Daily News: January 2017

Tuesday 31 January

Rich refuse refugees! Wealthy areas won't house asylum seekers!
You're Fired! Trump SACKS Obama-appointed Attorney General for 'betraying America!'
Lineker and Lily Allen join Downing Street demonstrators protesting against Trump's state visit
"If you're a liberal… Sorry, your safe space has just evaporated" - Rod Liddle
Dancer who asked for Trump to be assassinated willl never dance again!
Headteacher to hire £35,000 'sergeant major' to run detentions
Shameless Osborne cashes in with yet another plum job
Coward! Disgraced lawyer hounded our innocent troops for years!
Top HBOS banker and cronies plundered £1bn from small firms to fund sex parties
Hillary’s official favours to Morocco resulted in $28 million for Clinton Foundation!
Trump to declare George Soros ‘national security threat!’
Austria to ban Islamic veils and force migrants to sign 'integration contracts?' (Deportation better)
Catholic priest tells anti-Trump protesters to COMMIT SUICIDE! (Bit harsh)
Ripping up Trump's invitation would be an idiotically naive act of national self-harm!
Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner calls Trump a fascist!
ITV swap News at Ten for Gordon Ramsay! (#MSM takes the p***? What else is new?)

Monday 30 January

Katie Hopkins: 'Why should Christian countries import the problems of Islam?'
German #ANTIFA calls for the rape and genocide of ethnic Germans!!!
Hot rod racers, Jawad Qureshi and Ali Hassan, kill three
Muslim sent 10 year old boy on errand while he raped his 3 year old sister!
Revolution” is under way in the United States?
Sturgeon and Sadiq Khan lead calls to ban Trump’s state visit to the UK!
"LET THEM (Muslims) IN!" (Precious snowflakes protest)
AUSTRIA: Woman jailed for claiming Islam is 'at war' with the West!
Badly injured 96-year-old waits 90 minutes for ambulance that NEVER ARRIVED
Trump SLAMS senators for ‘provoking WORLD WAR 3’ instead of dealing with immigration!
'This is RANK HYPOCRISY!' LBC host slaps down Lib Dem MP!
The foaming attacks on Donald Trump are more ridiculous than anything he has done!
CANADA TERROR ATTACK! Six dead as gunmen ‘shout Allahu Akbar’ in Sunday prayer attack
Islamic State’s ‘CHIEF DECAPITATOR’ in western Mosul ‘STABBED TO DEATH’
Marr explodes at Farron for bashing May's Brexit plans
UK agrees ‘immediate’ post-Brexit talks with US, leaving EU high and dry
Actor teaches migrants in Sweden how to chat up local women

Sunday 29 January

Doctors banned from using word 'mother' over fears it will upset those who are transgender!
Coventry rape gang trafficked and sexually assaulted teenage girls
Heart surgeon Nihal Weerasena struck off for disregarding patient safety after child deaths
HITCHENS: Putin already knows Trident is an obsolete monster. The real question is: DO YOU?
Trump warns flu shots are the greatest ‘scam’ in medical history
Trump's Muslim ban BEGINS! Travellers report being turned away from US borders
Language classes set up just for gay migrants!
'You’re telling voters they don't count!' MPs opposing Article 50 bill attacked
What to do if you are accused of inciting racial hatred
‘Free energy’ that could STOP climate change was 'invented then COVERED UP?'
'ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY!' Farage SLAMS Labour MPs who want to BLOCK Article 50 bill
Brexit Britain to rip up the 700,000 pages of EU RED TAPE that costs UK billions
Grammar schools give poorer children the chance to shine, says Schools Minister
Paedos using live streaming video app to groom children
'You don't speak for Britain!' Anger at BBC political editor's Trump question
'So ISIS will hate us now?' TV host destroys a prominent migrant campaigner
MPs set up inquiry into Israeli diplomat who vowed to 'take down' minister!
"We wouldn't exist without immigration?" Apple CEO Tim Cook slams Trump's executive order

Saturday 28 January

DIVERSITY OF THE DAY! Muslim rape gang trafficked teenagers in Coventry
‘Murder in the White House’ easiest way to deal with ‘Trump catastrophe,’ says Jewish publisher
It begins… 90 Somalis, 2 Kenyans deported after Trump takes office!
Liberal destroys his fellow liberals! Ha-ha-ha!
We are now banned from knowing asylum seekers identity - Even when they are bogus!
Trump kicks Jewess Nuland (behind aggressive policy towards Russia) out of State Department!
Seymour Hersh blasts media for uncritically promoting Russian hacking story
German crime drama features Germans raping a Muslim woman!
Trump orders BAN on refugees coming from Muslim-majority countries
How to Spot a Feminist
Merkel’s legacy - Germany with record-high population of 82.8m thanks to open-door migration
Raw chicken and mouldy cake at takeaway
IRONY ALERT! Dick Cheney thinks Trump's Muslim ban is 'against everything we stand for'
America's Putin Derangement Syndrome
Now everyone is comparing President Trump to Andrew Jackson!
The antihero President: How Trump turned PC postmodernism against itself
THEY say Blacks can't be racist. Turns out they can. When other Blacks are targeted
Celebrities call for ‘total Hollywood strike’ until Trump resigns!
Hollywood’s “useful idiots” at war with God and America
Boarding school 'Ecstasy binge!' Pupils taken ill at Harrow
Finance giant HSBC has just given George Osborne a six-figure job!
Even the BBC's little killjoy couldn't ruin Donald and Theresa's DC love-in
Trump's 'extreme vetting' measures deny visas and immigration to State Sponsors of Terror!
Trump orders BAN on refugees coming from Muslim-majority countries
Harriet Harman found a non-white Professor 'repulsive?' ('Oh, the times they are a-changing!'
Migrant gang 'burn down women's centre' just WEEKS after it opened
ISIS jihadi who murdered women with MEAT CLEAVER is ANNIHILATED in Mosul!

