless/unprincipled: Sturgeon's stance on hunting = start of her war on England
Luvvies urge Cameron to leave BBC alone (Will Danny Cohen, Alan Yentob do so?)
Mystery over credentials of Imran Khan's BBC presenter wife - Looks like she lied

Tuesday 14 July

UK pensioners following the Greeks as state blows the cash on migrants and foreign aid
Millions in British aid for Chinese handbags, Indian pop radio and Nestle India
ISIS blow up a booby-trapped BABY?
Cameron to destroy ISIS "at its source?" (He's going to attack the USA?)
ISIS tourists will spark religious war against Christians (In line behind our politicians, ISIS!)
NHS cancer doctor Sudip Sarker sacked 3 years after alarm first raised over deaths
DIVERSITY! Foreign criminals use budget airlines to come to UK for 'crime holidays!'
Britain First visits Luton to meet with Christian clergy - abused by Muslim extremists
Knifeman Victor Griffith jailed after Huddersfield attack
Assault by ethnics outside Ilford pizza shop
Vicious assault on 72-year-old by black man in Bexley
Attack by black man left victim with fractures
Girl assaulted by men with 'olive-coloured skin' in Burton
Men confronted by 10-strong Asian gang in Sheffield - One stabbed
The 17 cases identified showed pattern of exploitation - Most offenders were Pakistani
BRADFORD: Protesters heckle Muslim child sex offenders outside Crown Court
British taxpayers face £1BILLION bill for Greek bailout!
Statins and the mood-altering side-effects of everyday medicines
University chiefs BAN students from throwing mortarboards in the air! (Health and Safety)
PC activist brands 12-year-old girl's Black Country flag as 'RACIST'
Who does Nicola Sturgeon think she is to be bossing England about?
Large British families are costing taxpayers £3.8BILLION in tax credits

Monday 13 July

14,000 attacks on pensioners reported over past 5 years! (Nice one LibLabCon!)
Jewish ex-MP admits she was the 'author, originator, architect of same-sex marriage!'
DIVERSITY! 'Honour crime': 11,000 UK cases recorded in five years!!!
DIVERSITY! Man arrested after 'trying to SELL 3-month-old baby for £1,000 in a shopping centre'
Did your ancestors own slaves? The Camerons', Benedict Cumberbatch's and Ainsley Harriot's did!
Why we all need to learn Arabic?
The areas of England and Wales where people don't speak English
Muslim barrister told women’s workshop government is lying about threat posed by ISIS
IRONY ALERT! Tony Blair leading negotiations between Israel and Hamas!
Video contradicts account of Israeli officer who killed Palestinian teenager
50,000 children in hospital each year for rotten teeth
Do-gooder lawyer Michael Mansfield arrested over claim of domestic assault
Operation Stop Corbyn: Labour elite joins forces to sabotage leftie MP
Ku Klux Klan growing in strength?
Anti-gentrification protest in Camden ends in violent clashes with police
The strange death of the Liberal Democrats

Sunday 12 July

The real reason Diana was killed? She was about to begin campaigning for the Palestinians!
GCHQ is effectively prostituting itself to the USA's National Security Agency!
The Chairman of the Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation
USA: Dr Farid Fata gave 553 patients unnecessary chemotherapy to claim millions in insurance!
Jew says referendum's 'a truly terrible idea!' Leaders must do 'what they think is right!'
"British" schoolgirl marries ISIS fanatic - He says they're 'itching to attack' the UK!
3,000 trials have already been held in 'secret!' - Centuries of open justice now ended!
Muslim preacher who 'despised Britain' was employed by Government watchdog!
EU scandal: Britain gets just 49p for every £1 paid to Brussels!
Britain's chaotic and cruel baby trade
‘Brutal’ targets mean ‘shockingly high’ number of NHS staff feel bullied
Speaker John Bercow snubs tragic boy with incurable diseases
Marxists behind misery of London's strikes?
Pope laments 'gangrene' of corruption plaguing 'all peoples of the world'
“Immature” pervert Indika Rajapaksha caught filming up women’s skirts - NO JAIL!
Does London have a homophobia problem within gay community? (Nuts+asylum = RUNNING!)
Ex-Chancellor Nigel Lawson urges Cameron to kill eurozone!
European finance ministers turn the screws on Greece - euro exit looms
Top children's doctor filmed snorting cocaine before going on duty! Cops quiz MoS reporter!
A disturbing new threat to our freedom
Proof terror gang drove Tunisian gunman to massacre beach
The fate of single women in Britain today?
The Chequers Cabinet running Britain: Dave, George and... err that's it
Harriet Harman issues humiliating rebuke to Labour leadership favourite Andy Burnham

