Daily News - January 2016

Sunday 31 January

WATCH: Hungary's PM Orban blasts 'dying' Europe for migrant crisis self denial!
INVASION! 3 million+ Muslims for first time! Over 50% born outside Britain!
83,000 illegal immigrants claim asylum AFTER being caught!
Brussels has overstepped the mark by interfering in Poland’s affairs
David Cameron: 'Black people more likely to be in prison than at a top university' (Who knew?)
Camerons enter son for top London private school
Downing Street showered Kids' Company with grants - MPs 'captivated' by shamed founder
Pro-migrant Downing Street protest fails to attract more than 25 people
Cameron appoints Labour race-baiter David Lammy to produce 'one nation ideal!'
PERVERT? Corbyn 'showed off' naked Diane Abbott to impress Left-wing friends?
Labour MP faces calls to resign after comparing Cologne attacks to Birmingham night out
Thousands of migrants sue German government over slow asylum processing
German politician says cops 'should shoot migrants' trying to enter the country illegally!
GERMANY: Migrants use multiple identities to claim asylum and hide from previous arrests
GERMANY: Hanover cops seek immigrant sex-offender
Cologne sex attacks on New Year's Eve: First arrests
IMMIGRANT CRIME: Swedish Police using special codes to fool public!
Sweden's homeless natives die on streets - African Muslims get fully furnished flats
Jihadi mother funded trip to join ISIS with student loan!
Singing Muslim beats, kicks and takes knife to his wife for joining in!
ISIS strapped a bomb to a four year-old child and blew him up!
Poachers arrested after helicopter pilot, Roger Gower, murdered in Tanzania
Milly Dowler's Gipsy killer to be quizzed about brutal murder of mother and daughter
'Milly Dowler might still be alive if I'd spoken up', says killer Levi Bellfield's ex
Apedelrazek Badran posed as cop to sexually assault 12-year-olds
Linford Christie's son is a convicted druggie and criminal!
Was Lord Haw-Haw the victim of a miscarriage of justice?
More NHS money spent on anti-depressants in Blackpool than anywhere else
Holocaust deprogramming course!
Prisons have got worse on Nick Hardwick's watch
Far-right and anti-fascist groups clash in Dover

Saturday 30 January

Dad wants to take sons back to Somalia - It’s less dangerous than London!
Judge says many in Calais Jungle aren't refugees and choose UK for 'advantages'
Gay serial killer (alleged) to stand trial in October (Why the wait?)
Did Milly's killer murder childhood sweetheart when he was 12? (Bellfield is a gipsy)
Brixton rapist Bruno Pereira gets 12 years for 'brutal and callous' attack
24 years for brutal rapist, Oluwadamilare Baiyewu! (Volunteer at his local church)
Somali Muslims gang-raped white girl, 16, in hotel where they stayed to celebrate Eid
DIVERSITY! Asylum seeker Andong Ashu raped girl, 11, while performing fake medicals on her!
Schoolgirl, 12, raped on street by black pervert pretending to be a cop
Drug dealer Shahadat Hussain slashed white teen's face for refusing to buy cocaine!
'Refugees welcome' Lefties say those who want no more immigrants are Nazis!
Poll reveals 40% of Germans want Merkel to quit over refugee influx!
GERMANY: Refugee crime? Kiel cops don’t even bother!
Merkel accused of RUINING Germany as New Year sex-crimes confirmed in 12 of 16 states
Merkel's ALLIES threaten to take her to court over refugee hordes entering Germany!
Germany: Two 11-year-old girls sex-attacked by migrant gang at swimming pool!
EU leaders say Cologne sex attacks had NOTHING to do with migrant crisis!
The Swedish town destroyed by immigration!
Swedish police don't have enough officers to stop escalating migrant violence?
Gangs of Moroccan street children make Sweden's main station a no go zone
Honour killing? Man stabs wife 66 times, cuts off her nose and upper lip
'Big powerful' migrant men claim to be children at centre where aid worker stabbed
Jews use Holocaust Memorial Day to demand we accept "refugees" without limit!
Cameron backtracks on election pledge to stop migrants sending child benefit home
Views of Muslim leader have no place in Britain!
Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky (big shot Jewish Commie) correspondence revealed!
Kingston University: Racism directed at Whitey is 'Free Speech!'
Be ready to slash frontline staff, hard-up hospitals are warned
Homesick prisoners could get SKYPE to stay in touch with family!
SHARIA! If parliament moves to Richmond House, no booze for MPs?
Inside seedy world of Sugar Daddy websites where sex shame Dragon met girl, 13
'True account' of rebel slave! (Now Hollywood is promoting white slaughter?)

Friday 29 January

Labour MP says Cologne sex attacks are no different to a Saturday night in Birmingham!
Gipsy serial killer Levi Bellfield is now Muslim, Yusuf Rahim! (Muslims get special privileges)
LITTLEJOHN - Brussels' tentacles interfering in every aspect of our lives!
Could rampant Zika virus that causes deformed babies stop the Olympics?
Zika could infect FOUR MILLION this year!
Just how old do you think these migrant 'children' are?
Tensions rise in Sweden as migrant teens go on the rampage!
Picture of black savage who stabbed Swedish social worker to death in child migrant centre!
Sweden to fly 80,000 migrants out of country in chartered jets (Pretending to do something?)
Finland will expel 20,000 migrants who arrived in 2015 (Pretending to do something?)
Grenade thrown at migrant centre in Germany - Violence against refugees escalates?
Blonde Danish girl stabbed mum to death was radicalised by ISIS execution videos!
57% of shops sell lethal amounts of painkillers!
BMW driver slams on brakes in insane 'crash for cash' attempt! (Ethnicity?)