Friday 27 January

CNN reporter admits “governments pay us to fake news!” Shocking exposé
Top US Secret Service agent rages: “I wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump!”
Devastated at a Trump Presidency? A sign that you worship/rely on the State?
Black Trump fan obliterates white liberal airhead!
Trump foiled Soros' master plan to impose New World Order says hedge fund manager!
Donald Trump's likely EU envoy attacks Jean-Claude Juncker and EU!
Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon labels media as America's REAL 'opposition party'
Ed Miliband BLASTS Theresa May for COSYING UP to Donald Trump! (Ed who?)
Seymour Hersh blasts media for uncritically promoting Russian hacking story
Interview with a Flemish priest in Syria: "Putin and Assad saved my life!"
Queen's Chaplain sacked for defending Christianity!
DIVERSITY OF THE DAY! Facebook rape gang jailed for 44 years!
GERMANY: Syrian migrant butchered colleague after she repeatedly rebuffed sexual advances
Give war a chance: Murdered MP’s report backs UK military intervention!
TRUMP'S FIRST EU VICTIM? German car giant loses €100million contract
South Africa vows to agree trade deal with Britain BEFORE Brexit!
SNP's Angus Robertson BOOED as he blames BREXIT for Scottish independence demands!
Denmark snubs EU as Government vows border controls will REMAIN
Councils warn of £5.8 BILLION black hole without more social care cash from Government
Labour table NINE amendments to Article 50 Bill including right to REJECT Brexit deal
Migrants on benefits in Switzerland 'use money to travel back to nations they're fleeing!'
Baroness Scotland humiliated as Whitehall fixers sent in to her failing HQ
Jack Straw offers cash-for-access to chair lecture on 'integrity and public service' at Abbey?
Tam Dalyell is dead! Former Labour MP dies aged 84
Diane Abbott FLOUNDERS as she tries to defend Stoke candidate's 'Brexit is s***' slur

Thursday 26 January

Christian Bishops call Israeli occupation of West Bank, Gaza a ‘scandal!’
Official figures show street sleepers doubling in 7 years! Half London homeless foreigners!
Anxiety and depression 'can increase your cancer risk by a third!'
ONE RIGHTEOUS BLACK GUY obliterates white liberal mindset!
Queen's Chaplain sacked for defending Christianity!
Transgender woman and boyfriend murdered flatmate Bethany for a 'sadistic' thrill!
Aaron Gaiete murdered 'good friend!' Charlie Kutyauripo's mother 'treated Gaiete as her son!'
Ex-husband beat up wife after social workers gave him address of safe house! TWICE!
SPAIN: Girl viciously attacked by Antifa for wearing Spanish flag! Lefties justify!
Obamacare architect: "It was never meant to help everybody!"
Labour's Stoke by-election pick Gareth Snell labels Brexit a 'PILE OF S***!'
Le Pen rival Fillon faces POLITICAL RUIN over payments to his wife
Austrians living in fear as violent migrant gangs carry out DAILY attacks in Vienna!
Obamas head to Richard Branson’s island!
John Humphrys rips Shami Chakrabarti apart over Article 50
NEW WORLD ORDER! Illuminati ‘goes PUBLIC with global elite website!' https://www.illuminatiofficial.org/
DAVOS: World Economic Forum is a gathering of ILLUMINATI?
Lily Allen tweet 'Fags hate trump' provokes outrage?

Wednesday 25 January

Mugged in park! 75-year-old suffers brutal injuries! (Why no description of mugger?)
Schoolboy murdered in front of terrified pupils! (Why no description of killer?)
Brexit vote and Trump’s election fuelled by ‘DISTRUST OF POLITICIANS’, report claims
Decline in democracy and lack of trust in politicians caused Brexit says report
UN enraged by torture and execution of ISIS beasts? (Why?)
UKIP leader on track to EASILY win Stoke by-election!
Candidate for Democratic Party Chair wants to 'shut white people down!'
Ian Duncan-Smith attacks Supreme Court! 'They've stepped into NEW TERRITORY!'
Immigrant refused to leave NHS bed for two YEARS!
President Trump threatens to 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't fix rising gun violence
Cross-party MPs in new plot to thwart Brexit!
Chuka Umunna, MP, won't give us a "blank cheque on Brexit?" (Diversity is enriching)
Lib Dem Farron rejoices at Supreme Court Brexit decision and wants another referendum!
Shami Chakrabarti refuses to admit Labour could still BETRAY Brexit
"White or mixed-race?" Man grabbed woman in street in ‘terrifying’ ordeal
Gina Miller: Loss-making company? False claims about law degree? Shameless self-publicist?
Hallelujah! Trump and Brexit could silence sanctimonious and self-regarding celebrities!
Champions of the people! Three judges ruled that voters, not Parliament, should trigger Brexit
German MEP says ‘EUROPE'S parliament will have FINAL SAY on Brexit - not Britain!'

Tuesday 24 January

BREXIT: Supreme Court says PARLIAMENT must give Article 50 go-ahead!
Was Seth Rich murdered for being Wikileak source?
Now baby food and biscuits are linked to cancer?
Trump orders removal of Islamic symbols, practices in the White House! (Hooray!)
US Military Bases 'taking down Obama portraits, replacing them with Trump memes!' (Ha-ha!)
Swedish politician resigns after urging Trump's assassination!
Merkel ally says Trump election marks end of old world! (End of New World Order more like)
Tomi Lahren: ‘Intolerant left tried to beat my ass at inauguration’
US Secret Service to investigate Madonna after “blowing up the White House” comment?
The Guardian's next mission: to destroy Donald Trump?
TRUMP: Farage calls for US media to be 'IGNORED' after acting like 'political players!'
African and East European 'dating' fraudsters steal £40million from victims in one year!
Five people injured in a huge explosion at London ‘cannabis factory!’ (Oops!)
David Evans BLINDED when curry chef hurled chilli powder into his eye after he complained
Central banks print money us it to buy gold - The perfect scam
A curse on Branson and his plot to hijack Brexit
Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP trade deal
'You CAN'T leave!' EU threatens France and Italy with MAMMOTH bill if they quit the euro
John Redwood's market update
One in ten people do not own a single book!
Nasty woman kicked off plane for harrassing Trump supporter