Saturday 11 July

Paedo Jew left victims terrified and tried to flee to Israel to escape prosecution
Is hate preacher on £50,000 benefits REALLY too disabled to work?
280,000 killers/rapists/corrupt politicians etc. benefit from Google's 'right to be forgotten!'
Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide debts so it could join the Euro!
American psychologists were complicit in torture after 9/11
STATINS: The great cholesterol-lowering Con!
Population overload: Britain now houses almost one in eight of ALL EU residents
CAROLINA LOONS! Get rid of the flag but not alien paedos? THERE WILL BE BLOOD!
USA: 4 blacks charged with murder of white man
USA: Zachary Craven charged with murder of white women, one his grandmother
USA: Black men charged with seven murders!
LONDON NOW! "The wrong place at the wrong time!"
DIVERSITY! "A car full of Asians pulled up, one jumped out and stabbed a lady in the head?"
DIVERSITY! Levon Mkhitarian: The fake doctor who treated 3,000 patients!
Jimmy Oglesby hid crack cocaine up his bottom'
Labour's getting desperate! 5 years out of office and look what they're saying now!
Britons tell Cameron 'We feel safer in Tunisia than at home!'
Israel: Ultra-Orthodox minister labels Reform Jews 'a disaster to the nation'
ISIS' female Gestapo wreaking terror on their own sex!
BARRYMORE! A fallen star, death at a pool party and disturbing questions that linger on
Son of Tory MP beaten up outside KFC - Oh dear! What do you Tories think of DIVERSITY now?
HILTON + ROTHSCHILD = Bloodsucker love-in?
Mo Farah slammed by rival for foul-mouthed outburst

Friday 10 July

1.5m British Muslims potential supporters of ISIS? Muslim Association blames Tory cuts!
First Vatican child abuse trial places former nuncio in dock
Libyan foreign minister: 'Europe will change from a White Europe to an African Europe!'
Why did Jack the Ripper remain anonymous for so long? Because he was an immigrant Jew?
The cover-up of Zionist organized crime!
Commie Jew out to save America from Jews of Fed Res/Wall Street?
The real Bernie Sanders
No alternative to a conventional war against ISIS (Stop creating terror in first place?)
McDonald's customer (black) sought over hate crime 'goth' girl attack
Disabled man punched by Asian during street robbery in Dewsbury
Swansea sex attacks: Police hunt Asian teenager
Hospital cleaner, Ahmed ISmail, sexually attacked patient
Any colour but pink! PC bullies who want us to dress girls as boys
ROTHERHAM: Shaun Wright will not face investigation over child abuse scandal
Smoking could raise the risk of psychosis
One in 20 children may have been victims as abuse says chairman of abuse inquiry
M25 brought to a standstill by illegal immigrants
Mother-of-8 mixed race kids says £20,000 welfare limit will cost her her house!
How pathetic - our bosses want to live off the State!
Noise from temporary mosque upsetting Skipton residents - RACISTS!
Dumbing down? Here's proof - LibLabCon and their masters will be pleased
Thousands of teens force families off beach as they fight, drink, take drugs, have sex