Thursday 28 January

Angela Merkel ‘narcissistic’, verging on ‘mental breakdown’ says psychoanalyst!
PC Crowd 'failing victims of sex abuse': Minorities Tsar slams liberals over Muslim criminals!
Race boss Trevor Phillips: We should accept that Muslims are not like us!
Children as young as 13 to be asked whether they're 'gender fluid', 'demi-girl' or 'intersex!'
Fox News moderators planned to escort Trump from debate if he ‘broke rules!’
Chance of suicide/aggression doubles when taking any one of 5 common drugs!
Teens who use sunbeds are up to SIX times more likely get lethal skin cancer by the age of 40 Gipsy serial killer admits raping and killing schoolgirl Milly Dowler 14 years ago
Romanian lorry driver gets 4 years for killing Paul Garner while on her phone
Justice? Freed double killer gets anonymity - Victim's family should hide for their own safety!
I'm here to burgle your country – Romanian career criminal wasted no time on arrival
Jihadi chemistry teacher banned from classroom as 'unacceptable risk'
What horrors he's been through? Top cop SYMPATHY for Somali charged in social worker murder!
DIVERSITY! Child rapist raped and murdered American tourist as husband ran to get money'
Hunt for illegal migrant after nanny's body is found naked in Vienna apartment
Rape of girl, 13 - Kremlin accuses Germany of covering up reality in a PC manner!
Outrage as lawyers 'allowed bomb-maker to sue British troops for NOT shooting him!'
Pro-EU propaganda machine has gone into overdrive
Why are Brussels bullies forcing us into unworkable migrant quotas NO EU nation wants?
YOU pay benefits for EU's jobless: Yet another crazy plan from Brussels
Sweden 'to EXPEL 80,000 rejected asylum seekers' as migrant crisis deepens
Shoddy treatment of our brave troops, says FREDERICK FORSYTH
Is head-shrinking Zika virus in BRITAIN? (If so, thank globalism)
Let's control PC whining before it does any more damage, says Ann Widdecombe
Dragons’ Den star sex site ‘offered four sugar babies for every daddy’
Sir Cover-up's cosy Google chats!

Sunday 24 January

THIS IS EUROPE: Migrant gangs 'harass women, barge into toilets and commit sex attacks'
Hungarian Mayor says George Soros is funding non-white invasion
Michael Caine backs leaving EU and condemns 'faceless civil servants' dictating to Britain
Birmingham central mosque Chairman and future Mayor tells Muslims it's OK to break the law!
Rape and sex attacks reach record high in Britain
Bankers are using special software to keep communications secret
Facebook censorship campaign! Silence racists/extremists! (Whitey awake)
Elite will use immigrants to destroy European labour (Already doing so)
Until today, I assumed Putin’s Russia killed Litvinenko… Then I looked for myself
US hardman and oligarch linked to murdered spy Litvinenko
DIVERSITY! 'Dangerous prisoners’ (all foreign) break out of maximum security jail
Record numbers of migrants apply for asylum in Japan – they accept just 27! (Japs are smart)
Migrant sex attack gangs could come to Britain if we stay in EU (They're already here)
Dental decay now MOST LIKELY cause of a stay in hospital for under 10s! (#ThanksFluoride!)
You’re better off eating an APPLE a day than using statins!
UK's top 10 murder hotspots revealed

Saturday 23 January

How Labour turned London into a foreign city!
FARAGE: Labour think it's ‘racist’ to blame the Cologne attacks on immigrants!
Donald Trump retweets 'White Genocide' Twitter user!
Vicars should grow BEARDS to reach out to Muslims, says Bishop of London! (PC nutcase)
White men must be stopped! The future of mankind depends on it! (Insanity of the Left)
Britons infected with dangerous Zika virus in South America back in UK
More evidence of police's grooming cover-up as evidence ‘disappears!’
Violent crime surges in London amid turf wars – study
Homeless Germans get out! This is purely for refugees!
Mass rape in Cologne, Germany: Refugees STILL Welcome!
Germany agrees to work towards easing EU visa requirements for Turks!
Zwickau: immigrant degeneracy closes sauna
"Refugee' rapping about how he will rape, kill Swedes
USA: Woman pushed onto rail tracks speaks out
GHANA: Muslim cleric says KORAN can cure HIV/AIDS in 24 hours!
Seven pro-immigrant workers arrested for theft in Greece!
Kurds waving white flag shot at by Turks
The Islamization of France in 2015!
France to maintain ‘State of Emergency’ until ISIS is destroyed!
'The EU has forgotten it needs borders' it 'could die very fast,' says French PM
Europe on the verge of collapse says billionaire Jew, George Soros
Muslim Graham Web-Lee loses court case against cafe owners - smell of bacon offends him!
20 postcodes where you're most likely to get burgled - Almost all in London (60% foreign)
Foreign aid fat cats are the best-paid in Whitehall!
A political awakening unprecedented in scope and intensity
'It's too cold' refugees would rather return home than face European winter!
2010: Ukraine Court finds Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, guilty of genocide for his role in the Holodomor

Friday 22 January

Bankers want 1.8 million immigrants coming to Europe EVERY YEAR!
"War refugees bring war to us... Germany was such a great country and THEY destroyed it!"
TRUE horror of Cologne attacks finally REVEALED: Gang rape among HUNDREDS of assaults!
Locals who've seen their town lose its soul and been branded racist are also bitter
Cops slam BBC's Asian Network for lying! Counter-terror misreported, Islamists aided!
Thief PUNCHES mum, spits on her in front of her kids - She stopped him stealing from old lady
African Muslims brutally rape Norwegian girl, 14. Traitor judge is lenient
2010: Ukraine Court finds Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, guilty of genocide for his role in the Holodomor
'I decapitate you' Women workers threatened and forced to DRESS DOWN at refugee centre
Yet another migrant attack on a child in a European swimming pool
CALAIS: Gangs battle tear gas and riot cops to cling to UK–bound trucks
GHANA: Muslim cleric says KORAN can cure HIV/AIDS in 24 hours!
NHS doctor Julius Awakame recommended holy water for 'possessed' patient
Meredith Kercher's killer Rudy Guede tells how he wrote on the wall in her BLOOD
German government cannot account for 600,000 of its 1.1million asylum seekers
LITTLEJOHN: Why is every cock-up by cops/social services followed by a cover-up?
What happens when you say, “my dog doesn’t like Muslims?” PROSECUTION, POSSIBLE JAIL!
Tom Hardy: 'I'd have sold my mother for a rock of crack cocaine' (Decadent celebrity for you)
First she bashes Christians, now she's romanticising Castro - Jennifer Lawrence moves on