Monday 23 January

1957 was Britain's happiest year last century! (War on Whitey hadn't begun back then)
Queen's chaplain quits over cathedral Koran reading! It said we shoudn't 'worship Jesus!'
UK cluster bombs used in Yemen by Saudi Arabia!
ADMIRAL WEST says decision to withhold bad news on Trident test spectacularly stupid!
Cash-strapped council gives Imran Akram's personal injury law firm £300,000 grant!
Hate preacher linked to Tunisia atrocity fights to stay in UK - Gets £123,000 legal aid!
MADONNA: Crybaby celeb didn't mean it! Secret Service investigate!
As US condemns Russian war crime in Syria, US/Saud commit same in Yemen: Media silence!
Lee Rigby killer seeks £20,000 in compensation after losing teeth in prison!
In September 2016: Israel got "$38 billion pledge in military aid" from Barack Obama!
Tory MP Anna Soubry wants REFERENDUM on EU negotiation if UK given bad deal
'I thought we just had an election!' Trump blasts democracy-denying marches!
Trump-supporting Happy Days actor Scott Baio beaten up at inauguration ball
SWEDEN: Mid-Eastern men arrested after woman gang-raped (Broadcast live on Facebook)
MILLION more migrants to land in UK before Brexit unless May acts NOW
Now Labour threatens to frustrate Brexit by demanding MPs be given votes throughout EU talks!
Russia could destroy our last fighting unit in an afternoon after years of defence cuts
Prince Charles mocked! MP says public doesn't want 'propaganda' forced upon them
Billionaire Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of Women’s March on Washington
Eurocrats THREATEN May! You CANNOT begin post-Brexit trade talks at Trump meeting!
'I want to teach working class a lesson!' Remainer sparks OUTRAGE with patronising tirade
'I am asking for LABOUR'S position!' Diane Abbott grilled by Andrew Neil over Brexit
MASSACRE IN NIGERIA: 20 dead as violence erupts at pro-Trump event!
EU bosses 'finally realise their arrogance is ripping Europe apart?'
Nick Clegg says 'NOTHING can replace EU!' Trade with USA is of no consequence

Sunday 22 January

47,000 patients may have picked up deadly bug from contaminated medical equipment!
£1 billion spent each year paying for overworked nurses, midwives, paramedics' sick days
UK Chancellor sneers at we the people saying, 'populism is a fool’s paradise!'
Madonna: 'I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House!' (Arrest her!)
USA: Half of priests and bishops are homosexual?
GUARDIAN: Muslims in Britain have zero tolerance of homosexuality! (Imagine my shock!) Billionaire Jew, George Soros, has ties to 50+ partners of Women’s March on Washington!
Jewish Obama advisor says Trump's 'full-throated populist manifesto... lit this town on fire!'
Deadly conflict in Syria: Blood, guns, money - All wars are bankers' wars!
GERMANY: Just 6 years for Muslim who slit policewoman's throat?
1.5 million homes blighted by damp after cowboy builders cash in on Government insulation drive
No 10 covered up botched missile test weeks before MPs voted on future of Trident!
'This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration - period!'
CNN RATTLED: Jake Tapper scrambles to defend ‘fake news’ report
George Michael 'was hooked on sex drug' claims former lover, Paul Stag

Saturday 21 January

Britain threatens Germany: You 'will pay a HIGH PRICE' if the UK gets a bad trade deal!
END OF EU? Brexit is ticking TIME BOMB for eurozone, says Merkel's finance chief
Migrants claiming asylum in Germany take HOLIDAYS in the countries they are 'fleeing'
Who was last world leader President Obama phoned? Angela Merkel! (Traitors hang together)
US PREPARES FOR WAR? Tanks OPEN FIRE towards Russia? (Get this sorted, Donald!)
Soros to make a killing with European 'forced migration!'
Trump has ‘DECLARED WAR’ on EU: French presidential candidate says threats are ‘SERIOUS'
Rolls-Royce chief and executives face probe by fraud squad over £671 MILLION fraud
Birmingham: Asian Councillors (Labour) in misconduct in public office and fraud enquiry
OUTRAGE: Judge offers soft sentence for drug boss (Shiraz Sharif) with £500,000 drug empire!
Cops taser their own race relations adviser - after mistaking him for a crook! (Easily done)
Video of US Nationalist, Richard Spencer, getting punched in the face
Jackie Mason: Democrats still trying to overturn 'honest election!'
Nancy Sinatra slams CNN, congratulates Trump: 'Why do you lie, CNN?'
Hillary Clinton stony-faced as crowds chant 'lock her up'
Lily Allen performs at anti-Trump march
Devil-worshipping rapist, Pedro Evangelou, jailed for nine years
OBORNE: Two by-elections on one day could lead to the death of Labour
Luvvies versus Trump: Lily Allen joins thousands of British protestors against new US president
Rolls-Royce chief and executives face probe by fraud squad over £671 MILLION fraud
Robert Redford rejects Hollywood Lefties and says he's NOT a Trump hater
Jacob Rees-Mogg scolds Remainer for booing when he said Brits had got their country back
'They DISTORTED forecasts!' MP slams 'apparently clever' experts for predicting Brexit DOOM
UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, will challenge #LibLabCon in Stoke Central by-election!
Trump might restore pride to the ordinary Americans who support him
HITCHENS BLOG: Bad losers and cheats! (EU groupies)
The lies of the ‘refugee’ who had an affair with a married charity chief

