Daily News: January 2015

Saturday 31 January

Qatar bankrolls ISIS! It is also the biggest shareholder in British Airways!
Investigators gave file of 2,000 paedo suspects to British cops - It was ignored for TWO YEARS
Dozens of suspected killers, rapists released in Detroit! (Wonder how many are White?)
UK care homes: Indignity, a dearth of compassion, terrible suffering and utter chaos!
£2.1billion wasted on European Court of Human Rights cases!
Electoral Commission warns of 'ethnic kinship' voting
Immigrants 'are natural Tories' - They 'work hard and get on in life' says Grant Shapps, MP
Top British diplomat named in secret Government paedo file sent to Margaret Thatcher
Jewish Ex-IMF boss, Strauss-Kahn, faces French pimping trial
Church of England investigates vicar who posted article on Facebook blaming Israel for the 9/11
Vicar Stephen Sizer asks for ‘evidence Israel WASN'T behind 9/11!’
Golden Dawn backs Greek coalition over Russia and stopping privatization
Coalition accused of £36m vote-buying blitz in crucial seats!
Rap mogul Suge Knight charged with murder
Police issue e-fit of Asian suspect after terrifying Maldon rape
Woman left with fractured skull after rejecting advances of stranger, Levi Angol-Iddon
Northampton: violent mixed-race burglar assaults 85-year-old woman
London: Sex attacker/mugger, Noel Reid, targeted lone women
Burglar, Rahiem Mico Ssekkono, raided over 30 homes across Croydon and South London
Black travel agent fleeced customers of £100,000 - NO JAIL! (Fined £1.00)
Bristol: Prison sentences increased for two Somali paedophiles
Paedo dance instructor who had sex with 15-year-olds jailed for 4 years
Azram Majid exposed himself while carrying out community sentence
DIVERSITY: Nigerian GP who groped suicidal woman telling her 'you want it' keeps job!
LINCOLN: Five foreign taxi drivers get licences 'without proper checks'
Prince Charles says honours are handed out 'to the wrong people for the wrong reasons'
Ex-health minister, Lord Ara Darzi, p***ed off with Labour's anti-privatisation rhetoric
Bush-era whistleblower says UK territory was used for CIA interrogation/torture
Rise of the Polish Brits
KURDS v ISIS - Kobani a town in ruin
Woman survives ISIS stoning execution in Syria

Friday 30 January

4m immigrants will be able to vote in General Election! In majority in 2 constituencies!
Child abuse victims received death threats after MPs revealed their identities!
Exploiting victims of crime for sex? Hundreds of cops investigated!
Why is an Israeli Defense Contractor building a ‘virtual wall’ in the Arizona desert?
Gunman Tarik Zahzah takes control of Dutch TV!
British jailbirds are uploading pictures of themselves with drugs, cash and weapons!
Violent thug Sydney Espulien chased 22-year-old into shop before stabbing him repeatedly
Stabbed by Nepalese men as he walked his dog in Aldershot
Professor left 'utterly unrecognisable' by Polish burglars confronts his attackers in court
Hammer attacker who smashed 3 sisters' skulls must serve at least 27 years
‘Serious sexual assault’ at Stratford hotel - CCTV of Asian suspect
UN: Higher education institutions "directly targeted" during Israel's 2014 attack on Gaza
The rise of Settler terrorism - The West Bank’s other violent extremists
BORIS JOHNSON: Jihadi 'bombers' are 'porn' obsessed 'wankers' who are 'not making it with girls!'
Artificial Intelligence IS a threat to mankind
The END of mankind? Stephen Hawking issues Artificial Intelligence doomsday warning
Why Britain's 'undeveloping' economy means we're about to join the Third World
Share posts describing mixed-race couples as 'a plague' and UKIP will sack you
White Genocide in America – 1980 to 2010
Anti-war/Kissinger activists described as 'low-life scum' by Senator John McCain
Yazidi woman kidnapped and raped by ISIS gang tells her story
£9m, 250 lost jobs and 6 years to sort out a simple spelling mistake!
Galloway railed against the rancid Establishment
Mass immigration and the ballot box
Settler attempts to kidnap Palestinian toddler in Jerusalem
Soros Creates New World Order, But Rich Still Buying Hiding Places, Just In Case
Bristol school forced to apologise after branding UKIP a “racist group!”

Thursday 29 January

41 US counter-terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans challenge official 9/11 account
LibLabCon! Starring Dave, Nick, Ed, Tony and a host of bought-and-paid-for extras!
There WAS an Establishment cover-up of child abuse says Butler-Sloss!
Labour "grievously betrayed" those "once regarded as the backbone of our country!"
AUSTRALIA: Jewish sex abuse victims pressured not to assist police
MARGATE: Kenneth Seymour, 76, left for dead - Mariusz Dobkowski charged
NORTHAMPTON: Old lady, 85, attacked by black man during burglary
ROTHERHAM: victim says she still sees her abusers “driving young girls in their car!”
Gang attack by Blacks was "racially motivated!" (Blacks can be racist now? WOW!)
Shahid Parvez charged with racially motivated offences (Asians can be racist now? WOW!)
2008: WARRINGTON - Stuart Lowe, 18, murdered by Sibongiseni Majola
Single mum-of-EIGHT mixed-race kids complains: 'I’m being forced into work!’
Foreign NHS staff must take English test! We've been recruiting nurses who speak no English?
Ed's attack on NHS privatisation in tatters! Labour outsourced TWICE as much as Coalition
The Left obsesses over Page 3 girls but ignores the depravity of internet porn
Why didn't CPS press manslaughter charges against gipsy gang that terrorised headmistress?
Fury at foreign aid deal that could fund criminals with £900m of taxpayers' cash
Our rail ticket prices have TREBLED since privatisation
Fraudsters getting their hands on aid millions because of poor controls
Labour at war with itself!
Illegal immigrant murderer should be serving 12 years in Romania. Here 10 years instead!
Charity worker found hanged in hospital after battling noisy neighbours
Boko Haram: 10-year-olds armed to the teeth and trained to kill in the name of Islam