Thursday 21 January

Poor North dumping ground for migrants: Many towns are SWAMPED!
Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon spills the beans! He'd prefer ISIS to Iran in Syria!
Diphtheria/Tuberculosis/Malaria: European hospitals prepare for influx of migrant diseases!
Top judges’ financial links to big money/insurance giants/vested interests/dodgy banks exposed!
The EU plans to make Britain accept 90,000 refugees a year!
Goldman Sachs gives 6-figure sum to campaign to keep Britain in the EU!
Foreign aid spending TREBLES as watchdog warns there could be NO END to Britain's largesse!
EU has a long history of assisting tax evasion - Juncker organised sweetheart deals for big multinationals in his previous job
Asylum worker admits 90% of migrants are unpleasant, liars and threaten to behead people!
48-year-old beaten and gang-raped in Dresden by black-haired "Southerners!"
British court orders refugees living in Calais brought to UK in 'ground-breaking judgement!'
Apocalypse in the jungle as migrants burn camp down
Top public school to allow trans-gender children to choose skirt or trousers!
Muslim school fails Ofsted inspection - Books promoting stoning to death in library
DIVERSITY? Stabbed to death as he walked to work on the second day of new job
Rasadhurai Raguvannan faked a £13,000 armed raid on his own store!
Shadiya Omar stabs Justin in eye with stiletto then posts 'mocking' picture on Facebook
Teacher tells boy off for fighting in playground - Violent dad beats her up! NO JAIL!
"Total war" on Donald Trump by American media?
Boris hands victory to Uber in battle for London's streets
Savile report says whistle-blowing worse now than when he raped/abused kids at BBC
'Healthy and happy' girl, 16, died after contraceptive pill gave her DVT on family holiday
Taxi driver suspended/banned from taking kids to school - Seen kissing/hugging own daughters!
Crooked lawyer David Lyons struck off - Guilty of embezzling more than £1 million!
KATIE HOPKINS: You don't get an Oscar for the colour of your skin!
Portrait of a man who destroyed his party! Clegg's 'contribution to political life!'

Wednesday 20 January

Illegal schools teaching extremism operate underground in Britain! (Of course they do)
France declares 'state of economic emergency' as Germany faces financial ruin
'Death threats and harassment' German worker's insight into refugee centre life
General Lord Richards: Maybe we shouldn't have got rid of Gaddafi
Islamic scholar says Allah allows Muslim men to humiliate non-Muslims by raping them!
'I will kill 10 of you then I'll go' says A.N.Other 'Religion of Peace' immigrant
Merkel’s lapdog Zuckerberg starts group to fight “hateful rhetoric” aimed at Muslims
Same MPs who won’t ban UK jihadis after fighting for ISIS, debate banning Trump!
EU ORDERS! Agree to migrant quota or we'll bar you from deporting thousands!
UK could be forced to take more refugees in latest battle with Brussels over asylum
Young woman with Down's syndrome raped by 'depraved' rapist, Faisal Ellahi
Andong Ashu wins asylum then rapes young ‘patient’
Shadiya Omar stabbed Justin Lloyd in the eye with designer shoe after argument - No jail!
GERMANY: Swimming pool lifts migrant ban after left-wing pressure 24 hours after kids molested! Cameron MUST stop these vile witch-hunts against our brave troops
CALAIS: Robbed at knife-point by the migrants they were trying to help!
UKIP question on safety of UK lorry drivers dismissed by EU as ‘offensive to migrants'
Farage wipes the floor with EU creeps on rapefugees/Cologne/Munich/ISIS
Race relations in US decline during Obama presidency
Children's pastor raped two teenagers but CoE wanted to look after him
Black students speak out on (black) violence in Memphis
Meet Mansa Musa I of Mali – Richest man in history? (Owned many slaves)
Leonardo DiCaprio accuses oil bosses of putting profits before 'future of humanity'
Petition for luvvie actress Emma Watson to spend a week in Calais Jungle

Tuesday 19 January

DIVERSITY! After falling for an Albanian at 14, Megan 'was raped by 110 men in 22 hours!' MPs who won’t ban UK jihadis after fighting for ISIS, seriously debate banning Donald Trump!
Secret Service MI5 is best gay/LGBT rights employer? (Our nation is safe with LGBT!)
Cameron admits Saudi Arabia funds extremist schools – so why are they still our allies?
Jeremy Corbyn is no pacifist – he wants to see Britain defeated!
4-year-old to be taken away from parents because he’s ‘not getting the cuddles he needs?’
Energy drinks to blame for miscarriages and heart problems?
HOLLAND: Fourth town riots over immigrant invasion
HOLLAND: Multiculturalism in action - Teacher attacked by "refugee" pupil
GERMANY: Black man sh*ts on the seat of a Berlin train
SWEDEN: Reporter Chang Frick demonised for reporting sexual assaults by migrants!
SWEDEN: woman harassed and groped by gang of ‘migrant’ men
LONDON: As they watch a beheading video in a restaurant, ISIS sympathisers giggle
LONDON: Muslims plotted to kill soldiers, police, civilians on our streets
'This little girl, 12 years old, they raped her without mercy!' Religion of Peace, Dave?
Cologne Imam: 'Perfume is to blame for Rape!'
Cash machine scammer, Teofil Bortos, jailed after £1.6m theft
Prolific thief, Errol Willis, banned from TOUCHING cars
Elderly patients handcuffed to beds, denied food & pain relief, kicked out in the dead of night!
Will Osborne go down in history as the man who killed pensions stone dead?
Tata Steel chief blames EU for UK's problems - No protection against cheap imports
Almost half of EU doctors are rejected for poor English!
The Final Solution: The 1941 plan to exterminate the Germans to today’s white genocide
The Endgame - Full White Genocide documentary
Multiculturalism in Europe: who is behind it?
The Jewish conspiracy behind the 1965 open immigration law!
USA: Third man charged with the killing of Amanda Blackburn
West Ham striker Diafra Sakho smashes his £200,000 Lamborghini into a wall and a Mini Cooper
Mrs Pankhurst's daughter supported Hitler?