Friday 19 January

Chancellor Hammond condemns 'fool's paradise' of populism that elected President Trump!
Met chief issues warning over rise in murder and knife offences!
Theresa May’s Davos speech - Even more globalisation!
The Islamisation of France in 2016: "France has a problem with Islam!"
Closing Europe's borders not right answer to refugee crisis, says World Jewish Congress!
On 18 January, CNN was airing assassination scenarios where Obama admin could keep power!
George Soros calls Trump a 'would-be dictator' who 'is going to fail!'
Russian Foreign Minister to John Kerry: Stop being a skirt-wearing woman! Accept Assad!
Communist leaders who happened to be Jewish
A white guide to the Jewish narrative
10 reasons Obama was the worst President ever
Before you go, Obama: 'Has any other Nobel Peace prize winner dropped 100k bombs?'
‘Worse than the great depression!’ Economist warns of BLEAK future for Eurozone
'He DESTROYED US-Russian relations!' Putin's PM slams Obama
MELBOURNE: 3 dead, at least 25 injured after driver ploughs into pedestrians
Man who planned to KILL Trump was Clintons' close friend?
Jew speaks out against influence of Zionist "groups" in British universities!
Le Pen moves into lead in French race, Le Monde poll shows
Treason is trending
Muslim migrant pushed woman onto live rail at station in Hamburg
Ships owned by European NGOs are smuggling thousands of Africans into Italy!
'Have you learned NOTHING from Brexit?' Andrew Neil SKEWERS German MEP
'You're not even an OPPOSITION!' Labour MP ROASTED in Question Time debate!
Secret plot to give Falklands to ARGENTINA and send islanders to live in SCOTLAND
Former Italian PM admits European Union 'he once dreamed of' is DEAD
Christine Lagarde SAVAGED by Brexit voters as she warns of 'PAIN' for UK ahead of EU exit
BIRMINGHAM: Jogger attacked by Pakistani Muslims - Only escapes by speaking ARABIC!
Nick Ferrari rips into Boris Jonhnson's sister (Remoaner doom-monger)
Trump supporter punched by Antifa scum at Deploraball
The mortal danger of being white in Africa
“Racist” conservatives raise $500,000 for Black college band performing at inauguration!
Lib Dem Baroness, Floella Benjamin, says Brexit could KILL OFF Peppa Pig!

Thursday 18 January

£17 BILLION! The true cost of immigration to the UK every year!
Man who planned to KILL Trump was Clintons' close friend?
10 reasons Obama was the worst President ever
‘Time to rethink foreign aid madness!’ Think tank blasts Government handouts to Brussels
British values oath - Oppressive, intolerant and authoritarian?
Outrage as equalities chief says triggering Article 50 will cause 'spike' in hate crime 
Whitehall officials working behind the scenes to turn Trump against Vladimir Putin
Russia accuses UK/Germany/France of trying to help Hillary beat Trump!
Hundreds of jihadis returning to UK pose will greatest terror threat to Britain for years
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq
The problem with Brexit Britain? Slavery, says Lily Allen
'NO EASY WAY' for EU to deal with £8.6billion-a-year Brexit black hole!
Bob 'Watergate' Woodward backs Trump, says Intel community treated him like “garbage!”
Brave Jews confront evil traffic warden!
If we don’t speak out against hatred and anti-Semitism it will become normal, says Sajid Javid
SWEDEN CRUMBLING: Demands for military intervention as thugs turn Malmo into 'no-go zone!'
Farage rages at 'undemocratic' EU and says 'dangerous' bloc MUST be destroyed
Brexit bankroller Arron Banks launches ‘WESTMONSTER’ anti-establishment news website
Motorist refuses to move her car which is blocking in van driver
Look out, Don! Obama will "speak out" if you do something he doesn't like!
Meet the world's first trans dad AND daughter
More than half the world's primates could disappear in next 25 to 50 years
53% of parents now eat apart from their kids!
Black savage executed in USA
Top cop in charge of destroying seized drugs 'found with £700,000 haul in his house!'

Wednesday 17 January

Brits should learn Polish/Urdu to be more welcoming to immigrants, says Professor
Widnes Council allowed care home to be changed into huge asylum-seeker hostel!
Muslim family arrested for keeping white couple as SLAVES — Media silent!
Trump = The perfect scapegoat?
Trump loyalist Roger Stone claims he was POISONED with polonium by political enemies
WikiLeaks: Clinton bribed 6 Republicans to ‘destroy Trump’
Will there be war on the streets of Washington during inauguration?
Israeli army admits aiding al-Qaeda in Syria!
IRRITATED Newsnight viewers blast CLUELESS Corbyn for dodging SIMPLE Brexit questions
MANUEL VALLS SLAPPED: Socialist leader smacked by attacker at town hall
Oh look! Gunman who murdered Orlando Officer is Black - Imagine my shock!
Man stabbed 12 times outside Manchester nightclub (CCTV - Stabber looks non-Brit)
Sexual predator faces jail for attacks on lone women on Hackney Marshes

Tuesday 16 January

Soaring toll of NHS patients harmed as doctors prescribe the WRONG medication!
Young mum died hours after giving birth because of NHS failures! Dr Nadeem Azeez fled country
Man who continually accuses Russia of hacking hacked Congressional computers himself
Guy Verhofstadt 'BOTTLES IT' as he QUITS EU Parliament race
‘We’re in a VERY bad position!’ EU bigwig says BRITAIN holds the cards to seal Brexit deal
Eurosceptics surge ahead in Italy and Holland as anti-EU parties set to WIN elections
DELHI: Sunil Rastogi 'sexually assaulted more than 500 children!'
Pakistani mother who boasted about burning her daughter alive sentenced to death!
Pensioner fined £80 for pouring coffee down a drain? Rather than putting it in a bin? WTF?
Blair in talks with Oscar-winning film producer on making documentary of his life
I wonder if Benedict's status as a paid-up PC luvvie affected the ratings?
Black people cannot be racist? Yeah right...