Wednesday 28 January

Desperate Labour wooing Sinn Fein now!?
UKIP's Election Pledges
"Be a bit nicer?" 'Moral claptrap!' 50% Jew oilman Archbishop holds forth
Asylum seekers let into UK without criminal checks due to loophole branded 'nonsense on stilts'
Joanna Michael murdered by Cyron Williams: Family can't sue cops!
Ewen Reynolds, 44, charged with the murder of Zac Evans, 19
Naveed Ahmed gets life sentence for beheading wife
Why was Latvian killer allowed into Britain to murder our little girl?
Umair Aziz deliberately drove his car at a pedestrian
Black robber who fractured homeowner’s skull jailed for 10 years
Levi Angol-Iddon faces jail for attack on mum who rejected his advances
Top Cop warns the force is struggling to cope with mass migration
NO JAIL for 437 paedos who had sex with girls age 12 and less!
Internet porn drives people to inflict sexual violence and murder SAYS top judge
Banks accused of being 'fundamentally corrupt' - sold useless insurance to 2,000,000 customers
Dave stands by broken pledge to cut migration to 'tens of thousands?' (Time's up! EPIC FAIL!)
‘Saudis in collaboration with US using low oil prices to undermine economies of Russia and Iran’
EU's 'unequivocal' anti-Russia statement: Greek government furious (GOOD START) The noose tightens on Europe!
Bunny La Roche, leader of 'stop Farage' campaign, says use propaganda against UKIP!
Behind Anonymous’ Operation to Reveal Britain’s Elite Child-Rape Syndicate
Mandelson 'avoids tax by taking £400,000 loan from own company'
Education Secretary backs Ofsted over gay quiz for pupils aged ten
Black Labour MP attacks own party for trying to 'out-KIP UKIP'
Why was Latvian killer allowed into Britain to murder our little girl ask parents of Alice Gross
85-year-old assaulted during an aggravated burglary. Black man sought
Black brothers stabbed teenagers in shopping centre attack
Clapham bus passenger brutally assaulted in mindless, unprovoked attack
Con artist masqueraded as faith healer to dupe vulnerable victims out of £650,000
Man wanted in connection with assault on woman in Sprowston
Man assaulted outside Milton Keynes Central train station by Black
Leeds robbery gang terrified 91-year-old woman
Appeal for information after aggravated burglary by black man – Milton Keynes
CCTV released of Wolverhampton knife attack suspect
Knife-wielding burglar, Zohaib Mahmood, jailed
Violent offender Fabian Thomas wanted by police in Bristol
Pregnant woman robbed at knife-point in Forest Gate station
Burglar Simeon Garton jailed
Man attacked in Brighton street by three black men
Fraud Doctor, Anthony Madu, gets suspended sentence only
Man stabbed with screwdriver and robbed in Beswick - Black man sought
Robbery, Victoria Road, Huddersfield - Black man sought
Kamran Kam doesn't want a 'boring' 9-5 job - it would interfere with his fitness regime
'Somali immigrants' cause pub closures, says minister
Kings Norton care workers accused of neglecting OAP who died
Dutchman shot in the back of the head by hitman in Panama
Maureen Lipman quitting UK over rise in anti-Semitic attacks? (No great loss)
Alliance between Syriza/Independents a scandal says Jewish leader of France's 1968 'unrest'
Meet the Radical Brownies, no white girls allowed!
Arizona State University launches explicitly anti-white class
Female teachers taught to kill in the aftermath of Pakistani Taliban massacre
Disobey Islamic rules and ISIS will behead you!
Saudis behead three more just days after new king assumes the throne
Over the counter pills should carry a health warning!
A decidedly uncomfortable afternoon for Sir Cover-up
Why Labour can't be trusted with the NHS

Tuesday 27 January

The Endgame - Full White Genocide
USA says Assad can remain (after creating ISIS and devastating Syria)
Mohammed Ali Abboud, 56, charged with murder of partner, Agnieszka Szelfer, 27
DIVERSITY! Savage black Gang who kidnapped white man jailed for total of 152 years
Immigrant who had sex with girl, 13, thought it was a 'cultural norm' in UK?
'Under-age girls' fled hotel in underwear before police child sex raid
Zaffar Abbas and Davinder Singh behind string of sham marriages in Shropshire
Balawal Sultan, Kesa Malik, Hassnain Aliamin all went ‘Jew bashing’
Heavily pregnant German girl, 19, stabbed and burned to death by Muslim boyfriend?
Number of sex crimes reported up by 22%! Violent offences also rise by 16% AUSTRALIA: Six members of a Muslim child rape gang freed!
Muslims will rape one in every four Swedish women?
BBC branded 'mad' by critics after refusing to call Paris killers 'terrorists'
Child abuse inquiry should be SCRAPPED and started again says panel member
Immigrant mum-of-7 insists her family deserve £1.25million taxpayer-funded home they trashed
466 cases of Female Genital Mutilation in English hospitals in one month
Teenage sex slave says Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz has sex with her
Seven shocking facts about Saudi Arabia under ‘modernizing’ reign of Abdullah
Amjad Bashir: UKIP defector in foul-mouthed tirade at former colleagues
Hayfever pills 'could raise Alzheimer's risk' by more than 50%
Tanzania's albinos: Hunted down like animals and sold by their own families for £50,000
Top gay lawyer (represented politicians/celebs) arrested over death of teenage boyfriend
The Return of the protected Jewish minority in Europe
Oligarch Boris Berezovsky died penniless owing £46m owed to the taxman (£300m debt all told)

Monday 26 January

It should NOT be a crime to join ISIS, says Green's loony leader!!!
Brits could LEGALLY join ISIS and Al-Qaida if the Green Party wins power!
What's the Eurocrats' real fear? Greece quits and thrives!
MARINE LE PEN: "Democratic slap in the face" for EU by "the Greek people!"
Greek election leaves Eurozone in crisis: Far Left sweeps to victory
Why is the West kowtowing to this monstrous regime?
Chilcot delays, Leon Brittan, curtsies to dead Saudi tyrants: elite are so out of touch!
Leon Brittan is branded a multiple child rapist only days after his death!
Nearly everyone on UK paedophile ring list is a Freemason?
Tanzanian politician has head and genitals chopped off and then cooked!
EU immigrants should be barred from EU referendum vote, says Farage
First girl to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse claims she was only 14
‘Sex slave’ claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island’
Hillary ‘furious’ over Bill’s ‘part’ in latest sex scandal
Prince Andrew‘s ‘pimp’ had 21 numbers for Bill Clinton?
Queen could be moved to a COUNCIL HOUSE if Greens gain power
Green Party plans to decimate the military but membership of ISIS no problem!
Putin: Ukraine army is NATO legion aimed at restraining Russia
Is the Pentagon directing Kiev’s War on Donbass?
Yank Professor says he's had sex with over 1,000 men and boys and targets 16 to 18-year-olds!
Clare's law reveals violent past of 1,300 partners
30 mums and babies died at Morecambe Bay hospital! Nobody disciplined for failings!
Footballers who quit UK to join ISIS linked to Jihadi John
ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to investigate Israel for crimes against Palestinians?
HIV hotspot as cases soar among Miton Keynes’s straight men!
Bungled care home closure cost two lives - cover-up followed
Government has become 'suspicious of Muslims' says Baroness Warsi
Thousands march in Pakistan in protest against Charlie Hebdo
Dozens kills and wounded after attack by Boko Haram extremists
Lifting the shroud of chilling State secrecy
Loneliness among elderly is a threat to public health