Thursday 9 July

In 50s/60s, the government attacked us with 750 biological/chemical warfare tests!
Has international opinion turned against Israel? (About f***ing time if it has!)
Transgender soldiers to serve on Army front line? (Lunatics running asylum AND Government)
Car thief, Sakhawat Ali, was high on drink and drugs when he killed Xana Doyle
Ronnie Atuqiya and Chudi Hengari-Ajufo get life for stabbing David Maxwell in the back
Raped in a playground at 11, abused by seven men a night aged 12
Man almost pushed onto tracks at Oxford Circus
Pensioner, 82, robbed by black man in 'sickening' attack on his own doorstep
african convicted of providing unlawful immigration advice
Black man attempts to abduct schoolgirl near Neasden primary school
Asian caught performing sex act on CCTV at block of flats
Child sexual abuse inquiry 'could last until 2020'
Mother of 8 mixed-race kids whines 'benefits cap will make me homeless'
FIFA's Jewish 'supergrass' banned from football for life
Putin's Party unveils 'straight flag' to rival gay pride symbol
One in five Syrians is a refugee, UN confirms
Pakistani cousin marriage leads to appalling childhood disabilities
Illegal immigrant murders Washington woman and 3-year-old son, then sets them on fire?
TREASON IN SWEDEN: Muhamed rapes Ida, 12 - Gets away with 22 days of community service!
EU’s foreign affairs/security boss: 'Islam is a victim… (it) should be part of the picture'
Immigration minister says 'majority' of migrants are not 'fleeing for their lives'
Britain forced to hand £1.7bn MORE to European Union!
Farage urges Greece to exit euro with 'head held high' as MEPs boo Tsipras
Polish and Gipsy conmen steal from our elderly
Boris Johnson: ISIS flag shouldn't be banned! We live in free country! (Free for them/not for us)
Democratic activist slashed to death by black man on Washington Metro
Cops close in on Bill Cosby
Farage: It is 'bonkers' to stay in the European Union
Berlusconi gets 3-year sentence for bribing a senator
Chief Constable Nick Gargan guilty of misconduct
Student maintenance grants scrapped
George Bush charged charity $100,000 to guarantee presence at fundraiser for Iraq veterans!
Murray fans’ anger at Wimbledon empty seats

Wednesday 8 July

Jewish pornographer says he'll axe the licence fee if we give the BBC to him!
Tens of thousands of foreign criminals arrested in UK have police records in own country!
EU deputy president ignores UKIP MEP's request for a minute's silence for 7/7 victims!
2,205 Palestinians (521 children) killed in Gaza were not enough for Britain to stop arming Israel
Traitor Blair DENIES invasion of Iraq brought on London bombings!
2005: Blair's bombs: on July 7, the invasion of Iraq came home to London
Oligarchs help Abramovich walk corgi round Arran (3 of 4 named and Chelsea owner are Jewish
Estate agents help Russian criminals launder cash by buying London mansions!
Check out the Guardian article excusing Rihanna's brute black-on-white torture-murder video
Here's what UK spies do to you - in their own words
Why didn't BBC investigate Savile when Louis Theroux suggested he was a paedo?
Family of British student murdered on Thai beach want justice!
DIVERSITY! These black yobs forced 14-year-old girl to perform sex act
Migrants with diseases banned over outbreak fears (Campaigners say it's RACIST)
Pakistan: Muslims offer bounty for murder of 'blasphemer' if she's freed
Christian woman on death row 'being hunted by assassins after drinking from Muslim's cup'
Cousin marriages in Pakistani communities leading to 'appalling' childhood disabilities
NHS bullying is a threat to patients: Health ministers warn of 'toxic' culture
Muslim family's tribute to 7/7 mass murderer's son! (Let's all feel sorry for them!)
Jon Stewart lays into journalist he accuses of causing the Iraq War
Judith Miller: journalist of Mass Misinformation
Where are the asylum seekers coming from and where are they going?
'This is only the BEGINNING of the Euro crisis' says William Hague
Eurocrats are fighting each other over Greek vote
Cardinal says migrants give Christianity 'resilience and enthusiasm' rather than dividing society
ISIS beasts tie woman's hands to a car, her legs to another and split her in two!
Ex-terror chief says UK should fly extremists who want to join ISIS to Syria
Teenager who planned to join ISIS said 'all gay people should be killed!'
Yazidi sex slaves relive the unspeakable cruelty they suffered at hands of ISIS