Monday 15 January

Wealth gap widens: Eight people have same wealth as HALF the world population!
Shadow Chancellor says we voted Brexit because 'scapegoating migrants was EASIEST option!'
Top cop fired for advocating ban on Sharia law and saying Muslims should be loyal to UK!
Nigerian health tourist (gave birth to twins) racks up £350,000 bill and you pay!
42 inhabitants of Mutiny on Bounty island get £426,000 EACH from Britain's foreign aid budget!
Tolerant crybabies bombard Andrea Bocelli with death threats - Pulls out of Trump inauguration
'Brexit was a GREAT thing... You were smart to get OUT!' Trump praises UK
Time to END wasteful foreign aid and spend the money on Britain's creaking NHS
‘End freedom of movement!’ Pressure mounts on May to SCRAP Schengen IMMEDIATELY
Free movement is a ‘RACE TO THE BOTTOM’, warns Dutch deputy PM!
Austrian politician calls for BAN on 'political Islam' and demands repatriation!
Dangerous jihadis will be put in isolation costing £1million a year
BERLIN MASSACRE: Anis Amri 'on cocaine/ecstasy when he rammed truck into crowd!'
Irish politician pledges loyalty to Britain rather than Brussels
'You haven't clarified migration at all!' Peston savages Thornberry in car-crash interview
Russian oligarch (Jew) spends £3.5m hiring Elton John/Mariah Carey for granddaughter wedding
Inane celebs... What would we do without them?
Lithuanian serial robber took part in raid on the Queen's jewellers

Sunday 14 January

NHS in worst crisis in its history – and now doctors are leaving!
Is this an American coup? Troops on Russian border...
Syrian refugees open hookah shop, kidnap young, Swede, rape, enslave and keep her in chains
Wikileaks: Mexican Drug Kingpin, El Chapo, Donated $15 dollars to Clinton Foundation!
LAWLESS SWEDEN: Lone migrant youths turn shopping centre into 'NO-GO ZONE', officials say
'Liberal snowflake' Hollywood stars come under fire for 'pathetic' anti-Trump video
Labour Party conference plays host to Soros-funded Hope Not Hate
Businessman jailed for 20 years for murdering fiancee secretly freed after just 22 months! WHY?
Cadbury's Dairy Milk now made in POLAND, as US owner breaks made-in-England promise
Israeli agent gets the bullet after embassy fires him following secretly taped meeting
Cut foreign aid to save the stricken NHS! Demand made by three quarters of voters
£1.8million aid jolly to London Stadium for 'future leaders' (foreign), enough to pay 100 nurses!
Top Tory attacks Netanyahu over Israel's threat to 'take down’ Boris Johnson's deputy
Top Muslim prison chaplain arrested over alleged sex attack Tory MP launches attack on Theresa May as she says PM ‘moved the goal posts’ on £10billion NHS pledge
Ban 'fascist Islamic' symbols like you ban Nazi memorabilia says party leader
HITCHENS: For once Donald Trump is right - these sordid claims stink
Muslim migrant gang that broke girl's jaw accused of REGULAR 'Sharia patrol' attacks
Turkey threatens to shut down UK and US airbases crucial to fight against IS

Saturday 13 January

KATIE HOPKINS: Open borders and uncontrolled migration have ended our NHS!
Why was he allowed in? Would-be cop-killer was jailed in Holland for BEHEADING a woman!
The Afghan killer whose case sums up the madness of 'justice' in the EU
Convicted murderer in Holland, Jamshid Piruz, allowed into UK and attacks cops with hammer
10,000 from Europe set out to rape and murder in Syria/Iraq! (They'll be back - Thanks, elite!)
Israeli army tactic: intimidating Palestinian children in the night
IRONY ALERT! BBC sets up team to debunk fake news!
'It’s an OUTRAGE!' TV presenter rages at legal defence fund for illegal immigrants
Michael Portillo blasts mandarins like Sir Ivan Rogers for embedding UK in EU for decades
Trump says he will KEEP Obama's sanctions with Russia IN PLACE? (WTF?)
MERKEL'S NIGHTMARE: German leader arrives to pick up Euro award but was greeted by THIS
GERMANY: African jailed after blaming ‘high sex drive’ for classroom rape (Thanks, MERKEL!)
Moroccan gang harasses German train passengers (Thanks, #MERKEL)
Syria accuses Israel of firing rockets at Damascus air base
Pictured: E-fit of suspected serial rapist who grabbed 12-year-old girl
Corbyn calls for probe into Israeli 'interference'
National Guard Chief fired days before Trump inauguration: Timing extremely unusual
Moroccan gang harasses German train passengers (Thanks, #MERKEL)
Calais Jungle charity chief (married) 'had a year-long AFFAIR with a toyboy Tunisian!'
Members of Anjem Choudary's terror cell face jail after drumming up support for ISIS
Fighting prejudice? Not everyone in pregnant transgender's family is happy
Jeremy Vine feared for his life when confronted by Shanique Syrena Pearson

Friday 12 January

Germany apart, UK contributions to EU greater than other 26 combined! We go, EU is finished!
Councils do NOT have enough money to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees in Britain, MPs warn
DIVERSITY! Teenagers attacked by eight well-dressed Asian men
Al-Jazeera investigates - Israel Lobby (1)
Al-Jazeera investigates - Israel Lobby (2)
Al-Jazeera investigates - Israel Lobby (3)
WARMONGERS! NATO has 1,000 troops on Russian border as Spain sends soldiers to Latvia
Britain relationship with Russia ‘AS BAD AS IT CAN GET’ amid WWIII fears, Tory MP warns
Israel’s former Ambassador to UK accused of sexual liaisons with minors
MERKEL MUST GO: Furious protesters demand she departs!
Addict who killed OAP gets 21 years at taxpayer's expense! (Execution = no expense)
Bad news, Trump haters: This bonkers show has made him even MORE popular
Hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1billion in weeks following Donald Trump's win!
Ex-Miss Italy contestant may lose her sight after jilted boyfriend throws acid in her face
LITTLEJOHN: Daily drones deliver drugs, online shopping and butlers for the lags
Plans for Jewish 'eruv' zone in Westminster ringed by fishing wire! (Why do OUR MPs pander?)
Madoff tapes show how Jewish swindler blames banks/investors for catastrophic Ponzi scheme
SHOCK POLL: Millennials believe Britain no longer a Christian country
The covert origins of ISIS
Home Secretary 'foreign workers' speech treated as 'hate incident' by cops!
‘Everyone will be Muslim because of our stupidity!’ - Catholic leader blasts ‘WEAK’ church!
The Islamisation of Britain in 2016 - "The realistic future for Britain is Islamic!"
Black professor calls for whites to have an IRA – 'Individual Reparations Account'
Man who told Muslim convert to ‘eat bacon’ admits racism charges? (The world is insane)
Petition: Call for a public inquiry into the actions of the Israeli Embassy