Sunday 25 January

Police record 24,043 rapes, nearly 500,000 sex crimes in 2014!
Arizona University offers course on the ‘Problem of Whiteness!’
The European dream is dying, state by state!
#JeSuisAbdullah? Critics slam glowing Western eulogies for ‘reformer’ Saudi king
Max Keiser explains BBC's editorial guidelines: DON'T MENTION ISRAEL!
Jeffrey Epstein's little black book!
Sheldon Silver's fall signals end of Jewish era in New York politics
Jewish billionaire tells Americans to live more modestly!
The BBC: An executive run place for idiots
OK, smoking is risky - but starting wars can seriously damage your health
Was Leon Brittan at VIP parties where kids were abused?
Barbara Castle said Leon Brittan was man 'she could not trust'
Tories will ignore ‘abuse’ claims to honour Leon Brittan's legacy
Sex abuse inquiry has 'wasted' £25,000 on 8-strong panel Theresa May is poised to sack
PEGIDA: Mainstream media is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse)
Pregnant woman's leg broken in savage attack by black man
"Disgusting and predatory" Shah Ahmed and Kamran Amperipour get suspended sentences only
NHS worker Abdurrahman Siddique sacked over ISIS Facebook rants!
ISIS calls for ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks in UK
Terror arrests in UK linked to Syria soar by 600 per cent!
I'm coming out as gay says married Army general!
"The white face of Germany is changing!"
USA: Advocate "abstinence" in high school? You're a hate preacher!
"Brainwashing works... It’s working on you now!"
UKRAINE: Rockets 'kill 15' in Mariupol
UN: Over 1.5m displaced in Ukraine, Kiev prevents aid delivery to east
UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir defects to Tories (Caught "abusing his position!")
Shocking moment female protestor gunned down by Egyptian cops
Every day, 20 Pakistani Hindu girls are seized and forced to marry Muslims
The further excruciating misadventures of Calamity Ed
The Nazi uniform? It was just a laugh: Balls brushes off university prank

Saturday 24 January

The Chinese billionaire buying up Britain (with the help of LibLabCon)
Why is Westminster Abbey honouring the king of a country where Christianity is banned?
Saudi Arabia is more vulnerable than it has been for years
Compare and contrast: Obama reaction to deaths of King Abdullah and Hugo Chávez
Andre Bright jailed for 17 years for murder of girlfriend Victoria Adams
Investigation after girl under 15 ‘gang raped’
Milton Keynes taxi row: Suspended driver exposed serial sex abuser Nadeem Kiani
Violent rampage at Arcadian's Mono Bar worst police have ever seen
Romanian Benefits Street resident among seven jailed over sham marriage ring
Call an immigrant a “nappy-heid terrorist”, go to jail for 40 days
Political class in denial over cause of jihadist threat
A vote for EU exit that will cause alarm in Brussels
ISIS sets up English-speaking battalion to carry out attacks in English-speaking countries
Brittan's pals demand end to 'wicked' Westminster rumours of child abuse cover-up
This ugly rush to spend billions on foreign aid, by SamCam's stepfather
Bernie Madoff says pain he inflicted on victims nothing compared to losing his kids
'Dear Mu'ammar, I trust you and your family are well': Tony Blair's grovelling letter to Gaddafi
Zimbabwe set to give white farmers 90 days to vacate farms

Friday 23 January

Father-of-10 Umbar Ali abandoned 3 of his children after smashing into another car
He punched her and kicked her six times but the black cop isn't guilty!
Rape and sex offence figures soar in England and Wales!
EU is paying European countries to bring in more immigrants!
Why are sperm counts falling? (Because that's how the global elite want it?)
Top gay activist, Peter Tatchell, wants gay sex taught in schools!
‘Today we’re talking masturbation!’ Sitting in on a sex education class
Saudi Prince tells USA (at Davos) to wage war on Assad not ISIS!
Jewish MP, Gerald Kaufman, condemns Israel
MOSSAD's secret meeting with US Senators - More sanctions on Iran demanded
Thatcher's bodyguard said MOST of ministers were regularly going to pedo-parties
Now will we ever find truth on abuse dossier? Leon Brittan... a troubling question
Leon Brittan was haunted by wild allegations - were they unfounded smears by his enemies?
"Establishment child abuse... Sir Leon... should have... been compelled to give evidence!"
Ex-Solicitor General Edward Garnier: ‘challenging Lord Brittan on child abuse would not be wise!"
Leon Brittan's final years tarnished by lost paedo dossier ("Lost?" It was buried!)
Welcome to the completely bonkers world of the Green Party manifesto
Did US-Jewish big shot, Sheldon Silver, solicit millions through bribes and favours?
Think ‘black lives matter?’ Murder two white teens!
UK media coverup: “White power” supermarket attacker is Muslim!
0/10! Schoolgirl in tears over the Education Nazis' 'Lesbian' Quiz!
Is anyone in your school gay? Ofsted questions for children aged just 11
Gluten illness among children triples over last 20 years!
Hungry for Iran sanctions, Netanyahu to visit US Without Obama invite!
Home ownership collapses among people under 35
Blair's secret services took part in 'torture by proxy' of Colonel Gaddafi's enemies
The truth about Miliband's anti-war boast
Atomic scientists say we are at closest point to disaster in decades
Co-op, Labour and a betrayal of values
A joyous age 'elf 'n' safety forgot
Sweden: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed State
SOUTH AFRICA: ‘If I could, I’d kill my daughters’ rapist’
Just three in ten of us are happy

Thursday 22 January

Swear on oath you're innocent, lawyers for 'sex slave' tell Prince
JIM DOBBIN: MP on a jolly dies from drinking too much free Polish booze! (5 times over the limit)
UKIP is a party led by 'Neanderthal sexists' says Harriet Harperson of P.I.E. fame
Labour Mayor of Bishop Auckland defects to UKIP
STUDENTS! UKIP faces prejudice at universities!
DIVERSITY! Robert Lashley raped an 80-year-old pensioner at her flat in Shepherd's Bush
8-year-old battered to death by mother, Polly Chowdhury, and lesbian lover, Kiki Muddar
Rough sleeper, 11, asked to live in children's home: Lithuanian mum wanted her to "massage" men! Mark Anthony Brown gets life for attacks on minicab drivers Gavin Badley jailed for brutal, unprovoked attack on a bus passenger
Black driver caught on camera racially abusing black traffic warden
CHILCOT! Six-year wait for £9m 'whitewash!'
CHILCOT! Families' fury at Iraq War 'cover-up disgrace!'
CHILCOT! Sir Cover-up (Jeremy Heywood) under fire for his delaying tactics!
CHILCOT! An affront to democracy! (This is a democracy?)
CHILCOT! The stench of conspiracy is growing!
CHILCOT! Miliband blocked Iraq war inquiry again and again, says Cameron!
SWEDEN: From "Humanitarian Superpower" to Failed State
Christian nurse says NHS Trust didn't clear her of bullying Muslim for PC reasons
West seeks to isolate, overthrow Putin while demanding he resolves Ukraine crisis
UKRAINE: The EU is marginalized now
Washington has played the role of instigator throughout the entire Ukrainian conflict
Now even the Scottish National Party want a say on ENGLISH laws
89-year-old patient in care home says she's starving