Monday 18 January

Hey, Dave! Cologne sex gangs could come here under EU law!
Russia can prove 9/11 was an inside job?
'They would check if the white people were moving then shoot them again!'
Brutal' drivers Fiaz Shah and Mohammed Islam killed family man Wayne Stansfield
Teenager 'rushed to hospital after she was raped by Afghan migrant on park bench'
Killers, rapists and perverts STAY in UK under Human Rights Act
'Practically impossible to integrate Muslims into Western Europe,' says Czech president
Middle class savers could lose a third of their pension in tax changes!
67,500 small planes and boats enter Britain each year unchecked!
Half of EU aid wasted, stolen or lost in red tape! Annual £11.5bn fails to achieve its aims!
More than 7,000 NHS staff who took early retirement rehired while claiming their full pension!
Indian owned Tata Steel (sold off after privatisation) to axe more than 1,000 jobs!
Britain less secure outside the EU? How does the PM keep a straight face?
16 January 1966, the day America dropped 4 nuclear bombs on Spain!
Just 1-in-5 18 to 29-year-olds are 'very proud' to be British (How many aren't actually Brits?)
Benefits mum-of-12 to get £4k boob job on the taxpayer!

Sunday 17 January

North African criminals, a long guarded state secret! (German media now daring to speak out!)
Top feminist says PC bubble has burst and Cologne cops covered up Muslim rape for 20 years!
Germany: Migrants' Rape Epidemic
‘German girls are just there for sex’ said migrant to woman he was groping in street! GERMANY: Immigrant criminals causing chaos in Warendorf
Swedish police banned from describing refugee criminals any more in case they sound racist
Film makers attacked by migrants in Calais. Lefties urge removal of attack video
VIDEO: Dutch film makers attacked by migrants in Calais!
Dutch MP: we must close all mosques and ban Islam!
Refugee numbers reach 60 MILLION – how can Europe house them all?
EU 'out' vote 6% ahead in wake of Paris massacre, Cologne and migrant crisis!
Muslim mob tear young woman apart!
Muslim immigrant punches Italian bus driver, gets sorted! Hooray for Italy!
PAKISTAN: Sharia enforcers declare ban on child marriage 'un-Islamic' and 'blasphemous!'
1,500 "Brits" flee to ISIS in Syria – 800 successfully get in! (Religion of Peace?)
DARLINGTON: Sarkatt Salim and Aram Rasheed get 10 years for raping teenager
Since 2010, Cameron earned £500,000 renting out home as he cracked down on social housing!
British victim of Bataclan refused help as Foreign Secretary has NOT said it was terror!
HITCHENS: The bearded pacifists are right... Trident IS a waste of money
Israel Tortures Palestinian Children; Keeps Them In Outdoor Cages In Winter: Rights Group
Jewish Doctor Accused of Sedating Patient, Ejaculating on Her Face
‘The White man’s 15 minutes are up,’ says Jewish screenwriter
Outrage at numbers of obese CHILDREN needing weight loss surgery
SOMERSET: Centuries of tradition ends as cider production goes to Ireland!

Saturday 16 January

Sweden: State-funded Muslim sniper training!
Muslim immigrant punches Italian bus driver, gets sorted! Hooray for Italy!
Dutch MP: We must close all mosques and ban Islam
Migrant sex attacks: Refugees as young as 12 arrested over assaults on women!
600 "Britons" caught trying to enter Syria to join ISIS!
Bullying, sexual assaults and rape widespread at Deepcut, the barracks from hell!
"Dark forces?" "Disturbing echoes?" Sex attacks by migrants unleash patriotism in Germany
Devastating truth about Britain's first 'legal' red light district
MANDELSON: Prince of Darkness = brains behind Dave's EU trickery?
Number of refugees arriving by boats TREBLES in a year
Paedos and rapists let off with cautions instead of facing courts
Cover-up unravels: Yet ANOTHER migrant sex attack exposed by brave schoolgirl
China stock losses spark panic sell-off and FTSE drops £113BN
Sibongiseni Majola, who killed Stuart Lowe in 2007, refused an early release from prison
Woman raped in Milton Keynes house attack
Mühldorf: Woman in wheelchair sexually assaulted by Afghan immigrant!
Archbishop apologises to gays/lesbians (Try apologising to majority for never ending PC)
Marius Petre and Adrian Matei trafficked Romanian teens for prostitution
Bavarian governor puts 31 migrants on a coach and sends them to Merkel's office in Berlin!
The immigrants Angela Merkel DID turn away!
AFRICA: Al Qaeda gunmen kill 20 at top tourist hotel
'Racist' cops caused 'justified anger of the riots' says Corbyn's equalities MP
Juncker strays from the pantomime script
In search of profit: The tragic risks Big Pharma take with our health
ABC producer 'murdered and sexually assaulted on vacation in Belize'

Friday 15 January

Ghislaine Maxwell (Jew) is accused of procuring young girls for Jeffrey Epstein (Jew - Prince Andy’s pal)
Worst nightmare for EU "an outbreak of populism?" (Worse than mass rape by Muslims? TW*T!)
"Asian" woman tried to stab boy on bus, 15! (No provocation - His grandma saved him!)
Noel is RIGHT: UK is totally full! ('Logic & left-wing Twitter users don't go together!')
Migrant sex attack cover-up: Welcome party for Cologne refugees turned into mass groping
When Merkel decided to import 800,000 refugees we knew it'd lead to big problems for women
German cops = We can’t arrest Muslims! Rapes, throat slashing reported as minor incidents!
Girl threatened with rape after being taken to Sheffield house
Sex Attack: Migrants assault women on Belgian train
AUSTRIA: Syrian/Afghan migrants sexually assaulted schoolgirls for MONTHS before cops told!
LITTLEJOHN: Let's stop pretending that 'trans' is the new normal
New mother was left to die by foreign doctors who weren't fully qualified
Illegal immigrant strangled artist Ashley Olsen to death in jealous drug-fuelled frenzy
Orphaned siblings sold to gypsy organ traffickers by murdered mother's lover
Child sex abuse case against Lord Janner formally dropped! Victims devastated
Janner victims blast decision to drop sex abuse trial saying 'it's scarred me for life'
Traitor Blair calls for EU ARMY and blasts eurosceptics!
Brits to lose benefits under plans to clamp down on European migration!
54% of Oxford students want to keep Cecil Rhodes statue despite campaign to remove it
BIG BROTHER! Megan McKenna calls Tiffany Pollard 'ghetto c***!' (Big Bro screams "RACIST!")