Thursday 11 January

ENGLAND: Sharia court says man has right to kill his neighbour's children!
Gunman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' opens fire in Spanish supermarket
Politically correct officials reluctant to tackle foreign aid abuse and fraud!
NHS conditions worst ever, say leading nurses
Al Jazeera investigates the Israel Lobby in Britain
You know Islam is enriching, don't you? LibLabCon says so
Trump tells Jim Acosta of CNN: “You are fake news!”
The neat trick Israel uses to turn young Britons into spin doctors for apartheid
Check out how "German" security guards take care of Germans
FAKE NEWS: BuzzFeed abandons all journalistic integrity
'It's like being stuck in a nightmare': Madonna breaks down because of Trump Presidency
Sworn Trump enemy John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI!
Cheap, lazy journalists ran with fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his presidency
She begged her doctors for smear tests but was told she was too young - Now she's dead
Patients betrayed by their part-time GPs?
Ex-NHS consultant says profession's ethos of care and duty often superseded by self-interest
6 Republicans who took secret payments from Clinton to destroy Trump
FBI sought FISA court warrant to spy on Trump campaign officials!
The covert origins of ISIS
The totalitarian heart of Hope Not Hate
Koran passage denying Jesus is the Son of God 'sung in Arabic at SCOTTISH church service'
Farage brands EU 'MORE DANGEROUS' than Russia
CIA spouts 'PROPAGANDA, supported Hillary and is at WAR with Trump' Newsnight guest blasts
GERMANY: Afghan migrant caught 'masturbating in front of girl in swimming pool'
Swedish women left in FEAR as number of sexual assault claims ‘SOAR BY 70 PER CENT’
Patients betrayed by their part-time GPs?
Ex-NHS consultant says profession's ethos of care/duty often superseded by self-interest now
Sex attacker, Lukasz Robert Pawlowski, slashes own throat in the dock
Motorcyclist Leighton Santos killed ex-international cyclist

Wednesday 10 January

'Blacked up' Morris dancers flee after being threatened
Muslim statistics: 52% want ban on homosexuality, 23% want Sharia
'Why are you making TROUBLE?' LBC guest TAKES DOWN Gina Miller for blocking Brexit
From a happy teenager to a wreck': The day my daughter was caught sexting
Britain's small airfields are 'DEFENCELESS' against migrant smugglers, top judge warns
Courtney Hutchinson tortured woman with hot iron before savagely beating/raping her
Curry house that sold takeaway to 15-year-old girl who died of 'severe reaction' closed down
Don't blame Liberals, whines Clegg as anti-leftie feeling grips Britain
Cops FORCED to take ISLAM lessons to foster 'respectful' ties with Muslim communities
Left-wing activists plot to HALT Trump's inauguration in mass riot starting next week
Charlotte Church slams 'tyrant' Donald Trump
Putin confirms Western leaders serve Satan
Hungary plans to crack down on all Soros-funded NGOs
From a happy teenager to a wreck': The day my daughter was caught sexting

Tuesday 9 January

Meryl, that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career
Germany can't cope with ISIS terror as Muslim population has grown so rapidly says top spook
Jewish celeb says TEACHERS must FORCE kids NOT to believe lies of Brexit/Donald Trump!
Muslim extremists infiltrating schools ACROSS UK, says Government integration Tsar!
Theresa attacks Cameron/Blair for ‘ignoring legitimate concerns of ordinary people!’
Broken A&E is YOUR fault? 1-in-3 shouldn't be in casualty! (Where should migrant millions be?)
Theresa attacks Cameron/Blair for ‘ignoring legitimate concerns of ordinary people!’
Half of German women feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods!
Israeli assistance to dictator regimes!
Open letter to Joan Ryan MP, Chair of Labour Friends of Israel
How many British MPs are working for Israel?
Teach migrants to put bins out, queue and be nice, says integration tsar (Teach 'em to go home!)
'Mastermind' instructed ISIS killer to slaughter 30 Britons on Tunisian beach
Migrants set up SECRET Calais camps and attack ANYONE who comes near
Britons waste £13BILLION worth of edible food each year!
Paul Nuttall thunders at Daily Politics host as they clash over workers' rights

Monday 8 January

Immigrant rapes 5-year-old boy. Judge says NO JAIL! Attorney-General agrees!
A female doctor working in Germany warns the world
Five Africans beat and gang rape German nurse
Israeli diplomat plotted against our MPs!
Rabbi admits Jews feature "at all levels in movies, books, music... journalism... visual arts!”
'We live in a nation of ghettos!' Katie Hopkins belittles Theresa May’s 'shared society'
Le Pen warns EU: I will come to Brussels and DISMANTLE France's relationship with the bloc
'The EU is a DISASTER and Le Pen WILL WIN the presidency,' says Noam Chomsky
Time to call Wee Jimmy Krankie's bluff!
MERKEL CRISIS: Ministers divided amid fears Germany is NOT PREPARED for another attack
Trump fires back at 'Hillary lover,' Meryl Streep!
The latest in ISIS brutality - Toddler as executioner!
Former civil service chief has voted against government 50 times since being made a peer
First British MAN to become PREGNANT found sperm donor on Facebook1 (LibLabCon did this)
Undercover journalist says German migrant centres ‘breeding ground for terrorists’