Wednesday 21 January

"The idea Jews feel unsafe is sickening!" (We feel unsafe too, Dave, isn't that sickening too?)
How 900,000 elderly are denied vital home care!
Child grooming up 32% in a year! Happening in every town and city!
Pupils at a Christian school branded bigots after youngster gave wrong answer to Thought Police
Ex-MI6 boss warns West not to insult Islam!
Northampton: Jon Casey murder - black men sought
Nurse Victorino Chua murdered 3 and poisoned 18 others by contaminating saline with insulin
MANSFIELD: Aziz Achab raped woman in her home, then stole her possessions 13-year-old awoke up to find Ashworth Namondwe raping her
"Immigration Street" gang rape: Militaru, Panciuc, Palie, Ghinea, Nicut and Matei charged
Brutal career criminal Travel Fagan attacked and robbed women and girls as young as 13
Mohammed Basherat Din imprisoned for £2.6m amphetamine haul
Sex attacker Saeem Ullah climbed drainpipe then crept into couple's BED as they slept
WORCESTER: Manhunt launched after Asian sexually assaults 22-year-old in alleyway
Asian teen, backed by 10 to 15 others, attacked 17-year-old
Cambridge: Libyan soldiers regularly seen 'drunk and aggressive... with no obvious supervision'
Teenager spied on by school cleaner Alexandro Zavao as she used the toilets!
Cops speed at 80mph in thick fog and kill Joshua Brown
Italy: Muslims destroy and urinate on Virgin Mary statue
"We're the chosen nation and the world knows that!"
Jews killed in the supermarket in France buried in Jerusalem!
British Jihadist who faked death admits terror offences
CHILCOT: Iraq war report covered up until after UK election
Scandalous 6-year wait for Chilcot - Tony B Liar insists it's nothing to do with him
Deal reached on release of 'gist' (not whole truth) of Blair-Bush Iraq talks
Care cuts 'leave old high and dry'
UK wide open to 'freeloading' EU migrants, warns Foreign Secretary!
Officials investigating NHS whistleblowers deluged by thousands of concerned staff
Top bloodsucker bank, Goldman Sachs, 'duped Libya out of oil cash?'
As oil prices continue to tumble, we pay 40% extra for power and 18% too much for petrol
One in THIRTY £1 coins is a FAKE!
Mandelson's £8m mansion: new questions over Labour bigwig's wealth after 'huge property offer'
Italy: Muslims destroy and urinate on Virgin Mary statue
Cosby's pal says he has 'no doubt sexual assault allegations against the actor are true!'

Tuesday 20 January

Immigrant killed Chris Willmott travelling at twice the speed limit
Did hospital nurse Victorino Chua 'murder 3 patients and poison 18 others?'
Naveed Ahmed decapitated wife at home they shared with their children
Scotland's struggling North Sea oil industry WILL be bailed out by British taxpayers
US Presidential hopeful says there ARE 'no-go zones' for non-Muslims in Britain!
Labour at war as Mandelson tears into Miliband's 'crude' mansion tax
ISIS executioner 'Jihadi John' threatens to kill Japanese hostages
Fury at Home Office's 'complete failure' over foreign criminals with killers
Step-mother screams her innocence before being beheaded
Sammy Almahri, wanted for murder, arrested in Tanzania
James Blunt and MP Chris Bryant continue to trade insults
Chuka Umunna storms off 'ridiculous' live TV interview after host accuses him of dodging questions Britain's most prolific thief gets housing benefits behind bars!
UK Muslim lawyer rants at West over 'Paris slaughter'
Israel's Jewish essence is non-negotiable: Response to Mahmoud Abbas
Old Boy's Horror: raised by global paedo ring
two dads are better than one? Pro-gay adoption profile of convicted paedo
Dad who took MDMA with daughter didn't take her to hospital when she was dying!

Saturday 17 January

FARAGE: Multiculturalism has failed Britain, France and every other country
We can't keep you 100% safe in a free society PM warns (About to make us less free then?)
Connor Barrett stabbed to death by Jesse Quaye and Ayomindy Bile
Career criminal, Travel Fagan, attacked and robbed lone women
Notting Hill Carnival violence: 10 men sought
How the Left sabotaged NHS success story
£20,000 bonus for foreign aid chief who handed out £1billion in 8 weeks
Anger over £250,000 average wage at Goldman Sachs as £8.4billion handed out in pay and perks
CIA admits using news to manipulate the USA (1975)
Ed Miliband calls for Facebook to enforce anti-Semitism rules
War crimes suspects lead Paris anti-terror march
DIVERSITY! Of 41 reported rapes in Oslo, 2007-2010, all were committed by non-Westerners!
Channel 4 bosses to lose bonus if they fail to employ more black, Asian and gays!
USA: Black female sentenced for "knock a bitch down," brick-bash attack on white girl
New ISIS executions show the medieval brutality jihadists would bring to the West