Tuesday 7 July

European leaders were determined to obliterate national boundaries!
Public schoolboys arrested on suspicion of murder of Morgan Huelin, 16
DIVERSITY in the USA! Black mob laughs at blood-drenched unconscious white man
Living on £50k benefits: Hate-preacher 'mentor' to Tunisia beach killer in £1MILLION home
Anti-Shomrim Whitehall (4th July 2015)
2005: Blair's bombs: on July 7, the invasion of Iraq came home to London
Figures confirm Mass Immigration flood
It's not drug crazy terrorists who threaten us. It's the Muslim demographic bomb
PC SCUM! Britain's biggest charities ruthlessly hound vulnerable/elderly for cash
Jon Stewart lays into journalist he accuses of causing the Iraq War
Judith Miller: journalist of Mass Misinformation
The woman running ISIS's sexual slavery network
ISIS terrorists arriving in Europe on migrant boats
Greece – What you are not being told by the media
261,159 Austrians sign petition demanding a referendum on whether Austria should leave EU
A million elderly left with no home help or family support
Jenus Fiouzi sues bank for £7m! (Colleagues spoke German and didn't invite her for drinks)
South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag: 37-3 (37 traitors, 3 patriots)
BANKERS! HSBC sacks six who filmed mock ISIS execution
LITTLEJOHN! what Stavros would think of the Greek crisis
Bill Cosby ADMITTED drugging woman for sex in 2005

Monday 6 July

More Brits think multiculturalism makes nation worse place to live than those who approve!
Rihanna kidnaps, tortures and murders white woman in latest video!
Muslim mayor 'would speak volumes' to would-be terrorists! (Yeah, 'terrorism works!'
Living here on £50,000 benefits, the hate preacher who inspired Tunisian beach killer
Football fan-stabber/ISIS Jihadi killed in Coalition airstrikes!
Brazenly parading ISIS flags outside Parliament, ISIS fan is NOT arrested!
Alice Gross's family want inquiry into what UK authorities knew of her killer
Police detain gunman 'caught making bombs in his flat'
Czech tourists robbed and killed in Albania
Hero pensioner, 74, drowns in sea after saving teenagers who got caught in strong current
U.S. policies in the Middle East are rarely driven by U.S. interests
The History of US-Israel Relations
USA: How AIPAC operates in Washington and on campus!
A list of Israel’s agents within British politics?
The extremism of David Cameron
BILL CLINTON: Cheap, nasty, brutish, vulgar, crass, unscrupulous, mendacious!
Britain blows £9m in foreign aid helping Nigerians to export ROCKS!
PETITION: We the people recognise the Confederate Flag as equal to the national flag of the USA!
WEXFORD: Gang attack on Roma family home!
Farage praises Greeks for calling bluff of 'dying' EU project
'International brigade' of foreign fighters joining up to help Kurds tackle ISIS!
The Independent wants us to sympathise with criminal immigrants!
Corbyn wins backing of Unite in blow to Burnham
NHS is failing dementia victims and their families

Sunday 5 July

Statins linked to 20,000 side effects and 227 deaths!!!
I saw all three of my brothers die after they were given contaminated blood
VERMIN! Infested hospitals called in pest control nearly 5,000 times in year!
The extremism of David Cameron!
UK POLITICS: A 6 May list of some of Israel's yesmen/yeswomen
Britain faces BIGGEST threat from terrorism in a decade warns MI5!
U.S. policies in the Middle East are rarely driven by U.S. interests
The History of US-Israel Relations
"How AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol (and) must operate on our nation’s campuses!"
140 killers and rapists receive further life sentences after release from prison!
Violent sex attacker Shumel Anamul Ahmed caught after he returned to scene
Pakistani student has been jailed after sitting English exams for immigrants
Retired British teacher stabbed to death in Philippines
DIVERSITY! Schoolgirl Amira Abase's sick reaction to the Tunisian massacre
Commonwealth Games leave Britain with abundance of asylum seekers
Our Government do not know what they are doing
Council chief's three payoffs worth £600,000:
ISIS child executioners shoot dead 25 Syrian soldiers in a Roman amphitheatre
What DID firm paid £1.4million by UK to fight terrorism in Tunisia do for its money?
EU bid for federal SUPERSTATE will provoke Russia against West warns ambassador
Wealthy Monaco gypsies ‘holiday’ at Welsh beauty spot leaving filth behind
Britain's high-profile charity chief refuses to respond to allegations of financial chaos
Betrayed by the NHS - two avoidable tragedies
BBC airbrushes history! Roger Daltrey's homophobic comment was censored
Cop accidentally shoots 4-year-old, walks away without helping
Monster who drove Whitney's daughter to brink of death