Sunday 7 January

Over 103,000 white Americans have been murdered by Blacks since 1972?
What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite? It’s their education
Israel plot to 'take down' Tory minister!
What Ron Paul thinks of Barack Obama
Here's how many bombs Obama dropped in 2016
Far-right groups call for Merkel to be LOCKED UP
Halil Cetinkayali 'cheated on her (Atlanta Hammond) and beat her up daily!'
Save Britain from bloodsucking lawyers who squeeze £440m out of the NHS every year!
Romanian welcomed by Keith Vaz leaves woman who gave him a home with £900 debt
TRUMP says: 'Only stupid people don't want relationship with Russia!'
'Obey the LAW, pay TAX, learn ENGLISH?' Alan Johnson wants tougher migration rules?
NHS AT BREAKING POINT: Red Cross dealing with 'humanitarian crisis' at over 100 A&E units
Public sector workers 'must be BANNED from wearing Islamic veils at work' claims minister

Saturday 7 January

“Intelligence Community Assessment” report on Russian interference in the US election is a joke!
Fort Lauderdale killer - Doctored image and the reality
Political correctness points a society towards tyranny and war
CNN crops photo of Esteban Santiago to hide his one finger ISIS salute!
Vince Cable annihilates decades of Lib Dem thinking declaring mass migration a disaster!
UK's Guardian in bed with Soros, sees Russian spies behind every Christmas Tree
Italy's Minister of Interior: Surrender your homes to migrants or face jail!
Obama spent $770 million in taxpayer cash to renovate MOSQUES OVERSEAS!
World Jewish Congress and official German Jewry welcome non-white invasion!
Swedish police: 55 official no-go zones!
Coventry Facebook rape gang plied girls with booze/drugs!
Elderly patient dies after a 35 hour wait on a hospital trolley!
Young Muslim men - Their opinion of women?
Cops didn't help grooming victim as ‘they were told to hunt car crooks!’
Suffering of the old and lonely puts us all to shame
Google refused to take down slurs branding ESTHER RANTZEN a child murderer?
Tory grandee Michael Heseltine ran over cyclist in his Jag - £5,000 fine but blames cyclist
Police have NOT accused me, insists George Michael's lover, Fadi Fawaz
Belgian cops missed numerous chances to unmask ISIS terrorists before massacres
Attack in Norway sees migrants assault helpless man while teens laugh
'They don't want to INTEGRATE' - Immigration tirade on Sky News
Jamie Oliver BLAMES BREXIT for the closure of six Italian restaurants? (F*** off, luvvie!)

Friday 6 January

Grooming gang statistics (90% Muslim?) Courtesy of LibLabCon
Rape and sexual grooming gang jailed for total of 50 years!
Staff threatened with gun and knife in Eltham supermarket raid
GERMANY: Refugee who raped a grandmother in park claimed she WANTED sex!
GERMANY: Old lady beaten with sticks by asylum-seekers
'Jihad! Jihad!' Migrant gang turns Swedish city into war zone
Liberals start petition to have Obama declare Martial Law to block Trump Presidency!
ONE MILLION women set to protest as Donald Trump becomes President?
Putin launched multifaceted campaign to get Trump in power says Intelligence Chief! (Bulls***!)
FEMA - Dollar collapse, martial law and complete social disintegration in 2017?
Bank chief admits: We were WRONG as Brexit doom forecasters had 'Michael Fish moment'
Brexit leaves UK with world's leading economy! Bank of England experts humiliated
Britain on a roll after Brexit! Now the most robust economy in industrialised world!
More than half of failed asylum seekers allowed to STAY in Europe!
Spain reveals plans to make Muslim festivals public holidays funded by taxpayers!
‘I am READY to be president’ Marine Le Pen vows to put France ‘back on the right track!’
New Act of Union can save UK from Brexit, says Labour MP
Sir Oswald Mosley: Briton, Fascist, European
Fury as CNN host says Facebook Live torture case WASN'T EVIL & blames 'bad home training!'
Iraqi soldiers reclaim 70 PER CENT of Mosul as jihadis struggle to survive
Saudi officials create WHATSAPP GROUP encouraging men to take MULTIPLE brides!
British mother jailed in Bahrain! Husband 'beat her when she tried to leave the country' (Oops!)
Stop trying to be the People’s Princess, Lily! Stick to music, drink and drugs!
Transgender prisoner charged with attempted murder found dead in cell
Generation Snowflake - Too bone idle to go out and buy the milk!

Thursday 5 January

Blair's £10m war chest to fight against populism! Organisation to battle against Britain leaving EU
BBC trousers MILLIONS in ‘secret’ cash from Brussels - £300,000 AFTER Brexit vote!
'I feel like a stranger where I live!’ (Thanks, LibLabCon)
Council on America-Islam Relations boss would've liked twice as many dead in Russian air crash!
Chicago gang 'kidnap and torture' special-needs man, streaming his ordeal live on Facebook
White man kidnapped, gagged, beaten by black anti-Trump gang!
Afghan beheads Dutch woman - Allowed into UK, attacks Gatwick staff, cops with a hammer!
Israel is urged to apologise for the disappearance of hundreds of newborn Jewish babies
Key figures in pre-state Israel proposed castration of mentally ill, sterilisation of the poor etc.
Labour rag says Lily Allen's right - It IS white males we need to worry about
Scandal of private ambulance crews propping up the NHS
Are we wide open to terrorists? Syrian refugee waved through security with BOGUS passport
'Trigger warnings' for distressing content creating a generation of 'snowflake' students?
£4.9m on superfast broadband for MONSERRAT? As a million+ here don't have decent internet?
20ft metal soldier - Blacksmith creates MUCH greater art than millionaires Hirst and Emin