Friday 16 January

School kids to learn about “constant shifts in the British population!” (More LibLabCon lies)
EU forcing UK to pay benefits to more Turkish immigrants? Who aren't even in the EU?
Not White in the head! (The brainwash is working!)
Miliband and clique of millionaire allies 'Berlin Wall' between Labour and working class voters
Jewish billionaire, George Soros "funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action!"
GLENN GREENWALD: In solidarity with a free press - more blasphemous cartoons
Sham of the West’s free speech celebration: France arrests comedian for Facebook comments
Pakistani Muslims demand death sentence for Charlie Hebdo staff
Immigration adds a city a year to Britain’s population
Ukrainian government used cluster bombs on Donetsk in October 2014
EU forcing UK to pay benefits to more Turkish immigrants? Who aren't even in the EU?
USA: Mixed-race son hammered White mom to death then raped corpse to lose his virginity!
Jordan Brennan: dead for doing 'Gangnam-style' dance! Asian thought his dancing was racist
Cabbie Kugannesan Balasubramaniam gets just 9 months for killing Nick Sennett
After her partner's calls to NHS went unanswered, she committed suicide
Bigamist conspired with wife and son before killing second wife for £300,000 life insurance policy
DIVERSITY! Immigrants kill ten fellow passengers aboard boat heading from Africa to Spain
CHARLIE HEBDO: ‘Second Paris’ averted by hours
Canada boots out South African ‘white refugee’
Ukrainian government used cluster bombs on Donetsk in October 2014
Care home patients at risk from lack of water! Staff don't want them going to toilet at night
Universities are now awarding firsts to one in five students
Anti-White UN says Sweden has “Afrophobia”
Back in her £250k job: university boss who spent £95k on chairs!
BBC culture WAS biased against its older women
Cameron and MPs attack church's two most senior figures
Britain's first gay school!!!
William Hague buys £2.5million, 10-bedroom country pile in mid Wales
Charlie Hebdo gunman found guilty of smuggling extremists into Iraq in 2008!
Pro-ISIS hackers launch cyber-attacks on 19,000 French websites
Osborne: Patients being treated in cupboards is a 'matter of regret'
Woman accused of adultery shot by Al Qaeda in Syria
Indian table tennis coach tried to drag female player into his bedroom
I'd be less than thrilled if my son said he was marrying Stephen Fry
I've heard of sleeping policemen, but this is ridiculous

Thursday 15 January

Jewish film-maker, Roman Polanski, questioned over 1977 child rape Ex MI5 David Shayler speaks out on the cost of blowing the whistle
RACIST at 5! Girl who said friend was 'brown', boy who asked another if he was from Africa!
Children's home faces new police probe as girl claims: 'I was victim of grooming gangs'
20,000 cancer deaths every year could be avoided - Old and poor 'get worse outcomes'
92-year-old RAF veteran forced to wait more than 26 HOURS in A&E
Widely-used painkiller linked to heart problems
£277,000 legal aid for Yank police killer, David Bieber
Thahi Manaa tortured and murdered his wife fter a row over shelf
Woman 'raped' by Leeds United's Simon Lenighan and Nathan Campbell?
Match-fixing investigation binned after Mazher Mahmood's evidence questioned
'No wonder people aren't scared to go to prison!'
£300m bill for flying foreign criminals home
ISIS sets up first base in Afghanistan just 3 months after we left!
Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon - Boko Haram leader hails Paris massacre
Paris attacks and ISIS increasing support for "extremist" groups?
Charlie Hebdo: Pakistani cleric holds funeral for 'heroes of Islam’ attackers
Fire crews and paramedics issued with bullet proof vests - fears of Paris style attack in UK
Cameron says Google and Facebook have 'moral duty' to spot suspicious posts Coalition's cuts have left entire cities in a spiral of decline, says Archbishop of Canterbury
BBC bosses 'write off women over 50 as barking mad'
BBC chief refuses to answer questions from MPs because he's a Lord!
Secret Tory files of MPs private lives to be opened up for inquiry into child abuse?
White rapper “Macklemore” denounces himself for being white!
USA: 16 year old dies after black on white hate crime mob attack

Wednesday 14 January

75% of on-street groomers in West Midlands are Asian, 82% of victims 14-16 are White
White working-class in Birmingham feel betrayed and excluded by politicians
Promoting 'British values,' inspectors ask pupils, 10, if they know what lesbians do!
Up to 5,000 jihadis fighting in Syria pose serious risk for Europe says Europol chief
British more likely to have negative view of Islam than Christianity
Across Europe, FIFA seen as corrupt
Too many patients, not enough beds! Concern grows for the NHS
Anti-Islamification rallies raise concern across Europe
German state releases cartoon criticising anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA
Turkish president accuses West of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks!
The Israeli guns that took part in the Rwanda genocide
Did Charlie Hebdo's cover get it right? Guardian writers' verdict
Jimmy Carter says the Int Criminal Court should investigate Israel/Hamas for war crimes
Miliband, Clegg and Farage call for TV debates to go ahead with empty chair for Tory leader
Blair accused of 'betraying' IRA victims after defending secret deal
List of Leaders who marched for free speech in Paris yet don't tolerate it at home
World leaders are not concerned with peace and security in the world!
Now Jews have their own police force?
Now "survivors" get A MEDAL? 6 million and Holocaust forever say top Tories!
HOLOCAUST? 6 million versus the facts
Orthodox Israeli paper airbrushes female world leaders out of #JeSuisCharlie photos
Israeli Ambassador demands Clegg action against David Ward, MP
'Showering every day is such a white people thing' says Glee's Naya Rivera
BRADFORD: 23 per cent of 16 to 25s 'too anxious to leave the house!'
FARAGE: There ARE "no-go" zones for non-Muslims in some European cities!
FARAGE: Mass immigration has led to Muslim 'ghettos' and Sharia Law!
Muslim Mayor tells those who don't appreciate the West to pack bags and f*** off!
Children taught in corridors, sheds and even a TOILET because of overcrowded classrooms
Jamal Benjamin gets 11 years for terrifying gunpoint robbery at family's home
Gang netted £2 million's worth of goods from fake credit cards
'Bullying' Royal Mail boss Talib Hussain 'made staff ask permission to go to the toilet
Lovely Leanne Johnson dies at 26 after battle with heroin

Tuesday 13 January

Farage says West partly to blame for Paris massacres because of war and mass migration!
Gay couples’ children tell of unpleasant upbringings! (You listening, Dave?)
‘Nasty shock’ as a MILLION people miss out on full pension
Cost of housing benefit fraud? £12billion since the year 2000!
Children's home investigated as girl claims: 'I was victim of grooming gangs'
Ukrainian crisis had ‘outside agitators’ says Oliver Stone!
48 gangs in just one youth jail
Shot at by gunmen on mopeds, new dad dies in car crash on Old Kent Road
Ashley Samuel, Yahya Ahmed and Mohamed Sayid carried out brutal and violent robberies
Another 'sham marriage' busted
Eight Muslims accused of people trafficking
Tributes paid to aspiring rapper killed in knife row
TOWIE star invented claim that Tulisa punched him?
'You f***ing white honkeys!' Arrested at Heathrow Naomi Campbell racially abuses female cop
40,000 Germans take to the streets in growing backlash against Islam
EU withdrawal would endanger British lives? Is that a threat, Ed?
Doing the hokey-cokey won't defeat terror, Dave
50 world leaders march for freedom. Where is the leader of the free world?
Yazidi sex slave forced to give blood to ISIS jihadi captors

10-year-old girls forced to carry out suicide bomb attack in Nigeria
Cameron can't duck immigration questions
Shake yobs warmly by throat, says MP
Ken Morley booted from CBB house for racist slur? "Negro" is a racist slur now?
Mark Lawrenson under fire for saying Ched Evans is a 'victim' of public outrage
Monday 12 January