Saturday 4 July

Kids' Company and the 'Angel of Peckham!' (Free dosh for ethnic teens?)
Sharia judge: The “government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife!”
Rotherham paedophile gangs are still abusing young girls!
DIVERSITY? Lorraine Barwell murdered by Humphrey Burke
USA: ACLU sues Indiana to give registered sex offenders access to children!
Community leaders condemn egg attack on Muslims (Did they condemn bullet attack on tourists?)
Cambridge: Ali Mohammed Tobeiji appears in court charged with attempted murder
DIVERSITY! Where human sacrifices are still taking place throughout the world
Toilet instruction needed: 'Asian tourists don’t use them properly'
The savage threat from the religion of peace!
Cameron: British Ambassador to the Islamic State?
Migrants are good for a community in every way!
Saudi Arabia and Israel are much more dangerous than Iran!
Fears of London terror attack on 7/7 anniversary! Cops arrest Islamists
Majority of Britons now see Muslims as a threat as terror concerns grow
Farage: The EU does NOT care about what is best for Greece
ISIS beheads women for first time in Syria - They were 'WITCHES!'
Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – Genocide of the people of Europe and Agenda 21
Afghan court quashes death sentences of mob who murdered innocent woman
USA: in 2012/2013, Blacks = 486,945 violent crimes against Whites, Whites = 99,403 against Blacks Evicted, Riviera gipsies holidaying in a SWANSEA playing field:
Schoolgirls who fled UK to join ISIS seen with machine guns "Religion of peace," Dave?
JOKE? Egyptian entertainer holds fake gun to heads of British tourists day after beach massacre!
Immigrant fails British citizenship test 64 times!
We won't hound foxhunters anymore says RSPCA (No more wasted dosh on PC b*llox)
A Licence for Massacres

Friday 3 July

Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – Genocide of the people of Europe & Agenda 21
TREASON! Immigrants are more likely to have job in UK than native workers!!!
‘Blair to blame’ as one in five new Europeans now has a UK passport!
Gypsies using 7/7 memorial as DINNER TABLE sums up Britain's migration crisis
Poll: 85% Of Greeks think Jews use the world’s money supply/media to control nations!
85% of Greeks think Jews have too much power over global finance!
ADL unearths 220,000,000 anti-Semites in 18 western countries (and Turkey)!
Hundreds of immigrants 'to be freed from detention centres BEFORE being granted asylum!'
Ten years on, shock remains over Leeds 7/7 bombers
ROTHERHAM: Shaun Wright will not face IPCC investigation = COVER-UP!
ROTHERHAM: I was raped by dozens of men in one night!!!
DIVERSITY! Teacher Nargs Bibi praised beheading of Alan Henning/urged non-Muslim murder
Grandma guard kicked to death escorting prisoner from Court!
Kweku Adoboli got 7 years after he cost bank £1.4bn in dodgy deals/reckless gambles!
Terrorists serve an average of just 23 MONTHS in jail!
9,982 criminals got at least 10 community service sentences before being jailed in 2014!
WANTED in connection with a serious sexual offence: Adama Diallo
DONALD TRUMP: 'They're bringing drugs... crime, they're rapists... I'm telling the truth!'
Why was Cherie so keen to open doors for billionaire sheikh's wife? (What prostitutes do?)
Russian politician calls for the return of the Romanov royal family!
DIVERSITY! FGM cutters who butcher young girls' genitals with a razor blade!
Protesters clash with cops as cancer patient is evicted from his home!
The multiple mansions owned by Hillary Clinton
FBI agents tell friends/family to 'avoid July 4 celebrations!’
Czech president warns migration facilitates ISIS expansion into Europe
ISIS takes a sledgehammer to civilization once again!
95% of tennis fans demand BBC axe its pet lesbian and re-instate John Inverdale