Thursday 14 January

DIVERSITY! Machete killer strolls away having just brutally murdered Zac Evans, 19
London gangs ‘pressuring 9-year-old girls into group sex’ – Home Office report
Government refuses to reveal how many EU migrants claim welfare!
Political correctness (and the politicians who promote it) protects Muslim rape culture!
GERMANY - Victims of immigrant abuse gangs attacked for speaking out
GERMANY: 16-year-old who wanted to help asylum seekers, dragged into toilets and raped
Muslim mob attacks on women continue in Germany
SWEDEN: Angry Muslim threatens old folks on bus
Swedish media knew about migrant sex mobs 6 months ago, government has known for years
Swedish cops under investigation for sexual assault cover up
Arminas Pileckas, 15, protected girls from refugee Ahmad Ahlajali. Ahlajali killed him
Now Swedish cops told to stop describing suspects' race/nationality! (It's racist!)
Terrified British schoolchildren attacked by migrants as bus passed through Calais
SYRIA: Of Cameron's "70,000", he now admits not enough are moderate, some hardline Islamist
Alyisha Newton laughed as she filmed Victor Chokor sexually assaulting another woman
Simba Kuuya knew about his HIV 4 years before sex with woman met online - 2.2 years jail
Thousands at risk of being beaten and prevented from learning English in illegal faith schools
Noel Edmonds sparks migration row: "Am I alone in feeling Britain is FULL?"
Want your child to be a genius? Call them John or Mary! (Not Mohammed or Beyonce?)
'Free French' openly anti-Islam party founded in France
Fake rape/murder story fooled thousands - African responsible
Russian streetfights - Russians versus Muslims
The Zebra Killings

Wednesday 13 January

Gay illusionist Derren Brown brainwashed people into thinking they'd murdered a man!
Emma Thompson's adopted African son brings TB into London from Liberia
Do we need more than two genders? Wonders the Bolshevik Brainwash Cabal
Outrage as British charity says truckers attacked by Calais migrants should CHANGE JOBS!
Women are the first victims of state-sponsored multiculturalism
Europe on the brink of financial MELTDOWN as Germany faces economic ruin
Swedish police under fire over festival sex assaults silence
Geert Wilders tells Turks: Turkey not welcome in Europe
3-year-old boy raped at refugee centre hosting 800 asylum seekers?
GERMANY: Teaching Muslims not to rape?
Fondled and groped: More victims reveal horror details at hands of Cologne sex attackers
DIVERSITY! British soldier Josphat Mutekedza stabbed lover to death after she broke off affair
DIVERSITY! Murderer who shot man in the back LAUGHS as he's jailed for life
Frances Cappuccini went into hospital a healthy woman! Dr Nadeem Azeez flees to Pakistan
CARSHALTON: Warning after Asian sex attacker strikes three times
ISIS planning deadly CHEMICAL ATTACK on shopping centres and football stadiums in the West
George Carlin: The real owners of the country
Corrupt detective ‘paid to protect Basharat Hussain from arrest’
ISIS militants encourage children to execute their parents
Immigrant rapists 'Moroccan criminals who entered Germany posing as Syrian refugees'
Barbaric ISIS issue sickening fatwa to mutilate genitals of NEWBORN baby girls
‘Christian State’ threatens to kill Muslims in Belgium — ISIS now has competition?
'Islamic extremists helped jihadi to flee UK so he could fight for ISIS like his brother
Nick Clegg paid £150 a MINUTE for speech to Goldman Sachs but is never seen in the Commons
Scottish Secretary David Mundell first Tory cabinet minister to come out as gay

Tuesday 12 January

The larger motive behind the groping Jihad!
'Immigrant opinion of Germans: 'Disgusting, pork eating outsiders nobody would miss!'
Merkel admits European refugee crisis is 'out of control!'
Germany 'out of control' Syrian teens arrested for rape of girl in pool amid more attacks
HAMBURG - "Southerners" groped woman in bus
LEIPZIG: 'Refugees not welcome' - Thousands protest
#Rapefugees trending on Twitter after Cologne NYE attacks
ISIS supporter shot dead in Paris was arrested for sexually assaulting women in Cologne
African immigrant brutally assaults woman returning from helping immigrants
Terrified Scots school kids attacked by immigrants in Calais!
Somali traffickers throw 37 migrants overboard before fleeing Italian coastguard
Northumberland could be latest area in North East to welcome refugees
The Nanny State is chemically castrating our children’s brains!
It's open season on Christians in America
Bouncers Pantallaresco, Thorne and Ragusa, held down Adam Hird for 6 minutes and he died
Asylum seeker raped devout Christian virgin twice
Benefits Street star 'Black Dee' is jailed for seven years
Female soldiers ordered to have sex at army's suicide barracks?
Lib Dem gravy train as ex-MPs land plum jobs
MORE evidence that fizzy drinks are harmful
British soldiers trying to protect ships from Somali piarates jailed for 5 years! Obama wants to be UN Secretary General - Netanyahu tries to stop him
Outrage over Britain's first official red light district
The Trouble with Tommy Robinson