Former Tory councillor gets 9 years for masterminding immigration racket!
FARAGE: While the West fought foreign wars, we ignored the threat from within!
Birmingham Council have such a problem with Islamic schools they open Trojan horse hotline!
Tory aide apologises for tweeting slurs (truth) about prophet Mohammed
5,000 cops to protect Jewish schools in Paris! (And Christian schools? How many protect them?)
"MOSSAD... Ruthless... Capability to target US... and make it look like Palestinian/Arab act"
Support for Dutch Freedom Party explodes!
Birds of a Feather star relates how horror of black-on-white savagery affected her son
5,000 cops to protect Jew schools in Paris! (And Christian schools? How many protect them?)
Why is Qatar being allowed to take over Britain
Pushing back against free speech hypocrisy in Britain
Charlie Hebdo gunman headbutted and threatened neighbour for listening to pop music
Deli jihadist admits link to Charlie Hebdo killers in ISIS video
Iraq war inquiry report must be published BEFORE election say angry MPs
Lawrence legacy: Wannabe a journalist? (No white youngsters need apply)
Doctors failed to spot mother of two's lung cancer 25 timesCharlie Hebdo: France didn't want Netanyahu to march with them!
Fox News terror expert claims Birmingham is 'totally Muslim' (Not far wrong, is he?)
Big Brother: Ken Morley upsets the PC Crowd and their bimbo icons
Scotland Yard officers watched as Prince Andrew partied with young girls

Sunday 11 January

Islam: "When there’s this many bad apples, there’s something wrong with the orchard!”
Sinister, screeching mob who want to kill free speech! (I don't mean Muslim terrorists)
German newspaper set ablaze after publication of Charlie Hebdo caricatures
Muslim cleric praises Charlie Hebdo jihad, says UK “enemy of Islam”
SAS rushed in to guard our streets as Al Qaeda warns 'you're next'
Muslim cleric praises Charlie Hebdo jihad, says UK “enemy of Islam”
France warned to brace for more atrocities
BBC under fire for banning depictions of the Prophet Mohammed
Police stopped watching Paris killers six months ago
Europe is at war with itself!
Persecution of Christians in China is very real (Media silence!)
Wow! Rupert Murdoch on our side and doesn't like PC?
£100m a year to aid immigrants who can't speak English
Kebab shop worker Sedat Meric shoots EIGHT times at undercover cop

Saturday 10 January

Islamic State brags: We did Paris — ‘tomorrow will be in Britain, America’
Cherif Kouachi 'defender of the prophet'
'Every single French Jew I know has left Paris'
Swedish Muslims celebrate Paris terrorism on FB page!
Pornhub 2014 - 78.9 billion views (How THEY slack-jaw the sheeple)
Muslim ex-boyfriend, asylum-seeker Ahmad Otak, stabbed sister and best friend to death
Murder and Mayhem in Britain: 2012
British boxing champion helped smuggle men out of UK to fight for ISIS!
Sex beast Daniel Patel jailed for five years
Fraudsters went on £60,000 spending spree
DIVERSITY! CCTV captures unprovoked attack on Coventry man
Jury shown footage of severely injured man bleeding on street
Police hunt Wolverhampton post office raid suspect, Leon Friedman
Abdul Sikdar charged with sexual assault after two separate incidents on New Year's Day
Prince Andrew buys $19million ski lodge
Why ARE the rich and powerful so in thrall to Ghislaine Maxwell?
UK taxpayers to foot the rising bill for EU pensions
Boko Haram slaughter up to 2,000 people as they raze 16 villages to the ground
‘Evil... barbaric’ hate preacher Abu Hamza gets life (Labour let him preach hate!)
Blair tried to wriggle out of MPs' probe into IRA 'comfort letters'
‘Ofsted’s criteria for “outstanding teaching” are outstanding nonsense
Locking us up for sweet FA! EDL "rioters" who "terrorised" Birmingham get 75+ years!
Israel won't recognize Armenian genocide, says ambassador
Assistant Chief Police Officers want more oppressive law!
EU referendum dangerous for British economy says Chuka Umunna
Ed Miliband started a class war?
Mo Ansar, the “Islamic Walter Mitty”

Friday 9 January

911 False Flag - American Traitors & Mossad - Where are the Oath Keepers?
PARIS: Kosher supermarket siege - two dead
'We can't stop terror attacks' says MI5 chief (No Muslims + no LibLabCon = no terror?)
Charlie Hebdo: While the West fought foreign wars, we ignored the threat from within
Charlie Hebdo: Could Paris attack happen in London?
This is how freedom is killed off. Little by little, piece by piece
Middle classes will disappear in 30 years leaving only a 'wealthy elite and sprawling proletariat'!
French TV star fired after call for Muslims' deportation to avoid ‘chaos & civil war’
Circumcised boys may be more likely to develop autism and ADHD by the age of 10!
Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old
Kim Dotcom: "Hollywood is run by mostly Jewish entrepreneurs"
Governor Mario Cuomo: New York Shabbos goy
Appeal after man left with nasty head cut and broken nose in Ealing assault
Jeffrey Okafor sought for Carl Asiedu murder
Colorado School requires girls to wear Islam-compliant clothing during trip to mosque
Top Jew lawyer Alan Dershowitz says France ‘reaped what it sowed’ in Paris attack
Alan Dershowitz sued in Prince Andrew sex abuse case
The immigrant ghettoes where terror breeds
According to LibLabCon Farage is the bad guy not Muslims, not the establishment?
Dope-smoking, rapping, 'loser' brothers turned mass killing commandos
Elderly couple brutally assaulted in own home by machete-wielding thugs
Drugs baron who ran multi-million pound smuggling ring jailed
Crooked cop, Osman Iqbal, who led double-life as crime gang boss caught
Satinder Kholi annoyed her neighbours by blasting out Bhangra music
German nurse admits to killing 30 patients because he was BORED!
Guru who ordered 400 followers to be castrated 'so they could be closer to God!'
Ed came goofily skipping into the hall. Byron he wasn't
Killer flu strain doubles A&E cases
Charlie Hebdo suspects are pot-smoking 'loser' brothers who were WELL-KNOWN to police
'NHS chiefs killed my frail mother' says daughter