Wednesday 4 January

Hundreds of child rapes reported in Sheffield
Rotherham teenager betrayed and sold to SEX GANGS by ‘hero’ social worker
1,000 Muslims attack cops and set Germany’s oldest church alight on NY Eve!
George Soros plotting ‘Financial Armageddon’ to stop Trump!
Columbia University students support female genital mutilation!
Male college students to undergo critical masculinity self-reflection! (Behave like men = 0/10!)
French banks refuse loan to far-right leader Marine Le Pen to fund presidential campaign!
Marine Le Pen short on cash - Banks trying to kill populism?
Street protests in Bradford after police shoot drug dealer, Yassar Yaqub, dead
FLORENCE: Bomb at far‑right bookshop injures policeman
Arrogant merchant of gloom quits as Our Man in Brussels
Lily Allen threatens EDL founder Tommy Robinson with legal action during Twitter row
USA: Black-on-Elderly White - Violence and Murder - Part 1
Katie claims the word "racism" has lost its meaning
Confiscation hearing for man found with deadly arsenal of weapons
The REAL heroes who expose what a tawdry joke out honours system is
Another £105m foreign aid for Pakistan! (Biggest recipient despite own space programme)
Cressida Dick (responsible for Jean Charles de Menezez' death) to become the next top cop?
HACKNEY! CCTV of black mugger chasing woman and pushing over her two-year-old's pram!
The game's over Mr President - Your team lost! End the temper tantrum, show some dignity!
Black activists ruin Brixton wedding!
Israel is urged to apologise for the disappearance of hundreds of newborn Jewish babies
Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi 'closely linked to two tax-haven-based companies'
Shami's £500,000 to help girls get degrees despite doing better than boys at university

Tuesday 3 January

LITTLEJOHN: Why we don't want Left-wing bigots deciding what you can read in your paper
Katie Hopkins: White women are being 'sacrificed at the altar of political correctness!'
Merkel wants to train her immigrant pets as nurses...
'Merkel's a SAVIOUR?' French presidential hopeful hails German open-door immigration policy!
French government accused of HIDING arson attack stats as almost 1,000 cars set on fire
Former MI5 agent Says Russian claims are “FAKE NEWS!”
Chicago murders since 2009 - 3,904!
Trump blasts Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel for 762 homicides and 4,331 shooting victims in 2016
Israeli police 'to question prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu about corruption allegations!'
SNOWFLAKE! Bruce Springsteen unleashes on Trump for promoting 'bigotry, racism and intolerance!'
Israeli police 'to question prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu about corruption allegations!'
Migrant sex attacks and fireworks thrown at POLICE during NYE events
'Istanbul ISIS gunman' takes SELFIE VIDEO before club massacre!
Labour has no chance of winning General Election and should look to coalition, say Fabians
Soros' 2017 forecast: EU will FALL! Elite 'STOLE democracy!'
'I've only been sexually assaulted by white men' Lily Allen in 'racism' spat on Twitter
UK's £1bn foreign aid cashpoint! Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!
Why the EU's hypocrite-in-chief is a prime example of the hubris that could tear it apart

Monday 2 January

Soft Brexit is fake – it amounts to no EU exit at all!
‘Off her rocker!’ Merkel mocked for urging Germans to beat terror with love and compassion
1,400 criminals on the run! Why did it take authorities SIX MONTHS to tell us who they are?
BATTLE FOR EUROPE: More than 1,100 migrants fight riot police as they storm Spanish border!
‘Muslim army’ hiding in America? Arming for WAR against Trump?
ISIS claim responsibility for Istanbul nightclub atrocity
Celebrity hotspot that stands for everything ISIS loathes
ISIS is plotting ‘mass casualty’ chemical attack on Britain (Religion of Peace?)
Lawyers raked in £32.2bn in just ONE year: Figure goes up by a quarter in just five years
UK: Awards Barred to “White Movies!”
'Putin behaved like only adult in the room’ as outgoing Obama ratchets up US-Russia tensions
PAYPAL account locked; another YouTuber suspended! The silencing begins!
London’s ‘Boris bus’ reaches end of road as Sadiq Khan halts purchases
POLAND: 250 rioters SMASH kebab shop after Arabs stab young man to death
'We should DEFEND British culture,' says Katie Hopkins!
More than 300 cases of migrant welfare fraud in ONE German city!

Sunday 1 January 2017

Untrained refugees employed as security guards in Cologne on NY Eve! (Merkel takes the p***)
Merkel stands by migrant policy - Fights terrorism with "compassion" (i.e. "treachery")
New Year terror in Istanbul: Santa Claus gunman opens fire in celebrity nightclub killing 39
UK gets first Muslim majority prison, controlled by ‘Islamic Protection Racket’
Portuguese artist gets £10,000 from government for dancing with migrants in Calais Jungle!
The rules of Islam, simply explained
Afghan migrant attacked woman in Austrian asylum centre because she was reading a bible!
Francois Hollande 'quietly' awards France's highest honour to Saudi Crown Prince
2016 has been one of the greatest years ever for humanity
The sneering response to Trump’s victory reveals exactly why he won
London Mayor to set up police ‘online hate crime hub’ in 'partnership' with social media firms
How PC ideology became part of European and UK law
Trump officials: Obama to face investigations if scorched earth policy on way out continues
Obama quietly signs the "Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act" into law
Trump: 'I know things others don't about hacking... and you will know NEXT WEEK!'
465 'child refugees' were OVER AGE & LIED to gain entry to the UK!
President playing dirty? Obama accused of 'pathetic' attempt to harm Trump administration
HITCHENS: If criminals could read, they'd know they nearly always get away with it
Homeless white man loses his vision, after brutal assaulted by migrant
Man taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital after gang attack with 'baseball bats'
Rapist Mohamed Igal jailed for series of horrific attacks on 10-year-old girl
Church of England priest praises Muslims and Jews for refusing to integrate!
The Bible is clear: let the refugees in, every last one, says priest with Jewish dad!
Jean-Claude Juncker spent years blocking curbs on tax avoidance!
Girl, nine, faces being shunned by her ultra-orthodox Jewish community for eating McDonald's
Theresa May vows to ban those with links to Vladimir Putin from Tory fundraising events
Phone-threatener, Alexandra Broadrick, Lord Feldman’s chief of staff, gets an MBE
Social media mercilessly trashes diva for her epic New Year's Eve meltdown

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