Thursday 2 July

Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter? (More anti-Brit b*llox from MSM)
More than 42 MILLION Muslims 'support ISIS' (Religion of peace, eh, Dave?)
7 British medical students left for Syria to join ISIS (Religion? Peace? Dave?)
France Deports 40 Imams For 'Preaching Hatred!' (Religion? Peace? Dave?)
Tunisian mass murderer linked to radical preachers! (Operated with impunity in Blairworld)
Luton family of 12 'may have gone to Syria' (Religion? Peace? Dave?)
Thrown to their deaths by ISIS barbarians for ‘being gay’ (Religion? Peace? Dave?)
'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude
Delays by Tunisian cops gave fanatic time to finish off injured sunbathers!
MPs must authorise bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria?
US blocks plans to fight ISIS in Syria/Iraq! (Surprised? ISIS are USA's pet mercenaries)
Man wanted in connection with beach massacre heading for Europe!
120 MPs write to BBC wanting use of 'Islamic State' banned! (The sh*t sheeple vote for)
Britain 'no longer a haven for immigrants because of rising UKIP support!'
Nigel Farage right about EU's failing migration policy, admits top Brussels diplomat
Vice President boasts of end of white majority in USA by 2017!
USA: Gay faked gay hate crime against self! (Now there's a surprise!)
Black Professor: White people are conditioned to commit mass murder!
"Teacher to handicap kid:"My people fought... so we wouldn't have to serve white people like you!"
BIRMINGHAM: Man stabbed by Asian in motiveless attack in broad daylight
Police hunt rapist after woman attacked in Windsor Park
Dr Tina Beloveth Powerful guilty of fraud and false advertising
Woman attacked by Asian in Romford
Tabassum Begum and mother Bushra raked in £170k in bogus benefits using 100 different names
Anne Bury, 56, shot dead at her Turkish villa by gardener Veli Acar
Saeed Robleh raped drunk woman as she vomited
Useless cops bungle HALF of online child abuse cases!
Firm hit with big bill for having 13 illegals in lorry even though they reported it!
Poor white families feel 'abandoned', says Wilshaw British truckers trapped in 100F cabs for 3 days in France, more than 3,000 lorries stuck in Kent
Anti-ageing wonder drug can cause heart problems, diabetes and even cancer!
Statins 'make women aggressive', research suggests
Being bisexual 'is bad for your health!'
Why does University have one rule for hate preachers and another for scientists who make jokes?
Cherie blitzed Hillary with 19 e-mails urging her to meet member of Qatari royal family!
Jewish Schindler rescued 669 Jewish children (How many non-Jewish kids did he rescue?)
Universities dishing out too many firsts, warns minister
The lesson the State never learns: If it ain't broke don't fix it
Wimbledon's new highlights show is driving fans mad

Wednesday 1 July

Britain isn't at war, so why are thousands of troops in Iraq/Afghanistan/Mid East/Ukraine?
Why doesn't the UK government support troops who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Ex-SAS soldier - Why we will not fight for Queen and country!
Concrete tide covering our countryside! Nearly one per cent of UK swallowed up by development!
100 extremists a year lecture at universities: Fanatics given a platform to spread hatred
German minister accuses Qatar of funding Islamic State fighters
Top doc sacked by NHS for describing Pakistani/Indian doctors as 'sub-continent elements!'
USA: You can buy an ISIS cake at Walmart but you can’t buy a Confederate one!
Time for a LESBIAN Peppa Pig! Lib Dem wannabe leader wants to see gay characters on kids' TV!
100+ Rotherham taxi drivers threaten to strike over regulations combating child abuse!
Drunken bum Frantisek Mikula drove at 93mph with his wife and kids in the car! then he crashed!
DIVERSITY! Immigrants camp at 7/7 memorial, eating dinner off plaque, using site as a toilet!
Mo Farah told by whistleblower to leave Salazar as she prepares to make revelations
Sunbed gunman was high on COCAINE
How safe is YOUR holiday destination? Foreign Office reveals the threat (Too late!)
Ambitions of a caliphate bent on carnage: Chilling map predicts where ISIS will strike
Eight lonely deaths a day: Bleak number of burials with no friends or family
Cuba first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV!
'Tragedy and Hope' by Carroll Quigley - Full text
2012: My 10 Favorite Hate-Crime Hoaxes by Gavin McInnes

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