Monday 11 January

BOWIE - 1976 Playboy interview: "I believe very strongly in fascism!"
Rothschild too big to jail? Russia, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, China, & Hungary say no!
Primary teachers labelling ten pupils a week 'racist!'
COLOGNE - A city gripped by fear!
Cologne sex attacks were planned, says German justice minister
COLOGNE - 516 attacks reported!
Swedish cops covered up mass sexual assaults as well?
Cologne-syle attacks took place in Stockholm this summer - MSM did not report!
Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish police report
Unassimilable Muslim migrants crash Europe’s fantasy Islam
Muslim terror attack in Canada
#DIVERSITY! Ewen Reynolds murdered Zac Evans with a machete
Nana Baafi raped girl after grooming her online - Paedo jailed for 11 years
Eritrean immigrant, Mebrehtom Abrha, violently raped young woman
Burger Bar gang brought terror to Ladywood
ISIS 'ran sophisticated immigration operation' on Turkey-Syria border!
Pretend to be Christians: ISIS urges UK jihadis to cut beards, shun mosques & wear crosses
USA: Illegal immigrant indicted on 16 counts, including murder
USA: 14-year-old ethnic raped and murdered white teacher
Cherie Blair's sister now a cheerleader for Islamic zealots!
Fury as Government watchdog offers help to hundreds of migrants to challenge legal convictions
A baby seized in America - and the 'negligent' WPC mother

Sunday 10 January

GCSE students to be taught that Africans occupied England before the English!
Fear of the immigrant spreads across Europe!
Cologne migrant attacks cover-up shames the BBC
68-year-old lady attacked, called "Nazi" by ???
Cologne out of control! A week since migrant attacks another girl hospitalised by gang!
COLOGNE: Germany's women are angry, scared and tired of excuses
Salzburg & Vienna: More sex victims - 4-YEAR-OLD GIRL and mother molested!
BIELEFELD: 500 men molest and grope women in New Year's Eve discoteque
COLOGNE: Traitor cops fire water cannons, pepper spray at PEGIDA protesters
Some of us saw this coming
Tory MP blasts Archbishop of Canterbury for urging Britons to welcome refugees
Calais: Jungle migrant camp to become permanent as French approve £18.8 MILLION scheme!
Eritrean immigrant, Mebrehtom Abrha, raped virgin, 21, twice
Statins CAN cause heart disease
EU plans to block access to aircraft safety records
Islamic hate preachers jailed for two years
ISIS fighter executes his own MOTHER!
Immigrant predator sexually assaulted women years after Home Office FAILED to DEPORT him

Saturday 9 January

Air pollution limits for the whole YEAR have already been breached in London
9,500 people die each year in London because of air pollution – study
Migrant rape fears across Europe: attacks in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
German minister: Facebook posts criticizing migrants “at least as bad” as mass rape!"
German minister says right-wingers are just as 'awful' as Cologne migrant sex attackers
In wake of sex attacks by 'refugees,' what does Merkel do? Clamp down on OUR free speech!
Anti-Merkel banner on A40 bridges in Essen and Mülheim
FARAGE: 'Women there ('in Brussels') are sadly now molested regularly in certain districts'
Why Germany can't face the truth about migrant sex attacks
‘Brussels won't admit migrant policy caused Cologne’
Cologne police chief fired as witness says NYE violence was coordinated
Top Tory BLASTED for praising EU’s free movement laws as ‘VERY IMPORTANT’ for Britain
Lodger Peter Kibisu raped and murdered 'beautiful and talented' lawyer
DIVERSITY! Was EastEnders Sian murdered because she was set to leave her brutal lover?
Woman raped in London after asking Asian/Arab teenagers for directions home
Sarah Thompson was 19 when she was raped by unlicenced cabbie Shakeel Ahmed
Burglar Clayton Williams denies murdering PC Dave Phillips
Lonely hearts conmen Ojo and Olusegun Agbaje seduced woman on dating site
Woman who lied about being attacked for wearing a hijab fined
Fury as 280 Iraq veterans hounded by investigators!
Eritrean Migrants warn Germans their days are numbered
Philip Hammond wags his tail for brutal Saudi regime! Condones mass execution
ISIS fighters torture woman to DEATH for breaking Islamic dress code
Iraqi men face extradition after fears they sneaked 20 migrants into UK daily

Friday 8 January

ROTHERHAM: Woman ‘told she would be kneecapped if spoke out about abuse brothers!’
UK Helping in Saudi's Yemen campaign!!!
COLOGNE: "I always dismissed this stuff as right-wing propaganda but this was REAL!"
"Women ran a gauntlet that words cannot describe!"
COLOGNE ATTACKER! “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me!"
GERMANY: Teenagers gang-raped by four Syrians
'Angela Merkel invited us!' Asylum seeker sex mob taunted Cologne cops after robbing and raping!
New Year's Eve - "Refugees" rape under age German girls in Weil am Rhein
Governments cover up but Cologne proves many Muslims have NO respect for white women!
Did German cops cover up refugee involvement in Cologne sex attacks on NYE?
COLOGNE + GUARDIAN = "Xenophobes are fanning the flames!"
COLOGNE! Austrian police have covered up identical gang assaults!
Did 1,000-strong sex gang ALSO strike in Zurich?
HELSINKI COPS: ‘Widespread’ sexual harassment by ‘asylum seekers’ on New Year’s Eve!
NAZIR AFZAL: Why Britain should be worried by this flood of young male migrants
Gaddafi foretold rise of ISIS in phone calls to Blair, warned Europe would be attacked
Minorities must adapt to British ways - NOT vice versa!
Corbyn girl backs fanatics and says 'laws should be broken!'
Corbyn's new defence chief parties with boss of law firm hounding our troops over Iraq!
Blair Charles mugged woman at knife-point and then raped her in horrific ordeal
Appeal following assault in Newham
Witnesses sought after black man robbed a woman in a Derby street
'Syrian refugees' trying to board flight to UK arrested on suspicion of terrorism
Islamic zealots who backed Jihadi John are poisoning the minds of students
CAGE: Zealots who called Jihadi John 'kind!'
Hate-filled extremists warping young minds
Kids Company psychologist admits she was high on MDMA while treating youngsters
Co-op bosses ran a 'feral institution rife with corruption!
Maine Governor says drug dealers with names like D-Money get young white girls pregnant
Diane Abbott branded a 'total sell-out' for sending her son to private school