Thursday 8 January 2015

Check out LibLabCon's fabulous Muslim diversity!
Cameron rebukes Farage over ‘fifth column’ Charlie Hebdo comments
Paris massacre is proof of Islamist threat to Europe
Je suis Charlie! Vast crowds rally across the world
Who are the Charlie Hebdo gunmen? Brothers 'trained in Yemen?'
They shouted out names... then fired
Terrorists threatened to murder her toddler unless she let them in
Slaughtered for lampooning Islam
64 MPs have financial links with companies involved in private healthcare
Muslim Cop led double life running brothels! (Turned up to work in Ferrari)
Sex beast Daniel Patel jailed for five years
Outraged A&E consultant blasts David Cameron's 'lies' about the state of the NHS
A new horror has emerged! Cargo ships crammed with migrants heading for Europe!
Socialist Workers Party statement on Paris killings
Frankenfoods should be grown in Britain, says Minister!
Blair attracted the 'wrong people' to win three elections
Elderly woman, 83, dies of pneumonia after yobs threw breeze block through her window
My 20-hour wait on a trolley in ‘bedlam’ of A&E
Lights out in Cologne
Iran will always stand by Lebanon in fight against Israel’s aggression and terrorism
Politicians from both major parties have long been extremely aware of this lobby
Seeking justice is counter-productive USA tells terrorised Palestinians
Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.
EU slams Israel for freezing Palestinian tax revenues
Senator Rand Paul brings in bill to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority
ISIS 'plan to destroy the walls of Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire
Saudis drove over a stray dog 10 times then posted a video of it

Wednesday 7 January

Jihadi attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 12
Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti says nothing wrong with child marriage!
More immigration and population growth? London can take it says black MP!
Rayhan Qadar: "Think I just hit cyclist... Late for work so had to drive off lol"
Pensioner, 81, dumped on trolley in hospital corridor after waiting 11 hours for ambulance
Hundreds of foreign criminals go missing: Killers among those who escape deportation
If call Scots "Jocks" is racism then Western civilisation is over
A&E in crisis:'We almost went into meltdown'
Magistrates' chief says serial burglars and rapists are getting away with a caution
More immigration and population growth? London can take it says black MP
158 children in Bradford at risk of sexual exploited in 6-month period
Drug dealing drunk, Qasim Hussain, climbed through window, ordered young woman to strip
Teaching unions warn of self-harm epidemic among students
Saudis back ISIS to hilt; ISIS kills Saudi General (Mistake? Justice? Nothing to see here?)
Greece vs Europe: who will blink first?
Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson shot dead by Thomas Johnson III (no media outcry)
This sinister march of the spy cameras, by surveillance tsar
Chilcot delay turning into national scandal says former foreign secretary
Rugby player left lying on the pitch with a broken leg for THREE hours
Hit-and-run driver Naseeb Ellahi admits killing hero schoolgirl, 14
Tereza Lackova and Marek Holub charged with murder of baby
ISIS executioner found decapitated
Gongs for parliament's humdrum moderates
Nottingham mayor who works 4,000 miles away in Saudi Arabia
British missionary, 75, shot by African bandits

Tuesday 6 January

30,000 women a year in England and Wales die as a result of a stroke!
The Immigrant economy and the end of Europe
Jewish wealth promotes immigration insanity in the UK and the US?
Jewish fraudster gets 8 years in $57M Holocaust scam!
Westminster paedos: 'I allowed my son to go with him. You trusted people more in those days'
Jeffrey Epstein: Sordid high life of paedo billionaire who became Prince Andrew's pal
How Obama's pal, Al Sharpton. gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations!
Hospitals overrun by patients 'screaming in agony and vomiting' declare state of emergency
Secret scandal of faulty NHS equipment that kills hundreds of patients a year
Crime victims don’t trust police - thousands of offences unrecorded
Scotland to get extra 1,000 nurses - funded by tax on homes in London
Ghislaine Maxwell, woman accused of ‘facilitating Prince Andrew’s acts of abuse’
Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida slopes off to hobnob with ANOTHER Epstein pal
FARAGE: Doctors who do not speak English to an adequate level should be banned from NHS
Smirking thug who kicked Parklife reveller in the face jailed
Eastern European nurses put patients in danger because they can’t speak proper English
McCain & other top officials accused of illegally visiting Syria
After Mid Staffs, Labour’s NHS lies won’t fool voters
Mass immigration ‘is pushing Londoners out of the capital’
GERMANY: "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West!"
Stephen Fry, 57, to marry toyboy lover 30 years his junior
The girls silenced by Andrew's friend the Jewish sex abuser
ISIS execute 8 Iraqi police officers caught aiding coalition air strikes
When poverty meant poverty: Workhouse residents in 'coffin beds'
'Pillock' reporter told to get back to London by Labour supporters after challenging Miliband
Child molesters till we die': Paedo singer Ian Watkins and girlfriend Joanne Mjadzelics
Woman kicked in the face by a black man on nightclub dancefloor
Scientist Wai Hong Tsang killed his wife and tried to blame her new lover in 'perfect murder'
Mexican mayor's wife who 'got cartel to kill 43 students for threatening to interrupt her speech'
Off-duty cop accidentally shoots himself in front of wife after fumbling gun in elevator
Stop the election - it's ONLY January!
Indian couple whose relatives didn't approve of marriage hacked to death
CBS journalist suing the Justice Department etc. for spying!
Two more New York policemen shot: supects Hispanic this time
Epic fail: All 25,000 students fail university entrance exam in Liberia

Monday 5 January

Taxpayers face bill for compensation to victims of Rotherham’s Muslim paedos
Israel acknowledges Jews are Khazars! Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine?
Joele Leotta murder: Maidstone mob screamed 'You steal our jobs!' (Mob was Lithuanian!)
MISSING!: Liverpool girls, Courtney Walker, 15, and Mia Saltmarsh, 13
Thatcher’s confidant MP raped my 14-year-old son at paedo guest house!
Migrant killers/rapists could be flooding into Britain (What do you mean 'could be?')
Couple forced off farm so it can be flooded for breeding birds under EU rules
Number of homeless Romanians in London triples afTer lifting of restrictions!
Scandal of NHS hospital wards with so few staff they are unsafe
DIVERSITY 2015: Muslim gang attack couple
Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society
Nigel Farage claims foreign GPs 'do not speak good enough English'
1.1 Trillion Dollar F 35 – Symbol Of America’s Misplaced Priorities
Lib Dem council leader who said no one would want to rape British woman, quits
Dwayne Patten charged with Waterloo bus stop murder of Menelaos Aligizakis
Tanis Bhandari murder: "This is not the sort of stuff you expect in Tamerton!"
20-year-old woman attacked in Middlesbrough
Ex-top model and other employees of paedo billionaire silent on Prince Andrew
Did legal deal protect Duke? Paedo billionaire's plea bargain halted investigation
Elected Missouri Democrat threatens voters over white privilege on Twitter
A scandal that's about far more than sex
USA: The safest place for black people is around white people
San Francisco overrun by 'homeless, drug dealers, dropouts and trash?'
USA: Black power militants storm restaurants and harass white patrons
US indicts four Israelis in largest single international bribery case
Anti-EU ministers face sack if they don't back Cameron in referendum!
The Lib Dems' top hypocrite is at it again

Sunday 4 January

When shiny-eyed social engineers call 3-year-olds bigots it's time to sort them out!
Butler-Sloss and child abuse: "the establishment... looked after itself!"
Child sex abuse is happening in EVERY town
> Top rapper, Earl Hayes, shoots dead his TV star wife and kills himself
The hell that is PC Sweden - Beaten and raped by Somali immigrant
Nazar Abbas gets just 26 weeks for molesting a teenage passenger
Ukraine's porous borders make it favoured entry point to the EU for asylum seekers
Moment Madrid policeman was pulled to his death in front of train by illegal immigrant
Policeman 'pushed (pulled) to his death in front of train' caught on camera
International manhunt for Sammy Almahri after woman found dead in Cardiff hotel
Toyboy husband left gormless slapper homeless and begging in Tunisia for 2 years
MOD: British soldiers (LibLabCon) killed 186 innocent civilians in Afghanistan
In Diverse France, New Year Means Hundreds of Burned Cars
Tory election poster features 'Road to Recovery' shot taken in Germany!
Prince Andrew 'sex slave' drama! is Virginia telling the truth?
Harvard law professor named alongside Andy in 'sex-slave' case sys victim's 'making up stories'
Was Nick Clegg's great aunt a Soviet spy?
Why is my party leader scared to tell the truth about the crisis-hit NHS, asks Frank Field
Poster boys for gay fatherhood turned on woman hired for her womb
Who is right and wrong on drugs?
Here's absolute proof mothers are better off staying at home

Saturday 3 January

USA: Confessions of a public defender
Two months after Rotherham top Bishop said Koran should be read at Charles' coronation!
52% of Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer!’
SWEDEN: Elite Jew, Åke Bonnier (now a Christian Bishop) wants to censor the Bible?
Jewish immigrant, Prof Marian Radetzki, wants to abolish the Swedish language!
"Immigrant culture is very important to Sweden. How poor this country would be without it!"
Top Jewish lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, denies sex charges
French president vows to fight anti-Semitism/racism in 2015
Man stabbed in the back and robbed by West Indians in Longsight
Abdul Sikdar charged with two counts of sexual assault on New Year's Day
Cab driver Nazar Abbas gets 26 weeks for sexually molesting teenager
RIP Marlene Guest - BNP activist
Under-age 'sex slaves' pimped for Prince Andrew by elite Jews?
The Prince and the paedophile
Woman who claims Prince Andrew abused her "will not be bullied into silence!"
Earl Spencer says his £24,000 boarding school tormented boys with 'bare buttock caning'
NHS and the demonisation of a decent man: venom and hatred will stagger many
Why Britain was wrecked in 1965 (First anti-British race law in '65 not mentioned)
British girls so noisy and drunk I can't wait to go home to Romania says £60,000 a year man

Friday 2 January

Labour MP says Party elite think Northerners stupid and look down on working-class
Child grooming occurs 'in every town' charity says (Courtesy of LibLabCon)
The economic madness of mass migration laid bare
Muslim faith schools causing serious divisions in society (PC Crowd only just notice?)
Branded bigots and blacklisted at age of THREE by PC schools!
Manchester: Boys of 7 accused of rape: nearly 1,000 children not prosecuted because of their age AUSTRALIA: Ex-foreign minister says 'pro-Israel lobby' influenced government policy!
USA: The media can no longer censor black on white crime in 2015
12 ambulances carrying sick/injured patients forced to queue! A&E pushed to breaking point
This brutal gagging of NHS whistleblowers just means more patients will die
NHS IS worse in Wales: Blow for Labour as Commons study confirms that Mail's report
EXPERT: Anti-Semitism is inherently genocidal? (Who genocides Palestinians?)
Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass
Starving soldier dies after his benefits were stopped
Millions of child sex abuse images online - We can erase them all!!! Mum-of-2, Gaby Olthuis, who suffered from tinnitus, allowed to die by assisted suicide!
Baby boy is left brain damaged after nurses fail to spot jaundice
Six revellers stabbed at Ryder Cup golf club
Girls think the key to success is to marry a rich footballer says Baroness Deech
Find the final 50 who came here with Ebola nurse!
470 banks vanish from High Street in just one year!
Ana Teixeira Ferras, who arranged marriages between EU women and West African men, jailed
Spokesman for 'Lizard Squad' hacking group, Vincent Omari, arrested over PayPal thefts
Cops confront granny who put ‘racially offensive’ gorilla in window (no one complained)
Locking up 72-year-old grannies is simply not British!
USA: Schoolchildren hear Farrakhan demand Blacks ‘tear this goddamn country up!’
2011: Saying Merry Christmas is worse than killing someone says Muslim cleric!
2006: Shirley Porter, Tesco heiress and Westminster council boss sold 3 cemeteries for 15p
2004: KABBALA: Christianity is "waste material excreted from the body of the Jewish people!"
Anger as 'rip-off' rail fares rise again today
Revlon CEO can smell Blacks when they walk into a room and thinks all Jews stick together?
Palestinian crushed to death amid 'extreme overcrowding' at checkpoint?

Thursday 1 January 2015

Church digs up graveyard to build '£1m home' for vicar
First Church of England vicar to undergo a sex change op is dead
British fares subsidise rail travellers in Germany, France and Netherlands!
£1billion UK aid goes to the world's most corrupt countries
"Truth is not being aired in the West." Coup in Ukraine had "CIA fingerprints on it!"
Anti-Semitism in the UK is significantly lower than elsewhere. And yet...
Outrage as Blair aide who brokered deal that took us into Iraq war gets New Year gong
How CAN we honour Blair aide so complicit in secretly committing us to war in Iraq?
Prince Harry's pal touts £10 New Year fireworks tickets for £150!
Treated worse than a dog: Grandmother freed after three days!
Disabled father of four dies after Christmas Day burglar attack
EU diktat on VAT could kill thousands of online firms
More than a third of calls to taxman are not answered!
ISIS executes 120 foreign members attempting to return home
'US an enemy': Palestinian official blasts Washington over UNSC statehood veto
Brothers lured mum to ritual sacrifice! Her eyes were gouged out and she was murdered
South Africa: Englishwoman, 92, suffers night-long rape ordeal by black thugs
'N***** in a woodpile' Deputy mayor in 'racism' storm!
The BBC’s Danny Cohen as Ethnic Outsider
Soviet Sweden? Model nation sliding towards third world?
South African white boy drowned in boiling water by Blacks
USA: Blacks more likely to commit hate crime than any others

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