Thursday 7 January

GERMANY! Female physician blows the whistle on refugee horror!
Secret German government report: NEARLY 8 MILLION INVADERS EXPECTED?
Violence of Cologne is 'nothing new,' it's routinely hushed up, says ex-cop
New Year's Eve: British woman in Germany on being intimidated by over a hundred Arabs!
German cops cover up extent of crime committed by migrants! (Just like ours)
Mass sex attacks by 'refugees' in Hamburg and Stuttgart (Thanks, Merkel)
Non-white immigrant violence swamping Germany, police reports reveal
Hamburg: Police called out 1,000 Times
Groped between the legs and a firework thrown into a hoodie!
Asylum seekers who took part in Cologne depravity to be deported? (Send them ALL back!)
Merkel now wants to REDUCE flow of migrants into the EU! (Too late, traitor! Too late!)
Cameron says he supports mass immigration! Says he'll never stop freedom of movement!
A generation of sad and lonely children! (Thanks, LibLabCon!)
Record numbers are never becoming mothers - and not by choice
ISRAEL: Lawyer Bezalel Smotrich thinks incinerating Palestinians isn't terror if Jews do it
ENDGAME: Full White Genocide
Gordon Brown urges ‘patriotic’ Brits to STAY in EU! (Brown/patriotism don't go together
Saudi Arabia – The world's favourite abuser of human rights
Why has Keith Vaz deleted his Twitter account?
California shooter's visa record shows routine interview, no flags raised
How the "religion of peace" treats women in Morocco
Obama sheds crocodile tears
'EastEnders murder suspect a jealous thug who used to beat me and our daughter'
Our students must sit exams early to fit in with Ramadan! (Thanks, sheep)
Tony Blair blocked compensation for IRA victims?
500,000 PC airheads/slack-jawed sheep = Trump to withdraw £700 MILLION investment from UK?
Motorcycle gunmen open fire on tourists boarding a bus in Cairo
Red wine's NOT good for you after all
At least 5 more Muslims with links to Jihadi Sid have slipped out of UK in past 20 months
Women are for children, boys are for pleasure!' 'Religion of peace' in Afghanistan

Wednesday 6 January

GERMANY: Ordinary citizens wake up to the scale of immigrant crime cover-up
Cologne sex attacks: Merkel disgusted? (IRONY ALERT!)
Angela Merkel's office sealed off due to 'suspicious package'
Poll finds 37% of Americans believe Israel has too much influence over US politics
Muslims using migrants as invasion force to seize control of Europe, says Czech President
KATIE HOPKINS: Asylum with benefits should not be a reward for breaking the law
Suspect in killing of actress and her two children 'is in Ghana' (And yes, he's diverse)
Masood Mansouri jailed for raping young mum who killed herself within days - Sentence slashed!
Jihadi Sid arrested 6 times on terror offences and still the cops bailed him!
Police hunt 4 black teens over double stabbing at Westfield in Stratford!
Four women and a dog attacked by a black man
Foreigners rob pensioner of £1,100
Assault by Asians outside Oswaldtwistle takeaway
City boss 'molested string of women in Wolf of Wall Street-style office'
Doctor Tipo Qureshi 'checked dating sites on his phone while with patients'
DIVERSITY! Black Marine murdered pretty student at random
What type of person would trash a London flat with a drug-fuelled party?
'They killed old ladies because they could not use them for sex slaves!'
A victory for honesty in the big EU debate
White Genocide: Racist conspiracy theory or inconvenient truth?
Australian politicians admit they wanted to turn the country “Eurasian
Top Gear crisis! Chris Evans can't drive and talk to the camera at the same time!
Barry Humphries: 'Caitlyn Jenner is a publicity-seeking ratbag'

Tuesday 5 January

Downton Abbey popular in USA because there are no black people in it, says Barry Humphries!
MTV says black people can't be racist!
Up to 1,000 men of Arab/North African origin sexually assaulted many women at Cologne station!
Another German woman evicted to make room for immigrants!
After taking overdose, girl, 12, told mother she was being abused by ‘Asian men!’
Bailed for terror offences, Siddhartha Dhar went to Syria with family under noses of MI5/cops
Asylum-seeker charged with GBH following Boxing Day stabbing
Sikh pickpocket gang made £5million stealing more than 1,000 mobile phones
Majid Zaman ran illegal meat processing plant - Tonnes of chicken found unfit for consumption!
Obama pursues innocent gun owners, not the criminals!
Britain spends more on foreign aid than any other EU country!
What other country would pay lawyers to persecute its own war heroes?
Danczuk's first wife was escort and student he sexted was dominatrix who sold toenails to pervs
MP Simon Danczuk investigated for HOMOSEXUAL RAPE!
Chunnel stroll to asylum in Britain
Sending the wrong message on asylum
Now finance watchdog closes another fat cat bank inquiry!
UK government left oil-rich Saudi off drive to halt death penalty! Only one missing from list
Labour demands Government end secret deal after Saudi Arabia beheads 47 people
Hypocrisy of SNP MP with £630,000 property empire!
EU blow for Cameron as 6 of his new MPs say they'll vote for 'Brexit!'
Former head of Catholic approved school and chaplain jailed for abusing young boys
ISIS seizes key Libyan oil ports in shock move toward the Med
Edward Snowden on 9/11 and Boston bombing

Monday 4 January

Ethnic map of London: Areas where 50% of residents were born abroad!
Triple murderer gets £1,000 compo after prison guard spilt shampoo on his CDs!
Diane Abbott for Foreign Secretary? (And Miss Piggie for Prime Minister?)
Hackers trace ISIS accounts to Department of Work and Pensions!
ISIS to the British people: "Your children will pay for your deeds!"
Large Muslim mobs sexually harass scores of young women on New Years Eve in Germany!
Refugees Welcome: 'AirB&B for asylum seekers' started by German couple!
860,000 homeless in Germany!
UK's dental care 'at Third World levels!'
Commuters spend SIX times more of their wages on rail fares than Italians!
'Ambulance-chasing' lawyers try to prosecute UK's Iraq heroes!
MoD pays Iraqi agent £40,000 a year to gather evidence against OUR soldiers I was cleared TWICE but the lawyers are still hounding me, says war hero
The Conservative party’s greatest shame (It's owned by Zion)
The EU worth £3,000 to each British family? Fantasy - and just the start of the lies!
DANCZUK: Cannabis, an obsession with sex and a very ugly downfall
Danczuk 'got so drunk he forgot he had sent sex texts to girl, 17!' (MPs are the worst of us)
Immigrants surging into Europe aren't 'Syrian refugees'
Facebook, Twitter and Google collude with German cops to silence immigration dissent!
Briton compares local delicacy to a 'horse penis' in Kyrgyzstan - Now faces 5 YEARS IN JAIL!
Sweden border checks come into force
Put a sock in it! Time to ring out these crashing bores
Briton compares local delicacy to a 'horse penis' in Kyrgyzstan - Now faces 5 YEARS IN JAIL!

Sunday 3 January

Farage's car wheels 'were sabotaged in an assassination attempt!'
190,000 foreigners arrested in last 12 months! Less than HALF had backgrounds checked!
NORWAY: Children seized from parents due to ‘Christian Indoctrination’ now up for adoption!!!
Nobel Laureate smashes the Global Warming hoax!
International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde to stand trial in £290m corruption case!
IMF changes rules to isolate China/Russia! Not 'international' then, more US/Zion extortion engine
Fareed Zakaria celebrates - White people are dying and Trump can't save you!
FURY at flood fatcat bonuses: Bungling environmental chiefs rewarded with HUGE payouts
City watchdog quietly dumps banker-bashing report
MERKEL: Don't follow those who want to exclude others! "Being German" isn't just for Germans!
Get a grip Britain... it is time to confront the jihadi enemy within!
HITCHENS: It's astonishing! Once, a long time ago, Oliver Letwin got something RIGHT!
Confederate flag is the 'American Swastika' says Jew, Quentin Tarantino
Disgraced MP, Simon Danczuk, wanted a joint waiting when he came home every day!
Labour MP says terrorists/paedos will rejoice if Britain leaves EU! (This liar was once DPP!)
Kate Hoey, MP: ‘Most of my friends don’t like politicians!'
Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah says Donald Trump is a bigger threat than ISIS!
Escaping arrest, Hardy Gambini left cop with broken ribs/collapsed lung = 45 weeks youth custody
Dark-skinned man raided woman's Rochdale home in broad daylight
Armed with baseball bats, Zeeshan Ali and Hafeez brothers raid Whalley Range store
Father and son stabbed and seriously injured in Finsbury Park - Black men sought
RAMZPAUL: Golden Dawn - Bad Boys of Europe
Diane Abbott for Shadow Foreign Secretary? Ha-ha!
VAIZEY v GOVE at Oxford? - Casanova v Loser
FELLOWES couldn't make Downton on BBC - it doesn't fit in with the PC worldview
Jews at play! This is news?

Saturday 2 January

'Fewer than a million Jews killed in Holocaust,' says Orthodox Rabbi
73% of doctors struck off in Britain are trained abroad! Alarm over patient safety!
Saudis execute top Shia cleric. Iran outraged. Whose side are you on, Dave?
Harold Meyerson hates White America
NSA spies reveal the link between Congress and the Jewish lobby
Doctor speaks out about homosexuality. Guess what happens next...
Putin kicks off 2016 by identifying GREATEST threat to Russia... NATO!
The VERY gilded life of the other Miliband (Wonder how much Dave gives to charity?)
Harold Meyerson hates White America
Danger of lower wages,poverty and the all-round fruitcakery of the right-wing white South!
Elite Jews wants details of Radio interviewee who dared to mention their control/power
BBC fires Quentin Letts for daring to question Global Warming!
Rochdale Voter Slams "Embarrassing" Danczuk
Zionist BBC Caught Lying Again
Islamic Society students disrupt university lecture on blasphemy and make 'death threat'
Elite Jew says there must be 'no limit' on refugees accepted by Germany!
Cops probe ex-MP Harvey Proctor's time at York University
Immigration is voters' top concern (#LibLabCon, as ever, puts two fingers up)
Blair 'bragged in private that he would have beaten Cameron in 2010 election
Is Erdogan after a New Crimean War?
Stop appeasing Islamic extremists says Dave! (After kissing Islam's a*** all his political life)
BBC spent thousands of pounds of licence fee money on unused taxis!

Friday 1 January 2016

Sex abuse bishop backed by two Archbishops, a judge, Tory MPs, Cameron's godfather
Labour Chief Whip on panel that put her up to be a Dame! (Does it get any worse?)
Britain's flooding crisis 'made worse by the EU!' Brussels 'banned' dredging!
Sex abuse bishop backed by two Archbishops, a judge, Tory MPs, Cameron's godfather
Seven reasons why Saudi Arabia shouldn't be our friend
Dr Ensink, who worked selflessly for the poor all over the world murdered by immigrant
Somali rapist ('danger to the public') wins human rights challenge against deportation
Shea Parekh's £1,000-a-month drug habit = a struggle to feed his family (now he's a nice guy?)
UK councils so badly cut they DON’T insure themselves against terror attacks
Dirty Danczuk - Hypocrite no. 1
Banking culture inquiry shelved by regulator FCA
In exchange for food from UN peacekeepers, children as young as 9 trade sex
'Long walk to a Greater Britain?' (F*** off, Dave, you're full of ****)
“Trump is not a Republican problem. He’s a white-people problem!”
Nationalists don't initiate political violence, they react to it
PC brigade on warpath over Leona's headdress

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